Insights Classroom (Offline) Prelims Test Series (Paper – 1) – 2017: Full Details, Dates and Payment

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Offline Prelims Test Series – 2017

prelims test series

REQUEST: Please read entire article. Most of your doubts are addressed in this post.


For 2017 UPSC civil services preliminary examination we are conducting classroom test series at our Bangalore centre. We have very successfully conducted offline test series for 2016 Prelims. Not a single test was postponed. Every test was conducted as per the timetable to the satisfaction of subscribers. Most of the 600+ offline students are happy that our consistency in providing test series and their consistency in giving all tests regularly has improved their scores dramatically. 

This year also we are confident of giving even better prelims test series.  If you score 40-50 marks in the first test, be sure of scoring 100+ in last set of papers – provided you are very serious and regular in giving all tests from day one.

NOTEBoth online and offline Prelims Test Series is ONLY for GS Paper – 1 and doesn’t include CSAT test series.



How will it be different from Online Test Series?

  1. You will get chance to be in our Mains Offline Test Series Core Group for 2017 Mains (Details are given in last section of this post) for FREE of cost
  2. You will be giving all 32 tests in a classroom setup
  3. You will be given hard copy of question paper and OMR sheet to fill your responses
  4. You will get to meet serious aspirants in Bangalore and form groups (based on common optional subject)
  5. You will get rank based on your performance in each test. Ranking will be announced before next test. 
  6. We will provide a Mains Self Study Question Paper (hard copy) along with Prelims Question paper for you to practice. You should answer Mains questions at home.
  7. We and seniors (toppers and other who have given interviews) will be always around you to interact with you and discuss preparation related doubts
  8. You will get soft copy of solutions and NOT hard copy as our solutions are so detailed that giving hard copies is cumbersome, time consuming and costly for us. Please cooperate.
  9. We will form Google Group for all offline students and post important updates, results and motivational articles there.
  10. Separate batches for working and non-working people. For non-working people, regular timetable is followed. For working aspirants, we will provide separate timetable (Only Dates of exam will be different – scheduled on Sundays – rest everything will be similar as in regular timetable. Those dates will be posted in Google Group on 15th August)

IMPORTANT: There will NOT be any discussions after Test. We provide you detailed Solutions which are self-explanatory. 


Mains Self Study:

We will provide Mains questions based on same schedule and syllabus. You should answer these questions regularly in a separate notebook. We will post questions on website and also provide hard copy of the same to offline students. Now and then you can show us your answers and get some feedback. You will also have seniors around you to discuss answers. 

It is important for offline students to answer Secure questions regularly. Please keep four separate notebooks for this purpose. Also keep one more notebook for weekly essay writing practice.


Regarding offline Prelims Test Series 2017:

  1. First test will be conducted on August 18th (For working aspirants, 21st August).  
  2. Please start preparing from now itself. Start studying NCERT books. You can refer 2016 timetable (syllabus will be similar for NCERT tests)
  3. After subscription, please take a print out of the Receipt you receive and produce the same to take tests at our centre. You will also need to fill a form when you visit the centre. You can visit the centre only after August 7th. 
  4. Exams are conducted between 8 am to 7 pm in different batches. Batches will be allotted on first come, first served basis. Morning batches are allotted to those who subscribe first. 


Exam Centre:


FEES: (Payment Button is given at the bottom)

Considering the cost of rent and printing charges we have kept price of offline prelims test series at Rs 8970/– (Course Fee Rs 7800 + Service Tax & Cess Rs 1170/-)

For 32 comprehensive tests and classroom experience, this is the cheapest price you can pay. You will be with us during an year-long journey. We will do our best to give you best quality tests to help you clear prelims in one attempt.

Payment should be made only through Online Mode (Through Netbanking, Debit/Credit card)

Note: While subscribing, please provide correct email ID and phone number (please carefully fill) so that we can communicate better with you. 

There is NO DISCOUNT for anyone. Please do not ask for the same (even for 2016 subscribers). It’s a humble request.

Full details of Mission – 2017 will be announced on 8th August (syllabus, mains self study tests, how to prepare etc).


FREE Mains – 2017 Guidance Program for Offline Prelims Test Series Students:


Here is a Good News. When you subscribe for offline prelims test series, you will get a chance to be in our Mains offline Core Batch for 2017 Mains. Here is how:

  1. In January first week, we will conduct a separate entrance exam for OFFLINE  students and select 20 top scorers. (Interested Online students can appear too)
  2. These 20 students will be selected solely based on merit. However, 50% of them will be girl students. Top ten boy and top ten girls will be taken.
  3. These 20 students will be guided till mains – 2017 for Free of cost
  4. They will be guided on Mains answer writing from January second week to May second week (2017).
  5. In the beginning, classes on Answer writing for GS papers and Essay will be conducted for them and then series of Mains GS tests will be conducted along with Mains Self Study tests.
  6. Copies will be evaluated only till Mid March 2017 with proper feedback. Thereafter all the tests they write will be for practice purpose. 
  7. After prelims, these 20 students will form the core group. In addition to them, we will take in 20 more serious students. 
  8. During Mains offline program, all copies till the end of program will be evaluated for free of cost


In 2016 we selected 20 students (among which 2015 topper Sharanya Ari, Rank – 6 was supposed to be among these 20 students. She was selected in top 20.  But she did not attend any single class as she got selected this year). Beginning was good. But later we could not evaluate their copies at all. But we regularly conducted all mains exams for them which benefited them. We want to be honest with you, therefore we are admitting this fact with you. But, for 2017 it will be more streamlined and professional. 


