Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 28: A house divided against itself cannot stand

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 28


10 July  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“A house divided against itself cannot stand”

  • jaipal yadav

    The proposition is correct. If we look back to start of human civilization we find the united survived. Even in modern times, nations having common interest form groups so as to protect their interest even if attacked by the mightiest.Recently we have seen India being kept out of NSG though all its members didn’t agree yet others agreed to maintain unity among member countries.Had the counties taken otherwise different stand, the credibility of the group had been under question. The same way if we look international covenants we see the element of veto is vanishing and consensus of all members is a predominant feature of treaties.

    Other part of the proposition has equal force. If one wants to dominate the society he should sometimes go to the extent of very non existence of the group as there is practically no existence of yours if you are meek and cannot take a firm stand. Sooner or later you are going to be extinct

    To conclude, it can be said that we should stand united if our group’s existence is in jeopardy. But if our own existence is in danger despite remaining united, there is no harm the extent of opposing the group.with.entire force

  • FinalAttempt


    House is place where family members live, laugh and stay together happily. They exchanges the thoughts ,sorrow, grievances and issues of daily life. It provides a strength to stand together and allow to fight any evil and problems. It is only possible when members are united and act with better understanding for welfare of all. In this scenario if House members are united then can withstand otherwise “HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND”

    We know about MAHABHARTA epic, in which brother’s fought for the wealth accumulation and later lost their life and left behind some patch of land. This was only because house members were not united.

    In india we have glorious history with cultural diversity and heritage. But if analyse our rulers were not united from Rajput to Mughal. Rajput fought together and Mohd. Gauri invaded , later Mughal and Marathas were keep on fighting and british rulers got to opportunity to rule india for next 250 years. Here HOUSE is India and its members were its people, rulers but they could not stand together and broken by colonial legacy.

    World has seen many such incidents where if they divided against themselves they could not stand successfully. In late years of Indian freedom movement hindu and muslim were not together and later split into partition, similarly USSR got spilt into many nation, North korea and South korea which is two state and one nation but spilt just on different ideology.

    In todays world of democracy where parliament members are being elected for people for development but the conflict of interest create roadblock in parliamentary process. Issues of non-passage of GST BILL by indian parliament is one such example , where the TRUST DEFICIT among the parties had blocked the nation building process and resulted into “DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT” , which can be said HOUSE DIVIDED ITSELF CANNOT STAND.

    Society itself faces several dilemmas and create the ambiguity our different concern. In a recent report by a well known Newspaper mentioned that certain community people in state of kerala are against the immunization process of diphtheria which is because of ideological difference with vaccination and community beliefs. Now the problem arises when the infant losing their precious life , in just early age where they can be part of nation building and BUT are loosing precious life. This is not only creating flaw in our system but lagging us ahead from our IMMUNISATION GOAL OF MISSION INDRADHANUSH , which shows we are against our house for development.

    Therefore the emphasis should be on to be united as , to be focused and to be together for all situation and for pragmatic outcome. India always perform efforts to stand together both for its people. neighbouring countries and with other nations of world.

    To be united house members which may include people, individual, different nation they need to come together for peaceful coexistence. Conflict on territory,land ocean, economy and wealth may allow to achieve something in monetarily but this may shatter if HOUSE members are not united and have ill wishes for other .

    To overcome the issue world has done many efforts like United nation after world war 2, world bank were the step to make peaceful coexistence in this house of world. Similarly India has tried to create a House or a block for development among south Asian nation by forming SAARC, which is beneficial for economic and peaceful relations, BIMSTEC , and recently being member of SCO are also some of them. Even indias effort for NSG membership and MTCR member are to stand together with world because if world is united by forming these group then we will stand and can grow better.

    Thus it can be also said TOGETHER WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL for this emphasis should be on to remove conflicts and if conflicts are there then by peaceful measures and techniques these should be avoided and resolved by members of house which may be politicians, diplomats, industrialist, or executives of the Decision making process. Which will not only beneficial for economic interest but also for DEMOCRACY, DEMOGRAPHY , INTEGRATION and TRUSTEESHIP.

    Mahaveera said, MAN IS ARCHITECT OF HIS OWN DESTINY, therefore It can be concluded that members of house are the ARCHITECT OF PEACFUL COEXISTENCE, LIBERTY and caretaker of UNITED FAMILY to Stand in all adverse situation.

    • backbencher

      Dear bro , u started essay with good intro. But last line of intro seems confising .
      U gave good examples from history and covered historical part well but it is implicit that what is house and who are its members , i think u needed not to mention that here country is house etc. It makes it like u are explaining the term .
      On international front u are only presenting examples of disintegration , not consequences or future course of action etc . Division on issue of climate change , division on issue of terrorism and their impacts could have been mentioned
      On political front u made good example and explained its consequences well
      On societal front u could have mentioned many points like caste based , religion based , gender based divisions and impacts . But you stuck to story of kerala which i am sure u read yesterday . Such type of story mentioning sometimes lead us away from main topic of essay just because we want to include what we know well .
      You missed economic front

      Overall , though ideas were good but seemed lack of arrangement and missing many vital issues .

      • Eco-friendly

        Please review mine bro

      • FinalAttempt

        hi bro..
        your review is really appreciable.. you made very good points.. ya i should have added climate change, terrorism issues ,economic part etc. but i missed them.. i will note down these points..
        now just a query, u mentioned about kerala also issue, should i not mention that ? is it relevant ?

        thanks 🙂

        • backbencher

          You can mention that , i sad sometimes it may lead to diversion from topic . But you can see that it was just an example and it took whole of paragraph. Thats why i said

          • FinalAttempt

            ohh right bro.. i got ur point..

    • SRP(Sukladhwaj)

      Very good and pretty much relevant to the reality

    • Eco-friendly

      Wonderful essay bro.
      Multidimensional. I really liked how u added health, IR, and history. Conclusion and intro are really good. Only last line of intro need some remake.
      This kind of essay will really fetch you good marks.

    • Dipjyoti

      well written brother..

      the kerala example didn’t seem to be very apt…parliament example was good.
      last line of your essay is somewhat what complex.

      you have commited some grammatical mistakes here and there…in almost every para. ..maybe because of writing in haste.

      copy your essay into microsoft word or some software. ..and it will point out your grammar mistakes.

      keep writing

      • FinalAttempt

        i will follow same from next essay ..
        ya i think i messed with kerala example.. thanks..

    • Ashutosh

      Very nice as usual.
      Something i liked , something i thought could be better.

      Intro was good and your content was also very good. I think there was a lack in connectivity as you switched frequently from one point to another.

      I liked your solution points which you put forward. These points have been taken in past , please also include your suggestions which would be helpful in making the new India more united. You have told beautifully what has happened in the world so far and in India, you have taken wonderful points from the social view also but you left out what more should be done.

      How are the nations going to tackle the future problems and how is the current attitude towards them. Include these points and i think you will get more confidence in your writing.

      One more point to mark: this essay was better than your last essay and it has broken the monotony .. you dint start with a story “I liked that”.


      • Ashutosh

        Aur brother… i have written mine piece ..please review it .

        • abhinav raj

          sir I am a beginner,pls review mine

      • FinalAttempt

        thanks bro..i m lagging on some aspect like connecting essay and placing intro/conclusion.. ll improve hopefully..

        please keep reviewing 🙂

    • jaipal yadav

      I think introduction should not have been with defining the house. Moreover u have taken literal meaning of house. Here house represents people of a community. It may range from a family to the group.of people representing the whole world. Rest of part is commendable.

      • FinalAttempt

        i need to improve intro.. thanks for review 🙂

    • Dheeraj

      Very Good essay friend……………….

      You could have added many more dimensions BUT Even then your present essay is quiet Good………..

      Keep writing

  • “A House divided against itself cannot stand”( Writing first time essay plz review and tell me where i can improve what are my faults thanks)

    It is well said that “A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND”. Unity has always been among the mightiest forces which brought the toughest task to ease. Since the ancient times we have read and listened several examples that showed that division leads to destruction and unity solidification. It is a general thought which applies from family to institutions and from war to peace that mutual strife and distrust always disintegrates.

    If we go in ancient times during RAMAYANA times Ravana’s whole family was against his act of abducting Sita and when opposition erupted from his own brother Vibhishan, Ravana banished him from Srilanka and latter became the medium of Ravana’s fall. Later in MAHABHARATA we all know that it was a war between members of a single family which caused huge loss of human lives. As we come to Mauryan era several north west kingdoms fell against Alexander due to disunity among the very kingdoms themselves but Single Porus stood as his army and kingdom was united against the invader.

    Lets move forward to Turk invasion in 12th century. Rajput states did not unite against Md. Gauri and result we all know downfall of Prithviraj Chauhan III and India fell under Islamic rule. In the same way Mughals enter and how can we forget the entrance of Britishers. What they did? Just divided us. They knew it is not possible to win against so many states unless you make them fight against each other. When freedom struggle was at its height Hindu’s and Muslim got divided resultantly Bharat divided into India and Pakistan. According to Britishers as India was not a country in either geographical or cultural perspective because of that it became easy for them to capture such a large landmass and rule over them for 200 years.

    Now if we come to modern times we will perceive that only those states or countries are developing which are either united internally or has excessive resources. Like USA, European countries are peaceful and society is over and all committed to their country. In that perspective if we look at countries like Pakistan and India itself we will found that we despite being rich in resources are lagging behind or developing very slow due to several internal elements which pull us back.

    India is still being pestered and festered by the forces of communalism, regionalism, castiesm, superstition etc because of that our House i.e this country is continuously been fired into riots and disruption. Take example of China and India. China being a united country politically and socially once was equal to India in 1990 now several times ahead of India while India is full of diversity( which a positive thing but with several side effects) which has pulled it down to stagnation and slow growth. Our north east part consider itself regionally and ethnically separate to us. Considering so much diversity on the basis of religion, caste, language, economic status that despite being a whole country we continues fight daily which hurts economy as we do not develop that much we spend on rehabilitation after riots . Racism is widespread in nook and corner of country. North-East people are mistreated in West India and North Indian in south India. We still found untouchability in villages higher castes do not let lower ones rise. Students still ill treated and finally rusticated from educational institutions on the basis of their caste and creed. So our very house is in disorder. There is hue and cry for separate state to reservation. This division on several front is hurting us incessantly economically and country as a whole and leading us to that stage when despite being living in a single house we will hate to have a look in other room.

    At the conclusion it will be appropriate to mention that Alexander Dumas rightly said that “ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL”. When this basic thinking deteriorates from family to country loss is of our house. As “UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL”.

  • Dipjyoti

    A House divided against itself cannot stand

    We all have been told since childhood, the story of the Old man and his three sons. An old man in his dying bed urges his quarrelling sons to stay united. He asks each one of them to break a stick which they did easily. Then, he gives them a bundle of sticks which none could break. Drawing an analogy, the old man impresses upon his son that, UNITY IS STRENGTH.

    So, a family in which the members don’t share a bond of love and affection is bound to wither away. Now, let us see, how this principle applies in various contexts, in various realms.

    The Europeans, primarily the British, French and the Portuguese came to India only as traders in the 17th century. But what they found in India was that the Indian rulers had no coordination among themselves. And there was factionalism even within the same court, as seen in Sirajuddaulah’ court in Bengal. This lack of a united opposition provided them with an opportunity to establish control on one state after another.

