Why IAS?

  • kittu kumari

    i choose ias as my career option because of following reasons
    1. it provides a platform where i can be a part of system and work towards the solutions for the problems in india at present.
    2. ias encounters diverse fields which indeed shows the challenging aspect of this field which helps me in developing my knowledge and personality .
    3.this is a career which also provides an opportunity to serve people at young age . here after clearing ias you can be promoted to cabinet secretariat , where a person gets a chance to be a part of decision making

    • i choose ias as my career option because of following reasons
      1. it provides a platform where i can be a part of system and work towards the solutions for the problems in india at present.
      2. ias encounters diverse fields which indeed shows the challenging aspect of this field which helps me in developing my knowledge and personality .
      3.this is a career which also provides an opportunity to serve people at young age . here after clearing ias you can be promoted to cabinet secretariat , where a person gets a chance to be a part of decision making

    • Skand Pal Suryavanshi

      IAS is undoubtedly the king of all professions in india. I have seen many people leaving fundoo companies and the great american dream and going for it. What makes it so great have endless reasons.
      1 Toughness of the exam
      2 Power
      3 Money – After six pay commission
      4 Parents Dream -90% of the indian parents dream their son to be IAS officers

      • Ashu Singh Rajput

        I don’t agree with point number 4. If you want to know reason then please be practical.

  • All India Services (AISs) are unique – Job and Service in one.
    I can take care myself same time I can serve my country/society.
    My today’s life is a contribution of society.
    I studied in government school, colleges and getting so many services, facilities given by government from taxpayers money (its people’s money).

    I realized I must serve the society within my lifetime.
    Although there is many ways to serve society but I selected AISs. Because AISs are unique, challenging in our rapidly growing country.
    Today our society is facing more serious problems like corruption, poverty, lack free and good quality education, healthcare, sanitation to every citizen etc.
    Most of these problems are interrelated producing more serious threads and hindering in the development of our Nation.There is lot of scope/ opportunities also there for solving these problems. AISs will allow me to involve in administration and have a chance to bring the changes that will make our society better.

    • mr athena u have written a good answer as u have include almost everything but something is still missing i.e. impact… u could have said all this in 1-2 para also but with more impact. i don’t know how

  • Aslesha Garapati

    this service satisfies my dual needs..1.job satisfaction where i can put my complete soul and 2. service to soceity..as i firmly believe..service to humanity is the best work of life and that too from a very young age.

    • Virjeetsinh

      A very sweet and short reply.

    • Naveen ambala

      Hai aspirants this is Naveenambala preparing for ias interview.i m alalso says 2 things 1 is job satisfaction another one is serve 2 ourcountry.thats why I m prepare ias

      • roborockz

        then y didn’t u go for armed forces?

    • Skand Pal Suryavanshi

      very impressive answer by u

  • Deepak

    Through IAS i got the platform to serve masses rather than classes. By this i can reach out to the various sections of society that somehow not getting the services which they deserve and help them in raising their living of standards,provide them the basic minimum needs to survive etc.

  • i want to join ias because it gives the power to correct i.e. power to correct in rightful manner. whenever i travel or roam around my city i found many problems that are bothering people and which can be solved with little adjustment and management efforts but nobody is willing to solve that, this ias will empower me with duty to correct the things which can make huge difference in people’s life. this job also gives opportunity to work at grassroot level, gives us chance to lay the foundation of better nation. although we can also work at grassroot level without being in ias but that will delay the process of development.

    • improve it

      • rishi

        Mr Beaconvalley, I guess you have come as a philosopher and guide to enhance the skills or justify each snd every remark. Well, being a part of the endeavour, its just a small suggestion to you, to please stop acting someone having a big tail on each snd everything, if you have new opinions please feel free to place it, rather than criticising each and every detail, finding the lice will not solve the problem, unless u put some medicine in it.

        • i am xtremely sorry rishi…if i have hurt ur sentiments but it’ll be vry helpful for me, if you’ll tell me anything new or fruitful in Mr. neuro’s ans..


    • ajj

      well said….good..keep it up

  • shekhar

    there are two types of people
    1. who earn decent livelihood , earn respect in society, keep everyone happy and satisfied and live a prosperous life.
    2. who want to live for the good of the greater mass and want to bring a positive impact on the lives of people by their ex-officio decisions.

    and i want to be among the 2nd class of people so the easiest way to live up my dreams is…IAS.

    • Nikhil D

      Instead of using easiest you can use efficient and effective. Just a suggestion. IMO, easiest seems to undermine civil services.


    • atmanand

      “shaping the destiny of millions”…..”becoming voice of voiceless”….are you day dreaming…..do you know even Gandhiji and mother Theresa could not achieve this…..please forgive me….be more practical about what you say

  • harsha

    200 million in india go to bed without a second meal everyday, which we should feel concern about, india’s IMR, MMR, female foeticide rate, and lack of education(quality and quantity). unequal distribution of wealth, poor implementation of developmental problems etc, these are a few problems faced by our society today.. as a IAS officer we can get a chance to get involved and be a part of atleast changing any one of the above problems. so being in ias gives me a launch pad to work foe my people and my society…

    • jerrynik

      you can start with some positive aspects and then in between bring the problems (mentioned above)….and also end with a optimistic view ….

      just a suggestion…no offense

  • jrajini

    Why i want to become a IAS Officer is may be the first question you ask yourself and others ask to you. I was a average student at school with no special goals(except doing engineering-no special reason) in my life who hailed from a financial and culturally well being family. After my schooling a sudden financial crises in my family forced out of my engineering dream not even allowing me to do my UG course. It was from this time onward’s i was exposed to many discrimination’s (for ex:- rich-poor, male-female etc) even within my close relations. The first time i thought about society, the poor persons deprived by their rights of education, health, social status and even proper food and life of most of women in our country is nearly horrible, i strived that i could do something to eradicate all sufferings but did not know what to do. We left the state and i got a job in private concern, got married and had kid and after 5 years of break i completed my graduation, working in a private firm happy with doing small social services. I again gave birth to Twin babies and had to quit the job. I was left blank with my career life. The angel of my life, my husband, my guide knew the hindered ambition in life and said my right career was to became an IAS officer. after many hesitations how it would work, leaving all hindrances behind to tackle on its way i am now working happily and hardly to clear the Civil servants Exam and hope i will succeed for the good of me and my nation.
    Hence my humble request for all the civil servant aspirants is when a married woman with three small kids and a joint Indian family would dare to spend most of her time preparing for the UPSC, You (mostly unmarried) would give your time soul to succeed. May the best Man win the race and do good to nation. Thank you

    • well said mam!, we are so proud of you , the “courage” to determine, lead, to fight against all odds, especially the last phrases touches our heart n strenghten our values. you deserved to be in ias…………………..kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jerrynik

      Thank You for your inspiring words and sharing your story…..
      I promise you that I will give my time and my soul to succeed in this exam and help the society
      once again thank you and all the best…..

    • Nitin

      Ma’am your words were motivating,salute to your determination,Respect
      All the Best.

