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This is a new initiative. It starts today (30th September 2013) and intends to run as long as there is cooperation and support from awesome readers of this blog. This is done to address the problem most aspirants face – How to read The Hindu?

The era of reading newspapers passively is gone. Now you can read papers with a purpose. Not that you read them without purpose, but if you look back and introspect, you will realize how futile was whole exercise – you did read papers for 3-4 hours, but next day, you could hardly remember anything substantial.

But writing helps you remember better. And if you read an article with purpose, or a question in mind, you can remember even better.

About this initiative

Present focus will be on 2014 Prelims and Mains. Bookmark this page if you are preparing for 2014 UPSC civil services exam.

If this program continues unhindered till November 2014, by that time this page will have more than 2500 questions on current events and links to each one of them – assuming 5-10 questions per day.

A typical test series (6 to 8 question papers) will provide you 100-150 questions to answer and that’s for hefty fees (starts from Rs. 22000/- for  10 Mains mock tests). If you regularly go through questions and links provided here, it will enable you to face any kind of question that will be asked  either in prelims or mains from current events part.

You can answer to some questions on this forum itself.

Questions will go online at around 11 am every day.

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  • Ishan

    I couldn’t able to find today’s general questions ……….

    • rfrfg4


  • sir same problem is being faced by me, im not able to see any question here….

    • KUNAL

      it hass not been posted.wait till evening.

  • Bhagyadhara

    I am eagerly waiting for this stuff

  • Rukhsana

    Excellent job!!!! it will work wonder for IAS aspirants 2014….loadssss of thanks to you sir…Stay blessed!!!

  • Thanks Insight. You are doing a great job. Your words are really strong. Please think of uploading videos / links related to civil services.

    • Thanks Sabareesh. Yes, in future I have plans to upload lots of videos.

  • deepa

    plz provide answer for one or two questions so that newbies can learn…

  • Himanshu

    Dear INSIGHTS,

    Accidentally, yesternight i navigated your website and you won’t believe that like Buddha,i also got ‘enlightened’.I mean your ways and opinion are too simple and straight forward regarding preparation and doing research work about material.I got impressed.Thanks alot for this and yes congratulations for “being a born civil servant” 🙂 I decided to follow you since yesternight only.So,i will disturb you in future.Best thing is that you are ‘approachable’. The first thing,i did in the morning is i read newspaper and as per your advice without thinking anything else….i wrote 171 words about one article of The Hindu.

    i dont know how it is,i just know that i wrote ..pls go through it and let me know how is the start and what to focus..i wrote instantly whatever came to mind after reading this article..

    Article was : 15.7 million undernourished people live in developed countries: U.N.


    my write up : Undernourished people of India and world

    Food and Agriculture organisation(FAO) defines ‘chronic hunger’ as “not getting sufficient food to led a healthy life”.Getting sufficient food depends on the economy of the country i.e. whether its developing or developed country. Economy gives scope for improvement and self reliance for the people.Developing countries like India and China with the growing economy and with the help of targets set under the Millennium development goals(MDG) have achieved success to some extent in dealing with hunger issue.Sub-Sahara African countries have higher prevalence of undernourishment,which they need to tackle with the global help.
    India,in particular with the help of green revolution became self reliant in food and is continuously experimenting to improve the agricultural productivity. TPDS,Antyodya Yojna,Mid day meal,MGNREGA,Aaganwadi system,Rajiv Gandhi creche prog. are various Schemes,targeting directly or indirectly to the food availability.The recent National Food Security Ordinance,2013 gives the citizen ‘Right to food’,which will improve the situation.Nutrition-sensitive interventions at the right time by the government authorities,NGOs and also at personal level would help us in achieving the targets set by the MDG-2015.

    • Thanks a lot Himanshu. I am glad that you found Insights and got enlightened. 🙂

      Regarding your answer, it is good but is lacking the main in portraying main thrust of the article. Answer is mainly factual. Look for the ‘concept’ in such articles and try to remember them.

