Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 23: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 23


05 June  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”


    Good morning sir. Thanks for untiring efforts. Awesome.


    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

    Rough work

    Everything can’t be measured- compassion, reverence, reminding. Great heights can be reached with these attributes —+++++++

    Raja Hari Chandra, Ashoka, Gautam Buddha, Gandhiji, Mother Teresa

    Without this —++++++++++++++, violence (Osama bin laden, Dyer)

    Saints, Sectorians —++++++++++ Meera, Kabir, Nizamuddin Auliya, Sai Baba (writings, preaching).

    The measured one may not be much significance. Money so earned or grains so stocked if not used for or miused, no use of counting. Degrees so gained, vehicles so procured, weapons so manufactured, technology so developed etc

    PDS rotten, pilfered

    Money laundered which has chances of using to Ill intended

    If used for philontrophy, paid tax, used for infra, domestic consumption – as a whole country benefits

    Everything can’t be counted, so counted one can’t counts. It depends on giver and receiver. May be mutalisim or commenalism

    In today’s time – everything is valued like water, land, gases but has value more than economical which can’t be counted.

    • Saurabh Gupta

      Sir how I analysis this essay. I am fresher. I am very disappointed such type of essay

      • ESWAR

        Brother, it is very easy topic , believe me. Go through my analysis and connect everything whatever happening in our surrounding.

        Please start to write which one day brings u confidence and good marks as well.

        All the best dear.

        Please review my essay.

      • Khayam

        write write write it makes you remember words and make you habituated to the sentences and words which often used in UPSC syllabus perspective… you will realize the power of writing and practice and more important is self assessment .!!!


      what is the basis of keeping Ashoka,Gandhi, buddha in one and Nizamuddin, Kabir in another list, when talk about compassion then what latter did not have, were Gandhi, Ashoka not sectarians or their compassion and reverence was absolute. no action come from humans is absolute but it is relative that is truth even in the case of mother Teresa. attributes like love devotion ,compassion, reverence got popularity because of Sufis and saint emerged in 15th and 16th century not because of Gandhi and ashoka they are known for their politics not qualities that u mentioned.

      • ESWAR

        Dear sir, please review my essay.

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        kindly review my essay too

    • Final Shot

      nice points..if linked in a good sequence will make a grt essay…plz review mine..u will get some more points

      • ESWAR

        Please review my essay if u can

  • naren

    ” Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted ”
    Rough work
    -Past glorious work and sacrifices cannot be measured. attributes and virtue works in evolution of society
    Mangal Pandey , Madam Mohan Malviya , Gandhi ji , Nelson Manedela , Ayun Sung Ki ,
    -British looting Indian wealth
    – Colonies of French , British , Portuguese
    – Saints , Swami Vivekanda , Ramnui , Arya batta
    – Technology used for mass destruction
    – philanthropy , paid tax ,
    – black money
    — Costly hospital
    – Free medicine

    • ESWAR

      Please review my essay dear


    No such day is passing in any country across the world wherein no report of violence (any form), discriminated acts, intolerance etc taken place. Compassion, rational approach, ethics, morales are lacking among citizens year by year. In Hinduism based on truth or honesty so valued four yuga’s created say satya yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, Kali Yuga. It shows aspects which are not economical but given importance and categorised accordingly.

    Everything can’t be measured like virtues – compassion, timely reminding (treat good act), positiveness, disciplined life, good intentions etc.
    Acts of Raja Harichandra, Mother Theresa, Preachings of Gautam Budhha and Sai Baba, songs of Meera Bai and Nizamuddin Auliya, Dohas of Tulsi Das were not oriented towards money making but an endeavor of spreading spirituality, kindness, responsibility, love, devotion. All these great personalities had endured tirelessly for society well being. There may be instances of fixing price now a days to these nobles’ preaches, scripts, songs etc – their intention was absolutely not economical then. They are revered even today by larger folk, it may continue forever.

    There are some sectorians, rogues who use religion though their acts cant be valued but for selfishness, authority, reign they lure or provoke, motivates helpless citizens. when these aspects overwhelmed trigger a great cause of concern in society in terms of danger to survival. Innocents, children, women, aged lost their life as seen in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Mumbai attacks and many more.

    Goods, money, services, technology are counted and valued in economical terms. There shall not be good purpose behind these issues while accounting like some one using technology for mass destruction say nuclear, sophisticated weapons and spreading viruses; evasion of tax (may be funded for unwanted deeds), stocked grains pilfered and rotten; served for vested interests to spread corruption, intolerance, loot money etc.

    If these counted and valued items or services are well used by payment of taxes, philontrophisim, timely funding to infrastructure, ease of living and business, timely punishing of culprits, promotion of rule of law. All these create a secured, harmonious, happy society may be like Satya Yuga of Hinduism.

    Anything is counted or not and so counted one counts depends upon giver and receiver. It is further defined in ecology through Mutualism, Commenalisim. Good human relations are not valued but when these relations are geared to reach heights, the receiver of relation realizes the power of good relations. In ancient times, many emperors built monuments like Taj Mahal or built temples like Padmnabha Swami or constructed dams like on rivers of Krishna, Godavari, Mahanadi which are even used by present generations and counted. Many might had been displaced, employed, harassed for carrying out all these constructions but a few are remembered such acts compared to respect, faith, love given.

    Societies which built upon centuries collapsed due to vested interests or bankrupt or war. Human being is given a prime position among animals, called as a social animal. So he/she must exhibit such attitude which respects, strives other creatures too and also must be enough talented what to count and what not if so such counted one , should be routed to where to use and how to use for goodness rather than some dreadful. His/her job should not be towards destruction of nature which built over million of years.

    Please review.

    • vishnu

      Kindly do review mine. I have missed out many points u hav put here but plz do have a look

      • ESWAR

        Dear. I will review urs after sometime. Thanks

    • Shankar Kinagi

      good attempt…
      1:flow of essay is not maintained(we get new things in every new para..)
      2:Introduction would have been better if u have explained the given quote directly or with some example….
      3:body of the essay is about analysing the given topic but u have written lot of facts..
      4:conclusion would have been better if u had written about the way forward….

    • Neeraj

      Hey, the points seems good.
      1.Please try to maintain the flow, which i feel missed
      2.Augment the conclusion part.
      3. Avoid relating the essay with past as much as you can and try to relate it with present scenario and future aspects.
      4. Try to put real life examples as lots of things happen in our rural area which is not counted.
      These all are my personal suggestions, don’t mind…..
      Keep it up….

    • Eswar Sai

      Hi eswar, i don’t think introduction starting with negativeness as good. Instead start with positive note. Second para is really nice. Satya yuga concept is good. Conclusion can be betttered. Feel free to disagree. Time unte nadi kuda review chey bro.

    • TDP abhimani

      points are gud bro but to my mind connectivity is missing………do review my essay bro……..

  • aspirant

    I wrote first time please do review ?

    • Final Shot

      1, handwriting awesome
      2 how ur last paragraph justifies the essay title?
      3 abrupt starting and ending
      4 very short
      5 u did not mention the negative negative impact on environment which is also not quantifiable exactly
      6 thonk different things and try to correlate with topic and write
      7 great scope of improvement u have..let me know if any other doubt
      8 review mine

      PS- example of MP gov was very good..try more like that

      • aspirant

        Thank u so mch for reviewing actually I am really confused in how to start an essay at ans please gve me sone tips .
        I will surely work on improving the essay as a whole.?

        I do like ur essay but felt u can add more points in tht. And rest I think I am not the right person to guide u as I too have to learn a lot.
        Liked ur quote in the last second paragraph dog’s fight….

        I also think that u can reduce the size of paragraphs and increase the no of paragraphs. May be I m wring in this suggestion.

        • Final Shot

          Sorry..I just noticed your other pages..I had seen only ur first page of essay probably my feedback was not true except two points that handwriting is awesome and starting can be something better…I will go through other pages and get back to you..

          • aspirant

            Thnx in advance eagerly waiting fr the feedback

            • Final Shot

              Yes bro..i went through it..and would like to reverse my earlier feedback..Its quite good..u have quoted nice examples..and that 3 idiots’ quote..but somewhere i felt disconnection from the title..Like in the last paragraph, it seemed like i am reading an essay about negative use of technology/internet. time to time you should link everything to the title. and a small thing, start every next paragraph leaving some space in the begining, i was told this by someone and i had followed the same in mains. Underline keywords or punch lines. we cant do it while writing online here. but u could have dont that in notebook.

    • Target UPSC 2016

      good handwriting. please review mine.

  • vishnu

    Humans has always had the behavioural pattern of quatifying and qualifying things. This trait of our behaviour has helped us survive, it enabled us to seperate from what is good from what is bad, what is essential from non essential, proper division of labour for effective implementation of work and proper utilisation of scarce resources. This behavioural trait has helped empires and civilisations in the past to grow and at present helped the busineess houses and government to promote new policies and implement effective systems for the welfare of the states citizens.

    The present form quantifying and qualifying commodities from an individual to state has led to a process of planing in each and everyday affairs of life. In independent india the first process of quantifiying and qualifying things took an established shape in the form of planning commission whose main function was to plan the effective distribution of resources among states and implement policy for faster and more inclusive development of the nation. So far 12 5 year plans have been formulated eventhough its effectivness can be debated but it is of no doubt led to india beeing one of the biggest economies in the world.
    Other form which the state quantifies and qualifies is through the use of GDP numbers. This counting of all the finished resources in ones nations territories indicates how far a country has grown and how much potential it has to grow further. Investments and prestige of a country depends on these number, over the years India has shown very high growth rates presently touching an impressive 7.6%. For an individual his quantifying and qualifying starts from his office, it helps him to properly utilise his time and effective decision makings which helps his enterprise to grow. For a student a school helps him analyze and improve at the area which he has to work on, it helps parents to decide which extra help is needed to push him more and decide the future course of acedemics.
    But this mechanical process of quantifying and qualifying especially in this modern day where result is more important has lead to the loss of human touch in our daily life. We seek to quantify and qualify things which can not be measured. In the haste of calculating our impressive GDP numbers there lies a truth that almost one third of our citizens are in abject poverty, many of them has no roof over their head,our children are malnourished our women are anemic and high cases of materninty and infant mortality rate. These figures are not shown in the GDP numbers. In our rush for growth we have over exploited mother nature this has led to global warming climate change which is starting to disastorus effects in the form of unseasonl rains and droughts which will have a devastating effects especially on our poor and marginal farmers which we have plenty. This quantifying and qualifying nature of humans has led us to trying to measure and compare happiness. Happiness now sometimes is beeing compared to monetary benefits in a relation ship. A father works very hard to provide a comfortable life for his family but has very little time to spend with them. He deep down his mind thinks by providing such a life to his family will bring in happiness for him and his family but mostly it would not be so. This quantifying and qualifying trait has led to unhappiness and split in families. Parents and school sees a student as a mark scoring machines and forget he is still a child. Qualifying and quantifying and grade oriented learning has resulted in people over looking the childs natural talent in other fields and forcing him to go for academics and professions which he has no.intrest in. This has resulted in over pressure on the students and high suicide among teenagers.

    Many things in our life can be quantified. The meachanical form of calculation of GDP and human development has been rejected by Bhutan which has provided its own “Gross happiness Index “. Human nature of quantifying and qualifying things has led to the formation of caste system which was intialy based on division of labour but as time went by we qualified it and giving hierarchical positions to different occupations resulting in evil practices like untouchability and discriminations. Qualifying and quantifying is necessary as without it prosperity and effective growth of an individual as well as nation cannot be achived but while qualifying and quantifying we should shed our mechanical approach towards it and bring in a human touch to it.
    Many things in our life can be quantified but finer things cannot be and it is these finer things which makes life worthwhile to live.

    Plz review guys

    • John Rawl

      good content …

      Structure is missing ,connectivity lacks

      • vishnu

        Thank u fr ur review. Will work on what u said

    • ESWAR

      Dear Vishnu. How are you?

      Quantifying, qualifying traits how do determine what is good or bad?

      I did not understand why u have mentioned quantifying, qualifying words again and again.

      More so essay revolved towards economics and facts.

      Parental care which is generally not measured is good example.

      Multi dimensions lacking.

      Analysis has not been done.

      While writing essay try to relate the words of topic in normal life. No need to have bombastic knowledge.

      Use examples if possible.

      Thanks, all the best dear.

      • vishnu

        Thank you for ur review Eshwar.
        I used the terms quantifying and qualifying as to represent the term counting in a more in depth way.
        I will surely work up on what u said and thank u for pointing out my mistakes

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  • Final Shot

    It seems paradoxical that there are countries like Iran, Iraq, with copious of natural resources but still perform very bad in their social indicators. There are people with abundant money and success but still they are not happy. There are good number of schools in many states but still literacy level is abysmal. On the other hand, a small country like Bhutan claims to be one of the happiest country in the region. A poor person works hard for earning his bread and butter but still remains content and happy with all what he has. Why is it so? Probably, the answer lies in the fact that there exists no direct relationship between the input and the outcome. The reason being, We can only measure the quantifiable data in the input but its very difficult to measure its qualitative part; its externalities and the spill over effects. And this all plays a very important role in defining the overall outcome.
    At every level, be it individual, society, country or the whole planet; we can see numerous of examples defying this relation. A person can buy a comfortable bed with his money but not the sleep. A society whose members lack the values and feeling of compassion for fellow members or indulge in inhuman practices will move towards its decline. A country with corrupt and unethical officials at its helm can never realize its full potential. And if every country ignore issues like environment, terrorism, human rights and only care about in increasing its GDP, the world will sooner turn into a place not suitable for our existence. The old debate between growth and development also manifests this paradox. When in 1990s, it was realized that GDP of a country is not the true indicator of the well being of its people, economists like Mahbub-Ul-Haq and Amartya Sen had propounded the concept of HDI and had attempted to measure the qualitative part of the growth. Gross National Happiness of Bhutan, World Happiness Report by UN , Gender inequality index, etc are some other examples.
    This paradox is the reason why most of the countries shifted to Outcome Budgeting from output budgeting. For example,Under a particular scheme, it is not enough to ensure that how many schools or hospitals have been built but what matters is to ensure the improvement in literacy level or health. In fact, Only quantifying the data sometimes lead to even worse outcome. For example, if a policy defines that lesser the number of FIRs, better the law and order situation is there in that district. It will lead to police officers not registering the FIRs for showing up better result and it will deteriorate the situation. Not only this, most of the time we ignore the externalities attached with any project/scheme. A good policy for education of women will also help in increasing the status of women, their and theirs child health, poverty and overall development of the region. So we can not ignore this positive externalities attached with such scheme while formulating them. Similarly, a thermal power project or a dam can have several negative externalities like impact on environment, native population of that area, wildlife etc.
    As it is said that we can buy everything with money but not happiness, love, care and respect. These are the intangibles which matters a lot in every person’s life. Though, not quantifiable but they are of utmost importance in making what we are. The role of values, ethics and morals for a civil servant is what makes him the best civil servant. His courage, passion, compassion for others will define the way of his working. You can provide a police officer with modern weapons and equipments but you can not infuse courage in him unless he wants to have it. That is why it is said that ” Its not the size of dog in the fight but size of fight in the dog”.
    At best we can say that this quantifiable data/input “might be” a necessary condition for a desired outcome but not sufficient unless the qualitative part is missing.

    • Final Shot

      plz review…..

    • FinalAttempt

      i like your intro and economics examples. but i think consider it by adding multi dimensions points.. also increase word limit..

      if possible, please review mine.

      • Final Shot

        thanks for ur feedback…in fact i was feeling the same..would work on it…

    • warrior_pandit

      hi! good attempt. GDP point good..but why only focus on economics..there are many other dimensions as individual, society, politics, business, sports etc etc. Kindly review mine.

  • Unformidable

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    I was in hospital waiting anxiously for a miracle which could save my best friend.My friend with whom i have grown up with,laughed,cried and what not but today i see her lying on a bed.She is struggling with brain tumor.Doctors are telling her parents to sign the paperwork so that the entire responsibility for the operation lies with them and her relatives are continuously talking of how her disease has financially exhausted the family and how she is a single child born to the couple after 12 years of their marriage.While sitting in the corner, i thought to myself that all hospital expenditures,the % of tumor left,probability of her survival can be measured,its countable but one cannot count the pain she is going through,the impact this tumor will have on her body for her entire life,the loss of parents who have put everything at their stake even when they don’t know if their daughter will survive.It cannot be counted and perhaps,it cannot be even imagined.
    When we look around our world we can easily decipher that we are running for the numbers,whether in our schools or in our elections or in our bank balance but are these quantitative measures really reflective of the quality of our life?The best things in our life usually cannot be counted.For example :-Love,Trust,Honesty,Pain and list can go on.These parameters are the most crucial for the well being of our life.We work hard,earn money but earning money is not an end it itself but it is a means to an end, that end being happiness and fulfillment.In our materialistic world,we do not have measures and actually it is difficult to count the things which actually matter but we have been coming out everyday with new indexes baring few which are conventional parameters for our well being example wealth, nuclear weapons,increasing number of Missiles, setting up of tallest missiles and breaking world records in trivial matters which do not serve the humanity in actual terms.
    Historically, India has been ruled by many rulers of different regions.While going through medieval history we get to know about the chronological order in which various rulers ruled and we continue it to the British era but counting of this chronological order doesnot have much significance.Importance of their time period should not be limited to the number of years they ruled but to the policies and actions taken by those rulers.The work done by them for their subjects is very much significant and that is what should be counted as it affected the lives of millions of people.In the Indian freedom struggle,the tragic incident of Jallianwala Bagh is another instance which symbolises that the understanding of the incident cannot be only limited to the number of people died but also the mindsets colonialists had for Indians with utmost cruelty.The number of dead people were counted but what counts the most was the fire which the massacre led in the life of young Indians which boosted up the struggle for Indian Independence and the pledge that Indians will fight back against the inhuman Britishers.
    Our countries have been measuring the amount of development in the context of measurable quantities like the GDP which lacks the understanding about human welfare.GDP does not take into account the externalities which could be huge cost to our environment and our equality.Poverty line is based in the number of calories consumed but they are reflective of only one dimension.There is a need for a parameter which invoves all other indicators which provides for a decent life and not merely a living.In institutions like the IMF, quota rights are given to countries who have certain share of GDP in the world market but it neglects that the maximun number of people of the world live in Asia and Africa.The aspiration of these people who have been historically subjected to dicrimination needs to be counted but the irony of our times is that not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted in our world !
    In our Parliament,the productivity of the house is considered from the number of bills passed.It is a counted number but Parliament’s productivity must be considered on the amount of constructive debate and deliberation which happens on the bill.There are number of instances where bills are passsed in the last few days without proper debate thus compromising on the value sof the house.Similarly even after the passage of the bill,what counts the most is how is it properly implemented in the real world and if it has been able to serve the purpose for which it was framed.Regulatory agencies must look after the impact and proper enforcement as that reflects on the substantial impact of the law on people.In democracy,people choose their voters and politicians are reflective of the masses.In a state,if there are two parties and both of them are corrupt but people donot have a third front to vote,They might vote one party considering it might be a better alternative from the other.Votes are counted but this is not a true spirit of democracy.It is not reflective of what democracy stands for and what need to be counted in actual sense.
    India had literacy rate of overall 12% at the time of independence but today it has 74.4% rate of literacy.Majority of Indians are going to school especially with the enactment of Right to Education Act.India might achieve 100 % literacy rate in the next 20 years but is a quantitative measure which fails to relfect on the impact this education has created for Indians.It must be understood that what counts is not the number of people who are literate but people who are educated.Who believe in dismantling of old structures of caste and class and practice principle of equality and justice.The level of social progress cannot be measured by the number of degrees but how we engage with out fellow humans and what counts with how much respect we deal with the beggar on the street.
    The irony of what is counted and what needs to be counted is not only restricted to our nation but is practised at the international level as well.Nuclear weapons and amount of artillery decides on the strength of nations and their capabilities and they are considered as measures of deterrence but should n’t the good will of one nation should be a deterrent than a nuclear bomb?
    Various international organisations including U.N have taken decision on the numerical strenghts neglecting the qualititative impact.Ex:-The attack on Iraq, solely on a fractured decision in the U.N Permanent Security Council.The numbers made the US attack Iraq on context of establishing democracy but it created a havoc on the country and its people.The calculated choice of attacking by sophisticated democracies failed to count on the real demand and aspirations of Iraqi people.In trade negotiations and recently signed Trade Facilitation Agreement,WTO which upholds the interests of developed countries has given arguements that how the TFA woudl give a $1 trillion boost to the world economy but what it fails to count is the adverse effect it would have on the farmers of the developing countries who are already struggling in the competitive market regime.
    It is important to realise that there are certain limitations to this Counted Vs Counts debate.There are subjective interpretation of what needs to be counted and what not.For Ex :-HDI,is considered an indicator which overcomes the shortcoming of GDP and inform about the overall human development but even it lacks certain indicators which need to be included so the same indicator fails to count the real parameters.There will always be some shortcomings and it is a universal acclaimed fact.It is important to realise that Happiness,Love,Honesty,Satisfaction can not be counted by developing any indicator because they are internal feelings and emotions are difficult to be even understood by particular individual who is experiencing it, thus really difficult to count for.
    Humans are trapped in materialistic endeavours where he is running for numbers all the time forgetting that these materialistic aspirations are means to an end which it fails to recognise.Living in a world where people decide the worth of their ideas and their beauty from the number of likes they get on their social networking sites,it is indeed a challenging times.With increasing number of mental illness in our world, we need to reorientate ourselves towards what truly counts in our life that is love of our parents, memories with friends, spending time with our grandparents and anything which gives us internal joy.Self introspection is crucial at this juncture to differntiate between what needs to be counted and what not.With doctor coming out from the operation theatre with good news that the tumour has been removed and my friend is out of danger,i could not count or even imagine the happiness and smile on the dull face of her parents.Perhaps,their happiness can neither be counted nor compared !

    • John Rawl

      Good essay…intro and conclusion has nice connectivity…

      too much from the economics..can put multidimensional aspect

      • Unformidable

        I will keep that in mind.Thankyou

        • Khayam

          review mine too plz

    • Vali

      Good flow ,ur essay made me understand what is the exact meaning of this quotation,,,good essay

      • Unformidable


      • Khayam

        plz Review mine essay please

    • FinalAttempt

      your intro , 2nd para and parliament examples are awesome.. but i will say make small para and write. also your conclusion is a bit work over it.
      keep writing 🙂

      • Unformidable

        I will improve upon what u said 🙂

  • FinalAttempt

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein

    “Jyoti, Amit and Akram were graduates, they wants to get into some innovative works for society. They came with the idea of planting trees, with bank loans they bought the five acre of land and grown trees on that land. After 5 years it was a huge patch of forest with some 1000s of trees. Several different forest species was there gradually it became a home of several animals and birds. Due to forest, after some years there was good rainfall in village and surrounding areas which raised the soil fertility and protected soil erosion, Villagers were also benefiting from their effort, they were collecting leaves, they found a place for animal grazing and some small economical activities. They were also selling fruits, herbs, timber etc in market and were earning good. It was a win-win situation for all . But due to climate change and anthropogenic activities forest caught the fire. Several birds, animals died. Villagers lost their fix source of employment, several industries suffered, rainfall got shortage, tree species got destroyed .

    In the story if number of trees can be COUNTED then it may not counts the real importance but what COUNTS is the LOSS of livelihood, animal, birds, plant , trees , soil, species, loss of rainfall and environment due to loss of those counted trees. “

    Evolution of earth was a unique phenomenon, just some countable gases and organisms give birth to life. With this process several species like human beings, animals, birds, trees got birth . earlier they were few and countable but later they produced the life on earth and shown immense sense of development of various other factors. Here jut few countable organisms produced life that produced the uncountable life on earth.

    With the passage of time several rulers , kingdoms, emperors, kings, dynasty, and rule came. Many countable rulers try to rule the world , Alexander invaded several nations and after him the impact of his invasion in terms of progeny and other economic activities was seen till centuries. In India Kautilya written the book Arthshatra, with his countable work of one book he provided the rule of administration to mauryan and later ruler. Ashoka’s work on peaceful activities like his acceptance of peace full life , nonviolence and spreading Buddhism etc helped later in freedom movement, Gandhi ji accepted his nonviolence policy which helped to fight against britisher’s peacefully and later ashoka’s countable work like sarnath as national emblem, ashok chakra in national flag was imbibed in our constitution which today helps to resolve various uncountable concerns .

    Life of women and lower castes was extremely deteriorated, they were deprived of basic amenities . there sorrow was countable but it was unable to count their feelings which they may have felt. But some reformers like Raja ram mohan roy, Dayanand sarwati tried to improve the life their countable work tried to remove some social evils from society.

    Our governments frame countable policies acts for its people but their impact is uncountable they can improve or lower the conditions of people. Several programme like MGNREGA , PMJDY , UJJAWALA have provide employment , financial inclusion and healthy life and improved the life.

    In the present era of Growth and Development , money earned is said to be the biggest factor for the prosperity and luxury life. Several measures are adopted to earn and spend money. But if money is earned with honesty and our own capability is futile. But if money is earned with ills like corruption and black money then it may divert its sole purpose. This money may be diverted to ill activities like developing weapons, funding terrorism . which impacts the society and peace of world. In second world war just a nuclear attack destroyed the development and life of japan. Where as same money can be used for the development purpose. Similarly today Taliban and ISIS groups doing.

    In constitutional measures the three words of LIBERTY, EQUALITY and FRATERNITY of French revolution has tried to change the world . Several nations added them in their constitution for better governance and the words are countable but there essence is not.

    Our values , tradition , customs, norms tells us the lesson of equality , tolerance , brotherhood, respect for other values . In a nation like India several religion people celebrates each other festivals , follow each other customs, work mutually in trade and commerce, shows the lesson of brotherhood to other nation. However several instance of violence has been seen , but these cannot hurt the cultural traits of India.

    Every individual living on earth can play a vital role , several philanthropic works e.g bill gates and his work to fight against AIDS is appreciable which try to save the life of affected, several industrialist, actors paying tax honestly which later helps in nations development, similarly other things like parents by educating their children, individual not wasting water, by maintaining communal harmony, not voting on caste, language, region and religion basis can show uncountable positive result.

    The parameter of countable or uncountable are different but only thing which matters is the positive outcome for every count. It should be our ability to praise the work which creates the lessons of peace, harmony, development, integrity and fraternity . because we have seen small uncountable work can bring the change in life of individual, society, nation and the world.