    • Rushikesh reddy

      Very inspiring madam. That will power to crack the exam, even after giving birth to 3 children, is phenomenal. I sincerely hope that you clear this exam

    • santhosh

      that is the courage u should never lose and hoping that u will succeed to achieve ur goal

    • joseph

      inspired alot mam

    • vishnu bhise

      Mam you are a Ray of Hope…we all are inspired by your words.

    • Sunaina

      good job mam….my husband is also supporting me…n m trying best..

    • charon


    • Amrit Mayank

      Wholeheartedly thanks for putting your amazingly inspiring story up on this platform!! Conviction and courage can make you happen anthing. Thanks and regards.

    • Atul Singh

      All the best ma’am. Obviously you are source of inspiration but I would also like to acknowledge contribution of your husband and his family. Respect for them 🙂

    • Monika Shrivas

      If everyone became an IAS officer with as noble intentions as you, we would probably have the best bureaucratic structure in the country.

    • Gopinath Chakkarapani

      Mam, you are really an great inspiration to all the civil services aspirants. You said that you want to eradicate all the inequalities in this society, but in the last line of your passage you quoted that may the best man win the the race…..why you didn’t say as ‘may the best man or woman win the race……. Did you understand the difference….? The biggest curse in society for women, is another women because women always have the belief that men are superior than women . By having this kind of mentality, women empowerment is just an mirage…..!

    • ಕನ್ನಡನಾಡು

      I am from poor family, one among five children and hearing handicapped completed graduate with great difficulties. sttugle for job seven years after degree but unable to get due to my hearing problem. I got central govt job at last. Now well settled married woman, with two kids, husband working in state govt. I am preparing for IAS since 3 years.

    • ಕನ್ನಡನಾಡು

      My aim in life is to help to the distressed class in society. So I decided to take IAS eventhough handicapped, married, by managing family, career.

    • Vignesh Veerasamy

      Eye opener.best wishes

  • No one

    Its a service where one can find one’s trueself in the service of others. No other form of happiness shall be permanent than the satisfaction which comes with the smile which one may bring on the needy people’s face while working honestly for their upbringing. I chose it to make myself full. Perhaps it would give meaning to my definition of existence. Its true that same can be achieved by many other selfless services. But IAS shall give a platform to be in fecilitating role for a large spectrum of people in order to let them achieve best to their potential. Anyone can make powerful and strong the winner but if one can make the weakest the winner that is the definition of true leadership to me. Yes this is the service where I too feel that let this examination be very tough from many angles, since only genuine ones should clear this exam since responsibility this job gives are immense and truly need people ‘servants’ not their masters. Let best among ourselves win the race and lets’ all crave to become best. Thanks !

    • some one


  • Let us …

    Lets create a new dream today
    whatever it may be
    but lets shine it today
    with few sparks in our eyes.

    lets dream it now and here !

    As time races by,
    Tell me
    What should we dream?
    Aren’t there on roads
    already millions of crawling dream
    every now and then
    fighting and surpassing
    each others
    and yet dissatisfied !

    Tell me
    What should we dream then
    To make us riches,
    To make us powerful,
    To make our ego satisfied ?
    perhaps, to make us worthy to be able to serve ?

    Tell me
    what will you strive for
    A lifeless pack of thick wealth,
    A lifelong fetter of false pride,
    Few fickle of joy for yourself and your family,
    perhaps, for joy of weaker millions, you will strive ?

    As important are ‘ends’ of our dream
    so its means.
    Tell me then
    What road shall we take then ?
    A road of hypocrisy,
    A road of dishonesty,
    A road of consumerism,
    A road of selfishness,
    A road connecting millions heart
    perhaps, a road of humanity !

    Lets all weave our dream
    with this thread of humanity
    to empower
    weak and grieved,
    who are searching for us
    daily with moisturous eyes.
    That someday
    some one will come
    and tell them
    ‘Your dream is my dream
    my dream,
    Smile on your face !’

    • pallavi

      is it that u wll sing poetry when they will ask why ias

      • Veni Vedi Vici…


      • Let us …

        yes ! If I could connect. Why not ! Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to sing poetry in Parliament.

      • gaurav singh


    • jerrynik

      although you wont sing this poetry there….but its awesome….

    • alteracc34

      gr8 poem ignore other comments…

    • Swati

      @Let us…. Your poem is awesome… much appreciated…

  • pallavi

    want to eradicate all the the sufferings of humanity at my best, , Being an ias is one of the means

    • jerrynik

      its “not ans in one line” 😛

      if possible please take some time and answer …..with a tinge of flavours of various aspects…..etc…

      no offense….i do read your answers and i do like the way you asnwer….so was eager to know ur views here also

  • venkey

    my dream is to work for the upliftment of the poor, and work against the social evils in the society. i found the best position to reach my dream is ias. here we can have a best place to serve the poor,and become a part of the system by which we can change the many peoples lives. i have worked as a supervisor in a multinational company for two years and haven’t any satisfaction because it was’t helping me in anyway to reach my dream and i couldn’t find the great job than the one in which you get satisfaction, that’s why i opted for ias.

  • As being an IAS officer I will be able to apply my knowledge which I have acquired living within this society. Civil service is the best way to bring the positive change and to solve the problems that WE , the people of INDIA are facing.I wish that my abilities to comprehend things,communicate with different types of people, work hard and painstakingly until I find the solution etc must be used for the development of our great nation.

  • jerrynik

    Its very long, but thats what I wanted to share…….
    as I am just a newBEE….will work over it and make it concise and apt 😉

    But pls do give feedback and suggestions, if any

    Why IAS ?

    from my school days, one proverb was always ringing in my head…”Jack of All Trades and Master of None”. I did understand what the proverb meant but my teachers would tell me (specially in last days of my school), that be “Jack Of All Trades and Be A Master Of One”. This always kept me in wonder as how is this possible. Days were passing by, soon college started but I was not able to find solution to the modified version of the proverb. In college days, as it surrounded by slums, I was observing the problems faced by people there. There was even a government aided school (ie Sarva Sikshya Abhiyan School) but still the children were not benefited by it nor the slum people. Looking at various difficulties faced by people in those slums, a group of students from my college, including me, started to teach the children there and arrange funds for sending them in reputed schools for good quality of education. We understood the society and problems it faced in deep. Final year of college life was something changed my life. Since i was studying in Jharkhand, the naxalite problems etc diverted my attention towards them and I started googling and found out various efforts of officers from various sectors. Came across IAS, IPS officers, even one officer was shot dead in MP when he was standing against Illegal mining activities carried out there.
    I found the answer for the modified proverb, the position of Civil Servant is somewhat like that. He is JACK OF ALL TRADES which are required for analysing the problems in Society and find Solutions for same & at same time he is a Master (Master = The position / chair one is holding). Its said Responsibility and Power go hand in hand. If one is responsible for uplifting the society and has no power OR if one has power but is not responsible….Both conditions are waste of life, time & opportunity. Only a position of being a civil servant like IAS/IPS etc would provide power support to my responsibilities and my responsibility is make sure that the society, state & country in which I live is free from the evils hovering around.
    Also its a position where I am able to earn sufficient enough to support myself and my parents & at same time serve the Society from such young age. Very few & lucky people get this opportunity and I will give my best in claiming it, so that I could bring smile on each and each one who needs help and help my society, my country to prosper and flourish.

