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1. S&T, 24 Jan 2014

Question 1

“India’s solar power policy is now entering round two. And there is much that needs to be reviewed and reworked as the business of solar energy has seen massive turbulence in India as well as globally”. Comment in the light of challenges Indian Solar mission is facing.



Question 2

“India’s Nuclear Liability Law is flawed” Critically comment.


Deccan Herald



30) S&T 27/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 27/11/2013

  1.  “Infant mortality, maternal mortality and neo-natal death figures are unacceptably high among the STs because of lack of healthcare infrastructure, low literacy rates and sometimes traditional practice”. What measures government has taken in this regard?(200 Words)
  2.  “Rise in drug-resistant diseases could trigger a national emergency comparable to a catastrophic terrorist attack, pandemic flu or major coastal flooding”. Do you agree with the statement? What are the steps taken by Indian government to tackle this menace? (200 Words)


29) S&T 26/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 26/11/2013

  1.  “The Penta-valent Vaccine for immunization program has run into a storm”. Analyze in the light of SC verdict in this regard. (200 Words)
  2. Why does India have most number of malnourished children and women in the world? Suggest measure to tackle this. (200 Words)
  3. “A law disallowing peripheral hospitals from transfusing unbanked blood has created a crisis for rural patients”. How far you agree with the legalization of Unbanked Directed Blood Transfusion (UDBT) in India? (200 Words)


28) S&T 21/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 21/11/2013

Write answers in 100 Words

  1. What do you know about  TEMPORA program?
  2. What is Super Moon?
  3. What is Smart Mine Field Application and how is it helpful?
  4. What are Kupffer Cells?
  5. What is HEVC?
  6. What is Tianhe-2?
  7. What is Citrus Greening?


27) S&T 20/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 20/11/2013

  1. Discuss the recent achievements in the field of FGFA( Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). (150 Words)
  2. “Outdoor air pollution is now three places behind indoor air pollution”. What are the possible disease threats from indoor air pollution? Suggest remedies. (150 Words)
  3. What is Reverse Vaccine? Discuss its important application. (100 Words)


26) S&T 19/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 19/11/2013

  1. Describe the salient features of RUSA along with issues of concern in its implementation? (150 Words)
  2. What do you understand by DNA Bar-coding? Discuss its applications. (200 Words)
  3. Why was Olive Ridley Turtle in news? Discuss the threats and challenges in saving them.(200 Words)


25) S&T 18/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 18/11/2013

  1. “Deep Sea Exploration is multi beneficial for India’s future prospects”. Discuss.(200 Words)
  2. Explain the rare earth metal diplomacy and its importance in India-Japan-China triad. (200 Words)


24) S&T 16/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 16/11/2013

  1. The convention on biodiversity is to answer the equitable use of biodiversity. How this objective is reflected in the subsequent protocols adopted on biodiversity? (200 Words)

  2. “In the present era Indian achievement in Science and technology is confined to few sectors”. Identify those technological realms where India needs to focus more to ensure the balance among all sectors? (200 Words)

  3. After Fukushima meltdown of 2011, the nuclear sector has geared for increased safety in new projects and also in the existing ones. Highlight the steps taken for such an objective? What is the role of IAEA in this? ( 250 Words)


23) S&T 15/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 15/11/2013

  1. “The power sector reforms in India should be distribution led instead of generation led”. Do you agree? (200 Words)

  2. Prize based accolades have lot to offer in the field of research and development, rather than patent based? How far you agree with this statement.(200 Words)

  3. Compare and contrast the generation of launch vehicles used and developed by India. Also highlight the issues associated with each generation? (250 Words)


22) S&T 14/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 14/11/2013

  1. What paradigm shift NRHM has brought in the field of public health? (200 Words)

  2. “With the liberalization of global trade in agriculture there is an increased risk of introduction of exotic pests and weeds in the country that can cause serious economic”. How far Biosecurity Bill, 2013 addresses this problem? (200 Words)

  3. Discuss the plausible health and environmental impacts of nanotechnology? (150 Words)


21) S&T 13/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 13/11/2013

  1. To ensure the sustainability of Non-conventional energy sources there is need for more innovative approach like “Green Energy Corridor”. Comment (200 Words)