Final Note:

This test series aims to empower you to do the self study. You don’t have to spend lakhs of rupees on classroom coaching if you are determined to prepare on your own and has the confidence of understanding concepts through reading, writing and discussing among peers. If you personally believe classes are best suited to your needs, please go ahead and be part of coaching classes. We are not against them. It’s just you should know better which suits you best. We genuinely believe that self study is the best method to prepare for this exam (except for optional subject if it’s difficult for you). 

Joining our test series will keep you busy for whole year. Your preparation will be smooth yet intensive. It will be streamlined. You should follow the timetable very seriously to start seeing improvement in your preparation. We don’t want to boast, but we have seen students here getting better with each passing day.

You will get very conducive environment to prepare here. Good guidance and good environment can make lots of difference to your preparation. 

If you want to achieve a rank in UPSC civil services examination 2017, believe in yourself and in our test series too! 🙂

If you really want to clear this prelims test series and the final exam, then start early. Don’t wait and waste time. When there is an opportunity, grab it. Please pay immediately if you can and start preparing.


What happens after you make payment?

You will get receipt. You have read all the details here, so we won’t send any details again.

But, we will soon start adding your names to new Google Group formed for 2017 subscribers (we will start doing this from August 8th). Please provide GMAIL ID. So that we can directly add your name to the group. You will get invitation in your inbox. All further details will be communicated in the Group.

Please visit our centre between August 10th & August 17th and fill the form. Please bring a passport size photograph and online payment receipt when you visit


Finally, please make the payment for offline prelims test series 2017 by clicking button below:

FEES: Rs 8970/- (Rs 7800 Course Fee + Rs 1170 Service Tax & Cess)

Last Date for Payment: August 17th.

Insights prelims test series offline

If you face problem during payment (99.9% you won’t face any problem), please immediately shoot an email to: [email protected] They will resolve it immediately. Be assured that your money will always be safe.

  • nk

    what about 2016 mains? do you have any intakes for that?

    • We will shortly announce details.

      • nk

        thank you 🙂

      • Lubna Sehar

        Sir, I have successfully made the payment for Offline Prelims Test Series 2017 and received the recipient of payment. Now do I have to wait till August 10th to visit your centre to fill the form. Or can I visit your centre today and fill the form?

        • Please visit after Prelims (August 7th). Our students are studying at our centre for prelims exam, so we don’t want to disturb them right now. Thank you for enrolling. 🙂

          • Lubna Sehar

            Okay Sir. Thank you

          • Saida Rao Chowdary

            Hi Sir,

            Is study center available at the institute itself. I’m from Guntur and any info about rooms and study center will be of great help.

          • Lubna Sehar

            Sir, kindly elaborate the address of your centre in Bangalore (landmark, cross etc). I want to visit the centre tomorrow to fill the form for offline tests

        • Kaabaliiii

          Hi bro…do u stay in Bangalore.? Do u know of any serious persons who can be good roommates. Thank you

          • Lubna Sehar

            Sorry Friend. I don’t know any such person.

            • Kaabaliiii

              Thanks man.

        • english vinglish

          Hi Lubna, I had also paid the fee for offline test series like you, I want to know if u had got any invite to your email to join insights ias google group for offline students as said in the mail

          • Lubna Sehar

            No, I have not received it.

            • english vinglish

              I got a mail from insights expressing thanks to me that I am a part of their 2016 prelims group though I paid the amount for 2017 test series(on the day they put the above post). Did it happen to you? I am just afraid whether i enrolled for a wrong program.( but my receipt clearly says that I paid for 2017 test series)

              • Lubna Sehar

                Don’t worry if you have received a receipt with proper details.

          • Rishi

            Hey, did you get any further details from insights like test timings, schedule etc? I have registered for offline series but have not received any details yet.

            • english vinglish

              No I haven’t received any details regarding the tests. Also they are not replying to any of the mails sent to them. I can’t take the 1st test on Aug 18th and mailed them the same thrice if i can take the exam on any other day but they haven’t replied. They invited me to join their google groups though but haven’t enabled authorization for us to post anything nor did they post any

              • Rishi

                Hmmm this is kind of negligence and not expected from a website like Insights. They don’t have any dedicated communication channel where we can call and Ask. Less than 48 hours are left for the first test (according to their schedule) still there is no clarity about the process.

                • english vinglish

                  Yes, They haven’t even posted any number to contact. They have two mail ids and I mailed to both of them but never got a reply back. Now we can’t make any arrangements as they haven’t send us the batches, timings and details. I hope at least by tomorrow they start answering the queries.

                  • Rishi

                    Hmmm yeah. We can’t do anything but wait. But suppose if they are announcing the batch timings etc by tomorrow evening, don’t you think it will be really cumbersome for those who are put up in morning batch?
                    I mean how someone can turn up on such a short notice. Insights should think about that.

      • Rishi

        Sir, first test will be commenced day after tomorrow but we still don’t have any information about the test timings. I have registered for offline test series. It’s a sincere request, please share the further details at the earliest.

  • priyadarsi samal

    Insights pls provide online main test series like offline test series..because we cant go to bangalore..pls..

