Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 32: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 32


07 August  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

  • Shefali

    how do i review what i write?

    • Aastha Sharma

      others will review ur work

      • Shefali

        could you please tell me how? i mean whom do i have to show my essay?

        • Aastha Sharma

          are u new to this website ???

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            • Aastha Sharma

              ok today is upsc exam so people are not online here normal days there are so many people who are writing their essays and answers here in daily secure…so we guys review the each other’s essay’s and answers n give the feedback… also when u read the content written by others u may get to know more points n knowledge about a particular topic as well feedback for your own…n with time u can learn a lot ..

              • Shefali

                thank you. this is the first essay i was about to write on insights and i saw no comments below, so freaked out as to how can i write something without knowing my mistakes at the end. i completely forgot today is d day for many.

                • Aastha Sharma

                  start writing without any fear u will get reviews good or bad but definitely u will learn ..good luck ..where is ur essay ?

                  • Shefali

                    Polishing a gem requires extreme pressure and time, only then it’s worth is recognised by us.
                    As lao tzu said,”journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”.
                    That one step is knowing your strengths, weaknesses. An athlete can never compete with his competitors unless he knows his own weakness. A businessman can never take advantage of opportunities lying ahead until and unless he makes his first step towards wisdom. One can live one’s life to the fullest only by knowing the restraining factors. If he’s willing to look inside and work on the limitations, then only experience can provide polishing.
                    Accepting failure in life makes a person wise. Henry ford is known for his excellence in automobiles, but he failed five times. Christopher gardner, an american entrepreneur, stockbroker was once a broken person. Much to his revelation, he found his incredible capability in tracking numbers and he never saw back after that. These are just a few references, counting is endless.
                    Being able to consider what is right and what is wrong can only be based on knowing one’s own beliefs and faiths. Mahatma gandhi was once an aspiring law student, studying in south africa but little did he know that his life was committed to a greater cause. One incident of racism shook him to the core and he started a movement in south africa. Now he is widely known as a prominent leader of Indian National Movement.
                    Moving towards knowing yourself and coming out as a wiser person is a long jouney full of difficult situations, your anticipations, your decisons and experiences. There are no shortcuts in life.

                    • Dheeraj

                      Keep writing.

                    • Aastha Sharma

                      nice write up shefali keep writing ..and with time u will definitely do superb…from next essay try to add more content also as in essay they are expecting around 1000 to 1500 words i guess

                    • Shefali

                      thank you aastha for your valuable suggestions. After posting my answer here i felt i could do more justice and it is no way near a decent essay as i had no content. Also i thought i was going off the topic. Your essay was to the point. Please tell me how you correlate the topic with main points.

                    • Ashutosh

                      Need to work more but nice first attempt

                    • KnowledgeBuff

                      bhai mera essay bhi review kar de.

                    • Ashutosh

                      kar ditta pra ji

                    • KnowledgeBuff

                      thank you veer ji.

                  • Shefali

                    i wrote whatever came to my mind.

  • AK-91

    Topic :- Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

    In the winter of 1659 ,somewhere near Pratapgarh,Maharashtra, an incident occurred which took the whole of subcontinent by storm.Despite being outnumbered militarily ,the Maratha’s ,led by the heroic Shivaji, registered an impressive win over the cruel Adilshahi ruler Afzal Khan.The question then arises, How did it happen?.It was the great military strategy of Shivaji where instead of confronting such a huge opposition force on Plains indulged in Guerrilla warfare by occupying the high mountains.This is a perfect example which justifies the essay topic.It was this inward looking approach of Shivaji,whereby he identified his core strength and strategized accordingly, which ensured such a victory.

    Thus we see Wisdom is all about acting wisely.Now this action of our’s is usually influenced by two factors :Internal and External. External environment is something on which we have little control but it is this internal factor which we can control greatly.Now when we talk about internal factor we usually mean an inward looking approach which concerns itself with Knowing ourselves.

    This not only applies to us on an individual level but is equally applicable to society,businesses,politics,family, sports,economy,diplomacy etc.When we talk about knowing ourselves we mean identifying our own needs,strength,weaknesses and then Planning,stategizing,observing,assessing and executing putting all the resources at our diposal to use.Taking action without knowing ourselves would be equivalent to a situation where a doctor prescribes a medicine without assessing the medical condition of a patient.

    Here we see thee importance of such an activity.For example, we have seen, many a time, people stuck in a job that they find suffocating as they are a misfit.This situation could have been avoided had the person comprehensively studied his life and identified goals based on his own expectations.This unwise move not only cost his career but also wasted a lot of valuable time resource.Here , we see how important this small act can becom over a long run.

    On the other hand if we look at the career of Lata Mangeshkar we realize that sometime even when odds are stacked against you ,a thorough study can take you a long way.Lata Mangeshkar started singing when popular music was yet to take off and the music scenario in the country was dominated mostly by classical music gharanas .But she mad a dent by identifying that she would be a better singer than a housewife. And the rest is history.Similar is the case of Sachin Tendulkar.

    Furthermore,As a society we have certain expectations.For example, In Electoral politics we identify whether we want business or social sector reforms and then vote accordingly to elect parties which meet our demands..Thus, we see sometime we can even regulate by prioritising our own interests and can shape even public policy which will have ripple effect elsewhere.

    Again , if we look at a state like Bihar, we see a huge investment being made towards education andd healthcare but similar initiatives are absent in Kerala . We see Gujarat and Maharastra spending huge on Manufacturing.Thus, we see different state priortising different segments based on their need.This also brings to our attention the fact that Wisdom also flows when we do not imitate as each have different circumstances. Importance of Knowing thus increases enormously.

    In the last few months we have been observing a huge diplomatic outreach by India to become a member of NSG.It is done to achieve energy security in future as it would open up access to nuclear trade for us.But we haven’t seen similar attempts by any other country.Thus, we can also say that Wisdom also comes from accumulated experiences of the past and is done for betterment of people as seen here.

    If we look at the Business world, we see a company like Apple which despite having its base in USA , prefers manufacturing in China.This is done because Apple doesn’t have any experience in Manufacturing hardware.This step also helps the company in cutting on many expenditure and in the process increases profit.Thus, sometime acknowledging our own restrictions can also help reduce burden.

