• Rajini J

    my hobby is mehandi designing.
    please tell me whether this is accepted as a hobby

    • ritwik sharma

      dear rajini ji
      really it is unique one and i really admire it as a hobby as it is highly creative. Kindly tell me apprx how many designs u make everyday in ur leisure time?

      • Rajini J

        hai ritwik
        i do not count on. but whenever i feel bored or depressed or just not in mood to do anything else i’ll take pen and paper and make design. it take me 10-15 minutes for one hand (simple) and almost an hour for applying in both the hand.
        i have about 200 designs stored only in a file as now. but i don’t use the book for applying in its just spontaneous ideas.

        thank you

        • ritwik sharma

          rajini J
          its great really 200 designs!!! u must be very creative and sincere as well.
          who is ur favorite designer?

          • Rajini J


            i really do not know any designer names please let me know what should i ought to know more in interview perspect

  • reetika

    yes it is nd infact a unique one

    • RajiniJ

      thank you very reetika this response relived me from great confusion and fear.

  • Piyu

    Hi friends
    My hobbies are reading and drawing…
    Please tell me that whether drawing is accepted as a hobby or not…
    Plz reply..

    • Sarvesh K

      ofcours Drawing is well accepted hobby. be prepared they may ask u to draw immediately… specially M.Gandhi.

      • Piyu

        First of all Thanx for reply..
        secondly, what should i do for extra praparations?
        have any idea?
        plz tell me.

        • Hi piyu, U have to bring out various aspects of ur hobby n prepare questions and answers for it.
          Be ready with qst like..
          Difference between Drawing, Painting, Sketching.
          Famous painter.
          Use of this skill in ur service??

  • prashant

    i have visting historical places as my hobby..plz suggest me how to get prepare over it

    • Sarvesh K

      Pls let us know ur Home state. Which historical place is ur favourite n why??
      Be prepared with recent controversy in missing historical monuments.

  • happy

    Hi…I have collecting inspirational quotations as my hobby….please post some questions on it like an interviewer…so that I prepare on that lines…..

    • Sarvesh K

      How this helps u in Civil services??
      Does inspirational quotes motivates u??
      What is more important inspiration or motivation?? how to differentiate between the two??
      Give a inspirational quote of churchill??
      Which is ur favourite quote n why??
      which person is more dear to u (in tems of quotes)
      Indian or foreigner??

      • happy

        Thank you Sir…These questions are of immense help for my preparation…

  • rahul s.


  • ankit

    my hobby is village travelling. what are the expected questions that can asked in ias interview?

    • ritwik sharma

      the question may be
      the recent village you visited?

    • Sarvesh K

      Define village.
      Status of village.

      Do u agree that India still a land of village??
      Should all villages be replaced with urbanisation??
      Is government schemes doing well in village??
      what u learnt that u remember through village travelling??
      Can village be turned into tourist spot??

  • Amir

    as per situation i like to work . e.g as studying make many roads to achieve, whn playing game give suggestions to play like this , as any work going i like to help or some improvements .. etc and imp. i like to work in group,be responsible / main person of group.so what name of my hobby

    • Hobby is something u like to do in ur leisure time, which gives u pleasure. It provide u relief as well as happiness. Altough it can be turned into profession. But the activity u suggested does not seema to fit anywhere. Either u should think which activity satisfy above definition or u should elaborate more to give it specific name.

      • Amir

        thnk u..

  • anup

    Hello Sir – My Hobby is To Organize The Rural Youth for mass development please tell about all details relating to upsc interview

    • anup

      Hello Sir – My Hobby is To Organize The Rural Youth for mass development please tell about all details relating to upsc interview pl send reply on my email ([email protected])

      • ritwik sharma

        dear anup
        Before putting forth some of the questions i would like to know what is Your profession? Will u please tell me that?

