Insights IAS MINDMAPS on Important Current Issues for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Insights IAS MINDMAPS on Important Current Issues for UPSC Civil Services Exam

The following mindmaps are designed keeping in mind the demand of UPSC civil services Mains exam. Questions asked by UPSC demand consolidation of various ideas and translating them into meaningful 200 word answer. Our mindmaps provide you comprehensive linkages to connect various dimensions of a topic or an issue. We hope these mindmaps help in quick revision of major issues.

On Sundays, mindmaps are not posted. During weekdays, on an average, 2 mindmaps are posted between MONDAY to FRIDAY.

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Mindmaps(15 December 2017)

Skilling India

Housing For All by 2022


Mindmaps(14 December 2017)

China’s bid for Market Economy Status

India’s Digital Economy



Mindmaps(13 December 2017)

China’s Water Diversion Plans

Eliminating torture


Mindmaps(12 December 2017)

Crime in India-2016

Disability Rights


Mindmaps(11 December 2017)

Chabahar Port

Cyclone Ockhi


Mindmaps(08 December 2017)

Data Protection in India

Net Neutrality


Mindmaps(07 December 2017)

PPP in Healthcare Delivery in India

Malaria cases in India


Mindmaps(06 December 2017)

Empowering Women through Job Creation

Sessions of Parliament

Mindmaps(05 December 2017)

Judicial Accountability and Judicial Reforms

State of Indian Economy

Mindmaps(01 December 2017)

Future of Bitcoins

Trophy Hunting

Mindmaps(30 November 2017)

China Mediating in Rohingya Crisis

DNA Barcoding

Mindmaps(29 November 2017)

Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)

Farm Policies for India


Mindmaps(28 November 2017)

Aadhaar-based Biometric Authentication (ABBA)

Electoral Bonds in India


Mindmaps(27 November 2017)

Simultaneous Polls in India

Growing Income Inequality

Mindmaps(24 November 2017)

Bonn Conference – CoP 23

Rules-based Regional Security Architecture


Mindmaps(23 November 2017)

Cyber Security In India

Bots in Today’s World


Mindmaps(22 November 2017)

Coal and Power Shortage in India

Parenting The iPad Generation


Mindmaps(21 November 2017)

Challenges to Freedom of press

Working of NHRC


Mindmaps(20 November 2017)

Moody’s Upgrades India’s Rating

Role of GI Tag in India’s Growth

Mindmaps(17 November 2017)

Lifestyle Diseases Biggest Health Risk for Indians

Delhi Air Pollution

Mindmaps(16 November 2017)

Economic Development and Social Progress

Strategic Importance of Quadrilateral


Mindmaps(15 November 2017)

Impact of GST Council Decisions

Special Courts to try Politicians in Criminal Cases


Mindmaps(14 November 2017)

Ready-to-use Therapeutic Food (RUTF)

World Food India 2017

Mindmaps(13 November 2017)

National Nutrition Strategy

Rich Nations’ Sluggish Climate Actions

Mindmaps(03 November 2017)

Ease of Doing Business – India jumps 30 Spots

Role of Union and State Governments in the Growth of IT Sector


Mindmaps(31 October 2017)

Separate All India Services Cadres for North-Eastern States

Criminal Laws (Rajasthan Amendment) Ordinance, 2017


Mindmaps(30 October 2017)

Economic Growth and its Impact on Environment

Ocean Acidification


Mindmaps(26 October 2017)

India’s Criminal Justice System

Transforming India into an Innovation Hub


Mindmaps(25 October 2017)

Government’s Mega Plan to Revive Economy

Home-Based Workers in India


Mindmaps(24 October 2017)

India’s Rising Soft Power

Role of Independent Directors


Mindmaps(23 October 2017)

U.S and Iran Nuclear Agreement

The case for a Public Health Cadre


Mindmaps(20 October 2017)

India’s Forex Reserves

India’s Energy Sector Reforms

Mindmaps(19 October 2017)

Urban Governance in India

Behavioural Change in Swachh Bharat Mission


Mindmaps(18 October 2017)

US withdrawal from UNESCO

Pesticides Tragedy


Mindmaps(17 October 2017)

India & EU Growing Partnership

Geopolitical Significance of Horn of Africa to India


Mindmaps(16 October 2017)

For a knowledge Economy

Behavioural Economics


Mindmaps(12 October 2017)

India’s Public Healthcare

Stabilizing the prices of Pulses


Mindmaps(11 October 2017)

Transparency in Judicial Appointments

India-Bhutan Relations


Mindmaps(10 October 2017)

States in Indian Diplomacy

Global Value Chains (GVC)


Mindmaps(09 October 2017)

Green Energy in India

Robots for an Ageing World


Mindmaps(06 October 2017)

Monetary Policy Review

Digitization of PDS

Mindmaps(05 October 2017)

Global Hunger Crisis

Wilful Defaults in Banks

Mindmaps(04 October 2017)

Dynamic Fuel Price Revision

Judicial Reforms in India

Mindmaps(03 October 2017)

