• Shijoy

    Insights.I followed guidance here for gs 2 3 n 4.However could not manage to get an interview call.Pls guide how to carry forward preparation now.I am in a fix.Also could you please add an option of attaching our answers in the daily writing challenge section.So that one can write it in pen and perhaps attach the scan of the answer.This will increase real time answering speed and practice.Believe me, it was some task finishing those papers for mains.

  • prakash

    good one…

  • dinesh

    I second that.

  • Danapal

    Plz tell me how to read ncert books sir

  • Hemant

    @Danapal: Eco: Class-XII: Look at the questions first. Begin the 1st topic wrt the questions.Read slowly and digest the meaning of every word in order to understand the concept. Keep repeating untill you dont understand. Repeat what you have understood on a piece of paper after some time. Dont move ahead untill thorough with previous concept. Ask yourself hows & whys. Find answers. Discuss with peers for doubts. Hope it helps.

  • Raj- Naam to suna hoga

    Civil service+ Indian Forest service notification has been delayed.

    The notification date has been removed from the tentative date schedule in the examination calendar in the UPSC website.

    Looks like there could be some changes this time as well.

    It is now more or less affirmed by UPSC, that the optional subjects will stay in mains examination.

    Sir, I want to know that whether you will start posting questions about subjects (like psychology, sociology, political science)?

    Thank you.

  • Siddheshwar dome

    Upsc aspirant must solve this questions

  • anshuman

    How do we participate in answer writing challenge?

    • NaimHM

      Click on the appropriate link. See the set of questions. Read them. Answer in the comment box with the correct question number. That’s it. No registration. Nothing.

  • Hariom gupta

    Sir very difficult in writeing challenge
    pls help

  • saranya


  • saranya

    could you pls provide any link which provides standard wise question paper for ncert books.it will be more helpful if you replied soonn plssssssss

  • saranya

    doesa any one has ncert abridged for all history books?????

  • Antarariksha kumar singh

    i want to study psychology as my optional
    how is the subject

  • sonia

    normally countries shift from agriculture to industry and then later to services, but india shifted directly to services. what are the reasons for the huge growth of services vis-a-vis industry in the country? can india become a developed country without a strong industrial base?

    can we plz discuss this question?

    • 10july

      recently india was ranked as 2nd fastest growing country in service sector with a growth rate of 9% and the next nearest to india was russia clocking a growth rate of 5%. The main reason for the growth of service sector can be attributed to the following:
      1. huge amount of young talent available in the country
      2. more emphasis given to sectors other industrial sector as they have better career prospects
      3. lack of industries itself propelled people to move towards service sector.
      4. globalisation also opened the door for talented minds.
      for a country to become a developed nation having a industrial base plays an important role as it helps in creation of employments and hence removes poverty but as the service sector provides a higher rate of earning per capita this sector is florishing.
      Also in this globalised world when cheap labour is available in other countries then there is as such no compulsion for industries to become developed.
      But industrial development in key sectors like defence and space helps a country to be less reliable on other country for their strategic needs

      • sonia


        • 10july

          It would be good if u also give ur answers

          • sania

            ok from next time i will also post my answers. for now plz suggest some starting for this question.

    • Asim kumar

      For the manufacturing sector to develop a lot of skilled workers are required but in India either we have a lot of unskilled workers or talented professionals,the present day policies are not suited to develop a horde of skilled workers,but the govt has initiated certain policies to enhance skill development like deen dayal upadhaya gramin kaushal kendra,atal innovation mission,change in apprenticeship act,national youth policy,if these policies are implemented rightly,India can become a manufacturing hub due to its competitive advantagelike demographic dividend,cheap labour,availability of resourcesand its location.

      • sonia

        thnku so much

      • Vijay Chourasiya

        There is severe crises of talented professionals in India. Its not the employment opportunity at least for well developed talented professional. The basic problem is with our education system in our college and universities, which fails to provide the updated knowledge and training to our students rendering them unfit for the employment in industries unless they are provided proper training after recruitment.

        • Asim kumar

          Yes u r right

      • pawan

        sorry sir,India is a hub of skilled workers….manufacturing industries didn’t flourish due to red tape bureaucracy and excess of rule and regulations which need to be followed from acquiring land to getting permit…

    • Saint Shambhujs

      In order to gainfully employ its huge population dividend India must develop her manufacturing sector. Since in the previous years government failed to successfully address the issue because of several reasons. Every thing that was done to augment manufacturing was less than sufficient. Corporate sector also found itself helpless as manufacturing sector requires heavy infrastructure and is capital and labor intensive.

      So the service sector in India developed accidentally on private sector and cheaper availability of skilled manpower. Since service sector is not a labor intensive so it cannot be appreciated because of two reasons. One it is not able to solve the problem of unemployment and unemployed youth population can lead to social unrest which further deteriorates economy and society. Other reason is that our service sector is heavily leaning on the foreign clients which although attracts Forex but is overdependent on them and the focus is shifting from India to China due to initiatives taken recently by Chinese government.

    • Anil Kumar

      industrialisation requires huge amount of infrastructural,and monetary investment and highly technically equipped proffessionais and labourers,since india lacks developed infrastructure,huge monetary investment,f.d.i.in industry sector,but have several institutions to train work force in service sector,again government support and huge skilled labour in services are reasons for tremendous growth in services..

