On Issues That Matter


  1. Issue – 35: India’s Outrage Industry lacks both common sense and objectivity

  2. Issue – 34: By Diluting the SC/ST Act, the Supreme Court has Failed as an Institution of Social Justice

  3. Issue – 33: RBI should Issue Digital Currency in India

  4. Issue – 32: Thanks to Government Policies, Non-communicable diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in rural India

  5. Issue – 31: RBI has Failed as a Watchdog to check banking Crisis and Banking Frauds in India

  6. Issue – 30: India has Failed to win its War on Antimicrobial Resistance

  7. Issue – 29 Leak of Question Papers from Institutions like CBSE can be Prevented by resorting to online delivery of question papers

  8. Issue – 28: Driverless Cars should not be allowed in any part of the world

  9. Issue – 27: Women on Banknotes will Improve Economic Growth and Gender Equality

  10. Issue – 26:  India should Ban Facebook in India

  11. Issue – 25: India should Revert to the old Practice of Paper Ballots in Elections

  12. Issue – 24: India should have Allowed Rohingya Refugees to take Refuge in India

  13. Issue – 23: India has Forever lost its Neighbours to China 

  14. Issue – 22: Farmers have no Reasons to continue Farming in India

  15. Issue – 21: Compulsory attendance in Universities is not a Progressive Step

  16. Issue-20: Active Euthanasia should be Made Legal in India 

  17. Issue – 19: Without Political Empowerment, Real Empowerment of Women will never Happen

  18. Issue – 18: Neither Politicians nor Religious/Spiritual Leaders should Mediate in the Ayodhya Issue. It should be Settled Only by the Court of Law

  19. Issue – 17: Use of Money Power in Indian Elections can not be Stopped even if Undermines Democracy

  20. Issue – 16: India should Spend More on Defence even if it Means Spending Less on Health or Education

  21. Issue – 15: India’s budget priorities lack commitment to invest in women and girls

  22. Issue – 14: Education can alone end gender disparity in India

  23. Issue – 13: International politics is never about democracy and human rights. It’s about the interests of states

  24. Issue – 12: For India, Development is more Important than Secularism

  25. Issue – 11: The Second Cold War is more Dangerous than the Previous one in its Intensity and likely Consequences thanks to Information Warfare and Technological Advancements

  26. Issue – 10: De-criminalisation of Politics is Impossible without the Active Participation of Civil Society

  27. Issue – 9: Discourse on Police Reforms must Focus Majorly on Depoliticisation of Police

  28. Issue – 8: India Needs more Political Parties and the Launch of Political Parties by Movie Superstars is a Healthy Trend

  29. Issue – 7: Water should be Moved to Concurrent List

  30. Issue – 6: Modern India doesn’t need either Censoring or Censor Board for Movies

  31. Issue – 5: Bank privatization will address the issue of moral hazard of the government

  32. Issue – 4: National Health Protection Scheme will not help its intended beneficiaries

  33. Issue – 3: If India Wants to Beat China – Economically and Strategically – India’s Democracy must be Sacrificed

  34. Issue – 2: Lack of Political Will is the Main Cause for India’s Low Ranking in Human Development Index despite Relatively High Levels of Economic Growth

  35. Issue – 1: Today, global markets and capitalism are increasingly threatened by widening income inequality