      For example:

      “Calling for nutrition-sensitive interventions in agriculture and food systems as a whole as well as in public health and education, the report said policies aimed at enhancing farm productivity and food availability could achieve hunger reduction even where poverty was widespread.”

      This above paragraph is very important in the article as it prescribes policy measure and identifies where governments usually fail.

      Anyway, welcome on board. Keep writing.

      • Himanshu

        Shukriya Insights !
        i will surely follow.This guidance was only required.Infact i wrote today also. 🙂 i will keep sending you.

  • athi

    thanks sir ; this is a very good help for aspirants like me who has a little idea about effectively reading newspaper.It’s a very good attempt.Thanks a lot

  • @Insights Sir, please review my answers. This is my first shot at writing & aiming for 2014.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    We are eagerly waiting for the secure-2014 article for today.

    thanks and regards

  • Now i think my IAS dream is Secure .. Am on the right track of preparation

  • Iee jay

    hay ,buddy i m not able to find the best answer choosen for the day ?
    help me………..!!!!!!

  • ash07

    @Insights: i can not thank you enough for the noble exercise you are doing. Your incisive and point-to-point articles are playing an instrumental role in helping me gain confidence in my preparation and are my constant companion in this marathon for CSE-2014.
    Thanks from the heart of hearts.
    Ashish B.

  • jyotsana

    sir..i m waiting for the secure 2014 questions dated 6 oct 2013 .. i m nt able to find any link….if there is any other link to that..plz lemme knw… thank you…and dis is a very good initiative ..i always look forward to questions.

  • Deen john

    Thanks INSHIGHT Team for such awesome initiative. This is a big help for students preparing for UPSC without any coaching. Great work..please don’t discontinue it !

  • Pritamkumar

    sir, really great initative!!!!!
    Its very beneficial for the new students like me who are doing Self Study and aiming for 2014. Till today i was confused what and how to prepare for this Great Exam but as I Visited this site i am shocked!!!! How any one can guide so much to the point and wo bhi totally FREE OF COST? I got a Mentor, a Guru in you ….in the
    Great Sir!
    you really gave me and also TO the new comers THE WAY TO SUCCESS……………..UPSC-2014!

  • akash gupta

    sir i am a working IT professional preparing for civil services but am not able to balance my studies with my office work. Also suggest me the right strategy of preparation,which books to read after NCERT and all?

    • Ajay

      You just set your optional then study recommended books for that. For GS you just follow insights and study one standard books for each subject for your conventional knowledge. for current topics and for enhance your concept you must read insights magazine and participate in secure-2014. Just start your preparation you will fill the deference.

  • Krishna

    Commendable job…Indeed Great Job…keep going..

  • Saurabh

    Please write the date also with the heading :
    “Insights Secure – 2014: Day – 12:12-10-2013” for
    “Insights Secure – 2014: Day – 12”

    So that we can directly navigate to a particular day if there is a backlog…

  • chandan


  • Dear Sir,
    I have no words to say to you for your noble effort to bring newspaper in focus like this. For that I say heartful of thanks.

    One improvement I want to suggest is to include questions from the Periscope Page of the Hindu. I hope you give heed to it.

    Also I cannot find today’s questions yet till 8:40 pm. I hope you and your team are okey and safe to continue this wonderful effort.

    Best Regards,
    Atul Sharma

    • Thanks. Today was busy with festival. Tomorrow I will put both Monday and Sunday’s questions. It will never stop, but now and then some inevitable variations will be there.

  • kamalan

    Dear Sir

    How is insight secure 2014 different from that of daily writing challenge? Is it in the number of words?

    • Secure-2014 questions are exclusively Current Events oriented and is for 2014.


    Hey vinay if possible please include question on environment and science n tech from hindu. in Secure-2014.

    • If it appears in the news I will certainly include.

  • Sir, Thanks for this great initiative. It is going to help us immensely.

  • rohit

    Eager for the opening

  • iam very grateful to you for giving us a noble ideas to approach a civil exam . being a luckiest person i feel finally the desire you and your team which sparks like lighting into our minds. from this my journey begins with all our serious aspirants .

