OFFLINE PRELIMS TIMETABLE – for Working and Non-Working Candidates

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The overall strategy of your preparation should be based on details given in Mission 2017 post (Click Here)

Offline Test Series details are already given HERE. Please read it carefully before making payment.

Happy News: Our offline students who wrote regularly all 32 tests and revised them regularly have scored excellent marks in Prelims – 2016 (as per Insights key). Around 230 out of 600+ regularly gave all tests. Among 230, most have scored in the range of 105 to 155. 

Timetable for working and Non-working aspirants

Non-working aspirants should give tests on regular dates. These dates are same for online and offline students. 

For working aspirants we will conduct exams on Sundays. Please check below timetable for exact dates.

Insights-Prelims-Test-Series-2017 TIMETABLE –

Please register as soon as possible as seats are filling fast and we will be closing admissions as and when numbers reach 600 students. 

Timing of batches for working and non-working will be announced on 17th August in Google Group created for them. 

Thank you and wish you all the best!

  • Shazz

    For online test also 600 limit?

    • Kush Jain

      No, man… Thats unlimited and u can join whenever u want untill next pre

  • Aayu_kaul

    What is the exact difference between online and offline test series ?

    • Reet

      Same doubt
      Bt i guess offline r d students who take admission in d institute in bangalore n online r those who cant go there n can study online being at their respective places..😕

    • Rishi

      There is so much chaos around offline and online initiatives though the purpose of both is crystal clear from day 1 :

      Offline :

      Advantage :

      1. You will attend all the tests in classroom alike environment.
      2. you will be given hard copy of question paper and OMR sheet to record your answers , so you will get habitual of time management (as far as marking the OMR is concerned).
      3. You will be meeting serious aspirants and subsequently you can form self study groups with them.

      Disadvantage :

      1. You will have to travel to their test center to attend the tests. If you are staying nearby to their center, then well and good, else you will be spending considerable amount of time in travelling (because Bangalore’s traffic rocks! :P).
      2. What if you miss a test? Whether they will allow you to give the test on a different date or not, insight is silent on that.

      Online :

      Advantage :

      1. No need to worry about travel time or location constraints. Whether you are sitting at J&K or in a remote village of Nagaland, you can give the tests provided by you are equipped with a ‘decent’ internet connection.
      2. Give the test as per your comfort. Suppose if you are not prepared for August 18th test, you can give it on a later date. However, same privilege is not available for offline students. Under offline test series, strict time table will be a binding on you.
      3. Less fee as compared to offline (6400 for online / 9000 for offline), though that hardly maters 😀 😉
      Disadvantage :
      1. You will be missing the real touch of the test as you will be giving it from the comfort of your home/office.
      2. Except few, most of the candidates will not feel that ‘heat’ as you will be giving the tests on dates chosen by you and thus there is high possibility that people will keep on postponing the tests thinking they will prepare well and then attempt. However, under offline test series you will have to attend the tests on a definite test hence no other way but you will have to prepare yourself for the impending test well in advance.
      3. Last but not the least, technology can’t replace men in certain areas and classroom teaching is one among them. You will be meeting serious aspirants daily and can discuss various aspects of the examination under offline test series, however you will be deprived from the same in online test series (except few enthusiasts who spend their considerable amount of time in discussing various issues on various online forums).
      Bottom line of discussion is, both online and offline initiatives have the same syllabus and same questions will be asked in both the test series.
      Now its your call if you wish to visit the center or want to attend the tests from the comfort of your home.

  • Nikhil

    Dear Insight Team,
    When detailed time table for online students will be made available.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Prashanth kallur

    When do the guys who paid for the offline test series come to your centre(now that prelims is over)?
    When will the google group be created?

    • Aayu_kaul

      Prashanth I am appearing for 2017…please tell me the difference between online and offline test series….bit confused here

      • Gohan

        in offline test series you need to go to the insights test centre in bangalore and write the tests, whereas in online test series you can sit at home and write the tests, the syllabus is same for both

      • Gohan

        in offline test series you need to go to the insights test centre in bangalore and write the tests, whereas in online test series you can sit at home and write the tests, the syllabus is same for both

  • cksanju1990

    Thank you so much

  • tushar surwade

    Hello,plz start separate optional answer writing initiative

  • Sabal Asthana

    @Insights, I am (an SSC aspirant) to take CGL Exam to be held in Aug-September this year! How should I start the preparation for prelims 2017 as you have already put up the routine chart ? Please guide me, a sincere request!

  • Deepak Jose

    For Test 25-32 Working people batch timings are not given, why is that ?

  • Vishnushankar

    Can anyone clear this doubt,…
    Is it mandatory to register at the centre, between 10th and 17th? Cant we directly come with receipt on August 18th nad atted firts test

    • harish

      The reason for registering beforehand is for selecting students based on batch and timings as they cannot arrange for all 600 aspirants at a time……….based on registration they will allocate batch and timings for xam……:)……….Its k if u come on 18 but probably u will be alloted last batch that will write xam on 5pm……….bcoz venue wil be wrapped up by 7pm

  • beast3081994

    being a newbie to insights can anyone tell me…how to we upload our mains answers…@ insights online mains test series i am interested in joining.

  • Anusha

    I have registered myself for offline test series… But I did not get any information regarding time slots. Has anyone got information? Whom am I supposed to contact?

  • sai

    Offline prelims test series payment not working pls help