On this page you will find different threads where you can discuss various topics related to the interview preparation. We will also take part in the discussions. We want aspirants to indulge in meaningful discussions related to the UPSC civil services Personality Test alone.

I. Why IAS?

II. Why IPS?


II. What’s Your Hobby?

  1. Reading Books

  2. Writing

  3. Blogging

  4. Photography

  5. Painting & Sketching

  6. Meditation & Yoga

  7. Movies

  8. Music

  9. Dancing

  10. Cooking

  11. Gardening

  12. Sports

  13. Numismatics

  14. Philately

  15. Bird Watching

  16. Solving Puzzles

  17. Travelling

  18. Quizzing

  19. Other

  • seema

    Thank you sir for the initiative… πŸ™‚
    And i will try to contribute honestly in this..:-)

  • Manish tyagi

    I hve given the mains exam recently held…jst wanted to know wht could be the approax cut of fr mains?jst to get up the boost.would be nice if one analyse the cut off on hindsight.

    • Amrutha

      Hi, you might want to head over to Orkut for this. There is a community called “Interview prep for IAS” – very active and most of the members have given mains with us this year. I created an Orkut profile just for this. Everything is speculation there but now I atleast know that I am not the only clueless one πŸ™‚

      • @All,

        Please don’t start guesses here πŸ™‚ it goes viral and wastes your precious time.

        For gossips, please visit Orkut. (to the community mentioned by Amrutha )

  • Amrutha

    I have written Cooking too as a hobby apart from reading. I thought may people would mention that. I am now surprised (and relieved) to not find it in the list.

    • Prateek

      Hi Amrutha, u wd be surprised to know that I have mentioned “helping mother in kitchen ” as a hobby. I am a guy. Bcoz my mother is not in good health, so I tend to help her in kitchen like cutting onions,tomatoes,making food sometimes even.
      Pls suggest wht kind of questions board may ask..

  • seema

    I also mention cooking,music and art and craft.
    Because if we mention everything honestly then we will not trap in our own answere..and feel confident. πŸ™‚

    • Amrutha

      Hopefully! Last year one of my friends who attended the interview also gave cooking as his hobby. One of the panel members was also from AP, so he asked him the recipe for “ulava charu”. My friend didnt know that and gave an imaginary recipe πŸ˜›

      • seema

        But still if we right reading then it become more difficult to ans. A easy question also.

        • seema

          Sorry it write not right.

  • civil service aspirant

    thanks for this initiative

  • Akand Sitra

    Hi All!
    I have no clue how to start the preparation for interview. I will give my summary sheet here, I am hoping that atleast some of you will ask tough questions on it so that I can try to answer them. Thanks!!

    Place – Anantapur, AP

    Prizes –
    a) Medal – National Cyber Olympiad – AIR – 225 by National Science Foundation.2008
    b) KVPY – 2009 – Cleared. Offered to join IISER.
    c)ING Vysya Bank Employees’ Org – Medals for “Outstanding Performance” in 10th and 12th (2007, 2009)

    Games/Sports –
    a) Running – Chennai MARG Half Marathon, 10km. ‘Joy Run’ By ‘I Love My Mother Earth’ NGO – 7km. Aid India NGO – ‘Eureka’ – 5km run.

    b) Cycling – Chennai to Mahabalipuram – 100km in one day. Chennai to Kovalam – 60km.

    c) Gold in Cricket, Kabaddi and Kho Kho in school level competitions – 2006

    Positions of Leadership –
    a) Events Core(Head), Biofest 2012 – Biotech Depts’ first fest.
    b) Core – Al Gore sustainable tech venture competition – 2011
    c) Coordinator – NSS – Environmentally Conscious Group – 2010
    d) Coordinator – Shaastra Impact – Social Innovation Challenge – 2011
    e) Hostel Ambassador – Sustainability Network – 2010

    a) Cycling.
    b) Yoga – I have been doing yoga since 1999 – 2nd standard.