    Not only that if we look at India, we see we have been able to become an IT powerhouse only because we understood that we have demographic dividend and to exploit it to maximum use we need IT and thereby facilitated it via policies.Thus, this identification , which results due to to an attempt to know ourselves, has helped in creating economic opportunities and in the process helped the country to develop.

    Hence, we see in the above examples that, whatever the external conditions be, an introspection and course correction based on accumulated experiences can certainly put us on the trajectory we wish to see for ourselves. Wisdom would only come if we start attaching the importance to our inner self and work accordingly.

    • lolo

      good attempt.I liked your introduction. your essay has diversification but i felt ki examples ke last me thoda aur relate karte topic se to aur badhia ho jata…

      • Aastha Sharma

        plz review mine also

    • Uljhan

      Hey friend… Very well written. Flow is nice . Keep writing…

    • Anurag Pundir

      U did’nt give pre this year??

      • AK-91

        2017 !
        You seem surprised !

        • PKS

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    • Dheeraj

      A Good try.

    • Aastha Sharma

      I have read your essay ,i find it nice with a creative start n good dimensions….though there are always scope for learning so keep learning and also I m very beginner in essay writing so can’t analyse much…but still I find your’s a decent essay… please review mine also if u get some time…it will help me a lot..

    • Lucky

      dear AK, Felt compelled to read your essay line by line.Good one nicely crafted .
      Intro is outstanding and paragraphs are coherent and supplementary , a pre-requisite of a good essay.However, some obs-
      1. It could have been given more dimension , I feel five dimensions an essay should always cover-
      political, economic, social, religious/moral/spiritual and science/tech. you touched upon some , left some.
      2.Conclusion is not up to the mark at all.You did not do justice to your superb intro.See its the last part following which the examiner awards marks.It has to be best element.
      rest fine, keep exercising.thanks

      • Spandana

        Please review my essay

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    • Mustafa Ali Shah

      afzal khan was not a ruler of adilshahi dynasty.. he was just a prominent abyssinian noble..

    • Spandana

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    • Spandana

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    • Sanjitvshukla

      Awesome essay…true writing contemporary example most imp part

  • Aastha Sharma

    Though it is a tough essay as per me n I am aware that I have not written good… but still I do write coz then only we can learn..plz review if any of you get some time

    Wisdom can be achieved in life by three way first by reflection that is noblest,second by imitation that is easiest and third by experience that is bitterest .Wisdom is also a situation when you have the power to analysis any proposition or situation in life calmly and respond with proper analysis and vision. There are so many people in the world who didn’t have the ample resources to meet their dreams of life but they have wisdom to realise what their dream is. As it is said the wisdom can be learnt from reflection then whose reflection it is, it is none other than reflection of your own.Human are gifted with immense cognitive power.

    One can perceive the different aspects of life and this world in his/her own way but matters is when you realise what are your aspirations from this life,what do you want to do in this life,what do you feel will make your life meaningful.For this purpose an individual must understand his/her capabilities and realising capabilities does not simply mean what you are able to do or not.As many people have completed their live living the dreams or aspirations which are never their own.People have lived so many years of life working,running in the race of life but somewhere in the core of their heart they never felt like doing things or moving on the path they are running for years.One can also live a normal life with well being without even asking from their inner sense what they are aspiring from themselves.

    But to achieve the real peace or success in life one must follow his/her heart.The moment you come to know what your heart wants,what actually can be the path where you can move ahead and make your life meaningful you may definitely find the some or other way to reach the zenith.There are people who had no means to reach even half way where they are now but fighting even struggle they reach where they are.Our Indian girl OP Jaisha who was once forced to eat mud to satisfy her hunger because of extreme poverty has been now leading the country as an athlete in Rio Olympics,not only this she had also won so many games in Asian games and others.Her path has never been smooth and also once becoming successful she went into loss of form and several injuries but she again recovered and now she is leading.Even today she is not sure whether she will win a medal for India or not but one thing she is very sure of ,what is her purpose in life and moment she recognise herself,she became wise and already a winner in life.

    Armstrong Pame an IAS officer from North East India had once dreamt of making the life of the people living in the North East better by providing them with road.That was not an easy talk for one man but he knew he wanted to do that so he found out all possible ways and finally was able to built KMs of road without government’s aid.There are millions of OP Jisha and Armstrong Pame in the world those who can do miracles in life but the thing is they must know what they want in their life.Bookish Knowledge is good in life.But remembering facts may be difficult or easy,such learning came or left us but the only thing which always stay with us one we attain is wisdom.

    We spend years of life reading books ,going to places,learning technology, meet so may people but we forget one person we forget to meet that person,forget to understand or even listen what that person wants and that one person is your inner self.
    As the old saints and sages said that God is inside you , all the true knowledge which you are searching in the world is no where else than inside you.But we forget to peek inside and meet this person sometimes because of ignorance,sometimes because of worldly fantasies,fallacies or even pressure of life.But the moment we have meeting with than person many of our queries of life may be settled.After that we will reach a situation where we have to reach and thing we have to do then is finding the way to destination.
    This destination needs not be very big always it can be anything.Different people have different aspirations & expectations from life.Some want to live their life the way where they can touch the lives of so many people in positive ways,some want to excel in some fields like sport which is none than a religion for them.Some feel proud to defend their nation standing at border whether some feel the real pleasure of life while singing.Some wants to make a remarkable scientific research in their life or some other may want to save the lives of people being a doctor.Some feel the utmost pleasure in the lap of nature.This a never ending list as there are huge population in world so are the N number of aspirations and way of peace in life. Sir C V Raman, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nelsen Mandela, Mother Teresa have gain whatever they gain in their life because of their hard work but only when they were met able to met their true inner self which provide them the wisdom to follow their path.

    In this world of innumerably large person and personalities, infinite knowledge and information available in books,on internet and N number of sources but such knowledge have its limits and can be useful only up to a certain level, but the other things which provide you with real wisdom are your experiences in life, realisation of your purpose of being in this life and knowing your capabilities and we can better say knowing yourself. Knowledge gained from other sources will only be fully utilised when we have wisdom to utilise its potential.So rather than running without knowing what your actual race is one must know himself/herself first and meet the person inside you and then you will be wise enough to make your life meaningful and can also impact so many lives in this beautiful world in a positive manner.

