Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 35: If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 35


28 August  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved” 


    Rough draft :

    moral crisis facing world :

    political :
    1. More personal/party interests rather than public interests.
    2. Provocative speech – communal issue, caste issue, communities issues.
    3.Governance issue.
    4. use of money/muscle power in election.
    5. poor representation of women.
    6. UNSC veto for personal benefits.
    7. political persecution and migrant crisis.
    8. lack of consensus on Global issue.

    economical :
    1. Corruption issue .
    2. tax avoidance/ evasion.
    3. materialistic race.

    1. rape and dignity of women.
    2. female foeticides.
    3. deteriorating human values.
    4. jealousy.
    5. castism.
    6.women trafficking.
    7. modern slavery.

    cultural and human values:

    1. loosing traditional and human values.
    2. killing of people – terrorism.


    1. lack of respect for nature and wildlife.
    2. killing of wild animals and selling of their parts.

    • ManikChand

      You almost covered the multi facets of the moral issues. Almost all social issues that are plaguing the world can be part of the moral crisis. But it will be even more good if you can write down those angles into an excellent essay.

      • Kindly Review my essay too!

        • ManikChand

          Yah sure

      • mission 2016

        review mine PLZZZZZZZZZ

    • mission 2016

      nice draft.. plz write in a essay .. so that we can learn from this… how to address these issues morally… review mine.

    • Best desire

      U covered almost evry issue prevailed in contemporary world……nice attempt

      • Ankit

        Please review mine:)…just a beginnner

    • Dheeraj

      Dear Friend

      Good Rough Idea.

    • anu

      address to an issue is also a major part .
      would be more good if we could see how u frame your solution to problems mentioned above.

  • Abyss

    There used to live a king once who was very rich, healthy, prosperous. His people were happy in his reign. Then one day the king met a poor beggar who he wanted to help. But on asking what the wealthy king could do, the beggar started laughing and said – what can you give to someone who is happy with anything or nothing. The king was offended and he kept thinking as to how can the beggar be so happy with nothing. The king then gradually started becoming envious of his happiness and started thinking him as a criminal spreading lies and deceit.

    The fear and insecurity which developed made him order the execution of the beggar. That’s where the story ends. It was his fear that made him kill his own morality and not the beggar alone. It’s the growing sense of insecurity that can not even spare to see the happiness of a fellow human being that is a moral crisis we face in the world today.
    The world today is full of such kings be it under a democratic system like the US or a communist set up like China. There is a race that’s not even based on the welfare of their people but the race to control the other nation and their people, to exert and expand their influence.

    The race takes different forms and manifests itself where the most common one in use since time immemorial has been religion. The passion to expand ones race to the extent of annihilating all others can be witnessed through centuries. Jews have been the oft spotted target going as long back as the Selucid empire of 2nd century BC followed by anti- semetic ethnic cleansing by Christians through their crusades in the 11-12th century AD and then the 2nd world war under the hands of Nazis that took away 6mn jews with it.

    Was the world war the end of it all? Or is there a rise of another religion seeking dominance? There is now the rise of islamophobia as the term goes which has destabilized the entire arab world and is spreading wide. Does religious fanaticism fall under the throes of morality or is it a tool for capturing higher power through instilling or terror?

    It can be said that the world is woven together through a set of implicit codes that are based on common sense of morality and ethics and it binds people into a civilization, away from barbarism. But then as Nietzsche says “fear is the mother of morality”, why would he call fear as the fulcrum of morality when its fear that eventually kills the moral code between people?

    Morality is a sense of judgement between right and wrong but as the society is close knit, so is the sense of judgement. Its also termed as herd instinct. So the herd instinct has changed the world even with a moral order. There is now a race for nuclear weapons, a race for submarines, a race for even space research. No one would stop to question why are we making so many weapons when a single is capable of destroying a country or why are we sending so many missions on Mars and Moon when those funds can be channeled to feed the poverty stricken or towards water conservation or many more.

    Morality in itself imbibes a sense of following the implicit leader without questioning where we lose our own sense of questioning and judegement but adopt that of the leader. Post that we also end up racing a lost cause where a country like India is bound to spend ~20% of its revenue on defense just to maintain its level of protection of frontiers like all the rest.
    So in reality, is morality causing the world crisis today or is it the death of morals that’s leading towards it? Which part is the real crisis that one needs to address? The silver line cuts through both.

    To address the problem of herd mentality, a good example is the organizations that have come up to protect nuclear weapons and their proliferation like NSG (Nuclear suppliers group), MTCR (Missile technology control regime) and more. But then they can only be effective is the world leaders come to re-think about the future course their countries take. Today in the world of nuclear haves and have-nots there will be a “follow the leader” approach where those who can lead have the onus to set an example.

    There are other initiatives across the world to lift the ~800Mn out of extreme poverty through aid programs, humanitarian aid for refugees from Arab spring and its ensuing crisis in West Asia and many other such.

    But then again, the other part of moral crisis is the lack of morality or loosening of it. This part is hard to address and manifests through episodes like Shia- Sunni clashes killing millions in Yemen, Syria and meighbouring areas, the rise of another era of bi-polar world from the erstwhile cold war with new players like US and China. The insecurity of losing and the urge to control has led to clashes in South China Sea, new security and defense cooperations like LSA (Logistics support agreement) signed between India- US, rise in ocean and sea patrolling by countries. There is another shift in the world order where even countries like Japan that followed a policy of non- aggression after Hiroshima- Nagasaki case are also inclining towards the US camp and re-thinking of entering the nuke race.

    As for individuals, its disheartening to see mobilization towards ISIS and similar factions through social media. Joining a terror outfit can not even be termed fashionable then why do it? That’s the real crisis where individual sense of morals or values breaks down to follow another man’s code. The root cause for this breakdown has to be addressed where its not just the individual but the society that has to take the responsibility through better education, employment opportunities and supporting structures.

    As Oscar Wilde said- Morality, like art, means drawing a line someplace. It’s the composite will of the nations that can only help them to find the line and where it is to be drawn. The world that’s to come will be defined by the actions taken today and the way morality is defined. The onus is on the present generation to balance between nationalist jingoism and humanitarian camaraderie which is a process in the making and the hope is not lost of a triumph towards humanity.

    • Miss. Rath

      Nailed it.

    • ManikChand

      The language, the content , and the connectivity of the entire essay is really good.
      Only improvement needed is connecting more angles. You have depth in the essay but I think it also needs breadth also at the micro level such as dealing the corruption, politicians, family life, marriage vs divorce, thirst for money, pollution by the rich etc.

      • Abyss

        you right on that part. my last essay had too many facets so i tried experimenting in this one with a different style but in the wake of it i got carried away a little more than what i had anticipated.
        i realize there are personal issues i should have touched other than the global and local ones.
        thanks for reviewing the essay and please keep reviewing and writing. 🙂

        • Joseph Stalin

          Hey abyss can you please review mine . I have included examples from past as well as present

      • Joseph Stalin

        Hey manik can you please review mine . I have included examples from past as well as present

    • Cityboy

      Hey, Abyss Don’t you think You have Breached word limit ?
      Also i read somewhere , and as Roman Saini Said , You should not write famous saying unless you are sure and can tradeoff life for it
      I doubt that You know Oscar wilde Saying Word by word that too So long !!

      Also Essay is incorporated in exam[my view] to take your opinion and not question the Subject itself . You have repeatedly Used the question . It may affect you . We can ignore that

      Also while reading your essay i felt lost , not because it was good . But i found it disconnected
      Lesser World problems and and moral crises i found in your note given the fact you have [ by your ignorance] breached word limit
      You May fail to impress examiner due to aforesaid shortcomings

      • Abyss

        hey thanks for reviewing the essay.
        to your point its around 1000 words so i dont think i have gone too far with the word limit.
        however, your point noted that yes i did not do justice to the topic entirely.

        also about the point of the quotes, i do try and re- read some quotes to re-use them. Oscar Wilde is slightly over-used which i have tried in gs4 as well so could just paste it here.

        for other suggestions, thanks for reviewing. i shall definitely try and work on the areas mentioned.

    • Good one.

      But too much emphasis on recent events. Also some paras were disconnected.

      Too much emphasis on International issue. Look inward.

      You can add the following(if you want) :

      1)Talk about inflation–>demand supply mismatch caused by Hoarding/wastage by rich—>affects poor.

      2)Un-electrified villages while people waste energy in cities. Switching off,using efficient technologies(LED) etc.Would also result in less coal mining hence an environmental angle.

      3)Black money generation–>unaccounted money–>deprives govt.’s fair share of revenue—>hinders progress in education,health,sanitation

      4)Unsustainable consumption leading to wastage of common resources.

      5)Materialism+greed–>lehman brother fall–>hard earned money siphoned off–>livelihood crisis.

      6)Development vs conservation

      7)Racism–>hampering social cohesion and collaboration for common prosperity .

      • Abyss

        Hey AK,
        thanks a lot for finding time to look into my essay. you are bang on right that i completely eroded it of breadth.
        your points are well written as well. there are multiple issues that could have come in the topic as you have rightly highlighted.
        i was changing my style of writing and trying to go deeper in the topic which i clearly see back firing so will definitely try and improve on it.
        thanks again and please KWAR!

      • mission 2016

        AK bhai merey essay pey nzar marna plzzzzzzzzz

    • Joseph Stalin

      Your intro part is Good. Examples raning from japanese twice policy change from aggression to peace to again aggression is good one .
      I felt good u included the mtcr example as lot of heat was there in news relating nsg etcc
      It is good that you remember the quotes . It will help you fetching the extra ones
      It is good that you have taken dig on the space mission while linking with poverty , person reading will feel happy .
      And same pinch i too have included SCS example , though i havent copied from you

      Overall nicely written, barring one para which starts with morality where i felt lag , i found all strings attached to Pearls 🙂
      Please review mine

      • Abyss

        Thanks Jo for the comments. they are really detailed and definitely encouraging for the different approach that i experimented with.
        i am looking at yours.

    • mission 2016


      • Abyss

        Thanks for reviewing my essay. i will see yours, just give me sometime.


    • WicConman..!!

      beautiful start:) good flow …nice use of language:)
      but need to hv sm diverse point like envir issue, selfsatisfying need in tha name of globalisation, balance of power, fight for hegemony, too little resources too many people, status of women child , modern slavery , morality is loosing, conscious is gone, issue of migrant , minority i guess there is plenty of fodder that you can incorporate 🙂
      rest very good:)

      • Abyss

        thanks for finding time to read my essay. i realize that i have not used many examples. but then, honestly i did not wish to. agree its short of multi- dimensionality but i wanted to make it look different or rather an interesting read simply without loading it with examples.
        nonetheless i will try to get more dimensions next time.
        please KWAR!

        • WicConman..!!

          yeah thats y i said i like it…:) u wrote well:)
          plz if you got time review sm of my answers cz em a beginner:)

    • WicConman..!!

      beautiful start:) good flow …nice use of language:)
      but need to hv sm diverse point like envir issue, selfsatisfying need in tha name of globalisation, balance of power, fight for hegemony, too little resources too many people, status of women child , modern slavery , morality is loosing, conscious is gone, issue of migrant , minority i guess there is plenty of fodder that you can incorporate 🙂
      rest very good:)

    • Best desire

      U hv wrtn well but one thing acc to me……we are also facing diverse issues due to lack of moral, u could add them like ……disrespect of women,increase in old age homes, poverty, cruelity towrds anilmals ,increase in crime, corruption etc…well thats my opinion overall ur connectivity was gud and gud flow….

    • ESWAR


      Many aspirants in the forum started essay with example? Is it correct strategy? Please clarify

      The example is not well explained. USA and China how they are acting now is well explained.

      U have defined about morality in middle of the essay, u could have done that at beginning.

      Rest is fine. I hope u do critical review my essay.

      What is ur optional? My one is philosophy.

    • X.

      hey abyss,
      one of the best essays here who did not follow the set pattern of economic political socio etc
      really like the connection of issues and flow of language.
      very nice
      while some may advice you to include more angles, i would rather not because unnecesary filling your essay with examples then ruins your essay, but you could have included other examples instead of giving many examples of international events.

      keep writing brother and please review essay and help me
      thank you

  • Please Review

    This world presents us with a number of opportunities, number of choices, and often these choices make or mar our destiny. The choice is usually accompanied with a moral crisis, a moral dilemma where one is compelled to take a decision that is going to leave a mark. In view of this, it becomes very important for an individual to manage the moral crisis effectively and take decision that is morally and ethically correct. A thought which holds true is that if one is able to address his moral crisis, many of the world’s problem may be solved.

    Here we will look into the different aspects of how addressing one’s moral crisis can solve problems related to different areas. We will be looking into its implementation in global arena in general and in Indian context in particular. The dimensions planned to be covered includes social, economic, environmental and political among other aspects. We will first address the issue and then link it with moral crisis to understand how can it be solved.

    Globally, one of the major problems today is that of Terrorism. Terrorist activities generally involves activities resulting in death of many innocents, apart from making damage to life and property. The terrorist is confronted with a choice, whether s/he should carry on the terrorism activity which will enhance his belief in his religion, which can give a better financial stability to his family, which can help him reduce his frustration/disappointment with the society, or on the other hand, if he should value lifes of other, understand the ramification of such an activity, thereby leaving the path of terrorism. However, it is often seen that terrorists are unable to sort out this dilemma and carry on actions that result in heavy damage apart from disturbing peace in the world. It has been found from various studies that terrorists joining ISIS like organisations aregenerally in need of money or are highly frustrated with their lives, radicalisation is another issues. This leads to a connected issue of role of religious teachers, who in many cases have been seen as the main agent in radicalizing the youth, brainwashing them to join such organisation and carry on terrorism. These religious teachers, unable to sort out their moral dilemma, of actually adhering to the learning of their religion, mis-interpretes and misguide the youth.

    Another important problem is seen in Industries, wherein unethical means have been adopted by many in order to push the company’s profit and benefits. The recent case of Volkswagen scam presents a interesting study of the same. The pressure of improving sales and maintaining market presence, forced the company to cheat the emission norms. The case, when out brought huge shame to the company and has been a lesson to them. However, this presents a case of underlying unethical practices among corporates, that are yet to be exposed. The declining standards of ethics, in the name of competition and corporate profit is certainly a cause of worry for the world. The debate between economy and environment is a well known one.

    The Courts world over are full of cases related to different aspects. A key feature of almost all of these cases is that it involves a moral crisis at each stage. One of the party is sure of being guilty and it is here when they deny the morality and keep arguing for the case. Only if all were morally correct, there would not be any cases pending in Courts as they would save a lot of such proceedings and the resources could be used elsewhere.

    Taking the context to India, we find that corruption is a major problem for our country. Corruption at all levels include moral crisis. It requires inner strength and self-righteousness to not take part in any form of corruption and do what is correct, what is in accordance with the law. Corruption be it at Political or Bureaucratic level is a result of failure to satisfy the inner aspirations. This results in poor delivery of service leading to poor outcomes in health, education, poverty reduction among others. The morality would require keeping in mind all the affected stakeholders, the poor, before being a part of corruption, however, in many cases, people are unable to sort out this dilemma.

    Regionalism and Communalism is another important issue faced by India. The chauvinism towards his/her religion/region leads to neglect of other. It is generally the view that only my region/religion is complete and pure while others are incomplete that leads to friction among different regions and religions. The moral dilemma involved here is that inspite of understanding that diversity is the key feature of the nation, people tend to push their thoughts in order to garner more acceptability and recognition. Propagating their religion is even guaranteed by Indian Constitution, However doing at the behest of demeaning others is something totally uncalled for. Only if people learn to respect other region/religion, we may expect a more peaceful nation.

    Women, have been constantly ignored and neglected in Indian Society for long. It is well established that women are capable of achieving as much as men, but it is the mindset of our country that still looks at them as someone doing only household work. The moral dilemma here for men is to recognize women’s ability and treat them at equal, who may actually get better than men later. They need to shed their insecurity regarding being oppressed by women or losing their ‘superiority’, it is imperative for them to encourage women for education, work, political participation etc that would help India truly reap its demographic dividend.

    Taking the context to political angle, we find that inspite of the fact that many bills have good intent, they are kept pending in Parliament for too long. The reason is simple, the ideologies of Political parties is opposite and agreeing to other, will result in decrease in its reputation. It is here that moral crisis needs to be sorted out, that parties keep larger public good in mind instead of petty gains by keeping the bill pending and hampering India’s growth. Recent case of GST Bill is a good example of it. At the same time, Parties in power should also ensure that they do not mi-use their power by neglecting others opinion and take an authoritarian decision, here the reference is to introduction of bills as money bill in Lok Sabha.

    There can be innumerable more such cases and examples where we see that being unable to solve moral crisis has resulted in opening of a Pandora box, creation of more problems. What is actually needed in all such cases is to have balance of thought, proper understanding of the situation, and more coherent approach in dealing with such issues. It is essential to keep in mind impact of one’s decision on all possible stakeholders. In this context, Gandhi Ji’s Talisman can be of immense help to sort out the moral dilemma.

    Morality needs to be emphasized at all levels of society and globally and it should be ensured that sooner or later, being ethically and morally correct will result in making a more peaceful, greener and happier world.

    • Cityboy

      Nicely Written , However Introduction can be written in a better way to enchant the examiner KWAR

      • Agreed, need to get some catchy line/quote at the start. Thank you for reviewing! 🙂

        • Joseph Stalin

          Hey atin can you please review mine . I have included examples from past as well as present

        • dileep

          Atinji you would hav added few more challenges which world facing like hunger, technological issues like bioterrorism, cyberwars.Please review mine

        • dileep

          Atinji you would hav added few more challenges which world facing like hunger, technological issues like bioterrorism, cyberwars.Please review mine

    • Cityboy

      Nicely Written , However Introduction can be written in a better way to enchant the examiner KWAR

    • happytussle

      Well done. Coherent essay.
      Suggestions : examples are too much exaggerated. Cut it short.
      For Indian perspective one paragraph is enough.

      • happytussle

        Kindly review mine

    • ManikChand

      Avoid them “The dimensions planned to be covered includes social, economic, environmental and political among other aspects. We will first address the issue and then link it with moral crisis to understand how can it be solved”

      These types of sentences should be implicit during reading itself.

      “The chauvinism towards his/her religion/region leads to neglect of
      other. It is generally the view that only my region/religion is omplete
      and pure while others are incomplete”. Here you have elaborated the term chauvinism. No need of that. You can save words here and can use them on some other point.

      In women case you can support your argument by quoting recent “Rio Olympics medals for India”. According some surveys these two medals are more precious than all the remaining medals if we can take the discrimination faced by women in India.

      opening of a Pandora box=creation of more problems. Dont explain the same again.

      Positives in essay:
      1. Breadth and depth
      2. Court cases and issue of passage of bills in parliament.
      3. Conclusion is good as you mentioned talisman of Gandhi

      1. Use some good connectors (words, phrases or sentences)to make the entire essay as a single flow of words.Bcz I observed several disconnections.
      2. Dont explain vocabulary again
      3. Dont lean towards India always (or dont point it explicitly) when the topic is of generic nature.
      4. Introduction.

      But the attempt is nice.

      • Smart Work

        pz review mine

    • Smart Work

      Mutiple dimensions covered.. good examples . Write one para to explain why moral crisis is difficult to address, also write about inculcating moral values in early stages. resi all good.
      Plz review mine.

      • Thanks for the review.

        I tried to address both these issues.

        I ll review urs.

        Thanks! 🙂

    • X.

      hey atin,
      various dimensions covered,
      smooth writing
      there is always scope for improvement, as no essay is perfect
      so i would not say include this and that, it was a concise one

      review mine bro
      thank you

  • happytussle

    Kindly Review

    • Mr Hola

      Nice ideas! Keep it up. Well structured essay.

    • Rotate and post.

      • Nirvana

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        I want your help buddy,i will be highly thankful.
        Or msg me in my e mail id [email protected]

      • dileep

        Bro please spend some time on reviewing my essay.

  • Nirvana

    In the ”jurisprudence” it is said that it is morality which is a driving force to make law after following set of regulation in definite period of time, which finally fulfill the societal obligations.
    The world is facing severe kind of pain due to lack of ethical values while dealing with their social,political,economic and environmental aspects.
    In our country our leaders plays a manoeuvre tactics to influence our voters .
    They have only one thing in mind which is to win the election at every cost they have to pay .
    When they campaign they failedto discuss on development agenda rather they crossed the boundaries and abused their opponents.
    Our society is divided in caste lines and they know how to radicalised the people against one another, because they don’t have any morality in their heart.
    Their ill will feeling led to communal riots and division in society.
    When gandhi ji fought against apartheid in south Africa ,it was his high moral ground which finally led him to win .If he also had a mala fide intention to play bad tactics than no one could come to support him in large number.
    Environmental degradation is occurring due to deforestation and urbanization.
    The number of trees is decreasing day by day ,which leads to ecological imbalance.
    Our conscience has been in dormant that’s why we are abhorred our morality!
    Whenever we visit in government offices we see the kind of lethargic on the part of officials,They don’t pay much attention to deal the grievances of common man,But when man shows green note better called as rupya then his or her work done in a minimum period of time.They don’t have any kind of etiquette and decorum for the office he has hold.They left no stone unturned to polluting his job.
    Widespread corruption can be seen in remote areas of our country where people doesn’t aware about his right and duties for which they have to paid the heaviest price.we can see middleman or dalal in every government offices where they charge decent hard earned money of individuals and claimed that this money is to be paid from lower to higher echelons.
    It is their ignorance of morality which is finally trapped in bad deeds.
    Our society has been fighting against caste atrocities since independence,but very often we see hatred attitudes against lower caste and sex, In the recent violence against dalit in Una shows our mindset we people proudly boasting!
    In every 20 minutes one woman is burn for dowry and in every 3 minutes one woman is harass either physically or sexually.
    Alas! Really we are living in 21st century.
    In the world arena every country or region which is powerful want to supersede other country and region which is less powerful in economically and socially.

    Pakistan is harassing baluchistan since 1948 after their leader kalat had been forced to sign the accession .Pakistan illegally occupied baluchistan and gilgit balistan region due to strategic importance and natural resources it had !

    The Pakistan government has no morality because severe nature of human rights violations caused by their military personnel but Pakistan is making a lot of hues and cry showing wrong intention for Kashmiris people of their want of independence and human right violations by Indian force.Is it not a double standard?
    In this modern era technology playing a greater role which made a work more easier and faster,but it is also a bitter truth that it is technology which has increased the cyber criminals,online stalking,child pornography,illegal downloading sites like torrent where everything is free at the cost of copyright infringement.
    Where is morality for such person who is holding his head with high sense of proud and ego.
    So in bhagavad gita it is said that if person holds a high moral ground and have good intention match with action then in any bad circumstances that person never bow down and he is a live example of good change!
    Therefore morality is the genesis of ethical values which every country and people has to follow.

    • Cityboy

      Perfect 🙂

      • happytussle

        Kindly review mine.

    • Cityboy

      Perfect 🙂

    • A little critical review, please take it in positive way.

      Try to be less aggressive in your essays and be less direct and crude in your references.
      Could point many grammatical mistakes as well.
      Would request you to re-write the essay keeping the demand of the topic in mind.

      Keep writing and please review mine too.

      • Nirvana

        Thanks for the review atin, i will definitely work on that,and for grammatical errors ,actually I have written this essay on mobile so in between i lost the rhythm.

    • X.

      hey kranti
      like your name, is your essay
      but i would advice otherwise
      i love to see these types but sadly we are not allowed to
      tone down bro.

      review mine pls
      thank you

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    • Joseph Stalin

      Hey AK can you please review mine . I have included examples from past as well as present

    • mission 2016


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  • “If one can Address Moral Crisis, Many of World’s Problem Can be Solved”

    “Morality is not for oneself, it is always for other”
    – Anonymous
    The above proverb highlights the erosion in personal moral values that is expected to be practised in day to day life. We often view that people talk about moral values for other person but when it comes to them they don’t consider it very seriously. This leads to deterioration in moral values which leads to no where but moral crisis situation.

    In laymen term, morality is associated values to our action no matter it is personal or professional, public or private, common or uncommon. With every action, moral or immoral values remain latently present which have its definite outcome not only on the agent of action but also on other people surrounded to them in active and passive interaction. So, when moral values are delinked from our action, it becomes nothing but unhealthy for society. For example, when you involve in corruption while discharging own assigned function, it leads to destabilisation in society where services are made inaccessible for large number of people which furthers the grave humanitarian issues.

    If seen minutely on the ongoing world problems, it can easily by established that we are lagging behind in ensuring moral tasks. However, we are doing our tasks very efficiently and with greater excellence but these tasks are dissociated with moral values. But, still there are some tasks being performed by few to intact the moral values with their action e.g. Mother caring her children, Parents struggling to avail quality education for their child etc. But most of our action at ECONOMICAL, SOCIO-CULTURAL-RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL level are being performed by people, institutions and other establishment in morally eroded social circumstances. This is why, in every aspects of these sphere we have several problems. We would look all these world problems spreading in our society.

    At economical level, when we focus it is apparently found that people are so materialistic and consumerist in their approach that they seem more self-centred. The same thing is present in national policies, international relations and global approach. For example, most of the country are facing inequality in terms of income distribution, migration, pollution, global warming etc. But what is happening is very surprising. At domestic level, countries are failed to implement poor-centric laws so income distribution can be made effective and other challenges can be contained. Similarly at the global level, Developed countries first involved in colonialism, imperialism and racial superiority still involved ‘First Use’ policy. This has caused global economic problems remain unaddressed. Here, neither counties within domestic affairs recognise moral values nor global players.
    At the Socio-cultural & Religious level, it is evidently clear that many individual or communities area involved in superiority complex. No doubt, even having democratic framework for 69 years, caste like issues are not resolved yet. Because of this we have problems of Dalit oppression and their Social exclusion. Similarly, religious conservatism has enforced frantic groups to be indulged in riots and radicalization of youth. Now, the root of ISIS, kidnapping of school going girls in Sudan by Bokoharam, religious fighting in India are a few examples or moral erosion.