    Now, let us come to the realm of INDIAN SOCIETY. Indian society, at least since the medieval era has been rid with the problem of caste system. Plus since the colonial era, communalism too has been an undesirable feature. This lack of unity among Indian masses was also exploited by the British.

    Indeed, the bonding , cohesion and trust among the people of a community or society is of such vital significance, that it has come to be considered a ‘SOCIAL CAPITAL’. Research since the 19th century, and especially in the 20th century has indicated that this social capital helps a community to overcome social ills like alcoholism, adultery, etc.

    This social capital is also of economic significance. The much-acclaimed institution of SELF-HELP-GROUPS, in fact leverages this very social capital to bring in cooperation among people and fight the menace of poverty and under-development.

    Let us now consider the various problems threatening the INTERNAL SECURITY of India. To name the most significant ones, these are Naxalism or left wing extremism, insurgency in the North-East, disturbances in Jammu & Kashmir and communal riots at some places. Each of these problems is unique in their own ways with distinct socio-cultural and politico- economic dimensions. But all these issues have one thing in common: a certain section of society or country considers itself disadvantaged and neglected, vis-a-vis others.

    Also in the recent past, in the 1950s and 1960s we had mass mobilisations and secessionist movements on the basis of LANGUAGE in India. ‘Son of the Soil’ doctrine representing the malaise of regionalism is a different manifestation of the same problem. So, lack of unity among people is a severe problem. Hardly such a divided nation can stand the vagaries of time.

    Owing to visionary leadership and inherent strength of the Indian Constitution, we have been able to overcome the existential problems mentioned above. The spirit of DEMOCRACY mandating accommodative dialogue and cooperation has enabled us in this endeavour. However, we need not be complacent, and we must thrive to strengthen the democratic fabric of the nation.

    Even at the TRANS-NATIONAL FORUMS, cooperation and collaboration among the countries is the need of the hour. Economic recession, climate change, terrorism, cyber security, forced migration are problems that no country can resolve on its own. Recognition of this very fact, has led to the identification of certain GLOBAL COMMONS that all countries must collectively safeguard.

    Let us further illustrate the above. Countries are linked to one another through movement of man, capital and material. Economic turmoil or political disturbance in one country can affect all others. The recent instance of BREXIT that is Britain leaving the European left every country worried. Likewise turmoil in Syria and Libya affects entire Europe. Terrorism too has assumed trans-national dimensions.

    So, these above mentioned problems can be redressed only when all countries sit together, in a spirit of give-and take, and try to find solution to these problems. Multilateral forums like United Nations, World Trade Organisation, provide such platforms.

    At the national level too, we need to be guided by the ideals of JUSTICE AND EQUALITY enshrined in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution in all our actions. Indians are diverse in all possible aspects one can think of: language, religion, food, dress, ethnicity, culture, etc. Such a diverse nation can stand together and prosper only by embodying democratic fervour in all our actions.

    In this regard, the POLITICAL LEADERSHIP has to play the guiding role. In the past only due to leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and others we survive as a single nation. The present leaders too can and must assume similar visionary leadership. By leveraging the education system and mass media too, the spirit of universal brotherhood is to be developed. CIVIL SOCIETY organisations with their grass-root networks can develop social capital among people.

    Coming back to the story of the old man, he could make his sons realise the strength of UNITY only on his dying bed. As a nation, we must not wait till such a breaking point. When we still have time, we should get our act together, and strive collectively towards achieving national harmony and brotherhood.

    • Eco-friendly

      nice essay. A lot of examples but flow is missed. If flow was taken care of then this will be a wonderful essay.

      Also IMO story must come on top instead of second para, the connection to story must be made in the last para.

      Please review mine

    • FinalAttempt


      your essay is multidimensional.. well connected and lucid.
      u mentioned brexit and terrorism that is good one..

      just to add .. ur 2nd para should be one..and 1st para can be last also.. some edit required.. keep writing..

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks for your kind comment…:)

        thanks for pointing out the rearrangement required

    • KnowledgeBuff

      wonderfully written man!
      You seem to have covered all the points. And what you mentioned regarding different ideas in different paras, makes more sense after reading your essay. You have broken up the essay nicely into parts.
      And kudos for the reference to Abraham lincoln and the old man’s story (even I was thinking to add this story). 🙂
      Just one suggestion – might consider rearranging the paras written towards the end. Its like India- world -india. It could be india-india-world. (With a conclusion that’s centred about the world)
      Keep writing!

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks for your encouraging comments
        ….yes..need to work on the arrangement and linkage between paras..
        arrangrment has to be predecided..

        thank you. .

    • rajesh kumar

      your introduction is brilliant by mentioning the context of abraham lincoln quote usage.but ur conclusion is not at all relevant to the topic given even u ended the essay with equality ,fraternity words.

    • Ashutosh

      Very nicely written. I could not find out any point which i should mark as ‘to review’.
      Brilliant language, ideas and structure.
      Your conclusion could be more better.

      • Ashutosh

        please review mine.

  • Eco-friendly

    In a village there is a women SHG named Dev ji SHG. It consists of 12 members 6 each of two different communities. They came together for their mutual benefit but when the question to choose President/leader of SHG came they were divided among themselves. Both community wants President from their community. Only because of this problem they were unable to open their bank account (as it requires name of President) and get the benefit of various schemes launched by government for SHG’s.

    The above story reveals the fact that until there is unity and unanimity, the objective of any work will remain unfulfilled. Rivalry between the partners or infighting between the members of a group will only result in loss of both. If any work has to be accomplished be it done by an individual or a group it has to be done with full efforts and these efforts are the manifestation of unity the group enjoys. Hence it is rightly said that- ‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’.

    If an individual’s mind and heart are saying different things to him then he will remain inconclusive about any decision. If in a family husband wants to paint walls of house with different color suggested by wife and they remain stiff on their choices then it is predictable that the house will remain unpainted.

    But the question here arises is why division happens. One of the reason is the greed of one or both the parties. We have history and epics filled with such instances- Mahabharata, where Kaurawa’s because of their greed to rule did not want to compromise and disaster happens. Ultimately it is the loss of great kingdom. Both World Wars are the proof that greed for wealth and competition for market and raw materials led the nations to destruction. It is ultimately the loss of all which if avoided could lead to peace and prosperity.

    Another reason for division of house is misunderstanding and inability to listen to the arguments of other party/member. Not paying heed to the arguments of other may lead to situation like Brexit where people voted for brexit even without exploring its consequences. Arab Spring and French revolution are the manifestation of people’s worries which was neglected by the elites and rulers of their nation. A house (or a nation or a family) will remain a house until the arguments and suggestions of all are heard and action taken otherwise it will soon be divided.

    Considering one’s personal interest above collective interest can also lead to division of house. A joint family gets divided into smaller nuclear families (in most of the cases not all) because an individual wants to live his life in a different manner, or he/she is unable to compromise one’s individual wishes. We saw this many a times in Parliament where a progressive bill like GST is unable to pass since last decade only because of vested interest of opposition and to settle political scores. Today at international level too we saw WTO members divided on the issue of Doha Development round and new issues (that developed world wants to add) as both the developing countries and developed countries have different interests.

    Division of house may give short term satisfaction to parties (as they may feel themselves as winners) but in long term it may cause such a loss which was not even thinkable. In ancient India kingdoms when divided and it became the cause of their fall and emergence of foreign rule. At international level we have seen division based on sectarian grounds lead to emergence of opportunist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, who on the name of promoting one section over another do all kinds of human rights violation and brutal killings of innocent people. Even in modern time’s too personal interest of one caste/group lead to widespread violence, riots and ultimately lead to slower development.

    Such is the destruction that division can do but on the other hand unity can do much good and benefit society as a whole. India’s independence is the result of unity of different sections, caste, religion who stand against foreign rule and demonstrated a fine example of unity in diversity and what unity can do. Unity not only brings peace and prosperity but also provides strength to the formation. A united Europe is stronger than its individual countries, its currency Euro will be more in circulation and stronger than individual country’s currency. Collective buying and selling of crops always provide more negotiating power to farmers than individual buying and selling. Hence a house united will have more power, respect and ability to stand in times of difficulties.

    Now the question arises is how to inculcate unity. How to avoid division and conflict. The truth is differences cannot be avoided. They will remain there and that is the beauty of diversity. Only thing we can do is to build consensus, sort out our differences, talk to each other and compromise. We can learn from our culture of celebrating festivals. Whenever there is any festival be it Deepawali, Holi, EID, etc. in a village all the members of the society come to a certain gathering point and celebrate. They forget their differences and promote brotherhood and distribute sweets.

    A house can also work on the possibilities where it stands unanimous. And from their it can built upon. One of the best example of it is- Paris climate change talk, where the world is divided into two but they develop on where they stand united that is – to stop climate change and individual efforts to do that. Another effort to avoid division is to become flexible and not to remain stiff on their version of arguments. Logical thinking and explorations can provide the desired flexibility.

    Inclusiveness and benefit of whole group must prevail over individual and sectarian interests only then the problems which were faced by Dev ji SHG in the above story can be sorted out. World has already suffered the brunt of division in history and is suffering today also but the time now has come for India to show the world path of unity and peaceful coexistence through its slogan of ‘Vasudev Kutumbkum’ (world is one family) and ‘Sabka sath sabka vikas’.

    • Dipjyoti

      Your intro is very good…gives an early good impression. ..conclusion too is good…connected to first para…and optimistic.

      But in between I think your body needs better organisation. ..
      you move from family to epics to world war (history).. and then bck to family. ..polity..history..

      just a suggestion.
      overall well written

      • Eco-friendly

        thank you for the review. Actually in body part i wanted to explain the reasons for division and then gave examples of it (and they are in some mixture). Next time will take care that even if examples were given they will follow certain timeline or chronology.
        Keep writing

    • FinalAttempt

      hi friend..

      starting with anecdote is a good idea, but try to add in 1 para only or reduce number of words..
      your emphasis is largely on intro.. u almost given 2/3 para so i feel it should not be there..
      also overall u took many social issues but it should be a bit multidimensional..
      keep writing 🙂

      • Eco-friendly

        thank you for ur review. In intro part after story I just wanted to explain how division in individual’s life/ family life can lead to inconclusiveness. Then through different examples in three para’s told the reasons and then some solution.

        Learnt things from urs…..thanks….:)

        • backbencher

          Final attempt rightly pointed about ur intro bro. It was just a simple thing and u ate too much words explaining that .
          Rest what i found with ur essay is that :- you took 3 paras for explaining what are reasons of division . In my opinion these paras are useless . Because essay is asking u to focus on that how divisions are detrimental to a house not on the reasons of division .
          Again you gave 2-3 paras on only discussing inculcation of unity .

          Your maximum focus should have been on different types of division globally and domestically and their consequences but you gave too little focus on that area .

          ur conclusion was good .

          • Eco-friendly

            bhai sach me ab samajh me aai mujhe mistakes. Really thanks for explaining. Topic par shi se dhyan nhi diya. Next time will take utmost care of it.

    • pirateone

      “Considering one’s personal interest above collective interest can also lead to division of house” and “Division of house may give short term satisfaction to parties (as they may feel themselves as winners) but in long term it may cause such a loss” ,are the statements which seems contradictory to progress we have made.