  • Rashmi

    Hello sir ! I am new to the race and Ive never read newspapers seriously in my life. I wanted to know that do I need to read all the past news papers 2013?

    • You can read Magazines instead. It’s time consuming to read all newspapers of past now. Instead, from now onward be regular with papers and try to write answers to above questions.

      • Rashmi

        Thank you so much sir!!
        Your site is the ray of hope for me. 🙂

  • praneeth

    loads of thanks to you sir..!! i have been watching this blog past 10 days and got amused with your work and support to civil’s service aspirants like us..expecting more innovative ideas with respect to preparation stuff..

  • Sir,Time is 7:42 PM. Pls Post the Questions.

  • Rashmi Thakur

    Sir, I am heartily thankful to you. I have a few doubts that I wanted to clear before starting full fledged preparation. While solving the questions given here I take 3-4 hours in reviewing and referring. Is it alright to dedicate that much hours of study everyday in current affairs?

    • It is worth spending 3-4 hours Rashmi. Questions are in some related to the syllabus. Also, writing answers to these questions make you think from different perspectives on a single issue. In the long term it is beneficial for you.

      • Rashmi Thakur

        Thanks for the prompt reply sir. I am very happy that it covers the syllabus.Also I was wondering if I have to update my database with 2012 and 2013 The Hindu issues as well for pre and Maiins?
        The initiative started by you is just an astounding effort for the starters like me.I love to visit your blogs and I try to make the notes out of them..The blog inspires me alot.. Thank you so much sir..

  • nimal

    Dear sir,
    Insights really helps me in having proper orientation for the preperation..its just too gr8..thanx a lot!
    please provide some separate section for prelims 2014 also.

    • We will start it too Nimal. There is still lot of time left for 2014 Prelims (August 2014)

  • i’m new to post queries in this blog but following from early august onward sir, thank you for you and your very dedicated team for giving me noble ideas for preparation in right strategy sir!.2014 is my first and last attempt sir, but im just 25 started, as a serious ips aspirant from now i will post answers,my optional is pubad. i like to once again thank you to giving us unselfless work contributed for all serious aspirant.
    my mantra is simple “IAO”- IMPROVISE the writing skills , ADAPTIVE the upsc standards, OVERCOME to be a topper.

  • sir i already introduce myself here 2 times before..i’m eagerly waiting for acknowledge sir gdnight

    • You are welcome Shiva. Any help?

  • i thank you whole heartedly sir. from now on i’ll post as much answers here sir .i’m really speechless! that kind of response i had your team doing a unparallel contribute here to a very serious aspirants like we.i kindly
    request please continue sir.

  • sir right now i have for my optional pubad material are listed here:
    laxmikanth,mohit bhattacharya,prasad&prasad,nicholas henry.
    is this enough rightnow?
    once i cleared my basic concepts i will post my answers here in pubad sir.

    • Ya these books are sufficient for covering all basics. You are welcome to post answers any time. Meanwhile you can read others’ answers and comment on them.

  • yeah sure i will make it happen.from next morning i will post answers here sir .thank you again

  • Pranav Sontakke

    Thank u so much sir for such a made d task easier and timing saving for d aspirants….thnx

  • tejaswini

    hi sir its a great initiative.. i m preparing for ias 2014. i hv been reading newspaper since 2012. but hv started preparing seriously from july. my optional is geography. i m not able to revise anything that i read since the syllabus is v vast. not even current affairs 🙁 pls help me in better time management. i request you to kindly reply

    • Tejaswini,

      For revising current events, you can read our free material available here:

      and for preparing GS current events section for 2014, try to write answers at the end of the day to the questions posted above. They will help you a lot to remember all current events that are related to the syllabus.

      • tejaswini

        thanks a lot 🙂 yeah i ll answer from today. is it enough if i revise current events since june. i hv my own notes of it

        • Yes, for next Prelims current events from May 2013 is sufficient.