    Finally, at political level, every country is facing more or less internal and external insecurity. When we take internal insecurity for discussion we find that in India, the naxal insurgency is example of not reaching on political consensus. Which shows that however we are politically involved in political action but keeping large chunk of society away from decision making. Making more broader here, issue of women empowerment is result of political action minus moral values. At the global level, issues like spreading head of terrorism, Arms –race instead of Peace-race, gross human right violation in different countries by both state and non-state agents are few examples marking the issues emanating from moral crisis.

    So far we have seen moral crisis is capable to give birth to several problems from local to national to global level. Indeed we can contribute a lot in mitigating world problem once we give adequate attention to the moral values of our action in both professional and personal level. For adhering with moral values one has to act on the following points which protects us and also other from falling prey to moral crisis:

    Moral values in our Duty: every person plays own social role to achieve some goal. While some see own duties with self-centred perspective while others see it with altruistic purposes. This is why, in country like India, there are high number of rich person but tax collection is very low. Rich people are doing away with their duties and involve in tax avoidance and evasion. This has limited government capacity to spend less on providing basic and accessible goods and service to all and securing for them condition of rule of law. Indeed, erosion in values like this in our duty have helped issues to grow with rapid speed and reached upto lower stage. For example, teachers in government schools are not involve in quality education, doctors in primary and community health care centre are not sitting, drugs are being made inaccessible by responsible institutions by involving in corrupt practices etc.

    Inculcating sense of Brotherhood and respect to dignity of others: Our society is stratified in various strata like upper, middle and lower class. However, stratification may have some social function to play but at the same time individual, community and society part of stratification breeds sense of hat-redness and discomfort with other groups. This has deepened the antagonistic relation in social structure since long. The lower class are seen anti-social element and are more prone to be gone under clutch of institution maintained by upper class. Further, communal disharmony in the name of religious symbol has totally made social system full with moral crisis.

    Developing sense of humanistic qualities: In this sphere, every person is required to be pro-humanitarian. However, this is ideational but it can be built in our social structure if right attempts are made. The qualities like sympathy, empathy, compassion, love and care must prevail in the place of hate, communal disharmony, conservatism etc.

    On conclusion, it can be said that moral values are core of our action it teaches us not only what is right and wrong for oneself but for others too. The world problems in the sphere of economic, social and political are result of moral crisis as responsible individual and institutions are not giving adequate priority to moral action.

  • ThirdEye

    Morality is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad. Many civilizations from Greek to Mesopotamia to Indus have relied on moral principles though there existed war, violence and vengeance. Most of the times for decision making Morals will come to rescue when there is a conflict between thoughts of what is good to do and what is not for a person. Moral principles have solved many problems and will continue to be a guiding force for doing right things under conflicting situations and addressing moral crisis of today’s world is a prerequisite for that.
    What is Moral Crisis?
    When an individual’s ability to clearly find the right path among various conflicting situations is hampered either due to lack of morals or due to failure of effectively applying then it can be termed as Moral Crisis. For example during a natural disaster rescuing of the disaster struck people is of utmost importance and a leader must know that it is right to enforce authority to help people despite harsh conditions. Though enforcing authority might not be the right way during certain times but given the situation it is required.
    What are today’s World problems
    Modern day is facing multiple problems from global to local levels, from political to social aspects, from technological to cultural realms. Based on the reach of the problem or scope of its impact the complexity of it increasing. For example Climate change is one of the greatest issue post industrialization and its harmful effects are already visible as floods, melting of glaciers, global warming, droughts and submerging of coastal areas etc. Even Terrorism which has no respect for geographical boundaries has stirred the conscience of man across the world. Many other problems like Smuggling, Piracy, spread of epidemics, arms race, Wars and proxy wars etc have their origin in man’s thoughts and Morality has major role to play in such areas.
    Reason for Lack of Morality
    There is no law to enforce morality as it is developed over years in an individual based on the environment one grew, people surrounded with, culture that impacts and country one is living in. Every nuanced impact that is felt by a person from childhood to adulthood will have its impact on having morals in a person. A person if grown up by seeing violence and bloodshed all through his life may not have anything called morality as there are no experiences in his life to show what is good or what is bad. If he/she is taught that killing is inevitable, they will follow that.
    Education plays a major role in bringing up morals in a person to large extent. Also education alone is not sufficient, it is a complex process of events around, people impact, behaviour of them etc that will culminate to bring what is called morals and is also responsible for lack of morals.
    Consequences of lack of Morals
    Terrorism is against peaceful living of the world together. When there are no morals there are no boundaries as to which country, which race, which ideology, what colour and creed etc. Terrorist does not see any attributes of a person before killing.
    Lack of morals is equivalent to becoming blind. What are eyes to body, morality is to mind. As Mahatma Gandhi once said “An eye for eye will make whole world blind”. If for one there is nothing called morals atleast other person should think whether he is following right path or not before emulating the first.
    Climate change is reality today. even a person in a remote island somewhere in pacific can feel the problem irrespective of whether he created it or not. The problem is created by reckless use of hydrocarbons its derivatives majorly during industrialization and 2015 is warmest year according to World Meteorological Organization. It is responsibility of individual to think while spending or using energy of this form as it is problem of whole world. If an individual without thinking about others continue with what is beneficial to him will make all others to pay for his activities.
    Morals can solve world problems
    UNFCCC Paris summit of 2015 is the result of taking moral responsibility by members to reduce the emissions. It is through collective action the agreement happened but a clear view will show that it is individual responsibility to follow the guidelines which can solve the problem and this ‘collective action through individual thinking’ about the problem will show that morality can solve the problem.
    If doctors follow morals then most of epidemics can be addressed. It is through commercial, cultural, regional and ideological divides that became a hindrance to collective action of doctors as evident through spread of Ebola or Zika Virus.
    But Addressing Moral crisis is not a single day activity. It require years of work, from bringing children who are future adults in an environment of peace and brotherhood, teaching ideals of buddha like Non Violence, Brotherhood of sufism and making people learn through their experiences. The onus is not just on individual but parents, teachers, institutions, governments, religious preachers etc. It is a collective action to bring an individual to follow what exactly is right and what not to do. Addressing moral crisis is like cleansing society of majority of ills as every problem is created by man and man alone can solve it. The fundamental well being of society is tied up to the individual thinking and Morals are a thread that bind the individual and society together to ensure harmony.

    • Joseph Stalin

      Hey third eye can you please review mine . I have included examples from past as well as present

    • Joseph Stalin

      Hi Third Eye
      You have explained it well Esp after asking the question .
      I am afraid i havent understood your intro , Do u mean morality was guiding principles of law and justice in ancient civilisations ?
      You have Probably written numerous world issues , what a person can write in exam hall so ,in that sense you have done justice 🙂
      However One request that drifting from one para to second there was disconnet [ however in my answer it was disconnect among lines itself:P] We both need to i guess work on it weaving like a sweater from Wool approach for essay would do 😀

      • ThirdEye

        In Intro, just wanted to say from ancient to modern morality was, is and will be guiding principle. Sure, thanks for review. will improve 🙂

  • Smart Work

    Moral crisis is a situation when one knows that his/her actions are immoral or unethical, but still decides to do so because it suits his/her personal interests. Moral crisis leads to ethical dilemma, where a person cannot make up his mind whether to go ahead or search for other alternatives. The real problem arises when a person is not able to address it and commits an act not conforming to the moral values, which has an adverse effect in the whole society.

    Moral crisis is not a new issue, it has been there since the early ages. Emperor Ashoka faced a similar situaton after the Kalinga war. He realised that the war which he waged for territorial expansion took lives of thousands of innocent people. However his greatness lies in the fact that he could address the moral crisis and took the path of Dhamma, stopped terrritorial expansion and spread the message of peace in India and abroad.

    Our national leaders also faced a similar situation of moral crisis when large scale communal riots started under the influence of Muslim league. Although they knew that partition of India on religious lines was immoral, they addressed the moral crisis and accepted the partition for the sake of communal harmony.

    Now the issue of moral crisis has become a the more complex, frequent and critical. Now the personal/ professional /national interests are found to be conflicting with that of others, as a result reaching a consensus is not easy.To address the moral crisis, one party or both may have to compromise on their stand , which no one wants to.

    Europe Migrant crisis is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems of the decade. It is not only a humanitarian crisis, but also a moral crisis. The word powers turned Middle east into a geopolitical battle-field, uprooted stable regimes, supported proxy wars. As a result millions were affected, and are now fleeing the region to Europe. The instability has led to the rise of terrorist organisations such as ISIS. Again, the entire word unanimously agrees that ISIS is a brutal terrorist organisation, but there has been lack of consensus because of vested interests. The failure of word powers to address the moral crisis has led to the increase of terrorist groups and terrorist attacks.

    Climate change has become a gobal concern. There exists a moral crisis between the developed and the developing word related to the issue of historical emissions. Also there is dilemma of how to balance economic growth and environmental pollution. A sincere co-operated international effort is needed to address the moral issue. To address this global moral crisis, developed countries are expected to accept the responsibiity of historical emissions and help developing and least developed countries develop green technologies. The initiatives of Indian Govt. to build capacity of 175 GW of power from renewable sources is a positive step in this direction.

    Nuclear disarmament is another global moral crisis issue. It is not a hidden fact that any instance of nuclear war will lead to compete obliteration of mankind, but the issue is still unaddressed.It is the responsibiity of the nuclear powers to initiate serious discussion on this issue and reach a consensus as soon as possible.

    At individual level, we often face such situations where our morality questions our intentions. But it takes a lot of courage to confront ourselves and address the moral crisis. Recenty the Good Samaritans Bill has been placed to encourage bystanders to help the road accident victims. Nirbhaya coud have been saved had she been not left bleeding in the streets for hours. The reason why people refuse to help the accident victims is because they are not able to address the moral crisis, because they fear detention by hospital and police. Although the government is to be equally blamed for turning a blind eye to this issue, the bill introduced is a positive step and hopefully will encourage bystanders to help accident victims.

    The menace of corruption also involves moral crisis : both for the bribe taker and the person giving bribe. People often vounatarily give bribe to get their work done early, however some are coerced to pay bribes. Inculcation of moral values to not pay bribe, and when coerced to pay bribe one must take legal assistance.

    Recently, we have seen the Judiciary and executive at loggerheads on the issue of appointment of Judges. The failure to address the moral crisis has been on part of both the organs. There is an urgent need for both to hold a constructive talk and reform the collegium system as soon as possible, so that the vacancies in Higher courts can be filled and judicial work does not keep on piing.

    Another issue which often leads to moral issues but has not been addressed is the diplomatic immunity. Under Vienna Convention, diplomats of a country cannot be prosecuted by the host country under any circumstances. But this immunity is often misused, Recenty the diplomat from Saudi Arabia was held guilty of brutally raping his nepali maid for months, but no action coud be taken against him and Indian authorities had to let him go freely. There is urgent need to address the moral crisis, and international pressure shoud be build on the home country to punish the guilty.

    Now the biggest question is why is it so difficult to address the moral crisis ? The answer is that a person/organisation/country is not willing to compromise its interests for the sake of morality.It takes not only courage but also will power to forego narrow interests for the larger good.

    In the battefied of Mahabharata, Arjuna faced a similar moral crisis but it was lord Krishna who encouraged him to go ahead and kill Kauravas for the sake of Dharma. In todays word the work of lord Krishna to address the moral crisis can be done by International efforts and inculcation of moral values right from early stage.Once we start seeing things from the lens of larger good of society and not of personal narrow interests, the moral crisis will be addressed.

    • Its not always about personal interest .Sometimes you are left with no other option.

      You did the right thing by just defining moral crisis in intro.I also did the same.

      Use connecting words.Paras seem disconnected.

      Very nice piece.But for the most part you only stated the crisis. Back it up with strong suggestion.

      Very good.
      Keep writing.

      • Smart Work

        Valuable suggestions .. thnx 🙂

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      Nicely written examples !!

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      Wow really wonderful so far read today.Your language and flow is awesome dude;) Plzz glance over my essay..suggest improvements to my essay

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      Please review mine and share ur valuable suggestions…:)

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  • Michelin

    Morality is the inner compass in a man that helps distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, among others. Throughout history, it has been a recurrent theme among many intellectuals and thinkers – Plato and Aristotle (virtue theory), Gandhi who lead India to independence, Lincoln who ended the practice of slavery in the US, Nelson Mandela who fought apartheid, among others. Possessing impeccable moral conscience gave these leaders the resilience and strength to embark on larger problems. This is true for nations too which is determined by their leaders. Many Scandinavian countries ranking low on Corruption Index, high on Transparency Index – generally, are ranked as the best places to live in and are known for good governance and enjoy popular support

    However, addressing moral crises along cannot be a solution to addressing world problems. It needs to be complimented with robust enforcement of legislation, strong institutions, international cooperation, among others

    Let us take a look first at the moral crises prevalent across various spheres and sectors of life, and try to see how overcoming them can lead towards a solution to many world problems. At the same time, it is to be kept in mind that this is only a partial solution and that needs to be backed by a good all-round ecosystem comprising political institutions, legal enforcement, cooperation, partnerships with citizens, among others. Then, we will see how these moral issues can be addressed and hence, the problems arising from them

    Today, in the political sphere, lack of morality among individuals has had detrimental impact on countries across the world. In the USA, the Watergate scandal, in which the then US President and his party were accused of snooping and stealing information from his opponents to win elections exposed huge faultlines leading to his ousting. While his morality was no doubt on the wrong side, lack of institutional checks only gave free licence to these individuals to indulge in immoral behavior. Eventually, it led to the constitution of the “Office of Ethics” and appointment of Ethics Commissioner in the USA. Similarly, in the late 2000s in India, the Commonwealth scam, the 2G scam and coal scam, which was a result of the limitless greed of a few individuals led to the eventual ousting of the government in elections

    Economy, Business and Industry
    Starting from late 20th century, capitalism has become the dominant ideology in our world, especially after the collapse of Soviet Union in early 1990s. Private enterprises and free market forces have operated unchecked. While it has no doubt led to increase in real incomes and wealth across nations, it has produced many an immoral individuals with limitless greed. According to Oxfam report, since 2000, increase in 50% in wealth has been appropriated by the top 1% of the world’s population. Proliferation of tax havens, tax evasion among MNCs, etc. have contributed their fair share to such class inequalities. The recent Panama Papers Scam exposed many individuals including the PM of Iceland with money stashed abroad in tax havens. Money stored this way directly goes out of the economy of a nation and the governments which could have otherwise used this revenue on socio-economic expenditure become helpless. The present NPA crisis in India has been aggravated by excessive loan borrowing and subsequent loan defaults by few business houses. This has resulted in poor business sentiments about the economy and stagnation thereby, checking economic growth. This is a clear manifestation of loss of morality and personal greed in business at the behest of the larger society.

    Social level
    Intolerance across the world is on the rise. This is reflected in discrimination towards minorities and violent attacks on them. There is an inherent bias in the US police towards the Blacks. However, it reached a tipping point recently when a single cop blinded by his prejudices and lack of moral compass to guide him killed a Black youth. This quickly escalated into violence and led to many death among police and Blacks, and evoked widespread condemnation across the globe. In India, Dalits have been attacked time and again by the dominant and upper castes. Recent public flogging of Dalit youth in Una, Gujarat on the pretext of cow protection, was a blot on India’s progress towards modernity and global rise. The Shia-Sunni sectarian strife prevalent across West Asia is also widely believed to be driven by geopolitical interests of Saudi Arabia, on one hand and Iran, on the other, and its leaders promoting individual self-interests with disregard for harmony and brotherhood. The above incidents just show how moral crises can quickly escalate into violent forms and undermine the social fabric of an entire country.

    International Relations
    The stalled WTO Doha round, asymmetries between developed and developing nations at Climate Change talks, control of financial institutions such as World Bank and IMF by the West, etc. have come at a great disadvantage to the developing world. Commercial interests have been projected above utilitarian concerns. This has led the world into a huge moral morass where joint efforts to tackle global issues like poverty, climate change, inequalities, terrorism, etc. have been scuttled by few individual Western leaders with utter lack of moral conscience.

    Need for a multi-pronged approach
    In the political and administrative sphere, many initiatives have been such as Ethics Commissioner in US, Nolan Committee report in the UK and our very own Second ARC report. The need is to evolve an office of ethics and ethical code of conduct that can guide an individual’s moral conscience

    In business, need for professional bodies and forums such as FICCI, CII, WEF, etc. to institutionalize moral principles in business houses and MNCs

    At the social level, there needs to be greater awareness about modern and humanistic principles. The Constitution has underscored moral principles across Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and the Directives Principles. Right from early childhood, there should be mandatory moral and value education till higher secondary school levels.

    On the international stage, there is need for greater reconciliation between the developed and developing nations. The world is in need of tall and highly moral leaders like Gandhi and Lincoln.

    However, addressing moral crises alone can only contribute partly towards solving worlds’ problems. It needs to be followed up by strict punitive measures for immoral acts at political, economic and social levels. There is need to strengthen institutions’ through ethical codes of conduct, citizens’ charter, etc. Governments must be more transparent in functioning. Increasing use of ICT should be encouraged. Social audits must be made mandatory for welfare schemes, especially, in developing countries. International cooperation in areas of financial transactions, tackling poverty and inequalities, fighting climate change and terrorism must take centre-stage.

    Therefore, the need of the hour is a multi-pronged approach where morality is not the sole but an integral part of the solution to world’s problems.

    • shiva reddy

      intro was really awesome dude…
      over all good essay…..covered all the aspects in well and good manner..
      even you can cover the issue from the india also…. it may look more relevent….
      conclusion should be optimistic

      any ways good attempt……….and thanks for giving new points

      • Michelin

        Thanks for your review! Suggestions noted. 🙂

    • X.

      good intro not too splashy but still hit the right chords
      never end wtih a single line para, its a essay not an asnwer
      covered various dimensions which is good but do not rely only on that, use them for building your essay. here i have no issues
      rest is good
      review mine and help me
      thnk you

      • Michelin

        Thanks. Yes, conclusion could have been better.

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  • The Leiter

    It has been long time since I write essay due to Prelims…so bear with me.

    Moral Crisis means having knowledge about right and wrong and inherently choosing what is wrong,it might be appear to right under given circumstances,but eventually the outcomes will be wrong,at times,they may be disastrous.If one can over come such moral crisis,many of the problems can be solved.

    In 17-18th Century,Many of the Western European Powers had colonized many Parts in Asia,Africa and Latin America.They had proclaimed that they had special responsibility to civilize the uncivilized people of the World-so called White men’s burden.but,the real intention was to extract and exploit the natural and Human resources of Colonized country to fuel Industrial revolution in their country.This mad race for colonies between European powers,eventually led to World War I.Even after the war,Allied countries didn’t treat defeated countries generously and imposed unjust treaties on them,Had Allied countries treat defeated nations fairly.Our would have avoided another World War.

    There were also many other instances in our History,where if men overcome Moral dilemma,many of disastrous consequences would have been avoided.Even the in the present world we face many problems like Poverty,Hunger,Malnutrition,Health Care,Climate Change,Gender inequality,Governance issues,Nuclear arms race,Terrorism etc.

    The World population has reached 7 billions and is on rise.Food security is an important issues for many of developing and underdeveloped countries in the World.But,these countries still follow traditional methods and are unable to increase agricultural productivity.for instance,though India is self sufficient in food grains,its rice productivity is less than USA,China and Brazil.On the other hand,Developed countries experiencing higher productivity and flooding the developing countries and distorting their trade balances.These poor countries also face for Hunger and Malnutrition affecting their Human Capital.For example,one quarter of malnourished children live in India.This situation can be avoided be Developed countries are generous at W.T.O. talks and concede the Doha developed agenda.The developed nations should rethink about their moral responsibility and save the humanity from this crises.

    Poverty and Health care are interlinked,if people are not health.They would face difficulties in meeting both ends meet.Unhealthy also means loss of livelihood.This is live vicious cycle for poor.Many of the worst disease can be solved to advancement in science and technology.At its heart lies the Intellectual Property rights,Many Countries are keeping their newly founded drugs as safely guarded secret and suing other countries which made generic drugs,that have potential to save the lives are millions.

    The World has also experienced drastic climatic,since Industrial revolution.In olden days,people used to live in harmony with nature,they moulded their lifestyle according to the nature.They knew affecting the nature will directly effects their lives.But once,the man mastered the laws of nature,he gained sense of control over the environment,along with these rapid progress in science and development have gave him new tools to exploit the natural resources.This unthoughtful,indiscriminate,unsustainable exploitation is deteriorating our climate.Slowly the forests are getting decline,melting of polar,increase in sea levels,changing air circulations,wind patterns all these are its manifestations.
    Gandhi has once said,”There is enough for everybody’s need,but not for anybody’s greed”.It is high that Humans realize the importance of this principle and award off the deleterious consequence of Climate change.

    Although men and women are equal in number and in potential,we see gender inequality in each and every sphere of life,be it social,political and economic.We see male domination in all walks of life and this discrimination is not based on reason,but on institutions of patriarchy,division of labor and exploitative capitalist economy.Girls are discriminated right from the childhood,they are not treated on par with their male counterparts.They are denied of higher educations,denied for doing jobs outside and also we see lack of women representation in parliament,globally we can count World women leaders on fingers.By depriving the women opportunities we are not only suppressing the women but also Human progress.Giving fair chances to women will increase the services twice than what they are now.

    It is often said that International politics is hierarchal and structured,in which Nuclear powers are first among equals.The nuclear arms race between Super Powers during Cold war and Horizontal proliferation of Nuclear weapons in Post war has made the world insecure palace to unsustainable to live.Today,World has possessed Weapons to Kill itself.Nuclear disarmament is the need of the hour.Nuclear Weapon countries should come together to make this World a Nuclear weapon free World.

    Apart from Nuclear arms race another problem which the World is facing is Terrorism.although it is hard to define what is terrorism.The main purpose of it to kill the innocent civilians and inflict some fear in the minds of the people to achieve some political objectives.The worst part it is,they are religious scriptures to legitimatize their claims and influencing the minds of the people.The recent phenomenon of “Lone Wolf Terror attack” were of this nature.But all religious scripture only says love all and doing good the humanity and would never give sanctions for such activities.It is high time that World religious leader come together and give correct interpretations of the scriptures so that people would not get distracted.

    So,In the ended its all depended upon ourselves to decide,what we have to do.We have two choice for given activity.i.e good and bad and its up to us to choose the correct choice.Learning from the past mistakes will help to make the right choice at the right time.It is high time that we make that right choice for the Good of the Humanity,before its get late.

  • Amrita

    Ansh was returning from a late night party. He saw a crime taking place. Now there are 2 options available to him. one that he appear to the authorities and be the witness and other he chose not to get himself involved as the victim is not known to him as well as legal proceedings will just waste his time.Next day Ansh received a call by the wrongdoer threatening him not to be the witness otherwise he will have to bear the consequences. Now what will Ansh do? The dilemma to maintain a neutral stand or follow your morals is a moral crisis.
    This is not just the problem with Ansh, but everyone face such moral crisis sometime or the other in life. For Ex- A Girl’s parent in India faces the moral crisis to give the dowry or not. Similarly every nation state in the world faces moral crisis.
    Global challenges of our world is the moral crisis we face today. Be it Migrant Crisis, Economic depression, Climate Change, Terrorism etc.

    Just like slavery Issue was a great moral crisis in 17th-18th century,Migrant Crisis is the moral crisis of our to allow them to enter into the countries or not. Europe is creating fences and erecting barriers to stop thousands of fellow humans wait. They wait after fleeing hours in their own countries.They wait while leaders of Europe decide whether political expediency has a higher value than that of human life.. Sometimes they are sent back,or allowed or offer them money. But Simply offering money cannot stop Human rights crisis. We fail as human when we dont act like human.

    Climate Change has been the part and parcel of our earth but human induced changes began from the Industrial revolution of 18th cenury Present world is progressing, developing new automobiles, depleting fossil fuels, cutting off greenery for luxurious resorts, filling up the running stream with garbage. But we need to halt and think about it would create on future generation.We need to change our attitude and each person can take the responsibilty after all morals is what distinguishes us from other animals.

    Economic Crisis . the global economic meltdown is the result of a crisis of morality, which had been driven by greed and corruption. It has led to income Inequality. Richs are growing richer and poor are becoming poorer. People need to be less interested in consumerism, less selfish and to understand that if we want to survive and be happy, everyone must survive together.

    World is suffering. Due to the lack of morals the crime against women, children and even poor for that matter is heavily increasing day by day. on the other hand the economic downfall in india has led to a stagnant condition of the country. if the moral values are uplifted in the people, a lot can be solved, the solution lies in recognising our interdependence, valuing education and protecting the natural environment.

    • Himaanshu

      hey Amrita, hope u r doing well. I think you should attempt it again after a break. All the best 🙂

      • Amrita

        I too think same.
        But the problem is I did not understand the topic.
        Does the topic mean, World’s Moral Crisis? or Individual? or National?
        If it is not talking about world’s moral crisis than, why the topic is particularly talking about world?
        And If it is not talking about world’s moral crisis than how to understand the topic?
        Kindly Guide Himanshu.

      • Amrita

        Hello Himanshu. I know, What you are talking about.
        Problem is, I didnot understand today’s topic. I mean is the topic talking about World’s moral crisis? Simply world? or In General? If General than how do we find what topic is trying to say?
        Can you Explain Himanshu.? Please*

        • Himaanshu

          hey Amrita. In my opinion the topic is simply asking about morals and moral crisis and how these moral crisis is related to today’s world problems. For example how our declining morals have contributed in problems like poverty, corruption, pollution etc.