    Therefore the everything which is done for the mass and not only the individual which should be our motto for best present and beautiful future ..

    • Final Shot

      Good start with a story…

    • Doc Vyas

      Great flow…. Starting is good …

    • John Rawl

      Nice starting,connectivity is good ,engaging essay

      Improvements:-missing some connectivity in middle of essays,too much examples and points sometimes distort the connectivity

      PS:Pls dnt vote for self

      • FinalAttempt

        sure bro..

      • Ashutosh

        Can you please review mine John

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    • warrior_pandit

      Well begun bro..intro was really good. Kindly proof read before posting as it had grammatical errors. Good attempt. Wide coverage. Kindly review mine.

    • Dr Jaikal

      well Written , in Flow. and Introduction is awesome…
      introduce personality, situtation, other relevant facts,,,,
      BUt thoda Structure Acha karo, or marks gather kar sakoge…

      all the Best …

      • FinalAttempt

        sure bhai.. i am working, hopefully with practice improve ho 🙂

    • Eswar Sai

      Hi man, how can 5 acres of land give rise to 1 lakh trees and forest, it’s impossible. Instead you can write as 100s of trees which changed the fate of village by rains………. I found everytime you are starting your essay with story (observed from last 3 weeks), it is good but try other introduction too because stories may not be realistic always like this. I don’t think evolution of earth was unique phenomenon because we don’t know other planet’s evolution. History examples are good but elaborate atleast one or two. While mentioning two leaders mention their contribution too like RRMR-Sathi Pratha, Saraswathi- untouchability. LEF of french revolution is really excellent. Take mine as constructive criticism, feel free to disagree. Between review mine if you find time.

      • FinalAttempt

        first of thanks eswar for wonderful review..
        i will reduce the number of trees 🙂
        i was planning to elaborate history examples but considering word limit i could not, but in future i will do it.
        ya i will start essay with different intro in future essays, now just working to get a grip over essay writing ..
        thanks again 🙂

        • Eswar Sai

          Review mine bro

          • DANISH

            Very well written,, specially examples related to history,,, u have poured much content,,,,, good

            Plz help me,,, how u think about all these numerous content?? How u think to relate these??? Give some tips? Hv u taken coaching?

            • Eswar Sai

              Sorry, are you asking me?

            • DANISH

              Oops,, sorry,, i hv to post for final attempt :),,
              U can also help me with above ques plz

              • Eswar Sai

                Ha ha thought the same. It’s ok, no regrets. I don’t think i can advice you on essay writing, because me too a todler in essay. Review mine if possible.

                • DANISH


                  • Ashutosh

                    Can you please review mine if u knw hindi

            • FinalAttempt

              assuming review to me..

              for numerous content you first have to design framework for essay,like in this essay i first took scientific approach > historical > social issues..
              so just frame what you are going to pore into essay then write in simple words about your framework.
              but only thing what matters is it should be relevant and connected to topic..

              i did not joined any coaching,but only self study..

              Thanks 🙂

    • modiji

      Good one bro u have nailed this topic

    • modiji

      Please review mine

      Mera first essay hai 🙂

    • Khayam

      Awesome eassay bro ..!!!

      in last 2-3 paragraph content were good but I feel some where it is deviating from your essay, its my personnel opinion, it could be correct, but what i have felt while reading your essay.

      Do abbreviate acronyms like
      MGNREGA(Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employement Guarantee Act)
      PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana).

      • FinalAttempt

        sure bro.. i realised i should have elaborated the acronyms.. thanks 🙂

        • Khayam

          Can you please mine essay

    • Unformidable

      Structure is nice and mutimdimension.
      Could u please review mine !

    • Ashutosh

      Hi final,
      Very interesting to read and yes it got my my attention. You have done good job with the subject and elaborated your examples well which I consistently find in your essays. But your intro is always the same, try to develop or use some other style too otherwise your style will get monotonous.

      Your language like always is a gem and words Selection is highly appreciated. The one thing on which you should work on Is to analyze the philosophical part of the sentence too, you explain only your examples and leave the general comment . Do this and I am sur this will be ur final one.

      Request to review mine in hindi

      • FinalAttempt

        ya bro i always miss philophical view( i am weak in it) i am trying to gain grip over essay then in future with practice i will try to learn and add all angles..
        thanks for excellent review, it always helps me to analyse mistakes 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        kindly review mine too..

    • Sudanita Sanchez


      Quality and quantity are two different facets of life. Every aspects of life has both these components, however, the relative contribution may vary. This is typified in both the above statements. Take the example of the vastness of the oceans. Every drop in the ocean contributes to the making of the vast entity. However, humans may benefit more from a small pond or lake, that may be consumed and used for other purposes, than all the way there is in a particular ocean. This is quite interesting as
      – every drop of water there in the ocean although may be counted, but does not count as much in terms of its utility & indispensability.

      Now, As the demographic debate is taking centre stage in today’s times , the growing population & development associated with it also comes to prominence. It’s a well known fact that the developed nations have less population density compared to developing ones. Whatever be the reason for such a difference, the fact of the matter is that the productivity and the quality of life are far more superior in the former than the latter. Indeed not everything that can be counted in terms of numbers or strength really counts to that extent.
      – While on the other hand, not everything that counts can be counted, the innate worth of individuals and the potential for improvement that is evident through the human race is something that matters a lot in the era of globalisation, but cannot be really counted in absolute terms.
      Experiences of a person is upto some extent commensurate to the age of that person. However, potential is something beyond measurability. Therefore the dilemma between choosing a more able person against a more experienced person also typifies this. In case of Supreme Court, seniority is the premise on which a judge us elevated to the status of Chief Justice of India. Most of the times the Digene in seniority is just few months. The question that now arises is that does such a small difference in experience really make a difference. So the whole rationale behind the precedence set so far may be questioned. Probable the performance of the judges concerned could be given more weightage while deciding on this question. That would be more dependable factor in better results and will definitely count more in dispensing justice in a more responsible , balanced and efficient manner than mere few numbers in the age differentials.
      Indeed Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

      The above argument may be extended to the domain of attitude and aptitude as well
      – The Battle of Badr presents one of the example from history where only a few hundred people were successfully able to resist aggression from thousands of invaders. Here the commitment, dedication and strong will, was all that counted as against the uncountable strength of the opposition armies.
      – The same argument may go for daily life operations of a small firm also, where the working environment is positive so that each member contributes the best for the overall being. The individual contributions may not be countable but it definitely reflects in the great performance of the firm as a whole. Here also, a positive zeal, motivation and work ethics albeit unquantifiable works wonders for the overall well being of a collective.

      Success Vs happiness
      Another dimension from life that points at the fact that greater count does not always count more is that happiness is purely subjective and no amount of success, or materialistic gains may ensure it for an individual. It is a mental state of mind and varies from one to the other. On the other hand success is relative in a competitive environment and may be evaluated by comparing it with others performance.

      Aptitude and attitude
      – A different perspective is enlightened by taking the example of the life of a civil service aspirant the the right attitude and approach towards the examination is definitely that counts more than the number of work hours one puts in. The former may not be even measurable at all. The Same logic extends to the life of a civil servant on duty. A bureaucrat may be taking all the necessary steps towards a duty but may lack the aptitude and attitude for its fulfilment. Mere funds or supervision may not count as much as the sincerity, honesty and empathy towards the cause. Similarly all the policy decision implemented in diverse spheres of public life may not be as useful as a change in the mindset and attitude of the masses towards ta killing problems in the society.
      – Definitely Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

      However, having said all this, in now way should the above rationale be applied to mean that in times of democracy, a notion of elitism matters more than the exercise of democracy through majority. But minority welfare also constitutes an important pillar to overall welfare, although they may be less in count. Everyone should be valued for their lives and no discrimination should be acceptable. This approach calls for a perspective beyond numbers and scale into the real of significance and utility which may vary from individual and is not entirely objective as such.

      To conclude the above dichotomy , Everything that is huge in numbers or massive is not essentially great and significant while at the same time All significant Aspects in life are not necessarily reducible to figures and facts.

      • Ritesh Kumar

        I am not an experienced essay writer, having written only 3 essays so far. Still, I feel you could take some more dimensions like not every uncountable thing does count or every countable thing does count. Maybe it would add to perspective. Please review mine too. Thanks.

      • Dr Jaikal

        Overall Good Easy.
        My suggestions-
        1) Improve Intro and Conclusion ,
        2) in middle paragraph , i think you should do more to connect them with the essay topic. some thing is missing
        3)Framing is Good, but you can do Better.
        4)some Example are Very good like SC Judge, Firm Example,,,
        All the Best …
        and enjoy..
        If you find time review mine too…

      • Durgarao..

        Really enjoyed to read…

      • KAutilYA

        Well written…Nice as well as though..

    • Dr Jaikal

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    • TDP abhimani

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    • Target UPSC 2016

      very informative approach..keep it up ..

    • Bharath

      your essay is well written. but, please refrain from beginning an essay with short stories…
      1. UPSC is looking for a straight forward answer with the candidate’s in depth understanding of the issue from various angles
      2. also in beginning with stories, some 250-300 words are consumed leaving little for further analysis
      3. rather we can quote some real life incidents


      • FinalAttempt

        ya in future essays i will try to use different approach ..
        thanks 🙂

      • Balveer Singh

        It depends on the topic if you have a kindred story it can-
        -engage examinar with essay(golden rule of esaay)
        – time in forming crispier intro is saved
        -give a clear message to reader what course it will take
        -you can always come back to story in the end and whole essay seems connected(2nd golden rule)
        Indeed there r some orher impressive approaches but you have relevent story ready than go for it. I did this in 2015 n got good 139

    • Changez Khan

      Just FYI – it was not quoted by Einstein

      • FinalAttempt

        but i searched on net it was there .. ?

        • Changez Khan

          Hmmm. i searched too. Actually it was said by a different person but became falsely famous on the name of Einstein. Anyways i also have written essay on this, i read yours. Your thought pouring ability is nice and fluid language. Mine is on different approach than you. I didn’t knw the meaning of these quote so searched on net and wrote on the meaning which is a bit different from yours. Request you to please review it once. Its first writing attempt by me for UPSC. Thanks.

          • FinalAttempt

            sure bro..

    • KAutilYA

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    • FinalAttempt

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      share at Rs500 only.
      mail me if interested
      [email protected]

  • naren

    ” Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”
    A person does many works but it is not necessary that can be count, while few does little work but that are worthy.Money can be counted where as happiness cannot be counted but it is very important in life that a person cannot live with out , lacking happiness leads to serious consequence suicides, crimes, fear, insecurity, and so on.

    We breathe in open atmosphere today all because of the great work by our freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhji, Mangal Pandey , Madan Mohan Malviya, and so on. Their contribution in the freedom cannot be measured but it counts.British, French , Portuguese colonies made huge wealth from their colonies by impoverishing colonies, looting ,torturing are useless as they achieve happiness on pain of others.

    Old monuments like Taj Mahal , Red fort, Kudubh Minar, Jama Masid, President house, these all works are incredible with their purity in material used, quality of work done by the workers, design and architecture, all were so beautifully placed that even today their work reflects quality that counts while today in modern societies all works goes in fast swing, that can be counted in the GDP, but they reflect no quality works, we can see many tower are just builds in few months and even fall early due to natural calamities, like in Gujarat, Sikkim, Nepal, etc.

    Many scholars and intellectual’s who did enormous work for the evolution of the society, like abolished sati system, caste discrimination, brought truth, discarded superstitious, work for equality, welfare of the society, upliftments of the poor, eradicate, shown right path to their disciples, develop feeling of encouragement to fight evils of society, all these are present in our blood today, like contemporary leader Shayma Prasad Mukherjee, Pandit Din Dayal Upadiya, Aung Sung ki, Nelson Mandela, etc.

    While today contemporary leaders who running terror outfits in different region, persuading people for sacrifices on false beliefs, philosophy that if they sacrifices then our god will be happy. The God who created this whole world how can be happy by inflicting pain on his own child, so all their deed are goes in vain.

    A life is valuable do some valuable work for the cause of humanity that reflects hundreds of year, follow path of truth it is tough and give immense pleasure, every poor hand is looking towards you for help, like Germany welcome with open arms to the refugee of war torn countries Libya, Syria and Iraq.

    • ESWAR

      work on grammar.
      Open atmosphere may appeared to be odd – it can be free India.

      For any construction money is needed which is counted but citizens who severely affected due to such construction are either ignored or less compensated which is not counted and forgotten by many over the period of time.

      The work of great leaders or personalities is not counted but revered like ————+++++ ( as u mentioned) . mention a new thought or connect to previous paragraph in beginning lines of new paragraph.

      The action of rogues is well felt when these fellows create nucences in society. Such acts also counted and severely punished ( write analysis for every new idea u add).

      Germany eg is good, yes it is kind of humanitarian help which rarely noticed by developed countries. Allowing a migrant who is in great despair, trauma, helpless is a noble action, he/she is not sure the kind of economical support would be getting by living in that host country. (Please write like this).

      Read news paper daily, then u ultimately develop thought process. If possible some read news paper’s articles on ethics like speaking tree in TOI.

      All the best dear brother.

      • naren

        thank u

  • Kishna

    Plz review, if this intro will work?
    “LAANS NAYAK HANUMANTHAPPA” -one of the bravest son of mother india,fought for his life below the glacial bed of siachen and finally lost his life race.
    He setup an apt example of the topic ” everything…………..” ,his contribution is not only limited to love for motherland but set up a good precedent to citizens regarding maintaining peace and tranquality nd do a bit for upliftment of nation.

  • Shehnaaz Malik

    to download Tamil Nadu Class XI History……..anyone have link????

  • bakir malik

    What should a man do to get noticed in today’s world. In a world that does not identify true and sincere efforts, that does not care for human lives and that neglects the bonds of blood. Today’s world paying heed to his own creation , neglecting others feeling for selfish wants and soothing with a sweet tongue but with a dark heart and building mountains of sand.

    Nations are built on strong generations and the bedrock of nation building is a women. She starts her journey much early that her sex opposite. She plays different role in our social strata from a daughter to wife, from a home maker to a building block of her children. She is the first love of many and she is the first school for many. She completes a household, holds the one end of a relationship and steer the ship of life. But her efforts find no place on the book of life. She starts her day with backbreaking work, nurtures her children obeys her husband, earns for the household but does not find place in the cabinet of house. She fails to find equal recognition of her work, her feelings and her efforts that are nothing but selfless acts. Her efforts are what should be counted but fail to be counted.

    Not far away are the people of disadvantaged group of our society. The less fortunate ones. Who are left unattended from centuries. They live a miserable life in some of the inhumane conditions. But they are the driving wheels of a society. Bureaucratic offices have the work of paper but who makes those things done in the society. Who pick that garbage from our gullies, who does the back breaking work of carrying stones on their head to build a home for other, Who works in his farm to harvest a crop. But when they are faced with health problems , when it comes to development they are the last person in peoples mind. Their lives are not as important as the lives of upper strata. They are nothing but a number is a large lot.

    But those living in high rise building also aren’t that jolly group of people. Their materialistic desires and in pursuit of modern dream has broken the inter-personal bonds, the family ties that were the cushion in everybody’s lives. The rise of old age homes, divorce rates give a glimpse of what has is being counted and what is being neglected.

    All these values have been replaced by money. It is worth a lot these days. It is considered the means to an end if not the end in itself. But the current rate of suicides especially by those well off provides a different picture. What makes these people end their life if they have achieved what they wanted? Why aren’t they content with life if they have lived that dream. Turns out human ties cannot be replaced with concrete buildings and fast cars.

    And those relations that are built on weak bonds, those that have nothing by gains in common. We invest so much in these relations thinking that they will replace our older ones. But they all become futile when they have to pass the test of time. A friend in need is a friend indeed and that friend often does not get counted.

    Part of the problem lies with us as well. We talk the talk and walk the walk. We never really commit in anything. We have our pre-defined goals and come with a pre-occupied mind. We know what needs to be said and what needs to be done. This maneuvering has become so common these days that those who lack it are considered dumb and not worth living. An honest man with clear heart has to face hurdles from personal to public life. If an honest man wants to be honest he finds is hard to get his work done. If he does not want to bribe a person he has to face a long lengthy procedures and at the end there is always some paper, some stamp , so initials missing so he goes back to basics. Why is not his honesty, his morals and his values counted when they have every right to be counted.

    Man has moved from pre-historic to historic to modern but his needs for respect, for equality, for dignity and for warmth of life has not changed. There is no doubt that we are producing products at high speed and changing lifestyles . But we still feel the same pinch and the same pain. Something may be aren’t supposed to changed . What could be done is to revaluate our priorities and count that are worth counting

    • warrior_pandit

      Nicely written. women point can come somewhere in the middle. do not put it in the start as it can provide weightage to the essay. Kindly review mine!

  • Akash Avs Sachan

    please review

  • ajay


    the aforesaid qoute describes an enigma of our present emphasises the point that there is too much focus on quantitative things of life.whether it is family,society,economic progress or national development,a predefined criteria is what guides most of the process we often forget,the qualitiative aspects of life,which are more imp and relevant.this misguided focus is inherently incorrect to guide wholesome progress. and hence an analysis to emphasis the same becomes imp.
    lets start with the buzzword of development and human welfare.our govts have always emphasised on no of schools and hospitals built.they count the progress in terms of their numerical spread throughout the country.reports point out the success of implementation in this counting .but its imp to have non-quantitative aspects quality of education,teacher competency,interactiveness and learning environment .the success rate in passing of exams,changes in curriculum to test conceptual clarity and learning outcomes are equally necessary.similarly no of colleges and universities built are imp,.but the prominence of research,collaboraTion and skills education,creative and free thinking can’t be understimated.counting no of computers and laptops distributed is not enough.but how is it used,whether in the desired way or not is what really matters.they count equally with the numerical count and need to encouraged and emphasised

    education and health are the twin pillars of human capital.and human capital forms an imp pilaar of such scenarious ,emphasising on counting of beds,no of PHC,CHC and district hospitals built is necessary .they can’t be ignored.but in this counting mirage u can’t shift your focus from the quality of healthcare imparted.PHCs and sub-centres should have a functioning scenario.well-qualified doctors,niurses,lab technicians need to be staffed.patient satisfaction,timely attention,nursing care and compassion need to be the benchmarks.elimination of spurious and substandard drugs and regimens should be a priority.thus a more bottom-up,patient oriented care is what our people really want, and that is what really counts here.

    similarly ,our economic growth focusses excessively on GDP prioritise per-capita income,production targets,manufacturing competitivenss, service growth and other innumerable statistics.yes they do have relevance,but are people really happy.are they stress-free enjoying life to the core.they may not be.this is where counting fails to incorporate whtether people of acess to drinking water,electricity supply or control over resources or they live in a pollution free,healthy environment.are public services,transportation,sanitation,garbage mgmt up to the mark.these indicators are left out.we bank on trickle down theory.but if we dig deep we know the era of highest GDP growth was jobless growth.this needs to change.we need to re-orient towards HDI,social progress and other uncountable things like happiness,livability and viability.

    counting which not counts is an aspect .but there are thing which cannot be counted ,but still counts.egs are individual traits like honesty,respect,patriotism,dedication and commitment.people measure their success in no of degrees and qualifications they have got.the upward mobility they attained in society,their income threshold and doubt they are significant but good values and morals are also imp.for eg- a renowed doctor working honestly with care and commitment,an army officer showing selfless dedication and service to the nation,an honest officer denying bribes when offered, a student studying with due dedicatiion and enthusiasm. patriotism is a trait which can’t be counted but is imp.poeple who feel bound to their nation promote fraternity and oneness amongst each other.this makes them rise above caste,class and other barriers and help them integrate with each other against internal and external threats.persons dedicated to causes like social injustices,child labour,trafficking and drugs etc work tirelessly to eradicate these evils.they show sense of selflessness and commitment towards a noble cause,which makes its worth beyond commitment of kailash satyarthi for child labour.

    these non countable aspects are as valuable as above as in our private and professional lives.for eg-
    people showing honesty and truthfulness in their relationships.couples with honesty,respect and dedication towards each other matter more than any countable criteria to asses personal happiness.extended families who show traits of tolerance,respect and adjustability fine tune their lifes better than many others.their overall countable income may be much less ,but they can be more happier and peaceful than others if they exhibit such maturities.similarly in professional life,its not only the promotions,increment and posts that matter,but honesty and sense of commitment towards one job that also a diligent and efficient officer brings a sense of urgency and effictiveness in one’s is not his position that matters here ,but how much he identifies with his work that counts.

    thus,as we saw with education,health and skilling, there are many field where,things can be counted but matter less than those uncounted.concurrently there are mainy traits uncounted for,but count much more than they are given credit for.therefore through this analysis we must understand the importance of such uncounted things,beacuse its then only that we can incorporate them in our economy,growth,personal and professional lifes and make our nation and ourseleves better. happier and joyful.

    • ajay

      pls review

    • John Rawl

      Intro Nice ….engaging essay

      Put proper structure
      conclusion can be improved

      • ajay

        Thanx John:) will try to improve:)

    • warrior_pandit

      You started well. But it does not justify your potential. some good points are there. try and include philosophical dimension to the essay. Kindly review mine.

  • Dipjyoti

    Please please review the essay, I have put in a lot of effort into this.

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

    “A Christmas Carol” is a classic from the legendary Charles Dickens. In the novel, he depicts the transformation in an old man, Mr. Scrooge after he is visited by three ghosts. Mr. Scrooge was an old miserly person. He had all the riches of the world. But he wouldn’t share his fortune with anyone; neither with his friends, employees, neighbours nor with his relatives. One Christmas eve, he is visited by three ghosts. After this, he undergoes a radical transformation. He is turned to a friendly, helpful and cheerful person. Even though some people would mock him for his drastic sudden change, he couldn’t care less.

    Here initially, Mr. Scrooge has all the materialistic possessions one can think of. But those mattered for none. Neither he nor any of his friends or relatives benefitted from those. His money could be counted or measured, but didn’t count or matter actually. After his transformation, he was not happy himself, but also spread happiness to one and all. Smiles and happiness can’t actually be measured, but this is what really matters. So, this is clearly a case of, NOT EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE COUNTED COUNTS, AND NOT EVERYTHING THAT COUNTS CAN BE COUNTED.

    What Dickens depicted in his novel, however, is a truism for every individual, and in every realm of human activity or enterprise.

    Indeed, for all of us, having a good health and amicable relation with everyone in family, office and neighbourhood is certainly more important than having amassed a huge fortune.

    It is true for powerful and popular persons, celebrities as well. A popular film star will have millions of fans or followers in social media, and will have a huge bank balance. But don’t we hear them often speaking of their loneliness. Some have even admitted to taking medical help to get out of depression resulting from loneliness. May be, a true friend, or a close family member would have solved many of their problems. All of their fan following or wealth is rendered meaningless, then and serve the purpose of Counting.

    In the realm of education system of India, we often hear of POOR LEARNING OUTCOMES. We have achieved almost cent percent enrolment in primary schools. This means almost every child has been to a school. This is a statistic almost every Government likes to boost of. But, Annual Status of Education (ASER) survey carried out by PRATHAM, no-profits points out that, this going to school hasn’t been of much effect. Learning outcomes remain poor. In 2015, only 44% of Class 8 students could do a division.

    However, even the ASER survey doesn’t consider the learning outcomes in terms of IMPARTING VALUES like honesty, cleanliness, equality or non-discrimination, etc. Actually, these can’t be counted, but these values matter/ count the most, nevertheless.

    Let us also consider an important Government scheme, MNREGP (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Generation Programme). MNREGA was meant to create sustainable public assets in rural places that will promote better livelihood in the long run, and also create jobs, in the short run. The programme is often discussed in terms of money spent and work-days created, but these don’t count in terms of the main objectives of MNREGA. What really matters is the quality of infrastructure created, productivity enhanced, livelihoods generated, but these aren’t easily quantifiable.

    In the ECONOMIC sphere, it is well documented that, India is today one of the largest economies, and the fastest growing one. Yet, acute poverty, discrimination, inequality too persist in India. Large sections of society live in utter distress. The economic size is measured in terms of the total value of goods and services produced in a country. But one can always ponder whether this economic size counts in any way, for the person living on the street. An inclusive society where everyone is treated equally and has equal opportunities would have really COUNTED, but then this not exactly quantifiable.

    Likewise, WOMEN in India are mostly engaged in agriculture or work as homemakers or domestic helps. Their contribution to the society, in educating the children and also contribution the country’s GDP aren’t exactly measureable. Nevertheless, these are invaluable, and the society and the economy will be in totters without women’s contributions.

    Now, let us consider the state of FORESTS in the world. In the name of industrial growth, we are having rampant destruction of forests. A forest is a reservoir of biodiversity, and provides invaluable services like purification of air and water, recycling of nutrients. Without these, human life itself won’t be possible. But because these services aren’t measureable, the modern man tends to wish them away.

    Under national laws and international conventions like UNFCCC, however, AFFORESTATION is taken up. Nations often come up with the number of trees planted or areas ‘forested’. But such statistics even though may be of political value, aren’t of much ecological value. An artificial forest will hardly be able to substitute a destroyed forest.

    Likewise, the historic cultural monuments or the customs, traditions and languages of the tribal people are invaluable. For the tribals, obviously their traditions are very much linked to their very self-identity or existence. That a language is spoken only by a few hundreds, is immaterial here.

    Coming to the INTERNATIONAL SPHERE, today is the era of growing inter-linkages and relations. Every country, including India has formal diplomatic relations with almost every other country. Each country tries to be a member of as many regional and strategic BLOCS as possible. Our Prime Minister, not unlike others, hobnobs to all countries around the world.

    But one can always ponder, whether relations with numerous countries and membership of umpteen treaties matter anything for a country, when it doesn’t have amicable relations with its very immediate neighbours. A country’s immediate neighbour the most in terms of security, connectivity, trade, etc. But, the value of good friendly relations with neighbours isn’t exactly measureable.

    So, we see that, STATISTICAL FIGURES, NUMERICAL QUANTIFICATIONS aren’t actually good parameters to evaluate the effectiveness, significance or value of anything. Our actions shouldn’t be guided by these. Rather, we should consider comprehensive multi-dimensional impact or effect our actions.

    At the individual level, one should not pursue only materialistic possessions but should rather try and figure out what really makes us happy, what really COUNTS for self and family in the long run. A the community or societal level, we must always pursue sustainable inclusive sustainable goals, that COUNT for our well-being, in the long run, even though these goals may not be measureable in the short term.

