January – 2014 Current Events

  • swedhan

    sir not able to see jan current affairs

  • Hello Sir,
    seems the new initiative categorization of news under different subheadings launched today under current events 2014 has been removed. It would have been quite better if such an initiative be carried out. However you have mentioned there that only availability of your time will ensure whether such an initiative will continue or not.
    By the way i would like to inform you that there is an app known as civil services guide ( CSG ) available at Google play store doing the same job.
    i.e. it categories news under different subheadings (like economy, polity, ecology etc.) gathered from different papers & site ( basically – The Hindu, the Gardian, PIB etc) Which could be saved & shared. Perhaps this will ease your job at hand.
    The initiative that had been started was an awesome one.
    Thanking you for your all efforts that lets our preparation to go in right a direction.

  • Manjunath T

    I can understand how hectic it is to manage a site like this without revenues.
    There is no end for students greed so i suggest you to focus only on Secure 2014 and keep it as qualitative as it is currently. That is more than you could do Insights. Thank you..

    • Thank you Manjunath 🙂 Appreciate your concern.

      Secure-2014 will continue for long time to come.

      • vivek1202

        I agree with Manjunath Sir. If it is becoming cumbersome to continue this section then you can upload the monthly magazine on current events at the end of every month. That will do sir.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        I also agree with Manjunath. Human needs are insatiable 🙂

      • RAM

        This is vat insights had said when they were starting paid test series.they earlier told insights never going to stop currents section.now there is a hanging sword on SECURE-2014..

  • Masthan

    Plz post daily current events from Jan 1- Jan 6 along with mind mapping…I am wholly dependent on insights…plz plz

    • What about January 2013 to October 2013?

  • shipra

    sir please carry on with the current affair section,as it used to help me a lot .I am using insights since 15 days and It is of immense help. However, please carry on the current affair section as well.

  • Shreshtha

    Insights , you seem to be a bit frustrated with the overwhelming request for current events.We all know how difficult it is to do such a noble voluntary work with all perseverance and dedication.But it is the love ,faith and trust of so many aspirants towards you that they simply can’t keep themselves away from this initiative.You have already done so much for us and if it is getting cumbersome for you people to continue the current events section then it should be not be a problem for the aspirants as the ground has already been laid.Request you not to stop the Secure – 2014.Please don’t mind for this request.:)Thanks !!!!!!!!

  • sandeep

    sir,plz continue the current events…we are making dialy notes………..we are too upset for you are not running current event section.,,plz sir continue..

  • Lone Ranger

    Insights , Please Continue with this current event section.You cant even imagine that it is a panacea for working professionals. Although I dont post anything(because of time crunch) but i am honest visitor of this site. My studyplan is quite parasitic with your site and its the content. So it would be great if you can continue with the current event section.

  • shiva

    i appreciate the new current events. But, the previous was good. keep going. thank you.

  • Sir plz tell how can I contact with u bcoz I have to do payment through cash deposit n unable to found ur account details

  • priya

    from now reading from insight is disaster and we lost newspaper for one week ……im sugessting dnt follow insight from now 🙁 waste waste …useless analysis

    • Thank You 🙂

      • Padmakar

        Even people did not spare Gandhiji….!!!
        Insight You are doing very great Job.

    • I do not knOw what made u to refuse such an impeccable site, Apropos of what you are saying…………………..they ain’t declared that this is enough and not to follow newspapers like that. It depends upon a person agenda….The way they incorporate the unambiguous actualities, a compilation of a relating issues in their magazines is just an unimpeachable, a momentary scrutiny on the Law/act/pact etc., is an immaculate and edifying in nature, my these little justification may still give you minuscule impression about this site but most of the contents in this site is imperative in nature. The thing is that we, the aspirant of civil servant should fathom the contextual hallucination………In other words we should plumb the way of approach and its significance in the discipline of the subject and undeniably in UPSC pattern, which is not an ephemeral content. So go through it regularly, sometimes in some cases in most of the issues such sites are most supportive than a newspaper (although newspaper is the best fodder and a splendid source)as most of the contents in a single issues were compiled by various sources (like its official web sites, wiki, pib, hindu at a single matter)………………

      As you too u know YOU CANNOT OPEN A BOOK WITHOUT LEARNING SOMETHING….but So if you open such sites at least alternatively you will definitely accomplish (or hit a bull’s eye) based upon your honesty and scrupulousness and rectitude .

      So do not disparage, castigate or reprimand anything by just for tiny trifle or trivial content without being rationalization or without any serious vindication ………Do u knw how much impact it will have on the aspirant who were living in a remote areas and were just beginners, just because u enjoy the right of Article 19(2) do not suggest your percipient comments.


  • Sapna

    There is a small quote in The Hindu news paper on 07th January at the end of page no.14 (if u have that copy, read it) “If Plan A didn’t work, don’t worry , the alphabet has 25 more letters.” – Heidi McDonald.
    I hope u understood very well. If you don’t like this site leave it, but dear friend plz avoid commenting like this in future. Bcz “Minds are working here sincerely, plz Do not Disturb”. I hope u can understand simple English language

  • foodSecurity

    your started with a very noble initiative but i think you people are not serious about any initiative….you are stumbling guys… you start one thing then you stop the other….quality of secure-2014 is getting poorer day by day…what about today’s daily current…are you people drunk again….

    • qwerty

      r u drunk….

      • Rac

        U are free to leave the site @food security. Please don’t undermine the efforts of insight team. I seriously feel that they are doing much more than they could so.
        I humbly request u to shut up and get lost.