Higher Education in India

India – Japan Relations


Mindmaps(02 October 2017)

China’s Role in Dealing With North Korea

Income Inequality in India


Mindmaps(29 September 2017)

Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (Saubhagya)



Mindmaps(28 September 2017)

Plastic Pollution

Protecting India’s Forests

Mindmaps(27 September 2017)

Manufacturing sector in India

River Interlinking Project

Mindmaps(26 September 2017)

Rohingya Crisis

Waste Management in Urban Areas

Mindmaps(25 September 2017)

Impact of Digital Economy on Women in India

State of Para-Athletes in India


Mindmaps(22 September 2017)

Malnutrition in India

NITI Aayog’s Three Year Action Agenda


Mindmaps(21 September 2017)

Financial Inclusion in India

Managing Embankments


Mindmaps(20 September 2017)

Criminalisation of Marital Rape

Sardar Sarovar Dam Project


Mindmaps(19 September 2017)

Ease of Doing Business in India


India-Nepal Relations


Mindmaps(18 September 2017)

BRICS Xiamen Declaration

Golden Quadrilateral Project


Mindmaps(15 September 2017)

India-Japan Bullet Train Deal

New US Afghan policy


Mindmaps(14 September 2017)

India-Switzerland Relations

Rural Distress in India

Mindmaps(13 September 2017)

Creating Jobs for Indians

Role of Science and Technology in Geopolitics

Mindmaps(12 September 2017)

Issues Plaguing Press in India

Making Schools Safe for Children


Mindmaps(11 September 2017)

Crowdfunding in India

Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)


Mindmaps(08 September 2017)

India-Myanmar Relations

Article 35A and its Significance


Mindmaps(07 September 2017)

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY)

Sub-Categorization of OBCs


Mindmaps(06 September 2017)

Natural Capital and its Preservation

PSBs Consolidation


Mindmaps(05 September 2017)

Shell Companies in India

Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port

Mindmaps(04 September 2017)


India’s GDP at 5.7%

Mindmaps(01 September 2017)

Key takeaways from Economic Survey-2

Preventing Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Mindmaps(31 August 2017)

Designer Babies

Gorakhpur Tragedy


Mindmaps(30 August 2017)

Cross LOC Trade between India-Pakistan

March for Science in India


Mindmaps(29 August 2017)

Gig Economy

India-Afghanistan Connectivity

Mindmaps(28 August 2017)

BN Srikrishna Committee on BIT Disputes Resolution

Railway Accidents in India


Mindmaps(25 August 2017)

Flood Governance in India

India-ASEAN Relations

Mindmaps(24 August 2017)

India-China Trade Gap

No Detention Policy

Mindmaps(23 August 2017)

Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO)

Private Sector in Defence Production

Mindmaps(22 August 2017)

Draft Report of Ashok Dalwai Committee

Infrastructure Sector in India

Mindmaps(21 August 2017)

United Nations pact to ban Nuclear Weapons

Ten steps to transform the quality of education in India

Mindmaps(16 August 2017)

India-Philippines Relations

Student Activism and Politics

Mindmaps(15 August 2017)

DNA Profiling in India

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act

Mindmaps(14 August 2017)

75 years of the Quit India Movement

Privatising Public Hospitals

Mindmaps(11 August 2017)

India – US Cooperation in S&T

Outer Space Treaty (OST)

Mindmaps(10 August 2017)

Governance and public service delivery in India

The Changing Facets of Education

Mindmaps(09 August 2017)

Functioning of NITI Aayog

Right to Privacy in India

Mindmaps(08 August 2017)

Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS)

Antibiotics in Poultry Farms

Mindmaps(07 August 2017)

Crop Insurance in India

Policy for Influenza Immunisation


Mindmaps(04  August 2017)

Child Protection & Child Rights in India

Digital Industrialization

Mindmaps(03  August 2017)

Healthcare and Economic Growth

Issues related to MSP

Mindmaps(02  August 2017)

Growing Chinese Assertiveness

India’s Groundwater Future

Mindmaps(01 August 2017)

Using Drones for Social Sector Development

Indian Agrarian Crisis

Mindmaps(31 July 2017)

Role of SHGs

Paid News in India

Mindmaps(28 July 2017)

Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) and Police Reforms

Domestic Workers in India

Mindmaps(27 July 2017)

Manual Scavenging in India

Tiger Conservation In India

Mindmaps(26 July 2017)

Corruption in the era of Liberalisation

Lateral Entry in Civil Services

Mindmaps(25 July 2017)

Climate Change and Poverty

Population Dynamics in India

Mindmaps(24 July 2017)

India and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Mid Day Meal Scheme (MDM)

Mindmaps(21 July 2017)

Role of Civil Society in a Democracy

India – Israel Relations

Mindmaps(20 July 2017)

Bitcoins in India

Flood Management in India

Mindmaps(18 July 2017)

Protecting India’s Monuments

US – North Korea Relations

Mindmaps(17 July 2017)