      Had there been no division of house, there wouldn’t be any Raja Rammohan Roy or the khap panchayats will continue ruling the society if youngsters don’t demand for their rights.

      So sometimes a house needs to fall so that an apartment can rise in its place to accommodate more diversity.

      If your essay has atleast one para including this view,it would be more inclusive.Right?

      • Eco-friendly

        Yes it is true that because of division we have people like Raaja Rammohan Roy and khap panchayats loosing their hold but here the topic is – a house divided against itself cannot stand. We have to tell why it cannot stand because of division what are the consequences and solution. We can have good/bad consequences because of division but is the house able to stand.

        Thank you friend for ur review……
        Keep reviewing and writing…..:)

  • KnowledgeBuff

    ‘United we stand, divided we fall’, is a quote that we have hearing since childhood . As children, when life is simple and without complexities we usually pledge to lead our lives under the guiding light of this motto. Yet, as we take stock of the world around us, it seems that the world honours this principle more in the breach than anything else. From our immediate surroundings to the most complex neogtiations at the international level, unity is the most difficult thing to achieve.
    In the coming paras, we will see how a divided house at the individual, societal, national and international level could lead to diastrous consequences for all members in that particular house.

    One of the most important lessons that one can learn by analyzing the Indian history is that a house divided agaisnt itself cannot stand. The British conquest of India and the subsequent rule for two hundred years expolited the numerous divisions existing within the nation to full. In every corner of the country, the Britishers pitted one regional satrap against other, weakening both of them in the process, while at the same time ending with the spoils of war. They defeated Siraj-ud-daulah by luring his deputy, Mir Jaffer to their side, Tipu Sultan was vanquished when the Marathas turned agaisnt him and the revolt of 1857 ended in a crushing defeat for Indians, only because a majority of kingdoms supplied the British with men and money.
    When the national movement began to consolidate, blurring the regional differences among people, the British fell back on their classic policy of divide and rule – this time by using the differences in religion to their advantage. Partition of Bengal, separate electorates, and the blatant appeasement of communalists were all part of this evil design. The result – India achieved independence but not as one. Instead of ushering joy, independence brought with it unparalleled bloodshed and rioting.

    While lessons from history are abundant, it is also imperative to look at the contemporary society and see how united house can make/break the fourtunes of its members. Due to the subsequent degeneration of the varna system, our society was divided into numerous castes, which were ordained on a person by virtue of his birth. This led to unpardonable atrocities against Dalits, who were classified as untouchables. After independence, the Indian Constituion granted equality and numerous safeguards to the Dalits.
    But the real change in their status could come, only when the Dalits united as one force, and started being vocal about their rights. What was earlier seen by the parties as benevolence to the downtrodden, now became a political necessity. Every party, wanting to court this potentially lage vote bank, was eager to announce a slew of measures for their upliftment and take a stand on issues concerning them. More often than not, whenever a caste based atrocity takes place, police are galvanised into taking action not because of the inherence unjustness of the atrocity but due to fear of backlash from the community members.
    Similar is the story of the numerous unions that exist to safeguard the interest of their members. For example the threat of strike from the unions of industrial workers, government employees, banking sector employees, students ensures that the governments find it impossible to arrive at a decision that goes against their interest.
    Another sphere where the downtrodden have been able to stand up to the might of the government is in the case of development projects. These projects usually involve land acqusition construction of dams, undertaking of mining in a tribal area, or for for construction of roads, railways etc. While the beneficiaries of these projects are numerous, it is the people who are residing on the site of the project who suffer the most. Often, they lose their homes and livelihoods, with little future benefits to speak of.
    While earlier they had to suffer in silence, but since the few decades, due to the efforts of environmentalists and NGO’s, the affected people, who usually comprise the lowest rung of the society have been mobilised on a large scale. This ensures that the government has to ensure that each afected person gets adequate compensation and alternative livelihood opportunities.
    While these examples shed light on the positives of having a united house, to ensure benefits for all members, it goes without saying, that sometimes, this narrow definition of unity leads to a loss for the larger house that we live in – the nation.
    Caste based organisations sometimes make unjust demands for reservation, religious groups at times promote hatred against other religions, labour unions sometimes stall reforms necessary to attract foreign business and the envrionmental organisations sometimes fail to see larger benefits of development and the role it plays in pushing thousands out of poverty and propelling the country on path of development.
    The unfortunate attack on migrant labourers in Mumbai, killing of a man for eating beef or the opposition of religious groups to Uniform Civil code, shows that sometimes the narrow conception of a house might ultimately foster disunity in the the larger house, i.e. The nation we live in. It is necessary that incorrect actions of certain groups, are nipped in the bud to ensure that as a house, India continues to remain united.

    In the international sphere also, as one moves from Past to Present, it is clear that how a house, that moved from disunity to unity, has been able to progress at a breakneck pace. Europe, the continent that was completely ravaged from the two world wars, had learn the less of ‘Unity is Strength’ the hard way. The formation of European Union in late 1950s was a process that started with six nations. But the process of integration and the numerous benefits it brought to the member nations has meant that today it’s size has swelled to 28 members. With features like a common currency and free movement of labour, it has truly meant breaking of barriers. EU, today negotiates as one in international forums, which has allowed to obtain immense negotiating power.
    The growth of regional free trade agreements in other parts of the world indicates how different countries can make use of their respective strengths, and through free trade, make the most out of other strengths itself. Thus, a united regional group ensures prosperity and economic stability for all its members.

    In conclusion, I would reiterate that in the troubled times that we live in, the unity of the house is more important than ever before. The benefits of econmoic developmnet have not uniformly percolated down to all sections of the society and all regions. This has given rise to divisive forces that claim allegiance to a particular community or region. Nowehere is the problem more visible in the border states of NE and J&K, where slow pace of development of youth has pushed youth to take up arms against the state. While the motiavations of all these divisive forces may be different but one thing is certain – if the government can ensure uniform economic development across the country, the moral support enjoyed by these groups will greatly erode and boost the strength of the country.
    Similarly, the international challenges that we face today – terrorism, global warming, resource scarcity can only be tackled if the inhabitants of this big universal family unite.
    Thus, we can clearly see that the quote – United We stand, Divided we fall, holds as much relevance today as it held centuries back.

    • Dipjyoti

      Hey. ..well written….your flow is good..

      as I had suggested once earlier…I will do again that….try to write in equi-size paras….with one dominant idea in one para…this is as per the suggestions of many toppers in their interview..strategy you will find in insight and elsewhere.
      also this is told in coaching classes.

      Some of ur paras are bigger..

      overall well written..
      with more practice. .we will write better…

      keep up the good work!

      • KnowledgeBuff

        thanks a lot mate! Will keep the suggestion in mind and definitely implement it next time.
        But what if an idea has more content? What do you suggest? Should I try to shorten the content or use one big para to convey the content?

        • Dipjyoti

          while writing an essay we cannot be bound in a strait jacket…so some liberty has to be taken…broadly uniformity is to be maintained.

          I prefer not to illustrate one idea in too great detail…rather I try to think of more ideas…in unavoidable situations. ..I make 2 paras for one point…maybe one para for stating the point…2nd para for illustrating the point…

          you are free to take ur own liberty bro..

    • Ashutosh

      Hi Vikram,
      The good points first.. i loved these things in your essay
      1) caste system and popular politics were good.
      2) this narrow definition of unity leads….
      3) Your structure
      4) Your flow

      All these things made me love your essay but in the end i felt that something could have been added. You could have added your own analysis along with the analysis of current and social problems. In the whole essay you analysed history and contemporary events but you lacked the things in general.

      You could have analysed the subject it self like
      “what is a house and what is it made of..its resemblance with country and world”
      “how does natural differences change into divisions and then to diversion of ideas”
      “How can one try to convex these diversions and what solutions are necessary for problems like terrorism, climate change etc”. In simple words you can focus more on solution part rather than analysing the question itself.

      Well we all are improving with time. All the best ..cheers…review mine. Here at discus or at

      • KnowledgeBuff

        thanks bhai for your review. Will try to incorporate the points you mentioned from the next time. After reading your comment, I too felt that I have focussed more on the analysis part. Will review yours too.

  • Amrita

    A House Divided against itself cannot stand.

    A House here can be any system(our family, nation, state,world) which work together to live. A House or suppose a family is standing together because of the shared emotions,happiness, sorrow, which the family members have experienced together. This provides strength to the family to stand together in case of difficult times. Thus a House if divided against itself cannot stand together and destined to fall. The proposition is not true to the house but every system which work together. If the system does not work together, they are divided & the system is destined to fall. The unique thing about division is that it is the outsider who benefits from the division.

    History is the mirror which tells us whenever India was divided against itself it did not stand together for a long time. From the 3rd century, BC Iranians invaded than Greeks- After the fall of Mauryan the whole North west frontier was again invaded by Shakas, Greeks & Kushans, to the time of invasion of Mohammad Gauri,everytime we were divided an outsider got the opportunity to divide us and exploit us.

    India did not fight against the forces extremists and revolutionaries of communal mindset, and thus we see India got divided by its birth.In spite of the diversities which modern world face, In order to bind ourself we need to have a mindset that we are one and we are united otherwise the family will be further divided just like East & West Pakistan could not stand the truth of the time and again there was a division.

    Terrorism is an act of envy where terrorists disapprove of the idea/living of the victims/terrorised. If we need to control-minimise-eliminate Terrorist and Terror we have to stand together. Terrorism is existing because we are divided. Similarly Climate change – the reason is we have created the imbalance int he nature and thus it is posing the gravest danger to us.Newly born diseases-Zika Virus,Ebola we have to fight them together. If we the world stand together as a family with shared responsibilties we can and we will fight any threat to our existence.

    Strong Institutions like United Nation in the world, helped us to avoid world wars, Similarly a state helps the country to bind together in one culture, identity and beliefs. Sports is one field where we see the importance of Unity. In a game like Kabbaddi, Kho-kho or cricket it is the team which stands together win together. At the world level leaders together share the intelligence and latest technologies to fight the evils of the new system. There has to be an ideology a vision which will keep us binding to be united for a greater global cause. UN binds us-all the countries and its people and make us realise that we in the earth are one.

    There are forces all around us who wish to exploit division, rob us of our freedom, and tell us what to think. But young folks can rekindle the weary spirit of a slumbering nation., because there is more power in unity than in division.

    • The Generalist

      well-written, there was a flow in the essay…very well organised ideas

      • Amrita

        Thankyou so much for your review Sultan 🙂
        From the next time, if you read my Essay do point out mistakes I will be happy to improve.

        • Lokesh

          Hi Amrita, Some mistakes that I found in your essay are :- ( IMO ).
          1. Into with history examples could have been better.
          2. connectivity jump to terrorism.
          3. Essay is more of a description and less arguementative. Some points to my mind are
          for eg. u can use current example of Bre-exit. Was this because EU was divided or there were other reasons. similarly can use refrendums in ireland and scotland as examples
          Upon analysis u can see house which has been consolidated by force also cannot stand. + can argue there is difference between divide and differences. and quote examples relating regionalism with sub nationalism.
          4. u covered past present future well.
          5. but all aspects like social, technological, economical were missing. for eg. Current NSG example and divided opinion of world on complete disarmament and discriminatroy NPT etc.
          6. Reaons, implications not covered well.
          Hope u take this in good spirit 🙂

          • Amrita

            Thankyou so much for the review, After reading other Essays I felt the same.
            There are many Flaws in my current Essay, Did not use Current-Technolofy-Economical aspects. I will keep in mind and I will improve from the next week.