    This is exactly what I wrote in the DAF. Please ask all types of questions based on it. Thanks a lot!!

    • πŸ™‚ 200+

      • reetika

        @INSIGHTS ,hello sir ,if anybody is not having these much medals and all only quite a few medals in clg days so how much that person can expect from interview board?

      1. What is social innovation? What did you learn as a coordinator of social innovative challenge?
      2. How can social innovation be used in providing quality education? Health? livelihood?
      3. Difference between sustainability and sustainable development?
      4. Is sustainable development sustainable? What do you think?
      5. Tell us the adverse effects of cycling?
      6. What is doping? Have you read Armstrong’s autobiography? its name? Would you still read the book? Why?
      7. Have you watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’? Is it really inconvenient? Why?
      8. Why was Anantpur in news recently?
      9. Do you support division of Andhra? Why?
      10. What are the grievances of Telanagana people?
      11. Do you think Talangana is all just politics and not development? Why?
      12. Do you support GM food? Is it safe? Why is there an opposition in India?
      13. What is the meaning of your name? (this should have been first question)
      14. Which asanas you like most? Why?
      15. Is yoga becoming a commodity?
      • Akand Sitra

        Wow! Brilliant set of questions Insights! Ill get screwed if they ask me these in the interview. πŸ˜›

        Anyways, Ill try to answer them today one by one.

        Whats the meaning of my name?
        “Akand/Akhand” is a sanskrit word which is the opposite of the word – Khand, which means a piece, a disintegrated piece. So, Akand means wholesome, complete and un-cut-able. So, according to my name I am supposed to incorruptible and indestructible.

        Sitra has no meaning. It is just my family name, I did try to find its roots, but couldnt find any. There is a place called Sitra in Bahrain though.

      • Akand Sitra

        What is doping? Have you read Armstrong’s autobiography? its name? Would you still read the book? Why?

        As a matter of fact, I did read Lance Armstrong’s biography. I still have the hard copy with me. I read it before he was accused of doping. The book actually inspired me a lot as it talks about how he battled with cancer and then went on to win the tour de France.
        It was very inspiring, that is why I was shocked when he was banned due to doping. I thought it was some political threat to get him a bad name. But, later his confession made me hate him.

        But, I would still recommend the book to everyone to read as it genuinely shows the struggles of a man and his journey to victory is an inspiring one.

        Doping is the usage of drugs to enhance one’s strength, agility etc illegally to win a sporting event.

        The name of the book is – “Its not about the bike”

      • Akand Sitra

        What is social innovation? What did you learn as a coordinator of social innovative challenge?

        Social innovation is the concept of applying innovated products for societal needs and benefits. Technology can be used in many ways to help a society achieve its goals.

        Social Innovation Challenge was an event in Shaastra, IITM’s technical festival. As its coordinator, I had to collaborate with an NGO and conduct an event where participants devise socially relevant products.
        I contacted a rajasthan based NGO, Climate Healers and we made the participants design and construct a solar cooker. The best design would be implemented in Rajasthan by Climate Healers. The event got a huge response and students from many colleges came up with very innovative solar cookers and the best one was selected. So, this way, I ensured that engineers would contribute a little of their time to use their skills to work for the society, for a prize money ofcourse.

      • Akand Sitra

        How can social innovation be used in providing quality education? Health? livelihood?

        The whole point of ‘social innovation’ is to benefit the society with new inventions and efficient methods.
        Education, health. livelihood and all other aspects of the society can be enhanced with better technologies. Crowd-funded projects, NGOs, technocrats etc. can help in many ways.
        Education – Make lecture videos so distance-learning can be renewed. Usage of internet is another social innovation.

        Health – Usage of new cheap drugs etc.

        Livelihood – Water, electricity, motor etc. all can be affected by technology. All can be affected by innovations. It can be cost-effective, as in the case of bio-toilets etc.

