Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 29: We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to Live With it

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 29


17 July  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to Live With it”

  • vishnu

    Terrorism is one of the means by which a section or a group of people try to achieve a goal through fear violence and intimidation of the public there by causing pressure on the government. These acts of terror can be externaly sponsored by an enemy country or falsely motivated for relegious gains.
    Terrorism which was once confines to perticular pockets in middle east and asia where not much of a concern for the western world but today the roots of terrorism has spread across the world. The west which was once a safe heaven against terrorist activities has been continiously targeted by terrorists causing a number of casualities and damage. With the advent of many terrorist organisation which has its affliated group across continents and with the spread if social media people coming under the influence of terrorist ideologies has increased manifold. This can be seen by a number of lone wolf attacks carried out across many places. Individual persons beeing radicalized through social media and is much more harder to track and gather intelligence and this has been effectively utilized by the terrorist organisations to devestating effects making no place and no person safe from terrorists.
    India has since long has suffered the brunt of externaly sponsored terrorism which has caused a massive casuality, damage and loss to its people the last beeing the horrific mumbai attacks. The world had then constantly treated Indias concerns with a kids glove approach. Eventhough the attack of 9/11 in which a major super power had for the first time beared the brunt of the terrorist attack changed the global view on terrorism and started a more prominent action on terrorism still these so called super powers classified these terrorists organisations as “good terrorists” and “bad terrorists” in a view of achieving their political objectives. Good terrorists where provided training, financing and provided arms as a means of unconventional war to further achieve their political objectives. Finances where provided to states which supported terrorisms like Pakistan which actively supported terrorists organisations. The latest organisation beeing the ISIS which initialy beeing actively supported by the western world where classified as good terrorists but when the tables turned the sponsors of ISIS is now beeing targeted by them.
    Terrorists action which now has become more widspread and regular seems to be a daily occurence but this should not be the case.
    The attitude of global powers to view terrorists through the prism of good and bad terrorists should be done away with. A combined global action against terrorism has to start. If the global community acts together they can effectively stop the flow of money and arms to these terrorists organisations. States sponsoring terrorism should be targeted and sanctions and other severe actions should be placed on them. More strict watch on social media and early signs of radicalisation should be spoted. A collective mechanism using the relegious leaders community and parents should be in place to reconciliate and rehabilitate the youths which are beeing influenced by.these radical ideas and effectively counter the propoganda done by the terrorist organisations in the name relegion.
    The recent sprouts in terrorist attacks eventhough dangerous and worrying also provides a window of oppertunity for the global community. The world leaders should come out of the narrow and hypocratical policies for support of these so called good terrorists and classify all the terrorists as bad terrorists. This attitude has come back to haunt these same countries and with the rise of these attacks it can cause a large setback and even kill the idea of a globalised world.
    “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter” is not the case anymore. Anyone who.picks up the gun should be effectively dealt with and with the rise of many multinational.and human.rights organisations there are plenty of platforms which can be used to give griviences of the oppresed people, strengthening these organisations can easily counter the need of people picking up guns and thereby reducing the influence of these so called terrorists organisation which they say represents the oppresed people

  • EVIL AND GOODNESS ARE TWO SIDES OF SAME COIN i.e HUMAN NATURE. Since time immemorial society has both elements. A complete evil less society is considered Utopia. Which hitherto does not exist (except Satya Yuga) So the question arise the biggest evil or threat to human society in contemporary times i.e. Terrorism can be eradicated or not? Do we have to live with this evil always? Answer lies in yes. We have to always live with it but we cannot stop ourselves fighting with it also.

    If we go in past we found that the Satya Yuga according to Hindu Mythology was free from all sort of evils but since then society is continuously been debasing and unsocial elements and various forms of evils have crept into it. In the Treta Yuga Ravana and other Asuras were a form of terrorism/evil, in Dwapara yuga it increased a lot and found in form of kauravs and some other elements. Then our yuga i.e. Kali yuga which has all sort of evils at the top of all is terrorism. So except the Satya Yuga or Truth era we do not have any era or phase to have complete peace or rule of goodness, evil existed in all. But what was common in all evil consisting eras was that some good element or personalities fought with evil and establish peace but then again evil erupted from somewhere. Hence ultimately they did not choose to live with evil. They kept fighting. The same thing apply in contemporary times too.

    “TERRORISM MAY PERSIST, RESIST, EXIST BUT WE CANNOT SURRENDER TO IT”. Fight with evil is ‘Purusharth’ i.e. manly duty of every human being. It will exist most probably and human struggle with it will continue. From USA to East Asia terrorism exist everywhere and we are fighting with it in many ways by cooperating with each other and trying to change attitude and mentality of our fellow denizens of planet.

    Lashkar-e-taibba attacked on WTC and Pentagon on 11/9/2001 but USA did not accept it as reality and made their internal security so efficient that after that another terrorist attack did not happen in USA. European countries are also being regularly pestered by terrorism. Nice attack is latest in this. But does it mean that France will stop protecting its citizen? Never, because TO FIGHT WITH EVIL IS FUNDAMENTAL DUTY OF GOODNESS. India is prime example of this myriad. Since independence India has been facing Terrorism in various forms from cross border terrorism to Maoist. Mumbai Attack in 1993, attack on Indian parliament in 2001, Taj hotel attack in 2008 and last year pathankot attack are few big examples of it. But Indian government is continuously upgrading its security system and combating this persistent enemy.

    The latest face of terrorism is ISIS. Whole Middle East, North-East Africa and western Asia is facing this consistently increasing danger. But how can we let it do what it want to do. USA, UK etc countries air striked it and other countries are also cooperating in various forms to combat it. India knows of its danger very well as it has reached to Pakistan and now recently in Bangladesh. In this face of this we are making us ready in every possible way. So fight with terrorism is incessantly continuing.

    At the end i would like to mention that to make terrorism and other evils completely end change of heart, attitude, mentality is the only way. Otherwise it cannot be ended as it is continuing since ancient times but it is also true that we haven’t stopped fighting it and will continue to do that. But still some sort of optimism of complete eradication of terrorism/evil should be there in consideration to that Charles Dickens rightly said “I HOPE THAT REAL LOVE AND TRUTH ARE STRONGER IN THE END THAN ANY EVIL OR MISFORTUNE IN THE WORLD”.

  • universoulphoton

    We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to Live With it
    21st century world is facing two very important problems, terrorism and global warming/climate change. if the 1st one is done by selective group and the latter by collective action and inaction. we need to handle both these issues with courage and conviction as they deserve for the sake of humanity and the world.
    everyother day, we are hearing bomb blasts, innocent people are being killed. the activity done by a minority section of a community of one religion creates social discord and unrest. we need to act faster rather ‘slow and steady approach’.
    the title here looks that terrorism is the reality and we need to live with it. this part is very true but the other part fight against it looks somewhat pessimistic. we can fight and must fight against terrorism, collectively not selectively. for this, we need to understand the word ‘terrorism’ , causes, support bases, modus operandi, problems and solutions.
    there is an urgent need to define terrorism in the light of ‘good v/s bad terrorists’ and some states (especially ‘failed states’ using terrorism as state policy in the balance of regional power’). as our honourable PM said, terrorism is any/everything or any/everyone against humanity. the great gandhian talisman for fellow indians in the time of confusion that we should work in such manner or such direction that should help the poorest of the poor. this way, if any violation of humanity should be considered as terrorism.
    does terrorism have religion?
    what adolf hitler did with millions of jews is an act of terrorism, the same way musolini. these both were christian faith followers. what about stalin in USSR, who created panic among russians. Prabhakaran in LTTE followed some other faith. it seems in the contemporary context that all terrorists are muslims but all muslims are not terrorists.
    in my view, the religion has nothing to do with terrorism. some people in a group exploits the religious ideology and misinterprets so much so that real message is forgotten, no religion teaches violence and if any religion does so then it is not religion and we all should reject such religion/religious ideology as poison.
    what makes people terrorists?
    for some decades, people said it is the poverty that is the main driving force behind any kind of violence. but the recent Dhaka terror attack by Sons of elite and english speaking family. the Osma Bin Laden is no ordinary person but billionaire from saudi arabia. the rising ISIS had many recruits from well to do family and well educated family. it is the ideology which makes mind of an young and innocent to move towards terrorism. the misinterpreted and misrepresented religious doctrines and so called religious injustices are the causes. in some cases, perceived political injustice may be so. it is the ideology which drives the people.
    we need to fight terrorism from all angles

  • FinalAttempt


    Terrorism and peace are two words and they are two face of same coin. One has disturbed the society and other is responsible for calmness. One reflects the motive of Buddha and for other some extremist groups are responsible. And now the condition is that terrorism has beaten the faith, cultural values and created normalness in society. Moreover now we have reached at the situation that it is saying to be part of life, we have to leave with it because we cannot fight it . But it is not true we have to FACE it and we can FIGHT with it.

    To fight terrorism first we need to analyze and think what is terrorism and its form and then only we can fight with terrorism and maintain peace , law and order In scoiety. Terrorism is a focused in pursuit to fulfillment of political, financial and judicial aim with violent measure in a unauthorized and unofficial manner. Terrorism is of many types it is CIVIL DISORDER TERRORISM, POLITICAL DISORDER, NON POLITICAL DISORDER, QUASI TERRORISM, LEFT WING RIGHT WING TERRORISM, STATE TERRORISM, and SEPARTIST TERRORISM.

    Civil disorder is by group of people against administration, political is to fulfill political aim in lust of power, Quasi terrorism is against law and order , Right wing terrorism and left wing are against the basic ideology which may come from the different ideological thinking and Separatist terrorism to get separate territory for self-rule in the form of anarchy. These forms and there way of achievement is violent and they do not believe on law and order, judiciary and wants to achieve evil aim without peaceful measures and talks with meetings.

    Scenario is that today religion is said to be responsible for terrorism, which is extremely not true and those who are fighting for religion they are NOT OF ANY RELIGION they have taken the shape of particular face and reflecting the ill motives in the form of religious terrorism.

    To stay with peace and to fight terrorism we need some anti terror mechanism , ANTI TERRORISM IS A FIGHT BETWEEN JUSTICE AND EVIL, CIVILISATION AND SAVAGERY. Also we all have to stand against it and we need to understand that BATTLE AGAINST TERRORISM IS NOT ONLY A MILITARY FIGHT BUT PRIMARILY FIGHT OF INFORMATION.