  • Dr George

    INSIGHTS!!!!!!! please open up the WHY IPS column….. its my first option.
    🙁 🙁
    ive always been saddened by the prejudice against the INDIAN POLICE SERVICE. ive gotta long essay to write now i guess…

    • Dr George

      my bad. there is a section.its just not clickable on the main page.. sorry Insights.

  • layman

    story seems a little boring..try to make it creative..and bringing in SLUMS and SSA may lead to many follow up questions for which you must be prepared in advance…

  • Shivam

    Being a student of a reputed engineering college,i could have chosen to lead the life of aristocracy where no one intervene in your life.but the whole story is different,our nation is facing profuse problems,and being a sincere citizen of my country i should choose better to spend time servicing the needy rather than seeking pleasure by living a self centered life,as many others do…..in most of the regions,the people are not aware even of their basic right,conditions can become a lot better if some efficient administration is followed

    All i want to do is help the people as much as i can by knowing their grievances,looking for a positive solution but not just sop.
    There is still a long way to go,but as the saying goes,”every great thing start with one good deed”.

    • sanjohnp

      He he he..
      Being from reputed Engg college, probably you would be a good engineer & can serve society in much better way as an engg. so why IAS ? Newton served the society in a great way so why IAS?


    ias because i have many plans and way for fulfill the need of aam admi and for this purpose ias give us more resources to implement the idea and planning on grass root level

  • rishi

    Each and every comment is so convincing, inspiring but at the same time cliché. It is always that human being donot want to be bound by chains, rather an independent one, where he or she is free to do anything, question might arise that I m spreading a negative vibe, but at the utmost level, is it always for the good that we want the post of an Ias, or just to fulfill the demand of self? Although out the years many aspirants have reached the position with the same answer of doing for the society, but the question later on passes to oblivion. why is it that the common man cannot directly be in touch with an Ias?. I wil do this, I wil do that, blah blah blah, lol, I feel like rolling on the ground….I dont want to be an Ias, I want to be a common man first, so that I can reach out them, and then be in the post to solve and magnify the problem to others, revolution doesn’t comes just by sitting and writing blah blah, like I m doing, revolution comes when there is congregation, and thought process and implementation of those ideas for the benefit of each sector of people. Day dreamers like me are not capable of being an Ias…

  • rocky

    i choose ias because i find no service more worth than servise of people
    at present country is facing lots of problem like corruption indiscrimination injustice …..its the platform where i can not just reach people who are suffering but can reach people who are responsible,
    being ias i can i will not just get job satisfaction but will work with my soul to fulfill my responsibilities towards the society

  • Rash

    I want to become ias as it provides the authority to do something positive in the society.Being a doctor I can only reach the few patients whereas being in civil services I can make a number of doctors to work in a guided manner and thus can reach a large number of patients at a time and not only the patients but he masses can also be served.ias provides a platform to connect the people with the government of the day and I would like to make that connection more healthy and meaningful to both people and governmnet.

    • sanjohnp

      India is known for it’s pharma & IT services. Indian doctors are in great demand within & abroad , generating lots of Forex reserve, so enabling indian economy which ultimately lead to solution to all worries,poverty, health facilities unavailability. So here u can reach to much more wider canvas to the society if u realy want to serve the society as u are the doctor, u can be a hope to the lack of qualified doctor in rural area as 70% medical facility including doctor resides in urban area..
      so why IAS ? 🙂

    • akhilesh

      ecome an ias not a big achievement instead ones ie aspirants goal should be think like a social worker who got the ligal authority to make a contributon in the development of the whole society neverthless profitng oneself…hence aim should be to how integrate the society and make our contribution for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor

  • Ankita

    IAS officer, i just give a humble smile when people ask me the reason for opting Ias as my career.
    Becoming an Ias was never my goal, nor did i ever think or dream of it. I was happy with my M.Tech degree working in a good institute looking forward to get married and settle down, a small dream that every girl thinks of & so was me. Soon my marriage was fixed and just 10 days before the wedding, the marriage was called off. I was blamed, criticized, but it was not my fault. Later, 1 girl approached me asking for help as she was put out of house for carrying a child from that same boy. I helped tried giving her justice. We went to 8 police stations but we were scolded and sent back. We ran from pillar to pole but no use. Finally, after a month we went to Commissioner of police. That day our Fir was registered, that boy was arrested. That day i decided that i will get into civil services. I was exposed to just a small incident, tomorrow when i am in that field i can reach out to people, help them, do something for them.
    But things did not end here, i belong to a middle class joint family and in our community hardly people are highly educated. My marriage was again being fixed with a person 10+ years elder to me. I denied and stayed firm with my decision of becoming IAS. My relatives and family members packed all my books & kept in store room. I was asked not to study anymore, as i was a girl with broken marriage, a medical problem of vitiligo, & highly qualified to find a boy with this degree. But i am blessed, with wonferful parents. They supported my decision and immediately send me to delhi very far from all this.
    Now my aim in life is to be an Ias officer & reach out to as many people as i can, help them in all the ways i can specially the deprived section, females, people who dont get education and so on
    hoping to be an ias officer very soon
    Also i wish all the aspirants to achieve their goal & i ask for pardon if this message was too long.

    • Nitin

      NICE Thoughts

    • Joe

      Dear Ankita, it was a sheer delight to know how you have come this far. Thank you for sharing your real life experience. I am sure you will make the grade very soon 🙂 In my opinion marriages are for ordinary people who would simply waste their life’s precious time on family related ailments and fulfilling societies wrong expectation (and I don’t wish to debate with anyone on this as I am not selling this idea to anyone).

      We have so much to achieve and contribute in this brief life span than to get ourselves entangled with ordinary people’s(sick mentally) attitudes.

      Wish you all the best.

    • Nitesh

      Really inspirational thoughts, wish u all the best.

    • Rajesh sharma

      Dear ankita, hats off to your courage and your passion to succeed. May god bless you and you come out with flying colours in all the endeavours you undertake.

    • Atif Rahman

      at first when i started reading ur story seriously i thought it was fake but as i proceeded i got its the same menace vch happened with me the only diff is m a boy
      m abu zer brother of abu imran(IAS 2010)
      i has been in depression for two years
      last year i got a rejection in personal interview but this year iam confident of cracking the same
      my message for all IAS aspirants is not to loose hope nd try hard
      all the best

      • neravatla karunya kumar

        Sir I need ur whatsapp number sir .i need some guidance regarding preparation!!pls sir respond

  • atmanand

    hi….guys…i read all the above opinions…. they are really nice…..those who want to bring the changes in society i have three simple question for them…

    Q:As an I A S officer how you make sure 100% attendance of teachers of govt primary school?
    Q :How you make sure those teachers who come to school actually teaches students efficiently?
    Q:How do you make sure students of govt school are actually learning?

    please note:this is not for single school….schools of entire districts.

