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  • Satish

    Hi Sir,
    Could you please provide me the link for “How to Prepare For Mains Paper – IV (General Studies-III: Technology, Economic Development, Bio diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management.)
    Thank you,

    • I have not written that post yet. In few days it will on the blog.

      • ಶ್ವೇತ

        ನಿಮ್ಮ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ನಿಂದ ಬಹಳ ಸಹಾಯ ಆಗ್ತಾ ಇದೆ ವಿನಯ್ .

        • ಓಹೋ ಕನ್ನಡ ನೋಡಿ ಖುಷಿ ಆಯ್ತು. 🙂 ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಇಷ್ಟಪಟ್ಟಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ ಥ್ಯಾಂಕ್ಸ್ !

          • chetan gowda


          • Sir nange nimma magzine hard copy bekuu so plz tell me the procedure of that ….It is impeccable

            • Thanks. Only option is to get a print out. Naavu soft copy maatra publish maadtidivi.

              • Never Back Down

                please provide preparation strategy and list of books for
                highly awaiting your reply…..

              • umeshnaik

                Sir mains syllabus na paper wise Kannada books thilisi plz

              • shahed18

                Sir. can u ask vinay sir to give a brief guide to KPSC as notification is out.I remember he cleared KAS too.

        • MAX


          • power

            Hai is there anybody who prepares in Kannada mdm

            • 2015

              Hi power i’m preparing in kannada medium.

              • raghu

                I am very glad to see many of guys intended to write exam in kannada all the best.

                • 2015

                  Thankq…u also preparing in Kannada??

            • anu

              Hi, even I wanted write in Kannada pleas give me details my mail I’d is [email protected]

              • Raju

                Hi, i am also preparing in kannada medium. . i wrote some answers in this site . Please check and do review

                • power


                • anu

                  hi i ll do tat.but my optinal is kannada lit i think we hav to write ans

                  • Raju

                    hey my optional is also kannada lit

            • Raju

              HI, i am also preparing in kannada medium. . i wrote some answers in this site . Please check and do review

              • Aravind

                Friend send ur email we all can make group n prepare

              • power

                hai i wrote answer today plz review

            • shridevi

              Hi I wanted write exam in kannada medium please suggest me books and study materials.And I want group to study together ,i am staying in sarjapur ,banglore.Please suggest if you know any of them .my mail [email protected]

        • naveen kumar b t

          nice to see kannada comments 🙂

      • gajender

        I’m not getting compilation after 14march , is there any prob , or I’m the only one facing such difficulty.
        Reply plz..

        • VK

          Hey! Have you been able to find compilations after March 14th, 2015? Have compilations been discontinued? Because i joined in a little late, I am kind of lost about where to find these compilations 🙁

          • gajender

            I think , it is discontinued for a while , may be provided after pre .
            Don’t have any specific idea , I’m also in search of this crispy compilation……

      • suraksha

        I am new to this exam please any one guide me when insight 2016 prelims come mains selfstudy will start. Any one if u have vinay sir contact please give me.

        • Hi Surakhsa,

          We will be starting Test Series for Prelims – 2016 from September. You can enroll for it. There will be a self study program for Mains as well. You can mail us at: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

          Thank you.

          • bharath sharma

            Hi vinay sir , i’m new to this site, How to enroll to this test series 2016.

      • suraksha

        I am new to this exam please any one guide me when insight 2016 prelims come mains selfstudy will start. Any one if
        u have vinay sir contact please give me.

      • prasad

        Sir how to talk to you , please give me your number 9660639475

    • muneer

      hi…satish i think itz already available on sight…. juust search again…. definitely u ll get it

    • Acanthus

      Hi friend , it is a link available on the website …


      These are links where you can get a detail strategy of all papers. ……

    • Sannn Nn

      namaskara. lets create a study group in bangalore so that we can collaborate better.I am looking to write compulsory paper in kannada is it a good option ?

  • Mohacina saji

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for all these.It would be of great help if you can include “how to prepare” for the papers 4 &5 of mains.Thank you.

    • Mohacina,

      I am trying. Strategy for paper 4 will be out in few days. 🙂

  • rajiv

    I want to appear for csat in 2015.can u tell me exactly how many months preparation is needed for prelims.should mains preparation also be done in parallel. how preparation should be done between prelims and mains(5-6 months) .i’am hoping to start preparation by 2014 may. can u guide me here sir.

    • Rajiv,

      Yes, both Prelims and Mains preparation should be done together. Preparation time depends on your dedication. If you are willing to put more hard work (planned) you will need around 6 months for prelims. Then 5 months exclusively for Mains. You will have plenty of time if you begin in May 2014. Plan well. Next month, I will be putting a strategy for Prelims+Mains preparation. Yes, this blog is always there to guide you. Thanks.

  • Atish

    Dear Sir,
    You told that you will be writting an article about the best cadres for the all india services.

    • I think you can see it on

      my hands are full these days – not finding enough time.

      • Atish

        Ya the work profile is given but the cadres are not mentioned.

        I can undersatand that you are not having enough time.You are doing a great job.


    sir, i am doing my graduation,in Honors, from hindu college DU in sanskrit.
    I’m a second year student and have 3 years before i can attempt the CS exam. I want ask how i should prepare for the CS exam. Will help me a lot if you give a reply.
    PS-I am aiming for IFS.

    • Anubhav,

      Good to know that you are planning early for this exam. Because you have plenty of time, you can focus on building a strong foundation needed for this exam. Cultivate the habit of reading two newspapers every day (The Hindu and Business Standard). Start writing about current events. Widen your knowledge about India and the world by reading extensively from standard books – you can go through this post for Must Read books – (

      This exam is more about your aptitude, attitude, integrity, understanding of the society, awareness about the national and international events and critical perspective on them, finally it more about your concern and empathy for the society too.

      So cultivate these important traits for three years. Then the exam will be cake walk for you. Use every day productively with an eye on Indian Foreign Service (I hope you meant it, not forest service)

      For any specific guidance you can always visit this site. 🙂

      • ANUBHAV

        Thank you for the reply. I also wanted to know if taking coaching classes is necessary or not? Many of my friends and my family members are saying that it is necessary. It would be helpful if you could give me an answer.

        • It is not necessary, especially when there is still 3 years to go. Do self study. You can go for coaching only after graduation that too if you think your 3 years’ preparation is inadequate.

          • ANUBHAV

            Thank You very much for your advice.

          • Never Back Down

            ye site av active nhi hai kya
            2015 ka preparation ap nhi karvoge kya

  • How to read the hindu .
    HOw to analyse it with different issues.
    its getting very confusing for me coz I am a fresher in this preparation..
    I need ur valuable advice for reading and analysing THE HINDU
    thank you sir

    • Maaduri

      Yes I am also finding it difficult to follow newspapers and magazine when static part itself is not covered. Please advise


        MOBILE NO-09431157619

    • arpit

      first have a look on the syllabus of mains and pre both…and then read news paper any news which is related to the syllabus is very very important….for example maximum news nowadays related to food security bill… on wildlife environment is very important these are related to the syllabus…and as mentioned my insight team….that the question will come analyse the given topic…so you can write the answers with the help of this news paper….if any one has any input pls inform me…

  • radhika

    Hello sir,
    I’m at the very begining of my potional subject is History plz sir give me list of all NCERT books which i should read for both History and GS
    I regularly read answers of daily answer writing challenge. sir when i should start writing answers on my reading from books?
    i dont have any kind of guidance i’m preparing my own.should i go through guidance?
    help me sir…
    Thank you.

    • Radhika,

      You can see this post for NCERT books:

      Good to know that you are reading answers daily.

      Once you finish basic reading, you can start answering the questions. You can try now also. Try it in your notebook. Compare with good answers here. If you want feedback, you can post them here too. 🙂

      You need guidance more than coaching.

      Good luck with your preparation. 🙂


      MOBILE NO-09431157619

  • radhika

    Thank you very much sir for your reply……..!

  • abhishek

    a) I have made a ‘word document’ of the suggestion given by toppers for the preparation of GS. There, they suggest to look into the map to mark the places, which are in news. May I know, is the suggestion to look into map for the places in news, tuned in, with the post 2010 era of UPSC exam pattern?

    b) In the same word document,the toppers suggest to make the notes as well as keep the “newspaper cuttings” for the revisions.
    How to identify the newspaper articles to make the notes for, and to cut, for further reference ? (I do make notes from the newspaper !!! )

    How to prepare for CSE(in the right direction), is itself a matter “research” !!!

    -a CSE-14 aspirant.

    • Abhishek,

      a) Places and People are now out of the UPSC’s scheme of things for Prelims and Mains. If your optional is Geography, for Paper-II this might help, but not much.

      Now the focus is on checking one’s ability to give their critical perspective on wide range of issues. The era of checking factual rote knowledge is history now. Your basic understanding of the topics in the syllabus and opinion on related issues is all that matters now.

      b) This ‘Note Making from Newspaper’ is an eternal dilemma/confusion/headache for many aspirants. In Prelims, current events are out now – again, concepts matter more here.

      In mains, you get lot of magazines, current event compendiums to get a quick glance of ‘current events’.

      So, read paper for understanding wide range of issues. To cultivate Opinion. To get the gist of national and international events. To develop critical perspective on important socio-economic issues.

      If an article stimulates your thought, cut it and save it. If a report is related to the syllabus – save it.

      I personally think that making notes from newspapers is not needed. It is time consuming. Instead, devote more time on finishing the whole syllabus. If one is comfortable, no objection to it though.

      But making notes from standard texts/books is a must.

      Finally, How To Prepare is all about FINISHING the WHOLE syllabus FIRST. Syllabus is the ultimate guide. Most aspirants, even after giving the mains and interview, can’t recall contents of the syllabus. This is a fact.

      • abhishek

        What would you suggest a guy who is willing to join any test series for mains? some of the probable points that I expect in your reply are

        (firstly try to decide the ‘direction of preparation’ by the comprehensive analysis of the ‘recent’ previous year question papers)

        a) complete the static portion and have unassailable command on the dynamic portion(by making notes from newspapers/magazines/website ).

        b) try to solve the questions of the previous your GS papers(the questions which are like current era of GS questions). referring to the previous year optional question paper for the corresponding parts of GS would do no harm !

        c) try to write comments on the several popular “news website”, showing your own opinion.

        once, you are ‘comfortable and confident’ with the above three points, then only think of joining a ‘mains test series’

        -a CSE-2014 aspirant

        • I will suggest not to wait for anything, just go and join if you really want exposure and practice. In this exam, don’t wait longer for getting something. If you can’t afford test series, start solving previous papers by yourself.

          No need to join costly test series at a very early stage. Once you are into 6 months of preparation, you should start answering questions. Read, Solve and write.



      • nibha

        thx alot sir..

    • Ross

      Please share the doc for the community.

  • Dhiwahar Ramalingam

    Sir, I have failed clearing 2012 prelims (avg prep) and 2013 prelims (poor time mgmt in 2nd paper, could able attend just 50 qns which includes 39 ryt ans), and now i m preparaing for CSE 2014. I m planning to correct my mistakes in preparation for 2nd paper where i did bad.

    So, I kindly need your valuable assistance in approaching 2014 CSE.

    THANK YOU. Awaiting for your response

    • Dhiwahar,

      I will be writing an article on Prelims strategy for 2014. It will take some time.

      • deep

        thank you sir i am waiting for prelims strategy for 2014

        • Vijay Singh

          Dear Sir,
          Please provide the link for CSAT 2014 strategy .

  • Dhiwahar Ramalingam

    Thank you sir…will wait for your article on prelims:)

  • biswajit biswas

    Sir please make me clear about what should i take as the basic of a given topic. Or what should we know to have the basic understanding of a topic. ..

    • Give me any example from the syllabus, I will try my best to make you understand it (in light of your question)

      • Abhinav Singh

        Lets say, we are asked to critically examine recent Land acquisition Bill.
        Topic: Land reforms

        • Well, if the question has a directive ‘Critically Examine’, then you need to know important provisions of the bill, how different it is from the old land acquisition act, any objections, It’s positive and negative impact on the stakeholders (farmers, government and industries) and your take on it.

          Examine is nothing but deep inspection. When asked to do it critically, your answer should be balanced. Your answer should not be biased for or against one party. On deep probe, you will find points in favour or against all the stakeholders. Pack all of them effectively and objectively within word limit. You will be awarded good marks.

          • deb

            insights i am planning for 2015 today is 12 dec 2014 i have penty of time and can give 10 hour a day how should i peaper pls sugest


    Sir, Can you please tell, what kind of map is given in ias mains exam in history paper-1. I mean whether it is political, geographical or simply the extremes of India.

    • Actually it will be a mix of all these things. Go through previous year questions and segregate them according to cultural, political, geographical criteria, you will get a good idea.


        Sir, perhaps I could not make myself clear. I am asking about the map ( the piece of paper) which is supplied along with the question paper and not the question itself. I am asking because if the map is political then it is easier to mark the palaces on the map with reference to political boundaries or if it is geographical then the palaces can be marked with reference to natural boundaries. So what kind of map is given to candidates to mark the places???????. Plz reply

  • arshu

    sir, i am preparing for csat 2015 exam..right now i m reading psychology ncert book and hindu newspaper. my target is to complete psychology by november so that after that i can start preparing for gs this strategy right or something additional reading is required ? or if not, then pls guide me

  • one more thing sir, should i read mukul pathak sir notes side by side with ncert or after completing ncert?

  • akash nayan

    Need ur help in my essay & writing..! plz m nt gud in my english so i have 2 start 4rm basic thing..!
    Plz Help me sir….!


    thank you so much for proving guidance& many aspirants benefit from your are helping us to save time in searching material.many of us know what to read but not how to mange time to cover all the syllabus and some times get are helping us in getting clarity in preparation with your guidance. thanks a lot


    your every effort to give more information about IAS EXAM is very nice
    I hope in the future you will also help YOUTH COMMUNITY
    PLease also attach model questions papers for PRELIMS GS paper preparation

    • Thanks.we will try to release Free model papers for Prelims once Mains is over.

  • Abhinav Singh

    I must say.. by far this is the most comprehensive and straight to point preparation site that i have seen.
    Ticking off topics that are done and underlining what needs to be prepared gives immense confidence as well as amazing bird’s eye view of where we are standing.
    Kudos to insight team for coming up with such a neat idea.

  • Bappa

    Respected sir,
    can you please give me the link for previous years questions of gs prelim (pre-csat). I’ve tried but did’nt find beyond 2003.

    • This is very hard to find on net. You may have to buy Question Banks for this.


    Sir,I am waiting for Your article on Gs paper iv. I am going to start it within 2-3 days. And I don’t have any substantial material for preparation.So eagerly waiting for Your guidance.Please upload it as soon as possible.

    • It will be there in two days. Please don’t have high expectations. I have managed to get some authentic sources but not for all topics. It is better to have something than not have anything, so by Monday it will be posted. Thanks for showing lot of patience.

      • SREEJESH

        Thank You Sir.
        I was waiting for something 2 start with. Rit nw I hv gone through 2nd ARC report.Bt I didn’t find it convincing for ethics portion.That was good for Governance part only.
        Anyways thank u sir.And yes u r rit smthng is better thn nthng.

  • Aditya

    Respected Sir
    It will be really helpful to me and thousands of other aspirants if you would write an article on preparation of geography optional with topic wise strategy as you have written for GS papers.
    Looking forward for this article.

    • I will try my best to write one ASAP

  • sreejith

    This is a terrific initiative. Thanks a lot to everyone involved. Looking forward to be a part of this.

  • deepak

    sir , can you suggest me the stategy for prelims …….


    a lot of thanx to YOU for consistent effort for HELP TO IAS ASPIRANTS


    • satyanarayan sharma

      thnx sir g

  • vijayraj

    sir,i am totally new to this area….but now onwards(from this month october) totally dedicated for preparation of civils untill apper for the prelims… my question to how i spend my time wisely to crack the exam by first attempt…

  • nata

    sir .will u assist me in choosing the best optional for mains ……….





    HAHAHAHA 9931324829

    • satyanarayan sharma

      kya bat h sir g kamal h aap

  • Jyeshtha M

    Hello Sir/Madam
    I am grateful fir your valuable insights.
    I mused after reading all of your articles. You are doing a great job and bravo!
    Such guidance fills the potholes in our preparation. Immensly grateful to you.


    SIR IS IT TRUE THAT MOSTLY TOPPER RANK MEANS FIRST 50 COMES BECAUSE THEY WRITE THEIR PAPER IN ENGLISH MEDIUM ?there any bad feeling for Hindi medium candidates or it is only myth ?
    and why only doctors and engineers comes in under top 10 ?

    • It is true but people writing in English medium are more in number. But last year Rank 8 went to Hindi Medium.

  • Sir I arranged all the book u mentioned in Insight and I want to appear and clear it in my very first attempt ie 2014 prelims and I want to prepare both prelims and mains together Sir please give me a proper Time table or the details when should I complete which topic/paper also I am taking anthropology as my optional subject and everything without coaching…I can give around 10 hours for the preparation and I have engineering background Sir I need your help…only u r the one who made me believe that IAS can be cracked in 1st attempt and with one year,’s preparation

    • Next week I will write an article on integrated approach to Prelims+Mains-2014. That will solve most of your doubts.

      • RAJAT

        thank you sir…
        this will solve the problem of many new aspirants like me.

  • nathan

    vinay ji kindly upload constitutions of major countries,,,, thank u

  • akash kumar

    Can you suggest me a reference book for UPSC Mains GS for Geography?

    • apart from 11th n 12th NCERT, book by Goh Cheng Leong and Majid Hussain (indian geography) are good. But geo syllabus can be prepared using internet.

      • akash kumar

        thank you sir

  • Gunnu

    I am this year engineering graduate and is now working in a company. I want to appear for UPSC-2014 an have been preparing for it since last year but I still feel that a good amount of labour required to be put for Mains as the syllabus has been widened the last year. In Prelims I find myself comfortable.The basic doubt that I am having is whether to leave the job now and prepare whole heartedly for UPSC or have a 1 year or something work-experience and then jump into it just to ensure I have something as backup in case I require to return to my original field(seeing the success rate of UPSC, though it may be termed NONSENSE).
    Sir please help…Thanks for the counselling.

  • abc

    Can you tell me punishment for Illegal construction or action against it where should i found and in which section of IPC or Indian Constitution…???

  • Krishna Moorthy

    I would like to get in touch with you for my client Great lakes institute of management, a leading B-school in the country. We are in idea to set-up bloggers meet to discuss about management education in India also to brief about Great Lakes. Pls share your coordinates to get in touch. Thank you


    dear sir,
    i m very much thankful for guidance provided by you for the new aspirants. Sir their is a problem in the link
    15: Strategy for public administration by IAS topper

    kindly fix it..

  • akash gupta

    i am an IT professional preparing for civil services but not able to balance my preparation along with my office work. please guide me regarding this


    how to study csat paper 2 please tell me your valuable tips

  • B Vikaskumar

    kisi ko exam crack karana hai to don’t read any book only use This web site is sufficient. Mere friend ne ye site use karake State Public Services Exam crack kar di. Thx sir

  • sandeep

    Hello Sir

    You work is really appreciated. Myself Sandeep from Hyderabad working as a software engineer. I have done my B.E in E.E.E. I have passion towards Civil Services right from my Graduation but Situations demanded me to get into IT job Please suggest me on how to start with and whether if I need to quit my job to give a serious attempt? Also suggest me if taking Psychology as the optional would provide any advantage for the exam?

  • vikas

    sir can u please add and frame questions from indian express..isn’t it;s articles are usefull…please suggest…either remain stick to the hindu..

  • Tuks

    I would like to improve writing skill but because of classes i am not able to write answers daily.Sometime I spend more time to write answer so i am not able to complete study whatever i have done in my class…sir pls tell me how to manage it…

  • Manmohan

    sir, I have taken coaching last year in Hyd. As the syllabus has changed I have decided not to write exam this year……my aim is for 2014…… I came to home after completing coaching and decided to continue my preparation at home……but due to some compelling reasons I have not focussed totally on the preparation……but kept reading Hindu daily….and have completed Modern history and world history in the new syllabus………… I started preparing afresh from today………my present problem is I am not able to plan which subject to read first………and the order of preference……besides GS I have to complete my optional Public Administration……….sir can u help me in my planning …………as the exam is approaching in Aug next year……my plan is to complete Mains syllabus in 6 months i.e., before April….and then shift to prelims preparation……..what made me confuse is which subject to start with and maintaining time balance…… drawback is I take more time to to read …….so please guide me in my planning….please…..

  • Santosh

    Sir, I compltd my graduation in Soiciology from IGNOU, nw I choosed d same sub for my upsc mains optional so plz help me which books I should refer other than IGNOU materials n my notes….I just completed my COACHING CLASSES of GENERAL STUDIES for mains excluding Optional sub….plz help me..
    Ur’s fellow-Santosh

  • pooja

    sir plz if u cud start a section where g.s mains probable questions r published from a particular topic of a particular subject.. secure 2014 sectn is of immense help.. no doubt about that but a fresher lyk me is not able to understand the basic portion part in it…OR plz guide me regarding preparing for a particular topic.. going to appear in 2014 mains…thanx


      MY MOBILE NO AND WHATSAPP NO=09431157619

  • pvsiddharthan

    This Insight team is going to change the life of many aspirants. It is hard to get the confidence of people, but Insight Team have won the confidence of its visitors with ease. I have committed myself to follow “Insights” regularly. Thank you so much for you service,commitment,concern and what not.. Simply a very good initiative, which i would wish to continue with the years to come.

    • Thanks Siddharthan. As long as there is support, we will continue this work.


        sir ,
        I Gautam Kumar Pandey ,studing in mysore , year ,wants to take 2014 ias examination , sir please guide me ,how to prepare for preliminary , and I came to know that ,your office is in Mysore , so please if you give your address , it will be a favor for me, I want to meet you., to know more about the examination , and to take guideline .

  • Som

    Bro, Can you create a all in one notes which we can you use on the previous day of exam to revise? You can make this paid also.

    • It takes enormous work to do that.

  • narendra Swami

    Sir there was one question in history. Compare lord curzon with Pt. Neharu. Where can I get answer for this?

  • Anjali Singh

    Hey your website is super cool for the prepration of any civil services exam. Dont put this dirt of ads like Nokia Lumia and all. For books the ads looks okay. These e commerce players are anyway going to contact you for the promotion. Don’t worry. The crowd is going to raise day by day because you have very classic content.
    Please don’t feel offended, this is just a suggestion.
    Thanks 🙂

  • From have we to make notes from The Hindu for cse 2014.Would it be sufficient if we just read the newspaper and make notes from december once mains are over

  • *from when do we have to

  • Rajesh putta

    Good website for Civils aspirants

  • pankaj dukre

    sir i have failed in some of my engineering subjects. Will this affect my IAS interview / selection..???

  • KD

    Dear sir, can you please puy strategy for Political science???

  • KD


  • Arjun

    First of all kudos to a great website. I know its a long shot, but is it possible to get some tips/strategies on preparing for English literature optional

  • Rishave Verma

    Please spread the word about this website…………its mind blowing

  • Vishal S

    hello INSIGHTS team

    Can you throw some light on MAGAZINES (csc,cst,yojana,kurukshetra,frontline etc) that we need to focus upon and their relevance with new syllabus in detail.
    heard that certain magazines are good in specific areas..can you please clarify.
    My sincere thanks for the efforts you guys are putting in and the whole way the preparation strategy is being approached.

    Regards and keep going

  • Kabir

    yaar bhaiya kuch hindi ka thread bhi start kar do….. kahin kuch nahi milta hai…dil se duyaen denge !!!

    • Bhaiya, abhi hamaare paas Hindi jaan newaale koi nahi hai. Aaage hum poora khoshish karenge ki Hindi mein bhi lekhan likhne ka. Dhanyawaad.

  • akash kumar

    When r u going to release prelims guideline?

    • From November first week.

      • akash kumar

        Will you be writing it?

  • satyanarayan sharma

    sir g everything is here in english medium only or availabe in hindi medium also because i m hindi medium aspirant so i face some problem in english>>>>

    • Now it’s not possible Sharma g. If someone comes forward to contribute in Hindi, I can start it. My Hindi is very bad.

  • Vishal S

    hello INSIGHTS team

    1)can you please clarify on what magazines(csc,cst,yojana,kurukshetra,frontline etc) to read.
    sorry, already asked you yesterday.
    2)are there any possibilities of starting ANTHROPOLOGY optional in writing challenge

    thank you

    • If you write answers I will start Anthro too. Some guys requested for optional challenges and have vanished now.

      • Chetan

        @insights, even i’m looking forward for anthropology. Can you ?

  • Kabir

    koi acha sa hindi translater suggest kar do ( other than google)
    Thank You !

  • Santosh

    Dear sir,

    I am writing mains from Dec 1st’13 as per current schedule.
    Could you please suggest till which date i should continue studying the Hindu.


    • Santosh

      please help

    • Santosh,

      Read till November 15.

      • Santosh

        Thank you

  • Deepthi chandavolu

    gud nun sir…,
    pls tel me the buks for paper iv in mains according to the topic pleaseeeee

  • Sir with deep appreciation & thankfulness to ur masterpiece efforts..i request u to suggest how to revise the huge pile of current affairs & news,specially for working aspirants like me..since there are so many news,events articles,editorials in/& so many newspapers,mags,other sources and sites accumulating vast source every day(even if chosen selectively & carefully) .
    Even monthly revision takes so much time..notes making daily consumes more time which is already to manage..after putting much efforts daily going through them retaining them till exam is what i am unable to devise any solution for..kindly help,sir

  • Nikhil

    Dear Sir, on Oct 8 you mentioned that in a week you would write an article on integrated approach to Prelims+Mains-2014, which would solve most of your doubts for preparations.
    Sir Oct month has reached to its end, can you please write that article and guide us all…I have to clear this exam in my first attempt only & with your guidance and support of entire team Insight……I am dam sure that I will clear it.

    PS: If you have already written the article on integrated approach to Prelims+Mains-2014, then can you please give me the link.

    Kindly Help Sir…
    Have A Great Day

  • Bhavya

    dear sir, could you please post questions related to security issues, international relations, economics, indian culture for gs exams

    • If you can observe many questions have been asked on the above topics. Thank you. We are still posting.


    dear sir,

    i am working full time,.i have conceptual clarity as far as economics,polity is concerned. 2014 will be my first and last attempt(age constraint).

    If i manage to put in 6 to 8 hours daily from November onwards,is it possible to make it?

    • It is 100% possible with that many hours of preparation. Thing is every hour counts.

  • vikram

    Sir I am working at present and what i could afford is to put in 3 to 4 hours daily ,of which i could say a sincere effort….Can i be able to cope up with the syllabus and do i stand a chance with these may hours/day

    • It is possible but none can promise you success. It might take 2 or more years, or if you work smartly, you can clear in first attempt.

      One suggestion is that don’t worry about how less time you have, instead keep preparing seriously every day.

      • Arjun Gowda

        “don’t worry about how less time you have, instead keep preparing seriously every day.”–> your last sentence is an eye opener.

  • Dhiraj

    Hello sir,
    First of all i would like to congratulate you on the fantastic job you have been doing, which is of immense help to aspirants like me. However, i have a question. The study material for the static part of gs is abundant. It would be much helpful if you could provide a strategy regarding the dynamic part that is India year book and current affairs. Given the size of India year book and the amount of data within, it requires a separate strategy of its own. Also, i would like to ask, how important is remembering the figures such as xyz crores or xyz km or xyz year is important while writing an answer. I would be extremely thankful if you could take some time out to answer these questions.
    Thanks & regards

  • rahul

    thnx for ur help

  • I am student of BA 2nd year how to start preparation for civil services

  • Jagadish

    Hi sir,
    i am interested to take agriculture as my optional subject for mains, so please help to gather some good books to study…

    • You can join a group in Orkut – Interview Preparation. I thnk there you can find book list. If you can wait, we will update the list by December end.

  • v.sivanaik

    v.sivanaik .sir i am a student of BA 2 nd wt epp grup …cn u plz guide me with what i has to my prepartion and with what basic books shld i start .and hw shld i prepare for currentaffairs frm nw itsslf .sir.plz frm net facilite thr.cnt afrd coaching …plz guide me.ur nly thr to guide.plz .guide me how to start.

  • hello sir,
    i came across your website yesterday. my doubts of writing methodology has been cleared by reading so many posted answers and your suggestion is worthy.thnks a ton..keep up the good work !!!

  • Vikas

    Bro ….Pls write some article as per Mains Syllabus …(The Way Mrunal is writing in his blog ) …Thanx

    • After Mains we will write. Thank you.

  • kandarp narayan jha

    How could I join this group

    • Just enter your email id above left.

  • Bindiya Agrawal

    Hello Sir,
    Please post GS objective questions also with comprehension and reasioning for Prelims preparation.I would suggest you to post questions on the basis of subjects and day.Like on Monday-Polity, it can be useful to us.


  • rohit

    hello sir
    i need your help regarding choosing optional. i sought out following optional subjects according to my intrest
    1. geography
    3.public administartion
    4. political science
    sir please tell me which is most suitable according to
    selfstudy,easy understandable, helping in GS syllabus also

    sir please reply soon

    • Public Administration and Political science

  • kamlesh

    sir, i am 26 now.and i prepare some and i want ias for forthing 4 years.i dont have good i am hardworker.can i became ias?

    • i will give you one standard newspapers especially the editorial page.make that page as your religion and follow it blindly for 1 year. you will become gud writer…all d best

  • sneha

    Hello..i have done BSc..,plz help me to choose optional as i sought out 3 optional subjects according to my add 2.sociology 3.gujarati literature…

  • Som

    Hey Vinay,

    So mains of CSE 2013 is approaching, I have this idea. People needs to revise on the previous day of the exam. So can you open for chat on the previous day of exam , so that people can interactively post things that are important.
    This will help immensely and people can read what they have missed. Insights team can predict some questions along with the participants.
    This would be supplement our own revision notes.

    This should run only for 4 GS papers strictly on these days.
    1>Dec 1 and 2 for first 2 GS papers.
    2>Dec 3 and 4 for last 2 GS papers.

    Can you think on these lines? I know you can come up with a gem of an idea.
    Folks what do you think?

    • sachin mayekar

      Bro i think posting imp topics on d previous day of exam would panic many aspirants & would increase their tension . Imp topics cannot b prepared 1 day be4 exam .

    • We don’t think it’s a good idea. We actively discourage any chat/discussion/debate other than subject related matter.

      Also it’s not possible for anyone to read/revise new things just before exam. One should actually take good rest. 🙂 And it is fact that no one can complete 100% syllabus and go to exam hall. No one.

      There is no need to predict questions. Already more than 300 questions are available at Daily Answer Writing Challenge (UPSC is smart and we are not under any illusion that our questions would figure in Mains papers)

      Anyway thanks a lot for suggestion. 🙂

  • kamlesh

    sir ji, meri handwritting intni achi nahi he to kya iska negative effect mains exam par pdega.

  • sir,
    is coaching for psychology a must condition?

  • Kabir

    for poverty alleviation programmes should seek “participatory rights-based goals”…… please explain what it means ?


    ias banne wale sadharan log hote hain bus unka paryas asadharan
    hota hai
    facts are many but truth is one
    no read more books but read some books more time


    asafalta ek chunauti hai use swikar karo tum
    kya kami rah gayi hai use dekho phir sudhar karo tum
    kuch kiye bine jai sakaar nahi hoti
    koshish karne wale ki kabhi haar nahi hoti


    jeetne wale koi alag kaam nahi karte wo har kaam alag dhang se karte hain yahi success secret hai


    sir ,
    I Gautam Kumar Pandey ,studing in mysore , year ,wants to take 2014 ias examination , sir please guide me ,how to prepare for preliminary , and I came to know that ,your office is in Mysore , so please if you give your address , it will be a favor for me, I want to meet you., to know more about the examination , and to take guideline .

  • sneha

    Hii…what will be good preparation strategy…divide days to topics eg.mon-his and tue-geo … or covered topics one by one…?

  • biswaraj

    I want to take public administration as optional for mains. Kindly suggest me how to prepare for it. Is coaching necessary?

  • Albert

    having come across dis website has been da marvelous thing dat happen to me lately..big thnks to Insights team…so helpful..!


    I would like to thanks whole Insight team for these extremely helpful materials and guidance. actually i came from a rural area with a hope of cracking upsc exam which is the most prestigious and responsible job our country …don’t know how to prepare and what to prepare and where from to prepare.. and suddenly i came across this website. Atleast now i have a direction and online guidance…hope it will help me to achieve my dreams. THANKS A LOT AGAIN..ADMIN!!!
    Admin i couldn’t find buisness standerd in my locality…could you please help me?? from where to study economic situations??

    • Subhradeep,
      If this website is helping you in your preparation we are more than happy:) There is no separate book for ‘economic situations’ as such. You need to keep yourself updated with daily newspaper and you can also refer to either ‘Economic Times’ newspaper or any ‘business magazine- say business standard/economist’ if you are very keep in knowing more about the economics part.
      For ‘business standard’ refer-
      For ‘economist’ refer –

      But don’t refer all the sources. Just keep any one as your reference. Since there are other things to cover too 🙂


        thank you admin!!!

  • MD47

    Thank u very much sir for the magazine link

    Hats off to u and evryone responsible for maintaining the site

  • naveen

    Hello Vinay,
    I am a great admirer of open source. Nothing should be totally free in this world. I believe user/buyer should be able to pay the cost for the product that the product is worth of. In this process the market would decide the exact cost of the product. A good product sustains and a bad one perishes. I am using this website and want to use this monthly magazine as well. Using this website without paying anything does not make your effort sustainable. So can you please device a method through which i can pay/fund the initiative as much as i can. It can be Rs10 , 20 , 50 or 100. Quantity is not important right now as it would grow over period of time. I dont intend to evaluate your effort through money but it would act as motivation to improve further. Please consider the suggestion.

