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Killing The National Game

I just saw a report on CNN-IBN regarding accommodation given to senior national Hockey players in Bhopal. Guess what? 8 players are dumped in a single room and the images of toilets shown on the TV were worst than the public toilet. The beds on which these guys were lying were less better than the ones I had got when I was studying in Navodaya school, and these beds were without sheets!!

If you don’t believe, please watch CNN-IBN. It is on the web also.

It is shocking. Hockey is our National Game. I think even cricket players representing districts get lot better treatment. This is just an example of our government’s preferences vis-à-vis cricket and neo-liberal interests that benefit few individuals rather the nation.

The footage was really shocking. Hockey is like agriculture in sports. Much abused and neglected.

Guys I request you to stop watching IPL and al. Instead play cricket, and watch old matches. WE are benefiting few individuals and making them rich at the cost of other sports.