    In our EDUCATION SYSTEM as well, the focus shouldn’t be solely on grades and marks. Rather, value education and inclusiveness should be promoted. MEDIA AND CIVIL SOCIETY too have a role to ensure, that the public discourse is widened to include various dimensions and is not merely focussed on outputs in terms of statistics and figures.

    Coming back to Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, such realisation dawned upon Mr. Scrooge after he was visited by the 3 ghosts in a Christmas eve. In our real life, we may not have that kind of fortune. So, it is time, we leverage our gifts of rationality and intellect to find out what really counts for us, and pursue those.

    • Vikram Goyal

      hi Dipjyoti,
      Nicely written! I have the following observations:
      1) In the international sphere, you have mentioned that there is no point of treaties if you can’t have amicable relations with neighbours. However, I feel these two can’t be linked. Because treaties and free trade agreements have direct effect on the economy of the country which is important in the long run. [Instead of treaties, maybe you could mention the failure of organisations like UN in preventing wars like US bombing of Iraq where despite being a member of UN, it took unilateral action ignoring the advice of others. so, even though UN counts all countries as its members yet members hardly listen to it and usually do the way they want to]
      2) since Learning outcomes can be measured, I don’t think we can say it is uncountable. You could lay more stress on the education with values part.
      3) Prime Minister hobnobs to other countries, seems a bit harsh and should have been avoided.
      Otherwise, you have covered a lot of dimension.
      Reading your essay, I feel I diverted off the topic once again. Still, please review my essay and give your feedback. Thanks!

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        kindly review mine too vikram ji..

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks a lot for your detailed review……yes you are right.. after a second thought, in the international shpere,,, could have modified…

        I am travelling a bit…so off internet…will review your essay soon…:)

        • Dhananjay Kumar Singh

          It is a good one…….
          A little bit of analysis will make it high scoring

    • warrior_pandit

      Good essay! It lacks philosophical analysis. Kindly link that to the points you mentioned. This will raise the level of essay quite a bit. Kindly review mine!

      • Dipjyoti

        thanks a lot…

    • shariq irshad

      Please avoid CAPSLOCK LETTERS , where you can it gives the idea of “SHOUTING” in English language , use only for abbreviations rest all places it can be avoided , through your strategy to think and ponder you made reader think and ponder … It’s good but I’m not satisfied with some examples of yours …. All in all good work 🙂

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks a lot for your feedback…..saw the rank 1’s copy in vision ias a few days back…she had used capital letters in some places…so i thought of using that strategy to highlight….will think over it…thanks a lot….

    • FinalAttempt

      good point is your intro to conclusion in connected.. u added multi aspects that is appreciable. but just to say using capital letters .. now it may attracts but in exam it looks odd..
      keep writing.. please review mine if possible 🙂

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        hey..kindly review my essay too..

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks a lot for your feedback…..saw the rank 1’s copy in vision ias a few days back…she had used capital letters in some places…so i thought of using that strategy to highlight….will think over it…thanks a lot….

        • FinalAttempt

          ya we can mention in capital letters BUT only few.. in your essay lot of words were there

    • Durgarao..

      Essay maintained so much diversity. I think you picturised all most all the topics.

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks a lot for your kind words…..:)

    • Dr Jaikal

      Intro Me hi Phod diya Essay,,,,,……………

      • Dipjyoti

        Thank you bhai….

    • Lok Seva

      Except the IR example, everything really counts to get you a countable high score.

    • Dee Raw

      This is a really well written essay – especially the second half with a thorough analysis of the statement. The only thing I’m a little skeptical about is the introduction. Although, A Christmas Carol is a fitting example to the statement, but somehow the first 2 paragraphs left me a little underwhelmed: It felt as if I was reading a book review. Maybe a shorter description of the novel would have been better.

  • Vikram Goyal

    Not Everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

    “Please accept this as my resignation from the position of finance consultant. I would be quitting with immediate effect.”

    Vidur Singla, carefully read the words he had typed. He wondered if he was acting foolishly. He was throwing away a 40 lakh rupee per annum job just for no apparent reason. Two years ago, when he had been recruited by the company, he had felt that all his dreams have come true. Yet, here he was typing out his resignation mail. As the internal debate raged on, Vidur found himself listing the reasons why he wanted to quit. Long work hours, practically no holidays and the sheer pointlessness of his job – helping his rich clients get even richer. Vidur’s resolve sharpened. With trembling fingers, he moved his mouse pointer around, and after a momentarily struggle, finally managed to click on the send button. Taking a breath, he felt a wave of calmness spread through him. At last, he was free.

    Most college graduates, when they take up a job are usually bothered about one thing – the pay package being offered to them. Job satisfaction, work-life balance, colleagues are all factors that are relegated to the background. They seem to be too a trivial a thing to consider. Yet, so many of us reliase the bitter truth once we settle into our jobs. It is not that countables like the pay packages being offered but the uncountables like job satisfaction, that defines how happy we are with our jobs and subsequently, our lives.

    Whenever the results of civil services exams are declared, we come across numerous stories of success where people emerged triumphant despite facing personal hardships. This could include coming from a poor background and not having the finances to access expensive coachings, having to balance a job while studying or having to take care of your family or having to fight against a physical handicap. All these stories teach us just one lesson – if the mind is willing and there is a sincerity of purpose, then the countables like time at our diposal or the coaching centres we are enrolled in just become secondary while qualities like hardowork, dedication, sincerity take centre-stage and determine whether we will be successful or not.

    If we look at successful leaders, businessmen around us, a lot of them haven’t followed the conventional path. The world’s biggest businesses weren’t established by individuals armed with MBA degrees or with stellar academic credentials. Dhirubhai Ambani once worked as an attendant at a petrol station. Mark Zukerberg dropped out of Harvard to start facebook. It was their busines sense that helped them succeed.

    On the other hand, just having a bunch of degrees with you does not automatically make for a great leader. Loads of politicians in India, with PHDs and masters from reputed universities, have stood silently or at times actively colluded with other leaders indulging in corruption. This goes on to show that more than the education qualification possessed by an invididual, it is the human values like integrity, sincerity and honesty that define his conduct in public.

    It is not the size of the individual in the fight but the size of the fight in the individual

    Having a look at the famous battles of ancient and modern history, proves that this saying has held true since time immemorial. Who can forget the epic of Mahabharata, where five Pandavas had defeated the army of lakhs led by the Kauravas. Apart from their own skills, the only other advantage which the Pandavas had was Lord Krishna, who was not wielding any weapons but was the charioteer of Arjun. In the end, he proved to be a great strategist, and helped Pandavas take down every great warrior in the enemy ranks one by one.

    Chanakya, a scholar, without having any support, had challenged Dhananand, the emeror of Magadh. On the basis of sheer willpower and strategising skills, he managed to raise a dsciplined army under the leaership of Chandragupta Maurya and succeeding in overthrowing the Nanda dynasty.

    The way the Britishers managed to rule over the country with a miniscule number of Britishers in comparison to the huge Indian population, using the policy of divide and rule shows that numbers don’t always lead to victory.

    Clearly, all the greatest victories in warfare show that the countables like miliary strength, the weaponry, financial resources have little value in front of a determined enemy.

    In conclusion, I wish to throw light on numbers related to the country, which might give us temoporary joy but will be cause for concern if not seen in the correct perspective. The most important figure is the demographic dividend, which currently, everybody is obsessed with. It is believed that with such a large population of youth, the country is all set to become a manufacturing hub and the supplier of workforce to the entire world. However, all this population will not count for anything unless it is provided proper education, proper nutrition and the ability to stand up on their feet and thereby contribute to the nation building process.

    While, most of us lament that a country of 1.2 billion cannot produce a few good athletes to wind gold medals at the olympics, let us not forget that our very own ISRO has successfully launched the Mars Orbital Mission. At 450 crore, which is roughly the cost of a high budget hollywood movie, it is the cheapest such mission. What’s more is that we are the only country to achieved the mission on the first attempt and that too, without any foreign helpd whatsoever. This just goes on to show, that if we concentrate on the right parameters, we have every chance of making the countables counted and not let the advantage we have in terms of numbers, go waste.

    • Dipjyoti


      As you yourself said, you have’t covered too many dimensions. However, historical analysis part is good.

      Please, don’t more than 1 para around the same point, any paras too shouldn’t be large.

      You should try and cover the following dimensions,: economic, polity. social, psychological, historical, environmental, legal, cultural,philosophical, international, humanistics/ethical, etc.

      it is not possible all the above in each essay, but while brainstorming on an essay topic…explore all the dimensions for possible ideas.


  • Target UPSC 2016

    Humble Request. This is my first steps in writing of an essay. So please REVIEW it and feedback please.


    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

    Human and human life is nothing but a beautiful example of combination of countless and countable aspects of each and every filed of nature. Love, affection, care, attachment, feelings and other non-countable things are more important than money, luxurious items, cars, houses, cloths which can be counted but does counted in real pleasure. Anything without values is like waste which is seldom countless but counts e.g. an affection of mother cannot be counted but it counts for the child.

    In Asoka’s empire, he started his career as warrior and ended up by adopting the Buddhism. One can count the land or area of Asoka’s empire but it is countless to evaluate the values spread by Asoka Dhamma. He tried to fill his countrymen with the felling of morals, love and social values. In modern history, our freedom fighters e.g. Mahatma Ghandi did various agitations, can be counted but the pumped felling of nationalism cannot be ignored. That hidden energy made the freedom of India possible.

    Rulers made sculptures, caves, temples, forts and other various monuments. These monuments can be seen as symbol of one’s way to spreading the one’s thinking or believes or affection. Ajanta and Ellora can be seen as just caves or shrines but these gives ample information of our past which is countless. Tajmahal can be counted as one building but the symbolic meaning is countless i.e. love. Paintings are also countless source of information of our past. Coins are just metal piece for ignorant but these are source of past life for the wise.

    Vedas, Brahmans, Arinyakas, Upanishads, Sangam literature are just books. These counted books can be seen as uncounted source of information. Traveler’s accounts who came to India also gave us glimpse of our past that cannot be recreated without these. Biography, poetries, novels, and other books were wrote for himself but one can trace the society condition from these. Paintings were painted for nobles, kings, personal use, or for any person but these also draw past. Press can be seen as just a medium of information but the hidden positive role is countless like eradication of social misconceptions, spreading awareness. Dances, Drama and festivals are traditional. These can be source of inspiration which cannot be seen from outside.

    Buddhism and Jainism are only two way of thinking or only a way of living. The message can be eight steps or three rules which can be read by anyone but understanding of that message is something countless. The message of love and peace is countless.

    Ruler are known for their Nobel work not for their money or empire. One can calculate the land area of the empire, treasury of state and other countable things but the prosperity, social level, brotherhood and social factors are only feel. Akbar is known for his brotherhood approach and same time Auranjeb is infamous for his acts. East India Company did some countable things like railways, telegram, modernization, etc. but the beautiful use of these things by Indian freedom fighter was not imaginable by company.

    In modern world, growth of country is calculated mathematically which is Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This calculated output is competitive ratio for the world. But what about the people who are living in that country. This calculation cannot serve the problems like equality, brotherhood, fraternity, health, happiness, education etc. This is more important than this mathematics. War can be fought for piece of land or resource but the other outcome of this cannot be forgotten e.g. Syria.

    Leadership, motivation, innovation, willingness and competition can be feel but play very important role in the future making. Leadership pushes an institution towards the goal. This goal can be compared but level of leadership, motivation and willingness cannot calculated. World level institutions circulates the comparative index of various countries. These are not published to insulting any nation but motivation it towards the goal e.g. HDI, good country index, business competiveness index, pollution index etc.

    The expenditure on the education, health, sanitation, nutrition is seen as burden but today’s child is tomorrow’s worker. Security of women, equality among genders, secularism, equal opportunity to all and justice to all are doable but the not countable. Environment safety, climate change and curb on Green houses gas are need of hour because non-calculated exploitation of nature.

    Transparency, good governance, feedback and redressal of complaints cannot be counted on the base of any formula. This is somethings which lies in the values of policy makers.

    This is very true that not everything that can be counted counts because materialistic things cannot give real happiness but can add only some points in the list. There are many things can be counted but cannot thought of their wide implication like climate change, social values, brotherhood. The world should be combination of the countable and uncountable approaches. All approaches should apply with precaution and in wider prospective.

    • warrior_pandit

      Well done! Best essay read so far. Good command over language, u write well!
      You have understood the essence of the essay. However, limit your focus on history. It must be one para max or link it with present times in every para. Kindly review mine.

      • Target UPSC 2016

        thanks sir for motivation.

      • Ashutosh

        can you please review mine

    • aspirant

      Nicely written! Simple language and easy to understand 🙂

      • Khayam

        Review mine essay please

      • Target UPSC 2016

        thank you very much.. 🙂 ..keep reviewing …:)

    • Khayam

      Hi Target UPSC 2016.

      your essay is good, structure and flow is nice.

      my comments:-

      wherever you come accross social issues you should mention Govt initiatives to curb these evils .. like Compulsory eduction, Compulsury education,

      Economical point of view :
      you mentioned about GDP –> you could add recent govt initiatives to boost the GDP like Start Up India, Make in India etc.

      try to elaborate, you had mentioned little thing about ashoka, you would have added addtional point ” Ashoka took many lives in Kalinga which was countablble later the peace message he spread it was uncountable” i believe this will add more weightage.

      conclusion part was okay,

      • Eswar Sai

        Hai review mine please.

        • Khayam

          Sure I will .. please review mine essay too

      • Target UPSC 2016

        thanks sir for candid review of essay. i will try to incorporate these suggestions. thank you very much.. 🙂 ..keep reviewing …:)

        • Eswar Sai

          Please review mine yaar.

    • JBB

      I never wrote any essay till now, no experience at all but after reading your essay I was like yes this is the way to write an essay.

      • Khayam

        can u please review my essay

      • Target UPSC 2016

        thank you very much.. 🙂 ..keep reviewing …:)

    • Abyss

      i am not a pro at essays rather just a beginner but will take the liberty of writing a few lines about what i feel in your essay. for a novice like me, there is a laundry list of things that count and yet not count or the other way but i am unable to read through it will. as in, there is no flavour other than history and economics and examples.
      its like i am trying to push hard to be politically correct and hence i am not going in that sphere at all…. i hope you understand what i am trying to say here…
      the examples no doubt are great but there is a link missing as to what you are trying to arrive at.
      lastly, use simple words rather than making errors like ” seldom countless yet counts…” in the beginning which essentially is saying the same thing rather than contradictory.
      please take this as constructive and not a criticism.

      • Target UPSC 2016

        thanks sir for candid review of essay. i will try to incorporate these suggestions. thank you very much.. 🙂 ..keep reviewing …:)

  • John Rawl

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and
    not everything that counts can be counted

    Syrian refugee Raashid looks down at the muddy floor of his tent in a field in eastern Lebanon as it is battered by a snowstorm
    “I would rather die a million times than live through this humiliation”

    There are number of people who are facing the similar situation and feel intense pain in living in inhumanitarian conditions. This is plight of poor who are forced to live in war torn zone and not able to live a life of dignity.Whole Middle east is currently facing the crisis and it is a poor who are most affected, struggling for survival.No even can imagine that people are dying like flies and forcing to live in inhumanitarian condition.for rest of world they are the numbers, a population of particular area who are facing war affects but it’s not the case.The pain of individual,plight of society not to live in atmosphere of peace and stability is having far more consequences. There numbers are not merely number they are more than that,which we can’t count.

    Not only this we are facing several inhumanitarian crisis in world whether its Rhongiya crisis, African genocides,terrorism which is hampering not the quality of life but also the quality.we can not measure how dangerous these elements of inhumanity.Life is important moreover specifically the quality of life.As Implicit in Indian constitution that Right to life is not merely a living a life but Right to live with dignity.This has been clarified by apex court in the Maneka Gandhi vs Union of India case in 1977.
    So we can not measure the quantity in context of life but it is quality which matters a most. So, now the question arises how the people or individual can get a good life ? what are possible always among the people of poor world to get the better life,a life not of merely a number but life of good food,health and home. If we take the scenario in democracy’s like India where a large no.of population are living below the poverty line and struggling for getting good environment.Founding fathers of India laid down the principles of Justice,equality and Peace through popular democracy system.They gave the one vote one value concept on basis of adult suffrage and expected that India will grow with rapid pace through these principles but unfortunately we could n’t pick that desired pace.Voters are merely a numbers ,Politicians remember only at the time of election.They see them as numbers ,promises freebies and give other lucrative offers but after elections they forget those numbers.Then,these numbers are countless,vague and promises meant for broken. Promise of good governance to people and making their life betters always counted as vote banks i.e vote numbers.

    People need to be aware for their rights and should discard the very of idea which sees them as Numbers ,number can be counted.People should make efforts to realize the govt. and politics that they are countless ,their aspirations to live a good life is beyond any objectivity.They want to ess themselves as resources of nation,not a population.
    This very common phenomenon is not only limited tp countries like but under the back drop of economic inequality is very much visible across the world. Global Wealth is concentrated in few people that again a number and these numbers are in far better conditions than the numbers which count in percentage as 95% of world population. Technology is concentrated in hands of few and more specifically in countries like India digital divide is drastically inequal. However since 1992 after LPG(Liberalisation,Privatisation,Globalisation) reforms India has adapted the Information Communications Technology and Global economic principle to bridge these inequalities and gaps.Digital India,Make in India ,skill India are the new steps which are making the people’s life more better and useful.

    Still 896 billion people lived below the poverty line of 1.90 USD a day.(World Bank Report,2012).The major pie of this cake lies in African and Asian nations which again amounts to inequality among the nations.Population of continents like Asia,Africa is rising with rapid pace but the facilities and resources are not increasing proportionately.There numbers are increasing which can be count but the number with good i.e countless life seems a a distant dream. We need to understand that good of world is not lying in life that can be counted as numbers but a good life that is countless.
    In the backdrop of globalisation,various tools of good governance and ICT has broughtout the major changes in the life of people.Now they are able to get the good food ,living conditions ,health services,education but same time globalisation have brought out some negatives too.Now the family is shrinking,Love among the people friends relatives is shrinking and more specifically Rural to urban migration in countries like India is again creating various Issues.Now the Nuclear family which again is number ,replacing the Joint family which is in actual a far more than number means living in family of elders,younger’s and parents provides the peace,knowledge,security etc which can not be counted in numbers .In Nuclear family money is only number which can be easily counted whereas in joint family these number may be counted in quantitative manner but in terms of quality countless i.e priceless.

    We need to ensure a better life which is not only quantitative but also qualitative .Every Individual need to ask the big question propounded by Jamit Jriesat in his paper “book of good governance” that “who governs” and “How well”? There is dire need to ask from the govt. and system for better welfare and measures.Govt across the world should take care of the large number of masses rather than working for few.Life of Poor is not merely a number rather than precious thing which can not be counted.If we need to count something need to count how many people wants help? How many illiterate need education? How many patients need doctors? How many homeless need homes? How many people wants to stop the war?These are numbers if we able to address these number then there would be peace and humanity across the world.
    It is high time we inverted the dictum of Darwin and worked for the society which would ensure survival of weakest and perhaps sickest too.

    • warrior_pandit

      Kindly work on your writing skills bro! the points are good..u covered wide dimensions but try and link them together in one piece. Kindly review mine.

    • Unformidable

      Starting is really interesting and grabs attention.
      Content is good but i think the structure needs to be improved alongwith the flow
      Conclusion with dictum of Darwi.Great 🙂

  • warrior_pandit

    Lying on his bed, awaiting his last breath, surrounded by members of his vast family, Joseph lay thinking whether it’s the money or love that brought people to his house together concerned for him?. Going down the memory lane he wondered on his big achievements. Was it the amount of money he earned or the respect he enjoyed during the course of his life?
    In the midst of all these thoughts, he couldn’t but just wonder as to how are people going to remember him. The society functioning on the basis of “ends” in terms of successes and failures, will his efforts be of any worth? How will he be remembered as…A successful businessman who manipulated the system to earn money or as a failed politician who fought for principles but could not win a single election. How would I like to be remembered living my life as- quantitative or qualitative contributions to the society?
    Our actions are not always about the successes or failures we experience during the course of our life. It is not always about what can be ‘counted’. But, rather, what cannot be counted-something that is beyond visibility, done away from the preying eyes of the society, the invisible hard work and efforts, that cannot be counted, done to “achieve” the visible outcomes.
    Many times, it’s not the outcome that matters but the effort in that direction. All efforts cannot be limited to the confines of success or failures. Absence of success cannot be termed as a failure as it takes the whole essence of hard-work away with it. Had Thomas Edison not put in efforts for 100 times we wouldn’t have had an electric light bulb. By counting his “failed” ninety-nine times and his “success” the hundredth time would undermine his efforts from which he learned ninety nine ways of how not to make an electric light bulb. Similarly, the efforts of humanity cannot be counted on the number of inventions and discoveries made in numerous spheres. But, on the use of such inventions that are more of a qualitative premise than a quantitative one. For example, the use of fire, the greatest discovery ever known to man, cannot be counted on the number of times it has found its usage in wars or destruction but its overall contribution in the evolution of human society as the creator of civilisation. Also, it would be highly unethical to have counted the success of a nation on the basis of colonisation of newly discovered lands but on the basis of the positive changes it brought in the lives of those newly connected- which cannot be expressed quantitatively.
    Placing this in present perspective, The analysis of government’s work should not only be limited to the outcomes of the various programmes like: Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan, Swatchh Bharat Mission etc. but rather on the intent of the government to work in this direction. The mission cannot be analysed on the basis of counting the amount of garbage collected by the civic authorities, the number of students in schools or the population of girl child, this is no doubt important. But, this would only be a superficial analysis. Rather, on whether or not these missions have been able to change the mindset of the people regarding cleanliness, girl child and importance of value based education?. Mere imparting of education is not enough, it has to be the one that allows an individual to work for the benefit of the society as “Education without values makes us a clever Devil”.
    The vitiating political environment today is the direct outcome of our misplaced priorities. Counting, that forms the basis of mathematics has usurped the field of arts where it’s of no use. The transformation of politics from the “jest to serve” to the ” game of thrones” based on mathematical calculation of (numbers) seats has done more harm than good. In a democratic set up it’s the politics that drive the nation to the path of progress or destruction. In India, we have very much experienced what an undue inclination towards the number game had tend to destroy the very fabric on which the base of modern Indian state was made. Thus, qualitative analysis of actions are much more important the quantitative ones.
    Similarly, even at the level of an individual, mere quantitative achievements cannot determine how the future generations are going to remember him/her. For example: Both Vijay Mallaya and Ratan Tata were big industrialists who earned lot of money. But on one hand, the former may be remembered as a crony capitalist, the latter will be remembered as an ethical businessman. However, it would be upto the society of what they would value more. A life of flamboyance of a life of dedication? What should be counted needs to be left to the wisdom of the society. Here, the writer would also like to highlight the role of parents and teachers in shaping up an individual. It is essential as to how an individual is shaped up, as Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore has rightfully said, A mind all logic is like a knife all blade, it harms the man who uses it”. This is even more important today, as the society is reeling under crisis of absence of morality and ethicality. The efforts to make a child a virtuous human being is more important than to ‘measure’ his/her success in the amount of money he earns. The means are more important than the ends.
    Making all these arguments in his mind, Josephs pray to the god that it would be better for his legacy to be remembered as a “failed” politician who fought for principles than a “successful” businessman who exploited all that came his way. At the end, what matters is that ‘uncountable’ stuff that fills the gap between two extremes of what can be ‘counted’. As the human civilisation owes much more the human: enterprise, efforts and perseverance that define the material used to fill the gap. Successes and failures , in the long annals of human history take up only a blink of time, the rest is filled by the efforts to achieve those outcomes.

    • Target UPSC 2016

      Very Good coverage of all dimensions. good command of facts. i felt that somewhere you deviated from main theme. overall very good essay. …. good story telling. nice intro.
      good job sir. keep it up.

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted

    Money can be counted and happiness cannot be. This simple example from our lives will help us understand that there are things which can’t be counted but carry weights in our lives. Similarly, money which is countable may not be valuable in their lives. Happiness and Success cannot be always attributed to monetary wealth of the person.

    This logic is applicable in the field of environment, society, history and politics as well. Historical monuments which connects us with our past and gives out immense knowledge about evolution of earth and mankind. The value of these monuments and history cannot be counted in terms of money. Similarly, environment gives us air to breathe, forests gives us food, fodder and fuel which, minerals among other things. Counting these benefits in economic and monetary terms is challenging task as they are invaluable for our lives.

    Ethical and moral values are equal if not more important than money and goods for a nation. These values keep the people bound in a society which can be knit in a state. Similarly, nationalism that was seen during the freedom struggle of India can not be counted but we will all agree that it carried huge value and counted more than anything else in building India and holding it together for decades after independence. We know of many wealthy nations in the western Asia and other parts of the world which have not been able to survive and build a society even after huge monetary resources.

    In the same perspective, intelligence and capabilities can’t be attributed to the formal education of a person. An uneducated person may be more intelligent socially as well as scientifically. Many instances of innovations by not formally educated people with in our rural areas are a testimony to this.

    This differentiation carries a lot of weight in all spheres. It helps us understand what is valuable and should be taken in consideration. Gross National Happiness Index designed by Bhutan is an example of considering uncountable things in assessing the real growth of the nation. It has been used in the field of environment by tribal communities. They have valued Sacred Groves for centuries due to their immense benefits which were uncountable but counted in their lives. On the other hand, Gross Domestic Product which counts various improvement parameters of a nation’s progress cannot include environment, health, intelligence growth and other things in holistic terms which are not countable.

    Realizing this differentiation help us protect our environment and making policies beyond what is countable. This is already seen to be used in many policies and spheres. Increased focus on environment protection, climate change and biodiversity conservation have seen clear change in government policies and actions. Focus on improving the innovative capacities, valuing the tribal knowledge about medicines, plants etc also show the importance that is being attached to these values even when they cannot be counted. Education policies which focus on number of enrollments, number of schools and teachers may not be enough for intelligence and human capital growth for the nation. Recently, focus has been changed to quality in the new education policy.

    We need to realize the importance of things in our life which are not countable. Ignoring this would lead us to wrong path in development as seen in case of education, environment etc. This would go long in way in improving our policies and focus on things which are valuable to the community as a whole.