    • Dheeraj

      I totally agree with Naveen … 🙂
      Vinay ,Most of the websites do this to keep them work for free through donations 🙂
      You should consider our suggestion 🙂

    • Even I agree with Naveen.. 🙂

    • manish

      “Using this website without paying anything does not make your effort sustainable.”.. Totally disagree with the statement and I very sure it won’t sustain if it will start charging. I guess Insights, If I am true, would never thought of such kind of idea before starting initiative.
      Money can’t be motivation for improvements.
      You can join coaching at Delhi who are charging lakhs of Rs for their effort.
      Yes if user wants to give donation then there should be a provision, but will donation sustainable… I am doubtful. How long you are eager to give donation? If you want to give something then I will suggest give some food to poor for that money. 🙂

      • Dheeraj

        Brother we are talking about donations only..
        And I totally agree with your last statement that one should help poor…
        Insight team is working so hard for us so don’t you think they are also human and also need money for resources to keep this service more enriching and sustainable… 🙂
        But yes it should not be compulsion to pay as it will lose its essence if done so..
        but voluntarily if someone wants to donate there must be some provision 🙂
        Personal views no offense 🙂
        all the best 🙂

  • shikha

    which is better pub ad or geo if i both appeal same to me?what would you have taken?

    • Dheeraj

      Pub ad’s syllabus overlaps with GS paper II ( Polity),so considering that pub ad is better than Geography…
      But your interest should be the priority when it comes to choose optional…
      All the best 🙂

  • doc

    Hi Insights, We are desperately looking forward for one or two full length test series.. Please do conduct at least one as the exam is nearing and we wont be able to write the same after 20th.


    good morning insights !
    please tell me what should be the way of reading THE HINDU .should i make notes from news paper everyday ,which magazine should i prefer , what do you say about FRONT LINE . I found discussion on AIR much relevant , what is your opinion .

  • manish

    Insight is providing notes and analysis through initiative “Secure-2014” along with “current events” (only from The Hindu). Go through it regularly and you will find that it is covering those articles which is relevant to UPSC syllabus. This is the way of reading newspaper.
    If you are able to revise these articles again and again then it is good, no need to bother about Frontline as it is fortnight magazine of The Hindu itself.
    (Please someone correct me if frontline is necessary)
    AIR discussion, yes you can go ahead with it and it is really relevant.

    • sachin mayekar

      Frontline is the analysis of current events helpful for Mains + Essay .

  • asprit

    Hi friends…I have a query about CAPF paper2013…I missed to write arguments FOR in Q.2 of paper II(I written only AGAINST…as i didnot read question properly)..Will there be adverse impact on marks..

    • garudan

      Don worry…that wont be a big issue…if you score good marks in paper I and completed paper II (min 60 marks)…surely you can expect for physical , after you do best of your interview and hope for the best… as of my knowledge in paper II they will see whether you have answered all the questions maximum (attempted) and relavent answer to the question…you can prepare for physical and interview:)

      • asprit

        garudan Thanx ….i have attempted 180 in paper2 paper1 score will be more than 138…

        • garudan

          thats nice score…prepare for physical and interview….my wishes you to get good rank…al the best:)


    thanks you MANISH ,
    i had not noticed that page ,it is really an wonderful endeavor by the INSIGHTS to help the civil service aspirants ,

    • Harisha

      Hi panday prepare well for upsc exm…..

  • garudan

    thank you insight team for the magazine:)

  • E.Pranav

    sir, billions and billions of thanks for your current affairs magazine

  • Aniket

    thank u so much insight team for wonderful compilations….and special thanks for uploading current affair magazine its really a appreciable job done by you all….

  • Pandit

    cannot access your facebook page

  • Ajit Singh

    I am very thankful to you for compiling monthly current events into one high quality magazine and hope this will help all the civil aspirants in their preparations and wish insight team best of luck for future endeavors….

  • lakshmikanth

    can you please provide the strategy for geography optional preparation.

  • Sir thank you very much for Extraordinary you are effort you are making for us.
    I am little bit confuse about what to study in DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES (GS-I), plz do guide me.
    Thank you.

  • rini

    sir please could you an detailed strategy for prelims

  • qwerty

    which is the best in the market (with little discrepency)brother somewhere u had suggested to solve previious years question papers/question banks

    which is the best in the market (with little discrepency

  • Rohit

    Hi guyzzzzz..really vinay sir rocks..but one thing you should understand that he is one man army pls dont torture him for your personal interest.he is like a god for all of us who helps without charging a penny.please try to help him..dont ask him unnecessary questions..thank you.. Let him help from his own [email protected] sir: Sir please conduct paid test series of not only prelims but also for mains.i dont know about others but i am joining by seeing your dedication.

    • Thanks Rohit. Right now we are collecting opinion about paid test series. Next week we will announce its format. Quality and dedication will be assured. Thanks again.

  • Pls help me!

    I’m from Bengali medium, thus my grammar is not strong. I want to crack IFS in English.
    1.So what is the way to learn a good English?
    2. How many days required?

  • 1. Is there any page limit in IAS exam??

    • Page Limit??

      There will be word limit for every question.

      Assuming your question is about number of extra answer sheets one can get, this question doesn’t arise now. You would get only one Answer-cum-Questions booklet and you have to answer within the space given below each question.

  • Vinay Sir
    I agree with the point that tests should be paid..I.opine that people are more demanding with less efforts…and this way nothing is gonna achieved for long time…one need appraisal and motivations at constant intervals…and during this commercialised world …words r not enough…here nobody advocated nepotism sort of thing…I am with the view of paid test for both prelims and mains…you should conduct it and those seriously inspired and admired by your efforts will definitely come forward other than mere word players…I wish u be pragmatic to carry out this effort for longer time….I dont want this site to go in dormancy….
    One more thing
    …I mailed you what I promised…please check and reply..

    • Nikhil D

      Vinay sir, I second Tauseef on this. You can charge minimal amount which you think is right. This will benefit you and also help this wonderful initiative run longer. Aspirants will also participate more seriously when they have paid some amount. Such dedication and sincerity is very rare in today’s world and I don’t want it to disappear without getting it’s due returns. Atleast not for economic reasons.

  • biswajit biswas

    Sir u told that the strategy for prelims would b published within the first weak of november. But we are still being kept awating. Please think about that.

  • Abhishek

    I have one question to all here.I hope you can help me out.

    I am an working professional and will be appearing for CSE 2014.started my preparation from may this year.But as i am working ,i get maximum 3-4 hours for my preparation including reading news papers.I feel answer writing challenge on this site very useful but i can’t practice it everyday.

    Any useful suggestions on this.I don’t want to give excuse to myself that i am working.

    Thanks in Advance!!

    • garudan

      It will be good if you able to write atleast one question a day (one topic) from the questions given dialy…try to make use of holidays maximum.

      • Abhishek

        Thanks for your advice Garudan.

  • garudan


    My thanks for your initiative regarding conducting test series. I m sure most will join and make use of your service. Amount wont be a big deal as the benefit going to be very valuable. My kind request….kindly start by december and finish before august 1st week. As Rohit said, kindly include mains too in test as we will be having short time only for preparing mains after the prelims result. It would be great help for us if we take tests for prelims and mains simultaneously.

    thank you INSIGHT

  • deep

    sir please upload current events of 15 16 17 18 nov as u didnt upload

  • qwerty

    sir what about the prelims test series….how does it work…daily test/weekly test…
    plzz give some insights to it

    • It will be a weekly test and also On Demand test. We are in the process of designing a plan. We want to give quality and exclusively exam oriented questions. Within December it will start and definitely fees will be less than Vision IAS or Delhi coaching centres’ fees.

      • qwerty

        what is on demand test….didn get that

        • qwerty

          demand from our(aspirants) side

        • If you enroll in March 2014, you can demand previous tests all at once, or if you enroll now, you may ‘demand’ weekly test any day you want. We are still devising a plan. Will let you know details later.

      • qwerty

        waiting for it..
        it will be a huge success and most importantly it will help us in keeping our preparations on the right track and help in gauge ourself and improve

  • deep


  • Nice articles ………. And give the group 2 exams previous year questions ……

  • Mandar

    regarding The Hindu link sharing issue(19th Nov)..
    if they don’t allow you to post links then you just mention(along with date) that read so and so section and so and so news from the hindu or some other news paper but don’t stop this initiative. this is really helping us specially SECURE 2014.
    we don’t follow each and every newspaper but you provide some important links. for eg. India joins deep sea mining race from THE GUARDIAN. we don’t follow such newspapers because of the lack of time but because of you i came to know about that news related to india. so please continue with your work. please please…

  • qwerty

    what happened to the poll(about test series)….u said tht it will continue for another week….did it serve the purpose and convince u abt the outreach of

    • qwerty

      of INSIGHTS

    • It Will be put again. Please don’t vote again:-)

      • qwerty


        • Indian

          sir. i voted thrice… but it doesn’t show any change in %…after first i noticed

          • qwerty

            the sample size may be bigger and 3 votes might just bring a very small change which go unnoticed when we take 2 decimals

          • ಕೃಷ್ಣ ರಾಮನಗರ

            what do you think ? Is it assembly elections to vote thrice. Voting thrice is height of democracy. Dont do the same thing in polling booth. EC will send you formal notice,” why action should not be taken against you? ” . They will extend the time for your answers.

  • Piyali Mondal

    sir, please add Anthropology in optional – writing challenge section..

  • prakash rajput


  • hello insight,
    i had completed ncerts of geogarphy one full reading and now going to revise…please tell me should i revise them multiple time or read another book also for pre cum mains topics…..please reply what should i do now???

    • You should read NCERTs to get conceptual clarity, to read basics. If that’s clear, do a quick revision. No need to revise them many times. Now try to solve MCQs on topics you have read.

      If possible, try to answer few questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT (only those topics which are in UPSC syllabus)

      • i am doing this but this is ok for mains and pre syllabus…and i am not making any notes of this

      • sir one more question am also reading economy ramesh singh should i read the whole book cover to cover or selective…and regarding notes am only doing for hindu and pib.nic thats it…no notes for conventional topic..sir i am at right path???
        plz reply sir this is the only question …no more question until i cover this completly(eco+geo)

        • insights sir reply plz..plz

        • Read it selectively.
          Do not go in much details on topics like Insurance, Capital markets etc.
          Complement it with NCERT 11th and 12th Macroeconomics besides reading any one newspaper, preferrably The Hindu.

  • prakash rajput

    blissfull thanks

  • Vivek Yadav

    It would be of great help if you tell me about the preparation strategy and book list for URDU Literature. I am keenly awaiting your response.


  • santhosh

    hello insights sir pls uplod the strategy for history optional and give topic wise analysis for history optional ….

  • sir i have doubt while doing past years question of prelims there a question
    1.largest producer of uranium?
    2.largest uranium reserves?
    as i read chief producer of uranium canada, australia,kazakhstan
    but ans. of 1 is canada and 2 is i was thinking that one who is largest reserves should also be a largest producer but i was wrong..

    please tell how to solve,analyze these types of questions as i had did only ncerts for geography
    reply plz

    • These details keep appearing in newspapers. Keep an eye on them. Do not worry if you can not answer some questions – no one is omniscient.

  • Akshay Agarwal
    Can this be considered as a substitute for Hindu newspaper?

    • No. The Hindu – you must read.

  • Great work by
    So far the best website and the best team for CSE.

  • vinay bhaiya plz reply of my previous queries…am waiting

  • Vishal kokane


  • dr NAVEEN

    can anyone provide a compilation of GS mains answer writing who is not writing mains this year
    thanx in advance

  • samatha

    hii..can anyone help me out those who have sociology as optional

  • Mohit

    Insights do u think we should follow any new current affairs from this week onwards till Mains? I do agree we should follow ongoing events like climate change talks, etc. but let me know your thoughts on new current affairs.

  • Vivek Yadav

    It would be of great help if you tell me about the preparation strategy and book list for URDU Literature. I am keenly awaiting your response.
    Sir please reply, I need your help most.


    • Vivek,

      Sorry, we don’t have resources for Urdu.

  • pkg

    HI…Just want to thank you for the wonderful work you guys are doing..This is real quality!!!..I regret not having known this site earlier,it surely would have enriched my prep and most importantly it would have helped me re orient my approach…Wasted money and time going to Delhi for mains prep..would have done better if I prepared myself sitting at home with this ways always an opportunity to learn from mistakes..Just wanted to know one thing…you conducted a poll for students residing in karnataka..any decision on that front?I’m from Bangalore..would love to join your classes…please let us know ur plans ,so it will help us plan accordingly….Thank you

  • TO The Authority of this site
    Dear Sir
    I am a serious aspirant of IAS 2014.So I am interested to answers the essay qustions or General Study questions in your site as other peoples answer to get comments from others .So can you please tell how can i do it?
    Yours Faithfully
    A.D Ghosh

    • See the GS and Essay writing challenges on the top of the page.

  • Sabya

    Hi Insights ! I wanted to ask that, do you have any plans for mock Prelims GS papers ?? I would be AWESOME …but seriously Sir, thank you for showing us the proper direction and sharing the valuable insights. Your avatar name is truly symbolic… Ishwar se duaa hai is aap sadaa satisfied or proud rahen.

    • Sabya

      * ‘ IT ‘ would be awesome 😛 ….. sorry for the silly typo !

    • Yes we are shortly starting a Test Series for Prelims but a Paid One 🙂

      But thanks for the wishes. It means lot to us.

      • Sabya

        Thank you ! ^_^

  • prakash rajput

    thanks from my bottom of the heart

  • Kabir

    dear sir, please post compiled current affairs of Nov so we will have a sharp look before mains.

  • ramsanehi Chandrakar

    sir mera question hai ki aap hindi medium walo k liye kya soch rahe hai plz ans me sir

  • To Whomsoever
    I am a Mangalorian, Karnataka. Right now i’m studying in Madras Christian College, Chennai, pursuing my Post Graduation in Public Administration. I never trusted any website so far in my life, but i am completely carried away by your effort. As regards i am even propagating InsightsonIndia in my college. It is only your credibility that made you successful today. Actually i’m following from July 2013 & your progress is commendable.

    And i would like to join your institute if you come up with reasonable fee and “no mercy just churning attitude”. Don’t spare us, just screw us.

    Its really amazing that InsightsonIndia is going to start offline coaching too in Bangalore.Its really a great idea, because Bangalore is the city which has every thing but dedicated & credible Civil Services Coaching facility. Those institutions which are there now are just minting money.

    I have experienced it myself it as i took coaching in one of the money minded institution in 2011. It was inevitable for me to join that institution as i had no other reasonable choices& even today.

    Karnataka has produced several stalwarts in all the fields, but when it comes to the Civil Services the state is doing nothing. Even other states like Tamil Nadu & Kerala in South India have government institutes, that they are actually performing quite well.I must tell you that it is not the question of brains but the exposure. And i honestly feel that if you can give the result which involves many Karnataka born candidates even along with other brothers & sisters of my country, definitely Bangalore will turn to be the IAS hub in South India because in South India Bangalore is the real metropolitan city as i have personally observing it right now being in Chennai..

    I want to make one request that please do not keep exorbitant fee. And do have regular classes, unlike others who target innocent IT professionals to mint money by conducting classes during only weekends.

    If you can provide hostel facility to all your candidates, that will really do well, because in Bangalore living cost is too high. And even students will have a feeling of a formal education and that will keep them highly competitive as they do observe each other under one roof.

    Thank you.

  • muneer

    insights… doing a realy good job…. thumbs up and thank u for everything….. whosoever is admin… of insights is doing a fantastic job…..
    god bless…..

  • rahman

    i am Rahman 26 year old, from a remote village of malappuaram district,Kerala. currently am working with my father.he is a hill produce dealer.
    frankly telling i don’t have any academic background. i did my graduation in BA English from calicut university as distance. i couldn’t fetch good marks but passed with 42%. and never read more books …
    i want to secure cse 2014..i heard about insight through my friend when i shared my wish.
    i just went through the upsc syllabus topic by topic.its quiet interesting…….
    so pls guide me sir from where to start??? how to start??/.

  • Harsh Katara

    Do you have any plans for providing e-material(paid) for pre cum mains as some of the sites are doing

    • That should be your own hard work. Nothing can substitute hand written or self-compiled notes.

  • blue rose

    sir when are you posting the questions of gs paper 1 for prelims 2014………

    • qwerty

      i guess thr is a paid test series for prelims………………

      and no posting i guess………

  • Harisha

    Hi panday prepare well for upsc exm…..

  • Akshay Hakay


  • Rajib halder

    Any plan for CSAT?

  • anurag

    I want to say thanks to the whole INSIGHT team. You know what sir there are lots of websites regarding upsc preparations and all that but you are putting your efforts in a best possible manner for all of us and one more thing i am very delighted to see that you are personally replying to each and every message..

  • Harsh Katara

    I am having the following doubts:
    1.How to manage time to finish one paper in 20 days as we have to read newspaper,magzine and optional.
    2.I have not finished my syllabus of GS till now, so can I start answer writing of the questions provided by you daily or should i finish the syllabus first.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Harsh Katara

    • How many hours do you study eveyday? I will be able to help if you answer this.

      • Vinz

        Hi Aditya i too have doubt regarding 2 point mentioned by Harsha Katara. i started prepration around 2 months back.
        My plan was
        secure 2014.= 3-4 hrs (bcz most of the questions demands for analys i will search for the material)
        around 1 hr for news paper, and 2-3 for rest of my general subjects with aptitude practice.
        please Aditya clear my doubt whether i am on right path, bcz of general studies. but when i see this year main question paper all they want is analysing capability Vast reading of news paper.

        if wrong please tell me How to Cope up with both mains and Prelims
        thanks in advance

        • Jics

          @ Aditya….Hope even i will get some suggestions. As I am working I have less time for studies. At the max i have 5hrs on weekdays.

        • I will contribute a comprehensive article on this. Do not worry.

          Presently, you must understand that if you are learning after devoting so much time to GS, it is worth it.

          As time passes and you become more mature in your preparation, you would not take even one-third of the time you take now to finish current affairs. It is a gradual process.

          So, do not worry about the amount of time right now. You have a whole year ahead. 🙂

      • raghav

        Hey Aditya, Sorry to reply on a different note…How was you pub ad paper..i was waiting for ur presence in this site..

        • It was decent, can’t say very good. I wrote both papers equally well. However, i was able to finish only 220 marks in Paper-I. But, for Paper-II i attempted all 250 marks.

          No doubt, some questions were a bit challenging and open-ended but 70% of the papers was doable if one had prepared well. The paper demands conceptual clarity and the ability to correlate different concepts. Finally, you must be able to apply it in the real administrative world.

  • Rohind

    Dear Sir,

    Eagerly waiting for your November issue of Current Affairs Magazine.

  • ADI

    Sir ,Today exam (1,2 December ).. We need UPSC CS MAINS 2013 Question Paper ( either in .pdf or .jpeg (good print) file ) ..Kindly please provide to all.. Thanks in Advance

  • Sabya

    Hello INSIGHTS ! It would be great if there was a marking system, Great if you gave the marks, but if not possible, then fellow aspirants could provide the marks. That ensures a positive competition and will act as the boon for all !

  • Ash


  • dileep

    Sir, Kindly provide your feedback on the moderation of the GS paper-I (Mains-2013).. I found the paper basic and the level of moderation is also easy. I think the only method of answering such questions will be – to hit the bull’s eye. How do you think should a candidate whose is aiming for 2014 view this moderation of mains-2013. It will be of great advantage if you can add up your feedback with uploading each paper 🙂

    Thankyou 🙂

    • Full questions are not given yet, so it appears as if they are direct and basic. Of course many were predictable and are directly from the syllabus.

      Throughout Daily Answer writing challenge, earlier when I gave feedback on may answers, i stressed the same point – hit the bulls eye.

      We will try to give synopsis for these questions.

      • Shahu

        Hi Insights. Many of my friends found it difficult to cover the paper. They could only cover 18 and 19 in G.S. 1 and 2 respectively. what should be the strategy to cover as many questions as one could with effective answers that may fetch good marks in remaining papers?
        please reply.

  • Vikram

    Plz upload november magazine

  • anshul

    please tell me the books for world history and India after independence for General Studies

  • munna

    please recommend me a book to cover the basics of IR

  • mark

    sir please tell us something on your paid test series…..

    • We will update it. There is still plenty of time 🙂

  • mark

    k sir…eager to be a part of it


    the reference list of books for 2013 remains more or less the same for 2013 as well.. i guess??



    sir please ignore my earlier post…. i want to request u to start a writing challenge for commerce optional too… thanks!!!

  • sandeep

    sir we see the entire GS question paper….so please suggest some specific books to cover all the syllabus…

  • Sir
    Kindly provide quick notes of public administration for mains 2013
    Last day you had supplied a wonderful notes for gs 3..

    • Sorry Amar, we don’t have any notes ready now. But we will try to do something by tomorrow afternoon.

      • Shahu

        Hi insights. Could you please suggest your valuable tips for optional paper scheduled day after tomorrow?

      • sks

        great efforts …

  • Abhishek

    Hi Insights,
    Are you posting General studies questions ?I have been to archive and i found that from 30th Nov you have not posted.

    you have told that enter the mail id and it will be sent to mail id but i have not received the same.It will be helpful if you let me know.

    you can reply me whenever you are free.No hurry.

    Thanks in Advance!!

  • Piyu

    It’s an awesome site for the candidates of UPSC.

  • Piyu

    I think this is an awesome site for the candidates of UPSC.

  • alokkalagi

    sir pls can u upload KANNADA LITERATURE optional paper of 2013 if it all if u get?

    • We will get it and upload it.

      • Vinz

        me too Waiting for Kannada literature optional paper 2013 insights.

  • IAS aspirant


    Plz upload Anthropology paper 2013 if you get.

    Thanks in advance

  • Deepak

    Please upload the PUB AD paper asap.

    • It is on the way. Compilation of best answers.

  • good source of preparation.

  • pankaj kumar

    Sir please upoad material in Hindi also for Hindi language student

  • shashi

    upload History Paper 1 and 2

  • sonu kumar

    please share your opinion on the optional papers. now you are the only hope pub ad and geo are betraying. please guide us on optionals. also update the books required for pub ad as per the new paper. thanks. ab toh aap ke hi sharan me hain kuch karo bhaiiyya.

  • DR.Brijesh

    I want to timing for upsc main examination with details

  • Ajit Singh

    Can you please post the mains papers for Management.

  • Ramesh

    Vinay Sir,
    Can you please post the mains papers for Anthropology..?

  • sir, if possible, pls upload psychology paper also

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    when do you plan to upload the November Magazine.??
    we are eagerly waiting.

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    hello insights,
    pl. give me all detail about bali package at 9th ministerial negotiation at WTO…

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    Hello sir,
    if possible plz upload zoology paper 2013…..
    thnks in advance…..

  • anonymous

    sir i nwant to know that i have done graduation this year from delhi university , ( h)…. nd after that i had some financial in my family so i was doing the job nd now i left out the job can i complete my syllabus in such a short span of time plz… definetly i will not take coaching from any where.. plz reply as early as possible..

    • Yes you can, provided you are dedicated to spend 10-12 hours every day on the study table.

  • Rahul

    someone please share the chemistry optional papers.

  • ishan gupta

    sir, I have requested u to plz upload the zoology 2013 paper….bt u haven’t posted it yet….sir plz upload the paper as I don’t have any other source…….thnks in advance…..

  • vyshak

    hai please update the mains gs study plan pages according to the new question paper asked…………
    and also for prelims……..


    We are really thankful to have your current magazine put together monthly but kindly provide for November month soon ,it really becomes easy for us to reach out all the events ….

  • One of the best magazine i have ever seen with full comprehensive analysis of each current events topics. plz upload November issue soon if possible. Hats off to Insights for this remarkable extraordinary coaching work. Thanks a lot sir.

    • qwerty

      i have a doubt what is the difference b/w the magazine and the current affairs being updated daily

  • ganesh

    Sir , its my kind request .,pls upload economics optional paper sir…..

  • Insights, Please check your mailbox.
    Thank you.

  • haindavi

    is mathematics optional paper not available??please try to upload it
    thank you.

  • kapil

    sir when will current affairs magazine for november released…waiting…

  • Dr George

    insights please start an interview prep section… we’ve gotta get back to work after a tiring mains.. ive been a silent spectator of ur amazing work till date. will b an active participant in a couple of days…

    • George,
      Finally you are going to become an active participant 🙂

      Yeah we will try to bring more insights on the interview aspect as well. Now that you have just finished a gruelling session, take rest for a few days, recharge your batteries and come back afresh. 🙂

      • Sir, Please check your mail.

      • Dr George

        hi insights
        im back. been 10 days since i read a newspaper n already i feel like a dinosaur out of touch wit our nation.
        I’m kickstarting interview prep today with my DAF.
        I’l be reading a few books about naxalism, terrorism, RAW and policing in the next couple of months.Got them during mains prep n raring to start off. i’l also try n write reviews about them n highlight important sections so my readings can be of some use to fellow aspirants.
        eagerly waiting for your interview platform. any advice on interview would b much appreciated.
        thank you.

        • Thanks George. Please send your reviews of books. Actually we have this plan in mind – to invite book reviews from aspirants who gave Mains. It serves double purpose of making them read good books that would help in their interview and keeping them active through their interaction with fellow aspirants on the blog.

          We have a plan to start Interview guidance program too (free one). Later we will give you the details.

          Happy Reading!

        • Misfit Medico

          Hi Dr George !
          Best wishes for your interview prep.
          kindly give me your id, I have some doubts.
          my id is : misfitmedico at

      • Dheeraj Mishra

        sir which one is better for preparation, postal coaching or books.

      • aspirante

        so are we starting the interview+pre+mains prep?
        @Insights: can we have a thread to start discussing topics of general interest please?


      hai George…pls tell me you r preparation strategy for mains

      • Dr George

        sravani i think insights’ prep guide is a good place to start and build on in your own style. i personally believe each person must come up with his/her own strategy. im not sure if my strategy is the right assured i would write an elaborate in-detail account of my journey through the whole preparation after finding my name on

  • vysha

    Will you please update “How To Prepare For Mains General Studies Paper-I,,II,III & IV” articles according to the new question paper UPSC asked this time[2013]……………….

  • @ Insights Sir,
    I am a regular viewer of this site.. Presently I just write answers daily in my register only and do not post that in comments.. There is significant improvement in my writing skills after I started writing daily.. I extend my sincere gratitude for your noble efforts benefiting UPSC aspirants in a great way.. Thank you very much for this commendable job..

    REQUEST : if possible “Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge – General Studies” , may please be given in its sub sections (2 questions daily/ alternate day) like
    GS- Modern Indian History
    GS- Modern World History
    GS- Culture & Heritage
    GS- Geography
    GS- Polity & Governance
    GS- International Relations
    GS- Economics
    GS- Science & Tech (already there)
    GS- Environment & Biodiversity
    GS- Internal Security & Misc Current Issues
    GS- Ethics
    and other relevant
    It is because while going through daily writing challenge for optional subjects like History Geography Sociology and Public Ad I come across many questions relevant for GS but those questions go untouched many times.. It will be a great help..

  • atharv krishna

    sir i m regular user of this great website,i got much help during mains,thanx a lot..just want ur suggestion that after sm rest from where & when we should start for interview and i think this is time i should upgrade my previous mains preparation so what should be d strategy just now bcoz i think study should not break. plz suggest sir. thank u so much.

    • After some Ten days of rest, you can start preparing both for Interview and next Prelims+Mains (you should not take chance even if you are cent percent sure of getting a rank)

      We will start second edition of Writing Challenges (GS) may be after 10-15 days, you can take part in it. We will try to complete syllabus with this initiative.

      Simultaneously you can read some books listed here for interview:

      • atharv krishna

        thank you insight for reply.

  • shashank

    insight magazine not getting downloaded sir..plz help

  • Santosh Gupta


    Respected Sir,

    First of all Thank You so much for your wonderful efforts. Your efforts and insights have mandated to regard you as “CHANKAYA of Civil Services”, like in case of Chankya’s writings everyone wondered how a single human being can have so much knowledge, I too wonder with respect to you that how a single person can have so much insight about the exam and on top of that a zeal and unfettered commitment to help others. Hats of to you Sir!!!

    I am following this site religiously since first week of August, when I landed here accidentally while searching for some pointers to good study material for GS papers, since then it has been a ‘joy of learning’ treasured beyond the confines of the heart.

    I am working as Examiner of Patents and Designs(Group A, Gazetted),The Patent Office, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, and like a lot of Indians want to become an IAS officer. But more than a desire to become an IAS officer, I wanted to prepare for Civil Services to gain knowledge and experience the ‘joy of learning’.

    Due to job commitments, lack of time and more so because of apprehension of lack of knowledge, I was more of a silent spectator than an active participant. Further, I was unable to follow everyday’s Answer Writing Challenge and at last I took printout of good answers and then prepared through them.

    Now, since I have taken the exam and feel more confident about the level of my knowledge, I intend to become an active participant and would like to help you in this noble endeavor in whatever capacity I can.

    I would like to request you for sharing some link or your account details where if someone wants to contribute monetarily then he/she can do. I, personally, feel indebted for your invaluable contribution to my learning and knowledge and irrespective of the outcome of the exam result, want to contribute as GURU DAKSHINA. I very well know that any of such effort takes immense time, will power and resources, so I offer to do a little bit of my part in whatever way I can. So, please share a link or your account details for voluntary contribution.

    At last but not the least, I would take this opportunity to thank and convey my deep gratitude towards Mr. Aditya Jha, Mr. Tauseef Ahmed, Ms. Asha Gaud, Ms. Anjali, Mr. Akand Sitara, Mr. Abhishek Pandey, Mr. Nikku, IAS Aspirant, Ms. Kirang, Mr. Raghu Sharma g and all others. You all have been an epitome of ‘spirit of knowledge and sharing’ – It has been a privilege to share the same platform with you all.

    One more thing Sir, I wanted to write this letter to you personally, but I couldn’t get the email-id to send it, so I am posting it here.

    Irrespective of the result of CSE Mains, I am happy with the learning this preparatory phase has endowed me with. Now looking forward to a further ‘enrichment of knowledge’ and an active participation from my own side.

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

    • Thank you Mr. Santosh. I wish you all the best for the results. We all are indebted to this website.

      You can always contact Insights @ insightsonindia at gmail dot com.

  • Radhika

    @ insights
    thre is need to buy a book u suggested for pre 2014 i.e. general studies paper 1 by TMH if i had a copy of 2013 …as it is very costly i am asking this question. plz reply soon…thanks..

    • yogesh arora

      no need radhika…

      • No need to buy another Manual. Absolutely not.

        • Radhika

          thank you very much insights and yogesh arora…..

  • anu

    when is next magazine issue (nov /dec) ? pls help

  • srinivasa c

    Dear sir,

    I came to know about your website today, its too good, I am writing IAS in 2014 , can I please know how can I use GS daily challenge, how do I will know that questions are added daily, how can I subscribe to your website, please help me, I will make best utilize of it….

    Waiting for your reply..
    Thank you

    With regards

    • For now try to answer questions posted at Secure-2014 initiative.

      After 10-15 days we are restarting second edition of GS answer writing challenge with 2014 exams in mind and based on this year’s Mains question papers.

  • shagufta

    Hi Insights..
    sounds little stupid but i want to know how to utilize this site.. should i note the questions and fish the answers from the books or go to the links directly and write them…there are many things i am not aware of, and since the info is vast, how to keep them in mind which i can use instantly..

    Please guide me.
    Anticipatory Thanks

    • ashish kumar

      Hi Insights
      Oh am in same category as Shagufta …am new and have no idea how to use daily would u plz point us to the right direction…..It seams daily questions are not been updated, r they for 2013 mains players only?


    • First, build your knowledge. When you feel you have covered relevant material for GS, then answer the questions here. Otherwise, you will always feel demotivated that you do not know this or that.

      Go through my reply to Lakshmi below.

    • Shagufta,

      You should adopt two pronged strategy:
      1. Every day study basic materials too – try to understand basic things from basic books
      2. Try to answer secure-2014 questions based on references, your own research (don’t spend more than 15 minutes on a question) and your residual knowledge. Initially you will write worst answers. Don’t compare them and feel dejected. Keep writing. After ten days you would be surprised to see the change in you. Believe us. We have seen many here getting better and better.

      You can’t remember everything. You don’t have to. UPSC tests your Basic Understanding. If you practice consistently, you will get clear understanding of all topics as our questions are designed to think you in a multidimensional way.

      The key is to stay in the race at any cost. 🙂 All the best.

  • lakshmi

    Sir, preparing for civils is like an ocean as being a new aspirant, I feel blue that where should I start with and how to continue my journey kindly shaare a basic strategy that what should be our daily routine of sites to be followed and areas should be given high priorities..
    thank you

    • Your preparation would contain four threads broadly. Read them daily. You may or may not start optionals right now.

      Current affairs – Newspapers, Magazine(Yojana, Kurukshetra), PIB
      Static GS – NCERT, Advanced books(e.g. Laxmikanth), Internet
      Optional paper
      Practicing questions- Secure 2014, Daily Answer writing challenge

      For the first thread, you may not read the magazines now. Start reading them when you finish the basics of GS.

      Now, you know how to prepare 1,3 and 4. For 2 start from NCERT books – 6th to 12th for every part of the syllabus. They would help you build a basic understanding. Once you have basic understanding move on to advanced books such as Laxmikanth, Ramesh Singh etc.

      Prepare long-term plan and then divide it into several short-term goals. Then further divide them into daily and weekly targets. For e.g. if you plan iin the long-term to finish economy in 2 months. Then divide the total number of pages in the book with the total number of days that you have. This then becomes your short-term goal.

      Planning your preparation is absolutely important. For, in lack of it you would be lost in this vast ocean. It would help you to keep track of your time and coverage both. Stick to this plan religiously and you find your preparation more organized and easy.

      • thank you sir.
        And please suggest me some good methods to organise study notes

        • Suggestions on note-making would be coming shortly. Do not worry.

  • sonu

    i also have same problem. how to follow this site

  • amit

    It seems that this portal too like Mrunal’s blog is funded by TMH to promite their books only.

    • Why? are you from Penguin? Even our free magazine is published by TMH. And links to 99 % of other books which are published by other publishers are also funded by TMH. 🙂

      Seriously are you preparing for UPSC?

      • KD

        ROFL.books by other publishers also funded by TMH!!!hahaha….


        So…Amit .. one should not read any book of certain publication even if its good for exam….just b’coz it belongs to dat particular publication?

    • Kisna

      Amit, Like the man, Insights strives for its reputation. Nobody is stopping you from Suggesting good books. If you know something good, post about it and help yourself & others rather than wasting your time with such ideas.

    • ABC

      @Amit – How can you dare to think in this way. Think multiple times in a logical manner before writing anything. Insight and Mrunal are Angels sent by The God to help us. Among all the available manuals in Market only TMH explains some topics in better ways. Every serious UPSC guy suggests this manual .If you do not belive, first study yourself and then write anything. We will not tolerate such criticism which is totally illogical.