    • Ashutosh

      need to work more on the content part, but your flow was very good.
      You should practice more on jumping from one paragraph to other.
      My suggestion is to read more and get more inclusive content for your essay.

      Language and grammar was good . Conclusion could be little better.
      Please review mine here or at:

      • Amrita

        Thankyou for the review Ashutosh. 🙂
        I will keep in mind from the next time.

  • Neelotpal

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    Lincoln prophesied the future catastrophe that a division between North and South states of the US would bring in form of the American Civil War. But what Lincoln had the foresight to see, applies to times like ours and our country and society too.
    History is a living testament that a divided house falls prey to depredations of the strangers. AJATSHATRU was not able to defeat Lichhavis because of their virtuous conduct and unity. He inserted his minister VASSAKARA in Vaishali, the capital of Licchhavis. Vassakara sowed discord among Licchavis and the Lichhavis lost their sovereignty to Ajatshatru. Alexander the Great was able to subdue states of North West India only because they were not ready to work together. AMBHI HAD ACTIVELY SUPPORTED MACEDONES AGAINST PORUS. In still later times, Jaichand Gahadval conspired against his relative and son-in-law Prithviraj Chauhan with Muhammed of Ghur. Prithviraj who had defeated Muhammed in the 1st BATTLE OF TARAIN had no chance when the two adversaries met again and India fell into foreign subjugation. The BRITISH CONQUEST OF BENGAL was possible only because a family feud was raging between NAWAB SIRAJUDDAULAH and his aunt GHASITI BEGUM. The disunity between Hindus and Muslims during the latter periods of our Independence Movement culminated in the sanguinary tale of partition.
    On the other hand, a united JAPAN AFTER MEIJI RESTORATION considered the whole nation a family and the Emperor as father of that family. There is no surprise that Japan alone among Asian countries was able to survive the onslaught of western colonialism.

    Plurality of opinion is of utmost value in democracy. But if opposition is for the sake of opposing without a consideration of common of the common interests of nation; there are negative consequences for the country. FRANCE FELL TO NAZI FORCES during WW II easily because there was no common voice as the country was divided into many political groups.
    It can be contrasted with the remarkable grit with which Great Britain conducted the war as it was led by a united cabinet headed by Churchill.

    The UNIFICATION OF GERMANY was set by ZOLLVEREIN- THE CUSTOMS UNION OF GERMAN PRINCELY STATES. An economic unity made people stakeholder in prosperity of each other. This was to be the strong base on which German nation was built. In contrast, Austria was not able to bring economic integration and could not stand against a united Germany at Battle of Sadowa.
    This will also be one of the numerous benefits of India’s GST (GOODS AND SERVICE TAX) regime.

    Unfortunately, our country is a house divided during the best days of peace. Only shocks of wars like Bangladesh’ War of Independence, 1971, Kargil War, 1999, etc. are able to temporarily unify us. But, such divisions along caste, religion, language, etc, have not-so-salutary impacts on India.
    It is only because the adherents of different religions present a divided house that PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATIONS LIKE UNIFORM CIVIL CODE ARE UNREALIZED.
    Caste divisions keep a great number of disadvantaged, so that they can’t contribute to their best capacity towards nation-building. On top of that, it is realized that the fear of marginalized people of govt intervention in their affairs keeps regressive practices like CHILD MARRIAGE.
    The apprehension of non-Hindi speakers and the still more reproachable failure of Hindi speakers to address these apprehensions have led to a situation where we haven’t been able to develop a national language even after 7 decades of Independence.

    This has special relevance for our times. The STOCKHOLM CONFERENCE is more than 4 decades old. The EARTH SUMMIT (RIO CONFERENCE) itself will complete silver jubilee. But, mankind has not been able to speak in one voice despite a clear and immediate danger that climate change presents to the world family. The world family is divided among developed and emerging economies / least developed countries, and no one is ready to take responsibility, though for their different reasons. The developed countries are not ready to accept their responsibility, and the emerging economies can’t take steps because they do not want to blink first and thus lose a bargain chip.
    A related issue in environmental problems is the PROBLEM OF COMMONS, where no one likes to take the responsibility for common goods like environment, etc and it becomes a ‘free-for-all’ resulting in unsustainable use of the commons.

    Now that we know a house divided has shaky pillars, what should we do so as the cracks do not appear and to patch the cracks.
    It is instructive to see what Hon. Supreme Court said during the debate on Common Civil Code. The Court said that a DELIBERATIVE ENVIRONMENT – one of free discussion and dialectic (points and counter-points) in the society is the way to go. A democracy demands consultation and giving importance to minority voices too.
    As we have seen that it is because no one is ready to take responsibility as for environmentally sustainable practices that the problem remains. We should become more responsible. We should teach ourselves the self-evident truth that we have no existence apart from the earth, nation or society. Only in their welfare, our well-being is assured.
    And for those who feel alienated from the family, it is our responsibility to behave in a manner that they can again feel as belonging. Empathy to understand their views and appropriate response towards them is needed.

    It will be apt to end with following sukta from Taittiriya Upanishad:
    Om saha na vavatu; saha nau bhunaktu.
    Saha viryam karva vahai.
    Ma vidvisha vahai.
    Om Shanti, shanti shantih.
    Together we bow to God, together are we fulfilled.
    Together we do courageous deeds, we do not fall prey to the poison of enmity (jealousy).
    God, (may) there be peace.

    > 965 words

    • Neelotpal

      Please review.
      Your suggestions are most welcome.

    • rajesh kumar

      Arey yar u mentioned abraham lincoln because it is his quote regarding abolishion of slavery to which half of the country disagree with the opinion .so i think u need to mention the context where he used this quote in introduction part.

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

    “United we stand, divided we fall”

    As the saying goes, unity always gives us strength whereas when we are divided it decreases the strength to handle situations. Any group of people, if they are divided amongst themselves, functioning becomes difficult. The statement aptly brings out the problems of our civil and political society in many ways.

    Many colleges organize college festivals which involves huge team of 30-40 students. These students need to take lot of important decisions overnight. They often will have conflicting views on finance related matters like spending on infrastructure, celebrities, transport, prize money etc. These decisions take serious efforts from each team member and trust among them. If they are divided and do not have enough confidence in other members, it will lead to chaos and delayed decisions often leading to a bad festival.

    Parliament has huge significance of confidence and a united house to come up with best decisions for the public. As we have seen in past, the coalition governments are less probable to complete their terms. Even when, single party forms the government, if their own members are against the decisions or stand against the ruling party, it can lead to breakdown of machinery. Similarly, it is applicable in political parties, company related boards among others.

    Family matters can not escape the importance of following the principle either. Family is an institution that works on trust, unity and confidence in the members. These members stay at one place, share things, share food etc and live like one body. This can happen only when they are not divided. If they are divided, which can be increasingly seen these days between brothers, the institution itself breaks.

    This is fundamental to working of so many institutions of the society as illustrated in few examples above. This has huge importance in our existence and has many positive impacts in the functioning. It can help strengthen the social institutions like families which is a unique and important feature of Indian society. Parliament can work better as well with faster legislations and improved economy.

    The society is divided into many sections based on economic standard, historical values, castes and geographical boundaries. These include different regions and religions. We are divided in states which have their own priorities and choices of living. Some of them do not want to be a part of the Union or want to separate such as Kashmir and Nagaland. The union of India, if has fundamental divisions on views on being a part of Union will not stand the test of time. They were knit together through immense efforts from our freedom fighters. They were earlier divided into many parts. It is only when they stood together against the British Raj that Union was formed.

    Similarly, in international sphere, division of the world will lead to destruction. The environment saving measures can not be resolved if we do not come together. From Rio conference in 1992 to Millenium Development Goals and Paris conference, it is clearly evident unless all the countries come together to combat climate change, we are heading towards destruction and huge problem for the whole world. We can not stand as one world if we stay divided on these matters. Similarly, combat terrorism needs a united world to stand against the evil. As evident from recent incidents in Bangladesh, Europe, U.S., the extremists need to stopped which is possible only with “all” countries unanimously support the efforts. The division between good terrorism and bad terrorism as proclaimed by some countries need to go away.

    Various institutions carry this burden on themselves to work on these conflicts. Tools of conflict resolution, confidence building are important. Foreign relations need immense efforts in confidence building to bring all countries on same page. There are various forums for that which includes bilateral and multilateral forums such as BRICS, ASEAN and World Bank.

    Society needs to understand the importance of this unity in various spheres. This can be done by supporting exchange programs with in the country between states. An integrated world, economically, socially and politically, will build a world worth living. This will consider the environment as a part of itself and our problems will be solved through an ideal way.

  • The Generalist

    We all know the story from Panchatantra where an old man, who is taking the last breaths of his life, asks all his sons to bring one stick each. He groups those sticks together and asks his sons to break it. All the sons try but fail to break the bundle of sticks. Now, the old man asks them to break the individual sticks in which all of them succeed. The message is very clear if there is unity, it is very difficult to divide both an individual and an organisation.
    India is a house of people of different ethnic groups. We speak different languages, live in different geographical areas, eat different foods,follow different cultures yet we identify ourselves as Indians first.
    When we look back at our history, we observe that it was our unity which forced British empire to return our sovereignty. The participation from different classes of the society and from different parts of the country is the identification of our independence. We were ruled by foreigners only when the different kingdoms failed to help each other. The treaty between Maratha and English against Mysore and the treaty between Mysore and English against Maratha shows how beautifully English played their game of divide and rule.
    We have such a diverse geography that one part of the country satisfies the needs of the other part.We stand independent for the production of staple grains at the agricultural front . The inter-state tourism generates revenues for the states.
    India is the root of some of the most prominent religions. Here people follow different cultures which shows that it is a diversified and not divided country.We have always lived to the motto of “unity in diversity”. Though there has been agitations and protests like the recent protest against the killing of a militant in Kashmir, every step is being taken to bring every individual to the mainstream.
    Once a country or its people gets divided, it becomes vulnerable to the hegemony of external powers. The unrest in Iraq led to the dominance of US-UK duo in which many innocents were killed. The instability in Arab countries led to the rise of terrorist organisations like ISIS. Had these west Asian countries stood united, the spread of terrorism across the world have easily been avoided. The recent Brexit and the division of EU has created a negative impact in the International market.
    Concluding with the quote “united we stand,divided be fall”, it can be said that there may be concerns but the endeavor to keep united should never diminish

    • Amrita

      I Think you must improve your Conclusion, because it just ended from nowhere.
      Overall, Essay was short.
      Views are my personal, You can agree to disagree.

      • abhinav raj

        Mam,please review mine
        I am just a beginner.

      • The Generalist

        Thank you Amrita. will take care from next time

    • Ashutosh

      Nice writing but you should improve your selves on the following points
      1) Conclusion
      2) Dont jump quickly from one point to another as it loses connectivity.
      3) Complete the analysis which you start. You came up with a good geography point but you dint complete it.