Future of Electric Mobility in India

Prison Reforms in India

Mindmaps(14 July 2017)

Mangrove Conservation and Restoration

Empowering Local Bodies


Mindmaps(13 July 2017)

Big Data Analytics

Capital Punishment in India


Mindmaps(12 July 2017)

Man- Animal Conflict in India

Naxal Movement in India


Mindmaps(10 July 2017)

GM Crops in India

Disinvestment in India

Mindmaps(07 July 2017)

Antimicrobial Resistance in India

Rationalisation of Tribunals


Mindmaps(05 July 2017)

Parliamentary Reforms

Nuclear Energy in India

Mindmaps(04 July 2017)

Smart Cities Mission

Agrarian Distress in India


Mindmaps(03 July 2017)

Parliamentary Privileges

Labour Mobility in India

Mindmaps(30 June 2017)

The State of Education in India

Identity Politics

Mindmaps( 29 June 2017)

Alcohol Prohibition

High Cost of Ageing


Mindmaps( 28 June 2017)

Role of Sabarmati Ashram in India’s struggle for Independence

Role of China and Pakistan in shaping India – US Relations


Mindmaps( 27 June 2017)

Philanthropy in India

Role of Women in Indian Agriculture


Mindmaps( 26 June 2017)

Knowledge Based Economy

Child Marriages in India


Mindmaps( 23 June 2017)

Use of Internet by Non-State Actors

Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill, 2017



Mindmaps( 22 June 2017)

Dealing with Stressed Assets

India ratifies ILO pacts on Child Labour



Mindmaps( 21 June 2017)

Farm Loan Waivers

Women Entrepreneurs


Mindmaps( 20 June 2017)

Asia – Africa Growth Corridor(AAGC)

Mindmaps( 06 April 2017)

Film Censorship in India

Mindmaps ( 05 April 2017)

BCIM Project

Mindmaps ( 04 April 2017)

India’s conflict with Pakistan

Mindmaps ( 31March 2017)

Anti Naxal Strategy

Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement

Mindmaps ( 30March 2017)


Mindmaps ( 29March 2017)

Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, 2016

Mindmaps (28 March 2017)

India’s Urban Landscape

Mindmaps (27 March 2017)

India’s conflict with Pakistan

Mindmaps (26 March 2017)

Implications of Donald Trump’s Presidency for India

Mindmaps (25 March 2017)

Role of Supreme Court in Backlog Problem

Mindmaps (24 March 2017)

Role of Agriculture in Delhi Air Pollution

Mindmaps (23 March 2017)

Food and Nutritional Security in India

Mindmaps (21 March 2017)

Artificial Intelligence

Demonetisation Scheme

Mindmaps (17 March 2017)

India’s Foreign Policy

Mindmaps (15 March 2017)

Palm Oil Cultivation

India-Sri Lanka Fisherman Dispute

Mindmaps (14 March 2017)

Protecting Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

India-Sri Lanka Fisherman Dispute

Mindmaps (13 March 2017)

Sustaining India’s Growth Momentum

Food and Nutritional Security in India

Mindmaps (10 March 2017)

Common Ground for India – China on Afghanistan

Role of Women in Electoral Politics in India

Mindmaps (09 March 2017)

Impact of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture

Global Gag Rule

Mindmaps (08 March 2017)

Antibiotic Resistance

Education and the Constitution of India

Mindmaps (07 March 2017)

Political Funding in India

Budgetary Approach to Environmental Protection

Mindmaps (06 March 2017)

Redistributive Resource Transfers (RRT)

Infrastructure investments

Mindmaps (03 March 2017)

Medical Stents Implants

Ban on FDI in tobacco sector

Mindmaps (02 March 2017)

Disparities between States in India

Contract farming in India

Mindmaps (01 March 2017)

Administrative Tribunals in India

Cementing India – China relations

Mindmaps (20 February 2017)

Tax to GDP Ratio

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

Mindmaps (17 February 2017)

Agenda 2063

Evacuation Operations of Indian Diaspora

Mindmaps (16 February 2017)

New U.S Sanctions on Iran

Nagaland Crisis

Mindmaps (15 February 2017)

Health Budget 2017

Farmer Suicides in India

Mindmaps (06 February 2017)

Artificial Intelligence

Railway Safety Measures

Mindmaps (02 February 2017)

India’s SEZ policy

Internet Governance and ICANN

Mindmaps (01 February 2017)

Open Defecation in India

Inequality across the world

Mindmaps (31 January 2017)

Higher Education in India

India’s Foreign Policy

Mindmaps (30 January 2017)

Jallikattu protests

Funding the Judiciary

Mindmaps (27 January 2017)

Vagaries of the job market

Autonomy of RBI

Mindmaps (26 January 2017)

India’s relationship with Syria

The Real Effect of Fake News

Mindmaps (25 January 2017)

Drought and Water Scarcity in India

India’s Urban Landscape

Mindmaps (24 January 2017)

Global trends and their impact

Role of Agriculture in Delhi Air Pollution

Mindmaps (23 January 2017)

