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Below are the links where you can download some useful free IAS exam preparation materials that were created on Insights or by Insights. We will be updating this section with more in coming days – especially our Secure Compilations! for Mains – 2015 exam.

You can also download our daily current events in PDF format from Current Events section by clicking PDF button given above each post. We haven’t compiled them into monthly ‘magazines’ due to some reasons.

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Compilation of Prelims Revision Tests – 2017 (To give these Tests, Click Here)

Tests 1 to 5

Question Paper


Tests 6 to 10

Question Paper


Tests 11 to 15

Question Paper


Tests 16 to 20

Question Paper


Tests 21 to 35

Click Here

Tests 36 to 45

Click Here



  1. Insights Daily Quiz Jan 2017
  2. Insights Daily Quiz Feb 2017
  3. Insights Daily Quiz March 2017
  4. Insights Daily Quiz April 2017
  5. Insights Daily Quiz May 2017
  6. Insights Daily Quiz June – 2017
  7. Insights Daily Quiz July 2017
  8. Insights Daily Quiz Aug 2017
  9. Insights Daily Quiz September 2017
  10. Insights Daily Quiz October 2017
  11. Insights Daily Quiz Nov 2017


  1. January 2016
  2. February 2016
  3. March  2016
  4. April 2016
  5. May 2016
  6. June – July 2016
  7. August 2016
  8. September 2016
  9. October 2016
  10. November 2016
  11. December 2016



  1. January 2016
  2. February 2016
  3. March 2016
  4. December 2016
  5. January 2017
  6. February 2017
  7. March 2017
  8. April 2017
  9. May 2017
  10. June 2017
  11. July 2017
  12. August 2017
  13. September 2017
  14. October 2017
  15. November 2017


  1. January 2017
  2. February 2017
  3. March 2017
  4. April 2017
  5. May 2017
  6. June 2017
  7. July 2017
  8. August 2017
  9. September 2017
  10. October 2017
  11. November 2017


  1. January 2016
  2. February 2016
  3. March 2016
  4. April 2016
  5. May 2016
  6. June 2016
  7. July 2016
  8. August 2016
  9. September 2016
  10. October 2016
  11. November 2016
  12. December 2016



  1. January 2015 Insights Current Events
  2. February 2015 Insights Current Events
  3. March 2015 Insights Current Events
  4. April 2015 Insights Current Events
  5. May 2015 Insights Current Events
  6. June 2015 Insights Current Events
  7. July 2015 Insights Current Events
  8. August 2015 Insights Current Events
  9. September, October, November – 2015
  10. December – Insights Current Events 2015 


  1. January 2016 – Insights Current Events 
  2. February 2016 – Insights Current Events  
  3. March 2016 – Insights Current Events 
  4. April 2016 – Insights Current Events
  5. May 2016 – Insights Current Events
  6. June 2016 – Insights Current Events
  7. July 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  8. August 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  9. September 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  10. October 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  11. November 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  12. December 2016 – Insights Current Affairs


  1. January 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  2. February 2016 – Insights Current Affairs
  3. March 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  4. April 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  5. May 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  6. June 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  7. July 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  8. August 2017 – Insights Current Affairs
  9. September 2017 Insights Current Affairs
  10. October 2017 Insights Current Affairs
  11. Insights Nov 2017 Current Affairs



  1. January – 2016
  2. February – 2016
  3. March – 2016
  4. April – 2016
  5. March, April and May – 2016 (Compilation of Secure Synopsis)
  6. June 2016
  7. July 2016
  8. August 2016
  9. September 2016
  10. October 2016
  11. November 2016 
  12. December 2016


  1. January 2017 
  2. February 2017
  3. March 2017
  4. April 2017
  5. May 2017
  6. June 2017
  7. July 2017
  8. August 2017
  9. September 2017




  1. January 2016
  2. February 2016
  3. March 2916
  4. April 2016
  5. May 2016
  6. August 2016
  7. September 2016
  8. October 2016
  9. November 2016
  10. December 2016


  1. January 2017
  2. February 2017
  3. Insights TV, Radio summaries March 2017


  1. January 2017
  2. February 2017
  3. Insights Mind Maps (Text Format) March 2017
  4. Insights Mind Maps March 2017
  5. Insights Mind Maps April – June 2017
  6. Insights-Mind-Maps-JULY 2017
  7. Insights-Mind-Maps-AUGUST 2017
  8. Insights-Mind-Maps-SEPTEMBER 2017
  9. Insights-Mind-Maps-october-2017


  1. January 2016
  2. February 2016
  3. March 2016
  4. September 2016
  5. October 2016
  6. December 2016



  1. January to April – 2015
  2. April – 27 to May 09
  3. May to August – 2015
  4. September to October – 2015
  5. November – 2015
  6. December – 2015