    • Sadeesh Kumar K

      Concerned Education Officer should involve the local people and students to get the information about their teachers’ attendance weekly/monthly. He should then send warning messages (SMS) to the concerned teacher. Subsequent absenteeism should be linked with the salary (Loss of pay).
      Involving NGOs for independent assessment of the students and making the teachers accountable by rewarding the teachers who give good results and penalizing(monetarily) others for poor results.
      First thing is to generate interest. Interactive and more practical methods of learning like on-field trainings would help a lot. More number of internal competitions and rewards (however small the rewards maybe); then organizing and encouraging inter-school competitions etc. However the key lies in ensuring that all the students participate and all are rewarded in one way or the other.

  • ramesh hyd

    1a.it is not possible 100 percent attendence entire district,even teachers need to takecare of their families in emergency finally family is imp than job.eventhough we can track by biometric system whether he is coming or not.
    2a.frequently checking standards of schools and methodology of teachers.
    3a.regularly conduct tests and see whether there is improvement or not.

    • atmanand

      OK….but still your solutions are not enough…..you did not understand the gravity of the question….we don’t need theoretical solutions…we need practical ones…

      1 By 100% attendance I mean teacher actually attending the class not just going to school….teacher may just go to school n sit in the staff room till evening…

      2: i am asking about govt primary schools….not private convents…you know our present standards

      3:who will conduct tests? I A S officer? please mention clearly…..

      • Arjun Rajput

        by cctv camera all the district collecter should give an order that all school must have cctv camera in all the class room..
        And he should appoint one person to operate this

    • alok rai

      @ramesh hyd you are giving your judgement that it is no possible to secure 100 % attendance and most imp. you are going for IAS in which duty and nation is more important than you own life and family..

  • IAS I dream n I passion to do just not coz “power” n fame which it have in the society, Its a right platform to do social work… Since my childhood I have seen lot of misery in my surroundings. The people are not getting proper education, healthcare facilities, employment guarantee n lastly scams in agricultural schemes,,
    Reason for above is the only one thing dat govt schemes which are made for the welfare for the society is not reaching properly.. There are lot of reasons but an effective administrator can do well even though political system may have major control of it.. Instead of blaming, bring a unity in civil servants.A genuine(honesty) 100 civil servants if sat in together they can bring major changes in our society. as swami vivekananda said ” Right approach, right thought will take you to the right way..” Service to the humankind is service to the GOD..
    there are many lacuna’s.. but managing those hindrances is a skill of Right Civil servant

  • My father is a retired deputy thahasildar. I have seen how he gets involved with the problems of people which are diverse. First it was his respect to collector that attracted me. Then later, the reasons for the respect. I think it as an opportunity for serving various sections of the society. Along with that decent standard of living and social recognition.

  • Anonymous

    In one line…. Because, “i think my country needs me!!”

  • gaurav singh

    during my chilhood days i wanted to be an ias officer for the sake of becoming an elite but now after starting my preparation i realize that my nation is in a deep shit and it doesnt need elites rather it needs people especially the policy formulators and policy implementors truely dedicated towards welfare of nation.so now my goal remains same but my purpose has changed from being an elite to being a contributor for nation building.

  • S.singh

    at the present moment,..reading few of above reasons/belief for choosing the IAS profession. my first ques. to self do we really need govt. jobs only to be job secured and service human society? isnt if we are any profession/job service, if we really doing with real honesty, integrity make it worth for the praise that it is also serving them. for say, if one person at clerical level have helped while person at higher position totally ignored,..for whom your true blessing will go! service doesn’t lie in the chair your are holding but the integrity/ethics with which you perform your tasks.
    one should go for a goal when he/she is truly believing in that goal and rightly finds deserving for it…then no matter you achieved or not,..your path for its journey will become a accomplishment.

  • Hi All, pls answer this..
    At which stage u realised that u should go for civil service? n why?
    How u as a civil servant will help in changing the face of administration?

    • Sooraj

      I was working in an IT company after my graduation. I knew that I was contributing my bit to the company but I decided to join public services where I can directly contribute to the country, work in the field for sometime, take decisions, enjoy the responsibilities that come with public services etc. your decisions have far reaching and wider implications in public services. it makes a big difference compared to the limited decision making role in private sector, at least in the younger age. that was the prime motivation for me to quit private sector to take up a larger role.

      the administration, particularly at the cutting edge, is perceived to be insensitive to citizens, often self serving and increasingly corrupt. this, to a larger extent, is because of the fact that chain of accountability gets broken often. if you demand accountability from the officials working under you, while simultaneously submitting yourself to scrutiny, the image of administration will improve. If you are hardworking, transparent , willing to take responsibility for your action and enjoy doing teamwork, then your subordinates, superiors and people will find it interesting to work with you.

    • Sooraj

      though it appears to be a general comment, I believe that improving the face of administration, to a large extent, depends on one thing – your principled stand and work ethics, so long as you are in command. true, other factors are also there – like high morale, communication skills etc.

  • Sumit

    Why IAS?
    Sir, first time I heard the word “DC” when I was in class 8.I need to have school transfer certificate signed by DC. Later on during severe winter, I heard that due to DC order all school will be closed, 2 week before the schedule date. These incidents instill/inculcate feeling that DC can do many thing to give benefits to aam aadmi. This idea was getting strong though out my career and finally I quit my job to get more job satisfaction through working for society as a civil servant. Apart from this, India is going trough socio-economic transition so I wanted to be the agent of such transition rather than just beneficiary. .

  • topper

    why ias….

    I chose to be an ias as it is a direct link between the government and the people at the grassroot level. I can be a part of policy making and also providing the benefits to farthest person at his doorstep. It is a platform which would enable me to actually bring the changes in lives of people which i want to see. Though the NGO’s and other professions also help in serving the humanity yet the domain is limited. Being an ias i would be able to render my services to the best of my abilities.

  • topper

    hey guyz… please give ur valuable comments..

    dear insights ……. please review my ans and provide me suggestions….


  • perks n privileges , power n etc etc comes with every job, i opted civil services bcoz when graduated from college i didn’t get placed. so i had 3 options in-front of me. wether do a job of 8000-12000/ month in a metro or prepare for GATE exam or CAT xam or Civil services. i chose civil services… as ultimately i have to spend 2-3 yrs in finding a decent job then why not spend it in preparing for best job which’ll also help u in enhancing ur confidence, personality n transform u from boy into a man with substance. and coming to social services …its just a duty which every citizen should perform irrespective of its position

    • Straight from heart and without any frills attached… but can we create the best impression on the interviewers with such frankness ??

