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Your Feedback, Suggestion, Advice  or Criticism about this blog is welcome on this page. This would enable in improving the quality of this blog. Thank you.


  • Gaurav Sharma

    Hello Insights, nice to see such a good effort of yours with excellent quality responses and that too without delays.
    I just came across your blog some days ago and liked the content very much. I just started preparing for next year’s exam. The content has helped me in understanding the strategies, to a big extent, in these few days. To express my thanks i was trying to find the place on your blog, from where you can be contacted directly but could not find the ‘contact us’ or ‘contact me’ button on your blog, as there is so much content for a new person, on your blog. So writing my sincere thanks as a reply to this comment of yours.
    Please suggest me its location so that in future i can use it without typing in other’s domains. I was also trying to find out the ‘about us’ section describing about the ‘blog’ and about you 🙂 of course, but could not find that also. Please help me to find out them.
    Thanks a lot again, for such a good effort.

    • Rajini J

      please tell me how to input my answers in this blog, i can just see the reference blog and do not know where to answer for the questions asked? please help me

    • Sanjay Kanoja

      Hindi medium student not able to write your ( because Hindi medium student Question ko समज (SAMAJ) nahi sakate. so please translate your question in hindi language also.

  • Thanks Gaurav 🙂 You can use this page to suggest any ideas in future.

  • Gaurav Sharma

    Thanks INSIGHTS.
    I pray to God to make me too this much open in accepting / admiring thoughts and different ideas, at least during next one and half years of my preparation :-). ‘About Us’ section or a page by any other name, where some lines are written about the Philosophy of ‘the’ Blog and / or the person(s) behind the restless and continuous effort, is still escaping from my eyes.
    Thanks again.

    • Thanks again. 🙂 This blog is self-explanatory. Hence, no ‘about’ page. 🙂

      • Santosh G

        Bro, I’m still searching for About us page. Please tell about yourself. Mysore avaru antha gottagide, nammu gurugala ishtondu sahayakke krutagnate sallisokadru nim bagge helle beku.

        • Thanks Santosh. Nan bagge helkolloke anta dodda vishaya enu illa. Samanya vyakti naanu. 🙂

  • sri

    Hi…iam feeling difficult to solve csat paper 2.bcz iam nt able to do reading comprehensions.actually I attempted two times prelims bcz of this drwa back I didn’t pass.sometimes I can’t understood sentences with some difficult english words..plz….suggest me..what should I do for reading comprehensions..plz….tel me…

    • Sri,

      First, you should not go to exam hall with low confidence. Ensure that you go there without any fears in mind – even if you have not prepared well, or even if you know less.

      Comprehension part is not difficult. You should regularly read The Hindu editorials and after reading make notes immediately – short note without looking again at the articles. Practice it every day. It helps in better comprehension, making notes for future reference and better retention too.

      Buy a standard dictionary. And this book to improve vocabulary.

      As I told above, first remove the fear or doubt that you are not good in comprehension. Every fear can be won by training your mind. 🙂 Good luck.

  • sri

    Hi…my optional is psychology…suggest me which are best books and materials ,useful links,best dictionary are sufficient..plz….

  • lakshmi prasanna

    sir in daily answer writing challenge missing current based question which is very attractive part of this blog please please frame at least one question per day. thank u

    • Point noted. Will try it soon.

      • lakshmi prasanna

        thank u

  • Dear Sir,

    Your blog is an excellent source of material for aspirants at all stages of CSE preparation.

    However I have some comments about the answers posted by people on this blog.

    It is very difficult to find which answer is for which questions and all answers for that questions is not together. It then becomes very difficult to follow answers.

    Is there some way we can organise questions and their answers at one location? This will really help everyone.


    • Value-of-dissent,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback.

      You can access all questions and answers here.

      After few days, a PDF containing questions and two best answers/model answers for each question will be provided. Work is on.


    will you please suggest me in detail how to make daily self notes from various news papers, books etc for general studies and optional political science and international relations
    please give me details so that i could start making notes from today without confusion

    • Rahul,

      I think I have to write a separate article for that. I know it is one of the main problems being faced by many aspirants. For now my plate is full, but I will certainly come up with an article soon. Don’t want to suggest you something in haste.

  • Ibu

    No words to tell how amazing your blog is.I would like to congratulate you for a speculator effort.I think your notes on GS paper 1 and Paper 2 for Mains provides an excellent templete. Can you do a similar review for Paper 3.Many candidates appearing in Mains would thank you for this,.

  • antony

    Hi, your work is highly commendable as I have no words to describe.May I suggest to bring to your notice that some answers/essays/materials in your blog are not in black font but rather grey or light black which makes it difficult & strain eyes when looking into PC for longer time.Hope you can make it more darker and black.THANKS

    • Thanks Antony. Also thank you for bringing this into my notice. I will change the colour of fonts soon.

  • Hi. I have been following your blog since few days & I find it very useful. I have some things to say about it.

    (1) Who are you? I know that this doesn’t matters much but it really bothers me. You have the best first hand knowledge about this exam. If you are an aspirant, then you are going to rock this year. But if you are an officer/ coach then, kudos to your attempts.

    (2) The daily answer writing & essay writing platforms are good but are not pleasant for the eyes. It is confusing to see older comments also lying there. I think you should delete all the previous comments of last day when you make it as a new page. Only today’s new comments should be there.

    (3) Thank You so much! 🙂

    • Thanks Sagar.

      ‘About’ page will be put soon. Consider me as a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

      This blog has certain limitations. I am aware of it. I am deleting comments in the ‘Daily Answer writing Challenge’ every day in the late afternoon. I observed that many aspirants write answers in the midnight and expect feedback midday. So, I thought it prudent to keep comments alive till they receive comments and feedback.From now on, when new questions are posted, you won’t see old comments anymore.

      In the Weekly Essay page, as you might have read instructions, I created it to reward aspirants who write good essays consistently for four weeks with a good book. The response is poor. Fortunately, I will get to keep the book with me. I have not deleted any comments there thinking someone would resurrect that page with stunning essays (four in a row).

      Please, adjust to the limitations. I am trying hard to make this blog user friendly within its limitations. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for appreciating my efforts.

      • I know that you are already doing a lot for us aspirants, but its my humble request to you to please comment on each & every answer written in the daily challenge. Only feedback will lead us to improvement. Writing answers blindly without any feedback will do no good to us.
        Thank you 🙂

  • Akshay Sharma

    Sir thanks for your time and being so caring.Sir have you given Civil Services earlier.If yes if would be beneficial if you can share your experience and ups and down and how you cope with these.

    • I would love to share my experiences. After your mains, you can expect best things from this blog. Best is yet to come. Thanks 🙂

  • sri

    Hi..can u able to send a bulk of questions and the best or model anwer for each quesion in one pdf which contains separate blocks like for mains in first paper we should made 3kinds of blocks:history related,geography related,society wise …for all gs mains 4 papers.can u able to send for all which contains 100 questions for each will ble helpful for students who wants to write mains of 2014 like.actually I need like that can u. Able to send any pdf like that to my mail.

  • sri

    Bt their is no best answer..I need like dat each question with best ans.

  • VIJAY from Bhopal

    Dear Insights,

    Your blog and all the contents are EXCELLENT.(akdam jhakaas).I discover this blog or sight one week ago. i am preparing CS and IFoS -14 with Geology and agri. engg. but i am not find good information on internet related to geology (like Book list or any preparing strategy) (Agar es mamle me aap kuch meri help kar sake to mai aapka aabhari rahooga)

    Thank you again.

  • sri

    Hello…or modern history ….I need famous events,persons,issues,movements from 18th century to present.can u able to send material to my mail.and leaders and their contributions for freedom also.


    first of all thanx for creating a very healpful site for civil aspirants.Sir my problem is that I belong to phy. handicapt category.and wants to know is that this category student can be select for IAS/IFS/IPS.i scored around 235 marks in pre. but have a very little prepration for mains.this is my first attempt.SO WAT STRATGY I SHOULD FOLLOW

  • sri

    How we should cover in history part from 1950 to present times.bcz..from 18th century to upto 1945/50 we hav so many sources to study..from 1950 to present times…?

  • Sagar

    Hello sir, It would be very nice of you, if you throw some light on service preferences to be filled in DAF.

    Thank you 🙂

  • VIJAY from Bhopal


    Hello Insights,

    If you have any information or link related to geology optional.please
    share with me. Thanks.

  • lakshmi prasanna

    sir, happy raksha bandan

    • Thanks Lakshmi 🙂 Wish you the same!

  • Gaurav Sharma

    What do you think how it would be to have a separate page where the doubts, questions etc can be asked or help can be sought on diverse topics/issues which are not directly related to the current matter / discussions going on the site at present (like my next post)

  • Gaurav Sharma

    DOES IT MEAN that …………..

    In the Two links known to us for question-answer-combined-booklet (one for economics question paper and the second for RPSC question paper) –
    Point 1 – Even if they are providing the space under a question – STILL THE WORD LIMIT IS SPECIFIED AGAINST THE QUESTION
    Point 2 – The space provided under a question is ROUGHLY TWO TIMES the space required for the specified word limit (for example if word limit is 30 words and one writes around 10 words in one line needing 3 lines for 30 words, then the space is provided for 6 lines)
    Point 3 – The space provided is LINED (divided in lines) instead of COMPLETELY BLANK space

    Question 1 – Does it mean that ALMOST ignoring the word limit one should target to FINISH the answer WITHIN THE SPACE PROVIDED (meaning MUCH MORE words if one INTENDS to write more)
    Question 2 – Does UPSC mean that drawing the Diagrams, Graphs, Tables etc are just NOT GOOD PRACTICES and that UPSC wants mature answers written in text-only forms (like news-paper editorials) instead of the class 8 type answers containing diagrams etc
    Question 3 – So, How does it make sense to SPECIFY word-limits even after providing LIMITED SPACE to answer the question.

    • Word limit will be specified.

      I am not sure about point 2. I don’t think space will be double the word limit.

      About point – 3, I think UPSC will give unruled space.

      Question-1: You can not ignore word limit. And you have to finish within the space. If you write beyond the space provided, it is not evaluated.

      Question-2: It is ridiculous to draw diagrams in GS Papers (some suggest this). But some Optional subjects need diagrams – Geography, Geology, Zoology, Botany etc.

      Question – 3: It is a good question. But some people need to be reminded twice I guess. 🙂

      • Gaurav Sharma

        @INSIGHTS Thanks,
        Putting the still-uncleared doubt, in simple terms –
        Word limit is specified 250 words but in the space provided one thinks that due to his small-AND-thin-but-with-readable-letters handwriting he would be able to write 400 words in that space. What should he opt for ? – (1) still writing 250 words in around 25 lines out of 40 (or say 35 or 45) lines provided (it may also give an impression to the evaluator that not-suffecient-matter is written) or (2) writing 400 words and making the full utilization of the space provided.

  • Hi…iam staying in my home which is on main road and beside my home some iron metal making shops…so always my home filled withsounds through traffic on road and sounds from shops…recently we shifted here.I felt comfortable to study in complete silence….bcz of sounds I can’t able to study… Is their any ear plugs to prevent sounds..if u hav any idea…let me know….urgent..plz…?

  • RV

    @ Insights : Sir since the questions are removed the very next morning it becomes difficult to answer the questions and queries of others . I would request you to let the answers stay for a few more hours even after posting the new set of questions so that when people come back to post they can answer the queries set for the previous day !

    • Even I felt so. Someone complained that it becomes difficult to write answer if comments stayed there (don’t know why) so I removed them.

      Henceforth I will delete them in the next evening. Thanks for the feedback.

      • Maaduri

        why don’t you create two pages and use it alternatively? I don’t know how much feasible it is. Just a suggestion 🙂

        • Present arrangement is ok if you all don’t get confused. It is not difficult to find comments – one can just hit ‘Ctrl+F’ and find your comments. 🙂

          Anyway thanks for the suggestion. I will give it some thought.

  • Maaduri

    Hi, Its really great and helpful for beginners like me to get more information in a single page like this. Thanks for the commendable job 🙂 Is there any way to check all the posts of this blog?? say monthly or weekly posts grouped together?? I could find only top posts and recent one’s. Sorry that I missed to figure out myself if its already available.!

    • Actually this blog about UPSC is just 2-3 months old. Earlier I was using this as a personal blog. You can find UPSC/IAS related posts in the ‘Categories’ on the Top Left side.

      Thanks for appreciating this blog 🙂

      • Maaduri

        Yeah got it. Thanks 🙂

  • RV

    @ Insights Sir the star system was much better ! Thumbs down ( gives it an fb feel ) isn’t going to help anyone’s case as I believe we should all work to help each other 🙂 comments section is a good enough place to criticize and give reasons for the same ! Just my view !

    • RV,

      Thanks for the feedback. Now it’s changed to Stars 🙂

  • Santiago Munez

    Can you PDF questions of each month into questions and best asnwers format for each month and upload it as one file each month.I think that would help those who are starting for scratch .They could be the model answers albeit popularly voted ones 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback. I want to do that but for some reasons this task is lagging behind. Hopefully in few days it will be done. Dilemma is should I just post the best answers from among the aspirants’ answers as it is or modify them and then post, so it is taking time to decide on this front. 🙂

      • Santiago Munez

        I think that at this point let the popular answers be there.The reason being it must be a tough time handling all this.NOw if u start handing a comment with each question I think it will take alotof time..In my opinion just paste the most popular and correct answer in your view.You can educate us about the nuances in separate posts as well.

        • Thanks Santiago. I will post best answers as they are from amongst aspirants’ answers. This might take few days of effort – one man army. Hopefully will finish it soon. Thanks again.

  • Aditya Jha

    Hello sir,
    i have been following the blog for quite a few days. The quality of questions is quite good. But i am not able to find questions where conflicting socio-economic issues (UPSC notification)arise and where one really has to take a stand after judging all the nuances of the issue.

    I also understand that you are managing all of this single-handedly and it becomes difficult and time consuming to think and frame such questions consistently. Please take it just as a suggestion and if it is possible for you, kindly do the needful. Thank you

  • bkreddy

    if it is possible pls keep qs separately paper wise like gs2,gs3 etc in different heads,it is easy to revise paper wise sir,,tq…

  • prasanna

    sir my humble request regarding data from pib source. it is a big ocean after entering into it im not able to sort out which is important i feel everything important and end up with nothing. pls if possible can u make list of important topics daily like u r covering editorials of hindu, s&t etc. thanks in advance.

    • Prasanna,

      You don’t have to study every day from PIB. Refer to ‘English Features’ instead. For this Mains, don’t concentrate much on PIB. I am framing questions from there for important topics.

      If possible I will try to make a list of topics and provide info from PIB for them based on syllabus.

      • prasanna

        thanks sir

  • jagdeep

    sir how can i prepare geography in these 70 days before main exam 2013. i have overburdened myself with many coaching notes and books.same is happening with gs. please provide me solution.i will be greatfull to u for this

    • Jagdeep,

      Throw all materials away. Accumulating more materials in this exam is a disease that will surely hurt you later.

      For Geography, practice answer writing for last 10 years question papers.

      Read only, Savindra Singh (don’t neglect it because it appears bad), Models (Majid Hussain), Khullar – if you are completely stressed. These three books cover most of the syllabus.Remaining topics are generic and if you are thorough with GS part, you can answer them. Read them 2-3 times. Assuming your situation is critical, I am suggesting this. (For beginners, there are other books they must read)

      • jagdeep

        sir thanks, but sir same is the story with gs

  • abhishek kunwar

    This site is a nice effort and a boon for upsc aspirants. Overall the contents and guidance provided here are of great help. Thank to myself that I found this site way ahead of mains, 2013 and hope that it would go a long way in helping me with mains preparation.

    REQUEST: If you can post summaries and explanatory articles regarding government policies and schemes , it would help a lot to us aspirants.

    • Thanks. I will take note of your feedback.

  • Amiti

    Hi great site with unique content that is worth the time to read. I have shared it with a few friends.

    I have one suggestion that could help improve insights. There is a plugin called “Feedweb” that I recently heard of through their website. I think it could get more feedback from us readers.

    • Thanks Amiti.

      This is a WordPress.Com site and unfortunately I can’t install the plugin you mentioned. For that I have to move to platform and host my site on hosting service provider such as godaddy, bluehost,…etc.. (costs are high)

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hi Sir,

    I found some very good sources for Case studies, Paper V, Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.

    If you can post some questions for paper V based on your understanding and experience, we all would surely benefit sharing our diverse views on such dilemmas.

    • Thanks Aditya. Actually I am writing ‘How to prepare.” article on Paper-V.These links will surely help me in this.

      Yes, I will start giving questions on Ethics paper after covering important topics from other papers.

  • Sir,
    It is a suggestion help you review answers without reading every answer every day.

    You can pick the new comers and review their answers, as you have been doing. Also, you can pick any 2-3 different answers from different regular followers, on a rotation basis. Those who got evaluated today would wait for a few days, until every regular follower gets reviewed on different days.You need not maintain any database for this, short-term memory would suffice.

    This would save your time, help us in getting regular reviews and would give us time to improve our answers.

    A request: On Monday, we already need to answer 2-3 answers.If you can post essays on Sunday, we will be able to write it then itself. It would be of great help. I am still finding it tough to manage time for writing the 7th week new essay.

    To save your eyes from getting strained, you can use either “Black Goggles” while using laptop for long, especially at night, or “Anti-glare Laptop Screen”. It filters harmful radiation, reduces the intensity of light and will cause less strain.

    • Thanks Aditya for your good suggestions. About reviewing answers, I will do as you suggested – it is a good idea.

      Also, I will post essay topics on Sunday morning.

      Thanks for your concern regarding eye strain.

  • Aashna

    This awesome academic service of yours is just overwhelming..I came across this blog of yours only a few days back and now i am completely following it..I am amazed at hw you carry on this work with complete attention to event the minute intricacies…Really good…Keep up this good work sir…This is a blessing for all aspirants….Thank you so much..Owe you a lot…

  • m.k

    the ‘select constitution’ book suggested by you has a lot of stuff in it. could by say some strategy to finish it as it is a new topic. it would be really great if you could give us an ‘indicative planning’ 🙂

    • I added few pdf’s to this topic. see if it helps.

  • bharath

    sir you are doing a fantastic job . daily challenge is truely helpful . uploading the links for the questions has reduced the burden of many who lack proper source . 🙂 dont stop uploading the links sir .

    • I won’t stop Bharath. If it is helping you then it will definitely continue.

      • bharath

        thanks alot sir . hav full faith on u

  • Nikhil D

    When I started preparing for cse 2 months ago, I thought of a strategy of studying each topic – source wise so that I can do selective-single source study instead of wasting time reading through multiple sources on the same topic. I thought, this kind of strategy would also help me in revising and writing. However, I met with several dead-ends due to lack of subject knowledge and unavailability of sources on the topics. I finally gave up on making such a strategy and started reading recommended books completely. A bit disappointed, I thought of finishing off basic books completely for once and then going for selective-single source studying (However, I had no idea how!).

    One fine day while exploring sources for cse preparations online, I came across your website and was awestruck by the efforts you have put in topic-source wise breakdown of the syllabus. Your syllabus breakdown don’t just save time but also provide legitimate sources for the topics. Thanks a ton for your superhuman efforts!

    P.S. Still building up my basic knowledge. Will be a contributor to daily answer writing challenge very soon 🙂

    • Thanks Nikhil. 🙂 I read your answer. You write well. You walked the talk.

  • TR

    Hello Insights,
    As usual, you are doing great work!
    Just few suggestions:
    a. Please create a constant hyperlink (i.e. free of variable number) to go to ‘today’s question’ page, so that I can bookmark it and go there directly. (you may either change the URL of the page or just add a redirect from the constant link to the numbered URL e.g. “ ” should redirect to

    b.) If possible, do this also for yesterdays and day before yesterday questions as it will be very useful to check the replies on the answers.

    c. Please provide a consolidated page which should have topicwise online resources [not flipkart books just links or pdfs]. You can daily update this whenever you provide reference to questions OR replying to someone’s queries or anything you find useful.

    Thank You

  • tushar

    Hi Insights,

    Can you please give some pointers for this part of the syllabus? Couldn’t find a satisfactory source.

    Distribution of key natural sources across the world(including India and South Asia ); factors responsible for location of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in various parts of the world.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Tushar,

      Thanks for reminding this. I will unearth some sources (online) on these topics soon.

      If you want books, there is a book by Goh Cheng Leong (not the yellow color thin book)

      NCERT Human Geography books also gives some idea. Anyway, i will try to get online sources.

  • anonymous

    I work in a public sector (i.e i can chalk out 4-7 hr daily for the preparation )and never attended any coaching.
    I gave my first attempt this year with very little preparation (though I thought it was complete as to the demand of prelims..but still a relatively incomplete preparation )
    I qualified prelims (driven totally by my scores in Paper I).
    I have taken up Pub Ad as an optional for mains I hadn’t read even a single chapter before mains
    By now I have completed 40-50 %(no answer writing ) of Paper I in Pub Ad and whole Paper II is still left and most of the GS is also left barring Economics portion.
    My plan is to get a first reading of Pub Ad (coaching notes and Laxmikanth/M bhattacharya only) and GS completed by October end and then I would spend last 1 month on answer formulation drilling and revision.
    My objective is to cover the maximum amount of studying ( basic books and material) in this attempt and score some decent marks this Mains
    While deciding to give prelims I knew that this time preparation wouldn’t be comprehensive enough but now as the exam date is coming I am feeling very nervous and stressed .
    Please give me some advice how to cover syllabus in best possible way for this year and at the same time also an insight on how to approach preparation from the December onwards ??

    • You r approach to optional is correct. Just read those two books and material. Don’t think of anything else.

      For GS, for all three papers you can follow what I have given here:

      I know more sources are given there. But try to finish important ones first (the ones you have not touched or completely unfamiliar with). Focus on getting basic idea first. Don’t go deep into any topic.

      For example, if you know the basic concept of land reforms, you can face any question on the topic by using knowledge of current events or economics.

      First reading should be spent on gaining that basic understanding. Once you are familiar with all the topics, you will feel confident.

      You usually get stressed when you try to finish many things in less time. Finish one by one. If you are reading a topic or a subject, finish it first and then go for next (without going deep into them)

      Be relaxed. Health is important.

  • Nikhil D

    Just a random thought came into my mind while I was engrossed in reading Political Theory – O P Gauba. Isn’t it ironic that people while studying for cse go so far away from the society (In other words, they turn lifeless) when their basic aim is to serve this very society after clearing the exam. Isn’t the process for preparation wrong within itself? Is it because of tough competition? Shouldn’t the preparation be more like reading while travelling? (as I believe knowledge can be gained either through travelling OR reading or both)

    @Insight: Wouldn’t it be great if there is a common place on your blog where people can discuss on any random thoughts/experience/views/strategy they come across while their journey towards IAS? (I truly believe that happiness lies in the journey and not in the end). Sharing each others daily experience/views/thoughts/strategy/disappointments would serve as a great source of inspiration/learning for all the other aspirants. This would help to maintain some social contact between different aspirants without wasting their valuable time. I am aware that my thought seems too vague but I’m sure if properly improvised, it can serve its true purpose – to create better upcoming IAS officers.

    • Not a good idea Nikhil. Debating/discussing on fora is a waste of time. Instead, it is better to devote time to practice writing answers, or make notes from good sources. If you know what to read and what not to read, then there is no need for a forum to discuss things.

      May be after your Mains, I will do that. But not now.

      • Nikhil D

        I agree with you. Its not the right time to debate on these issues. Once we get into the services we can think and bring about the necessary changes. Currently, focus should be on executing smart plan for studies.

  • Aspirant


    I do not know why, but I am not able to open/download ANY of the files that you upload! 🙁

    I normally use Chrome, but I tried it on Firefox and IE too. I have a decent WiFi connection. And no one else seems to be facing any issues! Does someone have a solution? 🙁

    • Aspirant

      Ok. It worked now. Just suddenly! Have been trying for days!

      Sorry! 😛

    • See if pop-ups are blocked. If not try the following,

      Clean the Chrome – Ctrl+H –>Clear Browsing Data –> from drop down menu select ‘from beginning of time’ –> you can check everything except ‘passwords’ and clear all.

      Restart system and try to open links. If you can open the site then you can open the links too.

  • Meeta Vinay Myskar

    Dear insights,
    Your work really is commendable!
    I would like to ask you if it’s possible to include more number of current based questions and also to increase number of questions per day.

    Is there any way you can give the reference links for previous questions too? Just for the dynamic quartos?

    Thank for all the help 🙂

    • How many questions should I post? I felt it may be burden for you guys and reduced number of questions.

      I will try to give references for old questions too.

      Yes, I will include more current based questions. 🙂

  • sapthagiri

    whenever i go to daily answer writing chllenge page
    i ll have to press down key five to six times to come to today’s question.
    a better ergonomic solution is to show today’s question’s link at the top of the page.
    salutes to your commendable efforts.

    • It is already done.

      • TR

        Thanks for making this change for todays question.
        If you could replicate this change for yesterday question and day before yesterday question, that would also be very helpful.
        And if you could provide some constant link to all 3 then it would be great as we can bookmark it directly.

        Thank You

        • Actually I didn’t get the concept of constant links.. You can access links from ‘Recent Posts’ on your left side, and by going to Archives too.

          If you enter valid email, you will receive comments update in your mail from where you can go straight to the comment.

          • TR

            Oh ok then there is no need to do anything.
            Regarding email, is there anyway I would get an email only when someone replies to my answers only and not when new answers are posted. when I entered my personal email, I used to get 100s of emails that’s why I am using this dummy email.

            Thank You

            • Sorry this is not available. The thing is I have no control over codes of this site. Can’t modify design or anything unless I host this site on hosting service providers. I own the domain and whole content.

              I understand that you get lots of mails, but you can go through good answers right inside inbox and ignore others. Imagine how many I get in my inbox. 🙂

  • Respected Sir,

    I read somewhere in your blog that you will release best answer for all the daily challenge questions. Request you to kindly let us know when will you release the questions?

    I have two small requests on the same:

    1. Can the collated answers be released in two or three phases, so that it gives us time to go through them and assimilate the answers? Else if you release the answers towards end, we might not have enough time. Its just a request.

    2. Can the collated answers we released GS paper-wise? Like all GS Paper-I together and likewise?

    Appreciate your help.


    • Yes I had said that.

      I will probably create PDFs containing 20 days of questions and answers arranged GS Paper wise. With a gap of few days between them, each PDF will be posted separately.

      I am thinking of copy pasting best answers without modifying them.

      Thanks for reminding me this again.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Insights,
    I am a great fan of your work and I feel that it is doing a lot of good to me,
    But I have one feedback(just according to my understanding, might be completely wrong ) that the references provided by you in the answers are sometimes not of the high level I mean UPSC level , can you please put some more research in getting the best online available source..


    • Thanks. I will try to include ‘UPSC Level’ references. It would be nice if you can tell me on which day you found those low quality references so that I can replace them with good ones.

      • Anonymous

        For previous articles, I actually don’t remember the exact dates but still I would like to tell about their questions topics,
        -Question related to improvements in the land reforms.
        – Question about Agricultural Price Policy
        – Question on Holocaust (Though the reference was good but it did not have the material to answer the question)

        Will notify you if I find anything else as well

        Thanks again

  • hello insight,
    i would request you to paste questions on ethics, integrity and aptitude. This is the area that many students have not covered completely and are not aware of the type of questions(diversification) that can be asked(except UPSC sample paper). Will look forward for you comment as well as questions on the subject
    Thank You

    • I wanted to write ‘How to prepare’ article first and then post questions. But I could not get quality materials for al topics, so that article is stuck. I think I will go ahead with posting questions. May be 1-2 case studies per day will do. Also, I will try to frame questions on theoretical part too. In 2-3 days, I will start posting.

  • Hi Sir,
    I was struggling with my monitor brightness which caused huge strain to my eyes. I found a great help.I hope it helps you too.

    Its a monitor brightness controller. You can adjust the brightness even below the levels that Windows provides.

    • Anonymous

      I have not used this program though, but If this program is just about brightness, then you can do the same through the Control Panel as well
      [ go to Control Panel => Hardware and Sound =>Power Options =>Change plan settings] no need for a separate prog 🙂

      • Of course, we can do and have been doing it since ages. But using that you can reduce the brightness only upto a certain level. 🙂

        Using this software, you can dim the screen to any level you want – you can even make it pitch black. Check out – its very useful for those, who use PC for long, especially at night.

        • Anonymous

          yeah right…
          I have downloaded it.The prog is actually meant to repel the mosquitoes and insects that get attracted to monitor screen during night.
          The dimming feature you are mentioning is just a side effect of the prog i.e. kind of a bug 🙂 And they are even trying to fix it in newer version.(read README). so if newer version comes it might not even have this dimming feature 🙂

          • It is not just about that, it save your eyes too. 🙂

    • Thanks Aditya 🙂

  • Bhanu

    Insights, is it possible to get a permanent link for my answer/comment?
    Would reduce the scrolling and finding time considerably.

    Thank You

    • If you have used a same name in all your answers, you can directly go it by hitting Ctrl+F. Unfortunately there is no other way.

      • Bhanu

        Ok…Thanks for the info.
        BTW I could not ignore the nice change you did by making today’s question appear in the top right hand side. Don’t know about others but will make accessing it very easier and faster for me.

        • Bhanu

          And, could you please add a similar link for yesterday’s question as well ?

          • One aspirant had repeatedly suggested it out but I could not figure it out how to put constant link till today. Now it’s there. Thanks.

            Yes, for previous day also it’s put.

            • TR

              Hi Insights,
              I am really glad you even remembered it. Just want to give one more try to clarify my suggestion.

              If you see that the hyperlink of today’s question is something like http:/insights…../2013/19/28/…65…/ .
              and for tomorrow it would be
              and day after tomorrow
              and so on…
              What I am trying to say is that every day the link for “today’s question” would be different. So if I want to access “today’s question” I have to come to your main page then from there I have to click on the “today’s question” button then only I can access this.

              Instead what I am suggesting is make a constant url ( i.e. not changing with date ) which would always point to latest “today’s question” page. As it is fixed Which we can book mark and go there directly instead of coming to the main page ;saving time +efforts+network traffic.

              For example: you can have “http:/insights/todaysquestion”(notice: no date or number are present in this that could vary across dates) to point to today’s question. . i.e.
              for today the url “http:/insights/todaysquestion” should point to http:/insights…../2013/19/28/…65…/
              For tomorrow the same url should point to
              and for day after tomorow the same url should point to
              http:/insights…../2013/19/29/…66…/ .

              The small catch here is that you have to change the url redirection on daily basis. You can do this manually or automatically using some script or tools etc.

              This can be done for yesterday’ s question as well.

              Please let me know If it makes any sense or if something is missing

              Thanks You

              • I got it. I have already created constant links above right (crimson coloured). Two days links will be constantly put there. I have to manually update it every day. i will do that.

  • You guys are doing some very good work & It would be my pleasure if I could help you in anyway. I am not sure how many guys are working in team as admin but it has to be a big number to keep this quality work going everyday without fail. Btw I am myself a teacher & in any case I could fill in the gaps if they ever occur. Do count me in for any assistance.

    • Vivek,

      Thanks for offering your help. It is much needed these days. Right now this site is maintained by me alone and fortunately like you many are willing to contribute in future (after their Mains exam is over)

      Let me know in what way you want to contribute or which area you are good at and interested in. You can mail me at: insightsonindia at gmail dot com.

  • TR

    Hello Insights,
    It is great to see that someone is so much devoted to help others.
    Still, I have one feedback I feel that the questions you are putting are sometimes very specific and research done for this, may not be applicable in other areas. So I request you to put at least one out of the 2/3/4 questions which is related to general level. ( I recently saw few questions which were marked as general.)
    (Frankly I myself do not know to define ‘General Level’ correctly, but just a vague idea is that the knowledge gained from it can be applied to other wider areas as well )
    This is just an opinion. This may be completely wrong. But if you could please provide your views, that would be very helpful.

    One more suggestion is that if you could provide topic-name of tomorrow’s question today itself, so that one can study today and write tomorrow with her memory, it would be better, I guess.

    Thanks and Warm Regards

    • I am aware of it. I am trying to cover maximum number of topics so sometimes questions can only be asked specifically related to those topics.

      If you can give me some examples of general questions or point out which questions were very ‘specific’ , I can correct next time.

      Anyway, I will keep in mind what you said. Thanks.

      Regarding giving topic names one day before, how do you propose I should do it? If you guys are on my Facebook page ( – i would have given topic names there. Here on blog, I should figure out how to give it. Let me see.

      • TR

        Thank Insights!
        For the 67th day question, the difference between differnt types of capitalism was asked..I felt it to be very specific.

        And for the topic before question, I think that it would be best to put to it under the today’s question page itself. Make it fourth section after Rules,Archives,References…named as “Be ready for tomorrow!”

        Please mention just the abstract idea not the full question. E.g. for 68th day’s question just mention food sec. bill, growth vs development etc.

        • Ya that question was specific, but I think it benefited many aspirants who didn’t know about the differences between state and liberal capitalism.

          I will try to give topics a day before from tomorrow.

  • Vipin Yadav

    dear Sir…. can you post schedule for 2014 cse. please make a foundation course of civil service examination 2014 with schedule. 7 or 8 months P.T. + MAINS EXAM. GIVE ME SOME SUGGESTION. PLEASE I NEED YOUR GUIDANCE.

  • Maaduri

    Blog is completely new and exceptionally good when I am back after 20 days. Its a real commendable job Insights 🙂

    • Welcome back Maduri. It’s always good to see someone come back and appreciate the work done here. 🙂

      • Maaduri

        I know that your hands are full with the upcoming tasks. But its just a request if you could manage to fit in your schedule. It would be great if you could post a strategy for those preparing for 2014 prelims. I understand that your concentration now is on Mains. But I am requesting because its the time for the candidates to start preparing and many of us freshers, doesn’t have a clear idea and strategy on where exactly to start with for 2014 and its the right time to render advise.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Ya I should write it soon. This is the right time. Next week I will try my best to write it. Meanwhile you can have a look at this:

          It’s 2014 oriented. Anyway, thanks for reminding.

          • Maaduri

            Thanks Insights. It is of real help.

          • Keshav Roy

            hello sir,,, plz sugest some books and articles for hindi medium students also, as they are also waiting for the angel. thank you sir… Keshav

  • TR

    Insights, I am not able to get the update email ..I tried it many times but was not successful.

    One more feedback: you could reorganize the links on the left and right.. you could even move them to the dedicated Editorials page to better understanding.

    Will also reduce the size of the homepage.

  • Prasoon

    Sir, my comments and posts are not readily posted. please facilitate the same in secure-2014 pages.
    (same IP in use by two users)

    • Whenever there is a link in your comments, it is held for moderation. This is to stop spammers. You can just mention Insights, instead of writing whole link.

  • aditya

    sir came to know abt this website just few days back………….a very commendable work done by you…………..thanxx 4 providing such data and guidance………….sir im a student of msc maths final year wanted to know wheather to opt for maths or not?

  • prateek

    Sir, the strategy for geography optional is still on? As it is removed from the side corner today..Desperately waiting for it.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Dear Moderator of insightsindia,

    Please accept our deepest thanks and gratitude for putting up and running this wonderful platform of civil services preparation. The features like secure-2014 and GS writing challenges are immensely benefiting us in terms of putting together all important things under one head (which will eventually help us in revising).

    I wish to make a request for your kind consideration. For secure-2014, it is requested to please considering adding relevant articles/news from in addition to ‘the Hindu’. Being a government and authentic website having all contemporary news, it might serve useful purpose for our preparation.

    With best regards
    Abhishek Kumar

  • rahul

    Hello Sir , My name is Rahul and i am a civil services aspirant . The support and enlightenment that you are providing by means of this wonderful platform is highly commendable. My kind request to you is that the PDF format of YOJANA JULY 2013 issue is illegible and also KURUKSHETRA is January 2013 edition and not the JULY 2013 edition .

    Sir , if you can kindly get the better version uploaded which is readable ,would be a great help .

    Loads of Thank & Regards


    • Rahul,


      I got them from official website of Yojana.They have uploaded a copy of such quality.

      Kurukshetra is corrected now.

  • unble to write answers.. i wrote the complete answer but as soon as i click the button to post comment i cant see my written answer
    please help.

    • it says Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! but i cant see my answer

  • prateek

    Sir,when will the ‘strategy for geography optional’ be uploaded?

    • In 4-5 days. This week got busy with new initiatives. It will be there for sure.

  • van

    sir apart from strategy for geography optional ….please guide us the same through daily dosage of questions ….(bec seeing the question paper of 2012 …….even geography is turning more and more current related…….)
    ..further an humble suggestion ……a clock(not a conventional one :but indicating no of days still to go “main 2013″ prelim 2014”) appearing at the top of every page would prevent us from straying ……….not a technical suggestion but hope so it increases our effectivity……thanks a lots sir

  • sonawane

    One Humble request to all Civil services aspirant visiting this blog …
    Please post the link of INSIGHTS on every forum related to Civil services preparation on Facebook or Orkut etc so that large number of candidates will benefit from this wonderful blog called Insights.

    I know that mouth publicity is better but it takes time, so I also request Insights to publicize your blog in above forums because there are lots of needy people who are searching for blog like Insights..

    PS:- I did my bit by posting Insights link on 2 of the forums I am related to and will continue to do it in future.

  • Byakti

    @insights this site has helped us immensely.. even immensely is not sufficient.. each and every aspect of it has been amazing.. i would love you to include case studies pertaining to types of q-6 provided by upsc in its sample paper. ethics case studies is already a hit. would love to see questions from case studies relating to official actions as mentioned above.

    thanks a lot..

  • Vivek

    wow.. your effort here is inspiration in itself.
    the volume of information which is added here is increasing by leaps and bounds… what a playground .. a playground of marathon .. awesome.. And I am learning the basic skills to play the fair game… currently i am very slow… i need so much digging in every topic… such a pitiable state of my knowledge is…
    but i am trying… specially for a guy who is away from delhi, you are proving to be a wonderful source of information and inspiration. no words can suffice my feeling of gratitude towards you.

    Although plethora of tasks is already on your shoulder, yet my greed is lurking and wishing that Sociology content on writing challenge also be there. my bad 😛

  • Thank you. You are a real friend philosopher and guide. Looking forward for sociology optional questions in last month before mains.

  • Ritu Konar

    sir,its a wonderful effort.i loved last 3 of ur efforts namely secure 2014,current affair and pub ad answer writing along with other 2 writing session.thnx a lotttt.plz carry on & god bless.

  • Rohid

    hello insights, I’m feeling lucky that somehow i found this valuable website. Every aspirant of UPSC would search for the data u provided in this site and all such data under one roof is really great boon for atruggling aspirants thank u so much for this website and we would be really grateful if u keep this site updated with much more useful and valuable information

    • Thanks Rohid. We will strive to keep it updated and fresh. Meanwhile, if possible, share the link to this site with friends.

  • rohitagarwalgwalior

    sir i like this blog very much,but it will be even more helpful if u provide links to the material for hindi medium aspirants as well.

    • Thanks Rohit. Right now it’s not possible. In future, if someone with good command over Hindi comes forward to help, we will definitely start Hindi section.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Insights team….! I think you are doing a tremendous job here helping out aspirants.
    I could not find an alternate way but i wanted to discuss views of people regularly commenting here regarding the Moral code of conduct of EC and should it be used to bring in social media campaigning within its ambit? What would be the implications of the same, the challenges that may be faced in its implementation and what innovative steps can be taken if it needs to be countered at all.
    I hope you can frame a question regarding the same in the coming days in your daily answer writing challenge.
    Please keep the question anonymous…! 🙂

  • Sumit Singh (SS)

    Why this apartheid behavior with history students.We were expecting that daily answer will be starting soon by you but it seems that it is a distant dream.

  • vikas

    looking at the C.S.E-2012 mains public administration paper…the sources mentioned are enough?
    sir please suggest the broader perspective to deal with it..

  • sri

    Insight…some of my friends are selected for the post of assistant station master posts under rrb-chennai…but the final selection will be interview in coming days.can u know how the interview process and how will bw the range of questions …if possible provide some model questions as soon as possible.Actually they asked me…but I don’t that I reached u..

  • Mendax

    Sir plz start the Daily Answer Writing for Geography Optional, it will be very helpful….

  • fareed

    Sir Could you please throw some light on Anthropology.

  • m.k

    sir, you said you will start giving guidance, plan, test for next prelims. just a remainder

  • HRI

    Hi insights,

    I am writing this note to request you whether it would be possible for you to provide some map pointing exercises for our this year geography mains paper.

    As geography optional is said to the most opted one, it would be of great help for many of the students appearing this year.

    Mostly the places given are from current news events.

    So I request you to please consider the same.

