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Prelims Dilemma: What To Do After UPSC Prelims?

Preliminary examination conducted by UPSC for Civil Services is a crucial first step in realizing the dream of becoming an IAS or IPS officer for millions of aspirants in India. This exam is held in late May every year (except 2011) to select eligible serious aspirants for Main examination which is usually held 4-5 months after Preliminary examination.

It is Main examination along with Personality Test that decides the fate of an aspirant in becoming IAS or IPS officer.

Many aspirants who write Preliminary examination start worrying about answer keys and cut-off as soon as the exam is over. Their anxiety is understandable as this exam is crucial in making them eligible to write mains and also many put extreme hard work in preparing for this exam, where if failed, they have to wait one more year to write it again. The wait is daunting and depressing as attempts are limited and they have to read many topics all over again in addition to many new topics.

The gap between Preliminary exam and Main exam is very important in deciding an aspirant’s ability to score high in Main exam.

Soon after Preliminary exam, an aspirant must not worry about Cut-Offs irrespective of his performance in the exam. One can go through answer keys to correct their mistakes instead of checking what are their chances of clearing Prelims.

A serious aspirant corrects mistakes and starts preparation for Main exam immediately.

As the fate is sealed after Prelims is over it is utterly futile to keep visiting sites to look for ‘comfortable’ cut-offs to soothe you. There are only two outcomes – either you clear or not.

Even if it is confirmed that you will not clear prelims, it is good for you to take 3-4 days rest and start preparing once again with a renewed vigour and energy for next attempt.

Make a strong determined promise to yourself that you would put in more hard work to do well in next attempt. When focusing on next attempt, you should have an integrated approach to all three phases of this exam.

As you will have more time for next Prelims, you must finish both Prelims and Main exam preparation before next notification arrives.

If one spends too much time on internet worrying about cut-off and their chances of clearing prelims, 2-3 months would have gone completely waste without you realizing it. These 60-90 days are so important in making you topper in your next attempt.

After we learn from our failures that we gain success.

Those who are getting low marks in this year Preliminary exam must rectify their mistakes immediately ans start focused, integrated and determined preparation for next attempt with an aim of securing a top rank.

Imagine getting a top rank after failing in previous Prelims exam! The feeling will be wonderful and the sense of achievement you would get will be incredible.

Not studying after prelims is the mistake that costs many aspirants top ranks, not any thing else.

We know from history that those who didn’t give up after failures are the ones who made history.

Dust your books off, lock your room from inside, switch off modem/phone and start preparing to get into the top of the successful candidates list.

Smart Tip:

If you are sure about Prelims failure, here is a silver lining for you – Get the new Mains syllabus, remember every word of it – practice by writing; then buy reference books and start preparing for new Mains syllabus. Complete it by December.

If possible try to complete one optional subject too. If you can do this by December, you don’t have to sweat it out for next Prelims+Mains. You only have to revise revise and revise what you studied during these 5 months! Of course keep updating your knowledge about current events!

Advantage: By the next attempt you will be more competent and competitive to face this exam to get a very good rank.

Make failures stepping stones to SUCCESS.

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