  2. How far IPR legislations and Biodiversity agreements have gone to provide safeguards to Traditional Knowledge? Substantiate. (200 Words)

  3. Critically examine the increased Carbon Trading to control GHG emission. (20 Words)


20) S&T 12/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 12/11/2013

  1. How far the Coastal Regulation Zone notification has addressed the problems of Indian fisherman? Why it is important for India to have CRZ? (150 Words)

  2. The Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011 has created uproar in the general masses. Substantiate the core objective of the rule citing problems of its implementation? (150 Words)
  3. Differentiate between C-band and S-band with their respective roles? (100 Words)


19) S&T 11/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 11/11/2013

  1. Describe the “Ethanol Blending” program of India with reference to current economic situation? (200 Words)

  2. “Bio-fuel sector in India is undergoing a dramatic change, and it calls for efforts to generate necessary human resources to tap the emerging opportunities”. Evaluate (200 Words)


18) S&T 09/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 09/11/2013

  1. In layman’s terms differentiate between El Nino and El Nino Modoki? (100 Words)

  2. Differentiate between Bio-accumulation, Bio-concentration and Bio-magnification with examples. (150 Words)

  3. “Marine pollution is multi dimensional”. Comment on the efforts of government to tackle the problem. (200 Words)


17. S&T 08/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 08/11/2013

  1. What is cultural Eutrophication? Discuss its effects on species diversity. (150 Words)

  2. Describe different types of Water Footprints? How it is measured. (150 Words)

  3. What is Earth’s Overshoot Day? (100 Words)

  4. “Ecological Deficit is much more alarming than Fiscal deficit”. Comment (200 Words)


16. S&T 07/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 07/11/2013

  1. Why Bedaquiline was in news recently? (100 Words)

  2. Discuss the role of silver Nanoparticles in water purification? (100 Words)

  3. What is the New National Antibiotic Policy? How far this policy will curb the menace of increasing antibiotic resistance? (150 Words)

  4. What is Bio-terrorism? Explain with examples(150 Words)


15. S&T 06/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 06/11/2013

  1. What is WIFS program of Union health Ministry? What are its benefits? (150 Words)

  2. What is Robo-bee? Explain its applications. (150 Words)

  3. What is Biobank? What are the ethical concerns involved in establishing Biobanks? (150 Words)


14. S&T 05/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 05/11/2013

  1. What is Minamata Convention? Discuss on the backdrop of the related disaster.(150 Words)

  2. What is the difference between TFR and NFR?(100 Words)

  3. What is Cable TV Digitization? Discuss its implications on consumers, industry and Government. (150 Words)


13. S&T 04/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 04/11/2013

  1. “Emerging technologies bring with them new ethical and regulatory challenges.” Comment.(200 Words)

  1. Critically analyze the salient features of the Mental Health Care Bill 2012? (200 Words)

  1. What is cDNA? Why it was source of concerns in recent times? (100 Words)


12. S&T 02/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 02/11/2013

Short answer type (50 Words)

  1. Salinity ingress

  2. He La cells

  3. CD-4  cells

  4. CCI- Satellite

  5. Grey Field project

  6. Li-Fi

  7. 3D printing

  8. Cherenkov Telescope Array

  9. Genome Editing

  10. NEEMO

Write about the following in 20 words

  1. Tokkamak

  2. GSLV-mk-III


  4. Upsalite

  5. Truvada treatment 2


11. S&T 01/11/2013

QUESTIONS: 01/11/2013

  1. What is the link between HIV and TB? Give your views on government’s efforts in TB eradication and what are challenges for India? (200 Words)

  2. “True polio eradication is nothing but zero incidence of polio virus infection”. Justify the statement based on India’s performance and suggest measures for improvements. (200 Words)


10. S&T 31/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 31/10/2013

  1. “Powerful Science communication is an asset to the transformation of societies”. Examine. (200 Words)

  2. “India needs to speed up the indigenization process of its defense production in order to root out corruption from the sector”. Comment (200 Words)


9. S&T 30/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 30/10/2013 (Topics – S&T in India, Space)

  1. Discuss the salient features of New Science, Technology and Innovation policy, 2013? (250 Words)

  2. Describe the achievements of ISRO in the last few years. What are the challenges for India in Space research technology?(250 Words)