  • Dear Mrunal,

    Need some co-initiative (partly by myself + yourself). As u know in the New GS MAins Syllabus; a majority of syllabus revolves around issues in every GS PAPERS. So, I plan to prepare a basic skeleton for each of the ISSUES from each of the GS papers & make a separate notebook of ISSUES only and with ongoing preparation I will update with contemporary developments.
    So in this regard I need ur help as it requires great amount of grasp over subject especially interrelating ideas in between..
    Plz find a content below::
    GS PAPER—>1
    (a)Issues related to Sociology

    Population + Poverty + Development + Urbanisation + Globalisation

    (b)Issues related to Geography

    Changes in critical geo features such as polar ice caps + water bodies
    Effect on Flora + Fauna
    (2) GS Paper–>2

    (a)Issues related to
    (i)Federal Structure + Devolution o powers & finances
    (ii)Parliament + State Legislature + RPA
    (iii) Govt policies + Interventions + management of social sector + Poverty + Hunger
    (iv) International relations

    (3) GS PAPER–> 3
    (i)Issues related to
    Planning + Mobilisation of Resources + Growth + Development + Employment + Inclusive Growth
    (ii) Transport + Marketing of Agri Produce + Subsidies + MSP [Food Sec Act and WTO Obligations]+ PDS + Buffer Stocks + Food SEc
    (ii) Issues related to
    IPR + Disaster Management + Env Conservation
    (iii) Security Issues Like
    (a) Internal Security Challenges via
    =>Media (Mumbai Terror attacks 2008)+ Social Networking (Muzaffarnagar+ Kokrajhar Sites)+ by external state and non state actors
    (b) External Security
    (i) Border Management
    (c) Issues related to LINKAGES
    (a) DEvelopment Vs. Extremism
    (b) Organised Crime Vs Terrorism

    If in the first phase if we get the overall outline of all the issues involved then we can easily consolidate all the ongoing issues that comes in the newspaper daily..
    Hope to see a positive reply from ur side; I know u r seldom free…

    Profound Regards

    • I am Insights/Vinay 🙂

      Anyway, I will think over your proposal and revert to you soon.

  • Rahul Khairnar

    Dear insights,
    Please provide us with the option to edit our post’s such that post editing and correction can be done.

  • Brijendra Singh

    First of all I would like to thank you for your such great initiative and dedication. I have some suggestions which may prove to be more user friendly for users.
    1. It would be better if you can provide other ways to upload answer. As we first write answer in paper( since finally in exam we will have to do that) and then by taking a pic of it we can upload it. Since writing on paper and then try typing here consumes lot of time. Now most of us have smart phone they can just take snap and upload here.
    2. In Archives of current events may be you can sort the daily events in descending order i.e. latest first and oldest at the last.
    3. RSS feeds for seperate topics. and one can subscribe to particular topic as per his/her interest.

    • sachin mayekar

      First writing and then typing helps to remember the answer/topic for a long time. Uploading a pic is user friendly but not admin friendly (resolution, handwriting etc. matters a lot).

  • Nikhil

    Sir, you must have already heard a lot about the great work you are doing and aspirants like us acclaiming to be a great fan of yours. I just want to say “Take a bow”
    Your initiative means a lot. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Thanks Nikhil. Keep supporting.

  • raghavendra

    Hi.. it s a excellent work by ur team. In current affairs section, it will be of immense help if u consider important optional editorial n editorial section into present daily current affairs..

    • We are just now. We will do this once team expands. Thank you.

  • Ram Sharma

    There are many aspirants who have given an attempt, but then had to return to their jobs, Would you please advice how one should manage work and studies? Are there aspirants who clear the exam while working?

    • There are many people who have cleared this exam while working. It is about time management. Allot 4 hours every day to finish most important topics from the syllabus. Start with one paper and one topic. If done religiously every day, it will help in the long term.

  • Prateek

    Sir, Still waiting for your post on ‘Strategy for Geography optional’. But I think, the strategy will be worth waiting in the end.

    • Prateek,

      I want to write a comprehensive one having links to PDFs for topics which you don’t get material in some books. If you are writing mains this year, please don’t wait. If you are preparing for 2014, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

      I want to write topic wise, and geography has so many topics. I am collecting materials for every topic. This is for people who can’t afford coaching in Delhi.

  • Rahul Agarwal

    please also provide map entries for geography daily challenge section

  • Nikhil D

    Hello Insights team,

    The initiatives ‘Secure-2014’ and ‘Current Events’ is helping a lot in maintaining the connectivity between the events and different views mentioned over those events. Usually, while reading newspaper, some news slips over (due to time constraint for that day) and the connectivity is lost. But here one can pick up reading the articles from where they had left and again continue with the flow of events. This is really helping in better understanding of the events.

    Moreover, reading ‘Current Events’ section helps to revise the topics covered under ‘Secure 2014’. The crucial static/back-dated information provided right then and there in current events is helping a lot in grasping the current event precisely. It is also saving lot of time.

    Heartily thanking you,
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thanks Nikhil 🙂 We are happy that our efforts are helping you.



    THANK YOU!!!

    • We wish to continue it till next year and after if possible. Thanks.



  • Karthik

    Sir one suggestion, request please try

    I already read most of your articles on tips and how to read strategies. In that you mentioned article still not over and will add more. Also in many sections you adding new parts but it unable to follow all without checking all articles. I missed “Environment and Biodiversity” notes till now. So please do something for knowing what actually updated in blog recently. Can you create new section in name of “Updates” and list out your recent changes in one line, if possible give direct link to that article. (Current affairs, secure 2014 all daily changing parts but do something updates other than this).

    • Actually every update is posted on our Facebook page. Also, if you have entered your email above left, you would receive all new posts regularly in your inbox.

      About updates to GS articles:

      Your suggestion is good one. When the are updated, we will post it. For many days they are not updated now.

  • Cheran Gowda

    @insights, I think you should add two more aspects:
    1) Best Practices : Since, we are cynical society we tend to search grey areas first. So, set of best practices would lead a way forward to realize that even white exists .
    2) certain set of facts : UPSC answers remain incomplete without relevant facts. esp. success in financial inclusion via schemes like swabhiman, RBSY, Ofcourse we get it from Yearbook. But certain facts get updated.

    Both could be brought under same link.

  • vikram

    @insights, sir please limit the number of e-mails sent , it should be like 1 email per day including all the updates of that day OR sectional subscription.

    • Vikram,

      I am aware of annoying number of emails being sent every day. Unfortunately, it is all automated. I have no control over this as I am blogging on free site (I pay for domain) But I will send them mail and ask for a solution.

      Thanks for bringing up this.

  • Anu

    Vinay Sir,
    I don’t have words to express my gratitude to you for having developed this platform. This is THE place on Internet for preparation of Civil Services Exams. Sir, can you please provide me your e-mail id. I need to talk to you.

  • Prasoon

    “Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm.” – Norman Vincent Peale

    Wonderful Vinay. Just wonderful.

    • Thanks Prasson. Nice quote. Apt one.

  • Satish

    Hi Insight,

    Thanks for your nice support for the student preparing for UPSC. I was earlier following Mrunal but you have surpassed that too… :).
    The best thing I like about your sight is distribution of the GS topics and reading material suggested corresponding to each one. Can you please frame some model questions around 10-20 whatever you fell optimum. These question should be divided topic wise so that we can brush up the study material and attempt those questions. Previous year questions may also be inlcuded to have better idea. Thanks in advance for this intiative.

    • Thanks Satish.

      We are planning to introduce a new initiative may in the end of next month. It is about giving questions on topic every day and complete all topics by early next year. We are thinking about giving feedback and synopsis too.

      • Satish

        Thanks for your input…:)

  • Gaurav Sharma


    Feedback –
    1- It is a very good initiative to start separate threads for optional subjects too.
    2 – It is also more convenient to see all the feedbacks on a ‘single’ page instead of multiple pages having 20-30 comments on each.
    Explanation from an IT person’s point of view – That feature is good-to-have for a programmer as it shows that some add-ons are also done by him. That feature is also good for pages which are having a lot of multimedia like, graphics etc on them, as on fragmentation of a signle page with 210 comments into smaller pages with 20 comments on each it will take around 1 / 10th times lesser time in loading those pages. But for a page having ONLY TEXT on it, it actually does not make any significant difference having even thousands comments on a single page, but of course a way to separate out the older comments can be established, if you wish, with a limit for page fragmentation a little larger, for example say, 500 or 300 or 200 comments per page.

    Some more suggestion, as always, from a demanding follower –

    Suggestions –
    1- Some reviewers can be fixed for each subject in their respective sections. They can also be authorised reviewers for GS questions also for their respective sections / subjects. THEY would be dynamic, ie can be changed after one or two months (or can be selected to review on a monthly basis – based on feedback or voting inside the sections), next month new one or some older ones too. THEY (number to be decided by you and your board) can be chosen based on the feedback on their reviews (or star rating provided to their reviews by the presons whose answers they reviewed). The feature to provide the stars can be made mandatory for a person who has received the feedback (ie, till not providing starts, the person will not be allowed to post any further post.) Also a mail should be sent to the person on getting a feedback on his answer.
    2 – Some feature should be provided to scan and upload the hand-written answer sheets. Instead of time-saving, i would say it will help the aspirants in improving the hand-writing and to condition the eyes in reading the hand-written pages of others. (it is also understood, that this one may be a little difficult to implement, for the time being).
    3 – For 2014 aspirants (being myself too, one of them), there may be started a section in which the questions are posted topic-wise. That is, say, today you declare that there will be posted 4 questions on constitution on next sunday (two from theoritical part and two from the dynamic part), so that people have at least a week’s time to prepare for it before trying to answer. It will definitely increase the ‘serious’ participation.
    4 – The same subject sections (as done for optional subjects) can also be started for 2014 aspirants with questions posting in them, topic wise and the topics being declared in advance, say one week.
    5 – The long standing and demanded / requested by-many – ‘Abous US’ page 🙂

    6 – I understand that some of the features need the site to be on a professional server. As the popularity of the site is increasing exponentially, in my view, and as per web traffic analytics reports, opting for a paid server / services can be of immense help as it will provide more freedom in terms of site format, future planning and easier maintenance. And i believe that in doing so, even if you need community participation or supporting hands, their will be so many eager in doing so. As it takes a lot more for enrolling in a test series and moreover there are not many available in which one can participate from the comfort of his home.

  • Richa

    Good Evening Sir,
    First of all I would like to thank you for this type of initiative. I would like to mention here that Sir your Secure 2014 current affairs based questions carries a UPSC kind of standard. I am not able to write some of those in the present level of preparation :(. So, I would like to request you to at least review or provide answer structures for those questions which carries technical words like critically analyze, evaluate, etc. 🙂

    Thank you Sir

    • Thanks Richa.

      You can still attempt those questions in your note book. We will try to provide synopsis for Secure-2014 questions from December. This initiative won’t stop until 2014 Mains.

      Till then keep trying. I am trying to build a team. Once it is in place, we will give feedback regularly. 🙂

      • Richa

        Thank you Sir

  • Novice

    Candidly speaking I don’t have words to show my gratitude to this website. Current affairs has been the biggest challenge to a novice like me and I guess to many other aspirants too. The current events compilation you guys have been working gives space to breathe and a cushion to fall on. But I get overwhelmed by the magnanimity of revising the current affairs as every day adds a new chapter to it. I don’t know how will one revise such a lot {approx:2500pages(365days*7pages)}. Please suggest some strategy to
    abridge and consolidate all the current events so that one could make the best out of the efforts. I know there exists no such formula but please approximate and tell me what percent of my efforts and time should I direct towrds current affairs.

    • Thanks Novice. We will be providing a PDF at the end of every month. This might help you.

      Daily reading of current events is inevitable. At least 3-4 hours should be spent. try to answer questions posted on Secure-2014 initiative. It will help you.


    sir ,
    can you please put a question on the socio economic political pros and cons of smaller states in the next weekly debate session as this is an expected question for this year mains

    • Thanks Nisha. I will try to include the topic.

  • priyanka

    hey insight …please put some question on “superstition”,,,which is in news recently…will b helpful 2 us thanx

    • Thanks Priyanka. I will post for sure.

    • viplove zoad

      then you should look towards GOD 😉

  • Vikas

    Bro ..Please Add here one Chatroom so that we can have instant solutions of query …thanx

    • This site has certain restrictions. We have to move to a professional site for this.

      For which queries you want ‘instant’ reply? Daily Answers or Doubts?

      PS: I think at least we are replying her even if it’s late. Try other sites 🙂

  • Gaurav Sharma


    In continuation with my earlier bunch of (practical / non-practical) suggestions posted on 28 oct, please find one more suggestion below –

    7 – It would be much easier for a viewer – to find the relevant information, and for you – to organize and answer the questions asked / doubts raised with more convenience, if the ‘Doubts Corner’ is splitted into some sub-sections – like,
    -General doubts – related to the exam structure / handling exam pressure
    -Technical Doubts – related to GS / Optionals / Current affairs etc
    -Doubts seeking guidance etc

    • This last suggestion is very good. But the problem is many people leave Feedback in Doubts Corner and ask questions in Feedback. 🙂

      Will try to implement your suggestion. It’s practical.

      • Gaurav Sharma


        Thanks and any reply for my suggestion no 5 (posted on October 28, 2013 at 8:27 am) 🙂
        Also please consider it a humble request to have some serious thoughts about suggestions no – 3 and 4

        • For suggestion 1, I should be rich for finding people to ‘review’ answers for free is impossible. This site is a philanthropy by a poor guy actually.

          Suggestion 2 is impossible on the present site. i have to move to professional site and host this site on different servers for customization. It requires money. See money is needed for everything. 🙂

          Suggestion 3. we wanted to surprise you, but you spoiled it. Next month we are starting this – by next prelims you will be completely in control of prelims+mains syllabus. That’s the idea and there is a plan ready for this.

          Suggestion-4. You can answer on the present threads itself. They will continue even after mains.

          Suggestion 5! Search this site left and right, the guys running this site has given link to his name somewhere. It’s already more than one month. 🙂

          Suggestion 6 – wish its popularity was increasing ‘exponentially!!!’ – May be this site is so good, people are not sharing link to this site out of jealousy! 🙂 Traffic is stagnant. Bad.

          • Gaurav Sharma


            As always, a BIG thanks for being such a receptive administrator / person. My hobby is teaching but i also have found a teacher-like person in you, for me, at least.

            For your,
            Answers 1 , 2 – Yes it is needed, indeed. 🙁
            (and i proposed an, although distant, solution also in last 4 lines of my suggestion 6). Just to add, we all have seen some sites for translation from one language to another language, where there are two parts (1) translation by software or community translation (2) professional translation. And if one opts for professional help, even then his material is sent for both the options.

            Answer 3 – Thanks again, it will be proved better than surprise for me, as i know beforehand and will be ready till then.

            Answer 4 – I’m writing reviews for some of the answers but not posted any of my answers yet, soon i’ll try to.

            Answer 5 – will try to find soon 🙂

            Answer 6 – YES IT IS 100 % TRUE.
            This site is TOOO good that people are REALLY not sharing link to this site out of jealousy from EACH – OTHER.
            But anyone who KNOWS that the answer writing is the key to selection in mains and search on google for ‘ias mains answer writing practice’ or ‘ias answer writing test series’, Your page comes on VERY TOP of google results. And each of my friends who are aware of and forumias are also aware of your blog too. But at this point of time, many are silent spectators (due to mains preparations or some other reasons). One big reason – my hard-earned POINTS would be exposed to ALL, if i write now, just before mains.

            You may decide to write an inspiring article on it.

            So in my view, it’s just a matter of time to get the active participation from more participants when the topics are declared in advance.

            I’ve seen on forumias, suggested by so many persons to write answers and to get them evaluated from each-other. Some people also volunteered and uploaded their hand-written answersheets for some subjects but those efforts could not be fruitified well. Because everyone there was a PARTICIPANT ONLY, and as we all know that for any IT-or-WEB-related effort to be successful, It NEEDS ONE FULL TIME ADMINISTRATOR, FIRST. And here, on your website, IN YOU, it is found tailor-made for participants.

            So a humble request to everyone – Please share the site’s link to peers so that we can have more participants and HENCE MORE REVIEWERS.
            Otherwise sooner or later they will also discover the blog. So better take credit yourself, first.

  • sir…INSIGHT is a good platform 4 us….i m hindi medium student. i want to participate in seriously manner but faced some problem like writing my answer n….. sir suggest me how can i contribute here…its my humble request.

    • There are lots of aspirants from Hindi regions. Write answers in Hindi. Give feedback on others’ answers in English and request them to have a look at your answers. Be very active. Definitely others will read your answers.

      In case you don’t understand questions, don’t hesitate to clarify their meaning. Someone will help you.

  • Byakti

    i would love you to frame an ethical dilemma on a situation where one has to choose between his immediate work at job on one hand and parental serious health breakdown i.e some health emergency on the other and the concerned person being the only son..

    • Ya sure. Expect it in two hours. Thank you.

  • Where shall in paste questions for sociology optional???

    • send to: insightsonindia at gmail dot com

  • sir can we post/discuss previous year (optional paper) question paper which would be helpful for gs preparation??????? if we….than hw??????

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Hello Insight,
    Thanks for the blog. I have a question to ask. Currently I’m reading 3 newspapers: The Hindu, Jansatta and Indian Express. It all takes about 4 hours to finish the newspaper reading. I just want to ask, shall I continue reading all three or just limit myself to The Hindu?

  • Chandra

    sir, in case of optional subject questions.. I think it would be great useful to preparation if reference book name or chapter or any pdf available on internet also mentioned below each questions…

  • I have been a passive follower of your website.Its amazing.I judiciously skim through all the answers to the questions.its in a way helping to comprehend my understanding of the issues.But myself hesitant to answer as I am not yet done with my basics.similarly the way you provided PDF of best answers, if possible do the same for ethics case helps us to know what the correct course of action should be.
    ~ thanx

  • Praveen Thota

    Hi insights,yours is a extraordinary initiative for the IAS aspirants. one request from me , ‘Psychology optional paper answer writing challenge’ is not updating the questions since 22-10-2013, being few in number when compared with other optionals,there is limited source for our preparation. your guidance will help us and fills the gap in our preparation.Thanks again for your guidance.

  • Gaurav Sharma


    Providing the names of institutes imparting coaching for free will really be helpful to many.

    It will also be helpful, if the information about or pointers to different StateGovt initiatives / private institutes can also be provided which are open to all or to ‘their’ state-specific candidates for interview preparations in the form of mock interviews conducted by retired bureaucrats, once the mains result is declared.

    • If aspirants send us such lists, we will be happy to publish them here. We request all to send names of government institutions from across India.

  • seema

    Helo sir. 🙂
    Plz sir put some questions on’ factors effecting industrial set up and world physical geography’.. It help in revision, and clear doubts.
    Thank you sir. 🙂

  • Mohit

    Hi Insights,
    Could you put up a list of personalities who have been in the news since Jan 2013 with respect to GS1, GS2 and GS3 papers?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!

    • Wish we could do that, but you can avail it from any current events compendium in the market if there is urgency.

      And GKToday might help you as well.

  • Neurotoxin

    dear vinay sir
    can you please tell me your email id .as i wish to share something very useful with you (as it is still in nascent stage so cannot disclose it……nd dont wry it not the nuke….be fast

    • Thanks Neurotoxin. id is

      insightsonindia at gmail dot com 🙂

  • Vicky..

    Congrats Insights SIr on completing 100 days of Daily Writing Challenge.
    I has been a huge success. 🙂

    • Thanks Vicky 🙂 Hope it has helped all of you in your preparation.

      • Vicky..

        Definitely Sir.
        Regards to you. Your work is really commendable.

  • hello insights
    there is no book in hindi medium on flipcart and amazon… i want to order some books but in hindi like bipin chandra, some ncerts also pls tell them to arrange.

  • hello insights sir
    i want to know that is there any book in hindi medium also for improve reading skills for comprehension in hindi.

  • P.K.Mukherjee

    We are a social organisation & engaged in Guidance Programme for Civil Services aspirants.
    Your website is very interesting,hence we are interested to enter into an arrangement with you to conduct a “Test Series on Pre Cum Mains for 2014”
    for our students.
    If you feel interested we can discuss furthur alt.depute our Coaching Coordinator to your office.Please forward neccessary details.

  • your efforts are commendable.would be happy to help you.But how could we be of help purchasing on amazon?

    • If you purchase items/books on Amazon through links provided on this site, the give us some commission. Next time you want something online, buy through either flipkart or amazon links on our site. Thank you.

      • manish

        Sir, I have already bought few books through your website few months back…. I think you should ask for help for the books we have purchased too… 🙂

      • Nikhil D

        @Insights – I suggest you should create a separate tab ‘Fund Philanthropist Insights’ where you can clearly mention that by clicking on the links you get some commission and that is the only source that you have got for funds at present. I bought some books recently recommended by you, but I didn’t buy it by clicking on your links as I was unaware of the fact that you get commission for it. Had I been aware, I’d have surely bought them by clicking on the links provided by you.

        • Thanks Nikhil for this honest comment. It gives us happiness to read such honest replies. 🙂

          We will consider your suggestion. Thanks again.

  • Vicky..

    Insights Monthly Magazine.
    Splendid work sir. Hats off.
    Please tell me if any work is there in which I can help. I would like to contribute towards this site.
    Thank you.

  • chetan gowda

    oh! Sorry, i dint expect the videos would show up. Got addicted to your site. Thank you for such a site and hardwork.

    • Thanks Chetan. but i have already uploaded all 12 episodes long back.

      • chetan gowda

        🙂 with pleasure. Do you have plans of making/uploading notes for conventional syllabus(mains) too?

        • No plans to make notes but we will be writing articles on important topics after this Mains. By next Mains,there will be substantial amount of quality material for Mains 2014.:-)

          • chetan gowda

            avoiding promises!! to maintain quality 🙂 . Thank you. I have been preparing from home with no coaching(alone too).Change in syllabus had put me in a dilemma whether to pursue as a serious candidate. But, Internet has given a hope. You people have really helped. Thanks again..

  • mittalji

    sir I just saw your website for the first time today and u are doing some commendable work here
    what my suggestion is that in addition to the daily current affairs answer writing quiz, there must be another quiz daily to help with the GS portion
    for eg. 1 day u could have questions on architecture
    then next day on literature
    and doing this daily the syllabus can be finished in maybe 5-6 months
    this will help all aspirants to synchronise their preparation according to these tests
    I am willing to help u in this endeavour.
    looking forward to your reply soon 🙂

  • Karthik

    Hi Insights,
    Though not an active reviewer of other’s answers, I’ve been meticulously answering the pub-ad and GS questions on this site. Given my limited contribution to others’ answers, It’d be unfair for me to expect regular critiquing of mine, nevertheless, I’d like to have your opinion on my answers sir. I’m sure there are tons of places I can improve. A few last-minute pointers would be of great help to me, given there are 3 weeks remaining.
    Needless to say, insights has added a whole new dimension to my preparation.
    Thanks in advance for your feedback, and keep up the awesome work!

  • Maneesh

    Dear Insight,
    1-For optional subjects Daily questions, plz write the chapters/topics the questions belong(If a schedule of the topics/chapter can be prepared n loaded one can work accordingly n can write answer on the spot also)..In pub ad this was found in starting days questions but later it was out of the scene,Same is true for other optional also.
    2-Give an option for editing also in ur web page…if by chance/mistake any thing gone wrong we r not able to rectify our mistakes.

    Thank you

  • manish

    Sir here is some points posted over facebook by IAS Rajanvir Singh Kapur for the main writing candidates this year. If you feel it is ok you can circulate for them. Hope they will like it. thanks 🙂

    To Dearest friends writing the MAINS in Dec, 2013;

    This is the most crucial phase if your preparation. All that you have done so far becomes immaterial now. What matters most now is the way you revise, & live the next few weeks. Some reminders from your brother:
    1) Do not panic at all. You are very close to your destination.
    2) Do not start any new book/ material now. This is time to consolidate what is already read.
    3) Revise & revise. Anything not revised is as good as not studied only. Just revise!
    4) Please do not let any extreme emotions enter your system. Be happy & calm.
    5) If it helps you, pray for 10 minutes each day. You will feel stronger.
    6) Please do not, do not talk to any toxic people at this stage. Any negativity can bog you down.
    7) Although 4 weeks left, it is good if you buy your stationery now only. Do not buy pens one day before your exams.
    If you feel you are forgetting it all, do not worry. God will do everything. Just revise & revise.
    9) Please keep yourself active in daytime as your exam is in day. You should not feel sleepy in exams.
    10) Make sure your admit cards etc are in place.
    11) If possible, send someone yo check your Mains exam centre. You should not be lost on the way of the exam day.
    12) As this time, Mains is in December, make sure you dress warmly & comfortably.
    13) If you feel low, please talk to your Mom. Mothers are the best to elevate your mood, exceptions do exist!
    14) If your room is dirty, please spend 2-3 hours to clean it now, today! The positive energy you get for next 4 weeks will be worth the effort. Trust me!
    15) Follow your gut now, leave anything you feel is less important & focus on more important issues. Your mind will guide you.
    16) Try to finish everything by 25 November. Last 1 week should be for cursory revision, glancing through material.
    17) Please take care of your health. One mosquito bite can disable from writing the exam. Watch what you eat, eat well n healthy, lots of water, some yoga, at least 10 minutes walk, cleanliness & be careful. You will perform better if you are healthy.

    Hope you try to delve into these issues properly. If any issues, message me here with your number, I shall call back. I cannot promise I would be very prompt but will try. Otherwise email me at [email protected]. I request those, not writing the Mains, to not to do so now. All the best friends! May God bless you.

    Regards & Love
    RVS Kapur

    • Dr. Ishaan Arya

      Thanx a lot….

  • vijay

    In hindi essay writing should we write points as–
    4. profit and loss
    5. conclusion
    because i am
    confused as english essay teacher directaly wrote essay in points without mentioning the point name……
    but hindi essay teacher said that you should write in points by giving point name as
    1. प्रस्तावना
    2.. उपयोगिता
    3. आवश्यकता
    .. —
    .. —
    … —
    7. उपसंहार
    what is best way in hindi??

    • Myrtle

      Essay whether in English or Hindi is supposed to be written in paragraphs. The broad framework would include Introduction (प्रस्तावना), Body (उपयोगिता, आवश्यकता,…) and Conclusion (उपसंहार). There is no need to mention the words viz. introduction, body and conclusion. But, you need to keep them in mind while arranging your ideas and writing the essay. The contents of the body of the essay will change as per the demands (areas of focus whether social, economic, historical and so on) of the essay.

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Hello Insight,
    Is there any plan to launch a test series for prelims 2014? I was thinking to join Vision online test series for prelims, so just asked if you have any plan to launch a test series.

    • qwerty


      • qwerty


        • Sherlock Holmes

          Sir please reply !

          • Amit


            • yes we are starting in December last week.

              • Myrtle

                Sir, will this test series be a paid or free one?

                • It will be paid test series.

                  • mark

                    sir when do v get to know about the details of test…..

  • Maneesh

    plz write chapter/topic for pub ad subject daily questions…it wil be very much beneficial for us to revise n write more comments and further we can learn n update that topics notes also…plz give a consideration …….earlier also I mentioned for the same…..plz…Thank You…

  • qwerty

    brother early waiting for t test series?

    how does it work….

  • Alakesh

    Thank you for this great. It help those student who come from village & poor family like me. I lost my word for thankgiving. My request is to take economic gs challenge day similar to s&t. Thank you.

  • Mandar

    regarding The Hindu link sharing issue(19th Nov)..
    if they don’t allow you to post links then you just mention(along with date) that read so and so section and so and so news from the hindu or some other news paper but don’t stop this initiative. this is really helping us specially SECURE 2014.
    we don’t follow each and every newspaper but you provide some important links. for eg. India joins deep sea mining race from THE GUARDIAN. we don’t follow such newspapers because of the lack of time but because of you i came to know about that news related to india. so please continue with your work. please please…

  • abhishekps782

    My heartly congratulations on this superb initiative !! You are doing an awesome job . I stumbled upon your blog by chance and but will not leave it by accident ..
    well-maintained , neat and very good content !
    Appreciate and thanks a ton

  • aman

    Respected sir kindly provide papre wise GS questions like model questions for GS paper-1 GS papre-II …as ur analysis in “how to prepare GS paper-1 paprer-2 in ur preparation Guide

  • chetan

    @insights , ASPIRANTS FROM KARNATAKA link requires a feedback. Why no? and if yes, city of offline coaching?. 🙂

    • Chetan didn’t get correctly your point 🙂 Please elaborate.

    • Ok got it. It would be Bangalore 🙂

      • Chetan

        @insights, 🙂 be cautious, All the best. it would be a success..

        • It’s just a thought. We are taking feedback to know how many are willing. Thanks though 🙂

          • Chetan

            you people are fast in converting thoughts to action 🙂 .Please check your insightsonindia mailbox. Thankyou

  • Athreya

    Dear Insights,
    Thanks for the wonderful job you people are doing. A small suggestion which would improve the “Answer writing challenges for GS and optionals” part and help us search the questions better. When posting questions daily, earlier you would mention the topic of the questions or which paper the questions belong to. Nowadays you people stopped mentioning those in optionals as well as GS writing challenges. Mentioning those had really helped us in searching for questions vis-a-vis topics. It is getting difficult nowadays to search for questions related to particular topics when the challenge crossed 100 days (What would it be if it is 1000? :O). It would be better if you include those again. Kindly take this as a suggestion.

  • Manmohan

    sir…..please continue putting questions on Public Administration………….as daily typing of questions is not possible I am not typing them regularly…..but im writing the questions on paper………….it’s very useful………….please do continue optional subject ( Public Adm )……………..

    • We will continue optional paper challenges after Mains-2013. We want to do it systematically i.e topi wise.

      we think it’s high time you focus on revision if you are writing Mains this year.

      • van

        thanks sir ji

  • qwerty

    sir if v could add yojana/kurushethra to the secure-14 would be good…..
    its better to use online magzine(2 months delay) but vll get links……

    • Yes it will be good. Wait till this Mains get over, we will reboot everything. 🙂

      • qwerty

        # feeling very secure in INSIGHTS hand

    • A Sharma

      They are more than 3 months old online 😛 I’m thinking of subscribing them. I think they are the cheapest magazine at Rs. 10 per issue 🙂 🙂

  • Hi sir,
    New post alerts/feeds to email are coming half only. I think if full post excluding comments may help those who are following insights from mobile. It help the working professionals and others (during day time) who don’t internet connection. Any have they will definitely visit Insights 🙂 for answers and other content at least once in a day. And if possible from your end please try to incorporate this (as it is possible in other sites).


  • spoo

    Hi insights,

    I would like to ask for a writing challenge for Anthropology as well.

  • Sai Shetty

    Hi Insights…
    its really tough for me to revise current affairs for this november month…i am too busy to revise and need your help in making november notes available like at of october pdf.its really awesome to see such efforts done and that too free of cost..i request to upload current affairs for november till today atleast for mains aspirants like me…even weekly files will do…i hope Team Insights will do well for Ias Aspirants…-Sai Shetty.Pune.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Hi Vinay Sir..
    Sir When U Start Test Series For Prelims 2014…I M impatiently Waiting For Urs Programme …Plzzz Sir..! .. Bcoz Sir I Totally Depend On Urs Website I M A One Village Guy From Gujrat … No Join Coaching For Preparation Bcoz Not Good Finanacial Condition .. !

    • From December last week it goes live. Thank you.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Thank You So Much Sir..!

  • thankyou so much sir !!
    immense help !!
    salute to a great philanthropist

  • Sir I wish to mail you my queries! May I know your email id?

  • qwerty

    insightsonindia at gmail dot com

  • good site

    Hello, Do you also provide a platform so that people of interest can meet others in person and discuss.

  • TO The Authority of this site
    Dear Sir
    I am a serious aspirant of IAS 2014.So I am interested to answers the essay qustions or General Study questions in your site as other peoples answer to get comments from others .So can you please tell how can i do it?
    Yours Faithfully
    A.D Ghosh

  • Insights team, your articles (as the todays one on nuclear issues)are something ought to be read by upsc aspirants.sir, a small suggestion from my side.please create a separate section where you would upload the write would be of immense help,acts as a repository of information that all of us can have quick access to.
    Hope you consider my request.
    ~thank you

    • I am greatful to you, for considering our request.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Sir When U Start Case Study Section Again …. Its Realy Too Much Help For Paper Five…Plzz Sir…Thank You..!

  • Thank u sir from bottom of my heart…;] for this site…i am regularly following geography…sci ant tech and secure 2014……and i cud sense as if i m actually securing my rank…;] …..though the geography section is nt very regular and also i wud request you to continue providing map enteries along wid it;].. thanks again

  • Dear Insights, God Bless. Being a regular follower of your site, I would like to offer an advice. Yesterday an article related to NUCLEAR ENERGY was posted by Shri Tauseef Ahmad. It was hugely insightful in its approach,worthy of appreciation and was a crystal demo of how to develop a multidimensional view on any subject.
    But sometimes these excellent articles,go hiding among the Current Events and Secure 2014 etc sections and its too difficult to dig out such nice articles,since your’s is a very dynamic site and so many things are added everyday.
    Although we can do our bit ,like, whenever we find such articles we can copy-paste them on Word etc and save, but it would be advisable if you could categorize them under a new NOTES section so that we don’t miss on such invaluable materials.
    Hope you will consider this suggestion.

  • Thanks a lot for the consideration.

  • qwerty

    sir as u have planned to restart the daily answer writing for the optionals in a systematic/topic way…it would be good if u could do that for gs (daily answer writing challenge) ..

    so that it can all be started afresh

    • That also we have told we would do after Mains (not immediately though) It will be a fresh start with a time frame to finish Mains syllabus.

      • qwerty


  • Arwin D

    Your daily general studies answer writing challenge, weekly essay writing and daily current affairs sections were immensely helpful. I’m a cse 2014 aspirant. I request you to extend your good work for the benefit of thousands of aspirants like me. Thank you very much.

  • IAS aspirant

    Hi Sir,

    Please start with Anthropology answer writing challenge

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Is it me or everyone is seeing snowfall on the top menu? 🙂 🙂

    • It’s too cold in Mysore here. Happy Winter. Snowfall is for everyone. 🙂

      • Sherlock Holmes

        Happy Winter Sir 🙂 These are the best times to study 🙂

  • VIJAY from Bhopal

    Good Morning Sir,
    Sir i express my thoughts in HINDI. Mains ke bad ke latest post ne dil kush kar diya .SO QUICK.SALUTE YOU SIR. aap ne UPSC ke परखचें (Blow off) uda diye. and here thanks word is meaning less

    Please accept my SALUTE.

  • MSD

    dear sir,

    can u plz provide an article about Bali meeting and controversy on MSP and Peace Clasuse

    • refer our ‘INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS Magazine (October 2013)’

      • MSD

        thanks sir 🙂

  • Sanmugam

    Hi Insightsonindia
    I am getting the following McAfee warning when visiting your site. I checked with another computer that also gets same message.I don’t know much about this, If there is any problem check it out. Thanks
    “We tested this page and blocked content that comes from potentially dangerous or suspicious sites. Allow this content only if your’re sure it comes from safe sites.”

    • May it is something to do with your Modem. It is working fine here on all systems.

  • mark

    sir when is the paid test series starting…please make it as soon as possible….

    thank you

  • Eashan Shinde

    Hi Mr. Vinay. I read your blog regularly and find it extremely helpful in being focused in my preparation. Please dont stop writing your blog and magazine. The articles given on InsightsonIndia are in perfect resonance with the renewed expectations of the changed Syllabus. I wont mind paying a monthly fee to access your site. Thanks again and keep writing

    • mark

      yes sir the suggestion given by eashen is very good…….
      please have some sort of fees for accesing this site (as minimal as it gets)

      i feel like im using this this site as a parasite (taking only benefits and nothing giving back)

      plz take this into consideration

      or how can i contribute…

  • mark

    if thr is no differnce between the notes uploaded on current affairs section and the magazine… thn please dont publish the magazine…as it eats the compliers time….v can do arranging(guys com on cant v do even that) ..
    plz take this feedback into consideration

    i feel so guilty that aspirants are asking/ordering for the magazine…..

  • mark

    sir another suggestion

    can v have new space for prelims

    so that v can pool in questions for prelims on current affairs

    • qwerty

      arrange the GHG in descending order in terms of their potency
      a) methane
      b) carbon dioxide
      c) nitrous oxide

      1) a>b>c

      so v can cover everything frm every perspective

  • kommu pruthvi

    sir please upload nov c.a magazine
    thank you

    • mark

      the one uploaded of october was just a sample one to show the aspirants
      how could it be done..

      please do try it yourself

      or read daily

  • Leo

    let’s start a one stop GS initiative covering all important newspapers , magazines, journals, etc. Including relevant questions from different sources and ,if possible,provide important points to be included in the answers the next day. Let’s also cover all GS related basics from mains point of view.
    As the programme will be an expensive one, let’s start it in paid version.
    I believe many will join.

    … d way thanks for all you have done for the aspirants………I follow it everyday……

  • aketh

    respected sir can u please add references to the secure question some cannot be answered directly without prior knowledge of it.will be helpful for those with mains+prelims approach.

  • Thanks to your great work sir !
    Planning to join your coaching institute in Bangalore 🙂

  • @ Insights: Sir, When are you planning to start classes in Bangalore ?

    • Last week of this Month or First week of January.

      • Great sir 🙂 I submitted a feedback form. Hope we will be notified by that.

  • sir i have fear that after this successful ratio for insightsonindia
    please dont make website paid to access contents like…que-ans, and free magazines or any IMP contents….Bcoz most the sites does it so….pls sir

  • LeninWO7

    sir… it is bit hard to scroll bottom to post anything in the ‘comment’ box.. it would be better if the box is at up front. Also show the latest comments first followed by previous one.. else the oldest one is floating in first and new comments are going down by down

    • We don’t have control over where the comment box should be. However, we can make new comments appear on the top. But some may not like this as one has to scroll down to see old comments. First time someone is requesting this, guess majority are ok with the present set up.

  • Piyu

    This is an awesome site…. it is so much usefull for all the aspirants of UPSC…. Thanks.. for such a good site..

  • Soumyadeep Das

    Sir,I know ,You devote a major share of your time in this website.Working long hours in front of computer,papers and books may suck your sap out of your body.This is my request to you please keep your health well and do exercise for 20-25 minutes daily.You need a sound sleep of 5-6 hours daily.These is absolutely necessary not only for you,Sir. We need your well- being for the sake of our IAS preparation and eventually for the sake of our nation .Thank you ,Sir.

  • chetan agarwal

    Sir i have been waiting for new questions on philosophy page
    Please reactivate that page by posting daily question
    Thank you sir for your initiative 🙂

  • kapil

    happy to see people like u devoting ample time for students..very good initiative ..plz carry on…

  • Sherlock Holmes

    [On a lighter note]
    @insight sir, though I have never seen you, whenever I see the ad on right side of your site, of the book, ‘And What Remains in The End by Robin Gupta’, and see that contended and smiling face on book cover, I imagine that you’d also be similar to him, just feeling happy, contented and smiling after posting Secure-14 question reading our answers 🙂 🙂 [/On a Lighter Note]

    • 🙂 🙂 Thanks Sherlock. Yes I am contented but am not as handsome as Robin Gupta 🙂

  • Dear sir,
    First of all a big thankyou for this great initiative.Insight has become backbone of my civil services preperation.I am a silent visitor to this site and visit it more than 10 times a day.I would like to put here a few points for betterment of this site.

    1.There is some glitch in the ‘print button’. whenever i try to print some page into pdf the pdf has some alignment problem.

    2.I have one suggestion.for your secure 2014 initiative,there are many answers posted by users in the comments there. Some of the answers are outstanding but a few are either incomplete or have minor factual errors. Since secre 2014 questions and their comprehensive anwers is very very important and useful from exam point of view.So if possible please highlight some of the better answers posted by users,In this way we can have a very informative source besides avoiding any factual mistakes in our answers.


  • Hi insights. I request you to start initiative on Commerce and Accounts paper also, which will helpful for the students.


      yes please start it soon……..

  • mark

    sir please update the test series part…like schedule,fee,……. 🙂

    • qwerty

      yes sir….even im waiting for the same

  • sachin mayekar

    I really appreciate ur style of posting VVIP strategies on auspicious days, festivals, national holidays etc.
    Based on this records, i guess there must be something very special on 25th december, 31st december & 1st january, 2014.
    Eagerly waiting & excited !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ravirajsinh

    Hii Vinay Sir ..
    Last Many Days One Question In My Mind Always Irritant .. That Question About Test Series 2014..Sir I Want To Ask Its Test Series Is Only In English Or Both Of Two Language Hindi/English Like Upsc’s Question Paper ..If U Provide Only English Version So Sir I Tell U Some Thing … Sir Some Times Many English Word Wanna Dont Know Its Meaning Than Find That Words Definition By Dictionary So Wanna Lost Our Time And Concentration In Paper…So Its A Lost For Belong Hindi Language Student Like Me…I Hope Sir U Taking In Sight For My Request … Thank You .. !!

