Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 31: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 31


31 July  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”

  • Pankaj Nimbolkar

    Next Sunday : Do or Die 📝📝
    Thanks Sir….📕📕📕

  • aashish 2000

    Dear Fellow Aspirants and Friends,
    The below words has said to you by self/one or other in one or other situation….
    UPSC… IAS/IPS there is lot to study, you need to study for 16-17 hours in a day, there are 5 lakhs people for 1000 posts, you don’t have reservation, you need a lot of money for coaching, you haven’t study enough to write the exam,you are not good with names/facts, you didn’t complete syllabus etc.
    Now, its the time to say answers for all the above which may depress you by not attempting 2016..
    Tell to your self…
    I have definite syllabus to study… I studied the possible in limited time .. I am the FIRST in that 1000… I also had reservation done by hardwork… I spent only on INSIGHTS which is sufficient… This is About perfection in your study…I remember analysis which can help to find answers… I completed syllabus for passing the exam…
    Whatever happens…Go and GIVE your best…Its only start with by attending exam.. DONT PROCASTINATE IT…
    ALL the BEST….

    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

      21 hrs Study ???😇😇

    • Mrinal Mukherjee

      All Charged Up !All the best to you too 🙂

      Hows’ your preparation going brother ?

    • mansi

      So inspirational…. And same to u…

    • Jaya Swatantra

      Well said..

  • Messianic Dream

    Hello friends and all fellas appearing for the D-day on 7th August….

    winners never give up and those who give up never wins….so its the time to perform best ever you have performed so far in this journey….have faith in the hard work you have done so far…this last one week before prelims is just for balancing your body and mind and tuning it to the rhythm of UPSC…. You have read a lot till now…so stop taking too much stress now…get yourself fit and fresh to play the best shot of your life….

    Make 7th august a Day you remember it throughout your life because it is the first step of the ladder that will take you to your ultimate destination…

    • Pankaj Nimbolkar

      Right said.

      I liked your statement…this last one week before prelims is just for balancing your body and mind and tuning it to the rhythm of UPSC….

  • FinalAttempt


    Life is a beautiful journey. This journey is beautiful by our thoughts our deeds and our capability to make it beautiful. Life gives ample space to make journey beautiful. It provides an arena to create an environment for self and others. To fulfill good deeds we may perform in short span even if the life is short one can give significant achievements. Simultaneously if life is with many decades and not utilized then that is also not useful. Those who believe in today they make in short span and those believe there is more time then tomorrow then today they only exist and could not perform even for long life.

    To perform a task number of days are not important, those who wants to work for good they start from next second and work till end of life. During ancient society when siddharta became the Buddha and when he attained enlightenment he provided a significant path to society, he established monks to work for nonviolence, anti-caste issues and equality. Simultaneously devdatta brother of Buddha was continued to spread evils in society he destroyed his inner peace and in jealous with Buddha he could not provide any fruitful result.

    Similarly Ashoka, Akbar in their contemporary era worked for betterment of peace, religious tolerance , education, women rights and other social work. They loved and lived healthy life and today even after centuries they are known for their good deeds. Swami vivekanand died at very young age but his greatful achievement for social evils and anti-caste issue are still praised. Therefore it can be seen if life is small or with decades its only your good deeds that are remembered and not number of years.

    In modern society during industrial revolution scientist invented electricity, steam engine and for their contribution to world today they are known simultaneously Alfred nobel who discovered dynamite was termed as father of death , he realized this and to averse this he declared the Nobel prize. He knew it in history he will be remembering for his mistake but he wants to be remember for his constructive work.

    During indias freedom struggle bhagat Singh played vital role he was man with great ability, his contribution was to unite the indian youth to fight against britishers for Indias freedom. His ability shackled the british govt and he was sentenced. when he along with other freedom fighters were sentenced they were very young. But their achievements and contribution united Indian youth which later helped to achieve the independence.

    In todays society when we are at progressive stage and when we should be able to provide great contribution to society but if we review our day at the bedtime and we may conclude that today also we missed a chance of feeling alive, we may have done lot of responsible jobs but we may find those were not for our happiness and neither for society these were just like a duty and not was from our inner will. These issues many time result into tasteless result .