    • Dheeraj

      Good Examples.
      A Good Try.
      Keep writing.

      • Aastha Sharma

        thank you … will keep on trying

    • Shefali

      very expressive.

    • KnowledgeBuff

      Well written.
      The philosophical parts and the explanation of ‘why knowing oneself is important’ are really good.
      though you can improve on the examples bit.

      • Aastha Sharma

        thank you so much for the feedback ..i will keep your point in mind and will try to improve

        • PKS

          plz review mine

      • PKS

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    • neelam chopra

      intro is very nice …..keep writing

    • AK-91

      Appreciation for the attempt.

      The problem with Philosophical essays–>open ended.
      I , myself, struggle a lot.

      You wrote a good piece but you need to improve.
      Bring diverse views(you bought some).
      Work on correlation.

      Keep writing.

  • ias aspirant

    This year I got a chance to go to the Vipassana meditation center in my district. The internal environment in the premises was quite different from our daily life. We(the ‘sadhaks’) are expected to follow the Panch sheel of Gautama Buddha and the most challenging being the practice of noble silence. We were expected to be introvert for 10 days and look inwards to gain true knowledge. It was really difficult for me to accept how a person could gain knowledge by looking inwards. gradually I learnt the power of meditation and looking inwards. Now I have come to realize the importance of Aristotle’s quote ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’.

    If we look at the life journey of spiritual masters like Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammad prophet we come to know that they were highly introvert in their approach. Mohammad wrote the Quran in silence on the mountains. the spiritual masters realize the importance of silence and internal peace fore connecting with the almighty and knowing oneself better. The ancient sages had realized the importance of knowing oneself a long tome back which is illustrated through the practices like Yoga and meditation.

    Scientifically all individuals have unique retina and fingerprints but the true truth behind this is that all individuals are unique with unique skill sets. The management studies have come to realize this and innovative practices are being employed to harness the huge potential which an individual possess by virtue of their uniqueness.

    The toughest examination like the civil services itself demands us to introspect our weaknesses and work on it. No institute or person can help us in finding the loopholes within ourselves and also the hidden strengthens.

    Einstein was the one who gave few answers of the spiritual questions. He studied and developed the theory of Quantum mechanics and the origin of the universe. Accordingly, it is well stated that we our a part of the cosmic energy which makes the whole universe. therefore, the whole universe lies within us and it was this depth within us which our spiritual masters had realized. they were able to find true knowledge by looking inwards. NASA has proved that the ultrasonic waves of the Sun resemble the sound of the the spiritual world ‘OM’. Buddha was able to count the division of cells per second in our body by looking inwards.
    The management studies have to adapt themselves into new practices that treat each individual uniquely and thus help in the rise of humanity. importantly it can help us connect with the spiritual energy which created us.
    Janet finch rightly says ” The best you will do is to understand yourself, know what you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way”.

    • Dheeraj

      Dear Ias aspirant,

      Introduction and Body is quite Impressive.

      Essay is short but Good.

      Ur content is rich.

      Keep writing.

      • ias aspirant

        Yes you are right… I had many ideas but I was busy with something else… so could not complete it…thanks for reviewing

  • sameerJ Ultimatengineers

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

    No one knows who you are
    No one can know you you are
    If you know who you are
    That’s all you need to know.

    An example of a boy from a small city named Ranchi suits here. He worked as a ticket collector at the howrah station but knew deep inside that he was meant for something big. he played sideways for the eastern railways. Now we know him as the country’s best captain but could it have happened if he didnot know who he was? We all remember the last six hit by him at 2011 world cup but do we know that he prompted himself up the order. could he do that if he didnot know what he was capable of..

    the purpose of the elaborate example was to clarify that knowing yourself means knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and working on your weakness to make it your strength. Karoly Takcas was an olympian who bagged golds in 1948 and 1952 olympics in shooting. However, what we dont know is that in 2nd world war he lost his right arm. He was right arm shooter. People sympathized him. At 1948 he shut everyone by bagging gold with the hand he never shot with. The left paw never thought what he didnot have. he always thought what he had and turned his weakness of not having the right arm to his strength.

    However, Wisdom itself is misguiding. The general trend today is that people seek wisdom from others than from within. They would go to different people,saints or sages for words of wisdom. For them the wisdom bestowed upon them is the ultimate truth. But how can other’s experience be your wisdom if he doesnot know who you are?

    Aristotle said the statement long ago and it was his wisdom that we are following but did we introspect his wisdom. We simply accepted it. Knowing yourself is definitely the beginning of all wisdom, we know its right. Almost all religious books have this message in some form or the other. However, I had a recent visit to bodh gaya. I met a few saints. the messages they preached were so true that i could not divert myself. Then i saw a saint walk past an old lady beggar. She begged for some food but he paid no attention. according to him, if you feed one then hundreds other would come. Its true but was it right from his part? All i intend to propose is that knowing oneself brings wisdom but do people USE THE WISDOM they have.

    To be practical, no one has the time to introvert and question on unproductive aspect. It doesnot fetch money. For most of us wisdom is in books. But those who have understood their existence and purpose have books on their names. concluding, one should agree that knowing oneself is certainly the beginning of all wisdom if the wisdom is not stored but used.

  • Iqra Initiator

    Ak 91 your essay totally bound even common reader to know his/her potential to know self and be victorious ! nice one