Role of the Supreme Court in backlog problem

Strategic relevance of Water in today’s world

Mindmaps (20 January 2017)

Green Bonds

Aadhaar Enabled Services

Mindmaps (19 January 2017)

The Indian Diaspora

Anti Naxal Strategy

Mindmaps (18 January 2017)

Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

Women’s labour force participation

Mindmaps (11 January 2017)

Section 123(3) of the Representation of the People Act

 HIV self testing

Mindmaps (10 January 2017)

Reservation System in India

Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate (MCLR)

Mindmaps (09 January 2017)

Role of Election Commission

Decentralisation in India

Mindmaps (05 January 2017)

Malnutrition in India

Environmental Refugees

Mindmaps (04 January 2017)

Cyber Security in India

Long-term solution for Air Pollution


Mindmaps (03 January 2017)

‘kafala’ Labour System

India’s Informal Labour Force

Mindmaps (02 January 2017)

Ratan Watal panel on digital payments

One-China policy

Mindmaps (29 December 2016)

Cyclone Disaster Management

Intellectual property vs competition law

Mindmaps (28 December 2016)

Bangladesh Liberation War

Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT)

Mindmaps (27 December 2016)

Tobacco Control in India

Depression In Bay of Bengal

Mindmaps (26 December 2016)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Solar Power Sector in India

Mindmaps (23 December 2016)

Judicial Activism

India-Indonesia Relations

Mindmaps (22 December 2016)

Protecting mountains

Benami Transactions Prohibition Amendment Act of 2016

Mindmaps (21 December 2016)

Anti-Defection Law

Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

Mindmaps (20 December 2016)

Hot Hydrogen Atoms in upper layer of Earth’s atmosphere

Taxing Agricultural Income in India

Mindmaps (08 December 2016)

Ecological Impact of Highways and Railways projects passing through Forests

Ultra-Supercritical Coal fired Power Plant (USC)

Mindmaps (07 December 2016)

Cashless Economy

National Software Policy

Mindmaps (06 December 2016)

A Water War in Asia

Manufacturing sector in India

Mindmaps (05 December 2016)

‘No First Use’ Nuclear Weapons Policy

Yamanaka Genes

Mindmaps (02 December 2016)

Refugees in India

Act East Policy

Mindmaps (01 December 2016)

National eHealth Authority (NeHA)

Throwaway Society

Mindmaps (15 November 2016)

All India Judicial Service (AIJS)

Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016

Mindmaps (14 November 2016)

Contract Labour in India

Sugar Industry in India

Mindmaps (11 November 2016)

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Mindmaps (10 November 2016)

Domestic Violence against Women

Universal Basic Income in India

Mindmaps (09 November 2016)

Minorities in India

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

Mindmaps (08 November 2016)

Ban on Chinese Goods in India

Role of Agriculture in Poverty Alleviation in India

Mindmaps (07 November 2016)

India-Afghanistan Relations

Secularism in India

Mindmaps (04 November 2016)

Ceasefire Violations along LoC

Winter Air Pollution in Delhi

Mindmaps (03 November 2016)

Issue of Stray Dogs in India

Two years of Swachh Bharat Mission

Mindmaps (02 November 2016)

Health care system in India

Migrant Smuggling from Bangladesh to India

Mindmaps (01 November 2016)

Labour Reforms in India

Non Aligned Movement

Mindmaps (29 October 2016)

Merging Railway budget into Union budget

Role of Telecom Companies in India’s Financial Inclusion

Mindmaps (28 October 2016)

India-Russia Relations

Recent Achievements of ISRO

Mindmaps (27 October 2016)

Costs associated with increasing Air Pollution in India

Kigali Agreement

Mindmaps (26 October 2016)

Impact of Electric Vehicles

Role of Public Expenditure

Mindmaps (25 October 2016)

G20 Summit Analysis

Issue of Algal Bloom

Mindmaps (24 October 2016)

Effect of Global Warming on Oceans

Issue of Black Money

Mindmaps (22 October 2016)

Impacts of Automation

National Green Tribunal Analysis

Mindmaps (21 October 2016)

Dalit Empowerment

India’s ambitious Renewable Energy Targets

Mindmaps (20 October 2016)

Forest and Tree Cover in India

Economic Disparity in India

Mindmaps (19 October 2016)

Organic Farming in India

Home or Community Schooling in India

Mindmaps (18 October 2016)

Man Animal conflict in India

India’s Defence Procurement

Mindmaps (17 October 2016)

Melting of Gangotri Glacier

Compensatory Afforestation Fund Bill

Mindmaps (15 October 2016) 

Urban heat island

Draft National Policy for Women 2016

Mindmaps (14 October 2016) 

Pollution and congestion issues in Urban Transport

India ratifies Paris climate deal

Mindmaps (13 October 2016) 

E-Waste Management

Emergence of Mosquito borne Diseases

Mindmaps (12 October 2016) 

Rejuvenating and Cleaning the Ganga

Interlinking of Rivers

Mindmaps (11 October 2016) 