    TO OVERCOME terrorism such as CIVIL DISORDER TERRORISM we need to maintain COOPERATION BETWEEN PEOPLE, administration. Similarly to fight against POLITICAL AND NON POLITICAL terrorism society need to come forward society need to understand what they want a dictatorship or military rule or POLITICAL stability with DEMOCRATIC VALUES which could be achieved by pragmatic constitution making process taking help from international organisational different democratic countries.

    Similarly to resolve different ideological terrorism a situation need to be create where left wing and right wing ideological difference can be overcome and a peaceful resolution in favour of people, nation, and world can be achieved. SEPARATIST TERRORISM is a biggest threat and many nations has faced this and it is still continued but it can be also challenged by different measures such defence enforcement, talk with political leaders. India is well example to it, India has faced many similar challenges for separatist movement but with great political will and respecting different values and culture india today is a united nation with full-fledged democracy .
    Therefore measures are required to fight against terrorism and to fight different types different techniques are required. Some other measure may include non-interference of different nation territory or internal conflicts of other nation. Which was also proved recently in CHILCOT REPORT of UK . Providing education with both moral and civic values, equality, gender equality, employment, well social life and engaging youth in constructive task which will add the values of MORALITY , PATIENCE, TOLERANCE and DESIRABILITY will not only provide fruitful result of peace and development but also remove terrorism from society. And we can say we can FIGHT WITH TERRORISM AND CAN STAY HAPPILY IN OUR LIFE.

    For peace and fight evil of terrorism people, individual, leaders, developed nation , international organization like NATO ,UNO can play vital role. Even social media is equally responsible to fight terrorism , refraining from spreading any ill motive messages, posts can tackle the challenge.
    Members following terrorist values should understand that equality and justice can never be achieved through violence and loss to life of innocent and it can be only achieved by using measures with trust on law and order and peaceful talks. Therefore it is a joint effort to fight it.

    Therefore it can be concluded by saying that to maintain peace and to fight problems individual and group need to come and sit on a table which can only bring fruitful result by this way we can fight terrorism. Moreover Gandhiji also said TERRORISM AND DECEPTION ARE WEAPONS NOT OF STRONG BUT WEAK thus it is the time to show our strength to fight terrorism and not to accept it.

    • Ashutosh

      Good one but somewhere i think your connectivity was missing.
      You have explained terrorism and all its types in the best way possible, you have dealth with many dimensions of the essay but i found that you have also taken the contemporary view of terrorism. Please see that terrorism is a political ideology which is positive for one and negative for other at the same time. After 9/11 only terrorism has been given a fully negative shadow by American think tanks.

      Bhagat Singh, Irish National Army also were called terrorists but their motto was independence. We have to analyze both side of terrorism so that we can justify why is it wrong and why it may be right in some cases.

      Rest of the points were very good but still your conclusion needs some more clarity/.

      Please see mine also

      • FinalAttempt

        i missed it.. i opted only 1 side.. thanks for informing me.. really appreciable and i learned a lot from your essay.. thanks 🙂

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      its Malala Yousafzai….

      & the exact quote is :-
      “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world.”

      Anyways , content of the essay is very good

      Good conclusion … A very good read.

      • FinalAttempt

        right.. thanks 🙂

      • ydovfall

        Pens or education can’t beat terrorism. Many of the terrorists only come from rich, middle as well as affluent educated classes. The notion that terrorism is consequence of poverty has largely been disproved. Ex: Dhaka attacks (son of MP), many techies arrested in India, etc.
        It has to do with mostly short term geopolitical strategies of developed nations, sense of alienation and injustice, unemployment & neoliberalism that prioritises profit over employment , debilitating influence of MNCs over geopolitics and corporatism, etc.
        If you want to weed out terrorist, there must be multidimensional response (a) developmental (b) political – national and global (c) security response – all nations must stand together and stop using terrorists (esp. so called good terrorists) for short term strategic goals. Creation of common anti-terror force at global level.

  • Raj

    1.Terrorism is use of terror to forward one groups political and other interests. Though it is not a new phenomenon but in the age of globalization it has become ubiquitous and all pervading. It is on the top of major priorities of a large number of nations and yet defies all solutions and is increasing day by day.

    2. In this context it is often argued that terrorism can not end and we have to channelize our efforts to adapting to this phenomenon rather than trying to mitigate or end it. This is a false and fatalist argument. Just like many other maladies there is a remedy for terrorism as well.

    3. However before we try to cure a malady there is a need for proper diagnosis. The causes of terrorism are many. But the most important one in the recent time is political instability. It can arise again due to multiple factors such as fractured civil society, lack of robust political system etc. But military intervention by global powers to establish democracy tops them all.

    4. Political instability leads to lack of law and order and thus facilitate rise of different armed groups with narrow of other interests. They fight mutually, get aligned with other global terrorist groups, and lead to rise in militancy and terrorism. This has been witnessed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many African countries. In fact, the reason for rise of ISIS is this only.

    5. Another reason for political instability is proxy wars. This is evident in Syria which aided the rise and growth of ISIS, in Kashmir which has alienated a large group from a democratically elected government. This is one of most despicable cause as the sheer geopolitical ambitions of few powers lead to problems for a such a large number of people.

    6. Apart from political instability, social instability coupled with economic instability may also lead to deepening of cultural cleavages and rise of terrorism. As a certain section of society feels cheated and denied of their due share in resources. Kurdish powers in middle east is an example.

    7. Regional aspirations of a certain section of population may also be a cause as witnessed during Sikh militancy in India. However in such cases the role of leaders with parochial interests can not be missed.

    8. Undemocratic and harsh regime coupled with denial of basic fundamental rights and social discrimination as witnessed in Sri Lanka, USA during civil rights movement is also a cause.

    9. Further globalisation facilitating free flow of information and communication has also led to its rise, with people radicalising innocents and impressionable minds from remote places and using the IT medium for propaganda and fund raising.

    10. Moreover, these factors are often found interconnected and intermingled. This aggravates and complexes the problem as to which one is terrorism for evil and which one is terrorism for rights and justice. It is said “one man’s terrorism is another man’s freedom fight”.

    11. This has led to lack of a global consensus on fight against terrorism. An India proposed UN convention on international terrorism is pending. And this is major impediment in fight against terrorism.

    12. Nevertheless all this can be surmounted. And we can solve and eradicate the terrorism by various means. The traditional measures taken for eradication are also in need of analysis so that we can analyse a future coarse of action. The traditional measures have largely focused on security and fighting force with force.

    14. The problem with this method is it leads to a vicious cycle whereby use of force leads to more grievances, resulting in more alienation and more terrorism and in turn more use of force. This cycle needs to broken. We need to remember Gandhi who said “an eye for and eye will make the whole world blind”.

    15. The winning strategy in regard should be WHAM. That is, Winning Hearts and Minds. This is a strategy being employed by Indian military in Kashmir. For eg Operation Meghdoot was humanitarian help for people stuck in floods. Though the results are mixed but the strategy is working largely.

    16. WHAM should be continuing policy. In economic sphere it means more vocational avenues, skill development for the possible recruit of terrorists. This has worked in Naxal areas of India and should work in Kashmir with scheme UDAAN.

    17. In political sphere, WHAM needs to be coupled with decentralization, democratization and devolution of political powers. For eg in Sri Lanka this has been a key issue in post militancy period. And in India it can be said to be a major reason for peaceful Punjab. Further had this strategy was employed in Syria things may have been different.

    18. In social sector, community efforts to mainstream the minorities by celebrating their festivals, involving them in community affairs, educating the children about the differences and how they can be reconciled peacefully, more educational avenues for alienated groups should be a part of WHAM.

    19. Further deradicalization of the affected groups, women empowerment among the minorities by schemes such as Nai Roshni, inclusive development by various fiscal and monetary measures, free and full access to grievance redressal bodies such as judiciary is also a part of WHAM.

    20. Last but not the least, the global cooperation and coordination is required to eradicate the terrorism. We live in a world where real politic seems to be the driving ideology. It is time that we learn from the past events and adopt a more humanistic approach to world affairs.

    21. Proxy wars, sectarian fights, fight for resources in name of democracy needs to stop and it is possible only when all the small and big nations come together and realize that common good lies in peace and harmony.