100 words

  1. What are designer babies? Describe the various issues associated with it?

  2. What are Bitcoins? Why government is critical of its working?

  3. What is Quantum cryptography? Why it was in news recently?

            Short Note Questions (50 Words)

  1. Ug 99

  2. Metro Dot

  3. P K Iyenger

  4. Nalgonda Technique

  5. K-15 sagarika


8. S&T 29/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 29/10/2013 (Topics –Biotechnology; Climate Change; IPR; R&D)

  1. “The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill, 2013, if passed, will adversely affect agriculture, health of humans and animals, and the environment, causing unparalleled harm”. Critically examine. (200 Words)

  2. “Too many international conventions and agreements on climate change  have perplexed and disappointed the world”. Comment. (200 World)

  3. “India should act proactively to protect its high standard Patent regime”. Comment in the light of recent happenings and Supreme Court verdicts.(250 Words)

  4. ”All debates about scientific research inevitably end up zeroing in on the deficiencies of our educational system as the root cause of the abysmal record in scientific research.” Do you agree with the statement?Critically comment.(200 Words)

Short answer type (50 Words)

  1. Obaid Siddiqui

  2. Regenerative Medicines

  3. Quasi crystals

  4. Semantic Web

  5. Copyleft


7. S&T 28/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 28/10/2013 

  1. “Hydrogen as a fuel offers huge potential for an energy deficient country like India”. Critically comment. (150 Words)

  2. “Doping remains greatest threat to sports integrity.”Comment on the statement explaining various forms of doping. (200 Words)

  3. Compare and contrast Cloud computing and Grid computing? What are the issues involved with them? (200 Words)

  4. What is the significance of Helium-3? How it is related to the quest for lunar missions? (100 Words)

Short answer type (50 Words)

  1. Biosimilars

  2. Biometrics

  3. Carbon capture and utilization

  4. SmartNav

  5. MUAV Netra


6. S&T 26/10/2013

QUESTIONS:26/10/2013 (Biodiversity and Environment)

  1. What are the specific provisions contained in the environment related international instruments regarding Transfer of Technology? Discuss the tussle between developed and developing nations for TOT.  (250 Words)

  2. “The lack of scientific certainty should not be a reason to postpone cost effective measures to prevent climate change”. Critically comment.(200 Words)

  3. “The lack of structural deficit in managing water and biodiversity has escalated the stress on India’s environmental and biodiversity laws”. Critically evaluate (200 Words)

  4. “The CBD and TRIPS embody conflicting system of rights”. Comment. (150 Words)

Short answer type – 50 Words

  1. OLED






5. S&T 25/10/2013


  1. Discuss the critical aspects of National Telecom Policy-2012?(250 words)

  2. Critically evaluate the nuclear programme of India?(250 words)

  3. Comment on the significance of LHC experiments.(100 words)

  4. “Gene Therapy offers wide range of prospects for humans”. Comment.(100 words)

Short answer 50 words

  1. Kaveri Engine

  2. EU-ETS

  3. Algal Fuels

  4. INO

  5. Generic Drugs


4. S&T 24/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 24/10/2013 (Topics – Biotechnology, Health, India – technology)

  1. Discuss the issues related to clinical trials in India? What are the implications of Supreme Court’s latest ruling in this regard. (250 Words)

  2. “India has become a surrogacy haven”. Comment on the recent issues and controversies related to surrogacy in India. Do you think ART, Bill, 2010 is strong enough to tackle the issue. Suggest measures to improve the vitality of the bill? (250 Words)
  3. “Evergreening” is a major obstacle in legal allocation of patents. Comment (100 Words)
  4. Comment on the significance of blue water navy for India? (100 Words)


3. S&T – 23/10/2013

QUESTIONS:23/10/2013 (Topics – Space; Biotechnology)

  1. “The dark energy and dark matter has proved to be elusive for physicist around the world”. Comment. (200 Words)

  2. Highlight the issues associated with the increased patenting in the biological domain especially in the light of recent controversies and verdicts? Do you think patenting biological forms is desirable? Substantiate.  (250 Words)

Short Note Questions

Write about the followings in not more than 50 words

  1. Probiotics

  2. Square Kilometer Array

  3. Anti-Doping Administration and Management System(ADAMS)

  4. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System(CCTNS)