      Write more and i think you will improve yourself.

      • The Generalist

        Thank for your valuable advice..will try to improve

  • abhinav raj

    (please review mine,this is my first essay)

    A house is a place more than a shelter for everyone. It provides us with a sphere where we feel ourselves most secured from the ills of the outsider world. Here all family members live, share their happiness and sorrows together. For every new born its house is the first school and mother being the first teacher. It provides a strength to stand together and allow to fight any evil and problems. It provides us with an incentive of STRENGTH IN UNITY but this is only possible in a house where everyone is given equal opportunity and not in a ravaged atmosphere. Nobody can deny from the fact that “HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND”.

    Every era in human history narrates this statement and it’s counter statement too.

    Starting from MAHABHARAT, the longest written epic and one of the holy books of Hinduism where we see that a bone of contention divided the family and their home became their battle arena. And what they concluded from the war other than shedding blood of their own loved ones.

    The history of medieval India is a case in point too where the RAJPUTS remained busy in fighting their kith and keens for the sake of dictatorship and the MUSLIMS invaders got control over the central nervous system of Indian administration. The other side of coin articulates that this was not the inefficiency of Rajputs or the military skill of Muslims which bear fruits to them but this was the unity among the invaders which gave them a platform to rule over this continent.

    Following the chronology let’s have a look at Modern India where Mughals and Maratha were thirst of each other’s blood and the European powers unfurled their Flag in our nation.

    They followed policy of divide and rule because they were aware of the fact that power lies in unity and if unity of the nation is dismayed by hooks or crooks this will become a fertile vegetative ground for their imperialism to nurture and bear fruits.

    Then comes the era of MAHATMA GANDHI which proved that mass mobilization and unity can blow off such giant powers like United Kingdom.

    In this zeitgeist phase where there is a turmoil in the whole of the world, there is a political and economic instability in Middle East, Venezuela is facing economic crisis, Britain’s growth is at the lowest of last 31 years, tension has tarnished the fraternity of India and Pakistan, continuous suicidal bomber attacks in European Union and Asia, Blacks being ruthlessly murdered in USA. All these negative forces are pulling us in such an era of obfuscation. The only way to combat with all these problems is to grow a spirit of unity, oneness and fraternity in our countrymen and the globe too.

    As per the esteemed daily newspapers the consequence of BRICXIT will be far detriment than the expectations of some of economic pandits.

    In our BRICS nation there is also a rag tag where one country is not willing to let it’s neighbor entering the NSG club. Our parliament house is divided on GST bills where the TRUST DEFICIT among the parties and blocked the nation building process and resulted into “DEMOCRATIC DEFICIT” , which can be said HOUSE DIVIDED ITSELF CANNOT STAND.

    From our childhood we have always heard a short story where an old father teaches his three sons the power of unity with practical example of a bundle of wooden sticks. Thus it can be also said TOGETHER WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL for this emphasis should be on to remove conflicts and if conflicts are there then by peaceful measures and techniques these should be avoided and resolved by members of house which may be politicians, diplomats, industrialist, or executives of the Decision making process. Which will not only beneficial for economic interest but also for DEMOCRACY, DEMOGRAPHY, INTEGRATION and TRUSTEESHIP.

    • jaipal yadav

      Introduction to essay is not resilient. Later flow of thoughts is appreciable

      • abhinav raj

        thank u sir
        i will improve

    • Ashutosh

      Dear one,
      I read your essay and found that you have given some very good examples, Your writing style is also good and elaborate.
      Something which i would like to bring your attention is that you have too much focus on historical analysis, avoid it as you will lose word limit and wont get space to deal with other things.

      Increase your coverage in the essay and get more points into it from social, economic and global fields. Although you have touched various areas in your essay but you havent justified their placement and lacked analysis. If you focus more on analysis and less on facts then that would be more good for you. Bring your own self into the essay rather than including facts and events from other sources.

      You have to work more on your conclusion as it is not upto mark.

      One thing more it was BREXIT not BRECIT.
      All the best keep writing and i am sure you can be a much better writer.

      • abhinav raj

        thank you sir
        i will improve myself
        It will be good to learn from you.

  • yogi

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (~1200 words)

    • yogi

      Rough Draft:

  • DarkerAbhi

    Guys Please review mine. Will be of great importance. This is a rough draft which I have prepared. Your critics and suggestions are well needed. This is my first time. Thank you in advance. 🙂

    A house divided against itself cannot stand
    Can talk about firstly Ramayana case where the brother of Ravana, Bhebheshan leaks out the secrecy behind the death of his brother in order to triumph good over evil.

    Now let’s talk about our own country, India. The recent divide in the country in Kashmir valley where the wave of animosity against India has been on the rise. The recent killing of the militant has led to widespread anger and resentment. Where you have Pakistan’s flag and slogans for alleged freedom from state. The separatist have also carried out a total ban and a tool for inciting communal violence. This is a clear divide to India’s integrity where non state actors have influenced the young potential youth to take up arms and fight an illegal war. Further reports have also claimed that these youth are paid to hurl stones at the armed forces, further aggravating tensions. The way out is to first let the situation get calm and no unilateral action from the armed force until its necessary to use force to repel force. The government needs to assure the safety of all individual in every case and give assurance to the valley people to not support any kind of propaganda.

    We can also talk about greatly the divide between the rich and the poor by substantiating the inequalities driven between the two. The tax pay and the between the slum and the rich. The incentives given to the poor especially rural farmers is far less tempting and riddled with corruption than the high subsidies and incentives provided to the rich as I read in a recent article on Livemint.
    Then we can come on to the health sector, where we can substantiate the poor and filthy conditions between the poor and the rich and how the poor struggles for even fundamental amenities.

    A major divide between the Armed forces and the people in the areas of AFSPA. A recent court writ has somewhat mitigated the tensions but still the divide remains evident.

    The communal divide which both the Hindu and Muslim communities are trying to create by dividing Hindu’s and Muslim’s on the basis of religion. On top we can gives examples RSS fundamentalist and recent controversial Zakir Naik. The ongoing debate to shut these people up who spew and justify violence.

    Majorly we can talk on many things as to how still discrimination against women is on the rise. We know that women in some temples are not allowed. They have even bracketed women on their age. Same goes with Mosques. But recent events have led to easing out the divide and accept women as an integral part.

    Still the practice of untouchability hasn’t stopped. The divide between the so called lower caste dalit and the so called upper class. We can cite the Rohit Vemula case. The discrimination he faced in the college due to his mere identity. The still practiced untouchability in certain rural as well as urban villages have further led to the divide.

    Globally if we see (a global family) and cluster all the countries as a collective identity the recent China’s blockage to India’s bid for NSG can also be exemplified. This almost led to China claims of isolation with India. This widened the gap between our bilateral ties. We can also give example of Pathankot. After Modi’s visit to Pakistan, and suddenly after a week Pakistan backed terrorists infiltrate India and further this created a divide between the two. India again tried to alleviate ties by calling their JIT to investigate with Indian investigators. This was a good move by the Indian state to ease out the tension and maintain their bilateral relations.

    But certainly Indian Muslims have stood up and condemned all hideous acts of terrorism by calling them un- Islamic. This shows their commitment and the oneness with which they associate with India.

    The divide between the centre and state by giving best example of National Capital Territory of Delhi. Both the governments are playing the blame game. This has obviously led to the stalled growth of Delhi and its people. The growing mistrust between the two needs to be resolved immediately politically negotiating with one another and having a focused goal of serving its people.

    We can talk about Justice and latest one being the Gulbarg Society case. The justice to the victims should be meted out as soon as possible as it creates a kind of distrust between the victim and courts. Almost after 14 years the case reached its final destination. The victims also felt a deep divide when the court gave the perpetrators of crime a lenient sentence according to the victims. So this needs a clarification and a proper redressal.

    On Justice further, the growing insecurity of women in the country and the acid attack victims who are hardly given any justice and the criminals roam freely in the country. This can be substantiated by a number of day to day examples.

    The stand of between writers and mob mentality individuals. The forceful curtailment of freedom of expression and writing. Recent attacks on writers. The threatening of personalities when they put forth their opinions. The fundamental forces which force out the people and hurl them with great tirades. This is certainly an attack on free speech and freedom of expression and this has created further more divide in the country.

    If we focus on nature and environment, the recent killings of animals in Kerala, Bihar and West Bengal has led to further divide between humans and animals. The way to get out of this is by having birth control mechanisms in villages for animals which will reduce human animal conflict. This divide is further heightened by the disruption of flaura and fauna. This being the latest Naik committee where a proper balance definitely needs to be taken between peoples aspirations and biodiversity. Proper coordination will enhance the balance between nature and human activities which is only good for a human being’s health.

    Various government schemes like MNREGA which created headlines of delay in payments have created a fissure between the rural and centre. So the delays needs to be compensated and the rural poor should be empowered greatly. Here we can also state the fact that the recent convergence of Panchayati Raj Ministry with Rural Developmental Ministry is also a serious concern as well as the allocation of lower funds to the ministry. This will only lead to dividing consequences. We need to empower our rural villages in order to maintain devolution of powers.

    Divide in the education sector can be bridged by growing the education and research scale in the country and putting a break on the brain drain. We need to have extensive quality education by real emphasis on research and world class laboratories. As government has opened up many skill programs including Make In India, this is actually encourage entrepreneurs and students to acquire a great deal and further effectively utilize their potential resources. This will create an amicable environment for the students and eventual growth of India.

    Road construction programs carried by the Ministry of Urban Development has led to increasing connectivity and accessibility to secluded areas and remote places. Now with this, access to tribal and remote areas where once medical facilities were often hindered, can now reach on time. This improvement in infrastructure especially in the field of allotting houses to the poor has further led to parity between the poor and the rich. And this has cut down inequality meted to the poor.

    We can talk about various governmental fields and their effect which has led to a stronger bonding of India.

  • swati

    There is a great saying ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ which is very true, if we are united and together no one can or any external source cannot harm us while if we are divided upon any issue, anyone can overpower us easily.
    India is a great nation with vivid diversity, mix of different cultures, traditions, religions, art and language and the thing that binds us together is our national unity and integrity to fight all odds.
    But still India stands divided in grounds of regionalism, communalism, linguism and casteism which are only hampering it’s economic and social development, while the reason for this can be the growth of regional parties based on religion like jamaat-e-islami or shiv sena, as a result communal riots are on its peak, or it can be parties based on caste like akali dal or Kerala congress which promotes sectional interests.
    The love for regions, religion, caste had grown over national importance. One wants sectional or community development rather than nation as a whole. People forget that this is only nation which binds us together without its progressive development there development is not possible. Hence divided are the people, while the rise is seen in terrorism, insurgency, human trafficking,crimes, riots which denotes lack of unity to counter these problems.
    Two hundred years ago, British followed this policy only to rule mother India. They divided people of India on basis of religion, only to meet their aspirations but the day we got divided, it led to more and more exploitation and result everyone knows partition of undivided India to India and Pakistan. Hence it very clear the day people of a county gets divided the day of its deceleration of progress starts.
    Similarly, in sport like cricket or hockey, if a team is united and plays together with unity then only one can win, if a team is divided or people are not comfortable with each other, thus one person can’t make a team win, it requires a united effort.
    There is also a famous fact we know it is easy to break a single pencil than a bundle of pencil. Hence unity has its own colours.
    One evolves when united learning from others mistakes, working together, learning things easier and develops more.
    The division should be on the basis of opinion between people which will bring about a transformation of mankind with enormous ideas and plans. Division should not be on based on political interests to gain power for self interests which will only retard growth.
    Hence it is the time one forget about the differences,divisions that divides us but think as a nation to contribute to it’s progress and development. With the line I conclude ‘unity in diversity ‘

    Plz review it, if u can tell what is missing will be a Great help 🙂

    • Athena

      I don’t think you should mention the names of political parties. It is a strict NO, NO.
      What if you become an IAS and work under the minister who belongs to that party 😀

      • swati

        Thank you !! 🙂
        Yes you are right. I shud not be including political parties.
        Will take care next tym .
        Any more suggestions ? Or points ?
        As it is my first essay and I know I am missing quite a few points.