  • santoshhiremnai

    Hello Vinay Sir…..
    I really appreciate the way you have chosen to help lot of aspirants like me. Even its happy to hear that you are from Bangalore, why i’m saying is now a days in bangalore most of the aspirants are like “AKALVYA” types.But still working professionals made good achievements in past few years. For the people like us your blog is very useful.
    I have small suggestion to Insight that please start a thread on Literature Subject as well especially Kannada…..Thank You!!

  • Mitali

    Hii Vinay..
    I have been a regular of this site..which is practically my life saver.
    I was getting the new posts notifications in my inbox..However for the past 2 days i have not recieved any..I have subscribed again..
    Hope others have not encountered such a problem..because i was under the impression that nothing new has been posted..but infact i missed out on certain things..
    P.s. cnt thank you enough for your efforts.

    • anu

      yeah, life saver _/_ 🙂

      right word indeed !!!

  • anu

    We, IAS aspirants would be helpless and directionless without your efforts reflected in this site. Whatever we achieve, we , without doubt owe a part of our success to you. Please accept my gratitude and indebtedness on behalf of serious aspirants benefited from your hard work _/_


    hey insights… the section on science and tech was really awesome….. i would like to request you to start it again….. but i am not a passive seeker., if u wish i could contribute a few questions…but yes i could only try….so please let me know!!!

  • Mohit

    Hi insights

    This is a letter of gratitude for the immense help and motivation that this website has been for me throughout my preparation for Mains 2013. Frankly, I had decided much before Mains that I would write a comprehensive “Thank You” letter after the exam was over. Because even though I have posted a few ‘thank you’ comments for the wonderful initiatives here, I felt that that a much more comprehensive and sincere letter of gratitude was necessary for the remarkable and selfless work that this website has done. I am posting this here as there is no other link for testimonials.

    Let me begin by briefly introducing myself first. As you might expect, I have just finished my Mains 2013 a few days back. I guess this might be only the first innings of a long match against the Civil Services Exam (CSE) that I began last year in September after quitting my one year old job. After studying on my own for a few months, I passed the exam for a Government of Maharashtra coaching class in Mumbai called SIAC which trains candidates for CSE free of charge. But as is the case with most other things which come free (of course, Insights is an exception ), I felt it wasn’t up to the mark. On the brighter side, however, I came in touch with candidates who were at least seriously studying for this exam. This was to prove a game changer after Prelims as it was one of these candidates who told me about

    I came to know of this website sometime around the 2nd week of August. I had already checked answer keys for prelim and was confident of passing it. However, Mains was to be a different ball game altogether and I was aware, with a fair amount of apprehension, that answer writing practice was the sine qua non of getting a good score in Mains. This led me to frantically look for guidance to write good answers, which ultimately led me to this website.

    Looking back now, the website in those initial days didn’t have a lot of content other than answer writing practice and preparation guidance. Of course, my reaction on visiting this site for the first time was completely different. I remember feeling as though I had struck upon a treasure trove of guidance for CSE.

    Right from the beginning, this site has come up with unique initiatives that I had not seen on other sites dedicated to Civil Services Exam or, for that matter, even other competitive exams. For starters, this might be the only website which concentrates exclusively on Civil Services Exam.
    The really cool thing about the answer writing challenge here was the mechanism to view the answers of others and get your own answers reviewed by them. As far as I knew, this was the first website with such a dedicated answer writing initiative. It was so simple and useful at the same time. Within the next few days, I had informed all my friends about this cool site and the answer writing challenge. Needless to say, they were just as enthusiastic as me.

    I remember the names of some aspirants who used to religiously review answers of others. Aditya Jha, Sahil Garg and later Akand Sitra were a few of them. I would like to thank you and others whose name I can’t remember in taking out your precious time and reviewing other aspirants’ answers.

    As the days went by, many new and immensely helpful initiatives took off. Specifically, “Ethics – Case Studies”, “Essay Challenge” and “Current Events” were hugely beneficial for candidates appearing for 2013 Mains. I don’t know if these case studies or essays were original or flicked from some other source (I believe it was a mix of both ). Either way, I found them to be very helpful. Also, I felt that the “Current Events” initiative was remarkable in that it freed up time for Mains 2013 aspirants from spending 2 hours daily on reading Hindu. I could concentrate more on my optional and the static part of GS. It came at just about the right time, around the 2nd week of October, when things had started heating up.

    One particular post, titled “How to write answers for Mains” was also something unique to this site. Right from the time I had started checking previous year Mains question papers, one thing which kept bothering me was the different ‘directive’ words such as “Discuss”, “Comment”, “Evaluate”, etc. In all my efforts for asking guidance from other aspirants, I had always asked about the difference in the meaning of these directive words. And I had always received the same reply that they had never really thought about this aspect of the question. Most of them just knew that the word “Critically” demanded both positive and negative aspects of the question. But this post by Insights was the first one to emphasise the importance of correctly understanding these directive words. I had jumped with joy on coming across this post, feeling that finally..finally someone had thought it important to pay attention to these aspects as well.

    All other initiatives, many of them unique to the breed of Civil Services websites, such as “Weekend Debates”, “TV Debates”, “Secure -2014”, etc. have also been no less of a gem for helping me to prepare for the exam in a holistic manner.

    Last but not the least, the Mock Test Series for GS and Essay papers which came in the final days before the exam in November was the icing on the cake. To have thought about it was of course not unique to this site, but to have kept it free of cost was something that could not be imagined anywhere else. It was the final push that made me determined to write a testimonial for this website after Mains was over.

    Although I am not aware of the names of most of the founders/contributors of this website, I would like to thank a few that I am aware of. Mr. Vinay, who I believe is the founder of this website: Hats off to you Sir! At one time, I was seriously considering coming to Mysore to personally thank you and gift you something after Mains. However, I am not sure if I am left with as much enthu now . Nevertheless, I would definitely consider coming to Mysore if I happen to visit Bangalore and provided that you have enough time to meet me. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Tauseef Ahmed for his wonderful contribution to the Science & Tech initiative. I really loved your questions and enjoyed answering them too (I have not posted them on the Science & Tech page but had written answers on hard copy).

    All in all, my journey with Civil Services Exam has been infinitely enriched and enlightened because of my association with this website. Without it, I wouldn’t have been as much motivated and aware of the required knowledge/answer writing skills as I am now (though by no means I feel that I am a top 100 candidate yet). I hope this website continues to grow and helps thousands of candidates, especially those who don’t have the necessary financial resources to join a coaching class. Finally I do hope that the founders/employees of this site earn enough remuneration from this endeavour so that maintaining it continues to be financially feasible. To that effect, should the need arise, I would be more than willing to contribute/donate monetarily in whatever capacity I can.

    Finally, there is one help that I would like to ask from the founders/visitors of this site. Having studied solely for CSE for more than a year without any other commitment, I now feel that my time could be better utilized in pursuing a job in addition to preparing for next year’s CSE. But the problem I am facing is finding the ideal company in which I would now like to work. Though I am a Mechanical Engineer, I have hardly any interest left in taking up an Engineering/ IT/ Finance job. So ideally, I would love to work for a Social Venture, either a start-up or an established firm. Though not limited to the following, such a venture could be one which promotes renewable energy, education, healthcare, etc. for the unprivileged or urban or rural poor. Also, any other job where the knowledge gained in preparing for CSE could be used is welcome for suggestion. Though I don’t expect to be paid as much as a Mckinsey or Bain employee, I do hope to draw a decent salary.

    If anyone is aware of such job openings, I would be really grateful if you could intimate me of the same either on this page or on my personal contact details, which are as follows:
    Email-id: [email protected] or Facebook page:

    In this context, I would also like to request Insights to create a new link where candidates who have appeared for Mains 2013 and want to apply for a job, could help each other in finding one. To preserve the purpose of this website, it would be in the fitness of things if references would be limited to jobs which could be an alternative to the IAS, but with same goal of serving the nation, in some other way (The founders are obviously free to decide on this).

  • juber

    Great work sir I just read your oct 2013 current affairs mnthly magazine , sir can u pls tell me is this magazine going to b published every mnth ? If yes when wl b d magazine of nov2013 cmng

  • Ayushman

    Hello Sir!
    I’ve been going through your website and finding it, as the name says, very insightful. Your daily newsletter has completely opened up my mind with the perspective it provides in the questions itself.

    The trouble that brought me here is that i’m having difficulty in devising a plan/strategy. It takes me about 3-4 hours to get done with Hindu even after reading it daily for a month now. And then i start to have the feeling of not up to the mark preparation when i find your newsletter and not able to solve the questions due to lack of time. In a dilemma whether i should rely only on insights (wherein question-answer writing itself be enough?) or just go about the usual business of reading Hindu?

    If you could only help me to organise myself, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you! 🙂

    P.S. – In desperate need of help.

  • Aspirant

    One suggestion on structure of this site.
    I following your site for a month. All initiatives, articles are very nice and motivating. I bookmarked this site. But the homepage of your site being more or less same all times. To see the post, articles visitors need to go to the specific section of ‘LATEST ARTICLES’. It is ok. But many visitors might miss your articles in their first visit. include myself.
    So kindly make as your homepage. Whoever visit your site will first see the latest articles immediately. After that they can choose to go any particular section apart from these. By this way no visitors will loose your articles, also this site wont loose any visitors.
    Hope this will help 🙂

    • Links to New Posts are easily accessible on the site – Left Right Top.

      Moreover, if one enters their email, every new post is sent to their inbox.

      In case you want to search for articles listed on the Home Page, you may have to Dig deeper. To avoid this, all UPSC related articles have been pooled and made as home page.

      We feel present structure is ok as far as your suggestion is concerned. We agree that in other areas this site has poor design and is not perfect.

  • Liked your e-magazine , waiting for the new one . Just of curiousity , when will the new magazine publish .. ?

    • By tomorrow evening.

      • mark

        sir is thr any differnce b/w t magazine and the daily updates

        • No difference Mark 🙂 it is just a PDF neatly arranged into different topics. But the content is same. !!!

          • mark

            k…. sir

            but some how i feel the magazine thing is doing the same thing twice…….

  • Sir,Your initiatives are awesome.A small request from my side(though it may be premature at this moment but just want to make a small point)-
    Please consider those studying 1st time for this exam n schedule your prelims tests with specific topic for each test n with specific references.

  • Vijay Kumar D M

    Sir, Could you please post Kannada literature mains papers of 2013.

  • Shubham

    Sir, can u give us an update on the test series part.really looking forward to it

  • rahul

    sir can u please tell when your next november edition magazine will come ….read ur october magazine it gave me lot of knowledge ….waiting for ur next magazine desperately ………thanks a lot for ur grt initiative …….may god bless u…

  • Hi Vinay
    Just stumbled upon your website yesterday. For any serious aspirant, your site is like a dream come true. After going through so many tips and advise on civil services preparation i realized careful news paper reading, revising , writing practice is the way to success.And that’s exactly your website is aiming at!!! Words fall short to express my gratitude. If there’s any way i could contribute to your effort, pls let me know.

    • Thanks Kiran. We are not receiving donations. But you can shop online using Flipkart or Amazon links posted on this site – we get commission. Next time you plan to buy something online, first visit this site and go to Flipkart/Amazon from links provided here. 🙂

  • s219

    Sir, I have been a silent observer of this site which is nothing short of a goldmine.. 🙂 Really like the way the questions are asked which are very very helpful for any serious aspirant. The “S&T” and “optionals” initiative will not be continued? Plz restart them, sir !

    • Thanks you. We will restart them at a right time.

  • Sughosh

    I am following your posts since a month and i see few posts about your offline coaching class at bangalore. I appreciate your efforts. But sir actually i can’t afford to join offline. So my query is will you stop this online coaching once you start with it?? Infact this is very much helpful to many aspirants who can’t afford paying such a huge amount.

  • Nitesh

    dear sir,
    plz insert discussion area on the given topics of secure 2014. this will help in framing our answers and the topics will be revised by us in a day. it will also help in making notes

    • Can you elaborate it? You mean ‘forum’ like feature?

      As of now, you can just post answers and also discuss them within the daily post of secure-2014.

      Our policy is to strictly keep aspirants on track without diverging attention to gossips, unwanted discussions – which usually happen at forum. So we are consciously avoiding creating a discussion forum.

  • sandeep

    i am sandeep,M.A(journalism), want to contribute to you(sir,ihave bought books from flipkart) in other means also

    • Thanks Sandeep. May be you can enroll to our Test Series program and ask others to enroll It will be cheap and the Best.

      We don’t like to ask our aspirants to give us something without giving back them something.

      • mark

        sir plz update the test series section

      • sandeep

        thanks for replay when are you going to start test series and provide me details so that i can do,sir for previous papers you have mentioned disha publications how is it

  • rahul p

    sir i am regularly following insight its the best site i hav seen…sir i m focussing on 2014. i hav given 2013 prelim bt not cleared and reason behind that was CSAT papr. from analysis of different answer keys my gs score was around 90-95 but CSAT was just 112-115
    sir plz help me to come out of this and post strategy for CSAT.

  • Nitesh

    I mean post some relevant data regarding the topic and not just newspaper article. It will help in framing of a good ans

    • Nitesh

      And please help me for geography as optional. Will be highly obliged if I will receive your help regarding this

  • Naga

    Sir, It is extremely painful to see such non-sense mails. Sir he mentioned that he is following ur site regularly, and still he sent such a mail. And yes we all got that transaction message, but we all downloaded it for free. Even after that he has sent such a mail,only reflects his low thinking. We are all with you sir. I m sure 90% of us who visit this site will surely claim ur contribution for our future success. Ur contribution, dedication and hardwork for this site is invaluable. I m sure you will be one stop destination for civils in near future. Thank you for everything sir. you have great success ahead in shaping future bureaucrats for our Country. I believe obstacles come in the way, but the courage we show to ignore them all and move ahead, lies our greatness and success.

    • Naga,

      Thanks. Even we overreacted. Sometimes it happens for we too are humans and susceptible to such stupid reactions.

      For motivation requires constant dose of appreciation and support, such stray comments do affect us. But half glass is full 🙂 Thank you.

  • vivek

    the initiative started by insight for the offline classes is excellent.
    But sir its my personal opinion that if it would have been online class or online preperation programme it would be possible for most of the students to get good preperation strategy as well as guidance.
    Those who are residing far from Bangalore can also get this programme and that’ll be easy for most of the aspirants to attend it.
    thankyou .

    • Online programs would continue unabated. Don’t worry.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Start Paid Test for Only Paper One….Not Include Paper Two Is Also….?
    And Sir Fess Is 3.5 Thousand To 4 Thousand Right

    • Yes. Our strength is paper-I. We can provide you questions that match UPSC standard. Don’t want to do it for Paper-II as we don’t have expertise in it.

      Yes fees would be in that range. It is very less compared to others’.

      • Astha Kaushik


        but we sincerely request you to guide us for Paper II as well. we believe that even ur small guidance regarding paper ii cn do wonders !! 🙂 🙂 u v already showd ur skills and knowldge in Paper I and mains !! waiting for ur action for paper II also…..

      • Pupinder

        sir when the test series is starting i m still waiting

  • Ravirajsinh

    I Want To Join Urs Programme sir…N Sir All Paper One’s Syllabus Is Covered In 20 Test ? How Can I Pay…Can I Hv Urs Account No Sir .. !

  • Vicky..

    Sir, Check the mail please.

  • Niveditha

    Hello sir i am regularly following insight and and i believe INSIGHTS is like mother to all the aspirants its really a gold mine 🙂 Sir please provide preparation guide for PRELIMS also 🙂 A Big THANK YOU to sir 🙂


      dont mind Niveditha
      i want to give an advice please donot write big thank you
      but say or write a lot of thanks
      i am also an aspirant of ias appear in 2015
      because i want first prepare
      then appear


  • Padmakar

    Dear INSIGHTS,
    Sir you are doing really great job..Thank you very much

  • Hi Insight Team,

    Its a very novel initiative and very helpful for all the aspirants, I must say.
    I just want to ask one question.
    After reading one of your blog I came to know that all of you had written mains and appeared for the interview 1-3 times.
    Can you please share the reason you people didn’t secured good rank.
    I just wanted to know that because we might learn from your mistakes and remember not to repeat those mistakes.

    Also regarding test series can you please make some arrangements of taking online test instead of getting the pdf form. It is bit difficult to follow discipline in home while attempting the paper, when you are the master of clock. For Eg. we might go to drink water or do some activity and later do some adjustment accordingly according to our conscience.


    • The whole website is the product of our failure to get into services. We started this to tell aspirants what they should do and what they should not.

      One of us missed a rank by 3 marks under GM category (would have been IPS/IRS if he had reservation under ST) We missed because of our own mistakes, not that of UPSC or lack of reservation. Those who get selected won’t have time to guide you full time. We have time and we are doing this.

      Regarding test series, for now this is the mechanism we have. If we get resources, we will think about your idea which even we want to do somehow.

      • I completely agree with your point.
        Even I have also competed for the exams earlier and the reasons I feel I was not successful in those attempts are:
        1. Lack of Concentration – I did hard-work, but there was problem in concentrating and mind used to get diverted. Although I tried to control it now, It still gets deviated many times.
        2. Unavailability of good/relevant books – Books matter a lot, in my opinion.
        3. Attempted very few Practice papers

        However, factors I have mentioned above are for different category of exams.
        I wanted to know are there anything else which we need to take care of while preparing for Civils. Are there any other factors than above which you think can prevent one from getting good rank?

        • Lack of guidance. This exam has everything in the Market – materials, test series, coaching centres etc etc, but not Guidance. You can not buy it.

          That is where we come in.

          • Navi

            Hats off to your thoughts sir.


        great sir i salute your effort
        a great initiative

  • interceptor4

    By now you guys must be aware that you guys are doing exceptionally well, we are not paid writers and commenting on this blog needs to log in and all.. still you receive so many replies speaks volume about your fan following. We are indeed not only grateful for this wonderful blog but also inspired by the sheer dedication and consistency displayed by you. (I many times check the current section just to see if you have missed a day 🙂

    Here are some quick and honest feedback :
    1. The data is increasing day by day and your current structure of user interface is not that user friendly, data is spread everywhere and a newcomer will take time in realizing what is kept where and what he is missing.. i mean to say there can be a better filing system. It took me 30 minutes to search all official papers of mains 2013, there is no specific link to it and hence one have to manually search it..that too with correct search string. (for example, “official paper-2” will not yield correct result as “official paper- 2” does). There can be a linear and simple structure with drop down menus and site navigation map given on a page. If you wish, i can help you in this regard. (I am sure there must be many pro-website designers out here, simply put a post regarding this and you will get many developers and designers, I can mail you a .ppt explaining my idea for the website data structure if you wish to see)

    Add a link for donation somewhere, you guys are doing some good work and people are willing to pay you as per their judgement and capacity, so i don’t understand why still you guys wish to keep this mandatory free. Let us contribute.

    • Major Major Major Major

      I think link to all the Mains papers are on home page itself. You just have to scroll down a bit 🙂

  • Akash Gupta

    Hello sir my name is Akash.I have certain doubts.Is there a way to contact you via email.Also I am new to this sight so need help.Thank you.

    • You can ask any doubt here Akash. We or our friends here would help you for sure.

  • Akash Gupta

    Ok.To be very honest I got aware of upsc just 2 months back and I have decided to give the attempt of 2015.So how should I start preparing myself from now as I am extremely serious about the 2015 exam and don’t want to waste time at all.

    • Go through all the links posted on home page top to bottom. Just scan them neatly. You will get a good idea. After doing this, you can ask us specific doubts.

  • Akash Gupta

    Ok.Thank you.:)

  • Nitesh

    Plz write something on bitcoin because it is coming regularly in discussion.

  • Sughosh

    Sir is that test series only for prelims or does it include both prelims and mains…. ???? and please do give the details(date of commencement, procedure, fee and etc) about the test series

    thank you, 🙂

    • It is just for Prelims. We will update all details and course plan either tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

  • ABHI

    Sirs,whoever you all are…a big big thank u for the exceptional service you are doing without any benefits.Although you all are”nt earning lakhs like coaching institutes,you are indeed earning the respect & gratitude of many…I believe that”s the greatest service to humanity.Once again thank you for being a guiding light in this dark UPSC world….

  • vams

    sir ,
    if possible form some questions on front line.I tought frontline was of not much importance but after seeing essays of offline examnation. i felt 1st essay on prime ministers would be written well if we read front line on sardar vallabhai patel reacently

    • In fact the topic was given keeping in mind recent issue of Frontline.

      • Sir now that you have given the hint of Frontline, those submitting the essays late in the evening would be at advantage. Isn’t that unfair?

        • Don’t worry. Except 3 everyone had submitted by 7 pm. Also, we know exactly from where people copy their ideas/passages/sentences. We consider all the factors.

  • kamalakannan Iyemperumal

    Dear Insights,
    First of all thanks for your great job. Really helpful for IAS aspirants,you are eye opener for exam preparation strategy. All the initiatives are going well. After completing Prelims and mains , there is short time for interview. In that hobby plays a vital role in interview like book reading,swimming, philately,world cinema etc. Everyone in the world have different hobbies. I ask you make an initiative in insights for HOBBY, how to shape our hobbies, what are the things important to follow in our hobby practices etc..,Because its the correct time from that we can able to make changes hobby practices easily.

  • Soumyadeep Das

    Sir,I’ll give you feedback on the part “Daily current event” initiative.It is very helpful for aspirants.Mind-mapping made it a boon..But the english language used there is tough to comprehend for an aspirant who have lack of english language skill.Other parts of this website written is simple language.Please do something to make that part more simple.

    • Thanks for the feedback Soumyadeep. We will try to do this henceforth.

  • Shikhar


    it seems the daily writing challenge has been discontinued after the 30th November. any possibility of starting it again? also, are there any prelims test series scheduled to start?

  • ritwik sharma

    kindly tell me what was approx cut off in upsc civils 2013 pre for indian forest service main exam?

  • vijay

    Excellent wok thanku sir so much for bringing such a wonderful site for upsc

  • Ravirajsinh

    Sir Please Make One More Payment Option For Student….It’s A Money Transfer By Candidate On Ur Account Number…Coz Vinay Sir Many R Village Guy Student Like Me No Have All Of The Option Of Ur’s Payment….Please Sir See All Kind Of Student Condition…! Thank You..! N I Hope U Can Think For Our Condition..!

  • Manmohan

    sir……I am manmohan here………….u r doing commendable job in the form of Insights secure-2014…….im aiming at 2014………….but im little bit slow in typing and it kills my time………….I want to take a snapshot of my answer and post it in your thoughts blank………I even tried it but it did not worked…….so my humble suggestion is please make it possible using some software to upload our answers in your thoughts…….if u could do this it will be a great help to us……thanks in advance………

  • S.K.

    Sir I am reading the monthly magazine issued by you. it’s just awesome. hats off to you.. it is very useful.. I request you to continue this job as it is very useful for those who cannot afford to attend expensive coaching centers or who don’t have access to notes or study material.. thnx a lot..

    but I request you to please keep this magazine free of cost in future also..

  • sandeep

    sir, can you separate tag for frontline important articles or atleast mention topics when magazine released

  • hello sir
    i dont hv words to appreciate the work u r doing here.
    really this is very helpful fr IAS aspirants.
    i m a regular reader of all columns.

    hats off to u..


    dear vinay,

    Till now i have not received any call from insights regarding offline coaching classes selection.i think i wont get selected for it.But i was in a hurry to join classes so that i may get proper guidance to clear upsc exams.Now i have decided to join insights test series and follow insights website to continue my studies.finally i request u to consider me in the second batch.thank u

    • Mohan,

      We haven’t called everyone yet. Few more are left. Some people didn’t pick the call, some are not reachable. We will call them again tomorrow and then will announce the final list.

      Of course if someone doesn’t get this time, they will get into batch 2 or they themselves would study hard and show that they can top without attending any classes. We are not rejecting anyone. We are just choosing 40 people.

      • Srinu

        Thank u for replying..waiting for ur call….

      • MOHAN M

        Thanks for ur reply vinay .If u give feedback on the essays which we have written irrespective whether get selected or not which makes us to know our mistakes in our thoughts,language fluency that we can prepare for essay efficiently with ur guidance.

  • mangesh

    Just crossed my path with this wonderful site today,its of immense help with all the articles,editorials at one place.downloaded the magzine for October must say the matters are explained in a simple words so person who is not so good at words can understand.

    just a small suggestion if possible add the discussion/topic wise link from news on air website.

    Keep the hard work going.

  • JSB

    As in offline classes u have secure test series every week +prelims test every week..can these test series be available to online users??even if it is paid ,so that we can prepare too with your batch and be regular with these series pattern. and u can post 1-2 days late also if u dnt want interfence with class ..but it will be very supporting to all aspirants if online users are along in this…

  • Gaurav Sharma


    Except the recent suggestions in the post at –
    (please try to provide your thoughts on the above)

    please find below some more suggestions –
    (i) Content has become so much that at times it seems very difficult to find the targeted material, so some reorganization may be done
    (ii) it seems almost impossible to keep track of one’s own comments as well as any follow up comments on his posts, so a mechanism can be established to maintain this record
    (iii) there may be set up a Separate page , having all the comments (except the full-fledged articles) posted by INSIGHTS in chronological order irrespective of the topic in which they were posted, it may also be done that in 3 columns , first column has the date, second one – some starting words of the comment and the third one – the topic in which they were posted
    (iv) There is a Single column present, at the home page having the recent comments posted within different topics. But there number is limited to, say 15. So it is almost impossible for anyone to keep track of them as when one visits the page again, the older ones are disappeared. So there may be created a separated page having All the comments posted by everybody in chronological order, irrespective the topic in which they were posted
    (v) Any views on yours for Mains test series …..

    • Gaurav,

      Wish you had written essays and joined our classes. Hope all is well with you now.

      The site will be upgraded. I am working on it. Planning to introduce forum and facility to upload answer scripts (it will take sometime though)

      We are planning to introduce Frequently Asked Questions section by organizing all the replies we have given so far to questions posted on the website.

      Give us time. Everything will be smooth for our readers. 🙂

      • Gaurav Sharma


        Thanks for your kindness. I also wish i could join your personal guidance in ‘Current Batch’.

        Thanks a lot for having plan’S’ to upgrade the site SOON.and including the forum and the facility to upload the answer scripts – in this way it seems YOUR BLOG’S FOLLOWERS will be benefited by your test series for 2014 MAINS ‘TOO’ and in this way the offline class will get benefited MOST as they will have the access to see the actual hand-written scripts of other competing aspirants (now it rests on you, how you can balance it) 🙂

        And FAQ section is really highly commendable idea.

        And for your LAST line, PLASE count, at least me (with a few of my friends from rural areas of Western Uttar Pradesh, where thehindu can NOT be delivered AT ANY COST, as confirmed with thehindu group, who don’t have REGULAR internet access), in your ‘US’ (and not in ‘others’) 🙂

        for your LAST WORD, I am sure, anyone who visits this site and is serious for 2014 attempt, will NOT be a READER ONLY, but will be AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT.


    i met with this website after searching for 2013 mains papers the perspective which it reflects is social welfare rather than commercial purpose
    i have started preparation for CSE-2015 under the guidance of a person who was unsuccessful in this exam due to short of 2 marks under general category
    he don’t run any coaching and now has become a social worker but what purity i have seen in his guidance and in this website is same even the outlook is same(like writing is the key to success)
    But what is confusing me in this website is FROM WHERE SHOULD I START PARTICIPATING in writing
    As about daily answer writing should i start with the older ones or directly join the current questions
    (i know its a silly question because i hesitate in writing as my writing did not reflects my knowledge- personal view)
    but SIR i really appreciate your ideas regarding this exam and also wish to join your offline course , i live in jabalpur (madhyapradesh) where people only think about becoming sub inspector..
    one more question
    you have mentioned certain books for preparation and i have also some of them so should i finish them first and then start participate in the answer writing challenge here or manage both.
    hope to see your valuable reply THANK YOU

    • Ashutosh,

      If you have started preparation for 2015, then first complete all NCERT (you can browse comments for details about which books and from which classes)

      You must do this 2-3 times and build a strong foundation.

      Then move towards standard texts which you have. Simultaneously try to answer questions which you find easy to answer. Don’t try difficult ones. Start with simple ones like short notes. Slowly you will gain confidence. You should manage all simultaneously.

      Thanks for the kind words but we don’t deserve such accolades yet.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Hiii…Vinay Sir & Insight Team
    Sir Thanx For Starting Writing Challenge Part – 2 , And Sir Can U Start Writing Challenge For Optional Subject Like History Too

  • prateek

    Sir, if it is possible then can you please provide ‘only the list(topics)’ of important articles related to Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines evry month, so that one can avoid reading unnecesary ones.

  • Miss M

    Dear Insights Team Members,

    I stay at Mumbai and I can not thank you enough for this amazing initiative of yours. I appreciate the thought behind starting this site and applaud all the hard work that you all are putting in for aspirants like us.

    I have been following your site and it has been really helpful. I am planning for 2014 attempt and I have started studying only recently. However, I am a little confused in terms of how to go about covering my portion. I keep wasting my time in trial and error and keep switching from one way of approaching the portion to another. This makes me more tensed and I end up wasting even more time.

    I am planning to join your weekly test series and which will prepare me for prelims. However, can you provide a study plan for mains as well? In terms of which chapter to cover in a week’s time from which books – the same strategy for weekly tests.

    Please let me know if it is possible for your team to guide people like me on adopting a study plan for Mains. It will be really helpful for all the aspirants who haven’t covered their mains portion yet or are confused like I am.

    Thanks again! Hope you can guide me with my problem.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Sir Don’t Mind But Its My Humble Request … Some Aspirant Who Join Yours Test Series Not Good In English.. I M Also Include …So Sir In Test Series Paper U Use Simple English Language For Question Please…So Its More Help Full For Other Language Guy And Easily Know What’s Say Is Question ..N Feeling Real Exam And Not Lost A Concentration Also…It’a A Serious Problem I Hope Sir U Can Understand N Take True Decision …. Thank You…!

  • Vasu

    Please try to upload each day current affairs on the corresponding day itself!It becomes easier to make notes/print if it is uploaded the same day. However, it is happening from last 1 week only as before it the events were uploaded well on the same day! Please try to resolve the issue and thanks for the brilliant efforts.

  • sm

    at present i cannot explain how helpful ur website is!a moral dileemma!sir u have posted that u can help us by buying books through provided on this website.the book on ethics by jadunath sinha costs about 185 + 60 (shipping)but on some other seller like homeshop18 it is 156 + no shipping charges.please sir include more options besides flipkart and amazone

    • It is ok SM. You can buy from other sites if it is priced less there. No problem at all 🙂

      We are tied only with Flipkart and Amazon. You can buy something later.


    Sir is it possible for you to ask any of the aspirants who have taken important points from yojana or kurukshetra or both in exam point of view to post it in a separate tag or as a pdf file????????????? it would be very helpful for working professionals who are unable to spend time for reading those 🙂 🙂 if not can you please post it hereafter for every month starting from january 2014 ???? It would be very helpful and will help all aspirants to prepare in a holistic manner 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Mohammed

    Hello sir
    Insight secure 2014 October 7 the link is not working please go through this once.m frm Hyderabad I have been following your blog it’s u insight

  • S.K.

    I am not able to understand how to read and analyse Yojana magazine.. can you please give some tips and also please mention the articles which are important from each monthly issue..

  • Abhijith.N

    can i know the details of offline classes?????and i want the address of your institute..

  • rishu

    sir plzz review my answers… on practice quesion posted daily …..thank u

  • CA Ravi Khanal

    Confusion in secure 2014 initiative !!
    As a novice reader while reading answers against the Secure 2014 daily questions,i feel confused as to which answer should be declared as best, as you can understand that it is not possible to read each and every answer and judge based on own read.
    Earlier insights had mentioned that the best answers would be recognized and called as such by the new editing team. In absence of such recognition it is being bit confusion to select which one to be noted and remembered.


    Hello Sir, I’ve mailed you to send your account details so as to pay for the insights prelims test series .. still haven’t heard from you sir, I request you to send me your account details…. If you haven’t got my mail means ill mail you again sir 🙂

  • rishu

    plzz start posting questions in science and technology ,gs writing challenge and weekly essays ….plzz update them daily

  • rishu


  • jatin patel

    Sir my graduations total in hindi medium, I cant get the hindu vocabularies. What can I do for reading the hindu

    Suggest me any hindi web like insightsonindia or suggest me what can I do ?

  • DrIfTeR

    when we take prints of articles on insight. some words and content is lost on the right hand margins. Please rectify it.
    Thank you.

    • sathish26

      just copy the contents and right click it(print) and save it as pdf format.u’ll not loose any contents…just try once..


    A small request to you i am the regular contributor of your secure 14 initiative but the recent initiative which you started on January 1 2014 dividing questions into groups is not giving much fruits due to some of the reasons like.

    1.Not every leader is contributing to it
    2.whatever they have written is mixing with others answers also ,so we are unable to find the best answer which is your main idea behind starting this initiative.

    so my small suggestion is that please ask them to post under one comment so there will no mixing up or ask them to send the answers to you in mail so that u can put them combined next day as an new post,and try to include 3,4 leaders for each question so that if 2 of them misses other 2 will contribute to it. i hope that you look into the situation .

    thank you sir

    • w

      i also feel the same plz..look into the matter…moreover the site is suffering no..regular updates of current affairs…


      ya same thought but a question
      I think the best answers are directly mailed to THE VOLUNTEERS ONLY and not for others.Is it so SIR

  • sathish

    sir,update insight current events also

    • We are working on current events part (not on offline classes as people want to think)

      Please wait for a better thing to come. 🙂

      • sathish

        thank u sir…

    • qwerty


  • qwerty

    sir the secure 14 answer posts are increasing drastically….can thr a plan to make it more systamatic/arranged…….

    • qwerty

      like sub topic to main heading……folder within folder……

      what i mean to say is

      secure 14 >>>janu>>>>janu 4/14>>>question1 >>.question 2 >…etc

      having separate links to the every questions under that day…..similar to spilting jan into 31 days……

      spilt jan 3 into parts….

      only a suggestion

      • qwerty

        split jan 3 into 10 parts….

  • panda

    @ insight sir is something that we cant clear this exam in first attempt ?? and do we ve to read all ncert ftom 6 to 12 ?

    • smiling flower

      Hi Panda

      I am also one of the aspirants like you. with a proper strategy, hardwork, dedication and will-power, anything can be achieved.
      to achieve big things, we have to do put efforts, so for this goal, reading ncerts 6 to 12 is an initial step. there is a long way to go.

      • panda

        thank u

  • Sp singh

    Sir the knowledge imparted here is invaluable. But get any news on current events section from January 2014 sir. Please if u could get back on this as of ur plans on the current events.

  • Premchand

    Dear Sir,
    Though the effort put in Insight is laudable and makes it a wonderful knowledge repository, the problem is that it is extremely cluttered up when one clicks the link. The webpage is too messy and confusing. I hope it would be improved in the near future.

  • Rohit

    Plz provide us with daily current affairs….from january onwards u can’t deliver us the same
    Thanking you

  • Piyu

    To the team of Insightsonindia
    I have searched many websites for upsc preparations…
    But i did not find any proper way…
    But after showing this website…
    I feel like i m in a perfect way to achieve my goal…
    U know what i have just started my preparation before

  • Piyu

    To the team of Insightsonindia
    I have searched many websites for upsc preparations…
    But i did not find any proper way…
    But after showing this website…
    I feel like i m in a perfect way to achieve my goal…
    Ur team has done a commendable job…
    I must say EXELLENT WORK…
    Thank u…
    Thank u so much….
    U know what i have just started my preparation before one and a half month…
    I don’t know exactly that what should i read first of all… Please tell me…
    And yes…
    Right now i m only trying to read the hindu and chronicle..
    Plz also guide me that is it enough for current affairs or i should read more??
    Plz reply…
    And at last…
    Once again
    Thankxxxx a lot ….


    • Hi Piyu

      I am also one of the followers of Insights like you. Why dont you join test series by Insights.This way, your preparation will get a proper direction and u will have weekly targets(books) to accomplish(finish). To know more about it, click on PRELIMS TEST SERIES – 2014.

      • Piyu

        Thanks shilpaji for reply
        But i m still confused that how to Start the preparation of upsc…
        Will u plz give me guidence on it too..???
        Plz reply me..

  • Aman

    you have stopped posting questions on daily writing challenge – sociology. Pls reenergise that thread.

    • smiling flower

      Hi Aman

      to start that thread, they should have volunteers too. it is not humanly possible to manage so many things, isnt it?
      btw my optional is also sociology. i m also looking forward to it 🙂

  • Dr. Aashish Saini

    could u plz tell which all ncerts are to be read … or if u’ve already mentioned that … plz direct me to that link
    would be grateful

  • Mbnaidu

    Sir I have paid money through online for prelims test series on 8th far I didnt get any mail or messege from ur side.please clarify it I pait money through debit card

  • qwerty

    sir all the best for t classes starting from today……

    have a successful journey ahead and make the dreams comes true of the aspirants…..

    #new begining #wonders

  • Sherlock Holmes

    I have a suggestion regarding Secure-14. Right now, some people are posting answers as comment to other people’s answers instead of posting answers as comment to questions directly. This creates a multiple levels hierarchy and disturb the flow of answers. This is like someone posting an answer as comment to my answer instead of posting it as a comment to question directly.
    Therefore, it would be better if for 2-3 days, you can add some pointwise guidelines at the end of each Secure-14 post, so that people can read that and post answers properly.
    I know that you’ll be busy right now, but I do not find any other way in which I can convey this to people. I’d be happy to help if there is some other way to do it.

    Thank you once again for the efforts. All the very best for the classes 🙂

  • Vasu

    Sir, pls begin answer writing challenges for Philosophy as well! for other subjects it has already started but not for Philosophy!! 🙁

  • om

    i am following secure 2014.. nice initiative..
    would like to know when paper wise questions will be put up for answer writing for 2014 mains.

  • Dheeraj Mishra

    Sir this site is only for English medium students.Can you please give some guidence for Hindi medium students.

  • Ravi Kumar

    Sir Last Two Days Question Not Put For History Writing Challenge .. Please Send Sir..! Thank You.

    • We have already said that we will post questions 4 days a week.

    • Are you writing answers?

      • Ravi Kumar

        Yes Sir I Write Answer And I Participate All Ur’s Initiative It My Self..I M Non English Student And I Hv No Good Vocabulary Source For Writing Here.. So I Write In My Regional Language On Paper Sheet

  • Mahima

    Dear Insights
    We need to divide the mains syllabus into subtopics and whenever a question is posted in SECURE 2014 it should be categorized and TAGGED. (It can be that a question has multiple tags).
    Either you can do this while posting questions or ask the leader for the question to do so.
    This way when people have prepared a topic, they can look at all the questions pertaining to them.
    I think this should be easy to do and would be immensely useful.

  • aswathi

    Sir, I am extremely thankful to you for starting insights to help future aspirants for cse preparation. I was in struggle with newspaper and magazines and I wasn’t able to complete paper daily and sometimes cannot understand the news I started to read secure2014 it made me easy to understand the news daily and I started to write questions from them and .i file them separately according to the main s topic.i also used to write weekend essay and sociology optional questions and good answer from made me to understand many things or else I would not know anything even if I read lots of things.Again thankyou sir.Sir, can you please tell me whether weekend essay writing challenge and sociology daily answer writing challenge has been stopped now?

    • Thanks Aswathi. Weekend Essay has been stopped because already aspirants are burdened with so many things. We don’t have any problem is restarting it. We are glad to do that.

      To start sociology again we need repository of questions, especially topic wise. It would be immensely helpful if you can send questions in a Word Doc. We will post them 4 days a week regularly.

      Thank you.

  • aswathi

    Ok sir.i will try my best to send if I will get upse type questions. Also onemore doubt science and tech daily answer writing challenge has also been stopped?

  • panda

    @ insight sir I m following ur magazine its is extremely helpful .I request u to pls cont till our main .
    There is very sir whose sociology test series is very good (as said by sr)I ll send u once he starts. 🙂 a small contribution from my side.

  • satish singh

    dear insight team, i am regular follower of your site since last 3 4 months. But these days it seems that most of the activities on this site is defunct now. Many links are not getting updated. Please respond what shall we do? I am totally dependent on your site for ias 2014 esp mains.