          • tejaswini

            thanks a lot sir.. your are doing a great job.. your blog is the virtual teacher for me.. i m really thankful sir.. keep up the noble work 🙂

            • You are welcome Tejaswini. Please tell your friends about this site.:-)

              • Prashanth

                Dear ´Sir,
                One short question. For the question posted on daily basis. Do you suggest that I write what ever comes to my mind on the spot or that I write after preparing well from good Internet sources and then write answers?
                I’m a little confused with this approach. Please let me know which would be a better go from your perspective.

                Awaiting reply,
                Thanks in advance.

  • Rahul

    Dear Vinay,
    One humble request (the link was missing on ur blog since it was not posted)
    Plz refer 7th October, 2013 newspaper editorial named as “Three mega deals that can change the World”
    the link is here
    And, plz frame POSSIBLE QUESTION that can be asked
    Hope u will write soon.
    Profound Regards

  • Dear Insights,
    Time is 8:47; I’m Unable to look at Today’s Insight Secure Questions-October 24. I’m sure i don’t have Vision Impairment .

  • pulkit

    Hello Insight team
    U r doing a commendable job !!!
    I want to know whether u can post answers (just main points) of these GS questions in the next day morning or whenever it is convenient.

    • Thanks Pulkit.

      Right now it’s not possible as it’s managed by one person. Now we are teaming up. Can’t promise, but in future, we might try to give some direction and important points to these questions.

  • Navaneeth


  • ATUL

    good initiative sir.,,,, its great start by you,,,,:)


      Thank You Atul.

  • Abhishek

    This is a great initiative!
    I’ve been following it since its inception and I’ve to say your dedication towards this is commendable! When it started I was apprehensive about it continuing for so long. But its almost a month now and you’ve never missed putting up the questions(except for once). SECURE 2014 page is now my homepage. Please keep up the good work!

  • Rashmi

    When are we starting the thread for prelims?
    And its an awesome experience being here.Thank you so much 🙂
    It has increased my confidence to a level I never expected..

    • We want to start it soon. You are already preparing for both prelims and mains by answering Secure-2014 questions. Buy a question bank or a manual and solve MCQs daily. If you have any doubts, post them on the blog.

      And we are glad you are enjoying this site.


    it is very good and informative thing for I A S asprints..thnks vry much …

  • yuvika

    today was supposed to start comprehension exercises but I could find here.. when will it actually commence??

    • Today itself. Check at 8 pm.

      • sayoni

        thanks a lot for ur efforts to guide the civil service aspirants.i hv a problem to share and would like to request u to please solve it.i read many books as well as the hindu regularly but i am unable to write answers.should i first search,see and then write or should i write by myself whatevr i know.whnenr i read a question i fell as if i dnt knw what to write.please help me out.

  • kilo limo

    keep going …… Brilliant efforts.
    Such question change the perspective with which one reads an article.

  • sir if i am reading hindu qustions from here this must that i shuld read hard copy of newspapr and make notice from hard copy ..plz help…

  • dr pavan

    today only i came to know about this.i have given a glimpse.i am verily unfortunate owing to unaware this site.thank u.your effort is unparalleled. thank u.

  • dr pavan

    i dont find anthropoloigy in optionals.why?

    • Because there are no active participants.

  • Bindiya Agrawal

    i am not able to find today’s paper-II questions…

  • qwerty

    brother…..i wish t whole project becomes paid as there has to be some incentive to keep performing on a long term and to maintain the standard that you have kept…..i know that you are doing this work for social good….but u have to maintain the group…..

    just keep a minimum fees so that your purpose is also justified i.e to help the needy…
    .dont charge abnormally like vision ias,etc….which dont suit ur purpose..

    whatever u do….HATS OFF from my side

    incredible work….

  • qwerty

    brother ….

    wat plans for the test series??

    when is it starting???

    how does it go forward????

  • qwerty

    brother…a small suggestion

    can u give references/links to secure14 questions similar to daily writing challenge(gs )….

    i might sound rude as you and ur group are fully occupied….but for freshers
    this would help immensely….

    thank you

    • qwerty

      waiting for ur reply?

