• dr. jyoti yadav

    Nobody has painting as their hobby…:|

    • jitendra

      I do sketching ,

    • Hey! My hobby is painting and sketching. At one point of time i was even interested in pursuing it at a professional level! Had cleared college of art,DU entrance exam. Had also applied to ruskin school of art,oxford for a bachelors in art. But now i am preparing for upsc to serve a purpose greater than getting accolades for my skills. 🙂

  • jitendra

    Hey insight
    I m expecting interview call, and my hobbies are sketching , gym and movies

    Can u help me how to prepare for this ans wht kind of question asked in this

  • YdoVfall

    Hey guys, can I put cartooning as my hobby.?? Have a look at below one. Not to offend any donaltrump supporters Just for fun