  2. FREE TEST PAPER (Download-1, Download – 2)


  4. ESSAYS – 2013 and 2014


  1. General Studies Paper – 1
  2. General Studies Paper – 2
  3. General Studies Paper – 3
  4. General Studies Paper – 4



  1. Week One
  2. Week Two
  3. Week Three
  4. Week Four

OCTOBER – 2014

  1. Complete Month


  1. First Week (Nov 1 to 8)
  2. Second Week (Nov 10 to 15)
  3. Third Week (Nov 17 to 22)
  4. Fourth Week (Nov 24 to 29)


  1. First Week (Dec 1 to 6)
  2. Second Week (Dec 8 to 13)
  3. Third Week (Dec 15 to 19)


  1. General Studies Paper – 1
  2. General Studies Paper – 2
  3. General Studies Paper – 3
  4. General Studies Paper – 4
  5. Essay




  • Sahas

    Hey Insights.. I wrote a script and merged current events questions month-wise starting from January. Let me know if you want them

  • Genghis Khan

    Lots of thanks to the Insights Team … my only wish is to return the favor in whatever highest form possible

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    I would be grateful to you if you could upload the same to Insights …. Kindly do as soon as possible. Would be of tremendous help to all of us.

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    [email protected]
    thanks in anticipation

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    I’m highly indebted to the Insights India team for their immense and selfless contribution … vow to pay back the debt in the highest form.

  • Manoj

    i am not getting the difference between GENERAL STUDIES 2014 in COMPILATION part and WEEKLY COMPILATION? Will there be weekly compilations monthly henceforth?

  • Gajendra

    Please provide compilation for Ethics case studies also.

  • snehal talati

    sir,i am preparing since 2010.I have taken two chance of UPSC
    exam.then i took training in ALS in Delhi.Moreover, this year i
    attempted for state PSC.still i haven’t succeeded in atleast one exam. i
    am facing continuous failure.Now, i didn’t decide what to do.I had
    tried with dedicated planning.My confidence level goes to zero.

    • arsamkiran

      1st of all u thnk wisely am i suitable fr this service r not?then go fr frthr preparation.i thnk u did nt hv any person fr motivation.

    • Prakash

      You need to fix a specific strategy… For the time being, don’t prepare for Mains topics.. Keep it aside for a while, and pay attention Prelims syllabus right from now. Once you get cleared all your basic concepts, then go for Mains studies. Just be confident.. Because I think UPSC exam is not only of knowledge, but also of patience.

    • rajasree

      Dont worry friend.this happens in UPSC examination.there is a lot of change happening in the pattern these 2 had kept immense pressure on the aspirants.There are sme people who got it in their last attempt.U have to take inspiration from them.
      First of all decide whether u want to continue r not. assess what went wrong in ur last attemps. u might have completed the basic syllabus. now u can try for any back up progrmme like job or PG if u dont have any.dis boosts up ur confidence level. along with that chart out the plan for next year. Dont compare with those who got it in first attempt because it depends on our basic knowledge level at the time of beginning of our preparation. So keep aside ur worries and plunge into action because many have already started their preparation for 2015.
      ALL THE BEST…:)

    • shiv kr

      Snehal I can fully understand what you have going through because I myself have been going through the same experiences.I don’t know your age… whether you are getting support of your family or not…. your motivation…. & many other factors.So its very difficult to suggest you anything.The advices which others have written to you are good but since like me they don’t know you,so its very difficult to suggest what exactly you should do.There are so many factors are here in this exam & that is why i remember one topper saying “this exam is a game of uncertainties”.There are LOTS OF people who gave many interviews & many mains & that way invested many years of life yet did not get success.So I believe this exam requires tremendous mental strength & courage( means there is no guarantee of success but the ones who will fight till the end will stand the CHANCE to succeed) .Of course there have been A FEW lucky people who got success in one attempt & that too a top rank but certainly neither me nor you belong to such category.I don’t know whether you will get to read what I have written or not or you will respond or not .but I can understand the pain & struggle of many like me so I am writing all these.I did one analysis which is worth mentioning here…Roughly Out of every 300 who write the mains ONLY 20 get a job finally & out of those 20 only 3 becomes IAS & 3 IPS. So please prepare a back up career also & don’t relay on state PSC . If you belong to middle class family then perhaps SSC CGL,IBPS PO,or IBPS CLERK will serve the purpose.In these exams vacancies are huge like almost 15000.22000. & 27000 respectively & an honest preparation will surely sail you through. If you want more clarity you can write to me here or at my email [email protected]

      • Chasing Tom

        What an explanation……………….very deeply defined nature of this exam and probability of clearing it…………..that is what experience………….