    • Lekhraj dagur

      Yah…I m also far away from Bangalore and working but want to join test series ..
      So I thing online test series of insight will help us and we all online aspirants will make a group for discussing as well .
      But its my humble request that thist group will consist of serious aspirants .
      I thinking to make a group of online aspirants Target 2017 for serious persons so that we can discuss a well as offline aspirants

  • ias aspirant

    Dear Sir,
    I really want to connect with your test series but unfortunately it is not possible for me to join the offline programme due to some personal unavoidable reasons. I am a regular follower of your online programmes and aim to join the online course for 2017 prelims for sure. Do I have a chance of being a part of your core group for next year mains exam if am a serious candidate at your online programmes. Your reply will be highly significant for me to make right choice. By the way, I am highly grateful to your works over the online platform.
    Thank you.

    • Mr Bean

      @InsightsOfficialReview:disqus please reply sir I also have a similar query. I am not from Bangalore. So, for initial phase, I want to be part of your online-2017 prelims test but I want to join your 2017-mains-core group. So please allow or open for interested online student who can come at your center and will take separate entrance exam on January first week for your core batch… 🙂

      • Anurag Pundir

        @Vinay Sir – Sir please think of those who cant go to bangalore . please allow us to take part in january test and to be part of the mains core group .

        • Yes, we will allow online test series students too to write entrance test.

          • Rishi

            Sir, that’s good if you have decided to allow the online participants to write down the January test, but don’t you think it will be an injustice to offline students?
            You should allow online participants only when you increase the number of seats from 20 to 40 or 50.
            Also, many (outsiders) may come down to write the test (since this is a one day process) but post the selection they might not join the offline mains test series due to location and other constraints.
            In that case, the chances of those offline test series students, who will be there with you since day 1, will be diminished.
            Finally, the price for online test series is 6400 where as for offline it is 9000. So we will be paying extra 2600 just to write the tests in offline mode instead of online mode (without getting any extra benefit being an offline student?).
            Sir, you are the ultimate deciding authority regarding this procedure, so we will humbly accept your decision, but kindly look into the points raised by me.
            Either increase the seats for mains test series in the proportion of intake of online test series participants or else make the fee of offline test series students in the same range of that of online test series students.

            • Mr Bean

              As I mentioned in my previous comment… interested online student “who can come at your center” and will take separate entrance exam on January…….from north to come to Bangalore takes 1 or 2 day and if u r coming with flight which cost 6-7k….. and if someone coming from train it will take 4-5 days train journey (both side) and almost 4k…..and i hope if someone is willing to invest his time and money then he must be serious.
              Or the second option can be done that based on online previous tests performance sir should allow online top 40 ranker and provide them with some entrance pass (not flight ticket or ticket to some financially week if Sir feels so )…. 🙂

              • anna

                i got cancer after seeing your comment.

            • Hi Rishi,

              No need to worry at all. Very very few online students come and write these tests. Offline students will have edge as they will be better prepared than others (you will know why once you give 3-4 tests).

              If there are more online students who are willing to give the entrance, we will allot 20 seats for offline and 5 for online students. No injustice will be done to offline students. Please be sure of this. Thank you for raising this concern.

              • Rishi

                Thank you so much sir for the clarification 🙂

            • Also, last year we converted online students to offline and then allowed them to give test.

            • Anurag Pundir

              Hi Rishi,

              I have been reading your comments. Initially I thought you are a good person . I found you serious and sincere.
              I really felt strange by your request to Insight. Dude what problem do you have if Insight allow online candidtaes to their test in january. And what a silly justifucation you have given that you are paying 9000 and online students will pay 6400 so what is the use of subscribing to offline test series. As mentioned by someone online student will be coming to bangalore by flight or train.
              In any such case wo tumhare 2600 se jyda hoga.

              Rahi baat ye kehne ki “to offline lene ka kya fayada” ,
              dude you are already in banagalore. Tum rehte hi bangalore me ho to faayada utha rahe ho. Simple.
              show some maturity and sense of humanity. Ideally tumhe ye bolna hi nahi chahiye tha. Ye isliye kaha kyoki you dont want the competition but for that you gave silly reasons.
              Sabki problems hoti hain kuch na kuch . Jo ja sakte hain wo ja rahe hain jo nahi ja sakte wo nahi ja rahe hain. Success sabko pasand hai. Par dusro se jealousy rakh ke aage badhne ki sochoge to wahi reh jaaoge. Yahi sochte reh jaaoge. Dil bada karo dost .

              You are aspiring to be an officer . Be like one feel like one.

              Baaki jo tumhe kehna hai aur sochna hai you are most welcome.

              Good luck.

              • Rishi

                Hey Anurag, first of all sorry if you are hurt by my comment but I believe you completely misinterpreted the same.

                If you see, I have spoken on the behalf of a ‘participant’ and in that process I didn’t discriminate between an online or offline student.
                I asked them to increase the number of intake for both online as well as offline participants (like 20 from offline batch and 20 from online batch or Whatever stats suit them better). In that way, more number of participants will be benefited. However, if they don’t increase the number of seats and allow everyone to write the test, it’s highly possible that few aspirants (who are not the part of test series) may play foul at the last moment which will affect all the existing aspirants (whether online or offline).

                Next, for you, it might sound silly that I’m just concerned about those 2600/- but it’s not like I alone will be benefited if they reduce the price. Many other offline aspirants will be benefited as well. And honestly speaking, I was not really concerned about the money when I wrote that comment, but the essence was, make similar provisions for all if you are conferring them similar facilities. When everything is going to be same for both offline and online participants, then why the discriminatory fee? That’s all my concern was.

                Last but not the least, if I was afraid of facing the competition (as you claimed) , I would not have joined the test series at the first place. I would have simply bought question papers of 2-3 famous coachings, solved them at home scoring 190 out of 200 with the help of Google and wiki and would have slept nicely thinking I’m going to secure Rank 1 in my first attempt. But if I’m ready to enroll myself for the test series, that means I know my shortcomings and I want to push myself in this fierce competition so that I can get an idea where actually I stand among my peers.

