• Anjali

    My hobby is meditation, because it is he only way way to connect with oneself and at the end of the day I check myself via meditation how was the day, how I reacted to every situation, what useful things I did and where I went wrong. And after that I try to correct myself so that next time I can do correct thing. I follow Bramhakumari’s meditation which gives me mental peace, emotional strength, by it I learn to respect myself as well as everyone else. Meditation has given me enormous power by which I remain peaceful and strong in difficult situation. It is constant improvement over myself and day by day I am getting more stronger, more powerful and more peaceful. And in today’s world everyone needs emotional strength, inner peace, to deal with everyday situation effectively and to find its solution. By meditition I am learning these things.

  • anu

    Yoga and meditation is my lifestyle. It brings necessary focus, clarity of thought and balance in mind and helps with my physical fitness immensely.

  • vasundhra

    just as we need air,food,water for our survival our soul too needs nourishment and it can be done by yoga and meditation.As truly said that the healthy mind lies in a healthy body the same way a healthy soul is also essential.When our soul is nourished and strong no matter what comes in life we overcome it and that too we emerge as victorious.so i personally feel that beside feeding our stomach we should also work to strenghten our soul.it keeps us going in a balanced and a calm way.To sum up,yoga and meditation makes life complete and healthy.

  • rajiv

    My search for a the ultimate metaphysical realm took me to dhyana. Dhyana, which has no closer word since it’s an eastern practise, is generally understood and meditation. For me, meditation is coming back to my very being, which otherwise in a conscious state, all of us tend to unnotice since consciousness hardly takes our very being as the subject. Meditation(dhyana) is coming home to your true self after the day’s mental wandering.

    • rajiv

      *as meditation

  • Meditation is the process through which one reaches at a mental stage where he/she feels the presence of a unique personality present deep inside him/her. this is the real image of oneself and its a thrill to get face to face oneself.At reaching this stage all fears of mind seems to disappear and mind become extremely relax and stable,it feels like a merger of a turbulent and violent flow of river into a quite, deep and endless ocean where only silence and deep silence is present as far as sight can see.One forgets his physical body and sees only this endless ocean and his unique presence and time seems standstill forever.

    i go to a park regularly by 6:30 am , there i do 3 km jogging and after relaxing for nearly 15 minutes i seat in yoga posture nearby a water stream that is flowing in the park. then i just make my mind relax and after some time body gets into meditation phase and slowly and slowly a mental stage appears as described above.

    • Lokesh

      It is not advisable to do Yoga after Jogging…………

  • rafa

    Sleep is an unconcious meditation and meditation is a concious sleep, while meditating u r with u r true identity.which may not possible either on day to day life.

  • shams khan

    it feels good to me so i meditate.i am not concerned about metabolism and other effects but as i feel urge to sleep,eat,excrete in same way meditation urges me.humans do each and every activity to have peace of mind either it is moneymaking or hardworking in any field but with elapse of time he gut feels that peace is going faraway,on contrary meditation fulfills his aspirations.a meditated mind makes tough terrain of success smoother.finally if he meditates he will say “i am loving it”

  • harvendra raj

    How Meditation saves my times
    i often use to start thinking my future plan, whenever i open my books,i.e. losing concentration..By doing meditaion i learn how to discard useless thought in those 15 minute.Accroding to me ,controlling my mind to think nothing for 15 minute is also a difficult task.
    My mind get habituated to get focus during meditation,which helps me to get focus throughout a day.

  • Rohit

    Meditation is to increase the intellectual strength and convoy the celestial forces.Meditation(Yoga) relieve and nourish our mind,body and soul.Mind should be calm ,focused ,free from unnecessary thoughts to take healthy decision in our day to day life.So for this mental peace and emotional strength,we need to connect deeper inside us through meditation.

  • Swaraj tandale

    Meditation is always a part of success holders, I do meditate for improving my life from inner peace and joy ,it give you more focus and awareness in day to day activity. Having some spiritual base is also important while practicing meditation!
    After doing it regularly you will get the benefits of meditation, you will be with yourself and also automatically with your surrronding, you will be physically and mentally in present moment and it will help in every goal of your life wheather it’s related to study or sports!!

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