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UPSC Appoints Committee of Experts to Review The Existing Structure Of Civil Services Main Examination

On December 12th, 2011 UPSC appointed a committee of experts to review and suggest changes to the existing pattern of civil services main examination. This year it introduced changes in the preliminary examination.

The committee will be headed by Arun S. Nigavekar, ex-chairman of UGC, and a reputed educationist, whom A P J Abdul Kalam hailed as ‘father of quality education in India’ (wikipedia).

UPSC has given the committee 6 months of time to submit its report. The committee has 8 members among whom are former chairman of CBDT, former defence secretary, IIM Bangalore director and few other reputed personalities.

On December 1st, UPSC chairman, D P Agrawal had said in a speech (UPSC 3ed Foundation Lecture) –

“……Commission has constituted a high power Committee to suggest possible changes in the pattern of Civil Services (Main) Examination.  I would like to make it very clear that the endeavor of the Commission is to ensure that  all the candidates are judged on the basis of in-depth knowledge and understanding rather than information gathered at the last moment.”

Among its terms of reference are : to study various selection methods in practice globally; to identify the desired profile including skill sets required for a civil servant to  deliver good governance and adopt to changing domestic scenario in socio – economic and technological fields; to propose appropriate methods for selection; evaluation etc.

As a relief for candidates appearing for 2012, the report will be accepted either at the end of 2012 or in 2013. The report will be submitted in June 2012 to UPSC. Then it goes to government where it will be tabled before the cabinet for consideration.

It is now confirmed that 2012 will have the old format for main examination.

Change is desirable, but UPSC should be graceful to announce any changes one year before they notify them.

For reference  HERE is the link to the UPSC notification announcing the appointment of committee.