  • when i was 11,

    I sat with my grandfather in the verandah and i saw him giving rice and money for those beggars who come to my home and later sometime he went inside and said me to do the same as he has done.

    within a short time,
    A mid aged person with a strong appetite has come to my home and asked me give some food to eat, but i offered him rice grains, but he has asked me for cooked food to eat on the spot…. but i denied him and said to him to take these grains or get away and that person went away scolding me very rough,
    and i repent for my immaturity at that time because i was failed to help a person
    and i recognised that sympathy is not enough,
    one should have empathy
    so since i became more sincere towards helping others
    and if i become a civil servant i feel i can get a invaluable opportunity to facilitate the civilians in the society, wherein i live as well my INDIA

  • satya

    This service gives me the opprtunity to work for the nation,job satisfaction, use my crativity for welfare of socity,……

  • Arjun Rajput

    I am preparing ias for following reason
    Through IAS i got the platform
    to serve masses rather than
    classes.IAS is one of the three M of our country PM CM and DM.so is important in taking good decision by all this i can reach out
    to the various sections of our
    society that somehow not
    getting the services which they
    deserve and help them in
    raising their living of
    standards,provide them the
    basic minimum needs to survive and I’ll aware them to make a part of our democracy etc.

  • Rama Chandra reddy T

    Since I cleared entrance I have the right to become what it offers. More so when it offers a decent life and greater respect. More than my personal goals, my personal experiences that shape my goal to be come IAS. In my belief executive roles give louder voice and stronger hand in solving some of the basic problems ordinary citizens faces.

  • Before going into the question why I want to become an IAS officer, first let me introduce myself to INSIGHTS & INSIGHTIANS. I’m sorry if it became too lengthy 🙂
    I’m Divya Malika Kunapareddy. My native is Krishna District,Andhra Pradesh. My aim to join civil services is just 1 year old. ( Decided when I was in 4-2 of B.Tech,2013)
    I had my schooling @ my home town and I have topped my school in 2nd place with 93%(2007) and got Gold from my school. Later Intermediate with 95.6%(2009) and got seat in Siddhartha Engineering College( Lagadapati Raja Gopal who used pepper spray in parliament also studied in this college 😛 ) without having any high ambitions in life. 😀 But I gave much importance to practical knowledge during my engineering(ELECTRICAL) – 80%. At one point i fallen in love with my electrical subjects. 😛
    Participated ,organised & volunteered some events during my engineering being an active but innocent girl with my gang of girls of 7. Then in the last semester of my B.Tech 2013, campus interviews started. I haven’t attended most campuses as i got glued to civil services. Well, the reason for not attending is:1) I’m not all interested in software jobs as almost all the interviews r frm software companies. 2) I thought that I cannot come back for civil services when I got settled nd that too “being a girl”, parents will come up with a good marriage proposal if I’m with a nice job not less than within a year or two. But i have never revealed this to my friends even. My project guide started scolding me for not attending interviews with such profile and thought that I’m crack. 😀 My college soft skills trainee even warned me that ” You will regret one day for not attending” But I took it lyt bcoz I jus want to serve my nation in one way or other and also I just want to be out of the rat race.
    Again I have 2 options 1) Army 2) Civil services. I felt that my intelligence and my heart together will serve in a better way to my country than my physical strength “being a girl”. I cannot make a statement i will serve and influence lakhs of people but I will get my inner peace even If im able to serve few thousands. 🙂
    As I have aimed at prelims-2014 still there was lot of time. Later, I have attended one interview in an engineering college to join as an Assistant Professor thinking that I can spend more time on my preparation and also I can earn some money to buy books & material, so that I don’t have the need to depend on my parents. Got selected in that interview. Passed out in may-2013 and joined in job by june-2013.
    Took this profession bcoz I love my electricals stream and at one point I thought of opting for electrical as my optional but not yet confirmed. Got good name for my teaching. One should be gutsy enough to deal with engineering students at the age of 22 nd that too a bunch of 60 students, most of them are boys. Even my voice is not that much high but audible enough if the class is silence. They used to maintain silence to hear my classes bcoz I do know how to grab the attention. 😛
    I met “INSIGHTS” in NOV-2013 through facebook. One person posted this link in IAS group (i donno who he is even)Waoo …, I felt that it was a real GOLD MINE. Read so many articles and finally with #how-to-choose-optional-subject-for-upsc-civil-services-mains. So after following the procedure in that article of insights- I felt that pub adm is best for me. I had many reasons to change my optional but I will let u know them later.
    Fortunately my communication skills got doubled bcoz of this job and I got to know another language as most of the students don’t the local language. So many slums in and around this college. started volunteer work in child aid foundation. Situations prevailing in my state on bifurcation,role of politicians, my working experience and my volunteer work made me firm and found real ME. I left job in jan-2014 for my preparation. I came to know that my students felt missing me and so many inboxed me through facebook to comeback soon but I haven’t even though I’m Missing them too.
    I have joined in insigths test series and felt that itz NOT A GOLD MINE, Itz a PLATINUM MINE. 😛 🙂 Later i wil let u know my preparation secrets and the role of insights 😛 🙂
    Why IAS?
    Because it gives me dual satisfaction :
    1. A job with satisfaction where I can put my complete soul to work with.
    2. Service to my nation as i do firmly believe that service to mankind is the best thing in life and that too from this young age adds a feel of pride.
    I just wanna be out of the rat race, I mean “A lifeless pack of thick wealth”.One can serve in many ways : Earning money and helping the poor and the needy.But in India – A developing country, happening around is ” If one feels responsible, he/she don’t have the power and also If one had the power, but he/she don’t have the responsibility.” Indian Civil Services is the one that gives a commendable platform to overcome this problem as it was related to administration, one can make a positive impact from the gross root level of serious problems like poverty, corruption, starving for quality education.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope you succeed with flying colours. All the best.

  • Thanq Insights…!!! 🙂

    • Satya

      Inspiring one Divya malika !! Also post your preparation strategy.

  • vishh

    why ias?

    1.a job that i coveted throughout my life.
    2.serve the society from within rather than being a critic outside.
    3.do simple things that would mean a lot to people who are in need.
    4.security of the job- removal due to coercion difficult if performing very well.
    5.interaction with the man on street and to know about them to administer policies for them.
    6. discretion in powers to do what i feel is right with utter respect and dignity to people whom i serve.
    7. i come from a rural background and strongly feels that it requires a plethora of reforms which can be done only by a strong backbone of civil servants especially IAS officers.

  • nicky

    i want to become an IAS officer because social service and helping those who are in need is my passion. My source of inspiration has always been great personalities in the histories of the world who served their country, by their services who changed the destiny of millions of poor and neglected people and gave them reason to smile, reason to have a hope in the midst of prevailing inequalities. I want to follow my dream, my passion, what i love to do in life. I want to serve my country and make impact on the lives of millions of people, especially the poor and the youth. I want to do good work and also appreciate power, social recognition and privilege associated with doing great work for people and country. IAS is the perfect platform to make my dream to become alive, it is the perfect platform to participate in turning the wheel of development of this great nation, it is the perfect job to satisfy my passion, it is the perfect job to make a mark, to leave a foot print, to create history. For me there is no other career like IAS where you can effectively participate in development of the country starting from the grassroots to the top.