                • Anurag Pundir

                  Hmm.ok.. srry fr my words. I just felt so.
                  Good luck 🙂

                • madhuri

                  i dont think its a kind of discrimination between online and offline students.its only a cost factor which differentiates the price.offline students have the opportunity of writing test in class room atmosphere which obviously leads to more cost.both of them should have equal chances in aspiring for the core group test.

      • Lekhraj dagur

        Yah…I m also far away from Bangalore and working but want to join test series ..
        So I thing online test series of insight will help us and we all online aspirants will make a group for discussing as well .
        But its my humble request that thist group will consist of serious aspirants .
        I thinking to make a group of online aspirants Target 2017 for serious persons so that we can discuss a well as offline aspirants.
        Let’s come and build it

    • You can come down and write entrance test which we would be conducting to select 20 people.

      Thank you.

      • Rishi

        It won’t be fair when we will be attending the offline test series from day 1 and suddenly someone comes from nowhere and participates into the test. If that is the case, all will prefer the online test series itself as there is nothing extra to offer in offline test series.

        • We understand your concern. Preference is given to only offline students (we won’t announce entrance test details on the website). Last year majority of those who gave entrance were from offline batch.

          We assure you that there is no need to worry 🙂

          • anna

            massive respect m/

      • Mr Bean

        thank you Insights 🙂

      • ias aspirant

        Thanks for the reply sir. Though I still have a query. How will the online students(of online pre test series course)come to know about the entrance test which will be conducted in for selecting 20 students. I will be highly grateful if you can notify us with it through any medium as it will be will be difficult for us to come to Bangalore with no certainty or complete information. Moreover it will be great if you could create a Google group similar to offline version. I am well aware of the issues concerned and your time constraint in answering so many queries. but it will be great if you could help the online students with such issue.


  • Templarknight

    any chance for joining after prelims 2016

  • Rishi

    Thanks a lot for the article Sir.
    Looking forward to join the offline test series 🙂

    • ridhi

      Rishi have you moved to Bangalore for offline test series?

      • Rishi

        I’m located in Bangalore itself 🙂

        • ridhi

          Have you enrolled for the test series?? Why some ppl r commenting like dat… feedback, correction etc…not dere after one or two tests..I mean is it really true?Have you met any previous offline candidate???

          • Rishi

            I’ll enrol on 8th once they publish their time table.
            As far as negative comments are concerned, people seem to be misunderstood the entire concept. They are expecting a conventional coaching alike environment which they will not find here (due to obvious reasons).
            Insight people are not concerned about your day to day studies or silly doubts. They will empower you with a concrete study plan, which I believe, if you follow religiously may really fetch fruitful results.
            They are merely conducting a test series to boost your confidence level so that you don’t feel lost once you face the real UPSC exam and they are quite honest to accept that this is just a test series and you should not have heavy expectations from it. But unfortunately, few people expect spoon-feeding from them and hence the criticism.

  • Santhankrishnan Dhandapani

    Dear Insights,. Do you have any plan on doing online test series for 2017?. Can you give us a tentative date of availability?.

    • Yes we have. It starts on August 8th.

      • Santhankrishnan Dhandapani

        Sorry for troubling you again. I couldn’t find registration page. Is the payment gateway open for us?. I’m completely new to this site and it looks vague. “Test Series” in the bottom of the page gives ‘404 page not found’ error. Also no headers stating Prelims 2017 Online Test Series. shows 2016 prelims still. Can you lease provide me the link to register for 2017 Prelims Test series?.

  • Fazil Mohd

    hi @[email protected]:disqus when does the procedure for mains 2016 open?

  • Anas Sandhu

    thanks insight for giving a such platform……but what about those who have from outer states…their accomodation etc..

    • Please refer to above comment. Thank you.

  • Deepshikha

    Can you please post the syllabus for the test series so that preparation can be done accordingly?

    • It will be posted on August 7th.

  • Alexander

    U have given all of the information about Offline mode only… What about Online Prelims Test Series?

    • It will be given on the night of August 7th.

      • Alexander

        Okay… Thanks…

  • suraj

    Plan is good but what about students from other states,their accommodation charges,how much money Will be spend,no idea of that,so how we will be benefited.

    • We help find accommodation. Cost varies between Rs 6k to 10k with food and accommodation depending upon whether you want to stay alone or in group of 2-3 people.

  • Serene catalyst

    Do you have an offline series in Delhi ?

    • Sorry, we don’t have it in Delhi. Thank you.

      • anna



    Hi, I am Regular follower of INSIGHTS. Thank You. Please can you give us the privilege to be in 2016 Mains initiative ? Request not to limit the members.

  • JAM

    Dear Insights,

    Pls tell whether Online test subscribers be able to sit for the January selection exam.

    If outstation candidates are joining for the offline test can they be flexible with dates for giving exams.

    Thank You

    • Lekhraj dagur

      Hello jam I thinking to make a group of online aspirants Target 2017 for serious persons so that we can discuss a well as offline aspirants .

    • Yes they can sit. As all offline students will be residing in Bangalore, it will be easy for them to attend entrance test. If you can come down and write it, we will allow online students too.

  • Raj

    Dear Team,

    Please resume the SYNOPSIS for the MAINS Secure. You’ve stopped since June, and you’ve not kept your word of starting it in July.

    Please resume, it helps students like us a lot. Please!! Sincere request.

