Insights New Secure Revision Test – 3 (18 November 2018)

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Following is the revision test under Insights New Secure initiative. We will be posting these questions every Sunday night around 10 pm to 11 pm. (if you want we will increase number of questions under this initiative).

NOTE: Yes, we will post subtopics and updates timetable this week by Sunday


Insights New Secure Revision Test – 3 (18 November 2018)

Duration: 40 Minutes

  1. The RBI is neither an independent nor an autonomous institution. Analyse. (250 Words)
  2. How is the ease of doing business index calculated? Should India be worried with fluctuations in its ease of doing business rankings? Comment. (250 Words)
  3. What are the salient features of POSHAN scheme? Examine how does it seek to address malnutrition in India? Also examine its demerits. (250 Words)
  4. Critically examine the role played by PIL in environmental protection in India. (250 Words)
  5. Discuss the impact of GST on agriculture. Do you think GST is a progressive step? Substantiate. (250 Words)