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Environmental Issue takes Backseat

Jayanti Natrajan is conspicuous by her absence on televisions these days. I searched her name in Google News, narrowing the results for the past month – there were 200 results; whereas, there were 602 results for Jairam Ramesh!

The results show that the latter is more active these days than the former. That is on becoming the Environment Minister of India, Jayanti Natrajan is almost silent (difficult to imagine), and Jairam Ramesh knows how to make news whether he is a minister or not.

Though oversimplified this trend shows who’s proactive with their job and who’s not. I had said earlier that she would serve the interests of corporates. She is doing it by being silent. One month is not a very less time to judge a minister. So much happens in this country in a day. There is a difference between functioning as a spokesperson and a minister.

If someone wants to silence Manish Tiwari make him a minister.