          – I have written a piece on this topic will post it here in couple of hours. I would like you to review it.

          edit – have posted the essay. Kindly have a look and provide feedback 🙂

          Thanks dear 🙂

        • Himaanshu

          Sorry fr the late reply. I replied you few hours ago don’t know why its not showing in the discussion. Anyway, in my opinion the topic is simply asking that how moral crisis has led to the most of the problems in world today and how we can solve these problems by addressing these moral crisis at different levels. I have tried to present my views on this. You may like to have a look. Thanks dear and all the very best 🙂

          • Amrita

            I think there is some technical glitch going on at Insights since past few days. Sites are always offline.
            Anyways, my question still persists that if the topic asks about world, do we have to focus on World?
            Anyways I will read your answer now and find out,

    • X.

      your essay did not connected to the topic much. could have been improved after much brainstorming.
      with practice it will come. u must understand the topic well

      review mine if time permits and help me
      thnnk u

  • SM

    Arjuna asks Krishna (God incarnated, acting as Arjuna’s charioteer) to take him to the middle of the battlefield. Once there he rises to stand and looks to the enemy lines. There he sees his uncles, cousins, friends and teachers. Arjuna’s morals valued family and teachers which didn’t allow him to take arms against his own kith and kin.

    The moral dilemma in Arjun reminds us of the famous quote by the 18th century French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau- “We are good by nature, but corrupted by society”. It is this uncorrupted natural nature of the human being which Gandhiji also referred to when he said “Hate the sin, love the sinner”. The same uncorrupted natural nature is being emphasized by the Great Nelson Mandela when he invited his former jailer and prison guard to his inauguration ceremony as South African president. Even in the present we can find many such examples were morality of man is standing up for varied issues ranging from Political, Economic, Social, Environmental, Technological etc .

    Politics= The morals of each Indian forms the collective moral of Indian nation. India, a nation which has suffered 200 years of colonization understands what is it like to be subjugated. This is the reason why India supports the Palestinian cause, even when India has a good political, economic and strategic relations with Israel. The morality of India is shaped by Gandhian values which emphasizes on non-violence, this is the reason why India supports Afghanistan by providing developmental assistance in the form of Salma dam’s construction, supply of protein biscuits, economic diplomacy through Chabhar port, but still India is reluctant to offer Gun laded helicopters to Afghanistan.

    Social= Morals of benevolent people has also marked social changes. Kailash Satyarthi the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner was pained to see the flourishing child labour market in India and abroad. He founded the Bachpan Bachao Andolan in 1980 to protect the rights of more than 83,000 children from 144 countries. It is largely because of Satyarthi’s work and activism that the International Labour Organization adopted Convention No. 182 on the worst forms of child labour, which is now a principal guideline for governments around the world. Mother Theresa is also one of the many human beings who had strong morals which led her to run hospices and dispensaries for patients suffering from HIV, leprosy, soups kitchen etc

    Economic= The concern of Indian corporate like Airtel and TCS for the cleanliness and therefore the wellbeing of Indians made them pledge Rs 100 cr to build toilets for girls under swatch bharat. The PSUs (Public Sector Undertaking), apart from their commitment to build toilets, has organised a ‘Swachhta Shapath’ where the employees took a formal oath to keep their surroundings clean. This shows the moral standing of the leaders of such companies.

    Environment= Johan Eliasch, the Chairman and CEO of Head N.V. created the Rainforest Trust and purchased for preservation purposes a 400,000-acre rainforest area in the heart of the Amazon rainforest near the Madeira River.This shows the moral commitment of billionaire towards the cause of environment.

    Technological= the strong morals of humanity has manifested itself in some of the greatest innovations to solve the problems of Man. One such innovation is “life straw, LifeStraw personal filters can provide clean water for up to a year, and the LifeStraw Family filters a maximum of 18,000 litres of water, providing safe drinking water for a family of five for up to three years. It has been used in 2010 Pakistan floods, 2011 Thailand floods, and 2016 Ecuador earthquake. Another such example is of “Mitticool” a refrigerator made of clay by an Indian from Rajkot. It keeps the vegetables fresh upto a week and works on the principles of evaporation. There is no maintenance cost or harmful gas emission.

    This shows that acting on one’s moral will make the world a better place to live. But is this always true? The answer is no, let’s go back to the story of Arjuna to understand this. What if we replace Arjuna with a wicked selfish Duryodhana, his hands won’t tremble to raise arms against one’s own family for the sake of wealth. There has been many such morally corrupt persons in Human history, the most notable being Adolf Hitler. His morality believed in the racial superiority of German race, which made him think that Jews where less of a human and deserved to be exterminated. There are many such people who has morals, but those morals are corrupt which has affected the society in varied ways.

    Political= The Morals of American govt wanted to secure its oil interest. This led to the 2003 American invasion of Iraq dubbed as a part of Global war on Terror which was based on American realism to secure itself the oil reserves of Iraq. This selfish act has given the world handful of troubles in the form of ISIS, weak Iraqi govt, affiliates of ISIS in various countries etc. Even today the American interest to have a grip over middle east led it to support Saudi Arabia for its airstrikes on Yemen which has the potential to make Yemen the recruitment ground for terrorist organizations.

    Economic= Morals which emphasizes on self interest can be seen in business world as well. Ford didn’t redesign its Pinto brand of cars inspite of having the risk of car explosion, because the cost of redesigning would have been greater than the monetary claims which could arise from death.

    Social= Bhopal gas tragedy 1984 victims who lost there family and became disabled due to the methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas leak has not been compensated yet neither by the company union carbide or American govt. A later report presented that Union carbide started the factory in India because of the lax labour and regulatory measures of India. This shows how self-interest can affect the overall social interest.

    Environmental= Some companies have only one moral, which is profit. The lure of the multinational companies to earn handsome profits through cosmetic industry has affected the environment due to the release of Microbeads in rivers and seas. Microbeads or Microplastics has adverse affect on fish, thereby it enters the foodchain.

    Technological= The self interest of 5 countries to hold nuclear weapons, has effectively made NPT a failure. As a result today countries like North korea, Pakistan can take the world for granted.

    So we have seen that morals are individualistic. Focus on morals can bring bad as well as good results. Arjuna wouldn’t pick arms against his family but this would have gone against the larger societal interest, Krishna who represents the societal ethics had to talk to Arjuna to make him realize that Dharma can only be established if he rise against the evil, even when the evil is your own family. So mere morals won’t solve the world’s problem, one’s moral should be in congruence with social values and ethics. This could only be achieved through value based education, which focuses on universal values like honesty, hardwork and Indian value of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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        I would strive to reduce current affairs a bit.. I don’t know how far I will reduce current affairs, because it will be difficult for me to fill 1200 words without it. Nevertheless I would try…

        Thanks and take care.. .

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      Structure was excellent.
      Value based education point stole the show.
      Great Essay 🙂
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      • Abhijit (ABG)

        But, yes if you could have laid more emphasis on your views and then substantiated them with examples, it would have been better. As per my opinion, there was no need to segregate examples under different headings. As someone said, it looks like a compendium of GS issues.
        Though, your examples are world class and am really impressed with the placement of your quotes and Arjuna story. I felt if you can mix your thoughts with examples. it would have been the best essay ever I have read.
        (Just my thought, I am new to essay writing)

        • SM

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          In future I wouldn’t explicity mention the dimensions.. Will review urs sooon…

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      But I have a basic issue. The question demands- If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved. What is the moral crisis and what the current problems are and their linkages do not seem to have been addressed in your answer. You seem to have concentrated more on how people/countries have today or in the past acted morally and less on how people/countries need to act in future to solve moral crisis and how that would solve problems.

      Maybe my understanding is wrong. But please clarify.

      • SM

        Hy PBK,
        Moral crisis occurs when we have confusion between good and bad (confusion as there are different stakes involved)

        In my first part I have focussed on when people acted on good part
        Second part when people acted on bad part

        my conclusion is it doesn’t matter which moral choice a person takes, world’s problem can’t be solved unless the moral values are in sync with societal ethics.

        My basic assumption is- since morality is individualistic, a person like HITLER can resolve moral crisis by choosing a bad option === so even when moral crisis is solved the world’s problem has not been solved.

        Thanks……. i am not saying what you said is wrong, i am just EXPRESSING my viewpoint…………… I will definitely ponder over what you said..

        Thanks and take care..

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        I am not able to open the link
        For some unknown reason my own wordpress account is getting opened.
        Could u please paste it here for me..

        Thanks and regards. .

        • Jaya Swatantra

          Sure.. 🙂

          Acknowledging the tremendous fruitful technological development of the world is indeed a privilege. But introspection reveals that despite all these developments the world is haunted by the monsters of terrorism, war, communalism, regionalism, sectionalism.Some sections are thriving under extreme poverty,farmers have to bear the brunt of adverse climatic conditions the most often forcing them to commit suicide in wake of deplorable conditions. Another wide ranging problem of women harassment, rape, dowry deaths are crying for our attention.

          True development encompasses every aspect of human development where loss of morality can not be negated. What i think the root cause of all these problems is moral degradation.

          The unending race for more power, dominance and prestige has taken the world to the stage of violent wars of terrorism.Every now and then the television flashes with the news of terror sometimes in our country India and foreign creating dreadful feeling of fear and an uncertain future.

          Moreover the whole human civilization is under severe threat.A bigger picture of problem which needs a bigger vision and a bigger perspective.Because the roots of terrorism are getting quite deeper.Various countries have their own measures to curtail such problems. But some where we are all at fault in finding the right solution perhaps these measures often violent are further propagating terrorism depriving innocent people of their life and creating an uncontrolled chain reaction.

          Mother India is too distressed by the disrespect of daughters, mothers, wives sometimes for dowry, sometimes for preserving false honor. Rising cases of rape and objectifying women is indeed very unfortunate. Ravan got the punishment of death sentence by Lord Rama for his sin but today lax law and order , delayed trials and judgement further aggravating the problems of injustices meted to her.

          The gap between rich and poor is also pitiable.Recent incident of a man in Orissa carrying the dead body of his wife on foot for funeral with his bitterly crying daughter presents the picture where one is bound to think for dismal situation of sensitivity and very concern for others.Is this civilization or barbarism?. All the facilities and convenience are meant for rich ones leaving the weaker ones to the place where they are is putting several queries of us being humane.

          Corruption in service delivery and dilapidated condition of government institutions is mere reflection of obsessive interest to gather more and more money and filling the individual pockets only. Where has gone the vision of commitment and devotion for work?.Why have the people become so myopic?.

          Teaching of Vedas and mythological stories have been forgotten. Fetish for money and power has made quite every one blind and those who are becoming part of it by bribing the officials are too strengthening the roots of corruption.

          Although the problems are severe but each problem whether national or international too has a prominent solution.Because the onus lies on us the humans being the superior ones.

          We need to address the problem of moral degradation which is at the root of every problem.Our soul is needed to be nourished as we are loving and peaceful beings having a genuine concern for others by nature but what caused all these qualities to be shadowed and laying numb.The frustration of non performing and false show of to be blamed. We have forgotten to admire the qualities of honesty, good will, companionship, compassion, magnanimity inclined for serving self interest only.

          Recalling the ideals of socialism and mitigating the differences between rich and poor can solve the problem to a great extent.Because inferiority complex and inability to succeed due to lack of resources and opportunities breeds discontent leading youths to deviate in wrong direction.

          The family is the first school where the child learns ideals which is to be nurtured throughout their life.The morality is never taught but practiced so parents should themselves become role models for their children by inculcating ideals of honesty, discipline and compassion in their life. If they see father being respectful towards his wife and seeking her advice in taking decisions. The children would definitely develop a feeling of respect towards mothers, sisters, wives. Girls should be treated at par and there should be no gender bias. If given a proper platform India may evolve so many PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik in near future.

          International agencies like United Nations should made the world realise the extreme damage caused by moral crisis.Strict actions must be taken against those who adopt the path of terror and violence.The world must realize that no religion is above humanity and we may transcend to a wonderful world of peace if behave morally true.
          International Yoga day is a corrective measure in this direction as meditation introduces one with the real self which is loving, peaceful and spiritual. Overemphasis o superficial development may be checked by following the path of meditation and checking ones thought process.

          The power of thoughts is tremendous if directed properly may do wonders but if misguided may bring devastation.It is now in our hands to create hell or heaven.
          It is collective responsibility to strengthen the moral foundations of society as a whole without which any development is incomplete.Any problem howsoever big can be successfully tackled by strong moral foundations as moral values strengthen the will power and invincible wit which is true companion in hard times.And as it has rightly been quoted by some one…

          • Hello Ji, how are you?.My views-
            – intro can be made a bit more engaging
            – moral crisis is not equal to loss of morality. It equates moral dilemma
            – can avoid mythological examples
            – ‘All the facilities and convenience are meant for rich ones leaving the weaker ones to the place where they are is putting several queries of us being humane’- this should have been in question form. You can’t make a generalized statement like this
            – content is there absence of connectivity between paras is the major problem- both the time while discussing moral crisis as well as presenting solution
            – language was lucid and easy to understand

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              Thanks for reviewing but still not able to get clear difference between moral crisis and mortality… please do clarify…would improve ..thanks once again

              • I am fine too 🙂
                Dictionary meaning of crisis is dilemma and not breakdown or degradation. Therefore, moral crisis=moral dilemma i.e. inability to take a stand or decision

                • Jaya Swatantra

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          • SM

            I believe you have misinterpreted the quote, somewhere it looked like “causes of corruption” somewhere “loss of morality”
            Linkage is an issue= Mother India comes in between = no forward and backward linkage
            Ravan comes in between= no forward and backward linkage

            In a 1200 worded essay u need to delve a bit deep on whichever issues you touch upon.
            Thanks and keep up the hardwork..

            • Jaya Swatantra

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      • You have given the link where you edited or wrote up the essay initially. Kindly provide a fresh link 🙂

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  • Joseph Stalin

    Headline of Today’s Newspaper that A person carrying his Dead wife on His shoulder to perform last rites while people watching it and Journalist using it for His next Byline can be called at Moral Crisis at personnel Level or Individual level. However Situation Is not small as it appears Infact at macro level , World Countries and their Diplomacy seems to be embroiled in it .
    Hitler’s Occupation of Czechoslovakia While Allies ignoring it was best described in Words of Churchill ” Germany Doing Rape of Czechoslovakia While France and England Holding it”. Scramble of Africa , Infiltrating central american tribes with small pox by Spanish was no less than a moral crisis.Recent Apology By Canadian government for Komatugaru incident can b felt as solace for shots taken by Indians. Recent Obama Visit though A nice gesture to Tokyo ,could have been much better if would have said in more apologetic way

    In recent times World is witnessing various Problems Viz Terrorism, Jewish problem,Middle east,China’s Hegemonic rise , ISIS, violence,Drug trafficking ,Gender Inequality For which Headless chicken Diplomacy of World economies and their low morales ,cowardliness to standup against the wrong and tyrannic is responsible.Recent Good samarithan Bill passed by Parliament is best result of morale crisis ,which causes fears to helpers to face legal issues.Migrants crisis and division of EU on such topics for which historically they are themselves responsible is situation of morales on nadir pointWe Are suffering already a lot for the past wrongs , if We continue to Do so, then date is not much Far we would Suffer irreversible damages and probably end of Human race.

    Moral Crisis and situation arising could be checked Through For one By Apologizing for the past act and Second to use Better together approach in fighting against Worlds issues.

    Environment Recently Culminated Paris Climate change Summit can be more successful in achieving goals if World powers acknowledge injustice they did ,While Developing nations could act swiftly in adapting new techs given by Developed nations.
    Terrorism is another issue which is haunting nations . Resolution by India in UN can be supported By World powers ,and shedding their fears of use of such resolution against them for their past acts Like US in Iraq ,without UN approval intervention. SImilarly Shedding the Good/bad terrorist definition can stablise Afghanistan and Durand line.

    India On it’s Part Can too do a Lot like Voicing and taking stand for issues ,something which many countries has criticized in past as well as recent. Like Issue of Palestine, China’s SCS occupation. Recently India was criticized for supporting the Balochistan independence from Pakistan. Such reports if true can do lot harm then good by equating Kashmir with Baluchistan. Rather Peaceful way and middle path to Support nations and Taking Gujral doctrine as guiding principle can avert crisis ,as it is rightly said ” We can choose Friends but not neighbors” . We Have two hostile neighbors with us . Rather destablizing and acting against their interest We should take a Asia first approach to maintain integrity of the region,unbreached.

    We should not Feel dejected and helpless by such incidents, as world has become more better place than past .More and more nations have got independence and are in transition to democracy ,rights based people government . More and more issues relating tyrany ,wrongs of leader are being highlighted by Media,which are sensitizing the people to world issues. But Much needs to be done To make World a Beautiful Place

    • ManikChand

      Full of examples. They are good to include but dont rush for including too many to make the whole essay to be driven by examples.

      It is komagata maru not “Komatugaru”
      India has not passed the ” Good samaritan law”. It is Karnataka who did it. Parliament is just considering it.

      Introduction is good.
      Use some good connectors while switching between the issues.

      With in one single passage you used too many dimensions so that creates disconnection in the passage itself.

      The content and thoughts are good.

      Keep on writing.Bye

      • Joseph Stalin

        Pardon my absolute ignorance , of not reading news correctly and bad keyboard 🙂
        Thankyou so much for some and such kind words
        Yes i will use it from the next time
        YEss it was my greediness to use many examples , so i was in morale crisies to do anything for marks 😛
        Thanks 🙂 i will introspect

    • ThirdEye

      Hey Stalin, Its been long, good to hear you.
      My views: Intro is very good. Later moral crisis examples are good but without substantiation like what, how and why etc (no rule, but just to make essay streamlining, otherwise it’ll be like GS answer).
      Further i think you got carried away by international relations. Moral crisis addressing part is not very clear.
      Conclusion could have been better.
      I see some tension or hurry in your answer. Dude, dont take in negative way but you can write better answers than this as you did it earlier. I am no different these days. Please review mine if possible. keep writing 🙂

      • Joseph Stalin

        Thankyou For your friendly gesture 🙂 Third eye , I use to Steal lots of points from your answers previously when i just came in battleground:).

        Yes reading my answer agains similar are my views that i Crash landed
        No Friend nothing Negative , and thanks for your such nice words ,made my day 🙂
        Yes i will review your answer

    • Grammatical mistakes are there. You tried something good in the intro.But it lacks clarity. Make it more relevant to the demand.

      Avoid using word like cowardliness.Avoid expressing emotions of this sort.

      Paras are de-linked. Connect them.

      I suggest that you rewrite.

      Not meeting the demand.

      Keyword–>Moral crisis !

      • Ankit

        Beans Bro…please review mine according to your convenience…just a valuable suggestion help me to improve..

    • Abyss

      il start with the good part. the essay covers dimensions and examples where you have the basic frame set.
      now comes the critical part. you need to sit and spend time with your essay.
      just let the thoughts run a bit.
      how will you think an examiner decide on who to give higher marks and who not to? by the number of issues they put forth or the examples?
      it certainly cant be the criteria. try spending time in weaving a theme to your essay. run it like a thought thats building. i am no expert at doing it but its good to spend some time in trying.

      • Joseph Stalin

        Thankyou IB 🙂 for taking out time . I do think that your views and mine are coherent therefore i Wrote it again last night by pondering as many points and weaving it together . I have tried maintaining a flow as u suggested , I shall be grateful if you please take a look
        True we all are noobs in this battle ground:D

    • X.

      hey joseph good to see you
      do not try to include everything in your essay.
      use them to build your essay and not the reverse.
      you always wrote great answers before.
      review mine pls
      thank you

  • Dipjyoti

    Please please review. I have put in lot of efforts to write this one.

    “TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS” is a simple yet revealing concept that can give us deep insights into most problems facing the world today. This concept/idea enunciated by Garrett Hardin, in 1968 shows how individuals working in their own self-interest, by neglecting the common good, result in their own undoing.

    The hypothetical example of a village grazing land was taken. Each villager, seeking his/her self interest, tried to increase the number of cattle, grazed on the field. This resulted in over-exploitation of the field, and ultimately, the field was bereft of all its grass. So, every villager suffered. The villagers here suffered because of their inability to address MORAL CRISIS. They were torn between their self interest and group interest.

    Indeed, the inability to address moral crisis, the inability to decide correctly on our priorities, has resulted, in most problems the world faces today.

    A direct corollary to the above mentioned example is the issue of ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS, we face today. Global warming, climate change, pollution, etc. have plagued our world. The very survival of human beings has been put in doubt.

    Aren’t these problems caused simply because, individuals, societies and countries have failed to put larger interest over their own comfort? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.
    POPE JOHN PAUL II has rightly remarked, “The seriousness of ecological degradation lays bare the depth of man’s MORAL CRISIS… Simplicity, moderation, and discipline as well as the spirit of sacrifice must become a part of everyday life.”

    Yes, these virtues of simplicity, moderation, accommodativeness, spirit of sacrifice can help us to address the moral crisis, and thereby resolve many of our problems.

    Let us now consider the issues holding our SOCIETY back. Communalism, caste system, regionalism, racism are the sore points hurting us. These problems arise when an individual or group considers the interest of one’s own community, region or caste is antagonistic to that of others. We have communal riots in India every now and then. There have also been anti-migrant movements at times.

    These problems can be resolved if we are able to inculcate the spirit of universal humanity, and premise our beliefs and actions on that spirit or moral. The idea of allegiance to one’s parochial identity is to be superseded by the value of humanity.

    The problem of REFUGEE CRISIS (as in Europe and Middle East today) too can be sorted out, similarly. Countries have been found to be unwilling to host the homeless refugees. If the actions of the countries are guided by the morals of HUMAN RIGHTS, EMPATHY, the refugee crisis will be resolved.

    The problems of GENDER DISCRIMINATION, violence against women can be addressed, if the social attitude towards women is conditioned by the morals of equality and justice. So, the society collectively needs to address the moral crisis of a patriarchal society and misogynistic culture and move towards a equalitarian society.

    Now, let us come into the domain of out POLITY. The PARLIAMENT is considered as the temple of our Indian democracy. But, this shrine of democracy today has become synonymous with pandemonium, rubble-rousing and protests. But, it was envisaged to be the seat of debates, discussions, dialogues and negotiations and not protest. The legislators acting in their narrow political interests seek to score brownie points, over one another. The Speaker, especially in State Legislative Assemblies are accused to act in a partisan manner.

    But, if our legislators are able to prioritise the values of ACCOMMODATIVENESS, PUBLIC INTEREST over their self or narrow political interests, these issues will be resolved. And the same applies for our PUBLIC SERVANTS as well.

    The ADMINISTRATION in India continues to be rigged with the ills of corruption, nepotism and rent-seeking. Public servants are the trustees of public power, and they are supposed to exercise their powers, do their duties so as to seek larger public interest. But, problems arise, when they misuse their official power to further their own self-interest. This conflict of interest or moral crisis is at the root of the problems.

    The importance of adherence of higher value and morals applies in the realm of INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS too. Trade talks, climate negotiations, energy diplomacy, peace talks, etc. form the cornerstone of international relations today.

    In most forums, each country tries to further its own national interest. And when the interests of one country contradict that of other, it results in a deadlock. This CONFLICT OF INTEREST is epitomised in the trade talks at World trade Organisation (WTO) and climate change talks. And because of the deadlock, no agreement is arrived, and the problems continue to linger on.

    These DEADLOCKS AND CRISES can be resolved if the countries’ behaviour in the multilateral forums are guided by right values and morals. In climate change talks it is imperative that each country take up actions commensurate capability and historic responsibility. In trade talks, equal access and non-discrimination should be the guiding lights.

    Likewise, the intra-country conflicts are to be addressed by keeping with the values like respect for SOVEREIGNTY, PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE, NON-AGGRESSION, rather than undue external interference. Such a peaceful interest world is in the interest of all.

    So, from the above discourse, we have seen that if we are able to resolve our MORAL CRISIS, in favour of larger public interest, we can address most of our problems. Now, the question can be, as to how to inculcate such higher values in society? The answer lies within us.

    Each one of us must leverage our gifts of intellect, powers of reasoning to find out what constitutes larger public interest and act accordingly. And the GOVERNMENT has a very crucial role in developing such morals in society. VALUE EDUCATION has to become part of the curriculum at every stage. Also, all laws must be framed with utmost caution to ensure they are just and fair to everyone.

    Also, suitable guidelines/policies are to frames by the Government in each sphere. The ’GOOD SAMARITAN’ policy is a case in point. It facilitates ethical conduct by ensuring that one who behaves morally and helps a person in distress, should not be subjected to undue trouble by the investigation agencies.

    Civil society organisations and media outlets also have a role in furthering the need of ethical conduct, and facilitating democratic and accommodative ways of resolving differences.

    So, all of us have to collectively make efforts to achieve an ethical society. Each one of us has a role to play in addressing the ‘TRAGEDY OF COMMONS’. And, in this regards, we will do well to remember the dictum of the Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi:

    “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”.

    • Jana Sena

      seems some what India-centric…… points are good………….conflict of interest is not about clashes with one another on one’s point of view……it is about the conflict in personal and public life………..conclusion can be improved……make it more multidimensional……… mine if possible……..

  • KnowledgeBuff

    The World has enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed

    This quote by Gandhiji, perfectly explains why the increasingly conflict ridden world that we find ourselves in is of mankind’s own doing. Despite incredible progress in all spheres of life, the world is beset with problems of enormous magnitude – global warming, terrorism, rising inequalities among the rich and poor, violence against women/weaker sections. Global efforts have been initiated to resolve these, but as of now, achievements are meager. While all these problems might seem to be complex and varied, yet there is one common thread that explains their origin.

    That common thread, as Gandhiji’s quote explains, is the greed of man. Greed. For power. For wealth. And for greater comforts/pleasures. This is indicative of the moral decay in our moral values, and can aptly be described as the moral crisis that plagues almost every society.

    To trace the origins of this moral crisis, it is necessary that we go back in history a bit. In ancient times, humans lived in largely self-sufficient communities where most decisions were taken with consensus. Over the course of many centuries, technological advancements, societal changes led to the rise of the self-centred individual, who was interested in the pursuit of power and wealth. With technology at his disposal, man could exercise greater control over societies which were earlier far beyond his reach. And so, set we marched ahead on the path to development, which brought benefits to some and horrendous exploitation of most others.
    In the coming few paragraphs, we will see how some of the biggest problems the world is facing are result of this moral decay in human values.