Water Resources Management in Economic Development

Creating Water Abundance through Conservation and Judicious use

Mindmaps (10 October 2016) 

Relations of China with India’s Neighbours

India-Africa Health Sciences Meet (IAHSM)

Mindmaps (08 October 2016) 

India’s Energy challenges and Sustainable Development

A Renewable Energy Future for India

Mindmaps (07 October 2016) 

Uniform Civil Code

The issue of Minimum Wages

Mindmaps (06 October 2016) 

UNSC Reforms

Groundwater Exploitation in India

Mindmaps (05 October 2016) 

Khadi-A Zero Carbon Footprint Industry

Accelerating Growth in Indian Textiles

Mindmaps (04 October 2016)

Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

ISROs Scramjet Engine

Mindmaps (03 October 2016)

Women in Indian Freedom Struggle

Women’s Multiple Roles and Adverse Child Sex Ratio

Mindmaps (01 October 2016)

Women’s Empowerment in the Indian Context (Yojana, Sep 2016)

Empowerment of women- Government Perspective (Yojana Sep 2016)

Mindmaps (30 September 2016)

National Health Accounts

India and Myanmar relations

Mindmaps (29 September 2016)

National Medical Commission

Risks associated with Nuclear Energy

Mindmaps (28 September 2016)

Holocene and Anthropocene

Cotton Revolution in India

Mindmaps (27 September 2016)

MSME Sector in India

Financial Inclusion in India

Mindmaps (26 September 2016)

Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

Aquaculture and its Importance

Mindmaps (24 September 2016)

Regional connectivity Scheme

Balochistan issue

Mindmaps (23 September 2016)

Surrogacy in India

Polluter pays principle

Mindmaps (22 September 2016)

Mental Health Care in India

Floods in India

Mindmaps (21 September 2016)

Higher Education in India

Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Programme (VVMP)

Mindmaps (20 September 2016)

NGO Sector in India

India’s Diaspora Policy

Mindmaps (19 September 2016)

Temple entry for women

Role of RBI in Indian Economy

Mindmaps (17 September 2016)

Rights based approach (RBA) to development

India’s quest for Olympic medals 

Mindmaps (16 September 2016)

Farmer Distress


Mindmaps (15 September 2016)

Fall in India’s Exports

Women’s participation in Sports

Mindmaps (14 September 2016)

Economic Integration of SAARC Nations

Real Estate sector in India

Mindmaps (13 September 2016)

Public Distribution System

Animal Abuse

 Mindmaps (12 September 2016)

 Human trafficking

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP)

Mindmaps (10 September 2016)

Pharmaceutical Industries in India

Right to Education (RTE) Act

Mindmaps (09 September 2016)



Mindmaps (08 September 2016)

Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM)

Compulsory license

Mindmaps (07 September 2016)

Solid Waste Management

Sagarmala Project

Mindmaps (06 September 2016)

Climate Engineering 

Flood plains of India

Mindmaps (05 September 2016)

India-China Relations

Current state of Diabetes


Mindmaps (03 September 2016)

Agriculture in India

Genetically modified crops

Mindmaps (02 September 2016)

Gender Inequality in India

Fat Tax

Mindmaps (01 September 2016)

Rural Electrification


Mindmaps (31 August 2016)

Indian National Defence University

India – Bangladesh Relations

Mindmaps (30 August 2016)

Yemen Crisis

Petroleum Industry in India

Mindmaps (29 August 2016)

International Solar Alliance

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003

Mindmaps (27 August 2016)

Urbanisation in India

National Health Policy 2015

Mindmaps (26 August 2016)

National Family Health Survey

India – Nepal Relations

Mindmaps (25 August 2016)


Inequality in India

Mindmaps (24 August 2016)

R&D in India

Public Private Partnership

Mindmaps (23 August 2016)

National Water Commission

Fiscal Consolidation

Mindmaps (22 August 2016)

Tax avoidance and Tax evasion in India

Ease of Doing Business in India

Mindmaps (20 August 2016)

Universal health coverage

Textile Industry in India

Mindmaps (19 August 2016)


South China Sea Dispute


Mindmaps (18 August 2016)

E-governance in India

 The Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill 2016

Mindmaps (17 August 2016)

Rural Distress

Public Sector Banks Reforms

Mindmaps (16 August 2016)

Start-Up India

Financial Inclusion

Mindmaps (15 August 2016)

Preferential Trade Agreements



Mindmaps (13 August 2016)

Debate on Abortion Issue

Chabahar Port Issue

Mindmaps (12 August 2016)

WTO Nairobi package

National Education Policy 2016

Mindmaps (11 August 2016)

Narmada Bachao Andolan

Golden Rice

Mindmaps (10 August 2016)

Indus Water Treaty

Pulse and Related Issues

Mindmaps (09 August 2016)

Goods and Services Tax

Child Labour in India

Mindmaps (05 May 2016)

Geospatial Information Regulation Bill

(High Resolution)

Job creation in labour-intensive sectors

(High Resolution)