    • Dr George

      amit,ur post is so inviting to use unparliamentary language in response but im gonna desist from doing so to preserve the sanctity of this platform. you really dont have to post every retarded thought that comes to your head. u need help.

      • macromouse

        For the first time something like this happened on this site. Please avoid this nuisance. Kindly block him.
        @ insights- i wonder why you replied him?

  • sanjh

    Can anyone pls tell me is there any library in Gurgaon or Delhi where all the books for UPSC are available?Or any library or source from where it can be borrowed?

    • ashish kumar

      where r u frm ggn or delhi?
      In ggn. there is a district there is a library near sadar bazar , but am not sure whether all the related books will be avilable there.

  • sudhanshu

    if you could upload mechanical engineering question paper then it would be a great help.

  • Abhishek

    Pls help…Delhi is a state or union teritorry?

    • ashish kumar

      It still not given state status …….It was the also included in election manifesto of congress this time.

  • ankur babbar

    sir plz share strategy for prelims

  • Balram

    Sir please upload the electrical engineering paper.
    Thanks in advance.

  • harsh katara

    Can you provide the exact dimension of the answer sheet or a sample answer sheet in pdf format.

  • Anshul


    Thanks for the wonderful help you are providing to IAS aspirants. I would like to request you to please give Daily writing challenge in phased manner,i.e.

    i) Beginners Level
    ii) Moderate Level.
    iii) Advance Level.

    Thank You.

  • jayanthi

    when will you upload the november magzine

    • The moment you stop ordering us 🙂

      Just kidding. It is on its way. Check your inbox for the link at sharp 11 pm.

  • mark

    sir ny update on test series…the amount,etc

  • Tezkant

    Hiii Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your immense help and guideline.
    I wanted to know that is there any provision of division of seats in civil service examination on the basis of optionals opted in a particular year. For instance, if the total number of students qualifying with geography optional is 13%, then the seats allotted will be 13% only. Please clear my doubt.

    • No there is no such provision. All optional subjects are treated equally and there is no relation between Optional subject and the way posts are allotted.

  • ankur babbar

    hey guys …after the supreme court orders ..will ias officers be given red beacon cars…or not …plz clear it

  • swati

    Insight Sir…As we all saw this year there was no 2 marker questions in GS papers so do you think that we should follow this pattern of UPSC for next year also..please suggest.

    • Swati,

      two marker questions are not fully redundant yet as they would be helpful in Prelims (not personalities or awards), but something related to Science and Technology, or economy.

      Mains would be similar but little tougher. This year questions were relatively simple and were straight. UPSC strictly adheres to the syllabus. One should study each topic with a multidimensional approach to get hold of basics and dynamic content.

      Answer writing practice helps in this. 🙂

  • Thank you Insights for providing this November 2013 magazine. After downloading it i have taken view of its table of content, the way of presentation of all current events….it is the magazine which i was finding till now. Pattern of magazine is according with new syllabus of UPSC, containing topics of India’s relation with other countries,its foreign policy, CBI issues, supreme court judgements, Health issues, ecology, climate change, running economics etc. It has made every aspirants task easier for preparing current events notes. And thanks a lot for this, it helps all the aspirants who are at remotest corners of our country not having access to any classes. Thanks…


    sir plz update abt test series

  • Govind

    Efforts you are putting in are mind boggling. I just want to say thanks and I recognize hard work and regimen that Insight team is putting in. I am open to an Idea where any monthly contribution towards this forum as per readers and your discretion if possible can be initiated. As I have worked in one of the leading Job portal I understand the efforts and money required in whole process. I would also suggest readers to buy book from the link as this help earning revenue.

    One of avid reader of Insight.

    • We are glad that you recognize the work behind this site. Thank you.

  • Rohind

    Thanks for the free magazine on Current affairs Insights!!
    Your efforts are of big help to aspirants from rural areas like myself..Thank you once again

  • nitish tripathi

    hello sir…u are doing awesome job and noone is in the industry like u…a bow to you……plz update about prelims test series (schedule,fees) as soon as possible….
    thanx again….:)

  • neeraj


    Its been quite a while i studied something now… I am starting preperation for 2014 exam… this will be my last attempt(age wise)..Could not even clear pre in previous two attempts. The first attempt was only with a month of preperation.. the second with around 2-3 hours a day ..This time i thought i would clear pre.. Now, I am in a fix.. whether to join coachin or leave my job and go on sick… I dont even have much money saved to pay for coachin.. done with my education loan this month.. have to save for a few more month to leave job.. or ask my dad for funds who retired this year.. I am from one of the new IITs and currently working in a PSU.. and currently in the remotest place possible near WB… the net connectivity is miserable.. still have access to net connection..

    Do you think I can join IAS/IFS if i start preparing from now?? Should I leave job? Is coaching necessary? I am not able to decide what course of action should i take.. Please help

    • Coaching is not needed if you have strong motivation and a good place to study for yourself. You can clear 2014 attempt. It is possible. You have to adopt a focused approach to the preparation. You should spend many hours in first clearing your basics and then for practicing – prelims+mains questions.

      Every one ‘reads’ for this exam, but the ones who ‘practice’ often get through. First asses how many hours you would be able to dedicate per day for your preparation. Based on that find a nice place to study. Internet is needed. As questions are based on dynamic content, you will have to refer some online sources (standard) for more information.

      As you are left with only one attempt, it is prudent that you do whatever it takes to clear both prelims and mains. If you are confident about getting back job after one year, you should resign and start preparation. Next December after Mains you can go back to your job.

  • swati

    Insight sir…please tell me that the book you have suggested for sociology paper 2 named “Social Changes in India by M N Srinivasan “contains all the topics that has been given by the UPSC under this matter or not as i have not seen this book and for sociology paper 2 no book is available that contains even one fourth of the syllabus…help

  • sir,

    I work in remote UT as an Offiecr grade 1 in a PSU ,where it is tough for dedicated preparation, am having a little kid, am commuting to my hometown every week, though this should not be a reason for deviation, I have to clear this time, because when everybody says I cannot do this my mind and soul force me that I should do, when your subconscious hits with hammer nothing could stop us either good are bad, but am afraid to take the first step, sir, can somebody help me with a skeleton of schedule, as per the suggestion given by Adithya Jha, I started reading the basics, and in certain areas we need to analyse more and for certain topics we would be confused if we go in deapth……

    As you are starting classes offline, we people are not lucky enough to get motivated and moulded by you.. so my kind and pardoning request is please provide us some time plan sketch, so that we would also be blessed by your grace,….

    Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart..

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      You have the right motivation to excel.

      UPSC requires a generalist. It means the 10+2 level. NCERT books will help you understand what does basic and advanced mean. Besides, you have such wonderful guidance in form of Secure-2014, Daily answer writing challenge, Monthly magazine. Utilize them to the full. They would help you understand the depth you require to study the issues affecting the nation.

  • Vijay Singh

    Dear Sir,

    Request you to please upload Commerce Paper 1 and strategy to deal with it…

  • dinesh babu

    sir…somebody telling that IGNOU material will be good for preparation….for what sections of the GS it would be helpful sir..???

  • kamal

    sir, i have been visiting ur insights website since october.came through it by chance in google while searching for a guidance on preparation. Thank u sir u hav given me quite an insight on preparation be it references or how to prepare for mains gs since main 2013 xm is over plz sir can u give strategy for 2014.n keeping in view any updation reqd in references(prelims N mains) and ur article on how to prepare for mains gs. Thanks and regards sir, looking forward for ur guidance.

  • Ashutosh Kr

    @ Insights sir…Pls upload yesterday’s JPSC paper

  • Akhilesh

    Is there any option for hindi medium student ?

    • You mean, Insights in Hindi? sorry friend, we may introduce it in future.

    • Major Major

      Hi @Akhilesh,
      Though this won’t be a foolproof idea, but you can still use Google Chrome to translate the whole page in Hindi. Just Right Click on this page and choose ‘Translate to English’. After that you will have a bar at the top of page that will give you various options to translate page in different language. You can choose Hindi then. Hope, it may help to some extent 🙂 🙂

  • shashank

    Respected readers

    Can any one explain the meaning of notified price and import parity price which rajan recently proposed for coal pricing..
    Waiting for rpl.

  • Rajesh Roy

    Hello sir,
    It has been a pleasure following you. I like this blog, and I read it every day. Thanks a lot for your Endeavour. The essay writing topics are particularly awesome. You have dispelled most of my doubts regarding it and I am indebted to you for that. 
    Still I have some doubts and that’s why I am here. As a guy who wants to be a diplomat, I would like to take International relations as my optional. I have been reading books related to Indian Foreign policy, mostly by Shashi Tharoor, Rajiv Sikri and other diplomats. Are they enough?
    Thanks a lot sir. Keep us motivated 

  • shivendra

    I appeared in 2013 mains..The first paper was obviously a surprise..Almost every one at the centre missed 3-4 questions.I changed my strategy during the lunch.I decided to write 100-120 words for every answer without missing a single question.I followed this plan for all papers and did not miss even a single question even in my optionals. I feel writing average answers for every question was more imp than skipping 60-80 marks in every paper.

  • Ramesh Singh

    Hi, Can anyone upload management paper?

  • when I open the newspaper and start taking notes, it engulfs almost of my time, can anyone suggest me to take notes and manage it from newspapers and also what should be minimum and max time one should spend and atleast. Though it varies, readers please give me a solution.

  • alokkalagi

    sir i cant read ur site online for long…suggest me wt could i do? pls…

    • You can’t read only this site or other sites too? Eye strain?

      Wile reading, blink a lot. Keep a good distance between your eyes and the monitor. Take breaks.

      • dr NAVEEN

        sir i want to share my experience of reading a book on ethics, although paper was easy but i think a firm base on some topics could be established by going through some chapters of this book.
        the book is- “a manual of ethics by JADUNATH SINHA” they were useful for me in mains 2013

        • Sure Naveen. Please send us your detailed review. We will be happy to share it.

          • dr NAVEEN

            surely sir, i will send you detailed review after writing tomorrow’s challenge

            • Ya take your time.

              • PKumar

                hello Vinay,
                Could you please share the way to contact you personally?

  • UPSC Aspirant

    Shri Vinay Sir , Where is link for ” How to Prepare For Prelimanary Exam Paper I and Paper II ? ”


  • Srinu

    I find there is a close relation between u and AAP (aam admi party)
    both are emerging
    both are accepted well by people
    both are comes with innovative ideas
    both give preference to public views
    (Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) will go to people of Delhi for their views till Sunday on whether to form government in the national capital or not.
    Insights asks opinion of students on offline classes)….

  • atharv krishna

    respected sir, as i m ur regular active follower n hv got ur guidence & motivation whenever needed..just given mains 2013 & i always feel that these are the rumours or misguidence which create a negative feelings for aspirants & i appriciate ur initiative in this direction of removing these.. sir in past few years there is a saying/feeling that those with age of more than 28 or given maximum attempts or those who r preparing while sitting (without doing job) are not getting cosideration or preference for selection by upsc,so u must be young under-25/26 0r doing a job to become an IAS!!… it true or is just a false market perceptio?? sir as u always removed these misconceptions so plz this time also clear not only for me bt many of those who are confused n seeking a true suggestion,thank u..

    • Atharv,

      I understand your concern. Last year there were 4-5 candidates aged 30+ in the top 25 list. Average age of IAS+IPS officers who are trained at LBSNAA is 28 yrs (male), so majority who topped lie in the age group of 27+, hence the logic that less marks is awarded in interview to aged candidates is baseless. Also, your experience doesn’t matter much if you can satisfy them with your honesty and personality. Don’t go there with preconceptions. Go there to have a lovely discussion with good old people.

      With friends don’t discuss about board members, their previous records, their character, their appearance, their background etc etc – it is useless and makes you prejudiced. They will have certain parameters and they will award marks accordingly. Keep occupied with next prelims preparation, or reading good books etc. But never worry about what happens inside the interview hall – it will be cordial and a pleasant experience provided you go there with open mind.

      See age profiles in the following documents. Absolutely there is nothing to worry about age. 🙂

      • kuldeep

        sir whats the reason for young age profiles for girls in FC? i mean girls clear this exam in comparatively young age as compare to boys, is it true? and if it is true then whats the reason for it?

        • Girls start their preparation early. Moreover the fear of marriage post-25 age might be one factor in pushing them to perform well and also less number of girls take up this exam after marriage (this is a guesswork – actual reason might be different)

          • kuldeep

            well its true sir , the actual reason might be different , but boys also start their preparation very early , thats y there are lots of boys in FC in the age group of 22- 26.

  • atharv krishna

    a big thanx….sir i analysed these documents & just want to say that “hats off to you” because these are only the markets wrong perceptions which create a demotivation for lakhs of aspirants..ur advice suggestion analysis is in proof & one can feel himself that how much wrongs are in market abt age/attempts/rural-urban etc. ..i m & i hope many will be clear of doubts..thanx a lot,u r like a light in dark to show us path,god bless you.

  • Shubham Todi

    Sir after mains 2013 will there be any change in strategy of preparation in any paper of GS?
    I am from science background and preparing geography optional on my own. But i am confused by large no. of sources on internet. I have followed many blogs and guidance of toppers and yours geography optional book list too but couldn’t plan a good strategy topic wise (how much to study and where to stop topicwise)
    Could you please guide me with TOPICWISE preparation?

  • pratiksha

    I regularly see ur page.and its motivational topics pls suggest how i prepare for pre+mains both parallerly.thanks

    • Boss

      Prelims+Mains parallel topics:-
      1. Polity
      2. Economy
      3. Culture
      4. History
      5. Geography
      6. SnT
      7. EnB
      The above 7 are parallel topics for prelims and mains. This is integrated preparation.

      Wait for few days, “INSIGHTS” will post prelims cum mains integrated strategy. He will also post detailed strategies for all gs mains papers soon.

  • Ashutosh Dubey

    I am a student from Engineering Background with mathematics as my optional subject. I have appeared in the mains 2012 but couldn’t qualify it because of my inadequate grasp on General Studies. For the same reason I didn’t appear for this year’s competition. I am following this website since November and it really has been a boon for me and other students who suffer from the lack of quality preparation material.
    I am really interested in your offline classes but can’t leave my job as I am the main income source of my family. I have read some comments from others on your website about linking your planned offline classes to your online material. I couldn’t help but agree with it’s potential and it is just the right thing for me and other students with the similar limitations. I know it will add more tasks to your already busy schedule but it will help a big number of students. From economical point of view it can be feasible if you ask for proper subscription from the students interested in the Video Lectures. I request you to consider it and dedicate a separate post/thread for it so that you can check the number of interested students and whether or not it is worth the trouble it will take to implement it.

  • good morning sir,
    i studing degree final year(
    i want to prepair for civils
    please give a hope
    and any better advices am weak in english

    am poor in money but not confidence
    why am taking this decision my parents so happy were see my position in civil cader

    plz give any suggitions

    • Anonymous

      cud nt able to download magazine pls help!

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Which pen did you use this year in Mains?
    Mains exam this year needed lot of writing, so those who have written mains, can you please tell me which pen did you use or found better. And also shall we use Gel Pens or Ball Pens. I know it’s a personal choice, but it would be better if I can get some suggestion that I may try 🙂 🙂

    • I have answered this in the Doubts section.

  • Santosh

    Namaskar Sir, i m ur student nw following u n ur sight for my UPSC exam-2014. I m From Belgaum but working in Chandigarh nw, i m in confusion abt my opt sub sociology . I m not getting correctly from whr to start n hw to start, i hv cmpltd by graduation frm IGNOU in Sociology n i also hv study materials like Harlambos and Holborn book on sociology for papaer-I, n yogendr singh, Ram Ahuja, M.N.Srinivas n Veena Das books for Paper-II with my IGNOU notes. plz tell me hw abt coaching centre stdy materials should I go for institute materials?? if so plz suggest me frm where i will get them. SIRI GANNADAM GELGE, SIRI GANNADAM BALGE.
    Your Fellow……SANTOSH

  • khushboo

    What an initiative!!
    Whenever i get ahead of myself and lose track of the immediate goal i come to this site, seek out the relevant information, re-read a few articles, realize i am not alone in feeling so exasperated all of the time and take a deep breath before hitting the books again!! Thank you sooooo much all you wonderful people !!

  • Rohit Kumar

    Dear Insight,

                     I have a question. Indian Economy is divided in three sector
                    1. Primary Sector--> Agriculture Sector
                    2. Secondary Sector--> Industrial Sector
                    3. Tertiary Sector--> Service Sector
                   In case of Food Processing Sector, what can be the category for this? The activity of Food Processing is the outcome of all the three sectors. Please help..
    • sachin mayekar

      It must be a combo of agriculture & industrial sector. Just a guess.

    • These sectors are not watertight compartments. Some overlapping is bound to occur. Food processing sector would actually come in the Secondary Sector, but only the later phases in it. Some of the intial phases like sorting, grading come in the primary sector. It is essentially a mix of these two. A similar situation can be seen when one wants to find out to which sector does Coke(from coal) making belongs to.

  • Ankur

    Kindly mail me current affairs

  • shoeb

    Nice one

  • nazeer

    sir good evening,we(aspirants) are very thankful to u for such a great work, sir i recently went through somewhere that one must have to get minimum marks(score) in G.S.mains in every individual paper to be considered (evaluated) to the final score. is this correct or wrong?

    • Hi Nazeer,

      The UPSC notification for Civil Services Examination 2013 mentioned that UPSC has the discretion to fix cut-offs to individual papers as well (and not just the final overall score). You have heard it correctly.

  • good mng…..sir

  • aseriouscandidate

    Dear Insights,
    could you please tap your resources and see if any one is willing to share a study plan/ strategy for Philosophy something on the lines of strategies for Eco and Pub Ad listed here.
    Would be great help.



    which is better optional history or philosophy? pls help me out …i am too confused!!!!

    • kuldeep

      history is quite lengthy, but its very easy to learn and grasp ………Philosophy is having a short syllabus, but requires deep thinking kind of brain ( unless you have the power of cramming, because through cramming , you can get the excellence in any subject)……………….Another thing is , in History although it is very easy to learn, but in mains exam, question comes in the statement form , which are quite lengthy to comprehend……….Whereas in philosophy ,most of the time question comes straight forward…………So the decision is up to you…

  • Rajesh Roy

    Hello sir,
    I have a doubt about the interview process. As I have done journalism in my pg, I did my intern at a famous news paper last year. Then after that I didn’t do much, as I had to concentrate on studying. Last year I had given my prelims and this year also I am going to give it. I will be 27 by then, and I had a job in the past, (only for a short time). So will this matter in the interview like I haven’t been in stable job ever in my life, and I have an above-average educational background. I know it is still early to think about these types of things, and I must concentrate on my target, still out of curiosity … If I get through I will be facing the board at the age of 28, and will my past experiences in any way matter there?
    Hope you understand my anxiety
    Thank you and god bless you sir

    • Hi Rajesh,

      The answer to this question has been given elsewhere in this section or in the Doubts Corner. Please go through it. You would find it very useful.

    • Rajesh Roy

      Thanks a lot sir

  • HikeAngel

    Thank you sir for your precious time and hard work. You are god sent angel for all those aspirants who lives in far flung regions of India & can’t attend coaching institutes. You matter for s&t and ethics was great help for me and so is the strategy of writing answers and essays. No matter what this mains result will be, I am always grateful to you.

    • You are welcome HikeAngel. Thanks for the kind words. We sincerely hope your name figures in the final list. Good luck 🙂

  • Santosh

    sir, it will be better for us if you start test series for preliminary Paper-II also, bcz in this year’s(2013) preliminary examination most of the students got low marks in paper-II (as I heard frm so many friends of me who r staying in Delhi, Chandigarh n Hyderabad especially for Preparation, they are all from Karnataka nly), so, sir what you say?? you may increase fees upto 5500….reply must

    • Hi Santosh,

      As Insights sir had said earlier, they are not experts when it comes to Paper-II. So, they want to do only what they are the best at – Paper I.

      If you want to score good marks in Paper-II, you can refer to the following.
      1. Cover TMH CSAT manual quite selectively- General Ability, Maths, Decision-making etc.
      2. Good Comprehension questions from the internet ( it is not up to the mark in the TMH manual. You must try to solve high level comprehension so that handle the easy ones comfortably in the examination.
      3. Practice some free tests from and other websites that offer free mock test for CSAT. You do not require a separate test series for it.

      If you practice regularly, there is no reason why you would not score well in this paper.

      • Santosh

        Thank you so much Sir, for giving me valuable tips….

  • ramesh

    Dear sir…… pls send important topics & some possible questions from Bipin chandra – india since independence book bcz most of the topics explain about congress govt and gandhi family achievements ,and full of facts ….GS answer writing challenge i solve some questions …..sir pls help me

    • Hi Ramesh,

      In Prelims the questions are mostly from NCERT with few exceptions here and there. So, Bipin Chandra is not very helpful for Prelims. Most of the facts are from NCERT.

      But, it is quite helpful for Mains. In GS answer writing challenge earlier many questions have been covered earlier from Bipin Chandra. Hopefully some more would be covered in the near future.

  • Purushotham.M

    Sir, Can u tell me how Indian year book is helpful to us in prelims and for mains.. Is it necessary to read year book..??
    If YES which all topics to cover in INDIAN YEAR BOOK…??

  • manu

    thanks for ur articles which really help me…

  • Jai

    Have done the payment. Thank you, team Insights! 🙂

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Payment successful 🙂 Thank you @insights for the test series.

  • Sai

    sir can you update gs approach according to cse-13

  • Jignesh

    Is there any link to download old Ncrt history books

    • you can directly go to NCERT site to download them for free…

  • Rajendra kumar sahu

    It is the great site. I think i can make dream cum true with the help of this site. Many thanks to the Editor.

  • Sunidhi


  • shankar

    Hello Admins and mods of the site…
    I am a newbie to this site and also for civils exam prep..
    This site has such a wonderful resources and beautiful information reg every aspect..Especially secure forum is good initiatve..Mind mapping has changed my entire approach towards studying news paper..thanks and keep going

  • Nikita

    Had quit my job at an MNC and started prepration in full swing from May. But then by Aug my batteries were fully running out,. For the past two months ,havent even read The Hindu regularly. I mean every time i take out a book, i feel like im not going to get through and feel dejected. Now i feel like i should get back to work , But civ services is a dream that i cherished from childhood. Frankly im in a mess right now , dunno where to start my preps from and whether studying from now on will be of any help in cracking civ service.

    • Hi Nikita,

      This is a phase of low “Confidence” in your journey. Trust me, not only you but many aspirants face similar situations where they feel they will not be able to make it to the Civil Services, want to quit and move on. But, actually they can not – just like you.

      What you require is not guidance, but light. The light which would clear all misconceptions in your mind. The fact is that as Insights says: Few prepare for this examination systematically, rigorously and continously. And, they number in a few thousands. If you can give the same amount of systematic effort, there is no reason( a topper said) why you will not crack this examination.

      More than the effort, you need to understand ‘why’ do you want to get into the services? If it is a childhood dream, then what exactly is it in the Services that attracts you towards it. With some difficult sessions of introspection, you would get the answer. Once you are clear with the “Why” part, the “How” would automatically come out. In fact, this whole website is about the “How” part of the Civil Services examination. But, if you are not clear with the “Why”, the internal drive required to persist in the preparation would not come easily. And, you would sway in one direction or another. The “Will” is hidden in the “Why”. Get the will and 50% of the journey is covered.

      You have a whole year ahead of you. Given that you have been preparing for some time, despite the breaks, you can finish the syllabus comfortably.

      But, you must start and there is no better time to start than NOW.

      • aditya very well explained thanks a lot 🙂


      • nithi

        wonderfully expressed.

      • @Aditya Jha
        your replies/responses/suggestions/advises are always WOW. I always look out for your replies (besides of-course INSIGHTS) !!
        in, when i used to follow it, there used to be a system to check the posts of a specific person by clicking on that person’s profile. Wish it would have been here as well :P.. Just kidding.

        Already we are getting so much from INSIGHTS !!
        I am sure this team of INSIGHTS would be progressing in their life by leaps and bounds. They are collecting so much good karma and blessings and wishes of others that no obstacle can come in their way.

        • Thank you so much Shilpa. 🙂

          It is Insights’ wish that everyone shares the fruits of his Karma.


    • Hi Vivek,

      You can print the magazine. Unfortunately, Insights at present would not be able to provide you with a hard copy.

  • sir,please update current event magazine from 31-12-2013

  • saranya

    Hi sir
    Im regularly reading INSIGHT monthly magazine(printed copy) but not able to cover the daily questions (secure 2014) , is the data for the question is covered in the magazine or i need to take a note on question and answer separately…..
    will there be next prelims test batch apart from January 10th…

  • amal raj

    am an aeronautical engineer,which subject is more suitable for civil services main exam,,please help me am in confusion

    • Hi Amal,

      I hope you are asking about optional sub. Go through previous 5 years question papers of optionals. That will help you.

  • kanix

    dear insights..
    we all are highly benefited from the quality of news that you update everyday in current events section.. please DONOT compromise with the quality of service you provide because afterall its quality that matters the most ..
    maintain your phenomenon of quality service. bcoz u r best.. 🙂

  • rh

    I am new ! Please know me what I start & how???

  • qwerty

    what all chapters to read in draft 12th FYP…..

    • Its quite voluminous Qwerty. So, you can just through the Approach Paper and Overview chapter of the 12th FYP. If need be, you can refer to specific chapters. Otherwise, it would suffice.

      • qwerty

        thank you..

  • Rajesh Roy

    I am reading this book now and almost halfway,Will it be beneficial to me if i don’t take history as optional? Or am i wasting my time?
    Thank you sir

    • If you are running short of time, you can skip the book. For prelims NCERT would suffice. For Mains, Grover can be helpful.

      • Rajesh Roy

        Thanks again dear sir 🙂

  • alokkalagi

    sir, i have paid fee of 3300 through debit card.kindly let me know the portions for 1st test..

  • qwerty

    sir i wanted to improve my speaking english….any suggestions

    plz do reply to this

    • You should just let go inhibition and start talking in English. Also watch BBC news, good English movies. Talk to your friends in English.

      You can also call toll free numbers and talk o them in English. Do this regularly. 🙂

  • Pritam

    Dear Insight Sir,
    Very recent I came to know about this site.After studying some parts ,I am feeling that its very efficient for a Civil Service candidate.7 months to go for UPSC 2014.Please suggest a preparation process for Civil Service 2014 both for prelims and mains.each day I make plan but fail to accomplish whole things by end of day though I do job in a reputed IT company .

    • Pritam,

      Please refer to earlier comments on this section or Doubts Corner. I am sure you would get the answer.

  • RM

    Insight Please Start your Mind mapping thing of newspaper Analysis segment…plz do that..Thank You

  • saurav ghosh

    sir when are u going to release compiled magazine for december 2013?????? Plz reply

  • arun

    hello sir,recently my friend told about this site-he said that it is best platform for IAS aspirants.i want to really prepare for IAS.please give your suggeestions about all aspects .thank u sir

    • Please go through all the comments and links. Everything has been explained in detail Thank you and your friend.

  • veer

    insight is good

  • ganesh

    dear sir,am new to preparation and have some doubts,pls clear,after reading newspaper is it better to cut and paste the article or write down its important points separate and indian express will suffice since we dont have hindu in our place and for writing answer here should i write in my book and then write here???sir all these reading paper,processin and writin answer seem to take a very long time….please help

    • Ganesh,

      Let me deal orderly with your questions.

      First about newspaper. It is always desirable to read The Hindu. The content and quality, relevant to for Civil Services Examination, one gets in The Hindu is incomparable to other newspapers – especially the editorial section.

      Second about note-making. When you find that an article has many important points to jot down, it is more convenient to cut and paste the article in your notebook. However, if the volume of the important content is manageable, writing it on the notebook has its own advantages. In this way, you will remember the news for long. Moreover, the words that you write on the notebook will become a part of your written vocabulary. And, this would give you a decent amount of writing practice daily. It has done wonders for me at least.

      Third about time. Reading the newspaper, analyzing it and writing notes naturally takes a lot of time for everyone. But, with regular practice and matured understanding this time would gradually reduce to manageable levels. However, you must not spend more than an hour on note-making in any case. And, please avoid making notes of NCERTs and other static books. Do this only when information is coming from diverse sources which you would find difficult to revise at a later stage of your preparation. You would realize the true value of note-making at the last stage of your preparation when examination nears. Giving time to note-making is like laying foundations for your preparation and knowledge. The stronger the foundation is, the higher and resilient the building would be.

      Finally about writing answers here. As Insights says and i have experienced it myself, writing and then typing is of immense help. It is perhaps the best writing exercise. You remember things for long. And, more importantly when you write things slowly using the keyboard, you get to analyse your own writing style and the quality of your answer. Besides, you get a chance to edit your answer accordingly if you are not satisfied with your writing quality. If you repeat this exercise a number of times, you would find your answers getting better and better every time.

      Hope this helps you.

  • ganesh reddy

    sir, when will you upload december current affairs magazine?

  • Kr. Bhaskar Bhushan

    Sir, we are egerly waiting for Insights December Magazine. Please upload it soon.

  • Arijit Mishra

    Even i’m eagerly waiting for the December issue..

  • Friends I would like to suggest a book – IAS prelims magic book 2014 by jts institute.

    • vineel

      hello jayethakker i bought that book in 2013 by looking at their advertisements saying 81 questions came from their book but simply they will upload the topics after exam and say it came from their book if u want u can check by buying 2013 and 2014 book my suggestion to you and everyone dont follow any material read NCERT and laximkant polity and some other standard books to be perfect in prelims paper-1 its more than enough.

      • Janmejay thakker

        Thanks vineel 🙂

  • qwerty

    sir all the best for t classes starting from today……

    have a successful journey ahead and make the dreams comes true of the aspirants…..

    #new begining #wonders

  • All the best sir and fellow aspirants. 🙂

  • Kr. Bhaskar Bhushan

    First of all Thanks for uploading most awaited December Magazine.
    You know sir day by day our expectaion is increasing to get from Insights and no doubt you are always on top of fullfilling our expectaion. I am in your Test Series programme and working in a positive direction to clear IAS in first attempt.
    Thank once again.

    • dneo raymond


    • lekshmi

      Sir, desperately waiting for the January Insights Magazine!!

  • mushtaq

    sir.kindly start answer writing challenge for Philosophy subject.

  • Hello sir myself is Mohan and i would like to say thank to u for guiding us in right way . Thank a lot for uploading a December magzine…

  • The best bok for UGC Net Exam is by Pearson. almost perfect. This can help in Civil Service Exams for many topics such as polity, environment, comprehension, reasoning, Basic Nemeracy, Data Interpretation.

  • pandhari

    dear insight ur magazine is just awesome
    thanks for this commendable job

  • pandhari

    ur popularity increasing day by day among civil service aspirant. .
    great job sir
    it is best than all coaching institutes of delhi in my opinion

  • qwerty

    sir u had recommened a printer which was good/and in budget….forgot that and not able to find a find it again in the comments …..

    plz provide the link sir……

  • Aspirant

    Sir, plz help me…I want to appear in cse 2014 and I decided this a week ago though I had taken coaching for this in Delhi but it was before the changes in mains exam (so that is of no use for me now) but due to some personal problem I gave up civils….but now I realise this is want I want to do and this year if possible….though I am taking NET exam as a career backup…Sir plz tell can this be done…how should I start because ideal time in may/june (my optional is a professional subject so I have good command on it though I have not finished it like it should be for civils mains )?

    • The idea behind this whole website was to help aspirants in every manner possible. Please go through all sections of this website, especially the Preparation Guide and FAQs. You would find your doubts melting away.

      The exam is about an year away. Mountains can be moved within an year, this is just an exam.


      Hey,no problem dear..last year [cse 2012] fourth rank holder, Dr.Alby John did it within 10 months in his very first attempt itself…Almost same the fourteenth rank holder Debaswetha Banik too did it in her first attempt without coaching…tk cr…do intelligent hard work…thats all..all d best dear..

      • Aspirant

        Thank you Aditya Jha…I will definitely keep your advice in mind. Thank you Sajjad Hussain M …it really morale boosting…now i think its possible!!

  • Anshul

    this site is no more useful. The best part of this website was daily current events, which has stopped now. The new version is just time pass.
    vinay sir i am sorry to say that u have just transfered ur burden to magazine team. And start focusing on making money through class and test seris.
    Many users suggested that u can make money by ads, but u didnt lizten for them.
    wait for the day when u have to shut down this zite

    • Thank you. If you are expecting to see this site shut down, then you are in for a big disappointment. Instead of wasting your time here predicting the future of this website, try to answer questions at Secure-2014.

      Don’t be hypocritical by suggesting we can ‘make money’ by ads but not by ‘test series’. Nonsense.

      • Nikhil D

        Vinay Sir, I would say there is no need to feel offended for such baseless criticism. The sincere readers and contributors of this website know its actual potential and also the efforts put behind it. They sincerely appreciate it. Some people come roaming around, read something for time being, comment senseless things and move on. They should understand that ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown’.

    • Oldton

      hello boZZ…he is neither maa laxmi with indefinite wealth nor maa durga with ten handZ…juZt trying 2 help uZ..please dont diZturb uZ..

    • rishi

      Ansul, tons of laugh against your comment, the site will never close and the case of money, if you read in one of the sections, you will find that Vinay sir refuted one of the above money help, so donot throw blank remarks defaming the site, its our readers suggestion to stop surfing it and pour down ur frustration to your ownself. Insights have really helped allmost all the aspirants and will do so in the near future too. Besides the new sections are dramatically very helpful to conjure all the knowledge that were hidden deep inside.A noble work of Insights should not be not be diminished with your bogus and lewd comments.

    • Aman

      lolz ..Sher ke ghar me ghus ke Sher ko Gaali dete ho . 😛 Mare jaaoge

  • rohitagarwalgwalior

    good reply sir

  • rohitagarwalgwalior

    sir previous version of current events was really very very good.
    if possible start it again
    again there is a option.
    choose 30 students and assign then one day.
    in this way each have to spent just few hours / month.
    even if thehindu is opposing, instead of posting it on site, u can just make pdf And sent to us.
    sir it will really useful for us.
    the day when u stopped current events, each of us is spending hours every day, so it is better idea to spent few hour in a month.

