• jay

    photography i make my hobbies because many time photo remeber our past or realise our special moments that never came back again .it is also save as a memories.thant it’s become a special thing that presnt time i dont’t have

  • Arun

    by taking photo I found so many new aspects which my naked eye missed. it(photography) needs skill to portrait thoughts of photographer in images. that is why I love taking photo.

  • Photography is not about just taking picture . It is an craft which draw an message, feeling, memoir using Camera. Photography allow u to contain frame in that manner what u want for which purpose. Line ,Color and action stimulate our brain for kind of perception .

  • I am amateur photographer. I have purchased Nikon DSLR after lot of research. But before that I don’t Even know what is DSLR stands for. How it is different from fixed lens cameras/compact cameras. Then Slowly I came to know about DSLR , its working, different kinds of Lenses, etc.
    Before taking any photo with Dslr or any other compact cameras you should know about Exposure,Aperture, and Shutter-speed.These three things very important for any kind of photograph. With this three things you can make your photograph look perfect .
    For me Photography is an Art. “Thousands of words which cannot make sense, one Photograph can make.” There are different kinds of Photography like portraiture,wildlife,sports,street-photography,photo journalism, and so on.
    I love Street photography.There is no Good Photography and Bad photography but there is only two kinds of photographs one which tells some story and other which doesn’t. So always my inspiration to take photograph is to tell some story with my photographs.

    I will keep Writing many things about photography in coming days. Hope It will useful.

  • Photography stands for “Writing by Light”.
    Photo(light) + Graphy(something written).
    So it requires understanding light at first.

    At the very beginning, don’t get fascinated by a DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex). Camera is just an equipment. It does what you ask it to. Its the person behind the lens who is important.

    First of all one need to understand the miracles that light does to a photograph. More the light brighter the subject(something/somebody who is being photographed). Light falling on the subject at specific angles gives that spark to the image.

    Then there are many other things to understand, like the composition of the image, various rules and technicalities of capturing light.
    Some important terms to understand are as follows:
    1. ISO Setting – How much sensitive the sensor is to the falling light.
    Its a number that denotes the sensitivity of the sensor towards the incoming light. 100,200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 and so on. Higher the number = higher the sensitivity.
    2. Shutter Speed – For how long the shutter remains open so as to allow the light to fall on the sensor. Say for example 1 sec, 1/100 of a sec 1/500 of a sec, 1/4000 of second, 15 sec, 30 sec. etc.
    3. Lens Aperture – The circular opening of the lens. It can be symbolically understood as the diameter of the lens that is available to allow the light to go through it. It is denoted by a number called the F-Number. Greater the number = smaller the opening of the lens.
    F1 will have the max area of the lens open for incoming light.
    F22 will have the least area of the lens open for incoming light.

    This write-up is not enough to teach anybody photography, but it is aimed to make the beginner-enthusiasts aware of some of the basic terms so that they are comfortable in learning.

    If you find this useful, I can give further details regarding the same.
    Best Regards
    Avinash Singh

    • vsk

      Sir i found it very useful.. actually i click photos during my leisure ..i havent attended any photography session..and i dont have any dslr..i use lumia phone.. now what questions can be asked in interview if i say photography as my hobby.. i dont know why i like it..but i like it..they will ask me have u attended any session?? or which camera do u have?? will they believe me when i dont have even a camera ?? photography ke alawa aur kuch bol bhi nahi skta as a hobby..bcz i dnt have much knowledge abt other things..

  • Himanshu

    The camera of any type to me is a machine through which i can freeze the time.
    A photograph is a story on one page without any words in it. what you see in it is the truth from the past, a memory that just went by, a moment which just got froze in time forever.
    It is a art as well as state of the mind that captures a light with a machine called camera in such a way that it may make a wonderful piece of history or just enables you to freeze the world itself.
    To me its more of a philosophical thing than just a technical art. It is a blend of both the technology and the thought of capturing the light so as to keep it alive for as many years as you want for future generations.
    a famous photographer once said ‘It is the eye behind the camera that matters not the camera.’ Recently this field is facing a new generation of photographers full of creativity and enthusiasm to find the new dimensions of and in the art of photography. I believe that this field is one of them that give you peace of mind, relaxes your eyes and give internal pleasure.
    Rather than technical aspects i believe that a real and a good photograph is the one which is taken from the heart through the camera.

  • ManInBlue

    Has anyone heard of (or have actually been already gone through) someone been interviewed around photography as a hobby? If so please share your experiences here.

  • Deepti Chahar

    I love Photography because……It helps me to express my ‘Emotions’, and to preserve ‘Memories’…….:)

  • Raviraj

    Photography is an art of collecting memories in the visual form. The most amazing thing about photography is that everyone can pursue it irrespective of their residence, religion, age, gender, etc.provided he/she has a camera/smartphone. Its the Unifying art. A single photograph can have infinite dimensions. What a photograph represents, depends on one’s perception. Photography in a true sense stands for Freedom of Thoughts & Expression.

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