Insights On Important Economic Issues

Economic Issues

  1. Understanding Subsidies New
  2. WTO and India – Issues and Concepts 
  3. Mobilization of Resources – Government Finances
  4. Mobilization of Resources – Capital Markets
  5. Mobilization of Resources – Banking
  6. Investments, Models and Related Concepts
  7. Effects of Liberalization on Indian Economy and Society
  8. India: Post Liberalization Industrial policies
  9. India: Industrial Policy, Liberalization and Impact
  10. Agriculture: Second Green Revolution and, Government Schemes and Missions
  11. Agriculture:  E-technology in the Aid of the Farmers
  12. Food Processing Industry – All Related Concepts Explained
  13. Agriculture: APMC Act and Related Issues
  14. Agriculture: Procurement, Buffer Stock, FCI Reforms and PDS
  15. Agriculture: Subsidies, Seeds, Fertilizers and Related Issues
  16. Agriculture: Issues Related to Minimum Support Prices (MSP), WTO and Subsidies
  17. Poverty Line in India – Issues and Concepts
  18. Understanding Issues Related to Black Money
  19. Labour Issues and reforms in India
  20. Banking System in India – Basel Norms and Stability – Part – 1
  21. Banking System in India – Non Performing Assets
  22. India’s Energy Security – Oil and Gas Sector
  23. India’s Energy Security – Coal Sector
  24. India’s Energy Security – Nuclear Power Sector
  25. India’s Energy Security – Hydroelectric Power Sector
  26. India’s Energy Security – Renewable Sources of Energy
  27. India’s Energy Security – Energy Efficiency, Energy Intensity and Energy Reforms
  28. New Schemes – Budget – 2014 – 2015

Security Issues

  1. Security Challenges and Their Management in Border Areas
  2. Cyber Security and Related Issues: Comprehensive Coverage
  3. Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism – Naxalism ( Left Wing Extremism)
  4. Linkages Between Development and Spread of Extremism – Insurgency in North-East
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