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Indifference Towards Science In India

According to one survey there are more than 400 TV channels in India. I wonder if there is one channel entirely dedicated to science. That’s too much to expect I think, because even the most famous channels don’t have a single dedicated program towards popularizing science. Doordarshan may be an exception to this.

What annoys me is the fact that most of the channels, especially regional channels have resorted to unethical and unscientific programs to increase their TRPs. For example in most of the Kannada channels morning there will be a program on astrology and in the night a program on taking people back to their past lives and treating their present diseases – this program is a huge hit it seems. Then there are innumerable programs on the miracles, divine abilities of god-mans, stones, ancient temples and even animals.

I understand it is all faith. But I think faith must be founded on sound scientific principles.

Nations develop only when they achieve progress in arts, science, sports, and culture.  Merely achieving 9 % GDP will not take us anywhere.

Electronic media must have a dedicated program on science – may be latest developments in that field. What these channels show is latest gadgets, gizmos, SUVs, etc.

I may not have noticed some channels popularizing science, but from what I have seen I am writing this.