• suresh

    i m from rural background and have fairly good knowledge(theoretical as well as practical) but never did gardening (as defined by oxford). which term should i use for this activity . now i am doctor

  • rijesh

    hi.. i am too mentioned gardening as my hobby. any idea from preparing.

  • chetan

    Hi i also mentioned gardening as my hobby,
    Expected questions may be
    Type of gardening u do
    some plants you like most
    methods for cultivating them and their flowering or seeding time
    best garden you have seen
    cloning, plant anatomy etc scientific questions (if science back ground)

    • Shiv

      Chetan plz mention some other points.

      Types of plants found in ones areas.
      Their importances(historical & present).
      What we learnt from them(plants).
      Threats to their existences.
      their origin.
      Organizations that are working to protect it
      books written on plants & their writers.
      About people who did some extraordinary work in this matter

  • Dinesh

    Hi friend… I given organic gardening as my hobby in my DAF FOR upsc..please tell what type questions they will ask.. How to get source to prepare on that…