      • Akand Sitra

        Difference between sustainability and sustainable development?

        The ability of anything(product, event, process) to sustain itself is called sustainability.

        Sustainable development on the other hand is the development of anything without affecting the sustainability of the resources used. Our usage of the resources now shouldnt compromise with its future availability and usability.

    • Other questions that may possibly be asked.

      Are you aware that several yoga postures are being patented in the West? What are the initiatives that GoI has taken to contain this?

      Yoga is an important part of our traditional knowledge. What else can you classify in the category of traditional knowledge?

      How have you been benefited by Yoga physiologically and psychologically?

      Don’t you think instead of investing in all the western medicines, we should invest in and promote yoga and Ayurveda etc. Are you aware of any such initiative from the GoI? What steps can be taken to bolster its effectiveness?

      Or, why is traditional treatment not gaining as much currency as the western medicines? How can you ensure it?

      What body parts are most stressed or exercised by Cycling?

      What is your take on the recent decision of the West Bengal government banning cycles on city roads?

      Do you think that with the popular ideology of development, we are compromising on ecology? What is your take on the recent decision of the MoEF regarding the Western Ghats?

      Kabaddi and Kho Kho are lost before the glamour of Cricket in popular perception and media. What can you do to revive them?

      What is your take on internet governance?

      Do you think that the state is transferring its primary responsibility of welfare to NGOs? Why?

      Is promoting banking and saving habits amongst children a good idea?

      Have you gone through any of the Shaastras? Are they relevant even today?

      ING Vysya, India is a dutch subsidiary. What is your take on allowing foreign banks to open Wholly owned Subsidiaries in India?

      How is the Left Wing extremism problem in AP different from that of other LWE affected states? How would you as an administrator deal with Naxalism?

      Hope you would also ask me some tough questions. My DAF is posted below.

  • Hi !
    This is madhuri ! I have been following insights and its definitely helped me a lot ….am posting the info i gave in my DAF ….please do give tips on how to go about it and would be thankful if you could pose questions based on the DAF ……….thanks a bunch !!

    Particulars of prizes,medals

    Degree -.B.A.1st year -Gold medal – POLITICAL.SCIENCE.
    Silver medal –PSYCHOLOGY.
    ,B.A.2nd year -Gold medal -POLITICAL.SCIENCE.,
    B.A.3rd year -Gold medal -POLITICAL SCIENCE.
    Silver medal –PSYCHOLOGY
    .P.G.- Gold medal -POLITICAL.SCIENCE
    .OLOF PALME SCHOLARSHIP, to study in Uppsala , Sweden
    NET, – 2007
    JRF , 2008

    Sports etc : Yoga , Aerobics
    Currently pursuing my PhD in Public policy and the politics of mobility .

    Please help me prepare ……..will be grateful for the possible questions !
    Thank you !

    • Thanks Madhuri,

      Imagining you are in the interview hall, based on our experience, will ask questions that can be asked in real interview:

      1. You have received lots of gold medals. Do they give real gold? (these questions can be asked to lighten the mood)
      2. Are you aware of any world university rankings? Why there are no Indian universities in top 200 or 300?

      3. Based on your experience, tell us what ails Indian universities?

      4. Do you think we need more autonomous universities? why?

      5. What is your opinion about Harvard or Oxford opening their branches in India? Which one would you prefer – Harvard in the US or in India? why?

      6. Who founded The Olof Palme Memorial Fund? What is its objective?

      7. What is your opinion on AAP’s recent win in Delhi? What sort of politics is this? Do you support them?

      8. Should civil society take part in politics?

      9. How was your experience in Uppsala? Tell us about the University culture.

      10. Have you read ‘A long walk to freedom’? which other autobiographies have you read? Which is your favourite?

      11. Who is your favorite poet? Do poets make good politicians? Can you give any examples from international and national politics?

