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Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 29

QUESTIONS: 18/11/2013  “There is little difference in Maslow’s and  Herzberg’s theories except that the latter is derived empirically.” Examine.(150 words) How can the behavioural school of thought be made instrumental in achieving ‘Good Governance’ in India? (250 words)  ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 21

QUESTIONS: 08/11/2013  “Simon’s work has had major implications for the study of administration and the practice of administration professionalism.”Comment. (2006/200 words) “Bureaucracy can exist only where the whole service of the state is removed from the common political life of the people, its chiefs as well as rank and file. Its motives, its objectives, its policy, its standards must be...

Sociology – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 14

QUESTIONS: 07/11/2013  “Subjective perception of the objective reality prepares the context for the articulation of class antagonism.” Evaluate this statement with reference of Karl Marx’s contribution.(300 Words) Write short note: Mode of production. (200 Words) Write short note: Social fact. (200 Words) Write short note: Anomie. (200 Words) Critically examine the role of formal and informal structures of bureaucracy in...

Political Science – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 12

QUESTIONS: 02/11/2013  Analyze the contemporary trends in the nature of the State in developing societies. (300 Words) Analyze the liberal perspective on Indian National Movement. (300 Words) Discuss the landmarks in the Constitutional development in India till 1858 (300 Words) Comment on ‘Right against Exploitation’ under the Indian Constitution. (300 Words) ARCHIVES

Public Administration – Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 15

QUESTIONS: 01/11/2013 “Attempts to solve administrative problems in isolation from the structure of power and purpose in the polity are bound to be illusory.” (Norton Long) Comment. (300 Words) “Administrative reforms form a part of larger political process and should be considered in relation to it.” Examine. (300 Words) “Public administration is ultimately problem of political theory.” (Wallace Sayre) Comment. (300...