i want to be ips officer because i felt it is going to encapsulate a cluster of all my desires at one go which may range from an adventures life as cop handling law and order issues ,crime investigations (CBI, NIA,raw etc) and my presence as a sincere and honest cop can make waves through out the department especially at the the grass root levels of the state police where the sense of responsibility and administration is poor and corruption turned to be an order of the day and your job has a social exposure which no other job could offer. and training at lbsnaa which i saw on youtube were very interesting from every perspective ….

    • The 3 Words I.P.S which shows your personality and your humble to help others who are in need these words cannot be given by any other MNC or any other institution it can be achieved here in U.P.S.C. so i want to be a part I.P.S where i give my best to change the society.

    • Navia

      nice answer…..the training at lsbnaa is common for everyone….only at sardar vallabhai patel police academy they start training exclusively for ips…and it is very adventurous…

  • Gaurav Sharma


    Truely, your lines to recite again are –
    “my presence as a sincere and honest cop can make waves through out the department especially at the the grass root levels of the state police where the sense of responsibility and administration is poor and corruption turned to be an order of the day”

    REST ALL is just fodder material.

    Please don’t mind to get criticized on a Christmas eve 🙂 .



      ofcourse they are fodder but i really mean that…. when i say i like to be part of cbi i really mean it i.e… i like investigating crimes,chasing operations & all those adventures stuff etc… i felt all those sherlock holmes & tin tin series and detective movies and serial through out my life interesting and would like imitate them with my own flavour in my profession…. and similarly you can see the truth of remaining fodder .TOO..

      • Gaurav Sharma


  • Rahul Bhardwaj

    I want to join as IPS officer for following reasons :
    a) Having core interest in the indian police administration.

    b) the vast scope provided by this field of law and order to grow as dynamic administrator.

    c) Though our police system is quite efficient there is need of lot of reforms in police system especially sensitization towards common people..thus this service provides one a platform of connecting with the needy persons expecting peace and responsiveness towards their complaints and issues.

    • vishal

      I like your comment

  • 1.wearing the uniform , itself is a great privileage for me.
    2. for any nation , its progress much depend upon the people’s contribution to its country. to acheive this maintaining the peace consistently is the utmost responsible for any government, which here police service required to do their service, i.e ” Law and Order ”
    3. ips give you many opportunity to lead ,command in many position to rectify sensitive issues which may pose a serious threat to nation’s sovergnity ,( ib, raw, cbi, bsf ) , so be lived like warriors.

    • shailendra IPS ASPIRANT

      ur 3rd point is awesome. dil khush ho gya bhai padhke

      • vishal

        Your 3rd point is nice…………..

  • nikhil k gowda

    i want to get into ips because police play an very important role in our society , not only maintaining law n order but also help in building a healthy society n moreover any of us who when aggrieved the first n foremost thing we do is register a comlpaint in the near by police station n once an fir is registetred then our pusuit of justice is taken to the judiciary . so police do play a very crucial role in ensuring justice to the citizens especially the weaker section and it is also true that indian police are not citizen friendly still working from a colonial mindset , so i do want to be part of indian police service change the notion about indian police system . i might not change the whole system but definitely the part of the system which involves me.

    • vishal

      Your Point are good ……………..

  • Abhinav Singh

    Being from a family where 2 generations have served Indian Armed Forces, I strongly believe that a uniform and star on shoulders say more than you can ever describe about who you are and what you are capable of, It befits my talent and organizational skills and I fit in its demanding requirement.
    Apart from administration and other paper work, I feel the courage and compassion for the oppressed is something which actually defines Police Services. Deteriorating law and order situation is to be blamed for people been denied many of their fundamental rights as well as many investors shying away from investment in India.
    I believe that I have that eye for detail, split second decision taking capability and undying enthusiasm to overcome any and all challenges and to keep your men motivated.
    I sincerely believe that if we have more people in IPS who filled IPS as first choice instead of been given IPS due to low score in Civil Services Examination, we can achieve efficiency and integrity comparable to Indian Armed Forces.
    Jai Hind

  • Navia

    i suggest reading books like “the british the bandits and the bordermen”. “i dare”, “human in khaki”…..collect points regarding police reforms and about policing from human rights perspective….

    • Why i want to be an IPS officer?
      POLICE FORCE always have a strong influence on me.i always very much like the disciplined life of force, its authoritative nature to bring safety and security in society.
      it is the Police Force that plays the key role in bringing the JUSTICE very close to the people by thoroughly investigating the cases and by booking the anti-social elements present in society.

      A nation can become prosperous when quality of life and standard of living of people are raised high , and that can be possible when people work in their respective field efficiently and effectively and most importantly without any fear or threat to their life.and this safe and secure environment is created for the whole society by the POLICE FORCE with its continuous, non-stop and countless efforts.

      The most important concern for any person is about the safety of his/her family and safety of their property , and that is ensured only by the POLICE FORCE.Police officials do their supreme sacrifice and lay their life for protecting the life of citizens and other people residing in the country.It is because of the presence of FORCE we enjoy our life. FORCE’ s response is prompt and immediate to fight national security challenges like terrorism, bom-blasts , insurgent groups , ete.

      it is the POLICE FORCE that creates threat and terror in the mind of criminals and anti-social and anti-national elements.AND this is again the POLICE FORCE which enforces the LAW OF THE LAND and ensures the UNITY and INTEGRITY of the nation.

      I always very much like and feel thrill to join the POLICE FORCE.

      However, due to presence of some non-deserving officials in the FORCE and because of their corrupt and unethical practices , the prestige of force has affected to some extent. But this issue can be intelligently tackled by the leadership of FORCE. That is why I want to be a member of the Leadership of the FORCE.