  • KnowledgeBuff

    Terrorism, can broadly be defined as the use of violence in order to achieve a political, religious or ideological aim.
    In this sense, terrorism, as a phenomenon has been in existence ever since man started living in a society. However, what makes the new wave of terrorism unprecedented is its truly global outreach. With the growth of internet and access to modern weapons, the ability of terrorists to inflict large sclae casualties in any corner of the world has become greater than ever.
    What was once believed to be limited to a few zones of conflict in Africa and Middle-East has reached right at the doorsteps of the West. France. Turkey. Belgium. Bangladesh are just some of the countries, have come under terror attacks in the past few months. One look at the newspapers, and it would seem that the entire world is under a seige.
    Yet, it would be wrong to assume that the situation today has reached a point of no-return. While death and violence may seem to be the new normal, it need not necesarily be the case in the coming times. The fight against terrorism, requires us to fully understand the roots of the problems. Because, without understanding the problem, we won’t be able to arrive at the solutions. In the coming few paragraphs, we will analyse the causes of terrorism and their possible solutions.
    The new wave of terrorism owes much of its existence to the rise of terrorist jihadi groups like Al-Qaeda, Islamic State, Boko Haram. Motivated by a radical Islamic ideology, these groups have one mission – kill all non-believers, which includes all those who do not practice their version of Islam. It must be remembered that these groups have risen in states that have been largely been dysfunctional and in the throes of a civil war for a long time. To some extent, it is Western inverventions in Middle East that are partly responsible for their birth. For eg. Al-Qaeda mainly comprises soldiers of the Taliban, that was raised by the US (by providing arms & money) to fight the Soviet. Islamic State (IS), is largely the result of prolonged instability in Syria and Iraq. Many of the commanders of Islamic State, are ex-military generals in the Iraqi army, who were pushed out of their positions when US invaded Iraq in 2003 to topple the military dictator, Saddam Hussein.
    Defeating these terror attacks is going to be a herculean task. What is worrying is that groups like Islamic State, are not just hiding somewhere in the mountains, but control large territories. Kidnappings, extortions, sale of oil in the black market, has allowed them to be self-funded. To defeat these terror attacks, an all-out offence must be launched, to recapture the territories lost of them. The West needs to provide all the military support it can, to the military forces in this country. At the same time, it should not try to install puppet regimes in this country, that are friendly to the west. This will only breed resentment among the youth. The will of the peace loving people should be supreme, in deciding their future. The Western support needs to be limited to providing logistics and military support.
    Further, the roots of the rise of radical Islamic terrorism can be traced to the preachers of the Wahabism who are liberally funded the oil rich countries of the gulf – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait. Wahabism is a purist form of Islam that seeks to return a version of Islam that was practised in the sixth century. Among other things, it considers non-Muslims and no-practising Muslims as kafirs, who need to be put to death. Even though such a violent ideology, should have no place in the modern society, yet the monarchs of the gulf countries have continued to fund preachers of these extremist views, in order to retain their support and to suppress opposition to their regime.
    It is imperative that extremist preachings must not be allowed in any circumstances. The US, which has kept quite for so long, due to its oil dependence on the gulf countries, must speak up, and call the bluff of these regimes. The UN security council, also needs to pass a resolution condemning the financing given to these groups, and the gulf countries, must be held accountable, for all the hate mongering done by the extremist preachers enjoying safe havens in their countries.
    What separates the present-day terror attacks in the West from the ones in the past is the their decentralized nature. No longer are they planned and executed from the terrorists hiding in remote locations in Afghanistan or Middle East. All these attacks, are being carried out by people, who have been born and brought up in liberal societies in the West and hardly fit in the proverbial definition of the terrorist. Lately, these radicalized youth, have also been carrying out lone wolf attacks – which involves no planning at all and is simply carried out with the express of purpose of inflicting as many cxasualties as possible. The terror attack in Nice, Orlando shootings are an exmpale of this.
    To prevent these kind of attacks, the government authorities in the liberal countries, would require a complete overhaul in their strategy. Most of the youths, attracted to the radical ideologies, are those who are disenchanted by their current life and become more conscious of their Muslim identities. The concept of Jihad, gives them a purpose in life, which was hitherto missing in their life.
    The governments need to ensure that any attempts to demonize the entire Muslim community for these attacks are nipped in the bud. Islamophobia will only drive more youth towards terrorism. At the same time, the government must give more space to the moderate Muslim voices and take steps to foster a better understanding of Islam among other communities. Parents, neighbours, relatives should be encouraged to report suspicious behaviour and should not be unduly harassed. Radical groups operating online and offline, must be shut down immediately.
    Lastly, to curb this menace of terrorism, the countries must stop making the distinction between good and bad terrorism. Supporting a terror group is akin to creating a frankinstein monster. Sooner of later its going to turn agaisnt you. History can teach us a lot in this regard. The Hezbollah in Lebanon, Taliban in Afghanistan, Lashkar-e-toiba in Pakistan have repeatedly shown us that violence can only exacebrate problems and not lessen them.
    In this regard, the UN must pass a resolution bringing to end the distinction b/w good and bad terrorism. Countries like Pakistan, that follow the policy of state sponsoring terrorism must be unequivocally condemned. One man’s terrorist cannot be another man’s hero. Whatever be the cause, any group perpetuating violent ideologies must not be given moral or financial support. All grievances must be resolved through discussions and dialogue.

    Thus, while we see that the causes of terrorism in different parts of the world might be different, their end result is the same – loss of human lives. If we move proceed forward with the right intent, theire is every chance of defeating terrrorists and bringing an end to this menace.
    At the same time, we should not forget the urgency of the situation. With terror groups gaining in strength day by day, there is a real chance of them laying their hands of nuclear weapons or assembling bombs with radioactive material. If such a thing comes to pass, then it will spell doom for the entire human civilisation. To ensure, that such a thing does not come to pass, the entire world must come together as one and lend its whole hearted support in the war against terror.

    • Ashutosh


      I liked these points very much

      these groups have risen in states that have been largely been dysfunctional and in the throes of a civil war for a long time.

      Further, the roots of the rise of radical Islamic terrorism can be traced to the preachers of the Wahabism

      Islamophobia will only drive more youth towards terrorism”

      But again i found that you have taken Terrorism as a negative tool only. When we go deep into terrorism then we see that people like Bhagat Singh have advocated this ideology use againts oppressive forces. Even sometimes Mughal treated Marathas as terrorists.

      Your analysis on Wahabi and other things were nice but you left the pieces which you could have collected from Indian scene. naxalism, Naga , MIzo etc insurgencies could have been taken and analyzed.

      Your solution part was very well when you talked about curbing terrorism through education and ban on extremism.

      • Ashutosh

        mera bhi review kar dena

        • KnowledgeBuff

          theek hai bhai.

      • KnowledgeBuff

        thanks for the review man!
        agree with the naxals and mizo part. Could have included a separate para about curbing terrorism that arises in parts of the country, where fruits of dvelopment have not been able to reach.
        And in starting I could have written about ideas of Bhagat Singh etc, to show how the idea of terrorism has changed over the centuries etc.

    • Saudagar


  • silentOne24
  • Ashutosh

    11 सितम्बर 2001 की वह सुबह अमरीकी लोगों के लिए आम ही थी जब तक की एक अपहृत विमान वैश्विक व्यापार की प्रतीक वर्ल्ड ट्रेड सेंटर से नहीं टकराया था। कुछ देर बाद ही एक दूसरा विमान इसी सेंटर की दक्षिणी ईमारत से टकराया और यहीं से इतिहास एक नयी दिशा में मुड़ गया। 9/11 के हमले से पूर्व विश्व आतंकवाद को एक छेत्रीय घटना के रूप में समझता आया था परंतु इस घटना ने आतंकवाद को वैश्विक रूप दे दिया । अब सम्पूर्ण विश्व इस खतरे के प्रति सचेत हुआ और इससे लड़ने की रणनीति बनाने लगा । आतंकवाद के प्रति बदले दृष्टिकोण ने इस बहस को जन्म दिया की आतंकवाद का खात्मा कैसे हो। क्या आतंकवाद से लड़कर उसे ख़त्म किया जाये या उसके साथ रहते हुए ऐसे कारणों को ख़त्म किया जाये जिससे यह उपजता है । प्रश्न यह है कि क्या आतंकवादियों को ख़त्म करने से आतंकवाद समाप्त होगा या फिर इसका समाधान कुछ और है।

    इस प्रश्न का उत्तर पाने के लिए हमे सबसे पहले आतंकवाद को समझना होगा। मूलतः आतंकवाद की उत्पत्ति 1789 की फ़्रांसिसी क्रांति से जोड़ी जाती है जब तानाशाह राब्सपीयर ने आतंक का शासन लागू किया था फिर आगे चलकर 19वीं और 20वीं सदियों में इसने राष्ट्रवादी व उपनिवेशवाद विरोधी रुख लिया। जहाँ आतंक का शासन राज्य द्वारा जनता में विद्रोह को दबाने के लिए किया गया था वहीँ राष्ट्रवादी आतंकवाद एक साम्राज्यवादी उत्पीडक़ राज्य के विरुद्ध हिंसा थी।अपने हर रूप में आतंकवाद का मूल बल हिंसा के प्रयोग पर होता है। अधिकतर आतंकवादी कार्यवाही गोरिल्ला युद्ध की तरह छुपकर की जाती है परंतु जब हिंसा राज्य द्वारा हो तो यह खुले रूप में होती है।

    आतंकवाद अपना वैचारिक प्रसार करने हेतु भय का सहारा लेता है इसकी कार्यवाहियां केवल एक छणिक नुक़सान नहीं करती वरन इनका उद्देश्य जनता में एक भय को व्याप्त करना भी होता है । आतंकवादी लगातार छुपकर हमले करतें हैं जो सरकार को इस ओर सोचने पर मजबूर कर देते हैं। आम लोग भी भय के कारण समझौते पर बल देने लगते हैं। इस प्रकार आतंकवाद एक ऐसी राजनीतिक कार्यवाही है जो हिंसा का सहारा लेकर राजनीतिक लक्ष्य को साधती है ।

    9/11 हमले के उपरान्त अमेरिकी विद्वानों ने वैश्विक आतंकवाद को धार्मिक आतंकवाद की संज्ञा दी। उन्होंने आतंकवाद को इस्लामिक उग्रवाद से जोड़ दिया और विश्व में आतंक से युद्ध की मुहिम छेड़ दी । पर क्या सच में धर्म का आतंकवाद से कोई लेना देना है, दरअसल विश्व में सहयोग जुटाने के लिए यह एक अमेरिकी प्रोपोगंडा था जिससे वह न केवल अल कायदा के विरुद्ध समर्थन जुटा सके बल्कि सद्दाम हुसैन व मुअम्मर गद्दाफी जैसे अमेरिका विरोधी शासकों को भी ख़त्म कर सके। अमेरिका वस्तुतः अपनी उन गलतियों का दंड भोग रहा था जो उसने शीत युद्ध के समय की थी । लादेन का जन्म उन अमेरिकी नीतियों से हुआ था जिन्होंने अफगानिस्तान में सोवियत संघ के विरुद्ध जेहादी सेना खड़ी की थी।यही लादेन आगे चलकर 9/11 का भस्मासुर सिद्ध हुआ जिसने अपने आश्रयदाता को ही समाप्त करने की ठान ली थी। वर्तमान आतंकी खतरे दायेश का जन्म भी पश्चिमी एशिया में अमेरिकी घुसपैठ व अशांति प्रसार में ढूंढ जा सकता है।

    जब वर्ष 2001 में  अमेरिका ने ‘आतंक के खिलाफ युद्ध’ की धारणा रखी तो उसने संपूर्ण आतंकवादी विचारधारा को ही नकारात्मक रूप में प्रसारित किया। इससे आम जनमानस और देशों में यह भावना घर कर गयी की आतंकवाद का खात्मा केवल सैन्य तरीकों से ही किया जा सकता है। इस भावना ने देशों को अत्यधिक हिंसा के प्रयोग की प्रेरणा दी और फिर श्री लंका जैसे छोटे देशों में भी आतंकवाद के विरुद्ध व्यापक रक्तपात देखा गया। ऐसे विरोधों को भी आतंकवाद से जोड़कर कुचला गया जो जायज मांगों पर आधारित थे। अब हर  तरह के विरोध को आतंकवाद से जोड़कर कुचलना देशों के लिए आसान हो गया है।