        • Athena

          Hey, I’m not an expert in essay. Infact, I also have naive writing skills but I feel there are many areas that needs improvement. I’m a very harsh critic and hence, cannot suggest them to you, because it might demotivate you to the point where you possibly stop writing answers and I don’t want to do that to anyone. So in short, keep writing and keep improving 🙂

          • swati

            Okay!! (Y)

          • Neelotpal

            Harsh critic!!
            Such candour has become a rare commodity these days. May be your humble servant needs such a bitter medicine..:)
            Why don’t you oblige me also with a review. I hope, it will not be too difficult for you to find my humble attempt at essay-writing.
            Thanks in anticipation….

  • minaxi

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand”
    Rough Draft-

    1) Introduction- Collapse of Mughal power
    2) A house divided against itself cannot stand- Reasons and consequences
    a) Individual and social level- communal and caste division-Lack of education, narrow I politico-economic inters of prominent groups- inequality and occasional violence
    b) Institutional level- Division on Paris climate summit- Contradictory interest and non-willingness countries to compromise on their stand- ineffective solution of GHG emission and climate change
    c) National- Division of India- communal and political interest- Two new nation, with wide scale violence and history of hatred and hostility
    d) International Level- Division of world – ideological difference, economic difference- Inequality among states, rise of terrorism etc.
    3) What are benefits of a united house-
    a) Social benefit- better and equal society-peaceful and progressive environment
    b) Economic benefit- Better use of natural resource & better opportunity of growth- Sustainable and quality development
    c) Overall benefit- United efforts brings better result , make them more secure against any threat, and enable them to fight against any adversities
    4) What if a house cannot remain undivided- Division must be based on proper thinking of short term and long term consequences of division in peaceful and democratic manner- EU referendum
    5) Can a house stand even after being divided? India- after division- with different and more inclusive socio-politico and economic structure
    6) Conclusion- House made of units take time, efforts, love and understanding to remain undivided, but takes few moments to break- Only constant understanding of everyone’s need and freedom to everyone can make it inclusive and eventually undivided- Strength of Synergy makes one and one equal to eleven

    There was a time, when none dared to confront Mughal power under various emperors from Babur and Akbar to Aurangzeb. Hardly any external power got any commendable victory against this mighty dynasty. It was unbreakable, undefeatable image of Mughal reign which was the strongest fort against the attack of any enemy. When Mughal rule collapse, it was not because of power of its opponent but because of erosion of unity among nobles and its tributaries, which ultimately took the toll of this mighty empire. And one time, The Mughal who permitted various grants to British became pensioner of this external and foreign rule. Collapse of Mughal power remind us that unity of house virtually weakens the enemy and division of house make it vulnerable to attacks.

    Whenever, there is a division on whatever ground at any level, it brings some undesirable adverse result. It not only divide the power but reduce the efficiency of individual unit’s power. As it can be seen that, when a society is divided on whatever ground, either it is caste, community, class etc. It creates basically two groups one is dominate and another one is discriminated henceforth inequality and conflicting situation arises. And, division of society is basically result of lack of education among people, And, this lack of education give opportunity to some people to exploit differences and resulting into violence and hatred for each other, which restrict overall development of society.

    In similar way, division on Paris climate summit between developed and developing countries due to contradictory interest (economic) and non-willingness to abandon their status-quo (consumption level and manufacturing methods) has halted any reform in critical matter of climate change. Henceforth non, compromising attitude by counties had make any serious effort to decrease GHG emission and combat climate change almost ineffective, which has endanger earth future and life on it.

    It is not so, Indian are unaware of consequences of division of house, Even, India has faced a tragic division at time of its independence, for some narrow communal and political interest, In August 1947, two nations came in existences from single nation. It has passed almost six decades but wounds of division can be still felt in form of hostility and anonymity among both countries.

    When a house is divided, it is vulnerable to self-destruction as well as destruction by others. The purpose of house to make its units feel safe and secure fails at time of division. And it can be understand at international level, where world powers are divided in their ideologies and interest at international front. Confrontation of US , EU and Russia, China is not create for anyone, his has create a situation of chaos in many regions as well as make the UN ( these countries are member of UN) ineffective to combat terrorism and increasing radicalism.

    Why Unity of house is important? It is necessary to have the unity in thoughts, action, goals and interest. While unity gives proper scope of diversion and different point of view, and freedom of choices and action, it remains important in those areas which are crucial of overall development of an entity. At social level, where human beings are depended on each other for materialistic and emotional support, unity is necessary to promote brotherhood and fraternity. It brings a progressive and peaceful society by equal and just opportunities and supportive environment.

    Un-devided thinking and action are also necessary to sustainable development, as t will be emphasize the sustainable utilization of natural and human resources for everyone benefits by keeping interest of every groups in mind. Therefore, unity will prohibit exploitation of resources and environment for the benefits of few at cost of majority’s present and future.

    Major problems in this world either it is terrorism, inequitable distribution of resources and their benefits, chronic capitalism etc. are due to divided interest which makes one segment exploited and other segment exploiter. An undivided approach will not only dilute these problems, but also make the efforts to progress and development more effective. It will make societies and entities more safe and secure and will improve their abilities to fight any unprecedented threat.

    What if any house cannot remain undivided? A house is made of units, which have their personal aspirations and ideologies. And these aspirations and ideologies may be contradictory to other units of same house. Efforts must be made to ensure that, those aspiration can be accommodated in border framework of house without affecting the rights and aspiration of other units. But if it is not possible for unit to give their aspiration and house to accommodate that aspiration, it is better to secede for better development of house and it’s –now-independent unit. However, such secession must be done through democratic process without any stigma and prejudice. The secession of Britain from European Union is one such example, which chose a democratic mean to divide from EU when their interest contradicted.

    However, Division is undesirable, but if divided units show zeal and dedication. They develop themselves through continuous efforts even after facing numerous adversities. The division of India and its aftermath left he Indian exhausted. But it gather itself to prove the world that, even after division, it is same India which has the courage to fight, to improve, to explore. It is optimistic and farsighted decision and efforts of our nation maker, which has made India one the successful democracy of world even after facing communal riots t time independence. Which has become emerging economy after facing numerous famines and poverty. It is the same India, which fight the odds of racial and economic discrimination to ensure the better future of every citizen.

    A house is a house, if every member residing in it, have equal rights and opportunity. Hey have access to justice and a bandage of love and trust exist between them. Without bondage of love and trust, members start to feel detached an isolate. Hence it is necessary to bring inclusiveness in conduct and decision of every members, so their fellow members can realize their importance in other’s life. Love and trust among members take time to develop and it also require continuous efforts to preserve it. But it take only moment to break this trust, which eventually resulted into division of house, and afterward collapse of house. Unity makes five finger a fist, Therefore synergy is necessary to make one and one equal to eleven.

    • abhinav raj

      Hello mam,
      I am a beginner
      please review mine..

    • Ashutosh

      Hello Minaxi,
      Your essay was a very good piece of writing to read . It had a great analysis and a new view point which i generally do not see in many essays. Your divided-undivided approach was the best thing which kept my interest awake in your essay.
      The only problem which i could see is that some where i felt some connectivity issues were there, some jumps were not good and lost the connectivity.
      Somewhere i feel that you deviated from what you were saying and went to other thing.

      Well all these things doesnt matter much till the time your content is not good enough. Your essay was meaningful and with a good structure, although it could be better.

      Please review mine.
      Here or at

      • minaxi

        Thanks Ashutosh..

        Yes, connectivity is a problems along with sequencing. But It will be good, if you can mention the areas where my essays appears o be diverted from topic.

        Sure, Friend, I will review after some time.

    • yogi

      Hello Minaxi 🙂
      MY views :-
      1. Intro is cool.
      2. Main body : u have chosen the sequence : international (climate change talks)—-national (parition)—international(UN, etc.). Plz avoid this sequencing. Both chronologically and order wise this sequence is not fitting well. In intro u have talked about India , so u could have continued there onward to reach to partitions and then come to global level (UN, Climate etc.)
      3. Why Unity of house is important? —it is good that u have included this qn, but u have given too much emphasis on this aspect, while giving less space to the main theme. You could have cut some content here are add some details in the examples/events in favour of the theme that u have discussed in previous paras.
      4. What if any house cannot remain undivided?—–Don’t jump abruptly it is looking like a Q & A session which is disturbing the flow. In the preceding para u could have given the hint that u are going to move to this Qn. This would bring the needed flow and connectivity in paras.
      5. However, Division is undesirable, but if divided units show zeal and dedication—other side of the quote, fair enough :).
      6. U could have added few suggestions before the conclusion. This is suggested at least when we are writing on a negative theme that is the one which wants us to highlight the problems. So we are supposed to give suggestions as well. (IMO)
      7. Conclusion is good 🙂
      8. Overall the essay is good, your coverage is really commendable (Y). The major problem I could find is the lack of flow which is due to missing links in the paras at some places. Rest I can see improvement in structuring of the essay as compared to previous ones.
      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • minaxi

        Hello Yogi… 🙂

        1- Thanks..

        2- Thanks, You are right it is creating misunderstanding, by the way- sequence was as- Social- Institutional- National- International- But due to use of international example, looking same.

        3- Thanks….. It almost cover 3 para. will take care to establish a balance.

        4- Hmm, I am struggling to move from one para to another para. It is result of it.

        5- Suggestion part- I half dealt it, means, I wrote, what should not to do in a undivided house to maintain unity, but yes could have some curative measures too.