  • rishu

    plzz start something for prelims also

  • S.K.

    @Insights please reply
    I am not able to understand how to read and analyse Yojana magazine.. can you please give some tips and also please mention the articles which are important from each monthly issue..

    • Go through the syllabus 4-5 times and memorize all the topics. Then go through last 5 years GS Mains questions papers. You will clearly come to know which articles are important.

  • EvilGoddess

    Sir can you please make a combined file of the secure questions every month like you do for current events. It would be very useful as a question bank.

    • You can help us in this 🙂 is it that difficult?

      • ji


  • ji

    sir could post some analysis on this years mains paper…will be useful

  • aswathi

    Sorry sir, am not getting good questions on sociology as I thought. As am not going to any coaching centre and also I dont have any one to guide me , I dont have any one to ask for help.So I am completely dependent on insight for my studies.sir, so I humbly request to you that if you start sociology daily answer writing it will be very helpful for me.

    • Even we want to start posting but don’t have questions.

      • ji

        sir i have previous years paper assembled in topic wise….can i mail those

  • Aftab khan

    Hello Team Insights.iv written the word team as its not possible for a single person to come up with such an outstanding work when it comes to guiding the aspirants of the most difficult and the most easy exam of them all n if this is the work of one single person then sir.maam i would request u to please for.this exam ★. Whoever is behind this great sight n plan, i thank you all.thank u soo much for guiding us through all the confusions and fears.thank u soo much Team insights.

  • Ravi Kumar

    Hii Vinay Sir..

    I Want To Ask For Current Affair Part’s.. Sir There is Economy’s Portion Is Not Available Right Now..U Have Plan Add This Coming Month..Just Ask Sir..Thank You !

  • anu


    Please update ET Classroom section

  • Sheikh Imran

    Dear Insights
    Kindly publish the PDF files of the INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS ANALYSIS MAGAZINE FROM JANUARY, 2014 in BLACK & WHITE font color only, as during printing on a B&W laser printer the colored paragraphs get faded out due to which the pages become useless for reading.

    Color printing is highly expensive, and one can not read whole of the magazine on a laptop consistently.

    I hope you will consider this request with out taking it as a flimsy excuse.

    Sincerely yours
    Sheikh Imran

  • gokul

    I am not that much active participant in discussions on this website. Yesterday I saw a comment complaining about DIP in quality of articles from insights.. I was really disturbed about that event and consequent replies..

    @ Aspirants/Friends/Bros and Sis – I think we take Insights as path to success rather solely relying on its articles. Get yourself exposed to what currently people are speaking/discussing about. Do some research but don’t get lost in too much of researching. Try to answer some questions. Get some feedback. Try to improve day by day basis. Contribute to this website and your dear colleagues. And mind it, people running this website are also human beings and have find some money and time to run this website. In spite all busy schedules, I think Insights is doing quite fair job. I think people who really know the value of time will appreciate my value. Lets be practical guys

    One more thing is that, this site is not like any other social networking website where people used to type some derogatory comments. Let this be Professional Site providing some good information/ feedbacks and platform for discussion. Let maintain our dignity. Gentlemen and women, try to imagine yourself a Civil servant after a year or two. Try to develop some professionalism in way we are behaving or typing.

    @ Insights : I think you are aware of no of people who are seriously following your site. I think there are 2 reasons for it
    1. Positive aura that you guys are creating through motivational columns.
    2. The good information, discussion platforms and several other good Initiatives.
    I know guys its tough to maintain the same level dedicated approach all the day. But the Faith the people are having over this site and the dedication you guys are showing for ensuring right kind of information should reach people will never go in vain.

    At last I BELIEVE in this Insights. I think this belief makes everything work.

    Please don’t mistake me if I had gone wrong in any of my above mentioned views. Hoping for the best out of INSIGHTS and its followers.

  • deepa

    Dear insights,
    Can you please add source or books name with topics for GS daily writing challenge. It will help us to write better and with time management to complete the mains syllabus.

  • jazz

    insights sir. ur daily answer writing challenge is too good,as it helps in keeping preparation in right direction. just a small suggestion if u culd work on it. Pls make sub-section under this challenge with regard to 4 GS papers and posting questions under them. so that at the end , we will be having pool of questions for all the 4 GS papers at one place.

  • Sheikh Imran

    Dear Insights
    This is my 2nd request.

    Kindly publish the PDF format of the INSIGHTS CURRENT EVENTS ANALYSIS MAGAZINE from January, 2014 in BLACK font color only, as during printing on a Black&White laser printer the colored paragraphs get faded out, due to which the pages become useless for reading.

    Color printing is highly expensive, and also one can not read whole of the e-magazine on a laptop consistently.

    I hope you will consider this request with out taking it as a flimsy excuse.

    Sincerely yours
    Sheikh Imran

  • sanga

    I have come across this site recently, this is absolutely wonderful work of INSIGHTS and Team, can’t expect this much guidance for free,HatSoff to INSIGHTS for being light on our path of preparation.

  • amit pandey

    Sir my English is not good. if u allow then I can send questions in Hindi. U post that’s questions in daily answer writing challenge after convert in English.

    • We need questions in English only. Our Hindi is poor 🙂

  • amit

    One suggestion to you that do not put too many questions in secure as it makes the whole process cumbersome and in the end no one will be in position to even revise it, it is better to put less questions daily by removing un necessary questions such as the one of internet governance, death sentence, recycling tech and tagore’s views on education.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Will keep in mind your suggestion. But if you think some questions are useless, you can just ignore them and answer only those which are useful to you. 🙂

  • Sir pls don’t reduce the questions in secure. Whatever u feel important pls ask them. Even If questions are repetitive and easy it’ll be a revision.
    Keerthi Kiran

  • S.K.

    @insights team
    Please get back the old pattern for current events as it had made newspaper reading much easier and interesting. Finding it really difficult to cope up with current events after this change in pattern of current events.
    please do consider this humble request

  • Shruthi

    SIr, PLEASE DO LET US KNOW THAT ” why have you stopped posting feb 2014 current events & JAN CURRENT AFFAIRS MAGAZINE not yet released ” ????

    this is our humble request..
    pls do consider our request..
    waiting for a favourable reply…

    thanking you ..

    • Everyone has stopped sending articles, so current events has been stopped. Magazine is usually released only after 10th.

      But we are not sitting idle. Trying hard to find suitable guys to write current events even if it is paid. We are telling from day one to every one to read the Hindu and not depend on current events of any website. If we had 48 hours in a day, we would have written it ourselves. Please understand that we are just two guys running this site. Thank you for the support.

  • Ravirajsinh

    Sir So Now Current Event’s Part Is Stop…?
    It’s Humble Request Sir Do It Start Again .. We R Also Ready To Pay Fees For Our Current Event’s Initiative…Please Sir..!

  • I found insights highly researched and useful, being a faculty on history optional for UPSC for last one decade i searched for history optional strategy on site. Not found any. If you want i can offer the strategy i have written, it will help aspirants. Bhushan Deshmukh, [email protected]

    • Thank you. It would be great if you can send the Word Document containing your strategy. We will post it here. Thanks again.

      email – insightsonindia at gmail dot com

  • Neevi

    .Hey Insights I am weak in basic numeracy. will you please guide me.

  • ashish

    My suggestion is that the questions can be framed from more diverse sorces also such as PIB, related magazines….etc

  • ashish

    i mean question in SECure 2014 section

  • There are only two gods in UPSC exam preparation…………… is Mrunal Patel………and the other one is INSIGHTIAS…


    JAI HO!!


  • Priyanka

    we would like to know wether, ” JAN 2014 CURRENT AFFAIRS MAGAZINE ” WILL this be released by insights or not ??

    if so when will that be released..?? Sir pls give us an exact answer.. we are waiting for it.. we just want to know wether it will be released or NOT ??

  • aryan

    Thank u insights sir to start current event and plz upload january magzine with general studies part

  • Mohan

    sir…… request for u and u can also consider it as a suggestion………. typing takes more time for many candidates to type Secure 2014, GS writing, Optional………….so it would be feasible if u can provide a software to upload the scanned answer sheets on which we write our answers………..

    • dinesh

      I completely agree with you Mohan

  • lokesh parashar

    dear sir,
    i am desperately waiting for this month magazine pls tell when it will be uploaded

    • vishwa

      same here … atleast tell us if we will get it or not.

  • appu

    hi sir, this is request from me that,
    2 pages can be opened to write answers from 2013 mains questions Papers.

    This helps in knowign the depth of questions and the “exact” requriement fo UPSC. It would help in breaking the myth of “knowign” the question adn reality of “writign the balanced and addressed answer”

    It also encourage people to anwer the previous questions.

  • Anoop

    hi sir .
    i have a request . please upload the pdf of all the questions and answers of “daily writing challenge” for gs current event and gs mains every month. it would be a great help for students who have access to internet occasionally . also it will help the aspirants for revision purpose… please sir its a humble request .
    this file helped me a lot ..

  • Apps!

    Dear Insights,

    It’s been six months since I started following this page. And I have found that I have grown leaps and bounds as a result of your efforts. I have learnt how important it is to write, for reading, or for that matter, even making notes for that matter, does not prepare me to write “answers”. The Daily Answer Writing Challenge is a boon for all of us. And your attempt to streamline it this year to take it up topic wise helps us cover each topic comprehensively!

    Guaging by the response on the page, one would be led to believe that the daily challenge has taken a backseat when compared to the hugely popular Secure-2014. But, trust me, (and I think I speak for a lot of us when I say this) we value all your initiatives equally. I am guilty of not writing the answers here. But I sincerely write each answer in a notebook every single day. Rest assured none of us are ever going to lose interest in any of your initiatives, even though we might not really be able to display our enthusiasm on the page owing to time constraints!

    Thank you for your brilliant efforts. We are all indebted to you! 🙂

  • siddhant ingole

    in the daily answer writing challenge area… could you please add a thumb up/ thumbs down option… so that if some one find a answer or doubt helpful, they can ‘thumbs up’ it…


    @insight team
    would congratulate and thank you for wonderful job you are doing.
    it has helped me a lot in answer writing ..
    i have two suggestions to make.
    1 please start a portion for last year papers ,with best answer (analysis)
    2 in secure 2014 ,please mark some code (p1,p2,p2,p4 etc ) so that it can be easily linked to syllabus.
    i understand your limitation on time and resource front.but i think this will help in longer run.
    thanks!! god bless you all

  • ji


    can u change the month reminder to day reminder>>>>will be useful…..

    5 months >>>>>>178 days

    • Wish I could 🙂 it can’t be customized!

      • amol

        Sir, plz divide section for each qestion you post on daily current affairs so that different answers posted by students will be easier to follow for the same questions and also provide facility to upload scanned/photographed answer directly to the posts.
        Thank you!

  • Rahul Garg

    Can you please commence ‘Daily Answer Writing’ section for ‘Psychology’ as an optional subject as well.

    • aryan

      Hi rahul, can u suggest which book or notes ref. Psychology my optional subject and i prepared 2014 exam

  • siddhant ingole

    sir could you add a ZOOLOGY optional daily answer writing challenge

  • Sumit Gore

    Hello Insight..First thing first, thank you very much for such wonderful blog.This blog is touching as well as teaching the civil services exam aspirants.
    I have two suggestions regarding adding some features in the blog.
    1. In the secure -2014 and writing challenges , If you could put a little button for “LIKE” ( as in facebook , like ), I think it will boost the responses . Aspirants writing answers with so much efforts will feel rewarded as well as heard. Plus we will feel that our answer is being well criticized.
    2. Second one is more simple , the top left corner box , which constantly reminds us about prelim’s proximity , can you please convert or add the counter for days remaining instead of months? Because ‘5 months to go’ is less pressing ( as well as relieving ;-)) than ‘150 days to go’!

  • Sumit Gore

    Sorry for repeated suggestions . But i hope it will be function as emphasis rather than disturbance.

  • mamta

    Please post a detailed strategy for prelims preparation as soon as possible same as you have done for mains.

  • will you help me by posting daily answer writing for request sir

  • Nikhil D

    @Insights: Vinay sir, Recently I have been posting answers regularly on daily answer writing challenge (because of threat that if nobody posts you might discontinue the initiative. Though many like me might be practicing writing answers on A4 sheets, but don’t post it on the website)

    I have witnessed a problem while posting answers. The answers sometimes are not visible on website after posting it. If I try to post it again, it says DUPLICATE content and doesn’t allow to post the answer again. Sir, it’s a kind request to look into the issue.

  • karthik

    sir, why you people are not posting current affairs in same pattern as you were doing till dec2013, please inform me do i need to subscribe from you people, to get material as of earlier pattern .if so inform how should i…

  • kamalakannan

    Sir please check PIB features,it shows old post as new one

  • Bhawesh

    Hi Insights,

    I had first thought of joining your first offline coaching programme but could not do so because I am a working candidate. Now, I am quitting my job in April and want to focus full on preparation. I want join your offline programme in May. Do you have any thoughts of starting a new batch in May this year?


  • Danish Hakim

    pls post questions on el nino

    • Please see Secure Questions – it has been asked 2-3 times already.

  • varsha

    Sir this site is Awesome .. I have no enough words to thank you ..
    well from Mains perspective you post lot of questions notes .. etc .. I would be grateful if you take initiative and add few MCQ related to CSAT GS paper too 🙂 I hope you will soon consider my suggestion .. 🙂
    thank you everyone.. I am already overwhelmed by visiting such a good site 🙂

  • Arun Jha

    Hello Insight Team,

    I have been following this website for a month. Its indeed an awesome ride with your efforts. I salute you from each and every cells of my whole body.

    I have even asked my teammates to go through website this as well.

    God bless u all.

  • Danish Hakim

    hello sir

    as last year mains exam consists many questions regarding welfare schemes can you guide us in developing separate section regarding schemes and constitution related topics

    thank you

  • joel

    I would like to suggest you to make the daily answer writing section more EYES FRIENDLY. I donno if i m unaware of how to use it properly but here are the problems i find while reading the daily answer writing section.

    2/3rd part of the screen i.e 1/3rd on left side n 1/3rd on right side remains useless while ONLY 1/3rd PART in the middle is only used for the answers n comments. This makes long scrolling to read all comments n answers fully.

    (even in facebook page it is so as seen in the NEWSFEED but when a particular post is clicked it OPENS UP IN FULLSCREEN)

    2.It will be gud if the posts in the form of ANSWERS , REVIEWS,QUERRIESetc are posted in DIFFERENT COLORS so that while scrolling down it may become EASIER TO IDENTIFY which is the question which are the answer and which is its review etc. The COLOR CODE can be adopted like BLUE for ANSWERS , ORANGE for REVIEW, BOLD BLACK for QUESTION BLACK for normal comments.

  • shilpi

    Kudos to your efforts!
    I just want to suggest you to diversify your daily answer writing challenge and ask questions related to topics other than geography, as geog is important mainly for PT. Also factual questions are not very helpful, as there will be little variations in answers. Pose “examine”, “critically comment” type questions on social issues and other newly added topics.
    Also, please post specific questions like they ask in UPSC these days even for factual types, instead of very descriptive labyrinth questions. 400 word limit is too much, it dilutes the answer and the crisp quality and cutting edge feeling goes away with such limit!

  • Danish Hakim

    Post questions on sveep programme by election commission
    section 377 basic fundamentals
    article 370 basic features
    questions related to devyani’s case
    one nation one grid analysis
    Representation of People’s Act

    thank you

    and I would like to say you are a Brahamastra in my preparation

  • prmjnv

    Despite being a good initiative on the part of writing challenge, there is a drawback. Links provided with some question are unworthy of reading and only topical reference is taken. Given the trustworthiness of the initiative an aspirant reads the whole article ending in wastage of time. For example Q.No. 1 of dated March 22, 2014 on cropping pattern can be taken.
    Thus you are requested to add the links with due importance to the question or provide the question without link. We will try ourselves to search for it.


  • deepak singh

    dear sir i am desperately waiting for your daily current events update,but its been almost 15 days since the last updates.please its a humble request and suggestion that u should post daily current events once in 3 days if daily updates are not possible.and once again tonnes of thanks for your efforts.

  • bri

    current affairs plz… i know ur heavy workload… but then plzzzzz… try to update once in 4-5 days… or else it becomes extremely difficult to grab all together… any way thank you from the bottom of my heart sir…

  • Bidisha

    Sir please start Public Administration daily answer writing challenge again. It’s of immense help.


    1 request,please post previous year question asked in UPSC mains(model solution ) ,as this will help build a perspective and by answering in time limit will boost confidence (know your enemy is major part of wining the battle) 🙂
    sir it would be great help if the same is done “topic wise”
    I have high hopes from your dedicated team.
    regards ,

  • tushar

    No Doubt , this is the best platform ever to avail best material ,thought motivation..but i feel questions being framed in secure 2014 are bit analytical a lot and most of the time questions are argumentative..
    However questions from upsc 2013 are little analytic ,mostly flat and need some facts also to substantiate
    some questions from papers are as follows:
    1> Identify the millenium development goals that are related to health .DISCUSS the success of the actions taken by govt for achieving the same…
    1st part is factual.
    2nd part of question would be factual and pro govt ..

    2>What is the meaning of the term “tax expenditure” taking housing sector as an example discuss how it influences the budgetry policies of the gvernment

    3>What are different types of agricultural subsidies given to farmer at the national and state level? critically analyse the agricultural subsidy regime with reference to the distortions created by it..

    Sir , u are a real gem .just i need to say that question in secure 2014 would become more lively if it gets synchronised with pattern of questions asked by UPSC…

  • praveen chowdary

    hello sir…am an ardent fallower of current affairs which helped me a lot in my preparation…am very very thankful to u…financially it is not feasible for me to have computer and net connection..i fallow ur blog once in a week ..but due to some reasons am off the site since from 10 days…now i couldnt find the current affairs link or icon in ur site…i even cant find the current affairs magzines whicj i intended to print out them…please help me sir…am unable to knw the situation wheather u stopped updating current affairs…please sir help me.

  • Sheikh Imran

    Dear Insights

    Please let me know whether you will continue with the Insights Current Events Magazine from February 2014 or not?

    I had relied on this magazine only for my current affairs preparation!

    Sincerely yours
    Sheikh Imran

    • No. It’s discontinued.

      • rocky

        Dear Insights,

        Is there any correspondence course of INSIGHTS, where i can register and get the study material pertaining to current affairs?


      • Dhaakad Chhora

        Hi Insights,
        Can you please start it once again. Its really helpful.


      • anu

        We can even pay and get it … pls help with ur magazines 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Anuj

    Kindly upload current affairs of March Month-2014

  • Sheikh Imran

    Dear Insights
    I am a subscriber of your Test Series Program, 2014.

    Please let me know the possible date by which this test series would be completed.

    This will help in speculating the plan for revision of the entire syllabus before writing the original examination on 24 August, 2014.

    Furthermore, please provide the date sheet for the test series in advance. It helps in completing the topics on time.

    Sincerely yours
    Sheikh Imran

  • tushar

    Dear Sir,
    One request is that if some topic worth mentioning is not in current affairs link as in secure section , then you can add that in GS writing skill section as was the case before the advent of secure-2013,2014.
    GS writing skill section can fully complement the secure-2013,2014 section..Many more questions can be added on daily basis..

  • abhimanyu

    hello sir, as u are sharing links of important tv debates ..plz also share important article occuring in different news papers daily..

    one thing will be more useful if you can compile the imp older articles of different news papers under the headings of upsc syllabus..and than continue add up as new article comes up . this will take time in compilation but surely wl be vry helpful as the articles in news and videos help in better understanding than the books!

  • deepak

    Dear sir,
    Do you provide test series in Hindi medium ?
    please reply a.s.a.p.

  • Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for giving us such a platform like Secure-2014 for writing practice.
    However I just want to confirm
    1. Whether Insight team is reviewing our answers or not.
    2. If possible can Insight team start highlighting the best answer after day.
    It will help us to improvise the direction of writing answers.

    Thanks again

  • ramesh verma

    dear sir can u provide all this thing for students of hindi medium



  • Ritu

    Dear Sir, If at all I cud thank U enough …ur site is a blessing.If any day I can clear d xam dn a major contribution will b urs.

  • shivakrishna

    thank u sir. kindly please give answer challenging on anthropology optional subject.

  • Sourabh

    Hi Insight,

    Thanks for your Secure-2014 initiative.
    I am writing on it daily.
    However, Can it be possible for you to start publishing the question a bit-early in the morning at around 7:30.

    It is necessary for us Office going people, because we cannot write answers in office and we cannot delay our office timing more than 10 a.m. 🙁

    So, if it is possible, please try to publish question in secure-2014 initiative a bit early, so that we office goers can also be benefit from it.

    Thanks in advance and also apologies for being demanding. It is necessary, since Insight is the only place we office-goers can have answer writing practice and get it reviewed from other aspirants.

  • Dhammadeep

    Problem solved. Thnk u.

  • Manalika

    Please consider updating the section where all the ET in the Classroomm articles have been consolidated.


    Dear sir, i got some questions for gs mains…
    please upload them in our daily writing challenge or in secure 2014.

    1. Critically examine the concepts of nation and citizenship in the context of globalization ?

    2. Distinguish between secularism and secularization. Analyse the nature and extent of secularization in contemporary india ?

    3. Are social movements always influenced by ideologies ? Discuss.

    4. Rapid urbanization and sustainable development do not go together. Discuss with arguments.

  • Sheikh Imran

    Dear Sir
    After examining your revised Test Series Schedule – 2014, it seems that you have not covered the [Environment and Geography of India] sections! Please clarify.

    Sincerely yours
    Sheikh Imran

    • We have covered Environment related topics many times. But last five tests will have many more questions on Environment.

      We will try to accommodate Geography of India (5-6 chapters which are important) in 16th Test.

      Thank you.

  • Zenia

    Insights Sir, I recently went through the test series schedule and it has been made brilliantly but I have a few doubts. Though history, geography, polity and economics have been covered thoroughly, what about science and environment part? Will covering current affairs portion shall be sufficient as mentioned in the schedule? Are Ncerts enough to cover static part of science and environment?
    Is Indian culture a part of prelims syllabus? If yes, can the spectrum book (by Kalpana) be done selectively or it has to be done in entirety?(Considering I have time constraints)
    For modern Indian, is Bipan Chandra’s book sufficient? Will skipping Plassey to Partition be safe?
    If one has done a manual(Arihant) for paper 2 in entirety, is it sufficient or should she go for books like RS Aggarwal for more practice?
    And lastly, everybody stresses upon loads of mcq practice for GS preparation. Considering I have only 80 days for preparation in which I have to study from scratch, should I go for books of mcq practice as mentioned in the prelims strategy on this site, or the test series will be sufficient?
    I know Sir my list of doubts is too long, and they might seem trivial but with little time left, I am feeling overwhelmed and confused. Your reply would be of great help! 🙂


    Answer following questions 12 marks/120 words each:

    What do you understand by ethics audit? How is it different from financial audit?
    Are ethics practices and behaviors in the business world different than those found in public service? If so, why?
    Describe an ethical issue you have had to address in your school or college life and the way you handled it. If confronted with the same issue today, would you handle it in the same way?
    Are ethical standards in business organizations higher or lower than those in public service organizations?
    Is there more unethical behavior in government than in business?
    Do you believe the ethical performance of an employee can be evaluated fairly and accurately? Yes/No/Why?
    Is a professional code of ethics that is not enforceable a satisfactory code? Yes/No/Why?
    How does corrupt behavior resemble or differ from unethical behavior?
    Should we hold appointed officials, such as collectors and tehsildaars, to a higher standard of behavior than elected officials such as municipal councilors? Yes/No/Why?
    Gandhi always advocated the purity of means- with respect to that, do you think it is unethical for a military officer to mislead the enemy? Yes/No/Why?

  • Saurabh Singh

    Thank you Insight for Placing all GS questions i.e Current events+GS+S&T at a single place (on 30/04/2014) under Insight secure 2014 (mains). This made it easier for us to acess all the writing practice questions at one place. I hope you organise them in the same in future.

  • Dipankar

    Hello Insight team,
    Can we get all the best answer for those question which are asked under secure – 2014? It would be better if you make a pdf of those questions and answers and then upload. Anyway Thanks for giving outstanding service. Keep it up.

  • gokul

    Why is not people how have attended interview not sharing their experience.. Can Insights throw up a light on this???

  • vikas chaturvedi

    Hello insight.
    thaks for ur indigenous effort..
    sir i want to ask you, by misguided i brought ramesh singh shubhas keshayp bipin chandra … directly , without prepare NCERT first,,
    sir if i will complete this 4 books, thn is there possibilty to crack prelims paper 1 ,means to says that, prelims question can cover this … or have to complete NCERT first …
    sir plz reply fast,,, 🙂

  • matka

    Please make provision for attaching scanned answers in answer writing challenge.. My typing speed is too slow so it is better i can just scan my hand-written answer and attach in comments..

  • Sir please once again start your monthly pdf files of current affairs ….
    kind request please…
    it was too much helpful and amazing
    so please start it once again…..

    • anu

      i agree

  • Animesh BM Tripathi

    Sir, i am regular reader of this blog, though not an active contributor, and i would really congratulate and express gratitude for such a commendable and magnanimous work for Civil Service Aspirants.
    Sir, I am a 5th Year Student of National Law University Odisha and a Civil Service Aspirant. I most humbly request you to upload some Insights about Law as an option and preparatory guide for students willing to appear taking law as an optional.

  • sandy

    civilservices notification -2014 released
    online applications-31/05-30/06
    for details,source-eenadu

  • Vaibhav sharma

    Sir please write a article for newbies “what is ias” “which branch paper is choose “

  • Thanks for reverting to WordPress . Its user friendly


    Im belongs to Jain community and now central Govt. Declare Jain as Minority Community and in UPSC form it is asking are you belong to minority , so pls. clarify in this issue

    • Support

      Yes, you should mention that you belong to minority community. It’s official.

  • Sir , site seems to b running slow these days.

    Do we have 6 attempts each for CSE & IFos?
    Kindly reply,

    • Support

      Work on website is going on. After few days, it will be normal.

      Yes, you have 6 attempts each for civil services and forest service.

  • Gowthaman Ramadoss

    Desr sir

    I would to know is there any new test batch

    It will be helpful for us if we have some 5-8 full mock test before exam and that too if it is from insightsonindia it will be very very useful.

    I was unaware of your previous test batch. Now it is too late to join tat old test batch.

    So look into this and I’ll be thankful if I get such a new test batch.

    Thank you!!

    • Support

      There is no new test batch. It is an ongoing series. Last 5 tests would be full length exams. If you have read basic books, you can enrol. Thank you.

  • IdiotropicEscape

    I don’t get Insights RSS feeds in my Feedly anymore after June 3rd 🙁 Please fix! Thank you.

  • sir plz mere email pe economic question set bhejiye my [email protected]

  • Gourav

    Hello Sir,
    I am new to this Website. I found topics/answer writing challenge for Political Science and International Affairs is missing. It would be of immense help if topics related to Political Science and International Affairs is also published here.

  • Dear Insights,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the assistance and links that you provided. I must confess here that my SOLE source for preparation of GS Paper 4 was “How to prepare for GS-4” page of yours! The links to different syllabus topics were EXTREMELY helpful, like the 25-odd page article from Cambridge University on “What is Ethics?” that I think more beautifully and clearly conveyed the essence of it, than tens of coaching classes did in tons of pages!! Since I prepared for Mains from Lakshadweep Islands (As I was posted here as DANICS), I relied heavily on internet and blogs like yours and Mrunal’s. I did not read anything apart from your links for Paper 4, although I knew people were mugging coaching notes and all, which I knew won’t be of much use!


    Yours Truly,
    Lokesh (AIR 68)

    • Thanks Lokesh. Very happy to know that you were benefited by this site.

      Wish you all the best for your IAS career.

      • Kanchan

        Hello Insights team….Thanks a lot for such a valuable website which is benefiting thousands of Civil services aspirants. Everything from content to question is high in quality and up to the level demanded by this exam.
        I would like to give one suggestion. 2013 Mains examination has made it clear that writing speed do matters a lot and thus needs to be practiced. So it is requested that please make provisions for uploading of scanned answers in Secure-2014 answer writing challenge and others. This will enable us to practice wrritimg and increase our writing skill.


        • Support

          Thanks kanchan.

          This feature will be made available later. I am working on it.

          Till then please practice in your notebook. Try to answers at least 8 questions in one hour (200 words each)

      • Hari

        Hello, do you have app for this or any planning for the same

      • champa

        600 aspirants 8500 fees… Total 51 lakhs…., oh ma god….what an idea sirji

      • SSPP

        plz provide secure 2016 (from 2015 October to 2016 December) and editorial decode monthly compilation… it will be very helpful for those who don’t have regular access to internet.. plz…..

      • mm_beginner

        Please tell me how can I subscribe for prelims test series 2017. I have been trying for last three days but failed to pay the fees

    • justsaying

      Hi Lokesh..congrats on your selection i am an aspirant ..2nd guidance at all..can you help me with my doubts regarding how to approach reference email [email protected]..any help much appreciated sir !!

  • chhaya

    Dear Sir,

    The option for Print and PDF is not working. please see and do the needful.

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Dear Sir,

    Hello insights, Thanks for building great website. I have suggestion about insight secure-prelims. The Questions on secure-prelims are frame from PIB, The Hindu and any one business news paper. But the Questions are frame from very old releases and features of PIB, and old issues of The Hindu; which is difficult to answer such Questions. Most of the aspirants read PIB releases and features,and The Hindu issues daily because it is daily development.
    So i request you please framed secure-prelims Questions from current PIB releases and features and also from current The Hindu issues.

  • A small suggestion, except old articles n regular ans writing practices which r of immense use , I feel something new need to b added on regular intervals like -interviews of those who benefited from the website , changed strategy /analysis of previous UPSC papers etc all those that would add sheen to our insights on India.

    Sorry , if spoke something wrong.
    This us from ur regular passive follower,

  • AMOL

    Thanks to insight for giving valuable guidance to students preparaning in rural areas like me.
    I would like to give one suggestion for secure prelims 2014.
    For the next two month you please post atleast five questions from INDIA YEARBOOK 2014. You please give the chapter name or no. of pages from yearbook in advance and post questions on the next day.
    Also give two questions from FRONTLINE, YOJANA AND KURUKSHETRA for secure mains 2014 on every sunday along with the essay.
    Thanking you upto infinity.

  • swathi ananth

    dear sir

    i have a doubt… really confused with the age limit for general category students….is it 30 or 32……and also whrn will be the 2015 exam held…in may or august…

  • indira

    insights i am highly debted to you for your all contributions…you nd mrunal are only rescue to aspirant like me.ThankyoU from core of my heart.

  • Sabyasachi Biswas

    I already have registered my account in your website, and my optional is history so please D’NOT send other optional daily answer writing challenges into my mails..
    also please update the history daily answer writing challenges..

  • Saurabh Singh

    kindly start INSIGHT WEEKEND DEBATES ……..Its not updates from 12/01/14

    • If everyone is willing to participate, then we have no problem to restart it. Thank you for showing interest.

  • Sabyasachi Biswas

    please start history daily answer writing challenges early , it was very much helpful , please do it started….

  • anupam

    kindly tag your each Question according to syllabus ….else is superb….Thank You….

  • alok rai

    @insights first of all I would like to thx you for your all efforts from the bottom of my heart. really your efforts are miraculous and we all applaud it. Sir I just want to say to you that It’s my fortune to a work with you as a volunteer . It’s my pleasure to contribute my efforts , in this philanthropic work . So any time if you need any such type of help just let me known. My email id is [email protected] ….. and again thx for your all these efforts it means a lot for us…

    • Dear Alok,

      Thanks a lot for offering to volunteer. I will definitely seek help in case I need any. Keep participating. Keep moving towards your goal. Wish you all the best. 🙂

  • Putting up good ref links for essay is of immense help.
    Keep continuing

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Why Govt intervening in UPSC.
    CSAT is worthy for all, it shouldn’t remove at all at any cost.
    I request all the followers of Insights please comments on this controversies.

    • Please don’t start discussion on this topic. It is useless to discuss. Instead continue your preparation. It will help. Every mark is important.

  • I leave a response when I especially enjoy a post on a website or if I have something to contribute to the discussion. Usually it is triggered by the passion communicated in the article I looked at. And on this article. I was excited enough to post a thought 😉 I do have a couple of questions for you if it”s okay. Could it be simply me or does it seem like a few of these comments come across like they are written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing at other online sites, I”d like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list all of your social sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  • Meet


    Earlier there were magazines for current affairs. Is it still continued. ?

  • abhimanyu

    plz update the tv debate section …it has nt been updated since long
    and plz sir do less commercialisation…you are posting list of too many books and too many material… plz take inspiration from specific
    it seems tht the site has become platform for flipkart ads…

  • abhimanyu

    you have suggested and advertising for too many bookss..can anyone read all this????

  • ankita

    sir…i am preparing this exam with hindi medium…your efforts are very good but many of hindi medium student does not get benefits from this site…plz make it easy for us..
    the question and the sources are in english…like we dont have any ides about good book for ethics paper…

  • mohan

    sir…….please restart the option to upload scanned copies……because there are a number of students who just hate typing……….please restart it sir………..

  • Ashish N Patil

    Dear Sir,
    Not found questions for following days. will you please upload for these dates…….
    12.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 12
    13.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 13
    14.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 14
    15.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 15
    16.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 16
    17.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 17
    18.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 18
    19.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 19
    20.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 20
    21.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 21
    22.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 22
    23.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 23
    24.Secure Prelims – 2014 July 24

  • AB

    The search option on Insights website is not working as it was working earlier. Instead of searching from Insights documents , It is showing Google results.
    Please restore it to earlier feature as soon as possible.


  • AKN

    Hi Team,

    You people are already doing yeoman service. This is one of the only two sites really helpful for CSE preparation. It would be impudence to ask you for more. But if you could evaluate the answers we write daily under “Secure Mains” , that would be your biggest contribution ever. You could assign marks for each and explain the reasons for the lowest mark and highest mark. It wouldn’t be wrong even if you decide to charge this service.



  • Tuks

    My all Insights family Friends……….. We MUST watch All the seminars given by Sandeep Maheshwari…its a great motivational videos….

  • hitaish

    In the Secure Prelims section, for many days of July month, there is no hyperlink activated, so the link is not getting selected from 12th July to 24th July. Kindly put the hyperlink for the same.


  • It would b of great help if ur team or someone could up must read topic for this prelims . So that we can assure ourselves that our chances of getting selected improves

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Sir, please update, how to prepare GS-1,GS-2,GS-3,GS-4 for mains.

  • Munish kapoor

    Please provide complete syllabus of CSAT with books…

  • zzzgpk

    Yojana issues after month of March 2014 not available? Could you please upload them..

  • manu

    sir , kindly update about the important topics in Science Reporter

  • Nikki

    Sir, please suggest the books for sociology (topic wise) as you have suggested for various GS papers of mains.
    Mail me if you can.

  • abhimanyu

    sir, this web is doing commendable job by providing daily ques related to news (mains answer writing). i want to thk u from aspirants fraternity. Sir typing of answers is different from wht we write on paper. in mains we have to write on paper. so if you could provide the facility of “attachments” so tht we can upload the scanned copy or image of answer written on paper. this will help as:
    1. improve writing speed on paper
    2. save time as many of us dont have good typing speed

    Abhimanyu singh

    • Thank you Abhimanyu.

      Now you can upload your hand-written answers.

      Hope you actively participate and contribute your answers regularly. All the best.

  • biasips

    i just started follwing you website and i am extreamly greatfull for giving such a great platform for us . i feel it’s my key to success and i will defintly get back to you when i bcrack this exam that too in top 10.


    • That’s the spirit. You can be in Top 100 if you really want to be in Top 100. You just have to make sure that you work hard consistently. This motivation should last till you see your name in Top 100.

      Thank you for linking this site. Keep visiting. Spread the word about this site to your friends too. All the best!

      • biasips

        One request , the way you posted the preparation guide which breaks down syllabus and gives the complete knowledge of sources,can you also do it for political science as optional,as in not completly but general i get the things like read from reports and and all but what to read is a big thought your help will boost my preparation.


  • pavitra

    hello sir
    im solving the secure prelim quiz. till yesterday this link was working well. but today it is not working. im not able to see questions. plz help im totally depended on it for my 24 aug exam as i couldnt prepare well due to some reasons. so for last 15 days im preparing only through secure prelim. plz do something for its working..plz.. i have only 2 days left…

    • It’s working now. Please check. Thank you for bringing this into notice.

  • lovely tyagi

    sir, i want to start writing so please guide me how to write. my english is not good but not bad, average.please guide me

    • You don’t need good English. Your writing should clearly communicate your thoughts. You can use simple language to do this. Just start writing – may be an opinion on a current event, or an answer to simple question posted at Secure-2014 initiative. If you write continuously for 15 days, you will see tremendous improvement in your writing.

  • vinn


    Nice makeover of the website !!
    I have two suggestions for further improvement of website:

    1) Font size in “Responses”/ “Comments” section is a bit small. If possible, please increase the font size.
    2) While zooming the page, Columns loose their alignment.

    Rest everything is good. 🙂

    • rohit

      @INSIGHT:Sir,is it possible to make subscription to selected posts like ‘comments only on my answer’ or new article under ‘issues’ and not all comments?

  • vinn


    Have you removed the ‘recent comment’ column from the website?
    If possible, please incorporate that column too on the website page.

  • vinn


    Dates shown along with PIB features links is having some issue. For instance, article link for
    “ICAR- Spearheading Tricolor Revolution in Agriculture”
    is showing DECEMBER 8, 2014.

    • vinn

      I think,
      month and dates have switched their places.
      As every date is ‘8’, which i think should be 8th month i.e. August.

    • Abhinav Kushwaha

      it is 12-August-2014,
      please refer PIB website.

  • Ankita

    This was my first attempt for the prelims examination.
    I don’t know whether I’ll make it or not(since I am have borderline marks and in the general category to top it), but I am really grateful to you for the excellent test series you provided.
    My knowledge level has increased manifolds.
    For which I’ll be eternally grateful to you..

    Wishing you loads of luck on your new endeavor..

  • PS

    Respected Sir,
    When would be the schedule for the test series for Prelims-2015 be posted?
    Could you please provide the details for the same.
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    same question as above.

  • Geetanjali

    Sir, i am not receiving rss feeds on greader since 3days..

  • Ram Sharma

    Dear Insight Team,

    Really appreciate your work!

    I have been a long follower of the website. Just one request: Is it possible for you to post few questions from the archive which you consider as important? This will be a great way of revising.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Naveen Shekhar

    Please start Mathematics optional Daily Answer Writing Series.
    I am willing to send previous year questions.

    • Please send questions (lots of them – which I can copy paste!). I will start posting immediately. Thank you.

  • AKN

    Pls start an answer writing challenge to cover whole of ‘static portions’ within the coming 75 days.

    • I am starting ‘Insights GS Answer Writing Challenge – Mains Static Topics’!

      • AB

        You can follow a specific pre-mentioned plan in this case. For example, cover one specific static portion (which was communicated to us beforehand) daily. (Of course questions from already covered topics can be added later as booster doses.)

        This will definitely help us aspirants follow a specific plan of study and not jump topics arbitrarily.


  • yuvaraj N

    dear admin since magazines like world focus ,yojana and kurukshetra are important can u upload every month magazines on your website…i dont know the team effort behind this.. but if u are a team of 5 or more you can kindly do this for aspirants

  • Naveen Shekhar

    Should I start it sending topic wise as per a definite plan or randomly year by year basis?
    We can present a formidable scheduled topical questions in the limited time frame.Questions from standard text books from UPSC point of view can be added as well.

    • Please send me topic wise. Send me few sample questions. Let me know if equations can be copy pasted as it is.

      Send all questions either topic wise or year wise in a word document. Thank you.

  • Gitesh Ombale


  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Please provide link for essay writing , along with the essay.

  • shrey

    i wanted to inquire that whether do you conduct any offline classes for the mains exam just like you provided one in the month month of January at bangalore, if yes what is the procedure for registration.

    Shrey Sinha

    • Sorry the procedure is over. the batch will start in few days. In case you have written Mains-2013, reply with your marks card and your expected score of this Prelims to insightsonindia at gmail dot com. Thank you.

      • PS

        Respected Sir,
        When would be the schedule for the test series for Prelims-2015 be posted?
        Could you please provide the details for the same.
        Thanking you in advance.

        • On Monday You will get all the details. Thank you.

  • Sir ,
    Pls give us the strategy for next 100days. I am confident of getting thru prelims . But totally unaware of tools needed for mains . I am trying to write ans for secure 2014 q + few of hrs of optional my day is over . I am feeling tensed , with this pace how would I complete my mains syllabus..
    I have gone thru ur booklist , I feel its impossible for me complete reading from those books+ revision in shirt span.
    Also apart from ur ethics challenge , how should one start preparation for that paper .?
    Pls do consider my request & suggest a strategy .
    Please …please … Give us the game plan.