    देशों ने यह समझ लिया है कि वह आतंकवाद को ख़त्म कर सकते हैं और शक्ति प्रयोग इसका एकमात्र साधन है। आज के राज्य ये भूल रहें हैं कि विचारधाराओं को मारना आसान नहीं है , उसके प्रतिपादक और समर्थक मर सकते हैं पर विचारधारा नहीं। आतंकवाद एक ऐसी ही विचारधारा है , राज्य आतंकवादियों को मार सकता है पर फिर किसी उद्देश्य पर एक नया आतंवादी खड़ा हो जायेगा। आज जब आतंकवादी गुट एक समूह से बढ़कर एक विचारधारा के तले जुड़ रहे हैं और स्लीपर सेल के रूप में व्याप्त हैं तब ये और जरुरी हो जाता है कि आतंकवाद को अन्य तरीकों से समझा जाये और इसके समाधान ढूंढे जाएँ।

    गांधी जी ने कहा है कि उत्तम साध्य हेतु उत्तम साधन का होना भी जरुरी है। यदि हमें आतंकवाद को सच में ख़त्म करना है तो पहले हमें उसे स्वीकारना होगा, उसके साथ रहकर मंथन करना होगा और फिर उसे रोकने होगा उसकी जड़ों पर प्रहार करके। इस सन्दर्भ में भारत में चल रहे प्रति नक्सली आतंकवाद ऑपरेशन को का अध्य्यन उचित होगा।

    भारत में नक्सलवादी आंदोलन की शुरुआत 1960 के दशक में हुई थी जिसका मूल कारण भूमि वितरण की असंगतियों में छुपा था। पहले पहल तो इसकी रोकथाम हेतु बल का प्रयोग किया पर बाद में सरकार ने अपने रुख को बदला। बल प्रयोग की स्तिथि में यह देखा गया कि नक्सली आंदोलन को ज्यादा प्रसार मिला और यह तेजी से अन्य राज्यों में फैला , फिर राज्य सरकारों ने पुलिस कार्यवाही की जगह विकास और भूमि वितरण योजनाओं को बढ़ावा दिया जिससे नक्सली हिंसा में व्यापक कमी आयी। पूर्वोत्तर भारत में भी नगा आंदोलन में सरकार ने बातचीत को बढ़ावा दिया जिसके कारण एन ऐस सी एन जैसे उग्रवादी समूह वार्ता मंच पर आये। वर्ष 2015 में भारत सरकार ने नगा अलगाववादियों के साथ एक वार्ता फ्रेमवर्क पर समझौता किया जिससे भविष्य में समाधान के रास्ते ढूंढे जायेंगे।

    दूसरी तरफ सीमापार आतंकवाद को सुलझाने के लिए भारत सरकार ने कई बार पड़ोसी देश से बात की पर वह विफल ही रही। कश्मीर में हो रही आतंकवादी घटनाएं भले ही भारत पाकिस्तान के विभाजन से उपजी हों परंतु इनमे तेजी 1971 के युद्ध के बाद आई। अब यह राजनीतिक मसले से बढ़कर इस बात पर आधारित हो गया है कि कैसे भारत में अशांति फैलायी जाए। हाल ही में पूर्व रॉ प्रमुख ‘ए एस दुलात ‘ने अपनी पुस्तक ‘कश्मीर -द वाजपई इयर्स ‘ में कहा कि हमारा पड़ोसी देश कश्मीर समस्या का हल चाहता ही नहीं है क्योंकि यदि कश्मीर समस्या सुलझ गयी तो वहां की निर्वाचित सरकार किस मुद्दे पर टिकी रहेगी।

    कश्मीर का मुद्दा उनके देश में राष्ट्रवादी जुड़ाव का काम करता है जिसके सुलझते ही वह देश टुकड़ों में टूट सकता है। इस स्तिथि में भारत सरकार द्वारा बल प्रयोग जायज है पर इसके साथ ही यह भी जरुरी है कि बातचीत द्वारा कश्मीरी अलगाववादियों को रोका जाए। 2010 के बाद से घाटी में हिंसा 40 प्रतिशत बढ़ गयी है इसे रोकने के लिए जो बल प्रयोग हुआ इससे यह और भड़की हैं, पहले केवल उत्तरी कश्मीर इसकी चपेट में था जबकि अब दक्षिणी कश्मीर में भी इसकी पैठ बन रही है। इस सन्दर्भ में यह जरुरी हो गया है कि सरकार बातचीत के रास्ते पर ज्यादा बल दे।

    उपरोक्त विश्लेषण के बाद अब फिर से अपने प्रश्न को देखते हैं कि क्या हम आतंकवाद से लड़ नहीं सकते। इसका जवाब यही है कि आतंकवाद से लड़ा नहीं जा सकता क्योंकि वह एक अमूर्त विचारधारा है , हम आज कुछ आतंकवादियों को मार दें तो इससे कुछ ठहराव आएगा पर यह ख़त्म नहीं होगा। हमे आतंकवाद की विचारधारा को स्वीकार करना होगा क्योंकि कई बार एक देश के लिए जो आतंकवादी होता है वही दूसरे देश के लिए वह स्वतंत्रता सेनानी। हमे भेद करना होगा की आतंकवाद का लक्ष्य किस ओर है और फिर उसका समाधान बातचीत से शुरू करना होगा, अंतिम रूप में ही सीमित बल प्रयोग करना होगा।

    हमे अमेरिका द्वारा प्रसारित इस भाव से निकलना होगा की आतंक का समाधान केवल युद्ध है , और इसे धर्म से अलग करना होगा । ये भाव आम जनता के मन भी कुंठा उत्पन्न करते है और वे भी साम्प्रदायिक तत्वों से वैचारिक साम्य में आ जाते हैं, उनके मन में उत्पन्न भय हिंसा को सही मान लेता है और फिर उन्हें समाधान के अन्य रास्ते नजर नहीं आते। हिंसा गलत है पर उसके कारण सभी गलत नहीं होते, सरदार भगत सिंह ने भी उत्पीड़क के खिलाफ हिंसा को जायज ठहराया था।

    इस प्रकार अपने उत्तर की खोज में हमने देखा की आतंकवाद एक राजनीतिक कार्यवाही है परंतु इसका स्वार्थ के कारण गलत उपयोग भी हुआ। इसका मकसद पहले केवल सरकार विरोधी कार्यवाहियों तक था पर फिर अल कायदा जैसे संगठन ने इसे आम जनता का संहारक बना दिया। आतंकवाद एक विचारधारा है ,एक शैली है जिसे कभी ख़त्म नहीं किया जा सकता । हम यह भी नहीं मान सकते की हमे इसको स्वीकार करके इसके साथ रहना पड़ेगा बल्कि हमे इसे समझना होगा, इसके रूपों में भेद करना होगा। हर समस्या को एक ही  चश्मे से देखने की बजाये उसे उसके परिप्रेक्ष्य में देखना होगा और फिर उसका समाधान करना होगा । सभी समस्यायों को एक ही ढाँचे में देखकर उनको शक्तिपूर्वक दबाना एकमात्र उपाय है , ऐसी विचारधारा हमे छोड़नी होगी। जब हम एकांगी सोच से परे हटकर आतंकवाद की समस्या का हल खोजेंगे तो निश्चित ही ऐसे रास्ते निकलेंगे जो विश्व शांति को बढ़ावा देने वाले होंगे।
    1) एंड्रू हेवुड- ग्लोबल पॉलिटिक्स
    2) सैम्युएल हटिंगटन- क्लैश ऑफ सिविलिज़शन्स
    3) द्वितीय प्रशासनिक सुधार आयोग की रिपोर्ट

    • silentOne24

      superb..structured approach..nicely concluded..could have included more recent incidents in examples..

    • silentOne24

      please review mine sir..

    • KnowledgeBuff

      hi Ashutosh bhai,
      AApne jo naxals aur kashmir terrorism ka analysis kiya hai woh achcha. Saath hi mein the way you mentioned the 2001 attacks that is also good, kyunki usi ke baad terrorism
      ka naya chehra dekhna ko mila. Apart from this, aap in points ko dhyaan mein rakh sakte ho:
      1) global nature of terror through examples. do-teen lines mein aap bata sakte ho ki kis tarah se aaj world ka koi corner terrorism se safe nahi hai.
      2) thoda anti-US sentiment zyaada hai essay mein. usko aap tone down kar sakte hain. thoda europe mein ho rahe attacks ke baare mein discuss kar sakte ho.
      woh kyun ho rahe hain aur unhe kaise roka ja sakta hai.
      3) terrorism ko badhawa dene mein jo gulf countries ka role hai, uske baare mein bhi baat kar sakte hain.
      thanks and keep writing!

    • FinalAttempt

      hello friend..

      your essay is as usual beautifully written.. well connected.. and lucid.. the quality of your essay is one can understand easily without efforts and which really great..

      bhai, u mentioned about terrorism u started with history and a global perspective of different regions and consequences.. french revolution is a best one, then explaining us-afghan-ussr is good point..

      ur examples are well placed but just wants to say.. essay is looking about “we have to live with it”.. in this angle of essay is a bit not effective.. u could have improve it better by providing some measures to tackle the challenge.. even u could mention how other earliest revolution was tackled and now results are positive..

      your conclusion is solid and effective.. but repetition of sentences/words..

      overall a good read.. keep writing .


    • Saudagar

      Nice in hindi .
      I m new here but with hindi medium .
      But i m preparing with english medium & passionate about clearing mains with english though my english writing skills are not so good right now .
      Plzzz review my very first essay on insights .

    • Awanish Dwivedi


    • Nitish

      Dhnywad sir m v Hindi medium ka student hu plz mujhe v kuch guide kijiye .kyo ki sb kuch mujhe English m hi dikh rha h to plz aap se req h ki mera email I’d [email protected] h aur mera celphon nmbr 8377880801 h to plz help me

  • Anit ifs

    The low intensity asymmetric warfare or terrrorism is the new reality of the modern world for more reasons than one. Long term regional instability morphed into the cloak or religious extremism and separatism along with the proliferation of mass media, networked media and instant communication have created a set of factors that make it almost impossible to contain this wave of terrorism. The only hope is in mending emotional wounds by a more compassionate world order.