    • confidence_IAS_2017

      Same here please started again mind maps and SYNOPSIS from 1st of august ..its really helpful …..thank u ….please…##

    • They will be started again after Prelims.

  • Sneha

    how outsiders can join prelims test series 2017 if not able to give test offline taking place at banglore centre…..please bring out some feasible option so that everybody could be benefited

    • Serene catalyst

      They replied ,”Unfortunately No”.

    • Lekhraj dagur

      Yah…I m also far away from Bangalore and working but want to join test series ..
      So I thing online test series of insight will help us and we all online aspirants will make a group for discussing as well .
      But its my humble request that thist group will consist of serious aspirants .

    • We have online test series that starts from August 8th.

      • Sneha

        whats the procedure to join this….kindly give the information immediately

        • On August 4, we will announce all details.

          • Sneha

            thnku sir….waiting for the info.

  • The knight

    Any chennai aspirants willing to join offline test series?

    • JAM

      yeah me willing to join.

      • The knight

        Ok bro. Are you planning to relocate to Bangalore or you’re gonna go to Bangalore only for tests?

        • JAM

          I plan to go for test till Jan then probably relocate, I am working here. What are you planning? Are you appearing this time? I think I will go to Insights Office after prelims and talk to them directly. Whats your Plan

          • The knight

            I’m not planning to relocate as of now. I will wait till Jan to see how things fold up. till then I have decided to go to Bangalore only for tests. I think they’re having a separate timetable for working aspirants. I’m appearing this time but I’m focusing more on 2017 cycle. I too have planned to go to Insights office after prelims.

        • Saida Rao Chowdary


          I’m willing to relocate to Bangalore and I’m from Hyderabad.

          • Kaabaliiii

            Hi man…am too from Hyderabad and planning to contact is 7075592522. Can I get your contact.thank you

  • Shoaib Khan

    Hi …. I have been a part of 2016 offline batch and here is my review
    1.good seating facility
    2. Punctuality awesome we were not spared even during festivals
    3. Question paper along with OMR for exact UPSC like simulation
    4. Provision of reading room
    5. Multiple batches
    However if you don’t get to be a part of the top 20 as discussed you might not feel satisfied

    • ram

      thanks bro
      can you elaborate more about top 20 and what is there in it and is there any special treatment given to this top 20 student ,what is cause for not satisfaction as you mention please help bro i m planning to join

      • Shoaib Khan

        Sorry for the delay
        Top 20 will be selected on the basis of a really difficult test…..😅 I missed it by few marks…. What treatment they got I have no idea …. But as far as test series is concerned it’s good I actually came to know the pattern as I m a fresher to this.
        Coming to guidance …… Feedback and all is a difficult scene as they would be busy in mains test series so make a smart choice!!!!
        If you want to know more do let me know at [email protected]

        • confidence_IAS_2017

          Bhai please check ur inbox….i text u…reply as early as possible…???

    • ridhi

      is it really good? I was planning to join the offline test series.

    • Parth Patel

      Hi, what kind of test for making into 20 people….Objective or Written ??

    • Lubna Sehar

      Was 2016 Offline tests also conducted in Bangalore Centre??

      • anna

        your comment is like” after watching titanic for a multiple times and still asking whether Leonardo DiCaprio is BF of Kate Winslet..”???

        • Lubna Sehar

          Hey, I am taking a test series for the first time. 2017 is going to be my first attempt. By the way, my question was not for you Mr.Anna. You need not interfere in my conversation with someone else

  • Sanjay Pahade

    @Vinay sir…..Is it possible to get seat after 2016 prelim i.e. 7 August for offline test series at Banglore….I have to plan according to tht….otherwise, i ll missout the opportunity…! It is my humble request and from many of such aspirant to REPLY this query……!! Is it possible if i enroll for offline test series before 7 August and convert it into online test series later if physically not possible for me to land in Banglore….??

    • Yes. Payment will be open till August 18th.

  • Dementor

    So will there not be an Online Test series for 2017?

    • Lekhraj dagur

      Yah…I m also far away from Bangalore and working but want to join test series ..
      So I thing online test series of insight will help us and we all online aspirants will make a group for discussing as well .
      But its my humble request that thist group will consist of serious aspirants .

  • Mansha Singh


    What a lovely plan sir. Gr8 to see u coming up wid such an awesome plan to fool innocent aspirants. I am ur old offline student frm delhi and i feel so pity for u. I came wid so much trust n suffered. One thing i can say, the way u write really sir…it is actually convincing and easy to get trapped. U never attended the doubts, rarely came to give feedback and reviews given by people like us..seriously.
    I laughed recalling ur nervousness and escape goat attitude when people used to asked doubts and the way u ran everytime 😛 Great teacher u r..
    after 1-2 tests there was no correction , no feedback..
    i could have bought ur complete test series in own for 300 rs..instead u wasted my life

    I know this honest comment will be immediately deleted or blocked but i wud like to inform u tht i hve taken the screenshot. This if deleted will go social platforms like quora and fb and i have atleast 1.5k followers..

    Let us give honest opinions when lot of fake reviews to boast you happens here at the same time. I am ready to share my identity too.

    • Rishi

      You are a fool. If have guts then share your actual identity else just keep quiet.
      You couldn’t clear this exam not because of insights (or any other institute for that matter) but because you are a born loser and your choice of words exhibit the same.
      I can guarantee that a loser like you can never clear this exam. Now take a screenshot of my reply too, and post it on social media once you clear this exam.

    • It is clearly mentioned that feedback or corrections were not part of offline prelims test series.