  • VS

    plzz check …

  • KnowledgeBuff

    Knowing yourself Is the Beginning of all Wisdom

    Wisdom is a quality that is always high in demand but usually less in supply. While being considered wise is a quality that all of us might like possess, the journey to possessing that quality starts from that one simple habit – introspection. The art of analyzing our capabilities, our actions, our desires, our wants is what separates the best from the rest. In the coming paragraphs, we will see how ‘knowing yourself’ has been the beginning of all wisdom behind every success story – be it an individual, a champion team or a great nation.
    If we exercise our mind to think about wise men/women, the first names that come to mind are those of great religious gurus. Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak Dev are some of the great humans, whose ideas have inspired countless generations. All these great gurus attained enlightenment not through any external force, but by meditating in silence for long hours. They come to know about the truths of life only by searching deep within themselves. Thus, the lives of great religious gurus teach us that only when we look deep within ourselves, will we able to attain true wisdom.
    Similarly, if we study the lives of the great warriors, the most successful kingdoms and extraordinary military strategists, we see that they were able to lead their sides to victory, only after they were fully aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Chanakya didn’t attack King Dhananda’s army before he was fully sure that Chandragupta Maurya’s army had attained the requisite expertise.
    Probably, the best example of conquest, with true knowledge of one’s capabilities is the British conquest of India. At every step of their piece by piece conquest, they knew the amount of bargaining power they had. They became rulers from the position of traders simply by utilizing their own strength and their competitor’s weakness to their maximum advantage.
    In the sporting arena, the reason why great coaches are in demand is obvious – they help the team’s players to realize their true potential. Teams might have great individual players but they can’t become champions unless they play together as one unit, complementing each other’s strengths. The Australian cricket team coach, John Buchanan, is well known for having been instrumental in making the team world champions. He went through hour’s of cricketing videos of the team’s players, carefully analyzing each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus, good teams become great only when they begin to know themselves inside out.
    Often, we get to hear that wisdom comes with age. The more experience one goes through in life, the more value is attached to one’s words. This experience is simply the art of knowing oneself better through one’s actions, and then guiding oneself as well as others through those learnings. Thus, as one age’s, one gets to know oneself better and correspondingly can be considered to be wiser.
    In the case of India, countless examples abound that show us that knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom. The ideological foundations of the British rule rested on simple assumption – The british knew what was good for the Indians, while the Indians were not capable to govern themselves. When the great leaders like Gandhiji, Tilak, Lajpat Rai, launched the freedom struggle it was these very ideological foundations that they sought to shake. They made Indian’s realize their proud heritage, their own sufferings as well as their own hidden potential. The freedom struggle became a mass movement, when Indian’s realized the truth about their past and their own power.
    The anti-caste movement of India, played an equally stellar role in awakening the spirit of Indian’s against the inherent unjustness of the caste system. Social reformers like Narayana guru, Jytoiba Phule, BR Ambedkar, made the lower castes realize their intrinsic worth as equal human beings. Only when the awareness dawned on the lower castes, regarding the injustice being meted out to them, did they stop suffering in silence and became vocal against the atrocities inflicted on them.
    At the national level, we see that if a nation has to succeed, it is imperative that it knows about its strengths, weaknesses, so that it can decide on the best possible course of development. The leaders of India, were thankfully able to realize what was best for the nation at a given point of time and have accordingly steered the nation in that direction.
    At the time of independence, self-reliance was seen as important. Thus, stress was laid on strengthening the public sector and developing the nation’s infrastructure. By the 1970s when India was facing food shortages, the leaders helped usher in the green revolution rather than going around with a begging bowl. During 1991, the leaders were able to realize that license quota raj had greatly slowed down the economy and liberalization was the only way forward.
    Thus, understanding the needs of the nation at different times, helped the nation’s leaders taking the wisest possible course of action. Similarly, nations which failed to undertake development taking into account their unique requirements ended up as failed states. Undue interference by the military in the functioning of the Pakistani government, has led to the country becoming prone to military dictatorships. American interference in Iraq and Libya, meant that the uneasy peace maintained by the ruthless dictators gave way to some of the bloodiest civil wars in human history.
    Today, with mankind facing existential threats, adherence to the above mentioned quote is becoming more important than ever. For eg. Fighting climate change, requires understanding the true nature of our mother earth. What makes it work, and prevents it from working properly. Only when we understand that, will we get the wisdom to fight climate challenge. Similarly fighting evils like terrorism, requires that we must completely understand the reasons for its rise before we get the wisdom to defeat it.
    Thus, we can clearly see, how knowing oneself is very important if one has to attain the wisdom necessary to achieve success. Not only the lives of great men but also stories of success of armies, sporting teams, freedom struggle, teaches us that knowing who you are is extremely important before you can achieve the desired result. With the great many challenges the world faces today, it won’t be out of place to suggest that solving these requires adherence to a simple idea – knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom and the key to solving these problems.

    • Aastha Sharma

      a nice write up with too many examples and ample explanation ..keep writing and learning.. also keep reviewing mine 🙂

    • Ashutosh

      Vikram… superb yaar this time. Especially
      these things made your essay more beautiful
      1) Religious Guru’s introspection
      2) Australian Coach John
      3) Economic crisis of 1991
      This was the best weaving of different ideas into a single essay, never did i feel that you have tried to force something. Although in those Pak, Iraq examples you missed a sentence or two of clarification but it was negligible as compared to the beauty of your essay.

      I am not getting any negative thing to take out of your essay so rely on others if they point out some.

  • hemant

    Whether or not there is an objective behind my existence?
    If yes, then what is the purpose of my life?
    Why and for what reason have I arrived on earth?
    What is the objective of my birth?
    Questions are many and variations ranges from one to another. Some sounds like whacky and some sounds like unending and out of no where as in philosophical.
    Still, catching hold of the fundamental, answers for all of them has to be not only relevant but yet simple.
    Therefore, the answer has to start from us because I am the best person to know about someone who is myself. And because nothing can be more interesting than myself because the reason is “me”.
    Thus, it can be said that if I know myself, then I could be said to have succeeded in doing the first task completely and this makes me ready for the next learning.
    This is the beginning of all wisdom.

    Wisdom: is intelligence of having known it. It can be defined as a state of mind when we can understand what is the happening with us. It a state of mind when we are aware about our thoughts and feelings and can analyze them in order to check and hence to control our thoughts.
    For example: we are not affected by what others do to us. May be we are affected externally or physically but our state of mind is completely in our control the foundation for which is laid down by the first thought and then chain of thoughts that follows.
    We realise that its not that external ephemeral action that is hurting us but this chain of thought which is internal.
    So, the actual cause for my happiness and my sorrow own thoughts, which is an internal mechanism and not external factors.
    We of course tend to justify our negative state of mind with the eXternal factors because we fail to dissocite the eXternal from the internal. And therefore blame it on the external factors. Also, we does it because we catch hold of the whole incident/s right from the beginning point where we find the other person or situation as the initiator and hence blame that person or situation for our current state of mind.
    Imagine, if it were true then our state of mind, our happiness will be not in my control but others. And it is not possible as per the thumb rule even if the trigger was external.
    That’s why, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”
    And when I am writing this, I am able to feel the turmoil within settling down and out as I can dissociate from the external trigger that had caused it in the first place. Soon we are able to do it, the better it is.