  • What ever profession we take,besides its professional duty obligation, there will be a minimum scope for contributing something in some way to the society.That contribution could be in any terms-money,knowledge or time etc.,However,any such contribution is a moral obligation.Moral motivation may not drive an individual for societal service for a longer time under all circumstances and phases of life.I believe that I have the spirit of public service.This spirit will be better utilized for a longer term,If I choose a profession which both morally and professionally motivates me towards the societal service.The on-field NGO service,incidents I have seen and come across almost everyday strengthened my belief that moral motivation along with professional duty for societal service helps in bettering the society in a much better way.And I believe that Indian Administrative service is the best effective profession if combined with my moral motivation realizes my spirit of Public service…

  • sparsh.ias

    Being an average student in past i never got opportunity to prove my metal, IAS is one of the top exam in India where i could be the part of change and satisfy my personal aspirations on the other hand… jai hind!!

  • amit kr

    each one of us finds it smooth to work in a system, irrespective of domain, area,level or whichever we define our present level or position.now whenever there is a loss of system or deficit of it or to say complete lack of it, we tend to blame the govt.now to make a worthwhile sytemic impact, one can join politics or can join civil services or IAS to be precise. now the choice boils down to either being an umpire or be a player.few wud deny that sheer pleasure of impact comes from being a player.a player at a very wide spectrum( generalist role), with an INDIAN tag and a satisfaction to bring positive impact by a career (service). such system making/implementing/regulating avenues are few and far between.

  • Ajay Soni

    I never dreamed of becoming IAS Officer.It all started When I got my First Job as a Class 1 Officer In Punjab Government.I thought at that time that I should give a shot at IAS solely because of one reason and that was Job Satisfaction and high social recognition.The idea of serving people in a big way never came to my mind.But this thought changed completely once I started Preparation and actually realized that being an IAS Officer gives you all those powers to take decisions and implement them to solve various problems that people face.Our decisions affect people directly or indirectly.We are appointed as advisors to various ministries and head of various departments.This gives them authority to execute the decisions taken by legislatures and implement them to perfection.So all these excite me and gives me an encouragement that I can be a part of this elite services and serve our society in a manner which is expected from us.

    • tonny patey

      If only bureaucrates could could just go above the previleges of bieng in an elite service and see the greater horizon of multitudes who are benefited because them doing the right thing, would give us the inner satisfaction nothing less than that which comes in saving a life. Hats off to you sir that you realise that.

  • tonny patey

    A serious thought has to be given, if ias gives mere job satisfaction. Executing justice as a first class district magistrate to the agrived, implimenting critical developmental programs which could be life changing to many needy, scrutiny of the deserving, monitoring health and education services and in future being involved in policy making is critical to the present and future of 12 crore people in this earth.which happens to be my own people is much greater cause for me to comprehend its profoundity. the great part is that I get to play my part in it as an ias officer, would make me humbled , honoured to impact such a great nation as mine. This is what it means to me to become an ias officer much more than a respected generalist.

  • unique

    i want to become an ias officer because of it is only service which provides a certain platform where i can become a part of system and i contribute to solve the problems in our country at present. the most important thing is that i can get chance of decision making through this service.

  • anil kumar sharma

    Choosing ias Bcoz i think am very professional to implement govt. Policies and to join indias best service which provide a plateform to serve spirit of humanity

  • Tuks

    This might be lengthy….but it is real…….

    Since childhood I felt that in future I would like to do something good for my society and my nation and do social service.Whenever and wherever I went,I see poor and disabled people.Everytime I thought,if I had a power and if I had a money I would do something for that people.Even sometimes I feel very bad. so many times at many places after seeing that people.Even I feel very bad when I saw poor People on TV which was for entertaining only.Every time I thought that in Future I would like to do something good for that people and thought that I am very lucky Everyday I get something to eat,I can walk,I can hear,I can Speak,I get shelter(home/house) to live…thankful to God and Goddess.But what about poor people who lack in something and I am very rich person.These gifts I would use for poor and disabled people.
    I also would like to change mind/thinking or development of future generation(Children) especially children from poor family and from orphanages.
    Collector is the only way to fulfill my dream and goal.
    I saw many poor(hungry/without clothes and Shelter) people,disabled people and unhealthy people.At that time I decided to become Doctor so that I can serve these people so that they become happy.I could not make all 100% happy but some people as possible as I can.I will try my best.In 11th class I decided to take both Biology and Mathematics subjects.I took Biology because I would become doctor.But I also took Mathematics because it was my favorite subject since childhood.
    After one year means in 12th class in August 2006 I decided instead of becoming Doctor I would become Engineer.Because I thought that Doctor is for cure only and I would provide something(Food,shelter and clothe) to that people before becoming unhealthy so that they could not become ill.I read one thought “Prevention is better than cure”.
    At that time means one month before filling 12th Exam form I decided to become an Engineer(at that time not fixed which branch….Mechanical/Computer/Any Other) and in future I would start my company and I would earn a lot of money and I would help these people with the help of money and also I would increase employee especially from poor Families.(In my High-School U.S.Patil Sir told that it is beneficial to each family…if at least one people in good job instead of more people in job from one family…).So I decided My company would employ one people from more and more family….So that more families will become happy and live a healthy life.Finally I focused on Mathematics in 12 th class.I got good Marks in CET.I would decided to take Mechanical Branch.With the help of this branch I would start my Company.Why..this branch?I didn’t remember…But I thought this Branch would help me to start my own company.
    In third Engineering year(1st semester-in Dec2009-at that time my house was under construction-we were live in Medical Dada’s house),My brother said that he would start his software Company.At that time I was very very happy and I told him I also would like to start our my own company.I liked his idea because that idea was also in my mind since 12th class.I thought that my brother and me would earn a lot of money and I would serve that people.
    But in Third Engineering Year(2nd Semister-2010) during study suddenly my mind and my aim was changed.At that time I would decided to become Collector….I didn’t remember exactly how this was come into my mind…..at that time even I didn’t know Collector is also called as IAS.I knew only if I would like to become collector,you have to give UPSC exam……also this thing I didn’t remember exactly how this exam and collector came into my mind…...I came to know that Collector is head of district and he can serve all people of that district.(Also another thought was in my mind/it might be this reason to thought that I would become collector…..I thought that Government/Politicians/Government servants are not doing anything for that people….what are the problems…..That rich people also human being….why didn’t care about that poor people…So many thoughts and many questions were came into my mind…everytime I thought why why??????..........and everytime indirectly I was criticizing Governmet servants/Politicians…..One day I thought that instead of criticizing that people go inside the government/administration and find out what are the problems….what are the circumstances which are not helping that poor people and find out solutions…..after that I thought that instead of becoming politician,become Collector who is permanent officer so that I can serve poor people for so many years…..Finally I decided to do One year job and earn some money so that I can become financially satisfy for purchasing books and doing coaching classes…..
    All these things which were in my mind never told to my family.After doing job 6-8 months I was telling to my family…..i would quit job and I would give UPSC Exam because I would like to become Collector………..Finally I supported by my mother and Father……Eventually my brother also supported to my deicision……..