      • qwerty


        • you should search answers for those questions and prepare. I provide references wherever necessary. It is not possible to spoon feed everything. Even if you are fresher, it is not difficult to find references yourself. It is first time someone is asking for references for those questions.

          Demands should be reasonable. And of course polite. 🙂

          • qwerty

            im sorry

    • manish

      @ qwert….
      “Chase your dreams, but don’t find shortcuts” – Ramesh to Sachin

      • qwerty

        sure man..ill stick on to it from now on

  • swati kejriwal

    Hi insight admin. I am from hyderabad. The hindu here is very different from your links the hard copy. So should we just go with above links. Do you go through all hindu editions before preparing this. At least the important once. Or you want us to refer our local hindu also apart from this.

  • prakash rajput

    blissful thanks

  • vijay

    feeling so much secure……..really helping a lot in study.

  • tauseef

    Thank you Insights,

    The Secure 2014 is an amazing concept to read news papers. I used to just jot down some important points from hindu. But the difficulty was recalling all the news from my own notes. Asking questions to ourselves while reading newspaper creates keenness and makes the concepts clear, at the same time helps us writing practice and develop our own personal opinion about specific topics.

    I would need your comments for the answer i have written for one of the questions below:

    1. Has MGNREGA benefited Indian farmer? Comment. (150 Words)

    Yes, The MGNREGA has benefitted Indian farmers immensely.
    The Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj (RDPR) has made efforts to link the MGNREGA jobs scheme with agriculture activities of Indian farmers.This is a very positive and constructive step towards encouraging farmers in farming activities and discourage migration of rural population.

    Under the scheme the small and marginal farmers can take up development activities on their farms and draw wages from MGNREGA. The purpose of the was to ensure additional financial gains to farmers and along with food production.

    This facility has been designed and extended for all farmers, since the agrarian crisis has hit the nation and will only get worse if this kind of check on migration of rural population and inclusion of farmer in MGNREGA scheme is not initiated.

    Improving quality of land and generating extra income for marginal farmers was one of the main aims of the scheme and to a great extent the aim has been achieved since households who sought jobs under MGNREGA and on whose land work was undertaken did not come back to work under right to work scheme, a trend termed as positive.

  • Anil Reddy

    Hi Insights.I am working as software professional.i wanna start preparation for civils 2015 as no time is there for civils of now i am having idea on civils by visiting your site reguraly from october.I can just spend 4-5 hours per day.Can i crack civils 2015 if i spend 4-5 hours per day?Pls reply for this

  • nisha

    hello sir,
    i stumbled into your website today. i don’t know how to thank and appreciate your initiative. sir i m preparing for ias-2014. i have read all the basic books once. my optional is geography. i should start with the hard core preparation now. Sir my apprehension is that am i starting the serious reading very late, should i give in 2015? . Besides, i missed out on your secure-14 questions of past two months, should cover all of them or should start freah from december. please guide me sir. i m very much worried i dont know what to do ;( i m not taking any coaching and this ll be my first attempt. i desperately need your help sir

    • drpavan

      same problem for me.i havebeen following this website for the past one month. you didnt mention whether you are working professional or have full time adhered to.regarding current affairs october e megazine is there. november e megazine will come on 11 dec. previous months will be covered in future qns. here we have a positive thing that prelims will be conducted in august 2014. so we have yourself work hard with guidance by INSIGHTS TEAM.certainly it saves our time. only thing in our hand is EFFORT. result always leave to the almighty trust your self and work hard.wish you all the best.

      • nisha

        hi pavan i m not working… Wat about yo ru working ? But since i m fresher i took time to grasp d basics…

        • nisha

          sir plss reply…

        • drpavan

          i have my own clinic. i have recently stopped working for the past one month. concentrating completely on preparation. ofcourse it takes time if you want to attempt for 2015 also, then you prepare. otherwise it will be risk of time.and dont keep all eggs in one basket. you should have to judge your own based on ur feasability.because the results will be borne by you.

          • nisha

            yes you are right pavan, i think we have enough time to study and prepare well for 2014 exam itself. we have to work harder now and focus completely on the exam.