    Recently held Delhi Mumbai marathon is a clear example of what a human body is capable of.
    Happened for the first time in India, with a numerous participants shows that the capacity of an individual physical and mental as well can be developed to achieve unbelievable targets.
    Self awareness of our strength and weaknesses and then developing our ability to convert weaknesses in to strength let us do the do.
    Hence, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

    The eminent scientist Einstein who led to many scientific invention could lived up to utilizing only 2% of his mind. That’s the kind of mental capacity we are discussing.
    What if he has only utilised 1% more of his mind. So, knowing yourself mentally is also a beginning of all wisdom.

    During their journey towards swarga rohini, pandavs came across the river they they had to cross but there was no way out to solve this problem. The flow of the river is so turbulent that no boat, for that matter, could be rowed in it.
    Now Bhim used is physical strength to raise a huge boulder out of the rock and place it over the river stream so that they could cross over. And the rest is history
    Why could only Bhim do it because he has developed his physical strength as he was self aware that he could. But was he capable of having discovered his mental capacities.
    Well, only eldest brother I.e. Yudishthir was able to reach swarg rohini is an indication in itself that not all the remaining had developed their capacities as Yudhishthir and hence no one else could reach.

    A healthy body has a healthy mind. To have a healthy mind we have to have a have a healthy body. Healthy body does not mean working out in a gym and shaping your muscles as do the weight lifters but it is to have a disease free with adequate body mass index.
    Above marathon example suggest that human body is capable of doing amazing things. They even say that even Einstein was not capable of utilizing his mind beyond 2%.
    If that is true, we can easily understand the potential, tremendous potential that our mind and body holds.
    We should strive hard to find the real us failing which our birth would be half lived. And we live only once. So why not live it the way it should be as they say that the life is always beautiful provided what you do with it.
    Hence, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. And one shouldn’t die having not utilized their capacities to discover that hidden him/ her.
    May be that is the mantra of the life or the purpose of this life for which we are born again and again.
    And may be because of this unending cycle in which we are not able to reach our potential and so we fail and then we are given a rebith to accomplish what we could not the last time we were born. Like a class is to be repeated if we fail to pass.
    We should be happy that we are given a yet another opportunity and we should strive hard to our full potential to the discover the real me in order to pass the class and reach level or the next level on and so forth.

  • abhinav raj

    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”
    It sounds funny to think that such a giant animal like elephant can be chained in a stump which is nowhere in terms of strength of that elephant, still that elephant cannot set him free from those chains because he does not know about his true potentials, when asked to his master we came to know that he has been chained since he was very young and these chains were too strong for him to break it and this got inculcated in his mind. In the same manner we don’t know ourselves. Aristotle has rightly remarked that “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

    Our former president and Bharat Ratna awardee Dr. A.P.J. Kalam was born in such a family where it was a tough job for the his father to make both ends meet but it was the incentive insight of Kalam’s mind that made him know himself and this calm introspection of his added a new chapter to our defense and nation’s pride.

    This introspection does not confines its boundary just to our grave matter but it applies in every sphere of life including society, politics, sports, business, international relationship and many more. When we try to know ourselves we think about our every aspect, our merits, demerits, matters of grave concern, edge of interest etc. and this gives a new opportunity to redress and reinforce our strategy and this is the beginning of climbing the stairs of success.

    Mikhail Kalashnikov is the person who has designed AK-47 gun and this gun gave him recognition but as a boy he was keen interested in writing stories and poems but his father’s will to make his son serve the nation as a soldier diverted his mind and such a cool tempered mind designed the most dreadful assault gun. Hence, our destiny and fates must not be decided by others because no one but oneself knows what he is.

    There was a time when our ISRO team didn’t knew itself and was just following the works of other nation’s Space Research Organizations and we were dependent on other developed nations for our satellites to be launched but

    The success of our Mars Orbital Mission (MOM) is a case in point where our Indian Scientists estimated their real potential and we became the first country in the world to successfully place a satellite in the orbit of mars in the very first attempt and with the least expenditure. This is just enough to demonstrate that a weak and backward can overtook the most developed and most powerful by it’s true labor, potentials and strategies.

    • Anwar Husain

      Abhinav, you wrote it well and i feel that you can/may add few more points about different starata such as, you can add about MGNREGA, it’s success for increasing rural employment; About Sardar vallabhai Patel will power to unite India; Green revolution that made India self sufficient in food production etc.

      • abhinav raj

        thnx sir,
        i will improve myself as per ur directions

  • PKS



    It is the best quote of aristotle.he was most wisedom man. a/c to quote human get utmost wisedom when he/she knows very well what he/she have been.even his/her action tell what type of man he/she have been.we can judge ourself from different angel from oueselvs to state level to national level to international level.

    * Childhood is the best moment of any human being .he/she is eager to know all things in child hood from education to recreation to adventurism.if he /she is given freeodom at this juncture the best moment happen in his/her life .he/s’s brain function without hampering,mind always being in calm or relax mood ,so mind–health—–physical –learning capcity develop.Here parents role are very crucial ,if they give freeodm to their child best thing happen with their child otherwise child become differnt in regard to their circumstance.

    * ex:-he/s becomes conservative -if their parents always suppressed his/her wish.
    he/she becomes angry –if their parents denied his /her wishes.
    he/she becomes creativity—given freedom,what h/she wants, by parents .etc

    sub-adulthood situation
    it is the best part of our life.we take our own decision accordingly it affects our life –way of living .

    so if we know better who we are-develop own way of thinking —we are being in a stage of unique.

    * Each state knows their weekness to strength accordingly they work on it ,so gradually statees are on par with being in a stage of development .
    ex:-developed state like maharashtra/gujrat/goa/keral/delhi–have their different requirment ,its vary from state to state between developed state.just like goa–here state invest more in infrastructure to recreation to family happiness.
    * if we compare with state like odisha/bihar/chattisgarh—here states have different requirement accordingly to their resourse and needed.state like odisha–here govt are giving more subsidy on food ,cement concrte room under BPL quota.people in this states are struggling to get 2 meal/day –room for staying .in this state there is no question of family happiness index.

