• manuK

    Music, mirror to the contemperory times, deep meanings as in ghazals,soothing effect on mind,no extra time time is required to pursue it,
    improves concentration , shields background noise,

  • Ankit

    Music is the fuel of my Soul…….Its energy booster for me

  • music is like scent in the air.every time you hear some thing pleasing to ur ears thats music

  • Manasa Kulkarni

    Music is life….. Sorrow and music cant stay in one place… bcoz music itself is HAPPINESS!

  • Rj

    Music do feels me very relex when i get stress…!

  • N

    Music helps me start the day afresh in the evening after the busy daytime.. It rejuvenates my senses and helps me build up new energy..

  • Aquib Khan

    Music is only a kind of expression which can not be put in words and also it ca not remain silent

  • radhakrishnan

    hearing music it send to me a marvelous world………