    In the age of ultra modernism, the average human being is flummoxed with the pace of the change. In 1984, this phenomenon was predicted in a book called future shock, where the rate of change of the technological innovations changes the society so fast that most of the people aren’t able to adapt to it quickly enough, leading to huge social problems. Oddly enough, the phenomenon has manifested itself in the archaic mould of interreligious wars. The use of technology to kill the societal constructs like liberty, fraternity, equality that made possible such technological innovations in the first place isn’t surprising.

    People adapt technologies very quickly, but are not able to change their underlying behavorial components that would enable them to adapt to the new world. Cows were holy in the ancient times due to their functioning as the irrigators, last resource in drought etc. However, now that we have attained green revolution, cows still retain their social and religious importance. Similarly, the first nordic settlers in greenland were averse to eating fish due to some taboos. They practised agriculture and cattle rearing according to their beliefs. This contrary culture led ultimately to their extinction. Long established practices and culture given by a particular religion are therefore localised in time and space; applying them out of context is inherently dangerous.

    Religion isn’ the only reason for organised terrorist activities and lone wolf attacks. Neo Nazi attacks in Norway which claimed 77 lives were done with racial reasons in mind. Uighurs fight for their land and at other times, american gun wielding citizens have let loose mayhem even without any coherent reason. The problem is therefore someplace deeper, which makes terrorism a new normal.

    Terrorist attacks coincide with the rise of news channels and social media. Violence becomes a medium to convey your message, legacy to a wide audience. Individuation of culture, loss of moral ethics and void of religion have made it possible for people to give up their lives for sake of 15 minutes of fame. This fame is the new cultural ideal and the costs of it can be horrendous.

    Materialistic norms confine individuals to their owned objects and monetary value. Someone without acehviments is therefore cast away as a looser. A vast majority of people don’t achieve success even though our global culture is entered around it. Indian culture is now relegated to the archaic norms of rituals and patriarchal mindset and many of its jewels like community thinking, familial love and respect for nature and others are lost. The same phenomenon has destabilised the countries world over. Terrorism is just the ugly by product and unless the society changes to a more humane and compassionate enterprise, we will have more of it.

  • Unformidable

    “We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to Live With it”
    1) Humans evolution for the purpose of co operation,love and harmony,.
    -Religion and neighbourhood structures develop to have peaceful existence
    -Terrorism break the utopia.
    -Defining what terrorim is,Factors behind it and effects its having
    -No,We can fight terrorisim.Explaing why we can?
    How we will do it?
    1)Economic reasons
    2)Political reasons.
    3)Social reasons
    4)Psychological reasons
    5)Ethical reasons
    Challenges in its way which make us beleive we have to live with it
    1)Vested interstes
    2)Fragmented hearts.
    3)Political will

  • Saudagar
  • yogi
    • yogi

      Rough Draft:
      Plz bear with this one(probably the last one). After prelims i will post only after practicing the clear and clean rough drafts.

      • minaxi

        Hello Yogi..:)

        Tumhare rough draft ko decode karne ke lie to mujhe Rocket scientist banana hoga.I should have read warning given by you…

    • minaxi

      Hello Yogi… 🙂

      My views-

      1) Introduction- though you have defined terrorism, yet there is no reference to the topic of essay in introduction. In my view, it must be there, it will give prior information about the theme of your essay.

      2) Firstly, you described, it is impossible to fight against the terrorism with three distinct examples. You have talked about the lone attacks, but it would have been better, if you could highlight some traits of ”lone wolf attacks”. it will show the reason behind your concern about the worrisome nature of lone attacks.

      3) You have cited the different cause of these terrorist attacks, may be immediate cause is different but not the ultimate cause, which is radicalization and extremism especially in France and US example. Yes, techniques is different, and i think you could highlight this aspect of attack.

      4) Killing terrorism creates more terrorist- good lines.

      5) Fourth page first line- we can not fight with violent mean- but non- violent means are still available. in my opinion, here fight refers holistic fight. by the way- i did not get exact meaning you want to convey in this essay.

      6) Example of LDC is good, but religious extremism and terrorism is not clear, on the other hand, in these example, terrorism is looking like consequences rather than example of living with terrorism. Here, people d not fight against the terrorism, they want to fight with terrorism. And, once again- fight does not always refers toward WWE kind of fight. it may be ideological, moral and physical.

      7) Financial cutoff point is good. i did not think of it. 🙂

      8) Education point is good. what do you mean by spirit? Please, do not take Afzal Guru example- he was highly educated, and it is highly subjective to consider the spirit at individual level. In general it is helpful, so could take example of a educated society. One more thing- sequencing of solution- personal- social- institutional & national- international.

      9) You mentioned financial example two times.

      10) You literally took the meaning f fight as killing of terrorism. 🙂

      11) First time, I am going to criticize your conclusion- it is looking more a part of long term solution rather than conclusion- The language, you have adopted s looking like, you are trying to justify the act of terrorism. we understand, cause behind terrorism can be justify dome where in body, but do not do it at end. Becoz, cause can be justify, terrorism can not be justified. and essay is about terrorism.


      1) You have dealt with the one side of statement, and try to rectify this issue by going along with the given statement.

      2) Even, in given statement, speaker is speaking about to live with terrorism due to compulsion, but in your essay, I got a feeling, you are preferring to live with terrorism with choice.

      Note- I will review your previous essays, as soon as i get time. I am legging behind in some topics,:(

      Thanks & ATB… 🙂


      • yogi

        Thanks for review 🙂
        I agree with the all the points mentioned by you. All credit for this messed piece goes to my rough draft. Now i need to unlearn rocket science to come to ground:-P
        Note:–regarding previous essay’s review: don’t feel it as a burden. You can safely skip it. Cover the topics u are lagging in.This is more important at present moment, considering the rapid arrival of D-Day. 😀
        All the best 🙂

  • Saudagar

    Review plzzz
    My first essay


    To begin with, Let quote Mahatma Gandhi “Do or Die”. This is the time to re-read this slogan in this ever peaceful society of ours. This time it will against Wahabians & probably not against whole of world. We have to hold the enemy by the nose & kick him in the pants. We need to annihilate them before they do it to us. The world ist loosing count of their atrocities. We give them strategic time means we are giving them time to gain ground. Though I agree that a conflict started many decades ago cannot be given death in a matter of days, weeks or moths but might takes a couple of decades.

    We have been living with terrorism for long now. I believe some people agree with me on this. The colonial British rule is to be blamed for this global blunder against humanity. All this is happening because of wrong interpretation of religious texts for short term personal benefits of individuals. We simply cannot use a skeleton force against this. However, the main stumbling block in the way is uniting people of this globe against it.

    But there has to be ‘action’ against these activities, no part of this globe is immune to it unless stern action is taken against it. It needs to & could be fought in almost every theater, scope & ‘walk’ of war. Alas ‘dharma’ will be victorious.


      Poor grammar apart from vague, impractical and ill conceived thoughts ..way to go BHATT sahaB…
      Wahhabism is not equivalent to terrorism…
      There are other groups like MAOISTS, NAGAS, and more transnational ones like
      LTTE in Sri Lanka
      So better be balanced in approach!!


        Dear Sudanita,

        Firstly, The idea is to communicate & to have a dialogue. The grammar presented is deliberate. This did connect to you, didn’t it. One can live with a poor grammar but not a dark world.

        Secondly, Like many a topics the subject of terrorism is also subjective. You may not believe Wahabists are promoters & perpetrators of terrorism; but it is hinted by Government of India in many a forums that Wahabism is one of the main reasons for terrorism in the present day world.

        Thirdly, One can name & count the forms of terror to ones hearts content. I personally wouldn’t stop such an effort.

        Finally, you can keep your piece of mind to yourself.

        Let me know if you want to debate & discuss on any issue. I would be happy to oblige.



    • Ashutosh

      Dear Bhat Saab,
      I can appreciate your writing, everybody has its own viewpoint which is due to his her surroundings and experience.
      Can i ask,,Are you a Kashmiri Pandit.


        Dear Ashutosh,
        Does it make a difference? I shall conceal the fact & leave it to your guessing. This is what happens in India. People start getting judgemental !
        What should matter most is that we are all Indians & must work towards unity & integrity of this god blessed wonderful, heavenly nation.

        Thanks & Regards,

  • minaxi

    “We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to live with it”
    Rough Draft-
    1) Introduction- The increasing incidents of terrorism all around the world with different techniques… It is becoming new normal of societies and countries
    2) We cannot fight terrorism, we have to live with it- Afghanistan & Taliban- Taliban being the part of its polity and decision making process. Afghanistan politicians are not seeking to eradicate Taliban but to collaborate with it by striking balance with it.
    3) Why we cannot fight with terrorism- Internal factors of countries-
    a) Radicalization of youth and use of internet to spread the influencing propaganda by Militant organizations.
    b) Sense of discrimination and injustice among a group and terrorism is supposed to be effective way to bring the justice to deprived section.
    c) Appeal of violence to youth to achieve power and to rule the world in light of weakening education system, social bonds and stressed economic life style- it also appeal the educated youth making it much more dangerous.
    4) Consequences of above reasons- It make it almost impossible to fight terrorism- every time terrorist came along with a new techniques in groups or lonely attacks- e.g.- 9/11- by airplanes and group attacks and In Nice- attack by individual with help of truck- Unpredictable and unpreventable
    5) We have to fight with terrorism, we cannot live with it.-
    a) Why we need to fight with it- socio-economic lose and lack of peaceful environment lead and dominance of terrorist ideology will be against the international norms of peaceful existence. Lack of fighting spirit of global powers will be taken as acceptance of terrorism and it will result in more atrocities and violence- A continuous atmosphere of fear will be there.
    b) How to fight terrorism-
    i) Proactive measures- Checking the root of terrorism, like grievances and source of radicalization and violent attitude. Developing strong education system and just and equal socio-politico-economic system, world power should refrain to create void in political structure of other countries like Middle East, it provides opportunity to flourish militants. Preference to democratic means(i.e.- deliberation) over military interference in these countries
    ii) Curative Measures- Strengthen national security framework either it is physical, intelligence or cyber security, collaborating with international community to combat terrorism, eliminating difference between good and bad terrorism and making international organizations more effective.
    6) Conclusion- Despite having mutated over the period of time, becoming more effective and fatal and dangerous, living with terrorism is not an option for a sane international community. There is not good or bad terrorism, world community has to realize, using terrorism as a weapon to achieve short term goals is risky game, as terrorism began to use world to accomplish their interest.