      12. Which Tamil poet you like most? (assuming you are Tamilian πŸ™‚ )

      13. Do you know Meena Kandasamy? Do you collect her poems too?

      14. Do you just collect poetry? What do you do by collecting them? Do you compose your own?

      15. Have you watched any movies other than Hollywood? Can you tell the difference between our movies and hollywood movies?

      16. Which international movies director you admire most? and why?

      17. Can you elaborate on your thesis?

      18. Are PhDs for sale in India these days? Have you come across any such situation?

      Will post more questions if they occur to me. πŸ™‚

      All the best. If possible, please post your answers here. Thank you.

      • Brilliant! πŸ˜€

        Sir, are you planning to conduct Mocks for interviews?

        • Thanks Aditya πŸ™‚

          Yes, we will conduct free mocks for those who get selected for the interview.

          • @Insight Sir:
            Pls do post the question related to my profile below

  • Hi All,

    This is my DAF. Please ask me as many questions as come to your mind. I will do the same. Hope this initiative would become self-sustainable.

    Name- Aditya Kumar Jha
    DOB- 16-02-1991
    Native Place- Dhanbad, Jharkhand

    Educational Qualification – B.Tech, Civil Engineering, NIT Trichy(Tamilnadu)

    Optional Subject- Public Administration

    Please give Particulars of:-(I am elaborating a bit for easy identification)

    (a) Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc.
    i)Best Business Report- Southern region, Global Business Competition(GBC) organized by Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA), sponsored by Barclays

    ii) Won four debates at Model United Nations(MUN)- World Bank, UNECOSOC twice, UNEP, Chaired a meeting as Director UNECOSOC
    [please note- MUN is a simulation of UN supported by united Nations Information Centre]

    iii)CBSE merit certificate for scoring 100 in maths in 10th standard

    iv)First place Vedic Maths Quiz,2006 organized by Vidya Vikas Samiti Jharkhand,

    v)B-level certificate in National Maths Olympiad

    b)Team/sports etc.
    i) Team member of non-profit Organization- Entrepreneurship Cell(E-cell), NIT Trichy for 3 years
    ii)Sports – Cricket

    c)Position of Distinction/Leadership
    i) Founder president -Community Radio Station, NIT Trichy
    ii)Head, Start-up Internship Programme, E-cell, NIT Trichy

    d) Hobbies etc.
    Reading (non-fiction with special interest in Spirituality, Psychology, unconventional thinking etc.) , Debating and Discussion, Travelling

    One thing that i really forgot to mention in the DAF, but i will be telling it in the interview, is a village study report prepared under the guidance of SDM and DM in Uttar Pradesh in 2011. The ailing condition of the village was the push factor to prepare for the Civil Services. I would be telling this when they ask me Why Civil Services?

    Eagerly waiting for all kinds of questions. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • Akand Sitra

      Hey Aditya,
      Thanks for the brilliant questions. You have a mindblowing DAF too. Anyways, here are some sample questions –

      a) Should India get a Permanent seat at UNSC? If it does, then wont it lose a chance of getting an Indian to become a secretary-general?

      b) What kind of subordinates did you meet in your tenure as the head of the e-cell? How did your personality change with each of them?

      c) What more efforts can the govt do to promote ham radios?

      d) Do you really think vedic maths was mentioned in the vedas? If yes, where? Which Veda? If no, then why is it called vedic maths?

      e) Just like Model UN, how would you implement a Model Parliament in all schools and colleges of your district? Is it feasible?

      f) Can you explain about the business report that you had submitted? If you were so good at business, then why do you want to join the civil services? Your qualities could have been used elsewhere more efficiently, right?

      • Thanks Akand. Great questions. Will be working on them.

    • hi, sir i am also a student of civil engineering from MNNIT,ALLAHABAD. and presently i am in final year. please tell me how to prepare for civil services. sir i have doubt regarding backup plan. as i am in final year so should i go for any job in civil engineering field or start preparing for civil services. please help me to resolve this dilemma. i am eagerly waiting for response.