  • rai karan

    I want to get into IPS because ,if we are sensitive towards society there are umpteen number of problems in society esp. in society like ours which is still at growing stage,having basic law and order problems ,separatist tendencies ,naxalism , drugs trafficking, human trafficking ,corruption many more so i want to be a catalyst in finding long lasting solutions .

    2.Being a IPS officer ,it gives you a platform to serve common man which is moto of my life “Be the servant of servants “.

    3 And foremost it gives you a platform to serve the nation.

  • IPS is not merely a job, a gratification , an honor , and about being a saviour … its a platform to articulate fearlessness, bold, robust, sacrifice and honesty……its a game of bravehearts ….

  • VGN

    The desire to serve my nation better, drives me to become an IPS officer.My childhood passion combined with the ever growing challenges faced by our present L&O aspires me to become an IPS. The best part of being an IPS is very difficult to bring it on paper .

  • priyanka

    HI…i have not given ips as an option .if the board ask me why not ips ? wat shud b my ideal answer…my honest answer is i dont like the service…please suggest something to make it more genuine…

    • mahesh

      u should not say i dont like ,u could say i like ias or ifs …negative thoughts should not be presented in interview


    IPS = simply say this is enough for my life

  • I am from a family where many police officers were lived some years back. The last police officer was my grand father in our family. It was his great dream to make his son a police officer which my father was not at all interested in becoming, so the wish came to my life (first reason in my life to think about IPS). others are many, one of which I would love to say here is that I got lot of beatings from gundas like people for no reasons( may be its because my helping mentallity or may be because of my tongue). I took all these as my motivation and I don’t want to be in such situations any more and I don’t want others to be in that situation too……

  • PINTu

    from my childhood i want to become IPS but unfortunately i have asthma.
    so, is it possible for me to become IPS.

    • Arul

      S u can che Guevara cuban revolutionary leader is asthma patient

      • Varun Chunakara

        just think about our topper ira..

    • Varun Chunakara

      just think about ira singhal.

    • pratik kamble

      Am extremely sorry to say this but sir physical fitness matters in police department…. But sir i will say that u will set a very good example by becoming the Best IAS officer

  • jagraj cheema

    i want to be an ips officer because to be an ips officer one has to prove his/her capabilities that he/she is capable enough.this capability is inculcated by passing the civil service exam
    hence more the capabiliy more are the expectations of people from you, hence wide area to work towards the people ,that is the reason why i want to be an I.P.S officer

  • Varun Chunakara

    The power of IPS that i need to serve my society, i am believing so. there for i want to join to the IPS……

  • Piyush singh

    Sir, I HAD A SMALL OPERATION OF APENDIX 5 YEARS AGO. Am i eligible for ips or not

    • Asish Anatta

      Yes 🙂

  • Sunil Shamanur

    Because, i have a strong passion for POLICING and the social connect associated with it. This also best suites my personality and my temperament. I also find the charm and discipline associated with the service tappealing. Also, the honour, prestige and adventures associated with it draws me towards it. I also believe that a stable society in terms of law and order, a healthy moral and ethical posture is crucial for it’s overall development. IPS is more relevant here in this aspect.

  • Ravindra Chavan

    Being an IPS it itself a great honour for me and satisfaction that I am serving my life to nation through social work by maintening law n order,helping poor and weak to get their rights which might be suppressed and violated by money n power combo persons,putting corrupt officials behind bar etc.
    I thinks a settled and safe zone life I.e office to home and again office to home is not so fruitful for me and others too.Human life is a gift of nature which may will not come again like rebirth.
    Life should be challenging,adventurous and which gives daily satisfaction and inspiration to fight for others like our freedom fighters fight to give us freedom from Julmi British Raj.
    In my opinion life is what you live for nation and its people,otherwise on this planet every organism is living for himself and leaves one day… Live like a king and spent life for the others is my motto towards life and all these aspirations and dreams will come true through IPS.
    Because though we are living in freedom many weak n poor are suffering from unjust and finds themselves as helpless..

  • sourav garg

    Reasons, I opted for IPS in my DAF are as following.
    # I always had the passion for Uniform Job in commanding position where I can be of much great help to the society.
    # Childhood aim of becoming a police officer which further got strengthened watching movies and some real time IPS officers.
    # I have interest in investigations, combing, rescue operations etc.
    # I needed a job that involves challenges and risks.
    # This is also a gateway to serve in RAW which is an ultimate dream of my life after sometime in civil policing.
    # My moderate level understanding with computer and internet can help solving cyber security issues. This can be further honed up with some training.

  • Sundar

    I don’t say IPS is my dream or its a top most job that’s why I prefer it. Because I consider all the jobs as equal, from a chai wala to the president.

    Though, I want to become IPS, because I want’s to contribute and impact on the welfare of people. People think safe because of the trust they vested in police. People sleep and enjoy where ever they go without fear, because of sleepless and dedicated life of police. When I think about the job, I got proud, responsibility and sometimes ego. One can’t get these feelings in all jobs, until the job nature have impact on lakhs of people’s trust, welfare and safety.

    This is what makes me motivated to become IPS and I’m sure, it will happen in a near future.

  • Arun pillai

    I had my schooling at sainik school in Kerala which built in me the passion to wear armed forces uniform and serve the country with full devotion,though I cleared upsc NDA,SSB interviews I couldn’t join the armed forces due to medical issues,today iam a mechanical engineer but still from within my heart urges to wear the uniform and serve for the nation,and it has brought the dream of IPS to me,today I want to get IPS to fullfill my dream of wearing the prestigious uniform,leading the police forces to a corrupt free, people friendly,talented force which is ready to tackle any day to day situations.I want to devote my skills,my leadership,my knowledge,to the service of people and nation giving them the feel of security and peace.