    We have seen how our great freedom fighter achieved independence and provided us a simplified democracy but today we find rise in Scams, Scandals, Corruption, Malfunctioning, Maladies, and Intolerance . many of our politicians are elected by people to perform their significant knowledge for uplifting the society but when we find Scams and corruption in public offices . it shows whether officials are at significant and high profile posts and they living healthy life but there deeds are burden on society and which may have to face by people for years.

    Therefore, it is clear that Our deeds, our work , our values decides our character and our personality. One should always work for the betterment of other, which can be achieved by self-regulation and self-controlling. If these motives are adopted in l life then one can measure the negatives in themselves and always try to perform the commendable prudent task for the world in terms of peace and fruitful contribution. He/she will remember for their work which make them different from other and provides immense peace to all, and it will decide their contribution and not number of days in life .

    Gandhiji also said, “ sewa and trusteeship “ are two mottos for great contribution to world. Hence to conclude we need to realize that our time is not eternal and every unutilized second, hour and day, are gone forever and we may not achieve significant result which should be. And if once we value our time and we realize what we are than what we should then we will achieve our goals and we will feel alive and when we feel alive, we will delighted to see that we have worked some well and we have full of precious experiences to share.

    Best of luck Friends.. rock it on NEXT SUNDAY.. day is our and we will make it its our aim and Dream.

    • AK-91

      The first half of your essay drifted away from the topic. Rest all good.

      You can improve the intro.

      Review mine.

    • gomuki

      I appreciate you found time in the last week of exam and wrote the essay. But I cant say the same to your content. Essay should contain multiple thoughts, when summarize your essay contains introduction and some examples(same vertical thoughts but we need horizontal also) and conclusion

      some ideas:

      What is the relevance of topic to present day society?

      how can we live not mere exist? breaking the status quo, fighting for inequality or new innovation, ultimately making the world better for present and future generations

      what are the qualities of great people who had lived? sacrifice, fight for others, humanity, nation feeling
      what is the necessicity of current generation to live rather mere exist?
      what would happen in the future if people merely exist rather live?
      What kind of qualities do we need to inculcate among present generation to prepare future citizens?

      I may be wrong ignore if you think so.

  • AK-91

    To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

    Two most important days in your life:The day you were born and the day you discover why.
    -Ernest Campbell

    Each one of us here in this world have a purpose.Our physical existence is just a testimony to it and not the final end in itself.We are not here by chance.We all are expected to perform certain functions enroute to our objectives.These functions are defined based on our association with different groups.These groups are spread across our social,political and economic life.But ,sometimes,we fail to recognise our role in these structures and drift away from our objectives in life and thereby fails to justify our existence beyond the Physical realm.

    Now, this isn’t a special situation but over time,since the advent of civilization, has become a ‘normal’ rather than ‘exception’.We see people around us who are so much engrossed in the mechanics that they forget the essence of life.This happens on three different level :Personal,Society and State.

    On a personal level, we encounter individuals who are happy and content with whatever they have or at least it appears so.But it isn’t the case always.This also comprises of people who lack ingenuity.These people fail to live up to the potential.These results due to inertia which forces them to have a passive outlook towards life.These people lack urgency in life and are also less aspirational,entrepreneurial and have little or no risk taking abilities.Though, at times it may appear that they are’Living’ their life but often it isn’t the case.

    On a society level, we see people who are forced into professions and trades which are least to their liking.This happens many a time due to societal pressure, where you are expected to follow certain established path.Any departure ,both personal and professional, is taken as violation and attracts sanctions in various forms with varying intensity.Again, this forces us to make amends and takes away our authority.Here, we see, we are compelled by external environment and hence have to conform which at times compromises our lifelong goals and objectives.

    On a State level,we see policies ,guidelines,Acts,schemes, framework etc all have the power to influence our approach towards life. For example: Scholarship in field of Art and culture might well act as an encouragement to an artist who thinks art as his/her calling.A regime promoting liberal ideas,rationalism,logic,freedom of expression etc is more likely to see a happier and prosperous society than one having an autocratic regime.

    In all the above cases we see that our calling and its subsequent achievement in life isn’t only influenced by our own action alone but is also controlled to some extent by external environment over which we have limited controlled.But more than anything else what is required is to have an overall clarity of our own goals and a strong unwavering belief in it.It will be impossible to justify ‘living’ a life as long as we ourself fail to understand what we want to stand for.Once done , the next step would be to strategize and pool all resources towards achieving it without succumbing to any pressures.But it isequally important that one’s actions aren’t detrimental to the society he/she is living in.