    The problem of Global warming, is one of the biggest threat that the human civilization today faces. It is a result of the indiscriminate destruction of forests, plunder of natural resources and energy guzzling industries/vehicles/urban areas. The traditional regard for mother earth, which ancient communities displayed was conveniently dispensed with. Justification given was it was being done with the aim of improving the quality of life of man. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It was the greed for wealth of powerful corporates & capitalists, that made them turn a blind eye to the immense pressure they were putting on earth’s rejuvenating capacities. The consequences of the path of development pursued by the most industrialized nations, will have to be borne by those, who didn’t even tread this path.
    While Global warming is one consequence of unrestrained industrialization, the rising inequalities in society are another manifestation of this lopsided development that has taken place. The liberal & advanced West that we see today, has a brutual history of plundering the natural resources & wealth of Asian/African nations. Today, the process is being repeated through the process of neo-colonialism. Is it not strange that the areas which are endowed with natural resources in abundance, are the ones where poverty/illiteracy/malnourishment the most widespread?

    Terrorism & wars, if analysed deeply, are clearly a result of a few states/individuals seeking to maximize their wealth/power. The religious clerics, who brainwash the youth, into committing mass-murder are nothing but religious supremacists, who are willing to go to any extent to maintain their control over the society. Then, there are the nations that supply arms to these rogue elements. Pakistan’s army trains & arms the jihadis operating in Kashmir & Afghanistan, Islamic State based in Syria trades oil in the black market for weapons & money, Saudi Arabia which is fighting wars in both Syria and Yemen imports its arms from the West, primarily US. Thus, whatever be the cause wars are being fought war, ultimately they serve the interests of those seeking to increase their wealth, power and sphere of influence. Wars are probably the most brutual manifestation of the moral crsis infesting humans.

    In a similar way, the rising sectarian tensions, violence against women/minorities/weaker sections, exploitation of children, trafficking of humans, poaching of animals are nothing but a demonstration of power by an individual or a section of the society against vulnerable.

    If we can trace the origins of most problems to the decay in moral values among humans, it becomes obvious that much of these problems can be solved if we can address the moral crisis that the world faces.
    For starters, we will need to drastically alter the paradigm of development that we have been following for the past few centuries. Until now, the course of development has been decided by the politicians and capitalists, guided by the policy of maximizing one’s interest. The new philosophy has to be to ensure that the earth is not anyone individual’s property, but a shared resource over which each and every individual has equal rights and responsibilities. The inhabitants of the area should get to decide what model of development they want to pursue.

    More importantly, addressing the moral crisis would require us to change the values each one of us has internalized. Our desire for wealth & power should be secondary to our desire of ensuring a happy life for us and other’s around us. In the word’s of Gandhiji, the rich and powerful must consider themselves as trustees of the wealth they have acquired and use it for the benefits of the poor. If such kind of thought process, prevails among everyone, nobody would trample upon the rights of the indigenous people in the name of development, there would be no more wars for a greater cause, religious leaders would start using religion to promote peace & non-violence amongst their followers and politicians would use their power to improve the lives of the citizens rather than use them as mere tools, to consolidate their stronghold over the state.

    Such a vision of a world order guided by love & compassion, might seem to be an utopian vision. But we must remember, that a thousand years ago, nobody could have imagined, the horrors mankind would be able to perpetrate on his fellow beings and the nature. Any idea that promotes the well-being of every human being must be embraced whole-heartedly and any idea that goes against the principle of welfare of all, should have no place in a civilized society. Man’s ability to inflict damage has been amply demonstrated. Its time that he demonstrated his ability to heal.

  • IAS Wannabe

    Today the humanity has achieved so much technological progress, that we can solve pretty much every problem that a man faces in his day to day life. But still, we see a large part of human societies are poor, malnourished, unhealthy, suffer natural disasters like famines, drought, flood etc. There are enough resources in the world to solve all kinds of human needs. What is lacking is the sympathetic view towards fellow humans and the feeling of brother hood among men. People should not think in terms of nations but as one large family with privileged and unprivileged members.

    For this, sympathetic attitude is required by those in power, people in general, media. There are countries in the world that have surplus food production and simultaneously there are countries where people die due to starvation. Trade balance, import tariif/quotas, WTO guidelines etc need to be set aside and we need to look at it from a moral point of view. There is nothing wrong with giving surplus food to countries in need.

    Various technological progress, especially in healthcare and agricultural fields need to be shared with the poor and undeveloped countries without worrying about the cost. Low cost seeds that also are hardy and give more outputs can be given to countries with harsh climatic conditions. Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides etc need to be given to such countries. Irrigation facilities could be provided in places where water is not sufficient or where too much flooding could destroy the crops. Various technologies like IVF, test tube babies, gene splicing etc are present that can reduce the birth defects on new borns. People need to share these technologies freely, without capitalism trying to make money out of it, which would ultimately harm every human being. Vaccines and free health care are the rights that should not be denied to any human being on this planet. Capitalist interests try to overcharge for simple procedures, thus denying healthy life to many.

    Various man made conflicts can be reduced. Wars, ethnic conflicts, regionalism create tension between people and lead to large number of death, maiming, displacements, refugees etc. Other countries should have an open border policy where they could help those fleeing conflicts. We need more humane foreign policy. Just business interests will not develop a country’s people’s living standards. Care needs to be taken to make sure that democratic and responsible govts are places in countries. Media holds those in power accountable for their actions.

    A lot of deaths due to natural disasters can be reduced if proper steps are taken. Not building on earthquake sensitive zones. Following building procedures, early warning systems etc can help in reducing fatalities. Enough search and rescue personnel should be deployed. Moreover, we should only take from earth which it can replenish. Otherwise, the earth system could be disbalanced and would lead to more natural disasters.

    Corruption is prevalent in countries, corporations, bureaucracy for the lack of sympathetic attitude and sense of belonging towards one’s country or organization. A person feels that he is going to make his buck and leave. But this attitude needs to change. No matter what he does, he is doing it to his own country only. And since he has to live in his country, he should make it such that it is better for everyone. A sense of belonging and responsibility will come once people identify themselves with the country first rather than their caste, profession, gender etc. Then sympathetic attitude towards fellow humans will blossom and then people would not be motivated to be corrupt at all.

    The current set up of financial markets is such that it is each person for himself. Misinformation, lying, stealing have become very common place in this situation. People need to be made aware that such acts only hurts themselves in the long run as the people who will loose out will have to be helped by the govt by DBT and other schemes. So, making other poor will only lead to more drain on country’s resources, and hence less for investment in financial markets. Hence lower returns overall. Taking care of fellow human beings will eventually lead to taking care of oneself and ones’ country.

    The current arms race has lead to drain of a nation’s resource, even if it is not directly involved in war. A country needs latest weapons so that it acts as a deterrent for potential attackers. Developing and buying these technologies requires lots of resources and time which could be better utilized for making the lives of people better. Anyway, these military technologies developed today will become obsolete in a few years, and the cycle begins again. Again draining the resources of the country. We need to look at why a country would invade another. Diplomatic solutions are not just simpler, but also practical as the cost of actual war is huge. It creates permanent animosity between groups of people which is not easy to erase from the collective memory of people.

    The govts of a country need to look at citizens not as customers but as co partners in governance. A govt is of the people, by the people and for the people. Better informed citizenry would make better choices for itself and others and would make governance simpler. First it is the duty of the govt to instill the feeling of brotherhood and togetherness in the people by example. It should make sure that no citizen is not given the benefit that he is entitled to. Once people being to feel that govt is there to support them and not steal from them, they would be more inclined to be honest and in turn would look after the needs of the govt . Its a self supporting cycle. Care needs to be taken that it does not turn into a vicious cycle of hate and mistrust.

    The media also needs to portray the best of humanity on a daily basis rather than the worst. It creates a fear in the minds of people when they see negative news of rape, murder, robbery, penury, suicide etc. Media needs to highlight the cases where people take care of each other and reward them. This will motivate others to do the same. Ultimately it comes down to what the news is trying to tell the people. Message of peace and brotherhood will make people behave in such a manner. It is a moral duty of media to galvanize the nation into peace loving citizens who take care of each other.

    Ultimately, it is upon the citizens themselves to be morally aware and helpful towards their fellow humans. Various entities would try to create animosity, but people should disregard that and be good to others unconditionally. Then we will see the standard of life rise across the world.

    (1,138 words)

  • Rohan

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  • Rahul

    Friends pls. review & comment !!!

    “If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved”

    I would say if we did not address moral crisis, world’s problems can never be solved. Why I say so is because our society exists on a basic assumption that humans are social animal & that they have ability to think, reason & aspire which distinguishes it from other creatures on planet earth. Now if this basic nature of human is in crisis how world’s problems can be solved. For the first time in human history we have all necessary tools, be it scientific, technological, resources or any other thing but we are still not able to solve our problems. Along with material growth the world needs moral & spiritual growth also.

    There are multiple problems that contemporary world faces, some are domestic in nature that varies from society to society & some are at world level which are common threat to humanity. Examples are – corruption, misuse of power, violence, pollution, human rights violations, food security, unemployment ,terrorism including state sponsored terrorism etc.

    Corruption is now a global problem however more prevalent in poor & developing countries. As economist says due to corruption world economy losses billions of dollars annually. At local level also people faces vide spread corruption. Now the Governments are becoming more aware & are taking measures such as account sharing, information exchange, standard laws etc. to check global money laundering & safe havens. At local level, for example India is putting measures such as direct transfer of money to beneficiary bank account. But obviously whatever technology being put at place by no means corruption can be eliminated fully if people are not enough morally conscience.

    There are many other problems such as intolerance, Human Rights violations, misuse of power etc. that can be solved if people have enough moral consciousness . However it is not easy to develop moral consciousness in ordinary human beings. When people see their leaders such as politicians to openly indulge in corrupt practices, it is not easy to convince an ordinary man. Even the western societies who champion themselves on high liberal values of freedom & democracy interfere in other countries for personal agenda. As it was evident in case of Iraq invasion on the charges of weapons of mass destruction when none of such weapons were found, which led to middle east into a serious chaos.

    This is a high time to once again emphasize & revisit the ancient Indian traditions which imparts moral values in childhood itself. Also our education system needs to be revisited which is more & more running away from educating moral values. It is time to go back to Gandhian principles of truth & non-violence. His vision of ethics in public life. Yoga an ancient Indian practice could be a important tool for raising inner conscience. It is encouraging that Yoga is being recognized as a way of life throughout world, it is endorsed by the United Nations & the efforts of Government of India in this regard is appreciable.

    However just by imparting moral values is not sufficient for solving world problems. As we know that it is not possible that all human beings become morally conscience, it simply can not be ensured. Take an example suppose a public officer is honest & believe in truth & hard work. And in a given situation he is facing huge pressure from politicians which may also affect his personal life (for ex. his children). In such situation his work may not reflect the principles for which he sands for. The point is we can not & should not expect that only by imparting moral values in individuals we can get rid of problems. However as more & more people will become morally conscience this will inspire others to follow the same. Similarly whatever number of boards you put people will still throw garbage on road. However if the road is neat & clean with garbage boxes at convenient distance, people will throw the garbage in boxes. Similar thing is true for toilet at public places. The point is that mere moral values are not sufficient, the situation compels a good man to do bad things.

    In todays world the success is defined by the amount of money one has. The rich countries with strong militaries are more influential & considered as ideals for poor & developing countries. The multinational corporations are turning to be important non-state actors. Business leaders have turned to be inspirations for millions of people. But this attitude of getting somehow profit has resulted into exploitation not only of individuals but also of nations. I think there is a urgent need that the objective of businesses to change form profit earning to human well being. An inclusive society will be in the interest of all. The businessmen need to be morally conscience about their social responsibilities.

    The same is true for environmental pollution. A business shall take moral & social responsibility to reduce pollution by technological means or by stopping such facilities which create excessive pollution. People should use public transport. Government should encourage solar, wind & other non-fossil fuel power generations. On environmental issue there is increasing effort from countries as was evident from successful climate summit at Paris in Dec’15 where countries agreed to reduce green house gas emission & such other means to not let the global temperature increase more than 2 degree form pre industrial development level.

    If we compare the present generation of human being with past, the capacity to influence by an individual has been increased a lot. A fighter pilot can ruin a city within minutes. A country or a whole world can be destroyed just by pressing a button. Our systems are more interlinked, we are more interdepend on each other, a lot depends upon an individuals discretion. Such a situation demand a continuous evolution of human morality. If we keep on progressing with this speed without raising human consciousness we are more failing than developing.

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      Use connecting words.

      Wasted a lot of words while talking about past.Read the topic again.

      Rest decent.

      Keep writing.

      • mission 2016

        thank u for the review… i was trying to answer evolution of solutions to moral crisis in past,,,,,,, give me example about connecting words & the connections ,,, thank u once again….where is ur essay ..

      • mission 2016

        thank u for the review… i was trying to answer evolution of solutions to moral crisis in past,,,,,,, give me example about connecting words & the connections ,,, thank u once again….where is ur essay ..

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      intro could have been much better
      language was ok
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    • Intro is decent. But scope for improvement is there. See @thandapni:disqus ‘s intro.

      Instead of aggregating points expand on each.

      Be specific.Most of your points are general.Relate it to current events.

      I think you missed the keyword here–>Moral crisis.

      Rewrite friend.

      Keep writing.

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    • Smart Work

      U covered all aspects, good effort. I wud suggest you to talk a bit about history of moral crisis – even during early ages (u can see my essay) . In conclusion , write about imparting moral values to children. Overall, nice effort 🙂

      • dileep

        Yes i missed historical angle in my essay.Thanq so much for the review bro.

    • Well structured and decent essay.

  • vineet arora

    “If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved”.

    Morality is the vehicle riding which we can judge the correctness or incorrectness of our actions, the only alternative is the ethics which is generally societal and externally imposed morality is self decided and internal. the importance of morality in our day to day life can be easily understood when we face situations of moral or ethical crisis. those are the situations when we have to decide which moral criteria we should follow and the one which we must abandon. the importance of morality can be relaised when we see the outcomes of our actions, as is rightly said right action leads to right outcome.

    quite often we face moral situations when we need to decide what is right or wrong. those are the situations that we need to decide on our priorities. historically too we can see such situations, if moderates would have set aside their fear of the british and openly supported the extremists victory would have been ours long back. similarly nehru instead of hesitating on the kashmir issue would have taken bold decision of suprresing any uprising the situation could have been avoided.

    in international foras also we face such situations like, the permanent stockholding provision for food grains for NFSA, could not be pushed too much due to the TFA and solar dispute also due to listing of india in the special 301 by USTR and the generic drugs issue. in NSG india cannot progress due to opposition from china. such are the situations where we need consensus and will power.

    dilemas like the development vs environment is as old one nationally and internationally climate change is a big issue due to which several conferences are being held like UNFCC. it is for ankind to decide which way he should take. so its important for us to decide upon our priorities and manage our crisis accordingly.

    the issue of inclusiveness vs growth is another one, it is often been siad that growth in our country is not inclusive one i.e, most of the GDP growth and its fruits rae being reaped by hte rich and the influencial. so there is a necessity ot spend more on the welfare fo the dontrodeen and the poor. govt must strikea abalance to acieve this. budgeting should be done in a way that the planned expenditure is mostly inclined towards the poor. defence and other non planned expenditure should be diverted towards education and health.

    therefore it is necessary that the basic moral dilemas in our day to day life are resolved through careful resolving of crisis especially moral and ethical. it is only then that we can solve all our problems and peace can be ensured.

  • ARU

    Dear all, I dont know if I has touched the requirement of the question being asked, this is my 1st attempt. please go through n really suggest me a way to improve.. Thank you

    • Starting with a story is good.But you have to relate it to the topic in hand. You couldn’t here.

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  • Tanu Singhal

    “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis,”said a great italian poet, ane indeed, he was lacking nothing in defining how morality goes.
    Morality is the principles concerning, and defining the distinction between good or bad, right or a wrong behaviour.Itgivs humans the fundamentals to be followed while taking decisions in a given situation and judging the odds of your decision.
    Human life is never independent, always surrounded by numerous factors, and situations landing individuals to situations where one has to make tough decisions, where its result doesn’t only affect us but people around.
    Such situations are never easy or clear, accompanied with numerous consequences and responsibilities , affecting the decsion maker in many senses, often landing person to a moral crisis, i.e. a situation where, one has to decide as to what is MORE RIGHT or MORE BETTER or which one comes with LESSER CONSEQUENCES.

    Every sphere of life brings such situations, where one gets to take tough decision, choose between the most APPROPRIATE or the most SUITABLE decision. And only in such crisis, the character of a person becomes visible, when he /she chooses the comfortable OR the righteous thing.
    Be it the battle field of kurukshetra or be it the national movement, the greatest of humans ever came on earth have chosen the paths , which were difficult but were righteous. while lord Krishna incaranted to teach us the eternal truth of Geeta and value of honest and righteous efforts,irrespective of efforts, lord Rama taught us to be a Moral,just and equitable, which tells us to follow the most appropriate paths even if it means to test our loved ones.
    Many a times did gandhiji and many of our national leaders had to face such situations, where they had to give up people’s emotions and hopes for long term goals, instead of sticking to temporary benefits and comfort they chose the right and most apt Path.
    Within the modern era, everyday, be it in a corporate office or be it a govt department, there is a trade off available and in those situations,the people with strong ethical stands, are always able to come out of it clean and strong.

    The decision which doesn’t takes a toll on your soul and ethical values, which lets you sleep with peace, do justice to the maximum, which never lets you regret, even after some losses, be it material or personal, are the decisions reffred to as right one, and wheh starts to recognise them, he is aboe to cone out of evry situation clean and peaceful.

    Only when a soldier believes that he is fighting for nation and is ready to take some lives for it because he is doing it for good, only then he is able to raise a weapon against even a young terrorist.
    Only when a police man knows that him taking a bribe and letting go off a rule breaker may cost another life, is he able to fulfil his true duty and save lives.
    Only when a teacher knows that he is going to structure a kids life, is he able to give him honest opinions and right guidance even if it is rash on the students.

    Only when the coaches are strong , players are able to make it to the medal telly.only when parents are honest and ethical, their child becomes a good citizen and great person.
    When we learn to come out of any sort of moral crisis, we are actually able to bring out the best possible rescue solutions no matter from where problem might come.
    Morality is absolute and hence following it helps one to build up enough courage, compassion, determination and enough WILL to do what is right and what it is to be done.The tradeoff between opportunity cost and utilitarianism makes one moral and a great personality in life.

    • X.

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        Umm actually, I didn’t realise that I had not extended a good limit.

        Thanks for the review and appreciation G.
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  • Saumya

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    When one has to write such essay and one is unable to write any story or quote,then what should be the approach to commence the essay without loosing the essence of the topic?
    And second doubt is connectivity.How to maintain that flow?
    I made a draft on various dimensions but struggled to execute the essay.


    If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved

    Moral values are like science. It has evolved over generations with the help of intellectuals across the globe. REnnaisance, which brought spark of rational thinking, John Rawls’s Ultimte Idea of Justice incorporating principles like veil of ignorance and difference principle to the world declaration of human rights. We have truly evolved and come very far in recognizing and understanding the suffering, pain of others be it social, economic or political.

    People become more cooperative and humane in their approach to society. One may decifer it to be rise of global complex interdependence ‘s need and multipolar world dynamics. From universal brotherhood, global food security talks and environmental concerns over rising temperature and rising sea levels world has shown greater sensibility and concern to sensitive issues from all walks of life.

    The question however is -if has it benefitted us? Where has the humane approach led us to? Means maybe moral for ones and ends maybe for others. With rise of industrial revolution and technological advancements the moral right to protect and defend has led to race for arms across the globe. So much so for the sake of human rights and moral responsibility the west’s invasion of central asia under the clout of chemical weapons and HR violation is another example of misplaced moral righteousnss or moral crisis. Not only has it triggered imbalance in the existing world order but gave rise to factions like ISIS and other rebels . This brings communities again inside ring against each other which furthers loss to human lives and capital. Here protecting self interest at the cost of others is justified . This is the dichotomy of our human moral evolution. On real grounds, not only it pushes us civilizations behind, but hampers all possible chances of positive moral evolution.

    The world scenario today is of turmoil, instability and confusion at the cost of humanity and morality. While at one instance when people without a nation line up outside the border of European countries, awaiting asylum and ray of hope for a secure life, at the other hand countries in Asia fight over territorial sovereignty and border disputes. Also, while religious communities propagating Islam through the barrel of the gun other disputing over piece of land without recognizing the climate change and rising sea levels which if not catered to would one day subsume the disputed land as well as their own. So much for a moral crisis was a double jeopardy adding to the already existing problems of global hunger, health, education and poverty. This makes our current situation more pathetic.

    Building walls and iron curtains in the name to safeguard human values and ideologies couldn’t be a better mockery in the face of morality. From White Man’s burden to marshall plan , from Holocaust to peace keeping missions, in the name of Human Rights , nothing else but human rights violation have taken place.

    Moral crisis drove the world to 2 disastrous world wars, atomic bomb explosion at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s a tragic story how on grounds of restoring world order, such tragic incidents are justified . There are numerous examples where moral crisis either lead to indecisiveness or apathy to world’s social, economic and social crisis. Self inflicted interests have brought the world to a ground where one claims not only the right over land but also over sea.

    India is not aloof to such global processes. With an impressive beginning from VASUDHAIV KUTUMBAKAM to after independence , from NAM to strategic autonomy , the diplomatic foreign policy has restricted national morality to self centered but selfish approach. We propogate , preach morality from high grounds of social justice to the world to enable and satisfy to the needs and aspirations of our own. The socialistic drive at domestic level while maintains harmony, social and political aspects but clashes with political aspirations. For eg, emergency period during 70s in India is said to be the darkest phase of our democracy where even the right to life was under threat. The irony over cry on HR violation in Balochistan and incapability to manage J&K and North East is a perfect example.

    Though still there is hope for the world and India as well. Success is not a path to tred alone. As a social being, we have to hold other’s hand to face the struggles and overcome them. The moral crisis through religious conflicts, political discoveries and economic inequality are the most prior areas to be addressed.
    It is not just a top down or bottoms up approach. It will take more than a political will, a more human will perhaps .Universal brotherhood and mutual cooperation has brought the world out of the gravest financial and political problems concerning environment , our society or ourselves. There is a need for greater integration not only to keep ourselves stable but also to uphold the spirit of humanity as well. World is no phoenix to evolve from its own ashes. Once we are buried, we are gone forever. Only our ideas and efforts live by in hearts of the people. Let us leave behind a powerful and inspiring legacy to look upto.
    Banish fear and ignorance, hunger ,thurst and pain.
    Banish hate and poverty. Let no man live in vain. Let no man live in vain…

  • Ritu

    Please review…

    Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny – M.K. Gandhi

    Values are those things to which we give importance in our life. It can be positive or negative values. Negative values are those which lead us towards moral crisis. On the other hand, positive values innate sense of loving and respecting others which led an individual to ultimate state of peace. Values are inculcated by family, society, religion, culture, education etc. When an individual is born in a family of criminals we cannot expect him to become a saint because there is very less probability that positive values are inculcated to him. In the same way if that individual lives in a society where people hate each other and disrespect women, old men and women, differently able, poor, or certain caste or group of people then negative values will be inculcated to him and he will lead to moral crisis at individual as well as at the societal, national and international level.

    If an individual is born and brought up in a family of criminals who is dacoit and who are looting and killing others then that individual will be less sensitive to the feelings and emotions. Evidences of the same are there in Indian mythology as well. King Ravana opted for unethical values and he abducted Sita who was wife of King Ram. Despite being condemning the act his son Meghnath helps his father and fight against King Ram. This is because the negative values were ruling over his mind and body. The same mind set is prevailing even today when in the name of cult people are fighting with each other generation after generation. But if any of the generations opted to inculcate positive values to their coming generation then rivalry could have stop and love, respect and peace could have established.

    Values also play a vital role in building up of the society. This can be traced in 4000 years back in Indus Valley civilization. The very first society came into being in India. There are evidences that people of Indus valley used to respect women. Women had prominent role in society during that time. Women were worshipped in the form of goddess. Women were also involved in writing Vedas. But when the time passes and a new society was established by Aryans, Women’s condition started deteriorating. Women were treated as an object. Women were considered as subordinates to men and were prohibited to even enter the temples or religious places. This is even prevailing today because the present society has genesis in the past. This disrespectful feeling towards women created greater moral crisis. Current data shows that the highest number of crimes across the world is committed against women.

    Not only this, effects of positive and negative values can be seen at national and international level. The values which are inculcated with feelings of hate make a nation inimical to its neighbors as well as to the whole world. Every nation today is participating in the arm race. This is because of the hate against other and greed of power and ruling the world. U.S.A’s hegemony, condition in the Middle East, south East Asia, Gulf countries are very good examples of the biggest crisis of the world. Also, present Kashmir issue and Baluchistan issue shows the extent of hatred against people and against nations. There are evidences of human rights violation across these regions of the world. Various terrorist groups in the world are involved in killing people and justifying their act on the basis of religion. The unethical acts lead the world to greater moral crisis because this put questions of the religions teaching.

    We also know that world is facing economic crisis and environmental crisis. The reasons behind these are nations do not value the need, survival, growth and happiness of each other. The powerful nations try to curb the growth prospect of poor nations for their own interest. There are number of issues raised in various international forums in which developed countries tried to restrict the growth and development of developing or underdeveloped countries. Many such examples are IPR issue between India and USA, Food subsidy issue between India and other developed countries, photovoltaic cells manufacturing issue to its citizen issue between India and USA. Not only this, present environment crisis has its genesis in the industrialization era. Developed countries exploited the natural resources in the name of development ignoring the consequences. Today, poor countries are facing biggest crisis of survival because of the same. Droughts, Flood, food crisis, cyclones etc are various natural calamities that are occurring frequently in the poor countries. Lack of finances and technologies making the condition even worse. Developing countries are ignoring this and denying taking responsibility.

    All the above mentioned issue is caused by the values inculcated at each level. Family being the first school of an individual should provide positive outlook towards others. When an individual is sensitive to the happiness and pain of others his acts will always be for the good of others. This reduces the clashes among people and establishes peace in the society. In the same way the rules and regulation build within the society should be such it respect the religion, culture, customs, rights of each other. This helps to maintain dignity of religious sects, cultural groups, gender groups and bring harmony in the society. All these are also important for the growth and development of an individual. Nations should also develop the sense of respecting dignity and integrity of each others. Arm race led all of us acquiring more and more nuclear weapons. These weapons can be misused and can be used by terrorist groups which will destroy the world. We may even loose the human race. International forums should also come forward to maintain the balance of world order.