    • Previous version was indeed good but it discouraged people from reading The Hindu and moreover didn’t want to take risk of attracting legal suits in future (which would shut down this site as it is hosted on wordpress – they have the policy that if someone complains them about infringing copyrights, they would pull the plug of the site)

  • rohitagarwalgwalior

    sir first thing is that we should smart work insteD of hard work, if we can get everything from the hindu through that current event, there is no need to read it again. and by distributing work among 30 people, we can save our lots of time.
    sir no need to worry about legal action, u r not involved in all this directly.
    by ur little efforts, we people can save our lots of time. what u need is to just choose 30 of uz, Assign them a day, each day we will prapare curent event as u did and send it to u.
    at the end of the month, u make a pdf(dont add your watermark) and just upload it somewhere ananymoysly or mail all of us.
    this way u will not involved in all these, u r working just as a medium by which we can connect.

  • mushtaq

    dear insights team. My joy knew no bounds when i naturally landed in this site. I am residing in a remote area.this site erased my doubts pertaining the exam.but the comments section hurts a lot when informal things happen.whoso ever you are but for me you are a teacher as the saying goes./ i am slave to the person who has taught me even a single word. He may sell me or set me free.thanks insights.

  • Sir,good reply.actually this website will never closed,but that criticised people mouth will b closed after grate success of ur students.

  • rohitagarwalgwalior

    i request all of u to pls come forward.make a group, and start current events previous version

  • Rajesh Roy

    Hello sir,
    I have a question regarding news papers. When we are reading the Hindu, what we have to concentrate on the economic section? Am I supposed to write down important bills, names of various chairman, and names of reports? Please tell me whether I have to read the whole stuff? or what should I concentrate?
    Thanks a lot sir

    • You should concentrate on the concepts. You should write down ideas that appear in news reports or opinion pages. Persons, names of reports are not important, their contribution or content is.

      Give importance to understanding an issue from different points of view.

      • Rajesh Roy

        Thanks a lot sir 🙂



  • Plz sir send me ur email sir….as there are no one to suggest me about civils preparation …plz plz sir….

  • panda

    @ insight sir I m following ur
    magazine its is extremely helpful .I
    request u to pls cont till our main .
    There is very sir whose sociology
    test series is very good (as said by
    sr)I ll send u once he starts. a
    small contribution from my side.

  • jyotsna

    sir,i want to send questions on optional subjects botany n zoology through my teacher..what is d process or what is your mail adres to send them

    • send them to this address: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

  • jyotsna

    my english is not so medium is hindi til mw..i wlcm d sugestn frm al of you fr my mistks..i dont say y to wast ur time bt 1sugstn frm 1 for 1 dy, wil boost up my confidence n nw i m ready to share my cmnts in hinglish


      • Janmejay h thakker

        Sir I’m touched by your groundness. Sir please can you help me on writing. I like to write not to type and I always feel something is lacking I’ll write next time. Feel very secure when I read but also feel uncertain when comes to writing. I’m a voracious reader as I love to read. My friends also suggest me to stick to one good book, focus on current affairs and reflect more and write. Kente hai IAS banne baad aaram se padhna. Please help me especially on writing part sir

      • karthikeyan

        hai jayjyoti could u please send ur e-mail id

      • Sumit

        Hi ..I am sumit Jha, and waiting for the UPSC mains result-13.Actually I am looking for some books or something from where I can read about my home state Jharkhand/Bihar. If you have any such information then plz suggest me. My mail id is…[email protected]


      dont worry I have been complete my pg with english but i am determind to write my papers in Hindi
      remember medium doesnot a matter
      if you want to take help for improve english or for civil service you may contact
      it will be glad for me to share my ideas on civil services with you



      jyotsana you may contact to me for improve your english
      i am ma in english and also preparing for ias exam
      at present i am a government middle school language teacher at gaya



    Respected Insights,

    Its been a month when I first landed this site and found it very helpful and eye opener Thanks for the Incredible work

    Earlier I was planning to stick to the daily routine stuff i.e. secure 2014 and current event analysis but due to the busy schedule at work place I cant keep my pace wih the daily updates as of now I have left the job from tenth of jan 14 and now I want to devote my full time for the preparation of 2014 exam

    Iam very nervous now that how to cover earlier posts of secure 2014, current events & daily answer writing challenge as it is very important for the upcoming mains also suggest me a way to complete these important articles.

    I am thorough with the basic stuff i.e. ncerts and some slight concepts of mains as I have appeared for the prils in 2013 but failed to qualify for mains.

    Kindly suggest me what to start with and by what time the syllabus should be covered (finished) keeping in view the time required for prils preparation and revision as hardly 11 months are left for the upcoming mains.

    Iam thorough with my optional paper (Commerce &Accountancy) and will manage it effectively doing/ revising side by side

    Today onwards I will regularly update my knowledge from secure 14 and current event analysis without a break.

    Kindly provide the time schedule (in days/ months) by which I should be prepared for mains and revision thereafter

    PLEASE respond to this


    • Please go through the FAQs section, It would answer all your queries.


    recently i came to know about this site…i must congrats you for taking so much time to help aspirants like us…i have one question , i have read your magazine…. how can we get hard copy of it? is it available in market or order at site to get it monthly? i am unable to read it from soft copy …. i hardly get time to use net and study from download materials …. so please help as soon as possible …waiting for response


    Prachi Sharma

    • Oldton

      i think u can print them after downloading..its free here



      • Respected Jay sir, I am very new to this preparation. I would like to be selected in 2014 only. Please post a little comprehensive strategy from prelims to interview sir in a very limited 7 months period. Please sir . It would be helpful to so much of aspirants.

  • MNK

    Hello Sir!!
    December month current affairs magazine is awesome as usual…but we miss the collection of secure 2014 questions…kindly attach them as u did for november month magazine.

  • Arijit Mishra

    Hello Sir, I’m pursuing Masters in Mathematics from Gauhati University and I’m into my final semester at the moment. I’m a UPSC aspirant, like most other visitors of this website (UPSC 2014 would be my first attempt). Needless to mention, your online magazines are simply tailor-made for UPSC aspirants. I know UPSC is one exam that requires exclusive attention and preparation. Being a mediocre student, entertaining thoughts of me, cracking UPSC in the first attempt, while pursuing M.Sc, might sound over-optimistic. But I want to put my best foot forward. I just had an inquisitiveness to know if INSIGHTS issues online magazines for the UPSC prelims too…

    • Hi Arijit,

      Please go through the FAQs. The preparation for Prelims and Mains is not different. It has to be integrated. Therefore, the Insights magazine would be useful for both exams.

      • Arijit Mishra

        Okay.. Thank You.. I’ve been going through the magazine quite religiously..
        Thank You..

  • vikas jha

    I would like to join your blogs

  • Pandit

    this is a humble request to the insights team (especially stalwarts like Aditya, Tauseef, Akand) to please present best possible answers to questions of mains 2013 gs papers so that it could provide a kind of benchmark and we can compare how much improvement we need to make in our answer writing ability.

    • Hi Panditji,

      I, at least, would have loved to do it. But, there were several issues running in my mind that i dropped this plan.

      I think one can write much better answers than what we wrote in Mains or otherwise. It ultimate boils down to one’s capability, practice and knowledge. And, i sincerely believe that there is no ‘end’ to all of these.

      Besides, one must understand that the nature of the paper is “Subjective”. There is no one best answer and different authors may subscribe to different views. Even the structure of the flow or introduction may vary greatly amongst aspirants. It would thus not be right to brand one answer or the other as a benchmark.

      If, however, you wish to understand the broad framework of the answers – I am sure the Daily Answer Writing Archives would be quite useful.

      Thank you so much for appreciating our efforts on this blog and i am very glad that it is helping you in your preparation. 🙂


    i think sir……….sir is it enough for current affairs OCT,NOV,DEC which INSIGHT’S continuing……….? sir replay must sir..(ofcourse have to follow FRONT LINE,SCIENCE REPORTER) OTHER THAN THIS…

    • You have to read current events from past months too Sir. Our site is very young hence it has only last three month’s current events.

  • Chandra

    I tried buying from flipkart by using mentioned web link []. But when i search for the book, the URL changes and end part vanishes i.e “?affid=vinaykumar1”. If that happens, even i purchase the book it won’t help you i hope. Would it? I sometimes want to share a flipkart book link to my friend. It might be helpful for us to contribute if we know the steps to purchase in flipkart. [if there is different way to keep that in url]

    • Yes that URL changes but still we get our commission if you complete the purchase. If you land on Flipkart from the links provided here and buy something, then we get rewarded. Thank you for showing your interest to use these links for purchases.

  • jyotsna

    i knw that.. i m trying al these corrections required if i make any i send my cmnts in english..n thnks for reply..u r sdm means u already clear a administrative service exam..


  • ankush

    sir i want to ask u 2 questions, i hd doubt on-
    1) suppose in 1st attmpt we gt irs nd we gve 2nd attmpt fr ias..does our irs job secured?

    2)counting of mains nd interview r dne seperately or combinedly?

    • Ankush,

      1) Your IRS job is secured, if you have not resigned. It is similar to taking this examination with any other job in hand.

      2) The final merit list is based on the total marks secured by a candidate in Mains and Interview.

      • Anjali M

        Hi, Aditya

        I think we all people those who are expecting interview call and those who willingly want to participate should start a interview discussion like weekend debate, we have to ask Vinay sir to open link for this. I wish all brilliant people like you, Akand, Sahil, Asha, Kirthi, Keerthi, raghu, vicky Abhinav and as I don’t remember names all those who used to wrote answers in daily answer writing challenge will come forward and request them to do so.

        What do you say?

        • Great idea Anjali. Actually Vinay sir started the Interview section keeping this only in mind. The response has also been good. But, discussing there becomes cumbersome.

          I would also suggest that we exchange e-mails and phone numbers and discuss questions related to our profiles etc. , as the interview is about “speaking” and expressing oneself out.

          What say?

          My e-mail ID is aditya9835 at gmail dot com
          You can mail yours if you find this idea useful..

          • You guys also can call us and talk anytime if you think we can be of some help. Would be glad to conduct mocks or share few thoughts and experiences.

            • Great Sir!!! I will spread the idea around.

              Vinay Sir, can you inform some of the regular aspirants through e-mail about your proposition, as they do not seem to be visiting this website as of now?

              • I will request them to form a group, or start a discussion here.Hope they respond positively 🙂

                • Anjali M


                  I request you to give us one link on this site for the discussion. I hope all will join. Thanks Sir.

          • Anjali M

            Thanks Aditya,

            I will mail you.

          • Anjali M

            I sent mail to you, check it.

            • oh it is awaiting moderation…may be this is the reason y u guys wrote mail id in such a way 🙂

          • Well Aditya & Anjali & insight sir, what i thought was to hv group of candidate in Delhi because in my opinion it will be better if we hv 6 candidate with 5 taking interview of one and thus for all during weekends. This will prepare us in real situation.I will be shifted to delhi with in 10 days(my job).
            But i also appreciate ur idea as this will bring everyone in circle. Anyway if someone is from delhi than we can prepare in real situation else i m open to this.

            Raghu Sharma
            [email protected]

            • Anjali M

              I am not going to Delhi and I will not join any institute for interview preparation. So I thought to take help from others and help them in this forum who wrote mains and were active participants. You have good plan. You carry on that. I am waiting, Vinay Sir will open up a link for this discussion and I will stick to it. You share your ideas about interview preparation with us also.

              • Anjali,

                Hope you have seen this thread:


                • Anjali M


                  I know I read all comments on it, I daily check it, you have posted questions but no body answered that, then its not active discussion like weekend debate, Sir please suggest how it can be turned to live discussion.

              • I hv compiled all 2013 interviews of candidate, analysing them & preparing basic of situational & current issues.

                Being on isolated place( 🙂 from upsc point of view) i often relies on my laptop for interview(self). I hv covered basic related to profile in my last attempt itself. But really absent thing is real situation & as my job is allowing me to move delhi so i requested for student in delhi as it will be win win situation.

                As per my knowledge vinay sir is from K’tka so it will be difficult for him in such situation.

                Regarding coaching its ur discretion however if u want that compilation or even insight sir want that compilation then surely i will mail to both of u 🙂

            • Raghu, the idea is great no doubt. But, it will not be possible for me to move to Delhi now.

              • yes Aditya i understand that(u r from WB if i m not wrong)

  • Sumit

    Do you agree that Administrative Tribunals have lost relevance in India?

    • Sumit, please post this question in the Pub Ad optional writing challenge. I am sure you would find many relevant views.

  • Shoaib

    Koudos to the insights team , you people are doing a fabulous job

  • singhgurnik


  • Rajesh Roy

    Hello sir,
    Due to some reasons the Hindu wasn’t available to me last month. As I am from a remote place I didn’t have any other option to read it. But I am subscribed to Pratiyogita darpan. Now when I look back I feel like I am one month behind in G.K. What should I do? Shall I read the Hindu online editions from now including the last months? But I think it will take more time, jeopardizing my progress in covering the syllabus. What can I do when I couldn’t read news paper for a month or more than a month? Thank you

    • Help

      The important issues usually are repeated in the news. Do not worry. You will be able to cover them in the coming months.

      Other than this, read Insights monthly magazine. It will cover every other important news.

      Also, go through the PRS Monthly Policy review. It is a 15-20 page document covering all the important policies/initiatives. Open www dot prsindia dot org. See the section on Latest at PRS. 🙂

  • Rajesh Roy

    Thanks a lot. Have a nice day 🙂

  • Priyanka

    Hello Insights is very useful for UPSC Preparation. Please provide us some good practice for prelims exam too. Please post some question in the form of multiple choice question. It will be helpful for all the aspirants to prepare well for prelims too. Thank You.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      We are also providing guided-test series for prelims, but its charged (at nominal cost). You can take up the test series.


      • Aru

        thanks for sharing ur ideas…me an aspirant ..want ur suggestion…but confused and in hurry to achieve things..biggest drawback for me…I qualified csir net in life sciences in 2009-2010 continuously three times.i started preparation for ias in june2009 with optional botany at that time..meanwhile I got admission in enrolled for that having plan that with phd I will make my time and will prepare (foolish thought’s)…I could not generate enthusiasm for phd…though with flow and constant scolding and help of my gf I could finish phd lab work but did not wrote even a single paper…hope to finish phd very soon…along with phd I could not loose my passion and jeal for ias.i lied to my mentor and came delhi for 4 month in june 2012. ..for taking coaching 2nd optional…without any thought I took pub ad..syllabus got over once in oct.2012….joined weekend batch for g.s. from rau’s….again managing some how but not able to accelerate in any…now again joined coaching for g.s. in vajram and ravi going with that…but now priblem is that I am lacking in confidence..age 27…not having proper planning…wrong things pondering in head..not able to perform good in csat…facing problem in concentartion…not able to keep things in proper structured way…fearing of failure in life….my most of friends during this span got slected in every sphere…captain in army..judge…assistant commandant…assistant in fci…now conflicts coming…shouldni open coaching…I wrote exam po..ssc.but not getting selection…no family pressure still I am fearful of what will happen…I have 3 attempt left…in this 2nd attempt also I am not confident…..still confused whether to take pubad or botany…, I know I wrote a long and very irritaing story…but what to do mam…a lot of information planning able to figure out…plz suggestvsome novels which can boost up me….plz help me out…

  • ankur babbar

    sir , please give us strategy for prelims….you have said earlier also..u will share the same….waiting for it…:)

  • narinder

    sir,it is possible to give eassy exam in Punjabi and other gs exams in English medium

    • No Narinder. Paper I to VII – Essay, GS and optional papers – must be written in the same language. You may not choose the same medium for interview.

  • Rajesh Roy

    Do we need to read the NCERT’s for CSAT 2? Or shall i follow Agarwal and other books? will it be a problem?
    Thank you

    • sachin mayekar

      There are no ncerts for csat-2.
      U hav to solve ncert maths textbook of 8th,9th,10th(only for a strong base & if u r really weak in maths).
      If u r good & strong U can directly for agarwal & other books there is no problem in it.

      • Rajesh Roy

        Thanks a lot

    • sajjad hussain m

      McGraw Hills GS paper 2 [CSAT] is extremely fine and it covers almost all portions of aptitude paper…tk cr..

  • rajesh sahani,IRTS,12

    please change the font colour it,s causing a strain

  • virat

    Sir which optional is better ?? Sociology or Anthropology..i am a engineering graduate…



    December magazine is not downloading


    Where can i find the previous editions of monthly magazines.

  • Guys, please read the FAQs before asking any doubt. Most of your questions would be answered there. It would also save you a lot of time.

  • Rajesh Roy

    I know it is too late for thinking about this, but somehow it makes me worried every time. I did my Post graduation, and have all of my certificates with me too, except my course completion certificate. But I have the mark lists of all of my 4 semesters and when I went to collect them they told me it was not available. This doubt grows every time whenever I read about the mains exam, as what should I do? Will I have to attach my PG completion certificate for mains DAF? Will I get rejected without it ever ? In the interview? Please understand my concern

  • UMA

    DAILY ans writting history ,geo,eco,question for optional or GS

  • panda

    @insight vianay sir i m ur one of student who attended ur class in krishisarvodhy in mysore

  • Sir.,Ple Lead me to tackle History Optional.,Am interested in History.,But when compared to other optionals it is the wide one.,is it is the right thing i do by choosing history as optional subject??Can u provide me the Strategy of History Optional…Please…

  • Anandbabu

    Sir.,With a kind voice i ask why dont you start preparation guide(how to prepare optionals) for each optionals(history,Geography,Pub Ad etc).,It will be helpful for us…

  • sir, today i have paid for test series thru instamojo and my payment id is MOJO4129000U47594917 thanku sir for mailing previous test series .

  • Its an awesome blog. Helping me a lot in my 2014 preparation. Thank you sir.

  • Hiren


  • GK

    This endeavor of your’s is absolutely brilliant. This is social commitment, community development, generous hardwork, unfailing proactiveness. This is of unexplainable use to those cut off from the so called centres of civil service preparation. Hope the fire that is lit here will burn on for years to come and be effective in igniting legions of officers into social service. Burn on and never die !!!


    Respected sir,
    I would like to know whether the NCERT books from 6th to 12th will be helpful to clear the prelims. Please i request you to give me solution which would help me start my preparations as per your guidelines.

    • Yes they would help immensely but are not sufficient alone. You should also read few standard texts and follow newspapers religiously.

      One solution: close the door of your room and study as hard as possible, for as many hours as you can manage. All the best.

      • PONRAJ D

        Thank you sir for your reply.

  • narinder

    sir,is it possible to appear in Punjabi medium for eassy ppr and other gs in English medium?

    • No. You should write all papers in one medium. But you can give interview in your regional language even if you write Mains in English.

  • Nikita

    sir ,heartfelt and sincere thanks for the awesome work that you are doing now, but PLEASE do continue with the current events section; it helps us a lot.. Even though secure 2014 is an inevitable section, a comparative study of both the current events and secure sections help me feel more secure and confident of the current events. And i am sure, its the same for most of us out here too .
    Sincerely-hoping-for-current events-section-aspirant

  • Raghunadha Reddy Kandi

    Hello sir. I am Raghu. I have few doubts regarding the preparation. I joined civil services coaching 1 and half months ago. The thing is I could not give much time in reading newspaper. How do i overcome this? Do we have to write all the topics which appear in newspaper? How to frame our opinion on the issues prevailing in the society. How to develop that skill? Please do help me in that aspect. I am aspiring for the CSE 2014.

  • Mohammad Soraka

    Hello Sir, I am interested to join test series. Can I join it now. Plz Reply

  • Chandan sethi

    I like your website very helpful

  • I got good source of information regarding books to be learnt.

    I feel I am blessed.

  • ankur

    sir tell me which newspaper i shuld go with the hindu..indian express or else may economic times..?

    • Read both selectively, but focus more on The Hindu.

  • Hi…Insight..
    I must say, u are getting mature day by day. 🙂
    AND one more thing im not able to find out your current event magazine,plz do send link.
    Thank you.

  • Anandbabu

    Sir.,Ple Lead me to tackle History Optional.,Am interested in History.,But when compared to other optionals it is the wide one.,is it is the right thing i do by choosing history as optional subject??Can u provide me the Strategy of History Optional…essential books too…Please…

  • Interesting

  • bhanu

    Dear team insights,have you stopped daily current events section.???

  • RAJ

    Dear team insights,have you stopped daily current events section.???

  • i encountered problem in subscription,plz guide me up

  • kamal

    I have purchased spectrum’s publication book on modern history.
    Someone please guide me in sorting out the important topics that are needed to be prepared from the prelims point of view.


    Insight sir, plz start daily current event and upload january magzine 2014

  • arnav singh

    since last 10 days i had noticed that many people including me asked u about current events section and requestedyou to start it again,so just want to say that sir atleast u should reply. have u stopped permanently or u are replacing it by another section? we are ur follower n u should make it clear n if u have any plan then plz share..thank you

    • we shifted to user contribution model. No one is sending anything. So it has been stopped. We are ready to pay if someone comes forward to contribute regularly. But no one is coming forward for this one too. Hope you guys understand. Thank you.

      • ji

        sir the problem is an individual has only 24 hours….hope people understand that…
        i think u have given us more by taking just the current afffairs section out…

        1) test series for prelims (which stands apart): actually it helps in mains also….the solutions u provide….
        2)daily answer writing…..the questions are being framed by wide range of books ……
        3)expanded the horizon of secure14 (u have started using other papers(indian express/bussiness standard)

        actually u have started covering more of current affairs……….by inculding extra papers………..

        actually secure 14>>>>>>CURRENT AFFAIRS

        sir but 1 request would be to give links to daily answer writing question…as it was done in 2013

        thank you for ur help……….

        as i see u are reviewing some answers daily in secure 14………..

        sir if u tell the best answers of the day…(as u did initailly for daily answer writing challenge) it will push us more to achieve the best in ourself…..

  • Singh

    Hello insights….
    I think ur current event section was really good and it’s what that made ur site popular among the aspirants.
    It became an important part of everyone’s preparation.
    I think u guys should really start it again . For u we’re doing it earlier without any outside help.hope u ll consider the request.
    Thank you.

    • ji

      its secure which made this site popular…………

  • RSK

    i am unable to see monthly magazine for month january and febuary which called by insights magazine plz provide link to me.

    • GK

      Sir has mentioned right the magazine of a month will be released around the 10th of next month. And for February let the month end 🙂

    • ji

      do ucarefully follow this blog…..thr is no such magazine for jan….the last was in dec……

  • bikrant sharma

    my only dream in my life is to be an ias officer thanks in advance for giving such opportunity to know all about ias preparation

  • thank u for ur efforts sir
    sir my optional subject is history . i m following every section of ur site religiously . as i am a hindi medium aspirant, i am not writing here . i writes my own answer on booklet and summarize it with english writing aspirants . hope it will help me
    sir your history writing challenge is very good . you are puting questions
    in great manner . it helps in reading that topic very much .
    i hope u will keep it up
    thanks a ton !!
    god bless you !!


    Sir kindly provide JAN current affair issue compiled in PDF,(if time permits).
    appreciate your contribution to our preparation.thanks again

  • thanxx from the core of my heart

  • nazeer

    sir good evening,

    can we have your free materials icon on the top of the site again,i remember i saw last year free downloadable optional materials available on your site, if i am not wrong ; i thought to download it later ,sir can u please help us to get such valuable materials again.

                                                                        i am very grateful to u sir.
  • Dhananjay Gajare
  • basant

    Extra attempts and age relaxation approved by govt. w.e.f civil services examination 2014. 🙂

  • Ravi Patel


  • ganesh reddy

    sir,first of all thank u for ur guiding in all aspects and i’m waiting for january current affairs magazine.when will u upload it sir

  • Girija h

    sir can u please suggest some books for Kannada literature ?

  • manish

    is it enough to read the hindu article which are on insights website or we have to read others also.

  • himanshu

    Sir,kindly charge money for the monthly magazine but please release the issue of jan.month

  • laxmi

    sir, my advice is not to charge on magazine please bcz many poor people will suffer who are preparing for civils .

  • swati

    Hi, insights team. please start your online video courses also. just make your offline classes come online. I have a suggestion in this regard. Follow the model where you upload you videos on your website and give the students their user and pass on payment. the students will be able to watch the video only twice(once if you want). this way we will be able to get the benefit and you wont suffer due to piracy. Please consider this. I hope you trust your visitors. you can keep somethings for offline classes if you want………..really waiting for your online video classes and strategies…..

    • swati

      I have posted it many times just to emphasize the need for it. please look into it. Really needed. thank you for your time and consideration

  • ganesh reddy

    sir, we are waiting for january magazine plz when will you upload it sir

  • very helpful..thanks

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    Sir …if possible please, share strategy for political science & int. relations!

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    Hello team Insights.thank you so much for the valuable guidance that you people are ushering upon all of us. thank you team this point of time i have nothing but to thank you and if in the near future i get through this exam ,team Insights would be the first name that i would be making a mention of.

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    Sir plz give India year book notes. .and imp topics…and how to read and making notes..

  • jai

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    respected insights team,plz update the link of important loksabha and rajyasabha tv discussion..thnx

  • Abhijeet Baban Gawade


  • varsha

    hello insights…nd all d friends here…
    i m prraparing for upsc alone at my place in nagpur….felt that i could help discussing current issues n d like frm examination point of view with u all or anybody interested…i cant get a group here…so just thought of putting this idea ahead…i hav given interview twice…just wanted to b in touch with like minded people….my email id is [email protected]…anybody interested can tell me…n we l plan sumthin….:-)

    • vijay

      Am intersted but plz dnt mind i wuld like 2 get a gist of hw u wanna plan things b4 i join the group.hope u understand. i gave my interview once. my mail id is [email protected]



          i am also self prepare and i salute your decision to study self but whats about mutual learning ?


          • hi Friends i am too preparing as my first attempt i have some important knowledge and some not.if any body is preparing like me please discuss with me

          • Rajni

            why are u so CHEP

        • Husensab Panavale

          Hello Prerana I am also preparing for IAS & if there is any advice or information about exam u can share with me. This is my first attempt my optional is history thank you

        • murali

          first of fix time to gather all in time then only discussion il b in proper way

        • siddhanth

          hi Friend i am also preparing self… first attempt any way i am also interested in your group…add me

        • vikas chaturvedi

          hello my all frnds.. i m also want to become AN IAS officer 😉 .. i m also preprng self frm my home city itarsi… actually really needs a group study nd helps regarding books nd topics problm.. bez as prospect of prelims beside ncert books needs mutual learning for current affairs nd other ones..
          if any body interested.. plz reply 🙂

          • Abhishek Awasthi

            Hello Vikas,
            Even I am also self preparing.We can discuss the current affairs and other NCERT topics.

        • laxman

          Hey even im preparing for upsc n i gave my 1st attempt last year and i was not able to clear it .Even im intrested in group and mutual learning.

        • subham

          I m subham also preparing my own. Any suggestions let me know also at [email protected]

        • Rakesh Gupta

          hi friends!

          Rakesh Gupta here. cs’13 was my first attempt i gave the mains but was unable to get through. but this year i have been preparing since i gave the mains. anyone interested and wanna give n take something, n who is serious for discussions n all may come in contact , it will be beneficial for all of us who form the group. coz time is very less, i have the strategy but lacking a partner or group. if someone from rajpura/patiala/chd , we can have live discussions or sharing of important things needed.
          contact- [email protected]

        • s

          hey prerna i am also a self preparator …….lets do combined study
          my id is [email protected]
          check ur mail

        • valarmathy

          hellow prerna im also preparing for ias. which books and what is your study strategy

    • rahul

      yes I wanna join your group.. at now time I m fresher preparation self and also studying psychology and its my optional subject… for better preparation plz suggest me.

      • Sun deep

        Hai Rahul,
        I’m Sun deep . I’m Preparing Psychology as an Optional . I have already Attempted Once in 2013. And Working as an counselling Psychologist . If your Interested we can Prepare together.

    • shiridinadh

      count me in…

    • Raj

      Hi Varsha, i m Raj from Nagpur itself, i was in mains this year but couldnt qualify for interview, if u need any help u can contact me, instead i need ur help more
      email: [email protected]

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      hello insights this is sushanth
      this is my first attempt so pls suggest me thank u

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      Hello friends……I am also preparing self for IAS, I just wanna contact someone who is preparing with philosophy optional and I definitely wanna join any group for discussions…my email id: [email protected]

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      hello varsha …i want to be a part of this discussion group
      my id is [email protected]

  • Sir pls i got to know about your site really late ! n i want to join your test series as i have missed most of them . Please help me out in this regard !

    • You can join now also. Please see the test series page above for payment options.

      • Sir, I would like to know the details of ncert textbooks that you have mentioned as necessary for the prelims and test series. Please let ne know the ncert books details . Thankyou…

      • krishnendu

        Sir please upload yojona of the monthos on 2013 and 2014.It helps me a lot /waiting for ur reply

  • sameer

    u r doing a great service….thnx a lot

  • sid

    Hello sir,
    I am in a big dilemma, as m reading artics from 8newspapers and and other small updates from gktoday site… And currently reading bipinchandra for post indipendence along with my optional sociology.. And dnt gt time to read your current affairs or ans ur to d posted questns… Plz guide me…. Whether should i stick to my current practices or just follow the Insights posts or should find sm othr means…. Please help…
    Eagerly waiting for your reply…thanks

    • 8 newspapers?? Follow only two – the Hindu and any one business newspaper.. preferably business standard.

      Try to answer secure 2014 everyday. Please go through its details above. It will help you immensely in improving your approach to current events and answer writing practice. 🙂

      • sid

        Thanks…. Actually in those newspapers i only read selected articles.. So that i cn have a broader and deep view of things going around…

      • Sarang Tarare

        Hello Sir,
        I would like to know till what date the public admin and gs mains writing challenge would continue.
        And what should be our strategy regarding prelims?


  • Pulkit

    do the CGPA we get in our degree(i m pursuing engg) really matter in UPSC conducted exams? or merely passing it,is just enough?

    • Karishma

      Passing the exam is enough.

  • vipin yadav

    Dear Sir… i have not received Bonus Test 7th. please send me

  • swarnamugi

    sir,my optional is agriculture..will you help me by posting daily answer writing questions for agriculture.

  • Rinku Beura

    1st attempt, Didn’t clear! Unbelievable for me!
    This time-would surely make it 🙂

    All the best to everyone.

    • Manoj Sharma

      All the best, rinku bhai.

  • Vicky

    Hello friends!!!! I am preparing for ias alone at my home. I believe in self study …. yet feeling of a group for discussion current affairs . Anybody interested pls email me at [email protected]

    • masthan

      intrestes email sent

  • sagar

    hai insights….i have a doubt please clarify me…the point is i have attemptd prelims last year with my details wrong like date of birth…since i want to apply for upcoming prelims …what should i place at no. of attempts coloumn as i applied earlir obe wromg…pls rply me

    • It’s a tricky questions. You should write letter to UPSC and seek clarification.

  • Hi people,
    Count me in 🙂
    Self Preparing from my hometown bhopal



    dear ias paspirants friend remember one thing very clearly that
    IAS EXAM is about India Past Present and Future
    and you know impossible means i m possible
    have passion and keep continue your smart and focussed study


  • Saba Alam

    Thank you very much Sir for giving links to Business Standards like The Hindu in Secure 2014 section.


      as being a community of ias i want to advise mr saba that before go to business standard or other hi funda economic newspaper you must have basic command on indian economy and then study newspaper because if you complete basics of economics then it will be plesure for you to understand standard level of economics
      IAS Exam is BASICS OF BASIC…..


  • Rupesh

    i don’t know how to appreciate your work….Hats-off INSIGHTS…

    • Nikhil Ghadage

      Dear Rupesh,
      I am very keen to know how is your preparation going…your previous coomment promted me to ask this


    like festival of holi there are various colour of prepartion of IAS
    Enjoy colourful preapration and cheered your life ……



  • Veno

    Dear Sir,

    Could you give us an idea of how to  go through Yojana n kurukshetra articles, particularly kurukshetra which is only helping my insomnia these days :-) 

    It would b a great help to tell us what articles to read on them at the end of 2 or 3 months

    Thank you 🙂

  • Nikhil Ghadage

    thanks for creating such beautyful,motivational environment.Hi I am Nikhil,new to this.believe in self study.1st attempt, eagerly waiting…want to know…how we consolidate our study after intial phase of 3, 4 months…?


    all the best of luck for whom they are in line for UPSC Interview for IAS BATCH 2013
    my heartly wishes are with them
    go and show your talent
    and say to honourable UPSC MEMBERS that



  • sheodutt

    sir,mention plz enviornment ecology,biodiversity and climate change book for pt in hindi medium

  • Hemant

    sir,i wanna know in GS paper 1 you given very important pdf notes about indian culture and heritage. But i am bit worried bcoz ,is this sufficient for prelim and mains.? can you suggest any standard reference book?

  • I don’t think any of the losers visiting this site will ever crack upsc cuz if they had even a little potential, they wouldn’t waste their time on internet….. And the biggest loser of them all are the persons who created this site …… Dude, get some life !!! And for all those suckers, who follow this site regularly, ” KEEP DREAMING ” LOL !!!

    • gk

      Nilmani or whatever your name is let me elaborate for you..

      First things first. Are you a civil service aspirant ? If so, leaving aside the preparation and back breaking, what you require the most as a servant of a state is “humility” and a sense of respect for other’s views even if they are flawed as per your judgments. Thats why it is called “service”.

      Now I am not going to go into the merits and good things about this site as clearly you have already formed your opinion and shouted it out in the most humiliating way possible. There is no point advicing in the ears of a raging bull. But, mark my words here, mark my words. I am a regular user and a great admirer of the work done by people running this website. I am going to clear this exam and when I do so I will have used this website as a major source of my inspiration, motivation and material for the preparation. I shall share my roll number when I clear prelims and name when I do the mains and the interview. It might seem to you that this is arrogance and folly, but that is how winning is done. At least I am not using arrogance as a weapon to demotivate and hurt people who are trying something worthwhile in their lives. But mark my words here.

      I don’t know what mental state you were in while you wrote this comment or whether you are truly out of your mind. I cannot get down to your level of abuses and language because of the very simple reason that I am not like you. That is why I never argued with your observations above. But I will end my words with this:

      ” Don’t ever argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with his experience”. I live by this.

      Byebye and good luck in your endeavors in life,
      And, please learn to inculcate some humility which you truly lack.