        6- Glad to know, I can write some relevant content in philosophical essay too. Yes, there some grey areas :(. will work on them will cool mind after pre. 🙂

        Thanks and ATB…

  • Ashutosh

    जो घर स्वयं में ही विभाजित हो वह खड़ा नहीं रह सकता
    घर एक ऐसी जगह है जहां परिवार रहते हैं । परिवार केवल इंसानों के साथ रहने से ही नहीं बल्कि उनके आपसी जुड़ाव से बनते हैं । आपस के प्यार भरे रिश्ते , नोक झोंक और एक दूसरे का साथ निभाने का एहसास यही है जो परिवार को परिवार और घर को घर बनता है । घर में अलग अलग विचारों के कारण मतभेद हो सकते हैं पर जब मतभेद बढ़ कर विभाजन का कारण बन जाते हैं तो घर टूटने लगते हैं । हमारे महाकाव्य गवाह हैं की कैसे रावण विभीषण के मतभेदों के चलते लंका ध्वस्त हो गयी और पांडव- कौरव विचार विभाजन से कुरुक्षेत्र की भूमि सम्बन्धियों के रक्त से पट गयी |परिवारों में जब मतभेद होते हैं तो परिवार की सोच परिष्कृत होती है और परिवारों के निर्णय एकांगी नहीं होते परंतु जब मतभेद विभाजन का रूप ले लें तो प्रगति रुक जाती है और परिवार दिशाहीन हो जाते हैं।

    परिवारों के संयोग से ही समाज बनते हैं और समाज में मतभेदोंबकी संख्या परिवारों की संख्या के साथ साथ बढ़ती जाती है। समाज में वैचारिक मतभेदों के साथ साथ लैंगिक, धार्मिक, जातीय, नस्लीय और आर्थिक मतभेद भी होते हैं पर यही मतभेद या छोटे अंतर उग्र रूप लेकर विभाजन में बदल जाते हैं । भारतीय समाज में ऐतिहासिक काल से ही कई प्रकार के विभाजन व्याप्त हैं जो आधुनिक भारत को भी प्रतिगामी बनाते हैं।

    भारतीय समाज में आज भी सबसे बड़ी असामनता जाती के रूप में दिखती है। यह जाती व्यवस्था एक समय केवल विभिन्न व्यवसायों का प्रतीक मानी जाती थी परंतु अंग्रेजी शासन ने इसे ही भारतीय समाज का मुख्य विभाजक बना डाला । इस ऊंच नीच में बाटने वाली व्यवस्था के कारण ही आज भी हमारे समाज में समावेशन पूर्ण रूप से नहीं दिखता । अंतर जातीय विवाह आज भी समाज में कहीं कहीं ही नजर आते हैं , केवल विवाह ही नहीं किराये पर मकान उठाना, बच्चा गोद लेना, व्यवसायिक गठबंधन आदि में भी सजातीय तत्व प्रमुख भूमिका निभाते हैं। बिहार जैसे कुछ राज्यों में आज भी जगहों पर इन्ही कारणों पर बंधुआ मजदूरी जैसी कुप्रथाएं अभी तक व्याप्त हैं। हरयाणा में कुख्यात ‘हॉरर किलिंग ‘ के वाक्ये बताते हैं की कैसे सामाजिकस विभाजन भारत के समाज की प्रगति को रोके हुए हैं ।

    केवल जाती ही नहीं हमारा समाज धार्मिक रूप में भी बंटा हुआ है जिसकी परिणिति सांप्रदायिक दंगों में यदा कदा दिखती रहती है । धर्म पर आधारित छोटे छोटे मतभेद राजनीतिक रंग लेकर बड़ी झड़पों
    में तब्दील हो जाते हैं और हमारा आंतरिक सौहार्द मिट जाता है। यह मसले लोगों को और अधिक उनके जातिगत व धर्मगत समूहों से जोड़ते हैं और फिर साधारण विषय भी राजनीतिक रूप ले लेते हैं। इन समूहों में फिर कुछ ऐसे नेताओं का उदय होता है जो अपने स्वार्थ हेतु अलगाव को और बढ़ावे देते हैं । उदाहरण के लिए हाल ही में जब एक साम्प्रदायिकता से भड़के छेत्र में पानी की सप्लाई टैंकर से की गयी तो कुछ छेत्रीय नेता उसमे भी धार्मिक कोटे की मांग करने लगे ।

    आजादी के बाद हमारा देश आर्थिक आधारों पर भी और बाँट गया है। भूमि के असंतुलित वितरण से व कबीलाई छेत्रों में अवैध घुसपैठ से देश में नक्सली आंदोलन का उदय हुआ। आये दिन होने वाली हड़तालें, काम रोको आंदोलन , अनावश्यक विलम्ब और घूसखोरी इन सबकी उत्पत्ति आर्थिक असामनता के कारण ही हुई है । यह कहना गलत नहीं होगा की आर्थिक वंचना के बढ़ने से ही जातीय, धार्मिक और भाषायी आधारों पर विभाजन बढ़ा है। कई छेत्रीय नेताओं का उदय इसी आधार पर हुआ है कि उन्होंने इन असमानताओं को कम करने की मांग रखी।

    जैसे विभाजन परिवारों को तोड़ते हैं वैसे ही समाज भी उपर्युक्त विभाजनों के कारण बट जाते हैं। जो समाज समग्र रूप से शक्तिवान होकर प्रगति कर सकते थे वही समाज टुकड़ो में बांटकर अलग अलग मांग करते हैं और केवल अपने ही विकास की बात सोचते हैं। यह गुट दूसरे गुट की प्रगति को अपनी हानि मानते हैं इसलिए एक दूसरे की काट में लगे रहते हैं। इससे समाज में स्वस्थ प्रतिस्पर्धा मरती जाती है और यथा स्तिथि बानी रहती है।

    यही विभाजन विभिन्न रूपों में हमारी संसद व विधान सभाओं में नजर आने लगते हैं। हाल ही में जी इस टी विधेयक की बहस में देखा गया कि सभी दल हालांकि वैचारिक रूप में इससे सहमत थे परंतु दलगत विभाजन ने इसमें भी व्यवधान उत्पन्न कर दिए। दलों में जी एस टी विधेयक को क़ानून बनाने से ज्यादा दिलचस्पी इस बात में दिखी की कौन सा दल इसको लाने का श्रेय पायेगा। जिस संसद से स्वस्थ बहस की उम्मीद पूरी जनता करती है वहां अभद्रता और अशिष्टता बढ़ती जा रही है। यही नहीं लोकसभा के प्रतिनिधि राज्यसभा की मान्यता पर ही प्रश्न उठाने लगे हैं। जिन दो सभाओं का समन्वय इस देश के पहिए को घूमता है आज वह टूटने लगा है । इन सभाओं की आपसी खींच-तानी में देश पिसा जा रहा है और जिन समस्याओं का समाधान अल्पकाल में ही संभव था वो भी विकराल होती जा रही हैं।

    बहुदा देखा जाता है कि एक व्यक्ति जब अपने उसूलों और अपने निर्णयों में तारतम्य नहीं रख पता तब वह अवसाद से ग्रस्त हो जाता है। उसके आंतरिक मानसिक मतभेद जब बढ़ जाते हैं तो उसमें निराशा भर जाती है और फिर वह अपनी कुंठा दूसरों पर निकाल कर स्वयं को सँभालने की कोशिश करता है । इसी प्रकार जब एक देश अपने आंतरिक मतभेदों के कारण बिखरने लगता है तो वह इस टूटन को रोकने के लिए किसी अन्य देश पर आक्रोश निकलता है। हमारा पड़ोसी देश जब अपने प्रान्तों से गरीबी और दरिद्रता के कारण उठने वाली अलगाव वादी आवाजों से टूटने लगता है तो वह कश्मीर और भारत का राग अलापने लगता है । परंतु बाह्य तत्वों पर गुस्सा निकालकर स्वयं को टूटने से ज्यादा समय तक रोक नहीं जा सकता चाहे वह व्यक्ति हो या देश। सोवियत संघ का टूटना उदहारण है कि आंतरिक विफलता एक न एक दिन देश को तोड़ ही देती है । ऐसे में जरुरी है की देश बाह्य कारकों से ज्यादा अपने अंदर ही विखंडनीय तत्वों को ढूंढे और उनका इलाज करे ।

    आज सम्पूर्ण विश्व भी जलवायु परिवर्तन के नाम पर एक होकर भी विखंडित है। देश समस्या के नाम पर तो एकमत हैं परंतु समाधान के नाम पर विमुख। बड़े देश अभी भी तकनीकी हस्तांतरण और सब्सिडी के मुद्दे पर अपना हठ नहीं छोड़ रहे हैं और विकासशील देश समस्या का सारा भार विकसित देशों पर डालकर अपना उत्तरदायित्व काम करना चाहते हैं। परंतु यह किसी के लिए भी लाभदायक नहीं होगा क्योंकि वैष्विक तापन सभी पर सामान असर डालेगा। केवल जलवायु ही नहीं आतंकवाद के मुद्दे पर भी देशोंमें मतभेद हैं, आज दायेश और अल कायदा का खतरा वैश्विक खतरा बना है क्योंकि समस्त देश इनके प्रति एक राय नहीं रखते। चीन द्वारा पकिस्तान को एकतरफा समर्थन , अरब देशों द्वारा इस्लामी उग्रवादियों को समर्थन , इजराइल की कट्टरता को अमेरिकी समर्थन आदि उदाहरण है कि कैसे विश्व मानवीय आधारों पर एक न होकर विभिन्न आधारों पर बंटा हुआ हैं।

    आधुनिक समय की मांग राष्ट्रवाद से बढ़ कर है । देशों के अंदर तो एकता और अखंडता का महत्व सर्वोच्च है परंतु बदलती वैश्विक परिस्थितियों के अनुसार वैष्विक एकता को भी महत्त्व देना चाहिए । आंतरिक सद्भावना को बढ़ाने हेतु देशों को अपने भीतर ऐसी नीतियों व साधनों को बढ़ावा देना चाहये जिससे लोगों का आपसी मतभेद कम हो ।एक साधन के रूप में भारत सरकार द्वारा डिजिटल इंडिया को बढ़ावा देना इस ओर एक सराहनीय पहल है। जितना ज्यादा लोगों की शिक्षा तक पहुँच सरल होगी और सोशल मीडिया द्वारा लोगों का आपसी व सरकार से जुड़ाव बढ़ेगा वैसे वैसे वंचना के भाव घटेंगे। लोगों की सोच को परिवर्तित करने पर बल दिया जाना चाहिए, ऐसी राजनीतिक द्वंदबाजियां बंद होनी चाहिए जो विभाजन के नाम पर राजनीतिक रोटियां सेंकती हो।

    शिक्षा में भी ऐसे इतिहास के प्रवाह को रोकना होगा जो देश में विभाजन की रेखाएं खींचे , और ऐसे मूल्यों को बढ़ावा देना होगा जो सहिष्णुता , सर्व धर्म समभाव और महिला सम्मान को बढ़ावा दें । इसके लिए संविधान में वर्णित वैज्ञानिक सोच को बढ़ावा देना चाहिए जो परंपरा को तर्क के तराजू में तौल सकें और ऊंच नीच , नर मादा , अमीर गरीब के भेद को मिटा सके ।वैश्विक पटल पर सभी स्वार्थपरक आधारों को छोड़ मानव कल्याण को ही मुख्या आधार माना जाना चाहिए और ऐसे सभी अंतरों को मिटाया जाये जो मानवीय छति के प्रत्यक्ष अप्रत्यक्ष कारण बने । आतंकवाद, गरीबी, जलवायु आदि समस्याओं को उनके सही वैष्विक रूप में समझना चाहिए ताकि सभी देश मिलकर उनका सही समाधान निकाल सकें । यदि ऐसा नहीं हुआ तो विश्व आने वाले समय में अधिक विखंडित होता जायेगा।