    It is nothing wrong if we say world is facing a biggest moral crisis today. Humanity is at verge of extinction. If we pledge at every level to respect each other socially, politically, culturally, religiously and economically then we can come out of this crisis. If we fail to correct our deeds morally then we destine to be suffering the worst of human crisis. But if we can bring change we will establish a world of peace, love and harmony.

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    • Decent intro .

      Use connecting words.

      Lacks clarity.

      Include more dimensions.

      Enjoyed in bits and pieces.

      Keep writing.

  • Aditi Bansal

    Kindly review…

    Sunil got admitted in medical after his metric. Though a brilliant student till class 10th, suddenly his performance start declining and finally, he has to dropout from the school. The reason was his interest in the humanities. Because of moral crisis that what other will think about him, he did not opted for arts.

    In past many stories are there that tell us about the moral crisis the kings face and how they overcome them and there consequences. For example, Ashoka the great was on his path of expending his territory and thus involved in war with other kings. But in war with Kalinga, when he saw the suffering of the people, he got disturbed and thus by overcoming the moral crisis, he decided to give up the war and thus gave us DHAMMA.
    How budhha left all the luxuries and went in search of the way to control crisis in the self is also well known.

    Today the world is also facing many such crisis, where the countries like China is dumping its goods in other country in order to distort the market of the other country, U.S. is working hard to suppress India by placing it in the “priority watch list” of its IPR thus hampering the availability of medicine for the poor.
    On one hand developed countries are asking developing countries to decrease the trade distorting subsides, on the other hand U.S. and other European countries are the on the top as far as trade distorting subsidies are concerned.

    The world politics is also going through crisis of morality with one country attacking on other in order to take hold of the valuable resource a country is having, exporter of defense equipment wants to the instability should remain in the region, which will help them in earn more profit by selling more weapon. The weapon of mass destruction are further adding to insecurity, rather than contributing for peace.
    There is instability in Middle East, because dominant countries wants the regime in other countries should be friendly to them, as a result, in an attempt to bring regime change, there has been rise of terrorist organization such as ISIS and refugee crisis in form of recent Syrian refugee crisis.

    Different countries are trying to exploit the natural resources of the country for the development and wellbeing of the citizens, so that they can also run on path of development along with other countries, but on the way, due to unsustainable use of resources, resources are becoming scarce as well as there is adverse impact on the environment. Thus creating a moral crisis, exploitation of resources, by what level?
    Countries are keep on adding infrastructure with proper planning, as a result of which, there has been increased incidents of disasters like flood, water born diseases like dengue has been on rise, thereby becoming type of health hazard.

    Agriculture is also not sustainable and human being have killed many friendly insects which naturally keeps check on the harmful insects, there are increased resistance of insects to various pesticides.

    Morals are the standards that guides our day to day behavior and thus create positive or negative image of the person in mind of others. Many a time, a person is not able to differentiate between good and bad, whether to do some work or not, here comes morals to rescue the person from the dilemma. Thus morals are STICK IN THE HAND OF A BLIND PERSON, lost in the forest with the help of which, he can come out from the dense forest of illusion, dilemma and thus help overcome many of the problems.

    Countries like Bhutan which has given value to the morals are creating better environment for their citizens, giving them voluntarily democratic environment whereas countries like China, which believes in keeping it citizen together with force and also bringing instability in the region by continuous intrusion in the territory of the other countries, violating maritime rules and laws.

    Today as the world is facing a large number of problems, most appropriate means of addressing these problems seems by adhering to the moral values and trying to address the moral crisis which are appearing in daily life.
    By deviating from the moral principles, one can make his or the country life easier in the short run, but in the long run, only morals can sail one out of the problem.
    Like what European Union is doing by helping to the refugees and also what India has done during the liberation of Bangladesh. Thus morals provide the happiness in the long run.

    Like in the case of Sunil, he did not address the moral crisis going inside him, and the result was that he lost everything. If he would have addressed the moral crisis, the condition would have been different, he might have done well in humanities.
    Great persons like Mahatama Gandhi has always given importance on the moral values and they also advocated in their favour.
    World would have been very much different, if all the countries without thinking only about their benefits would have given more importance on collective well being and that is only possible by addressing to the moral issues.

    • Ankit

      Hi aditi…good essay…suggestions:
      1. Your 3rd para, “Today the world is also facing many such crisis, where the countries like China…” is not of much vital importance here….after 2nd, start from 4th.
      2. Personal Opinion: First para after introduction must contain gist of what u are going to write in this essay…them seems missing in ur essay..take care.
      3. More dimensions can be explored..corruption, women rights, etc. these issues are not touched..

      good intro and conclusion…

      Please reveiw mine too:)

    • X.

      hey aditi
      starting can be improved. this example can be replaced by other. here it was not apt. but you can think more over it.
      more dimensions need to be covered, though i am not a big fan of covering dimension and dimensions
      but here it looked like your effort was not to build essay but to include examples. so include them to weave the essay

      review mine pls
      thnk you

  • Ankit

    If we can address moral crisis, many of world’s problem can be solved.

    Ravi, a patriotic college student, always ready to raise his voice against any injustice prevailing in society. Once his father, an honest local leader of village, was trapped in criminal charges and proclaimed as terrorist by corrupt politician in order to gain power in village. Ravi and his father with other village member fight against injustice but here again money power dominates and Ravi’ father was killed by police and declared as traitor. Police tried to kill Ravi too who escaped from village and join terrorist group to teach lesson to his father’s enemies. Now Ravi is known as RAKA. He is one of the victims of MORAL CRISIS widely prevailing in the world which give rise to terrorism.

    Moral Crisis is a situation in which a person knows his actions are immoral/unjust but still got into trap to follow them either for his own personal motives or in order to deal with complex situation existing at that time. Whether it’s a political, economic, social, environmental, human value, moral conflicts/dilemmas in every sphere are prevailing through the world and have become directly or indirectly root cause of every problem. Hence, addressing moral issues has become a prime aim in order to maintain peace and progress in every sphere of life.

    Political Sphere
    In order to gain political power, leader’s nowdays can cross any limit. Be it as using money in elections, performing criminal activities, taking advantage of other restraints etc, moral values are at risk in every political sphere. Rising corruption is a sole cause of moral crisis. It is said that, Power does not corrupt, fear corrupts.. perhaps, the fear of loss of power corrupts. This fear makes a man to break his moral ethics and indulge into unethical means to fulfil his own desires.

    Further, growing hegemony of worldly power enhance the moral crisis thus disrupting equality. UNSC, addressed by few dominant countries, with his veto rights has power to take global decision in major sector like terrorism, climate change, world peace etc. Any recommendation taken by few of them is imparted throughout the world. This leads to conflicts in different parts of world and give rise to various radical organisation. European Migration crisis is the prime example depicting the same. The failure of UN power to act wisely leads to instability in Middle East which gives rise to terrorist organisation such as ISIS

    Social Sphere
    Women are the prime targets of ongoing moral crisis prevailing across the world. The practice of female foeticide, child marriage, dowry system etc. in many developing countries such as India worsens the social status of women. Less representation of women in legislative, administrative and judicial function, further degrade any hope of justice, equality, liberty. In this patriarchal society, dominance of man over women leads latter to restrict to only household activities. Moreover, she has become a subject of growing physical violence like rape, harassment etc. which defames her physically and mentally.
    Growing caste, communal conflicts in matters of representation of weaker section further aggravates moral issues.

    Economic Sphere
    Lifestyle adopted by rich, nowdays, further strengthen ongoing moral crisis. Wasting the prime resources (food, energy etc.) for their own benefit leads to their scarcity and poor, which constitute the large section of society, has to pay the price for it in form of increase taxes (rising inflation). Because of improper use of energy resources in rich cities, there is lack of availability of them in poor villages. Less emphasis on conserving our resources and its unsustainable usage not only leads to energy crisis but also further give rise to moral conflicts among people.

    Black marketing, Money laundering etc. prevailing worldwide today has become a prime unethical/immoral means adopted by rich to avoid taxes. Their personal motives retard country’s growth in major field like health, education and other social welfare schemes for poor.

    Human Values
    Disrespect towards elders, augmentation of OLD AGE HOMES for elderly in our society worldwide, growing conflicts among sons over money/property/will of father etc. has raised the moral crisis to a new dimension.

    Killing people for one’s own personal interest has become a matter of showing one’s dominance in society. Rise of Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISIS in middle east, Arab Spring in Tunisia, LeT Taliban Group in Pakistan where these immoral people has become an enemy of mankind and arouse crisis against moral values throughout the world.

    Addressing Moral Crisis
    Imbibing moral values while working in any sphere is a moral duty of mankind. This can be done when strict regulation/rules/laws are followed dutifully which leads to overall benefits.

    In political sphere, lags in implementation of Corruption act adopted by countries throughout the world need to be monitored, strict actions should be taken against the evil doer.

    In social sphere, work on women empowerment need to be strengthened. Providing more representation for women in administrative spheres, reducing delays in implementing justice to women, steps such as providing education, healthcare initiatives, strengthening criminal laws to prevent any son of MLA/MP or big celebrity from escaping after committing heinous crime against women is a prime need today.

    In economic sphere, a considerable section of spending to be made in launching social welfare schemes for poor, high tax on luxuries enjoyed by rich, plans for conservation of resources etc. seems to be a major necessity.
    Moral Values need to be imparted among people from an early age. Moral Education in school makes children respect human values especially towards elder. ‘OLD IS GOLD’ principle should be a prime goal of imparting moral education worldwide to reduce moral/ethical conflicts in future.

    Hence, by addressing moral crisis in different spheres of our life, the root cause of problem can be solved. Steps like COP21 Paris conference to check climate concern globally, setting up NSG, MTCR to reduce the spread of nuclear arms, WTO agreements in industrial, agriculture sphere to deal with global problems are welcome measure. But there is strict need to check hegemony of few dominating countries over other to avoid moral conflicts.

    As said by Ronald Reagen, ‘The struggle now going on for the world will never be decided by Bombs/rocket, by armies or military might. The real crisis we face today is a spiritual one; it is a test of moral will and faith’.

    • very well written..impressive intro and conclusion…multiple dimensions covered..few numerical facts could have supplemented the answer..plz review mine

    • Smart Work

      Nice attempt, mutiple dimensions covered. The introduction was abrupt though, i wud suggest if u cannot relate a significant story to the essay for introduction, better avoid it and start by explaining about moral crisis, u can see my introduction.
      Ronad raegan concusion was very good 🙂

    • Grushenka

      Great attempt!
      1. The failure of UN power to act wisely leads to instability in Middle East which gives rise to terrorist organisation such as ISIS….isn’t this too harsh? UNSC didn’t actually sanction the war. US and UK went ahead anyway. You could have instead mentioned about not blacklisting arabia for human rights violations because it is a major contributor to un as an example or anything else more suited
      2.Because of improper use of energy resources in rich cities, there is lack of availability of them in poor villages.- there is no infrastructure!! . you could have also talked about the co2 emissions..developed countries more vis-a-vis developing and the unattainability of targets.. cz that is indeed unsustainable ..
      3. augmentation of OLD AGE HOMES …how is that immoral?? a lot of people actually like the option of being independent or may not have surviving family or may be too ill to be taken care of
      4. Moral crisis in corporates could have been added.
      Loved the ending!!

    • Good attempt.

      Patriotic? Drop it.

      Intro is not very relatable though your attempt was good.

      Overall a good one. Covered a lot.

      • X.

        hello ak
        can you look into mine and help me

    • ESWAR


      Do not use like political sphere, economic sphere, social sphere ; write directly.

      Moral values in human beings can not be achieved through rules, regulations.

      Diverse issues covered, well done.

      What is ur optional? My one is philosophy.

      • Ankit

        Thanks for reviewing..mine is geography

  • please review friends

  • Mistborn


    The death of Osama Bin Laden was celebrated in many parts of the world as the end of an icon of terror while at the same it was mourned in some other parts as the death of a jihadi warrior. People judged him based on their individual belief system which they obviously consider superior to anything that is even slightly dissimilar. And herein lies the moral crisis that is at the root of some of the worst issues that the world faces today.

    The world is full of tremendous diversity. This diversity fosters a wide variety of value systems. The moral crisis arises when these value systems start competing instead of appreciating the good parts. We can study these moral crisis and the problems arising there from AT INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETAL, ECONOMIC, RELIGIOUS AND NATIONAL LEVEL.

    At individual level, we face moral dilemmas at both personal and professional sphere. Professionally we may feel conflicted between our desire for power and status in job and our values of honesty and work ethics. Personally we may prefer laziness as compared to hard work and still aspire to achieve all the good things in life. For example, a UPSC aspirant who spends his time daydreaming instead of sincerely preparing for the exam is going to fail every time. If he had made peace with value of ‘NISHKAM KARMA’, he would have a much better chance of clearing the exam. There is also the problem of greed and contentedness.

    At the societal level, there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN MATERIALISM AND SPIRITUALISM. There is a need for a subtle balance between the two. The problem arises when we start to lean too much on one side. For example, too much materialism results in social tensions giving rise to crimes such as robberies, murders and rapes. Wealth is increasingly getting concentrated in the hands of the few. The gulf of income inequity is on the rise. The rich are busy in needless show of their wealth while the poor and destitute are struggling to get decent quality of healthcare, education and other social facilities. Similarly banking too much on spiritualism also does not help since humans can fulfill their self-actualization needs only after they have satiated their basic, physiological and safety needs.

    In the economic sphere, companies are torn between their RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS THEIR SHAREHOLDERS AND THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL, ignoring the virtues of the long term sustainable nature of the business. The Multinational Corporations are known to indulge in BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHIFTING activities by the means of transfer pricing to tax haven nations. In this way they are avoiding or minimizing their expenditure on corporate taxes and, thus, maximizing the shareholders’ wealth. Legally they are exploiting the loopholes in taxation systems of various nations but their actions do not stand the test of ethicality. They have a responsibility towards the society whose natural resources they have exploited. Similarly corporations are conflicted between reducing the costs by purchasing cheap equipments and releasing untreated effluents in the air, water and soil directly affecting the quality of life of the society living around such manufacturing facilities. Such an instance happened at HUL’s KODAIKANAL FACTORY where ground water was poisoned by MERCURY EMISSIONS from the plant and the surrounding population suffered from mercury induced diseases.

    Religion is another bone of contention. The issue here is everybody is absolutely CONVINCED OF THE SUPERIORITY OF THEIR FAITH AND CONSEQUENTLY HAS A CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS. The problem becomes worse when people turn simple religiosity to fundamentalism and fanaticism. This religious intolerance ultimately manifests itself in the form of jihad or religious terrorism. The Islamic State is but an example of modern day religious terrors. The medieval period had experienced HOLY WARS OF CHRISTIANITY. India experienced something similar in the 5th century BC with the rise of Buddhism and Jainism. Rulers who were followers of one faith actively persecuted the followers of other faiths. For example Shashanka of Bengal was a Shaivite and he oppressed and killed Buddhist devotees and desecrated their places of worship.

    At international level, countries have to trade off between their own national interests and what is right. For example, in the CLIMATE CHANGE NEGOTIATIONS, the developed countries have not acknowledged their historical responsibilities and are not contributing enough towards the Green Climate Fund. They are also not transferring the climate friendly technologies to developing nations on a proactive basis. This makes it difficult for a developing nation to register a growth that would be necessary to bring their populations out of the clutches of poverty and hunger. Similarly in case of NPT, the nuclear powers want that countries like India and Israel should opt for nuclear disarmament but for themselves they seek nuclear weapons as credible deterrent. India has long denied to join NPT on the ground that it ONLY BANS HORIZONTAL PROLIFERATION while ignoring the topic of vertical proliferation where nuclear powers may develop their nuclear arsenal to their heart’s content.

    The moral conflicts arising out of serving one group’s interests over the others can be resolved by deciding to do the right things only. GANDHI JI’S ‘MEANS AND ENDS’ THEORY is most relevant here. We must take the right means and the ends will take care of themselves.

    A golden rule towards solving moral conflicts is “WE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS THE WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED.” The rule applies universally. It fosters diverse thinking and tolerance among different faiths. It underscores the utilitarian concept of maximum benefits to maximum people in the economic sphere. It encourages the discussion of international issues on the basis of equity and justice in place of ‘strong bullying the weak’. At societal level, it may increase harmony among various social groups and reduce the scope of crimes related to gender and castes. And at individual level, this rule promoted the virtues of hard work, honesty and drive for excellence in life instead of baseless greed and laziness.

    For example, in the dispute related to the TERRITORIAL OCCUPATION IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA can be solved if all the stakeholders are willing to indulge in constructive dialogue and are ready to concur to the judgment of International Court of Justice. China bullying other nations into submitting before itself is only going to deteriorate the regional harmony and not achieving much material resource control. Instead being a big nation, China should be gracious in its regional foreign policy. Consequently it may reap the economic benefits of its goodwill in the form of greater regional integration.

    The world today is in chaos more than ever. We need to ensure proactive consensus building in all walks of life to restore semblance of harmony and stability to it. There will always be moral choices and hence moral conflicts. But an attitude developed towards appreciating diversity and tolerance can contribute a lot towards solving the issues we face today.

    • Mistborn

      Please review friends!

  • Mistborn


    The death of Osama Bin Laden was celebrated in many parts of the world as the end of an icon of terror while at the same it was mourned in some other parts as the death of a jihadi warrior. People judged him based on their individual belief system which they obviously consider superior to anything that is even slightly dissimilar. And herein lies the moral crisis that is at the root of some of the worst issues that the world faces today.

    The world is full of tremendous diversity. This diversity fosters a wide variety of value systems. The moral crisis arises when these value systems start competing instead of appreciating the good parts. We can study these moral crisis and the problems arising there from AT INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETAL, ECONOMIC, RELIGIOUS AND NATIONAL LEVEL.

    At individual level, we face moral dilemmas at both personal and professional sphere. Professionally we may feel conflicted between our desire for power and status in job and our values of honesty and work ethics. Personally we may prefer laziness as compared to hard work and still aspire to achieve all the good things in life. For example, a UPSC aspirant who spends his time daydreaming instead of sincerely preparing for the exam is going to fail every time. If he had made peace with value of ‘NISHKAM KARMA’, he would have a much better chance of clearing the exam. There is also the problem of greed and contentedness.

    At the societal level, there is a CONFLICT BETWEEN MATERIALISM AND SPIRITUALISM. There is a need for a subtle balance between the two. The problem arises when we start to lean too much on one side. For example, too much materialism results in social tensions giving rise to crimes such as robberies, murders and rapes. Wealth is increasingly getting concentrated in the hands of the few. The gulf of income inequity is on the rise. The rich are busy in needless show of their wealth while the poor and destitute are struggling to get decent quality of healthcare, education and other social facilities. Similarly banking too much on spiritualism also does not help since humans can fulfill their self-actualization needs only after they have satiated their basic, physiological and safety needs.

    In the economic sphere, companies are torn between their RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS THEIR SHAREHOLDERS AND THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL, ignoring the virtues of the long term sustainable nature of the business. The Multinational Corporations are known to indulge in BASE EROSION AND PROFIT SHIFTING activities by the means of transfer pricing to tax haven nations. In this way they are avoiding or minimizing their expenditure on corporate taxes and, thus, maximizing the shareholders’ wealth. Legally they are exploiting the loopholes in taxation systems of various nations but their actions do not stand the test of ethicality. They have a responsibility towards the society whose natural resources they have exploited. Similarly corporations are conflicted between reducing the costs by purchasing cheap equipments and releasing untreated effluents in the air, water and soil directly affecting the quality of life of the society living around such manufacturing facilities. Such an instance happened at HUL’s KODAIKANAL FACTORY where ground water was poisoned by MERCURY EMISSIONS from the plant and the surrounding population suffered from mercury induced diseases.

    Religion is another bone of contention. The issue here is everybody is absolutely CONVINCED OF THE SUPERIORITY OF THEIR FAITH AND CONSEQUENTLY HAS A CONDESCENDING ATTITUDE TOWARDS OTHERS. The problem becomes worse when people turn simple religiosity to fundamentalism and fanaticism. This religious intolerance ultimately manifests itself in the form of jihad or religious terrorism. The Islamic State is but an example of modern day religious terrors. The medieval period had experienced HOLY WARS OF CHRISTIANITY. India experienced something similar in the 5th century BC with the rise of Buddhism and Jainism. Rulers who were followers of one faith actively persecuted the followers of other faiths. For example Shashanka of Bengal was a Shaivite and he oppressed and killed Buddhist devotees and desecrated their places of worship.

    At international level, countries have to trade off between their own national interests and what is right. For example, in the CLIMATE CHANGE NEGOTIATIONS, the developed countries have not acknowledged their historical responsibilities and are not contributing enough towards the Green Climate Fund. They are also not transferring the climate friendly technologies to developing nations on a proactive basis. This makes it difficult for a developing nation to register a growth that would be necessary to bring their populations out of the clutches of poverty and hunger. Similarly in case of NPT, the nuclear powers want that countries like India and Israel should opt for nuclear disarmament but for themselves they seek nuclear weapons as credible deterrent. India has long denied to join NPT on the ground that it ONLY BANS HORIZONTAL PROLIFERATION while ignoring the topic of vertical proliferation where nuclear powers may develop their nuclear arsenal to their heart’s content.

    The moral conflicts arising out of serving one group’s interests over the others can be resolved by deciding to do the right things only. GANDHI JI’S ‘MEANS AND ENDS’ THEORY is most relevant here. We must take the right means and the ends will take care of themselves.

    A golden rule towards solving moral conflicts is “WE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS THE WAY WE WANT TO BE TREATED.” The rule applies universally. It fosters diverse thinking and tolerance among different faiths. It underscores the utilitarian concept of maximum benefits to maximum people in the economic sphere. It encourages the discussion of international issues on the basis of equity and justice in place of ‘strong bullying the weak’. At societal level, it may increase harmony among various social groups and reduce the scope of crimes related to gender and castes. And at individual level, this rule promoted the virtues of hard work, honesty and drive for excellence in life instead of baseless greed and laziness.

    For example, in the dispute related to the TERRITORIAL OCCUPATION IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA can be solved if all the stakeholders are willing to indulge in constructive dialogue and are ready to concur to the judgment of International Court of Justice. China bullying other nations into submitting before itself is only going to deteriorate the regional harmony and not achieving much material resource control. Instead being a big nation, China should be gracious in its regional foreign policy. Consequently it may reap the economic benefits of its goodwill in the form of greater regional integration.

    The world today is in chaos more than ever. We need to ensure proactive consensus building in all walks of life to restore semblance of harmony and stability to it. There will always be moral choices and hence moral conflicts. But an attitude developed towards appreciating diversity and tolerance can contribute a lot towards solving the issues we face today.


    please review

    If one can address moral crisis, many of world’s problems can be solved”

    Problems in world are created by human, many are anthrogenic – terrorism, climate change, piracy, cyber attacks, poverty and a few are natural – earthquake, cloud burst, cyclones etc. For all anthrogenic causes human morality is responsible. If everyone acts morally there is no need of police, courts and prisons. Why human is not acting morally? Why world problems do not address amicably? To find solution, dedication & moral on part of political leaders is required – it is missing as evident in crisis of North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. Morality & ethics on part of individual at household level is as important as outside – regional & global. If parents bring their children morally & ethically, most of the society problems would disappear. Rama Rajya will emerge.

    Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Nelson Mandela and now German Chancellor who fought for nation and world cause. It is reflection of morality received from parents as well as society. Mother Teresa with bare hands reached alien country, Kolkata (India) in her tender age. She did extraordinary human service to poorest of the poor in healing their problems. Her voice of helping poor is seen now in more than 130 countries of the world. She left a dedicated pool of nuns to serve the poor. Is not it moral, why she was so special? Why do not another human become like her? Though, human like her is hardly seen in 21st century but a few human are engaged in hate speeches, religion conversions, spreading jihad causing to social disharmony. Therefore, future citizens of the world – children, must be educated with morals, not to harm others including nature.

    A boy named Shakti was walking to his school alongwith two of his friends. He had seen an old man lying on road and crying for help. The old man met accident and owner of the vehicle ran away. Shakti convinced his friends to help old man. They brought old man to hospital in ambulance where children even dared to donate blood but looking sense of help by doctor, he arranged blood and financial assistance. Doctor also publicized the timely action of children, when they were asked by media they told that it was taught by their parents to help the needy. Such morals and action on part of children is required because they are the feature citizen of the country. Throwing stones over security forces, spreading vulgar messages, provoking masses against established rule are seen across the world, to condemn it and not to involve at any cost, one’s moral is questioned. So moral value need to reflect in education, parental system, governance etc.

    A couple – John & Linda were enjoying a life with two children. In their 8th year of married life, they met severe accident. In that children died, Linda paralyzed and John received minor injuries. After some time, John recovered fully whereas Linda remained paralyzed. John who had moral responsibility of protecting the life of Linda left her to the grace of God. It is not the problem of one lady, there are many such human beings are become helpless due to patriarchal mindset, health problems (TB, cancer, communicable diseases), children abuse etc. Some minded citizens through NGOs, Human rights international, Ox Form International rescuing some of these vulnerable citizens.

    In world context, geo politics led to mass migration, displacement, loss of lives & livelihood, systems failure as common now in Middle East. Citizens who were never dreamt of leaving their place are now forced to abandon their homes and migrating with hope of living. However, many are not welcoming who were preaching earlier for safeguarding human rights. German Govt headed by Chancellor Angela Merkal had rescued many refugees and voiced for addressing the problem. Countries like Russia, China, USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia are still at cross roads to find solution of impending crisis being happened in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan.