      • ratan

        brother that was an awesome reply….but you dont need to reply to these idiots….nilmani needs help ..lets all pray for his good health….get well soon brother.

      • ravinder singh

        aplaud 🙂
        cricitical situation handled with beautiful words 🙂

      • vineela

        well said

    • Amman Shah

      Just wanted to remind nilmani this site is free,and also at a time where nobody cares for other’s these people are providing real help to most of the visitors…so if u can’t appreciate plz don’t demoralise people from doing the good work….

    • nicky

      @Nilami..When i read your post i get a taste of a deeply flawed mental state and immature character pregnant with self righteousness that’s patronizing others at its wake. I am á person who valued human values above inborn intellect and what we commonly dubbed as ”born with a high IQ’. Therefore I shudder when i meet people like Nilmani who have no respect at all for other human beings. You may be one of those dudes feasting in your inherent talents and intelligence but your fatten ill attitude is not what India needs. Today i’m grateful to UPSC even more than ever because with the likes of you all brains and no character competing in this civil services exam, people like me who is a bit lacking in the ‘brainy” department can have a chance because UPSC is looking for people with character rather than qualified people with no character. And i have no worry because UPSC cannot be fooled around.

  • anupam kumar tripathi

    hi friends, i am preparing for the IAS exam 2014…Right now, i am trying to complete the GS mains syllabus along with the prelims..but i am getting myself overburdened with the study materials…i have to complete atleast 3/4th of the mains syllabus before prelims exam….pls give me valuable suggestion so that i can get my target in time…

    • Hey read basic books as Laxmikant for polity and Economics by Ramesh Singh and Sanjiv Verma.With these 3 concept for GS 2 n 3 will be clear.

      Enroll for Insights test series and hence this will be your 2nd read and in depth .this also covers year book and history by Bipin Chandra.hence preparing for half of GS1 and year book helps in 2nd and 3d papers.
      With this for prelims before auguast one can be prepared with basic history,GS2 and GS-3.
      Writting daiy answer writting challenge certainly helps.With these one can get understanding of concept.Mains prep should go along with prelims prep.
      Then coming to NCERT.Go with history and geography from 6th onwards.Then later reading India since independence and art n culture and geography one book will suffice.
      Read current events daily by Hindu,BS and also GKtoday.
      Hope this helps.Even I am in same queue.Not sure of my prep since have started preparing only since 2 months.But anyways if you go ahead with concrete plan you can finish everything till exam.These suggestions are just advice.
      But according to me until one is not completely prepared,should not go for exam. Need others view also on this stand…

      • Nikk

        Hi friend, While I stand by you for Economics, Polity and History, how to you go abt for Science, Ecology and Biodiversity? Interestingly, these areas do have their own share in determining our place in Prelims. Hope you have a clear cut strategy to share!

  • sanjubaba

    this guy needs a “jadu ki jhapki”…internet can single handly can help 2 crack this exam nilu..wikipedia ka nam 2 suna hi hoga..may b grapes r sour 4 u

  • Manoj Chaturvedi

    This is a very good portal for preparing comptative exams

  • Manoj Chaturvedi

    This is a very good portal for preparing competitive exams and for general students.

  • swathi

    Dear sir,
    you are really doing a great job and I’m one among the persons getting immense benefits from your is very sad that recently only I’ve got to know about this site.but from that day i started practising for the writing challenge questions.i want to write for all questions but you are updating many qns in secure’14 🙁 today it is 9! how can i follow up u sir?should i write for all the qns or should i constrict with a few by spending 2 hrs a day?pls guide me sir

  • ravi

    sr topic vice material mains ke lie hindi me mil jaenge sr pls ? pls reply

  • Gaurav

    If we are reading Ncert do we need to study nios notes also?
    What is the difference among them??
    Please help as it is getting very confusing.

  • Gaurav

    While Reading Economics NCERT OF 12th standard, I came across numerous graphs and equations.
    How to approach these textbook for Pre purpose. Can i skip 12 Eco ncert as they are providing lot of technical detail

  • sachin

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  • sir please upload current updates about ongoing interviews

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    I’ve not received test 8. What to do?

  • Aditya Neb

    I want to prepare by myself due to financial crunchs. I wana get benefitted from group participation. I will contribute up to my strength.

  • sneha

    I want to join test series now…is it possible ?

  • Dhaakad Chhora

    Hi Insights,
    I am looking for your Monthly Current Events analysis for the months of Dec 2013, Jan, Feb and March 2014. But cant find them on your website. Have you stopped that initiative. If yes can you please start it again, as it is of great help for aspirants like me who benefit by the assimilation of all major events in a single file.


  • Parvinder singh

    Nyc …

  • viniii


  • ashok kumar p

    friends I have cleared capf written examination, three years back i have gone under surgery for left hemithyroidectomy. currently i have no problem with my medical condition.will this be a problem in medical test. please respond.

  • Amman Shah

    Hello insightsonindia thanks 4 ur sincere attempt to help the IAS aspirants ,I am very thankful to u.

  • vamsi

    Hi Insights,
    I am looking for your daily current events for the months of March/april 2014. But cant find them on your website. Have you stopped that initiative. If yes can you please start it again, as it is of great help for aspirants like me who benefit by the assimilation of all major events in a single file.


    • Arijit

      @vamsi: Even i didn’t find it… I hope they haven’t stopped the initiative.

  • panda

    @insightsonindia can u re post the facebook link of bio diversity PY material

  • abhishek jogawat

    Hi insights… kindly suggest me I am confused. There are rumors that this year UPSC is going to change syllabus for mains 2014 where there will be no optional subjects. I have started a new optional subject afresh than the last year’s subject. what should I do. whether to continue with new optional subject or wait for notification.

    • preetam

      wait for the notification… if your optional is Geography then continue…

      • INSIGHTS

        stop rumor bombing on this blog. i have also heard optionals may be removed. but if it does not then you are doomed. you cant prepare optional in sept – nov. Got it. do ask. keep calm and study hard.

  • Ankita

    it is true that UPSC is going to remove optional frm 2014, so pl. wait for notification 17th May…till then focus only on GS….

  • Namdev

    Hi friends,i am also preparing for prelim and mains ,can we make group and make upsc easier for easy understanding by helping each other which we r going to do in future for better society for better country,if so my email [email protected],thanks

  • deepak

    which ncert helpful is good for building strong concept new or old

  • swapnil pawar

    Thanks… very usefull website for compitative Exam ..



    Date: May 18th to June 7th 2014(21 Days)
    Venue: Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya,
    Periyanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore-641 020

    Samkalp, a New Delhi based nonprofit NGO which has guided more than three thousand civil service aspirants successfully is organizing a 21 Day Intensive Summer Residential Camp in alliance with Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Academy for Competitive Examinations(RMV ACE) from May 18th to June 7th 2014 in Vidyalaya Campus. Experienced faculty members of Samkalp will handle classes during the camp. A total of 160 hours evenly spread over to 21 days i.e., from 18th May to June 7th (timing 8.30 am to 6.30 pm) would be devoted exclusively to the four papers of General Studies(Mains-IAS, IPS, etc.). RMV and Samkalp, both being service oriented institutions and committed to human excellence have come forward to provide this rare opportunity and first of its kind in South India especially in Coimbatore.

  • can anybody tell me which book should i prefer for gs mains paper 1 for history and geography?

  • leopkm

    @INSIGHTS, sir could you please upload DISTANCE LEARNING MODULE ON VALUES IN ADMINISTRATION by DOPT. I checked in dopt website but it is removed from there. A lecturer told me that reading that document would be more than enough for answering questions from GS PAPER 4 and that document is prepared in collaboration with UNDP. It would be of great help to all the aspirants if that document is made available. Please do consider this request sir..

    Thank you.

  • Subhash

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know as to how should I cover the “Science & Technology” portion for the mock tests? I am too confused with the study material. Please let me know what to study and the source. I shall be grateful.



  • @all…Check out this link which is in torrentz and download it soon..It has all the necessary books required for newcomers and all to download and also study from..But do visit as soon as u see it.
    Just hit the “like” button,if u like this initiative..that will be more then enough for me..

  • swamy kasani

    hello sir.i chose history as my optional may i read ignou metirial along with prominent books.if may i read with save time?

  • hari

    hi insights, could u please post interview experiences of some the candidates who r facing civils interview right now,or atleast come up with a link so that they can post their interviews.i hope it will be helpful to future aspirants like me

  • Rashmi

    hello, this is rashmi. please add me in for group studies.
    please suggest me a good book for public administration. i am now giving it a start. so a basic good book for understanding would suit me.

    • lok

      from where do u blong?

    • Hello , u can start with lakshmikant and ignou notes.

  • lok

    hi rashmi
    for basic pubad laxmikant is good.

  • siddhanth

    sir how to go through geography optional self study

  • jayashri..

    hi i am jayashri…my age 32..can i take coming IAS exame…and i am not fully preaper…

    • Ravi

      @ jayashri
      yes u r general candidate and ur DOB is after 1 august
      if reservation then no problems. see advt.. issue on may 17

      for study if u want this then u start now with wash

      DO OR DIE
      Thanks frnd

  • Anil Reddy

    Hi Friends…I am Anil and would like to give attempt in 2015.I am trying to prepare self for the CIVILS.Please add me also in the group to discuss.Kindly update on this [email protected].

  • Dipankar

    Hello friends iam aspirants of 2015. Please tell me how to use this site in best way

  • vikas chaturvedi

    Hello frnds 🙂
    i could find balance of whole study plan bez of syallbus is too vast … specially NCERT books …
    plz give any suggestion …

  • rahul singh

    hello insights,
    please upload political science daily writing challenge..why did you stopped it…if you are not able to upload it than please tell me how should i practice for it.
    please give me any solution…

  • shelly

    hey friends, I’m Shelly from Jaipur. currently have joined career launcher test series for IAS prelims. After going through many successful candidates’ interview and exam experiences, Realized that a good team or a group can help a lot. So I request to some serious aspirants to contact me if you feel the same, it may turnout good for all of us if we study together and make it through. thank you.
    my ID is- [email protected]

  • sir
    can I opt urdu literature in mains as optional. since I am a science graduate. plz replay.
    my email : [email protected].

  • akash

    sir, please provide current events of national importace from point of view of prelims-2014 because i’m not able to tackle them even while reading newspaper(the hindu) properly!

  • swati

    Hi…!! if any girl aspirant or student seeing this and wanted to have Paying guest in Delhi very close to DU metro from 1.6.2014…very spacious with food included n less crowd of about 10 girls…..for details contact Swati :9971354628 from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm

  • Ankita

    I am maths graduate, can i opt Hindi Lit. as my optional subject in UPSC mains…. pl. reply me….

    • Yes. You can opt for any optional subject.

  • Raj- Naam to suna hoga

    Civil service+ Indian Forest service notification has been delayed.

    The notification date has been removed from the tentative date schedule in the examination calendar in the UPSC website.

    Looks like there could be some changes this time as well.

    • rahul

      yes raj it seems so….

      but bhai naam nahi suna maine,,,:P

  • sushanth

    hi sir this is first attempt
    so pls suggest me thank u sir

  • no notification today……
    y this kolaveri upsc??? 🙁

  • Deepti

    hello sir..
    may you please suggest any comprehensive source to cover environment(basic concepts,env treaties) for preliminary examination..

    • mehtabgill

      hello r can u give me
      subtopics of history,geography..polity..nd others which s needed for ias

      • mehtabgill

        shot tme soo upst..plzz help me

    • r u Preparing NCERT books of class 6th to 12th



      • gk

        Dude ! Try to avoid caps like this. Its one of the first internet etiquettes you have to have. Its very annoying for people who see it all in caps. All in good stead. Thanks !

  • Raj- Naam to suna hoga

    Dear Friends,

    UPSC has informed on their website that the notification for civil services exam 2014 will be issued on 31.05.2014.

    Best of luck.

    • Rahul

      They are restructuring the optional syllabus so it is very likely that they are not in mood to done away with optional.

    • just now i had sighted it



  • no changes……..:)
    F**k you guys who spread bullshit rumors… u wasted time of lots of guys….



      • sir, chill…. thats exactly what i am saying… (notice a smilie after i wrote no changes)….. i was abusing those people who were earlier spreading lots of fake rumors….. it did affect me for a while as i abandoned my optional preparation….. but now…. all thanks to UPSC the air has been cleared…… cheerz…. and all the best for up preps…. see ya @lbsnaa 🙂

        • VENU SWARUP



  • vipin yadav

    Dear Sir… i have some problem in Prelims CSAT 2nd exam…
    1. basic numeracy
    2.general mental ability
    maths Qus.are much more tough area please tell how to get mare marks in maths qus? provide any tricks or book



  • subham

    Hi friends. I m subham preparing for ias as my own.any suggestions please let me know


    I need your clarification on determining my OBC CREAMY LAYER NON CREAMY LAYER STATUS.

    My father is a railway employee earning RS.30000 per month and he is going to get retired this october. My mother is house wife getting RS.25000
    per month through through term deposit in SBI. Above mentioned are the only source of income to my family.We have only one self owned house apart from this there is nothing in the name of property.



    I am expecting your reply as soon as possible sir.


    • Dear Suresh,

      It is apparent that your father is a group B employee in Railways. Please confirm it. If he is Group-B, then you will be eligible for OBC quota. If your father is a class- A officer from the beginning, then you will come under creamy Layer.

      In case your father has been promoted to Class-A post before he attained the age of 40, in this case also you will come under Creamy layer.

      If he was promoted after age 40, you will get reservation under OBC quota.

      Your mother’s income is not accounted here as she is housewife.

      Confirm if your father’s job belongs to Group-B or not, and then apply for OBC.

      If he is in Group-C, straight away, go and get your OBC certificate.

      Note: This applies for only central government jobs. Different states have different criteria.

      • SURESH



        THANK YOU SIR.

  • vipin yadav

    Dear Sir… what is difference between OBC Creamy Layer and Non Creamy Layer status?

    • Venu swarup

      Candidates coming under OBC creamy layer are not eligible for RESERVATION UNDER OBC QUOTA in central government jobs.
      Whereas candidates coming under OBC non creamy layer are eligible for RESERVATION UNDER OBC QUOTA in central government jobs.

      MR.VIPIN YADAV the above mentioned is the main difference between OBC CREAMY LAYER AND NON CREAMY LAYER.

      THANK YOU.

      • vipin yadav

        Dear what is Term and cond. Non creamy layer in OBC?

  • eshita

    hello insights…
    can u please provide us with a new strategy specific for prelims 2014.
    it would be really helpful as very less time is left .
    thank u .

  • vipin mishra

    sir my question is in main is there is option that some one paper, say GS1,2,3,4 can write fully in English and optional paper, say history, can write in Hindi ?. is it allow ?. IN ADDITION can essay write in Hindi also.

    • Venu swarup

      If you choose ENGLISH as medium of language for mains examination then you should write all the papers including your optional HISTORY in ENGLISH medium only.
      If you choose HINDI as medium of language for mains then you should write all the papers GS,ESSAY AND YOUR OPTIONAL HISTORY IN HINDI MEDIUM ONLY.

  • Mohana

    is there any one with history optional. If so, Please let me know since 2013 history mains paper was tough. I am wandering about what books to read for paper 1 i.e both ancient and medieval india.

    • Venu swarup

      You can get the complete list of books for your HISTORY optional in


  • ajit kumar

    hello sir..hello friends..
    , i am a regular visitor of this site since last one year. i am preparing for CSE with sociology/philosophy as my optional. please suggest me books for my preparation. for sociology i want to buy the HARALAMBOS but which one i am confused among the”blue & thicker” one OR the “orange & thinner” one.please help.can contact me – [email protected]
    thank you

  • Mohana

    I am looking for extensive material in history, as the subject now demands greater understanding of analytical thought than just facts especially for ancient and modern india. Also it would be very useful if somebody let me know if Ignou material for BA can be downloaded.


    Sir ,
    I want to know how to prepare for psychology current affairs related article ..if u show some example how to search psychology related article from Hindu it will be more help ..please do help ..thanking u in advance

    Kiran sn

    • Gunda raj

      Check the syllabus first…read those parts..which are required…but current will help u in ur 2 paper..first go through one cheap book written by smarak swain.u will understand what to read..

  • sushanth

    Civil Services aspirants will get two more additional attempts from this year onwards to write the prestigious exam but there will be no change in its format and syllabi, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) said today.

  • Mr. x y z

    this is good to see this kind of portal i felt happy for it . this can help aspirants in many ways ,its good

  • valarmathy

    hello friends im preparing ias 2014 exam for my own if anyone preparing for ias seriously please mail me

  • anvesha

    this is soo helpfull!!

    • valarmathy

      hellow anvesha r you preparing for ias


    UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION notifies in Employment News dated 31st MAY to 6th JUNE 2014 Civil Services Examination 2014 (APPROXIMATE VACANCIES 1291) and Indian Forest Service Examination 2014 (APPROXIMATE VACANCIES 85).


  • can any one tell about the main books for general studies paper
    i am little bit confused



    OBC certificate issued in the year 2009 is valid for applying 2014 prelims OR a new OBC certificate is must for applying 2014 prelims.Please kindly clarify my doubt sir.I am waiting for your clarification to apply.

    Thank you.

  • Satya Brat Tiwari

    Insights community is really cool !!
    I hope next thing would be increasing MCQs and covering subjects’ parts more prominently.
    P.S.-I think latest comments should come on top.Every time I visit home page I see Varsha’s comment (no offence :P)

  • Saurabh Singh Somvanshi

    Hello Friends,
    I hope everyone is doing fine. I have done coaching for 1.5 years and now I am preparing on my own. I am software engineer so its a bit difficult to manage quality time on the study.

    If any one of you facing the same issue then we can discuss it together.

    Saurabh Somvanshi

  • Ms. Mumbai

    Hello everyone.. Hope the preparations are going in full swing! I am giving my first attempt this year and mostly its figuring out exam all by myself without any proper guidance.. However, insights has truely helped me a lot!

    Can someone (including insights team) can suggest a question bank I can refer to for prelims? I want topicwise questions so that once I am done with one topic say soils of Indian physical.. I can go through the questions. Going through last year’s questions topicwise is tedious as in books its given subjectwise.

  • Alakesh Mandal

    i eager to make group discussion as i do self study. if anyone from kolkata interest for group discussion please let me know. thank you

  • Ramesh Kumar

    Let me also begin here…

  • ankur

    Could you please start something like smsing daily writing challenge to those who want it on their phone…everyone cannot have access to internet everyday..myself being one of them…it would be a great help…particularly for that news related questions…

  • kavi

    You are doing a great job sir. Please sir, try to put AT LEAST secure 2014 prelims MCQ in Hindi. It will be a great help for Hindi medium aspirants.

  • AshishG

    Can I take Literature Subject for csp mains 2014 because i did graduation in Engineering?


      You can LITERATURE as your optional subject for mains.

  • preeti

    Thank u so much sir …for providing us such a platform…. Awesome.

    • HK

      Im facing prblm of inconsistency in study….cn anyone help….

  • somedutt

    i have taken tution from a well reputed coaching centre at jaipur this year in nov …and believe me its just a waste of time and money and i have leaved that coaching 2 months earlier than its end up……..sir for ias indepth knowledge is required and that is only possible through self study
    thank,s to you insight …doing great job

  • vipin yadav

    Respected Sir, I am in dire need of direction here. While filling the application form, they ask about our % marks for graduation. As my results are not yet out, I left the space blank and selected ‘appeared/appearing for qualifying exam’. But still it wouldnt proceed. So I filled a rough estimate of my aggregate. Will that be a problem…? Please help me….anyone….Please.
    i need second form again or not?

    • Dear Vipin,

      No need to worry. You can fill another form if you have given wrong fact. They accept the latest application.

      You can fill the percentage which you have got till now.

  • What if i have entered 00 in the column for percentage because i don’t know my percentage

    • vipin yadav

      yes fill 0 in the column.

  • Nagaraj

    sir thanq for giving valuable info regarding civil services examinations..had a huge and clear idea on each and every particular aspect..plzz do share always any important information further..

  • ashray

    sir plse help me…my aggregate in engg is 62% as mentioned in my degree certificate..but i ve entered 60 in my apllication form..will they reject it??pls help me

  • Achintya Roy

    What would be more advisable to prepare for Polity from, class notes or Laxmikant?

    • Oldton

      laxmikanth is the better option..if notes r short and lucid..use it later for revision purpose

    • prerna chobey

      Sir, plz guide as to how to cover the portion for bio as well as ecology that finds a considerable proportion in prelims .Suggest reliable study material for it.

  • Devvrat

    Dear sir,
    I just want to congratulate on the initiative which you have taken to provide the guidance for those who can’t go to coaching…….You have designed all the things in such a way that a candidate like me starts to feel something good about himself/herself……….thinking I have done some substantial thing today and I congratulate you to provide that feel good factor to us……….May god bless you.

    • Thank you Devvrat 🙂

      • csl80

        Great Site , Great Work

  • Manish singh

    Sir, plz publish a detailed strategy for history subject.

  • Diptanu Roy

    Anybody plzz guide me regarding which book will be best for international relations and history culture part????

  • monu

    thanku sir… till date i have using this site on my mobile.. now i could access to my pc also…


    can anyone explain me the implication of resolved border demarcation between Bhutan and China.

  • niks

    Sir plz tell me for 2015 UPSC attempt :- from which month current affairs notes required for mains and prellim…,,there is need to require the follow the insight secure mains challenge from may 2014…..plz tell me …..,

  • Diptanu Roy

    All candidates, whether already in
    Government Service, Government
    owned industrial undertakings or other
    similar organisations or in private employment
    should submit their applications
    direct to the Commission…. Guyzz wat does dis mean?? Direct to the commission means?

    • rajeev

      Means, in other cases the applications should be routed through concerned departments

  • palash

    sir, the books you have referred will be also useful in upsc 2015 or not of mains?

  • anurag


    I am an aspirant for the 2015 exam. I have been preparing since late 2011. I studied very hard for 1.5 year or so but since the last 4-5 months i just don’t feel like studying. Also, i have lost all motivation.No matter how hard i try, i am unable to concentrate for more than 30 minutes because the zeal is just missing. I don’t understand why this happened. I always intended to do preparation at home and enjoyed it also. Can you explain what really happened and how can i cope with this as now is the time that i should have been very serious.

  • the orator

    Dear Insight and Folks,
    Advice needed: please..please….help me out I am in big dilemma.. 🙁

    I have filled in 2014 UPSC pre form….only with a very minimal preparation of pre and good preparation of Optionals. As I have just completed my masters in 2014. I have 5 attempts in hand and I am 25 yrs old… As such I am not a person who takes exam without some satisfaction of preparation but yes like everyone I too do great work under pressure…but I am here on this brink….looking for some advice that can sort my mind on this.I have been talking to my people about the same but I am still not at ease.They know me they have their biases attached since unknown here I think of getting more objective advice here. Also I think Civils aspirants can better understand my situation and my case. Below are the some advices that I am getting….

    1st Advice:
    with all my efforts I should prepare whatever I can for pre in the time left because with low merit in mains shows people are preparing mains mostly after taking pre……..Reasons I get for this advice are:

    -that we work more under pressure and would be able to cover much more (but I wonder far will it take me in this race)

    -also nothing to prove this time (true!!)

    -also that its an opportunity I should not let it go and since time is the most uncertain thing we never know how 2015 would be…

    -another reason I get is that if I click I would be a batch ahead and it would happen an year earlier…. its because as they say I have always been good student which seriously I do not think is very uncommon among civils aspirants and also matters less compared to hard work….(plus I do not think I am lucky enough to go that far with such minimal preparation)

    2nd Advice:
    I should leave this attempt and should fully devote myself to 2015 attempt
    because this way my cycle of preparation for 2015 would not go haywire and I least I can hope for something and no shooting blindly in the air but at the same time lot of pressure (which I think is inevitable anyway)

    Adding to these, there in another factor I should tell all that my marriage might take place in 2015 or 2016. So at max I can think of 2015 or 2016 attempts. Being a female and going in to an arrange marriage I think chances of taking upsc exam after 2016 would be very bleak but at the same time Civils is all I wanna do and till 2016 only.

    Keeping all these in mind. Please help me sort my mind. Its one of those stages in life where you are so restless because of the seriousness of the decision to be taken. Its only after constant tussle going in my head that I am writing here. The anonymity here helps me to open up and place my case before u all that’s why I have chosen the site that I trust the most.

    also please clear whether 2015 pre would be in MAY or AUGUST…

    Thank You all
    eagerly waiting for replies

    • dear orator, what a conincidence i am on the same boat just as you the only difference I haven’t been doing great academically specially my grads and also that i am one year elder to you rest things are all same, the marriage pressure and the time uptil you can resist it. Future is definitely unknown and I have still not filled in the form for pre… im in a dilema,,.. A part of me and my family says i should sit for civils this time if nothing atleast i ll have an idea but A part of me wants to sit only when i am prepared fully. Also as every attempts counts so i do not want to waste this attempt and want to be really prepared for my very first attempt. But again, as the age and marriage things can create a hurdle it seems as this is the best time to sit in for my first attempt. Please help some one we, Please INSIGHT help us and advice us, what should we do i already have to fill the form for the prelims with 3 days left.

      PS:- I am way too much confused about my optionals as well and as they are to be filled in this form only just can’t get a clear picture and honestly do we have enough time now in our hand to prepare for the prelims??

    • @The Orator,

      First of all thank you for trusting this site to get help.

      Coming to your dilemma, following is my advice.

      You have filled the Preliminary Exam application “…only with a very minimal preparation of pre and good preparation of Optionals.”

      Now the trend is that if you are good at your Optional, Essay and Interview, you will get a very good rank. For you, Optional is not a problem. You have to study for General Studies papers – which would take care of both Essay and Preliminary paper-1 by default.

      In these remaining months, you can complete all the topics provided you put more efforts in a systematic and consistent manner. Follow the ‘How To Prepare’ guides provided on this site (if you find them useful); try to answer questions from today itself(don’t wait – start answering as it is an integral part of preparation and is better than making notes); and start reading basic books simultaneously. If you have a proper plan, you can complete all topics and be confident well ahead of Mains.

      So, take this year’s exam seriously and give your best attempt. Don’t postpone it for next year. Assume this attempt as your last and the only attempt and give your 100% to it. Also keep in mind that you should never take pressure. Enjoy this journey as if you are on an adventure you love most.

      Simple advice: Go for it. Today itself.

      • the orator

        Thank You All for the Advices……Special Thanks to Insight for answering me because I thought with loads of work around this pre no one from Insights would answer me but really thank you so so much… Now I feel sorted…

        Yes, I have framed my mind I am taking this pre leaving no stone unturned and giving my best shot in whatever time I have.....I do not know if I qualify pre or not but it will surely help me in my future attempt. Moreover I have attempts to take this chance.....There is a request Insights , please frame some strategy for people like me who have less time left.....However I am following your preparation guide.

        @ megha …..I am taking this exam …and I think u too should give in all u have in this attempt itself….but yes….there is another thing….if you are all for clearing civils in the very first attempt or giving your best shot then do not take it ..take it when you are satisfied about your preparation…because I regret taking my first attempt just to get an idea about the exam…I think solving CSE question paper at home or at some coaching mock test gives you the idea….So take the exam when you are ready to give your best in the given time but not to just get an idea. This is my view but it is you who have to take the call…
        wish u all the luck…

        • Scribblography

          Yes, pls go for it now.
          After getting married, it is only going to be harder. Having been through all that, I can tell you that it is only going to be more difficult to keep going with the added responsibilities.
          Best of luck.

      • vhbg

        Thanks for all the information. Very useful.

    • kitty

      @ orator,megha
      Hope you already got going by dis tym (due courtesy to dis amazing site) and dis iz jus my li’l endeavour to boost it further . I was in a similar dilemma a week ago and instead of outsourcing ma prblm i’ve decided to find my own answers bcoz i believe ‘No one knows me bttr than me ‘ and i had to go thru a lot of internal churning b4 i finally decided “GAME ON”.Lemme put forth some of d aspects which r mostly common to all…..FAQ kinda ..

      1.what is the minimum preparation tym for prelims?
      Lemme answer dis wid a counter qsn.How much time does it take to run 10 km? well it differs from person 2 person based on a lot of factors say d age,fitness,practice,stamina,strength(physical nd mental) nd ofcourse d purpose! Even d xternal factors say d temperature,wind direction,altitude also have der effect.Similarly in dis xam one’s intelligence,aptitude,attitude,memory,understg,edu backgrd,perspiration,inspiration,motivation and most importantly desperation makes all d diff external factors lik ref books,frnds,mentor,material u choose also hav der effect.Yeah generally ppl say it takes around 100 balls to score a century until a guy like gayle smashes it off in 30 balls
      ofcourse it doesn’t happen all tym but ma point it is POSSIBLE!!! Remember ” There is no history for anything until it happens”

      2.Late entry into the RACE?( others started a looooooooot earlier)
      well i do agree dat the earlier d better but its better LATE than NEVER! Lets get practical here its bttr to leave things beyond our scope.If u get x amt of tym to do a task jus thk of how u can finish it off in d available tym to u wid ur tool kit instead of worrying abt 2x tym of some body else. If u think abt u r late by a couple of months and postpone it u’ll end up being late by 1yr 2 months bcoz here d prep is cyclic.I mean to say if u r worried abt ppl who started prep b4 u then thk of d 2000 ppl who made it till interview dis tym wud b writing prelims wid u next year! so its a nevr ending RACE!

      3.Quality vs Quantity

      Generally dey r inversely related.The lesser time u have d more efficiently u can study.I mean u can score 50 runs in a d last 5 overs easily but dat doesn’t mean u can 500 runs in 50 overs.So when u hav 2 months to go d kind of productivity and quality of study per day u achieve can’t be replicated wen u hav a longer period.So short is sweet!

      4.Huge syllabus and diverse topics

      When something is too big to hit…….its actually too big to miss!!!The brighter side of having more no of topics is d effective weightage per topic is less so u can afford to skip things which totally pisses u off say medieval history wid a minimal risk – loss of 3-4 bits.

      5.Previson(prep + revision)

      Majority of d early birds complain of high memory loss of 30-40% of what they study after a period of 3-4 months.So even though dey covered d syllabus a lot earlier they cannot answer widout proper revision.So der net advantage is only half of what u actually think.For us if we could plan properly v can actually integrate both and luckily we don’t have time long enough to forget what we read 🙂

      Finally UPSC doesn't care abt how much we study r wat we study r wen v started so all dat ultimately matters iz dat "4hrs" on d

      d-day which is a test beyond facts and figures!

      P.S : The above things are applicable only in a particular context for certain ppl.I’m no away undermining d fact that an advanced and well planned preparation is always helpful.
      Since d above approch gave me a kick start and boosted some of ma frnds’ preparation i decided to share it on d website which helped me a lot many a tym.So frnds u can mail me any further queries w.r.t prep strategy,books,time table etc…@ “[email protected]”.Finally i’d like to conclude by sharin a li’l secret “TO GET WHAT YOU NEVER HAD YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU HAVE NEVER DONE”


      • well said

        @ kitty, very intellectual analysis, thanks for sharing it.

    MY MOBILE NO-094331157619
    & 09939709020

  • alok.rai

    @insights, sir plz tell me what should I do for the pre paper 1 . My scores was not beyond 40% should I go for some books on MCQ? How’s this vishal on current affairs..

  • vinn


    Where should i send the questions for psychology-daily answer writing challenge.?


    • Send to insightsonindia at gmail dot com

      Thank you.

      • ASHOK

        Dear Insight,

        Please start a devoted preparation course for Civil Services 2015, just like you have started for Prilims 2014.
        It will be very helpful for the beginners to follow and totally devoted to your course, We would like to join your course so please start like Target 2015 if you can so that beginners also cover whole syllabus with better understanding.
        One more question Once you had asked for willing to join coaching class in bangalore, please if can start a coaching class in bangalore then it will be very helpful for working professional who can not manage to go to delhi.

        • Dear Ashok,

          We will start an integrated Test Series for 2015 Prelims and Mains. Details will be out as soon as 2014 Prelims is over.

          We conduct rigorous tests in Bangalore (offline) from September for 2014 Mains. Intake is just 20.

          Thank you for showing interest.

          • Ashok

            Thanks….We are rigorously waiting for 2015 test series.
            Can u please tell where u conduct offline test in bangalore. We will wait for the day when u will start your classes in bangalore…

          • Akash

            Any criteria for deciding who the 20 people are going to be ?

  • rajassam

    Respected Sir,
    can u please restart the monthly e-magazine! It was indeed a great help to all the aspirants. Sir I know you are not doing it for money but you can charge a monthly fee for it. I hope you will not get me wrong and consider my request. Sir if there is any issue then please convey it to us.

  • arc

    vinay sir please tell me anybody from hindi medium selected in cse or not

  • AasanHain

    Thanks for this awesome site . It is very helpful for those who are preparing IAS without coaching.

  • kaialshpati choudhary


  • kkc

    Sir u r doing a great work…. Plz.continue ….

  • Parth Verma

    Dear Insights,

    First of All I would like to thanks from bottom of my heart to the team, who selflessly working for the welfare of aspirants. I am a Chartered Accountant passed recently and will be starting prepration from today.

    What I apperciate most is topicwise strategy provided by you people which fullstopped my confusion and make path much clear for me.

    Thank you again.

    • You are welcome. Thank you.:-)

  • Sudhir Deswal

    Sir, i am preparing for civil services 2015.I have done btech, i am confused regarding optionals i.e, b/w pyschology and sociology.What is the performance of these subjects in this year results??which one should i go for

  • praveen


    First of all many thanks for your effort to help the aspirants. Salute to the efforts .

    Need your suggestions/ some words out of experience, about me writing the Civil Services Exam. I am working in s/w dev company and belong to SC category. Last year I gave exam just out of curiosity without a days preparation. The paper went well, was expecting 190+ marks and a hope to qualify for mains, however I did not qualify and never thought seriously about it again. Though kept reading updates on your site. I got 195 (55+140) marks. Today I checked my answers and there were some silly mistakes in CSAT paper. I answered GS paper purely by common sense, No bookish knowledge/ No preparation. Now I realize that, if I give the exam with a little of reading and practice for CSAT paper I can clear prelims. But Do I have enough time for mains preparation?? what if there isn’t enough time, I can start now targeting next year Have you ever came across someone who has cleared mains by only 5 months preparation?? I mean is it possible…

    The interviews of successful candidates keep motivating and gives feeling that its achievable. Thanks again.