    • 🙂

    • Manjunath T

      Secure 2014 is getting better day by day. I follow it everyday and I see the improving quality. Why expect too much for free. Nobody is doing social service here. There is a decent way to express your concerns friends. Please don’t be arrogant.

    • vk

      fully frustrated?


    U all gone insane. this site is doing social service for us and not charging r demanding nything in return and u all r using such a word.
    If u dont like leave it depend on other site. but plzz stop commenting like this.

  • kcrach

    Insight team, the effort you ppl put is a lot….
    we are depending on you for many bits… eagerly waiting for getting the site updated…….

  • well wisher

    Insights is not keeping their promises.offline classes is the main accused.bt remember….this site has made insights famous and its so called offline classes…if now site over then u can imagine the future of urs offline classes.bye bye insights..

    • Shreshtha

      Have these people gone insane..how can they comment so absurdly for such a noble cause…I think these are the competitors of insight whose offline classes seem to be in danger .Thats why they repudiating in this manner :)..way to go Insights..don’t pay heed to such frivolous comments 🙂

      • SLS

        ‘well wisher’…. LOL ROFL.. are you paying for this service or is it binding on u to spend an hour on this site.. If u don’t like it, u are more than welcome to…. go away.
        @insight team : Sir, honestly I am kinda liking this more as I have started reading newspaper as well. Reading one complete story a day seems very good initiative. Thank You and volunteers as well :).

  • follwer

    sir, previous current events was doing good with mind mapping. its acceptable that experimentation is required but substituting good, standard version with sub-standard one is bit awkward. i still believe that new initiative requires time to become acceptable but “frequent policy” changes can impact economy as well as preparation 🙂

  • follwer

    sir, previous current events was doing good with mind mapping. its acceptable that experimentation is required but substituting good, standard version with sub-standard one is bit awkward. i still believe that new initiative requires time to become acceptable but “frequent policy” changes can impact economy as well as preparation 🙁


    @INSIGHTS please avoid the comments of such frustrated people…………u have done a lot for us ……..we are with u even if u post nothing……..

  • Alwaystiger

    @INSIGHTS I heard about this website few days back, i have seen many websites like but i tell you what this site is really awesome along with mrunal.org. Secure 2014 thread is an excillent concept just keep your good work going.

  • Prasad

    Dear Insights Team,
    We have been preparing for the exam since only six months. I do have my own methods of preparation for the CS Exam. Also did a survey of the material available on several websites set up by volunteers like you. With all respects to the efforts, time & dedication put up by your team, I feel it is a great job.. You have done your Bit!!!!

    Quote by Anonymous:
    “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

    So I would request all the people to learn you own hunting skills.. Dont criticize because we cannot do what Insights team is doing.!!

    • I Totally agree with Prasad. “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” this saying always comes into my mind whenever i see this kind of Blogs. I Really appreciate and support this kind of initiatives unless reader’s don’t completely depend on them. So who ever follow this try to develop your own note-making in the guiding light of insightsonidia.com

  • J R khan

    what is diffrent b/w secure14 and current affairs section you pepole are providing? I would like to thnk all of your voluntary work. God bless you all.

  • Nikita

    sir ,heartfelt and sincere thanks for the awesome work that you are doing now, but PLEASE do continue with the current events section; it helps us a lot.. Even though secure 2014 is an inevitable section, a comparative study of both the current events and secure sections help me feel more secure and confident of the current events. And i am sure, its the same for most of us out here too .
    Sincerely-hoping-for-current events-section-aspirant

  • rahul

    sir please continue with CURRENT EVENTS AND SECURE SECTIONS
    both are now inseparable parts of our prepations
    plz do not left us in middle
    for past 2 days no curren events
    please be regular
    loads of thanks and regards

  • Revanth

    sir…please continue with current affairs section…haven’t seen for the past 3 days….hope you are not discontinuing it…

  • siddharth chauhan

    respected sir … kindly continue with the current affairs section . havent see nit since jan 30th . hope u continue to post in current affairs section . regards .

  • Mahesh BC

    Please continue with the current affaris Part. We have only one hope that is you sir. Please don’t leave us in Middle. Please Sir kindly update we are just left with 7 months Please continue ASAP.

    Mahesh BC

  • RAJ

    sir…please continue with current affairs section…
    havent see nit since jan 30th .

    hope u continue to post in current affairs section

  • mozart

    Sir will there be a compiled january 2014 insight current affairs magazine or not

  • basant

    Sir when vll get compiled january 2014 insight current affairs magzine.?
    Thanx and Regards

  • sir , have you stopped current affairs ? please let us know

  • Nithu

    Sir.. please continue current affairs

  • rahul


  • saurav

    In my opinion, these people got enough name through this website and i hope they will open an institution very soon.

  • BB

    Hi Vinay sir,

    Has the current affairs section been discontinued? If yes, kindly notify once.. 🙂 will need to revisit the preps strategy. CA was very helpful. But we all understand the pain your team is taking.

    We are missing our Fish.. 😉

    Plz reply confirming your thoughts about continuation/discontinuation of this section.


    • By February 15th the Magazine (January) will be published. Kindly cooperate.

      • basant

        thank you sir 🙂

        • Ka Chin

          Check the Calendar Dear.

  • Sai Shetty

    Sir,Can we get one single pdf for January Current affsirs..the same way done for October 2013…it was good for preparation.-Sai Shetty

  • it is very helpful ….thanks for insight team

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