    Human breed since the time of its inception has faced many forms of violence like war, plunder, theft etc. These were either official or unofficial means to achieve their goals. But terrorism is relatively new phenomena, it is unofficial techniques to use violence which affect the wider section of society beyond its immediate victim to achieve political goals. The tussle between state and terrorist organization is as old as history of terrorism. But despite many efforts, terrorism is still prevent and spreading different part of world instead of getting diluted or removed. With changing nature of terrorism with modern techniques, it has become more effective and emerging as new normal of society.

    Normalcy of terrorism can be seen in Afghanistan, world is awake about the atrocities committed by Taliban on Afghan population to maintain its rule. But Taliban is considered critical for peace in Afghanistan. Ironical it may appears, But instead of eradicating Taliban, many segments of Afghanistan and world community like Pakistan , China and USA are thinking to strike a compromise between Afghan government and Taliban, which will surely give a say to Taliban in Afghan politics.

    It will be easy to blame these world power to favor a militant outfit, but in modern world it is almost impossible to fight terrorism in view of its changing nature. Cyber space and internet has almost make it easy to influence and radicalize youth without physically interacting with them. Decreasing need of proper militant training in lieu of new automatic weapons and easy accessibility, homemade techniques over internet etc.
    Another dangerous trend, which is emerging is the increasing involvement of educated youth in terrorist activities unlike earlier. However, reason of terrorism varies from sense of discrimination and injustice to the sense of empowerment and revival of old age ideologies.

    Changing face of terrorism and terrorist make it almost impossible to remove the terrorism from world. Security forces cannot trace a homemade terrorist I neighborhood, who has been radicalized through internet, who can use some daily use apparatus or instrument as weapon of mass destruction, who knew the airplanes can be used as weapon prior to 9/11. Recently an attack on NICE, France by lone terrorist with help of Truck. Unpredictable and unrecognizable nature of terrorism forced us to think that, it is difficult to fight with terrorism, we have to live with it.

    But, no matter how difficult the fight, giving up is not a solution. If it is difficult to fight terrorism, it is impossible to live with terrorism. At domestic level, it creates socio-economic problems, political instability and constant atmosphere of fear. Pakistan has nourished terrorism instead of fighting with it, and constant terror attacks and increased radicalization has stalled its progress not to mention hampering of image as a responsible state. It also distort international environment, Al-Qaeda and rise of ISIS are some examples. On the other hand, learning to live with terrorism, will lead human race in the girth of permanent destruction and violence with no security of life and future as we can see in Nigeria with a Boko haram brand of terrorism.

    Therefore, it indicates that, giving up fight was never an option for responsibility world community. The only solution remains i.e. – fight. And, here, the global governments have to ponder over the means and modes to fight terrorism. However, effective fight against terrorism have some prerequisite like we have to do away distinction between bad and good terrorism, which defining terrorism in unambiguous fix terms. And, another thing which is necessary to detect the underlying reasons of terrorism, If nice, governments all over the world will come to know the exact reason behind terrorism, it will be easy to fight effectively and efficiently without much complexities as it will be easy to make a large section of public understand the difference between reasonable demands and unreasonable means to fulfill those demands.

    Fighting against terrorism should not be result in the appeasement of one group while discriminating against other group, as has been the case in Middle East. Where, one section was freely provided with arms and ammunsation by some external state actors to resolve their disputes. And there almost every sect have militant group and demanding their rights. Such situation create the mess rather than solving the problems.

    Terrorism is that disease, which is better and easy to prevent at first place, every step must be taken to remove the reasonable grievances and disputes while establishing the just and progressive system in socio-economic and political spheres. It is also necessary to strengthen education and social infrastructure of country, so no one feel excluded while have opportunity to recognize and realize their rightful aspirations and demands.

    However, it does not means, reactive frameworks should not be in place, it is complementary to the proactive mechanism, strengthen of security forces, security of critical infrastructure and cyber space. Strengthen networks for gathering information from local communities, as well as collaboration and corporation with international security and international organization like Interpol and CIA is also necessary. Improvement and enhancement of modern anti-terror techniques like tracking devices, CCTV cameras and modern arms to police is necessity of time. It is also necessary to strengthen and reform United nation organizations for betterment of international community, which is currently has become the playing ground for world superpower to prove their superiority.

    Living with terrorism was never an option, and we do not have choice other than fighting with terrorism. The real question is about the means and mode of is a long fight, which need continues and cooperative efforts, it is only possible when global governments will give up their ego and narrow interest for the sake of international development and peace. Terrorism must be treated as terrorism rather than molding them as their conveniences. The saying like, enemy of enemy is my friend, do not work with terrorist groups, regional rivalry and ideological differences should not come in path of efforts to fight with one of biggest enemy of humanity’’ terrorism’’. It is high time, every entity ether it is individual, community, countries or international organization take decisive action against any such activity from start.

    • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)

      You r conclusion is excellent ….

      You can mention some India specific events like Mumbai attacks etc

      Some more dimensions can be added :-
      Global & local Nature
      How Terrorism & Naxalism are same/Different…
      Adventurism of some powerfull nations (Like Chilkot report)

      • minaxi

        Hello Harsh…


        Yes, I could more highlight about the national issues. However, I do not think, especially mentioning Naxalism in this category will be appropriate.
        Chilcot report, I do not find any venue to refer that report in this essay with word limit.

        Thanks & All The Best… 🙂

    • abhinav

      9/11 MUMBAI ETC.

    • Ashutosh

      नमस्कार मीनाक्षी,
      मेरा निबंध भी परीक्षित कीजिये ।

    • Ashutosh

      Dear minaxi,
      You have covered very nice and valid points. You have taken the issue of global terrorism well and the factors behind it’s influence. However I think you missed the things on domestic terrorism , also there is a thing called state sponsored terrorism which was a case in sri lanka.
      Also you have taken terrorism as a common noun means it’s an act but speaking more specifically it’s like Marxism an ideology which makes a political demand through the use of violence. You have to capture that view point in which terrorism is the last resort. Bhagat singh and rajguru were also called terrorists so u have to justify that also to make it multidimensional. Also you have put more focus on use of power in crushing terrorism but in my opinion there are other ways also which we should cover. I won’t write them but you should be knowing them.

      Rest your language was fluent, structure was good and so we’re your examples. All the best.
      Review mine too

  • Indu

    I dont no what to write and how to write…can you guys help me….

    • Nagasanthosh King

      hi friend i too new to write the post like this

      • Indu

        So wat I do now????

        • Nagasanthosh King

          just write what u know and refer about terrorism in google and make a short notes on it

          • Indu

            k sure…n tnk yo


    We Can Not Fight Terrorism: We have to Live With it”

    Terrorism, in this day has become a part and parcel of daily lives of not only, anarchist states like Libya or Syria or Iraq, but also many established democracies of the world like ours her in Asia. The reasons at be many but the consequences are all the same – Bloodshed, disturbances, wars, disruptions in development and absolute absence of peace .

    A global threat like terrorism as it stands today cannot be simplified and clubbed into a category of anarchic anti-status quo problem because that is not going to solve the problem in the first place. The ways and means of this may be changing for now, but the root cause more or less remains the same.
    However, fundamental to this discussion is the fact that all such disillusionment everywhere around the world have a common link of some injustice to,or neglect of the people at large. If all those in power in & around the troubled region anywhere on the face of this earth, are insensitive to their demands over a period of time, the grievances often manifest in the form a violent uprising.

    Maoist violence since independence is a case in point in India. China and India became independent around the same time in history, however, both charted different courses. One based on the communist ideology of Mao Zedong while the latter threaded the democratic and socialistic path. Despite India having a more moderate approach, many of the marginal groups have become unsatisfied with the regional imbalances in development and inadequacies of the help from the union. In an address, former prime minister has said more than any other external threat from terrorism, our country is embroiled in a constant war due to the internal Problem of NAXALISM.

    Having said that, it does not take away any of the venom that is injected across the Indian border through foreign forces operating within the Indian territory. Apart from standalone lone wolf attacks, many of the terrorist operation are organised and strategically aimed at. Since the new millennium India has seen crests and troughs in this battlefield with covert attacks coming from everywhere. Right from the north-EAST to the north-west , recent chain of attacks from rebel forces have worried the defence and security establishment more than ever.
    Increased frequency is not the only concern but rather dramatic change in
    The modus operandi and tactical timing is what concerns us more. Modern technology often aids in these deadly endeavours providing anonymity , easy funding and remote control of all tasks and actions.
    However, contrary to this, on a global scale, there has been an increase in spurt of lethal suicide attacks whether be it in the shape of human bombs or open field combats with the armed forces of a nation. The rebel groups United in west Asia and Northern Africa have been an immense cause of concern not only for the west but for Far East as well. The extremes propaganda can easily be spread through modern means of communication especially in the cyber world. That makes the physiological aspect more difficult to control. Terrorism of this day has become more of a mind game that seldom manifests itself into the real world threat. But when it does the consequences are more grave.

    A greater cause of confer related to this problem in the present time is the ad hoc approach applied by most of the nations of the world. Instead of targeting the root cause of this nuisance , the focus is more on averting it for a later time. Inequalities around the world due to poverty, hunger and lack of resources is a long term problem that often gets sidelined in a race for immediate needs like energy, defence and trade. However, the latter a often intertwined with the former.
    But a normative approach is often missing in the form of globalisation that we are pursuing throughout world. Cultures, local needs and preferences are often ignored in lieu of other considerations .

    Afghanistan, west Asia and even Africa are good examples to elaborate this. West Asia was quite peaceful a few decades back despite political instability . However western interventions changed the se nation forever. Plunged in a race for resources, the native human capital was ignored completely. Notions of universality of democracy west imposed on these nations by the west that led to ruin of decades old stability achieved after the world wars. Already the persisting Palestine problem was not progressing anywhere, new fuel to the fire was spilled.

