• Blogging is my hobby:
    1.I’m very much interested to share my thoughts with out any nepotism, to help the people through make them aware of new ideas.
    2.Which let me to understand the new tech works all over the world
    3.I feel much more happy, when i am a Mediator .

    • siva

      My hobby is also blogging

  • bhaz

    Some questions on blogging

    Etymology of the word blog
    What blogs do you follow
    Use of blogging in administration
    Blog vs micrblog

    • There are lots of blogs available.
      The major blogs are
      1. wordpress.com
      2. blogspot.com
      3. blogs.com …..and lots more
      The main advantage of blogging is you can expel your own idea with out any interruption to the people you want, which lets you a good administrator & a good blogger because you should must need regular reader’s! more readers will see ur blog when u update with good info.
      I dont have any idea about our other questions.

  • Last time, they equated my hobby of blogging simplistically with facebook and laughed so much! Ofcoz not allowing me to speak and then briskly and abruptly moved onto their next question.
    So what can be best done in such a situation?

    • Hi Pamela,
      I think you can actually tell them (direct them to your blog if the panel has a laptop) to your blog. That, in fact, gives you an opportunity to have an upper hand and direct the panel your way for a brief amount of time. I like writing and blogging. Things which are very dear to me and personal, I keep it to diary, the rest, I blog my views or my poetry at http://sagarsumit.wordpress.com/

  • marxx
  • sourav garg

    Any hobby is about the passion one has for it. One will always excel himself into that hobby. Blogging is a hobby which combines two things, one is writing on an issue and another is publishing those writings which is different from the hobby of writing diary in which writings are generally kept personal.

    Blogger while facing UPSC interview need not worry about as to how many followers he or she has Or whom he/she follows. One can always say that I blog for my own passion. I write them and share at some platforms through which others can reach the link. I am not much interested in promoting my blogs too much. Such answer will not create any negative impression as Hobby is to be practiced and not promoted. One strives to excel continuously in such venture but that does not mean he/she has to be at the top of the game.

  • sourav garg

    Check my blog and share your feedback