        • anup

          currently I am doing my masters in political science & at the same time I am preparing for civil services examination

    • anup

      pl. help me in daetail ralating to my hobby

  • sri

    my hobby is to play wid my pet dogs. Is this gud enuf??

    • Siddy

      I also play with my pet dogs
      rather write..i keep pets and they are a part of my life..more than just a hobby

  • Shree

    I dont have a specific hobby,..its peculiar..
    But pls help me out . how to tackle this situation??
    should a develop a hobby or can i state it directly??

    • Hi Shree, Playing with dog is ok.. but u must be having some hobby where u like to spend ur time. It is not necessary to write something in hobby column. But its for our benefit, bcoz if we write hobby then we r giving them opportunity to ask in some topic which we like n know better. Dont take its tension.

  • hai,my hobby is listening to mahabarath and ramayanam audios..please tell me what type of questions can be asked in the interview regarding this hobby..i also do paintings in COMPUTER.this is my other hobby.can anyone suggest the type of questions for both the above mentioned hobbies?

    • Hi Umamageswari, This is unique kind of hobby. Probably.u r Tamil.. then be prepared with..
      Who translated Mahabharat n Ramayana from sanskrit?
      be prepared with details like how many chapters are there.??
      Significance of Shanti parvan 12th ch of mahabharat? like other factual details..
      regarding painting in computer..
      Q) how u paint? which software??
      use of light board??
      does computer painting reducing the value of actual art of painting??
      similarity.or dissimilarity or advanyage n disadvantage between hand painting and computer painting.
      pls elaborate ur hobby to provide more questions.

      • umamageswari V

        thank u sarveshkanojia..ya im a tamilian.thanks for ur valuable reply

  • Sir cloth steaching is my hobby.pls suggest me about this.I steach blouses,dressess,any cloth.how it helpful in upsc interview.

    • ritwik sharma

      how much do u take to stich a blouse?

    • Pls tell me some other hobby or provide a better name to ur hobby like tayloring, cloth designing. or something which use ur creativity… whr u can proudly state that u r creative.

  • Sir my hobby is to play video games(Strategy games). Can I say this as my hobby? Pls suggest me with some questions ……

    • Sure Arul, U can suggest it as ur hobby. But be prepared for the questions like..
      Which strategy games?? developed by which co.
      What is ur strategy in game?
      Does the strategy in game and in reality has any similarity? what if any? how?
      Do u not believe that playing video games has spoiled young generation?
      Have u participated in games at national level??
      do u know about SK or NSD clan/ team??
      Does such games played at national and international levels ?
      can video games develope like sports and be included in world known sports competition!??

  • happy

    sarvesh…u r doing a great job…we are eager to know what your hobby is!!!!

  • Hi All, I know it is not right place to ask but pls answer this..
    At which stage u realised that u should go for civil service? n why?
    How u as a civil servant will help in changing the face of administration?

    • Piyu

      Hello Sarveshji..
      I don’t know whether my ans.will be proper or
      Not but i just wanted to say that i always wanted to do social service…
      I m always ready to help everyone…
      And according to me…
      If i get a chance to do the social service by the way of this competitive exam then why not…
      May be it will not that much related to ur que. But i have tried…
      So after reading this…. plz reply me that whether this ans. Is good enough for u or not..

      • piyu.. think more.
        Civil service is not only for social service. social service can be done in many ither ways?? but what insires u?? why civil services??

        • Priyanka

          Yeah Social services can be done in other ways also but an administrator can have better hold on it as of others as he is proper a authority to regulate policies and implement it to great extent and also he can supervise all “Other ways” so in this context he can be a best social servant.

  • Silva

    My hobbies are watching TED talks, Palm leaf weaving…..What kind of questions can i expect from the board?

    • adarsh

      If you get a chance to speak in TED, what topic will you chose.. and why..?

  • Bidisha

    I’ve given my hobbies as singing and cooking. Can you plz suggest what questions can be expected for “singing” as a hobby?