      • Hi Ashutosh,

        It depends entirely on your conviction and motivation for joining the Civil Services.

        When i was in my Final year, i did not even apply for campus placements because i wanted to do only this. I did not keep any backup as most people do. In my view, having a backup or Plan B makes you comfortable with failure.

        So, if you feel that you should take up a job, take it up. If not, then prepare wholeheartedly for Civil Services.

        As far as preparation is concerned, you have every resource here on Insights. Start with the preparation guide and scan all the sections. I am sure you will get what you want.

    • Ram

      Aditya you have an awe inspiring daf..Even i am a civil engg. ,passed out in 2012, having pub ad as optional ..Suggesting some probable questions on civil engg. would be really helpful..

      • Hi Ram,

        Thanks for your comments.

        Even i am looking for Civil Engineering questions. If you get them, please inform me here.

        However, some of the questions that can be framed are:

        What is a green building, its components, benefits etc.? What are the steps the GoI has been taking to incentivize the construction of green buildings? [ I am sure you have studies a course on “Environmental Engineering]
        Why so railway stations, bus stands have huge arches? Why not flat roofs?
        How can the knowledge of Civil Engineering be helpful in Public Administration?
        There was an Engineer from UK who recently gave a theory on how Egyptian Pyramids were built. Can you explain to me what he said?

        They can also ask some very technical questions just to surprise and unsettle you a bit. Given its been about 2 years for you, it will be good to once revise few important concepts and techniques from the syllabus.

        • hi aditya sir, is it possible to prepare for both IES AND CIVIL SERVICES taking civil engineering as optional subject. please reply…

          • Ashutosh, I am not very sure that i will be able to guide you on this. But, the IES syllabus matches a lot with that of the Civil Engineering Optional. Please go through the syllabus of both, you will understand.

        • Ram

          Thank You Adithya..The above questions were an eye opener..really had no idea about how to go about..I am one of the worst civil engineers ever made.would appreciate if you could suggest a book(or books) where i can revise..and have been following your pub ad answer writing challenge from the start and answers certainly do pack a did your optional go about. What do you reckon about the paper, easy or diff.?
          Wishing you all the best to fulfill your dreams.(you thoroughly deserve it)
          And also my heartfelt thanks(long due) to Vinay sir.

          • Pub Ad was decent. Paper was moderate barring few difficult questions.

            Frankly speaking, there are a lot of books in Civil engineering. It is an ocean too. You would be lost if you try to revise them all. I am also figuring out what to do. Will surely inform you once i know something useful. Otherwise, i am not even thinking of revising Civil Engineering. And, just go by what i faintly remember.

  • Dr George

    hi insights and all
    details from my DAF..

    Name: George.
    dob : 18-11-1987
    Place of birth: Kanyakumari, tamilnadu.
    Qualification: MBBS.
    optional : Geography.

    Please give Particulars of:-
    (a) Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc.

    (b) Team/Games/Sports/

    (c) Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in School/College

    (d) Other extra curricular activities and interests

    Name of Services/Post Order of Preference
    1. Indian Administrative Service 02
    2. Indian Foreign Service 03
    3. Indian Police Service 01

    Looking at the impressive DAFs of akand and aditya here, im wondering if i shouldve included more details that i chose to suppress for brevity…

    questions will be much appreciated. thank you.

    • Ram


    • Ram

      drgeorge even i have given football and ips as first choice..could you suggest some questions.?

  • Shijoy

    I too am absolutely clueless with regards to the interview(presuming I would get a call).My ‘achievements’ are nowhere close to the extravagant ones of Akhand,Aditya and George(ya despite the brevity).I am glad there was a word limit while filling the form:D.I am replicating here what I filled in my DAF.Any help through questions would be deeply appreciated:)
    (a) Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc. | COMPLETED A COURSE IN SOCIAL
    (b) Team/Games/Sports/N.C.C.
    /Hitchhiking/Mountaineering etc.
    (c) Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in
    (d) Other extra curricular activities and interests (Such
    as hobbies etc.)