  • resurect

    Dear Sir,
    Please join the facebook too and post your question there. That will be really good for us.

    • You can use FB account to post answers now. Check the comment box. But thanks for the suggestion.

      • Hi. I want to share something about new look of the site.
        1. The Red floating Patti on the top is too thick and hides a lot of space, Result viewable area below is reduced.
        Why dont use use vertical floating patti on left side ? Your left side is empty. This will help you show patti and also the viewable content is not reduced.

        Now the comment portion is coming in page wise. Earlier it used to be in one length. The benefit of one length was that we could use Ctrl+F and search all keywords and answers quickly because some answers posted here and there. But now one need to search page wise too. Work is increased.

        Rest all is Good !!

  • Hi. I want to share something about new look of the site.
    1. The Red floating Patti on the top is too thick and hides a lot of space, Result viewable area below is reduced.
    Why dont use use vertical floating patti on left side ? Your left side is empty. This will help you show patti and also the viewable content is not reduced.

    Now the comment portion is coming in page wise. Earlier it used to be in one length. The benefit of one length was that we could use Ctrl+F and search all keywords and answers quickly because some answers posted here and there. But now one need to search page wise too. Work is increased.

    Rest all is Good !!

  • Kavan

    Hi… this site is very helpful. Thanks a ton for all the help.. It would be great if you can have something related to Physics & Chemistry Mains optional Subjects too.. will be hoping for a positive outcome of this.. Thanks

  • I enjoy reading through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

  • MSD

    Dear Sir,

    I am eagerly waiting for the test series – 2015 and I want to thank you for the previous test year. I may not clear Prelims, fault lie on my side. But obviously the questions were of superb standard. No doubt in it.

    I want to suggest that alongwith NCERT + Basic books questions, can you please include questions from PIB also on regular basis in every test. This will help us in thorough revision of current affairs.

    Thanks and regards

  • vinay

    Better to use the word “contest” instead of challenge

  • yogi

    there are no direct links to daily questions you post about science tech, GS answer writting……one has to go to new posts everytinme

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Sir, Please start secure prelim-2015.

  • vikh

    Insights, your doing a wonderful job. Thanks a lot.
    I have a request here. The mains “general science” section and “optional” section are great. But it would be more helpful if a brief schedule is given. For example in public adm post a weekly schedule for next 3 months. we have 12 weeks for the exam from now. If we take 2 chapters at a time or combine similar chapters we could smoothly cover the portion and effectively utilize this website. Same can be done with GS.
    Knowing the topic of the questions asked in a week would help us revise and answer the questions better else it would just be like walking in the haze.
    Please give a thought about it.

  • Pooja Agarwal

    Its a job well done … Heartfelt thank you for this painstaking job… However it would be great if u can also indicate the best answer or model answer or grade the answer posted for secure mains.. It would be a great help n really time saving for aspirants s v can get n idea how to frame n present the content….

  • Upsc_champ

    I would like to purchase your test series.. But only if it comes along with the prev yrs 21 tests.. Can this be arranged ? Thank u

    • Yes you will get. But not in one go.

      • PS

        Respected Sir,

        The NCERTs which you have mentioned in the schedule( For 2015 test series) – Are these new NCERTs or the old one(s)?

  • Aniket Waghmare

    Namaskar Sir,
    Can u help me please for any question papers of Medical science Optional.If the Questions are provided here we would write answers here..It would be great help for many of us.Thank you for all other Question and answrs of General studies.,,

  • Anurima Das

    first i want to thank you for the valuable suggestions you have given through the articles…am a student of Bengali medium..hence its quite difficult for me to write the whole exam in English..
    my question is,can i write mains exam in Bengali?
    if yes,then is there any disadvantages of writing the exam in a regional language?will it effect getting higher marks?

    • Yes you can write in Bengali Medium. If your writing and comprehension of Bengali is very good, then there won’t be any disadvantages. This year a guy got Rank – 25 by giving entire exam in Kannada medium. You too can.

  • Mayuresh

    Hello Guys,

    I would like to recommend every aspirant to watch Prasar Bharthi Spotlight/News Analysis

    They discuss the crucial news of the day or week in detail…points discuss here are really important for answer writing…

    To watch the audio access the website

    The website also has various other news related items, please go through it…



  • Usha

    I have taken Law optional for UPSC 2014 but facing difficulty with the upkeep of the question pattern especially related to current affairs (al the more because of the fact that I am not a law graduate).
    Could you please help with starting Law Answer writing challenge too. Would be immensely grateful.

    Many thanks!

    • @Usha,

      We post questions only if someone sends them. If you questions with you (Word Doc), please send them. You can frame your own questions too. Thank you.

      Send to the ID mentioned at Contact Page above.

  • Usha

    Thanks Insights, advice taken.

    Also, How do i connect to other Law optional exam takers on Insights so that I can discuss and understand what’s imp and what’s not.

  • kushal

    sir can you please start electrical engineering optional -Q (as you have started mathematics)

    I will try to compile old question set

    but right now a bit busy

  • pooja

    plz start with GS mains test for different papers under specific titile, it will help many from joining GS mains classes and will save our money.


  • tushar

    Hi insights,
    First of all heartfelt gratitude for incredible work by your team, your website is godsend for newbies. The interface is easy on the eyes and could prove to be a one stop shop for the examination.
    This is my first attempt, i started my preparation in january , naturally my prep has been ad hoc and the prelims were possible with a mad study routine. However from the looks of it and rightly so, the mains examination requires method.
    I have gone through your website in entirety and trying to plan my way for the mains, its a bit confusing though.. I go to a sociology coaching, the to and fro time plus class hours eat up a good 5 hours.
    I have segregated the study paperwise, written down the entire syllabus on a chart and try to do a weekly prep of different sections, since the demands of the exam require a thorough analysis of current affairs i have been tailing the best answers on questions from january onwards.
    The problem that i am facing is organising q nd a of every section, since your daily challenges comprise of multiple topics and issues its hard to collect and assort questions and answers on individual parts of the syllabus.
    For instance if i were to complete study on governance and social issues, i have to visit each date, find the related question, their answers , going from month to month its becomes a tedious process . will it be possible for your team to assign a tag to a question and create a repository of all q,s in one place. For a person looking for questions on environment and biodiversity or culture could just click on the culture or environment tab and find all questions in a list.
    Members writing their answers could tag their answers similary.
    I am not looking for shortcuts but considering 90 days remain, if you could write up a study plan, could be generic, it would help us newbies a great deal, less time would be spent on browsing and information collection and more time studying.

    Thanks and regards.

    P.S. you guys rock..

  • anurima das

    can you please upload some model answers on different general studies topics and geography optional..
    though your tips on writing a good answer is very useful…still i need model answers to understand the demand of upsc mains clearly..

  • Anshool

    I m not getting any confirmation email on my id as i have trying to to subscribe from long plz suggest me the other way out

  • Dr Sachin Singhal

    Sir you are doing a commendable job and u have made UPSC preparation SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.
    Sir just want to make one request. Sir if possible can u please collect important articles which must b read from yojana 2014 editions for mains 2014 as you have done for 2012 and 2013..
    Sir it would be a great help…
    Once again hats off to u for this marvellous social work..

  • Harsh

    you have started posting current events news 2-3 days back.
    i find it very useful.
    Please continue.

  • Ravinder Singh

    I m not receiving current affairs from past 2 days . Pls advise


    Hello Sir,

    I am very much interested in joining your offline classes in Bangalore. Is there a chance for me to get admitted into it. I know it’s been almost 20 days now since you had posted your mail regarding offline classes.

    Please let me know, since I m in need of critical feedbacks at this moment.

    Thanking you,


  • chaitanya

    can you please provide public administration challenge questions (challenge-15) for the one you have not posted

  • divya

    this website splendidly present all materials nd of immense help for those who cnt affort expensive books..this website truely like teacher nd reallly helping me alot in my journey…to an IAS
    thank u so much for all ur help sir/mam

  • sharad

    Sir your website & your online guidance is the best I have seen amongst all the programs. I have a small suggestion. Can you please include AIR audio files with the name of the topic on which the discussion is taking place. They are highly valuable discussions but it is difficult for the aspirants to compile them.
    You are doing a brilliant job, special thanks for that.

  • akash paramhans

    i have enrolled to your pelims subscription but i have not recieved any mail nor i am getting any clue to move further with th tests.i have enrolled today so how i am going to tak the tests of missed one i.e test held on 15.09.14.

  • Shailendra

    please continue secure mains on sunday too.

  • kirti dalal

    plz provide questions fro law optional…plz look into this matter…

  • Gautam Kumar Suman

    Sir I want to talk someone in the insightonindia. I have to clarify something about test series.Can you give your office contact number.
    If I join from the 2nd test, then will I be eligible for the discount.
    Gautam Kumar Suman
    Contact no 9481981583

  • Gautam Kumar Suman

    Can Anyone having the contact number of insightonindia provide to me..

  • tushar s

    please add a new section for IFoS aspirants in your website

  • Shanmugasundaram

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i am congratulating and wishing you for your great work through this website. i also suggesting my perception on writing challenge is, as follows are sending questions on every GS & Optional paper is great attempt but you are segregating the syllabus like TOPICs so can you send frame questions on Topic based?

  • ashok

    dear sir,
    I am presently doing 3rd yr btech and I want to become an ias officer .In the process of knowing about the exam I came across INSIGHTS and after reading few articles I realized that I found a golden treasure and i bookmarked it instantly.
    I was born and residing in a village and for students like me it indeed a golden bowl I am impressed with your work .
    I will give my attempt in 2017 and i will definitely follow this daily.
    thanks for the help and you guys are simply superb

  • Siddharth

    Dear Insight,
    You have done great work. I have a small suggestion regarding the daily answer writing challenge. It will be nice if you provide a functionality of like/upvote/or something like that and make the answers visible top to bottom according to maximum number of upvotes/likes. This will help in reading the best answers first.

  • Sumit kc

    sir my request is, if you provide the (best) reference for optional public administration along with the daily questions, as you do in insight secure ( current affairs) so it will be of great help. sir please take this suggestion sincerely as it will make difference in our preparation

  • dr muzzafar malik

    I would like to congratulate u for the wonderful job u r doing.i m a doctor n m contemplating to write down civil services exam but unfortunately i didnt find zoology answer writing option on insights.plz let me know whether u r goin to start it up or what?.thanks n waitin for a reply

  • AVS

    Can you please compile an article on ISIS issue why UN and India are not joining war against ISIS.

  • Sapan

    sir can u open a chatting box for the students where they can discuss issues..

  • Anwar

    Why are you not posting questions regularly for answer writing challenge for aspirants with commerce optional. Are you not getting questions?
    If yes, please tell me how I can contribute questions. I’m from Krishnagiri your neighbouring place.

  • Anshika

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am one of your fan who admires your hard work for aspirants.But I just want to suggest you that if you gives us a topic before asking question on that then it will be more useful for us.

    For ex – If you are going to ask Q on Vietnam War on 30 Sept then please give us the topic on 29 Sept so as we can prepare it well.

    Hope you like the suggestion

  • Surbhi

    Please give option to PDF the posts

  • IPSIT pratap

    Sir, this is a wonderful website for the serious aspirants. Though i am student of hindi medium but still i found this site useful and understandable.THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  • Reddy

    Thank you sir

  • Dear Vinay
    Ethics in personal relationship url given to website is not working.
    Plz give the alternate link

  • Sandeep

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a subscriber of the Insights Prelims Test Series for CSE 2015. I would like to put forward the suggestion for including the questions in the answer solutions that are provided. This will help in the revision purpose as we can directly use single pdf rather than switching between the pdfs for questions and solutions.


  • Dr.Raj

    A small suggestion and request to you.Consider it if you feel good sir..
    Sir i request you to post the material and whatever stuff, important for exam, as per the papers wise like GS 1 GS 2 and so on and if possible as per the syllabus wise i mean topicwise of each paper.. Sir this will help us to prepare easily as per the paperwise and syllabuswise of each paper and make our note in easily accessible compartments as per paperwise and topicwise sir..and it will be very easy to retrieve and revise..the present pattern is bit confusing as many materials are in scattered form..
    And hatts of to your great and superb work..
    Sir you cand reorganise your website a s per GS paperwise and within each paper,topicwise.. And sorry if m wrong sir..

  • hello,

    i like the website most .i prepare everyday . its my humble request that please add the option of upload image (daily answer writing challange ,….etc). again .it helps a lot ,we write a answer and directly upload it (now we spend precious time typing on the keyboard it will not yield much for answer writing which is our main motto).uploading written answer will help. i know that there were some guys who misused upload option ,but to prevent few we are making loss of many aspirant . we should think on other way to STOP BAD GUYS .please start the upload option(with some security mechanism).please think on it .

    • It is not removed to stop few bad guys. It is removed to stop the website from crashing. It is technical issue. I know it’s causing disappointment, but you the option of uploading to Google Docs and providing link in the comment box. If you review someone’s answer genuinely and then request them the same courtesy, I am sure they will definitely read your answers even on Google Docs n give you feedback.

      For you and us, smooth running of website is more important. Hope you got the point. Thank you.

      • thanks for the solution to the problem. It will be great if u start that feature ,it will help many others also.PLEASE TRY.INSIGHT has been my daily guide for preparation of UPSC.please carry on .ALL THE BEST

  • c_alam_ity

    First of all, I would like to thank you guys for the amazing job with both the the mains answer writing posts and the current events posts. For someone with a small amount of time left to cover a mountain of material, your posts are just what I need.
    I have noticed that the topics covered in the current events posts and the insights mains posts are the same to a large extent, so if you could post the same news article that inspired the current events post as a context in the current events post itself, that would be very helpful. Especially in cases where that topic wasn’t a part of the INSIGHTS daily answer writing challenge.
    Many Thanks,


    I am not able to see answers uploaded as images by others in ‘chrome’.
    Is it just me or is there any issue at your end?

    please check.

  • wouth

    Hello Insights,

    Many toppers recommend mentioning contemporary events having a sociological underpinnings to enrich our answers. The Hindu news articles are especially helpful.

    Could you please consider starting a thread dedicated to posting such articles? It would be of immense help to those having sociology optional.


  • rakesh

    hi sir

    can u provide a zip file which contain all Ethics Case Study of 2014 ?

    thanks in advance…

    • I don’t have such file. Please compile yourself. Thank you.

  • gowthami

    Dear sir,
    I have cleared my prelims this year sir. It is my first attempt. I am working in coal india. Provided with my work schedule at office i have got only 6 to 8 hrs to prepare for mains. Kindly give me some suggestions and your valuable advice regarding preparing for mains.

    • Congratulations Gowthami. With limited time, your main focus should be on Optional. For general studies, please go through our Secure Q&A of past Ten months. This will cover paper 2 and 3 quite well. Practice at least 10 essays as it is also very important. In those 6-8 hours, fifty percent should be dedicated for Optional. If you are already good with optional, then spend more time on GS (with at least 2 hours of writing practice). Wish you all the best.

  • Rohit

    You are doing a good work dear.. but your experiments with the site’s template aren’t just good enough. The comment section earlier was easier. The new disqus feature is bit annoying. More so it is difficult to use and copy some good answer in evernote. Lots of difficulties using disqus.

    • Thank you. If you are using this site just to copy paste then it might be difficult (I don’t know how), but if you use it for ‘participation’, Disqus is the best option out there. May be you noticed this while writing your feedback. 🙂

      After trial and errors, finally have found Disqus to be more suited for ‘discussion’. It all depends on the way you see things.

      • Rohit

        But there’s hardly anything distinct about disqus except vote up & down & share via fb, twitter etc.. which hardly is used.
        1) See more option ..everywhere >> Person can’t use Ctrl+F (because text is hidden under see more
        2) Suppose one wants to search where Insights posted 3rd question Earlier one could use Ctrl+F = Inisghts …. But now to every reply Insights is there in comments.
        3) Can’t ctrl+F question >> because all comments are not loaded at once… Repeatedly one has to do Load more comments..
        4) Most important >> It is hanging the browser ….All people might not have i5 or i7 🙂

        Earlier simple comments display was better.. and would have worked well with rating button for answer..

        Rest no are the moderator.. 🙂

        • ABHISHEK

          i totally agree. They have messed up the whole experience just to get few shares. pathetic.

        • This feature is added not for voting or sharing feature – for real time commenting, and lowering load on servers. I know it’s not perfect. But for those who like to answers (including those who like to post scanned answers), this is the best option.

  • Sandeep Chaudhary

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    This is regarding new discussion platform.

    New platform virtually hang my PC every time when i try to load more comments are try to expand the discussion.

    Kindly look into the matter and provide some solution.


    Sandeep Chaudhary.


    Please remove the ‘see more’ option on secure mains-2014 page. See, to tell you frankly the answers are a great repository of knowledge and many a times candidates copy the whole webpage and read, take notes as per their convenience, more often than not when offline. Now, with ‘see more’ option, a portion of the several answers remain hidden and its not possible to copy them unless you click see more option for all the answers one by one and then copy the whole page. Its painstaking. Don’t kill the simplicity of the page and its utility. I beg you. Its just two months for the exam and you should learn the problem as early as possible.
    There are many more suggestions to make this effort much more enriching and revolutionary to tame UPSC, if only you are ready to listen to.

    Thanx and regards.

    • If you are visiting this site to just copy paste answers, may be you are facing problems. Those who are writing answers are appreciating this new feature. Try to answer questions and see for yourself. This feature is not added to get few ‘shares’. This is the only feature where realtime commenting is possible; where load on our servers is less; where people can upload their scanned answers by just dropping into the comment box.

      Positives outweigh your concerns. I understand that ‘see more’ option might be causing difficulties for you to copy and paste answers, but I have not control over the code. If I had, you would have seen it gone by now. 🙂

      Look at things objectively.

      • ABHISHEK

        Dear Insight team,
        Thanks for replying. The true gentlemen that you people are !! Its totally your portal and hence solely your prerogative how you make it to behave. I cant force my wish. And definitely not being a minority beneficiary here. If you want to go by utilitarian logic, I think you are on the right path. Simple maximization…….Maximum benefit to maximum people. But sadly it does not ‘optimise’ your efforts, neither of the users I reckon. I wish you could learn from a ‘minority’ aspirant like me who shamelessely do copy paste these answers at night after 10 hours of office work to derive their own unique benefit because this is the maximum luxury life can afford to them for the time being. These answers do become my full preparation and contribute to my notes. I have no shame in sharing this even if it brings social stigma of kamchorI in this industrious world. Your secure 2014 initiative has become a massive repository of user created content for UPSC. You must understand that it can serve much higher purposes than mere being a daily answer writing platform. Even your competitors or co-champion of net based UPSC coaching, are using the contents of this platform. Anyway, cant make my suggestins more penetrative than this.its not a debate afterall. You win. I will try to derive my own shameless benefit as much as I can. But I hope and wish you do heed that ‘utilitarianism’ cant be justified with compromised quality.


    • lohuona

      Sir, please suggest some important topics on agriculture optional paper

  • SidD K.

    Hello @Admin Insight.
    I have subscribed for the Prelims 2015 test series and i am yet to receive any confirmation about it or any test papers.
    Kindly look into it.
    My transaction reference number is IG00BYJMT0.

    • Thank you for subscribing. Please check your inbox.

      • ABHISHEK

        Do you guys reply only to the paid subscribers and not the ones who raise some genuine concerns about your efforts and this portal ? Please clarify….

        • Dude, we reply to everyone. 🙂 Go through comments elsewhere.

  • The Warlock

    Sir I have a suggestion… It would be great if you provide youtube link of the big picture posts along with the summary in the end. For future reference if someone wants to look at the video later then it becomes difficult to find that video on youtube.

    • You mean indexing right- Indexing all the posts we are posting every day at one place?

      • The Warlock

        Sir I do not have luxury of high speed internet connection and youtube is pathetically slow in rural areas so I download the summary as pdf but if in future I have to access relevant youtube videos then it would be easier if I will click on the link directly from the pdf file….You can just put youtube link in the end…if possible

  • cm

    I think the recent changes you have made in your website are not mobile friendly. Earlier the whole page used to get uploaded in one go and we could read selected answers using search option. Now only a fraction of the whole page is uploaded once and and we have to click on show more thus one has to scroll through all the hundreds of comments and answers . Many of s using insight are facing this issue. I request you to please resolve it. Mains is nearing and we need insight as a useful resource. Thnks

    • cm

      By search I meant “find in page” .

  • Priya

    Thanks a lot InsightsOnIndia for being so persistent and upcoming. Keeps us motivated all through, and no words for the Valuable contenst and contributions of everyone.

    One small and quick suggestion on the blog layout –
    Can u please look provide an option to directly jump to the answers section of the questions (Secure Mains) by clicking on the question (or something else u think fit). Because it takes lots of scrolling down and discuss takes time to load the comments

  • Gaurav

    Dear Sir,

    For last 2-3 days, i couldn’t see the secure question at 08:00 AM, i.e. at the time of your posting. It shows on my computer at 2-3 PM in the afternoon. Can you help me what could be the problems as as per my routine, the writing time begins from 8 o’clock in the morning..:)

    Thanks and regards,

  • vinn


    Does the images,posted earlier, are removed from the website after its overhaul?

    I, as usual, am lagging behind your daily schedule by around 20 odd days, as I am still on “Insights Secure: Questions On Current Events, 30 September 2014”.

    While reading the members discussions I donot find the answer images as uploaded for questions. Is there any way to retrieve them.?



    sir ,,i didnt get the gs3 writing challenge questions..nw 65th and 64th day questions are only available..please make it available soon


    Dear Insights,

    Please try to give some questions from the traditional areas from ethics (GS IV).We had a lots of practice in case studies .Please continue this and try to give questions from the other areas of the syllabus .This will really help to score good in this paper.Thanks for your hard work.

  • kamlesh

    This is a good site for preparing UPSC specially for the people who does not live in Delhi..

  • Harshit Narang

    Dear Team,

    You are doing phenomenal work. Kudos!

    May I suggest you to offer voting of answers in the writing challenges and corresponding pdf of the best answers every fortnight/month end?

  • amit

    A brilliant site this is. Thanks a lot for such stellar efforts.

  • Joel John Varghese

    Sir, please post an article on “Iron Curtain policy” of Indian Govt. And also on various other doctrines of Indian Govt..It would be really helpful

  • vishnu

    please provide guidance regarding how to fill D.A.F for civil services.It would be of great help for first timers

  • Dr G

    Helloinsight i want to give u suggstn thtu shud strt medical science daily ans writimg.thr r many doc preparng..hope u wll

  • Gokul

    Indian After Independence :
    Which is Good book to chooce..
    Bipin chandra?? or Ramachandra Guha??
    Bipin Chandra – People are saying its too biased towards Nehru family without critical view.
    Ramachandra Guha – People say there is no separation of topics.. Everything it mingled. So its difficult to remember.. But it somwhat critical of Nehruvian Policies….

    World History :
    Some people are saying that B.V Rao is good to study…
    But I think NCERT is more than enough + Sparknotes and Some onlines surfing.. Am I right in my assumption???

    Please Clarify my Doubt

  • abhithepandey
  • Amar

    Not any other source can be more useful than this blog (y) Thanks aTon sir/Mam 🙂

  • raja

    Sir can you send the daily question of law optional as you sending daily question of other optional …it will help those who have law optional is requst sir ….

  • Madan Singh

    Dear Insights please update the ‘How to Prepare’ part because it was published in September 2013 but now we so many new sources and books and also previous year question paper to analyze.

    Thanks in advance

  • Human

    I started preparing from September this year with few guidance through the net, no one to actually talk to me about it. Whatever little i know now that is needed to be prepared for this mother of all exams has been from mainly since he has also given a comprehensive explanation and guidance on how to go about. From there i started preparing. And then there was Dr. Roman Saini who had also been doing a tremendous job in guiding aspirants but unfortunately after his training, his posts have been pretty much absent or irregular which is totally understandable given his new platform. I’ve come across insightsonindia on some occasions while surfing continuously for guidance on several doubts but never bothered to check as i thought it was not an open website like Mrunal’s.

    But tonight as i was doing some reading and surfing through the net,i came across your website and decided to open it. And what a treat it was!! I have never come across any site on UPSC so brilliantly constructed and honest as this! I went through some of the sections and i am astounded on how awesomely everything has been put, so convincing and encouraging. I like the motivation section, its honest to the core with no masalas. Grateful i came across this super site, and thankful for what all of you have been doing so tremendously and generously.

    Rest assured, i’m your biggest fan from tonight :-D. Keep up the good work.

    Honestly grateful!

  • Thank you 🙂

  • Madhu

    Thank you very much for your efforts. Please keep it up.

    I went through the answers posted by people in the writing challenges section. I find that all the answers are good but some of them are written in the tone of an editorial or are verbose. I believe that General Studies answers be written in a general manner that no doubt it should have technical terminologies, but as far as the grammar is concerned it should be simple and not written like an essay. Some texts of answers are copy paste from internet probably. I think the answers should be written in one’s own language (obviously after going through and understanding the entire matter) rather than using the language that is available on the internet or other sources. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

  • Jaimin Patel

    Hello Team Insights,
    I am really a die hard fan of the all articles that have been posted on our blog.I have a small request.Whatever hype we have observed for last couple of days on social media and other internet public fora regarding “Reduction of age limit for CSE”,Can you please write something on “ROLE OF MEDIA in Society” ?

  • kamlsh

    To insights

    Can u plz upload the comprehensive pdf of pub ad daily answer writing challenge sorting by best answer…. it will more helpful for writing the mains 2014 for me n for all those who has pub ad as their optional and those who r referring insights regularly…

    Thanking you in anticipation

  • navin

    sir while showing advertisements of books … plz do take care of hindi medium students also,,,,, 🙂

  • Gokul

    Sir.. For geography optional (Paper-2) which of the following is advisable…

    1. Geography of India – Hussian
    2. Indian geography – Khullar
    3. Geography of India – RC Tiwari

    Please suggest any of the one

  • NS

    HI, first of all thanks for your efforts.
    I started preparation for 2015 from this month. could you plz tell me a roadmap that will help me in preparation and completion of course before examination??

  • Sumant K

    Why Insight…whyyyyy??

    Earlier i was able to see the Insights Secure Questions in my gmail itself but now i have to come to the page and it eats a huge amount of bandwidth. I am preparing myself and living in a small town . I can’t afford 2-3GB monthly data.

    Suggested solutions :-
    1. Please revert your settings back. or
    2. Do something so that the Answer images uploded by users do not open automatically (because these are the images who eats the data).

    i hope you understand my problem.

    • Sumant K

      i know you may be concerned with “hits”…in this case 2nd solution will work. Then people will gain benefit with low cost.

  • Nithi

    hello insights… nice to see a great work on current events. i have been following from nov2014. do you deliver as hardcopies ?? yet to start the habit of reading newspapers…pls guide me wat shall i do.

  • Jnana Sagar K R

    Hi Insights,

    I am willing to join the Insights test series. I saw that the study plan had started by October and also the mock tests. If I join now, I will lag with the plan. Is there any other schedule you have, or can you please help me with catching up to the plan. I had mailed you regarding the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anshul Daniel

    Hi Insights,

    I am a regular follower of this site but I never gathered enough courage to write answers in your forum. Now I’ve started answering, but there is a problem with me that “THE HINDU” reach me 2 days after its publishing in DELHI, therefore I can write answer after 2 days only. I request you to please review my answers so that I can improve upon my writing skills and see my name in final selection list of UPSC CSE 2015.

    Thanks and Regards

  • yo

    HI. insights!!. ur site is indispensable to the prep of many many candidates.
    i want to make a suggestion. some of us who read the paper online find it difficult to pick out articles.especially frm the the officialsite. for eg over the hindu,it mostly goes like skimming national news, reading the opinion section and the international. in this process we tend to miss out on important articles related to economy etc. ofc secure mains and current events provides most of these but foolproof page dedicated to the links of important articles would be greatly appreciated.

  • naynoor

    dear insight………….
    Thank you so much for your sincere help to the aspirants tats i felt through visit your i conformed you can help me.i’m in the rural area no one institution is hear but i have confident to achieve all india service. just now only i started my preparation so please guide me to achieve all india to go through the syllabus day by day .Also i read NCERT but not satisfied with this why….Please help me friend……….

  • Darwin

    Hi sir,
    I have been following insightsonindia for long time. For last 1 week I was trying for email subscription but couldn’t able to do. Many times, I typed my Id and clicked sign me up. It says I will receive a mail for further process but I was not getting any mail.

    I kindly request you to help me subscribe for my ([email protected] Com) so that I not to miss any article from you.

  • Geet

    sir,if possible please provide philosophy question paper 2014.

  • ankita

    sir plz make an article about BCCI and IPL issue and provide history optional papers 0f 2014 exam

  • abhi

    sir please improve the search section . when we try to search by typing the word in the search bar…non relevant articlea appears..

  • Nick

    Hello Insights,
    my optional is commerce and accountancy and there is very little focus on this optional either by institutes or online, could provide me a decent book list and preparation framework for 2015.
    This is especially necessary as recent question papers have proven to be quite erratic .

  • Sai chaitanya

    Hi Sir/Madam

    you are done a great job of Helping for rural CIVIL SERVICES Asperatns like me and those who are not able to accessible Quality of Materials , Test series programs , over all guidence

    1. In previously you are uploaded all pdf compilations files in your website in corresponding to secure mains , science & Technology ,Essay , Ethics & Integrity sections .

    2. And please provide pdf compilation files for daily Answer writing answering challenges General studies archieves in 2013 and 2014 section , Optional Anthropology Archives Section files also please send to email.

    than k u sir/madam

  • Zaid Ahmad

    kam se kam PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2015 hindi MEDIUM ke liye hindi me kr dijiye ….please

  • Amit Sankhla

    the answers to the questions you are giving how do we evaluate them…i mean how can we know we going in right direction.

  • laliko

    sir aap great ho …sir aaj mai sach kahu to sirf aap hi ho jiski wajan se mai ias banne ka sapna dekh pa raha hu…aapke inititive ko mai 1 saal se follow kar raha hu …. aur jab is baar ke paper dekhe maine to sabse pehle mann se aapko thanku kia ki aapki vajah se mai unko solve kar paaya hu …sir 2015 mei mai upsc dunga ap is initiative ko ase hi chalaye rakhe …i will be thankfull to u
    aur itte logo ki dua hai aapke saath ki aap hamesha safal honge ……

  • abhinav

    sir please cover mains GS-2,3 static portion(1 questions from standard books like M laxmikant, DD Basu, Ramesh Singh, select constitution, public institution, and many other books which is given in How to prepare gs-2,gs-3 ) in secure-2015.
    I means to cover static portion of gs-2,3 in secure-2015.
    in your website a link for How to prepare mains gs-1,2,3,4 is the best road map to cover static portion from first topic-subtopic to the last topic-subtopic.
    so please make 1 question from each, according to road map from first topic-subtopic to the last topic-subtopic in secure-2015.

    Dynamic portion need not any changes.

  • Dr.Raj

    Excellently organised in Secure 2015.. Thanks lot sir..

  • Yadukrisnan


    Thanks for the secure intiative and the move to include a complete guide with the portions to be covered each day is mentioned in the secure links. I dont know how much the below idea is possible.

    But one of the difficulty I am facing is that I am using NCERT books in the soft copy format. All the copies are not arranged and I just have a number of pdfs. So when the topic mentioned like ” Class 12 : Modern history Chapters 8 to 11″ I am unable to identify whether I am looking into the right chapter. Can you please add the chapter names also? It will be much more helpful for me and I think many who are using softcopies of NCERT books. I think this is requried only for NCERT books.
    For the other reference books, only chapter numbers are needed. I hope this will not be very difficult.

    Expecting a positive reply.


  • Dr.Raj

    Dear Yadukrishnan,
    You are having index page in soft copy of ncert. Tou can note down the names of chapter from it. Or you can make subjectwise folders for ncert books and it will be more easy to reach the chapters.

  • Human

    It would be advisable if Insights stick to the books it has mentioned in ‘How to Prepare’ section. For example, you mentioned “modern Indian History’ Old NCERT in Secure Mains. Whereas you have suggested Themes in Indian History and Spectrum’s History book for Modern History coverage. I have no idea how similar the contents are with regard Old and New NCERT, but it is a wastage of time for us to go through the Old one. Rather if you could stick to the books you recommended strongly and this includes standard books, i believe that will be more helpful instead of mentioning books which you do not strongly recommend which means more sources to read from again and that’s taxing for us since we are preparing 4 to 5 subjects in a day. Just a suggestion. Ignore if it doesn’t make sense.

    • abhinav

      yes you are correct, please stick with How to prepare gs-1,2,3,4 for static portion.

    • Point noted. Thank you.

  • Abhinav

    Hello insight, please follow the road map of “How to prepare” section for static portion of mains gs-1,2,3,4.

    • Please have patience. We will follow the same. Thank you.

      • Abhinav

        Thank you Insight.

  • Prasanna

    Sir please upload agriculture optional question paper

  • aim2015ias

    dear sir…we following secure 2015 religiously,,,and have all tried answers to the question till now..but it is taking more time…nd m not getting time to read rest of the newspaper,,also doing CSAT prpesn…my question is should i also read…newspaper from gs point of view though ur covering them…or leave it….i suggest u can also start a service in which important news bullets you can send us…so that we confine to them..nd dnt waste time on unncessary news hope u understand what m tryng to convey…thanks..

  • NilsJn

    Dear Sir,
    My option is Civil Engineering. Can you please upload its this year’s mains paper. I am not able to get it.


  • Abhinav

    Dear Insight team, many articles from PIB-releaes/features are related to the GS-mains syllabus. Please consider this important articles along with the magazine session(on Saturday).

  • DuckDuck

    If I would say anything other than Kudos it would be a disgrace for all your efforts!

    All I request from the brethren of whom Mathematics is an optional is to continue with daily challenges that was discontinued in September, please do start a new series for Mathematics.
    And once again, thank you for all your efforts.

  • rahul

    dear team ,

    i want to join the test series for upsc 2015 although i am quite late since the this test series has started since 15 september . can i join the test series from now on and will i get archive of the previous tests i have missed…

  • Nitha

    I have gone through GS paper 1, 2 and 3 civil services mains 2014 question papers and compilations of these three papers from October 2013 to August 2014 by Insights.

    I could observe the following:

    GS 1 (25 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 9 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 5 ques

    GS 2 (20 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 8 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 4 ques

    GS 3 (20 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 12 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 6 ques

    Kudos to Insights team and thank you the undercover team for the awesome compilation.

  • Kartikey

    Hello insights, you are dpoing a commendable job, but sometimes i feel questions on daily current affairs are not in line with syllabus, like todays (30 december) of comparing the travellers, and one question previously dealing with turkey’s democracy in detail, in culture, UPSC limits itself to ask about different forms of culture etc, we can’t go into each and every detail, like what traveller recorded what and how…Please clear my concepts if i am wrong?

  • Guest

    Dear insight,

    Your blog is an excellent source of material for aspirants at all stages of CSE preparation. Its a great effort by you guys. Hats off.

    I have one request can you provide similar type of initiative for Public administration subject, because with each year its question paper getting tougher.

    Can you mention any link or blog which can help me and lots of other aspirants in preparing that subject. Like that of yours (Bring forth different question format etc)


    Please post strategy for geography optionals

  • Swathi

    Please provide compilation of anthropology secure for mains

  • sikandar

    Hello Insight

    it is a request that if possible please put all the questions of a particular date (in Insights Secure – 2015) under one head, each and every question is reflecting on left side bar, it hides the other recent posts.Like it was in past that if one wished to see the questions it was a click away on the head (insight secure-2014 of a particular date) not reflecting each and every question on left hand side bar.

    we are always thankful for your great effort.

    • Alka Dixit

      Your feedback/suggestion will have “value” only when you got selected in UPSC…thn it will appear in “Featured Comment” 😛 😀

    • For recent posts click ‘Recent Posts’ tab. Unfortunately it is not possible to hide posts selectively.

      • sikandar

        No issue sir… Thank you 🙂

  • Bashir Ahmad

    Dear insights team
    You have done a great job by launching a single platform for civil service aspirants all across the nation it is proving invaluable for aspirants from rural india as well.kindly include topics on csat (aptitude) paper as well.

  • pushkar verma

    sir please continue with essay this year too

  • kavita

    This website is of great help to the serious students, especiallly for those who have wasted their time and money in coachings in NewDelhi.coachings in delhi are totally commercialised so here this online platform is really helpful.

  • laliko

    sirjee aapke gs 1 ka initiative dhaasu hai
    ase hi karte rahe to upsc ki ………………kar doge aap log
    lage raho graet sirjee

  • siddharthan p v

    Hello Insights Team,
    First of all I would like to thank you for your wonderful consistent refining intelligent work which make UPSC aspirants life easier. Aspirants read a lot and most of them find difficulty in organizing stuffs. In secure 2015 initiative you guys made the job of organizing simple by specifying the topic under which the question falls. Can the same be replicated in other initiatives like Insights Daily Current Events, The Big Picture etc. It would be of great use to everyone. You (Insights team) are doing a lot to us and asking more starts with a natural hesitation, but then when I see you as a mentor/guide/facilitator I felt comfortable in requesting more service. Whether I become an IAS officer or not is immaterial, but I am always thankful to you(Team).
    Saluting your commendable work,
    Siddharthan P V

  • Dharmesh

    Dear Insight
    please post mains questions 2014 and comparison list , which are asked directly and related to this site….pls….

  • Alice

    Dear Insights,

    Could you please update questions on Psychology
    And regarding answer writing, you are giving 10-11 questions/day and i’m not able to write even more than 4 a day.Could you please suggest me regarding this problem of mine.

    Thank you.Awaiting your reply

  • kk

    with the questions please provide a model answer …. so that one can know the standard of our answer.. like actors in ques and their relation in bullet points…

  • Shubham

    Dear Insight,

    Please update “daily current affairs” section for Sunday also. Articles of Sunday and Monday may be compiled together and given on Monday. This will be of great help.

    Thanks for your support!

  • lucky

    dear sir, by when will the prelims-15 preparation schedule be out??

  • Nitha

    I have gone through GS paper 1, 2 and 3 civil services mains 2014 question papers and compilations of these three papers from October 2013 to August 2014 by Insights.

    I could observe the following:

    GS 1 (25 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 9 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 5 ques

    GS 2 (20 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 8 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 4 ques

    GS 3 (20 ques) : Fully from Insights secure : 12 ques, Partially from Insights secure: 6 ques

    Kudos to Insights team and thank you the undercover team for the awesome compilation

    • neeraj jaiswal

      kindly, tell me how to join insight’s preliminary online test series for upsc 2016.

  • suchak

    I Learned lot of things form this site and very impressed with the new effort of the Compilation of the week . Keep it up and if possible than please make a simple change – Currently, There you put questions of all the topics but please make a Anther Weekly of 15-17 pages on some specified on 2-3 subject in detail covering each aspect of topic. ( GS 2- GS 3 only ) . In short I mean similar to the e-book publish by the Firstpost ( ) on current issue , we can do similar related to the exam. It may help to all. I will try my best to contribute in that . Thanks 🙂

  • Xyz

    Sir,Excellent weekly compilation work by you according to paperwise and topivwise sir. Never stop this sir. Plz.

  • kid monkey

    there is a problem while the disqus part of our website is being loaded. it is not showing as it did earlier. graphics are missing. please rectify it as early as possible.

  • Kenneth

    With regard to the daily current affairs updates, would it be possible to mention the subject( in the context of Mains syllabus) under which each news category falls in? Like you are doing in Mains Secure by putting each Question under different categories of the Mains syllabus. I feel that will help us in locating subject specifics in an easier way and organizing notes better.

  • varsha

    comment section is not organized manner on my pc ..i dont know what happen?????seting is changed or something else??????comment and profile info are overlapped so i cant read comment section……..

  • Da

    Thank you for the good work. One suggestion I have, if it’s not too much work, is to reorganise the RSS feeds into categories. I find my daily Insights Feedly tab to be a little overwhelming. But If feeds were categorised, I could look at the daily exercises daily and extra articles on weekends making it a little more manageable. Thank you in advance!

  • raj

    sir…frm last 2 days we are not getting daily current events…

    thank you…

  • Anmol Chopra

    Dear Insights team,

    For a working aspirant such as me, your efforts are of immense help. Please continue your good work. A request from my side is to please revive the Management Answer Challenge and if possible, please provide some topic-wise sample questions for Management. I know the page has become dormant because of lack of responses on previous answer challenges and it might continue that way even if revived. Thats why if you could provide topic-wise sample questions, it would greatly benefit Management candidates.