    Now, it isn’t easy as we are a social creature and hence have certain obligations and responsibilities which we have to shoulder.But it is during these times that we are expected to show due diligence and make hard decisions.

    Bill gates and Steve jobs are examples of people who lived their life on their own terms and in the process helped in making this world a better place by creating employment and contributing towards advancement of technology.Gandhi and Martin luther king used their non-violent principles to further equity in social life.Thus, we see, via this examples that sometimes addressing your own calling in life can also do wonders to people around you.

    In conclusion, we can say that it is important that we listen and acknowledge our calling in life.We can do justice to our existence as a global citizen only when we start ‘living’ and not just physically existing.

  • Messianic Dream


    ”The world is a great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves more strong”- Swami Vivekananda

    We, the human beings have got one life. This life is valuable or worthless depends on how we make it. Most of us today kill ourselves to eke out a living or improve our living or to keep our standard of living high but what we forget is to live. There is a beautiful proverb which says ‘To move, to fly, to float, to breath, to gain while all you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live’.
    There are many of us who don’t live but survive each day, why? because they are too busy, too tired, too tensed and stressed to enjoy the real pleasures of life. As we all know, ‘time flies’ which means days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and years become a squandered valuable life and all these for what? obviously for a better living.

    Today’s world is of competition where everyone as if is in a race. A race where if he or she stops even for a moment can be dragged down by the one behind him to just acquire his place. So the present scenario demands a lot of hard-work and struggle to survive. This is the reason why you think if you want to have a decent life and want to reach your goal, first thing you need to discard is enjoying pleasures of life. However, if you postpone your enjoyment until you have time, money or proper conditions arrive that time may never come or come too late and your priceless life will be wasted.

    The toils of life keep people so busy and stressed that they don’t have time to around the beautiful world they are living in. Although this amusement charges no money and takes away no time. Being ambitious, human beings always want more than what they actually need or would really enjoy like a collector. People accumulate things for others to enjoy them, for they value their lives by the things they possess, which is a quite sad way of appreciating life since they’ll never be satisfied. The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.
    During the time when day ends and people retire to their bed If they ask themselves how much they delight the day, they’ll probably conclude that they miss another chance of feeling alive. Responsibilities are absolutely necessary as well as a job and material things, but life goes beyond that. How many people at their deathbed regret for not taking the opportunities they had to live, to have adventures and experiences? There is nothing better and satisfying than to look back your past and be able to say; “I lived and lived very well. I made mistakes and I learned from them.”

    Moreover there is the other group of people who have all the time of the world to have a life, but they prefer to mind other’s business and this is called Gossip. These gossips are so empty, so tasteless, and so dead that they just exist for amusing this group of people.

    In conclusion, our time is not eternal. Each second, minute, hour, day we waste is gone forever. To overwork for something you won’t enjoy is as silly as having the opportunity to live but to prefer to exist in order to talk about the ones who do live. Once we value more what we are than what we have, maybe our goals would change and feel what to be alive means. Thus, after feeling really alive, our life will be neither empty nor wasted but full of precious experiences.

    • Sreenivasu Thatikonda

      I feel very happy while reading….

    • Laxman Goswami

      Very nice…

  • abhinav raj

    *To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all*
    Those who wants to work for good they start from next second and work till end of life. During ancient society when King Ashoka became Priyadashi Ashoka The Great and when he attained enlightenment he provided a significant path to society, he established his countrymen to work for nonviolence, anti-caste issues and equality and some like Dhananand, Shashanka, Aurangzeb continued to spread evils in society and destroyed their inner peace and in jealous with humanity they could not provide any fruitful result.

    The real spirit of leaving lies is the theory where there is a zeal of living with a caring and nurturing childhood, a little bit stubborn adolescence, a mature adulthood with a caring view for our family, society and ultimately for the mother land and a peaceful old age. But this is not as easy as much to make it in black and white because to live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. The impractical example to suggest the saying is something related to the valency and charge balance of atoms of chemistry.

