When it comes to filling Detailed Application Form while applying for the Mains exam, most aspirants start scratching their heads looking at the Hobbies section – first thing that comes to their mind is not their hobby, but the image of interview board and imaginary questions on hobbies.

One starts permutations and combinations about possible questions that can be asked on particular hobby and accordingly starts searching for an ‘hobby’ to be mentioned in the application form.

Oxford dictionary defines hobby as:

  • an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure

But, it is not unusual to see many candidates start pondering over their new ‘hobby’ only after their Mains result is out.

It is better to leave the space blank rather than entering something that you have never done in your life.

Many candidates think that they can prepare the theoretical part of their ‘hobby’ well and answer any related queries in the interview. But they forget that the guys sitting the interview hall are not stupids. One can easily discern which answer is borne out of experience and which is not.

Candidates who have real hobbies – the interests they have been regularly pursuing, should be very confident about their interview.

Those who have entered fake hobbies should be careful and in our opinion should admit with honesty before the board about the mistake they have done (only if they ask questions for which you don’t have answers)

Following are the links to most popular hobbies. If you are doing regularly any one of the following activities, please click the link and start a discussion.

  1. Reading Books

  2. Writing

  3. Blogging

  4. Photography

  5. Painting & Sketching

  6. Meditation & Yoga

  7. Movies

  8. Music

  9. Dancing

  10. Cooking

  11. Gardening

  12. Sports

  13. Numismatics

  14. Philately

  15. Bird Watching

  16. Solving Puzzles

  17. Travelling

  18. Quizzing

  19. Other

  • Mahendra

    I do play computer Games in my leisure time. I like strategy games, more than FPS or normal games. Although I’ve stopped playing computer games at all, after I got selected in Insights, and because I don’t have leisure time, so I can’t play games, but I do like games a lot.
    So, is it my hobby or not? Can I mention it in my mains exam form this year or should I develop something else just for the sake of developing a hobby? It was my hobby, but has ceased to exist as a hobby for me now.
    I can describe very well, about the games that I’ve played, and I’m perfect in whichever game I play, so I can answer very comprehensively and to the point, about the field in which I’m champion 😀

    • kalyani

      I love to play chess, badminton, cricket. Then listening music. But for chess, badminton and cricket, I am not getting enough chances. Whenever I get a chance I never used to miss it. But chances come hardly. So only thing I do constantly is listening music. I used to hear all sorts of music, but I love Carnatic music a lot. So I have some basic ideas about ragas and famous musicians. So, I think my all time hobby is music.

      • Mahendra

        I’ve heard about Carnatic music. It is quite famous, in South India. Even in Chetan Bhagat Novel, the girls mom wanted to be a superstar in this Music 😀
        So, quite nice hobby you have 🙂 and the best part is you can at-least tell this as a hobby, nor like me 🙁

        • kalyani

          yes yes…but in your case every one may have this gaming as a hobby. But no one will dare to reveal it as a hobby in front of an interview board. that too UPSC. They may label you as a non serious person. But it all depend on each persons. If after long hours of studies you are feeling relaxed after playing some video games, then it is good right? Anyway take senior people’s opinion on this

          • Prakhar

            how yu can say or prove that playing game is a charecterstics non serious person?

    • Prakhar

      abe video game batayega wahaan to log haasenge aur wo bhi candy crush aur travian…teri to lag gaayi

    • Mahendra

      And, unfortunately I’ve already mentioned this in hobby ‘Playing Strategic Computer Games’.

      Please ask questions on this nice but weird hobby 😀 I’ll be really thankful for any contribution.

  • Renu

    Sir, Please include “travelling” too.!!

    • i have written travelling too…

      • please include “travelling”, i think it is quite popular choice. i know many others from different forums who have written this..

  • the DAF mentions ” Other extra curricular activities and interests (Such as hobbies etc.)” , therefore I wrote quizzing and debating too, but I have not pursued these after college. also, i picked up a hobby/interest since last year that i have mentioned in DAF.
    are these choices ok?

  • Aspirant

    All aspirants who wrote main and others,
    comment your hobbies. You can group yourself and discuss. If more person there for particular hobby, you request Insight to start separate section for that also.

    • Created new pages for – Music, Travelling and Quizzing.

  • i an avid footballer, playing in the commanding position of both Left winger, Right winger, cause a continuous threat to opponent goal post & enjoy a lot. watching the world’s largest fans favourite game ,the thrilling moments , i proudly said ,no other game will have the more intesity like football.nowadays i listen a music a lot, i love the Bob Marley songs a lot.

    • @All,

      You can discuss about nuances of your hobbies under respective threads.

      Example: Music lovers can discuss about kinds of musics, famous musicians, about music instruments, influence of music on society, health, trends in music, evolution of new forms, experiments etc.

      Instead of revealing personal information, one can discuss above issues by doing small research. This helps everyone to know more about their hobbies.

      Thank you 🙂

      • Onlyforupsc

        sir just need ur affirmation…if we dont mention anyy hobyy …we r not going to get more than 75 marks???? is it so

    • Dr George

      glad to find a fellow footballer shiva. Ive played at Centre Forward all through my playing days.i represented my state at the all india rural sports tournament while in school.. although i didnt play a lot in medical college my love for the game still remains. the beautiful game is both enthralling and emotional.