    * our country india in the view of developed countries is a developing country –it lack from all front —
    EDUCATION -ALL dont get same facilities ,even all cant get rolled in IIT OR NIT —its because counttry have less resourse and population is high.each year countries population equal to australia adding each year .so its our biggest problem in this centruy ,if nt get controlled situation will be more worse…so govt have acknowledged this fact so accordingly working on this.
    ex:-if we get all education –people will get aware about grave danger in near future,awareness among people should be encouraged about family planning .so it gradully comes down in near future .

    ENERGY:-all dont get electricity in this 21st century in our country .so govt have identified this area most be develoved very firstly thats why govt. of india have taken many initiative like solar energy initiative ,nuclear energy initiative .

    so it reflects our strength and week nees thereby govt work on those area.


    We can take best example from U.S.A for her need have taken many initiative around the world .sometime it is called hegemony of USA. FROM all front they are developed because USA knows her strength,man power,resourse
    ex- her role in south china see to blocking north korea /russia.its reflect her strength .so it is nt less than a wisdom USA have been enjoying.

    hence from above fact we know very well that knowing yourself is how much important to get wisdom.


    just imagining about points of knowing yourself is not wisdom.but just writing points and sharing and discussing the essay questions with aspirants on board is also raising the wisdom about where u stand ,

  • Anishka

    Knowing oneself in
    beginning of all wisdom

    Wisdom, as an
    attribute, relates to the ability to make better choices and that to with
    consistency. This attribute is more about avoiding bad choices in wake of
    unfavorable eventualities. Wisdom can be seen as an ability to remove all
    biases within to make decisions effectively and judiciously. And this, knowing
    one self should contain knowing ones strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and
    threats. Here strengths and weakness are inherent factors of individual, while
    opportunities and threats are mostly a result of overall individuals
    surroundings. And all these need to be analysed from ones own perspective as
    well as from perspective of others. A requirement of wiser one is to remove
    biases of others. Thus, making the decision not only technically right but
    visibly right as well.

    Knowing yourself
    from your perspective i.e. knowing your strengths/weaknesses involves knowing
    your thresholds and limitations. These thresholds include learning thresholds,
    memory thresholds, emotional thresholds, personality thresholds, attitudinal
    thresholds, problem solving thresholds and many others. And these thresholds
    need to be assessed in cumulative and well as immediate manner. This can be
    easily understood with the example of emotional threshold of anger. Cumulative
    threshold of anger may breach over long term of job satisfaction and immediate
    threshold may breach on harsh criticism of your hard work. Thus, cumulative
    threshold is breaching of threshold by small events over a long time while
    immediate threshold is breached by one particular event immediately. In this
    way, other thresholds on emotions, personality can be discussed but I would be
    digressing from the topic. Thus, we see, it is wiser to be in knowledge of such
    thresholds, and one can judge events more accurately and tackle it effectively,
    making one even more wiser.

    Threats &
    opportunities should be seen with light of motivations like physiological
    (food, sleep, leisure), security (physical, social, financial), emotion
    (happiness, sadness, anger, love), esteem (social recognition) and finally self
    actualization (pushing your own limits). And, it is very important to
    know/analyze events and situations as well as persons in context of above, like
    threats and opportunities to social security or financial security, etc. as a
    consequence of any such event or undertaking in analysis. This would definitely
    help one make wiser decision. Thus, we discussed the importance of knowing
    oneself from ones own perspective. Now, we look towards knowing oneself from
    other’s perspective as well. This would help us deal with other biases –
    foresight bias (planning for eventualities you want to happen and not for
    eventualities that can happen); hindsight bias (post facto evaluation of an
    event as inevitable, when pre factor one had doubts about such inevitability);
    fundamental attributional error (blaming or lauding environmental factors for
    ones ability or inability). And, as insights in such biases comes to a person
    she can be wiser and informed about taking such consideration in decision
    making. And, by this argument we can atleast settle the answer to the question
    that knowing oneself does lead to wisdom. Now, the question remains that is it
    the beginning of all wisdom.

    I would like to
    consider an example – A person, who can read others mind but cannot read his
    mind at all can make decisions that can meet other expectations completely but
    may end up lacking on his own expectations. Thus, this does definitely
    contributes to wisdom. But, in this light the saying Knowing others in
    beginning of all wisdom may hold up as a probable truth but not as a definite
    truth. On the other hand, a person knowing oneself by virtue of knowing oneself
    knows others and may end up making a decision that meet the expectations of
    others and as well as of himself. So, in this light, the statement ‘Knowing
    oneself in beginning of all wisdom’ holds up as a definite truth as it is not
    all wisdom but only the beginning of it.

    The limitation of
    this argument only arrives from the notion of ‘all wisdom’. Thus, knowing
    oneself will remain a cardinal component of all wisdom but not the only
    component of it. Given the limited capacity of my vessel and of my
    consciousness, it would be unwise to define all wisdom in its completion. But,
    as stated we tend to define it in relation to decision making and action taking
    tendencies and that is to make decisions and take actions that considers
    unfavourable eventualities and unintended outcomes of the decision or action.
    But another face of wisdom is to identify the unseen option and evaluation of
    such option as a way forward. Thus, we can say that there is a wisdom in risk
    avoidance and a wisdom in risk taking. And as knowledge of oneself can only
    help in either one or the other, depending on the individual taking decision.
    More precisely, wisdom of risk avoidance doesn’t come along with wisdom of risk
    taking and on flip side it can also be said that both wisdoms go hand in hand
    depending on person and how he uses the opportunities and strengths and
    compensates for his weakness and avoids threats.

    By all the arguments
    above, it stands proven that even self-knowledge can’t be all wisdom. But, it
    still proven that path to self-knowledge lies within the path to all wisdom and
    may be all wisdom is in the knowledge of the self, the other and the one and
    knowledge of the self is the beginning of it.