  • seema

    Name: seema choudhary
    DOB: 25.2.1990
    Father in..(indian air force)
    Qualification:, in costing n works accounts,
    MBA in HR.from pune uni.
    Optional: commerce n accountancy
    . School: 10th k. V no. 2 jodhpur,
    12th k.v no 1 pune..CBSE..
    Hobbies: cooking, art n craft,teaching, music, and dance.
    Extra curriculam activities: sports- running chaimpionship at school level in the year 2002 n 2003.
    Home town..jodhpur, rajasthan

    These are my info from DAF…plz…help in interview preparation…

    • Nitin

      Hello Seema,
      I am a bcom graduate and CA Inter and my optional for Mains would be Commerce and Accountancy I don’t know anyone who is or have prepared this optional, I am thorough with my Paper 1 of the optional but finding the Second paper a tough and out of line as I haven’t studied the subjects mentioned therein though I have books mentioned here at insights like tn chabbra (OT, OB), CB Gupta (HRM), CB & Satish Mamoria (IR) but cant track the syllabus and full study material from the books and also found many irrelevant material/ topics in them
      Could you please help me about the study material you referred for the paper2 and strategy for it, is there any other book’s covering the syllabus fully, and how to start for paper2


      • seema

        Hi.. Nitin
        For me paper 1 was tough..coz it was totally different from last years paper..
        Well secound paper was very good.. You can trace its syllabus..from the books of human resource(HR) management of mba,, pgdbm etc. N the upsc syllabus is limited as compare to what we learn in pls go throught upsc syllabus..n arreng books..
        πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        • seema

          Nitin pls also search for industrial relation books of mba n pgdbm..there are many topics from it. πŸ™‚

          • Nitin

            Thanks Seema for your advice, Will certainly look for mba’s books
            kindly also guide weather coaching is needed for this paper or it can be self prepared, also is it a scoring one I need at least 60% in this to be in the race


            • Nitin

              One thing more you quoted art n craft, music, dance in ur DAF so be prepared for typical questions abt these things as you belong to a culturally rich state n region
              Best of LUCK for your interview section

              • seema

                thank you nitin..
                pls kindly ask question on will help me.

            • seema

              No i dnt think that it required couching…specially if u r a CA intern..
              if you have good control over accounts n taxation then you are in the race. n paper 2 was complete theory which you can prepare by your own..n further you can ask doubts here..

    • Hello Seema,
      I can find a lot of similarities between your and mine DAF. We had same optionals, K.V. Schooling and also the same State..!!
      Hope we can have a constructive and mutually enriching interaction. You can revert back at or [email protected]

  • Name:Raghu Sharma
    DOB: 02.07.1989
    Optional: Chemistry
    Mother tongue: Marwari
    Father’s profession: Farmer, Chemical Engineering, St. Peter’s Engineering college, Anna University
    10th: Govt Sr. Sec school, Merta Road,
    12th: MFSDHSS, Chennai, TN
    Place:Merta Road,Nagaur,Rajasthan

    Work Experience: 1 year 8 months, also Jr. acctt CGA – M/O Urban development Delhi through SSC CGL-2012(did not mentioned in DAF – as i didn’t get any letter at that time, but i think will hv to submit NOC if selected in Interview)

    Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc: Award from College for 1st rank in 6th semester & 3rd rank in 4th semester in chemical engg. dept; Certificate of merit from Teacher’s association in GAT examination

    Team/Games/Sports/N.C.C./Hitchhiking/Mountaineering etc: No

    Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in School/College: No

    Hobbies: Teaching

    Service preference: IAS – 1; IFS – 23; IPS – 2

    Pls insight Sir & other friends do ask as many question as possible.

