MOTIVATION: You Can Still Clear Prelims

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Despite putting lots of efforts, you might be having doubt about clearing this year’s prelims exam. You are not alone. Most people get this fear. Most people get these self doubts (We know it because we speak to lots of people and receive lots of mails)

Always remember – in this journey, you are not alone. Even if you have revised everything, because of uncertainty that’s hallmark of UPSC, you will be little worried about how the paper is going to be set on D-Day – Will it have more current events based questions? Will it be more factual – oh I am very weak with facts!? Will it be more analytical? Will it have more questions from art & culture part – which I have skipped? Will it have more environment related questions – which even after repeated reading appears vague and unfamiliar?

Should you succumb to these fears and worry about your performance?

Absolutely not. On the day of exam, it’s not the ‘test of knowledge’ that makes you eligible for Mains. It’s your common sense, calmness and confidence that helps you cross the hurdle.

There are people who read for 2-3 months and clear prelims. There are people who solve thousands of quality questions from good test series just one month before prelims and nail it. These people rely more on confidence and commonsense.

At this moment, you have enough knowledge to clear prelims (if you are preparing for 6 – 12 months). All you have to do is revise everything you have read till now and focus more on staying calm and confident. You must start enjoying your days from tomorrow. No matter where you stand now, you must stay relaxed (in your mind). Anxiety can cost you few precious marks in the exam and throw you out of the race.

Some brilliant people who can top this exam often fail at prelims stage. In our opinion, it’s more to do with mindset and attitude on the day of exam. Some take too big a risk. They attempt too less or too many questions because of overconfidence.

Some of them might become nervous and forget to fill roll number; or might enter wrong booklet code, or fill bubbles in wrong order! Minor mistakes like this will cost you whole year. 

Therefore, start working on these small things. Take print of OMR sheets and practice them beforehand. Solve as many question papers as possible. Be prepared. While preparing next 38 days, try to enjoy every minute. Yes, it’s a pressure situation. But it’s also a moment where you will experience increased efficiency and productivity in your preparation. Enjoy this phase and stop thinking about what would happen on 7th August.

How you face adverse situation defines you. You must take it as a challenge and face this situation. It’s those who face challenges with a smiling face often win those challenges. They are well prepared through lots of practice, and when the moment comes, they will win challenges because they will have won their fears in their mind.

Never give up hope and never let your mind become victim of unknown fears.  

Now is the time to bury all your fears. Don’t let all the pressure from all quarters of your life affect you. Ultimately you are giving this exam for your own interest – so listen to your own conscience. Whether you fail or succeed, it’s you who has to truly experience your feelings. Others respond to your feelings, but they won’t experience them. A relative who’s putting pressure on you and your parents won’t care if you fail or succeed. They will talk about you anyway. Don’t care. You don’t owe anyone anything. Your pain is yours. Your happiness is yours. People come and go, but it’s you who has to go through all hurdles alone. 

This struggle in yours alone. Own it. But own it responsibly. Not by putting lots of pressure on you. The more you enjoy what you are doing, better will be your chances of success.

Sleep well. Smile always (this helps your loved ones more than anything you ever do to them). And on the day of prelims, try to enjoy each and every moment. 

Remember!  you know the answer and it should come out. It comes out only when you are not scared of anything – not even UPSC! (once you are IAS, you are IAS – you will forever forget anything even remotely related to UPSC – unless you remotely harbor a desire to become its chairman or member!)

In case you think you still unprepared, there is still time. Work hard. You can still clear prelims. Try to give everything you have. Don’t worry about competition. As long as you are giving your best, you will always have a chance to succeed – even if you start today. It’s all in your mind. As Buddha said (and did) long ago, you become what you think of.  If you make up your mind now to push the limits, you might go on to get a top rank. 

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        Sir, it is true. Things can change even in a months time as you say so. I hope it does for me too. I found Insights link only a month back. And from then on have been trying to cover accordingly from all what I have missed. Enrolled in the Test Series too. But after everything, I went into a major depression for a day or more when I didn’t get a good score. I attempted too many and lost marks. Some things I am still studying which are new. My only access to materials is internet apart from the basic books, as I’m preparing from a very remote location. I don’t know what I should do now.

        • As of now the best bet is to solve 2-3 good quality test series repeatedly. They cover almost everything and can be revised fast. Wish you all the best.

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    Bored with this vast information coverage Thinking why I did not selecte some other course. Don’t have clear idea whether I succeed or not .

    Can someone who are head omef post some light on it ?

    • It takes at least 3 months of patience and consistent efforts to gain basic understanding of issues. In one week you can not gauge much. One week is too less to think about quitting!

      It’s too early to start writing answers. First for 2-3 months try to understand issues, read NCERT books and try to enjoy whatever you are reading. Later you start writing answers.

      • An eye for detail

        Thank you sir ! How about news paper coverage of The Hindu is enough. Should I go for any another one ?