    निष्कर्ष में हम कह सकते हैं की मतभेदों का होना आवश्यक होता है ,मतभेदों से दृष्टिकोण एकांगी होने से बचता है और प्रगति के कई विकल्प खुलते हैं पर जब मतभेद उग्र हो जाते हैं तो घर हो या देश या फिर पूरा विश्व उसमे टूटन आ जाती है। जैसे हर ऊँगली एक सामान नहीं होती पर फिर भी मुट्ठी में समाकर शक्ति का रूप ले लेती है वैसे ही हर इकाई को देश की उन्नति के लिए एक होना चाहिए और हर देश को मिलकर वैश्विक समस्याओं के हल खोजने चाहये। धर्म ,लिंग, जात -पांत , नस्ल, भाषा आदि के आधारों से ऊपर उठकर जब सब एक समान सोचेंगे तभी संपूर्ण मानव जाति का उद्धार होगा। अन्त में हम देख सकते है की कैसे मार्टिन लूथर किंग जूनियर की इन सुन्दर पंकितयों में एकता व अखंडता का सुन्दर दर्शन मिलता है ।

    हमें बंधुओं के सामान साथ में रहना सीखना चाहिए ,
    या फिर मूर्खों की भांति अलग रहकर समाप्त हो जाना चाहिए ।

    • FinalAttempt

      bro.. ur intro was awesome, u just directly cleared the meaning of quote.
      in 2nd para ur example r bit complex from real issue like bihar , child labour..

      in next para u discussed about post independence era, but i feel this para should come before last one..
      u have covered terrorism and kashmir example r well placed but missed some critical issues like economic prospects..
      also elaborate climate if possible.

      give some more wide example, if u wish u can give only 3/4 dimension but give best explanation..

      also in conclusion your quote is apt which provides a best conclusion, also best thing with your essay is that it is well connected.. keep writing 🙂

      • Ashutosh

        thanks brother.

    • Amrita

      Bahut samay baad, Hindi me 1 Lajwaab Essay padhne ko mila.:)

      • Ashutosh

        Thankyou, please suggest what can be done to improve it.

    • minaxi

      Hello Ashutosh…

      It is one the best essay, I have read from you side. The improvement i have seen in this essay is easy language thugh in midway, you again used complicated sentence and sometime words.

      introduction is good- But in my view, you could clear context by Vibhishana example in much better way,

      रिवारों के संयोग से ही समाज बनते हैं और समाज में मतभेदोंबकी संख्या परिवारों की संख्या के साथ साथ बढ़ती जाती है- This is looking absolute para- It is not truw always.

      You have expertly covered the reason of division on many fronts, but less focus was given to the consequences, it must be given equal weightage too.

      Coverage of social, political, national, international,and strategic is quite good. But same examples could be derived from different fields like economy, science, International organisations.

      One more thing, you have covered social aspect in two paragraph, one was sufficient.

      हमें बंधुओं के सामान साथ में रहना सीखना चाहिए ,
      या फिर मूर्खों की भांति अलग रहकर समाप्त हो जाना चाहिए ।- Friend, In my view, we must support our side of coin without diminishing the importance of other side of coin. There are many individuals who loved to be really isolated but invented new things and ideas. Israel is in isolation from Arab world, not by choice but by compulsion. So support the unity, but don’t declare the isolated entity a fool.

      आज सम्पूर्ण विश्व भी जलवायु परिवर्तन के नाम पर एक होकर भी विखंडित है। देश समस्या के नाम पर तो एकमत हैं परंतु समाधान के नाम पर विमुख।- Great lines.

      Overall your analysis is very good. And, I liked your essay. 🙂


      • Ashutosh

        thanks alot friend for your valuable review.

    • KnowledgeBuff

      one word bhai – brilliant. is baar aapne kaafi dimensions cover ki hain achchi se.
      Mere hisaab se historical example mein British-India wagehra ka example dete toh better hai. Baaki toh sab badhiya hai. 🙂

    • sadhna pandey

      overall good but concusion should improve….

  • silentOne24

    kindly review~~~~~~763 words~~~~~

    Abraham Lincoln had once observed famously that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.These words were spoken by him on the issue of slavery upon which the people of America were divided leading ultimately to a civil war.

    So often we observe in our day-to-day lives the appearance of differences of opinions on the fore.It may so happen that we might disagree with our parents,professors,supervisors or our teammates in general.For the proper functioning of an institution be it family or an organization it is imperative that we settle our disputes amicably.If we are unsuccessful in doing so only two outcomes are possible–either one faction overpowers the other or the team breaks up.

    We have seen classic examples of a team breaking up in the form of fall of various coalition governments.

    While on other hand we have also seen examples of arrival to a agreed solution.One of the methods adopted include a comprehensive discussion listing out the the grounds on which either view can be favoured. This could lead to a solution incorporating suggestions from both the parties. For e.g.,sometimes in a family disputes might arise between siblings which lead to an elder meditating a dialogue between both the parties leading to a solution.

    If the situation leads to a possible deadlock where both sides are not ready to reach a compromise then the situation often calls for a deciding vote to reach a solution. This method involves putting to vote a problem and deciding the solution by majority vote.This method is usually used in the law-making process in our country where different types of laws are put through different kind of voting procedures. The most recent example of the majority vote system was observed in the form of Brexit Referendum. In the run up to the referendum extensive rhetoric was taken up by both sides to woo voters into their respective camps. The eventual referendum saw Britain voting for exiting the European Union.

    A deadlock may not always end up in a peaceful voting process.Sometimes the events take a violent turn escalating into a civil war. The civil war not only takes a toll on life and property but may also lead to chalking of permanent fault lines in the physical and social structure of a society. Such a civil war lead to the break of erstwhile Yugoslavia into a number of nations,a process which is now termed as Balkanisation. Such civil wars have now been raging in countries like Syria,Yemen,etc. which has led to appearance of a new player on the scene,i.e., the Islamic State. Thus civil wars can sometimes result in problems larger than the reason for which it was started. The leaders of our national movement had accepted the partition of India to avoid the larger evil of a delayed civil war which has only proved to be a correct decision during the course of time. As we see our brother nation being embroiled in fundamentalist aggression on its soil we on the other hand have remained a largely peaceful society gradually scaling heights of development.While it were the Indian leaders who bowed down at the time of independence accepting the adamant stand of the Muslim League, it seems like the Indian society has benefitted largely from the decision having being born as a secular nation.But the decision of partition became an example of how not always a majority gets its way out of a deadlock between two factions.

    Importance of unity in an institution is underlined by the fact of the present state of working of both the houses of parliament.While in lower house the ruling party has maintained a majority and is able to push through its key legislation, same is not true about the upper house. Most of the times the government is being unable to reconcile with the opposition which is simply resorting to obstructionist measures in both the houses of parliament. While in lower house the government is using its majority to bypass the scrutiny of the opposition.Both of these things are detrimental for the healthy functioning of a democracy.

    For the sustained survival of a society it is imperative that all disputes and differences are resolved in peace and elimination of all divisive elements should take place,wherever present. It should not be necessary that the will of one side should prevail over the other as happened in the case of the American civil war where the moral grounds favoured one side. However whatever be the method adopted, the element of division should done away with to enable the house to stand firmly.

  • shashank

    A house divided against itself, cant stand

    There was a terrorist (I won’t give him or her a name because it enjoins our wild tendency to ascribe terrorism to religion). He was waiting for his other militant friends and a few important persons who would be instrumental in procuring the financial and logistical support for the next terror strikes. He was afraid that those important persons may switch to some other terrorist organization because their interest in that particular region in which he and his companions operate is dwindling. But when they finally come, he comes to know that there are atleast four more assignments in the pipeline and he feels relieved.

    The next week, after a successfully blasting a city bus and killing around 50 people, he sits in front of a TV and laughs out loudly. His laugh is fueled by the moral strength of those influential people, who had come to him the week before the blasts, to express grief at the terrorist incident…

    This is not just an isolated story, but a truth of the so-called fight against terrorism which the over 190 countries of the world think they are participating in. Fighting terrorism doesn’t mean killing persons holding AK-47s and hand grenades. It means much more than that. It extends to unveiling their controllers, big or small, political or apolitical. And this is not easy since it requires tremendous amount of collective political will. Nonetheless, the need of the hour is a united front against terrorism because a house divided against itself cant stand. In the following paragraphs, it shall be illustrated that how terrorism has consistently grown and benefited from the political, religious and ideological differences among various nations. And that it continues to thrive that the unanimity of efforts is still lacking at the international front.

    The beginning of the terrorism is often linked with the end of the cold war. The claim is not utterly false. The cold war led to an arms race and an ally race in the then bipolar world. The erstwhile Soviet invasion of Afghanistan had to be neutralised by US through a nearby ally which it found in Pakistan. Once the mercenaries were armed, past some time, they forgot whom to fight for. They had arms and they had a disturbed childhood, a perfect recipe for violence. What is to be understood here is that the roots of terrorism lie in the global divide. There are other examples too.

    The recent emergence of ISIS is often justified by few nations. It is said that it is an outcome of shia-sunni divide among muslims. No organisation can survive without money. But ISIS has ample of it. Where is the money pouring from is an important question which must be answered. The Russia’s support to Bashar Al Assad and US’s suspicion of him have led to confrontation, instead of concentration of the anti-terrorism effects of both the behemoths. The same may be said about the heated diplomatic exchanges between Turkey and Russia over the former’s shooting down of the latter’s fighter jet.

    The Arab world has kept itself away from condemning terrorism till quite late and it is only recently that they have started taking note of the issue. Dawood Ibrahim, the terrorist wanted in the 1993 Mumbai blasts can find a safe haven in Arab World is a disturbing fact. Their role in this fight is very important due to the fact that many of the terrorists come from a particular religion.

    Moving to Pakistan, it has failed to punish the perpetrators of 26/11 even after 8 years of the terror attack. While it denounces terrorism at all the international forums, it pathetically fails to act against it within its home turf. The recent Pathankot attack is another example of passivity of Pakistan in punishing the perpetrators of such acts. Lately, the attacks within the nation, like the Karachi School attack, have forced it to take action but it is still not contributing as much as it should be.

    The problem to the fight against terrorism is not just one of divided efforts at the war front but also of the divided understandings of the issue. While India which has been suffering from terrorism for a considerable period of time now has consistently maintained that it is an international issue and therefore concerted efforts are required for its elimination, it is only recently that the nations have recognized that it is indeed so. This particular point has been tried to be driven home by our incumbent Prime Minister time and again. This problem has led to the world still longing to have a definition of terrorism agreeable to all.

    It is no more an option to continue like this. Terrorism is spreading its fangs throughout the globe. We had Brussels, France, Bangladesh one after the other and no one knows who would be the next. Each continent is having its own militant groups and they are becoming, though unacceptable, a part of the global arrangement. New names like Boko Haram in Nigeria keep on surfacing. Its not the advanced forces of U.S.A or the NATO who is going to save the world from this menace. Had it been so, they would have done it by now. In fact, they are still busy with their decade old wars with Afghanistan and Iraq. It is the World who is going to save itself from this. The United Nations has to play a constructive role. The Security Council cannot be a veto fiefdom; it must act more meaningfully if it has to play any meaningful role in the global peace restoration process. The deviant nations have to be exposed and boycotted. State-sponsored terrorism must be seen as an extension of State’s activities. The house must stand together and the divide must end now.