Insights Offline UPSC IAS Exam Related Initiatives

Insights IAS is now synonymous with providing quality guidance in all aspects of UPSC civil services exam preparation. To provide the same with personal touch to very serious and dedicated students, we are offering few offline programs at our Bangalore centre at very low cost. 

Our Two Offline Initiatives are very popular among serious aspirants:

  1. Offline Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam
  2. Offline Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam

Programs for 2017

Offline Prelims Test Series for 2017.  HERE.

Offline Prelims Test Series Details of Timetable. HERE

Offline Mains Program Details HERE


  • test

  • Dev mathapati

    Waiting for Offline Mains Program – 2017

  • ridhi

    Dear Insight, like the pre test that you conduct, can’t we have mains test series programe? In the same integrated manner as it is with the pre test. For it would help an aspirant to prepare in totality for civils. You guys are doing a great job anyway. Thanx for such a genuine initiative..

    • Check out the mains self study tests. They don’t have enough staff to correct the large number of answers that’ll come in I believe. But they do give mains questions.

  • KR Yadav

    what about non bangalore aspirants? plz make availability for us?

  • Debabrata Mishra

    Hello Insights. I have registered for the Insights offline test series for prelims 2017. I am currently living in Chennai. So I will be coming to Bangalore to give the tests. I will also come to fill the offline form at your center. But as the slots are on first come first serve basis so I have just a small request that to please keep me in the morning slot. This will help me to give test peacefully and return to chennai the same evening. Otherwise things will be a bit difficult for me. Please consider my request.

    Debabrata Mishra

    • Insights-Support

      Definitely. Don’t worry about this 🙂

      You will get morning slot.

      • Ajay Agarwal

        Dear Insight,
        I do not belong to Bangalore…Plz tell can I join Online test series..Will it make any difference!!!

  • prashantha

    sir,i am from delhi how can i join for test series 2017

  • cp

    Hi Guys,

    I want to join Mains 2016 offline program(from Bangalore). Please let me know if it is still possible. Thanks

  • ridhi

    Sir plz do notify about 2016 mains offline test series…

  • Howard Roark

    Insightians want a separate link to full fledged guidance on your mains guidance. Provide us asap please Sir or Ma’am!!

  • anand

    Hello Insights. I have registered for the Insights offline test series for prelims 2017 on 08/08/2016. I am currently living in Trichy, Tamilnadu. I could not able to come today i.e. 10/08/2016 to fill the form. Sir, I will come from Trichy to Banglore to appear in test series. As this is already informed that slot will be alloted on’First Come, First Serve Basis’, it will be very difficult for me if i do not get morning slot because on the same day i have to return Trichy. Sir, Considering theabove mentioned humble request, allot me morning slot. Thanking You,
    Anand Kumar

  • Deepak Jose

    Waiting for Mission 2017 plan, it was said that it would be announced by Aug 8th

  • ramashankar

    anybody from jamshedpur,,,


    Sir I am not able to get access of you online test series webpage.I want to register for online test series,as I am from Hyderabad I cannot attend the offline test series. Please help me sir.

  • sherlock
    Join this group of telegram for dedicated geography preparation.

  • Kavya

    Hi Insights….
    when would you let us know the batch allocation for offline prelims test series (dated 18 AUG ,16).
    Do let know, as its already 17 AUG,16 .

  • Manoj

    Sir could you plz guide me. I did not find any link to register for online mains test series.

  • kaiser

    where to register for offline Mains test series ? i can’t find any links for registration and the page says 17th is the last date. kindly help.

  • Arvind Meena

    Sir could you plz guide me. I did not find any link to register for online mains test series.

  • Rajesh keshri

    Dear Insights, Can you establish your centre in Patna?

  • Arun Banet

    Sir, I am hopeful of writing mains again and want to become a part of MAINS 2016 OFFLINE MODE.Please direct me as to how can I become part of it.