  • Which type of singing???
    carnatic or hindustani?
    Any achievement in singing?
    ur favourite singer? song?
    they may ask u about singers and their movies.
    Generally atleast one panel member hv interest in this area.
    Singing is good profession then why civil services.??
    singrrs are soft people but administration require tough people.??
    answer last two questions.

  • vineetha

    my hobby is sewing. what are the expected questions?

  • renuka

    sir my hobbies are cycling and chess what sort of questions can be asked on this

  • manish kumar patel

    sir,my hobbies are listing parliamentary debate and watching hindi movies in CS 2013.What questions can be asked ?

  • beingthechange


  • thila

    my hobbies are glass painting, and quilling …wat type of ques can I expect??

  • Anuj Singh

    my hobby is to talk to them who has crossed at least 60 years of their age. I also know that it’s not highly acceptable by everyone but it is my hobby….
    so which type of questions can I expect from selection board….

    • Siddy

      who said its not acceptable..the ones who are over 60 love to interact with youngsters..its just that not many pay attention to them..
      u cud write i volunteer to help senior citizens…
      u cud answer any question they ask u..
      in fact even i help them and generally ask them about their wellbeing..its a great feeling to do this thing early in the morning while walking .

      • Anuj

        thanku siddy sir

  • arjun

    my hobby is debating

  • kamalpreet singh

    my hobby is driving.what type of question they can ask.

  • Aditya

    My Hobby is running, 3 km morning, 3 km evening

    • Adithyan S

      they might ask you to run around the interview hall 😀

    • Yugla

      Difference between running and jogging??Where u run??Benefits of running??etc.

  • avinash thakur

    my hobby is fishing. what que. ask about it?

  • aakash

    I like driving (esp. Bikes)….
    whenever I feel depressed or anything like that,I go for a long ride….

    would it be counted as a hobby

  • hemavathy

    sir my hobby is drawing rangoli (kolam). may i tell this in interview. one of the culture of tamilnadu, daily we used to put kolam in front or at the entrance of the house especially in the month of december and january. when i ever i feel free i practing this kolam.

    • Adithyan S

      tat’s a good one 😀

  • Mayank Chandra

    my hobby is doing mimicry and stand-up comedy..will this be accepted or will i be considered as a non serious person

    • Vishal Gohil

      Great question…

  • nirman pal

    My hobby is railfanning

  • Alok Kumar

    Hi my hobby is to search information on internet thus we can say that internet surfing can be a good hobby.If yes Please suggest some relevant questions which one’s should prepare for this hobby which will help in front of board members.

  • piyali

    Can watching animations be considered as hobby?

  • Soumya

    what ques can b put about teaching as hobby

    • Yugla

      What u teach??Why u teach??Teaching is a gud profession,then y in civil services??Difference between teachor and mentor ??Who is ur favorite teacher?

  • Gauravdeepsingh1313

    my hobbies are talk with people(who are from diverse stream) ,listing & singing Gurmat sangeet & gathering the sher-o-shayri for anchoring at University stage. now tell me this is acceptable.

  • ramsairahul

    my hobby is swimming and playing football.is it helpful for my preparation.


    practically i donot have any particular hobby which can be mentioned in brackets….it changes accordingly with time.like at the present moment i am in first year chemistry honours so whatever free time i get i surf UPSC wbsites to know more about it…sometimes play games on my pc..or listen to music etc…..is it very necessary ta have a particular worthy hobby for UPSC???

    • Yugla

      Its ok Tanima…I also wrote “Not any Specific” in my DAF in hobby and interests column…But no question was asked…


    My hobbie is riding motorcycle.

  • Vishal Gohil

    My hobby is very different. I love to gather information about new smartphones & new technology, Should I reveal that or not?

  • gaurav koranne

    I collect pictures of fighter aircraft and paste them in a book, I also write information regarding the same collected from makers websites or Wikipedia….is that a good hobby?

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