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CAG Says His Team’s Findings Are Rational And ‘Undisputable’

It is unfortunate that CAG of India himself has to defend his reports even though no one except politicians doubt their credibility.  Can you imagine Supreme Court Chief Justice publicly defending a judgement by his colleagues or by himself outside the court if there was a criticism directed at that judgement?

Now, Vinod Rai has come out again and said unequivocally that all audit reports by CAG are true and can withstand any minute scrutiny. He has cited past precedences when CAG reports were rebuked but later proved right. Those include reports on Bofors deal in 1980s, disinvestment in 1990s, coffin scam of 2002 and 2G spectrum scam of 2008.

There is no doubt that report on coalgate scam which is now being slowly buried by both Congress and BJP to save their arses will be proved correct in coming days.

Congress has successfully diverted nation’s attention from this mother of all scams by announcing so-called key reforms to keep corporate and foreign friends in good humour and people of this nation in utter misery.

Is any one talking about this ‘coalgate’ scam now? India talks about an issue when media talks about it. There is a dreaded silence on part of electronic media on this scam. God knows why.

Whatever, some minions will go to jail in this case. Sharks will always remain scot-free – either to destroy any evidence against them or to get ready for looting any remaining resources. Unfortunately court is aiding some of them in this cause.

As each day loses its existence, these scams fade from our memory too. After all, why should any one care if someone in Jharkhand loots coal there? – they are not looting our jewelry at home anyway!