        • shiv kr

          thanks .You are the first one who replied to me.I am very happy at least one person could understand what even my closet friends are yet to understand despite my endless explanation and will probably(despite my not wanting at all ) go through the suffering. I wish there would have been someone like “todays shiv ” for me when i started out. If you go through the website you will find 3-4 or may be more(since i did not visit that website for long) very very touching stories of individuals who are yet to succeed despite tremondous struggle.I have replied to them also which you can read.I strongly feel there is an urgent need to overhaul the whole system of this examination.Don’t misunderstand me i have great respect for individuals who cleared it They deserve respect but there were many and are who also deserve respect despite not being able to clear it but it doesn’t matter to the world.The exam system will remain same so alternatively there is an urgent need to spread such experiences so that student suffer less & less In Delhi where i lived for 2 months it was touching to see innocent students being looteed by coaching institutes in the name of so called coaching Most of them need to understand what you could understand If they could understand this then a large no. of them will be happy to utilise their time,money,& energy in some other field of their liking & others would & must pursue this with COURAGE

          • Mahandata Sethi

            thank u for sharing ur experience..:)

      • Cracker

        One of the best reply for people like us.. Plz don’t lose hopes.. Plz keep in mind one thing ” i’l win , not immedietly but definitely.”

      • K. nitesh

        wonderful experience…. bro no words for the clarity………
        don’t know much about UPSC or state PSC…
        certainly i was hardcore ARMY buff… cleared CDS ( COMBINED DEFENCE SERVICE EXAM) & NDA ( NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY) many times…

        then comes SSB (SERVICE SELECTION BOARD)

        8 SSB BOARD … 1 SCREEN OUT
        5 CONFERNCE OUT….
        recommended finally …………. yo but medically unfit .. due to serious injury…..

        DREAM OF ENTERING IMA(INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY) remains just a dream…..

        give ur fullest… till ur last breath.. but find the necessary backup plans.. to safely move out through an EJECT SEAT..

        “Some goals r so glorious it is even worthy to fail”…

        even u have wonderful mind intelligence etc etc,,, but with a timid heart its nothing…


    • milind

      don’t give up keep trying that’s it

    • naren

      don’t worry about past , this time nobody will stop you in your success just go ahead .

    • HighHOPES

      hi snehal, this is abhishek and i was also there at als. its not about coaching only…exam tests your patience too. I have failed in all such exams in my life but i still believe hat i will make it keep that hope and finally u will emerge as a winer.

    • mukesh kumar

      the people lives for hopes only……what is before achievement i.e. hopes…
      since you have decide a goal then never change it even your confidence have gone to minus because human is a toy of feeling(THE BITTER TRUTH) … start again and make yourself full of hopes then all positivity will come self……..yes one thing consider mister >>>nobody can enter in you.only you can help yourself at all..the medium of help is hope and believe on one that is your love………….another thing is seriousness…please be more sincere then seriousness……seriousness only help in decision making(that you have done already) then sincerely start new initiative……always full of hope…….put sincerely all u have

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              AAMIR KHAN

              • Bold Challenge [सत्यमेव जयते]

                Yeah… u r the first one to notice.. 😛

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                  WE ARE INDIAWALE

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    please tell me i am in big confuse..

    • bewaredirewolf

      yes! GC Leong is good for basic and crisp understanding only. U wont find concepts’ explained there.

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    Thanks in advance

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      Great work…carry on

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    whre is ths week questions??
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    • Ridhima Bhayana

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    • Draconian

      even u r preparing for 2016 you should still read them…………………

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    I think going through these compilations ensures complete revision of the syllabus. I am just browsing through the Paper- I compilation. Wow!
    If, by some stroke of luck, I find my name on the final list, the Insights would have definitely played an extremely important role in it!

    Thank you. For everything. And for all your efforts, I hope some of us are able to get a good rank. And make you proud! 🙂

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    For prelims, check the group Target IAS 2015 on facebook. It’s by some toppers of the 2012 batch. Recently started , but really good questions !

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    Secure Weekly compilation (26th – 31st Jan)has been uploaded to the following link,

  • Pooja

    I have just started preparation. I found Insights very inspiring and useful. Being a hindi medium student may i allowed to post answer in hindi? Any body can review ?

    Please reply.

    • rajnish

      pooja , for hindi medium a new blog has been started, you may join there and you can post answer in hindi, that blog is specialy for Hindi medium students.

      • Pooja

        Thank you sir. It would be of immense help for hindi medium students like me. Being a banker i could hardly study for 4 to 5 hours and i had to give this hard earned time to translation. It was very tough for me to translate questions first and then reading articles after that again translating them and then finally framing the answers. I would requst if you could provide a few articles in hindi also. kindly provide the link. Sorry for my broken english.