    …..now studying to achieve my dream and my goal……

  • paras

    we both have tottaly same stories and the thing is tht m still in 12th ….n thnking all the same things all have thoughts hats of to you bro….

    • Tuks

      Thnks…All the Best bro……..You should watch all Seminars of Sandeep Maheshwari(especially..Last life changing seminars,Illusion to Reality,Unstoppable,Power Sharing etc…)

      • Tuks

        Revolution India….

  • IASservent

    I would like to remain more frank & realistic rather than artificial one-
    As the IAS name sounds as well as being IAS very prestigeous when it comes ahead of your name.That’s the initial reason turned my aim to become as IAS officer.By acquring more knowledge about IAS ;it facsinated more towards this extra-ordinary service.It’s factual that it will give me more assured JOB cum service ; a power with effective social assistance to mass people.

    • Sunil

      I want to become IAS bcause I’ve gone thr’ the conditions which all of u want to change n take nation and ur self on high position. So I want that people will not be suffered from any discrimination and get all which ought be get.

  • Rainy Krishnan

    I want to be an IAS officer to prevent and stop crime against woman and children.I was working with an organization where I myself faced discrimination against women. I was a manager but still I couldnt stop people treating woman like doormats. I want to stop this and make this country a safe place for girls and women. I want people to respect women for I believe One Person can make a change in the society and I want to contribute my efforts for this cause.

  • Arjun Gopal

    Why IAS?
    The main issue in the society which pains me is the lack of equal access to opportunity. When I see a poor person on the road begging, giving him a Rs 10 note does not solve any of his problems. The problem with our societies way of solving problems seemed to be too myopic and as a “knee-jerk reaction”. This is what I sincerely wanted to change and bring an impact to the society. I want to join the IAS to ensure this opportunity is provided by the governing systems to all individuals to help him realize their dreams. The challenge comes in the perspective and the varying aspirations of the people, which in turn makes this job extremely challenging and exciting to me.
    As an Engineering graduate, I felt we are naturally suited to solve quick hand problems using a technical set of skills. Social engineering an innovation is one such area where I wanted to focus on solving problems and the IAS gives the legal authority to impact the lives of people at a very grassroot and large scale.

  • Nikhil

    The Importance of the Question – WHY IAS?.

    Prologue: The results were out last week for the civil service prelims 2014 and I didn’t get through. Even a day before the results were out, I had the basic feeling a serious aspirant has, that I would be in. It’s generally said, if you have a 50 – 50 chance of hope of clearing prelims, then start the preparations for Mains. I started focussing on my weak areas such as World History, IR, Science and Technology, writing et al.

    My preparation for the CSE 2014 began in the month of February, ‘14 when I quit my job and decided to give my heart and soul for this examination. In the course of my preparation was of
    great assistance – the IAS interview transcripts, winner’s methodologies, talk by IAS officers, Mrunal’s notes, Motivation by Insights, Discussions in Insights and a bunch of friends sharing the same dream. Through my preparation, I realised that self study will do and hence slowly but gradually moved away from the coaching classes I joined in February. As the days passed from February through August, my father, close on heels of the Prelims week told me, “The whole world is praying for me, so do not panic or worry.” I also had my relatives, friends and neighbours come often/ call me to motivate. Literally, to me, it was they in the whole little world of mine, who were completely backing me in my exam and assuring me that I will fare well. While feeling a little uncomfortable at times with the questions on preparations; deep inside my mind those conversations, added with my preparation, became a kind of assurance to me that I will clear the prelims, even if it goes a little bad. However, when the result came out I couldn’t trace my number in the list. I took a deep breath and searched again, only to realize that I have not made it.

    While it took time for me to come in terms with the day’s scenario, especially after getting to know that none from my institute got through, I was blank in my mind for few hours. In one sense, the result did comfort me for the fact that I knew Mains is the real testing ground
    and with my peripheral knowledge of barely 6 months, it would the rarest of the rare chance of me making it to the list for Personality Test. Yet another question that shot my mind was, what should be my next step. While I assured myself that I am that very same person who had quit the job to take the Civils examination, I had an iota of doubt about what I was supposed to do next. I realised that there was something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong somewhere. If not, the whole plan of preparation, the time spent, the changing strategies depending on
    scenario wouldn’t go in futile, at least not the prayers that my dear and near had for me. This thought process led me to this particular question – WHY IAS? This is one very important question that majority of us choose to ignore as a safer measure, simply because, this is a tough question. I ignored it myself, leaving it to be prepared and answered at the time of the Personality test. But, before answering this question to satisfy the Board, I realise now that I need to answer this to myself. And thanks to Insights for putting this Question, right up here, in the site. I never had the insights within myself to think about it deeply. Once, a young faculty, aspirant himself, supposed to take classes on CSAT, spent first four hours (at a stretch)of his first lecture, asking each of us why we choose IAS? Even while he insisted
    that answering this is more important than studying the content of syllabus, for us, it was just another futile exercise usually adopted by faculties in the first lecture. Not many cared deeply into it. The person I am referring to cleared the CSE- ’13, in his first attempt.

    The question why one chooses to be IAS needs a concrete answer from within the self and only then the whole preparation would have some sense. Because it is not just the preparation that takes us to the coveted job, but also the deep sense of why we prepare for this great exam becomes important and that exactly would help push the preparation harder.

    Had I answered this question with all sincerity then, definitely during my preparations I would not have taken CSAT lightly, I would not have left Ecology and Environment towards June-July-August, I would not have ignored Indian culture completely and yet believe that I will make it to the Mains. I would have worked even harder, I would have used the time I wasted, I would have given importance to areas where I was fundamentally weak. Thus, I realise why I failed. It is only my strong determination, clarity of thought, self satisfactory answer to the question why I have chosen IAS that exactly pushes me to work harder and smarter to achieve it. IAS Examination has lots of glamour attached to it. Together with this glamour, it
    carries a lot of myths too. One shouldn’t be carried too far away from the true spirit of taking this exam by this myth and glamour, but should take time, may be minutes, hours or even a couple of days to ponder and dwell upon this question as to why take IAS? Several other questions that supplements this question would be whether I am equipped enough to be an IAS officer? What is the exact reason why I choose IAS? Is it because of parent’s wishes or because of the quality I have within?

    While I have penned my reasons, I hope that my co-aspirants who have not made it this year, would take time out of the preparation hours to sit down, think and write down your points as to… WHY IAS?

    I would thank Insights again and again (to include Ms. Divya S Iyer, Mr. Aditya Jha, Mr. Akand Sitra and others as well) for creating this wonderful forum, which brings young brains together to share, discuss and enhance knowledge.

    • RR

      ^^ Story of my life! Ditto!

      • charon


    • prasad bsd

      it feels like u r writing my mind as i read through or the the other way dat i m cross checking and finding it true as i read on. Either way it is jus that u wrote what most of us contemplate after we fail. I vouch for this awesome post and sincerely ask ma friends to put out the questions to themselves and seek answers….