Tax-GDP ratio

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (04 May 2016)

Public expenditure on social sector

(High Resolution)

Defence Procurement and middle men

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (03 May 2016)


(High Resolution)

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and alternative for India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (14 April 2016 to 02 May 2016)


(High Resolution)

Global warming and agriculture
Panama Papers case

Solid waste management and segregation

(High Resolution)

Surrogacy in India
Environmental Kuznet curve

(High Resolution)


Farmer’s suicide and interest subvention scheme

(High Resolution)

Finance committee on NPA
Montreal protocol and HFOs

(High Resolution)

Satellites and agriculture

(High Resolution)

NSSO survey on Sanitation in India
Proposed model Agricultural Land Leasing Act, 2016


Water reserves in India

(High Resolution)

Coral bleaching

RCEP, TTP and seeds

(High Resolution) 

Draft Coffee Bill 2016
Manual scavenging in India

Groundwater scenario in India

(High Resolution)

Compensatory afforestation in India
Effectiveness of Polluter’s Pay Principle (PPP)
Iron ore production in india

Bilateral Investment Treaty

(High Resolution)

Draft Bankruptcy and Insolvency bill
Apprenticeship program
Small Finance Banks

Alcohol ban

(High Resolution)

Commercial courts in India
FDI – Pros and Cons

High speed rails

(High Resolution)

Private universities in India
Water scarcity and inland waterways in India

Mindmaps (13 April 2016)

India-Japan relations and nuclear agreement

(High Resolution)  

NFHS various dimensions
Sewerage problem in India

Mindmaps (12 April 2016)

Logistics sector of India

(High Resolution) 

Open Source Softwares (OSS)

Mindmaps (03 April to 11 April)

Roghinya crisis

(High Resolution)

Economic crisis in Brazil
Disability in India
Rising prices of pulses and GM pulses
Usage of fertilisers
Criminal justice system in India
India- EU FTA
India- Saudi Arabia relations (1)
GIRI radar system
Solid waste management in India
Green technology
Digital India (Updated)
China-Pak relations and India
Gold production in India
India’s west Asia policy
Nuclear program and security in India (2)

Mindmaps (29 March to 2 April)

Emerging and re-emerging diseases (ERED)

(High Resolution)

Independent Regulatory Authorities (IRAs)
Climate change and natural disasters
Nepal and China proximities
Poverty reduction in India
Falling oil prices and remittances
E-waste in India
E-commerce in India
Defence Procurement Policy 2016
India’s indigenous defence capabilities and FDI
Health finance in India
Decline of pollinators
Nuclear program and security in India (1)
Bharat stage VI (1)

Mindmaps (22 to 28 March 2016)


(High Resolution)

BRICS (updated)
Under trials in India
Rural electrification in India
Anti-Microbial resistance
Fair price shops(FPS) in India
Vaccination in India
India- Saudi Arabia relations
Fly ash in India
Plastic waste management
Fixed dose combination drugs
China’s economic problems and effects

Mindmaps (21 March 2016)

Carbon tax

(High Resolution)

Medical council of India and PSC report

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (19 March 2016)

Cream skimming by foreign banks

(High Resolution)

Mahila samakhya program

(High Resolution)

Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (18 March 2016)

Anthropogenic ocean pollution

(High Resolution)

Pigovian tax (PT)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (17 March 2016)

Goldilock economy

(High Resolution)

Horticulture in India

(High Resolution)

Smart public transport in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (16 March 2016)

Jobless growth

(High Resolution)

Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR)

(High Resolution)

BT cotton

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (15 March 2016)

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

(High Resolution)

Indoor air pollution and Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana

(High Resolution)

India-Myanmar relations

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (14 March 2016)

India-Maxico relations

(High Resolution)

Motion of thanks

(High Resolution)

Polluters Pay Principle (PPP)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (12 March 2016)

Basel norms

(High Resolution)

Equalization Levy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (11 March 2016)

Alcohol and related laws in India

(High Resolution)

Exploration policy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (10 March 2016)

Industry-Acadmia gap

(High Resolution)

Gold schemes

(High Resolution)

Corporate and banking sector vulnerabilities

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (09 March 2016)

Climate engineering

(High Resolution)

Cyber crime in India

(High Resolution)

Social capital

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (08 March 2016)

Inequality in India

(High Resolution)

Diabetes in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (07 March 2016)

Aadhaar Legislation

(High Resolution)

State of elderly in India

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (06 March 2016)

Petroleum Industry in India

(High Resolution)

Textile Industry in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (04 March 2016)

Union Budget – 2016: Agriculture

(High Resolution)

Textile Industry in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (03 March 2016)

Union Budget – 2016: Healthcare Sector 

(High Resolution)

Union Budget – 2016: Social Sector Allocation 

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (01 March 2016)

Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015

(High Resolution)

National Court of Appeal

(High Resolution)

Virtual reality

(High Resolution)

Begging in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (29 February 2016)

Human-wildlife conflict

(High Resolution)