    Island nations like Marshal Islands, Maldives, Sri Lanka and many feature is at stake if climate change is not addressed at global level. Countries which are developed and technologically sound yet to contribute to common cause – Climate change fund, clean technology transfer. It shows lack of morality on part of political leaders. Postponement of finding solution to problem will not address the future crisis rather accumulates and chances to mitigate reduces.

    Even in 21st century many are in acute poverty in different parts of Africa, Asia and latin America due to lack of access to food grains, health facilities, infrastructure. There are many such countries abundant with all these. To aid vulnerable citizens beyond borders, nature of humanity needs to reflect. Nobody can stop if a political leader or rich man thinks of helping for instance ex USA President, Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and many in India who dedicated their wealth to the cause of poor. If more such human arise today, many will emerge tomorrow and ultimately a happy society emerge if not today. A famous saying that if one helps selflessly to someone, he may helped by someone tomorrow.

    Contemporary problems of the world are due to suppression of rights, intention of dominating culture, modern monarchism as evident in our neighboring countries. These problems are even rarely controlled by military or police action – Baluchistan, Palestina, Nepal (recent) in globalized society. It is better to address morally rather intimidate affected population as it lead to human crisis.

    Technology is so advanced now that one country can defend other country in times of crisis – Nepal earthquake crisis. Idea of Vasudeva Kutumbakam as India believes has to emerge across the world to address global problems. It is not rocket science though, exhibit of moral values.

    • Ankit

      Hey bro…different approach liked it…
      1. First line need amnedment..i think its anthropogenic not antrogenic which u want to say…again u have mentioned word ‘human’ in the same line…either write anthropogenic or human.
      2. First para can be cut-short…
      3. More dimension can be covered…
      4. Writing lot of stories may backfire you…(personal opinion)

      Please review mine too and share your valuable suggestion:)

    • – intro, created by human and & then anthopgenic + natural=not good
      – For all anthrogenic causes human IMMORALITY is responsible
      – Why world problems do not address amicably?=grammatically incorrect
      – define Rama Rajya
      – alien country, Kolkata (India)=wrote country but defined a city
      – grammatical mistakes + isolated paragraphs
      – solutions not given to problems discusses
      – no conclusion
      – dictionary meaning of crisis=dilemma & in that light interpretation of the quote is wrong

    • Jana Sena

      bro……content is good …….but needs to be connected properly bro…….intro can be improved ……..and conclusion too…….I’ll give 55/125 bro…… mine and give feedback anna…….

    • Jana Sena

      anna essay ikada upload chesanu me mail ki kuda pampanu review chesi feedback ivandi anna…

  • X.

    Pls review frnds 🙂
    page order 3,4,2,1

    • Anupama

      Hello G..Well written, understand that its a 1000-1200 words essay so you gave some examples like helping poor by providing them food with the samosa example.. but generalize it a bit.. the essay will look better.. like you can mention that we can inspire the young by lending a helping hand to the poor through food packets, blankets/old clothes distribution etc or something like that..just better usage of words to make the essay more presentable.. also if possible try to include all the problems in the body part and focus on solutions at the end (conclusion part) rather than giving them one by one at the helm of each problem/example listed.. I myself felt that i should have incorporated the same in my essay…other than that i do not have any complaints with regard to the content. Keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • X.

        great review anupama
        ya generalized thing can be done. thanks for pointing that out.
        regarding the second poitn of segregating it is concerned, i think solution part at then end is a standard exercise which is good and applies to most essays, but can be included elsewhere,

        i think i could not explain to you here better, thats why you felt.
        so ill imrpove on that.
        thank you

      • dileep

        Anupama ji please review my essay and suggest improvements.

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      Emphasis on moral crisis, defining it, linking it with world problems in generalised manner in starting is missing. Then you could have touched various dimensions and examples. Overall a good essay. Keep writing.

      • X.

        hey cse
        thanks for pointing about starting paras in the essay about defining, what about the middle and the ending part. does it also lacks something apart from dimensions, as here, i thought to include some examples and not cover it with many examples.

        • Abhijit (ABG)

          I believe in having a general introduction of an issue and then substantiating it with examples. Examples you gave were very good. ( Child one – I too wrote the same ). So, your essay was good. What could be better was introducing the problem in 1-2 lines, then substantiating it with examples.
          Rest of the things were fine in your essay
          A good read

          • X.

            that boosted my spirits
            thank you cse

      • dileep

        Please have a glance on my essay and give me inputs for further improvements.

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hi this is going to be really harsh review, but i will review as ifi m checking it. (Of course i m not an expert here )

      1. The intro, while reaing and after knowing the topic my mind was urging when will i actually reach to words like morality, values , ethics, or crisis, etc, i knew the eg quoted is perfect, but it never fulfilled its purpose, you stretched so much on the “pat-katha” that eventually it got lost.
      2. Within the essay there were some brilliant examples, i should have included, mine would have been much longer them, but none actually appealed to the topic.
      3.this topic is not vague but everyone defining it differently made it so.
      4.scientific study and stuff gives good value, highlight such stuff

      There is no issue with content or anything, its just it didn’t do justice to the very title.

    • Michelin

      Hey G.
      Your paragraphs when read in isolation are very interesting and logical.
      However, I felt lost at places
      – At times, I wondered if it was about western hegemony (Iraq, climate talks, MNCs)
      – I couldn’t move bottom-up from the content to the theme/topic
      – IMO, you could have addressed more dimensions
      Cheers! Keep writing and reviewing my answers, essays, etc. too.

    • Hi G.
      – you have improved a lot
      – I must bring to your notice that we have taken the wrong interpretation of the word ‘crisis’. Moral doesn’t involve a loss of moral values but a situation of moral dilemma. The dictionary meaning of ‘crisis’ is ‘dilemma’ and not what you or I’ve interpreted
      – Content is there but try to bring linkages between paragraphs

  • Chandler Bing

    This is my first Essay;
    Time taken :
    Planning essay structure (30 min) (Image attached, written in pencil)
    Actual Essay : 55min

    Please Review both my essay and my strategy;

  • Chandler Bing

    THis is the first page of my essay.. Others are in my other comment;
    THis image missed while uploading..

  • yogi

    “If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved”

    • yogi

      rough draft:

    • – Komagatamaru is not fitting properly in definition of dispute and what is the word you’ve written. You have n’t written Komagatamaru but some thing else
      – connectivity between paragraphs is there
      – I read Aravind bhai’s comment & I feel he is correct. So even my interpretation of the topic is wrong then
      – Rest, I didn’t any such flaw with the content that you’ve put up 🙂

      • yogi

        Komagatamaru, thanks for pting out, i wrote wrong spelling

  • Abhijit (ABG)

    It was around 9 am in morning. A 25 year old software engineer was crossing a road to reach to his office located on other side of the road. Suddenly a speeding van came and knocked him down. A visibly perturbed driver of van came out and saw the person smeared in blood. What happened next was more shocking than accident itself. Van driver quickly moved out of that spot with his van. After one hour, person was still lying at that spot requesting for help. But, inspite on being a busy road with lot of passerby moving through that area, not a single helping hand came. What was even worse was a rikshaw puller stealing the injured man’s cellphone. Thanks to CCTV footage, another example of a deep moral crisis, which is characterised by selfish attitude of human, became viral. This incidence showed us the mirror of the society in which we are living.

    Today, world is facing many problems. There are wars between nations just to show one’s dominance irrespective of the damage to innocent people and their own soldiers and their families. Hatred is taking place of peace and love. One section of the society is trying to suppress other communities, just for their own selfish pursuit, that to in name of religion and God. For eg. Dalits have been subjugated by upper caste Hindus for centuries, women have been mistreated by men just to show their strength. Not even the relationships have escaped the blow of the moral crisis. Jealousy has overtaken the virtue of selfless altruism and love for others. Scams by ministers, businessmen are making newspaper headlines almost every other day. Corruption has become an integral part of everyday life.

    It will take a careful introspection to address the causes behind all these problems. All the problems have one common cause. It is the degrading moral values of humans. In pursuit of gaining materialistic benefits, humans have grown more and more selfish. Achieving ‘ends’ without thinking about ‘means’ has become a normal thing now. And talking about ‘ends’, most of them are directed towards securing a easy life, however ‘unethical’ means it requires. Link between the human problems and world problems can be observed. World is the aggregation of these individuals. Similarly, problems that world face is aggregation of problems which individuals suffer. Rightly said by many, we are living in ‘Kalyug’ (Dark age).

    Gandhiji dreamed about the ‘RAM RAJYA’ ( Rule of Ram ). What actually did he mean by it ? Lord Ram appears in Ramayana, one of the epics related to Hinduism and he is considered as GOD by Hindus. He was the epitome of ‘Justice’. For him, the welfare of his junta was the most important factor in governance. Everyone was happy under his rule, there was social harmony and virtues of peace, justice, love, selfless service was widespread. It was this system which Gandhiji desired. He considered it to be the panacea to all the problems face by world at that time. Nearly 70 years after his death, situation is still the same. Problems in world have amplified instead of coming down. Hence, it is this utopian society which possess the power to solve most of the world problems.

    A counter-argument to this type of society will be that it is idealistic and not practical. It is indeed the fact that idealistic society can only be dreamed of, it is highly impossible to implement them. But, the motive behind this is should be head towards the other extreme of society lacking any moral virtues. Just like cent percentage income equality is an ideal concept of economics, a society with no crime and problems is ideal situation. However, efforts to move towards this extreme has the potential to significantly reduce the number of problems world is facing. For eg. take the case of the scandinavian countries. They are reported to be the happiest nations. The reason being is their caring society, effective governance, trust between various stake holders, people’s wish to help others. Income tax comprise about 65% of the person’s income. Every person can receive high quality education, healthcare and security. Though the ideal conditions have not been achieved, but there attempt to move towards one such society is reaping success.

    It’s always better now than later. People worldwide are realising the need to come up together and work for making world a better place to live. Whether it is climate change pacts focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, restoring world’s forest cover which have been destroyed due to human’s greed for resources, or it is coming together for preparing and executing sustainable development goals to ensure sustainability, peace, social equity, international cooperation, responsible consumption, etc. , intent is being shown by people around to solve the problems. ‘Moral virtues’ form the centre-stage of all such commitments, because all of them require selfless commitment and cooperation from all the stakeholders, which is only possible if they consider it as their moral responsibilities.

    Moral crisis can be very well addressed. Human being, when he takes birth, is devoid of any malign or want. All he wants is happiness by looking at other people. But, when he steps out in outer world, he absorbs the things which he observes. If we can provide them the beautiful world devoid of all such unethical, immoral thoughts and activities, they will grow up as a better human beings. They are the future. Teachers and parents, all have a great responsibility on their hands to address this issue.

    There have been various great people who have selflessly dedicated their lives towards changing the perspective of world, to evolve the lost morality back into the world. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and many more of them have one thing in common. They have tried to stand up for humanity. Even after being oppressed by many, a single person can stand up and be the change what he wants. We have to learn from them. We can’t wait for others to change. We have to change ourselves. Coming out of ‘moral crisis’ is not an easy task. It took centuries, innumerable contributions from philosophers, scientists, economists, etc, from Europe to bring it out of the medieval dark age. ‘Change’ is taking place. In India, it was just because of social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, IC Vidyasagar, Jyotiba Phule, changes took place resulting in abolition of cruel practices like Sati. Though what they wanted has not been achieved fully, a progressive work in this field will bring the change soon. The baton of change is with us now. Let us work together to address the moral challenges that world face now and usher in the golden period marked with utopian society conceptualised by Gandhiji.

    (1100 words)

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      Please review friends !!! I am new to essay writing on this platform

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        @ITSAK91:disqus , @Soniamehras:disqus mam, please review and provide your insight

    • I do not think use of ‘junta’ is appropriate.
      Good. I enjoyed it.

      Keep writing.

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        Thanks AK for taking out your time. Hmm, will see to it that I do not make use of such words again.

    • X.

      i have seen your name in other ones as well.
      you can improve a lot, by writing this often. multiple dimensions can be covered, but it is not necessary to include all.
      include some and wove your essay only according to that and make your essay look wholesome rather than trying to fill your essay with examples and dimensions.

      review mine bro
      thank you

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        Thanks G. for your review 🙂
        I understood the problem in my essay. Will improve in future esssays.
        Keep writing and reviewing – will review yours in some time

    • Hi ABG, my views-
      – moral crisis= moral dilemma and not loss of values. Your and my interpretations though on same lines are wrong. You can check the dictionary meaning of crisis
      – try to establish a link between first & second para
      – avoid using “e.g.”. Further “e.g.”=For example, you need not write For e.g.
      – improve connectivity between paragraphs
      – discussing Rama Rajya was still fine buts it counter argument disturbed the structure and produced deviation
      – need to improve structure- make it flow like rhythmic curve
      – one personal suggestion- try to keep paragraphs shorter. It will allow you to cover multiple aspects and in exam writing such long paras will fill every single sheet of yours

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        ohh – 🙁
        My bad – interpreted moral crisis wrongly.
        This can be a disaster if such mistake is committed in exam.
        Long para waali baat – I fully agree with you – will write shorter paras from now on.
        Structure – yes , it was not structured well.

        Thanks Batty for your review 🙂

    • SM

      good intro- i think its based on a recent incident
      2nd para- problems 3rd para- cause of problem

      The essay hasn’t completely focused on moral crisis- some deviations where there
      to solve moral crisis we need to change ourselves— how??
      i suggest to make a rough framework of the easy

      thanx and keep up the hardwork

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        thanks mam, I agree with you

      • SPECTRE

        @Sonia mehra: can you review my essay. very new to essay writing

    • Himaanshu

      – hey bro… well attempted

      I would not go in little details and share my overall observation.

      – very interesting intro but I feel that there was too much information about the crime scene.
      – intro k baad essay dhadam se niche gira. And than I find you struggling in connecting and presenting your chain of thoughts in an effective manner.
      – very long paras bro. In paper it won’t look easily readable.

      – Keep writing bhai. Will for your next essay. All the very best 🙂

      • Abhijit (ABG)

        thanks a ton 🙂

  • The past few months have been turmoil for the whole world. Terrorist organizations have been spreading their wings more than ever before. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is bombarding the Middle East, lone wolf attacks have been carried out in Europe and Boko Haram seems to be strengthening its holds in Nigeria. A look at these events make one wonder about the reasons that have made these terrorists behave like this. One of the plausible causes behind these happenings seem to be the moral crisis.

    The moral crisis is the breakdown of morality among people. People seem to be behaving in a manner of pressing their own choices without giving due regard to what actually should be done. Good values like love, peace and purity seems to be replaced by hatred, chaos and filth. A situation has arisen where one person is standing against the other with the intention to hurt.

    The crisis is not limited to personal level and it seems to have engulfed the whole world with every section of the society getting affected. Since the actions of human beings are determined by the thoughts they create, moral crisis has led to creation of immoral acts that are getting manifested in one form or the other.

    One of the manifestations is in the political sphere. Unstable and corrupt governments in North Africa and Middle East have invited revolutions in form of Arab Spring that seeks to replace such governments. Had these governments behaved in an uncorrupt manner holding the idea of welfare close to their policies, such revolutions which have caused so much bloodshed could have been avoided.

    Welfare of people also seems to be thwarted by political logjams that are becoming characteristic feature of the democracies across the world. A situation has arisen where political parties argue with each other not with intention to frame a better bill but to hamper the working of government so that government can’t form a good image in eyes of the people. A change in heart of these parties would have made them behave in a selfless manner and reconciling their differences for the betterment of the people.

    While democracies seem to be fatigued by the incidents of political logjams, in other parts of the world economic crisis is also manifesting. The Greece crisis or the Eurozone crisi was rooted in the dishonest manner in which the government of Greece behaved. There were deliberate attempts to manipulate facts and figures in order to hide the poor state of economy from the world. Once this manipulation was revealed, a domino effect sent jitters across the world affecting the financial situations of different countries. An honest attitude by the government of Greece would have ensured timely assistance at the very moment when crisis had taken its roots.

    On one hand, Greece crisis was fuelled by deceit, while on the other even the transparent governments are feeding fuel to another crisis. Financial assistance by the governments for tackling climate change has been dismal. There has been reluctance on part of developed countries to facilitate transfer of funds to developing countries in order to support their mitigation and adaptation efforts needed for tackling climate change. Embracing the value of empathy and sympathy by the developed world would have ensured free flow of funds without any hitches.

    Moral crisis is also leaving its stamp in the social sphere apart from the political and economical sphere. Increasing attacks and atrocities on women is a sure sign of degeneration of values of respect and care for fellow beings. Increasing cases of domestic violence and rapes represent a tense situation of ensuring safety of women. Driving the ‘attackers’ of women with values of brotherhood, fraternity and respect for individuals would have brought this situation under control thereby ensuring a secure environment for women.

    Attacks are not just limited to women. There has been an increasing trend of targeting the minorities and weaker sections of the society. Ahamadiyas of Pakistan, Hindus of Bangladesh and Muslims of India have come under attacks from the other dominant sections of the society. Seeing these weaker and minorities in light of being socially equal would have reduced such attacks and opened avenues for them to grow and prosper.

    Such attacks reveal the increasing vulnerability of people in the present world and to add to their woes is the placement of modern warfare technologies in the wrong hands. Possession of nuclear weapons in hands of terrorists and maniac dictator of North Korea has become a cause of threat to humanity. Arms and artillery possessed by ISIS is being used to destroy homes and heritage sites long cherished by the people. Psychological conditioning of such people with values of care and peace would have made them leave the path of destruction to embrace humanism.

    Technology is also adding fuel to problems of people in another manner. Greater adoption of automated means of doing work, on one hand has made the life easier but on the other has also promoted sedentary lifestyles. Such lifestyles lead to cardiovascular diseases thereby putting the humans’ lives at stake. Understanding the importance of maintaining balance between usage of automated techniques and physical work and giving due regard to health could avoid problems of obesity and hypertension engulfing much of the world.

    The problem of sedentary lifestyle is being supplemented by the phenomena of climate change that seems to be gaining strong ground with each passing day. Biodiversity damage and increasing emissions from different sources- vehicles, industrial chimneys and burning agricultural husks has increased the level of carbon dioxide in atmosphere and leading to ozone depletion. This threatens the very existence of humanity on this planet. Adoption of values of environmentalism to avoid tendencies of mindless development can lead to rejuvenation of environment.

    Another element of climate change is the increasing resource depletion and negative ventures of humans in different places. Increasing explorations at the seabed and Arctic are threatening the lives of floral and faunal communities that are essential component of earth’s environment. Imbibing values of justice for all communities and shedding the path of mercantilism driven by greed can help protect the Mother Earth.

    Although morality seems to be the panacea of problems of world, it needs to be adequately supported by other means. The world is a hotbed of ideas and thus deviations from moral path is a possibility. In order to correct such deviations, measures like justice for all and adoption of reformative justice rather than retributive justice would be needed.

    Moral values would need to be imbibed by the process of value education. Free dialogue between communities facing injustice and those capable of correcting the same would be needed to take relevant steps for correcting the problems occurring in world.

    These means will open the doors where the whole world will be able to progress in a just manner with no section or community being alienated in the path to development. Thus, a world driven by good moral values will provide the much needed remedy to deal with present day problems thereby leading to creation of safe and secure world and a peaceful environment for all.

    • yogi

      Hello Batman Bhai 🙂
      Intro is good
      2nd and 3rd para: good
      4th para: political problem + how moral crisis if addressed can solve the problem : both part dealt in line with the theme
      from Greece crisis to climate change i found an over emphasis on problems and lesser emphaisis on the adressing the moral crisis. Could have added few more content on morality by redcuing the words consumed on problems.
      Diversity and flow is too good(Y)
      U have tried to write the other side of the quote in the 3rd last para: good, here, could be more elaborative + examples could have been added to make it clear.
      2nd last para: suggestions needs more space in my opinion as u have mainly highlighted the problems so proportion needs to be maintained between the problems and solutions part
      Last para is fine but could have been impressive
      overall a good essay
      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Thanks Brother 🙂
        To be honest, no counter argument was clicking me at that time. Rest of the suggestions accepted especially about the last paras where I deviated because of some issues here 😀
        Will try to improve & reviewing yours in a while.

      • Thanks Brother 🙂
        To be honest, no counter argument was clicking me at that time. Rest of the suggestions accepted especially about the last paras where I deviated because of some issues here 😀
        Will try to improve & reviewing yours in a while.

      • ESWAR

        Dear Yogi, ur essay and answers are not appeared in insights? ??????

        How is ur preparation?

        What is ur optional? My one is philosophy.

        If time permits please review my essay.

        • Dr. KARISHMA

          hello eswar ji..
          my optional z philo too..
          any online answer writing platform for philo?

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      Good read bro,
      But I agree with Yogi, in middle there was over emphasis on problems and connection with moral crisis was missing.
      Keep writing Batty 🙂
      And review mine if you have time

      • Thanks Brother, I saw you wrote 3 essays 😀 You have lot of potential, keep writing 🙂

        • Abhijit (ABG)

          I wanted to start writing essay. Your review can help me as you are experienced guy. Please review in your free time.

    • ESWAR


      First paragraph – IS IS and Boko Harum indeed examples of moral crisis.

      U could have mentioned immediately after 3rd paragraph – climate change, piracy, cyber attacks and more

      Sedentary lifestyle is not related to moral

      Rest is fine. Please review my essay if time permits.

      What is ur optional? My one is philosophy

    • X.

      hello batman,
      what i find here is a lot of explanation is given to problems , of different type, but not on solutions of them through moral rectitude.
      you went to the ending part quite smoohtly, but i think the ending part at the right end could have been much better from you.

      otherwise no issues. keep writing.
      review mine too brother.
      thank you

      • Hi Karan, yea you got that right. I should have given solutions with specific measures rather than just mentioning values. Reviewing yours in a while 🙂

    • Night Fury

      “A moral crisis is when you are torn between doing what you know to be the wrong thing and the right thing. The crisis challenges your beliefs. ”

      breakdown of morals ?
      thoda essay ko is direction me orient karne ki zarurat h i guess..
      not sure though. but felt essay getting deviated from the topic

      essay seems more tilted towards problems, solutions likha h but every problem needs a solution by you..

      writing skills are brilliant as always !

      • Han I just came to know the meaning of ‘crisis’. Did you know it before or googled up?
        Need to make it solution oriented-accepted 🙂

        • Night Fury

          googled obviously , copy pasted the meaning here
          tera breakdown of morals padh k I checked if you have written correctly 😛
          if you hadn’t written it explicitly to dhyan nai jata

          • Himaanshu

            hey,.. hw r u doing friend. If tym permit kindly have a read and review my essay. Thanks 🙂

          • Hehe, chal acha hai abhi pata chal gya mujhe 😀
            BTW had you written essay on topic “Geography may remain the same; history need not’. If you’ve please mail it to me. I wrote about it on blog but I am not satisfied with my content :/

            • Night Fury

              Yes i wrote, will send you mail
              aaj bhi likha hai kal ka iasbaba wala essay, lekin wo bekar hai, still will send you 😀

              • “kal ka”? ya aaj ka. I will go through that on iasbaba, don’t worry 😀

                • Night Fury

                  sent mail superman 😛

                  • ab mane baba pe he kar dia hai, mane ye comment ab padha hai 😛

          • Abhijit (ABG)

            maine bhi galti kar di 🙁

        • Himaanshu

          hey bro,… after a long tym. Hw r u doing? ….. kindly have a look at my essay. I will review your’s in few minutes. Thanks 🙂

          • Hi Himanshu bhai, good to see you again 🙂
            I am good, How about you?
            Will be reviewing your essay shortly 🙂

    • Himaanshu

      – well attempted bro.
      – I won’t go into little details but the overall observation.
      – Positives :-
      1- wide coverage
      2- presentation
      3- contemporary examples

      Negatives :-
      1- sometimes felt very deviated and had to remind myself the topic of the essay repeatedly.
      2- over emphasis on international issues

      – Rest is all good. All the very best dear 🙂

  • Anupama

    Do what is right, not what is easy.

    If the above quote were to be religiously followed by all, then there would not be so many problems plaguing the world today.

    We see many problems in the world which organizations like United Nations and other developed countries are desperately trying to address. Some of these include Terrorism, poverty and malnutrition, racism, Trafficking, International border issues, environmental degradation, unemployment, abuse etc.

    Lets see how we can address these problems one by one by being moral.

    Terrorism : There have been multiple instances in the past and present where many innocent lives are being lost due to anti social elements and terrorists. What is more agonizing is that these terror outfits are using even children and women for their selfish gains in the name of religion. These organizations like ISIS, Boko Haram etc have to realize that you do not religion to have morals. If you cannot distinguish between right and wrong then you lack empathy, not religion. Its important that these terrorists learn the importance of human lives and unfortunately no amount of dialogue or talks have helped to settle these matters in a peaceful manner. If they realized the importance then there would not be a need for the world to worry.

    Poverty and Malnutrition : We are into 2016 and still there is a significant divide between rich and poor and countries are still classified as developed and developing countries. There are countries where food is wasted and thrown on streets and at the same time there are countires like Nigeria where infants and millions of poor people long for food and other basic amenities. Yes United Nations is doing its every bit by funding for programmes to alleviate their suffering but that is not enough. A collective effort from the affluent countries, governments is needed to help these poverty stricken population.

    Racism : Many atrocities are committed in various parts of the world in the name of race. Such perpetrators need to understand that its humanity that binds all of us into one and no caste, sex, creed or race can distinguish one individual from another. This comes by deep rooted values ingrained in one’s education and following the same in practice.

    Trafficking : Flesh trade is another problem that is creating havoc across the world.They are more common across the borders like India-Bangladesh border where this issue is rampant. What’s more astonishing is that there are no proper international laws to help the trafficked victims in the respective countries to where they are transported. The day the perpetrators realize that the trafficked victim’s life and individuality is as valuable as his/hers on that day this menace would stop.Also stringent laws need to be putforth by the international agencies for bringing justice to the victims as well as to keep this situation at bay.

    International border issues : Daily we come across news of India and Pakistan fighting over Kashmir. Similarly we see the war- torn Syria being struck among four different forces i.e. the regime, the kurds, the ISIS and other local organizations fighting for control over the land. The stakeholders need to realise that this war comes at the cost of millions of lives which are being lost and refugees being displaced from their homes. Also it inflicts a sense of violence and unrest among the respective provinces in question.