      • wow!. im humbled sir, the way you responds!. though i never participate any professional tournament in my good old school days and engn. life but i will consistently practice a lot. its a great privilege for me to share a platform , for this i owe insights a lot, yes doctor!!!!!! football is a very emotional and die hard game for me also. i believe we can sail together to reach our destination . happy and prosperous new year ” THE DOCTOR”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • central forward!!!! sir, u remind me the great, black panther” eusebio”. nowadays messi, zlatan ibromovich commendable well in that positions. i think both messi and c.ronaldo have a huge chance to become great footballer likesof pele,maradona, johan cruijff,frank beckenbeur, alfredo di stefano, puskas, zidane, etc. kudos to you,sir!

        • Dr George

          i used to follow MANU religiously. lost touch with the EPL lately. world football is in a different level altogether and you gotta wonder why India keeps underperforming.. I’m looking into the possible dimensions and also the concept of rural development through football.

          • wow!!!!!yes, sir!!!!!! sir alex made a team to become famous in global arena. but now they are struggling to fight top place, regarding indian football, many issues are there, why we aren’t compete in global? right from proper infrastrucure, sponsoring young recruit, etc…. malnutrition among young children also a big hurdle to shape them.
            im amased your desire with concept of plan to conduct football tournament in rural development . love to learn from you sir!!!!!!!!!
            hint: siva kumar, age 25, live in mylapore, chennai!!!!!! my no: 9677847444 . looking forward!!!!! sir!!!!!!!!

  • bhavna

    sir pls include dancing also

  • Sunny

    Sir, Plz add dancing too.

    • Ok will add in one hour.

      • Ipshita

        Sir what about writing short stories. Its a subset of writing because writing maybe about everything but short stories are different. Could you please add that?

  • Udaan

    Sir please add cooking also

  • Nix

    Sir please add photography..

  • ashok

    why nobody is writing under various hobby heads…plz share your valuable views……..

  • Hai, My hobby is listening to RAMAYANA & MAHABARATH audios..can anyone suggest me the type of questions to be expected in interview regarding this hobby?? in what aspects i need to be prepared?

  • menaka

    Hi,Do we need to have 2 or 3 hobbies ? Is it must to fill it in mains form? I do not have any particular hobby as such .please share your views.

  • Abhishek

    before reading the answer to this question , i was suppossed to be one of those guys mentioned in the answer [fake hobbies vaale 😉 ] . But after reading, one thing is clear, tht I’m not going to give a wrong or fake answer to any of the quentions that would be asked in the form. See, If we are not true to ourself, how can we suppossed to serve the society. Apart from our Acadamic record, communication skills,good behavior, one thing that counts the most is our honesty, our originality. How honest we are.
    In front of the panel that will be taking interview of the successfull candidates, i think the thing that will have greater importance will be our ideology, our originality rather than how perfectly we have given the answers to the respective questions. that it!
    **some quotes for all my dear ones. **
    there is nothing in the world that can’t be achieved, its just about streching your limits.
    badhte chalo, dusron ko apna banakar sath lete chalo. 🙂
    Hope you hard work, your efforts blossms into lots of dreams come true.
    stay blessed!

  • shekhar

    I do play badminton, volleyball regularly but I have not played at any recognised level like district, state etc. Can I write these games as my hobby??

  • AB

    Just Curious. Can “Social Networking” be also included as a hobby?

    • Sunny

      I don’t have any specific hobby. My hobbies are changed with time. When I was child I used to play outdoor games like kho-kho, hide n seek after it, in school I used play cricket and other games in rural school which are popular that time. In college I used to play football but now days I have not enough time to go on ground, whenever I free like watch movie.

  • The Imp

    Sir can you add Trekking as well

  • Abhilash

    I really love spending my free time learning ethical hacking. I could not find anything that could replace this, so I mentioned the same in my DAF. Did any one have this as their hobby and faced UPSC board. I would like to know what kind of questions could come up

  • Surjit

    My senior told me that if you are writing no hobby then it is sure you will not get more than 75 marks in interview.. i want to know is it right ????

  • aspirant

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  • gokul

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  • Bhite Samadhan

    “THINKING” is my hobby. I have power to think to remove out tension, to make self and one’s. In leisure time it gives me pleasure. Durign, I THINK SUCH THAT, WOULD GET MENTAL PEACE and again bounce to back for regularity.
    It might exaggeration for someone.

  • TDP abhimani

    I want to mention 2 of my hobbies……..

    1. Surfing Facebook
    2. Watching Movies

  • soumya nanda

    hii, I am an ardent lover of music. I often go on humming to my favorite play lists of bollywood music.Though I am not trained in hindustani classical but I love to listen to those all RAGAS , BANDISH .My friends say I am a good singer; I fetched though couple of prizes in singing competition during my school and college days.Now ,definitely I am going to put “SINGING & LISTENING TO MUSIC” in my DAF…So should I have to mention BOLLYWOOD MUSIC in particular over there or its just fine with simply MUSIC ? hope u guys put some valuable comments on my hobby and some nice tips I’m waiting for…