• Shweta

    Once in an interview I was asked relating to my hobby cooking, as to why i did not took part in any of the cookery shows,
    1 answer i found to this question is that Cooking is something i do it for my joy and do not intend to take it to a level of competition and pressure, and thats why i didn’t took it up as my job…..just a hobby to love and relax…..

    • Sarvesh K

      great answer.. Answer this:
      1) How cooking hobby will help u in civil seevices??
      2) why dont u persue cooking as profession??
      3) Despite cooking being female jobs why well known chef in hotels are male?
      4) what u can suggest in improving mid day meal scheme in school? which food u recommend?
      5) Have u done any course in cooking??
      6) what quality one should have for becoming a good cook?

      • NITIN

        Despite cooking being female jobs why well known chef in hotels are male?

        First of all its wrong to say that cooking is women’s job……its just due to long convention this becomes tradition, because earlier men used to work in fields, factory and women stayed at home n make food n caring children……
        Cooking as a responsibility n cooking as an economic activity both are quite different specially in a patriarchal society like ours…

        many factors are there ….and may be different reason each because of which women chef are not much ….

        For some its patriarchal pressure to not work outside
        For some its like …they are not interested to do it for money because already they are cooking at home n that giving them happiness .
        For some it might me timing problem, because its not like 9-5 job…

        But now its changing

      • NITIN

        what quality one should have for becoming a good cook?

        Some qualities include:

        Creativity: be very creative and always willing to try something new.

        Passion: passion for food and cooking. enjoy the process of selecting foods, preparing meals, and creating menus.

        Attention to Detail: close attention to detail. Cooking is a science and every ingredient and measurement has a specific role that a cook must be continually aware of.

        Practice: preparing food requires technique and skill that must be honed after practice.

        Multitask: handling many tasks at once.

        Commitment to Quality: seek out the finest ingredients and use the best techniques to deliver the best product possible.

        Quick Decisions: able to think quickly and can make good decisions when problems arise.

        • Bidisha

          respecting the demand of the situation: keep in mind that people who will eat the food I cook should have the taste for it. e.g If someone is allergic to brinjal then no matter how good my dish is, it won’t appeal to that person.

  • 1.In cooking we must add ingredients in a proper order.if we change the order taste and end result of the product will change.in the same way when number of problem arises as a civil servant we must know which one to handle at first and the prioritize the problems to get fruitful result.

    • Ramya

      nice one

  • samson

    2.I mentioned it as an hobby..service is what i aspire for..goal and hobby differs a lot..!!

  • Udaan

    Hi all,
    I have mentioned cooking as my hobby…though I do it very occasionally and not at all professional in it..its juct that I like doing it sometimes…..what basic questions should I prepare for the interview…pls suggest

  • Nana

    What is the similarity between district management and kitchen management ?

    • ashok

      dist mgmt is about effiecient adminstaration,good governance and proper law and order along with making basic aminities available to ppl along with public health etc.
      kitchen mgmt is more about managing diffrent aspect of cocking like various ingredient, their proper use along with proper hygiene which gives a nutritious and balanced food.

      • ashok

        please read administration and cooking…….

      • bhavneet

        both district management and kitchen management run on the same principles. The form of management where it is applied is different.

        District management requires Line (i.e Specialists and executors) and staff (i.e Planning department) agencies in order to efficiently provide service delivery mechanisms to people. It requires complete inter-coordination and well and intra-coordination among the various departments (eg. revenue deptt., accounts deptt., agriculture, public health & safety, police, crisis cell etc)

        In kitchen management (Specially in the case of mega kitchens, where the size of serving is large) it requires executors in the form of junior chefs and planners in the form of master chef. Again in this case, It requires complete inter-coordination and well and intra-coordination among the various departments (accounts, food storage deptt., chefs, master chef, delivery persons, etc)

        Both Public management as well as kitchen management requires economic, effective and efficient leader. In case of public management, it is a civil servant whereas in case of kitchen management, it is master chef.

        civil servant is not accountable to public. he is only accountable to political executive for the actions taken by him. In case of Master Chef, he is also only accountable to the owner of the organisation.

        both public management as well as kitchen management teaches us many common aspects which increases our efficiency and experience thereby leading to better wisdom.

        there can be many other similarities in both macro as well as micro aspects.

  • ashok

    hi all
    i have given my hobby
    so what questions could be asked except those already mentioned by all of you

    • vaibhav

      man the panel members have defintly gone to many places to eat and have enough taste buds too…hence they will definitly goin to ask you about diffrnt cuisines ….and their pecularities too…
      what is the diffrnce between indian and italian cuisne…
      what is the basic science between fusion like acidity and alkaline flavour..
      sort of things…so be ready for such questions…

  • rijesh

    hi all,
    i have mentioned cooking as my hobby… i personally feel that there are my type of cooking such as health cooking, festival cooking , oil free cooking. so, if any mentioned just cooking, i did the same, try to make it bit narrow once you asked why cooking?

  • how cooking helps in civil services?

    • Bharti

      Cooking helps not just in civil services but any job in following ways-
      1] Adaptability factor increases- if u r not adjusted with local cuisine, u can very well take things from market and cook wat you like.
      2] Making healthier options around you- Cooking not just helps u in cooking good food, but also helps u in making choice in food you are taking in. As you are aware of the ingredients and their benefits.
      3] Healthier choices in you job- if you’re assigned a role in mid-day meal or any other such scheme, u can validate the details from health perspective.
      4] Cooking and sharing- Cooking and sharing your delicacies helps in forming a bonding with your colleagues and subordinates. Keeping TEAM-SPIRIT high!! 🙂

  • does any technical knowledge about cooking is desirable

  • meenakshi pandey

    Dear friends,you people perhaps missed one very significant aspect of cooking that is using less cooking gas without compromising your nutrition and taste….