Softwares and patent

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (27 February 2016)

Chabahar port and India

(High Resolution)

Deep sea mining

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (26 February 2016)

Data protection

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Tax-GDP ratio in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (25 February 2016)

Fiscal Stimuls or COnsolidation

(High Resolution)

Brexit : Britain and EU

(High Resolution)

APEC and India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (24 February 2016)

Labour laws in India

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Micro Air Vehicles

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (23 February 2016)

Adarsh Gram Yojana

(High Resolution)

Rurban mission

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (22 February 2016)

Capital good policy

(High Resolution)

Hybrid annuity model(Updated)

(High Resolution)

Stem cell therapy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (20 February 2016)

Draughts in India

(High Resolution)

5D data storage

(High Resolution)

India’s new urea policy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (19 February 2016)

National Agriculture Market(NAM)

(High Resolution)

Solar energy and employment

(High Resolution)

Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (18 February 2016)

India-Latin America relations

(High Resolution)

T-cell Therapy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (17 February 2016)

Anti-Sedition laws in India

(High Resolution)

Companies act and whistle blower policy

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (16 February 2016)

Gravitational waves

(High Resolution)

Maritime challenges and maritime strategy 2015

(High Resolution)

Non-Performing Assets(updated)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (15 February 2016)


(High Resolution)

Child Sex Ratio and PCPNDT act

(High Resolution)

Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (13 February 2016)

Global sea level rise

(High Resolution)

India’s digital revolution compared to China

(High Resolution)

NITI Aayog

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (12 February 2016)

Geographical Indication Tag

(High Resolution)

Need for cheap drugs

(High Resolution)

Syrian war

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (11 February 2016)

Blue Economy

(High Resolution)

Indian Ocean region

(High Resolution)

Women’s labour force participation

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (10 February 2016

Discriminatory rates of telecom and TRAI rules

(High Resolution)

Open defecation

(High Resolution)

Right of peaceful protest and sec. 144

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (09 February 2016

New startups and government initiative

(High Resolution)

Smart city project

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (08 February 2016)

Tea industry of India

(High Resolution)

Water pollution

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (06 February 2016)

Powers of Governor

(High Resolution)

Malnutrition in india

(High Resolution)

India’s diaspora

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (05 February 2016)


(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Manufacturing and employment

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (04 February 2016)


(High Resolution)

Hindu Succession Act

(High Resolution)

China’s One belt, One road initiative(updated)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (03 February 2016)

Drinking water availability in India

(High Resolution)

International Monetary Fund(IMF)

(High Resolution)

Teachers in education system in India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (02 February 2016)

Contempt of court

(High Resolution)

RBI rate cuts and its benefits

(High Resolution)

Rising prices of pulses

(High Resolution)

Sports development and Lodha committee report

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (01 February 2016)

Discoms and UDAY Scheme

(High Resolution)

Issues Facing Agriculture in India

(High Resolution)

Zika Virus

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (30 January 2016)

Data Protection

(High Resolution)

Public Distribution System

(High Resolution)

India’s Indigenous Defence Capabilities

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (29 January 2016)

Iron Ore Production in India

(High Resolution)

Phishing – Concept and Problems

(High Resolution)

Tobacco Consumption Among Minors

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (28 January 2016)

Falling Rupee – Causes and Consequences

(High Resolution)

President Rule in India

(High Resolution)

Professional Tax Issue

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (27 January 2016)

Is AMU Minority Institution?

(High Resolution)

India – France Relations

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (26 January 2016)

India and Arab League

(High Resolution)

Crisis in Nepal and India-2

(High Resolution)

4th Industrial Revolution

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (25 January 2016)

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)

(High Resolution)

Power tariff Policy

(High Resolution)

Model school scheme

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (23 January 2016)

Human impacts on oceans

(High Resolution)

National Mission for Green India

(High Resolution)

plate tectonics

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (22 January 2016)

Artificial Intelligence

(High Resolution)

China and Global Financial Mechanisms

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (21 January 2016)

Marine Pollution

(High Resolution)

Latest NFHS and Women Empowerment

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (20 January 2016)

Commercial courts bill

(High Resolution)

Lifting of sanctions from Iran and India

(High Resolution)

Tank irrigation and mission Kakatiya

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (19 January 2016)

Air quality in india

(High Resolution)

Issue of Women entry in Ayyappa temple

(High Resolution)

Aluminium industry of India

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (18 January 2016)

India – Israel Relations

(High Resolution)

India’s Declining Exports

(High Resolution)

Rare Earth Materials

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (16 January 2016)

Immunization in India

(High Resolution)

Non-Performing Assets Issue

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (15 January 2016)

Brain Drain from India

(High Resolution)

Female Work Participation in India

(High Resolution)

South China Sea Dispute

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (14 January 2016)

Bharat Stages

(High Resolution)

Crop Insurance & Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana

(High Resolution)


(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (13 January 2016)

Ganga Pollution Issue

(High Resolution)

ITBP Force

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (12 January 2016)