    • shariq irshad

      Nice essay , like your point of Bhutan .. I feel was introduction missing in this essay ?? I couldn’t make out introduction part ??

      All in all nice attempt 🙂

      • Kunal Aggarwal

        Thanks. I agree on interview part. Couldn’t come up with better starting lines. Will read through others to improve.

  • Prerna saxena

    History is replete with incidents around which the whole idea of that” it is not necessary that everything that can be measured worth remembrance and everything that worth can be measured”.The contribution of early socio-religious reformers like Chaitanya,Kabir, Guru Nanak among others to reform the society for better living society and their preachings, their deeds are worth remembrance and can not be measured.while the miseries inflicted by warlords in terms of genocide,territorial loss, can be measured and hardly worth remembrance .
    Modern society plagued with “identity crisis” and often people resort various means and ways repeatedly to highlight themselves in want of enlisting their deeds worth mentioning and remembrance.But the very idea of gauging public attention is based on malign intention of self promotion which can be counted but hardly worth remembrance .Specially our politicians often indulge in photoshop to make their contribution counts ,for the time being they attract the attention but soon it fade away from people’s memory. On the other hand contributions of personality like Kailash Satyarthi,Malala Yousafzai , living oblivious life but only attract public attention after receiving Noble prize worth counts. similarly Compassion and compensation can never be on par,sacrifice made by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela, in nation making , against apartheid,catastrophes inflicted by wars and apologetic gesture,colonial history render as a reminder of the perspective they have created around .

    Colonialism is a stark reminder of the miseries which rich nations has inflicted on poor nations for exploitation of resources and followed a policy of ‘mercantilism’ .colonialism sprung up on the pretext of ‘Industrial revolution’ ,which l people of host colony ,took as mistaken belief that it will generate source of income and provide job opportunities . But soon realization of contradiction in interest of later and former started gaining currency ,which inflicted various miseries economically,socially,and politically. Which can be counted in varying degree and efforts too were made to count these miseries by putting forward “drain theory” by Dada Bhai Naoroji .And worth remembrance only as a reminder of history .while on the other hand contributions, sacrifices made by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak,Bhagat Singh B.R Ambedkar among others can never be measured and worth remembrance . Their ideas, values, posses immense value for Indian society.Mahatma Gandhi’s idea of non violent society, caste less class,Gram Panchayat ,worth remembrance today and will remain for the periods yet to come .Their ideas will render as source of inspiration and guide us to evolve a better nation in the changing society.

    On set of elections ,parties started making their manifestos to lure the public ,so that they caste the public caste votes in their favor.
    The freebies they promised in election campaigned to deliver ,if they get elected ,gauge public attention and often render the very motive of politicians .But as soon as elections get over they get elected,not only politicians forget but they severe tie with public and hardly visit their constituencies. Freebies can be counted in monetary terms they worth but hardly worth remembrance as none of the promise made going to be fulfilled.But the resentment it inflicted among the masses worth noting and paid off in next election.
    Subsidies, compensation offered to farmers, poor are compensatory in nature and hardly reach the targeted person timely but politician still count them as their achievements in monetary term they sanctioned .In recent years India facing drought conditions across the country and farmers committing suicide but hardly any politicians engaged with them in a manner they should have been. Compensation they promised is meagre against the catastrophe they inflicted with , politicians reluctance beyond announcing compensation further aggravate their plight.
    On the other hand work done by NGOs like NAM foundations ,done on compassion they have for the farmer community to uplift them from crisis. certainly one can measure the monetary value of compensation foundation rendered ,which should have come from government and can be assigned a value. But the compassion they have for farmer community worth remembrance and can not be measured.
    since the inception of modern society of led conflicts among various societies and often led to wars . which inflict loss to humanity in varying degree .History is replete with examples like World war 2 ,which inflicted miseries on nations economically, politically and war got over years ago but the wounds it inflicted on war ravaged nations are still their as stark memory .
    Nazism ,Fascism commit genocide driven by the idea of nation building, nationalism and left the humanity shattered. They will remain in history as ‘dark days’ of humanity and the miseries it had inflicted can be counted in terms of human lives lost,economic loss but what can not be measured is the emotions of people have against these incidents and will be remembered for years to come.

    War lords ravaged the nations for self interest and nations who got victory by deploying various tactic ,weapons , policies often justified the wrongs done by them during wars. In glorification of victories a nation has often forget ,the wrong doers they have committed which is not only unethical but against the humanity also.But recently incidents come to the fore where leaders of nations which had ravaged other nations during war passes a apologetic gesture .President Obama’s acknowledgement of the wrongs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and his visit to the site with speech among the sufferers. Visit has not only rendered the very motive of Obama to create a good will gesture but also have a sign of compassion for the sufferers.

    Shinzo Abe’s apologetic gesture regarding “comfort women” and his willingness to compensate the expenses they have incurred is worth noting. The wrongs committed during war can not be reversed but their acknowledgement and apologetic gesture will surely act as a healing wounds for the sufferers . Wars can be counted but they never counts in real but the feeling of compassion and symbolic apologetic gesture can not be measured and worth more than the remembrance of wars, war lords for greater good of humanity. And will act as guide for the years to come and will benefit humanity .

  • Eco-friendly

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”

    Ajit and Kaushal are the most talented and educated person of their village Neemkheda. They both did their graduation in B.Tech in IT branch from one of the prestigious university of India. After graduation they both get good placement offer. Kaushal joined the company and left his village forever but Ajit stayed back, open an educational institute in his village to teach students at affordable cost and changed the future of his village guys forever.

    In the above story both the guys got similar education and emerged as the brightest students. May be in terms of marks they both are excellent but in terms of compassion, sensitivity, belongingness they are different. This quality to do something for his village motivates Ajit to stay back and work for betterment of rest of village. Hence it can be said that not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Because marks though quantifiable, value that counts remain uncounted.

    In ancient times too the strength of king is measured in terms of area he occupied, number of soldiers, horses, elephants he has in his army. Although all these things do matter but the welfare work and right decision making ability matters the most as the military and economic power is only generated when the people of nation are prosperous, happy and content. A developing nation with a lot of dissatisfied youth (like naxals and separatists) and internal conflicts is a weak one.

    Till 20th century too a nation’s GDP, economic prosperity is counted whenever we talked about development but the thing that matters i.e. income inequality, environment, health, education, etc. are not counted. Similarly a student is admitted in a college on the basis of his marks of intermediate or rank in competition but his ability, interest, and talent are ignored. This is one of the reasons of large number of student’s suicide who despite much efforts fail in exam. Right from the beginning we ran after numbers and in the process we compromise with quality and detract from our aim because we feel that whatever is counted matters and the things that do not are ignored.

    This is also true when we apply for a job. We always run towards higher paying job but what is ignored is the job satisfaction. We just consider that better pay means better facilities hence more happiness. But we ignore that job satisfaction must also be given its due weightage because many people left their job because of low job satisfaction. Similarly when we search for our life partner we look for fair skin or rich family as if fairness and money is going to remain there forever. We ignore the qualities like loyalty, adjusting nature and behavior in him/her because these things are not counted by the society but actually they really matters us in long run.

    In terms of annual rainfall too, we may say that India will receive above normal rainfall this year but what cannot be counted is will it bring more happiness (better irrigation facility) or disaster (in terms of floods, landslides, cyclones, hailstorms etc.) which actually matters to a farmer, fisherman, etc. We may count upon the number of dams built or the amount of coal and minerals extracted but what is ignored is the lost habitat of many wildlife species, aesthetic beauty of that place and people losing their indigenous practices (and hence their identity). All these things not counted actually counts to those living there earlier.

    We are already observing the consequences of ignoring what actually counts like- we have millions of educated youth but they are not employable, we have large number of relatives, friends etc. but still we feel like lonely crowd, we are the fastest growing economy but still farmers suicide is common, we may be developing smart cities but environment is getting degraded day by day which is evident through unprecedented floods, droughts etc.

    But if these are the consequences and things like- natural wealth, honesty, integrity, loyalty, satisfaction, etc. matters then why they are not counted. Why it is like we only concern about the amount in budget allocated to a scheme and not the quality of delivery on ground. Why it is like a professor in a government university is promoted on the basis of seniority and number of years in service but efficiency in teaching is largely ignored. May be because they are not quantifiable and are subjective to the observer. But that does not mean we should ignore them instead we should devise new parameters or indicators which help us in count what counts.

    Though it is true that not everything that counts can be counted but some efforts are done in this direction- In recent times economists like Mehbub-ul-Haq, king of Bhutan and others devised indexes like HDI, GNH, etc. which takes into consideration things like happiness level, environment sustainability and personal rights. Gini coefficient is now widely used so that inequality in economy can be calculated. Service delivery and consumer satisfaction is being given due consideration by the government eg- Indian railway is working towards better facilities and comfortable journey. Trust deficit and low credibility is being taken care by transparent and accountable governance. Practical skills is being imparted into youth through Skill India mission to fill the gap between theory and practical approach.

    Environment clearances and permission to mine and build dam are given after approval of gram panchayats and environment impact assessment. People are now giving due consideration to job satisfaction over salary. But much still needs to be done. Governments employees must be trained to impart sensitivity eg- Police personnel can be given training on how to handle issues related to women sensitively. Assessment of schemes done on the basis of consumer satisfaction. Counselling facility to students to be provided so that their real interest and talent can be supported.

    But there are things that counts but cannot be counted like- happiness, because it is highly subjective. Loyalty towards life partner, respect towards parents is not quantifiable but is still desirable because it matters. Similarly values like equality, fraternity and liberty enshrined in our constitution are not quantifiable but these are ensured by apex court and various laws.

    Hence quantification of everything is not necessary. But it must be ensured that the things that counts are given due consideration like in the above story Kaushal though now economically prosperous lack quality of giving back to society but Ajit has those values which matters to the society. We must impart such values to the coming and present generation then only we can see India as a developed and prosperous country.

    • Sherif

      good one

  • yogi

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” (~ 1000 words)

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Yogi ,

      My Interpretation of the Quote : I Interpreted the Quote Literally 🙂

      PART 1 : “Not everything that can be counted counts”

      Interpretation : All things that can be counted do not have VALUE ( counts ) ” BUT, ” somethings that can be counted have VALUE ( counts ) ”

      PART 2 : ” and not everything that counts can be counted.”

      Interpretation : All things that have VALUE ( counts ) cannot be counted BUT, ” somethings that have VALUE(counts) can be counted ”

      Let me create a ROUGH DRAFT for this essay before reviewing it in Detail :


      1) Introduction – comparing

      PART 1 : “Not everything that can be counted count” as ” Somethings that are counted QUANTITATIVELY DO NOT possess QUALITATIVE VALUE ”

      My addition to the rough work : Opposite Version of PART 1 : Some QUANTITATIVELY counted things can have QUALITATIVE VALUE ”

      PART 2 : ” and not everything that counts can be counted.” as “Somethings that have QUALITATIVE VALUE cannot be counted QUANTITATIVELY ”

      My addition to the rough work : Opposite Version of PART 2 : Some things with QUALITATIVE VALUE CAN BE counted QUANTITATIVELY .

      2) explaining the VALIDITY of the PART 1 of the Statement :

      (a) citing the example of kings plundering wealth ( Reason cited for the Validity of this example is ” if the Kings do not serve people properly” )

      (b) Indians freedom Fighters .( Reasons cited for the Validity of this example is ” the contribution made by every single person cannot be counted “)

      (c) corruption , nepotism ( Reasons cited for the Validity of this example is ” surrendering themselves in front of their maligned Intentions and illegal gratifications” )

      3) explaining the VALIDITY of the PART 2 of the Statement :

      (a) example of E.Sreedharan and his contribution to Delhi Metro ( Reasons cited for the Validity of this example ” easing the lives of commuters ” )

      (b) example of growth and Development ( Reasons cited for the Validity of this example ” Happiness ” )

      (c) example of ecology and environment ( Reasons cited for the Validity of this example ” Selfless service ” of Nature )

      (d) example of Sports person ( Reason cited for the Validity of this example ” The proud and Happiness that they bring to themselves and to their country )

      4) Giving a FAIR JUDGEMENT on the entire Analysis done by you on the quote

      ( a) Quality far outweighs the quantity .

      (b) Quantitative comparison easier than Qualitative comparison

      (c) excessive reliance on Quantity undermines the essence of Quality .

      5) CONCLUSION – moral message to the humans


      I personally like your approach on the essay and you have written this essay pretty well this time . It is a GOOD SIGN that you are improving 🙂

      Certain aspects i want to bring to your Notice :

      You might have observed My additions to your Rough work :”Telling about the Opposite Version of each part of the Quote”

      You have TOTALLY MISSED that aspect .

      Another point : The ecology and environment could have been explained in a better way . I found the essay little bit dragging when you started discussing Paris Conference and so on .

      The essay is EXCELLENT but you were NOT able to bring out the other side of the Quote .

      Your conclusion is WONDERFUL , I think you really put the ‘MESSAGE to HUMANITY ” into good use in your essay .


      • Dr. KARISHMA

        hello arvind ji.
        help me wid essay writing..
        writing essay aftr too long..low confidence
        m unable to connect paras..
        kindly review mine me out..

      • Eswar Sai

        Hai aravind, observed you as a man of very your detailed reviews, hope you will do the same with my essay, please review varier.

      • yogi

        Thanks for the review 🙂
        i though of writing the additional part mentioned by you, that would surely give it a holistic aspect, but i found it challenging to cover all those 4 angles (two for the favouring the quote and 2 the other side of the two sub-parts of the quote). within word limit. I should have atleast mentioned one example each for two angles that i missed.
        I need to work a lot on how to cover the things within word limit
        conclusion is inspired from ur essays that i found quite impressive as they looked practical, aspiring and optimistic, that is what a conclusion should be 😀
        special thanks for the efforts you have put to create this beautiful rough draft of my essay,
        ATB 🙂

        • Aravind Varier

          Dear Yogi 🙂

          It is solely due to our consistent and dedicated effort put towards essay from January, that is making our essays better every week .

          When i started reviewing essays 5 months back , it would have been impossible for me to make a ROUGH DRAFT like the way i am doing now .

          Recently , while going through the website of InsightsOnIndia , i found an article saying that the Toppers of 2014 wrote 20 to 30 essays before the Mains exam and they all got marks in the range of 130 marks to 160 marks out of 250 marks .

          See, we have already written 20 essays so far and still 25 essay to be written in the next 6 months before Mains exam will surely help us to write a PERFECT ESSAY without any confusion 🙂

          Yes , you are correct, including all the Four Angles of the quote is bit challenging .I tried to do that in my essay but, the example of freedom fighters did not click as expected though it is in line with the context of the essay .

          THANK YOU 🙂

    • Isha

      Hello yogi, my views
      1. Intro- very nice (y)
      2. Your starting of next para- avoid this (my view)
      3. you examples are apt and well justified. Its just that sometimes you have stretched the explanation a little longer- gdp, environment, sports.
      4. Flow is nice..thodi connectivity problem thi paras me. Baki writing is neat as well.
      5. Conclusion is nice.
      You have interpreted the quote very well (y). One of your best works.
      Mera bhi padh lena :p

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        hello isha ji..
        hw r u..
        its been long since we hd chat..
        hwz ur prep going??
        aapne revision test join kra hai?
        aftr long i hv written essay…low confidence ovr my essay..heheh..
        kindly review..

        • Isha

          Hey Karishma, nice to see you again after long time. I am doing good, how are you? Prep to so and so hi hai but yes finally it has gained some pace after long time 😛
          How is your preparation going on? Yes i have joined the revision test..thoda backlog hai..hopefully will complete it today. Have you joined the same?
          Dont be disheartened even if you are coming back after long time. Bdw, you were not well last time we talked. How are you now? Just keep writing whenever you get time. Nothing is better than something because before mains you ll get less time for essays.

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            same to c u..
            m good too..
            thts good tht u gained pace..
            prep for pre z good..this essay ws haunting me so i started it..n today i crashed like anything..
            yes i hv joined it..m also bk log..hehe..
            yup..i hv recovered now..
            yes i need to write more n more..aftr pre too less time will b left with us..
            best wishes..b in touch..

      • yogi

        thanks for review Isha 🙂
        2—whenever i write this someone is always there who says don’ t write that.I stopped writing that and today after a long time wrote again, aaj ke baad nahi likhunga, 😀
        connectivity 🙁
        tumhara padhne hi kya sirf review nahi dena??? 😛
        KEAE 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hello Yogi…

      Best essay so far.. review mine. 🙂

      Now serious wala review…

      1) Introduction is very catchy just like I am listening a spiritual Guru.
      2) Second paragraph- we all know, it is essay, and introduction do the work of letting the reader know about, what he is going to read in essay.
      3) Everything is good in essay, yet I think, You could add some more thing simultaneously, yet to increase the effectiveness of quality- sometime quantity matters- Though, a green tree count a lot, BUt a green tree can save the world from climate change? No, for this purpose, we need numbers.


      • yogi

        thanks for both types of review, i found 2nd waala better than first 😛
        2—- from now onward i will not do this, many people have objected to this,
        3—agree quantity is lacking in my answer, will try to increase the number of plants without compromising on the greenary
        thanks !

  • Aravind Varier

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”


    1) Introduction – explaining the literal meaning of counting.

    2) Correlating the word “counts “in the essay with the importance a person gives OR values certain aspects

    3). Checking the Validity of the FIRST PART of the Statement “Not everything that can be counted counts “by posing a Question “Does everything that can be counted counts “? Followed by an Answer NO which is in support with the first part of the statement

    Trying to PROVE “Only some that can be ” counted counts ” AND not everything”

    (a) Census enumeration (National aspect) – [Does NOT support counting COUNTS]

    (b) A teachers asking a child to count the alphabets (Social aspect) – [Does NOT support counting COUNTS]

    (c) Hotelier counting the cash (economic aspect) – [support counting COUNTS]

    4) Mentioning a REASON that makes “counting counts” in some cases by comparing the 3 cases

    5) Checking the Validity of the SECOND PART of the Statement “ Not everything that counts can be counted “ by posing a Question “ Does everything that counts can be counted “ ? Followed by an Answer NO which is in support with the second part of the statement

    Trying to PROVE “Only some that ” counts can be counted ” AND not everything”

    (a) Mothers care to the child (social aspect) – [Does NOT support, that counts can be COUNTED]

    (b) Friends truthfulness and dedication (social aspect) – [Does NOT support, that counts can be COUNTED]

    (c) Contributions of Freedom Fighters during certain important events (Historical aspect) – [support counts can be COUNTED]

    6) Mentioning a REASON that makes “counts can be counted “in some cases by comparing the 3 cases.

    7) A FAIR JUDGEMENT on the quote

    8) Conclusion – The message that the quote is trying to convey to the Human beings.


    Human Beings always had the inquisitive of knowing the number of items or the quantity of any subject by using a method called counting. The counting and analyzing of the data that the person could gather on a subject helps him to make a decision on it.

    The Human beings start counting objects that he/she sees around from the day he/she learn the Mathematical numbers. Counting can vary from a small child beginning to count the number of Birds that are flying in a particular pattern in the sky to a teenager counting the number of cars passing in the convoy of a VIP (Very Important Person) and a Business Analyst counting the numbers of the company’s performance to reach out a decision.

    But, the question here is about the value of the counting of an object that gives to the person.”

    “Does everything that can be counted counts “? Answer would be NO!

    We have seen persons coming to our houses every 10 years as a part of taking, the census. These people count the number of persons in a family and many other details and note it down. Though, these people are in the act of counting certain aspects but, it personally does not counts to them because the data collected is analyzed by the policy makers and the not the people who are in the act of counting.

    A similar case is of a teacher asking a kindergarten student to count the number of alphabets in English Language. The child starts counting from A to Z and tells the number to be 26. Here the counting does not counts to the child as he/she is made to count it rather than he/she counting it for oneself.

    The persons taking the census do not necessarily count him/her as well as the child counting the English Alphabets does count him/her but, that is not the case of a businessman counting the cash that he earned at the end of the day. An Hotelier running a hotel would surely find it as valuable or counts him a lot, when he is counting the money that was earned from the sales at the Hotel before closing it.

    When we look at the cases of the “census enumerator”, the “teachers asking the child to count alphabets “and that of the “Hotelier”, we could observe that in the former two cases, counting the data is done as a part of the order from an higher authority but, in the latter case, the person is attaining the satisfaction and the happiness of counting more money which belongs to him ultimately. If the counting is done by us to satisfy our conscience, then it would be counted.

    Thus, it clearly cites that “Not everything that can be counted counts “.

    As we have seen that, everything that can be counted cannot counts but the next question that will arise in our mind would be

    “Does everything that counts can be counted “? Answer would be NO!

    A Mother giving birth to a baby looks after the delicate infant with utmost care and then gradually supports the child during the different growing stages until he/she transforms into an adult. If the child on becoming an adult looks back the care and love that his/her mother gave to him/her throughout his/her life, the person cannot “count” the compassion of the mother here but, can only counts the beautiful memories with his/her mother.

    Another aspect is of the role of a true friend in our life. A true friend is one who would be there to support us in difficult times and criticizes us during our good times expecting us to improve our self. These contributions by a good friend cannot be counted but counts very much in the shaping of one’s life.

    A mothers warmth to her child or the friends dedication is immeasurable, but there are certain events in our country itself which shows that the actions of a person counts as well as can be counted .The innumerable suffering caused by freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi , Jawaharlal Nehru , Sardar Vallabhbhai patel , Subhash Chandra Bose shows us that each of their actions had an impact in freeing our Nation from the clutches of the British Rule of India that really counts .Apart from that , all their actions are well documented by Historians and if we look at the Life of these great stalwarts , we could observe that , all their actions counts and could be counted by reading the events involved by them .

    If we observe the life of our “ mother “, “ a true friend “ and that of the “freedom fighters” , the three cases shows their actions “counts” but only the action of a Freedom fighter could be counted and not of the mother or a friend due to the continuous care , they provides to us . Freedom fighters could add value but, through certain movements that created an impact which could be counted. It clearly shows that, when the efforts put is continuous without a break, then those cannot be counted though it counts.

    This helps us to understand that “not everything that counts can be counted “

    After analyzing the different perspectives of counting, we can understand that, the matter that counts a person depends on the value that it can add to his/her life. This also give rise to a fact that , as different human are with different attitudes , what could be valuable to them depends on his/her mindset .

    The simple message this quote gives to the Humanity as a whole is to have a life were quality matters and not the quantity he/she possess by counting it.

    • yogi

      Hello Guruji 🙂

      My views :-

      Intro: good, you have defined the key word of the theme, that is also one way of writing that people suggest. One small suggestion from presentation point of view, you can start a bit indirectly and then come to the theme of the essay, and define the terms, this would help in making the intro attractive (just an opinion choose only if it suits you, )

      (A)“Does everything that can be counted counts “? Answer would be NO!

      1. census.

      2. child starts counting from A to Z

      3. Hotelier

      [Conclusion: If the counting is done by us to satisfy our conscience, then it would be counted].—justified by the content u have given in preceding paras.

      (B)“Does everything that counts can be counted “? Answer would be NO!

      Mother and friend example are very relevant and put aptly, good job.

      when you write—“ALL their actions are well documented by Historians and if we look at the Life of these great stalwarts , we could observe that , all their actions counts and could be counted by reading the events involved by them” u have given an extreme tone to sentence (By writing ALL) as we all know it is not possible to document all of their actions. There is one more issue with this example as I have mentioned in next para. If I am not wrong here you are trying to give an example regarding the “things that can be counted and counts”> for that you could have given an example something like when government put a policy online for public opinion, people give their opinions, these opinions can be counted and they counts in terms of their contribution to the policy formulation or simply their contribution counts in establishing a governance with people’s participation.

      If we observe the life of our “ mother “, “ a true friend “ and that of the “freedom fighters” , the three cases shows their actions “counts” but only the action of a Freedom fighter could be counted and not of the mother or a friend due to the continuous care , they provides to us . Freedom fighters could add value but, through certain movements that created an impact which could be counted. It clearly shows that, when the efforts put is continuous without a break, then those cannot be counted though it counts.—–>-I don’t agree here. It is projecting that the efforts of freedom fighters were not continuous, it is giving a negative tone to the essay, I think the comparison could have been avoided. (IMO).

      Your conclusion is good, you can try to include some suggestive aspects that how should one behave or think so that s/he could draw the essence and true meaning of counting, as u said that the one which add value to one life, also tell how can one foster that value to make it count.

      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Yogi ,

        I agree with your opinion on the example of Freedom Fighters that i wrote in the essay . No other example came in my mind while writing this essay . It took around 100 minutes for me to write this essay and i did not try to think more, for writing this essay within the time limit .

        I was very clear about the Introduction , main body and the conclusion . But ,personally not satisfied with the example of Freedom Fighters , though wrote it in the essay .

        One more aspect , i would like to share with you :

        After Analyzing about various methods to write the Introduction . I have come to the conclusion that the SAFEST way to write Introduction is by explaining the key terms ,especially for ETHICAL / PHILOSOPHICAL Essays .


        I have complied all the essays asked by UPSC from the last 23 years and creating a Detailed ROUGH DRAFT for each essay .

        Once, I am done with the making of ROUGH DRAFT for all the essays .It will be mailed to you for further suggestions and improvements .

        My conclusion is that ,if a candidate is able to create a ROUGH DRAFT for any type of essay, then that would surely make his/her essays better .


        • yogi

          all the essays asked by UPSC from the last 23 years and creating a Detailed ROUGH DRAFT for each essay –this would be interesting to create a rough draft and train the mind in structuring the essay of all types.
          i will also try this adventure at least for essays of past few years
          thanks and ATB 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hello Aravind…
      My views…

      1) Introduction- Though, it is good, yet at present it is looking more mechanical type inro, like a teacher is telling about counting, and we are not going to read an essay based on philosophy. So, I think you can present it in better way by keeping theme idea.

      2) question format is good. But I think, you must keep your verdict secret till you explain the procedure to reach your decision.
      “Does everything that counts can be counted “? Answer would be NO! IT is not looking engaging. and break the flow.

      3) In first part of your example, wher, counting count partially, you have explained your opinion quite clearly, But my friend, I think, You should pick examples, which can represent broader picture of quote. Though, your census example is good, yet you have seen it from individual’s point of view. But there are many think, which are counted by individual as well as society, but do not have any relevance. But right now, I am unable to recall one.

      4) YOu could have explained in prior basis, what do you mean by count can counting Since, these words are creating confusion in paragraphs.