    This all mismanagement at the global level has lead to a huge refugee crisis that is not any more easier to manage than the core problem. There are apprehension that the latter may indeed aggravate the former problem of terrorism. The more theses displaced people are harassed, more will be the reasons for them to reject the ‘peaceful’ narrative of the west. Thus, in the coming times despite development of the skewed kind, this unrest in the form of terrorism may become a greater global problem. The implicit role of many nation states to leverage this in their favour is even a deadlier prospect to the peace and stability of the global order.

    Recently an Islamic preacher was scandalised for some out of context quoted excerpts from his speeches. It was tried to convey that he implicitly adheres to some violent ideology in terms of disagreement with the opponents. However, the paradox is that the same scholar himself openly challenges anyone by means of a sensible, peaceful and logical debate to counter all his views and arguments in a democratic manner. A democratic nation like ours need to understand that debate should be the first and the last means of looking for solutions in a democracy and must be resorted to in all circumstances. Maligning a person who is all in favour of discussion, irrespective of religion, will not serve the cause of peace. Rather such people should be encouraged to debate, across all quarters of the society for achieving sustainable and substantial peace.

    On the contrary , banking upon community leaders , global organisations and national governments to design strategies to de-radicalise communities around the world like west Asian migrants, African civil war, Lankan Tamils , or Ukrainian Rebels will be more fruitful and substantial as a policy. Otherwise we will be going nowhere on this and inadvertently aiding the process of further radicalisation.
    The global fraternity needs to understand that we are going nowhere unless and until we stop associating terrorism to any particular community,region or religion. It’s a global human problem and the reasons are many. Integration at the regional as well as the global level is a serious problem that breeds the conditions for terrorism and long term beyond ad-hoc measures will be more beneficial for world peace, then banking upon isolating whole communities on suspicion claims. That will not solve the problem in any manner and only intensify the spread.

    • Ashutosh

      Hi ,
      I loved ur essay and especially your attitude towards terrorism, I found it one of the best analysis. Although u missed to analyse terrorism as an ideology but still u covered some nice points.


        Thanks Ashutosh …
        Your Hindi essay was too good…very balanced ……….!!!!
        I don’t read Hindi essays …
        But read your whole !!
        Awesome approach !!

        • Ashutosh



      Hey, what’s the point?


        You won’t understand …… You need to work on it for a while….. Keep trying!

        • BHARATH K BHAT

          Thanks for reminding for what I am “A person who never gets tired of trying”. After all without a try you wouldn’t know what you know, would you ? I feel sad for the people of this country if you were ever to be at their service through governmental agencies. God save the people 😛

          • MAINS AGAIN

            I would ask them to do some homework beforehand before blurbing in somebody else s matter …… And there are quite few of them like you…THANK GOD not all are like this!!

  • Danarao Y

    Terrorism ;there is no clear defination to it but it form will know every corner of simple terms using violence to achieve political or idealogical goals on non-combating force and create fear among normal lives of people.terrorism has it’s origin where the states have weak govts and lack of development and supression of human rights and political rights yielding it . the support it get from people and funding will help in rising it and creates more problem to lives of people.the solution to this menance lies in the thinking of nation together to combat its ideology in collective manner.
    terrorist organisation are not hidden form, now ther are controlling terittories like syria by IS, nigeria by BOKO-HARAM,YEMEN byAL-QEADA .intially this organisation start as idealogical or rebel groups to achieve their goal with support of their or foriegn nations,now they turn as threat to whole humanity by their use of violence,killing people by bombing ,war with nations.lakhs of people are displaced in this conflict area and suffering in foreign territories for survival.
    the rise this organisations lies in the lack of development in countries,supression of human and political rigjts and discontent among minorities in secular states,education unemployment all this gives strenght to this organisations .they clearly channelize this in proper to get support for it.
    the main problem to this lot educated youth is joining this organisation by lack of proper understanding values,emotional intelligence,rational thinking.
    the problem face by nations to tackle this global menance is
    1.lack of unity among nations. diff nations will have diff definations of terrorism .and some nations describe terrorism as good and bad.
    2.this terrorist organisations developed as a regional nature
    3.some of anti terror operations recieves negative feedback like anti humanistic ex:zarb-e-abz in pakistan .salwa-judum in india

    now entire world is suffering in one form or others by violence of this organisations. we don’t tackle this problem immediately the entire humanity in fear and rise tensions among other nations by displacement of large number people will create tensions in other countries ex:europe migration crisis due to ISIS IN SYRIA AND IRAQ.we can not live with this,then we have eliminate it by focussing on following
    1.eroding the base of this organisations by dissemination of values in social media and removing grievances of political ,economic,employment issues of people
    2.there is no difference between good and bad terrorism,there is no state sponsor for this groups. interference in other countries internal matters like IRAN INVASION IN 2003 BY USA which later created a lot problem and many people died there.
    4.the democratic moments should be done by people not by other nations involvement
    5.focus on cyber and maritime terrorism bcz most of trade pass high seas which are out of control of any country influence,this can use by this create lot problems.
    6. UN should declare defination terrorism and act acc to it, planning for effective consequence management like in london 2005 subway bombing affter normal return to normal life by measure ,not like 2008 mumbai blasting.
    the humanity face this severe problem can’t tackle by single nation,by collective action we can eliminate it……………………

  • ankita Singh
  • ankita Singh

    Please review mine.all sorts of criticism r welcome

  • Tanu Singhal

    Terrorism is the act creating fear and terror, it’s a way to spread one’s idea or to establish one’s authority over others, via irrelevant means. The fundamentals of terrorism itself makes it the most hated act by human kind on earth, and such a thing can never be accepted in any form.
    It’s a crisis overshadowing the whole of world, and only if unified , we can fight it.

    When we name any act as terrorist act, we assume that , it was violent, irrelevant, included torcher and inconvenience. On a macro level, it is any act which invites for blood shed and terror. In recent decades we have seen that these acts are becoming frequent and more draconian, due to a continuous power tusttle between the believers and non believers, so much so that, the followers of a particular ideology have taken this route of violence to establish their faith.
    It is sad to see, that while most of the world had just tasted it’s freedom from the colonial world, the need to develop, to feed the population , to overcome illiteracy, was forgotten so soon, and a fight to establish a forced faith took over most of the revolutionary minds.
    While those very minds, could have proved to be the game changers, could have acted as the CATALYST in bringing those underdeveloped nations to the developd status, thier energies got diverted to the most detrimental activities, due to some cumulative causes.

    Over the years, several developed nations had suppressed them, the more the suppression the more was thier rebel, as soon as they got free. Some nations got into the fight to fetch as much land and resources as they can, for which they restored to use illegal means, terrorism being one of them.
    Some nations were hurt, because they were left leaderless, most nations in the African continent, faced leaderless govt, had no one to look up to, no system to follow, hence the left alone young population had to sort to violent means, even to regulate local resources, only these groups later become some really big terrorist groups.
    While the world had UN and WB and IMF , at the same time cold war, fed many regional treaties, along with that, to penetrate, many of power hunger nations restored to illegal means, fed some militant groups, which later became a threat to thier own sovereignty.
    It is always the poverty, hunger, the helplessness which forces one to illegal and dangerous means, but when such groups, in absence of a proper system and state , gets support from local population , they act as state itself, they try to control the system, cities, countries, and that makes them cynical and further power hungry.
    We can trace back, that most of these present terrorist groups were nothing but small militant groups, but today their illogical beliefs, their quest to establish what they believe is right, their hunger to prove superiority can be seen , as they don’t differentiate between innocent people, men, women, children, religion, place.
    these groups are not even honest to something which they believe.Neither are the interpreting their own preaches and rules right, nor are they a true follower.if they are targeting their own system, own religion places, it clearly showcases that they dont have an agenda, except for some cynical behaviour, and this is the reason we just can’t live with it and we have to cut it out from its roots.
    The youth is getting attracted, because it seems to be the rebellious way, the weaker ones are getting attracted because it seems to be the stronger way, the one who are unaware , the ignorant ones are getting attracted because it seems to be the easiest way,. But something which leads to blood, death, tears, and fear, can never be the right way out.

    There are things which are wrong, in the social-economical-political setup around the world, there are things , differences which needs to be corrected, but terrorism is just the opposite to a any preferable solution, and that’s why we cannot live with it.

    System improves situations , nations, reforms bring employment, talks bring peace and only harmony can bring a sustainable development.
    The world needs to be together, the wave of terrorism has reached even the safest ones, and this is the time, when we have to be intolerant towards it, and intolerant to such an extent that we are able to cut every stem, every leaf, very root of this poisonous tree.

    • Ashutosh

      Hi I just went through your essay.
      You have to work more on your points and structure, if it is your nascent attempt then i appreciate it. While i was reading i found that you have focussed more on terrorism spread and its causes. You could have defined and analysed terrorism in its true sense.
      Terrorism is not an act only, it is actually an ideology which is both positive and negative when seen from different view points. Please ponder on this.
      Your structure and flow was not upto mark please revise your essay and maintain a good flow into it by reading some good text on terrorism.
      I would suggest you to read terrorism chapter from Andrew Heywood’s Global politics for a better perspective. Send me your email id at [email protected] , i will forward you the book.

      Sorry for criticism but this is how one improves herself. All the best.

      • Tanu Singhal

        It was really nice of you to point out these points

        Actually i was writing regularly till april, then got caught up with pg exams, and the flow broke.

        Hence this really raw essay,
        But yeah thanks a lot, criticism is totally welcome and very much reqd, will work on every point you made !

  • Ashutosh

    Feeling lonely, am the only one writing essays in Hindi . People who are writing in hindi please drop a message to me for review.

    • KnowledgeBuff

      bhai chinta na kar. Hum tere essay review kar toh rahe hain. 😀

      • Ashutosh

        Are bhai wo to acchi baat hai hi, I want other hindi writers to come forward. UPSC k sabhi hindi writers abhi bhi protest me lage hain , agar ek do yahan aa jayen to mujhe bhi kuch acche hindi essays mil jayenge😀..

        • KnowledgeBuff

          I think teri samasya ka hal dilli ki tang galliyon mein hi ho sakta hai. I mean, tujhe ek actual Hindi teacher ko contact karna chahiye Jo upsc nibandh likhne ki training deta ho.