        • shiv kr

          due to initial failures in upsc, I am thinking of studying for bank clerk and after becoming i will study further along with the job.Will it be possible then.I am not thinking of PO because it will give me little time for studies.Please comment is it a right decision.Are you a clerk or PO. I have asked this question to you becoz u are studying for UPSC along with the job.PLEASE REPLY and u can write in hindi

          • Pooja

            Sorry for late reply. I would suggest if u don’t have financial problem better to go with upsc only. once you enter in job there will be many things to focus. any thing else you can mail at [email protected].

            • Chasing Tom

              Shiv Sir

              I also agree with mam………I am in teaching profession at an Engg college from last 8 years……I always thought of giving this exam but due to work pressure and liabilities, I couldnot even searched its syllabus……….It is very very difficult to study for such exam while working or while having any second thought…………You have to be focused and must be away from all kinds of disturbances ( even from family problems, friends, any liability also………please dnt take otherwise)

              Sir, I know you had tried hard for IAS but failed due to some reasons which you better know than any other else……… you know your limitations, your lagging now. I urge you take a kick start this time as a fresher ( freshers coz they are without having any burdens of failure). You will be a fresher who know metabolism of this exam.
              Sir, I strongly believe you would clear this exam……….dont get disheartened due to previous failures and dnt think of any second options which will surely deviate you from your target.

              Sir Try Try and Try untill get success

          • Chasing Tom

            Shiv Sir

            I also agree with Pooja mam………I am in teaching profession at an Engg college from last 8 years……I always thought of giving this exam but due to work pressure and liabilities, I couldnot even searched its syllabus……….It is very very difficult to study for such exam while working or while having any second thought…………You have to be focused and must be away from all kinds of disturbances ( even from family problems, friends, any liability also………please dnt take otherwise)

            Sir, I know you had tried hard for IAS but failed due to some reasons which you better know than any other else……… you know your limitations, your lagging now. I urge you take a kick start this time as a fresher ( freshers coz they are without having any burdens of failure). You will be a fresher who know metabolism of this exam.
            Sir, I strongly believe you would clear this exam……….dont get disheartened due to previous failures and dnt think of any second options which will surely deviate you from your target.

            Sir Try Try and Try untill get success

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  • Sarvam Sivam

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    • We will start providing them from next week. We won’t depend on external people (such as Undercover group). We will prepare on our own with our inputs and publish them. Hopefully from next week. Thank you.

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    U haven’t given us compilations post may 9…when possibly u will be giving them?

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    Long live sparta!

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    Is there any monthly compilations available for Current events??

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    Hi senoirs , i Preparing for 2016 , but could not insure maximum utilisation of this site . As there are some very old contains and some new one like insight 2015 are in midway . Hepl me, where to satrt ?

  • Nanjesh Patel

    Please can you compile the Insights secure questions & answers till date. It will help the aspirants of 2015 a lot. Many of them follow Insight’s secure, but not on a regular basis, me being one of them, thus this is earnest request. Hope you oblige. Would be grateful for the same.
    Thank you 🙂

  • Vijayant Jaswal

    Thank you very much for so accurate insights about the whole CSE syllabi.
    But I want some help regarding books that I should study for the following subjects:
    1) Ethics, integrity and Aptitude
    CL Wayper: western political thought
    VP Verma : Indian Political thought
    William K. Frankena: Ethics

    Uma kapila: Indian Economy
    Mishra and Puri: Indian Economy – performance and policies

    3)Internal Security
    SC DUbe: Indian Society

    I am preparing on my own but getting a little confused.

    Thanking you.
    Vijayant Singh

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    Sorry for pesetering you with such requests. But I am wholly dependent on them for my further preparation.

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    Hello insights…Pls upload secure compilations for 2015.Its till month of may-15.

    • We will be doing that in few days. Thank you for all the patience.

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    @insights please look into the matter. Btw, thank you so much for the compilation.

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    I request somebody to guide me as I am preparing for the IAS 2016 exam and I am working too with a private company. So kindly guide me how to initiate with studies as there of things to go through.

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  • upsc online academy
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    Its really a great help insight thax , for such help.

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  • upsc Online Academy
  • upsc Online Academy


    Q. The representation of people’s act prevents under trial prisoners
    from voting rights. However under trial people out on bail , can vote in the
    election . This conundrum violates article 326 of the constitution which
    permits voter disqualification only in the grounds of non resident, unsound
    mind, crime or corruption. Discuss. (250 words)

    Click on this link


    Insights, pls upload secure compilation for September 2015.

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    Will you upload the compilations of current events for the months of september and october (2015) ???
    i needed it for revision for the upcoming mock test.

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    Thanks for the good job done.

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    It will be a lot of help from ur side in our mains preparation.

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    My study plan and strategy both faced setback due to this. Know I decided not to follow this site anymore.
    Its better to wakeup know otherwise its too late.
    So I

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    Before prelims …reading once that compilations
    plz upload sir i need to insights help in my total preparation.
    More materials depends on insights

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    How many hours i have to study and on which books should i rely on.
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