      5) The example of mother’s love and freedom fighter suffering- YOu do not think, it is bit ironical, since, we can count the incident where our mother tell us a story, but we can not count the love behind these stories, in similar case, we can count the incident where, freedom fighter were physically involved,yet we can not count the courage, the determination, the suffering behind such incidents.

      6) Conclusion is good.And, I tried to combine rough draft and essay. See, If you agree. 🙂


      • Aravind Varier

        Dear minaxi ,

        Thank you for reviewing my essay 🙂

        1) AGREED 🙂 Will add some interesting examples from History to make it interesting 🙂

        2) AGREED 🙂 Good Suggestion ” I will Surely Keep the SUSPENSE till the completion of the Paragraph . Hahaha……… I will surely give a DETECTIVE NOVEL touch to philosophical essays next time 🙂

        3) DISAGREED – There is NO RULE , we should try to relate to the society or a give a broader picture . The essay is more concerned on the candidates ability to bring the” context of the essay ” clearly through the EVENTS or EXAMPLES .

        4) AGREED 🙂 sentences could have been made much simpler for the convenience of the examiner 🙂

        5) DISAGREED – I am clearly telling about the care a mother gives to her child . It is not about citing one or two incidents .

        The only issue that i could see in the second part of my essay is about , portraying the contributions of Freedom Fighters in a lower level so as to fit into my essay .


  • Eswar Sai

    “Not everything that can be counted counts , and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    Rewind to 20th century where several moderate leaders like Dada Bhai Nauroji, Gopala Krishna Gokhale, Maha govind Ranade and extremist leaders like Lala Lajapathi Rai, Bala Gangadhar Tilak and also Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and many other national leaders who fought for the nation. It is mainly because of these tens or hundreds of leaders, we are now in the 21st century enjoying the fruits in the form of independence. The number of national leaders can be countable but the contribution they made to the mother land can never be counted and cannot be counted.

    India is an excellent country and probably the best example of a very good family system. It is said that “Todays children are tomorrows citizens”, hence children should be brought up in such a way that they contributes towards the development of the country in future. Parents are the ones who makes their child grow by taking extensive care and makes them to walk in the right direction by nurturing them with ethics, values, compassion, empathy etc so that they become healthy citizens-not only in body strength but also in intellectual strength-and can do their bit for the growth and prosperity of the country. Here parents can be counted as mother and father but the care and affection they showed on their kids cannot be counted. Hence we can say “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”.

    Indian constitution can be counted as 465 articles, 25 parts and 12 schedules but it accommodated social, political, judicial and what not it guides almost all the aspects of the present functioning of the countrry. Hence the contribution provided by the constitution is enormous and cannot be counted.

    Indian started an alliance called “International Solar Alliance” along with France. This allows all the countries between tropic of cancer and tropic and Capricorn to become members so that they can contribute to the solar world where electricity production can be done by installing solar panels by utilising the solar radiation from the sun. This alliance can be counted as a single one but it comprises nearly 121 countries falling between these tropics. Hence this single alliance can contribute not only for the healthy environment but also ensures healthy life of the people because of reduced pollution.

    Is it true only domestically? No. It is true internationally too.

    Let us rewind further to 15th century where a single man Johannes Gutenberg invented printing press which can be considered as “historic invention”. This can be considered historic because this printing press changed the way people can achieve knowledge. It opened new doors to copy the original book any number of times because of which the same book can be made available to millions of people with which millions gained knowledge. Before this masses are deprived of knowledge because of non availability of books. We can further say Invention of Printing press lead to “Intellectual Revolution” in the world. Here contributor may be counted as one but not his contribution.

    Let us also take the recent example of Salma Dam. This dam is built by India in Afghanistan in order to develop good relations with the country and to bring stability in the Aghan agriculture and hence its region. Afghan government recognised the friendly nature of India and renamed the name of the dam as “Afghan-India friendly Dam”. This itself shows that the contribution of India to Afghanistan might be a single dam or even a further more count, but the relation between these two countries – not only between government to government but also people to people relations- has reached a new heights. This signifies the importance of outcome but not the number of inputs.

    Environmentally forests are considered as the lungs of the earth. Though forest cover on the planet earth is only nearly 30%, they are protecting the entire planet in which there are nearly 7 billion people, millions or even billion of other species. Forests can be counted but the contribution of forests to us through pleasant air, timely monsoon, fruits, herbs, timber etc cannot be counted. Hence it is the duty of the people to keep and maintain forest safely by protecting them with affection. Therefore it is said “Seven billion dreams; One planet; Consume with care”.

    Does countable things always results positive outcome?

    No. Let us take the case of China. India, being one of the largest peace keeping troops provider to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), wanted to enter permanent-5 of which China is one and has the power to veto any member from not entering into veto. Hence China, though its count is one blocked India from becoming member of UNSC. Now similar is happening with the case of India entering Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), where China because of its vested interest blocking India’s move.

    Further example can be the case of India. The recent racial attacks on the African students in Bangalore and the National Capital Territory region of Delhi are straining the relations between India-Africa. The number of attacks are not even double digit, but these small count is damaging the relation between large countries. Hence the concept of “Vasu Daiva Kutumbakam” (entire world is one family) shall be incorporated among the people so that fraternity and brotherhood can be promoted among the people of the planet.

    Antarctica can be the single ocean where sea ice is rising in the recent decades. But once it starts melting it is reported that many countries will be flooded. 40 million Indians can be displaced by climate change according to UN report. Hence countable number of people should make uncountable contribution to revert this effect by measures like afforestation, reducing vehicle, industrial and other pollutions to make future world safer for the next generations so that sustainable development can be achieved.

    Hence we can say that it is not the number of contributors but their contribution that decides the fate of the society, nation and hence the world. Hence ending from where we started “Not everything that can be counted counts , and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    • Ashutosh

      hi Eswar,
      Your has very very nice examples and some of the examples were analysed well also. Especially the solar alliance. Other example are also well taken
      but i think in the starting paragraphs you dint emphasize on the theme of this essay hence i got confused whether you read the topic or not. your 4th paragraph dealt about the topic, which made my interest again. I think some more analysis can be good and it misses something which i think you would include in the next essay.

      • Ashutosh

        review mine gentle brother

        • Eswar Sai

          Thank u bro, actually my intention is to say that
          national leaders (count is less)-contribution is more
          parents (count = only 2) – but the way they contributed to our life is uncountable
          constitution (countable articles) – but contribution is uncountable

          Anyway thanks for the review yaar, will review yours.ATB

    • FinalAttempt

      hi bro your intro is v solid.. u have used multidimensional examples.. your afghanistan, enviornment and unsc example are relly good. but u have considered only/mostly india in examples.. you need to think over it and consider a universal approach..
      overall a good essay, keep writing 🙂

      • Eswar Sai

        Thanks bro for suggestion. ATB

    • sudheer nimawat

      according to me best essay of the day…..

      • Eswar Sai

        Thanks for appreciation sudheer. ATB

    • BlueMormon

      You have incorporated good examples. You might want to use exact expressions like “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (Vasudha, i.e. Earth, being the word in Vasudhaiva).
      Overall a nice read.

      • Eswar Sai

        Sorry for the expression and heartful thanks for pointing out the same my friend, hope i will not repeat it again, once again thank u for correcting me.

    • TDP abhimani

      hi eswar……..nice one but linking is not good……though I am alos experiencing the same problem here…………any ways nice write up…….review mine if possible……..

      • Eswar Sai

        Hi anna, thank u for the review, just tried to explain each concept in each para, not tried to link between the paras, e essay lo ela link cheyalo artam kaledu anna, hope will try for linking. Will review anna.

        • TDP abhimani

          haa avnu bro…same problem…….ela link up cheyalo ardam kaledu naku kuda……..but tried my best……

    • Just do it

      Cleverly used current affairs..very good approach…

      • Eswar Sai

        Thanks for the complement bro.

  • Philosophista

    We live in an age of numbers and data. every broader goal of the society is driven by statistics. In such an age, it becomes very important to understand whether we we have counted what really matters or not.
    As the case in point is counting, let us first look at it from an economic perspective. The gross domestic product has emerged to be the sole indicator of judging the growth rates of economies. However many important contributions, especially from the care economy – including the work of housewives account with other things are not counted. Also externalities like damage to the environment etc are excluded the GDP. It doesn’t matter to the GDP figures whether the growth was amongst a few rich individuals, due to war, disaster reconstruction any such skewed factor. Thus, not everything that counts can be counted, though efforts are being made in that direction by human development indeed, gender inequality indeed, gross national happiness etc. Also GDP figures do not necessarily count if they do not result in a balanced growth. At an individual level, it equates to saying that a mere accumulation of wealth is useless, unless it leads to a better healthy lifestyle.
    The moral perspective emerges from focussing on an individual. A man is a collection of virtues, vices, experience and mistakes. However reducing him to just that is committing an error. We have different criteria of judging people like wealth, personality, awards etc. But often it happens that the things which count the most, like empathy, often go unnoticed and uncounted.
    However this does not limit to humans. We have inherited an earth which is home to a trillion other species of which we have discovered less than a percent. Even though it is not possible to count them all, saving them must be a priority.if not for humanitarian reasons, the economic benefits of biodiversity cannot be emphasized enough. With increased technology, we have come up with better monitoring and protection methods which must be put to use.
    The last part of this essay would like to focus on technology itself. In the age of big data and smartphones, everyone is sending out an enormous amount of information just by logging into social media sites. Our location, friends , interests, transport routes everything can be counted. To identify the crux of this huge data, big data softwares come in. Thus it makes service providers customize your content without you even realizing it. However, it does raise the issue of privacy concerns and fears of mass surveillance as indicated by the snowden files. The biometric data collected by aadhar has raised similar concerns, though it’s utility in better service delivery far outnumbers it’s critics.
    Thus while we strive to build policy on accurate numgers, it is also crucial to realise that numbers in themselves are meaningless unless arranged in the right perspective and analyzed.

    • Philosophista

      Please review. This is a shorter version as writing in a phone is painful. Other themes included history, thinkers etc. Which have already been covered by the other writers.

      • Ashutosh

        Your theme about GDP is good but you have left some other points. You have missed the analysis by doing the core analysis of GDP . You should try to analyse the topic as well.

        Big data example i loved it, but i am sure most of the examiners will not be knowing it. So if you use the term you have to justify how it fits in your content,

        please write full essay in paper and then post, i will review your essay surely.

        Please review mine too if you know hindi

  • Ambarish

    Topic: Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted
    Humans have had a knack of counting and quantifying things around them since the dawn of history. Perhaps it was this need that led to the development of Mathematics. With an evolution spanning such a long period, certain universal consensus has emerged around ‘counting’ – That what is fathomable can be counted. And that which can be counted can be sold off/bartered etc. At the same time, we come across clichés such as ‘Money can’t buy everything’. We will try to decipher these dialectics in the course of this essay by examining the statement from multiple viewpoints

    Social Interactions – In this age of social media, popularity and ‘friendliness’ of people is measured by their Twitter following or the number of ‘friend’ connections on Facebook. These numbers surely give an adrenaline boost and leaves people awestruck. However, in reality how many of these ‘connections’ can be considered real friends? Friends who would go out of their way to help them out in times of need. And how would one measure such a gesture of friendship? Clearly such acts are beyond being captured by the conventional counting methods and being reduced to a mere number.

    Economics – Economics unarguably is the Crown Jewel in the Social Sciences. It takes pride in its exactitude and predictability and therefore has immense application in solving real world problems. Perhaps the current obsession which we see today in counting and quantifying is the legacy of the Classical Economists who vehemently linked it to a nation’s progress. Economics does a good job in calculating national incomes, output and other important statistics which measures a country’s growth. However traditional economics reaches its limit to actually assess the state of a country’s development. It fails to measures basic attributes required to lead a meaningful life, attributes such as freedom and happiness. It fails to explain situations such as a billionaire suffering from depression and ill health and a daily wage labourer being content and happy even after earning more than 2 square meals a day

    Politics – India has one of most competitive political scenes in the world. We will find political parties and politicians wooing voters by holding massive rallies as a ‘show of strength’ But do they signify a political party’s salience? Do such rallies indicate their track record in delivering promises? Can they be considered a character certificate of the politicians? It is qualities such as honesty, integrity, selflessness and courage which differentiate politicians from statesmen. Though these qualities can’t be measured, people can differentiate between those who possess them and those who don’t. And then massive rallies carry little meaning.

    Law and Justice – ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. This quote aptly summarises the state of the country’s present judicial setup. Is the number of years a case runs the only metric which signifies the delay? Can we imagine let alone estimate the pain, agony and the sense of loss an individual suffers while knocking at the doors of justice, that too for years? Can we measure the social and economic costs associated because of a slow moving and inefficient judicial system? At the same time the signal which the judiciary sends by passing a judgement sends a positive message which has a lasting impact in strengthening the country’s institutions. This was recently observed in the recent Bombay HC verdict which absolved the innocent youth belonging to a minority community in the Malegaon blasts case. In both the cases the impact is beyond being measured objectively

    Ecology – It has been more than 20 years since the world started negotiating a ‘Climate Deal’ under the UNFCCC. However, consensus on how to tackle this ‘disaster in the making’ still eluded the Global Community until last year and even then the outcome was a document which wasn’t binding on the countries. We saw leaders of the West arguing vehemently on the specifics disowning their historical responsibility of polluting the earth. What everyone missed during the course of such debates was that the threat which Climate Change poses is beyond numbers. It has only one final outcome: destruction of life on earth as we know it. However, this basic outcome has been obfuscated in the pile of statistics and legal jargon tuned to “absolve” the West of owning up its historical responsibility of polluting the earth. This does remind me of a quote said by a British Economist ‘If you torture data long enough, it will confess to what you want’. Clearly measures and numbers if interpreted correctly do not lie. The only challenge is to interpret them in the right spirit

    The human urge for quantifying things has played an important role in human progress. However, care should be taken to avoid blindly following and attempting to view things strictly from this prism. There are many things/qualities in the abstract which cannot be assessed through real world metrics aptly summarised in the quote ‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted’

  • Dr Jaikal

    Jai Hind…..

    • Dr Jaikal

      review kardo ….

      • Dr Jaikal

        PLease Review….

        • Dr Jaikal

          PLease Review…

    • Ashutosh

      Hello Dr. Jaikaal…Kapaala here…Andhera Kaayam Rahe (crossed hands)

      You have written a very good analytical essay, your handwriting is superb and your language is simple. I found some grammatical syntax errors along with a lot of spelling errors but never mind you will rectify them , I know. You have taken wonderful points to analyse and analysed them well but your central theme misses somewhere in the essay, your flow takes the subject out of your hand and then it ends . You have not taken much examples from the real world, you have introduced the cases but not dealt with them properly , you should try to give more light to the issues you raised.

      In the end i think that you will do more better the next time (request you to review mine Essay )

      • Dr Jaikal

        will review your essay @ 7 pm

    • Khayam

      Dr Jaikal saab where did u get the UPSC template paper ??

      your essay is good one, conclusion wud have been better.

  • Isha

    The given quote is famously believed to be quoted by the great scientist, Einstein. In its first appearance, it may sound a bit clumsy in tone. In reality, though, it is one of the best life lessons one can count upon in life.

    To decode its meaning, lets take a deeper dive into the meaning of the words ‘counts’ and ‘counted’. Here, ‘things which one counts on’ are those things which has real importance in one’s life. They matter a lot on our personality development, the way we perceive life and the way we come out of our grief period. ‘Things which can be counted’ can be understood as related to material aspect like money, property, or something having less intrinsic and more of monetary value.

    So, what we can literally understand from the given quote is that- all those things which we can count (things which can be counted- say, money) ain’t always important in life (not always count). Similarly, the things which really do matter (that counts) are those which can’t always be counted (measured). Here, we can interpret the word counts as something which holds importance and we can rely upon in difficult times- like, family, friends, emotions, a little act by some acquaintance, anything. The interpretation for the phrase ‘things that can be counted’ is more related to money.

    Einstein probably would have quoted the above quote in the context of mathematics and Physics related sums and problems (that can be counted). They really would not have mattered to him at a point of time in his life when he combined these famous words. And probably he would have understood the importance of all those immaterial, uncountable humanly attributes that he had missed all this while.

    The same goes for many of us in our lives. The youth of present times are busy running behind the luxuries of life- money, home, car, comfort, etc. Certainly for a better life, these things are necessary to an extent. But sacrificing one for the other, especially neglecting your parents, responsibilities, for the material comfort of life isn’t a wise decision.

    Similarly, we can also understand the meaning of the quote as a bigger number (things that can be counted) do not always represent a greater value (can not always be counted upon). For example, Large number of poverty alleviation schemes, committees, reports wont eliminate poverty. Just because government is coming forth with a lot of schemes on paper doesn’t mean problem is getting lesser. What matters is the right implementation of a single scheme, diligently. For example, starting from planning Commission’s working group, Dandekar and Rath’s assessment, Alag committee, Lakdawala committee, Tendulakar committee to Rangarajan committee (2012) we had numerous committees on poverty line estimation since independence.

    At the international and national level as well, on of the crucial subject of environment has yet not seen the focused effort. Just there are numerous schemes, forums, platforms, one cant even count properly as they are so numerous in number. The efforts and genuine intention is still missing even at this grave hour of global warming. A similar case was there in our country with Planning commission and Finance commission- they had overlapping functions. 2 commissions, double manpower, funds for a single task that could have been easily achieved even if there was a single body dedicated to it.

    What counts at the end is that poverty is eliminated, people are more aware towards their acts which are harming environment and there are cordial relations between center and states in our country for development to be equally balanced. For this, n-number of committees, forums, schemes, and commissions do not matter. What is actually important (thing which counts) is whatever efforts are there, they are accomplished with full commitment.

    Many of us are very well aware of the fact that the best things in life are hidden behind the small acts & things and not always in material possession. In personal sphere, people value the importance of degree form a highly famous institute over degree from a government college. Certainly,education from a good institute makes you a capable person but that does not mean a student from lesser known college is necessarily less capable, as generally believed in our society. What is counted here is the name and prestige of the college; what counts actually is the hardwok one puts in his/her work and the knowledge one possess.

    Similarly, People respect those who have wealth or those who occupy highly prestigious positions. They are said to be generous. What one counts here is the monetary help they are providing as an act of charity; or may be the lavish lifestyle which makes them appear smarter. What really counts here is no matter the person is having money in his/her hands or not; he/she is really having resources at his/hr disposal or not but is still willing enough to help others and make a difference in their life though his/her small acts.

    The great social reformers of our country since ancient times, the poets and saints through their little acts tried to bring a change in the miserable condition of our society ridden with caste system, subdued position of women, illiteracy and religious myths. Saint kabir, Surdas, Ravidas, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Ishwar chandra vidya sagar, etc. are few among them. Moreover the great freedom fighters of our country spend their entire lives for the independence of their country. Their qualities of compassion towards other human beings made them stand apart from rest of the masses. What counts here is their efforts, their humanly qualities which money and wealth cant bring. These qualities cant be counted (measured), but they certainly count.

    Hence, what matters the most in one’s life is little things which we generally ignore being so indulged in earning comfort and material things. Their importance is realized when time slips from our hands. So its necessary to really understand the difference between the intrinsic and face value of things. One needs to understand the importance of inculcating the humanly attributes in one’s personality. That would really make you a better person and make your life the best among others.

    • Ashutosh

      Hi Isha,
      Your essay has very nice points and examples. You have a lucid and simple language and you avoid complex jargons but i feel the central theme was missing there sometimes. It looked like a diary note more than an essay, you should highlight your stand somewhere in the essay. It was like a description of something without much discussion. You have given good examples but you havent done much analysis of the subject. If you do that you will be a better writer.

      • Ashutosh

        can you please review mine too if you know hindi

        • Isha

          Yeah, i am going to read yours 🙂

      • Isha

        Hey, Thanks for the review Ashutosh. I tried to bring forth a mix of analysis and examples and as there is wordlimit thing so there is always a trade off involved.
        But anyway, i would try to incorporate your suggestion next time.
        Thanks for the value addition.

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      hello isha ji..
      1. explanation in d intro z is nyc
      2. r u sure bout einstein tht in wch context he hd quoted this…coz as per me einstein blvd in philosophies n transcendental entities..
      3. hw to remembr all those committees..extraordinary for me..
      4. emphasis z more on social share it with ethical issues..practical issues in day today life, economic issues as difference b/w growth n development..
      5. body appeared a bit repeatative to me..

      keep up d good work..
      kindly review mine too..

      • Isha

        Thanks for the review Karishma. About the committees- actually i have eco optional. So i am able to recall the same. Otherwise its difficult for me as well in other field. I will work upon your suggestion.

        Will review yours by night 🙂

        • Dr. KARISHMA


          • Isha

   u have any gmail id? Want to ask about few things.

            • Dr. KARISHMA

              r u thr?

              • Isha


  • Abhilash M Gowda

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

    In a city a person who owns a group of hotels and is a so called billionaire with his assets and business according to the city’s economic survey.But with the interview to the media about achieving the feat all media persons was surprised with his answers.
    Questions from the media persons.
    1)Interviewer: How could you achieve this feat?
    Billionaire:All because of hard work and dreams which i had towards hotel industry.
    2) Interviewer:Who supported to you much during hard times?
    Billionaire:My wife was my backbone to this achievement she was my moral support.
    3) Interviewer:How much happy you are with this achievement?
    Billionaire: Not happy because my moral support i.e my wife is not on this earth any more(tears flowed in his eyes),after 2 years of our marriage she expired in an accident.

    This above example explains the quote very well where the business man had all the comforts and luxury in his life which gives him materialistic happiness but not provided or enjoyed the real happiness with his wife.Where the money,assets and wealth can be counted but it does not counts but the relations,feelings and the morality which may not be countable but counts in the real world.

    In the present world every one is concerned about getting happiness from the materials and they love it but not the relations and the humans who may lend the actual happiness.As compared to western countries India has some what more non materialistic feelings and emotions in all sorts of life.A son or daughter in U S will go to movie and enjoy his/her life during the last days of his father who is critically ill,a thief in gulf will be executed in public for a small robbery,ISIS or any extremist groups will raid or explode whole city for the self aspirations of Islamic state or money.

    In the grim of climate change every country wants to be a super power and want to expand its business and role in the international arena but failed to keep the sustainable growth and already destroyed the mother earth in all possible manners which cant be countable and the effect counts in the future.

    The governments are concerned with measuring the GDP of the country with the use of the products and services produced in the domestic boundary but never look in to the happiness of social condition of its own citizens which is ultimately the factor which provides happiness.Where the Bhutan’s Gross Happiness Index(GHI) is the best example to quote where the happiness of the country is far better than most of the countries rather than the GDP,but the GDP may countable but will not count in the individual’s life.

    A politician may won the election by illegal means by of money only for the sake of power he might get and the money he can earn but never thinks of development of his constituency will finally end up with the happiness by the materialistic end.If the things are way around with the honesty in contesting elections and working for the people and his constituency would have bought him a well an immense pleasure and joy from inside.

    So in to live a happy life in the real world one need not to bother about the things which are countable in spite should work hard to get the things which counts.

