• The hobby as ‘Watching Movies’ is works as Miracle for me whenever i am tired of something/anything. Watching movie on Laptop for whole night give me refreshment to study for the next whole day. I made a rule with the hobby which became fruitful in my civil service preparation- “One Movie Two Chapter”. All are welcome to use this formula which is effective in nature. I am not capable of giving any advice, but make the Hobby as your Habit so that this habit will lead to path of Success.

    • The seventh

      Hi sanjay it is to good about your hobby. i think you should think across your thinking about movies. if you like to watch movie so the panel members could be asked about movies so they could be asked you, what do you think about today’s movies ? and also what does benifit do you get from watching movie in spite of refreshment .

  • Akhil Nair

    Yeah Movie watchers…
    Now what do you think about the proposal to amend Cinematographic Act?

    How do you see the argument that Art must not be censored, as in case of Blue Jasmine and Ugly’s refusal to release in India esp. by the anti smoking waiver?

    I am a big Movie guy generally English movies,occasionally Japanese, Korean and French movies, Indian Parallel cinema..

    • sreejith S

      The amendment is a huge welcome sign. As a movie buff, i am not in favor of censorship generally. One can understand if the censor board doesn’t entertain hi profile graphic sex and violence as long as it can be cut without hurting the flow of the movie. But the sad truth is that there are hardly any movies for which the explicit contents is not a necessity. As a result, a lot of foreign movies will never find a release in the Indian market. So will a lot of hollywood movies.
      When i went to see “Drive” in the theatre, here in Delhi, they had cut the scene where he hammers the bullet into a guy’s head. The reason could have been the half naked girls in the backdrop along with the violence of the act. But some popular bollywood movies with cheap exposure oriented item numbers and masala sex without being naked find acceptance. Most of these sections are sometimes useless.
      Hope the new amendments are in sync the need for making the movie experience better.

      Yes, ideally art should not be censored is my opinion.
      But wrt blue jasmine, i initially found it a little too much for suggesting the movie won’t release here because of the subtitle in smoking and drinking scenes.
      I watched the movie last night. And now, i do agree with woody allen. As the story deals with some aspects of the degeneration of her character, most of the scenes have her drinking or smoking and i would have found it exceptionally irritating to find the quotes popping up every few minutes. I think providing a strong graphic disclaimer in the beginning serves the purpose. Why spoil the movie experience when you have other means of giving the message. So, agree with Allen now. Who was I in the first place to disagree with him anyways….

  • abhishek

    Hey Everyone,

    One obvious question can be regarding piracy issues . The interviewer might just ask-
    ” So you have never watched a downloaded movie ??”. One can go for a diplomatic answer no – i watch movies only in theatres or on television. I wanted to know if we could try justifying downloaded movies ! :p

    • saumya

      Thats a very good point. We could start by admitting that we may have been party to piracy sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. But piracy laws in India are not that stringent and there may be a reason for that. Most of India’s population cannot afford high prices for downloading/buying movies. In a country that struggles to provide basic amenities to its people, it can not be expected that the nation runs behind people for violating piracy laws just for a few minutes of entertainment. Piracy is not a priority in Indian scheme of things, and the loopholes in anti piracy laws allow us to download and enjoy latest movies and songs. Its probably illegal elsewhere but laws are subjective. The owners and proprietors of pirated material are anyways highly rich and not losing much.

  • phil

    Hello friends!

    I am not sure if watching movie is hobby to me but I watch a lot!(everday)..I agree watching movie is a waste of time for many. However, there is many positive things to learn apart from relaxing and watching. As for me i learnt about culture, stocks, logic, unity, patience, leadership, english , eating habits, innovation and so on..(english,korean,spainish,french mostly sometimes hindi) I am sure there are lot out there too watching for a change.
    It may or may not help in exams but it does helps in life 🙂

  • Hello buddies,

    i am a big fan of documentary films especially on social issues though it is not a part of mainstream commercial movie industries and commercial counterpart acquaint us with the world through various genres and themes of movies. it is not only a hobby for me but a part of my life. It has soothing essence and has got life shaping qualities. Censoring of movies kill the taste of a art form and respect for foreign culture.

  • paulallenpsycho

    suggest good movies

    and Please don’t post those which are well known for eg Shawshank and others

    • sushant patil

      for interview it is always better to mention good movies like the great debators ,blood diamond ,swades ,haider which are related to social issues…it will give us chance to discuss the issues which we already study for mains….and as for interview panel members can ask some questions on these topics…

  • paulallenpsycho

    lets discuss what good you find in last movie watched

  • The seventh

    Hello guys i like to watch movies so much. i don’t it may help in exam or may not but i know it helps in lifetime how to live as common man. and i gain from watching movies about various countries cultures , burning as well social issues , languages,innovations and so on. Also after watching movie i get refreshment . And it aids to me to build up confidence and it helps to me to makes my positive views.

  • How do you see the argument that Art must not be censored, as in case of Blue Jasmine and Ugly’s refusal to release in India esp. by the anti smoking waiver?

  • Dhruv

    Hello people,
    I love watching japanese cinema! Anyone here who likes watching japanese cinema? Ozu, Kurosawa, Mizokuchi?

  • deepak kumar moodhotiya

    what genre is your favorite? mine is drama,crime mystry.

    • raj

      fantasy,adventure and comedy.

  • Saurabh Swaroop Verma

    What would we answer if asked aboutif u saw pirated films ….because its not possible to see so many films at theatre !!!???

  • ekta

    i love nagesh kukunoor’s movies