  • hems

    For 2015 attempt is there need to practise secure mains 2014 …..also tell me from which month current affairs notes require for 2015 attempt…..plz reply ……

  • Scribblography

    Hi Insights,

    I have joined CL test series too because they were giving full paper practice. I thought it would be a good idea to practice 4 hour papers often. I have written 4 tests so far (5 to 8) and my score has been in 170 zone (out of 400)
    I am very worried about my performance, because I got through the prelims last time, and now I am not even able to cross the 170 zone.
    Would be glad if you could give me a realistic picture.


  • Please guide me for best book for environment & biodiversity(ias).

    • purushattam sengupta


      you can go through books written by ERACH BHARUCHA and by P.D.SHARMA

      Moreover the last 5 chapters on environment in biology(class12) of NCERT Can also be looked at.

  • swati


    PLS sir help me

    • shiv

      Exclusively my strategy…
      For 2015 time = Lame part & Serious part
      Lame part (berfore jan 2014)
      IR = indias current policy changes + agreement + U.N stuff + summits(climate+BRICS+..etc)
      National = diff govt policies + schemes + committes + disasters + women emp stuffs + laws(which really affect us) + UNESCO status(rani ki vavi) + culture & architect
      Sci & tech = ISRO stuffs(also intern = curiosity(NASA)) + indigenous develp stuffs + major disease spreading(MERS etc) + agri techs + major world develops(boson..etc) + envi & wild life protect stuffs
      Envi + eco = india wildlife + coral stuff + recent develops..
      Economy = Budget + recent committes(mayaram panel..etc) + impact on diff world crisis on india + RBI annual policy stuffs + economy stuffs effecting aam admi….
      Serious part = will type another day(tired!!!!)

    • Scribblography

      Have a look at this blog:

      He has explained it very well how to go about making notes.

  • Meenu Vivek

    9,999 other followers !! Wonderful job insights !!
    Congrats !!

  • Scribblography

    Hi all,

    Is there any reading room or library in Bangalore for IAS aspirants?
    I have been studying at home and many a times you slack off.
    Anyone staying around MG road + preparing for this exam seriously + wants to form a group of 3-4 aspirants –> brainstorming studies for the prelims?

  • How to check written answers?? Plz help

  • RVK

    Insights team.. Why voting option in answer has been removed.. 🙁

  • MSI

    Dear Insight Team
    Its a humble request to you to pls start Geography optional answer writting on daily basis as you are doing for Economics and Political Science. I will be thankful to you

    • We will start this after Prelims. Please send questions if possible. Thank you.

  • kamesh verma

    sir i am a 12th passed student.
    how to i start prepration for upsc?
    and i want to do engg. from any private collage,what subject is best for engg and upsc?

    • Labour

      Pehle 12 pass ker fir sochiyo bachhe

  • purushattam sengupta

    dear sir

    pls let me know whether HISTORY optional can be prerared by own or not.and if i take coaching too,who will be the best HEMANT JHA sir OR BALIYAN sir.please reply at the earliest

  • s venu madhavi

    Sir fromthree days the posts have been stoped.please check it sir it is so useful to me

  • sandeep kumar

    Hello sir,
    Myself Sandeep Kumar .I am doing my with cs branch.I am in 3rd year .
    Sir i want your help to find important topics and books. I currently start reading 6-10 th class NCERT books.Will you help me to give a right direction in my study pattern.I am so much of confused about what to be studied and what not?
    I also want to get prepare for examination in Hindi medium but most of books are in English but i’ll manage.
    Please give me appropriate direction in my startup for IAS.
    Thank You Sir.

  • Optimus Prime

    Very valuable website.

  • How much valid is agitation by Hindi Medium Students to remove CSAT?

    post your replies on the link below

  • from where i can get the answers of this writing challenge??

  • dheeraj mishra

    sir i am a engineering graduate.can i take hindi iterature as optional

  • krishna

    dear sir/madam,

    Is it anything useful to follow LATEST RELEASES in PIB??

    If so what are important.

  • neha

    hey insight team..
    1st of all thanks for this amazing work

    I want some suggestions..
    I joined a coaching institute in march 2014. but i am not satisfied with it as they did not cover the syllabus as per schedule and due to this i could not have enough time for my self study. now i want to quit the institute. but as i belong to a middle class family, money also matters which i have submitted there.
    they refused to refund my fee.. can i go to consumer forum for this??
    or simply continue the classes??

    • Labour

      Pls call Arvind kejriwal..he has no work these dharna outside their coaching..hahaha..what insights has to do with your personal problems..did insights tell u to join..subh ratri

    • Oldton

      Leave d classes…many left lucrative jobs for d prptn..a coaching cntr cant decide ur future
      Watever..u have signed dere T&Cs b4 consumer forum cant help u

  • shreya

    The best site in internet so far and forever…. thanq soo much 🙂

  • shreya

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  • randomness

    @Admin: Can you make arrangements so that we can search what questions have been posted on a particular topic under Secure-2014?
    E.g. if I want to search what questions have been posted in secure on certain keywords, say, biotechnology
    would be enormously helpful if u can do that.

    • We are working on it. After Prelims, you can expect this feature. Thank you.

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    very helpful site.

  • Venkat

    I came across this website few minutes ago through one of my friend. I just read few columns on motivation topics. I would say this website is really worth spending our time on. Keep up the good work.

    • We are happy that you liked this site. Please keep visiting.

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    The information is really helpful for aspirants of UPSC . Thank you so much for sharing it .

    • You are welcome and thank you for your appreciation.


    One of the best site for new student


    One of the best site for new aspirant and who want to do something different in his/her life.

  • The best ever sight for UPSC

  • It helps a lot

  • Really insight site is like a guru dronacharyan and the student who fit himself like eklavya surely he will be selected in civil services exam with the help of this website. thank very much to insight team

    • You are welcome Hemant. Keep visiting.

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  • prarthna singh

    is there anyone from parwanoo,himachal(dist. solan) who is preparing for cse?

  • nazeer

    vinay sir good morning,first of all hatsoff to your tremendius work, sir recently i went through after civils final result that a major number of aspirants couldnot
    clear the medical test what might be the reason behind it sir;coz this is a major issue concerned to all serious aspirants like us ;i hope that you will definitely throw a ray on this issue to make us understand(kyunki civils ko jindagi samajhkar padh rahe hain last minute mein UPSC dhakel denese hurt hojayenge).

    thanking you sir,

    • Karunakara C.S

      Civils nahi, Civil Services

      • Karunakara C.S

        Civil services is not just being civil, orientation is about being civil while serving,

      • Karunakara C.S

        Civil services is not just being civil, orientation is about being civil while serving, and serving society. ( which may or may not be cilvil……)

    • Thanks Nazeer. There are various reasons behind disqualifying candidates based on medical tests, but this year they have made some radical changes. We don’t know the reasons yet. If I come across, I will definitely share here.

  • Darshan Kumar Singh

    Sir Can you link civil aspirants with commerce as mains subject.

  • Dr Gaurav

    I have taken medical science as mains sub. Can you provide me any material containing 10 yr solved papers of MS.
    Nd thanks for class 10 th old ncert history book. Is there other books like history of 6,7,8 and 9.

    • Dr Deepak

      hi gaurav.I have also taken MS as my optional subject.
      May I know which state u belong to ?

  • venkatesh

    In respect of Preliminary test series, I have a series of queries.
    1. If I paid Rs. 2500 for the test series now, will I be sent via mail at least 20 full mock question papers and solutions thereof at one go and instantly.

    Early reply is solicited.

    • venkatesh G

      Hi Venkatesh,
      You will get an email with links to download all Test papers including solutions at one go

  • parul chauhan

    Good site

  • Surabhi Panda

    Sir, I am preparing for IAS. Is there one or two subjects I have to choose as optional subject?

  • Apurba Kumar

    can anyone plz tell me that a normal graduate student not honours give the cse exam?if yes then what does he/she mention in the box contains subject taken in graduation as well as interview form?plz reply insight………..

    • Both can give this exam. Just mention that you have completed Graduation/ you have qualifying degree. It should be a recognized one though (by UGC/AICTE etc)

  • navya

    how to sinup into insights iam not understanding

    • Just enter your email ID above right corner and then confirm in your inbox. That is it. Thank you.

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    Looks colorful & bright… plus the new changes in question answer section will be helpful.
    Thanx for your continued support 🙂

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    looking forward for the new team insights..

    • Thank you Rajat. Looking forward to enthusiastic participation from you guys.

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    Well no compliments were left to give about this site.. Even giving such Compliments is not enough.. But I would say sir dat since the moment I found this golden mine my attitude and perception about competitive exams has been changing drast ically in a positive way.. I am really doing good in my pre preparation for the competitive exams.. And inspire99 is another feather in to the crown.. I would like to suggest one small thing reg everyday secure questions.. It would be good to give the correspending syllabus (like arts and culture for mains or IR.. Economic/social development topic for prelims) besides the questions that are given from either Hindu or business standard.

    • @Jayasimha,

      I am really very happy to read these words from you. Thank you. Hope your preparation for this exam brings success this year. Maintain consistency. We will try to be regular in our updates so that you guys keep preparing every day till you reach your goal.

      I am working on your suggestions. Hopefully we will be able to bring more positive features after prelims. Keep supporting and spreading the word.

  • Gokul

    I am not able to download ignou notes.. I tried link It saying the “website is under repair”..

    Can you please tell where I can get IGNOU’s Ethics notes..

  • helpme

    l am very serious contender of CS exam. But half way through my preparation found that i am infected with HEPATITIS B chronic, that means virus can not get rid off my body anymore. But even doctor told there is no danger to my life since they have medication to lower the viral load.

    So my worry is will this be cause for my medical rejection after appearing in merit?
    Please do comment as i quit my job for this exam preparation,have already taken lots of risk.

    • @HelpMe

      Don’t worry. Prepare well for this exam and at the same time take care of your health regularly. I checked UPSC notification, there is nothing about Hepatitis. If you are in good health during the medical examination, you will be eligible for all posts (even with little viral load). UPSC is flexible in this matter.

      Don’t let these thoughts affect your exams now. Be relaxed and give the exam 🙂 Wish you all the best!

      • helpme

        Thank You Sir,

        Those words instilled confidence in me and feeling relaxed now.

        Many many thanks 🙂

  • Priyanka G P

    Looking for more information about the institute

    • This website is your institute for now. If you are looking for details about Offline classes, you will have it after Prelims 2014. Thank you.

  • Rakesh

    Dear Sir,
    I am indebted to you in so many ways and I cannot describe my gratitude to you guys in guiding people like me from remote places to this royal path. You are doing an amazing work, I admire you all.
    I am going to give my pre next year and I am thinking about preparation now. I have read about the materials now and I think a test series is important as well. I heard about your test series and I think it will be the only option for people like us.
    I am sorry if I am asking an oft-repeated question, what can I do for getting that test series? I am sorry too if I seem naïve, as I clicked the link there in test series it said it is unavailable. So when would it start again? How can I get the tests? What shall I do?
    Again I wish you sir all the very best in all your endeavours, you guys are our beacon lights
    Thanks a lot  and keep guiding us

    • Thank you Rakesh.

      We are starting a new Test Series for 2015 Prelims in September this year. You can get details after Prelims. This will be a paid test series.

      • Rakesh

        Thanks a lot sir for the reply 🙂
        I will wait then 🙂

  • Deepender Singh

    Nice work.

  • Deepender Singh

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  • seher

    i posted answers for today’s secure mains ques twice by writing in comment box. . . .no of comments are increasing but my answer is not visible . . . why so??

    • Your answer was there in spam. Now it is published.

  • seher

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  • Shikha Pandey

    I wish to subscribe this page for the new information regarding UPSC.

  • jitin

    Dear Insightonindia
    I am a working person and have to give 10 hours to job and get little time to study. I want to ask, how many hours of study needed for this. I will be giving prelims next year means (370 days left) and that will be my last chance ( as of age and (& naive as I never gave civil service exam before ) and due to financial conditions I can’t compromise on job, Please suggest as every day counts for me . Moreover I have outstation work for 5 days a month. I have confidence that I am giving my 100% but still negative thoughts come to my mind. Please help.
    Thanks & regards .

    • More than number of hours, it is the ‘Consistency’ that matters a lot. If you study for 4 hours a day, continue to spend 4 hours or more every day for one year. You will not only complete syllabus and become confident, you will also be rewarded in interview (they have soft corner for working aspirants). Wish you all the best.

      • jitin

        Thanks a tonne
        I am sure , I am on right track.

  • M.Subashini

    kindly upload answer writing challenges for LAW as optional paper.

    with regards,

    • It will be very helpful if you can compile previous year questions in a WORD Document and send it to us. We will post questions daily. Thank you.

      You can send to: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

      • Rajat

        One suggestion from my side…
        If you can provide a complete blueprint for the cse-2015 . It will be very helpful for the new aspirants as well as for the old & working aspirant who are not able to take coaching classes . If they have that blueprint than they can maintain their pace for the examination and stay motivated.
        thank u so much for your commendable work …
        thank u once again..

        • karthiias

          what rajat is absolutely correct…insights inspires us….by providing mains-2014 and prelims2015 blueprints….

  • rahul

    Yes insights please provide us complete blueprint for cse – 2015.
    It will be very helpful for us…

    • It will be provided 🙂

      • Rajat

        Thank u so much INSIGHTS…

  • vivek

    Paper 1 was tough sir.
    Compared to last year, where most of the questions were from Economy and Polity, this year most of the queastions were from Geohrapgy, Ecology & Environment.
    Standar of questions were also tough. Options were also very close. Now everything depends upon Paper-2.
    I am expecting a low cut off this time as compared to last year.

    • But keep preparing for Mains. Prelims is over now. There is no use in analysing it now. 🙂

  • Dhanvanth

    Hi insights,
    Some of the aptitude questions in Paper II were exactly the same from your secure prelims initiative.

    • Yes. 🙂 They were previous year questions. That is why we posted them on the site. Do practice last 25 years papers to score good marks in Prelims. All the best!

  • Aman Sah

    please send me detailed syllabus for preliminary test of GS PAPER 1 &CSAT PAPER 2

    • Rajat

      Bhai aman sah…
      Go to
      Download NOTIFICATION OF 2014 …

      u will get syllabus of both prelims and mains…


    Very nice site, I would like to take civil services in 2015, I haven’t taken coaching classes, kindly guide me, it would be my pleasure

    • Please spend 2-3 days exploring all the links on the site. You will get all the details. Thank you.


    Sir plz start a test series for CSAT.Yesterday due i couldnot attempted lots of qusetion due to lack of time due to insufficient practice.So i sincerely request you to start a test series for CSAT.

    • We wii try to start it in February next year. But not now. Thank you.

  • ravi

    Hey insights.. Your feeds are not showing in my feeder. Also , your site shows no option for feeds.. Please resolve the issue , and ignore it , if the issue is from my side.. Thanks..

  • delhi

    Hai within this dhort span i contacted many of my friends inclufing north east and west. All of them were serious in their preparztion. And i conclude thzt CUT OFF WILL BE 175.-185….

  • anvesha

    discovered INSIGHT now only , sir can u help me with my preparation i am not able to manage my time ,i have started with geography and how much time to devote to newspaper….

    • Harshita

      For newspaper reading and making notes – about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the amount of information in the newspaper.
      Pls build up on that by ‘googling’ or reading the relevant topic from books.
      For managing more time – start in small chunks. Keep 30 minutes target to finish a bit more than you think is comfortable (this will stretch you and will make you put more efforts). Keep all distractions away in those 30 minutes. Just concentrate on studying.
      Try to stretch your limits, it might frustrate you but then you will be able to more and more with time.
      Well this is my strategy. I can’t say I have achieved this so far. I too am trying to push myself a bit more every time. It’s hard, but I think it will help us shape ourselves.
      Good luck!

  • Ravi Kumar

    sir, please provide the planner for CSE 2015. we are eagerly waiting!

    • It will be provided along with our 2015 Prelims Test Series details.

  • vaishnavi

    I’m really happy see the way your website runs. I always wanted to give a feedback and today I thought of doing it. My hearty Thanks to you people and the way you do it. It’s unique in the way it runs, I have referred many website for UPSC but Insights is the one I follow religiously and actually left all other websites. There is only one reason for that, the amount of motivation you guys give. I remember when the UPSC row was happening every single website had a minute update of it and which took so much of time and which insights never did but a message saying to ahead with studies and never get distracted . And even now when all the other websites are busy uploading the answer keys , Insights says don’t waste your time and continue your preparations. I actually did not check my Answer key this time because I don’t find a point in it as earlier when I checked and thought of clearing I didt . So now I just started for mains which will be definitely be useful. Thanks INSIGHTS for the beautiful motivation and for the guidance.

    • Thank you Vaishnavi. We appreciate your feedback. Your feedback is our motivation 🙂

  • shazia khan

    insights plz give analysis of prelims 2014…n d expecred cut off marks…we r all eagerly waiting

    • Only UPSC knows! Honestly there is no use discussing about cut-off. Start your Mains preparation. All the best!

  • Abhishek

    Are you going to start test series for Mains also?

  • Harshita

    My feedback on the prelims test series I joined:

    I’ll get straight to the point. I benefitted a lot from the test series. I had joined the test series very late(my problem) and I had not done even close to average in any of the tests. My score ranged from 30 to 70(my bad). But the way questions were framed, it made me look at the questions very carefully. Yes, I have over analysed a few questions in the main exam because of that, but the net result has been positive.
    The insights test series made me read the basic books, which proved very useful.
    I am not scoring great marks in sunday exam, but I am hopeful and would prepare for the mains irrespective of all the cutoff speculations. Yes, I have been so far going crazy about cut offs and what marks I am getting, how much others are getting, and all sorts of randomness. But thanks to the constant advice from insights which I keep reading, I am not interested in carrying forward the cut off craziness beyond 2 days. 2 days was enough to fill the void of time that is created after the exam.

    The motivational articles posted by insights are timely, so well thought about, and beautifully framed. You guys understand precisely what we go through and more importantly, when!!
    I am glad this site it running the way it is. It is helping everyone in some way or the other. Big or small. It’s a great service that is being done by the insights team.
    Looking forward for the offline program. I am really keen on joining it. Not that there are no other institutes in bangalore, but because I like the way insights approaches the exam. It is a lot like the style of guidance I think is right – dynamic, energetic, and encouraging.
    Pls update us on the offline program sir, and how do we get to enroll/join.
    Thanks a bunch for all the 2000+ questions in the target prelims test series, the daily questions and the motivational articles.

    • Thank you very much Harshitha for your review. 🙂

      Wish you all the best for your Mains preparation. Thanks again for lovely words.

  • Gaurav

    Dear Sir,

    From when secure 2015 would be started?

  • Ashok

    Insight, Where are You, after prelim you are not replying any comment….When You will Start Test Series for 2015..Thanks hope you will reply shortly..

    • 🙂 We will start it from September First Week.

  • Vijjay


    New look to site is very good. It is well organised now. Only thing, number of comments on main page may restricted so as scrolling is very comfortable.


    • Thank You for the compliment Vijay. I will implement your suggestion.

  • mohit kriahali

    Insights Sir,

    I have asked this question in doubt corner section also but did not get satisfactory response so asking it here again.

    Sir I am a working professional in IT industry aiming for CSE-2015. I came across notification on your CSE-2015 prelims test series. I am willing to join that but before that i have few questions.
    As part of my preparation i have been following The Hindu newspaper for last 3 months and i have completed NCERT 6th to 10th standard. Is it right time to join this test series? Or do you look for certain minimum level of preparation on candidate’s part before joining this test series?
    Currently i am able to devote 4 hours a day to my preparation on weekdays and 8 hours each on staturday and sunday. Do you think that much time is enough to prepare for next year’s prelims with the help of test series and guidance provided here on this site?


    • Dear Mohit,

      This test series will be such that you will be given targets to finish a set of chapters before every test. This will help both freshers and veterans. We will design tests in such a way that they cover all NCERT books comprehensively and then move to standard text books. But this year’s trend has shown that depending alone on books is not a good idea, hence in each test, current events and important questions from ecology, science and environment will be included.

      It is your wish to subscribe any time. Thank you for your interest.

  • krishnamohanreddypilli

    How can I subscribe to test series?

    • We will give link and details in few days.


        Very firstly I would heartily appreciate and thankfull for the kind of work insight is doing, in order to help the economically disadvantaged and rural aspirants.
        Thank you for your indispensable and pragmatic solutions for IAS preparations.
        I started my preparations 2 months ago, very fortunately I came across INSIGHTS, which seems to be one stop solution for my all questions. I’m eagerly waiting for Secure Prelims 2014, please confirm dates for this Sir.
        Lastly regarding preparations, is that preparing on two or more subjects simultaneously is recommended or not.
        Because while we stick on to one and finish, go for next. We wouldn’t get sufficient amount of time for revision in further stages.
        Please Suggest on this

  • Anand2004

    hello sir,
    i missed my first attemp by 15 marks, second attempt by 1 mark, third attempt by 2 marks and probably this too since i am getting very low marks. i am feeling quite dejected by these consecutive prelims failure but nonethless i want to try again(5 attempts left). however situation is forcing me to go for job and i am going to get only 2 hrs a day. now, i am all depending on your website and no coaching. so please give me the daily task for the next 360 days so that i can clear both prelims and mains for sure. i am willing to do anything to finish the task but please ensure that i can make it next time. guide me….

    • You should join a job. All these years whatever you have read will come to your use in next attempt. You should ensure that you don’t lose touch with preparation and new trends. You are willing to work hard. All initiatives on the website help you keep busy. Follow them.

      For Prelims 2015 you can join test series (any test series that is good).

      • Anand2004

        Thank you, sir. this year its going to be You and Me Vs UPSC. let us see who triumphs..!!


          Good Luck Anand. This time you definitely Triumphs with tons of success.
          Keep going friend. It might be stormy now, but its not permanent!!!

          • Anand2004

            Many thanks my friend, Devaraj Nagaraj. I wish you too have great success in your upcoming years..!!

    • shiva4688

      @ dear anand,

      i salute n honour ur preservations emulate with strong self determination . i m sure from this moment on u ll be headed to acheive ur mission with bright colours. great to have u as friend in here as prime example of self determinationer!!!!!!!! i m sure gods almighty will be shown to u through his insights, buddy!!!!!!!

  • KK

    Please Upload the Strategy for 2015 exam preparation..

    • Along with Test Series Notification, a Plan will be outlined for 2015 aspirants.

  • catabre

    Does the site has login option. SO that i dont have to fill the details every time i comment.
    if its dere why the link is not on the home page 🙁

    • Just included it. You can post comments using WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. 🙂

  • Ashok

    Sir, are you going to conduct offline classes for Pre also in bangalore.? If possible please start Offline classes in bangalore. .

  • satyajit chavan

    sir plese help me i m prepare for 2015 how prepare for pre ?exam and how i use the we r test series program

  • Ravinder

    Sir your test series for CSE 2015 will include both paper I and paper II or only paper I .

    Awaiting reply.


    • It will include only Paper-1. But we have plans to start for Paper-2 in February next year. Thank you.

      • rohit

        Sir,please do something for delhi offline classes also….we want genuine guidance!!!!

  • Harshita

    Are the applications for the offline program closed?
    I am not able to submit my form 🙁

  • vivek

    Sir your website is lot valuable for civils preparation. I have a small doubt regarding next year civils pattern how it could be, i asked many of teachers and friends they all saying dont think about future or past. kindly can you tell if csat will be modified because either way it is important for preparation. i have attempted this year but not confident. waiting eagerly for your answer pls also give possible speculations sir

    • You still have to prepare for both the papers even if they are modified (or Modi-fied). Don’t worry for something that is 11 months away. Start practising from now itself. Biggest mistake aspirants make is that they start practising when exam is nearing. Be prepared early. All the best.

      • vivek

        Thank you sir for your advice i shall start my mains preparation with selected days for prelims. One last question if change occurs what are the possibilites.

  • gaurav singh

    sir are u starting any test series for mains?

  • Hello sir, I’m self preparing. Attempted CSAT 2014. According to online key ans.. Im getting only 26 correct ans out f 100 Questions in CSAT 1.. as i belongs to OBC.. can I able to go for Mains? .. plz suggest me.. what should I to do..this z my 1st attempt.

    • Study again for next year. Start from basics and work hard. All the best.

  • What a great initiative !!!

    • abhithepandey


  • kumar

    Recently want past few news sources which claim the number of attempts and age bar eligibility are getting reduced. Please comment.

    • Neither UPSC nor government has notified about it. Till then prepare well with all seriousness.

  • ashu

    sir I am getting 220 is there any chance of clearing pre

    • Study well. You shouldn’t be asking this question even after one week of Prelims!

  • Yuvaraj S

    When onwards the test series for 2015 will start?

  • Aryan

    I am a working professional , i am getting 208 [Obc] as per shankar ias keys , how should i plan my strategy for mains ??

  • Details about the test series

  • goforbarney


  • Pradeep

    Hi Sir,

    Will you start daily answer writing challenge for Public administration also?

    Thank You,

  • phoenix-do or die

    Eagerly waiting for 4th September morning. Hope to follow your test series earnestly and come out with flying colors in prelims 2015.
    Thanks for such an interactive platform laced with all the utilities for ias aspirants. Long Live Insights.


    I’m Devaraj, working professional. Very firstly I would heartly appreciate and thankfull for the kind of work insights is doing, in order to help the economically disadvantaged and rural aspirants.
    Thank you for your indispensable and pragmatic solutions for IAS preparations.
    I started my preparations 2 months ago, very fortunately I came across INSIGHTS, which seems to be one stop solution for my all questions. I’m eagerly waiting for Secure Prelims 2014, please confirm dates for this Sir.
    Lastly regarding preparations, is that preparing on two or more subjects simultaneously is recommended or not.
    Because while we stick on to one and finish, go for next. We wouldn’t get sufficient amount of time for revision in further stages.
    Please Suggest on this

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sir, please increase the font size of comments a little bit. They are somewhat small to read conveniently !

  • Thangaraj

    Sir , For Indian Economy (for pre & mains) whether snjeev varma & ncert books are enough or I must also study ramesh singh Indian economy book .

  • sumit

    Dear sir,
    When the test series is going to start for 2015 asprints. Please reply.

  • Great

  • nandikeshwar bhure


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  • A K Abhijeet

    Vinay, is there any plan for csat test series(paper-2) for prelims.

  • deepti goel

    Sir ur articles frm yojana is of immense help..
    If possible pls provide us the important articles from 2014 issues of yojana also…thanx

    • Dhairya J


  • Daksha


    I just wanted to know how this test series will help me for the preparation of mains as well.

    If we are going through a strategic pattern of prelims alone .. will this work

    I started practising the mains writings in notebooks . i spend around 4-5 hrs a day . i am finding less hours to study the syllabus . since i am new to current events i am not able to cope up with writing notes soo Fast …

    as i am a fresher i am in need to prepare for syllabus and current events coherently . i request your sincere time in guiding me and how i keep managing time . i am a working IT proffessional too …

    Insights ….i request your guidance ….

  • mahesh

    hi sir,

    i am a fresher and i am preparing on a regular basis for CSE 2015 . i have planned to join for mains test series and a weekend coaching . is it better to join for prelims test series along with this? please give me a suggestion.

  • k.nikitha

    hello sir.., how should i subscribe for test series-2015?

  • Aditi

    Sir, I wish to join the test series for CSE Pre-lims 2015 but I am unable to find the link to the same.

  • munzir

    sir, i want to join test series, but i could not able to pay said amount, can you accommodate me in discount i.e 4500. please sir.

  • santhosh kumar

    sir please upload strategy for history … please give me reply

  • Oldton

    @vinay sir
    Can we have a regular section on security issues(including old articles from isda) ? or 3-4 days a week

    thank u and sorry for the burden

  • shubhkant

    Hi sir
    I am a civil engineer working in the psu
    I want to preparation for civil service 2015. This will be my 1st attempt . I want to geography or public administration as a optional subjects please suggest me which wil be helpful to me . I can give only 4 hrs in a day & 6-7 hr. On weekends. Please guide me which book I have to buy for geography,If i take as a optional subject& also for PT. Can i take english as a language u can judge it from my English writing skill. I am hindi medium student till xth class. please suggest me.i am at allahabad but can not join coaching class. Please suggest me

    • Raju

      geography as optional will be helpful for prelims also….
      Books what i can suggest you even though it is my first attempt this year 2014..waiting for the prelims result..

      Physical gepgraphy-savindrasingh
      Indian geography-khuller
      physical geo-geo cheng leong
      Human geo-masjid hussain
      econmic ans social geo-rupa made easy
      map pointing-oxford school atlas
      Ncerts and Nios material for basics

  • vinn


    Aap bhi na ekdum awesome ho.

    Abhi tak to prelims ke baad ki mauz-masti hee khatm nahi hui thi aur aapne 1st september se full accelerator daba diya.

    Preparation chalu karni padegi for mains.
    Bahut backlog karwa diye hai aap mera. 🙂

    Waise, I am very much excited about preparing for mains.
    Bring it on!!! 🙂

  • shiv

    Have you dropped the plan for 2014 mains batch??

  • It is running successfully. Silently 🙂

  • kamal

    Sir, there was a news report in Navbharat times about reduction in age limit for far is it true?or what is d possibility? Cos if it happens it puts me on d wrong side. 🙁

    • It was in Navbharat Times. Not on UPSC website. Right? 🙂

      Until then keep preparing. That day is 100 years away.

  • Raju

    I’m preparing from last 8-9 months,i have written prelims but made simple mistakes otherwise i would have easily cleared prelims this year….i lacked confidence before the exam….so can u give me suggestions how to come out of this fear…i have prepared the strategy now for what to do but i don’t know how to start again….shud i wait upto results becoz i am getting 198-205 score….

  • Anshu

    Thanks for ur clear cut direction and book details for all GS paper. can you please guide me for Pub Ad..also..each topic and clear guidance..i need ur direction please help….how to write answer for this optional now a days this subject becomes very tough

  • anwar

    Sir why r u not uploading questions in daily answer writing challenge n how can I join your mains 2014 batch?

    • Visit this daily 🙂

      • Anshu

        Thanks for ur clear cut direction and book details for all GS paper. can you please guide me for Pub Ad..also..each topic and clear guidance..i need ur direction please help….how to write answer for this optional now a days this subject becomes very tough

  • vinay pandey

    i want your contact number so that i can discuss test series 2015 and also mains 2014 strategy.

  • vinoth kumar

    sir, the entire idea is good. and beginners like me need a preparation guide for prelims 2015. so my kind request is to give ideas,books & references for prelims GS as given for the mains GS paper.

  • sande

    plz , update reference books of mains

  • amol

    Send me daily updates….

  • Rohit


    Are you planning to conduct offline classes for working aspirants during weekend ?

    • @Rohit,

      No. We don’t have any such plans.

  • Rahul


    Are you planning to conduct offline classes for working aspirants during week ends in Bangalore ?

  • Anshu


    can u pls upload some of answer script of topper which will giv an idea how to write more request to giv brief description for Pub Ad…topic wise description and book details as u have done for all GS paper..and many many thanks for ur all effort…

  • nagaraj

    Sir I need information regarding history mains materials by post. What was fee structure and all……… plz

  • Ranjeet Singh

    Can u provide me a proper planning for 2015 upsc as i am a fresher.

    Thank you!

  • m sathish

    sir, i dont know which optional subject to choose for civils. could u please send me the detailed information regarding it…

  • tullu ram

    By luck stumbled on this site…its awesome.hats off to you …..superlative quality

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  • tiger man

    Good job

  • Abhishek Yadav

    Just now I joined the test series.

  • Hindi medium how for upsc

  • Sir what strategy for 2015

  • Ram

    today’s test qn paper not recieved yet. what happened?

    • A message was sent yesterday to all. Please check your email. We send tests at 10 pm on the date of tests. Thank you.

    MY MOBILE NO-09431157619 & 09939709020

    • mayank

      how to get this BBC magazine?please can u give me site for this so that i can go for online edition.

  • parul

    sir i am new to idea of preparing for civil services.. i am still having many queries regarding preparation.. can you please tell me from where can i get a list of important current events,either daily or weekly to confirm whether i am making notes of relevant topics and not just wasting my time over irrelevant things.. i’ll be very grateful to you if you’ll spare your time for my query …

      MY CONTACT NO-09431157619 & 09939709020

  • satyajit chavan

    Dear sir
    recently the delhi court is declare give 20 min. extra per hour in pre and main exam in upsc. i m from vusualy impaired catagary plese tell me there is complsary need to take the writter if i not take the writter can i get the extra time pls rply me sir

  • Abhi

    I am an pass out preparing for 2015 but really confused about what optional to take . As i am doing self preparation so please guide me .m stuck between geography ,political science and anthropology .
    pls help me out how should i decide ?
    In geography I dn like distribution of different resources ,hard to learn .
    In anthro ,its new to me .
    In political science , its jst too lenghty 🙁
    pls help to sort out my problem 🙁

  • anwar

    Thanks alot for including commerce in daily answer writing challenge……friends with commerce optional please participate…….

  • sharada

    Hello Sir,
    Am preparing for upsc from 2013, I got 201 marks in prelims i dont think i clear pre this time. Started preparing for 2015. Am staying at village and we don’t have library facility and no one is there to discuss or to clear my doubts. So my question is.. Is it necessary to stay with people who are preparing for the exam or may I do self study. People here say to clear the exam one has to stay in delhi, is that true.. Waiting for your reply Sir. Thanks in advance.