    When an atom has charge either positive of negative it cannot gain stability and that atom tries it’s best to gain stability, but this is unfortunate to say that everyone studies these trifle topics in high schools but do not even bother to implement these principles in real life. Human life is full of evils and abuses in form of money power, muscular power, ego, superiority complexes and many more which makes hard for an individual to gain stability. It has been inculcated taint in our grey matter that it is the power that makes us superior to others gives birth to terrorism, autocracy, contention on grounds of caste, creed, religion and audacity from whole world.

    Had the individual in us understood that these charges (lust of power, wealth etc.) are the root of unrest and these negative energies are drawing us assay from a mollifying n pacifying life where all are equal, there is no mutual revelry between people, community or nations, all believe in fraternism, there are no words like carnage, massacre, bomb blast, terrorism in our lexicon.

    Oscar Wilde had his own definition of “live” With the abolition of private property, then, we shall have true, beautiful, healthy Individualism. Nobody will waste his life in accumulating things, and the symbols for things. One will live. To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

    To live means to live for others and this small change in our perception will make a big difference one day.

    Today we are facing poverty, farmer’s suicide, drought, flood, rebellion etc. in our country but just to sit and criticize is not the real solution and the solution for all these problems is just one which demands huge capital investment, that money which is continuously been circulated in parallel economy (black money) for decades if that money would have been slotted at proper place then all these moots would have been abolished. But those who have money have a greed to multiply his sops and in this cooking of books they have lost the real spirit of living.

    Someone has remarked that money can only buy those things that bring happiness and not happiness but in my opinion those things mend to provide happiness will not provide with happiness unless there is a calm insight mind which can think about others.

    In this era where there is a continuous turmoil all over the world and everyone is busy in rat race it is a hard nut to crack to think about living a life rather than just existing. Russian revolution and communist Ideology of great philosophers like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels just enough to prove this.

    A famous Sanskrit Doha

    बलवानप्यशक्तोऽसौ धनवानपि निर्धनः |

    श्रुतवानपि मूर्खोऽसौ यो धर्मविमुखो जनः ||

    This says that one who is not live a life of rule is weak in spite of having a lot of strength and is a poor no matters how much wealth he has. So everyone should live a life full embedded with honesty, self-respect, benevolence and then we will live and not just exist.

  • Eco-friendly

    Ashish Gautam was born in a modest rural family in Hamirpur (U.P.). During his studies (at Allahabad University) he was deeply motivated by the teachings of Vivekananda. Though being qualified person he can join a big multinational company or can live his life lavishly but he decided to follow the path of self-realisation and dedicated his life to serve the needy and deprived. His quest landed him at haridwar where he opened Divya Sewa Prem Mission near Chandighat to serve the people suffering from Leprosy. Leprosy effects quarter a million population throughout the world and in India 1.2-1.3 lakh new cases of leprosy reported every year. Samidha opened by Ashish ji is now a full-fledged medical facility to treat lepers free of cost.

    Every person who has born must complete its journey. In this journey he can either live his life to the fullest and purposefully or he can merely pass his days and wait for death. It doesn’t matter whether you lived for 100 years or for few decades. What matters is have you made your live worth or you just merely existed. It is easier to spend your life doing the daily chores like every other being but to really live your life is to follow your passion, do something worth, have purpose in life, and dedicate yourself for that purpose.

    In British India many social activists and reformers like Rajaram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekananda made their life worth because they have purpose in their life, they fought for justice and rational thinking. While others though having existence and facing the wrath of social evils, had not done anything but merely suffer injustice. The only difference between these two kinds of persons is the courage to act and determination to achieve.

    During our freedom struggle Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and numerous other youngsters have shown if a person has determination to do something, and the courage to devote his life for a cause then age doesn’t matter. Mahatma Gandhi has shown the world how a single person with his principals of satya and ahimsa can achieve freedom for his country. These people always have the option to stay back and maintain the status quo but they rose to the occasion and make their presence felt.

    People say poverty and deprivation hampers their ability to live and to follow their passion. But Dr. Ambedkar and Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam defied such instances and emerged as torchbearer to the society. Dr. Ambedkar belong to a backward and poor family but he found his purpose early in life and turned his backwardness as opportunity to make society equal and he emerged as the architect of Indian Constitution. Dr. Kalam belong to a poor family but his passion for science make him Missile man of India.

