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Drought and Deaths – Despite Plenty

Horn of Africa is reeling under worst drought in 60 years. Ethiopia, Somalia, parts of Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan are experiencing a major humanitarian crisis thanks to meager rainfall and internal tensions among their tribes and governments.

USA has pledged $68 million as relief.

Very recently it pledged Libya rebels $3 billion money to form a government. It also gave billions to Pakistan to kill terrorists in its border with Afghanistan and Indians in Kashmir.

India has recorded surplus food production. Most of it rots in FCI godowns  or in the open fields of Haryana and Punjab. Rats don’t die of hunger, people do.

A couple won  £161m lottery jackpot in Europe. Very strange, I was thinking Europe was on the verge of financial collapse.

10 million people need immediate relief to survive in the Horn of Africa. World is indifferent. Priorities of rich countries, and countries aspiring to be rich lies elsewhere.

Who cares for the poor?

Of course,

The Death.