    • shiva4688

      dear sharada,

      first of all its nice to see u to pursue ur dreams with stubborn determinatory!!!!!!. as u mention ur prelims marks u expect this year , u have great chance to get admit card in appearing mains. many serious aspirants have wrong perception,, unless if we cant stay near or indelhi we may take risk to clear in very attempt. i request u please forget or erase this ridiculous kind of bogus propaganda at all. ofcourse live in delhi will ensure u have got all materials newly updated current affairs , best test series at all. but isnt it those who live far away from delhi also get succeed in recent times. its all about our priority n needs , for someone materials is enough to stay in competition to clear, of other some coaching guidance will suffix them to their preparation , this are all in pre 2013, 2 optionals era.!!!!!!1its all over now almost gs increase into roughly twice its marks n paper. optional also reduced to just 1. infuture theremay be possiblilty to remove optional also n bring some psychological ,tested paper. only thing every serious apsirant must have to believe themselves , explore th potentials , for much needed mentoring . here our platform isnt sufficient to guideu in every possible way . frankly tell me? i bet no where we neverever experienced rich kind of all stuff in one forum to practice, clear our misconception, doubts , here through numeorus selfless insightions friends. i said we are lucky to live enough in same age of insights that came birth last year july 20 th. i ahve many friends n myself experiecne coaching institutes both in delhi, chennai. there is no much difference between ur own self study n soemone will guide u . only thing is we must be ensure we are in right path during our prepns. is nt that insights cant help in that matter ? i dont think so. trust ur self, whether u study in urban coaching institutes or stubborn self prepn in loneliest corner village in or nation all we must ensure we gonna sincere in our pprepns, in right manner. thats what here almost 90% of serious aspirants in our blog ensure that.i hope if not my response will clear ur all misconceptions , atleast cent percentage make u in right path!!!!!!!!all the best for ur exams !! never give up ur passion !!!!!!!!its crime if u cant live up ur expectation! dear!!!!!!!!

  • Rahul Bariyar

    nice efforts…

  • Naincy Joshi

    I need ur contact no and email id to solve queries abt prelims cum mains 2015 test series…….

  • Mayuresh

    Guys any one felt today’s hindu was quite lengthier….???

  • Vijay

    Sir im planning to take anthropology as my optional can u please suggest me books for each topic of the syllabus.all ready I brought muniratnam reddy sir notes but it’s little bit tough to memorise with out basic knowledge. From where can I get anthropology toppers answer sheets. Please help me out sir

  • Hi

  • pampa

    test series

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    its very useful

  • SaiKumar

    Good evening sir.

    Sir we have doubt on recent conflicts of Islamic countries with each other internal crisis or war between other negibouring countries. We couldn’t able to understand the articles in the Hindu paper which is flooding with words like Gaza, Syria, hamas, IS etc all related stuff.
    What USA wants first of all from them. Why it warning Syria.

    What is the main crux of all these.?
    It is getting difficult to understand all these. Pls help us.

    Sir if you provide us a good article or making notes with simplified , it would be so heplfull to prepare a decent notes on it.
    Thank you sir.

  • Insights,

    Sub: New label/menu item for INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS.

    Now the sight is well organised. All posts are grouped so that new visitors can also have a glance at Insights. But INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS are not accessible all in new-posts label.

    So a separate menu/label for INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS is essential for easy access.


    • pls correct

      **But INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS are not accessible except in new-posts label.

  • Therefore, finding these handbags for discount prices is a great asset for the consumer to have.


    is there any one from gaya bihar who is preparing for mains 2014

    if yes kindly connect



    all ias aspirants remember only basic is everything
    never ignore it bcz it is not exam but test of your basic knowledge and upsc means
    unlimited preparation solid concentration =UPSC



  • Johnd538

    Okay this YouTube video is much enhanced than last one, this one has pleasant picture feature as well as audio. eaeccckdcbbd

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    @Vinay sir,

    Insights Current Events are good. As mentioned by vijjay a separate link to access it is essential. Pls incorporate the link sir.

  • Yash Thorat

    Good questions

  • anwar

    Sir you have not posted any questions for commerce today.

  • kirti dalal

    sir plz provide the strategy for law optional ….plzzzz sir look into this subject also

  • reddy

    To insights ,
    still 25 september test did not came to my mail ???
    its almost 5 .30 pm sir ..!!

    • We send tests at 10 pm. Guess you didn’t give first test on September 15th. 🙂

      • abhishek pandey

        Thank you sir for this website !

  • venky

    Where can i find previous questions of geography-2014;Answer writing challenge?

  • could u please send last year insights test paper. I want to get an idea of the TS before enrolling to it. As it is not so wide spread how could I trust to invest such a huge amount of money.
    Do u guys have an office somewhere?

    note: if someone has got question of past insights ts then please mail me at : [email protected]

  • Kumar Bhaskar Bhushan

    Hey I cleared the UP PSC Pre 2014. Mains from Nov 3.
    Thanks to Insights.

  • preety dubey

    Sir, I just wanted to know about the whole payment process for test series 2015 and how long it will take to activate and allow me to get all (first 2 ) previous test and explanations on my email??
    Thank you

    • preety dubey

      I’m asking these questions because i read few comments where they have written about some difficulties in enrolling process.

  • brijesh gour

    hey guyzzz !
    i m an aspirant from bhopal M.P , i want to enroll for this test series but, it’s hard to afford. is there anyone who would like to share the test series amount wid me on 50:50 basis ?????
    do reply me intrested people at [email protected]

  • Anwar

    Why are you not posting questions regularly for answer writing challenge for aspirants with commerce optional. Are you not getting questions?
    If yes, please tell me how I can contribute questions. I’m from Krishnagiri your neighbouring place.

    • +

      if u have questions then mail them to insightsonindia(at)gmail dot com
      but regularly in doc file

  • kirti dalal

    sir plz its a request plz write strategy for law subject as optional …..also related to law..plz do reply

  • Arif Ahsan

    Anything regarding Urdu optional..???

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    good work insight team.very useful sight for ias aspirants………….plz start up with anthropology daily answer writing ill help many aspirnts

  • Abhijeet

    dear sir,
    I have joined test series for prelims 2015 and as you first two tests are already i want to know when i’ll b getting those papers.


  • preety dubey

    hello sir,
    can you please tell me when will i get the first two tests on my mail. as i have joined the test series later.

  • sir i m new on this…..and started preparing for upsc2015 …….u are doing a really fantastic job.

  • Is Russian and Chinese revolution part of gs mains paper? It is not specified in the syllabus as these events happened at a much later decade than we need to study. Just have a doubt if somebody can resolve

    • Yes, they are part of Mains Paper-1 syllabus. They come under this topic:

      “Political philosophies like communism,
      capitalism, socialism etc.- their forms and effect on the society.”

      • Abhishek Pandey

        I m taking classes at Delhi for history gs module but when I enquired about this doubt he told me these things are not in our course. He taught all the political philosophies but not Russian and Chinese revolutions. What to do now I am totally confused now.

  • Sir, Can we choose to start preparation for optional after prelims exam.I am planning to do Mains & prelim preparation till prelims get over and after that i wish to start optional preparation. is this a good idea.

    Awaiting your reply.

    • It’s a bad idea. Instead you should complete Optional before Prelims – at least twice. After Prelims your entire energy should be spent on revising and practising writing. Start your Optional preparation now itself and complete it twice before Prelims. This is very important.

    • Sir,

      I have downloaded all the material which is uploaded over here. Also I have taken care of all the books required to prepare for exam. The main issue is I am working personnel and along with work I dont know how am I going to cover everything. I charted out a plan according to which I will be done with my mains (Preparation & 2 revisions) & prelims preparation before prelims exam. After I am done with prelim on 23rd aug 2015 I have 116 days with me in which I would like to dedicate 75 days for optional preparation and in parallel I would be joining test series where in I will be writing answers. I would be happy If You could guide me in how should I place optional in my current time table coz if I do so I wont be able to justice to mains.Its my last attempt and I want to have a proper plan so that it should not happen that I am left with nothing in my hand.If you wish I can share my Time table with you in your inbox rather than over here.

      Awaiting your response at the earliest

  • sir..i just paid for insights 2015 test and gave an email id that is not in use anymore..can i change it to my present id so that il get all the notifications? it is very difficult otherwise i help me please..

    • Please mail to insights dot exams at gmail dot com

      Thank you.

  • Sir,

    Firstly thanks so much for ur support in giving questions daily. Im preparing for GS in home itself going through the questions u post daily.It would be of great help if you could provide questions separately for polity for GS 3


  • sir i am not getting e mail updates from last 2days from your website. what is the problem?

    • Check all folders in your inbox. Let me know if you do not have any posts from Insights.

  • Hey Insights team,

    The changes you guys are making to the website are coming out good. I just wanted to say thanks for your support and initiative… Keep up the good work


  • sir ,
    where can i find segregated questions on topic wise.
    how do i get them at one place.

  • Hey, will there be any new questions for anthropology? Thanks 🙂

  • Ridhu Shree

    Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!! Now is it not necessary to log in for comments sir?

    • Ridhu Shree

      I was suffering a lot and about to cry since I cant access the page and it was showing data error……… I was not able to log in also…

      • 🙂 no need to worry. I was working on the login issue itself. It was giving lots of problems! Now it’s removed.

        Now no need to login. It seems old is gold. Back to old days!. Thank you for all the patience.

        • Ridhu Shree

          Thank you so much sir….. 🙂 🙂

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  • ScottTiger

    Sir, Its really very disappointing to see that the image upload option in comments section in disabled now. I have been a regular answer writer on your website but now i do not have any option to get my answers reviewed. My typing speed is pathetic and moreover i am of the view that writing answers on on paper is more helpful.
    Its my humble request to re-enable the option for image upload.


  • kirti

    sir plz help me regarding law optional….its my 4th request to u…plz have a look into this…

  • neha

    hello.. i want to prepare for civil services..but i don’t wish to join any coaching.. i m sincere with my studies, but i need help to do an organized preparation. Can u please suggest me how exactly should i go about my preparation. I keep discussing with people but its only getting more and more confusing. I find this site very organised and helpful. If i prepare strictly according to the preparation guide available on this site will it b sufficient for exam purpose? is there anything more that i need to know?? please help me with it. I m in great confusion right now. I need to know what to study , how to prepare and what all to leave.

  • Mayur Anandrao Gaikwad

    Thank you very much Sir……..for providing such fabulous way…!
    I am confused with optional subject- Geography or marathi literature? sir can you please guide me?

  • Dear Insight Team,

    It seems you have removed the option of attaching image from the reply, will this functionality be added in the future coz
    1. If we post an answer on google docs then I don’t think so anyone would take the pain to go to that place and review it
    2. It also helps in the writing practice.

    Also I have a suggestion, if possible can you just rate the best answer for Secure series, I think it would add more value to your guidance. I see this as the only missing element sight to your brilliant supportive work.

    Thanks in advance

  • pradeep

    when will answer writing challenge for mains 2015 start? do reply.

    • thanks insights

    • M. Kumar

      December 2014

  • G ravi kishore reddy

    please send update any study material sir.

  • good work insights

    • M. Kumar

      It is so helpful.

  • Tahir Wani

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    when should a fresher start the answer writing challenge?pls reply 🙁

  • Prateek Yadav

    Sir, i am Prateek Yadav (20).
    From last few days i am quite disturb about my Previous Academic records i.e. 57% in High School, 58% in 10+2 and 56% in Graduation.

    During my previous days, i never realise the importance of Study.
    Earlier, My attitude towards my studies was quite careless.

    but now from last 8 months, i am a new Prateek now.
    I started studying with a target to crack IAS exam with full enthusiasm and zeal.

    But from last few days, i am getting disturb about my on-paper academic records.

    I know that the percentages doesn’t matter in Civil Exams, but then also i am unable to get redemption from the guilt and the mistakes which i’ve done earlier.

    Please Sir….Understand my problem.
    My confidence is getting low., due to the stamp of “2nd Division Student” which is stamped on me.

    Does percentages and previous academic records really matters…???

    • I can understand your problem. You must realize that the UPSC needs someone who has passed their graduation, not someone who has topped.

      It is just a qualification to take this exam, not a qualification to pass the exam i.e. to pass this exam you must study well UPSC syllabus and have a good personality, not top scores in academic record.

      You can come out of the guilt when you realize that the past howsoever pleasant or bad is a closed chapter. Your might be feeling that you would have become a topper if you had studied then like you are studying now. But remember that you can not go to past and past doesn’t come to you either. All you have is a chance to top in this exam. Your redemption lies in working truly hard towards achieving your goal. Always remember that your poor academic record has nothing to with this exam preparation. Having said that, you should still have to revise what you studied during graduation – at least basics (in interview they test this). This you can do with determination.

      Guilt will not help you in any way. You are guilty because you are good at heart and because you have realized your mistake. Just do not repeat those mistakes. Not repeating those mistakes will help you overcome guilt. Wish you all the best.

  • Prateek Yadav

    Thanxxx a lot Sir…Thanxxx for your valuable suggestion.

    Sir, Do you know anyone who was previously an Average student and later he/she cracked IAS exam…???

    I shall be kindly obliged if you provide me some examples of those who were once a B-Grade Student but after that they changed himself/herself to an A-Grade IAS officer.

    I am asking for this just for a feel that I am not alone.

    Thanking You.

  • Sir what should be the holistic approach for ias 2015 . Should we start pre because u r test series is going on should we complete mains first

    • jaiprakash

      r u kapil kumar master saab

  • Ravi

    no information from search box..please help me any one

  • Ravi

    recent new technology in computer

  • test.

    • deepa

      Dear Insight
      It is feeling very low as not passed prelims.
      I dont know where to start again?
      Where my strategy failed, i m trying to find out.
      Sir , How to make notes from hindu as at my place the hindu paper not available easily. Sir any other ways …. Plz suggest.

      • GARUDAN

        read news from online thehindu web…its user has special section “today’s paper” it gives all the news appears in hard copy on that day..for the past 1 one month i am using it and i feel its good.

      • Download Feedly app on your desktop and customize it and make online notes using Evernote or MS one note. Initially it will take time it very helpful while revising.

  • Nice

  • thank you insights…. i cleared prelims!!

  • Navneet

    expecting 198-200. OBC. not in the list… what to do now ?

  • Strength” is not entirely an abstract concept – it is measurable in a relative sense – and I define it as craving to prove our mettle and how far we can go to get what we desire. Initially I used to believe that “Strength” is a personality trait that few people are born with / groomed during their upbringing but that’s not true. It is a personality trait of passionate people though. Passionate people are a different breed of individuals – one of the most powerful creatures on earth. They are addicted to the pleasure of achievement, which by far is unmatchable compared to any material or sensual satisfaction. These people live in a state of self-denial and unending optimism, and derives inspiration from it to accomplish their goals. They have an insatiable desire and internalised motivation to succeed. Ever noticed the smile on the face of a batsman who steered his team to a last ball victory OR a student who topped the charts in his final exam after a year long hard work – happiness that one gets at the end of it is incomparable – some people just live for those moments and those who don’t, are not living their life fully.It is too easy to live a comfortable life but what’s the point in living, when you can’t even challenge yourself. The idea behind this is not winning or losing but to actually know who you are, what are your strengths and weaknesses.
    Strength is about going when you are running in debts, low in resources, there is no light at the end of tunnel and everyone around is full of pessimistic feelings – when there is little or no motivation left to continue your job and you still have to wake up everyday to do it. Under these circumstances, you have to trust in something, be it gut, destiny, karma or whatever that things will turn out OK. I personally believe in karma and derives inspiration from it to keep going when odds are against.
    “Whatever goes around comes around again”
    But one shouldn’t just work to be rewarded in the end. I would like to cite a very powerful but motivational verse from Bhagavad Gita here.
    “Do your duty to the best of your ability, with your mind attached to the God, abandoning worry and selfish attachment to the results, and remaining calm in both success and failure.” – BG 2.48
    True, but the real art still lies in doing it without attaching yourself to the outcome. “Out-come” in itself is a self explanatory word , something which is outside of us and over which we have no control. Don’t live in a state of denial that you can change the outcome. You have absolutely no control over it.You can only control your actions. As a kid I used to have frequent nervous breakdowns just before the exams, and everytime I had one, my dad used to tell me ” All I want you to do is give your best and I don’t care about the results. But I am positive that if you actually give your best, it is unlikely that you will be on the losing side”.

  • sunny

    Hello sir..Is there a way i can ask for re evaluation or atleast re totaling of my prelims paper. My total (as per our calculation) was 20 marks more than my friend who made it but i didn’t. Last year i did qualify for the prelims but could not clear Mains. Please guide me if there is a way so that I don’t lose another valuable year.

  • gamma

    I couldn’t qualify preliminary for the second time

  • gamma

    I was serious for these 2 years but still could not make it. A student of physics hons means only a graduate. I was in delhi for these 2 years. Now back at home what should be my strategy sir please guide me????

  • ~Kal-El~

    finally i’m able to comment after a long time… good change

  • Guest

    hi sir, thanks for ur help, without which I could never pass prelims. Can u plz guide me about DAF eg. Service preference, cadre preference

  • gaurav

    hi sir, thanks for ur help, without which I could never pass prelims. Can u plz guide me about DAF eg. Service preference, cadre preferences

  • jawade

    Sir I haven’t received test paper October 15 ….when are you going to send it? (Upsc prelims test serie)

  • Tamil_Magan

    Sir ,where can i read about major cropping patters and other agri related things for mains GS 3?

  • Venki Vaditya

    hi…one of my friend told his opinion about Recent Andhra Pradesh political scinario.. what he told was entirely correct? i am pasting it here..(NCBN= Nara chandra babu naidu)….. kindly reply

    “”””I do agree that Clock must be round. As time just repeating regularly.
    Is this what we expected from NCBN? Is this what he learnt from his

    Are we under Robinhood rule? I do agree that NCBN is doing ‘a’ great job with keen supervision but where we are heading to?

    Since his reign, no government employee is able to receive full salary.
    For his CM announcement, state division etc., he has been collecting
    CMRF and now for ‪#‎Hudhud‬.
    One should feed the needy by allocating resources not by robbing fellow people. Being empathetic people, ‪#‎Vizag‬ surroundings are now flooded with donations. But let’s have a look at what’s happening now.

    Instead of allocating from Government funds, simply money is being collected from donors. None knows when the ‪#‎Khazana‬
    (treasury) will get separated and CMs will get individual rights for
    allocation. It’s nature which destructed the north Andhra region and not
    the sin of entire AP. Media focusing on Vizag’s devastation and Donor’s
    kind heart but in under ground it’s creating a huge impact**.

    During his previous reign too, the entire nation is in deficit but AP
    govt. is in surplus budget still he asked for donations. It seems, he
    became emotional now after seeing the devastated Vizag. But it should
    not be the way to collect resources.

    The point is: Now the
    treasury is in common for both the states as no clear statement is made
    in this regard. However it can be, if the state wants to take loan from
    RBI, it’s difficult as RBI has already committed to sanction a lump sum
    for NEW STATE but it’s possible with Central Government’s support
    because ours is a state which is separated in SPECIAL CONDITION (but no
    AP leader demanded for written constitutional document).

    But now,
    it’s getting tougher day by day. The Rice Cooker (3 Liter ISI), I
    bought in last Diwali (680/-) is now 783/- in the same shop. Don’t think
    that it’s because of Inflation or something else but increased VAT
    && other taxes. Is this what we expected?

    I observed a
    significant change in Dodla Dairy Full Cream Milk packet. It’s price is
    22 (in Tamil Nadu, same throughout), 23 (in Andhra Pradesh, 2013 end)
    & 25 (in Andhra Pradesh, 2014). See where we are heading to???

    Huge difference you can observe in the case of Shopping Malls! These
    days, Nellore is significantly comparable to Bangalore in terms of Cost
    of Living.. No smart city, not even a metro, no air port && even
    doesn’t have significant sound industry but HIGH COST OF LIVING…
    Again this Hudhud charge ???? How far this is justified??

    Already, number of donations have been granting. Still, I don’t think
    it’s necessary to give 2 day, 3 day / 4 day salaries to Hudhud. If it’s
    properly utilized, atleast self satisfaction can be felt but I’m not
    sure of it.

    My point is, being a POWERFUL government (with
    insignificant opposition), it’s not the right task to get money from
    Donations & Salary cuttings but to get the same from Central
    Government and as a Loan for the region. Being people of same state, the
    rest of areas are already engaged in helping activities but OBTAINING
    RESOURCES FOR RESTORATION too from common folk is not the task to be
    taken up by Experienced Leader like NCBN….

    That time, he was
    brought down just because of similar reasons but we don’t want the same
    scene to be repeated… We need him to have better plans for our state. “””””””

  • Sujit

    Sir, I have sent you a query regarding re-registration for Prelims Test Series. I had registered myself, for the same, last year too. Please provide me the link to pay for the same at discounted price.

  • Ganesha

    Dear Insights,
    can i solely depend on preliminary test series stratergy to study?
    I have started preparing for upsc from september and previously I never knew that I wanted to be IAS.I’m reading The Hindu daily..Apart from that I’m reading NCERTs and yojana magzines.
    I want to join Insights test series.please tell me how should i tackle test series and what stratergy should I follow?
    Thanking you.

  • Anand Doss

    Friends, i find it hard to go through Post Independence part be it Ramachandra Guha or Bipan Chandra. It takes lot of time. So, if somebody can, please provide the list of important events so that i can prepare that alone. Just because of time constraint. Thanks in advance.

  • dream hardwork

    Sir , I am 32 and preparing for IAS-2015 . Cabinet announced in AUG that it will give one extra chance to the aspirants who gave the exam in 2011.Can you tell me how many chances are that chance will be given?I am preparing wholeheartedly since the announcement .

    Thanx in advance.

    • Anand Doss

      great work at this age, my friend. i hope you clear the exam in 2015 round 🙂

      • dream hardwork

        thanx friend.

  • Ninika Dhawan

    Good morning Insights. The Website is acting funny. I am unable to go to Pub admin ans writing challenges on adminstrative law. Please also do not change systems everyday, it becomes confusing and time consuming. I am sure you appreciate time is of essence and this is a great initiative.

    Thank you

    • Honestly haven’t touched anything!! It is working fine at my end, but two more people complained about the same problem. It might be some bug. We will fix it. Thank you.

  • AK Musham

    Dear Insights, I just prepared a gist of GS Daily answer writing challenge, with the questions you posted and best of the answers that our aspirants wrote. Please give me your e-mail id. I’ll send a copy of it, so you can publish it here for our readers.


    Can anyone suggest some books/online resources to know more about kashmir issue?

    • Anand Doss

      Kashmir – Hindu king, muslim population – Pakistan pointed muslim majority – justified annexation – first through unknown pathans – king cried for help – Nehru urged – king joined Kashmir with india – india defended by sending troops – Pakistan directly entered war – defeated by Indian troops – kashmir – part of India with special provisions.

      simply expand this.. don’t spend too much time on this. happy preparation – regards, Anand.

  • RAJ..naam to suna hi hoga!!!


  • Anand Doss

    someone please provide me some insight about few women organisations before and after independence..

  • NavSim

    Hi sir..I want to join ur test series. Aren’t u guys conducting tests for paper 2?

    • Thanks for your interest. No. we are conducting only for Paper-1.

  • gargi

    I have not got test till now.. plz send me. :'(

    • It is sent. Please check your inbox. 🙂

      • gargi

        thank you sir

  • Sachin Singhal

    Hats off insights for doing a ardent task of compilation of GS and S&T questions with answers at such a crucial stage..
    Highly indebted to you..
    It wil be a game changer in mains 2014.

    • Thank you.

      • Sachin Singhal

        Its my pleasure sir..
        Sir i have one request. Sir is it possible for you to select important articles from yojana2014 and post it on website as you have done it for 2012 and 2013.?
        Sir it would be of immense for aspirants like me who are writing mains this year..
        Sir i cleared prelims just because of your guidance and wonderful test series.. Thanks a ton for that..

        • We would like to do that, but the problem is we have soft copies till March 2014 only. We will do it for them. Luckily if we get other copies, we will compile them too. 🙂

          Congrats on your prelims result. You are welcome 🙂

          • Sachin Singhal

            Thank you so much..
            Sir will you be compiling Q&A of current events also as you have done it for GS and S&T.?


    Under personal information of DAF form released today, two new categories have appeared after “Physically challenged” i.e. “physically challenged category” where it is appearing as “Multiple disability” and “percent of disability category” where it is appearing as “less than 40%.” in my DAF form when i fall under “No Category under Physically challenged” which is not correct and not even entered by me during 2014 prelims.These all are filed in grey and cannot be changed.These new columns even do not appeared in Mains 2013 form.

    Kindly advise that whether this is a common error appearing in all person DAF form falling under No Physically challenged category.Also can i mail upsc on this or need to visit to delhi for this purpose only.

    • It is a common error. It is seen by all. Some mistake by UPSC. Take a screenshot and fill the application. It’s not something to worry about. Wish you all the best for Mains.

  • Bold Challenge

    This website is really very helpful and the Best. Vajiram & Ravi Institute Ethics material handbooks are complete copy paste from the PDF references given by this Insights. I have seen the word to word, document to document. There is no change at all. I’m aspirant for 2015, I have so much to do answer practice on this site on coming days. Now polishing the basic things, preparing for the war, getting ready for 2015.

    • HighHOPES


    • Harshvardhan Meena

      All I need is insight

      • Name

        for better information, you can go through as well , the next big thing in civil service preparation.

    • pankaj

      mam unabile to find ethics material hanbook plz share the linlk

    • Rehab Wani

      Plz share the link 4 ethics.I m unable 2 find it.

    • suresh

      Vajiram & ram copy where

    • PKSM

      Atta girl!

    • PKSM

      Atta girl!

    • Big Mind

      GeekooO is Geeky.

    • vkdglobetrotter

      well insights and vaji copied from same source or insights copied from vaji

  • taxidriver

    it is a good strategy of giving world history questions from past year questions of history optional..last year 3 questions came from past year questions..glad that u r guiding people with wisdom.i already finished practicing all the relevant questions..feeling good in this section…appreciate u r efforts

  • Anand Doss

    do you have the pdf version of current events in monthly version ?

  • First & Last

    Can anyone giude me regarding preparation of human geography.

  • @ insight….would it be possible to start discussion corner here???

    so we can discuss doubts here.

  • anybody please tell..what to read in history??? i felt its too boring 🙁

  • mustafa

    anybody,please guide about the age limit for ST`s of j&k. am body replied. I don`t know why?

    • Jaimin Patel

      How old are you Mustafa ?
      I have copied below from the copy of document of notification for UPSC -2014. check out point (b) – i and iii . 🙂 🙂 🙂

      (ii) Age Limits :

      (a) A candidate must have attained the

      age of 21 years and must not have

      attained the age of 32 years on the 1st of

      August, 2014 i.e., he/she must have

      been born not earlier than 2nd August,

      1982 and not later than 1st August, 1993.

      Necessary action to make corresponding

      changes in respective Rules/

      Regulations pertaining to various services

      is being taken separately.

      (b) The upper age limit prescribed above

      will be relaxable :

      (i) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate

      belongs to a Scheduled Caste or a

      Scheduled Tribe.

      (ii) upto a maximum of three years in the

      case of candidates belonging to Other

      Backward Classes who are eligible to

      avail of reservation applicable to such


      (iii) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate

      had ordinarily been domiciled in

      the State of Jammu & Kashmir during the

      period from the 1st January, 1980 to the

      31st day of December, 1989.


    Hello sir,

    i am brijesh preparing for upsc so that i need your guidance how to study for prelim 2915 and tell me which ncert’s i should have to study for basic and other reference book for detail study..

    i am reading post in insight india 4-5 days in week it help me to much to boost my reading level and i know it will also helpfull in near future also to clear upsc 2015….

  • Eti shree

    This sight has become lifeline of our preparation …Apart from following its guidance ,my friends and I keep blessing INSIGHTS and its team for such a wonderful work…all glories to INSIGHTS

  • rajsri

    Good evening sir.i have joined insights test series.I have small doubt regarding the BIOLOGY syllabus for test number 6. Is it the chapters ANIMAL KINGDOM and MORPHOLOGY OF FLOWERING PLANTS?

  • Ashwini Wali

    I wanted to know about venue of tests. Also any contact no of test series for inquiry

  • Rupa

    Dear Vinay Sir,
    Why Political Science is not included in daily answer writing challenges, i join Insight in the month of September this year, then I think Political Sc was included but now I don get email regarding this,

    • Rajat Jain

      Hey this is Rajat Jain from Saharanpur(UP)….preparing for the same….could anyone of you join my preparations as im doing home study and feeling that i am somewhere lacking competitive environment because i can not join any classroom coaching due to external factors…i am already 29 years and gave two attempts in 2006 and 2007 but could not even cleared prelims.This is my third attempt in 2015 with philosophy..Basically MBA from ICFAI Dehradun and left the job in 2011 for this battle..but serious fight with books i had started one month back i.e. from october 2014 onwards..Now coming to the point that i want some serious aspirant to keep track of my preparations and to whom i could make healthy discussions over exam related stuff..Please help me.Its a heartly request.
      Who knows may be i could be of some help for you.
      Anyways please contact me personally at the earliest if feel to do so..
      [email protected]
      Rajat Jain


      MOBILE NO-09431157619

  • pk

    can anyone pls tell me the recommended book for socio-political philosophy (Philosophy paper 2)???

    Would be a gr8 help

    • civilian

      Hi pk i do have philosophy notes with me if you require any wil surely send u.if needed you can contact me.

  • Prashant Singh

    Can we place 2 stamps of CRF value Rs 100 each instead of a single stamp. I am finding it difficult to have single CRF stamp value of Rs. 200

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      call us @ 9871979596..we are the consultants for ias coaching institutes.

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    Which is best coaching or rather say useful coaching for Ias csat and politicial science optional in new delhi??

    • dg

      call us @ 9871979596..we are the consultants for ias coaching institutes

  • Arif

    Hi Sir,

    i want to face 2015 MAINS exams as im from B.Tech from CSE background could you please guide me how build and prepare myself from the basic in it

  • Ariba Khan

    I wish to join the test series for UPSC 2015. But it appears I am a little bit late as it started in September. Please tell me whether I will get the study material and the tests that I have missed and other details.
    Thank you.



    • Rajat

      Hello Swati,
      In 2006 and 2007 i gave two attempts with geography.
      Ensemble gives best of the best!!!!



  • ARJUN Sharma

    @insight : Sir I am about to sit in mains for 1st time. I belong to poor background so couldn’t join any test series as they are costly and out of my budget. Plus, Rajinder nagar landlords have looted me completely.I can only write answers but no is there to evaluate them. Plz just have a look at some of my answer. I try to cover maximum points but due to limited word limits. Many a times , don’t explain them much, will it be ok to answer like that ? Will it help me in scoring good marks?

    some of my answers are in today’s post by name of Arjun sharma. Plz help. May god bless ur efforts.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. I will leave comments on your answers if you post any today.

      In your answers, mains points should be visible to the examiner – it doesn’t matter whether they are in points or paragraphs. You need to explain depending on the directive word. For example, if it’s ‘analyse’ or ‘discuss’ you need to explain a bit instead of just writing down points.

      • ARJUN Sharma

        Thank you sir, I have written some, kindly look !

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    sir, I have subscribed your test series 2015 today morning but till now i haven’t received any previous test. When I will get the mail. My transaction ID is MOJO4b17000C45683595

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    Sir I am a law student 2nd year ballb willing to give upsc exam in 2017 so how should I start for basics

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    sir let me explain my doubt clearly .i have joined ignou for jan cycle 2014 i will complete my graduation in dec doubt is is there any chance for me to change to a regular college in 2 yr and complete my graduation by may 2016 by writing all exams or can i just apply for csm 2016 .at present i am confident that can clear prelims and for purpose of applying mains 2016 one must have a degree right but i wil get my degree in dec 2016 plz help me sir i am so confused what to do .at present i am helping my father in farm works .thank u sir i am at present 19 yr old .thanks in advance

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    Hai .this Site is a goldmine for ias aspirants. I wrote mains twice in 2011& 2012 and exhausted my attempts .Iam an OBC & my dob 16-4-1980,will i surely get an attempt for civils 2015, Pls reply

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    Hello Team Insights, I am really die hard fan of all articles that have been posted on our blog.I have a small request.Whatever hype we have observed for last couple of days on social media and other internet public fora regarding “Reduction of age limit for CSE”,Can you please write something on “ROLE OF MEDIA in Society” ?

  • vijay tripathi

    sir will you please the topics to be prepared in indian agriculture. It is very hard to find any good source of reading the topics like cropping pattern and irrigation. And please tell me how important is current in these topics.

  • Chandu

    sir, I have attempted prelims 2014 by opting for IFOS only. Next year when I attempt for IAS prelims 2015, will it be considered as my 1st attempt for it or I had lost my attempt? Please clarify sir,,

  • Rajat


  • Rajat

    Sir thanks


    when r u going to start next batch for ur offline programme .i would like to joint ur programme(ofcourse if i get admitted).many working people like me hav to inform our seniors about the leave atleast before 1 month so pls update the details ASAP

  • Parth Verma

    Dear Insight,
    I had started my preparation for CSE 2015 few days back an religiously following “Current Event” Section, But Finding it very difficult to segregate them as per GS Syllabus for further revision. It will be kind of you if you segregate them according to GS papers.

    Parth Verma

    P.S.- Should stop reading The Hindu and follow Current Event or use it a supplement.

  • arulvarman0403

    Hi Sir,
    First of all thank you for this helpful website.

    I am a beginner in civil service preparations. I have two doubts:

    1) Is it necessary to prepare for prelims and mains separately or is it enough to prepare for mains alone?
    2) How to approach mains? Is it by paper by paper or by each subjects?

    Please clarify my doubts.

    Thank you.


    Hello Sir,
    I have had 2 unsuccesful attempts in prelims in the 2013 & 2014 and now I am at a loss…there is something lacking in my preparations. I would like to get some suggestions. Please help.

  • chandu

    sir, I have attempted prelims 2014 by opting for IFOS only. Next year when I attempt for IAS prelims 2015, will it be considered as my 1st attempt for it or I had lost my attempt? Please clarify sir,,

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    anyone here with psychology as a optional…..plz reply

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    Hello sir,
    I have been making notes of newspaper for quite a long time now..but it’s a very time consuming process..Should i just rely on magazines for the summary..please suggest
    Thanks in advance

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    I am confused to take optional, my qualification is in civil engineering,, which optional you suggest me for public administration or civil engg??


    what is lock in/lock out period?

  • Ravi Kumar

    Is it necessary to read pib release of various ministries ?

    • umesh

      depends on your syllabus topic

    • umesh

      depends on your syllabus topic

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    Hi sir,
    i know it will take time to get the answer writing skills to creep in but i am asking how to get started i am willing to do the hardwork..please guide me…whateve question you post ..honestly 2 3 points come in my mind..but dont get enough fodder to jott down….