            • drpavan

              first u focuss on mains @ optional, , traditional topics can be covered during preliminary preparation.what is your optional ?

              • Suhasini

                my optional is geography

  • Alqama

    A brilliant step.. No words to praise u…

  • pankaj kumar

    u ppl are doing the best job for civil aspirants………..
    i wish this goes on till dec 2014 and forever…….

    many thanksssssss

  • good job sir

  • srinivasa c

    Dear sir,

    I subscribed to your website, but today I didn’t receive any motivational mail or today archieve, please let me know..

  • Anirudh

    Thanx…a lot for a best job for UPSC aspirants…

  • qwerty

    sir the secure 14 answer posts are increasing drastically….so to make it more systamatic/arranged…….

    i have a suggestion

    ………………………………..folder within folder……

    what i mean to say is

    secure 14 >>>janu>>>>janu 4/14>>>question1 >>.question 2 >…etc

    having separate links to the every questions under that day…..similar to spilting jan into 31 days……

    spilt jan 3 into 10 separate links/////.

    so that thr can be answers wrt to the question……

    only a suggestion

    kindly request u to look into this………

    • Actually I have the same thing in my mind. But it will increase number of mails sent to you. If it is not a problem, then we can post 10 questions daily and you can write answers to separate questions in separate posts. There won’t be any mix up. Only thing is – it takes lot of time for me, but it is ok for us 🙂

      • qwerty

        i dont have issue of recieving 10 mails instead of 1…..the benefits over weigh that…..deleting 10 messages takes 10 sec……and for finding all answer for a particular question would take nearly 30 minutes…..

        and if it takes too much of time(>4 min per question) for making a separate link for all questions….an alternative may be found

      • ji

        sir cant this plan be put in action…….

  • SKC

    Sir I am nt able to post my ans…..

  • mukesh

    Insight team ,
    sir aren’t u uploading daily current affairs now a days…sir it was really a great knowledge enhancer ..plz revive the process…sir start daily answer challenge on general studies n public admin too.
    heartfelt thanks to entire team…

  • surabhi

    hello insights,
    new here on this site……. secure 2014 seems a good way to prepare…….. how to register ?????

  • rajendra singh

    thank you insightsonindia group you are doing a tremendous work for IAS aspirant i really appreciate your whole team…..just keep it up and guide us,

  • anil yadav

    does the material provided by you in the general studies papers will be sufficient for 2014 mains do they need any updations and thank tou alot sir

  • Great initativen insight.I’m new to this site.Thnk U.

    • Thank you and you are welcome.

  • Santosh

    Sir,i completed B.Tech,now i want to prepare for civil service exam and decided to attempt in 2015 so please sir suggest me how to start preparation.and sir iam interested in pub ad please sir give all books list
    Thank you sir

  • Santosh

    Sir,i completed B.Tech in 2012,now i want to prepare for civil service exam and decided to attempt in 2015 so please sir suggest me how to start preparation.and sir iam interested in pub ad please sir give all books list
    Thank you sir

  • ajay

    I do not see questions of Feb 1 2014… Am I missing something?

  • Your endeavor has been great and motivating

  • amit

    Thanku sir,for providing such a rich information which helps those who r preparing for upsc exam in remote areas…..

  • riddhi

    I have been working and will resign this month.I had written mains once in 2012 and failed prelims in 2013.If i devote around 7 hours for prelims everyday (both papers) and another 7-8 for mains with newspaper,can i start a pre exclusive preparation from mid july?I am in a dilemma since i can in no way complete my preparation before mid of july,given the shorter gap between pre and mains.So if i read for mains till mid july,will that be a little unsafe for pre?
    very confused.plz help

  • sumit dhiman

    please do something for working persons.As we don’t have much time to gathered info or to write answers of given questions..

  • madhu

    First I have to thank you for your efforts to make our way in right manner ,while categorising archives as month wise Ithink it is more useful if they are categorised on subject wise

  • akhilesh kumar singh

    thanks a lot sir for providing such awesome blog…keep going we realy need ur help and support..