    There were people like Subhash Palekar (Padam Shree awardee) and Rajendra Singh (Waterman of India) who have shown the rural youth the path to sustainable living. Like other farmers Palekar ji is also a farmer but he didn’t accepted to live with the menace of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and invented his own methodology called zero-budget natural farming which is profitable as well as sustainable. Similarly Rajendra Singh ji fought the problem of decreasing water table level and through his efforts recharged many wells and underground water. Both of these person taught the youth that to do something doesn’t require hi-tech facilities of city but modern and open mindset and perseverance.

    In present times in India there is a trend that every person wanted to do higher education just for the sake of earning. Education has been made a business. But Super 30 founder Anand Kumar has gone against such notion and made education affordable to the needy. Similarly Kaushalendra Kumar and Sarath Babu of IIM Ahmedabad didn’t joined any company but started their own enterprise to give dignified life to vegetable vendors and Idli sellers. Such people are inspiration that how one can make their presence felt through their greater urge to serve and selflessness.

    Now the question arises how can we live and not merely exist. As seen in many examples above it is the courage, self-less service, sacrifice of one’s own comfort, and determination that differentiate these two set of people. All this comes when we recognize our purpose and sets goal, just like Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarathi and Malala Yousafzai. These people break the status quo of society and work for those thousands of deprived children who can be become potential dividend for the country. They fight for their rights and tried to give them a better life.

    Swami Vivekananda once said ‘They only live who live for others rest are more dead than alive’. In this thought he gave us the mantra how one can live and not merely exist. We can earn for ourself, we can do job for ourself, but if we really wanted to differentiate ourself from mere existence then we have to think for others too. We have to come out of our comfort zone and walk an extra mile for our fellow beings.

    It is difficult to think what would be the potential future of those children if people like Kailash Satyarathi and Malala doesn’t exist. There will be increased migration if people like Rajender Singh and Subhash Palekar are not there. Education will become solely the right of rich and deprived will struggle if people like Anand Kumar are absent. And the most important- who will encourage poor and deprived to pursue higher studies and follow their dream if Babasaheb and Kalam sir were not there. It is easy to be selfish and think of our own but it needs a lot of selflessness to live with lepers and work for their betterment. The world will not be a good place to live if people merely exist and do nothing. It is because of the people like Ashish Gautam that India is a better place to live in.

    • Best desire

      Very good written…..according to me….u hve given good examples and well maintained conectivity between paras……

  • Arvind Kumar

    Hello Sir and Insightians! I am facing a problem as to what would be the expected cut-off marks for the UPSC prelims 2016? Thanks in advance…..

    • TDP abhimani

      it depends on the toughness of the paper and no of students and some other factors yar………

      • Arvind Kumar

        i know that dear friend. that’s y i asked for the expected cut-off. some institutes claim that it wud be 101+ for sc

        • TDP abhimani

          hmm don’t believe in rumours…….just be calm and focus on revision bro…….don’t bother about cut-off until ur exam…….if paper is tough for u then it is tough for the rest of students who prepare seriously for the exam…..don’t believe in institutes…….they always spread rumours for their own survival……in the last prelims institutes claimed that the cut-off would be around 120……..u know what happened finally… was 107 for General…….so my point is don’t succumb to rumours…….

          • Arvind Kumar

            thanks for encouraging me

          • Arvind Kumar

            thanks for encouraging me….

            • TDP abhimani

              ur welcome dude……….

  • AK Reddy

    Hello friends, this is my first essay in my preparation. I urge you to read and comment for further improvement.
    Thank you,

    AK Reddy

    Topic: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”

    “All are equal in birth and in death. Difference arise only during the interval.
    The emperor and the beggar are both born naked;
    They sleep equally silently, they bow out without even le….”
    -Atharva veda

    The above hymn depicts importance of life and questions our inner self whether we are living or just existing? And what determines one being living or existing? Is it measured by compassion extended towards fellow beings? or is it measured by materialistic achievements that one acquired in relevant field? or is it spiritual realisation? Which yard stick measures that? And life is not a race and we need not prove ourselves that we are “living” by accomplishing some tasks/ showing compassion towards fellow beings / or by achieving self enlightenment. These are not sufficient conditions to say so, but certainly these are possible necessary conditions. There comes the role of civilisation where in, younger generation learns from elder. When we call a human being is “existing”, that may infer he/she might be living for the sake of living. Is it the fault of that being or of the surroundings, which could not give required stimulus. At least sole blame should not be attributed to those who are “existing” rather we better call them living but could not live up to the expectations of surroundings.