        • The Hindu is enough as of now. Once you improve speed of comprehending issues, you can selectively read other papers (links given under Secure). As of now focus more on enjoying and understanding stuff.

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    • You still have got 30+ days. Revise all our tests 2-3 times. Go through solutions many times. As told in the article, be relaxed and try to enjoy. Worrying doesn’t help.

      Between, 90+ is a good score. Lats year topper Artika Shukla (4th Rank) used to score 80 – 90 in our tests, but scored 126 in actual prelims.

      Don’t worry. Focus on revision. You will definitely clear prelims.

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        Thanks @InsightsOnIndia:disqus for your valuable feedbacks & boost up words…I will follow your piece of advice…!!

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    • We sincerely hope you become UPSC Chairman someday. We are in need of honest administrators. Anyway you are on your way. Keep it up. Wish you all the best 🙂

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    guys help me please … mai kaafi confused hoon … 1. i missed mppsc 2013 final list by 7 marks was my 1st attempt..bihar mains on door ,,,, from 8 july (though protests are going on ) i am not prepared for it also nicely . upsc my dream …. bhi is chakkar mein chhut raha hai … though i had studied but i coudnt revise due to this bpsc paper , if i write bpsc it will be over by 23 july ,,,, maine upsc ka koi revision tak nahi kiya … 3 saal se life jaise bekaar ho gayi hai ,,,, iam just fed up of life ..personal life turmoil side by side … please guys kya karun mai ,,,, i couldn’t decide ..what decision should i take ..please help me

    • Charm

      Why are you so confused?

      First things first, as you have cleared bpsc prelims, and you have been preparing for it give the exam with full confidence, do not think about anything else. ‘A bird in hand is worth two in a bush.’

      Then comes the question of upsc just go with your instinct, as far as i can understand you are preparing from past 3 years, koi bi din beaker ni jaata, its just your perceiving it from a negative prism… After you give your bpsc mains, you analyse yourself, you should be confident enough to give upsc prelims, remember its just a qualifying paper, you don’t have to top in it. 🙂 If you are really tensed, then leave it this year, because the only things which can stop you from clearing is fear, low self confidence and negativity.

      Forget about your unsuccessful mppsc attempt. It is past tense.

      Personal life is what you want from it. Be clear, stand with yourself, cause you are the person who you are going to live with throughout your life.

      I know, standing outside and giving suggestions is easy, but I just hope you focus on your positive sides, and do well. In the end we all have to fight our own battle.
      Smile. Contemplate. Decide.

      All the Best. 🙂

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        thanxx dear ..ultimately i decided to go 4 upsc ,,, taken risk … jab apni hi rajya sarkar student against ho ..thn why to waste talent ,,,, though it was so rough

        • Charm

          I am glad you took a call 🙂
          All the best.. 🙂

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    Bill Clinton , when he wrote his autobiography , he started it by paying a little homage to Alan Lakein. This guy , Alan Lakein , is known for one of the most powerful quotes of 21st century —

    Failing to plan is planning to fail.

    Guys , Please dont make the mistake of not following Insights Revision Plan. They are experts and know what they are doing. I made that mistake last year. Follow Insights plan to the T and we are good to go.

    Sharing some Unsolicited advice –

    Prelims consists of 7 subjects and many more topics. Don’t fall prey to any of the insecurities and focus on only 2-3 subjects.Beware of the tricks that your mind plays on you.

    Majority of my marks will come from – Geo , Freedom struggle , EnB , Polity , Current Events. Few others from Economics and SnT. Identify your strength and weaknesses from mock results. Focus on Strengths. Weakness can’t be weeded out within 1 month. Be pragmatic.

    Avoid subject wise mocks as their result will be misleading. Focus on full syllabus mocks. If you have excess time , solve upsc papers.

    Now everything is just revision. Read with a calm , composed and rested mind. Figuratively , things stick to your mind during revision. I have experienced this while revising NCERTs. Concepts are becoming more clear and can be easily interlinked now.

    UPSC asks in detail , background info. So prepare current affairs in detail . Don’t be afraid to google things you read in current affairs.

    If you have anything to share , that can be useful for exam and next 30 days , please do share.

    Remember , great success comes to those who do not yield.

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    for all those guys who have tried and failed in this exam before ,remember it took Sachin Tendulkar “SIX” attempts to get world cup ,so lets keep giving our best shot and never give up

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    Hey Nandini..

    Yes had joined.. but since I m also pursuing LLB from du wasn’t able to actually go on with it.
    But then since June 1 I focused primarily on Insights , their teste and daily ques. Plus some parts of froum Ias nd Ias Baba..

    For mains I have joined the vision.. test series.. offline.

    And m sorry..I have no idea about this link or its schedule.

    But if u will be giving the paper next year.. just follow Insights regularly and religiously.. you will know what to do and what not.. that will help you to channelize your resources.. time. And schedule in a better way.

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