  • preeti


  • preeti

    hello all my ias frnds…………

  • Abhimanyu Singh

    bcs I LOVE Want To be an IAS Officer

  • rakesh behera

    ias is a proffession job, bywhich we get the chance to serve the all people but specially it’s a stage to do serve for the poor people.Because we know that men serve means the god serve.My parents ,specially my father says that to do something good.thangs from rakesh,odisha

  • jin

    i want to become an ias officer. i started my preparation for becoming an ias officer was only to serve my country as i certainly believe only criticizing one govt or the other wont change the definition of india. i want to be the part of the change.


    There are “n” number of reasons for me to join INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES—–






    u all are intelligent people…i need not tell other reasons..u can guess urself….

    • hemant

      It means u care yourself than others.. thats why u tried to make u as a distinct person, innovative etc.. at least your ans reflect this (may be u r not)


        ur comment.. I wnt to knw wt u actually want to say…I didnt get wt u said above…looks like u r a psychologist or sumthng…can u plss elaborate…!!!

    • Gyana Ranjan

      I think you seriously watched MARY KOM movie


        yooo bro…idea taken from the movie…but trust me…behind the idea, feelings r absolutely mine…lolzz

  • banke jee
  • Rohit Kumar Sahoo

    From childhood my moral is different ,being younger in my family i have a load of advices & suggestion as well as freedom to think beyond the bread and butter.I have done different jobs in different city to understand what can i do ,how can i do ,how can i satisfy myself.Sometimes i got satisfaction but thats for very little time,obivously that i can not do for my rest of my life.I have two option either to live like a moron or to do something that can influence a larger part of my society.I have ideas ,energy, faith that i dont want to invest for the company devoted to the balance sheet.Civil services,that can only provide me endless opportunity to learn,to invest my rest of my life.And preparation itself is an exciting learning process,that could help me to understand myself,my society to make it a better place to live .

  • aspirant

    To download free e-books and civils materials visit link ….

  • aamer shaikh

    diiii u r a face that inspires me…….

  • Ashish Pandey

    what things i follow to became an officer

  • Md. Nawazuddin

    It had never been my childhood dream to be an IAS officer. Probably if the same question had been asked to me an year ago, my reply would have been different. I have been working in Odisha for the past one year, a 1000 miles away from home and it has really helped me to retrace back to my life and understand the purpose of it given that now I really get time to lay back and think.
    1. I consider myself gifted to have had good education, pretty good standard of living, something that a lot of people in India and especially the place I am currently staying are not entitled to. They have every right to be in a similar position as me, and I would like to work towards bridging that gap which has badly fragmented India as a society.
    2. Now that I am working in Indian Oil, there’s no real purpose that this job seems to serve, for me atleast. My happiness lies in something else and there’s nothing more pleasing than making others happy.

    3. The diversity in the roles of an IAS officer and a challenging career is something that attracts me a lot to this field as well. I am not sure how good that could be as a reply to the question.

    4. My job has given me a chance to meet a lot of people, even though it has taught me little. People spend a lot of their energy blaming the ‘system’ and don’t want to do anything about it. This statement is fine to be heard from a man nearing his retirement but it doesn’t make sense when it comes off a person who is starting his career. If you want to see a change, you need to change as well. There needs to be hope that the country is going to change and we need to do our bits to realize that. Although the last two lines are not mine, but they have been deeply ingrained in my mind. Being an IAS officer, I feel, will give me the opportunity to be the harbinger of change, of hope, of development and of happiness to the people.

  • fabulous

    for those who are appeasring in 2014 interview – my interview from Alka Sirohi board.

    @insights: if possible, please copy the transcript from above link and paste it at right place so that some people may get benefitted timely. Thanks

  • Batman Begins

    Joined Insight few hour’s Back,
    And before writing anything I brew how to start……
    Since After 12th most of the student from science background went for Engineering or Medical same was I…

    Doing things being the part of rattle race like most of the one….

    After being selected in IIT all this is been started sporadically….

    I joined but don’t know the reason is I’m serving my purpose or rather I should call purpose to server other’s (neighbourhood) & please My Family By all those applaud’s(Mr & Mrs ka beta IIT mei select hogya bla bla all those useless comparison)
    Just After 18 Day’s I got the letter from TVG san francisco for the sponsership grant to Complete UG from the Stanford University but will have to work for atleast 13 years for them….
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    Their I Learned alot after internship’s from Youtube(phoneix) and From Silicon Valley and the purpose what I want is still lacking exactly want to do with my life, Their the peep’s have prejudice about My nation and its Vulnerability by awry judging My nation’s Hidden talent knowing that World’s Top Companies like Microsoft, Google etc are INDIAN’s by nationality….
    Those distinction are created on the race of My Nation’s Economy, Driftly accusing in Me & My nation’s infirm area’s where the Regime have no probe in these serious issue’s that thing’s pinches me inside… Like alway’s I stayed quite.

    After 602 Day’s I raised My Voice with the enlightment from inside
    By paying back what TVG have invested on me in Past year, I reliased those rogue….

    A kind of patriotism is increasing willing to do something for Nation’s benevolent & then Read about the Economical History of My Nation, Still didn’t found the reason why to do Civil.
    From the erractic Article Of Mahatma Gandhi, I found that “The Future of India Lies in it’s Village”.

    And This proved to be True when I took admission in My Home Village and seen The People’s which aren’t concious even about the Crop yielding, As far as the post harvesting is concern It’s lack agree, But they aren’t doing thing’s for themself too.
    AND When people’s like us providing their generosity with courtesy then too….
    They won’t send the children’s to study and Those who are willing to expose study they won’t get the resourses….
    And In return If someone tries to correct those peep’s they replies Back with the Statement, Are you the DM/Collector who is providing Knowledge to them.They don’t know that to became DM/Collector they need studies….poor Villager’s.
    Where the education system is also sophisticated, Student’s are graduating because Teacher tell’s every answer in Examination Hall….Hahahhahaa
    From Top to Bottom No one is concern about the jeopardy in examination…and happy filling their pandora box..

    And If someone tries to correct them the Same Trait’s goes on you are not DM/Collector to correct them!!!!! hahahahahaha……….

    It’s a humble request to all the UPSC Civil service aspirant’s Who all are willing to Join IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS are any service
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    These Poor children need to be adminstrated by conventional people’s like You, But If still you’re not concious with the statement get ready for the Same Statement “Are you the DM/Collector to correct them”

    “If you give a Man a Fish he will eat if for a Day,
    But If you teach a man to Fish he will eat it Life Time.”

    Everyone of you guy’s are poiganant, If you have the Love for your Nation, Don’t Loose We Guy’s can Create difference..
    If ever anyone of you think about quiting preparation tell yourself about those poor People’s and Small kid’s whose life you can touch, that will surely refrain you to UPSC.

    And In pragmatic World After all despise, I got the hitch to Life, When Finally I got Myself after Loosing myself in Serving Other’s.

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    Give me some sunshine
    Give me some rain
    Give me another chance
    I wanna grow up once again

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