  • Ashutosh

    I am here again ..with my Hindi essay…please review:

    जरुरी नहीं की हर वस्तु जो गिनी जा सकती है मायने रखती हो , और हर वस्तु जो मायने रखती हो वह गणना योग्य हो


    ​भारत के प्राचीन दर्शन शास्त्र में असत्कार्यवदा व सत्कार्यवदा के बीच में एक बहस दिखाई पड़ती है । असत्कार्यवदा के अनुसार पहले किसी विचार के रूप में कार्य जन्म लेता है और फिर वो वास्तविकता में घटित होता है वहीँ सत्कार्यवदा का दर्शन मानता है की पहले कार्य होता है फिर उससे सम्बंधित भाव की उत्पत्ति होती है । उपरोक्त दर्शन हमें विचारों के निर्माण के बारे में शिक्षा देते हैं की आखिर हमारे विचार और विश्वास कैसे जन्म लेते हैं । आधुनिक काल में यह बहस तो समाप्त हो गयी है परन्तु इस बात पर नयी चर्चा शुरू हुई है की कंप्यूटर की इस दुनिया में जहाँ आंकड़ों की भरमार है वहां सही सूचना का निर्माण कैसे हो । कौन से ऐसे मानक हो जो हमारे विचारों और कार्यकलापों के निर्माण के लिए सही दिशा दें । क्या हम केवल उन्ही विचारों को मान कर चलें जो प्रमाणित है या फिर हम उन्हें तरजीह दें जो प्रमाणित नहीं है परन्तु उनका भाव प्रगति मूलक हो । विचारों का सही दिशा में होना आवश्यक है क्यूंकि इसी की पीठिका पर समाज बनता है और फिर समाज राज्य का ढांचा बनाता है । यह अन्वेषण करने का मुद्दा है की आधुनिक युग में हमारे सोच , विचार व कार्य किस प्रकार आकार ग्रहण करें।

    यह बात १८५७ की है जब मेरठ और बरेली से आये सिपाही दिल्ली के लाल किले में बहादुर शाह द्वितीय से उनका नेता बनने की गुजारिश कर रहे थे । बहादुर शाह को विश्वास था की उनकी सैन्य छमता अंग्रेजों से कहीं कम है परन्तु सिपाहियों ने उन्हें यह विश्वास दिलाया की उनकी गणना कहती है की वे अंग्रेजों को बाहर खदेड़ देंगे । उन्होंने दिल्ली के ४ दरवाजों पर अपनी स्तिथि , अपने बारूद , अपने घोड़ों के बारे में ऐसा बढ़ चढ़ कर ब्यौरा दिया की बहादुर शाह तैयार हो गए । हालांकि सिपाहियों ने अंग्रेजों की सेना का कोई विश्लेषण नहीं किया था और न ही इस बात पर विचार किया था की बलवे की स्तिथि में सिपहिोयों को रसद कहाँ से मिलेगी । इस समय आंकड़ों का खेल दिल्ली के पतन की वजह बना और एक ऐसा नरसंहार शुरू हुआ जो अप्रत्याशित था । सिपाहियों का जोश और नजरिया देशभक्ति का था परन्तु उन्होंने केवल एक गणना पर ही अपनी जीत का स्वप्न सजा लिया और बहादुर शाह के अनुभव और भावों को पीछे छोड़ दिया । वहीँ एक दूसरा उदहारण भी मिलता है जब पानीपत की तीसरी जंग के दौरान सदाशिव् राव भाऊ केवल इस अनुमान पर मराठा स्त्रियों को लेकर कुरुक्षेत्र चला गया की अब्दाली बाढ़ वाली यमुना जल्दी पार नहीं कर पाएगा । हालांकि उसको होल्कर ने कहा था की यमुना कई जगहों में गहरी नहीं है ,परन्तु सदाशिव ने अपने भ्रम के आगे प्रमाण को नकार दिया और अंततः पानीपत का युद्ध मराठे हार गए ।

    उपर्युक्त दोनों ऐतिहासिक उदाहरण यह सिद्ध करते हैं की भाव और तर्क दोनों का मिलान आवश्यक है । कोई भी कार्य या योजना केवल आंकड़ों पर आधारित नहीं हो सकती , और न ही वह केवल किसी नेता की दूर दृष्टि पर बन सकती है । वर्तमान में हम देखते हैं की 18वीं सदी से जब आद्योगिक क्रान्ति का प्रसार शुरू हुआ तो अधिकतर पश्चिमी मुल्कों ने पूंजी अर्जन व संचय को ही लक्ष्य बना लिया और देश की शक्ति उसकी सम्पति के समानुपाती हो गयी अर्थात जिसके पास जितना सोना वो उतना ही शक्तिशाली । सम्पन्नता के इस भ्रामक विचार में उन्होंने एक छुपे हुए मूल्य को तिलांजलि दे डाली , वह मूल्य था पर्यावरण संरक्षण का । भौतिक उन्नति की बयार में और धन के बढ़ते आंकड़ों के मध्य उन्होंने पर्यावरण को होने वाली हानि को अनदेखा कर दिया । विलियम वर्ड्सवर्थ जैसे कवियों ने पर्यवरण हानि का दृश्य प्रकट किया और सचेत किया की आने वाला समय इस हानि की भरपाई मांगेगा , परन्तु आंकड़ों की जगह भाव पर विचार करना आद्योगिक समाज ने छोड़ दिया था । यदि उस समय भाव और आंकड़ों का तालमेल बन जाता तो आज पेरिस में बैठकर कार्बन उत्सर्जन कम करने की रणनीतियां नहीं बनानी पड़ती । उस समय आंकड़ों की अनुपलब्धता ने पर्यावरण की कीमत को नजरअंदाज कर दिया था , परन्तु आज जब पर्यावरण सेवाओं की कीमत लगभग ३० ट्रिलियन डॉलर निश्चित की गयी तो सभी का ध्यान इस ओर खिंचा चला आया । ये बताता है की आधुनिक युग कैसे आंकड़ा पिपासु हो गया है और उन्हें अनुभव , भाव और अनुमान का सहारा लेना छोड़ दिया है।

    ऐसा नहीं है की आंकड़ों का संचयन और विश्लेषण जरुरी नहीं है , परन्तु इस बात की भी महती आवश्यकता है की उनका सह सम्बन्धन परिस्तिथिओं , पुराने अनुभव , और छेत्रीय मांगों से भी करना चाहिए। ऐसा करने पर ही वास्तविक तस्वीर उभर कर सामने आती है । उदाहरण के लिए हम बात कर सकतें हैं निर्मल भारत अभियान और स्वच्छ भारत मिशन के अंतर्गत बनाए गए शौचालयों की । NSSO के आंकड़ें बताते है की इनके अंतर्गत भारत में लगभग ४०% घरों में टॉयलेट की व्यवस्था हो गयी है , और कई जगहों पर सरकार द्वारा समर्थन से सामुदायिक शौचालयों का भी निर्माण हुआ है । परन्तु जब हम जमीनी स्तर पर स्तिथि को देखते हैं तो पता चलता है की सीवर व्यवस्था , पानी व्यवस्था , रखरखाव का अभाव , अस्वछ्ता आदि के कारण अभी भी लोग घर में शौचालय बनवाने के बाद भी खुले में शौच के लिए जाते हैं । सामुदायिक केंद्रों में एक और लक्षण है जो इनको असफल करता है वह है गाँवों में व्यापत जाति व्यवस्था तथा दलित शोषण जिसके कारण गाँव का हर तबका इनका प्रयोग नहीं कर पाता । यहां इस बात की आवश्यकता है की यदि सोच बदलने पर भी अनुकूल बल दिया जाता , छेत्रीय समुदाय को ज्यादा शामिल करके उनकी राय लेकर यदि निर्माण होता तो शायद ज्यादा लाभ मिलता ।

    आंकड़ों का प्रयोग विरोधाभास भी उत्पन्न कर सकता है , अब हम एक नजर डालते हैं हमारी शिक्षा व्यवस्था पर । आधुनिक युग में भी हमारी शिक्षा प्रणाली अंकों और ग्रेड पर आधारित है । अभी भी हमारी विद्या का मूल बल हमारी आद्योगिक व्यवस्था के अनुसार श्रमिक व दक्ष प्रबंधक बनाने पर है नाकि स्वतंत्र उद्यमिता के विकास पर , इसी कारणवश युवाओं का बल दक्षता से ज्यादा डिग्री अर्जन पर होता है । ये शिक्षा प्रणाली हमे प्रतिस्पर्धी बनाती जा रही है नाकि सहयोगी । भले ही २०११ की जनगड़ना यह कहती हो की ७५% लोग शिक्षित हैं पर क्या वे वास्तव में अपना स्वतंत्र विकास करने में सक्षम है। अमर्त्य सेन के अनुसार विकास का असली सूचक होता है लोगों के पास उपलब्ध चयन की स्वतंत्रता, पर क्या भारत की शिक्षा प्राणी लोगों को यह स्वतंत्र दे पायी है । हालांकि इस शिक्षा के कारण आज भारत में महिला सशक्तिकरण हुआ है परन्तु उनकी संख्या १०% से ज्यादा नहीं है ।

    आंकड़ों का होना स्तिथि का सही विश्लेषण करने में सहायक होता है, परन्तु किन किन आकंड़ों को विश्लेषण में लिया जाए इसके लिए सही भाव और विचार का होना भी जरुरी है । कई अन्य मुद्दे भी है जो आंकड़ों के मध्य ही विरोधाभासों को दर्शाते हैं । आंकड़ें दर्शाते हैं की भारत में ८८% विवाह तयशुदा होते हैं और ये आम विश्वास है की तयशुदा शादियां प्रेम विवाह से ज्यादा सफल होती हैं , परन्तु फिर कुछ अन्य आंकड़ें ये भी दर्शाते हैं की ७०% भारतीय नारियां घरेलु हिंसा का शिकार होती हैं । इसका मतलब यह हुआ की भले ही तयशुदा शादियां ज्यादा होती है परन्तु उनमे महिलाओं की पारिवारिक भागीदारी सीमित होती है और पति द्वारा छोड़ दिए जाने के भय से वे सब कुछ चुप चाप सहती हैं । इसमें कहना न होगा की आंकड़ें भले ही तयशुदा शादियों को तरजीह दें पर वास्तविकता इसका समर्थन नहीं करती ।

    अब इस बात पर भी विचार करना आवश्यक है की आखिर क्यों हम आकंड़ों के खेल में उलझ जाते हैं और दूसरे आनुभविक तथ्यों पर विश्वास नहीं करते । वहीँ कुछ लोग ऐसे भी क्यों होते हैं जो केवल श्रद्धा पर विश्वास करते हैं और प्रमाणों को मिथ्या मानते हैं । दरअसल हमारे विश्वासों का जन्म स्वतंत्र रूप में नहीं होता , हम जो भी सोचते है , विचारते हैं वह सब कुछ हमारे आस पास के माहौल से प्रभावित होता रहता है । इसीलिए अधिकतर देखा जाता है की भारतीय व्यक्ति आध्यात्म को ऊपर रखता है जबकि पश्चिमी सभ्यता में जन्मा व्यक्ति भौतिकता को तरजीह देता है । हमारी मूलभूत सोच की प्रणाली ही यह तय करती है की हम तर्क प्रधान होंगे या भाव प्रधान । हमे आज के युग में इन बेड़ियों को तोडना होगा और ऐसी सोच का विकास करना होगा जो वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण और आध्यात्मिकता को समायोजित कर सके । जैसा की खलील गिब्राहन अपनी रचना थे ‘द प्रोफेट’ में लिखते हैं की मनुष्य का विकास तर्क और भाव के मिश्रण से ही संभव है क्यूंकि तर्क भाव को दिशाहीन होने से बचाता है और भाव तर्क को नयी दिशा देता है ।

    यह प्रसन्नता की बात है की भारत में अब भाव और तर्क का समिश्रण दिखने लगा है । नयी शिक्षा नीति में जहाँ इस बात पर बल दिया गया है की शिक्षा का उद्देशय स्वतंत्र विचार की खोज हो वहीँ कौशल विकास कार्यक्रम द्वारा उद्यमिता की सोच को बढ़ावा दिया जा रहा है । संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ के प्रतिवेदनों में भी अब HDI सूचकांक को गरीबी और असमानता के आधार पर MPI और इनइक्वालिटी एडजस्टेड HDI के रूप में प्रदर्शित किया जा रहा है जिससे जमीनी स्तर पर अध्ययन को बढ़ावा दिया जा सके । भारत में SHG , NGO के माध्यम से योजनाओं में सामुदायिक भागीदारी को बढ़ावा दिया जा रहा है जिससे ऐसी योजनाओं का निर्माण हो जो सर्वसमावेशी हो और विकास की सही दिशा प्रदान करें । जनजातियों के ज्ञान को भी आधुनिक ज्ञान से मिलकर नयी शोधों को जन्म दिया जा रहा है जिससे नयी दिशा में विचार को बढ़ावा मिले । आयुष मंत्रालय द्वारा चलाये गए कई कार्यक्रम योग, आयुर्वेद , यूनानी , होमियोपैथी को बढ़ावा दे रहे हैं जिनके सन्दर्भ में बहुत से सफल आंकड़ें मौजूद नहीं है परन्तु अनुभव और आशाएं उनमे नयी दिशा खोजते हैं ।

    इस प्रकार हम कह सकते हैं किसी भी कार्य या योजना के लिए आवश्यक है उसमे सही आंकड़ें व सही विचार समावेशित किये जाएँ । यह बात केवल प्रशासकों , शासकों पर ही लागू नहीं होती अपितु वैज्ञानिको, उद्यमियों , शिक्षकों पर भी लागू होती है , हम सभी को वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण के कारण- परिणाम विश्लेषण के साथ साथ अनुभवों और विचारों का समिश्रण करना भी सीखना होगा । जब हम अपनी सोच को इस ओर मोड़ लेंगे तब हमारा विकास एकाकी नहीं होगा , हमारा समाज नयी परम्पराओं का सृजन करेगा , हमारी शिक्षा प्रणाली प्रतिस्पर्धा की जगह सहयोग विकसित करेगी और हम सबके भीतर अवसाद की जगह संतोष घर करेगा । हम जब अपने विचारों में आंकड़ों की प्रमाणिकता और भावों की आशावादिता को भर लेंगे तो निश्चित ही आने वाला भविष्य उज्जवल होगा । गुरुदेव रबिन्द्र नाथ टैगोर ने कहा था की कोई भी संस्कृति अकेली श्रेष्ठ नहीं हो सकती , यह तो संस्कृतियों का संगम है जो मानव जीवन को प्रकाशित करेगा । पश्चिम की भौतिक संस्कृति यदि भारत की आध्यात्मिक संस्कृति से मिल जाये , नव वैज्ञानिक विचार यदि आध्यात्मिक ऊर्जा ग्रहण कर लें तो मानवता एक सूत्र में बंध जाएगी और “वसुधैव कुटुंबकम ” का दर्शन सिद्ध हो जायेगा ।

    • Isha

      Hello Ashutosh, my views-
      I think u have emphasized more upon the statistical data’s importance which has gained popularity in recent times for providing evidence. Something like data which can be counted- here you have taken ‘counted’ in literal terms.

      In the essay topic- things which can be counted means more in the context of material aspect. Though your idea of statistical data and its growing importance is a good point in itself. But you have made this your central idea of the whole body of the essay. Statistical data is required but it is not the only thing to prove something.
      What we need here in this topic is the difference between intrinsic and face value of things- things we can count on (rely on) matter more since they have intrinsic value, worth. And not necessarily things we can count in big numbers provide you happiness or support or you can necessarily buy everything from them, like money.
      Feel free to differ.
      Bdw you have a very nice command over both languages (y). And i am very happy that i studied hindi as my main subject till class 12th- so it helped me today 🙂

      • Eswar Sai

        Hai can you review mine if you find time.

      • Ashutosh

        Thanks Isha …your points well noted.

    • Eswar Sai

      Ashutosh bro sorry man i don’t know hindi (can read and understand little but cannot do justice with my review), sorry again and thanks again for reviewing mine.

    • FinalAttempt

      hi ashutosh..

      your essay is always interesting and well connected ..
      in this essay bro, u have mentioned lot of data like % figures etc.. but essay demands the essence of quote. your essay is good but u need to penetrate inside the quote and analyse it.. also please try to cover multiple aspects. your examples are nice, but mainly related to india only…

      • Ashutosh

        Yes yaar after revising it many times I also found that I could have done more justice to the topic. Thanks for your comments

    • Dr Jaikal

      Andhera Kaayam RaheGa.. (crossed hands)

      Awesome Essay ,
      Conclusion is Good ,
      cover almost all aspect..
      in some paragraph you Stretch to much , please consider it next time..
      All the BEst and thanks , your essay in Hindi would help in Hindi paper….

      • Ashutosh

        Thankyou Jaikaal… I will note ur points. Well after kekdaman, jonk junka and clone shaktimaan you haven’t delivered a good opponent to shaktiman

        • Dr Jaikal

          yes i agree, isliye IAS Banke Shaktimaan ko khatam karoga….
          or Andhera Kaayam Karoga…..

      • Eswar Sai

        Hi review mine too

    • John Rawl

      behad badiya as usual…. mesmerised by ur essay…
      unable to find any flaw but try to make it more simple.

    • Jack_Sparrow

      I think your was a little too complicated at places. You have shown quite a lot about things that can be counted but don’t matter much. But also throw more light on things that matter but can’t be counted. You have shown environment in this regard, but could have been related to many diverse areas.
      Please review mine too.

      • Ashutosh

        thanks for your review friend… i will see yours.

    • surbhi

      Mind-blowing hindi, lucid, i liked it.But don’t you think
      Ashutosh u have takenreference that past battles more than enough .I felt somewhat disconnected there.

      Your words usage is too heavy for me to read the whole .I don’t know such heavy words will prove beneficial or not in exam.
      But layman will feel it difficult to read .

      One thing i get to know how to start and conclude essay thanks for that .

    • Changez Khan

      Hi… i tried but its a bit tough for me understanding Hindi Essay. can speak but no this much pure. Sorry. But it looks interesting.

      Thanks for your review.

    • Balveer Singh

      Good for academics not for upsc…in my opinion esaay should be as simple as a aam aadmi can get it. You have vibrant content but complicated. Look, upsc is looking for a person who can delIver communication with the citizens, only 40% having formal education.

      • Ashutosh

        Ok brother Point well noted..i will try to make my language simple in the next essay.

  • Abhijeet

    We can also connect it to types of budgeting like outcome budgeting.
    Need of change in monitoring systems.
    Instead of no. of welfare schemes , how much they benefit the needy.
    Also we can connect it to personal life, like
    do really no. of poojas and havans bring peace to ones mind?
    Does merely reading and deliberating revolutionalise our country,
    Wont it need efforts from all??

  • shariq irshad

    Yaar Please koi review kar do ………..,,,

    Not everything than can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted

    Essentially everything having a value attached to it may not be valuable and everything that’s valuable may not have a specific value attached to it . Value can be defined in terms of anything that can be quantified.

    Dealing with day to day experiences human in different ages had been requiring various necessities, which moved from barter system to money system , whole economy defined is on the basis of monetary value attached to goods and services , but at the same time human life is linked to values such as respect , humanity , love , friendship etc that are almost essential for human -human coexistence which cannot be defined in terms of monetary value attached to it.

    Taking the names of emperor from Alexander the Great , napoleon Bonaparte , Ashoka the great , Akbar etc all have been blessed with huge success of annexations and had acquired great wealth of their time , still some incidents showed that for them respect among the ruled was as important for them to remain the King , therefore respect can be said as an entity which cannot be quantified in terms of any value still claims to be amongst the most valuable things .

    Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser shows how Brutus once an honest and Nobel men who killed julius … Had lost respect among the community and after which they did not wanted to live . Many incidents where a person walks on the path of consciousness and accepts his guilt as criminal and accepts honesty makes him feel better which no medicine can ! , though medicine has a monetary value attached & honesty doesn’t , still honey consciousness can make a person feel better which money buyed medicines can’t .

    Environment which has both monetary and non monetary value attached are of great significance . Monetary value in the sense they are used in manufacturing of paper , woods , medicine,cloth etc ,at the same time they are cut down to make home for human . Non monetary in the sense they are home to millions of creatures and habitat to various animals , birds & insects which loose their ground for survival . Though this aspect can be termed as kindness . Human cares for himself more than others creatures . But at the same time he also looses hope for more oxygen and shade better for himself . Kindness for other creatures may be less in humans but it has great value attached to it as can be seen in Chipkoo movement & Apiko movement of INDIA , where people clinged to trees so as to save them from cutting down. Today we are dealing with severe environmental and climatic crisis but still there’s hope by planting more trees and spreading more greenery , efforts are being made after Paris conference on climate to reduce the emissions of green house gases that are depleting ozone layer and plant more trees . These trees any have ecnomic Balu attached to it but they will not be butted down as they have deeper value attached to them which is not ecnomic that is the worry for climate , worry for existence of future human generation hence though this worry has not a monetary value attached but it is of great value .

    We see many cases where people leave their job and appear for UPSC , it’s because they don’t see the monetary value attached to their salary but for them what matters is what they can contribute to the society , thus . Their contribution to society is more valuable to them (which cannot be counted ) than the value they recieve for the work which they leave .

    For a Nobel laureate , worth of a Nobel prize is more than worth of wealth he acquires . Nobel prize though can be counted but it cannot be quantified in terms of worth it has for the winner , wealth can be counted in terms of monetary value but it has lower value attached to it as compared to the Nobel prize , same holds true for an Olympic winner or winner of different awards . We’ve seen many players in dust after winning awards for the country eg – Mary Kom or Muhammad Ali all have earned great respect for they being fighter in their rings and outside it . This respect can’t be quantified in terms of money still has great worth attached to it .

    For an army Personnel who fights with courage in border , his courage cannot be counted but still we can count the no of lives lost , no of battles lost/won.courage of the person cannot be counted but still it counts that is it has great value attached to it with respect which is delivered to him by at the funeral.

    Though these examples don’t mean that monetary value doesn’t have any significance . GDP of the nation , ecnomic growth , per capita income all are relevant parameters of growth of a country but they cannot count th nationalism or patriotism of an individual for his/her country .

    We have highest no of doctors and engineers in our country which can be counted but we cannot count the caliber of the engineer , we cannot count the dedication of the person in working as an engineer , we cannot count the dedication with which doctor save a patients life nor we can count the effort with which they work in rural areas . We have one of the largest army in the world still we cannot count courage of the army personnel saving the life of country men in catastrophes or on border.

    We can measure the speed of light in terms of light years but we cannot measure the worth of it for the person who has lost vision ,hence every thing that can be counted doesn’t counts , and everything that counts cannot be counted ….

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      hello shariq ji..
      1. intro z nyc, environmnt inclusion z impressv..
      2. answer lacks social issues, economic issues
      3. examples from different walk of life z a take away idea..
      4. conclusion too z gud..

      • shariq irshad

        Thanks for the review 🙂

  • durgesh patel

    कृपया समीक्षा करें

    • Jack_Sparrow

      I think page 1 adha hi Aya Hai. Baki pages me page number clear nahi dikh Rahe. Post again if you can.

  • modiji

    Arun ans his two frineds were graduated from engineering college. They wanted to set up thier own firm for consultacy for civil engineering works. But they were not having enough money for regitration and infrastructure etc. They tried hard to get the loan from bank but all thier efforts were futile as they so not have collateral as security.

    One day they visited their HOD for solution and ideas. HOD suggetsted them for virtual office and consultacy work. Initially they were hesitant with this new innovative concept but after few days of brainstorming they created their website and started thier bussiness as online consultacy services. Within days they bacame famous due to their honest; cost effective; and timely service to various consumers.

    They again visited their HOD for telling the progeress of their work. On hearing everything from students HOD said“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    What does this story reflect in ourlife is many thing which mattes cant be counted. Like here in the story physical infrastructure etc are just medium for doing the real work and they did not mattered much as this can be done in other ways also.

    In our society we see different people giving emphasis do very small things like castw religion language color etc but all these things really count? Or harmony brotherhood peace progess development etc are main things which matters and should be counted.

    During independence stuggle our freedom fighters had sacrified their whole life money prestige etc for libertaing india. But what counts is thier real sacrifice in terms of mind body ans spirit and lifelong prison etc.

    Aftwr indepence our policy makers adopted five yars plan for socio economic development of country and till now 11 five years plan have been achieved but what matters is not the no of plans we have completed but the targets ans goals undee rhose plans. Are those plans able to change the socioeconomic conditions of people?

    After independence we have framed our constitution by taking noble elements from different constitution around the wold but what matters is how we have integrated those no of noble caluses and provisions in our constitution which have made our country a vibrant global democracy with socilaist secular Democratic republic.

    Since independence we have conducted many successdul elecrions to lok sabha and state assemblies and that too without any coup or military rule but what matters is the fucntioning of our Parliament and state legislation and legislation process by which plight of common masses can be cured.

    We have intoduced a no of economic and social reforms in various arena of governmwnt machinary but what matters more is not the no of reforma but how effectively they have been implemented and helped in development and growrh process.

    We have innumerable no of languages; tradition; culture; religion; festivals etc across whole india but what matters more is how these festivals culture tradirin languages etc have helped in integration and unity of indian subcontinent.

    In international arena we have depper ties with immediate and extended neighboring countries.
    We have also memeberships in large no of grouping from regional to multilateral to bilateral. But what reallly matters how we are utilising those platforms and relationships for transforming the lives of people of india and a univeral peacful cooperative world around us.

    Our space mission has been bulwark of modernity and excellence. ISRO has earned a lot of prestige and recognition around the world by launching low cost miasiona to space for example MOM; RLV ; geostationary; sunsynchorus satellistes etc but what reallly matters is how these development are contributing for advancement of human civilization and elimination of poverty malnutrition etc

    We have cooperated with different counties in military exercises and defece partnerships dor ex malabar ; corpat etc. These partnership and exercises have provided enough experience for anh kind of enemy attact combat operation etc
    But what reallly matters is not the amount of money and equipment we have gathered but upto what extent we are able to save our humankind from various therats like terrorism extremism cyber warfare piracy etc

    Recently our government has launched a no of schemes and programme for education sector which have enabled high enrollment in primary secondary levels but what really matters is quality of eduaction and R&D in higher institutions. We are lagging behing in phds and research levels from neighborhing countries in ranking. This can be improved with the help effevtive policy making and training of students with high quality education.

    We are recongined as low cost medicine providers across whole world . various african and south american countries import hifh volume of generic drugs from india.
    But is this no really matters when our country itslef sudfering from skyrokketing prices of medicines and high no of deaths due to non availability. Of low cost medincines to poor and village people. There is need to act on this front by implemting univaral health policy scheme

    Our IT industry has garnered accolades around worldwide. We have been proving it servises to various multinational and internet giant compenaies. Various mncs have their headquarters in india. We are leadrs in software coding. But all these really matter when only 20% of our population is connected to internet and we have dismal ranking in internet penetratik

    What is the need of hour is not count the surface achievements and goals but real and impactful goal targetting must be adopted to craete a win win situation for whole community and diaspora around the world

    • FinalAttempt

      well connected essay.. intro is good, but u did not considered multidimensional aspects..

  • Kumar

    Friends due to lack of time I have given just outline of the essay as to how I take my essay forward. So please provide your valuable feedback….thanks

    First of all I got confused by seeing the topic, more so by reading it three to four times. After cracking my head and googling, I could able to decipher the meaning of the above quote as follows

    Not everything You do has value or relevance and not everything valuable or relevant can be done or measured
    By looking in to the topic we can decipher two things from it
    1) Our limitations in doing some thing- meaning we are doing number of things day in and day out but all of them are not yielding proper results. So, what are the reasons for this state of affair. Can we call these reasons as our limitations in achieving what we wanted to achieve. An Individual has an aim, an Institution has an aim and a country like ours has a aim. All of these entities are doing number of things but some are yielding results and some are not.

    Thus, the first part of the essay helps us to analyse our(may be an individual, an institution, a contry) limitations
    2) Opportunities that are available to us – meaning we know number of great things like at an individual level like becomimg a good citizen, an IAS officer, becoming a great personality etc, at an Institution level like becoming a reputed institution etc, at the level of a country like becoming a great place to live in, great country to rely upon, a great country to be followed etc. Thus we have or in fact we know number of good things. But the unfortunate thing is we are not able to practice them. Why we are not able to do so? Reasons etc. So the second part will address the opportunities side.

    In conclusion, what we can learn from these limitations and opportunities. What should be our learning? Our learning should be we should try to reduce our limitations and try to expand our opportunities. By learning this we should reach a phase where, We do only relevant things and Whatever we do become relevant.

    Also, I would be providing number of examples at each and every level….


    kindly review frns..

    • Dr. KARISHMA

      sheets r poorly arranged kindly read pg no wise..
      kindly suggest how to arrange if possible..

    • shariq irshad

      Take all the Pics , upload them one by one ,your sheets will be arranged try uploading them in descending order .

      Stop using the word ‘I’ use ‘we’ you have used them at couple of places but prefer ‘we’ .

      You need more elaborative examples which the reader can relate to ? I find them missing all of them were mostly personal experiences …

      Honestly I loved your handwriting , awesome a++ , coming to the essay you started with introduction which seemed to be a preface to book , introduction should be generalised and reader should get an idea what he will read in the body , but in your essay there was no link up .

      Try to use quotation if possible and current affairs example .