    • jyoti

      M also confused bcz am also slow in English…

  • ankita Singh
    • Bhram… The Disguised…..

      Look your essay is good, but it is little bit tilted towards one side. If you want to use unproved allegations then please do use them with great caution like referring the social media or media reports.
      Don’t directly use words like Muslim unemployed youth etc.

      Some points are really catchy and you can perform much better in coming days.

  • ankita Singh

    Pls review

  • Best desire
  • Best desire
  • Best desire
  • Best desire

    Please review…..wrote first time

  • jyoti

    Hey m little slow in English…and my language is Hindi in I wanna read all this type of essay in Hindi…pls suggest..what to do…

    • Bhram… The Disguised…..

      You do one thing try to get the excerpt (meaning) of this essay in hindi and whatever you understand (jo bhi jitna bhi samajh m aaye) then write it in Hindi . This will improve your grasping power, as weel as your essay skills also.

  • shashank

    Ramesh was walking down the Mall Road. He saw a bicycle parked in the midst of the busy road. A suspicious looking black bag had been kept on the bicycle. He smelled danger and immediately called police. Police came and found that there was a time bomb inside the box which was there on the bicycle. A bomb disposal squad was called quickly and luckily the bomb was defused in time.

    In a similar vein, Ravi saw that Prashant, a person living in the same locality as that of Ravi, had started behaving in an abnormal way for the past few days. He would not come out of his home for most part of the day. A familiar group of people came to meet him once or twice a week. He also informed police and ultimately it was found that he had become a terrorist and was planning a strike. But Ravi failed his plans.

    Elsewhere , Mr. Aman Kapoor, a busy man, had let out his premises as he was getting a handsome rent for it. He was told by his wife that he must verify the particulars of the tenant and complete the police verification process. But he replied that he didn’t had time for all that. And what mattered was only rent. One month down the line, while he was watching television, he saw the photograph of his tenant being flashed over it, as he had carried out a terror strike in Bangalore. Shocked by the event, Mr. Kapoor said- “We cant fight terror, we have to live with it.”

    But there is a question for Mr. Kapoor and lakhs others who are like him. Does he even has any authority to make such a cowardly and desperate statement. What about the kinds of Ravi and Ramesh, who were also ordinary citizens like Mr. Kapoor but by their sheer vigilance averted two terror strikes.

    This is a larger problem which the following paras will address. The fight against terrorism has been understood as the fight between the armed forces or the law and order agencies of a country on one side, and the terrorists on the other side. But this is not an exhaustive state of affairs. In reality, the fight against terrorism has to be fought by the citizens and not just by our forces. And without waging this war, none of us has a right to admit defeat. How can one be defeated when he has not yet fought?

    A few tools which have to be deployed by the citizens are awareness, vigilance, coordination and cooperation. We must spread awareness amongst people that terrorists can strike anytime, anywhere and in any manner and therefore a heightened sense of vigilance is required on their part. This is not an easy task and will require coordination amongst people. For example- If I find a suspicious person in an office which I visit rarely, I must communicate the same to the other people working in that office as they would be able to keep a track of his activities. Similarly, it requires cooperation and not confrontation with the law and order agencies. We often hear about the overcrowding at major religious, cultural events. We also heard about the overcrowding and pushing and pulling in Delhi Metro. It is our duty to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed over there and also obey rules without being told to do so. An orderly holding of crowds and gatherings eliminates risk of terrorist attacks to a great extent. This is also significant because such places are the prime target of terrorists.

    The next phase of fight will involve an intellectual dimension. Terrorism, upto a certain extent, is a result of ideological biases, desperation and unemployment. As responsible citizens, it is our duty that if we come into contact with any such person who seems to fall in these categories, we must understand his problems, and try to counsel him. Who knows that such a behavior may result in such people returning back into the fold of normalcy. Recently, we have seen educated men and women are supporting ISIS and joining it form all over the world. In these circumstances, counselling of the identified section would yield better results than postponing things over to the gun.

    Besides, the issue of media sensationalism is also one of great worry. Rushing to term each and every incident as a terrorist incident helps the terrorists. They show that they have capability to strike in new forms by claiming even the attacks which dont bear any relation to them. This is especially true in context of the Bastille killings in France. It is the author’s opinion that it may be a an act of insane person and not a terrorist. It had certain resemblance with an incident in India’s Pune where Santosh Mane, a bus driver killed many people as he was suffering from some mental condition. The assigning of ‘Terror’ label by media thus needs to be a careful act. It charges the whole atmosphere with a different feeling by indiscriminate and irresponsible use of the terminology. Sometimes, it also affects the direction of fight against terrorism. To illustrate, post this incident being labelled as a terrorist incident, indiscriminate checks against people of a certain religion may follow, resulting in a feeling of anguish amongst them and creation of terrorists. Another caution which the media must take is to avoid covering of terrror incidents where it hampers the combat operations. By doing this, it actually aids the other side. The counterproductive results were there for all to see when 26/11 happenned.

    It must be emphasized that the these things require a few attitudinal changes by the citizenry and the fourth estate. Though at the outset, they make look preliminary and ineffective, they deserve to be employed so that their efficacy cant be checked. The fight against terror doesn’t need to be given up, instead, it need to be understood as a fight of everyone and not just our forces. It is the fight of an ordinary man and woman who, like Ramesh and Ravi, can make a lot of difference. So, don’t give up the fight, participate in it, is the mantra.

    • ErpoThug

      This is my first review or critics about essay……
      In your essay introduction is very story like but many times paper observer get that you have wrote just a pointless story…..then he would not try to read essay absolutely……
      i read your full essay and your main part starts from 5th paragraph…..
      and conclusion is fine………

      • shashank

        Thank u so much for your comments

    • Bhram… The Disguised…..

      Look bro….
      1. Your writing skills are good but you need to make your views broad. Terrorism nowadays is not only concerned to bombs and bullets only. We need to emphasize on terrorism on a big scenario.
      So just correlate the topic with Social and Global level.
      2. You need to focus on facts and try to insert them in your essay.
      3. Conclusion and mid part was good. But the story in the beginning seems hypothetical and childish. So if u don’t have a concrete story then no problem, just start with a simple definition of terrorism.

      Rest all is good.
      All the best, keep it up.

  • Bhram… The Disguised…..

    /Terrorism is the word which can never have a “One size, fits all” definition. Terrorism in the world has its roots embedded in the history. The person who is a terrorist for one section of the society may be a martyr or well-wisher for others. India’s freedom struggle has two histories, first the Indian and second the British. Bhagat Singh was one such example. He was a terrorist for the colonial rulers but for Indian masses he was a freedom fighter. In recent Kashmir valley turmoil also, the different views theory is evident.

    Though terrorism was there in past also, but it was somewhat decentralized and regional in nature. It was after the 9/11 attacks it attained a global exposure. The United States of America in turn emphasized and exaggerated the problem as a global crisis and danger. USA adopted a policy to strategically fulfill its own desires in the name of terrorism. The series of steps involved in this policy includes linking the terror with religion, interfering in regional terrorism and targeting his enemies in the name of terrorism. This resulted in giving global exposure to the regional groups and they became more powerful as it increased both its friends and enemies, which in turn became the funding sources and target list simultaneously. The way US Army declared a war on Iraq and other West-Asian countries after 9/11, it was a hurried step that promoted radicalism in Islam. In a really shameful classification of terrorism we got the new definitions of terrorism as good terrorism and bad terrorism.

    In present situation terrorist organisations mushroomed all over the globe. The governments of various countries posed there civil wars which are going on from decades in there countries declared them as terrorist organisations to crush the revolts. The evil minded leaders of various organisations floated there terrorist outfits getting more and more funding in form of sponsorship. There ambitions grew to the level that now they are trying to impose a parallel rule, just in case of IS. In the name of Islam they are mercilessly killing people and posting the videos on internet which are getting millions of views in few hours. They are getting free publicity from media houses and there is an exponential growth in its followers database day by day. Professionals and educated youth are attracted toward these organizations. The recent terror attacks in Dhaka, Orlando, Nice, Paris and all over the globe are some latest additions in massacre list.

    In case of India, we are facing terrorism danger from multiple organisations and terrorist outfits, but broadly they can be classified in three categories namely External terrorism, Internal terrorism and Externally sponsored terrorism. In external terrorism people from neighboring countries intrude and attack on specific targets with a view of creating a panic in India and also to demonstrate there sponsors who are giving millions of dollars to destabilize India. Mumbai attack, Pathankot attack are few latest acts of external terrorism. Internal terrorism in India is very serious issue which can be minimized and can be eradicated without any external help as these outfits are born, working and funded in India only. So they are considered the easiest target to crackdown, but actually there is a lot behind the scene. Naxalism, Maoism, Bodo millitants, insurgents are such examples. They are appearing in Indian media very frequently as they kill security personnel in Chattisgarh, Orrisa, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, North-Eastern States and some parts of Southern India. The third are the people who have declared a proxy-war against India and few of our neighbors are actively prompting them with funding and radical as well as armed training. The latest Kashmir valley encounter and its aftermath is an example of this terrorism.

    India has a very limited amount of options to curb external terrorism and latest requests of Indian Prime Minister and President visiting globally and urging countries to unite against terrorism and sponsored terrorism is a bold and most important step to discourage external terrorism and sponsored terrorism in India. We expect it to yield good results in near future. It is evident that India has raised this issue at almost all global platforms under former as well as present government and the world seems to be uniting for a final war. India is also successful in making bilateral as well as multilateral progress with the neighbors which are alleged to sponsor terrorism in its territories.

    The main concern is the internal terrorists and sponsored ones, as they are the people of our own country and the feelings of the country are attached to them. We have a follow a multidimensional strategy to deal with them. In this case dialogue, development and destruction should go hand in hand. Government has to continue exerting the force on these insurgents, but along with that we need to isolate them to prevent spreading of there ideology and this can be done though rapid development and dialogue with the various groups of the society.

    In the global scenario the recent developments suggest that the final “war against terrorism” is declared and social media is going to be the decisive factor in the digital age of communication. One thing that should be kept in mind while dealing with this issue should be that all the parties against terrorism should be on one side of the table. The terrorists or the radicalized people and forces only should be on the other side. India and other African and Asian countries that fall under the developing countries net will be a decisive factor in this war as they are both the target as well as manpower reserve for the outfits.