    The difference between life and inert things may give us some insight to differentiate between “living” and “existing”. Normally we express “living” for those which has life and “existing” for material things. When you say a living being is “existing” then it has no response for surrounding environment. A tree is living being and in this regard we are grateful to one of the greatest Indian physicist, Jagadish Chandra Bose, who made a pioneering discovery in plant physiology through his own invention, the crescograph, to measure plant response to various stimuli. So we evidenced that plants do live. Where as, an “existing thing” like a stone will not grow and does not require food. Stone is not living, it is just existing it can not move. In that case a tree also can not move. But we dare not to say a tree is not living. In fact a tree is providing life by balancing oxygen levels. We just cannot distinguish mere based on utility value of living being and we can not even compare with existing inert material. All beings are living and there is a tremendous struggle behind that. We just can not ignore that struggle. If we have to compare different sections of human beings, give them a level platform where in every body gets equal care, nurture, learning, chance to play their respective roles without any limitations.

    They say attitude of human being has to be changed, a lot of old customs to be changed, institutions to be developed etc etc and finally they conclude that a thorough overhauling of society is necessary. How to do it? Who take up the job, societies, institutions or governments? The answer is No, each individual has to work for his own salvation. Self preservation is the highest ideal to be preached. One has to be cognitive enough to check whether he/she arrived a state of “human doing” rather than “being human”. A large section of people were made to mere “human doings” uniformly like machines guided by human intelligence, and clever educated section have taken the substantial part of the fruit of their labour. We have to wake them up. Our duty is to make understand the people of their real condition. Growth must come from with in. There is need for learning from others that may be from individuals or societies or nations. But learning means independent assimilation of ideas and not mere imitation. Imitation does not lead to healthy growth. Each individual has to work out his own solution; there is no other way. When one is ready to explore, surroundings will play its mammoth role by supporting, nurturing and by providing the environment for one’s growth. The system of education shall play its big role to realise dreams of people of this land.

    To become broad, to go out, to amalgamate, to universalise is the end of our aims. And all the time we have been making ourselves smaller and smaller. We have not given any freedom to the expansion of social matters and ours is a restricted society. The formation of society, the institution of marriage, the love for children, our works, morality and ethics are all different forms of renunciation. This surrender of “will” is the phenomenon of which “all human beings are in various stages of living”. India is to be raised, the poor to be fed, education is to be spread. If there is inequality in nature, still there must be equal chance for all. Or if greater for some and for some less, the weaker should be given more chance than strong. Fraternity, enshrined in preamble of our constitution, is to be imbibed by all human beings and among all races and religions. Let men have the light of liberty. That is the only condition of growth. Let there will not be any distinction based on caste, creed, sex, region, religion.

    Having discussed the path of “living”, let us remember that nothing can fade away the eternal qualities of living. Highest living being is not amenable to law, not governed by any institution. What police, what military are necessary to govern him? One must admit that “law, government, politics” are phases, not final in any way. There is a goal beyond them where law is not needed. But it is certain to say we have not done badly in the past. Our society is not bad but good, only we want it to be better still….

    Let us all reiterate the poem of Rabindranath Tagore,
    “where the mind is without fear, and head is held high, where knowledge is free……
    Into that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake”.
    In such scenario, we can proudly say, ” To live is the common thing in the world, most people do live, that is all”

    • Himanshu Gautam

      As a fellow aspirant, I feel overall its a great first attempt.