Draft Civil Aviation Policy 2015

(High Resolution)

Indira Awas Yojana

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (11 January 2016)

Snow Flake Corals

(High Resolution)

Corporate Social Responsibility

(High Resolution)

Foreign Policy and Non – Alignment

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (09 January 2016)

Media and Entertainment Industry

(High Resolution)

National Bio-technology Development Strategy 2015-2020

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (08 January 2016)

Bharat Stages – Fuel Emission Norms

(High Resolution)

Project Tiger

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (07 January 2016) 

BRICS and India

(High Resolution)

El Nino and La Nina

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (06 January 2016)

Public Distribution System in India

(High Resolution)

NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission (NARM)

(High Resolution)

Mining in Tribal Areas

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (05 January 2016) 

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal Motor Vehicle Agreement

(High Resolution)

Coal Based Plants

(High Resolution)


Mindmaps (04 January 2016)

14th Finance Commission (FFC)

(High Resolution)

National Agriculture Markets (NAM)

(High Resolution)

National Pension Scheme

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (02 January 2016)

Telecom Sector in India

(High Resolution)

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

(High Resolution)

Child Labour in India

(High Resolution)

Landslides – Disaster

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (01 January 2016)

Facebook’s Free Basics in India

(High Resolution)

National Infrastructure Investment Fund (NIIF)

(High Resolution)

Mindmaps (31 Dec)

Mindmaps (30 Dec)

Mindmaps (29 Dec)

Mindmaps (28 Dec)


Mindmaps (26 Dec)

Mindmaps (25 Dec)

Mindmaps (24 Dec)

Mindmaps (23 Dec)

Mindmaps (22 Dec)

Mindmaps (21 Dec)

Mindmaps (19 Dec)

Mindmaps (18 Dec)

Mindmaps (17 Dec)

Mindmaps (16 Dec)

Mindmaps (15 Dec)

Mindmaps (14 Dec)

Mindmaps (12 Dec)

Mindmaps (11 Dec)

Mindmaps (10 Dec)

Mindmaps (09 Dec)

Mindmaps (08 Dec)

Mindmaps (07 Dec)

Mindmaps (05 Dec)

Mindmaps (04 Dec)

Mindmaps (03 Dec)

Mindmaps (02 Dec)

Mindmaps (01 Dec)


Mindmaps (30 Nov)

Mindmaps (28 Nov)

Mindmaps (27 Nov)

Mindmaps (26 Nov)

Mindmaps (25 Nov)

Mindmaps (24 Nov)

Mindmaps (23 Nov)

Mindmaps (21 Nov)

Mindmaps (20 Nov)

Mindmaps (19 Nov)

Mindmaps (18 Nov)

Mindmaps (17 Nov)

Mindmaps (16 Nov)

Mindmaps (14 Nov)

Mindmaps (13 Nov)

Mindmaps (12 Nov)

Mindmaps (11 Nov)

Mindmaps (10 Nov)

Mindmaps (09 Nov)

Mindmaps (07 Nov)

Mindmaps (06 Nov)

Mindmaps (05 Nov) – Started on This Day!


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    Please post MINDMAPS for the remaining duration of MAY and JUNE 2016.

  • PolicyGuy

    Why has this initiative being stopped?
    Can we expect a compilation sometime later or is it just over?
    Clarity required.

  • Abhishek Bist

    Mindmap is not getting updated

  • Abhishek

    No mind maps since 5th May.!!


    Why Mind MAps are not available after 5th of MAY?

  • shumbham gupta

    plz insight give us mindmap, synopsis, Lok Sabha aticles, yojana notes
    why u have stop postings all
    we need to study

  • shumbham gupta

    plz insight give us mindmap, synopsis, Lok Sabha aticles, yojana notes
    why u have stop postings all

  • Siddhant Jain

    Kindly update Mind Maps on daily basis. Its helps to revise the topics very holisticly

  • chuba jamir

    a very good initiative. thank you insights

    • Shalini

      How do u take print out of these maps ? I mean the fonts are not visible when we convert it to pdf.
      Or do U write the mindmaps?

      Pls help

  • Nocturnal

    I just love the mind maps but it would have been better if, it was posted in simple manner rather than in .jpg format. That way, it’d be easier to make digital notes, copy pasting the stuff from here, which is not possible now.

  • sahil shah

    can n e one help how to use these mind map ?

    • kaira

      just remember all the points covered in the issue in the mind map and use it while framing the answer and see how other points are co-relating in the issue.

      • anoosha

        co-relation and interelating a topic is imp.

        • junaid

          means ?

    • jasmin

      it is mainly to remember the points while covering the issue so go accordingly

  • sneha

    mind maps are full of use full data so keep in mind as much as possible and it will help creating an opinion and also in framing an answer.

    • sahil shah

      yes they also carry lot of facts even. and no need to make notes. now getting my doubts cleared.

      • MurliVm

        facts are added advantage in mains if used.

      • junaid

        nice concept.

  • MurliVm

    can you provide all mind maps together as was done for current affairs ???