  • manoj mane

    Insighta…u r getting late forposting quesns nowadays….its 12 now..1hr late….
    Jokes apart….a really good initiative by u guys…been an ardent follower for past 2 mnths ….thnks a lot

  • Sir while clicking on March 10, I am being directed to this page. I am unable to find questions for March 10. Please help. Furthermore, yesterday I could not post answer on 9th march page. Sir I would be grateful for your kind intervention in these matters.

  • basant

    same here 🙁


    @ insights…Sir, I find difficult to start answer, though I hv enough content related to the questioned, also get puzzled with words like elucidate, critically analyze, comment,…Plz guide me in this respect.

  • Niranjan

    Insights SIr, I would like to get, to which subjects in the GS papers, the questions posted in Secure 2014 relates to.. Sir, can you please mention that..

  • Martin


  • Nikhila

    To Insights:
    Is it necessary to make notes from the newspapers? Or is answering the Secure questions more than enough?

    • Take notes from articles that are not covered in secure. For secure articles writing answers is sufficient.

      • Nikhila

        Thank you sir

    • sachin


  • Umang Chugh

    Why the focus is to stuff with questions from business standard when the catchment area is more or less the hindu
    I think it’s unnecessary

  • akshay

    no indian

    • ?????????!!!!

    • Optimist

      If u have a problem I think u shouldn’t be here on this page…we should rather be thankful than complain…God save india from people like u joining the ias..

  • Siddharth

    SECURE – 2014 compilation from 1 April to 10 April 2014
    watch the video for link

  • arti mishra

    namashkar everybody i cant get the hindu is it suffice if i follow this site regularly and make notes out of the articles

    • bhagat singh

      Namashkar arti….. Following this site is enriching your knowledge …you have to follow any one standard newspaper be it the Hindu, Indian express, …even I do not get the Hindu newspaper. There is an app in Google store for the is a very nice app,I am using it regularly. You can also download that. But you have to follow the app at least twice a day,because it update news and you may miss some old news if you follow it once a day,the app is very user friendly and free of cost.
      There is an app for Indian express also ,you can follow that for editorial section if you want.

  • Siddharth patil

    Download Insight Secure 2014 – 11 April to 20 April compilation

    • sameep

      i m not able to download it. please tell me a way out.

  • Django

    where is secure quetions for May??

  • Manohar reddy

    Where secure 2014 may

  • vj

    @ Insight…secure 2014 archive is not showing month of May…however links and questions are there in mail…

  • S.rao

    hey insights~! u said ul b documenting only dose ansers which are really good n precise so dat we can hav a quick glance. But here all d ansers written by people r documented…dats huge..soo its difficult n time consuming fr us 🙁

  • Mohan

    sir I think secure 2014 questions concentrates more on Business standard… will be more useful if it is from Hindu r Indian express……….

  • Siddharth Patil

    Download Secure 2014 – 11 May to 20 May compilation

  • Siddharth Patil

    I have to solve passages everyday . Can anyone tell me website name where I will get free passages to solve on regular basis.

  • sumit

    kindly ans this!!!!!
    What are the basic features of second generation reforms in india?

  • VIRK


  • This is just to check if my replies are getting posted or not! Thanks! !

  • charan

    Sir , is this initiative continues even after november 2014 ?

  • Tips for those who are going to give Prelims 2014(UPSC) – BY RACHIT RAJ AIR 3, Civil Services Exam, 2014

  • vikas

    I am not able to share the posts on my pocket. Pl. Help.

  • Vivek Singh

    Papar2 comprihansion stratogy

  • charan

    To insights.. is this initiative continues after november 2014 ?

    • Yes.

      • charan

        To insights
        Suggestion : sir its better to put some questions from EPW also so that we can diversify our topics other than hindu.
        Negative : publishes more articles
        Possitive : its a weekly magzine and easily available in epw home site also.

  • Unquestionably imagine that which you said.
    Your favorite justification seemed to be at the web the simplest factor to bear in mind of.
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  • abhi

    A great initiative indeed! Looking ahead, I believe this is going to be a good resource for any aspirant. 🙂

  • Saurabh

    Dear Insight,
    Is it possible for you to also mention the book related to the questions?? Newspaper Articles /Reference links along with book reference will be an added advantage in framing the answers.