      If you are talking about Mains tests which we started, we clearly have stated above that we could not evaluate papers of selected 20 people.

      We won’t delete your comment. Please don’t spread lies. We don’t have your email ID (at least the one you are commenting with) in our offline list of 2016.

      Also nobody gives fake reviews here. All are genuine accounts. If you are thinking others are giving fake reviews, then please look at the mirror.

      Thank you.

  • Lekhraj dagur

    Hello friends I have made a group for all Online test aspirent . Those a far away from Bangalore.
    Can join so we will make a group of serious aspirants .
    Will us to discuss query solution etc like a class room.
    Please join it . by sending a request on my email add : [email protected]
    Or else we can make on WhatsApp but I was thinking that will only disturb our study only .
    But if u want on WhatsApp I have made a group u can join this post ur number or send me a email with ur number.
    Suggestions and feedback are invited


  • confidence_IAS_2017

    Dear insight did u stoped Mindmap,Synopsis,Big Picture,Daily Quiz, Yojana articles permanently or u r going to started soon…???

    please Notify so we can plan acc….Please insight look into this matter……..Thank u very much……………..##

    • Everything will be started again once prelims is over. Thank you.

      • confidence_IAS_2017

        Thank u very much ….As usual You people are doing great job…….##

      • Lekhraj dagur

        I m waiting please keep it up.
        We believe u don’t break it.

  • confidence_IAS_2017

    Yes there should be separate tab for MISSION 2017….also there is need to revise resources for prelims test series ….no doubt insight test series is best but resources are not that much impressive…ITS VERY difficult to cover all this resources qualitatively…for eg. If we see all previous polity questions of prellims then 2 source is enough for polity ie one NCERT indian constitution at work and Bible of polity ie LAXMIKANTH its also cover some syallabus points of GS 2..Again if we see geography GC LEONG ,11 AND 12th NCERT enough again its cover geography part of GS 1….so please make some reform in test series resources….You people take time ….After prelims u analyse paper and then decided…..Its HUMBLE REQUEST…please consider it….I think ” MINIMUM RESOURCES MAXIMUM READING IS THE KEY TO CRACK PRELLIMS AS WELL AS MAINS” ….. You people are great ..But its suggestion…THANK YOU VERY MUCH….

  • Lekhraj dagur

    Those who r going to join insight online test series like me …can join me on WhatsApp group for discussion after each test like offline candidate. My contact number 8401024176
    Please only serious candidate only

  • ashish

    What about online test series??

    • You can pay for it from August 8th. Thank you.

  • IAS101

    Dear INSIGHT,
    I am working aspirant from bangalore. I am interested in joining the offline test series .
    Just wanted to check is there only 1 exam center for entire bangalore.
    I mean its too far from my home. What other option do i have to take this test series?

    • We have only one exam centre at Hampinagar (location is given in article).

      If it’s inconvenient to visit centre, you can go for online test series. Thank you.

      • IAS101

        Okay cool. Where is the link for it. I couldn’t find it and one question. Will I be still eligible for that entrance exam in January

  • The knight

    Dear sir, I’m planning to join offline test series. As of now I’m not a working aspirant. But I’m expecting a fruitful result in one of the exams I have attended earlier this year. Which means I will start working Midway through the test series.

    1.If that is the case, will you allow me to take tests in working aspirants batch after I join the job or should I take tests in working aspirants batch from the beginning?

    2.I’m from Chennai. I’ll be coming to Bangalore only for the tests. Will you allow me to convert my subscription to online midway if it is difficult for me to travel back and forth once I start working?

    Sorry for too many queries, sir. Your reply will be highly significant for me to proceed with my plans. Thank you.

    • 1) Yes, you can come and give tests on Sundays even if you are not working.

      2) Yes, we can convert your offline account to online. We do this in exceptional cases as yours.

      Thank you for your interest.

      • The knight

        Thank you, Sir 🙂

      • Shatabdi

        Dear Sir,
        Even I had the same doubt. As I am working as a quick hire scientist in chennai, and have saturday and sunday leave. However, under unavoidable circumstance I might have to work on sunday. In that case, can i write that test alone offline?

  • Abhishek srivastava

    Bad luck for aspirants who don’t reside near bangalore. 🙁
    (I m from Lucknow)
    W8ng for offline test series.

    • Online test series will be equally good 🙂

    • V Kumar

      Hello abhishek i too from lucknow. r u preparing in lucknow?

      • Abhishek srivastava

        Yes bro

      • Abhishek srivastava


  • Ria

    What about prelims 2017 ONLINE TEST SERIES….. no detail is given regarding fees,schedule,syllabus…
    Pls post the same sir

    • Sanjay Pahade

      A link for that will be posted after prelim 2016 examination…It is reply which i got from Vinay Sir & team….! Bro, if u hve any other query, plz scroll down for the early comments….Best luck….!!

  • Forget_me

    Is this test series is only for English medium students.?

  • Gautham

    Dear Insights, i have following doubts

    1)What about other offline students who are not selected to the core group of mains 2017? Does the program end for them once the prelims is over?

    2) Is secure 2017 and answer writing challenge still be available on the insights website?
    3) If we subscribe to the online test series program, can we get the same guidance as offline students like for important updates e.t.c from insights?

