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    Judicial activism Vs Legislative adventurism
    Public interest litigation pioneered by judicial system in India has tilted the delicate balance between executive and judiciary conferred bu the constitution. It in this context , There has been an apprehension legislators over judicial overreach.
    Though much contested , Judicial activism has been cardinal in approving constitutionally guaranteed rights to its citizens despite resistance from other organs.
    * This has been the last resort in addressing problem of layman
    * Envisaged only in case of inefficiency and corrupt practices of executive.
    *Resorted when Executive decisions overlook existing laws and violate constitutionally guaranteed rights.
    Recent Verdicts in abolishing section 66A of IT act, evaluating NJAC bill and unearthing 2G and coal scam have only validated judicial activism.
    It is paramount for judges to “Enforce an existing law rather than enact a law and then enforce it”. Self restraint and application rarest of rare cases ensures harmony with other organs and reinforces faith in integrity of Judicial system.

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