• civil service aspirant

    my hobby is cricket. Can anybody tell me which kind of question can be asked.

    • pallavi

      i opted for chess and carrom, these all are not my hobbies only i filled in daf

      • rai karan

        can u explain me ,English opening in chess and what is the best defense opening to counter it ?

  • my hobby is trekking please suggest me wht type of questions can be asked….thnks

  • 1st Ranker

    why sport hobby is not poplar , i gave for chess and carrom , though they are not my real hobby

  • aketh

    mine is cricket too?

  • saurabh

    my hobby is playing cricket..

  • rai karan

    @pallivi can u tell me explanation of english oppening in chess ,without googlin

  • i have mentioned four hobbies ,,,,,,,,,,,, one of them is a sport ,
    anything valuable is welcome

  • Ravi

    People who opted for Cricket can remind the wonderful speech by Sachin during the NDTV’s 25 years ceremony(The 25 Greatest Global Living Legends).
    In his speech Sachin said that…He learned 1)Team play Respecting the opposition 2)Good Fitness means good health so more concentration on each activity 3)having strategies & executing plans 4)when defeated stand up and face the challenge.

    I dont think there would be better words about cricket than the above 🙂

  • naoh

    questions on watching football matches and swimming plz?

    • Siddy

      1) how can we combat racism in the football
      2) do u prefer counter attacking teams or gung ho types
      3) how is ISL goin to help indian football

  • aman

    my hpbby is playing chess..

  • Siddy

    i got lot of interest in namely 3 sports – football , F1 , Tennis anyone else also got these as their hobbies..

    • akshay

      I m avid lover of this sport

  • sanjay meena

    Hi!!I used to play kho kho in my school days and represented national team two times.In college I choose weightlifting and got many medals and also represented interiit sports meet 3 times and I was also awarded best outgoing sportsman,honourable mention awards.I also participated in 2 trekking events.I am also in touch with an NGO that work for poor children’s education.
    Plz help me out which hobbies should I mention in my DAF.

    • Aditya

      showing off is a good hobby!

  • Addy

    I am very much interested in cricket and avidly follow it. I like reading about cricket although I mostly read blogs on cricket( not books).
    But due to some health issues could not play cricket that much. Should I mention it as an hobby, like “reading about cricket and following international cricket”?