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Lokpal Bill – Why Only Politicians, Bureaucrats, and Judges?

The draft Jan Lokpal Bill must include even the media, NGOs, private businesses and their owners. Biggest corruption of recent times have invariably included big business houses and also persons associated with the media.

Corruption is universal and those who try to bribe the officials and politicians to get their clearances for big businesses like mining, realty, telecom and infrastructure development must be brought under the purview of the bill.

WHo will monitor the NGOs? some have become billion dollar clubs – without disclosing how and where the money flows in for them. They must be accountable to someone in the country.

And most importantly to whom will be the Lokpal accountable? Who will punish him if he commits mistake? To whom he is answerable?

Those who are serious about fighting corruption would do well to first understand the root of the problem and find a solution for it.

I am sure stronger Lokpal will instill a fear in the hearts of those who come under its purview, but there are millions who are ready to pay to get their work done fast – even without asking for it – how will you stop them?

By making administration efficient and fast. By motivating officials to stick to ethics. By increasing their salaries and perks.  But how?

Address the cause – prevention is better than cure – how true??