      Some points which can be further looked into are-
      1. Wherever possible complex sentence framing can be replaced by smaller sentences making the essay easy to comprehend.
      2. The ways to connect the ideas in a paragraph to the next paragraph gives a sense of continuity and direction to the essay.
      3. Substantiate ideas/theories effectively, it helps to strengthen the argument as well as explains the idea further.
      4. Conclusion can be the part where individual’s inputs and creativity towards the issue can be placed to effectively tackle the issue, as required for a civil servant. Being optimistic with some realistic solutions may help here.
      5. The examiner maynot have a GS background, this has to be kept in mind before writing the essay. His job is to see whether the candidate has the qualities to be a civil servant(eg. empathy,integrity, hard working,problem solving skills, ethics, decisiveness etc.). Therefore the essay should be such that it expresses these qualities inside a candidate and not just be a literary masterpiece.
      6. Writing in third person may be explored.
      7. Whatever happens “Keep writing”

      All the best 🙂

  • silentOne24

    It has often been mentioned by many a thinkers and philosophers alike that we live only once. Life is a gift of nature upon beings,man and animals alike. Keeping aside all idea of the cycle of karma and rebirth, we would come to the conclusion that it is once that we live and we should make most use of it. However it has been a long observed fact that most of the population just lives for the sake of being born.

    Lets take the life of a particular person ‘A’. ‘A’ was born in a family where he was substantially provided for. He grew up as a normal child.Under the strict discipline and guidance of his family he turned out to be a particularly responsible child.Years passed,he completed his schooling,went on to a college.After college,he want to in a job.After few years got married.Then he had children,struggled all his life to provide them the same comfort and quality life as his parents provided him–sent them to a good school,a good college and married them off in finest way possible.Then he retires from his job and what now?Isn’t he just waiting to die?He passed a good 60-65 years of his life and now he would be compelled to wonder what he actually did for himself or for the world at large.Out of his family and friends circle,very few people would know him and most probably he wouldn’t have made a mark on their lives. And so curtains are drawn on another human life and left us wondering with a few excellent question on life.We shall take them one by one.

    Did ‘A’ live a selfless life dedicated to the benefit of the society making a number of sacrifices?He did make a number of sacrifices,for his family by and large.But raising a family was his own wish at the first hand. He didn’t sacrifice the basic pleasures and did not have any aim for which he was required to do that. If we look at those few personalities who did really give up everything they had,the first example that comes to our mind is that of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.This man gave up a successful and comfortable life of a barrister to take up the case of India’s freedom.Fighting stoically with the British,courting arrest and taking lathi blows,many number of times.And thus we do remember this man and the whole nation did weep when he was sacrificed in the hands of fanaticism.

    Did ‘A’ live a life fulfilling his ambitions and aspirations without caring about other constraints?It doesn’t seem so.He made compromises first under his parents wishes and then for the welfare of his family. When we come across examples as Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Lata Mangeshkar,we find these people lived lives on their terms without compromising anywhere under the societal pressures to lead a married family life.They never made compromise on their ambitions or their devotion to their areas of work.Similar examples can be found in the field of politics and administration in the form of Atal Bihari Vajpayee or even Pranab Mukherjee who despite leading a family life hardly ever took leaves from his job.Most of the people fall behind with their dreams and are not able to turn them into reality.

    Did ‘A’ live a life with a carefree attitude and having fun as much as possible?He clearly didn’t had much time to hangout with his friends,explore the world and enjoy its beauty.Youth often aspire to live such a life.Leading such a life doesn’t necessarily amount to running away from your responsibilities or not doing anything constructive in your life.Traveling around the world surely opens one’s vision providing it a holistic direction and increasing one’s knowledge. There was a time when travelers like Hsuan Tsang,Fa Hein and I-Tsing set on for a to India leaving behind their homelands in China.It is from the accounts of these very travelers that we have a better understanding of our history and culture. Che Guevara once set upon a journey to explore the whole of South America and this very journey transformed this man from a doctor to a revolutionary for a cause. One never knows how events unfold and when a carefree man turns into a man on a mission.

    Life is a beautiful chain of events.Ups and downs are just the very part and parcel of this journey.However one should endeavor to make the most out of this life having fun,working hard and creating history.This doesn’t necessarily mean living up to the edge or running away from a normal family life.There should be a balance between all these forces. One strive to live up to one’s dreams and achieve contentment,only then can we make a worthwhile impact on the society touching lives in whatever way possible for each one of us.It is not necessary that all of us would become as great as the personalities mentioned above.It should not be disheartening if one does not reach those tremendous heights.One should only measure his life’s worth with the number of lives he succeeded in touching.How many smiles have you brought on faces that came across you since your day began.At the end of the day,we will find ourselves happier when we succeed in making someone’s day better.If we do so, then i think we won’t have to ask the question from ourselves-“Who will cry when i die?”.