  • ankit

    3 rd AUG ques ?????ankiy

  • asif iqbal

    i m 3rd year student, but i want to prepare myself 4 civil service from this year.Initially , wot should b done by me 4 preparation please guide me……….. please, please, please……………………….

  • shiva krishna


  • akshay

    i wish to apply for upsc ias examination, an u tell me the pattern of the examination and also about the new changes

  • prerna

    Indeed a great job !
    can I get question bank of current events of year 2014 frm jan till present……..

  • ibadat preet kaur

    nice one really. Do u provide coaching also?

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  • shaiza

    Hii can anybody tell which countries of world follow functional representation method in decocracy ?

  • Bash

    Hello insights..why did u stopped this secure 2014 excercise at this crucial moment just before mains.

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  • Siddharth

    Insight on india Secure 2014 – November 2013 Compilation

  • rakesh prajapati

    Plz tell me those student write answer on daily answer writing challange that answer whoes chack ? And its all answer has right.????? Plz review……

  • sam

    Review plz…

  • thnks

  • Respected sir
    i am regular follower of this sight,but my problem is that my mains writting language is marathi.can i upload my answers in marathi on this sight? Also can i get nice review? Pls reply me.thanks !

  • Rishi

    How much time you guyz take to solve all the above questions?
    as in my case its almost 45 min approx per question.. 🙁

  • Vaibhav

    Hi Insight, this site is proving very helpful to me and im sure lot of other aspirants as well.. I have one request to you… the font of our reply is very faint.. put strain on out eyes specially when downloded in pdf form.. also in print pdf form asnwers occupy very short space compared to other index and all very uncomfortable for reading.. 2nd sept 2014 format is perfect….SO it will very kind of you if you could change the font and setting..

  • Nishtha

    Am unable to view any link or uploaded answer. Why is it so? Is it with me only?

  • DrM

    please make ur site mobile friendly so that its more convinient

  • Shekhar

    Dear Insights,

    How different is the Secure Mains 2014 initiative from Daily Answer writing Challenge for GS?


  • veera

    sir i want answer writing challenge for botany

  • serious aspirant

    will there be any further compilation of november and other months current affairs (secure 2014 ) initiative

  • poornima

    such an awesome sight……this really matters a lot in my preparation..thank u soo much

  • Bold Challenge [सत्यमेव जयते]

    Bold is eager to see 2015 heading above

  • Nandhini

    All the month links except November and December is not opening.Iam preparing current affairs from your questions only.pls check it and correct asap.thank u

  • abhithepandey

    Thanks sir for this initiative.

  • Arjun Shourya

    It’s still a difficult for me in writing even few lines… How can I go for that big one I wonder. Insight Plz help me in raising my understanding and writing skill

    • Ekta Beniwal

      you have to practice. try to collect content from other’s answer.Be confident,You can do it. All the best 🙂

  • aspirant

    To download free e-books and civils materials visit ….

  • vinay

    to write free test series- mains+prelims. visit . . . . .

  • Aditi Dubey

    Insight team and all my senior aspirants and friends , I am still unable to write any question not even few lines. Please advice . please.please.

    • Ekta Beniwal

      just start writing by reading answer posted by others. try to understand the question requirement and think in that direction. Do not worry you will be able to write but it may take some time.Practice is the only key. All the best 🙂

  • Siva

    Can somebody explain me how the delinking of plan from the classification in the budget docs will facilitate assessment, scrutiny and approval of all expenditures in a comprehensive manner (given in today’s Hindu article business page by Y. V. REDDY)


    Check out notes on various topics on my blog!!

  • Shailendra Thakur

    I read Gaurav Agrawal’s (IAS Topper 2014) blog in which he has said that its important to write BA/MA type answers in GS papers. How much correct is he? Because UPSC clearly states at the top of question papers to write concisely and to the point. Please, help me out of this dilemma. Thanks.

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