    • hi… ur hobby is teaching …
      answer this.. how teaching is hobby? it is a profession. u never pursue hobby for money but here u r paid. u cannot do this hobby at ur leisure bcoz u need students. will it be hobby??

      • Thks sarvesh,My answer (as i will answer in interview situation)

        Sir, Teaching is flow of knowledge from one person to another & is thus important part of our social life too. I had only done voluntary teaching till now & this give me satisfaction. Thanks to modern communication, i am able to contribute various article, my knowledge through various blog, mails, mobile etc & whenever i need a break i switch to my teaching.

  • Hello sir.
    Sir, i have started my preparation just 3 months back .
    It may be irrelevant to ask this question under this thread,as it is exclusively for 2014 interview aspirants.
    But last night fortunately i landed here.
    I saw the profiles of candidates posted here as they mentioned in their DLF form.
    u guys are really deserving candidates.All the best to all of needs bureaucrats like you.
    sir,my fear is about my below average academics.
    on name of prizes,medals scholarships,and Other extra curricular activities i have just 2-3 school/college level certificates.
    I want to be IAS only for public service(though i don’t have any backing 4 my this statement).
    i just want 2 know how justified is my fear.

  • Vivek

    Qualification: B.E. Computer
    Job ex: Working as Sr Software Engineer in a public limited company. (Working since 2010)

    Hobbies: Following Formula one, Watching hollywood movies

    Awards: Employee and team achievement awards at work, Science and Maths scholarships, 100% marks in 12th boards in Maths

    Position held: Fire marshal in office, House caption in school, class representative in college, event co-ordinator in college event fest

    Sports: Table tennis, Volleyball

    Service preference: 1-IFS, 2-IAS, 3-IPS

    Optional: Geography

  • hobbies
    1. amateur robotics
    2. amateur gaming
    3. parkour
    4. craft making in E.C (completed in 5 years, had to repeat 3rd year)

    part of E.C. first year cricket team in college cricket tournament 2007
    participated in badminton doubles tournament in college sports week 2011 (though not much interest in both these sports)

    one of 5 student organisor of robotics workshop by robosapiens in 2011
    one of founding member of E.C student club in college

    please suggest some relevant question

  • Anshul

    Name Anshul Kumar
    Current Address Ghaziabad UP
    Place of Birth Kanpur UP
    Class X 2006 St. Mary’s Convent School 85.3%
    Class XII KDB Public School 84.8%
    B.Tech Electrical Engg. MNNIT Allahabad 83.6%
    Position of Leadership
    Public Administration
    Service preference: IAS – 1; IPS – 2;IFS-3;

    Pls insight Sir & other friends do ask as many question as possible.

    • hi sir, i am also from MNNIT,ALLAHABAD. and presently i am in final year. i have been actively following this blog for preparation of civil services. sir please tell me if coaching is necessary for preparation ?

  • Muhammed Shabeer K

    (a) Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc. |
    (b) Team/Games/Sports/N.C.C.
    /Hitchhiking/Mountaineering etc.
    (c) Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in
    (d) Other extra curricular activities and interests (Such
    as hobbies etc.)

    Hi all, Kindly review the data given by me in DAF (given above) and provide as much question as possible.

  • mona

    Insights yo’re doing a great job,its like one type service to all.:)

  • Definitely imagine that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web the simplest thing to take into accout of.
    I say to you, I certainly get irked while folks consider worries that they
    plainly do not understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest as well as outlined
    out the whole thing without having side effect , other folks
    can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more.
    Thank you

  • aisha

    hi!!i am a civil services aspirant, will be giving first attempt next year, have just started preparing. Looking at how people have listed their achievements and awards, i am feeling doubtful ,though being an active student i dnt possibly have anything to list something like this.will this affect in my evaluation??

  • Satya Brat

    Please create separate links for state and optional subject related questions.

  • Mahesh Dhommati

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