    • Anishka

      Will be glad to hear others opinion on it …

      • vishnu venugopal

        you have a cohesive way of writing , quiet different from others i ,personally liked reading it

  • Chitresh Verma

    Short eassy:(under 300 words)

    Topic: Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

    During Independence struggle, Gandhiji had been key leader. But, how did Gandhiji transformed from the simple lawyer to most prominent leader of nation. The answer lies in the inner wisdom when in South Africa he discrimination by white people against himself. He realized inner wisdom and started knowing his own root of identity. Thus, the knowing himself is path of wisdom. Later on, he travel nation to know the nation from his own perspective.

    India has been a poor nation during the time of its independence. But the leader of nation identified the weak of nation in education system and industry. These early investment paved in huge divided by evolving the heavy industries and IT sector in 21st century. Most of IITs were developed during that time which helps in getting highly skilled people. These people have generated name frame and wealth not in only in country but aboard also.

    In field of sports, the Kapil Dev is known for winning the cricket world cup in 1982. Indian cricket team faced tough competition from West Indies team during that time. The team focused on knowing the inner strength and played accordingly to winning the match in the final. Thus, internal wisdom is also important in team as in individual level.

    Inner wisdom is key to the success in every perspective of life. One should try knowing the inner strength and working on the weakness to improve the overall performance.

  • Uzair Qadri

    Please review….it is more a general introduction of the essay.

  • vishnu venugopal

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
    Aristotle in true sense was a man born way ahead of his times to propound such gems and more. It is often said the solution to all human queries lies within oneself, instead we search everywhere else but within.

    Mystiques and saints have always preached one thing as the beginning of all quests- to look inside oneself, realization of oneself- the true beginning of one’s journey to its real destination. The external tangible self often seeks pleasure and happiness and the never ending quest for it continues in perpetuity till grave. The fact that all forgets is that the cornerstone of all knowledge and wisdom lies within. The exploration of self is the first journey that need to be undertook to reach the far destination ahead.

    Mystique , bakti poet Kabirdas has quipped ‘ we all are like musk deer , loitering in search of the fragrance without realizing the fact that the real fragrance lies within itself’. In temples, mosque , church and religious institutions we search for god, but never to look within.

    Winners often attribute their success to various factors like hard work, passion, perseverance etc. but the thing that they say without saying is the first step they took , the introspection the understanding of their strength and weakness, and planting their seeds of passion in their fields of wisdom with and the perpetual toil with it till they meet the desired end. It is the knowledge of themselves that led them to success.

    The realization of the fact that a superstructure of ambitions cannot stand without a strong foundation of inner knowledge and wisdom is the bedrock of all successful people. Be it Buddha or Mahavira or any saint the inception of their great journey began with the detachment with the material world and the introspection of self in realizing the true potential of self that led them toward the path of illumination and wisdom.

    The discipline, compassion, kindness, ability to give are very few of the qualities that the world sees in such great saints, which was obviously not build with a day and definitely not borrowed from the tangible world m but by constant cultivation and amalgamation of worldly values with their relentless quest for enlightenment from within.

    Great battles are more often than not are designed, executed and won a million times in mind before actually being performed on field. The wonder that is your mind, is to be wielded to suit your ends. One may know how to operate computers, may know a lot about medicine or robots, may be a lawyer, teacher or a specialist, but if you don’t know how YOU operate , why your life is the way it is – then all degrees, knowledge aren’t really worth that much

    A Journey of a thousand miles start with a single step – so let the journey of your life start with the first, single step of knowing yourself and let it light the beginning of all true wisdom.

  • Jugaad

    Little late. Anyway, please review.

    While Preparing for the prestigious UPSC examination, we tend to follow different strategies which are unique in its own sense. However, all the strategies have a common bottom line in the form that they are made in the manner which suits one’s strength and weakness. The strengths and weakness are the core areas which one strives to find. The process of introspecting on a continuous basis often leads to the desired result. Having said that, it is, however, a very tedious path and requires a lot of dedication, consistency and one must be ready to let their ego and vices go. The sooner we are open to consciously examining and acknowledging our faults and weaknesses the sooner those same traits can become strengths, or at least stop hindering our growth. Once our eyes are open to personal truth, collective wisdom can flow unimpeded by personal bias.

    In November 1986 – A football club called as Manchester United ( England ) appointed Sir Alex Ferguson for the job of Managing the club. Sir Alex had previous coaching experience in smaller football clubs which were small in stature but he, however, went against the odds and achieved feats which no other managers have done before by beating biggest clubs in Europe. By seeing this charismatic leadership and a pedigree for success, he was appointed as the manager. He believed in himself and his philosophy for the game despite a lot of resistance from the fans and the clubs board. However, he was unmoved and always believed in himself. He promoted youth players in his early club tenure which again got opposition from fellow managers. But this didn’t stop him from doing what he does the best, believing in oneself. In a famous quote, ” Kids can never win a Football League ” is still sung in irony because that same year the set of young players ended up winning the football league. Ever since he has gone on to become the best football coach in the history of the game, winning more trophies than any other manager has ever done.

    We as humans tend to delve into various relationships in different spheres of our lives whether it is a workplace, personal relationship. What we experience in our relationships is co-creation. We are too blind to observe things which can affect us consciously or unconsciously. We can fully know ourselves when we are psychologically and cognitively mature to fully accept oneself which will lead to people around us accepting ourselves in a better manner.

    A typical response of hurting someone would be to feel remorse and bettering the things. We often pass judgement about people, organisation or things which matter to us. We are actually not passing a judgement, we are trying to weed out the factors which don’t meet our criterion.

    In the present scenario, organisations are laying a lot of emphasis on finding a cultural fit to one’s organisation. Those days are gone when good academic records were the sole criterion. Nowadays, organisations are investing a lot in various personality tests, running surveys in the organisation, gathering data and eventually using hiring from various B-School. In a nutshell, organisations are depending upon psychological testing. This method is by far the closest one can reach to know an individual’s characteristics and moreover it helps in aligning the needs of the organisation by clubbing the portfolio and a potential candidate.

    A tool which is often used for knowing oneself is called Johari window, it is a model that provides us the tools for understanding and training self-awareness. And a team or organization of self-aware individuals can help improve communications, interpersonal relationships and intergroup relationships. The model indicates there are two areas that are unknown to us.