    Environmental Degradation : With great power comes great responsibility, this is true with the developed nations who are contributing significantly to the pollution levels. There have been many protocols in place like the Kyoto Protocol to combat environmental degradation but the individual citizens have to understand that they should be the change they want to see and be accountable for every bit of garbage they throw or the smoke their vehicles emit. Only through this feeling of belongingness that its our earth and we have to keep it clean can help reduce the rapid degradation of environment.

    Unemployment : With increasing awareness about various education avenues available, every year India is generating lakhs of labour force in the market. However we are faced with the problem of unemployment due to the force not matching the required skill set levels. Its time the educational institutions start introspection if the pool of students they are generating every year as graduates are indeed worthy of jobs. The students also need to prepare themselves by focussing on job oriented skill training rather than just focussing on the curriculum prescribed for them.This responsibility for themselves will help improve the employability and make them better contributors to the nation’s economy.

    Abuse : We witness multiple events of child abuse, domestic abuse in the form of child labour or sexual abuse in our society. Even educated lot indulge in such offences and what needs to be understood that its not the education but the perverted mind that is causing these acts. Respect for the opposite person, kindness, compassion are the pillars which help combat these offences.

    We have seen multiple examples of the problems that our world is facing today and we can rightly see that all these are caused due to the lack of morals, ethics, values and integrity. Hence it is important that we start practicing these in our daily lives rather than preaching others on what to do as its the Action that Changes Things. Remember Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Change is required not only in the minds of the individuals but also through reforms in institutions enforcing laws, education imparting agencies etc for a better world.

    • X.

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      avoid heading and stuff. you can do that in rough work to sort out.
      change part is good at the end
      essay looked very segregated and not integrated, work on that

      review mine pls
      thnk you

      • Anupama

        Thank you.. will take note of the suggestions 🙂

    • Jana Sena

      hi anupama…….ur essay has good points but try to connect them properly……headings can be avoided…..starting with a quote is ok but doesn’t work all the time…..I think intro can be started normally…….it’s a safe game if u start it with general statements…….review mine if possible……….

  • harsh

    “If one can Address Moral Crisis, many of World’s Problems can be Solved”

  • Rheshabh Lohia

    this is my first essay kindly review
    If one can address moral crisis, many of the world problems will be solved
    After firsthand experience with worldly sufferings, Buddha wondered for years in search of Truth. The truth to the cause of all sufferings, and then he postulated Four Noble Truth, which says There is suffering, There is a cause of suffering, There is cessation of suffering ,and finally the one that forms the basis for all moral decision “ the eight fold path” they act as a beacon light during Moral crisis.
    Moral crisis is a situation where one has to decide between an easy path with adverse consequences in long run and the morally correct path which is difficult, no immediate returns and reaps fruits in long run. Choice is simple i.e Easy path but the catch is even though it seems to give quick and big dividends, in long run it takes disguised toll on every one like Economy, Environment , Politics and Society culminating into bigger world problems.
    In economy the Moral question revolves around the concentration of wealth, capitalist class has a moral responsibility to share the profits commensurately with proletariat if not done, then it leads to poverty and envy among hard working proletariat making them vulnerable and rebellious, finally surfacing class movement can be mislead by crooked leader into new form of extreme .Giving birth to global problems like terrorism, sectarianism, naxalism, separatist tendency etc. All these have there history around exploitation of powerful by weak and ultimately result in bloodshed of innocent.
    Ironically solution to these complex problem are very simple and along the lines of Buddha’s fourth noble truth. Responsibility is of everyone from state to citizens and institutions even though in the situation of moral crisis one has to take morally correct path. For example despite immense pressure and lobbying from capitalist it’s a moral obligation on state to ensure Labour laws capable enough to combat exploitation and spur equality and ensure working environment by global standards and public security schemes in line with above .Meanwhile initiative like CSR also lets capitalist do their bid in philanthropic field. At individual level one can bring drastic change by simple decision for eg we saw a case of people voluntarily giving up LPG subsidies . Penal protection and minimum tax in case of self declaration of unaccounted money is a great platform to support individual action. Therefore we see even the big economic problems and its adverse outcome can be curbed by solving crisis of conscience, same goes with other world problems.
    Globally world is under constant threat of global warming and rising temperature, environment pollution and many others .Moral question involved here is “who is responsible and who should mend ?” .Here it must be noticed, in the battle to put responsibility on developing or developed countries, international organization are failing people facing immediate threats. Environment is a collective resource and responsibility also lies collectively, before pointing global institution every country and its citizens should held themselves responsible.
    The key lies in the solution of complex dilemma to choose between industrial growth and environment protection. At national level it is a moral obligation of the state to ensure forest right. Even if at times it clashes with industrialization, but conserve biological hot spots and sanctity of nature. At individual level small decisions like closing a tap while brushing, using kitchen waste for manure, organic farming in place of subsidized manure and pesticide, closing fans while moving out etc all these are small individual based moral decision that when seen from a bigger prospective have huge impacts. After we work at individual and state level then only the global binding policies work effectively. Environment is a substratum that bind us all so inherently it hold everyone accountable, one region can not shy away from other region specific problems like continental countries cant shy away from problem of costal, and developed from developing, urban from rural etc. The intricacies of environment are soo complex that we are yet to decipher them and establish a direct cause effect relation. Hence there is a moral obligation on all, as whole and individually to fight this global problem recently encountered.
    Some global problems are result of deliberate action. Political and social problem are among them. In politics we often see a situation where the leader has to choose a politically correct stance under national pressure or party pressure even if it involve overlooking human rights For example territorial disputes between nations, the question can never arise if powerful nation respects territorial integrity of smaller nations. Problem related to insurgency raises a moral question on the nature of foreign policy of other nations. The problem of water disputes, at inter-State and intra-State raises a moral question of rights on resources. IMF and WTO are living examples, just to appease different lobby within their countries developed country do not pay heeds to developing countries.
    Even at local level we have seen crony capitalism proliferating in the system which hinders equal growth of different sections. In democratic system we see leaders appeasing coalition partners by offering lucrative ministries. Recently Gujrat and Haryana faced classic politics dilemma in the form of patel and jat reservation case. In all the above cases governments and individuals always had both option at their disposal. One that is morally correct like understanding problems of developing nations, following total meritocracy other than crony capitalism, identification of moral ground of reservation first by Patel and Jat communities. But opting for earlier mentioned easy path and avoiding moral obligations had made world a difficult place to live.

    Social problems are those, that can’t be solved by state action, judicial action, nor international organization, unless there is moral awareness among everyone. The answer to the problem like casteism discrimination, women empowerment, child labour, female infanticide etc lies on the self realization of moral duties of individual toward these problems. There are many laws, institution, penal code in order to curb these social ills but they are futile unless they are complemented by individual action and behavior, which are outcomes of the moral ground of a person. But that does not leave state off the hook .There should always be a platform provided by state which can facilitate fulfilling of moral obligation by individual Samaritans protection bill in case of accident recently. Initiative like these will promote and increase willingness to help other people in need.
    Another such problem is corruption which can be understood by simple example of traffic lights. Many a time we jump a traffic light and then try to get away by bribe police. These actions promote institution of bribe .Here moral obligation lies not only on the one taking bribe but also on the one who gives. And above all one if you don’t jump a light in first place there is no need to bribe. Corruption has deep ties with Moral crisis, if one always opt for ethical right practice then there is no need to sought to corruption.
    Historically speaking there has been many success stories involving moral correct practice for eg weapon of mass destruction, after the world war 2. UN and every nation did a commendable job to avoid using WMD even under the worst condition. It also taught us a lesson, and focused moral practice in field of research and technological development. Every technology developed now is also accounted for its moral ground eg genetic cloning and surrogacy are banned in some parts to avoid ethical dilemma and maintain sanctity of biological process. Had these moral binding forces not eroded during world wars the world would have been a better place without WMD’s. So there we see importance of ethical decision even in extreme situation like war.
    Thus we see from small actions like switching off the fan to global events like world wars, from sphere of economy to society every decision has to have a strong moral coefficient to realize utopian goal of development of all by all. Lucky for us we have DPSP in our constitution so identifying the morally correct path is not a problem they are categorically mentioned all we need is public initiative with political will and judicial nod.

  • Naik

    If one can address moral crisis,many of the world’s problem cab be solved

    What is the character of challenge to morality that our age offers? every seem to agree that we find ourselves in moral crisis is an aggravated kind.what is the nature of this crisis.what shall we make of deep is long does it go.what is its meaning and portent. The modern era is dominance of humanist views.When time changes the people of the world involve more and more in crisis, political,social, cultural,environmental and new technologically so on.The world has so many of the crisis from ancient to modern, Mahabharata to British rule, world war to human right crisis.

    Political crisis
    Iraq faces a political crisis that threaten to collapse of current government, unrest political political stability.backing it ISIS.Britain has got up brexit. When come india has been facing so many of allegation based vote of cost. Political parties are remarking caste, religion,region, without thing about others rights and moral.Ruling party of india have been made so may of controversy issues like polarization of countries based on caste and religious. which was another love jihad issues which one of main rid issue during lok sabh campaign.The country of the world are not cooperative based on political manner,when comes to the leadership. China and USA always stand on extreme edge. In order to south china sea and APEC. UAS has curtain to china come on the platform

    SOCIAL crisis
    Society wants stand on equality. but not allowed on it, when comes development, human rights, community development.The society of the world been rid up by racism, caste ,religion communal violence.Last couple of years Indian,who have been studying ,working abroad have made harasses by native country men, in UAS and Australia. in Bengulure a girl harasses because of totoo of God Ganesh.In case of caste recently Dalit in Gujarat harassed.and other hand caste based reservation been rising without any base of and backwardness.child abuse malnutrition,girl malnourished,human trafficking.

    ECONOMIC crisis
    Think over recently blocked of torrent website,which was illegally uploaded films and video. which would release on the day movie.however, film industries have backed.the cyber Trafficking have snatched data of the banks, personal on the other had lineage scorpene.

    It is one of most out standing issue today. when we think about paris conference. Out come of the result International solar alliance came out with it. But ISA has limited only for tropical countries and second developed countries have been dominated in order to the technology and investment. Forest and river away day by day, human interfere. flower and faun are decreasing and threaten their life.where animal have been killed for their parts to sell.

    The innocent people have been killed. where the world became

  • shiva reddy

    please review my essay

  • Disco Dancer

    Rough Draft:

    #Moral values, Importance of Moral values-knowing b/w right & wrong by not focusing on personal gain, integrity, control our thoughts
    #Why moral crisis-for Social, Economic, Political gain?(through internet, fake propaganda create hatred among citizens, media)
    #How lack of moral values have affected us till now-Indian perspective (from Mahabharata to British rule, Division, feuds, killing of tigers in India, cutting of trees), World(racial discrimination, killings in china-‘great leap forward’, killings of latin americans, middle east crisis, Africa distribution after congress of vienna, loss of culture-terrorist destroying cultural pieces buddha, remains in middle east etc)
    #How it is still affecting?(middle east matter, LWE,kashmir issue, tribal areas, gender inequality, people dont help victims of accidents, dadri lynching, global rise in temperature-no sustainable develoment, technology using for wrog purpose -led to loss of confidence, unity problem, etc)

    #How can they resolve problem(people began to take decision selflessly, ethical decision, Citizens committees,etc)
    #How this can be achieved?(from house to school-moral education, stringent laws on cybercrime & elements that incite hatred, policy, gov functioning on DPSP, public on FD, effective leadership, schemes to end social discrimination, effective environment policy, technology good cause etc)
    #Conclusion-Morality best religion, end with some Gandhian quote

  • Target2017

    Please review.

  • Kapil Vats

    someone please give your precious 5 minutes to review this essay,Thanks in advance

    • Madhu

      Well written but
      I felt intro is too long.
      Don’t do into details, you can write crisper sentences conveying same meaning.
      You have sighted examples which are negative, positive aspects can also be covered.
      End on an optimistic note.
      Keep writing and keep reviewing 🙂

      • Kapil Vats

        Thanks fly sky ur essay has given me direction how writing crisply we can explore the breadth of essay and also adhering to word and time limits

  • Madhu

    Kailash Satyarthi pointed out to the western consumers that behind the supply chain that delivers exquisite winter wear lies the exploitation of children. Children, who should’ve been in schools not in factories. He created a world wide movement against child labour by this simple act of appealing to the moral senses of the consumers.

    The problems that we face today are of our creation. There is greed of individuals and countries behind exploitation of poor, religious and racist bigotry behind world wars and genocides and there is lack of shame behind littering of streets but keeping our houses clean. It is right when we say that moral crisis is the root of the problems. To solve these problems,we have to choose what is right and act according to it.

    Morality in business and professions:

    Big pharma companies protested against production of generic HIV-drugs on the premise that their bottom lines were getting impacted and they continue to do so. While profits are important, they should not be at the cost of millions of lives. If countries and i8nl organizations such as WHO agree upon basic framework in which we tackle global health problems ensuring decent profits, health related suffering can come down. Empathy should be intrinsic to business. Similarly, if engineers, doctors and bureaucrats stick to professional ethics, flyover collapses, organ-trade can be prevented. This does not require any sacrifices except their greed.

    Climate Justice:

    Excessive use of fossil fuels in west and our cities affects the life of tribals in India, who have neither seen electricity nor used a vehicle in their life and yet the habitat in which they live is being destroyed for mining coal. If our lifestyles are altered towards sustainable path, if rich countries contribute to GEF towards adaptation, forest management activities and transfer RE technologies, we can alter the path of evolution, save many lives and cultures from extinction. This requires to feel guilty about the damage done and live with a sense of responsibility.

    Political Morality:

    Edifice of the modern world has been built on colonization and suppression. This continues in the form of neo-colonialism in western countries intransigence in reducing deceptive subsidies, reluctance to accept suggestions from the Doha-round of WTO. World powers have fueled racial/religious conflicts among poor countries to exploit resources(Congo, Kenya etc) and to maintain their sphere of influence during and after the cold war(Middle east, Asia etc.). The current crisis in Syria and Palestine can be traced back to Treaty of Versailles, Psykes-Picot agreement etc. Pakistan has been instigating terror attacks on neighboring countries and causing pain for common people.

    In India too, we notice that riots, conflicts are flared up to gain politically. Corruption transcending all political organs have cost us dear. No wonder our poor ranking in almost all development indexes(HDI, GDI, Hunger Index). We need to rediscover values from our past, our freedom which was bestowed on us by altruistic struggle of our leaders. We need to reinstate constitutional values in all walks of life including fundamental duties of each citizen.

    Amid this gloom, we need to remember what Mahatma Gandhi said, “We should not lose faith in humanity, if one drop is dirty, the ocean does not become dirty”. There are enough examples to show that problems can be solved if we are receptive to change in our moral attitude. We see numerous instances were countries and individuals have demonstrated high standards of morality and have set examples for others to follow.

    High standards in International Relations:
    Germany’s acceptance of refugees, Cuba sending doctors to rescue of Ebola victims when others declined, India demonstrating high moral standards by evacuating citizens of even Pakistan without discrimination and its generous grants to LDCs through its ITEC, Line of Credit programs despite its own limitations.

    High professional standards:
    Philanthropists such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates have not only been helping solve fundamental problems but also urging others to donate. In India, Tata Trust, Mahindra Nandi foundation have been helping tribal attain a decent livelihood and Aravind Hospital working selflessly. Bureaucrats such as Durga Shakti Nagpal and numerous others working in anonymity for solving problems of the poor.

    In India we see that over 1 crore have given up LPG subsidy which is now rightly going to poor households.

    All these examples demonstrate that when high moral standards are adopted, no problem is too difficult to solve. High moral standard should act as a guide to foreign policy, democracy, professional conduct and more importantly in every small decision we make every day.

    • Madhu

      Please review

    • Kapil Vats

      very well written essay touched all dimensions and provided a gud conclusion pls review mine also if u can spare few mintues

  • Rishi Malik

    “How can one be well…when one suffers morally? – War and Peace.

    Leo Tolstoy has in these very simple words conveyed that morality is the ingrained requirement of wellbeing. It is the cardinal foundation upon which every single idea and substance of human wellbeing flourishes.

    Morality is the set of principles concerned with distinction between right or wrong behaviour. It attempts to answer the question pertaining to what good is. Though morality may be subjective to some extent, it would not be wrong to comprehend that there exists strong universal aspects to it in every civilised society in this world.

    The causes of problem faced by the world today are deep rooted in the conducive environment provided for nurturing of moral bankruptcy, from the values ingrained at the individual level to society level, to national level and finally culminating at the global level. Moral crisis at each level in turn gives rise to an exponentially grown form of the same in the subsequent level. Therefore, before there is any attempt to address the problems faced globally, it is prudent that the underlying cause must be understood.

    Family plays the most critical role in development of virtues. It is the level at which youngsters are most influenced by their elders around them, both consciously and subconsciously. The values passed on from generation to generation gets ingrained in the minds of the family members, which are not easily changed or rectified with time. One example is institutionalisation of inequality as a virtue by encountering problems faced by the girl child, which most importantly includes lack of opportunities afforded to them. Other areas of concern include issues involving violence, abuse, unfaithfulness towards spouce, emotional torture etc. These issues give rise to institutionalisation of other morally infirm values.

    These member of families are members of the society, of the state and of the global community, where moral bankruptcy progressively manages to get more and more bankrupt. This is due to exponential increase in greed, hunger and degeneration of good values along with simultaneous increase in fixation towards immoral behaviours.

    Globally, corporations are based and founded on the principle of profit maximisation, which to a large extent is sacrosanct to its functioning. All other areas of concern are secondary to the principle of profit maximisation. The corporations involved in oil exploration and production have on numerous occasions caused significant damage to the environment through oil spills, degradation of land etc. Corporations have on numerous instances sold sub-standard products which have caused damage to lives and environment. The issue of selling of sub-standard drugs in India is well documented. Corporations have also been adamant with compliance of Intellectual Property Rights even on occasions relating to saving lives of humans. However, there are also examples of corporations which are highly philanthropic, such as the Bill and Melinda foundation which has helped invent vaccines and opportunities for a better life for the poor.

    For political gains, world leaders have given rise to battlefields all over the world. The war on Iraq has been conceded by the former PM of Britain as a mistake. It is rumoured that the war had its origin in the rivalry between the powerful Bush family (President George Bush Sr and his son Bush Jr, both of whom have been presidents of USA) and Saddam Hussein and not on the instance of destruction of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Be it the ongoing conflict in Israel-Palestine or Islamic extremism in Syria or killing of Rohingyas in Burma, to a large extent, all are founded in lack of inherent compassion and tolerance towards fellow human beings.

    There is food security problem in most of the developing world. With the population estimated to reach 9 billion in 2050, there is need to minimise wastage and improve agriculture. Developed states such has USA and Australia have very high per capita consumption trend which is based on unhealthy and immoral habit of wastage, arising out of high purchasing power and unsustainable lifestyle. The need for change in behaviour and life style is urgent. Along with this, future water crisis has also been projected to be very real and very soon by scientists world over. Water conservation needs to be actively taken institutionally and individually. As a significant step 2nd goal of the 17 SDGs has been related to elimination of hunger and food security which will provide a huge impetus and awareness to importance of judicious use of resources.

    The environmental challenges are being faced by all beings on this planet Earth. Most of these challenges being of anthropogenic causes, it is incumbent upon the human race to rectify and reverse this trend. We should not be in the mistaken understanding that us affecting our planet would cause the end of it. The reality however is that the human race might perish and the planet will go on for another millions of years, like it did before humans were born. It is high time we give up personal gains so that we can afford focussing on improving the health of our planet, for the present and the future generations.

    World is struggling with the problems of lack of social inclusion, poverty and increasing gap between the haves and have nots. These issues are of primary importance since true development is not possible without inclusion of every member of the society in decision making and contribution towards upliftment. Establishments world over should give up corruption, greed and politically contaminated positions and instead strive for minimising the stark cleavages of inequality in various walks of life. This would help in avoiding disillusionment among unprivileged people. This would not only ensure growth and welfare of the people but also lasting peace and prosperity.

    Numerous international organisations such as NPT, UN, WTO etc promote interests of developed states and ignore thier objectives of welfare of the developing world and promotion of peace. NPT has been based on discriminate classification of states such as nuclear and non nuclear ones. UN has on occasions functioned as an agent of the west, since it is mostly influenced and controlled by it. The provision of 5 permanent states in the UNSC having veto over all decisions of UN is certainly does not reflect high moral underpinnings. Further, IMF chief has always been European whereas the chief of WTO has always been from USA. Apart from positive developments made by these institutions, there is no denying that they too are influenced by lack of high moral standards, which are on many occasions starkly reflected in their organisational plan.

    It is apparent that the problems the world faces today take birth in moral bankruptcy. However, there is also a strong belief that humans can overcome this demon of immoral behaviour and embrace high moral values for good.

  • Himaanshu

    In simple words morality is a personal sense of right and wrong and displaying it through actions or thoughts. For example – you are going on a road and find a bundle of notes amounting to rupees five thousand, now course of action taken by you would show your MORAL VALUES. Now, suppose your mother is in hospital and you are in dire and urgent need of money and than you find the same bundle of notes, in this case you may find yourself in a situation of MORAL DILEMMA. In another situation suppose you saw the bundle of notes falling from a person’s bag but still you don’t inform that person and prefer to pick up the notes than in this case you are in a situation of MORAL CRISIS.

    Moral crisis is not only related to doing something wrong but it also signifies the behavior of not doing something right and remain a mere spectator. The problems the world is facing today is not because few people are doing unjust to humanity but it is because most of the people do not raise their voice against the evil. Most of us are involved in collective moral crisis without even realizing it.

    Moral values like honesty, loyalty, tolerance, justice, self control and sincerity promote the social efficiency of an individual thus result in social harmony. Dearth of these values create friction and this we can easily see in today’s modern world. If we analyze the problems in today’s world we see that the root cause of any problem is ‘collective moral crisis’. For example- lack of tolerance creates violence, lack of honesty creates corruption, lack of justice creates unrest in society so on and so forth.

    However, it is not like that moral crisis is a modern phenomenon. In history we find certain instances where decay in moral values created havoc to the human civilization. You name it and you will find a relationship between ‘evils’ and the ‘moral crisis’; crusades, holocaust, world wars are among many. Our mythological stories also suggest that whenever there is a fall in morals it will be followed by a set of problems. For example- the battle of Mahabharta is all about conflicts of values and morals, in Ramayana the abduction of Sita by Ravana was the act of moral crisis which resulted in his assassination by the lord Rama. Was that possible for a tiny number of Britishers to subjugate such a vast country like India without the help of Indians? The clear answer is no. But the lack of morals like unity, integrity and selflessness among natives helped invaders to capture their land. It is the high moral values of our freedom fighters like Gandhiji, Nehru, SC Bose, Bhagat Singh etc which provided freedom to India from the colonial rule.

    A good amount of water has flown under the bridge since colonial rule, imperialism, cold war etc have directed the course of problems to east from west. In present context there are new types of problems or we can say that old issues are coming in new forms but with much more force and in enhanced degrees. For example – terrorism, so called clash of civilizations ( Islam v/s Christianity ) , neo- imperialism, neo-capitalism so on and so forth. Apart from these issues there are many problems which can be addressed by setting and inculcating healthy moral values in the society.

    The biggest problem today is the attitude of people. We may easily find people who say that WE DO NOT CARE, IT’S NOT OUR BUSINESS, HOW IT IS RELATED TO ME etc. This attitude is one the biggest problem today’s world is facing. We are in such a deep moral crisis that we have forget the values like compassion. There are instances when people find someone in dire need due to any accident but still prefer to overlook the person and move on. This may look a very small issue in front of gigantic issues like terrorism, corruption etc but the collective nature of such attitude of people makes it the most important problem in the world.

    Once Mother Theresa has suggested that poverty is not only about being homeless, hungry or naked. The bigger poverty is the poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared. Now there are two aspects of poverty suggested by Mother Theresa. First one is poverty of being poor and second one is poverty of being unloved. The core of both kind of poverty lies in ‘morality’. To address the former it is institutions and government which have to be morally responsible. Advancing equal opportunities and economic development is both a moral obligation and a responsibility of the government. For second kind of poverty it is family and society which should be held responsible. Family is the institute which provides emotional strength, love, care and importance to individuals. Any decline in these prime duties of a family and society results in emotional poverty suggested by Mothere Theresa.

    So much of the habitat destruction and pollution is based on the simple principle that we somehow have been given free license over other species to degrade the planet. We need to change this attitude. We need to understand our limitations when it comes to mighty nature. Pollution is one of the most discussed problem of 21st century but unfortunately very little on ground has been done so far. The reason why we have reached to such an alarming situation is not our need but our greed which in Gandhiji’s opinion can never be fulfilled by the nature. The problem lies in our greeds the greed of having a luxury life at any cost. People do not want to adopt public transport but ready to shout on traffic issues. This kind of moral crisis is present at world level with various degrees.

    Issues relating to global health and sustainability must stay high on the agenda if we are to cope with an ever-increasing population, with growing pressure on resources. Now, here are two issues one is population control and another one is optimum utilization of resources. Population control requires public awareness, medical facilities, incentives etc but more than this a moral obligation at personal and societal level is also very significant. The idea of producing more children in order to remain in majority and play a dominant role is a morally corrupt idea which need to be confronted. The idea of optimum utilization of natural resources should be promoted as natural resources are limited and we must use them properly . As a great scholar suggested that we have not received this earth from our ancestors as gift but we have bought this from from our coming generations as a liability. We must feel our moral obligations towards our coming generations.

    The fight against international terrorism isn’t just a fight against a bunch of misguided extremists, it is a fight to defend the values that we hold dear. Terrorism has now broken all its limitations and became a global problem. There are various issues which have created tensions among various countries or groups or ideologies. But no issue can be a valid reason for such a inhuman behavior. The issue of terrorism can never be tackled by guns and bombs, it is ideology that need confrontation. And, for changing ideologies dialog is the most important tool. Unfortunately not only at international level but also at individual levels we have underestimated the impact of words over violence. The doors of dialog should always remain open and if it is difficult than at least keep the windows open to avoid suffocation.

