Topper’s Notes: Nitin Sangwan, Rank – 28, UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015

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Topper’s Notes

Nitin Sangwan, Rank – 28, UPSC Civil Services Exam 2015

Following are the links to notes shared by Nitin Sangwan with Insights. They are very useful for last minute revision. Hope you find them useful. On behalf of you we thank Nitin. If you have any queries, please comment on his Blog (Click Here)

1. Culture

2. Modern Indian History

3. India After Independence

4. Geography

5. World History

6. Environment and Ecology

7. Economy

8. Science and Tech & Internal Security


Nitin Sangwan’s Interview Transcripts (Score – 193, CSE – 2015)

  1. 2016 Interview Transcript
  2. 2015 Interview Transcript
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