  • Witty S

    Hi Sir,

    Could you please provide the strategy like GS- I,II,III,IV-How to prepare, for Public Administration subject…and is it necessary to go for MA course on Pub AD…

  • jam

    Thank you very much InsightsonIndia for such a huge contribution and cooperation for me and other aspirants who are going to write mains exam 2014.
    Going to write mains exam for success… 🙂
    All the best to All of you my friends who are going to write mains 2014 exam from insight platform. 🙂
    And also best wishes to aspirants preparing for 2015.
    Take care

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    i want to know that ;questions asked on 4 g.s papers depends on current affairs or any other way.

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    I am civils aspirant and good at studies but i have stammering,can u people suggest me that am eligible for civils service?shall i change my goal?their will be any problem during interview?
    Actualy stammering became great impede to me plz help me…………

  • Virpal

    Hi sir,
    I am preparing for UPSC since 4 months as I have completed my BE(Mechanical) few months ago & decided to join this stream, First of all I started with NCERT books & news paper. I got immense guidance & motivation from your blogs.Even after passing through this much preparation time I couldn’t able to get answer of one question that what should I opt as optional subject either Mechanical Engineering or Public Administration ( As I Google for this famous subject ) or Any humanity Subject ? Please guide me on this Problem & share your experience.
    I am neither getting any link for Mechanical subjects preparation nor any experience person’s suggestion.

    Thank you

  • Ajitesh Panwar

    Sir .
    Can u write an article or guide us for preparing the two qualifying papers, English and Indian language (Hindi) in mains .. I don’t want to take a risk by taking them lightly ..
    every little help will be highly appreciated ..
    thank u sir


    east or west insight is the best

  • abhijeet powar

    Upsc is giving mains question this time??? In the notification it said that there will be one question cum answer booklet???

  • curiosity

    First of all i would like to thank the whole insight team for creating such a platform to prepare for upsc which generally seems difficult from a single sources but u have incorporated several source.
    Secondly i would like you to favour regarding the current issues pile up pdf which contains news (not ques) so that we can refer any time seeking the article against the ques.
    Thats all i would like to say sir.
    Thank a lot.

  • Mourya

    does having a tattoo be a problem for civil services ?

  • rajnish

    please suggest for (hindi meadium student ) , how to prepaire for upsc pre nd mains

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    hiiiiiiiiiiii.good attempt at all g.s papers

  • umesh

    hiiiiiiiiiiii.good attempt at all g.s papers

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    Hi All

    I want to choose Management as an Optional for UPSC 2015, somebody please help me out with it

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    Hey Insights team…. !! Just a suggestion ! Since sometimes not getting a genuine feedback for the answers we post is a major detriment to posting answers , is it possible that u can possibly in future dedicate a team who can do reviews and give feedback to improve the answers , after charging some fees… just like coaching series does .. I think it will greatly improve the secure authenticity and increase people’s interest in posting answers – as many friends complain of this issue.. Hope you look it up further.. Thanks..

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    suggest one book for ethics

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    Dear Insights, Please try to provide a platform for discussion and preparation for interviews. IFoS results are already declared and we need some guidance without wasting our hard earned money on coachings and in moving to Delhi.

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    Sir , is it possible if one starts preparing now onwards…for pre+mains
    and what strategy one should follow ???? plz reply

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    Sir pls update our beautiful insight website …lots of old stuff


    मै हिंदी माध्यम का विद्यार्थी हूं , मुझे आपके द्वारा तैयार प्रश्नों का उत्तर देने का प्रयास करता हूँ.आप लोंगो के सहयोग का आभारी रहूँगा . ये मुझे बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है .. एक बात और 2015 के लिए जो रणनीति बनाई गयी है .. उसमे ऑप्शनल सब्जेक्ट के बारे में कुछ नहीं दिया गया है …daily का जो प्रश्नोतरी है , उसमे ऑप्शनल सब्जेक्ट को भी रखने का प्रयास किया जाय .. सुनील कुमार

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    Hi sir,
    Your current affairs are good. A monthly compilation of current affairs is helpful as done in the past. Kindly provide Current pdfs sir.


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    Sir pls update our best site … Lots of old stuff

  • HOPE

    The way Vinay Sir is contributing to UPSC aspirants, only a real Indian can do this. No expensive coaching like VajiRam, SriRam can do this amount of hard work even after paying them lakhs of money.
    I have been writing answer here since a month and really got lot of improvement. And I’m sure that by the end of the year I will have a very good answer writing skill which will be enough to get rank in top 100.. Thank you InsightsOnIndia from my bottom of the heart:)

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    Sir could I know tomorrow’s topics ?

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    thanks for your wonderful work is any kannada literrature potional student pleas reply to me i have some quarry

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    i am a beginner for the civil services preparation
    can you please help me out to synchronize with your schedule for CSE 2015
    i will be greatly thankful to u.

  • N Aspirant

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    I would like to know as to how should I prepare for my optional – geography…

    Ur step by step guidance for the GS papers have really been helpful.
    If in similar way there would also be for geography it could be of great help..


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    hello sir is i am able to join test series now??

    • Neha Sharma

      Hey! Yes u cn join. I v also joined it recently.

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    Thank you very much InsightsonIndia for your good guidance for poor and needy students to get their goal. I came from regional(Tamil) medium as a background. During answer writing strategy my friend found grammatical mistakes please suggest me to overcome this problem. For vocabulary and better reading i was using Norman Lewis as from your advice. Apart from books I need routine task for good grammar in my answer.

    • Gaurav

      For learning language and to build vocabulary, just read ‘The Hindu’ carefully. And, if ever you find a new word, look it in the Oxford dictionary so that you can instantly understand its meaning and its usage in the concerned context.

      • suganyaNS

        thank you sir. happy new year

        • Gaurav

          Thank you and same to you…….!!

    • shiva4688

      anbulla thozhi,

      neenga ethukkum varuthapadavendam , i second on gaurav recommendation of reading hindu, one economics paper like business standard if time permits look after any new topics occur in indian express if hindu is untouched . just write down whatever u think in n ur mind, be it any kind of stories, poetry, …just do it read n analyse hindu , joldt down some typical words in ur seperate note n check meaning either using online tools like google, or oxford dictionary. !!!!!!! naam anaivarum ondraga payanipoom nam ilakkai adaiya!!!!!!!!!

      • suganyaNS

        nandri…. such a motivational thoughts really improve myself friend..

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    a very happy new year to all my insights frnz..hope this year make every one of us achieve our dreams—–

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    insights undercover team , last week u have compiled the entire week questions from 15 to 19 dec 2014, pls do continue the practice we r able to include what is best for the answers. thank you

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    I am a student of class 12 and i aspire to become an ias officer. Before coming to this site, i never had confidence that i can become an ias officer but now it lighted a fire inside me and it did passionate me to start my preparation from today. GREAT SITE….

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    Hi guys, If anyone’s interested in sharing Vision IAS Prelims tests with me for 2015. , let me know. There are about 50 tests in total, combining GS and CSAT. It costed me about 22K in total and i can share them with you for 5k.

    You can reach me at [email protected] if interested. Thanks

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    hello sir,
    for culture we have to follow spectrum or NIOS material?

  • this is my question, how it will reduce consumerism every India? please write answer this….

  • initiative ideas for better implementation of environmental loss in India ? write answer this

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    Feeling happy to visit IAS CAMPUS near marathali landmark tin of the most structured institute with all old ncerts and all refrence books at one place..friends if u are looking for ias training institute i will suggest you ias campus.

    they are not for money making…because once you get selected in upsc or kpsc they will refund your full fees..

    • rebecca

      in Bangalore..all experienced teachers..intake only 35 students..classes will start from 22 jan..
      for more details contact

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    what’s the reason? please help me

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    Sir, if possible please provide to which topic of the syllabus does the news relate to as you have being doing in Secure 2015 questions.!! Thank you.

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    sir how can i start my preparation now. im an average guy . strategy ! ? will it work to crack in 2015

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    The language used is derogatory. Also, he has misbehaved with a girl on your site only. I will request you to eliminate this guest option comment policy.

    This is what i GOT.
    shailu (Guest):
    aah!! YOU fucking Bastard, you ass hole, !! this is answer is not worth reviving but since we had a previous encounter so i decided to give u my time.. somebody got his penis hurt last time so i have moderated my style!!!

    1) Increased production of what? are u saying manufacturing or oil production.(you jerk).
    2) it is a global phenomenon dude..
    3) and 4) are result and consequences
    6) you have no ida what PPP is.. it is relative value of two economies.

    1)As oil prices move up or down, inflation follows in the same direction.
    The reason why this happens is that oil is a major input in the economy –
    it is used in critical activities such as fueling transportation and
    heating homes – and if input costs rise, so should the cost of end

    2) “Tempor ary phenomenon” hence a “double edge sword”.. What logic is this… either u dont know what temporary phenomenon is or u dont know what is double edge sword

    proprtional mismatch
    1) you agreed is totaly invalid
    2) did u say.. help other fuel like kerosene??? govt already discouraging kerosene.. nd u think LPG needs help???

    ‘Proposal to stop kerosene subsidy to households with power’…

    70% of your answer is a waste..

    PS- i vl b happy if I kick your butts..

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    265896 latest Government Job notification 2015 SSC, UPSC, UPPSC Railway , UPPSC

    ssc exam Time Table 2015 Upcoming SSC recruitment News update Syllabus Application Form free study material

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    I m persuing my B A Hons. in English Literature.
    I m in 2nd year.
    I want to prepare for civil services exam frm the very this year.
    So please suggest me wr frm i shall start my preperation, abou which i m very mch confused.

  • maverick scholar

    was at this stage exactly one year back. i would like to share my personal experience. the book to which i owe so much, THE UPSC INTERVIEW by Dr. Pranav Mahajan under Knowracle Publications. in my words, this is something really good for all the UPSC aspirants

  • Pratham Jindal

    Hello everyone. I am a 9th std boy and I want help that how can I start preparing for IAS exam from now? I really want to be an IAS officer because its my father’s dream. If anyone could tell me how can I start preparing for now from 10th std then it will be a great help. Thank You.

    • Zak

      Enjoy your life, for now, kid. You won’t get your childhood or teenage years back. And you need to finish school, college etc before even being able to attempt CS. So focus on finishing all that properly.

      You don’t need to prepare now. You have 7-8 years to go. A lot of things can change by then !!!

    • Lucas

      It’s a noble dream that your father has and nobler that you want to fulfill it.

      Not to discourage you, but everyone should live their own dream. So try and find your dreams , if you can and work towards that.

    • Arshad Khan

      Hi Pratham,
      The preparation for IAS is not just for the exam, it the process of building your personality and your skills.

      So,focus on building your skills and personality the rest will be taken care by itself.

      Firstly,improve your language skills.( English skills-Reading,writing and speaking).

      Avoid thinking about the exam for now.Improve your general skills,build your hobbies(like yoga,writing……etc).

      Travel places and experience different things.Talk with the different kind of people.Learn and most important understand.

      IAS is not just about clearing the exam.Its more about the kind of person you are and the kind of the personality you have developed.So, read inspiring books like the biographies of the famous people,Self-help books and book on sprituality.Involve yourself in some kind of sports and have fun.

      Meditation and Sprituality will help you focus in your life and your dreams.Take my words you can reach to excellence in your dreams with ease and happiness with meditation and yoga.(DO TRY!)

      Be curious about the various happening in India and around the world.Take every opportunity as learning.Focus on understanding the things instead of mugging.(Very important).

      If keep the learning desire all the time and the enjoy what you are doing.I am sure you will reach where ever you want to.!

      All the very Best!!!!!

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    This website is truly an gold mine for aspirats thirsting for guidance…thank you team so much for your effort..!!an kind request paper 2 of csat has not been added up in the tests…it will be immensely useful for people from non science backgrounds and who hav not had an practice of apptitude like myself and my friend who are preparing…please suggest proper way for preparation of the second paper of csat.

  • LuV

    I would like to inform my fellow members that from now onward the Secure compilation will be available on the following link,

    Also, you can download the Environment fortnightly compilation (source: DTE), the S&T Weekly (Source: The HIndu)compilation from the above link respectively,

  • Amit Mani

    Vinay sir….Though some of us working professionals may not be able to write / contribute much regarding daily answer writing challenges but we definitely go through all the written answers and comments likewise of each questions given to improve …
    Severe time constraints prevent me / us from writing on the site coz of severe connectivity problem in our rural working area, and at the end of the week we look forward to the compilation part to revise…
    plz plz do not stop this wonderful initiative though we very well know u are not in favor of compilation…(there is nothing like writing answers and sharing to hone our skills)…

    • LuV

      No one is going to stop this initiative. The compilation will be provided as before. The place to download that compilation has been changed to a new one,

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    hello insight
    i am new to anthro started with physical anthro can anyone please give a crisp detail about the anthro as a subject and books and coaching notes to be followed.

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    @ Insight Team : Pls post the strategy for Geography optional capturing latest trends in exams

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    but still i love it…..
    because it is so productive as well.

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    Hello Insight,

    I appreciate the effort that you guys are putting behind your endeavor. However, I want to give one advice that the questions that are selected for Insight secure initiatives daily are guided by the newspaper articles. It should be guided by the syllabus. UPSC asks only basic and general questions not too much technical. I find many questions, particularly in GS paper II and III, that have nothing to do with the syllabus though you mention the part of the syllabus also.

    Give us only 4 questions daily but it should be based on the syllabus and not just replicate the newspaper article while framing the questions.

    That will save the time of aspirants and they will be more focussed.


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    For the last 2 days I find it difficult to get Secure 2015 comments and also not able to post any answers. Please guide….

  • Hello, I find the same difficulty too, I cant see the comments at all being loaded ..please help resolve, many thanks

  • is there anybody from the philosophy optiona? Insight do you have any repository, answer copies or notes or any one from the Philosophhy optional, please share if availabe..thanks

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      Hi ruby i eo have philosophy notes from patanjali and i do have both class notes and printed one.if you would like to hqve can reach me

  • Hi insight..can you help me join the found it thorugh your upload link only and when trying to create an account in it, it is asking for some activation code..please help if possible

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    I have purchased ncert books 8 years back. DO l have to purchase the new ones for CSE 15 or they remain the same.Plze clearify

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    Please somebody guide me on following.
    I am to appear in a State Civil Services interview. (my home state)
    I have a professional experience of around 12 years in a Central Public Sector undertaking. (my age is 37 years)
    What should be the reply to the Question -Why do you want to join civil services at this stage of your career?.

    Please help.


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    Please reply.

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    74 pdfs

    cost is 300rs

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    Has this exercise been stopped?


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    how important is to learn NCERT books first as i am preparing in mains point of view….and pls say how one should be prompt on reading ncert and is it necessary to read each and every line of ncert when concerning with economics….it feels like some topics are not necessary to read????pls notify me of what to read and what not to read????plsssssss

    • shiva4688

      @dear saranya,

      nope. u cant put heavy stress on reading ncerts line by line. what u must need to focus on topic n understand concepts with real time scenario applications. insights started static part also covered in secure mains in that u ll get all clarlty of ur doubts, lacunae in ur prpen. revision is key to succeed this exam ..must ensure to score atlest more than 80% in csat alone. then u can easily prepn on mains ..carefully read important topics , questions posted under insights w.r.t. syllabus gives u more clarlty n more confident to face mains exam….i hope my little bit of suggestion could help ur doubts , if any in future u can mail me at shiva4688atgmaildotcom

  • saranya

    feeling so feary and nervous when dealing with csat.because i am a commerce student detached from maths for years…when i do solve little problems of my own i gain confidence but when i dont know of how to solve a problem it really really feels so bad and loose my confidence that whether i could crack my prelims or not??/the core problem in me is that i could write answers for tha mains question with good confidence but it lacks in me when dealing csat…pls say how should i deal with csat ????/i just wanna rock in csat..pls help me?

    • shiva4688

      @dear saranya,

      i seriously recommend u go through UN ACADEMY ” demolish csat with in 90 minutes . by air 18 topper dr. roman saini. here covered all all previous question with concept based approach to solve every problem. im damn sure from now onwards u should not be worry about stupid csat papper at all. live stress free!!!!!focus on mains, sis!!!!!!!

      • saranya

        how about ur preparation shiva?????still i am getting stucked with csat….i could do well with insights secure mains…i feel confident in writing mains answers…but feeling so sooooooo scary on going with prelims…so informations are coming that the weightage for csat is gonna be low as compared to previous upsc ?????is that true….?could anyone clear my doubt????

  • Rahul

    Sir, I am unable to see others answer neither able to upload my answers. The feature Disqus is not working smoothly. please look into the matter.

  • tanveer

    For Kannada Medium Aspirants….

    ☀‘ನೀತಿ ಆಯೋಗ’ದ ಅಥವಾ ಭಾರತೀಯ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣಾ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ (NITI) ಕುರಿತು ವಿಶ್ಲೇಷಿಸಿ. ಹಾಗೂ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣಾ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆಯ ಪ್ರಮುಖ ಕಾರ್ಯಗಳು ಯಾವವು?
    (Analyze about Policy Statement agency the NITI. What are the main functions of the Policy Statement agency?)

    ♠.ಭಾರತೀಯ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣಾ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ (NITI):
    —‘ಭಾರತ ಪರಿವರ್ತನಾ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ’
    —(ನ್ಯಾಷನಲ್‌ ಇನ್ಸ್‌ಟಿಟ್ಯೂಷನ್‌ ಆಫ್‌ ಟ್ರಾನ್ಸ್‌­ಫಾರ್ಮಿಂಗ್‌ ಇಂಡಿಯಾ – NITI)

    ಆರೂವರೆ ದಶಕಗಳ ಹಿಂದೆ ದೇಶದ ಪ್ರಥಮ ಪ್ರಧಾನಿ ಪಂಡಿತ ಜವಾಹರಲಾಲ್‌ ನೆಹರೂ ಕಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ರಚಿಸಲಾಗಿದ್ದ ಯೋಜನಾ ಆಯೋಗವನ್ನು ರದ್ದುಗೊಳಿಸಿರುವ ಎನ್‌ಡಿಎ ಸರ್ಕಾರವು  ಅದಕ್ಕೆ ಬದಲಾಗಿ ‘ನೀತಿ ಆಯೋಗ’ವನ್ನು ಅಸ್ತಿತ್ವಕ್ಕೆ ತಂದಿದೆ.

    ಹೊಸ ವರ್ಷದ ಮೊದಲ ದಿನದಂದು ರಚನೆಗೊಂಡಿರುವ ‘ಭಾರತ ಪರಿವರ್ತನಾ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ’ (ನ್ಯಾಷನಲ್‌ ಇನ್ಸ್‌ಟಿಟ್ಯೂಷನ್‌ ಆಫ್‌ ಟ್ರಾನ್ಸ್‌­ಫಾರ್ಮಿಂಗ್‌ ಇಂಡಿಯಾ – NITI) ಕೇಂದ್ರ ಹಾಗೂ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸರ್ಕಾರಗಳ ಪ್ರಾತಿನಿಧಿಕ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣಾ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆಯಾಗಿ  ಕಾರ್ಯನಿರ್ವಹಿಸಲಿದೆ.  

    ‘ಬಲಾಢ್ಯ ರಾಜ್ಯಗಳಿಂದ ಬಲಾಢ್ಯ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರ’ ತತ್ವದಡಿ ಒಕ್ಕೂಟ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆಗೆ ಪೂರಕವಾಗಿ ಕೇಂದ್ರ ಹಾಗೂ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸರ್ಕಾರಗಳಿಗೆ ‘ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಕಾರ್ಯಸೂಚಿ’ ರೂಪಿಸಲು ಈ ‘ನೀತಿ ಆಯೋಗ’ವು ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶನ ಮಾಡಲಿದೆ.

    1950 ರಲ್ಲಿ ಅಸ್ತಿತ್ವಕ್ಕೆ ಬಂದಿದ್ದ ಯೋಜನಾ ಆಯೋಗದ ಬದಲಾಗಿ ಹೊಸ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆಯೊಂದನ್ನು ಜಾರಿಗೆ ತರುವುದಾಗಿ ಪ್ರಧಾನಿ ಮೋದಿ ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ ದಿನಾಚರಣೆಯಂದು ಘೋಷಿಸಿದ್ದರು. ನೀತಿ ಆಯೋಗ ರಚನೆ ಕುರಿತು ಇತ್ತೀಚೆಗೆ ಎಲ್ಲ  ರಾಜ್ಯಗಳ ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿಗಳ ಸಭೆ ಕರೆದು ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ನಡೆಸಿದ್ದರು. ಅದಾದ ಮೂರು ವಾರಗಳ ನಂತರ ಈ ಪ್ರಕಟಣೆ ಹೊರಬಿದ್ದಿದೆ. ಕಾಂಗ್ರೆಸ್‌ ಆಡಳಿತದಲ್ಲಿರುವ ರಾಜ್ಯಗಳ ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿಗಳನ್ನು ಹೊರತು  ಪಡಿಸಿದಂತೆ ಉಳಿದ ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿಗಳು ಯೋಜನಾ ಆಯೋಗದ ಪುನರ್‌ ರಚನೆ ನಿರ್ಧಾರ ಬೆಂಬಲಿಸಿದ್ದರು.

    ☀.ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣಾ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆಯ ಪ್ರಮುಖ ಕಾರ್ಯಗಳು ಯಾವವು?
    —ಸರ್ಕಾರಗಳ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಪ್ರಧಾನ ಪಾತ್ರ ವಹಿಸುವ ಆಯೋಗ ಚಿಂತಕರ ಚಾವಡಿಯಂತೆ ಕೆಲಸ ಮಾಡಲಿದೆ.
    —ಸರ್ಕಾರದ ಪ್ರಮುಖ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾರ್ಯತಂತ್ರ ರೂಪಿಸುವ ಆಯೋಗದ ತಜ್ಞ ಸದಸ್ಯರು ತಾಂತ್ರಿಕ  ಸಲಹೆ ಹಾಗೂ ಮಾರ್ಗದರ್ಶನ ನೀಡುವರು.
    —ನೀತಿ ಹಾಗೂ ಶಿಕ್ಷಣ ಸಂಶೋಧನಾ ಕೇಂದ್ರಗಳು ಸೇರಿದಂತೆ ರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಮತ್ತು ಅಂತರರಾಷ್ಟ್ರೀಯ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆಗಳ ಜೊತೆ ಈ ಚಿಂತಕರ ಚಾವಡಿಯು ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ನಡೆಸಿ, ಆ ನಿಟ್ಟಿನಲ್ಲಿ ಕೇಂದ್ರ ಹಾಗೂ ರಾಜ್ಯ ಸರ್ಕಾರಗಳ ನೀತಿ ನಿರೂಪಣೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಅಗತ್ಯ ಸಲಹೆ, ಸೂಚನೆ ನೀಡುವ ಕೆಲಸವನ್ನೂ ಮಾಡಲಿವೆ.
    —ಯೋಜನೆಗಳ  ಜಾರಿ, ಸಮರ್ಪಕ ಅನುಷ್ಠಾನದ ಮೇಲೂ ಸಂಸ್ಥೆ ಕಣ್ಣಿಡಲಿದೆ. 


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    and now if everyone studies your sugested books and vajiram or xyz coaching having good relevant material how can all these aspirants excel.

    abhi bhi koi topper hoga jo insights ke sugested material ya delhi coachings ke sugessted materials se zada padh k retain kar raha hoga…..but my question is wher is the scope to further search for more knowledge…

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    agar ek hi notes class k sab good students padhe to rank sabki same ayegi…so wo kya notes hain jo class ke alawa bhi real toppers soch sakte hain and dhundh sakte hain aur padh sakte hain…
    how can we think and search like toppers(not considering the role of luck here) sabke paas google hai internet hai ..par thought process of toppers i think is diferent than we 3 times mains failures.

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    sir reply me soon,,i belong to 3A vokkaliga, karnataka but my home town belongs to urban area and my father is agriculturist of annual income of Rs.17000/- is i am eligible to get advantage of OBC in prelims-2015

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    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir i belong to 3A vokkaliga, karnataka but my home town belongs to urban area and my father is agriculturist of annual income Rs.17000/- is i am eligible to get advantage of OBC in prelims 2015..reply me soon

  • surbi

    someone reply me

  • surbi

    insights…sir i am waiting

  • Ratnesh

    Insights is one of the best platform I have ever seen for Civil Services exam preparation. I would like to suggest the owner of this website to include one more section for the aptitude portion so that this website become a complete guide in itself for the students who have no access to high quality guidance. By the way, its a superb effort.

  • Govind prasad

    Good sir ji

  • Aahana

    Hi sir,
    This is aahana here. i just joined the test series 2015. sir i have missed some tests because i joined late. will u be providing with the question papers of the earlier tests. ?

    • aspirant :-)

      hi Aahana, i am facing the same problem and not getting any link or file for previous or even upcoming tests. pl let me know if you get any update. if possible, pl msg me on [email protected] about any such update.

      • Aahana

        I hve got the test series questions of d previous year as well as this year d tests dat i had missed.

        • aspirant :-)

          Thank u aahna, I also received d same. Have u gone through all the tests??

          • Aahana

            nt all i m following d schedule going through the chapters nd solving d papers i have missed nd side by side preparing for the upcoming papers.

            • aspirant :-)

              Hey Aahna, do u have any idea about the scores of top 100 of insights test takers?? It is thr any way to get the min marks required for each paper to crack it this time??
              I have already send an inquiry about the score to insights but haven’t received any reply.
              Pl let me know if u HV any idea in this regard.
              Ohh yes , u r regularly following insight schedule na? How many marks did u get for the tests??
              Pl reply if possible

              • Aahana

                I dnt hve ny idea about d scores .. But m following d schedule regularly…i m smtimes gtng 90 80 percnt… Smtimes evn less…

                I wd suggest u regularly follow d given schedule…u will do well fr sure…kp reading watever dey r asking to…cus as far as i knw its really gna be helpful

                • aspirant :-)

                  Thanks for quick reply Aahna. i guess u must be preparing full time for
                  the exam. is it 90% that means about 180 marks r you getting for the
                  tests? thats really great! pl tell me ur style of approach in detail for
                  each test paper. studying with full time job has become very
                  challenging but still trying to cope up. if u have any idea for smarter
                  prep. with job then pl share

                  • Aahana

                    Umm m jus following the routine nd tryng to revise dem as many times possible…
                    Smetimes m gtng 60 percnt also…dts wat m doing

                  • Dear Aspirant,

                    Best or top score in our test will somewhere around 110-120. Majority score in the range of 60 to 80.

                    Aahana is talking about our new initiative ‘Insights Self Study Guide’ (

                    Thank you 🙂

                    • aspirant :-)

                      Thank you for the info about score. But can you plz guide me quickly for short time strategy to achieve best in all ur tests. I m getting only in majority range & sometimes even lower than that. Plz guide me for best result sir, this is my last attempt & anyhow I want to clear it.

                  • Aahana

                    I joined the test series quite late so it is hard to catch up with all d test papers m trying to complete as much as i can. i would suggest u to try nd go thrgh the topics given per schedule bfre solving the test paper. that is wat i m doing. sorry for the late reply.
                    Insights recently posted a self study guide. if you try an cover that i guess all the important areas will be covered

                    • aspirant :-)

                      Thanks Aahna. I am preparing with job so need little more efforts with smart strategies. Please do share anything important u feel about the preparation.

                    • Aahana

                      Yup i wil sure. I myself am facing problems to complete jus because i came to know about insights late…but still giving my best m nt sure whether ill crack…
                      The only thing i can suggest is try nd complete evrythng mentioned in d self study guide for prelims nd revise it..its gonna cover all the important topics.
                      I am doing that…i hope i crack prelims. Fingers crossed.
                      Nd yes try nd do all d papers frm the…prelims test series..all the 33 tests.

                    • aspirant :-)

                      That’s really good. Ur consistency n dedication will lead u to the success for sure.
                      I am in last line in solving all the tests n self study guide programme of insights. It was difficult to manage with work but now trying max to cover up everything properly.
                      For environment, do u have any idea about importantimportant ref except NIOS & NCERT? And for culture too ??

                    • Aahana

                      Nope i am doing from ncert and nios only…nd going through the links given in the self study guide in insights.
                      I want to crack it this year..m nt sure though…bt will give my best. This will be my first attempt….

                    • aspirant :-)

                      Very good efforts for first attempt. Sent worry, ur efforts will surely give u the desired result. Good luck

                    • Aahana

                      Good luck to u 2

          • Aahana

            yes.. i have gone through the tests

  • Anmol Rastogi

    i am confused about no of attempts for general it 4 or 6?? somebody please enlighten me about this

    • Praveen Raj

      Increased to 6 last year

  • mihir.s

    insights has helped me a lot.. well it does everyday.. i cant give time for the newspaper as i wrk frm 8am to 7.90 pm.. but insights has come like a blessing in disguise.please keep up the good wrk . and also great respect to the pepople who comment .. they are my saviour

  • Sindhushree b r

    sir i belong to 3A vokkaliga but my home town belongs to urban area and my father is agriculturist of annual income Rs.17000/- is i am eligible to get advantage of OBC in prelims 2015..reply me soon

  • priya

    Sir i just came to about this new initiative of insight.I have missed the starting fifteen days of this schedule .How should i cover it ?

  • purushottam

    sir waiting for tv debates updates..plz load it

  • gunaseelan

    this website is really usefull @InsightsOnIndia:disqus

  • aman

    this site is very useful but why no current affairs of 21 march

  • Sumit Joshi

    I want to join the test series for prelims 2015 now, can i ? and wat will be the course of action for this.U will provide me previous test papers also? Lastly sir test series will be offline or online?


    • whatsdereinname

      yes u can join anytime. u need to pay the fees. then all the test will be sent to u in pdf version.

      – co aspirant here.

  • Avinash Mishra

    Recently I have started visiting your website, I realized that there are so many threads which is running on your page, because of that I things look like very unorganized. Please try to maintain it as simple as possible.

    • whatsdereinname

      once u keep visiting this website regularly, u will get used to it and wont find it unorganized etc

      – co aspirant here.

  • akanksha jha

    helloo friends!!! i m confused about how to read INDIA YEAR BOOK. do we need to make notes out of it or not…plzz suggest

  • Saurabhniranjan2

    Thank you so much for such a detailed sitemap. it will avoid confusion for UPSC preparation.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Sir, Is is worthy to join your Prelim 2015 series at this point (for targeting prelim 2015) or now it is late. If join, what materials and other things will be provided and how.(hindi Medium)

  • Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

    Thanks !

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    This is a test

  • Dileep Yadav
  • gopal

    some one help me… i want to upload scaned copy of my answer(written on page)…….but i m not getting upload link

  • hello insights..I have gone through your website.Its really useful for all the CS aspirants.

    I am into business and have left my studies 4 years back after completing my masters.. Kindly guide me in preparing for prelims-2015 as I have 3-4 months left with me.

  • gaurav

    Dear Sir (Insight Team),

    Is Hindu and Daily Current Event is sufficient. What to do for Environment portion. Please reply.


  • Can anyone suggest some books/online resources to know more about kashmir issue.

  • doc aditya

    from where to download insight secure 2015 mains answers given in pdf form ?????

  • Abhishek Singh

    Dear Sir, I have a confusion regarding optional. I have two choices one is History and the other one is Philosphy, I m unable to decide which will be better for me. Plz suggest me. I will be very kind of you. Thanks

    • whatsdereinname

      u must go n check previous year question papers. ur own inclination for a particular subject should be the main deciding factor.

      after checking previous year papers, still u r in the same dilemma, then material availability and guidance for the subject- should be the next criteria.

      • Abhishek Singh

        Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

  • vardhan

    dear insights, will there be any change in csat paper 2 this time, or do they confuse us like last time.. please clarify us (many rural students hoping for change), if any iota of hope.. if there are no changes what will be the pattern of paper 2 will it be like 2014 or 13 ? if any alterations or embroidering to the pattern when they will notify? waiting eagerly for your clarification.

  • aspirant :-)

    hello sir, I am facing the same problem. even after successful registration, i am unable to find any link tor previous test papers or any link to upcoming tests!!!!!! pl help me as soon as possible

  • gopal

    can some tell me which national park/sanctuary etc to go in details because there are so many parks / sanctuaries

    • civilian

      One with national imp like tiger rich,flora fauna rich,if any specificities and related to ur state etc.selective reading is needed

  • Vatsala Pravani Yadav

    hey….i am new in this field….i want to read The HIndu newspaper….but you see i m from rishikesh and its really tough to get this newspaper here……i tried downloading the android app but i couldn’t…..can anyone plz help me out in this…

    • gopal

      u can read it on the official site of hindu

      • Vatsala Pravani Yadav

        thank you sir….i have the official site…but i could not find the editorial page on it

  • Satyaveer Mishra

    pls anyone provide me culture notes ……..suggest me

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    Useful information shared..Iam very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.

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    helloo insight..i knw u all are doing great job so that we can clear CSE…i knw i m expecting more, but plzz can we have some question for revision, especially related to CSAT…plzzzzzz

  • Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

    Beautiful job re-doing the look of the website. Looks good.

  • akanksha jha

    hello friends…just a request to everyone who is writing secure answers..lets promise each other that when we will review others answers we will give them true feedback with detailed review..nd lets stop just writing comments like gud,nyc,etc…detailed review and debate about every question will help all of us to clear mains with gud marks..lets not behave like competitors lets behave like frnds to support each other in writing so that we all could clear exam with gud ranks..sorry if i m wrong. this initiative and this platform is to improve ourselves..nd help others also to improve..lets set an example that co-aspirants are not competitors but they are frnds,,i hope from monday everyone will provide proper feedback to others answer…lets work together so that everybody who is a part of secure-2015 can clear CSE-2015 with gud ranks..sorry if i am wrong anywhere..

    • gopal

      can we review each other on daily basis

    • Abhishek


    • Supermanreturns

      I am in

      • Ruchi Verma

        gaurav sir ??

    • Narendra Swami


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      Definately.. If we help n cooperate with each other then we’ll secure ranks.. I m agree n support too.

      • Name

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    • civilian

      R u still on this?if so i would like to join

    • PKK

      well said.united we stand ..divided we fall .

    • TEPIG

      How u can expect everyone to be your frnd.
      This is a competitive exam
      Even your room mate is your competitor.

      • akanksha jha

        competitors can be frnds too…thats my way of thinking..u can agree or disagree….:-))

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    • Please try to subscribe from another email. Thank you.

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    Hi Friends

    IAS is my childhood dream. Now I planning to take IAS.

    My DOB is 10th Feb 1985. Could you please clarify whether I am eligible to appear for IAS exams?