  5. Near Field Communication(NFC)

  Write about the following in not more than 20 words

  1. Beema Bamboo

  2. Open Source Drug  Discovery(OSDD)

  3. Bharat Broad Band Project

  4. Green Nylon

  5. Insight Mission


2. S&T – 22/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 22/10/2013 (Topics: Nanotechnology, Environment)

  1. “The core of nanotechnology lies in its interdisciplinary nature”. Comment (250 Words)

  2. “There is an urgent need to adopt technologies for gainful utilization and safe management of fly ash.”  Discuss. (250 Words)


1. Insights S&T 21/10/2013

QUESTIONS: 21/10/2103 (Topics – Biotechnology; Environment)

  1. The government’s nod for shale gas extraction is in violation of India’s effort to abide by the international and national environmental laws? Critically analyse. (250 Words)

  2. “ Promoter cannot be regulator”. Discuss on the validity of the statement based on the Pesticides Management and Regulations in India? Suggest improvements to the status of the Pesticides Management Bill,2008, that is still pending in the Parliament. (250 Words)

  3. The draft DNA profiling Bill,2012, advocates the principle of “ enhancing protection of people in the society and administration of justice”. Analyse. (250 Words)


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    Hailed as the next big thing, shale gas is gaining wider acceptance among energy starved or energy intensive countries. Recent nod by government for shale gas extraction has attracted criticism and need critical examination in light of both national and international laws.
    Shale gas extraction is a water intensive process as hydraulic fracturing needs to be done under high pressure. In a water stressed country like India this in long term will create serious threats for fresh water and goes against India Water Policy which mandates equitable water distribution. There is a risk of water and air contamination as chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing can leak to aquifers and air. The related issue is disposal of water with high TDS content and policy does not make it mandatory to reuse the same. This violates water, air and environmental pollution acts. Land acquisition is another concern that deserves attention.
    As far as international laws are concerned, reservations are made about methane emissions, more potent than carbon dioxide albeit these are unverified claims. Secondly the universal principle of ‘polluter pays’ is not followed causing tragedy of commons as there is neither provision of mandatory replenishment nor green accounting is taken into consideration. International norms relating to seismic activities are not adhered to.EU and US have implemented their respective laws to check the same. Moreover there is danger of desertification as land degradation violating convention on prevention of desertification.
    Both national and international laws are complementary to each other and former flow from latter. There is urgent need to align policy with both if long terms benefits are to be ensured while keeping developments prospects open.

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  • Q1 What is cultural Eutrophication? Discuss its effects on species diversity.(150 Words)
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    kaagaz factories ke apshisht padarth, kasaikhane ka apshishta pdarth, vaahit jal, mal-mootra aadi me karbanik padartha adhik hote hain, jo jal me pahunchker jal ke utpadakta ko badha dete hain. isse jaliya paudhe-shaivaal aadi adhik vriddhi karte hain aur jal ki sataha ko dhak lete hain. ve shvasan kriya ke liye jal ke adhikaansh oxigen ko apne prayog me le lete hain jisse jal me anya jantuon-machli aadi ke liye oxigen ki kami ho jaati hai aur ve marne lagte hain.saath hi aage chalker isse coral reef ka tatha gehre smudri jeevon ka naash hone lagta hai. isse manav jeevan per bhi prabhav padta hai aur unke liye khadya ki kami ho jaati hai. suposhan me shaivaal jaise paudhe jal ki poori tarah pradooshit ker dete hain ataha ve anya jeevon ko panapne hi nahi dete, jal me plankton ki bhi kami ho jaati hai antatogatva nasliya vividhata nakaratmak roop se prabhavit hoti hai.

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    The DNA Profiling Bill is placed in parliament to create an institution which will collect DNA information of all citizens as a database.
    DNA profile can be used by forensic labs to trace criminals in cases like murder and rape.It keeps a record of fingerprint;iris and other details which are unique for each one us.It can thus be helpful in tracking down the culprit leading to better administration and reducing crime rates as well.
    But it can create an ethical issue if not handled properly.A DNA profile should have legal safe guard.Information revelations ought to be after prior consent of a person.The bill needs to create an regulatory mechanism to check the proper use of database.The only the real purpose of bill will be met.

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