  • Goodlucktoall

    Dear Insights,
    Why there is still no secure compilation of 19-24 January.

  • Vijay


    I am not able to post my answers .It goes in “pending approval from Insight team”.

    Please look into this.


  • Abhinav

    Hello Insight team, i want to join test series but i have some doubt about how to revise ncert,standard books and current events in full length test(means revision factor keeping in mind).

  • IAS

    Dear insights and friends,
    Can anybody tell me about secure-2015 compilation for the week January 19-24..
    Thanks in advance

  • Witty S

    Dear Insights,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the assistance

  • Nanjesh Patel

    Respected Sir’s / Madam,
    I was actually planning to give my UPSC examination next year, but due to a sudden change of plan I would be giving it this year itself. I have downloaded almost all your materials and they seem to be more than just enough. As I have got a very less time, could you suggest me any preparation tips to finish the whole syllabus, i.e., all the papers within June or July, so that I can have an ample time to prepare. I am also planning to take History as an optional, so could you also give any materials from which I can study, and hope its preferably online as the books are huge and would take a lot of time to complete it. Or my suggestion is please compile notes on the same as I am sure many will get benefitted. Again, this is just a suggestion, hope you take it. I am totally indebted to you. I am gonna study only from the downloaded material from your site, as I feel that covers the whole syllabus. Please do consider my suggestion, it’s very apparent that you as a team are very busy and kudos to you from all the aspirants for your selfless work. Hope my comment is replied to.

    A big fan.

  • Diwakar

    dear sir… daily current events time se nahi milta hai..plzz. its a humble request..

    thank tou..

  • Srinath

    Articles on Important Issues and Secure Compilations have gone slow. Request you expedite at earliest

    • We will be doing it shortly. Thank you.

      • Hari

        Hi, the main problem is user comment. They are commenting here and dere and creating website as bug.


        Hey admin…

        I am visiting this site after very long time. I am unable to post my answers or comment in the ethics secure mains question thread. It says INSIGHTS has blocked me. Plz help. I want to post answers

  • FoonsukuWaangdoo

    Sir we have not yet received secure compilation-2015 for 5 th week sir..

    • sikandar

      yes sir please upload it ..

    • Mani Ghotra

      i received only of first three weeks…
      4th and 5th weeks are pending… Please sir… send them at the earliest..

    • Pooja

      u can download it from

      • jatinder sharma

        Pooja your link is not updated. Any idea where I can access secure 2016 files for MAY- AUGUST 2016?

  • Srinath

    I would like to inform my fellow esteemed members here that from now onward the Secure compilation will be available on the following link,

    Also, you can download the Environment fortnightly compilation (source: DTE), the S&T Weekly (Source: The HIndu)compilation from the following links respectively,

  • Sarvam Sivam

    Hi sir,

    Suggestion on fonts used in pdfs in Downloads section:

    First, Hats off to u for the remarkable job.

    But one suggestion is the font used in the downloadable pdfs in weekly compilation of GS questions i.e Times new roman is not comfortable to read. If u replace it with arial or lucia console, readability increases and the purpose of the downloads will be efficiently met

    Thank u again.

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    Thank you

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    Kindly provide book list for Public Admn. topic wise (as you have done well for GS-1, 2, 3 & 4)

    Ranjeet kumar
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    thank you..:)



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  • Abhishek Inquested

    Hi Sir, I am preparing for State PCS (UP) and Senior Administrative Officer Grade – II (DRDO) to be conducted by UPSC. Requested that please upload August -2014 to Feb 2015 issues of Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines soon. Your website is helpful for UPSC exams

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    nd plz do add hindu’s culture portion in daily current events.

    thank you 🙂

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    I am interested to join the prelims test series. But dont have sufficient money now. I will be able to pay by march 1. In the meantime planned to prepare for the test.

    I request you to send the publication division of India year book 2015 and the concerned chapters to be covered in the same for feb 23 ( test 15) and march 4 (Test 16) exam.

    Kindly let me know your concerns

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    The current events compilation is not getting reflected in the tab since 18th Feb –

    I had to look into new posts link to find the link for the article.
    Please look into the matter.
    Thank You so much for helping us in our preparation. 🙂

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    sir please give weekly time table .earlier tomorrows syllabus was posed on web site and questions were asked i request you to continue the same sir thank you

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    Thanks !

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    many of our friends are computer engineer. if they can contribute it will definitely very helpful.
    thanks for this wonderful and selfless website…:-)

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    is it coming???

    Plz reply…

    Thanks and Regards

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    my problem sir : i could attempt only 2 question of gs 2,3 coz of constraint of time ( coaching) bt later when i read some topic in class i have to search through previous months (time consuming)
    so could you please list the questions of same topic in a single list daily as news papers do?.
    make a category of secure questions by tag (make each topic of syllabus a tag)
    like ( Topic: Development processes and the development industry- the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups and associations, donors, charities, institutional and other stakeholders) all ques of this topic
    under a tag or a list …… as soon as u post daily question, parallel update in their tag list
    pros- if any one want to practice the questions on poverty , then he doesn’t have to search each page of old months….
    i am looking forward for ur response sir/mam….

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    First of all I wish to appreciate you for your continuous and sincere efforts for benefit of candidates preparing for UPSC. I have started my preparation recently with NCERT text books & will be appearing in 2016. I am a working professional and for me its very difficult to find couple of hours for study.I was searching for some study material in Google & by luck I came to know about your website.Your website has helped me a lot to make a plan for study & also in time management.Your website is a guide for the aspirants who can’t attend coaching classes for various reasons.

    Thanks a lot

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    Could you make a separate link for the questions on India 2015 and Economic Survey besides posting them daily in the Secure initiative so that we have a compilation of the questions separately?


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    Hello first of all I would like to thank you for the daily updates and questions that you provide. I have been writing answers but I found one thing irritating that sone of your questions are irrelevant like in todays one you have included the question on Iran deal when it has not been out yet officially though they have struck a deal and will be out only by June as per Hindu. So its just irrelevant to write a question on it as its not going to be asked and will be asked only on the final deal. Secondly I would suggest you to keep the no of questions constant to either 8 or 10 max. Sometimes you give 12 and sometimes even 15. By seeing this it just spoils the whole schedule as one has to devote time for other studies as well. Its solely my experience and humble request for the changes.

  • ishant


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    sir.. i just want to convey my problem… before pre, we are also preparing for csat along with optional… so too many chapters in G.S static portion leave me no time to complete it leaving me in despair….pls sir..if you can…. pls lessen chapter target a bit… i think many of my colleagues are facing this problem..

  • mounica

    Hello insights
    I have written mains 2014. I felt general studies paper this time was quite different from what it was in the pervious years it was more analytical n demanding in depth knowledge from students. If possible could you please analyse these papers. As to whether the questions were from static or current affairs part . if the questions where from current affairs, could you please relate to the particular events that happened so that one can think from those perspectives when we read newspaper now. N also how far insights secure 2014 helped in the mains.

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    thank you..

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    Please continue the weekly compilation of secure by Undercover group.

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    • This an excellent suggestion. Thank you Kiran.

      We will include these questions in our daily secure, or else we can have daily discussion at the end of the day on these questions.

      • Kiran S

        Thank you for the reply..
        please do post these questions & let all of us answer these ..
        Those questions are really gud & has weightage ..

        Expecting Insights to include each & every questions & so tat we shall start answering them as soon as possible..

        thanking you..

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    I previously seen guidance list for sociology optuional topic by topic
    but now i am not getting it.

    that link probably by some senior sociology expert.
    it just given 1 para in concluding remark for evry topic of sociology

    please update that link again.


  • pushkar

    Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    I previously seen guidance list for sociology optuional topic by topic

    but now i am not getting it.

    that link probably by some senior sociology expert.

    it just given 1 para in concluding remark for evry topic of sociology

    please update that link again.



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    The Hindu News Analysis: video
    this is an excellent Idea…if possible please make videos of entire weekly current events(7 days ) from august-2014 to till prelims 2015 .

    it will be very useful for the self study and job holding aspirants…

    aspirants like me it is very useful..b/z i am not in a situation to go Delhi and take coaching.

    Really awesome Idea , please continue…!!

    • Please be reasonable 🙂 It takes 3 hours to make 11 minute video.

      To make videos from AUgust 2014 to April, it will take us 40 days assuming we work 24 hours!

      Have empathy 🙂

  • Aemmy

    Is there someone with Maths Optional and wants to share questions on daily basis? Would be great if insight could help as it has big follower.

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    hi friends please provide feed back > question is causes and consequences of sex ratio variations in india ?

  • Dipak

    Hello sir…please guide me…which source are best for Environment and Ecology, Art and culture after completing NCERT???…for Environment-ICSE or NIOS…for Culture-Spectrum or CCRT…please help me sir…thanks sir

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    Hello insight
    I am dnyan
    I have started UPSC prepration want to know will you provide me compilation of static portion question’s.
    in pdf

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    what about the students who found this great website now? I mean March 2 was 2 months back. how to sync? Please answer as soon as possible.

    P.S. I am a huge fan and very much obliged to insights team.

  • Amrit Singh Chopra


    Allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself and Unique Publishers.
    As you may know Unique Publishers is the oldest and leading publisher for UPSC Civil Services who has been helping aspirants in their quest to succeed. It has been 37 years of publishing the General Studies manual which boasts 80%+ questions directly in the exams year on year.

    Unique is now introducing Unique Shiksha in an attempt to provide a personalised guidance system along with classroom lectures with the intent to revolutionise classroom learning from the top faculties from across India. Please find below a brief introduction:

    About Unique Shiksha

    Unique Shiksha will be the first & only institute for Civil Services with top teachers from across the country with personal tutors for every student!

    What we provide:

    1) Top Teachers- The most popular and successful teachers with educational/professional backgrounds from IIT, IIM, Delhi School of Economics, JNU and other top institutions with cast teaching experience.

    2) Personal Tutors- Every student gets dedicated 1 on 1 time on a daily basis along with study groups over the weekend. The responsibility of the personal tutors is to monitor and track the ‘out of classroom’ progress of the students in sync with what is being taught in class.

    For ex. If fiscal deficit is being taught in class, the main teachers have devised self study plans to reinforce what is being taught in class to maintain a synergy and the personal tutor’s role is to track the students’ progress and help them with their doubts. If the doubts are beyond the scope of the personal tutors, personal time is arranged for the students with the main teacher.

    3) Classroom Learning- Batch sizes will be no larger than 100 Vs. 300+ from other leading institutes along with detailed & fixed class schedules to help study better. (Put an end to erratic class schedules!)

    For ex. Detailed class schedules are fixed and shared at the beginning of the course with details of which topic will be covered in which class to help enable students to plan their self study accordingly as its very important to study what is being taught in class, at home!

    4) Detailed guidance- At the beginning of the course and half way through, dedicated sessions are kept with all the top teachers to guide students on how to prepare for UPSC, how to approach & prepare for each subject and how to learn best from their respective teaching styles. (don’t be a headless chicken anymore!)

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    8) Free Tablets- The individual tablet for every student comes loaded with your ‘Unique Shiksha’ app with your class schedules (syncs automatically to your calendar and gives class reminders), study material & class noted to be updated as per class schedules, unlimited practice tests for the prelims with analytics on how you fare within the institute and tentatively how you would have stood in the real exam, discussion forums to help each other and most importantly a teacher connect portal to get your doubts cleared with your favourite teachers on the move regardless of their busy schedules!

    We are hoping to receive beyond commercial advertising support! If you like what we do, please do share your feedback and suggestions along with suggestions on how we may pass the message through your educational website.

    Look forward to hearing back from you at the earliest!

    Warm wishes

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    Dear admin….my humble request to u that..plz start an exclusive program for this year civil services interview which are presently going on…with all the necessary and relevent topic list of all areas that could be asked in general whether economy, polity, nationl international…etc…..plz do this admin…i shall be thankful to u ….thanks in anticipation……

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  • Chichori Katputli

    i was wondering if i join the test series now then how would i get the previous tests and do you think its manageable to join it now and finish it in time ? kindly revert asap .

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    Hello insight team, you are missing science & technology, environment,health(dynamic portion from the hindu).
    please consider this very important part in dynamic secure writing 2015.

  • Abhinav

    please consider important Science & Technology topics daily in secure 2015.

  • Abhishek Gupta

    Hi, I am a regular follower of the site – particularly for Daily Events section.
    I would like to point out an error – On 12th Mar 2015, the Daily Events section reported a ZSI article mentioning the founding year of the ZSI as 1961. However, on the 23rd Apr 2015, another ZSI article mentions its founding year as 1916. Upon reading them, it will be clear the latter is correct. This could be a simple and common human error, which is certainly understandable.

    However, given the fact that I (and hopefully, many other aspirants) follow these notes on the presumptions and assurance that they are gathered from eminent sources with absolute scrutiny, such an error was a shocker to me!
    This is the first time I have encountered such an issue. I have always read these notes as sacrosanct and devoid of any such errors, so I never cross-checked the facts. I believe if one has to cross-check these, the purpose of your initiative will be lost.
    Thus, I request you to kindly be doubly sure such errors are not repeated and the material you people post so religiously, which is commendable, is free from the requirement of cross-checking. This is a must for the high standards the portal is setting for itself by the day.

    Kindly take note. Thank you!

  • vijay

    Hello Insights…
    You are doing a fantastic job @Hindu News Analysis and RSTV…Please continue them…If possible please attach links for the basics underlying them…
    I request you to also post articles briefing Yojana, as I find it very time consuming considering the facts and some misc details they provide…
    Thank you in advance…

  • kiran88

    Kindly make the website look compact by reducing the Font Size

  • deveshbigd


    I have made payment towards test series as below. but i could not get access to test series. kindly look into the matter as early as possible. My payment no is MOJO5515000C74530722.
    please look into matter.

  • Thanks Vinay Sir, You’re doing a fabulous job through this website. I request you to make the design (UI) more simple and aesthetic. The site’s homepage is so much filled with information,links and ads making it quite tough to get what we’re looking for.
    Wish to see new theme or change UI at earliest.
    Again Thanks 🙂

  • Mitesh Darani

    SIR HELLO mein apki website ko continuous follow karta ho but abhi apne NHRC(national human right commission)se related post kiya tha jis mein apne bataya hi selection panel mein CHAIRMEN OF RAJYA SABHA HOTA HAI JABKI USKI JAGAH VICE CHAIRMEN OF RAJYA SABHA HOTA hai yeh toh mjhe pata tha toh meine apne notes mein correction kar liya bt nhi pata hota toh mein toh misguide ho jata………………now i am confused to follow this site or not?

    • Thank you for the correction. You can correct us in the comment box if you find certain mistakes. We will correct them.

      • Utkarsh Dhama

        Sir , One guy luv was giving secure compilations as well as environment and Sci tech compilations on forumias .. Do you have any association with him ?? He stopped with compilations after march 14 .. Now someone else has started with secure compilations … Can you help with Sci and tech and environment compilations ? Any advice on how to compile them ??

  • sunny

    please make the current affairs news category wise….like different sections of economy news, international relations news, policy making news, science and tech news, environment news and so on….

  • ravi

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus : I have noticed that participation in answer writing increases when the question is from The Hindu or business standard, so i suggest to cover these two papers thoroughly in order to increase participation in secure answer writing.


  • kunal rajpurohit

    Dear insight, please post more articles for “environment”. Thanks u people for such pious and superb work

  • disqus_sapna

    I am a new entry into answer writing challenge.
    It would be very kind of u to provide me ur valuable feedback for the answers.

  • Mohit Anand

    Dear Insights,

    Its an urgent urge to your team to post 2015 mains questions on geography as well. Several people are waiting for it desperately.


  • Krishna

    Dear INSIGHTS,

    I am looking for mains test series-2015. staying in hyderabad. when you are starting. please let me know the fees and details of it..

    • Hi Krishna,

      We are not starting paid Mains Test Series. Thank you.

  • Jn Mahesh

    could you please provide pdfs for note points from Hindu news analysis apart from videos?

  • Prateek Rakesh Singh

    i was following your Hindu news analysis from past one month and it is simply awesome . How you link the news with its background help me understand and analysis the news in better way .
    but sir you are not uploading the video after 9th of June , i understand you must be having other commitment still if you could upload them i will be quite beneficial for beginner like me .
    looking forward for your response…..

    • roti_kapda_makan

      i am also waiting for those videos ….

    • Urvashi Tripathi

      I am also waiting for the video. Sir please take out some time for the same. It will be a great favour.

    • Thank you. We are uploading them now. Backlogs will be covered in coming days.

  • Nikhil

    Dear Vinay,
    Using your website has been an absolute pleasure. It has helped me get an ‘insight’ into the requirements for clearing the exam. Although I do not practice writing the answer regularly, I try and answer them mentally. This is where the compilation of the answers helps me. Revising also becomes a cake walk with the compilation especially the static portion. So I would request you to please upload the compilation of atleast the static questions in the near future. This would not only help us in revising for the mains but also keep us updated while studying for the prelims. P. S. The prelim initiative is working really well. Hope it becomes a success.

    • We will publish compilations. It takes time, but surely we will. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      Glad to know that Prelims plan is working for you. All the best!

  • Vagisha Soni

    Dear Sir

    Myself and my friends have been following your video analysis of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper since May. Myself and some of my friends have observed that sometimes you are overtly critical of the present govt. Sir, there could be two reasons for this, it could be because ‘The Hindu Newspaper’ is extremely critical of the present dispensation or it could be your political inclination. Any how it does not sound neutral and professional when so many civil service aspirants are listening to you. Sir, just wanted to bring this to your kind attention. Thanks for doing such a great job for us.


    Vagisha Soni

    • Dear Vagisha,

      We are apolitical. If you followed our questions and content so far, you might have observed this. In videos, as we are analysing The Hindu articles, it is inevitable that we reflect the same views. Compared to other papers, The Hindu’s views are inclusive and secular. This is what UPSC expects from aspirants. Hope you understand this. Thank you. 🙂

  • Vivek Gupta

    Dear Vinay sir,

    I am a regular follower of insight. sir since I am a working professional. I am not able to write secure questions on regular basis. but your compilation of secure questions helped me to be in the exam race and to be updated. but now you are not providing the compilations of secure questions. I know you have too many engagements & it requires lots of time & had work. but vinay sir these compilations are the boon for the working professionals like me. it is the compilations which compel us to think that…yes..!!! I can also clear this exam despite a working professional. sir due to some unavoidable circumstances I am not able to leave my job. so I request you to kindly provide the compilations of secure questions from may month onward. it would be a great help.

    vinay sir, I request you with my folded hands kindly reply. Kindly help the working professionals too as you are doing for us in many ways. hope u will listen my request.

    sir, for you it may be an extra request but for us it is a life changing request. sir please help. with the help of yours, It may possible that I also be through in this exam.

    sir, hoping for your kind consideration. thank you sir

    vivek gupta

    • Dear Vivek,

      We will upload them for sure. Please, you don’t have to request like this. It makes us feel bad. We will upload them as soon as possible. We are compiling them regularly. It is just we are not finding time to edit them and post on the website. Thank you 🙂


        Thank you very very much vinay sir for reply. and many many thanks for keeping my request. waiting eagerly for compilations. thank you sir. thank you once again.

  • Chitra

    It is really difficult to find what one is looking for. If the site made a more proper index that would be nice.
    Also, I wanted to download and order the books needed for the next topic to be covered but the syllabus for the next topic is simply not available.
    If made available, we wont have to waste time then on arranging the material and can get right down to it.

  • ravi teja

    please post motivation articles also its very help full for our preparation

  • Rajan Agarwal

    SIR please upload the pending videos of 10th and 11th june 2015 in the HINDU analysis section

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Dear Vinay Sir, I request you please implement next insight
    test series-2016 on online portal(like GK today, made easy etc. ). This
    will benefited for aspirants to know his/her score, weaknesses and other
    I hope, you will implement online portal for next test series.
    This will stop illegal sharing of test series pdfs,

  • Shreya

    Dear Insights,
    Your site is sheer wonderfulness. Is it possible for you to put up questions for economics optional in the answer writing challenge? It would be immensely helpful.
    Thanks !

    • We will start Optional Writing Challenges soon after Prelims. Right now we are focusing more on Prelims. If we start one Optional, then we have to start others too. Hope you understand. 🙂

      And thank you for appreciating what we do. 🙂

  • Gauri Parashar

    Hi Vinay Sir and Team Insights,
    Thank you for all the pain you took for us. Everytime if I had any query or need to tell something I generally prefer sending mails to you. But today I decided to write my thoughts about Insights. 🙂
    I came to know about your blog through some random FB page where I asked the query on how to initiate answer writing. There one person suggested me Insights. It happened somewhere in January. I read everything on Insight and after reading everything and following your blog for few days I joined the test series for Prelims. And from that day onwards the journey is going on continuously.
    Though I am nothing to judge your blog still I would to mention few things that I appreciate about Insights and why I am glued to this blog only.
    1- You people are very organised. From secure, test series, big picture, current events books, how nicely you manage all of them. Otherwise this much data will look so clumsy.
    2- You always think something new, its not like you start one initiative and then gone into rest mode. You always come with a new approach to help us.
    3- After a certain period there comes a phase in life where everyone left us, even our Parents but Insights you are always there for us. You provide motivational articles, push us eve harder to achieve our goals.
    4- Though its not good to compare you with anyone but I would like to mention here that I found you like the SUPER 30 initiative, you both are highly focused and want your students to achieve something big.
    5- Everything is free of cost it takes lot of courage to do this.
    I don’t know if I get to become an IAS officer or not but I know one thing for sure I will be obliged to you for my entire life.
    Thank you Sir 🙂

    • Thank you So much Gauri. Your appreciation means lot to us. We feel great when we receive comments like yours. It motivates us to work hard and assist you in any way we can.

      Ours is not an altruistic endeavor (as assumed by friends like you). We get income from this site. This is also one of the factors why we work hard.

      Of course, our greatest joy lies in seeing aspirants like you succeed with flying colours. Wish you all the best. 🙂

      • Gauri Parashar

        Thank you Sir 🙂 🙂

      • Prabakaran

        Sir this is wonderful work.I completed B.E Mechanical engineering. I want to take mechanical engineering as a optional subject. Please give me preparation strategy.

  • sandeep agarwal

    Hi Team Insights,
    This is to inquire if there will no video analysis of Hindu newspaper anymore?

    • Dear Sandeep,

      No, we haven’t stopped it. They will be uploaded soon. We are trying our best to maintain regularity. Thank you.

      • sandeep agarwal

        Thank you for your much needed support and prompt reply !

  • Kavita

    hello team insights, thanks for preparing and uploading mains questions daily, but I have a request, please answer the questions, so that we can know proper way of writing and language as per your standard

    • Dear Kavita, posting questions and answers ourselves will make you a passive reader. Our intention is to push you to write answers every day. If we provide synopsis or model answer, the intention will be defeated.

      To get directions, you can read others answers. We will be giving feedback on their answers (or on your answer if you post them). This feedback might help you in knowing what to do (or what not to do).

      Thank you.

  • @ashni

    Dear insights, I request u to cover yearbook also atleast 1 or 2 chapters a day with ur self study guide initiative.

    • Yes, this will be covered. 🙂 Thank you for your suggestion.


    Dear vinay sir,

    Hope u remember me. I have requested you to kindly help us by providing secure mains compilations 2015. you have assured me that it would definitely be done.I am still waiting for that sir. sir I just want to request you kindly reply whether you give it in a few days or after prelims and from which month. sir kindly don’t take it otherwise and please reply. it would be a great help for us. last but not the least many many congratulations to the insights selected student in CSE-2014 and moreover, it is you vinay sir, the architect, behind their success. thank you sir for giving us your valuable support & blessings.

    kudos to you & your work. kindly reply sir. waiting for your reply sir.


    Dear vinay sir,

    I got my reply sir. thank you very very much for uploading compilations. we are indebted you from bottom of our heart. sir you and Insights is just like a Angel for us. thank you sir thank you once again.

    Vinay sir, I just want to request you kindly don’t stop it upto CSE mains 2015.


    • We won’t stop it. Be assured. We are all pumped up now 🙂

  • Anit ifs

    Thanks for your initiative insights..

    I would be grateful if you could provide the following reference points…

    What is the par score on the test series.?

    Given the changed aspect of the paper… what GS score do you think will insure that a person clears prelims?

    • Thank you Anit. We will write a short article on this very soon.

  • Raghav Prasad Kothari

    Dear Vinay Sir
    I would like to give you a hearty congratulations to you sir. Wow, what a website, you are actually a ray of hope for several million students like us who can’t afford to join ‘costly coaching classes’ for several reasons, whether it is because of lack of resources, family commitments, or even for the job for that matter. You stood by us in this need of hour.

    What’s your monetary gain is of minimum interest for me, because even charity is carried out by sourcing from somewhere & distributing the same elsewhere. The kind of work you are doing is of not just the matter of 24 hours a day but more than that. Sir, one thing is for sure, you truly know the pain of a kid which decides to take on this exam in the crucial period of his life but no clue of the journey laid ahead. Lot of adversarial circumstances, peer pressure, scarcity of resources eventually push them to a desperate situation. Who knows how good an I.A.S or I.P.S officer he or she would have been had they have gotten ‘a rescuing hand’ like us as we have got INSIGHTSonIndia today, in the period of desperation.

    My dear brothers and sisters, some of you perhaps were as capable as any toppers in the merit list but, could not realise your dream due to lack of guidance or encouragement or may be something else, but my dear beloved brothers & sisters, i am sure your kids will enjoy all that luxury which only a broad minded, multi dimensional parents can give to their children, which perhaps you missed, is what ‘no amount’ of money can ever give, but you – as you once upon a time swimmed in the ‘Ocean of Civil Services Examinations’, this is what going to be the eternal gift for your children. I truly believe that you are going to create incredible minds for this nation and the world. Sorry, we as a nation could not create an enlightened atmosphere for your generation even though we had a legacy of the ancient civilization. But i am committed to help ‘dreaming kids’, in my entire life here after, and much of my inspiration comes from my dear Vinay Sir.

    But those brothers & sisters who are now in the era of ‘Insights’ has no excuses whatsoever it may be, because you can’t expect even a single point of help more than this. Come, we will success!!

    With Regards
    Raghav Kothari

    • Thank you Raghav 🙂

      Such words make us more humble and increase our responsibility. It is a team-work. As a team we will continue to work for this website. Your support is our motivation. Thanksa lot for such inspiring words.

      We wish you, your friends and all the aspirants success in life. Thanks again.

  • Amit Kumawat

    Dear Insight,
    I know that probably you might have time constraint to review the answers(as you said in one of the post) as you are also giving time to manage other affairs of this website to help students to prepare for this exam. But I want to suggest that you can give broad outline of every answer at the end of day(though this is too much to ask from a team who is giving most of time to help other students selflessly).This might save your time also and we will have an idea about the answer and can review other’s answers on this basis.
    Finally, you are doing a great job. We all have respect for you.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Amit. We will resume reviewing from coming Monday. Our reviews shall help you analyse answers. 🙂

      • mayuri hande

        sir can you please u please upload hindu analysis video for 4,,7,8,9,10 july.

      • Hello @INSIGHTS, when you will start giving feedback for the answers. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

  • Dharan Kumar

    please daily upload the hindu analysis vidoes…..please sir………….

    • Due to some personal problems things are getting delayed. It is not an excuse though. Soon, you will be seeing them uploaded regularly. Thank you 🙂

  • arjun singh

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus,first off all congratulations to your team for the wonderful effort.
    As a aspirant,i need some counseling from you.I cleared prelims in 2012 and in 2013 gave interview but fell short by 3 marks,in 2014 i couldn’t clear prelims.Now this is my 4th attempt, although i have revised well and currently following secure integrated 2015 ,I feel my confidence is sinking.The fear of failure like 2014 is haunting me inside out.It will be very kind of you and your team if you can take sometime and help me out how to overcome this situation.Didn;t knew what to do so posted this on feedback.

    • We mailed you 🙂 Please check. Thank you for writing in.

      • arjun singh

        No mail received,please send it again.Thank you

  • Manish Singh Abhyuday

    A revolution in the field of IAS preparation is going on here at INSIGHT. But, i have few suggestions to make it more effective.
    it takes too much time to write an answer through keyword. In the examination hall we will have to write on a piece of paper with a pen. So it will be beneficial for us, if there is an additional option to upload the scanned copy of handwritten answers for those who do want to upload their answers.

    1) It will save a lot of time in typing the answer because before typing, we will have to prepare our answer on a piece of paper too.
    2) Evaluation of quality of handwriting, attractiveness too.
    3) Aspirants can write their answer within time frame as their regular answer writing practice. There will not be need of spending the time in typing the answer apart from their regular answer writing practice.

    1) Bad handwriting can sometimes be illegible.
    2) Bad quality of scanning may hinder the onlookers.

    Here on this platform all are preparing for IAS. So they can evaluate their handwriting whether it is legible or not for others. If it not for the moment they should work on improving their handwriting and till the time they should type their answers here. Aspirants should also ensure the quality of scan.

    • Thank you Manish 🙂

      The requested option is already available. Please check at left corner of the comment box. Click it and you are ready to upload your scanned answer copy!

      The points you have highlighted are very good though.

  • pk

    Hi insights , I am a beginner and newer to this site . I commence my preparation only by reading hindu nothing else . Pls give me suggestions & how to use this site properly so that I get to know how to start . Today I can answer only 1 or 2 questions per day . Sometimes I cant complete newspaper fully also I am pursuing bpharmacy and will appear in the exam in 2017 . Is it right to make notes at this stage . Suggest me right strategies

  • pallawi_s19

    Hello Insight please update Hindu Analysis on daily basis…Right now we do not have any update after 6th of july 2015

  • pallawi_s19

    Sir why are you not updating hindu analysis on regular basis, we are still waiting for news analysis after 6tt of june’s Hindu new, kindly do it on regular basis, it’s really a humble request.

  • Basant Singhvi

    Sir, any test series / study schedule for 2016

  • Gauri Parashar

    Thank you Vinay Sir and Insights for sharing the preparation strategy of all the diamonds which were chiseled by you.
    More diamonds to come.
    Gratitude Sir 🙂

  • thakwani hitesh

    sir i regularly follow this website…and got good marks in mains 2014 specially gs paper 2 & 3….sir for prelim please put the cuurent issues and events of art & culture…and also compilation of new policy, act, amendment, new rules , env. convention, new schemes that may be helpful in prelim…

    • thakwani hitesh

      please reply as early as possible..last year i hv suggested about the compilation of secure 2014…that u hv uploaded…

  • swapnil pote

    Really helpfull to us…..
    Thanks INSIGHT

  • Pheedo

    It would be of great help if Insights uploads the strategy for PHYSICS optional. I am aiming for CSE 2016, need guidance. Though I have already read some senior’s blogposts related to my optional but wish to know the strategies of those who appeared in CSE 2014 and got through. Thank you.

  • Bhagat

    Sir when.will you start self study guide for 2016 thnx

  • RR49

    I have been hearing from my friends when I ask about few optional subjects. One frequent answer I get is dont go for that optional there will be huge competition. My score depends on my performance right How will the number of people writing the same optional papers effect my score.

  • Rohit Kulkarni

    Hello Vinay sir and Team

    With high respect I thankfully appreciate your efforts for helping us without any take.

    Sir please help in one thing I am bit struck. your daily question and answers which i see that many of the answers are almost same and no uniqueness . So i am confused how to make my answer unique I am preparing for next year but on many advice started writing from day first of my preparation. Below is my example answer for today’s question but many critised it that its not structured etc etc. please comment on how can i make it best.

    1) Do you think caste, class and religion have influence on the food habits of people in India? Critically analyse.

    India being a diversified grouping of different cultures and stratified into many castes and class has also implication’s on food habits like the most upper caste are vegetarian and lower castes are non vegetarians. With class stratification rich can afford for meat but poor cannot which forces him to be vegetarian.

    Dietary restriction are even kept by many caste to keep themselves separate from other caste. The known fact that animals like cow(hindus) , pork (Muslim), dog flesh(widespread) provides us the historic restrictions and offering food to dead as religious culture in india.

    Most of the proteins like B12 is only found in meat , so as suffered by many indians in this protein lack.

    This some times has worse influence like banning of EGG in MP due to upper class veggi class pressure and banning of beef in MH due to dominant caste.A single community interest should not be posed on the whole community instead govt should respect individual community interest in their own border for cultural peace and good cultural mixture..

    waiting for your reply..Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Rohit,

      Thank you for appreciating our (your) site.

      You have asked a very good question:

      Let us answer your question by analysing your own answer:

      1) You have not understood the demand of the question. It is evident in your answer. You have mostly ‘analysed’ only caste dimension when the question is asking you to analyse ‘class’ and ‘religious’ aspects too.

      2) Analysis means breaking into parts and examining them in-depth by providing suitable examples. Moreover your answer lacks coherence (please read second paragraph again)

      3) Question is directly asking your opinion. Opine in the introduction. Take a stand and then substantiate your stand through analysis (as per the directive). Instead the last paragraph is spent on giving suggestions.

      Hence, unique answer is the one which meets the demand of the question fully within the word limit.

      Please take our suggestions positively. Thank you again.

      • Rohit Kulkarni

        Thank you so much sir. I am really delight to see your response.
        I will take your words.

  • Dhananjay

    Good job by everyone here.(No complaint )

    Team InsightOnIndia I want to appear for 2016 like so many new aspirants. So can you please start one thread for 2016 aspirants so that we can start early and crack this exam. Please suggest the basic books and other ideas which should be followed for 2016.

    Thanks in advance.

    • We will be starting it after Prelims. Thank you.

      • Dhananjay

        Can you please suggest booklist for prelims to read until then. Or any link you have created for your website it will be very helpful to start with that. Thanks

  • alok rai

    Dear vinay sir,
    First of all I would like to thanks you from bottom of my heart for your all these efforts. Your such sincere efforts means a lot for me and many of aspirants. sir although I am not so to give you suggestions but still I would like to share my own personal experience with you. Sir as me and my many of friends have tried for the selection in your offline classes but failed to do so 🙁 My suggestions revolve regarding this only. Sir it will very beneficial for thousand of the aspirants who were following your site religiously if you upload the videos of your offline classes. As it is not possible for you to select each and every one for the offline classes but the eminent use of technology can serve your real intentions and adore the larger interest. So sir if it is feasible for you to do so please upload the videos not each and every but some important one so it will helpful for aspirants and add a new glorious chapter in your this philanthropic mission.
    Thanking You

    • Dear Alok,

      I think you have wrong information regarding our classes. We do not ‘teach’ anything in the class. In fact we do not give any materials too.

      What we do is to give individual feedback on your answers in the class (or outside the class). It is basically a test series which is intensive and highly focussed on the demand of Mains exam.

      So, there nothing is there to make videos. 🙂

      But, your demand will be met in a different way which will be exciting for all our website followers. Let Prelims over first.

      And thank you very much for being always there to support us.

      • alok rai

        thx a lot sir fr your clarifications… Really Excited for your new initiative. And again hats off for your all efforts it means a lot for us….

  • Rakesh Kumar

    Hello Sir, Would you please provide a discussion or article of any topper regarding how to prepare for Economics optional for Mains ??? thank you….

  • arjun singh

    Sir, can you please draft highlights of economic survey as time is less and it is very bulky.I will highly appreciate your efforts.Thank you


    Dear vinay sir,

    I am requesting you again sir. will you give Secure-2015 compilations for this year or it is stopped now. I know u have a lot of rigorous engagements also but as you promised, you would not stop providing compilations. but sir, it is not materializing somehow. may be I am demanding more. but sir kindly let us inform whether we will get Secure-2015 compilations in future or not?

    Thanking you sir.


  • PsycheD

    Technical request: If I’m not being too greedy, I would like to make a request that would make using this site easier and more streamlined.
    I subscribe to your feed via RSS and as much as I love all your initiatives, I do pick and choose which ones to follow to suit my personal interest. Your RSS feed though, do not give me that flexibility. My reader is updated by up to 40 new posts a day sometimes by posts from Insights! Needless to say, this is overwhelming and I’m almost scared to read everything I have to. Could you please split your feed into the various initiatives you have going on?
    Thank you so much for all the great work.

  • Rahul Rathod

    Hi Sir,
    I am going to opt for English literature as optional subject for mains. Could you suggest me how many percentage of students are recommended every year of English literature.

  • Jaidev Amrawat

    Can we write our answers in hindi too sir?

  • ToharLalua

    What happened to the secure answer compilations which were promised?

  • Vijayant Jaswal

    Thank you very much for so accurate insights about the whole CSE syllabi.
    But I want some help regarding books that I should study for the following subjects:
    1) Ethics, integrity and Aptitude
    CL Wayper: western political thought
    VP Verma : Indian Political thought
    William K. Frankena: Ethics

    Uma kapila: Indian Economy
    Mishra and Puri: Indian Economy – performance and policies

    3)Internal Security
    SC DUbe: Indian Society

    I am preparing on my own but getting a little confused.

    Thanking you.
    Vijayant Singh

  • Tanmay

    I have paid payment for the test series plz let me knw hw do i avail it.

    Payment idMOJO5806000J54219806

    plz send as soon as possible.

  • Snehjeet Gundawar

    sir your current events efforts are really appreciable i’m not getting enough time to read newspapers do to hectic schedule ,current affairs daily gives compact information of the daily events,thanks a lot sir……

    • It is being posted every day. Due to health problems, last week was bit irregular. It will be normal again. Thank you.

  • BaaHuBali eNTERs

    Dear Vinay Sir…i request you to send us a compiled set of Prelims new initiative questions & answers… will help aspirants who are dependent on very irritating “dongle internet connection”…sorry sir i don’t have access to broadband connection…

    • This will be done. Thank you.

      • BaaHuBali eNTERs

        thank u sir

  • fireflies


    I paid for the test series prelims 2015.. haven’t received the tests yet.. Please could you rush. I hope you understand the urgency and send me the tests as soon as possible.

  • Manish Chandran

    Enjoyed the fresh new look of the website

  • pallawi_s19

    Sir there is no meaning of Hindu analysis when, you do not update it on a regular basis. If you are doing something just do it regularly otherwise do not do.. It’s really disappointing and irritating….Please mind it.

    • That is very rude 🙂

      • pallawi_s19

        Sir I am really sorry if I am rude, but I earlier also post the same thing…please do have some alternative for this, because it’s very important and we get a clear understanding from your analysis….Thank you!

  • harsh195

    Sir please enable the search functionality which was present earlier. A search button was available at top right corner of the page which is now removed.


    • harsh195

      I just saw that it is available in top right corner just below the headers. Thanks a lot @InsightsOnIndia:disqus

  • ShwethaB

    sir please start the insights geography mains question answer writing again for 2016

  • Nikhil Gaikwad

    Sir, I will be appearing in persons this year and this is my second attempt, although I couldn’t clear last last but I am really hopeful for this year. For current events I read Indian express and followed insights daily current events. Sir it would be really helpful for me and many of my fellow aspirants if you could make a compilation of insights daily current events to as sir you give very detailed and in depth analysis of not just the events but also peripheral issues and institutions which area very relevant and useful.

    So sir I would like you to thank you for this initiative and please sir make a compilation of insights daily current events (monthly)

    Thanks a lot sir

  • baburao

    sir…! may be u r busy..i think so..but many of members are eagerly looking that..when u will upload videos of aug 5,6,7,8…waiting for that..thanks for your guidelines..truthfully..

  • jayaraj

    Hello Insights team,

    Really appreciated for you efforts. It is really good. However, I would like to request you to help for working professionals. Like starting a new program for CSE2016 Aspirants and the reference books and any important links that would be useful.

  • Sathish Kumar

    please regularly update the HINDU VIDEO ANALYSIS

  • Rohit Kumar

    I’m not able to subscribe to your blog. Receiving WordPress Error

  • DoubleKay

    Hi Insights! I have a small problem with the subscriptions. I am not receiving the mail updates. When i tried putting my email id in the subscription update, it said there was an error and told me to enable JS and Cookies. How will get the updates to your site once again ?

    • That is a strange problem. Did you try with Gmail ID?

      Please try now and let us know if it works. Thank you.

      • DoubleKay

        Hi again! I tried with Gmail ID and its does not work. I had subscribed to the site via my outlook account. Several days ago I stopped receiving the updates. Now when I try to re-subscribe with my email id, it does not work. I would be very grateful if this problem could be solved. Thank you.

  • KC

    Hi sir…
    You are doing an excellent job.
    I just wanted to know when would hindu news analysis start again.
    I am eagerly waiting for that.

    Thank you.