      Rebuttal to my views is most welcome:)

      Please review mine ….;)

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        tx shariq ji..
        right now m unable to edit way..nxt i will upload as per ur suggestion,,tx agn..
        ok..i will change this habit of writing “I”
        I hv been suggested to use personal experiences thts y i hd included..
        tx for a++…though it requires improvement wrt to clarity n size..
        yeah u r correct regarding intro..i shud hv written the 1st para at d place of 2nd n viceversa
        agree with quotation n current example…i wrote essay aftr so long tht i committed disaster..hehee..
        rebuttal..hehe…yeah true we all hv rights resrved wid us to deny other’s view..:)

    • Himaanshu

      – despite being a doctor you have a fairly good handwriting. 🙂

      – I would prefer to give you a critical review. Hope you ok with that….

      => In essay we have a wider scope of creative presentation but still content matters the most. I find your essay lacking in both i.e presentation and content. Reasons are the following :-

      1- In my opinion the introduction was a bit vague. I could not connect to it. I would prefer a quotation or an anecdote or a simple introduction which clearly present the main idea of your interpretation of the quote. ( I know its easy said than done but still…… )

      2- The whole essay was reflecting ‘I’ and philosophy related to my ‘I’ meaning you narrowed your approach by only focusing on philosophical points. The risk here is that philosophy is very subjective and leaves a fair scope of disagreement. Examiner may disagree with you on certain points and than you won’t be present there to give further explanations. Try to present those points which have more or less universal acceptance.

      3- You touched very few aspects but that too very narrowly. More could have been written on economics, history, environment, politics, international issues so and so forth. You totally devoted your essay to social and philosophical issues.

      4- Lack of contemporary examples – like recent mathura issue. The govt announced twenty lacs ( some say it is increased to fifty lacs now ) compensation to the families of the martyrs. Here the money is countable but it doesn’t count when compared to the lives of those brave police officers. You could have given various other relevant examples.

      5- Conclusion ek dum faatk se gira. Fifty percent of your last para was just the quotation given by the insights. No need to rewrite that again and again. In my opinion the conclusion should be a summary of the whole essay wrapped with a positive and an optimistic conclusion.

      – I hope you will take it positively. Views are personal you may disagree. All the very best 🙂

      • minaxi

        Hey Himanshu… can you review my essay.. By the way no boundation due to prelims problem. 🙂

        • Himaanshu

          sure Minaxi…. Give me smtym 🙂

          • Khayam

            HI Himanshu plz review mine essay too

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        Tx Himanshu ji..
        I actually need this kind of i wsnt willing to post it..i ws so disappointed with my attempt today..I wrote aftr so long n I ws unable to connect..i ws unabl to create smthng good..aftr reaching conclusion i went too low..
        aftr so long i felt bad about my preparation..
        thank you so much..
        u wont blv..i hv asked many frns here to review..n hv noted all ur points in my notebook..
        thnx denies..
        be more critical..tx 🙂

        • Himaanshu

          thts d spirit,… keep learning keep moving 🙂

          • Dr. KARISHMA

            hey himanshu ji..tell me two thing..
            aap insight revision test k alawa or kya padh rahe ho?
            do u write essays?

            • Himaanshu

              hmmmmm,.. my schedule nwadaz is roughly like this :-

              1- optional
              2- Insights schedule aligned with my own – basically a fusion 😉
              3- test series ( insights + vision + topic wise practice of questions from examrobot )

              – I wrote few essays from oct 15 to jan 16 . Ab nahi likhta…. But try karta hun sub padh sakun… 🙂

              • Dr. KARISHMA

                optional kya hai?
                same here..i hv fused too..
                vision kkitne testd diye aapne ab tak pre k?? vision k mains b likh rahe ho?
                maine to essay ko kabada kr dia..will tk long to get it on trk..

                • Himaanshu

                  – my optional is history
                  – I have bought the hard copies from mukherjee nagar. The set contains 15 tests.
                  – mains series join nahi ki yar abhi…. will do after pre for sure.
                  – itna bhi bura essay nahi tha. Kisi easy topic pe likho ek baar you will gain the lost confidence. Waise in first case you should not loose your confidence. Kal kisi ne kaha mujhe that learn from mistakes and keep moving. Aap ne hi kaha tha 🙂

                  • Dr. KARISHMA

           optional..mine z philosophy..
                    same pinch..mere pe 13 test set hai..
                    main pre k pehle shuru krne ka plan kar rhi hun..lets c if i succeed..hehehe
                    bura wrt to my expectation..subjectv view ..hehhe…yeah..purane topic pe likhungi do ek din me..
                    yeah..i blv in learning frm mistks..:)

      • Khayam

        Plz review mine essay

      • DANISH

        Wow,,, ur suggestion will immense helpful,,

    • John Rawl

      simple lucid language. engaging.nice examples ..

      Improvement: conclusion could be better.

      PS:Pages number issue…

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        tx for review..:)
        year..will try to solve frm next essay

    • Isha

      Hello Doc, my views-
      Essay had a nice start. I would suggest you to keep your paragraphs short and crisp with each one having a clear example- only one. Flow and connectivity between para was missing.
      Sometimes your examples seemed to be very apt; sometimes you appeared to take different path. Too much first person use- seemed repetitive; it Places huge emphasis on your stance.
      Conclusion was nice. avoid using the key words of essay too much. They create confusion sometimes.
      You have beautiful handwriting 🙂
      Keep writing and ATB.

      • Dr. KARISHMA

        tx for the review..
        yeah..well said ..i hv emphasised much on “I”
        Agree with ur review..
        tx dear,,

  • minaxi

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    Numbers are always interesting, and Most of us to know the numbers of things like how many stars in sky, how far is moon from the earth, how many stairs have to climb to reach on top,etc. Human being love to count , and counting has help him to improve his understanding about the things, since it gave him opportunity to compare the values of two things or a same thing at two different point of times. Number are medium of measurement.

    But, human being are some time so much obsessed with the numerical value of counting, that they forget the numbers are not always dependendable. Human has become more attached to the materialistic things which can be counted but do not count in real sense. In modern world of internet, Many tinegers even mature person take immeense plesure when they see that friend list of social media website. These list generally count in thousands, But,In real world, Can a person count on these online friends at time of need or for moral support? No. Similarly a person , who has billion dollar in his bank account can not count on his wealth in middle of Sahara desert, when he feel the need of water or fruit or shadow of green trees or plants. Though, money is countable but not the joy after drinking water, or finding shadow under the blazing sun.

    The problem of counting things is not with an individual only, But it is an issue of society, economy and country too. A society prefers and encourage those attributes which are easily measurable. A person with higher marks get better opportunity even if he has not developed his critical thinking and acquired knowledge.Same rings true with an economy, which boast of having good demographic dividend yet, skills and talent are the utmost requirement for better development.

    And, when the question of sustainable and inclusive growth rises, GDP growth does not count, since it tells about the economic output, rather distribution of income, improved life standard of poor, environmental impact, happiness index, human development etc, These terms can not be counted in numerical term but they are countable. A happy and prosperous public can provide a strong base for strong economy in clean and peaceful environment for overall development of country.

    Therefore, things are measured in two ways, qualitative and quantitative ways, Quantitative ways old us numerical value. Although, fundamental objective of every entity is to achieve the qualitative development which are considered countable at time of need in longer term. Yet, to totally ignore the importance of the things which can be counted will not be a wise idea. Firstly because,By counting the numeric values are necessary to understand the basic idea of things, problems, opportunities and challenges. Scientist must have information about the distance between two celestial bodies before sending a space mission. In similar way, by knowing the number of wild animals, a better conservation planning can be done.

    On the other hand, qualitative things like compassion, brotherhood, peaceful environment, environment protection can not be measured in numerical term, Yet their impact can be measured on human being. Less number of riots, violent incident, are the sigh of peaceful society, and in democratic country, it is possible only if public understand the values of compassion, tolerance and fraternity. By counting the number of wild animals, forest cover, concentration of harmful gases and particulate matters, one can comprehend the situation of natural environment.

    However,Many times the things which can be counted but do not count are necessary to maintain the things, the things, which can not be counted yet count. Like a person who has not money in present situation can not afford to get admission in better schools or institution hence it become difficult to develop rational thinking and skills. However, one may counter, that knowledge may develop in any situation, yet such cases are exception, and exceptions are not rule.Similarly, friends on social media has helped in many situation like creating awareness about any subject, transferring information in frequent way. On the other hand, many governments are unable to deal with their socio-economic problems due to lack of financial, technological and materialistic resources.

    Everything on this earth has quantitative and quantitative aspect attached with it. And both have their relative values for human development. ANd their is need to establish a proper balance with it. The which can be counted and the thing which can not be counted can exist in same thing. Like a medicine for a specific disease must have relevant quality and adequate quantity to show its optimum effectiveness to cure a person. And, when this balance is distorted, it become injurious to human health, in similar way, over dependence on single thing is not good for human development. The need of qualitative aspect of quantitative things can not ignored as well the need of quantitative aspect of qualitative things can not be neglected for the effectiveness and efficiency.

    Therefore, the issue is not that, thing can be counted or not, but the dependability of the thing. Which must be developed by promoting human values like compassion, empathy, tolerance, in every entity. ANd, before developing the quantitative aspect of anything, values and qualitative impact of that thing must be measured properly.

    • Himaanshu

      – you simplified this complicated looking topic. Well done 🙂
      – The introduction did justice with the topic and presented the core idea very well.
      – Amazing flow of ideas backed with apt presentation.
      – Touched various diversifies topics with sufficient examples.
      – Nicely concluded…

      – I read you essay twice to find a point which I can include in my feedback as a critical point but I got busy enjoying the essay so much that I could not find any flaw.

      – Thanks for making me understand this tongue/mind twister kind of quote…. 🙂

      • Eswar Sai

        Please review mine bro

      • minaxi

        Hello Himaanshu…

        Actually, For me, it was not only a complicated topic but a vast and ambiguous topic, you can say a jet plane without GPS.
        Thanks Friend.. Littrly glad I somehow make it good and readable. 🙂

        Hope to read your essay soon. 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear minaxi ,

      I will create a ROUGH DRAFT for this essay before reviewing it in Detail :


      The essay consists of 9 Paragraphs 🙂

      1) Introduction – Giving a basic idea of the IMPORTANT TERM of the quote ” COUNTING ” by defining it in Literal sense .( First Paragraph )

      2) Obsession of Human beings with the numerical idea of counting and clearly telling that people forget that counting is NOT always dependable . explaining it by giving reference to 🙁 second paragraph )

      (a) attachment to materialistic things

      (b) List of friends on Social media platforms which are not worthy.

      (c) Billion dollar in Bank account has no value when the person is in the middle of the desert .

      3) The problem of counting things and comparing is widespread in the society .( third paragraph )

      (a) promoting things that are easily measurable .

      (b) Higher marks are preferred over critical thinking ad knowledge .

      (c) though having good demographic dividend , people with talent and skills are required.

      4) ( Fourth paragraph) – continuation of the third paragraph of telling the drawbacks of counting which has NO VALUE .

      (a) GDP do not count when there is NO Sustainable and inclusive growth ( including improved life standard of poor, environmental impact, happiness index, human development etc)

      4 A ) Advantage of having a happy and prosperous public that can provide a strong base for strong economy in clean and peaceful environment for overall development of country.

      5) How things are measured ( Fifth Paragraph )

      (a) two ways = Qualitative AND Quantitative

      (b) neglecting Quantitative completely to Qualitative is NOT a GOOD idea .

      (c) Justification for CLAUSE (b) in POINT 5 – Scientist must have information about the distance between two celestial bodies before sending a space mission.

      (d) Partial Justification for CLAUSE (b) in POINT 5 – In similar way, by knowing the number of wild animals, a better conservation planning can be done.

      6) QUALITATIVE aspect CANNOT be measured .( Sixth Paragraph )

      Qualitative things like compassion, brotherhood, peaceful environment, environment protection can not be measured in numerical term.

      7) Summary of the essay ( seventh paragraph )

      8) Importance of having a Balance between “Quantitative” and ” Qualitative ” aspect .( Eighth Paragraph )

      (a) example of medicine .

      9) CONCLUSION – counting doesn’t matter but dependability of the thing . Qualitative impact to be measured properly before developing the Quantitative aspect .


      1) First paragraph is good 🙂

      2) The SECOND paragraph totally lacks explanation OR supporting statements to the arguments that you have made .
      Please make sure you give sufficient explanation to any example or event before writing another event .

      I will make clear the flaw in your second paragraph :

      ” But,In real world, Can a person count on these online friends at time of need or for moral support? No. ”

      you have written a Question after the mentioning the social media point and said an Answer as NO . Immediately you are taking about ” Similarly a person , who has billion dollar in his bank account ………… ” .

      If you have written a Question and Answer , you are obliged you justify in the immediate sentences on what made you to say the Answer NO 🙂 I hope you got my point 🙂

      3) I did NOT understand the reason why you wrote the THIRD PARAGRAPH . It is totally deviating from the demand of the quote OR Question .

      You are telling about the problems of the counting and not at all referring to any aspect of the quote .

      MY SUGGESTION : Instead of dedicating an entire paragraph to the ” problems of counting ” you should apply this part in between the explanation of why counting doesn’t counts .

      4) As i have already mentioned in the ROUGH DRAFT that POINT 4 is a continuation of the contents of the third paragraph .


      The contents of the POINT 4 A as mentioned in the ROUGH DRAFT of this reply is unnecessary because the advantage of Qualitative aspect is not appropriately connected with the contents of the Fourth paragraph of your essay .

      5) Fifth paragraph tell about the two ways of counting ” Quantitatively ” and ” qualitatively ” but the way you mentioned the importance of scientists requiring Quantitative information is not connected to the preceding sentences in the paragraph 5 .


      6) Sixth paragraph is good but can be improved.


      I read the seventh paragraph 5 TIMES but could NOT understand the point that you are trying to convey 🙂 I referred your seventh paragraph as Summary of the essay in the ROUGH DRAFT because i found the paragraph lacking clarity .

      I am pasting the seventh paragraph of your essay and i really want you to explain the context of this paragraph

      “However,Many times the things which can be counted but do not count are necessary to maintain the things, the things, which can not be counted yet count. Like a person who has not money in present situation can not afford to get admission in better schools or institution hence it become difficult to develop rational thinking and skills. However, one may counter, that knowledge may develop in any situation, yet such cases are exception, and exceptions are not rule.Similarly, friends on social media has helped in many situation like creating awareness about any subject, transferring information in frequent way. On the other hand, many governments are unable to deal with their socio-economic problems due to lack of financial, technological and materialistic resources.” PLEASE BE CLEAR ??????

      8) Paragraph is good but you did not use the opportunity to the maximum to build upon the medicine example that you gave in the paragraph .

      9) In CONCLUSION – you are telling ” Qualitative impact to be measured properly before developing the Quantitative aspect ” but totally silent on the way Qualitative impact can be measured ????


      1) I would Suggest you to make a ROUGH DRAFT of the ESSAY before writing the FAIR DRAFT 🙂

      2) Don’t give too many example bit try to focus on 5 to 6 examples OR events for the entire essay and try to bring the context of the essay from those examples .

      3) After writing an example OR event , you have explain the REASON why you feel this example is apt and can used to VALIDATE the statement OR Quote .


      • minaxi

        Thanks You Aravind…

        Actually, I do prepare rough draft but it is mostly the view viewpoints, yet most of time could not write essay according to it. Actually, my focus remain on theory part, So, I take example to support my views occasionally.Here, I thought to skip this essay, But UPSC- is not going to give essay of my choice, so wrote it. 🙁 And flood t with example.
        Next time, I will write rough draft with proper examples and sequence.


        • Aravind Varier

          Dear minaxi ,


          Try to prepare a Rough Draft like the way, i am doing from the last 4 weeks . This is really beneficial because , it has become an easy task for me to identify flaws in an essay .

          I started writing essays regularly since January and i could see the difference for myself now . It would have been impossible for me to write a ROUGH DRAFT for another essay by reading it 5 months back .

          Rough draft is not about writing down points but evolving a structure that is suitable for the topic of the essay . I am telling this based on my experience in creating a rough draft.

          Presently , I am working on creating a ROUGH DRAFT for all the essays( 136 essays approximately ) asked by UPSC for all the past 23 years .

          Most probably , I will try to mail the Rough Draft for all the Topic before the preliminary exam to our group for suggestions and Improvements .

          I am 100% confident that , once the art of making a perfect ROUGH DRAFT is mastered , then essay writing would become a cakewalk 🙂


          • minaxi

            Thank You Aravind… Will try to work on Rough draft portion, Now onward. 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello Minaxi 🙂
      my views :
      1. Intro: Numbers are always interesting, — i don’t think so :-P, on a serious note, the intro is good, u have tried to bring out the importance of counting, which is very relevant to the theme, but one suggestion : don;t limit it to counting only, give a brief link with the rest part of the theme so that it makes it clear what you are going to follow in the essay.[ Caution: i am not stating that you must explicitly write what i wrote in 2nd para of my essay] the idea is to give a glimpse of the body of the essay, which i found is missing in the intro.
      2. para, 2 to 4 : u are telling about the first part of the quote, the content is good, but the structure of putting the content is not in proper order, personal(more of economic + social) –> economy –> enonomy=> too much of economy, the theme is counting it does not mean we have to rely only on economy. Suggestion: diversify the dimensions, and place them in proper sequence, don;t mix two examples together in the same para,one is sufficient to prove one idea under one dimension not like ki under personal life FB friend list ka bhi and billion dollar bank balance ka bhi),.
      3. para 5: On the other hand, qualitative things like compassion, brotherhood, peaceful environment, environment protection can not be measured in numerical term, Yet their impact can be measured on human being.—–2nd part of the quote–well exaplained
      4. para 6, 7: However,Many times the things which can be counted but do not count are necessary to maintain the things, the things, which can not be counted yet count.—very good, ye unique tha — which brings the importance of quantity –this aspect made ur essay a balanced one –good job–my upvote is mainly for this 😀
      5. conclusion(i think last two paras as the conclusion of ur essay): 2nd last para is superb,
      but last waala —Which must be developed by promoting human values like compassion, empathy, tolerance, in every entity. —technically wrong statement as “entity” includes non-living things as well and i am sure we cannot develop human values in non-living things.
      overall,it was a balanced essay which is the best thing i liked in ur essay, just few mistakes will be sorted out soon,
      keep writing
      thanks 🙂

      • minaxi

        Thanks Yogi…

        Struggling with introduction and conclusion part. I have one doubt, actually sequencing of example is little confusion- Must we focus on explaining the dimension, with an example, no matter which level it belong, e.g- individual, social, international etc. Or should we focus on explaining same thing on different level?

        Thanks and ATB. 🙂

        • yogi

          Q. Must we focus on explaining the dimension, with an example, no matter which level it belong, e.g- individual, social, international etc. Or should we focus on explaining same thing on different level?
          first we have to understand what does dimension mean here, dimension can be:
          1. historical, cultural, social, geographic, political, international relations, economical, security, sports, snt , OR simply the syllabus of upsc.
          2. seeing the quote from different angles :like in favour of the quote, against the quote, suggestions , eg. in this sunday’s theme there are 5 possible angles: 1. first half of the quote : further divided into for and 2. against) 3. second part of the theme: further divided into for and 4. against and 5. suggestions (suggestion can be included into conclusion, so may not always be a separate part)
          Under these 4 major angles we have to fit the dimensions mentioned in point 1.
          so it is actually a combination of both whether u call them levels and dimensions OR the dimensions and angles. the ultimate aim to give due importance to both breadth ( to cover the theme from different sides/angles/levels/dimensions). and depth( details of each dimension through examples, etc)
          hope i could clear ur doubt 🙂
          Thanks and All the Best my dear friend 🙂 🙂 :-p (courtesy for this punch line:- Aravind Guruji )

          • minaxi

            Thanks Yogi for explaining it.
            Haha.. I do not think, Aravind will sue you for violating his IPR. 🙂

            Thank You…

          • Aravind Varier

            Dear Yogi 🙂


            Hahaha……… ALL THE BEST MY DEAR FRIEND 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • TDP abhimani

    friends please review my essay……..I think it’s a poor one from my side……..started well but just lost in the middle………please provide suggestions …….

    • Eswar Sai

      Intro is good anna, but not catchy. In paper 2 Global Happiness Index of Bhutan (first country to recognise happiness as national parameter) can be mentioned. Varna – Caste relation i don’t think apt for this essay. UNSC point is nice anna, Paper 4 women empowerment can be strenghtened. In paper 6 while mentioning quote, don’t use quotations but paraphrase unless you are 100% sure of the quote, i think gandhi one is not the original quote. Morals, family point can be on the beginning of the essay to increase strength. Sorry for being critical anna.ATB

      • TDP abhimani

        thanks bro……….I think this kind of essays are very dangerous…….in case if it appears in exam…we should chose it wisely……yes in fact u should be critical bro……….

        • Eswar Sai

          Agree with you anna, hope it will not come in exam, ya bro criticisms makes us strong.

          • TDP abhimani

            hmm… is ur prelims preparation bro ??

            • Eswar Sai

              Not bad anna, doing well but not finding enough time, want more than 24 hrs a day bro

            • Eswar Sai

              Not bad anna, doing well but not finding enough time, want more than 24 hrs a day bro

              • TDP abhimani

                hahaha……….same feeling bro ……… day ki 48 hrs unte bagundedi kada……..

                • Eswar Sai

                  Ya anna exactly.

                  • TDP abhimani

                    hmm…….okk…..elanti essays ki ela rayalo ela connctivity ivalo ardam kavatledu bro…….2 weeks back ichina essay topic nuv rasava bro….” Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress..”

                    • Eswar Sai

                      Ledu anna insights lo rayaledu but notes lo raskunna ms word lo will mail you if you need.

                    • TDP abhimani

                      yaa ok mail me bro………enduku adiganu ante aa essay bagane rasanu nenu….insights naku 80/125 marks icharu………but ee essay link up ki sarigga raledu naku………

                    • Eswar Sai

                      Ok anna will mail you , ya i have seen you got 80 but not read entire essay as i watched it next day anna. Will mail you anna.

                    • TDP abhimani

                      hmm ok bro……

    • rrv

      Nice one bhai. But this time i think u didnt connected to the main theme and found some connetivity problems as well.
      Although i too make these mistakes, i hope practice will correct it.
      Amazed that u finished it within time that too with good writing. Good going.
      Thanx for reviewing mine…
      ATB 🙂

      • TDP abhimani

        hmm yes………..I just lost in the middle…………I should work on it……

  • Khayam

    Please spare some time to review the ESSAY ….

    • Abyss

      Khayam the pictures are very dark…. can you try re-loading them with better light?

      • Khayam

        fine i will do it in some time

    • Eswar Sai

      Bro, pictures are very dark. Intro is not catchy but a good one becuase sun is the only reason for existence of life on earth. In second para you mentioned “Number of life exist on the land has already been counted” which is absolutely false (i think you too know this), hence we are daily finding out several new species through various sources. Don’t make such mistakes that too in first page itself. Ashoka example was very nice. Constitution and schemes was really nice and use capital letter at the starting of Abbreviation like IMF (International Monetary Fund), andwhile mentioning crucial preamble words maintain the flow like Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic, Justice Liberty Equality Fraternity and never cut them in between. Buddhism, Jainism concept was nice but you not mentioned name of Buddha and directly said he got enlightenment, just check the same and i don’t think Gandhiji influenced from Buddhism (correct me if i am wrong here). Remaining is also good and don’t mention “Conclusion” in the ending. Overalla a good one. Sorry if I am critical. Review mine too.ATB

      • Khayam

        Thanks for the review.
        Reviews are important. this is how we learn our mistakes .
        Thanks Eswar sai.

        • Eswar Sai

          Take a look at mine bro.

          • Khayam

            Sure I will review ur essay in some time.

    • FinalAttempt

      hi.. i really enjoyed your essay.. but u need to structure well like harrapan civilization ..
      secondly u mentioned lot of historical aspects except 2 para of constitution and environment..

      keep writing and reviewing 🙂

      • Khayam

        Sure I will keep in mind all your inputs .. thanks Final Attempt for the review !!

        I like your Mains Answers !!

    • aspirant

      Liked ur presentation in a timeline manner , felt this is a wonderful idea to cover as many points as we can. Good usage of examples.
      Keel it up.

      Please do review mine

      • Khayam

        Thanks Aspirant .. thanks for the review.

    • Unformidable

      Multidimensional and intersting but i think the flow could have been improved !

      • Khayam

        Thanks Unformidable.. I am continuosly struggling to maintain the structure, dono when i ll get that flow.

    • TDP abhimani

      good points yar……..nice one…….covered various dimensions…….and don’t mention conclusion in the end….review mine if possible…..

      • Khayam

        Sure I will take your point .. Thanks for the review..!!

  • Nitesh

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    “There are some things in life which money can’t buy for everything else, there is MasterCard.”

    Mr. Kumar is a wealthy businessman who owns several shops and employs tens of workers in his factory. However, he is not respected in the community as he is profit oriented and often cruel to his staff. On the other hand, Mr. Ram is well respected in the same society for his values and morals despite being economically poor and downtrodden. Society looks up to him and people often consults him in the times of crisis.

    There are two perspectives to the statement, things which are and can be counted belongs to quantitative model and things that counts belong to qualitative model, the individual satisfaction, societal approval and institutional sanction. There are sure overlaps between the two such as money (quantitative) is essential for financial security. However, the statement focuses on the two sides of the same coin

    1. Quantitative things which are not qualitative and,

    2. Qualitative things which are not quantitative.

    There are certain things in our daily life: emotions, values and attitude which evolve over the time. It would be nice if all of the data which sociologist and anthropologist require to study the nature and character of the man could be enumerated and quantified because then we could run it through the supercomputers and draw charts as economists do.


    History is often marked with conquest and victories of one country. History is divided into era depicting Roman Empire, golden age of the Guptas and the mighty Mughal rule. However, the real change in the lives of the people comes through inventions and discoveries. The humans were able to settle down due to invention of wheel and plough which helped them to plough and cultivate the fields. Similarly, the mighty Roman empire extended over the centuries with its mighty castles. Castles could repel mightiest of the armies and withstand the siege for years. The strength and the number didn’t count. It was only after the invention of cannons leading to invasion by Ahmed “the conqueror” demolished the castles and led to fall of the empire.