    • pawan

      due to over population and increased unemployment India has become a storehouse of skilled human resources. Taking advantage of this situatation and liberal investment policies which were introduced in 90s foreign companies directly hired a large no. of people in service sectors be it call centers,hospitality,software development e.t.c which deprived India of manufacturing industries and made it a cheap labour hub.

  • Asim kumar

    Please friends help others also in improving their writing skills thru valuable suggestions

    • Jayakumar

      Asim kumar could you suggest what are all the possible ways one can become fluency in writing mains answers.

      • Asim kumar

        Sorry for late reply.First of all finish all ncerts.Whenever you get a question,try to relate it with what u have had from ncerts and keep writing.Initially it will take time but after a certain period your writing skill will be improved.Without content u can’t write anything,so first of all enrich yourself with contents then write.Also keep reviewing others answers and contract ideas from them.Best wishes

  • sonia

    one more question

    various reports have highlighted that the status of urban poor is extremely vulnerable. Examine some of the reasons by despite various urban poverty alleviations schemes of govt. , the state of urban poor remains vulnerable and suggest what must be done to improve the same.

    • Nagarjun

      The migration of agriculture labourers from rural to urban in search of livelihood escalates the problems of urban poverty.This happens because of land acquisition policies of govt or improper irrigation facilities which makes agriculture dependent on monsoon.so addressing the problem at the core is the remedy.Also the places in which urban poor habitat ,lack of sanitation ,disease outburst all makes them vulnerable.The govt schemes should focus on problems of distress in agriculture as at present MGNREGA involving in water harvesting and irrigation facilities,credit facilities at times of crop failure should be improved.Having said that migration to urban areas cannot fully be avoided,so focusing on creating employment opportunities in urban areas by encouraging manufacturing sector and skill development of people,providing with proper sanition and control of endemic disease can help to an extent to improve the condition of urban poor.

      • Udit Baweja

        Even after the introduction of various poverty allivation scheme s the socio economic conditions of poors are still adverse .they are still vulnerable to poverty reason behind is
        1 Improprer implimentation of schemes most of the schemes which are introduce by the govt but these are not properly implememted such as BPL cards for poors are given by the govt to provide them essential food grains . But these food grains and other essential commodities are not supplied to poors instead selled to the other people at high prices by ration shops holder or public distribution systems officer So govt should take some effective steps in this area strictl aws should be framed and must be implememted by regular audits etc .

        2 lack of awareness among the poor mases for their rights is a major issue . They are become habitual of exploitation by the courrpt system so awareness should be provided by them related such kind of schemes and their rights. FOR EXAMPLE KHULLA DARBAR program initiated by chief minister of Haryana in which rural mases are given chance of direct conversation with higher authorities of state

        3 uRban poors are generally the rural mases who comes from rural area to village in search of living . So govt should generate employment opportunities in rural area s MANREGA is an very efective steps by govt in this area

        GOVT should encourage rural masses to esteblish thier own small scale industry (as china did in mid 80s ) this will not only generate employment but also strengthen our industrial sector too

        over all we can say that govt has been taking various steps in these areas but still poverty allivation from urban side is long overdue .

        (My dear sir or mam. Iam new aspirant . I have done my 12th class . And started preperation before a week . Would you like to give me your reviews and some tips i will highly obliged of you )

        • Yog

          Sir I am new user of this site so I don’t know where the question ask for daily answer writing challenge and where we have to answer ?
          Plz send mail to how to write answer in daily answer writing challenge.
          Plz sir as your younger bro…

      • Gyan vaish

        Hi nagarjun …r u the same guy met on upsc center…
        If so..gyan here…

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    such a noble initiatives…

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          why?in what context you are saying this?

          • mehnati gadha

            be careful

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            what if the offer is not genuine.
            just dont make a payment b4 u r convinced that the offer is genuine.

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    Sir will you be coming up with Secure Mains 2016 programme?

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    Sir upload feb ,secure -2016
    Very helpful for mains
    Huge thanks insights.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is in regards to my tests not being activated inspite of making the payment on 27.3.2016. I have also mentioned my payment ID.My email Id is [email protected] Please activate my tests as soon as possible.I have mailed several times.But unfortunately there has been no response from your side.Please resolve the matter as soon as possible..

    Thanks and regards

    Shubhra Halder

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    Daily debate me ajj ka topic kya hai

    • sahil shah

      see the list above

  • sahil shah

    facing the prb of framing of answer can n e one help???

    • jasmin

      insights hai na keep using this segment will improve.

    • jasmin

      insights hai na keep using this segment will improve.

    • sneha

      keep on writing.

      • junaid

        how to start from ?

  • arpita

    it is something to practice keep on practicing u will be able to develop your own way as it does not have a particular way fitting in all the box.

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    • jasmin

      insights hai na.

    • jasmin

      insights hai na.

    • sahil shah

      and what about using facts ?

  • nandita

    comprehensive preparation especially on reading will help to over come such hurdles

    • kaira

      you can also go for self accessment technique. write the ans yourself and then compare it with others in this ans writing challenge and can get the idea of where we lack and where we dont. actually it can be said a long term process with continuous upgradation.

    • anoosha

      yes as we already cover these much sources it obviously becomes comprehensive it is just to put the points accordingly

    • sahil shah

      thnks but how can we be sure to be in right direction?

    • MurliVm

      practice it to get the grip over answer writing. its a step by step process.

    • junaid

      what should be considered while reading?

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    keep reffering the answers in insights

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      keep writing.

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        i am a newbie how to start with ?

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      practice makes men perfect.