  • Deepti Chahar

    Insight is phenomenally doing well……I joined a coaching (a reputed one) in Delhi. Left my home, took loan to pay the coaching fees (e.g. 1 Lakh INR) and guess what within 6 month I left that coaching, came back to home as I found them complete waste of time. Then one day, I came across while surfing online to get a help so that I could prepare for CSE 2016……..and after visiting I was like wow these guys are serving all the IAS aspirant so well…….I was like why the hell I wasted my precious time, money, energy being in Delhi for that rubbish coaching wala……Insight is one stop for all serious and smart IAS aspirant. Thank you Insight! Thank very much! 🙂

    • Thanks a lot. We hope you continue to visit and make use of our initiatives until you see your name in the final list. Wish you all the best for your exam preparation.

      • Deepti Chahar

        Thank you! 🙂 I’m indebted for the help and guidance getting from Insight. Thanks a heap! _/_ 🙂

    • Er AbHiShEk

      strange !!!!

  • Saurabh

    Hi Insight ,
    When are we starting our Mains optional preparation.
    Like most of us here , I am “totally” dependent on Insight.
    My optional is Geography and I will not be able to join the classes and test series(optional) though I live in Delhi.
    As a part of Insight preparation , please start writing initiative for optionals.
    I know you are doing alot and I believe like everyone who follow Insight ,that you will come up with this , Atleast ,frame the study schedule like prelims preparation , it will help everyone completing the preparation.

    • We will be starting this from tomorrow. Thank you.

      • Manish Bansal

        @@InsightsOnIndia:disqus please provide the schedule for 2016 aspirants .please sir as soon as possible please provide the schedule

  • US

    we all trusting that insight website provide us good materials for UPSC…sir,you just uploaded the CSP2015 question paper…but some of the academics, before the publish of official key they provide their own key after UPSC exam gets over….why not insights provide us a key of this exam…..kindly provide us the key of yours in csp2015

    • Hope you checked our Answer Key – it is very detailed with less conflicting solutions. Please check it here:

      • US

        ya sir,i had checked the answer key.. it is more useful and the explanation was much more excellent one…nobody can done this kind of ans key…most academics and online portal submit their ans key with opted explanation….but insights is the only one web portal which gives the explanation for all four options, others only explained the option which are used to be correct…such an extraordinary work and the explanations is not only useful to study particular qn n ans..your explanation makes as to learn more n know about the related topics in other 3 options also..hats off to all insights team members preparing such a ans key explanation… thank you insight team…

  • Shreya

    Dear Sir,

    Please let us know about the test series for 2016 aspirants. Also, I’m eagerly waiting for a self study plan for 2016 aspirants.


    • We are coming up with a plan for 2016 aspirants. Till then please follow Daily debates and Secure initiative. Thank you.

      • Shreya

        Thank you 🙂

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    UPSC 2016 calender out; prelims> 7 August 2016, mains> 3 Dec 2016

  • Pooja

    Sir please continue lok sabha and rajya sabha debate summaries. It is one the best initiative and source of most probable questions for paper 2 and 3.

    • They were done by few of my students. They have done their Prelims well and are focusing on it. Despite this, we will try our best to continue them (only important topics) Thank you 🙂

  • ankur srivastava

    Dear Insights,

    Please provide a page or platform where we can get to know about and come in touch of other aspirants in our city. It is very problematic for those who stay away from Delhi to find their peers. Even a google spreadsheet will be of great help.

    • Thank you for this suggestion. Even last year this idea was proposed, but we have to evolve a mechanism for this. If you have practical solution, please mail us at insightsonindia at gmail dot com (with this subject)

  • Yusuf Hassan

    Thank you sir for excepting request to post mcq. it would be great if we can have compilation of a week end current affairs mcq. this will motivate us to go back to our notes and revise the whole week updates and appear for the mcq test. i knw we all have been too demanding. you can post the mcq on sunday or monday. this will give us quite good no of questions to attempt as well as this will ease your burden for posting mcqs every day. sorry ones again if we are troubling you with our demands. you guys are doing fabulous.

    Also tell us if you would like to accept questions or topics that may be important for Mains and pt yet some how they were left being mentioned. If yes then how can we share them to you.
    Yusuf hassan

    • Thank you for these suggestions. Slowly, but steadily we will implement them one by one.

  • Arun

    Dear team Insights,

    Thank you for the sincere efforts and the positive attitude of saying the thinks frankly. Being a serious player for the upcoming exam, thanks for all initiative and motivation. Looking forward to the schedules.


    • Thank you Arun. Please keep visiting. We would like to see you reach your dream.

  • Arnav

    Hi. Thanks for the website, its been really useful.
    Will it be possible for you to repeat questions that you’ve asked throughout the year as part of the Secure daily answer writing initiative in the month of December 2015. It will serve as the most important tool for improving one’s quality of answers, in my opinion. Hope you find value in this suggestion. Thank you!

  • Hameeda

    Sir, can you give us a combined pdf of all the current affairs until now. its difficult for me to take print outs. i have been missing out on current affairs for long but I wrote my prelims well. Scoring about 137. Please help.

  • Vivek Gupta

    dear vinay sir,

    Sir, will u provide the secure compilations-2015 from where it was left. since i am a working professional & it would be a great help for candidates like me. hope u reply sir.

    thanks sir & kudos to your great effort for us.


  • Manish Goyal

    Dear Insights ,

    I thank you for your efforts in assisting for the preparation, my only suggestion is to make this website more user friendly as sometimes it’s difficult to find an article. And i am eagerly waiting for your secure 2016 initiative.

  • manish kalonia

    Hello insight. I had subscribed to your test series for preliminary 2015. And now I am desperately waiting for the same test series for 2016. Any information on when you are going to start. Thank you in advance.
    P. S. I have already emailed you yesterday on insights.exam at gmail

    • Gauri

      In October.

      • manish kalonia

        thank you very much. I hope that we both make it this time.

        • Gauri

          Yeah I too wish for the same. Thanks for saying something so positive 🙂

        • Gauri

          Did you appeared in Prelims-15 ?

          • manish kalonia

            I did. But the score is not upto the mark….could not revise the notes I made till March end….had to go without revision of a single page. Now that m changing my job, I would get much time. or at least I would not have this schedule which bothers right at the time when it matters most…..:)… email is manishkalonia85 at gmail…..drop me an email whenever u want to discuss directly…..i think if we start talking here, then it would defeat the purpose of this forum……[email protected]:disqus…sorry…..:)

    • Abhinav Kushwaha

      test series 2016 start from October, recent notification of insights.

      • manish kalonia

        thanks abhinav. can u point out the notification that you mentioned. I was trying to search for it but did not find that.

        • Abhinav Kushwaha

          31 august, and today discuss digest

    • manish kalonia

      One more thing. I just noticed that you have changed the organization of the website. now, i feel like a stranger here. earlier, i could easily locate the desired topic/page. i guess, i would take time to adjust. I came back office work load recently. I could not revise and follow the test series and other articles seriously. I think that is the reason, I could not qualify. But, I think, my work was more important.
      PS: Desperately waiting for get the test series started. 🙂

  • Mohit kant singh

    Dear Vinay Sir,
    It would be really helpful if you could provide model answers for Paper IV- Ethics of last two years mains papers. It will be of immense help to those like me who are in perpetual doubt as to the right way of answering these qs. Please consider this request favourably.


  • Ananta Kumar Roy

    Hello Team Insights,

    its been wonderfully motivating to be a part of this preparation platform for even a small period of a few months. I am aiming for the exams next year and realised a lot of loopholes in my preparation this year due to Insights.
    I have a suggestion which crossed my mind as I was writing the answers today (my first day). Can all the answers by a user , say by me compiled in a notebook format at one place. I believe that would make it somewhat like a social media profile where users have to login. But anyway they do login while commenting. That way it would be of tremendous help to quickly revise all the answers at the end of each month or fortnight at one place without opening a new page everytime. Please look into this if its possible. I can visualise it can work wonders for aspirants.

  • Rd Rd

    My Optional is Pub Ad ,kindly provide notes /synopsis of 2nd ARC and Puncchi commission report.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Amy

    Dear Insight!
    Is it possibe to have Mathematics optional answer writing challange too on the website. I would really appreciate if you help me find out a way.
    Its very hard to find Maths optional students and at times it gets difficult if I cannot solve a question. Unlike arts subjects, getting answer for a maths question from google search becomes very difficult and sometimes impossible.

    Need your help. Thank you 🙂

  • Vikram Thakur

    Your online portal and mains test series is very much relevant but for complementing the whole syllabus -Plz add optional answer writing too.
    Please start for philosophy optional

  • Balmohan

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus what is spam mechanism used on

  • harthik c

    Sir, I think this is best time to start series or special programmes ect ect for aspirants 2016 ….. Thank you , “”LONG LIVING IOI””

  • rajnish saha

    please start 2016 prelims+mains strategy .. may like me are ready to dive in at the earliest!!!

  • sam

    guys plz start daily answer wriiting challenge for philosophy optional too……..plz guys

  • Deepesh Kedia

    Hi, first of all, a huge thanks for the mains schedule prepared by you. However, it would be great if you could provide model answers to these questions, like other coaching centres (mainly VisionIAS) provides. This way, students would be better able to evaluate their answers, and thus would generate a lot more interest in this exercise.
    Moreover, this would provide us with detailed understanding of various questions in the tests.


  • arjun


    Would it be possible to put up a schedule you are following for sociology optional writing challenge ?
    I would arrange my personal schedule likewise to get mam benefit

    .. which chapters on what days … please

  • Manish Bansal


  • Arun

    Dear Team Insights,
    Really appreciate some of the compilations shared especially GS 1 – GS 4 – Secure 2015 Initiative from Jan 2015 – August 2015. Impeccable piece of work, thanks for being honest and sharing information. Respect .

  • vds

    hii insight….i am not able to download insight secure Q & A compilation May to august…kindly help..thank you

  • rahul

    Thanks insight, for sending both gs and optional related question in morning at same time.

  • KC

    Hindu videos please……

  • evergreen

    Hello insightians.
    I’m aspiring for 2016 but not yet done with da entire syllabus. Kindly suggest me what shall be the appropriate time to join test series? Insights is providing study schedule s well, but because i’m lagging I fear to cope up with the series…. awaiting ur response..

    Thank u….

  • Akshay

    Sir I have a request that please compile the secure current events mains questions weekly or fortnightly. Since time is less so that we can revise them as fast as possible and as many times as possible. Its just a matter of three months if you will do this it would be of great help.
    And it would be good if you provide the model answers to the Mains mock test as well.

  • rajnish saha

    Regarding MISSION 2016.Sir I guess , if I am to use my liberty at its fullest, I would like to suggest with all honesty that INSIGHTS should and must complete this TEST SERIES AND WHOLE PREPARATION PHASE atleast before 3 weeks or 1 month(4 weeks). It would be GOOD FOR ALL MY FELLOW ASPIRANTS. Please do consider.

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yes, we are working on it. This time we want to give our best, not only quality, but also overall experience. Hence things are getting delayed.


    There was an error when subscribing daily current events through email

  • Frankenstein

    I’ve seen aspirants asking about Zoology optional and you remaining silent about it. Can you do something about it?
    Whatever insights have been doing so far is exceptional and I understand it’s not nice to ask more. But there are no other consistent sites helping Zoology aspirants.
    Thank you sir

    • We will post zoology questions if someone like you send us questions compilation (at least previous year papers). We would certainly post if we had questions. Thank you.

      • Frankenstein

        Thank you for the reply sir. How may I communicate it with you?

  • avnish Kumar

    thanks insight…for ur great effort…..i have small request from u…plz provide the compilation of current events monthly in separate PAPER-II,III,IV

    • Efforts are being made to update Paper -2 and 3.

      Paper -1 and 4 do not need much updation. Still we will look into them. Thank you.

  • rahul

    kindly let me suggest coaching for test series for pub ad optional .
    Please provide feedback for vision ias ,mukharjeenagar for test series of pub ad optional

    • We do not know about this perfectly, hence not in a position to suggest you. Thank you.

      • rahul

        Thanks for reply

  • Rajnish Patidar

    Dear Insights, please reconsider the new format of web design you have implemented. At least take the feedback. I think it is highly inconvenient and inferior to the previous one.

    • Thank you. After getting feedback from you and others, we have reverted to old design.

  • P Sharma

    please sir secure 2015 me geography ke application based questions dijiye

    • Let Paper-1 get over, we will start giving them. Thank you.

  • Sridhar

    Hello Vinay Sir after following ur website for the last fortnight I came to the conclusion that my failure in the last four attempt with two interview was due to non practice of writing in time bound manner. As I m not taken any coaching I ve lost my precious time. I should ve follewd u before alas I was ignorant.
    With ur daily writing challenge now I could know my shortcoming after comparing with other participant. Now I’m confident.
    Thank you
    I would also request to continue to provide ethics case study daily
    Moreover please upload model abser for every test .
    Your test paper were really tough standard. If possible make a compilation in PDF format of all news analysis for 2015 which will benefit people like me who are far from Delhi and soly depend upon you. It would regard from my heart.

    • We will do our best to post Ethics case study on daily basis.

      We are working on things you have suggested. Thanks a lot for following our site. Please keep visiting and practising. Wish you all the best.

  • Prabhu

    There is so much problem while browsing on mobile phone.. ..please make this site more Mobile friendly for browsing…..

    • We are working on it. This will take a while. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Pro

    Hello Insights,

    I think there is some issue with your site page. When ever I open any question page in chrome, it keeps on increasing memory & CPU consumed. I tried it in different browsers and different OS.

    Please look into below Screenshot. As you can see CPU for page is 25%, and 1.3GB RAM, in my system which is having 16 GB Ram, i7 configuration. I am not sure if some one else is facing same issue. Please look into it as it is causing pain using site.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Brijendra Singh

    • Pro


    • Thank you. There are some issues. We are working on them.

      • Son Bri

        Vinay Sir… please.. we beg you dont stop HINDU NEWS ANALYSIS VIDEO initiatve… AND PLEASE POST THAT DAILY,.. PLEASE…
        we dont need new initiatives… please sir… there is something called
        respect.. and you gain it NOT BY THE NUMBER OF THINGS YOU DO BUT BY THE WAY IN
        WHICH YOU DO EACH THING.. sorry sir, but am saying this bcoz OF my utter
        desperation AND helplessness .. i am one of the sincere followers of this
        site.. and am sorry to say you that u are not doing any good for true students
        who are actually (truly following ) depending on your site… IT IS A SHAME
        PRESENT WONDERFUL INITIATIVES… imagine a student who has been
        viewing ur videos on a daily basis for the past 3 months.. it becomes a part of
        our study plan.. and suddenly one day it stops… and then after 1 week
        suddenly 5 videos appear… and on some day these videos will stop for ever and
        you will start another2-3 initiatives… with what faith we should follow ur
        site?… it would be better than those 100 new initiatives , if you continue
        one single initiative a whole year.. there is no need to mess things up like
        this.. earlier there was optional subject questions daily… one day it
        stopped.. then started current affairs… it stopped… then after some months
        it restarted.. then there is this lok sabha rajya sabha and all india raDio
        news analysis.. sometimes it stops..
        then starts… then it starts again and again it stops.. it is of no benefit .. first i used to follow your rajya sabha initiative.. then it stopped.. ok
        lok sabha started.. then now it has become a mix… one day suddenly it
        comes… i am sure that those who follow a daily timetable finds it difficult
        when suddenly 1 weeks articles are posted together.. i am wondering why you didnt stop secure 2015
        saying that you dont have time.. and you could have started another 3 or 4
        initiatives also which you could have stopped after 2 months.. thank you for
        showing consistency in atleast that initiative, which iam sure is the one and
        only one initiative which is benefiting true students who are actually
        preparing and will eventuAlly succed.. the one feature in that initiative is
        its consistency and continuity.. but am sure you will start something outwordly
        soon and will stop “secure” initiative also… also mentionable is
        the present current affairs initiative(which is version 2 lol) which you are
        atleast posting on the next day… someone who studies sincerely will never
        find time to follow all your initiatives.. if you have real mind to help please
        show stability and consistency in atleast 4 or 5 initiatives and that would be
        truly wonderful.. each day morning we
        read that day’s news paper and then we cannot open your site and read last
        day’s current affairs.. also we cannot see last week’s hindu news analysis
        which you would have posted 1 week later… atleast by god’s grace you are
        posting secure questions based on the same day’s newspaper.. thank god..
        otherwise that also would have been a waste.. imagine if we get the following things on the same day.. secure questons+ that
        day’s current affairs + that day’s news analysis video … how great it would
        have been.. and how useful it would have been.. o.k… I agree that you do not
        have time to post all these on the same day… “BUT THEN THE SAME PERSON WHO DO
        YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE HELPING US… BUT YOU ARE WRONG..”.. am sure that these
        days you would be planning for atleast
        10 new initiatives to begin soon…. but please.. please do something that will
        actually help real candidates… that is
        choosing initiatives which you can actually update daily and sustain for
        atleast one year.. new prelims quiz is
        amazing… but i do not follow that because am tired of your initiatves.. you
        will most probably stop it next month.. you would be thinking that u have done
        a great help by posting the compiled secure qstn and answers of last one year
        together last week… i Am sure that 100% of your followers would have been thrilled.. but
        am sure less than 5% would benefit from what you have done.. we would have
        benefitted if you posted those question and answers on that same day instead of
        wasting time on 100 other initiatives which you were never going to deliver in
        time.. i have lost hope.. but iam still following “secure” initiative
        hoping that you will spare atleast that initiative .. also, please don’t judge
        the success of your initiatives by the number of comments you get.. those who
        are really following it will never find time to post comments…if you daily
        follow secure initiative you will notice that a single user do not post answers
        consistently for more than 3-4 days. There are some who manage to sustain for 1
        week or upto 1 month… but nobody stays there more than that time.. and then
        suddenly one day they reappear… they are seasonal birds.. they will be happy
        with your new initiatives because they would not have followed ur ongoing
        initiaves on a daily basis which is suffering due to the new ones… they migrate
        from your 1 initiative to another never realising their foolishness in
        following this site… sir.. let me ask you one thing.. are you currently covering
        lok sabha or rajya sabha(I mean “big picture” or ”insight”) ? Am asking this
        because of my desparation and sense of being fooled… if you do not have time to
        post lok sabha insight program on a daily basis… please don’t post it.. cover
        atleast big picture programme.. but do that daily for atleast 1 year.. so that
        we have clarity in what u are giving us.. so that we can prepare lok sabha
        insight programme on our own.. and with that we will be able to follow both
        programmes daily and will not miss that any day.. DEAR SIR, IAM REITERATING THAT CONTINUITY,
        clearly in the beginning of the year what you can give us on a daily basis…
        and show us that u can actually give us that on time… then if u want you may
        add 1 or 2 initiatives if u are that desperate to help us… i beg dont stop
        those old initiaves… and if possible dont start anything new.. secure 2015, current
        affairs(same day),news analysis video(same day), rajya sabha or loksabha(at
        least one,but daily) and then the new daily prelims quiz… please…. please maintain
        these initiatives…. please sir… please.. please… am sorry but i said all
        these due to my desperation and helplessness… please sir… please….

  • rahul

    Hi insights, thanks for such unique services for provides such relevant question for gs as well as optional.But unfortunately, I observed that questions with ”critically…” directives are overwhelming and thus lacking balance with questions with other directives.

    • Point noted. Thank you.

      • rahul

        Thanks for considering request.

  • Chandrashekhar

    Hi INSIGHTS I have two feedbacks

    1) Can you please arrange the Secure Compilations for “First Week” also with topic wise links ( GS 1, G2, Gs 3 and Gs4 having seperate links) like its been done for other weeks. that ways its easier to revise. That will b a great help.

    2) the secure compilations for the period “May to August – 2015” is not opening, theres an error. Please Please sort this.

    And I pray that u do not stop updating this website. Many like me depend so much on this website and some institutes would sell their stuff(which would not be as good as yours) for lakhs of rupees. You dont do that. Its unbelievable in today’s profit mongering world.

    • Thank you. We corrected Secure ‘May to August Link;.

      We will never stop updating this website. It is our bread and butter 🙂

  • arjun singh

    Dear Insight,

    Please provide model answers for mains series,without model answer how will we judge ourselves.Its a request from aspirants like me who wish to do well in mains 2015.

  • DSR

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    I know you guys are already doing a lot for civil service aspirants and the fact that you are doing all this for free makes it even more commendable considering the exploitative practices adopted by many people and institutions.
    There is a request i would like to make and i guess a lot many other followers of this blog would be having the same concern. I humbly request you that if possible, can you please re-start the evaluation of answers of the daily current event based questions that are provided. I am not for a detailed feedback to all the answers (nor it is possible), just marking the answers out of 10 marks would suffice and would immensely help the serious aspirants.
    Many thanks again for the tremendous efforts you are putting in which has made this journey a lot more easier and interesting.

    • This is one area where we want to start and provide utmost quality. We are holding back due to human resource crunch. But we will overcome this very soon hopefully. Thanks a lot for the reminder.

      • DSR

        Thanks a lot 🙂
        I sincerely hope it happens soon!!

  • Bilbo2015

    Sir,last year the old students got discounts.This year I am again joining your test series.So,can I expect that there will be discounts for old students ? Just curious , since I am also a student of your 2013 I am also eligible for double discount ? 😀 .

    • Of course you will be given discount 🙂 Between please prepare in such a way that this should be your last and successful attempt. Thank you.

  • Ashutosh

    Hello Insights , kudos to your wonder efforts for all of us. I have just a request to make , can you please give your questions and essays in Hindi also so that many of the students in hindi medium can also benefit.

    • Thanks Ashutosh. We will make efforts towards this suggestion. Right now it is not possible, but we are open to this suggestion and will keep in mind this one.

  • rahul

    Hi insights, essay of 27TH,”Is Scientific Temper Opposed to Superstition or Can it Cohabit Easily with Superstition?” is really brain storming .Thanks for such quality questions.

    • Thank you. We will try to come up with more of such topics.

  • Sadiq Shaik

    sir please provide topics before posting questions are posting questions directly sir thank you

  • rajesh verma

    as u know the whole market & free all online coachings like as yours are totally dedicated for english medium students majority of the aspirants come from rural areas thats why their command over spoken and communication skills are not up to the mark on english language, so they are skeptical to to get their dream job .
    behalf of this community i request to u pls do justice with these students.
    thanx & regards

    • We totally understand your concern. We are just two year old and working to excel in what we are doing right now. If we take up too many things, quality will be compromised. Slowly but steadily we will try to do justice to regional medium students as well. Thank you.

  • rajesh verma

    sir iam just expecting from ur side that those article which are post fm. ur every segment of ur website could be translated in hindi for us.

    thanx & regards.

  • KC

    I just wanted to inquire that when will the Hindu news analysis start again.
    Was concerned as could not see the news analysis corner on the page.

  • Hari

    Many optional subjects are not mentioned. Try to include dose too like maths.

  • Churchill

    Hi Insights Team.

    Regarding Optional Answer writing challenges for Political Science and International Relations –

    Almost all the questions appearing are directly picked from UPSC Previous yrs papers of last 3-4 yrs. i guess serious candidates would have already framed answers to them by now. Please provide some new unseen questions so that we feel a little more challenged.I see such initiatives in the other websites doing similar job as INSIGHTS. is it that you are ignoring PSIR because of lesser number of candidates ??

  • NM

    Hello Insights team,
    The user interface of the website is not looking good from a past few days..Request you to streamline and categorize everything without much repetitions or else it can confuse visitors. #JustanObservation
    I am not sure it has something to do with my browser or Insights is going to change it’s UI. I would really like insights to care a bit for the look and feel of the website apart from the content and quality of the offerings.
    I am getting hugely benefited from INSIGHTs and would love to see it excel.. Thanks a lot for the honest and sincere endeavor to guide us and and wish you luck and success 🙂

  • Sridhar

    Helo Vinay Sir I have gone through some of the answer to ur GS compilation 2015. They very relevant and satisfactory. Quality of questions are very good.
    One request if u could provide compilations of previous question-answer for GS4 for 2013&14 as they are relevant for this year also.It would give us ample exercise to hone our problem solving.
    Thank you sir for ur effort in our career building effer.

  • Braveheart Victor

    Please add Recent Posts tab. It is very helpful in finding current posts.

  • Vikas Heera

    hello insights team, i m Vikas hira AIR 1148 {CSE 2014} would you please clarify on the future of daily hindu newspaper analysis as one has to modify one’s study plan as per the change. are you people going to shut it down or its just delayed ? or u had shut it down ? or will it continue in near future ?

  • Anit ifs

    Hey Insights,
    can you run online mains test series.. scanned papers to be checked and returned..?

    • Sorry. We do not have capacity to run online Mains test series yet. Also don’t have any future plans too…Thank you.

  • jithin

    please give a topic on current nepal crisis in the daily debate section

    • Sure. It is a topic that must be debated. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • urlovin

    can we have compilation of questions topic wise like indian history,world history,world geo, etc.. like the sub-topics under which questions are given in Secure-2015,can it be compiled topic wise? if it is possible thn pls do it.. thanks

  • Revathi

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus -I request you to make summaries from Lok sabha – public forum and AIR new analysis also.

  • Pravinkumar

    Dear Insights,
    can u do some more help to us by compiling optional papers also…..
    if u’ve compiled it already then plz reply me with political science compilation link.
    Thanking you!

  • rajnish saha(RKJ reincarnated)

    Actually I know u would mention chapters name in forthcoming times.
    but Sir please read my comment , inquiry about the editions/chapters of all the STANDARD books mentioned in the timetable-

    Before sermonizing you with my talks, simple solution is –
    Confusion about the EDITION OF BOOKS can be easily erased if u mention the CHAPTERS NAME of WHATEVER BOOK U MENTION.whenever the time comes according to the scheduled TIMETABLE.
    BELIEVE ME.. MENTIONING CHAPTERS NAME would be a solution which can act an implicit incentive for my all my fellow aspirants to study using their own sources OR using the EDITIONS OF book they already possess right now.

    Even then i would like to ask you the following-
    M LAXMIKANTH , I am sure is of the 4th edition
    SUMIT SARKAR’s MODERN INDIA also m sure is the 1st edition,(has not changed)
    BIPIN CHANDRA’s EDITION is also rather clear , is the latest one (has not changed)

    please tell what editions are to be used for the following-
    2) ICSE ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES (if possible please using this openly available…

    3) Shekhar Bandhopadhay’s PLASSEY TO PARTITION editon?
    4) INDIA SINCE INDEPENDENCE not mentioned?.. for post indepence consolidation atleast chapters of COOPERATIVE MOVEMENTS AND LAND REFORMS or OPENLY AVAIBALBLE MRUNAL.ORG SUMMARIES ..
    these chapters/SECTIONS should be adjusted somewhere very carefullly in between your brilliant schedule.would not be hard for you people.. that would suffice i guess along with NCERT post indepence books.

    I repeat, BELIEVE ME.. MENTIONING CHAPTERS NAME would be a solution which can act an implicit incentive for my all my fellow aspirants to study using their own sources OR using the EDITIONS OF book they already possess right now.

  • Raja royal

    sir will you conduct offline test series for prelims 2016 ..iam interseted to join..this..wen will you start this offline test series for prelims 2016…pls inform to me sir..

    • We are more likely to conduct Prelims Offline Test series as we are getting many requests for the same. We will announce the details once we finalise our plan. Thank you.

  • humanity

    what for hindi condidates?

  • Mayuri Hande

    sir can u pls provide daily news analysis daily its very useful

  • Aniket Singh

    sir mai hindi midiuam ka student hoon aur mai aap ke sight ko follow karata hoon but mujhe jo app mains ka question english me dete hai samajhene me difcult hota hai so aap se request hai ki aap question ko hindi me bhi provide kaara de aur sir aap hindi midiuam me bhi matter available kara de to hum logo ka bhi kalayan hoga

  • Atul Singh

    dear admin pllz help me out m getting so many problems in preparing fr civil services n nw i want to clear it this tym pllz provide me propr guideline m apka puri zindagi ehsan mand rahunga

    • Please check our Mission 2016 Page in menu. Read those articles. They might help you.

  • Staunch Nationalist

    Vinay sir,kindly provide the email id for contacting you regarding insinghtsonindia.Please pay attention & reply as soon as possible.Thanking you for your benevolent efforts for IAS aspirants,,

    • Please contact at insightsonindia at gmail dot com with a clear subject. We will reply you. Thank you.

      • Staunch Nationalist

        Thanks a lot,Sir.The way you are addressing our concerns,is admirable.The level of attention towards aspirants reflects the extent of efforts put by you for guiding us in an amicable way & brightening our future with constant motivation.

  • divya

    u r doing great work Insight.Thanks and congrates. My query is for the current affairs for the Sundays.Why don’t u upload these?

    • Thanks Divya. Sunday we like to spend time with family, so it is a break. But we make sure that we cover any important articles next day in Secure or in Current events.

      • divya

        Yeah.this too is important.I understand. 😉

  • rahul

    Hi Insights, We are grateful to practice case study questions everyday and this is only because of secure 2015.It will be more great if along with case study question we will get at least one more ethics question from other area also.As you know answer writing is soul of mains.

  • rahul

    Hi Insights, We are grateful to practice case study questions everyday and this is only because of secure 2015.It will be more great if along with case study question we will get at least one more ethics question from other area also.As you know answer writing is soul of mains.

    • That’s a good suggestion. From tomorrow we will provide one extra question along with Ethics Case Study. Thank you for the suggestion.

      • rahul

        Thanks for consideration !

  • rahul

    Hi Insights, since 1st october we are not getting challenges for optional. kindly restart.My optional is Public Administration.

    • There was some problem. We have started posting them.

      • rahul

        Thanks for restarting questions of optional

  • Prakash Vats

    sir i want to enroll pre and main test series 2016 but my medium is hindi. Can i join this test series?

    • We do not provide tests in Hindi medium. But if you can prepare by reading English materials, you can enroll. Thank you.

      • Prakash Vats

        my query is regarding those test which will be conducted after feb 2016 and in your time table most of the test is on working day. i m a working person so how i will write these test

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    When you prepare mains self study guide 2016 time table, keep in mind
    some important books like world history Norman Love, social problem in
    India Ram ahuja, challenges and strategy Rajiv Sikri, public
    institutions in india Pratap Bhanu, select constitution s chand,
    introduction to the constitution DD Basu (only selected chapter for
    mains syllabus topics not covered in test series 2016) as this books
    suggested by you.
    If you cannot do this way or you can do in
    another way. If you can do in another way please keep in mind to cover
    all static portion for mains self study guide. your welcome what you do
    because you do well always.

    • Yes, these books will be kept in mind and a timetable will be prepared accordingly. We are giving finishing touches to Test Series website. Once it is done, we will come up with Mains self study timetable. Thank you for the reminder.

      • Abhinav Kushwaha

        When you prepare mains self study guide 2016 time table, keep in mind
        some important books like world history Norman Love, social problem in
        India Ram ahuja, challenges and strategy Rajiv Sikri, public
        institutions in india Pratap Bhanu, select constitution s chand,
        introduction to the constitution DD Basu (only selected chapter for
        mains syllabus topics not covered in test series 2016) as this books
        suggested by you.
        If you cannot do this way or you can do in
        another way. If you can do in another way please keep in mind to cover
        all static portion for mains self study guide. your welcome what you do
        because you do well always.

      • Abhinav Kushwaha

        what about Mains self study timetable-2016

  • Thank you. Points noted.

  • Naina Kapoor

    i like your site. Will you please add daily videos of ‘perspective’ telecasted on lok sabha tv? I think them as important source of information for current news.

  • Kamlesh kumar Meena


    i mean for a new person who comes to your sight what should his sequence to see your sight because everything here is related to exam only now please suggest me how to go ahead with INSIGHS??

  • rahul

    Hi Insights,Thanks for making habit in us to solve questions daily.It would be quite helpful for us if, without compromising present number of questions on current affairs and ethics,we get at least one question in each of three GS paper.As you know from time management point of view, solving 3 extra questions on traditional subjects is easy than allocating extra time to solve questions on traditional subjects separately.Definitely Insights has been provided question on traditional subjects from Dec to Aug session.But it is quite easy to solve additional question in same continuity then go and again revise such questions separately.

  • Vinod

    sir any updates on offline test series in bangalore ? will it be conducted or not ?

    • rahul

      As per my view ,it would be better if you ask this question in ‘your doubt’ section rather than ‘your feedback’.

    • We will update about it on October 15th. Thank you.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Hello there! it doesnt seem correct to post your query here but i was unable to access your doubt column, so i am compel to ask you people about the same time table for 2016 which you have already posted for cse2015? it will be very grateful of you to get my answer asap! thank you

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Print and PDF of daily current affair Quiz is irregular. please reform this problem.

    • Albus BhojRaj

      INSIGHTS plz look into this matter.
      Even i face the very same issue.

  • Kavita

    dear insights team, please frame daily current events questions from same day news paper only.

  • Kavita

    Dear Insights team, please frame DAILY CURRENT EVENTS questions from SAME DAY news paper only.

  • Kavita

    dear insights team, please frame DAILY CURRENT EVENTS questions from SAME DAY news paper only, as you were doing PREVIOUSLY.

    • Abhinav Kushwaha


  • Kavita

    Team INSIGHTS, there is no print option on daily current events page

  • Sumant K.

    Suggestions regarding User Interface of the website.
    1. You have given too much space on the top for “INSIGHTSIAS”. Reduce the ‘vertical length’.
    2. Arrange the ‘tabs’ alphabetically. Searching for the tabs will be easy.

    • Thank you for your suggestions.

  • Sanjeevini Singode

    Hi Sir, Are you going to start offline test series for 2016 prelims and mains?

  • Sridhar

    Sir, after joining your initiative I’m more confident to face the UPSC challenge. Your feature DAILY ANSWER WRITTING CHALLENGE is helping me to write just like test series. I would request you to provide at least 10 question daily as with approaching of exam practice is more important. A fixed no of question can be attempted with fixed time say 1n half hour. Moreover your level of question are up to the standard as demand by UPSC.
    I thank you with this request.

    • Thank you and happy to know that it is helping you. We are posting 8-10 questions dial based on relevance of articles. They are sufficient for daily practice.


    SIR WHAT ABOUT THE OFFLINE TEST SERIES 2016??i applied for the registration and havent got any reply from our site since 10 days….as my prelims exam is not cleared this time 2015(first attempt)..i am eagerly waiting to join our offline test series and make my attempt successful….please respond ji…

    awaiting reply.
    satya sharma

  • Nathan

    Thank you , for the 50days P 2015. It helped me a lot ……in getting things done the good way .. Followed just only Insights. One small request, Can you upload a set of Model answers for the Mains mocks that you have been putting. please

    • Please mail us at our email address. insightsonindia at gmail dot com with the same subject. Thank you. ANd congrats on your prelims result.

  • harshit

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus sir last year I joined your prelim test series which helped me a lot in prelims 2014, I want to know what is different in this years test series. ie will there be different question or any other changes.



    SIR WHAT ABOUT THE OFFLINE TEST SERIES 2016??i applied for the registration and havent got any reply from our site since 10 days….as my prelims exam is not cleared this time 2015(first attempt)..i am eagerly waiting to join our offline test series and make my attempt successful….please respond ji…

    awaiting reply.


    satya sharma

    • We will start it from November. We are setting up classroom for the same. We will announce details soon. Thank you.

  • pioneer

    Hi Insights,
    From the past 2 days I am not able to access Insights from my home internet though I am able to access it from my office 🙁 I am not sure if somehow my IP got blocked or if there is someother issue. But you can understand how critical this can be for aspirants like me 🙁

    Is there anyway out? I am posting this from my office. I even posted this on your Fb page yesterday. Please help me!!


    • Please try this time from home and let us know. Thank you.

      • pioneer

        It worked on 14/10/2015 again it wasn’t opening yesterday (15/10/2015) :(. I am not sure why this is happening!!

      • pioneer

        Sir only thing i can tell you is, I am from Bangalore here local ISPs use same IPs for many users (Upto my knowledge).

        I tried using anonymous browsers and I am able to access the site. Every time you block an IP please think of all other aspirants who might be sharing the same IP.

        Please find out if there is any other way to get rid of people who try to defame the site.

        Hope you will understand and help me resolve this issue.

      • pioneer

        Thank you so much sir!! Its opening now!!

      • pioneer

        Dear sir,

        Is there a permanent solution to this issue?

        I am not able to use the site again 🙁

        I am really worried, with frequent cut offs like this if I should go ahead and take prelims test series or not.

        Can you please let me know whats the issue so that I can see If there is something I can do to get rid off this problem?


        • Hi Pioneer,

          We haven’t blocked your IP or email ID. We don’t know why it is happening to you. Is this happening on cellphone as well? do you see this problem in office or at home?

          • pioneer

            Sorry for the late reply sir, Earlier I wasnt able to access from my Home both on my Laptop as well as mobile.

            But now I am able to use it from my home. Thats a great news for me!! 🙂 Thanks for considering my queries!!

  • Robinhood

    Sir.. my qualification is I gave my first attempt in 2013 in my final year ggraduation during my final year I gave GATE exam I cleared it without any preparation and joined m.tec (nano science and technology) after that I again gave 2014 cse pre and failed .. after that I really worked hard for my third attempt with rigorous practice but failed again In 2015… my aim is to become IPS. I would not let it go.. please.. vinay sir.. help…help.. help.., any contact number..??

  • daya

    sir, in Geography optional answer writing series, please club all the questions topic wise, example geomorphology, climatelogy, Resources Geography, Human settlement, urban and rural planning so that it will be useful for us.

  • Tanu Singh

    please update the hindu analysis video.It really helps alot in preparation.Waiting for it eagerly. Thank you insight team for your awesome work.

  • venky

    please provide New Post link so that we can see what are the new things are posted in the site… presently i am not able to see directly…i am seeing these new posts only by going to each individual section. if i miss one day iam not able to see the information, so kindly provide new posts link sir

  • Mayuri Hande

    sir can you please put daily hindu analysis

  • Mayuri Hande

    it is very useful and gives good clarity

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Hello ; if you apply some technique, you can easily make
    your own file for daily current event quiz ultimately you can print in
    convenient form.
    first go to >view question >push control
    key>select all matters in view question section only
    >copy>paste in ms word.
    you can also remove unnecessary parts in the quiz file.
    i attach some files, please see this.
    Add me in a serious group(circle) for cse-2016 >Email [email protected]

  • Parvati

    HI Insights team ,

    UPSC exam paper question’s is in both language in English and Hindi

    I want to suggest regarding Insight test series preliminary examination ,why your team is not providing hindi transalation for each question and option as well.

    if you include Hindi translation then it will help Hindi medium student to understand question better as well as it’s easy to reach correct answer.

    very honestly ,there is some English word ,while reading question if you never know such word then aspirant definately fail while approaching right answer.

    BIG REQUEST your team ,while setting preliminary test series for 2016 ,pls provide Hindi translation also.

    ultimate aim is to reach near correct answer so provide question like upsc pattern.(English and hindi translation)

    if you provide each test series like UPSC pattern then UPSC 2016 PRELIMANARY EXAM is not first exam its 34th exam for us bcoz we would already give 33 exam on insights web site.

    kindly consider my suggestion + request.

  • Restrict the number of initiatives.
    Integrate it.
    Make it in Mission mode approach.

  • Keya

    Hello sir,I really appreciate your efforts. I am preparing for mains 2015 and concentrating on only insightsonindia mains test series. It’s an kindly request to upload papers at 6 pm on the same day as we have made schedule accordingly. Thank you.

  • dev mathapati

    Sir one Request.. In today’s newspaper other important topics like Sex Ratio n India Palestine relations had appeared but those Are missing in current affairs.. It’s is done deliberately or are they not so important.. Anybody Plz help.. Are we missing something by only reading insights current affairs..?

  • Rajeshwaran Muthuramalingam

    Sir please “compile” Insights current affairs article and release it as a “monthly article”.This will save a lot of time in revision for the aspirants.

  • akshay singh

    @insights .when are u releasing secure 2015 September compilation. .Please provide it.

  • Arti

    Hello insight..
    I m an aspirant with medium of language hindi…n it is the biggest problem with my preparation.. can u plz suggest the hindi writers for your timetable i m going with your timetable..plzz help

  • Saurav

    Sir please provide compilation of Insight daily current events for Sep month…

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Hello Insights, if you update timetable to include mini – revision tests in between regular mock tests for prelims test series 2016, keep in mind to provide feasible time for revising them.
    Test-13 full length- need more time for revision(20 days)
    Test-24 full length- need at least 20 days gap.

  • dev mathapati

    Please anyone help me.. I m not able to complete the payment in online test series.. I have registered but when I go to pay.. It says the offer is currently unavailable.. Plz help

    • Please try now. It is working now. Thank you.

  • dinesh

    I have been attempting current affairs quiz but the questions which are asked are before 14 days.. If the questions are asked from yesterday’s and today’s news then it would be great

  • Gopi krishna

    The payment link for joining online test series is not working.