    • 1) Other students who are not selected will continue to write prelims test series, but we allow them to sit and write whatever exams we conduct for core group. However, evaluation will be done only for core members’ scripts. Even after prelims, they can come and write Mains test series. If we find someone very serious among this group, we will take them in Mains core group (in other 20 members)

      2) Yes, Secure 2017 will always be available on website

      3) If you subscribe for online, we will be sharing important updates there too. This year we have added new feature called ‘Insights’ Blog’ within test series website where we will be communicating with online subscribers with important motivational and other posts.

      Thank you.

      • Zoro

        Sir, will you share the question paper that is prepared for the core group in insights blog?
        if so we can get it corrected among the peers. It would be of immense help if u do that.

  • IAS 2017

    Hello, Team- Insights !!!

    First of all, thanks for this brilliant idea. It will surely help us alot in our preparation.

    Next, what if someone can’t join this offline test series right now in August and can join only in October or November ?
    Can he/she be a part of the rest of the tests?

    Or isn’t it feasible to join the Online test series till that time and then convert that to offline test series while adjusting the amount.

    Please do reply this query!

    • Yes, it’s better to join for online now and later convert it into offline. You can do this. Thank you.

  • Pankaj

    hey insights followers, I’ll be preparing for CSE 2017 , Commerce optional.
    Serious candidates can contact, just a peer whats app group for discussion 🙂
    Contact me at [email protected]

  • Silent

    Good to see that Insights is replying for queries. . 🙂

  • Dhananjaya

    Anyone planning to opt/have already opted for online coaching for Pub ad. I too have to join. We can share the cost. Please let me know.

  • Lalit Mohan

    Sir, I am working professional in PSU posted at Mumbai . I have weekly off on SAT & SUN and on regular days I am out of my room from 9:00-6:30.
    Following are the stuff that I have been recommended/ I want to do:
    1. Follow Insights Pre test series along with mains part(top priority):-
    (doubt: 1 of my senior told its unrealistic to complete it for a working guy as he being a full time student was not able to once test started including syllabus from recommended books; after around test 10)
    2. Daily 1.5 hr for optional (Civil Engineering)
    3. Secure (Currently I feel my knowledge is 0, so I read answers written by fellow students and after reading 2-3 answers I write the points I am able to recap)
    4. Newspaper ( Some say not required, secure+monthly magazine is enough, some say it is the Bible plz advise for a working guy)
    5. Daily Quiz (I am able to give these in office)
    6. Daily Current affairs (I read them in office)
    7. Monthly magazine
    8. RS- Debate (I watch these in Lunch hour after finishing my lunch quickly )

    Every time I start studying one thing the other part haunts me and eventually I end up getting nothing. I have been following your website for long and I know what I am doing is wrong but still I repeat it.
    It is my sincere request if you can tell me a realistic plan(what to cover in morning what in the evening, how much hours to allot to which part on a daily basis) that I can cover along with Job and will be enough to make it into the Top rank. This will be a big help as the same problem is faced by almost all the working professionals.
    Please reply.
    Any follow mate who has sorted out the problem, your kind advice is also welcome.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • satyanarayana

    Hi Insights Team,

    I would like to enroll myself to offline test series. I am a working for a company and i can manage to attend the tests on Sundays.
    However am eager to know
    1.How frequent these tests will be conducted and whats the syllabus and strategy adopted to set the question papers.
    2.Is there any possibility (if at all) to take the off-line exams at near by places like Marathahalli as your place is quiet far to reach.

    Please respond on the above queries. Thank you.

    • Insights-Support

      Thank you for showing interest.

      1) We will post details including detailed timetable on 7th Night. All your doubts will be cleared.

      2) We conduct tests only at our centre and we do not conduct it at other places. Sorry about this inconvenience.

      • satyanarayana

        Thanks for the response and being interactive.

  • 1st !!!

    Anyone will decide to go with Maths as optional in 2017??

    • anna

      please contact Mr. ARYABHATA
      NO: +910000000000

  • ridhi

    Dear Insights plz do post details about 2016 mains offline test series…

  • Shatabdi

    Sir, I want to join offline class and ready to subscribe. I am from chennai and planning to travel to bangalore evry weekend to write the test. I wanted to know, incase I miss a test due to unavoidable circumstance, will I be able to write that test alone online?

  • Sowmya

    Payment link is not getting opened ,please let me know if anyone is able to pay

  • bharath kumar reddy

    If i subscribe for offline test series is there any provision to change my subscription to online test series later sometime. I am working currently in IT at bangalore. i might/might not be sent out of bangalore on deputation. I am interested in offline test series which provide classroom setup for taking exams but at the same time i don’t want to loose my exams because of my commitment to office work. Could you please tell me if it is possible to change my subscription.

  • Vishnushankar

    Dear Insights,

    When the complete time table and syllabus will be posted?

  • sonchiraiya_

    hello sir I m from gujarat. i wan’t to come bangaloru for insight offline test series, I m not doing any job nd intended to do full time prep. My doubt is reading library and pg facilities are available near by insight study centre nd what exactly it cost to live in banglru for upsc aspirent?

    • Kaabaliiii

      Hi brother….am from Hyderabad. Am also planning to come down to Bangalore and find accommodation and serious aspirants. Did u find answers to ur questions ?? My number is 7075592522. Can I get your number.

  • anyone with anthropology optional ?

    • Rumman Hashmi

      Mam u r opting botany?..can we discuss

  • satyanarayana

    Hi Team,
    Could see the syllabus and the schedule details for online tests series only.When can we expect the schedule details for offline test series? Will the syllabus pattern is same for both on&off-line tests with different exam dates?

  • karthik kooge

    Please upload the syllabus for test series @InsightsOnIndia:disqus

  • Prashanth kallur

    I’ve paid for the offline test series.
    Have you started adding people to the google group you mentioned?
    Should i come to your centre tomorrow?

