• Ashok

    I have filled up my hobby as exploring the new destinations.So what questions could be asked from this……

  • Prashant Patel

    i have also filled the same.

  • Navia

    I have given traveling…..basically you should know about the places u have visited…their historical,ecological,cultural,economic etc significance….u should also read about travellouges by foreigners in ancient and medival india…anything else apart from this which needs to be done?…

    • Teja Deepak

      Hi !! … thanks for the “insights” navia 🙂

      Do you know any one-stop-website where we can get Indian travelogues by foreigners?

      • g7771455

        check indiamike.com

  • Teja Deepak

    Following are some of the general questions the panel might ask:
    1.Which was the last destination that you have visited? tell us about that.
    2.How and why did you develop travelling as your hobby?
    3.Can you tell us about your best travelling experience?

    Apart from these they might even ask you to compare the travel destination you visited… comparing it with your home place… if the place you have visited has been recently in news… you must know the reasons and implications of that particular issue.

    • ashok

      hey deepak and navia first of all thanx for contributing your thoughts….
      we can also add that :
      1. what are the basic thing one should keep in mind while travelling??
      2. How can u make your trip more economical ???
      3.How you manage both study and travelling??
      4. what have u learned from ur travelling experience???
      please keep add on more questions….

  • deepu

    Also prepare about tourism Potential of india , problems faced by indian tourism, tourist locations in your state or district , if you are made tourism secretary how would u improve tourism and also some concepts and issues related to tourism like responsible tourism, tribal tourism, sex tourism etc…

  • Priyanka M

    travelling gives us the insight of a mans view

  • danish lohar

    please tell me benefits of traveling ?

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