    Once Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Most of the problems in today’s world are human made and can only be tackled by human interference and efforts. We need to change our thinking, attitude and behavior in order to produce strong moral conduct which is required to face and solve these problems. We must give our contribution in making this world a better place to live. In the words of Kaliash Satyarthi – “Today, I see thousands of Mahatma Gandhis, Martin Luther Kings, and Nelson Mandelas marching forward and calling on us. The boys and girls have joined. I have joined in. We ask you to join, too”.

    • SM

      intro is good- differentiating dilemma with crisis is excellent
      upper middle part= you are glancing over points, terrorism and neo-capitalism = these points are good, but you need to also the tell factors which are contributing.
      accident point= here u could further delved into what is causing moral crisis like= willingness to help vs police harassement
      pollution point is good, here you also focused on factor- greed

      The idea of producing more children in order to remain in majority and play a dominant role is a morally corrupt idea which need to be confronted.== I am not sure how far this statement is right

      human interference as a measure to solve issue= good point= but how??


      • Himaanshu

        – ya I could have elaborated the points mentioned by you but there were so many points in my mind that I found it difficult to prioritize wht to explain and wht not to. Will take care of this in future fr sure.

        – The idea…………confronted. This is one of the idea. Actually I found a direct link between this idea and the morality hence presented it.

        – Thanks friend for this detailed review. It will surely help me in improving. All the best 🙂

    • Tanu Singhal

      Hey Himanshu few points.

      1. The intro was not relevant, in whole of the parah 1 u kept going on with supooses, so much of assumptons gives a unclear Vision, why would a reader would like to understand your view, while u already asking him to assume it
      2. Second parah must have been the intro.
      3. You focused less on morality and what actually constitutes a miral crisis, and more on its consequences, first rome around defining and justifying it , making it important in decision making.
      4. The paragraphs are little haphazard, place them right.
      5. The parah of mother Teresa and envt and resources ome, are good in the starting, but eventua they move to analytical part of something else. There is lot of diversion.

      Conclusion can be made more impressive and appelaing and not requesting.

      It seemed like an article, not as essay.
      I think an essay should be where after reading the person is able to have a comprehensive knowledge about it.

      You are really good at writing, content and vocabulary, and you can improve a lot. Literally a lot.
      Keep up the good work.
      Do review mine 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        1- In intro I tried to explain things with a situation. In my opinion the best way to explain anything is to relate it with an example or a situation. If I am able to convey my understanding of the topic in intro, I think the purpose of intro is achieved.

        2- may be,… a matter of presentation 🙂

        3- agree to some extent

        4- will try better in my next attempt

        5- hmmmmm,… I guess we have a difference of opinion here

        – I guess knowledge is the secondary objective of a philosophical essay. The prime objective is to present a new perspective with different dimensions.

        – Thanks friend for such a detailed review. It will surely help me in my coming essays. All the best 🙂

        • Tanu Singhal


          Here the interpretation is what matters and uoti which extent you can convince the reader.

          Happy to help 🙂

          • Himaanshu

            will review your’s shortly 🙂

    • Abhijit (ABG)

      Nice essay buddy 🙂

      You seem to have a structure in your essay.
      First few paras were very good – you explained moral crisis and how it is related to world problems nicely.
      However, somewhere I felt that you have focused too much on moral crisis. May be you could have effectively told about the moral crisis and related problems in fewer paras.

      Coming to next part – problems : More dimensions like economical, political, social, governance issue, gender and caste discrimination could have been written, which would have provided wider view.

      So, I will recommend you to use slightly shorter paragraphs and try to attack as many dimensions as possible.
      Good thing about essay was how you introduced the whole concept and set up the background.
      (I too committed some mistakes in my essays today – am new to it, so just telling what I think )

      Keep on writing and please review mine

      • Himaanshu

        – All points are well received buddy 🙂
        – Thanks fr such a detailed review. Will review your’s shortly 🙂

    • Night Fury

      Hi Himanshu,
      m doing good, how are you ?
      essay is good – flow and language
      my suggestion : substantiate your examples, don’t just give a passing reference
      for example ” battle of Mahabharta is all about conflicts of values and morals”
      how ? give some evidence
      same goes for few other examples too..
      your definition is perfect
      introduction can be written other way
      simply writing definition – too conventional
      rest it was a smooth read
      All the best ! 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        m good dear… 🙂

        – hmmmm,… I agree that I should avoid giving passing references.
        – are you asking me to write conventional definitions or saying that I have written a conventional definition?
        – Thank you so much fr such a detailed review. Stay in touch. All the very best 🙂

        • Night Fury

          I meant what you have written is too conventional.
          try different styles of introduction. Start with an anecdote or a case study.
          All the best to you too 🙂

      • Naina

        Plz evaluate my essay too guyz!!!

    • – avoid using expression ‘for example’. Depict your ideas straight forward
      – moral crisis=moral dilemma. You’ve assumed it breakdown of moral values which is not correct
      – you seem to have used the intepretation of quote ‘The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis’ but it is not correct
      – you may avoid use of ‘mythological examples’
      – try to write ‘Was that possible for a tiny number of Britishers to subjugate such a vast country like India without the help of Indians?’ from separate para
      – connectivity between paras at few places is missing & in paras- ‘we do not care, it is not our business..’; ‘on pollution’ no mention of solutions
      – the quote of essay said that “many of the problems can be solved” i.e. some may not be solved- mention such problems

      • Himaanshu

        – ok point is taken bro
        – don’t you think the word crisis represent breakdown of anything? In my opinion moral dilemma and moral crisis are two different concepts.
        – I read this quote today itself while collecting some fodder points but did not find it useful for this topic. So, you are right both the quotes should have different interpretations and I also believe the same and tried not to interpret the later quotation to any stretch of my imagination.
        – hmmmmm,… a bit confuse on this. Actually it was suggested by someone to touch mythological examples also so as to add one more dimension. Will think over it again bhai.
        – I think according to the given topic the solutions must revolve only around moral values. I tried to present that in one or two line. But I think I could have presented it in a better way.
        – yes,…. this is the thing I completely forgot to touch.

        – Thanks bro for such a detailed review. You forced me to think more on this topic with a different angle. Thanks again. Will read your’s shortly 🙂

        • You check the dictionary meaning of crisis, your doubts will be resolved 🙂

    • Ankita Agarwal

      i liked ur essay.. it had general examples and not too much factual… but too much to quotes like what mother theresa said and then explaining them.. this could be eliminated o explained in a line o two. the flow was surely missing between two consecutive paragraphs. loved the intro. it was crystal clear and reflecting ur understanding about the topic. 🙂

      • Himaanshu

        hi Ankita… thnks fr d reading and detailed review.
        – actually there is only one quote in the whole essay that is of Kailash Satyarthi, rest are just references.
        – ya agree, I need to work on connectivity part between the paras
        – Thanks again dear and ALL THE VERY BEST 🙂

    • Amrita

      Now I know the correct Essence of Essay.
      A Good Essay Himanshu.
      Thankyou for the honest review you did on my Essay.

      • Himaanshu

        well, my essay also has lots of flaws but still I am delighted that you find it interesting. Thanks Amrita :-)…. and wish u ALL THE VERY BEST 🙂

  • In the pursuit of happyness

    Hi all,

    This is my first attempt at writing an essay. I would be extremely grateful if you look beyond your moral crisis and choose to review it (LOL). Thanks in advance

    The only thing that is necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing- Edmund Burke

    This statement aptly summarises how moral crisis among men has indirectly aided evil to spread its arms across different strata of our society. Morality could loosely be defined as a set of principles concerning the distinction between right or wrong or good and bad behaviour. However morality is a subjective concept, varying across cultures and individuals. It is therefore often that the hard nurtured beliefs are put to trial in a situation of crisis and that is when moral crisis creeps in asking to choose between “what is right and what is easy” thereby shaking the foundations of morality that have been carefully nurtured over many years.

    If we look at the world today we find it to be in a state of turmoil. Leaders are grouping together at peace meetings while terrorism is swiftly spreading its wings in the background. The rise of the ISIS is causing devastation to the Middle-East, whereas the Boko Haram is wreaking havoc in Nigeria. The congregation of world leaders have made futile attempts at addressing these problems- mainly due to moral crisis they felt- as a result of ingrained beliefs of morality and the belief that problems are not one’s own unless they are taking place in their own backyard.

    Moral crisis is however not only limited to tackling terrorism. The economic sphere too is on the verge of a collapse fuelled by corruption and manipulation which in turn was caused by the accumulation of power in the hands of a few individuals. Thus we have seen the Greek crisis fuelled by a corrupt Government hiding the actual facts and figures until it assumed alarming proportions and needed international financial assistance for its recovery.

    In the political sphere we witness Britain leaving the Euro zone faced with a moral crisis between the choice of its own economy and the Euro zone as a whole. Whether Britain will eventually stand to gain from its choice is a question of time, but it could definitely have made a different choice, given a strong country like it was expected to extend a helping hand to the weaker ones in times of distress.

    From the above flows the direct linkage of moral values in the social sphere. With the need to be ahead of others in the race comes the degeneration in values and respect for fellow human beings. Thus a victim lying on the road is left bleeding because plaguing interrogation from the police takes an upperhand over the life of another being. The same reason can be cited as regards the treatment meted out to acid attack victims or a woman who has been raped because the society finds it easy to point fingers and find faults with the woman than itself.

    Then again, how would moral crisis not exist when man himself failed to make a change to his surrouding environment. Everyday factory effluents are being dumped in the river water at the cost of economic upliftment which modern society holds at a greater importance than the environment. The earth’s resources are rapidly declining and here again individuals are faced with the problem of choice- over climate protection and economic growth. And more often than not, itis usually the latter which triumphs.

    Finally the question arises is humanity on the way to its extinction? To look at it practically, environmental degradation coupled with terrorist attacks do threaten the very existence of the human race. However, not all is lost as its is humans themselves who have to take the right decisions and set high standards of morality that could inspire others. While Britain chose to exit the Euro zone plagued by refugee problems, Germany has opened its gates for them. Philanthropists like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, though extremely suceesful in building their own empire, are continually contributing to the betterment of their society through charitable funds. Locally, the Tata foundation and even the Reliance group are regularly working to use their wealth for the upliftment of the underprivilged. Ultimately it is a matter of choice – because with great power comes great responsibilty and if the society and the environment are responsible for my rise to power, it becomes my duty and responsibility to look after it.

    • Gautam Himanshu

      as iam totally newbie to essay thng spcly to philosophical ones.. so only thng i can do is appreciate it….

      • In the pursuit of happyness

        I realized I had to absolutely overcome my fear and start writing- high time now! Thanks for the upvote. 🙂

        • Gautam Himanshu

          i thnk some tips will work for me… if u like to share… spcly philosophical ones…

          • In the pursuit of happyness

            For any essay, I feel there has to be a good introduction, so that it’ll attract the examiner’s attention.(I have to work on that). And for the philosophical ones what I tend to do is think a bit as a layman like what I would answer if someone just asked me such a question over a conversation..I find ideas flowing that way

      • Naina

        Plz evaluate my essay too…on 125 marks scale.suggestions are welcomed.

        • Gautam Himanshu

          sorry i didn’t read beyond first page, coz thing i missed is that about moral and ethic talk in intro itself.. i think intro must shed a light abt topic.. after reading frst page it seems that essay is abt human evolution not abt moral ethics.. as i nvr wrote an essay till date.. so it’s my personal views.. hope someone else who knew more abt essay thng will review ur essay nd will guide u properly…

          • Naina

            Thanks yar!!

  • invictus prime

    no quotes just a lot of questions..pls bear with me and review

  • ragini sharma

    plz review ……

  • priyanka

    If one can address moral crisis,then many of the world’s problems can be solved.

    • Jana Sena

      next time please upload it correctly and write numbers on the pages so as to read easily…….anyways good essay……but needs to be expanded to make it multidimensional…….review mine if possible………

      • Naina

        Hey TDP ,plz evaluate my essay too!

        • Jana Sena

          I have given my comments on ur essay… mine too…..

  • Joseph Stalin

    Retake Number 1 🙂

    World In which we live in , evolved from Slavery , Wars raged Due to Self interest of Kings , Colonies and Subordination of Nations to serve Metropolis , arms race, scandals and what not. Though There are movements of liberation/independence from tyrannic , Proactive media and judicial activism across world ,a lot needs to done to avert crisis of morality Which the world is facing today.
    So what are These Moral Crisis ? Well In A broader term it is ability to differentiate between Right and wrong ,but inability to stand with right and face the wrong.
    Such inability is not mere restricted to particular sense , in fact it has wider presence and obviously more repercussions.

    On an Individual Level it is lack of empathy which affects the most . public Killing ,execution by Non-state actors has made such things as acceptation rather exception. Such acts has not only killed the people around the world but our conscience as well as human emotions to such grave acts. Needless to say Such rise of groups was also due to morale crisis ,and inability to foresee the future dangers in nurturing them. Russian invasion of Afghan was countered by US’s proxy war through Pakistan and other non -state actors which costed US more dear than Russia itself as evident in their Emergency number 911.

    Domain of Politics is no less embroiled in such ambiguity of Correct and incorrect. Mixing of Religion , religious beliefs with politics , communal hatred and hate speech against the religion has already caused irreversible damages across nations Viz India- pakistan Issue , Balkanisation and foreign provocations etc. Democracy or people’s rule being vitiated by Muscle and money power as evident in Recent Scrapping of Elections BY EC is a dent to it .There were reports of gifts and money was distributed in the constituency, that is to say Political crisis were amalgamation of collective moral crisis of individual voters.

    Nature Or environment is the most affected domain for which Gandhiji adage become more befiiting now than ever ” Earth has enough to satisfy needs of men , but not enough to greed of men “. Recent Paris climate change and individual nations commitment which though highlighted as very high but given the urgency of situation are more or less modest. Failure of World powers to acknowledge fully their historical acts of damages and failure of Developing nations to ensure efficient adaptions mechanism h. Swachh bharat abhiyan which aims to change is the behavior of people towards environment from free good to scarce resource is right way. Fauna of world has too suffered from deforestation ,poaching by humans for various purposes has caused various animals extinct or at verge of extinction. This has become danger for predator itself that is human , through disturbed ecological cycle and food chain.

    Social Divisions on basis of caste ,sex, etc has caused poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer . Today’s newspaper showing poor man carrying dead wife on his shoulders on street to perform last rites and people watching is the nadir point of empathy and death of reflexes to such events. Female foeticide, rape, voyeurism , subordination of females in every domain , skewed sex ratio has affected world greatly. What has made situation more worse that people and judiciary are associating such things as “normal” in newspaper But more heinous acts as “rarest of rare”. How one rape can be different with another rape ?Just because it was backed by media.

    Corruption ,Black money ,money laundering which works in hand in glove to nefarious activities of non-state actors has further amplified the problems. Supported by Various politicians to support their interest and expenditure in elections ,which is linked with individual morale . As it appeared that is not just one single domain in fact it has domino effect Viz Low Morales of voters in turn support corrupt politicians who support Black money generating activities ,which finance nefarious activities across world and kills people . Thus It’s Start with You and end you.
    In Economic domain as recently RBI governor included in speech that countries are making monetory policies just to suit their nation that is there is no coherency at all causing the risk shifting from one economy to other . It is not ending the crisis but just transferring it. For instance For a decade US followed Soft rates policy to hedge it from Economic risk while it affected developing economies greatly in the aftermath. Chinese policy of Low Yuan and Stockpiling $ is no less partisan to serve its interest being export led economy and dumping its cheap goods and causing unemployment and disparity in other non-insulated nations.

    Education ,ethics in governance , Transparency are some ways in which world has to take the better together , they have to sensitize the people and rise above the individual interest or country interest to the world interest. They have to understand wat they being united can do standing with the right and against the Wrong . Such if happens will surely and positively avert the Morale quagmire in which we find ourselves today.

    • Naina

      Nyc vocabulary with recent examples! Conclusion could have been better jst a bit! All in all,a nyc holistic essay! Plz evaluate mine too…with scaling out of 125 marks!

  • Jana Sena

    friends……….please review my essay and give suggestions…….


      even i wrote on the same lines,but yours covered more dimensions. its a good attempt 🙂

      • Jana Sena

        Thanks you

      • Jana Sena

        Can u tell me how many marks will u give for my essay….

        • SPECTRE

          im new to essay writing. not the right person 🙂


    Aaya an eight year old kid is a syrian refugee child who wakes up at 5 a.m to send her six siblings to school and takes care of household chores.She misses her friends at syria and is hoping to see them soon.Her aim is to become a doctor and help children.A whole generation of syrian refugees like Aaya have been affected by this conflict .The lives and futures on hold as the violence continues unabated.This is a disturbing picture of what the world holds for kids like Aaya. If the Bashar al Assad government had understood values of humanity kids like Aaya wouldnt have to lead a critical life

    Moral crisis is where a person has freedom of choice to do the right thing but still opts for the wrong. The contemporary world is facing moral crisis in varied dimensions which had their own ramifications.
    Political crisis at an international level with lack of consensus amongst the leaders of countries will have a harmful impact on the society.It was said that as America rightfully did not deal with war torn Iraq which lead indirectly to the birth of ISIS as a powerful terrorist organisation. If the US had not focused much on vengeance the world wouldnt have seen the birth of a terrorist organisation.When people are biased or buried in hatred the judgement will never be right leading to wrongful choices, thus the situation of moral crisis arises

    The world faces a different crisis at economic level with one part of the world continuously evolving and developing and the other part is still scared by the events of the past like Africa which is colonised by the british is still carrying that brunt with many of the continent’s countries being listed as least developed countries and is a breeding ground of new diseases and highest HIV presence. though it has all the resources it is still being exploited by the developed countries for oil reserves and other natural resources thereby pushing the country into darkness. there is huge difference between the per capita incomes of a developed country and underdeveloped country.
    Though developing countries like INDIA have a huge scope of becoming a developed country, it is facing the menace of corruption and has seen the face of major scams such as 2g scam, coal scam, sharada financial scandal where many prominent personalities were arrested.Corruption is due to mere lack of values and morals and not being considerate about the well being of people.The recent incident in orissa of a man carrying his wife’s dead body as he was denied an ambulance as there was no availability shows the condition of people in a least developed state which can again be attributed to corruption indirectly.

    Another burning issue is climate change putting the entire world at stake. if appropriate consensus is not arrived between the countries the entire world would face the impact of it.The constant conflict over carbon emissions between the developed and the developing countries and the lack of empathy on the part of developed countries is hindering the development of the underdeveloped countries. climate change is global issue and the leaders should understand that the entire humanity will be at risk if they are thinking only for the benefit for their respective countries.They should understand the oneness of the entire world
    if that part is understood issues like racism and casteism can also be addressed as the world is currently facing many issues related to them with the Dallas shooting being a clear evidence of racial discrimination.

    In INDIA casteism is deeply rooted and the existence of khap panchayats and honour killings are a testament. the oppression that the dalits face from upper castes is pathetic. Manual scavenging is still prevalent in many states. when the world is in the transition phase for the 4th industrial revolution it is depressing that still the age old orthodox elements survive in our societies.The lack of values , empathy , morals and compassion among people is the reason why such derogatory practices are still prevalent.

    As Annie Beasent rightly said that the true basis of morality is utility , that is adaptation of our actions to promotion of general welfare and happiness . If this is implemented , the world can become free from issues of moral crisis and a path can be paved where the dream of peaceful coexistence in all dimensions can be achieved.


      kindly review

    • Jana Sena

      Intro is fine…….but I have seen some what incoherence in the body……conclusion can be improved…….how to address the moral crisis can be included in conclusion …….review mine if possible…….

  • Naina

    Hey guyz, plz evaluate my essay too !!!

    • Jana Sena

      hey naina ……….I think this ur first attempt in writhing an essay……seems some what clumsy……..u didn’t address the main issues here , i.e, what are the moral crises involved in today’s problems……..also please avoid mentioning headings…..don’t write in point format as an essay should be written in paragraphs to make it beautiful…….Intro seems to be too lengthy and focused more on evolution of humans…….I think introducing with the evolutionary perspective in this essay won’t fetch good marks……..intro should vary as per the demand of the essay and should be catchy……….To make it multidimensional u need to explore more points …………….conclusion can be improved……..conclusion should impart and an end to essay……It should not end abruptly in one go………… mine if possible………..

  • Shakti

    One day Jai,a cheerful boy found a 1000 rupee note in his backyard. He took the currency and hid it in his shelf. Soon he realized that money belongs to his maid Mrs. Laxmi, as he overheard her crying about her money to his mother and how she saved them for her child’s medical expenses. Jai, although initially reluctant to return the money, felt guilt about his behavior, confessed his mistake and returned the money.This simple act made Jai come out of his problem of remorse feeling,made him perceive the importance of truth and also helped Mrs.Laxmi found her lost money.
    A moral crisis is a conflict in which one has to choose between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing between each action. Instances of moral crisis is common in every sphere of life and for every person from a student (when asked to help in an exam by best friend) to a milkman (moral dilemma to adulterate milk to earn extra money or not to adulterate) to an administrator ( dilemma to accept a huge amounts of graft or to be honest) to a doctor (in case of euthanasia ) and even Arjuna was not an exception during the war of kurukshetra.
    Being at moral crossroads can be between two positive elements, one positive and one negative element or can be between two negative elements. Which element to be chosen depends on the situation and the discretion of an individual. Ex:Arjuna was in a dilemma to wage a war (against his dear ones, which was a negative element ) or not to wage a war (a positive element). He, guided by Arjuna had to chose the negative element of going with the war for the larger good.
    At times, moral dilemma of an individual and the right choice he makes can cause huge benefits to the society.This can be seen in the case of Humayun Khan, Pakistan born American captain who was chosen to be killed by a suicide bomb car during US-Iraq war of 2004.This saved hundreds of lives of soldiers and the bystanders.
    When looked at Indian history,one instance is of Ripon, the then viceroy of India faced the moral crisis on the issue on Ilbert bill controversy whether to support Indians or Europeans.He stated that justice is neither black nor white and chose to support the concept of equality by resigning to the post of viceroy. This act of him changed the political history of India which ultimately led to the establishment of an organization called “Indian National Congress” to address the challenges of India.
    During the cold war era, India as a sovereign nation, faced with the moral dilemma to either choose Eastern block or Western block. She opted to remain as an independent block and set the trend for many third world countries. This at least to certain extent helped these countries in not acting as proxies for the two powerful blocks and power politics.
    Instances of moral dilemma can also be found in social settings like female infanticide,caste discrimination, dowry harassment,antisocial behaviors etc.On one side of the dilemma was to commit these crimes.On the other side is to restrain from doing these acts.When people go with the latter,they not only bring moral fulfillment to themselves but also to the many people and their families.
    Dilemma of righteousness can also be seen and felt today in the ecological sphere in therms of unsustainable agriculture,tragedy of commons (individuals acting independently according to their won self interests contrary to the common good of all), excessive use of electronic goods which releases chlorofluorocarbons ,over-exploitation of natural resources, deforestation etc. On one side,this is because of human greed and his material needs and on the other,because of increased necessity despite very well aware of the negative consequences. Example: Initially cars, refrigerators were a luxury but now a necessity because of increased commutation, status symbol, habit of preserving the things in the refrigerators because of busy life etc.
    When faced with the moral dilemma of over exploitation or conservation of mother nature,one should remind of the example of Easter Island in the South eastern pacific ocean. This island was once teeming with people but today it is the most remotely inhabited islands of the world because of over exploitation and intense and selfish desires.Overcoming this dilemma can lead to happiness,satisfaction and sustainability as can been seen with Bhutan which proved that there is no path to happiness and happiness is itself the path. India should learn from the tiny Himalayan nation as without regards to morals and ethics,Indians might well succeed but India will not.
    Adulteration of commodities, black money, corruption, hoarding, negative externalities in the form of pollution etc is because of choosing the negative side of the moral dilemma in the self interest. Addressing these problems can surely address the problem of some people even if not all. Example, ending the adulteration of eatables might control the negative effects on health, ending the corruption might bring quick and quality services to all sections of the society.
    And as we saw the moral crises in different spheres,it has also felt its presence in political bubble in the form of communalism, hate speeches, regionalism, strong hold of ideologies as in case of West Asia etc. Generally people will be at loggerheads with their consciousness on the question of right or wrong and chose to be the negative side because of being obedient to authorities (example, innocent people falling in the trap of ISIS), self interest than interest of all, greed, indifferent to the lives of others, lack of empathy, going blindly by the conventions and rules of the society (as in case of khap panchayats) etc.
    When people can introspect their moral crises and act for the welfare of common good, many of the world’s problems don’t exist at all and even if they exist, can be solved with ease. These crises can also be solved by moral education since childhood, imbibing the virtue of empathy, altruism . The adage “the darkest places in the hell are reserved for those maintain their neutrality in terms of moral crisis” has to be remained by everyone everyday to address the problems and challenges of oneself and the society.

    • Shakti

      Please review

  • sadhak

    many of you have written a very good essay, but friends according to me topic was misinterpreted by most of us. Moral crisis means doing a thing which we know is wrong but given the circumstances we are under extreme compulsion to do it. For example crisis that an honest person faces when she wants to save her sick mother by stealing drugs as she doesn’t have money to buy it.

  • Phanisai Tondepu

    Hello all, just to initiate a discussion. Do you guys believe the statement is right? For me it is not. A moral crisis arises when a person is pushed to pursue an option that he would not have otherwise pursued. For example a bread earner of a family stealing food for his family.

    The question asks us to link it to the world’s problems. If we take fundamentalism and terrorism, it is not a moral crisis. Followers follow with utmost conviction to these values. They are not pushed by crisis. Similarly if we look at the political angle of new imperialism, that is toppling the government of any other country for your cause, is also not driven by moral crisis. These are driven by vested interests. The all pervasive problem of gender inequity also not a moral crisis. No one pushes women into private-public dichotomy for moral reasons. It is institutionalized discrimination.

    Thus, i would conclude my essay against the given statement. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in advance.