    • Please check:

      Thank you.

      • Gopi krishna

        The pay now link is taking me to a page where it says Sorry this offer is currently not available

        • Did you register today or you had registered three days ago? Please use short name, new email ID and phone number. You can make the payment. Thank you.

          • Gopi krishna

            Thank you

  • Civils Aspirant

    @@InsightsOnIndia:disqus Sir , a small request, please look into this

    At the end of every month can u pls release all the current affairs Quiz questions and solutions in one pdf? It will be very very helpful

  • Prrinces

    i tried to apply for 2016 online test series with mastercard but it says payment fails with the following message
    “Your money is safe. Money deducted from your
    account will be automatically refunded in 3 business days. You don’t need to do
    anything.” what i need to do.should wait for 3 days or try again.

  • Annu Sehrawat

    Dear Insights team,
    Your website is awestruckingly awesome. The content which you post everyday is best and helps me and other people like me a lot in this long journey. I have joined your test series 2016 as yours is the best. As this website is your bread and butter as you said 🙂 but still the hardwork you put in is commendable. Today the quality of your content is beyond doubt but please don’t change this as time passes and when you become more and more sought after name. Hope quality triumphs always. And people like me will do their bit by subscribing to your test series so that you can earn money too.
    Regards !!!

    • Thanks a lot. We need such encouragement and caution also. We will not compromise quality as it is the quality that has brought us name and money. Thanks again for caution. Please keep reminding us.

  • Nitin Ranjan Srivastava

    Sir from when online test series for UPSC 2016 registration going to start.

    • It has started. Please check:

      Thank you.

  • sujeet

    sir, i am not able to sign in to my account even after payment of online test series 2016….neither i am able to sign in nor able to change my password…pls see to it.

    • Please send a mail to support (at)

      Issue will be solved. Thank you.

      • vishwajeet

        i have sent you the details…but i got a message from gmail that my message has not been received/refused by you side…test series has already started..i don’t wanna miss any…pls see to it.

  • Siddhartha Singh

    I tried to pay for online test series. Amount deducted from my bank account but web page showed PAYMENT FAILED. It asked me to wait for 3 business days in order to get back my money in my bank account. What should i do now ? What is the deadline for registration ?

    • Your money will be safe and will be refunded. There is no need to worry at all. Registrations will be open all the time. Thank you.

  • Manikandan

    Plz extend 2016 prelims test batch payment last date. Due to dussera and moharram holidays banks are closed so, not able to get money from father. Plz extend last date 2 days (till 27th October).

    • There is no lsat date. The date which we had mentioned was for putting the link for online payment. You can pay now or later. Thank you.

  • Kumar

    Dear insight,

    Can you provide compilation of current events for individual Papers so that it will be very useful for quick reference and revision

    • From September 2015, we intend to do this. Thank you.

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    What about Mains self study timetable 2016

    • It is on the way. Giving final touches. Thank you.

  • Rahul Jha

    Dear Insights team,

    I would like to introduce myself as Dr. Rahul Jha, 27 years old. I’m Currently doing my Post Graduation In Medicine from Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamilnadu.

    Working in one of the best and busiest hospitals in the country I have seen policy failures and problems faced by the common man. I decided to take up civil services thinking that I will be able to give much more to this country as a civil servant. I have joined your on-line test series for the same. Thank you very much for that.

    But, there is one problem. The schedule that you have made is suitable for people who are preparing full time, or those who work for utmost 5-6 hours a day. Doctors like me have to work 12-14 hours a day, and coming back and studying is very very painful.
    It would have been better if you had a separate schedule for working professionals. Nevertheless, Have decided and will have to do it.

    Thank you for the initiative though.


    Dr. Rahul Jha

    • Hi Rahul,

      We understand your situation. But we believe that even if you are working, if you can devote 4 hours a day, you can prepare for topics given in timetable. It is not difficult to prepare separate timetable for working professionals. The thing is it might not suit all. Moreover, we can not post tests separately for them on a different date. Hope you understand. But fi we find a practical solution, we will come up with a plan (can’t promise though).

      Thank you and wish you all the best.

      • Name_is_Bond

        Please reply to my query insights.
        I have been trying to register since day 1.

  • vikrant DANDGE

    i cannot access the official answer given by insight wen the link is opened. the comments load in 2 seconds and the official comment or answer dissappears. can you fix it???
    [email protected]

  • Aspirant Adm

    9963140708,Please add me on whatsupp groups. I am 2016 ias.CSE-aspirant.

  • Name_is_Bond

    Hello Insights
    I have registered in test series 2016 but everytime I click on payment option to activate it says “Sorry this option is currently unavailable”.
    Please have a look into this.
    I am eager to join the test series.
    Thank you

  • Mehaboob T

    Sir, a small request is that whenever you put up any of the details regarding any topic of your list plz let there be a marker showing like new button besides the title so that will come to know which titled topic has update today rather than opening gmail every hour to check your update as I do.
    Thank you sir.

    • We are working on these things. Once test series is streamlined, we will be revamping this website as well. Thank you.

      • Mehaboob T

        Thanks for your concern sir.

  • shantanu shandilya

    Sir please reply when am i getting question papers alongwith solutions of 2014 and 2015 insight pt test series as i have already joined this year’s test series. You mentioned it in your advertisement on the site that you will provide us.

    • We will be uploading them in your dashboard shortly. So that you can download them from there itself.

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Dear Vinay Sir, you are missing static parts of ETHICS paper in mains self study-2016. If you add ethics static topics along with source or internet links (as in How to prepare section), then mains self study-2016 will be covered completely.
    current plan is superb except Ethics…

    • We will include them after February.

  • Ketankumar Patil
    Check this podcasts… of the best to understand India and Indians…
    Let me know ur feedback…

  • ankit singh

    I gave the 1st first test and found some problems like
    q no 29- options were not clear
    43 – option D is not printed properly
    57- question is not printed properly
    90- Hallur is in karnatka (as per ncert class 6th ) not in andhra pradesh as described by you
    so kindly avoid these type of mistakes,
    other than these things test was very good and the explanations also


    • Thank you. Yes there were mistakes. We have rectified most of them.

  • Katya888

    I paid for the test series and tried to take the first test but it is not happening. The questions are not loading. This is causing me anxiety. Kindle resolve the issue as soon as possible or refund.

    • Please send email to [email protected]. We will resolve this problem. Nothing to worry at all.

      Also try once again from a different browser. If you are trying from tablet, try shifting to desktop. Thank you.

  • Anshul Kharbanda

    Hey Insights Team

    Really appreciate your efforts. Due to paucity of time (especially because I have to self study and alongwith my job), I’m unable to make notes out of Hindu on a daily basis. I kind of feel your CA comprehensively covers the day’s Hindu. But I have a couple of concerns/suggestions, would be great if you can address them.

    1. CA is posted on a daily basis and surely, it will help a lot of candidates but people like me who are working along with prep intend to read it once at the end of the month. I see you have posted a compilation of Monthly CA till August 2015. Can you do that on a frequent basis for the succeeding months too? Or perhaps release a weekly or a biweekly file. Will save a lot of time. Would be great. Also, just wanted to clarify if such a compilation encompasses all CA or you guys skip leaving out unimportant material?

    2. Do you have any intentions of launching an exclusive GS Prelims Test series (Full Length Tests only) or is the current Test Series the only product? I’m already into a few months of my prep and it will be difficult adapting to your timetable that starts with History and Culture.

    • Hi Anshul,

      Thank you for appreciating.

      1. We will update monthly CA regularly from December – 2015.
      2. We have already launched test series for GS-1. Please check here:

  • Nikhil Sawant

    Dear Sir,
    First of all thank you for your efforts. I have benefited immensely from your efforts and owe my success in this prelim to your efforts.

    I would also like to request you to extend your help a bit more for our mains prep also. No doubt sir your daily writing practice initiative and self study initiative is helping a lot but sir i will request you to please make compilation of daily writing practice ques and daily current affairs for month of sept and oct available as early as possible and not wait til nov end maybe like last year.
    I am sure all students giving mains this time would have a similar request and i hope you oblige to this last request before this mains from this batch giving mains.

    • They will be made available by tomorrow evening. Thank you for the reminder.

  • devi chinmayi

    Hello insights….iv joined ur offline prilims test series… n im waiting fr de updates … as u said its already thursday today… plz provide information ASAP

    • We sent details. Please check under ‘Promotions’ tab in your Gmail inbox. Thank you.

  • sameer bakshi

    Please restart the section for the History optional for mains preparation. Its lying idle since 31st october. Sir it was highly beneficial considering the fact that it was my only source for history preparation for Mains 2015.
    kindly look forward to my request ASAP
    Thank you for your help in my preparation

  • Baba

    Sir please launch your android APP

  • Abhinav Kushwaha

    Dear Insights, your Mind Map initiative is fantastic but not clearly visual, please look into this matter.

  • Ridhima Gupta

    plz provide us model answrs for mains self study test 2016.. so that we can make necessary modifications and improvements in our answrs.
    thnk u

  • Rishabh Nigam


    New mind maps along with editorials – a great initiative.

    Though there’s a problem – upon saving the document as PDF the mind maps becomes illegible in the PDF.

    It will be really great if this could be fixed.

    Thank you so much for all your effort and support.

    • You have to download mindmaps separately. It is not possible to reduce fonts/reduce content as information can not be compromised.

  • Vikas Sharma

    Sir as u have suggested what to do for public administration..I am facing difficulty in extracting examples and illustrations from newspapers and quote them in answers..If possible could you please start some thread like this for public administration…it will be helpful for for all students appearing with public administration…quoting examples and illustrations is imperative….without that anybody can’t score descent marks in the optional…i am lagging in this..please suggest some valuable points..I owe you for whole of my GS preparation…Nowadays, offline and online there are hundred of sources and inputs which can supplement preparation..but precise strategy suggested by insights..which is simple and basic in nature..and then daily inputs in the form of various current dynamics is unparallel..

  • Navin Sk

    Hello insights,
    As I paid for prelims – 2016 , but still my account was not opening , it was opened the day when I paid. Now it was not opening and it was displaying like entering wrong credentials. Please help me to sort it out. My email – [email protected]

    • Please send an email to: [email protected] withyour registered email ID and the phone number. We will look into this and solve the problem.

  • Kalpesh Prajapati

    Dear insight, your doing great job helping many of us but the problem is when you are providing questions please upload model answers also so that we can cross check our answer & can evaluate our mistakes

  • spartan

    Thanks Insights for your precious efforts. It will be rude to ask more from you but can i request that in Ethics Paper plz provide some questions which resemble to the same framework of the questions asked in UPSC. Like a quest. having 4 options and we have to evaluate every one within 250 words. Also more generalistic questions which only demand our opinion, not our course of action.

  • Gauri

    Team Insights, when we can expect the next motivational boost ? Seriously need one, i felt defeated after so many failures.

    • Hi gauri, sorry we were bit busy. Even we need it at times in high dose. Don’t worry, we will come up with an article soon. Thank you.

      • Gauri

        🙂 Thanks 🙂

  • Meghashree Dr

    Hi Team,
    I have enrolled for offline test and payment has been confirmed, also sent payment id and registered mail and phone number to [email protected]. Kindly reply. Thanks.

  • DJ

    please provide mind maps in the form of text will bullet points. that will be more useful. its fun to see mind maps but revising them is very tough. in A4 the size is too small to read and maintaining A3 for this is not easy. adding more to it is also not possible as these are not editable. what is the use of having a bunch of images in your PC if it is not searchable or editable.

  • Ravi Basran

    I appreciated this blog for UPSC aspirants but one negative i have seen here is that the all answers are not reviewed . Only few answers are reviewed that makes other aspirants to feel demotivated for not reviewing their outlooks .


    plz give model answer to ethics question in SECURE 2015. Else there is no use of writing. Everybody has difference of opinions in tat paper

  • devi chinmayi

    Dear insights plz let us knw wen ul announce de results of 1st n 2nd offline prilims test series…..

  • Manish Singh Abhyuday

    Dear sir,
    If it is possible, then kindly provide us the compilations of current affairs quiz.
    It will be helpful for people like us, who are working professionals.

    Thanks & regards

  • nethra

    Dear Insights,

    Thanks lots for the Test series. It is so very useful, especially the explanation part of the answer keys. It makes my preparation easier. I suggest that you can add one more feature called ” the most probable wrong answer ” , which would make the thing more interesting. 🙂

    • That’s a good suggestion. Hopefully we will include it from Test – 8 onwards.

      Thank you for the appreciation.

  • learner

    Topic suggestion for debate
    Bicameral state legislature. Has need come to move towards bicameral state legislatures as many states pass archiac laws even without discussion as they have majority and there is no one to oppose like manipur land bills, delhi jan lokpal bill

  • jithin

    Dear @InsightsOnIndia:disqus,
    The decision not to pose question in essay topic was good. But humbly request to provide reference link to topics as you used to do earlier.


    insights team,

    i have already sent the details and payment id of the test series of both the years,but have not got the refund back.please reply as this is my 6th message to you guys. i had also applied for the refund on 15 th nov 2015 as told by your team. but have not got a reply or refund back.please help me in this matter asap.
    thank you

    • Sorry about the delay. We were busy with Mains offline batch. Refunding will start next week. We will intimate you.

      • AAGYA



        THANK YOU

        • Justeena

          Hi AAGYA…did you get refund?

  • Ambitious Shraddha

    Hello Sir,

    I had paid for online test series 2016. sent mail for account activation a week ago . But AM I not getting any response from site .
    will you please check and resolve it soon.

    P.S. My Mail Id: [email protected] and

    if you Have any contact Number please Share.

    • Please mail at [email protected]

      If you can send screenshot of your problem, we will be able to solve it fast. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • s3

    while compiling secure monthly in download section don’t remove the link to news items. It will helps in quick reference forming more broad opinion. Thank you for your effort

    • We will take care of this next time. Thank you.

  • योगी ! _/_ !

    First of all I would like to Thank you Insightsonindia for your selfless efforts to provide such a good platform for civil services preparation. Then I request to you please provide the same stuff in Hindi as well. Especially the SECURE part. That would be very helpful. Thanks a Lot.

    • We would love to provide in Hindi too. But it is difficult to manage things. We are still learning how to manage many things. Hopefully we will come up with a solution soon. Thank you.

      • योगी ! _/_ !

        Thank you Insightsonindia for the positive response.

  • Kumar Anand

    Dear INSIGHT,

    I have written a lot of mails regarding the discount for test series 2016. I know i was late,but the delay was due to the fact that i was not aware of the timeline or schedule of your test. I am new here. This is my request to you that please extend the date of discount for test series up to 31.12.2015. It will help a lot.
    Waiting for a positive response so that i can purchase the same.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Really sorry about this.

      We have run into some technical problem which is affecting giving discounts. We are yet to refund to those who subscribed before Nov 15th. We are sorry that we won’t be able to give discount now. If we can do some other favour (like reviewing essay or answers, we will do that). Hope you understand the issue.

      Thank you for your patience.

  • Batman


    Sir, the dimensions of the mind maps are increasing every day and it would be difficult for us to revise them later because of the need to moving cursor again and again to view the contents. I think instead of posting them as mind-maps, you can put the entire details in simple text format.
    Further, just like the secure compilations, can you provide the compilations for ‘Quiz’ section. It would be easy to maintain a record.
    Thank You!

    • Once Mains is over, we will start these reforms 🙂 Thank you for the suggestions.

      • Batman

        Hello Sir,
        Just wanted to confirm whether you will provide compilations of Quiz now?
        Thanks you!

  • Abhishek Dhengre

    Sir , I have written my test 5 and not able to download the PDF of the same. When I am downloading it from test history page, they shows the error. Kindly help me in resolving the issue.. Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Abhishek, please Mail to [email protected]

      They will help resolve this. Or they will send you separate PDF.

      Thank you.

      • Abhishek Dhengre

        I have mailed them day before yesterday.. But Unable to get the response..

      • django

        is there any mail id where i can ask about my concerns?

    • vishalvishu12

      If u like u can share ur tests
      Ready to pay
      Pls contact 8054332200

  • Sahil

    Dear INSIGHT,
    i just am getting trouble in finding mind maps on ur website. my suggestion is please make an another tab for mindmaps under the date heading. it will benefit all of us..

    • Mindmaps are indexed under Current Events menu. We will make a separate tab for it too. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • The Rival

    Hello Insight

    Please Start something for English compulsory, as I was struck in this(mains 2014).
    Any initiative is welcomed.

    Thanks &regards

    • We will certainly do something about this. Thank you.

  • Tiger


  • django

    hi insight!!!

    i would like to join your essay series if it is available,since i feel this is my weakness.could pls provide me with any detail regarding this.

    thank you!

  • Gaurav Kumar

    thank you insights!!! cant express my feelings in words right now!! Your website gave at par performance for today’s GS paper 3. Full hearted thanks to the team insights !! i just googled the question after returning..

    • Thank you. We are very happy that we were of some help to you.

  • Reluctantmedico


  • sara feriha

    please update the gs papers strategy as per 2016 syllabus.

  • ashish

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus plz give COMPILATION of all ur initiatives tht u r running…. from current affairs to GS to Optionals (Mine is SOCIOLOGY)
    but atleast give current affairs compliation from jan 2015 to dec 2015 ASAP

  • Bharat Kumar

    Dear Insights, There are a lot of redundant links lying on your website. These are creating confusion. If you could please get rid of them or add them into their respective successor initiative. As i am new here i am getting confused on what is an active initiative and what is a defunct or previous years initiative. Thanx.

  • Saurav

    Dear Sir, kindly look into the print feature of daily quiz…it is not in a good format things get repeated twice while printing..

  • Ekraan Zameer

    There is some problem with the print /PDF version of the daily quiz, it is not displaying the content properly. Kindly look into the matter and correct it ASAP.
    Thank You.

  • Stark1650

    After the discussion “INSIGHT TEAM” should upload a conclusive answer for every question within 2 days separately. So that some ambiguity can be avoided if it exists in any one’s answer.

    what are others views?

  • Tinks

    Hi Insight,
    The Preparation guidelines/strategies for all GS 1-4 paper were updated in 2013.
    Will it work in 2016 also? It is Sufficient to follow the same.. I have seen more than 40 odd people asking the same query, but you people are not answering.. I wonder because u people have time to reply or remove comment if anybody mentions other sites name but you people don’t have time to answee for same queries being asked since years.. Sad!!

  • Ekraan Zameer

    Please check the daily current quiz its print/PDF version is not showing contents properly. kindly resolve this issue at the earliest, it will be really helpful.

  • dreamz unlimited

    Respected Sir,
    I found the daily current affairs quiz to be a useful tool for preparation, but i have a suggestion to give. After i have completed the quiz and seen the explanation, when i try to download the pdf, the pdf becomes unnecessarily cumbersome because of irrelevant information it contains related to ranks,instructions etc.That makes it of 4-6 pages and hence adds to the weight of already heavy test folder :p
    Kindly, readjust software settings so that only Question and its explanation is available for download thus making our life easier.
    Thanks and Regards

  • Deepali Deepu

    Thank you Insights team for guiding us all through this journey. Without you it would have been very difficult one ..I wrote my first mains last December .please suggest how should I go about preparing for INTERVIEW. What books should I read now ?what things should I focus more ?

  • vishwa

    Hello Insights pl. upload December 2015 consolidated Monthly current affairs. The daily update which you are providing is really very helpful. If we have a consolidated one like how we had for 2015 until Nov’15 it would be really helpful.


    sir, as it is seen that writing challenge is covering 100% questions , it is very much important that we get the ideal answer for the same ! if we get that then we will br able to revise it properly and analyse are answer with respect to ideal answer ! please sir provide the ideal answer that cover question from every angle ! thanks

  • Faber F

    Sir, I want to join Prelims Online test series. ALready many tests are over. Will I be able to take those tests or atleast will I get the already over exam question papers?

    • Yes you will be able to give all tests. Thank you.

  • anurima das

    First I want to thank you for all the wonderful initiatives.I want to know
    when we are going to get compilations of secure 2016 December compilations?…..the compilations are very helpful and helps a lot when we are revising.. Please provide it as soon as possible.
    thanking you,
    Anurima Das


    Sir somebody has made an Application with the name Insight On India ! Alyhough he has mentioned that he is an applicant and applicayion not made by Insight ! Still i thought of informing u ! Take appropriate action if required ! He may thinking of earning money by using ur copy right ! Thanks


    Sir , your mind maps are good ! Sir answer writing challenges are saving heaven for mains ! But the same is improtant that we get proper notes for those question for revison ! I suggest please provide the modle answer also ! It will help in checking our answer also and will be our notes for future ! Pkease sir do consider the request ! Its very very important ! We are not able to review our answ wth proper ideal answer !! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Faber F


    i want to appear for CSE 2016. Will i be able to cover the syllabus if i start studying from today? Kindly help me. What should i do? I came to know about this site last week only. Im working too. What to do to study? I want to clear the exam .

  • LameName

    Hello Insights team!

    The linked reference for the Ethics question of Secure-2016 dated 24th December 2015 is broken. Could you please repair the link?

    Concerned Ethics Question:

    The Reference cited on the above link gives this message: “The article you are looking for is no longer available. Below are articles published during the same period. You can find other articles for your topics by typing your keywords in the search module on the left.”.

  • abhishek reddy

    Your website really is one of the best among all that I have referred. It has been very helpful. Its my request to introduce an app as a replica of this website and it would be very useful for ias. Also please give the explanation of some current affairs. Thank you.

    • Thank you Abhishek. We are working on app now. We are hoping to release it by Feb end.

  • jordan

    sir please provide the calender for ease of access on the right side of the window like it used to be earlier!!

    • It was there at the bottom. Now it’s moved up. Thank you.

  • abyss0292

    dear insights,
    will you upload your monthly current affairs compilation for december 2015 and onwards??
    after going through various sources i found your compilation to be really good. it would be really great if you continue it.
    thank you

    • We are slowly trying make everything streamlined. By this month end we will post all pending compilations. Thank you.

      • abyss0292

        great to know. thank you very much


    Sir answer writing challenge is very helpful in preperation n helps alot in notes making ! I want u give some suggestion to imorove it :
    1. We now have to read news frst because news is new n then have to ans the ans writing challng . we can start a new initiative on which u give question on sunday to sunday basis based on cuurent affair of monday to saturday ! This will actualy check our progrrss n will be able to review properly !
    2. Instead of giving mind maps, you can proper ans of answer writing challnge altough mind maps are also gvng ans but i thnk ans writing chalng ans will be much beneficial.
    3. Compilation of daily quizes
    4. Online Mains test series paid one !
    5. Reply of feedbacks as sir we rearly get reply :p


  • Shubhendu Tripathi

    Sir m your regular follower but here is a problem with this site since my android fone keyboard is getting away and then Aw snap is coming then reloading is fixing it for a second and th then its again coming while m writing secure answer, please fix it

  • Gaurav Kudtarkar

    Dear Team Insights,

    I have been following the Secure (daily answer writing challenge) initiative for the last 3 weeks, and am awestruck by its utility.

    Apart from the obvious benefits of practising and reading answers that it provides aspirants, it encourages lateral thinking in us.

    UPSC has been asking questions largely sourced from current events, but not limited to them. It asks us their theoretical and analytical aspects. Hence, limiting ourselves to the content appearing in newspapers alone (which is what many of us end up doing) is not very useful. Newspapers are merely pointers. UPSC does not ask questions from newspapers, but from subject areas pointed at by the newspapers.

    The Secure questions, by delving into the different related aspects of current events, reveal to us such areas and even encourage us to think along similar lines so that we can identify such areas ourselves. It reveals to us exam-related aspects in even seemingly unimportant (for the exam) news reports. Secure is especially helpful for people who are studying alone and do not have the benefit of constant aspirant-company to brainstorm and identify such subject areas. Thank you very much Insights.

    With regard to such utility, I have an earnest request to make:

    Please resume providing the monthly compilations of the best Secure answers (From Dec 2015). This will help aspirants like me, who have come on-board late, keep track of the important subject areas. Also, it will continue providing us with model answers on how to attempt questions.

    Thank you again Team Insights.

  • varun

    kindly post the model answer for ethics question. so that we can get the guidlines instead of reading everyone’s answers

  • Gurpreet Sidhu

    Thanks for your valuable work for the aspirants…
    Plz do not make silly mistakes…like in 29th jan current affairs, you are saying that their is no proper definition of SMART city….its wrong….it has a proper definition..

  • Tharun V Bhatt

    Hi, why is the December 2015 and January 2016 current affairs pdf not updated yet? Timely posting is crucial for our preparation. Thanks.

  • shreedevi

    dear vinay sir i want to clarify some doubts about preparation of IAS. in 2015 i attempted first time but i didnt clear and again i attempted in 2015 dn also i didnt clear and also i attempted KAS also but i didnt. now m getting very frusted about my life my home they keep lot of hopes on me but m getting very scared about this year also plz plz plz plz plz suggest me correct manner for preparation thank u sir. and m waiting for ur reply

    • Baidhya Nath Nayak

      shreedevi ,I am not sure how you are preparing but hard work blended with effort in right direction is the key beside perseverence and dedication.

      Don’t get frustated , it happened . In year 1980(not sure about the year) the Rank 1 got selected is his last attempt,He was not selected even in prelims in all previous attempts(Please refere IAS O.P.Agarwal lecture in vision portal).So don’t get frustated.

      Complete NCERT first ,then follow up daily current affairs from Insights,Civilsdaily and IAS Baba and practice answer writing in Insights.

      Don’t forget to subscribe to some nice testseries like Insights and follow their routines if possible.If required take on e year gap to build up basics.All the best buddy .

      • Baidhya Nath Nayak

        I forgot the site mrunal …Its also extremely useful ..

      • shreedevi

        and this time m thinking to write exam in kannada medium plz tel me ur opinion sir

        • Baidhya Nath Nayak

          Medium is not affecting teh test in anyway,It depends on the candidate. If you feel more comfortable in Kanada,you can proceed with that . There should not be any problem in that . But make sure you are more comfortable in Kanada..Thats all..All the best

          • shreedevi

            if i started preparation for IAS 2016 can i clear sir plz suggest me and i will prepare seriously and i will study for 8 to 10hrs a day

            • Baidhya Nath Nayak

              Study for 8-10 hours ,for that matter 16 hours also is not factor for clearing UPSC. the most important is you should complete NCERT first of all and whatever you are reading it should be a holistic study . You can try it .. But if you really study sincerely 8-10 months you should be able to crack that ,if not this year next year definitely,provided you don’t looose your sincerity and perseverance..all the best

              • shreedevi

                thank u sir i will study sincerely and although in my last attempt i have read all NCERT two times and also i will read again and i ll try my level best

  • Baidhya Nath Nayak

    Can somebody take pain to reply my email posted to insight team . I have posted 2 emais but both of them went answered. Its giving an impression that Insight is just another portal which intends to make money instead of helping future IAS officers .
    I have subscribed to Online test series 2016,but due to some conditions I was not able to take the test till date .Now my organisation is deputing me to Netherland for some important assignment for 8 months. SO I am afrais this year I will not be able to take the xams. But It doesn’t mean that I am no more an UPSC aspirant . I can’t take U turn after being so close.I will take the UPSC next year for sure ,so asked for a refund of my money or adjusting this year fee I have submitted to another test series I will register whenever I take UPSC. But nobody cares to reply my mail.
    When I made my mind to go for this subscription,Insight team was prompt enough to reply my mails but now since I have already subscribed they are not entertaining my emails. This is giving an impression that Insight is just another money making portal,not the way we aspirants think of Inisght.
    Hope I will be proved wrong soon,Please refund my money back and get back to me at your earliest .

    • Deadpool

      Insights does not refund the amount. They clearly mention on the purchase page itself. If you are still an aspirant, the best thing to do would be to participate in the test series and use it as a guiding tool for your future attempt.

      • Baidhya Nath Nayak

        I got reply from Insight team in one to one mail. The things are sorted down. A win-win situation for me and Insgight both. Thanks Insight Team.

  • shreedevi

    THANK U VERY MUCH NAIK SIR please tel me the strategy for preparing exam
    i mean for 2016 nw i m thinking to start with mains syllabus upto april
    aftr that i will study for pre is it good or not sir? now we are in the month of Feb so i already started preparing for mains paper wise, so plz suggest me and i dnt have separate room for reading in home, m studying in hme and m facing so many disturbances what to do sir

  • Han Solo

    Hello. Can you please post questions for sociology optional? If it’s taking a lot of time, you could just post the questions you posted the last time.
    Your efforts for other papers are truly commendable, and is really helping in getting to grip. It would be very helpful if you could post questions for sociology optional, too.

  • Deadpool

    The Daily Debates section hasn’t changed into a discussion forum and people are madly upvoting mediocre answers to impress others even though its title asks something totally otherwise. Can we please have something done about it? Even though the liability to discuss totally rests upon aspirants, I don’t think students are following what is being asked.

  • Howard Roark

    When will the compiled Secure Answer versions of Dec and January be launched?

  • Rameez Ahmed

    @InsightsOnIndia:disqus Hi Team Insights can u please post the content of daily current events and monthly compilation after properly formatting it.i.e. justifying it.

  • mohan benarji

    Dear Insights
    Your work in assisting the upsc aspirants was valuable. I wish to join your team by contributing to Anthropology optional.

  • Mohan

    I spend around 10- 12 hours for reading Hindu , IE and in answer writing challenge of Insight. I ‘m not finding time for reading syllabus (static portion)
    Please suggest me some strategy. Is it I’m wasting much time in these.
    Thank You

  • abyss0292

    dear insights,
    i wrote to you earlier about the monthly compilation and you replied that it would be regular by january end. So please do tell if you are going to continue it or not Because after going through various sources i found yours compilation pretty good and holistic. Please do reply (as you did earlier) and try to make a regular monthly compilation for all parts of your program from secure, monthly compilation, daily quiz (paper wise), mind maps etc. I think this would immensely help the candidates and make your program leaps ahead to others who are in same field.
    thank you.

  • ravneet kaur

    hello Insights, please provide SECURE compiled answers for Nov 2015 onwards. It will be a great help for candidates appearing for various state services exams.

  • madhu77

    Dear Insights,

    Your mindmaps section has some problem.

    One of the links is being repeated everyday. When you post 2 mindmaps links, both of them open the same mindmap! Kindly check this and do the needful. One mindmap is lost because of this glitch everyday. People have commented about it but the issue has not been resolved.

  • Chandrashekhar

    Hi insights. Please let me know what is the best way to write answers for the daily GS questions – should i write it on my own or should I refer to the source article given at the links with the question?? Need your guidance. I could not make it to the 2015 interview even though I was quite confident about the answers I had written in the mains. Devastated…

  • Amit Remryu

    Please provide a bookmark option against every question in Secure series and provide a link for bookmarked question in the user’s id. That would really help in revising.

  • Ankit Rao

    A request to the INISIGHT team.
    On 26th feb we have full Ncert test, so give some guidelines/suggestion on how to revise them effectively and increase our cost-benefit.
    Thank you sir.

  • Vivek V

    sir please dont remove your self study time table 2015 its also much beneficial and sir hattsoff to your work as your timetable for 2k16 started in oct and due some reasons i was not able to follow it

    • We haven’t removed it. It’s still there.

  • Dea insight ..It vl b rilly helpfull if u upload daily question(secure 2016) ANSWER KEY on monthly basis as v can check our ans quality n evn somtimes take it as notes ..plz look into dis matter …tysm

    • It’s better daily basis. If you are comfortable looking at them on monthly basis, you can do so on monthly basis. 🙂

  • Prateek Akkanawru

    Pls mention the paper(GS1, GS2 etc) nad subtopic under every paper in every editorials. Please.

  • sai bhargav

    Sir i subscribed to your insights prelims test series, u gave more emphasis to freedom struggle this time ( 3 books bipin, sarkar, shekar) , but dont have specific book for environment , culture and science ? i am more concerned about environment which is not at all covered. can you add shankar environment into time table

    • We will try to add it. Thank you.

  • Janaki Ram

    Sir ,

    please provide guidance on CSAT paper-2.

    start the daily aptitude tests ?

  • Siddharth Singh

    Hello sir.. i owe a great sense of thankfulness for your team for the effort you are putting at this site…i regularly follow current event updates… so would like to bring an anomaly i came across in the current events of 2nd march 2016…

    the news clipping heading “RBI unlocks Rs.40,000 crore additional capital for banks” contained a detail

    The repo rate, at which the Reserve Bank of India lends to banks, has been retained at 8%, while the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) for banks has been cut by 0.5% to 22.5% with effect from June 14….

    However this seems to be news from the year 2014 and it was also not mentioned in the original news article thehindu…the repo rate currently is 6.75 %…

    but i guess this was a genuine mistake because you people have a lot of updates to prepare…so never mind…please correct me if I am wrong…but if there is error , kindly rectify it that others can benefit…

    Thank you !!

  • Shivakumar SP

    Dear Insights,
    Since India year book 2016 is released already, kindly add the chapters in study guide of prelim 2016, IAS tests series at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shivakumar SP

  • shanmuga priya

    SIR i want to join Insights test series now. will i get any discount , because we missed fourteen tests now. please do reply insights team. we are two members willing to join the prelims test series-2016



    I am Sk Sabir. I have subscribed for preliminary 2016 paper 1. My payment id- MOJO6306000J89236270. Website is not logging in , even I can not reset my password why? By clicking the reset password link there is no space for putting OTP code. Urgent help is required.


    Yours faithfully,

    Sk Sabir

  • shanmuga priya

    Insights team please so reply for my doubt..I want to take test series

  • meera

    Respected Sir/ @INSIGHTS ,

    My name is MEERA NATH R, my email id is [email protected]. I have subscribed in your test series for prelims 2016 and have successfully attended some of the tests but have forgotten my password and cannot take further tests now. Can you please send my password on my email-id so that i can take further tests and study accordingly. Kindly mail me as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply. These are the details of the payment.

    Test Series Name : Prelims Test Series (Paper – 1) – 2016

    Payment Date : 23-Oct-2015

    Amount : INR 5999.00

  • Sreenu

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Sreenivasulu, I have subscribed to Insights Prelims Online Test Series 2016.

    Actually I want to apply for Offline test series, but as I am staying in Hyderabad I opted for Online mode.

    Is there any chance to provide pdf of prelims question paper, so that i can take print out of question paper and I can write exam in offline mode.

    After that I will submit the same answers through online mode

    So can you please provide the prelims question paper in pdf format, so that i can experience real exam hall environment.

    Please provide the mobile or phone no. to contact you.

  • OK

    Sir. two suggestions regarding new initiative of Synopsis.

    1. give only key words, that would be more than enough.

    2. reduce the content and number of points, you are unknowingly over supplying the content which is impossible to retain in totality.


  • Vinay

    Dear team,
    It’s my suggestion and wish , if insights venture into air radio spotlight and current affairs.
    Audio , make them into compilations on month wise , which will be useful for students , because , after reading yojana compilations, I was immensely benifitted ,

    Thank you for your work and effort

  • Mark

    Hi team Insights,

    I would like to request you for a paid prelims full length test series for General Studies. For instance, you can offer 10-15 full length tests from May, 2016 and charge half of what you are for the complete test series. It would be a wonderful source of revision of the entire syllabus for those who would prefer wholesome tests over topic wise tests. Please consider. I and some of my friends are very much interested in such a test series, I am sure many others would take it too. Thank you Insights for all the good work.

  • Vignesh Waran

    Sir, please start answer writing for sociology also. This is my humble request.

  • janaki ram


    The economic survey and union budget are soo bulky to read.

    It will be good if you do analysis on these.

    And provide some good notes(imp points) in very shorter format.

    As this will help reader to read them quickly.

    This is will help majority of people.

  • Keval Ahir

    thanks you for the great support, and Please also provide compilation of all the insights on editorials after the end of a particular month.

  • janaki ram

    Sir please provide guidance on csat paper-2.

    Start the daily initiatives for csat paper-2.

  • Kavya Setia

    Thanks Insight we all are very great full for your efforts

  • Michael

    dear Insights.. i have subscribed to the blog for like 100 times… but i am not getting updates on my device… although after hitting the subscribe button it says an email is sent to you but unfortunately no email is recieved please resolve the issue

  • Baidhya Nath Nayak

    This is regarding my experience with Insights
    This is the most unprofessional online Coaching for UPSC , I have ever seen . I have registered for UPSC Exams 2016 test series in insights, considering the reviews from other aspirants. But unfortunately I wil not be able to take teh exams in 2016 as my organisation is sending me Netherlands for some assignment. Initially the assignment was planned for 1 year but now they say it can be extended beyond that .

    I have requested Insight to refund my amount and I will register again when I will be taking the most prestigious exam or allow me to atke the test series whenever I come back to India.

    Initially they agreed that I can take test series of UPSC 2017 exams but when I reported that my assignment can be extended they are not refunding my money nor extending the time period. and teh height of unprofeesionalism is that they are not responding to my emails.

    It was not mentioned anywhere that the money will not be refunded at any cost . I am going to take this to highest authority and will let everyone knows that how UPSC aspirant are being cheated by INSIGHT in the name of success.

    Highly disappointed and I will never recommend it to any aspirant. There are other couple of good online coachings for UPSC who provide quality materials ,test series and above all are professional and are genuine in terms of undersatdning aspirants concerns

  • Ap psir

    hello @InsightsOnIndia:disqus ,
    Thank you for helping many aspirants like me to get closer to realize their dreams, i would like to give some advice which may help augment in making your website the one stop point for IAS preparations.
    If you could compile all the GOVERNMENT SCHEMES along with their key points and various COMMITTEES AND COMMISSIONS set up by government with their key recommendations and all the important SUPREME COURT’S AND OTHER COURTS verdict with analysis like you do for LS TV summaries, social issues , economy issues. This would really ease our searching of internet and save us a lot of time which could be used else where. I hope you will consider it.

  • anuj sharma

    sir pls upload synopsis they are very helpfull

  • Pradip Singh

    Hello Team,

    First i would like to thank the team of insightsonindia, you all are doing a great job.
    Because of your great effort, Now IAS aspirants can rely on Self study instead of depending on Money-sucking Coaching classes. For a student like me who is living in countryside like Northeast part, your website provide a much needed platform to train and test oneself.

    Doubt: Is there any compilation for LOK SABHA AND RAJYA SABHA TV DEBATES’ SUMMARIES at one place. As i can see it is difficult to download all topics one by one. It would be better if you guys can provide all topics in one compilation. And if it is already existing please refer the link for the same.

    Again, Thanks a lot for your work. My heartily wishes are with you Insights. 🙂

  • janaki ram

    In daily current events.

    It wil be nice if you include business standard paper news(imp news) or business news in hindu paper also in daily current affairs .

    as it will be help full for GS_3rd paper

  • Vishvajeet

    Dear Insights,

    Downloading the current affairs each day is good but to search or go back to a particular topic again is very difficult.
    Reading that topic from some other source is not advisable by yourself too.

    So, Could you provide a link to a spreadsheet consisting of information of all the topics each day. You can update that per week or per 2 weeks.

    I have attached the idea.
    Kindly provide if you can.

  • Raktim Das

    Sir please start secure synopsis again

  • Sonia mehra

    Dear Insights,
    Please include GS-4 answer as well in secure synopsis.


  • Tharun V Bhatt

    Hello, Your team’s current affairs compilation month on month according to the GS paper topics is saving a lot of time and I appreciate your team for such a comprehensive output.

    I am waiting for the March 2016 current events compilation. Kindly update it immediately as I want to have a continuity with my current events preparation. I do understand you have daily current events update section but I am unable to follow it as my study plans is not letting me buy time for that. I am solely relying on your monthly current events compilation and hence this humble request to upload the monthly current events March 2016 compilation immediately.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


    • Tharun V Bhatt

      Thank you team, I am glad you responded to my request within a span of 24 hours! Great!


  • janaki ram

    please post YOJANA mARCH Month and april month magazine compilation after april 11.

  • manish

    pls continue the Daily quiz and synopsis

  • Shyam Singh

    सर प्लीज हिंदी माध्यम के अभ्यर्थियों के लिए आपकी साईट पे ग्रुप बनाने के लिए कोई पोस्ट कीजिये , जो आपके SECURE 2016 के प्रश्नों में से एक एक का हिंदी अनुवाद कर कमेन्ट कर सकें , वास्तव में इस से बहुत बड़ी संख्या में हिंदी माध्यम के प्रतियोगियों को लाभ होगा , और वो इनसाइट परिवार के सक्रीय सदस्य बन सकेंगे
    प्लीज सर जवाब जरुर दें


    DESTITUTE. Sir, why hasn’t there been any synopsis for past 2 days. Have you stopped the initiative?.. It was really a good move..We could evaluate ourselves..please continue<