    For successfully running an organisation, it’s imperative to know the aspirations and expectations of the employees. Recently, Batch of 1983 got promotion and this was the first time ACR ( Annual confidential report ) was replaced by a more comprehensive 360 degree feedback system.We can easily say that it is a proactive step for evaluating the performance of the employees which will result in better outcomes.

    In a government setting, employees are often left demotivated and no work is done on employee engagement. This leads to disinterest and ignorance for doing a quality work which hampers the overall productivity. The Government must take proactive steps in improving the overall outlooks of the employees in order to improve the country as a whole. Bottomline is to make the human resource management system very effective and efficient.

    In current scenario, we can take the examples of the startups. Around 90 % startups fail to start and in the remaining 10 % a small number become successful and redefine the world we live reside in. The similaritity in the winners are that they knew what they are doing, they showed passion like no other, they loved there work more than anything else and most importantly they knew themselves. Steve Jobs, Mark Zucekrberg, Elon Musk all have these similarities.

    We live in a world which is ever growing and we have come a long way. A good indicator of Knowing oneself is getting to one’s needs. As Maslow discovered that our relationship needs are met when we are free to pursue different goals. The best working organisations like Google, Apple know the needs of its employees and that is why they are getting bigger every minute by getting the best out of the employees. Now the need for knowing oneself has grown significantly. We are facing a crisis scenario in many spehers of life, like climate change, inclusiveness, rich and poor divide.

    We have seen that it is ineveitable to get to know oneself to live a better life and with mindfulness. We have seen examples which clearly show how a human can rewrite history. The sooner we are open to consciously examining and acknowledging our faults and weaknesses the sooner those same traits can become strengths, or at least stop hindering our growth. Once our eyes are open to personal truth, collective wisdom can flow unimpeded by personal bias.

  • During my final semester examinations, I had a subject named ‘Composite Materials’. There was just a gap of one day before the day the exam for this subject was to be conducted. However, during that day, a sad news arrived that one of my friend’s father has expired. I had to rush to my friend’s place for attending the funeral ceremonies despite knowing the fact that my studies would be affected. However, I also knew that I had already prepared for that subject even before the commencement of examinations and hence would be able to perform well. This small detail helped me in satisfying my moral conscience by attending funeral ceremonies also taking the exam without any panic.

    The above incident from my life depicts the importance of knowing ourselves. Knowing oneself implies an understanding of one’s thoughts, actions, reactions, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, feelings and behavior.

    Such an understanding illuminates the path of wisdom i.e. taking the rightful decision in a given situation. Because all thoughts and actions are determinants of the course one’s life would take, it becomes quite pertinent to develop a better knowledge about oneself.

    Better knowledge about oneself brings clarity in thoughts. It provides a database of weaknesses and strengths and consequently harnessing the same under different circumstances. Mahatma Gandhi was able to go for Ahmadabad’s mill strike because he was well aware of two things- one, that he’ll be able to sustain himself without any food and two, that his actions will coerce mill owners to concede to his demands.

    Mahatma Gandhi’s understanding about himself also contributed to the greatest cause for the nation i.e. independence from colonial rule. Thus, such similar understanding can also help others in taking important decisions of life. One of such decision may be choosing a career prospect. Students who are better at knowing their interests in various fields can easily choose a career of their own choice. This would help students to channelize their energies faithfully and sincerely thereby contributing to overall development of nation.

    The benefits of knowing oneself are not just limited to personal and societal level. This knowledge can also be applied at national level to ensure welfare of masses.

    Political leaders at national level represent the whole nation and here the expression ‘knowing yourself’ pertains to an understanding of nation. Knowledge about various developments, problems and crisis within the country allows government to formulate schemes and draft bills in accordance with the need of the hour. Understanding issues concerning pregnant women- child’s and mother health, availability of institutions for delivery and post natal care has helped government formulate the scheme of Janani Suraksha Yojana.

    Besides ensuring the developmental benefits to the people of the country, the government has used its understanding about problems at border. The government is well aware about the peculiarities of border with Pakistan- porous nature, varied geographical terrains, regular infiltration and trafficking of arms and ammunition. Dwelling upon this understanding, government has introduced Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System with components- surveillance cameras, heat sensors and laser walls for guarding the borders.

    Moving a bit out of the national sphere is the global world where too the dictum that knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom gets validated. Better understanding about herself has allowed India to better maneuver geo-political ambitions and complementing and supplementing them with domestic priorities.

    In the early 1990s, the Indian economy was suffering from crisis as an outcome of ballooning of fiscal deficit along with scarcity of foreign exchange reserves. Indian political leaders applied for loan to International Monetary Fund [IMF]. The demand for loan rose from the understanding that- economy was suffering from crisis; country will bounce back with financial support; and India will be able to pay back the loans. The same thing happened what was anticipated and the country was put on the path of economic growth touching new heights.

    On one hand, such financial support helped overcome crisis and on other hand, the understanding about India also helped to maintain diplomatic relations according to the needs of the country. The understanding that about majority of workforce in India is employed in agriculture made India to develop relations with Israel. Israel is a global leader in development of micro irrigation techniques that can promote productivity and prevent soil degradation. The relationship has thus ensured welfare of millions of farmers.

    From 1990s to developing diplomatic relations, India has come a long way. In the present times, India is well aware about phenomena of climate change and its subsequent effect on masses of the country. This is the reason or understanding that India committed herself to establish 175 GW of energy from renewable sources by 2022. The renewable resources will reduce carbon dioxide emissions thereby slowing down the process of climate change.

    All the above incidents bring out the arguments that knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom. However, apart from knowing oneself, one should also have the belief to act upon the knowledge gained about him. In my case, had I not believed that I have prepared well and will be able to perform well, then I won’t have attended the funeral ceremonies. This would have been wrong on my part as a friend that I faltered in acting in a moral manner. Thus, belief is the force which will made one apply the knowledge.

    One would need to develop knowledge about him by observing one’s actions minutely. Spending time with oneself and paying keen attention on one’s thoughts can be good means to develop understanding. The same can be achieved through meditation and writing down one’s thoughts.

    These methods will help one to understand the inner conscience in better manner and hence controlling and guiding himself to achieve the benefits on different fronts- personal, social, national and international. Supplementing this understanding with belief upon knowledge would give greater command over oneself and allow one to reap benefits of wisdom.