  • ap

    Respected Sir,
    Kindly let us know about the timings to visit Insights Centre with receipt. Only the dates are mentioned in the above information.
    Thank you.

  • Aditya Thakar

    Sir, as i am from Gujarat ..i am interested for similar i want to know about online test series so please provide direction for it.!


  • Shatabdi

    Dear Insights,

    Can you please give the detailed timetable (specifically dates) for offline test subscribers? We have to travel from chennai to bangalore and getting tickets is a big issue. So if we know which sundays (after 21st) we can book tickets, it will save us time, money and hassels of booking tatkal.

    • The knight

      Hi. I’m also from Chennai. I too have enrolled in working aspirants batch. Are you traveling back and forth for every test ?

      • Shatabdi

        Hi…@disqus_vElMDJ4J8R:disqus ,

        Did you appear for sunday(21st test) ? Yes I travelled by morning Shatabdi Express and returned back by Brindavan. How are you planning to do it?

        • The knight

          Hi Mr.Shatabdi, I appeared for Sunday’s test. I travelled by Bangalore mail the previous night and returned by Brindavan. I’ll do this for all tests.

  • Deepak Jose

    Is the detailed plan shared yet ? It was written that you guys will publish it by Aug 8th

  • manishshukla

    Check on Plans on other websites also.. Follow only 1 till your Mains Exam 2017..

  • Narasimharaju L

    Hi Vinay Sir…

    I am Unable to do the payment for Offline Test series for first time and i sent mail to support.They suggest me to make the payment once again, at that time also Payment was unsuccessful. Please Suggest me what to do sir… My Email Id [email protected]

  • karthik kooge

    Hello Sir, I’m unable to make payment for offline test series 🙁

  • Zoro

    Sir, I have few doubts plz clarify:
    1. will you share the mains offline core batch question papers with the online batch student in insights blog or in this website in the secure-2017 section?
    2. How is mains offline core batch different from secure 2017 (except from the fact that there will be no evaluation by insight team in secure 2017 and the advantage of forming the group)?

  • S H

    Have taken offline test series. Relocating to Vijay Nagar. Looking for a room-mate. Any girl interested contact me on [email protected]

  • Harendra

    Hello Insights! I paid for offline test series but I didn’t receive any confirmation on email. Please help

  • Vijji


  • Vijji

    Said a rao chowdary I am also from Guntur yaar we will met

  • Suharsh Kumar

    Hii Insights. . I am from Jharkhand but want to write your Civil Prelims test series -17 in ‘Pen and Paper’ mode. . What are the possibilities?? Please reply. .

    • Suharsh Kumar

      Insights people. . Request you to please reply atleast. .

  • Vijji

    Any one knows clear address pls tel me at Bangalore

    • The knight

      1. Take metro from Bangalore city railway station or kempegowda and get down at attiguppe metro station (4 stops in between)
      2. Enter 7th A main road and exit from the other end
      3. Turn right and walk for 50m.

      You’ll reach Insights office at diagonal road.

      I think this is the simplest way to reach Insights office for outstation candidates from Bangalore city junction

  • vikram aditya

    Do we have an option to take the online test , in case we miss the offline test on a particular day?

  • Deepak Jose

    Till what time is the centre open in the evening ? I am working so i can only reach only by 7 PM for registration


    Sir,i’m facing problem with payment part of the offline test series.Even i had mailed to the ID provided in the link. But i didn’t recieve any reply

  • bkg

    Any aspirant is planning to give offline tests by coming to Bengaluru only on the test days?

  • know

    my payment was failed .plz help me

  • know

    i try 3 different cards but payment failed any problem in insight web

  • Avinash Princeps

    Hello Insights team, I am a working individual paid for offline test series. How can you send the Test-1 solutions when my test is still scheduled on 21st aug ie. on Sunday. Please look into it asap. It might cause serious obstruction for serious working aspirants. Thank you.

    • Avinash Princeps

      I am pretty upset with that mail. Think any alternative for working aspirants regarding the updates. Reply me.


    Inconvenience regretted if it is not related to you…hi friends, im rakesh. Even I had also joined offline prelims test series. Im thinking to relocate from my present place to near by insights office like rpc layout or Vijaynagar or hampi nagar so if any body interested means kindly contact me through this no. 9964267909. We can find new place or im ready to join u if u r there already means. Im preparing full time from last two years, any serious aspirant who want serious aspirant as his roomate pls contact me, even I want to be with guys who are preparing seriously. 9964267909 This is my contact no. So pls call me if u r interested…Thank you.


    Hi friends, im rakesh..i have also enrolled for insights prelims offline test series. I wanted to shift from my present place to near by insights office like rpc layout or Vijaynagar or hampi nagar so if you are looking for a roomate contact me. Im also looking for serious aspirants. Im not working n preparing full time. Any body interested means contact me 9964267909.

  • Sanjay Pahade

    Hi friends…i m student of offline batch 2017. I have Sociology as an optional subject. If possible, anybody living near insight venue of hampinagar, we can make a group for Sociology optional. This will be my 2nd attempt…my mobile no is 9158029555. Atleast, i can gurantee that this will fetch us good marks in sociology.

  • archana

    which one is better online or offline programme sir? kindly reply

  • Dr.Shruthi

    I want to enroll for prelims 2017 offline test series.Probably from the 3rd test. Is it possible considering the elapsed date for registration?

  • rashmi

    is this for banglore students only? cant delhi students join the saame?