    Similarly, the outnumbered agents of east India company used the bickering and lack of unity among the Indian princes to their advantage, they capitalized on the human emotion of the princes to gain more territory and lack of nationalistic feeling. This led to decline of the feudal rule in India and led to colonial rule. Therefore, it is more of changes in the technology and tactics which changes and shapes history not the empires.


    every year, there are interviews of the successful candidates of various examinations and they have one thing in common that is the quality over the quantity, they share their experience and advise others of studying only for 7-8 hours per day intensely than 14-16 hours of casual study. They would mention one or two books for a subject and mastering them over and over rather than going for a number of books. This consistent method of learning is deep rooted in the statement that quality triumphs over the quantity. An aspirant after the success also recognizes the journey and struggles he/she went through to get into the final list. World always sees the first rank holder, number of marks he/she scored and number of hours studied (quantitative). The thing that counts is the quality of the work, perseverance and determination.

    When we got independence in 1947, whole world including scholars, historians and laurates predicted that India as a nation can’t survive, as it is the melting pot of diverse culture, languages and religion. However, even after the 60 years, India is going strong and is seen as the role model by the democratic countries all over the world. It was not the number of people who sacrificed their lives for the nation, it was the intent: non-violence and truth by means of satyagraha led by Gandhi, and the inclusive constitution which led to strong foundation of the country. People at the time of the struggle valued freedom and knew repression faced under the British. Therefore, it was the struggle which was fundamental. In contrast, Yugoslavia and East Pakistan are the examples when the foundational values came in conflict with the present values. It was language (Bengali) in case of East Pakistan and ethnicity in case of Yugoslavia.

    GLOBALISATION AND ITS IMPACT ON HUMAN NATURE: the phenomenon of globalization which happened in 1990s and advent of internet led to world being transformed into a GLOBAL VILLAGE. Now despite, being thousands of kilometers apart we can communicate both vocally and visually. We can experience all places and make friends with any person on the planet. Mobile with its numerous apps like whatsapp and facebooks helps an individual to make thousands of friends and interact to them at his/her will. Apps like Instagram and twitter helps a user to propagate his ideas to millions in the world. However, despite being all these technologies present, an individual only interacts with atmost 5-10 people on an average per day. why is this discrepancy? The answer lies the quality, connectedness and needfulness of the relationship may it be physical, emotional or digital. Despite having 5000 friends on facebook or 100000 followers on twitter, a person hardly interacts with barely 5-10 people close to him.

    There was a quantitative revolution in field of geography in 1940s which led to quantification of the theories and development of models based on numeric. It led to spatial mapping of the landscapes, demographic transition models and counting of the species, however after span of 20-30 years this school declined due to the fact that geography is mainly a subjective concept and human emotions and values influence the demographic transition not the study of numbers.

    Research is supposed to train the mind into channels of scientific (and therefore respectable) thought, but does not this kind of research sometimes encourage the erroneous belief that only that which can be measured is worthy of serious attention? Despite Himalayan changes like globalization and 4th industrial revolution, fields of sociology, geography, psychology, philosophy and other humanities subjects exists and heavily depends on qualitative school of thought and people had been and still value man with values with less or no money like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Anna Hazare over person with lot of wealth without values and education like Subhroto Sahara and Vijay Malaya.

    100 evening college students taking one two hour course each are in no meaningful way equivalent to 100 day students, each with a sixteen hour load. The moral is: Not everything that counts can be counted. To conclude, counting sounds easy until we actually attempt it, and then we quickly discover that often we cannot recognize what we ought to count. Numbers are no substitute for clear definitions, and not everything that can be counted counts.

  • rrv

    Pls review.

    • TDP abhimani

      gud one rrv…… write in small paragraphs……….review mine if possible……..

  • Jack_Sparrow

    Please review. Page number on top of every page.

    • Ashutosh

      Hey Jack I have read your essay, it was a very beautiful peace of writing. Am also happy to see that some fellows like us are writing in Hindi. Well your essay was a nice read and there was nothing which can be criticized. Your language is gem, writing is up to the mark, structure is OK but not very good, flow was awesome and whatever you have written was very nicely thought and then papered. Well i want to attract your attention towards what you havent written, you clearly missed the other hand of the topic. Like how the data and its analysis cane be used, in the world of Big data you cannot forget to mention the value of statistics and related benefits. Try to include that too and i am sure your next piece will be much better.

      • Jack_Sparrow

        Yes, I noticed that I missed data point when I read your essay . and I guess structure was out of shape as I didn’t plan this essay. Thanks for encouragement. 🙂

  • Ritesh Kumar

    Hello everyone… please review my essay…

    As kids we are told of a
    story of King Midas. He was very fond of wealth and had a high affinity for
    gold. All day he dreamed of picking up more gold. And then a fine day, God
    grants him the wish of golden touch. Everything that he touches would now turn
    into gold. Elated with his new boon, he begins touching and turning everything
    into gold. But, as we know it, even the food that he wants to eat turns into
    gold. His beloved daughter is turned into gold. Alas, his boon turns into a
    bane. What he felt really counted in life didn’t get him any happiness and what
    really counted like his hunger for delicious food or the love for his daughter,
    though immeasurable, was lost. He realizes his mistake and wishes that he get
    his life back even without gold. He is granted his wish. This time, he gets
    what really counts. Life is about things which really matter though they may
    not be countable.

    What matters the most?

    We are used to run behind
    things. We run for grades as kids. Our society pushes us to match its
    standards. Our schooling teaches us numbers and facts. We are examined and
    given grades. Learning just facts at school need not be everything that would
    really matter. This is not to say that they don’t matter at all. They do
    matter. But what would put them to good use would be our values and wisdom
    which are uncountable. Love, health and happiness are uncountable. They drive
    us to do our best. A small act done in
    good faith will make us feel lighter whole day. As professionals, people are
    given targets to finish. People, who value name and fame, keep running behind
    these targets at the cost of health, family time and more importantly life.
    Success without values and happiness is like a garden without flowers. Though
    green, it really wouldn’t be very delighting. So, what started with facts will
    end up with success without the fruits of togetherness, love and happiness. Life
    is about balancing what matters and what, though matters, and should come only

    Lessons from history:

    In ancient India, people had a thing for
    ruling. There were large kingdoms like the Guptas, the Mouryas etc. Elsewhere
    in the world people had the same liking of ruling and went on adding kingdoms
    and build large empires. One of the greatest kings who had high ambition of
    ruling the whole world was Alexander the great. He had conquered cities
    spanning from Greece through Iran and Egypt. However, when he was about to begin
    his march beyond Ganges, his army gave up. Everyone longed to see their
    families. As his army was not willing for anymore battles, he had to return
    back and as luck would have it he died with fever. He couldn’t live to see his
    conquest. It took thousand of lives at the Kalinga war before Ashoka realized
    what he had lost though he had brought Kalinga under his control. He realized
    the value of human life and gave up his urge to conquer more. Influenced by
    teachings of Buddhism, he became an ardent follower. All these fine examples in
    history are a precursor to what awaits us if we don’t understand what counts in
    life is togetherness, love for fellow humans and mutual peaceful coexistence.

    Today’s world:

    In the 21st
    century, not much has changed in peoples thoughts. There are many who still
    value countable things like money. In the recent state election of Tamil Nadu,
    illegal money was found circulating across the state on a large scale. This reveals
    that the worth of democracy has not been fully understood by some. For a few
    rupees, people can vote to the highest bidder. Thus, it is easy to see that
    countable things, which must not takeover our rationality of thought. The need
    of the hour is that people who understand the immeasurable power of vote must teach
    those who are ignorant. Education has a big role to play in changing people’s
    belief. It must include lessons on what matters in life. It must also teach how
    to accept failures and embrace disappointments, which are also a part of life. Large
    sums of dollars are spent on acquisition of arms. Powerful countries, instead
    of working towards the common goal of tackling climate change, work towards
    forming regional blocks or acquiring arms or dictating their own terms. Gandhiji
    once said that there is enough, on this earth, for everyone’s need, but not for
    everyone’s greed. It is time nations realize this.

    Why some countable things
    do count?

    The whole civilization
    has flourished because countable things made us run for them. New inventions
    and innovations are made each day because we value money and science. New
    routes and new discoveries like routes to India by Vasco-Da-Gama were made not
    just out of love to find but in search of opportunities to trade and find
    wealth. Money may not buy happiness but if one doesn’t has it; he is unwelcome
    in any part of earth. Competition for extra wealth, power, army, weaponry has
    motivated many a people and countries to excel in science and technology. Many
    inventions can be attributed to rivalry or competition. Our love for wealth
    will keep fuelling our urge to be competitive, which partly, is what has made
    us today that we are.

    Is everything that cant
    be counted really counts?

    Like peace, hatred is
    also uncountable. A lot of tension that has brewed in the Arab world can mostly
    be owed to the animosity which arose in the recent past. Like love, hate is
    also an immeasurable quantity and for some it counts a lot. Hatred that was
    seen during the turmoil in NIT Srinagar among some students against the
    establishment or in racial attacks against Africans is because apart from good something
    bad also counts for us. Castiesm, gender biasing are other examples in the
    country which still count.

    Some things that should really not be counted at
    all also matter a lot to mankind. Old wounds which must have been healed are
    fanned to keep things getting worse. Syria is a classic case where discontent
    and anger has been actively channelized by radical groups to wage a war against
    those who oppose their ideologies. Many men and women have been inspired by
    this hatred propaganda. Clearly, not all things that can’t be counted must
    count. Forgiving is also a valuable gift. An eye for an eye is bound to make
    the whole world blind. What really should matter is only which will make our
    lives better, remove animosity and above all bring sanity.


    Everything that can be
    counted, even though important, must necessarily be guided by things that are
    uncountable. Like Industrial growth without a threat to environment and weapons
    only for securing nation, our motivation must always come out of virtues and

  • Ias aspirant

    Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted

    India is a country with rich history and a glorious past. A land of birth of three religions, all three of which have a common denominator : they teach us the values of honesty, non- violence, diligent hardwork, and living with each other in peace and cooperation. We have assimilated the foreign rulers into our culture and even their culture into ours. But with the expansion of colonialism and coming of British Raj into India mercantilism grew. Things like money, profit, land started to value more as the industrialisation progressed in the west. People became commodities and commodities became things to be revered. 

    This trend has continued in the 21st century with expansion of globalisation, where it has brought economic growth on the one hand but increased inequality on the other; it has increased technology on the one hand and weapons of mass destruction on the other. But we need to ask ourselves, what really counts? Is it things like banks, stock markets, weapons, and fighter planes or is the values like love, peace, humanity, friendship that truly matter? 

    The answer is simple. It doesn’t matter how much money we earn in our lives, what truly matters is how many lives we touched, how many smiles we bring, how many people remember us when we die. The real wealth is the love of our family and near and dear ones. It is when the whole nation and infact the whole world lives in harmony and practices tolerance, that we have evolved into a true civilised society. Civilisation is not how many industries or buildings we build, it is when even the poorest can afford two square meals a day and live a life of dignity. 

    If we take a look at our national freedom struggle we can see that the big guns and money power did not count before the courage and determination of our freedom fighters. A physically weak looking man like Mahatama Gandhi got freedom to our country by practicising methods of non violence and satyagraha. He did not abandon his beliefs in the toughest of times or criticism. He believed that an eye for an eye will only blind the world. It is only by love we can win our enemy. What really matters is not the muscle power or weapons but our formidable will and love even for our enemies. This is the principle India adopted even after independence in the form of non alignment and Panchsheel. We respected the values of sovereignty and mutual cooperation between nations. 

    Even the constitution we adopted after independence promotes the values of unity and integrity of the nation and Liberty, equality and fraternity of the people. Our dpsp promotes values of international peace. It works on the principle of religious tolerance and affirmative action. All the religions have the right to practise their beliefs and minorities have the right to preserve their culture. Even the workers are to be made a part of the management and grassroot democratic institutions are to be strengthened. These are the values that make our country truly enriched. Even if India is not leading in terms of gdp or defence technology but the perseverance, love and respect for our elders, family values of people of this nation is what makes us a soft power and a democracy in true sense. 

    We cannot put a price tag on the things that really count. Seeing a toddler smile or a warm hug from ur parents or loved ones are not the things that can be bought. We may run after money and a better job and life style only to realise in the end that we missed the real things in life. People like mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Gandhi, Ambedkar spent their lives serving the poor sections of society. They didn’t do it for the personal gain but for the benefit of the human kind. One can only imagine  the amount of satisfaction they derived from their work!! In the end isn’t this what really matters? 

    We all wish for our next generation to grow in an environment of safety and security, love and peace, and abundance of natures gifts. But are we really striving for the right things these days? Aren’t we sacrificing the environment for the sake of economic growth!  When the trees become barren, there are no more birds chirping around or children playing in the park, who can say that we are leading a good life?  Will it really matter if we had all the wealth in the world but not a good health to enjoy it? 

    What we need is sustainable development and a balanced approach. We need not cease development all together, but we need to be careful what we are lose in the process. It shouldn’t come at the price of environment, health  or values. We definitely need the things we can count in order to survive, but we also need the uncountable things in order to live.

    We really need to think what kind of a legacy we leave behind for our children…

    • Winter

      loved reading your essay.. have essence of nostalgia, emotion, practicality and polity too 🙂 Till 4th para flow is good but you lose in 5th one but again thumbs up for end.
      Keep it up

      • Ias aspirant

        Thanks a lot for the review and especially since this is my second essay.. So all the reviews are welcomed in order to improve myself.. 🙂

  • Winter

    “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted” is indeed an entangled statement and quite significant too. The above statement is suggested by Albert Einstein or William Bruce Cameron is a debatable issue and require intense investigation. Meanwhile we should look into the essence of above sentence which carries the important lesson for meaningful life and teach us some non avoidable terms.
    The entire universe is made up of matter and everything we see around us is living and non living. Ever organism is very different from other and follow entirely different lifestyle. The common among these (living+non-living) are physical appearance(anatomy),name etc. But there is one more thing which is quite ignored common feature and that is ‘its very self significance in this universe’. Its not our fault but we are so in flow with all other regular things that we tend to forget to remember those things which doesn’t count in words and figures but have significance much more than these countable things.
    Compassion, empathy, knowledge, sensitivity, love, help, good advice & suggestion are all less counted what actually they deserve in our life. And money, success, competition,business & trade, luxury are all have significance which only have impact over countries growth, GDP and Income of people. All these subjects are indeed important but we should not forget that a man is man if he carries all not so countable features like happiness , love etc. Mankind can only grow when and only when he/she posses all significant feature in their lives. Our world has seen many great leaders Gandhi, Vivekananda, Lincoln, Mandela and many more.. They are great because they possessed some qualities which are not unique but surely tough to follow. Violence, crime, money,gold are all easy to possess and follow but qualities which cares for other,helps unknown, fights for justice, follow non- violence are all valuable possessions which can’t be valued in money and which do not counts in practical world to masses.

    Past and present are full of examples which show that something which should be counted gain popularity and sympathy of people like recent case where some students of JNU, Delhi are given around a week of live telecast and campus was jolted for a month where many students were actually unaware of happenings but following and participating in rallies and marches. An actual subject was being diverted and later on turned into a political mishap. All this narration of story is due to highlighting the fact that non important or more aptly ,less important subject get recorded and publishes, get broadcast . Our world is reeling under non specific and non relevant matters which should not be. Rather we should focus on matters which build a person, which actually lead our nation or world towards enlightenment. People having qualities which counts should be appreciated, motivated and much more than must be accepted among us.

    The world is not far away where things which do not get counted will count and those things will be valued ever whatever the circumstance will be because one day world will be able to differentiate between the real countable thing which do not count and which should count.

    • TDP abhimani

      gud points……..but link it up properly and make ur paragraphs small…… mine if possible….

      • Winter

        thanx , will work on that….

        • Winter

          i will review yours

          • TDP abhimani


  • rati


    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” This quote means that not everything that you can measure has value and not everything valuable can be measured.

    The financial success can be measured but it does not have that relevance in life than the value of life itself, which is uncountable. The things whose value can be measured quantitatively may have less value than the qualitatively measured thing.

    For example if a person is volunteering for a disaster relief activity like proving food packages , providing free medical help, helping to evacuate people or by anything else; the quantity of his work is not enough to measure the real value of his work. His work benefits many of the needy peoples in terms of money, health or life but the real value of his work cannot be measured.

    In the history there are many examples of peoples who are helping others selflessly. Most prominent one is Mother Teresa whose work and help for mankind carry more value than all of the belongings of Alexander the great. In Indian history there are many examples of freedom fighters who fought for their country selflessly. There were kings who work for their subject selflessly like Ashoka, Akbar, Harsha etc. there were social reformers like raja rammohan roy, swami dayanand saraswati, swami Vivekananda, gautam Buddha etc.All of the above example shows that the value of their work values more than anything else.

    The balance between financial success and helping other selflessly may seem difficult at first. Because for most of the need of life can only be fulfilled by money. Most often people say that “I just don’t have enough money to start helping others. But this is not true. Many people in the world helping others with whatever they had. The most selfless people are often not rich. There are lots of example around us for this. there are many people who teach the poor children without any fee. There are volunteers at non-profit organizations working for hours after their regular work days. If financial success was prerequisite, we would see little heiping people in underserved areas and developing countries. It is clearly not the case. The more people have in absolute terms, they more they tend to hold on to what they possess, instead of sharing it with others around them.

    Extreme example of selflessness is Dr Sarojini Agrawal. There are thousands of children found lying on the roads and pavements, craving for help, love and warmth. Manisha Mandir, a home that responds to the peas of little orphan and abandoned girls was founded by Dr. Sarojini Agrawal, a mother who could: “visualize thousands of Kids in need of maternal care and love”.

    In these orphans, Dr. Sarojini used to see her little daughter Manisha, who died in a road accident. The loss shocked Dr. Sarojini. However, the personal trauma brought with it a profound realization of duty. This was the genesis of a home for destitute girls

    For initial 4 years Dr. Sarojini had to struggle very hard. She cares for the children and nurtures them with boundless love herself. The Ashram is an abode of joy . Which provides them shelter and has brought them immense happiness and peace & safety . Dr. Sarojini believed that education for the girls in one of the best public schools was the key to their good upbringing. She visualised them to be independent girls who could make a significant contribution to the society and their country. It was not an easy task, But she did it.

    Dr. Sarojini’s life is engulfed with these children and undoubtedly, words fall short for the sea of motherhood she has in her heart.

    Real stories are not fairy tales: how can this generous woman sustain her orphanage? Indeed, her selflessness was challenged with the financial crisis . For me, they are a good answer to my inquiry for a sustainable model of selflessness, and for the balance between financial success and helping others.

    How we count our financial success may vary from person to person, from country to country, but how fulfilled our lives are cannot be simply quantified. For me, the value of life is only proportional to how much love and help we give out.

  • A true INDIAN

    @Insights..Hello sir, i m a new IAS aspirant and have decided to appear for this examination which will be held on 7th of August for the PT exams, but i haven’t prepared anything except a few standard books like Laxmikant, Bipan Chandra’s India’s struggle for independence and Ramesh Singh. But i need ur help :
    1. I want to join Insights’ PT test series, will it be enough to clear this PT just by reading this test? i found that last time about 60 questions in PT exams are repeated directly or indirectly form INSIGHTS Test Series.
    2.Do i need to read NCERTs from class 6-12 or from class11-12?
    Sir please guide me Sir as i need ur help at this difficult time .Waiting for ur reply sir……Thanks in advance.

  • God has asked me to be faithful not successful
    —–Mother Teresa

    In Vishnusharma’s Panchtantra,there is a beautiful story. Once upon a time,there was an axeman,poor and virtuous who used to cut wood from nearby forest and lived modestly by selling it.Life was peaceful but not smooth. One day,after seeing his neighbours,he thought about his ‘miserable life’ and since then,he started cursing it. The forest goddess was appalled and thought to help him out.She gave him golden egg which used to double at night thus giving unending wealth to the axeman. Soon,he became rich but found that his happiness was bygone. His wife and children were not listening to him and comfort made him lazy too. Running to forest,he prayed the goddess to give back his previous life where he has less money but happiness,less food but appetite,simple bed but sound sleep. In other words,he had discovered the truth of life–Not everything that can be counted counts.

    Similarly,it is also true that not everything that counts can be counted.Nothing illustrates it best than the life of Mahatma Gandhi who candidly confessed in ‘My experiments in Truth’ that it was racial discrimination and the pain of being thrown out of running train in south Africa which gave him the vision of life,transformed him from a easy life aspiring barrister to a satyagrahi. Since then,Gandhi dedicated his life for the end of discrimination,colonial exploitation and emancipation of the mass from a tyrannical regime. Nothing appealed him greater,be it prospects of a good life or fear or family alienation. Thus,in other words,sometimes turn of life is set by the things which at first sight appear non-discript or less worthy or non-countable.

    Lakhs of freedom fighters did prefer death,prison,flogging and economic ruination and abdicated pleasures of life which were awaiting them in ordinary life. Prof. Chaman Lal has brought heart rendering letters of Bhagat Singh in which he has addressed his mother as after to motherland in reverence and sought her blessings for supreme sacrifice. What led such people to deliberately face wrath of an empire in which it was said that sun never sets in ? Surely they felt that not every thing that can be counted counts. Patriotism,sense of duty to motherland and listening to the call of conscience were determinant to them even to the peril of their life and being called ‘Terrorist’.

    An interesting question arises as to how to zero in as to what can be counted or not to be counted? There seems to be no fixed criterion to decide on it. Each individual has his/her own set of beliefs,priorities,needs and tendencies which together with prevalent traditions play significant role in shaping his/her thought and action. Hence,one may prefer material aspects over spiritual one where as other may view a balanced in high esteem. Point is that differences are innate in human nature and so are the perceptions which are held more in practicality than truths.

    Can this argument be extended into history? The answer is certain. Buddha was a married prince blessed with a child and in worldly richness. What caused him renunciate the world and search for enlightenment? He himself answers it as being influenced by the uncovering of miseries as reflected in sick,old and dead persons in contrast to a happy monk. The fact about emergence of 63 sects during his time itself indicates that not everything which were being counted in terms of prevalent sacrificial cult,caste-ism and growing materialism were able to convince dissenters about futility of system. The result was an intellectual upheaval which led to birth of non-orthodox religions like Buddhism and Jainism. It is remarkable that one favours middle path between absent-ism and indulgence whereas later favours extremism,again pointing that everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

    Is it possible to find application of this concept into our daily life? We often hear of consumerism and materialism being order of the time,partly influenced by Globalization and partly by westernisation. Here too perceptions play a decisive role as some may feel satisfied with few wants whereas other may be mad for luxury and unending appetite for material goods.

    In economy too,we find that per capita income is unable to measure real well-being of people as mere counting average income does not translate into equitable distribution or quality of life, Similarly,poverty cannot be measured into mere consumption and income criterion as not everything can be counted to gauge its other dimensions such as exclusion,vulnerability,discrimination,or empowerment. These are the things which counts but cannot be counted economically thus we adopt HDI index as middle path for evaluation in development .

    Can we find in personal life,the intrusion of ‘countable’ aspects? In today’s fast pace life,relations are silent victims. Couple,high earning and materially well off,educated and urban–are prone to marital discord,quarrel and even divorce. Surely,not everything that counts can be counted. Relationship is about feeling,understanding and accommodation which are more valuable though may not countable.

    Sri Sri RaviShankar,founder of the famous’Art of Living’ famously quip that life is a balancing act,a tight rope walk indeed where smooth riding depends upon healthy balance between personal and professional life. Hence,everything too,must be examined on its prudence,utility and value rather than on immediate,short-lived and unsustainable prospects. It is true that not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. But the larger question is whether we have the insight or ability to distinguish between the adjacent sides of the same coin.The answer lies in individual’s judgements in which society play the role of a option shaper.


    630 words

    “What really matters does not matter and what does not matter really matters”

    Not everything we see is the way it is actually sometimes we are not able to see what is hidden inside. We see through our eyes but we fail to see the real meaning. For example we think that the meaning of life is earning money, earning resources, goods but the real meaning of life is finding the purpose of your life and follow that.

    We strive for material abundance but we don’t find time to see the abundance of things we already have. We don’t see the abundance of spiritual upliftment, happiness, satisfaction.

    “Rather than joining rat race strive to find your divine purpose of life”

    The whole world is busy with the fast living and we try to run faster and faster because we see this is the only thing to do here and we try to be at the top but we fail to see that it doesn’t count because we have come here in the earth empty handed and will go empty handed what remains is our name which is immortal but for people it doesn’t count because we doesn’t count what counts.

    In the sense of outside get up v/s inside truth

    In this sense outside get up matters in this world but inside truth is no one’s choice. People believe what they see in a person from outside and it may be a disguise. But what is inside is real and should be mattered.

    If we see the life of Mahatma Gandhi who had lived a very simple life without any material possessions but people had seen his inner truth and believed him.

    In the sense of Educational qualifications v/s wisdom

    In today’s world our profile is judged by the number of degrees we hold. It doesn’t matter whether the individual has really gained knowledge or not. Wisdom is nothing if you don’t have an educational qualification to sustain it.

    If we browse through the lives of greatest personalities of the world we see that how they achieved everything through their wisdom they didn’t have any qualification to achieve it. Rabindranath tagore didn’t get formal education but he became the first non European to get Nobel prize.

    In the sense of healthy life v/s today unhealthy life

    Now a days people do everything but neglects the most important thing i.e health. But health should be our first priority because without good health we can’t enjoy anything and everything becomes nothing.

    So health is not counted but it really counts but unhealthy life is counted but it should not count.

    In the sense of Normal life v/s life with a meaning

    “Living without meaning is not living”

    We fail to see the real meaning of life which is the most important thing but we are trapped in this worldly life. We run for success, money, fame and these are the things which is counted but what should be counted is totally different. We have some purpose

  • smithasri

    Hi this is my first essay.. please review it any suggestions and corrections are welcome..

    You went to see the waterfalls and had an amazing time.. You were blown away by the sheer size of the waterfall u are happy. How much? You had a nightmare last night you were scared can you tell how much scare d you are? You have saved a small just born puppy from drowning into a nearby drainage how good did u feel about that?

    As rightly said by Einstein, in the universe everything that is valuable may not be measured and everything that can be measured may not be necessarily should be of great value.

    Everything that exist around us may not be necessarily quantifiable, life on the earth was the most amazing thing, the way the earth operates how one organism is inter linked to the other how the environment exist, the services that are rendered by the nature, life in itself cannot be valued but it is of great importance to all of us.

    A countries growth can be calculated but not necessarily people’s well being, A person skills can be tested but not necessarily his ability, a person’s financial wealth can be measured but not of his emotions(happiness etc).

    Terms like “success” “happiness” are of relative terms which cannot be measured at a predefined scale.

    Siddhartha(Gautama Buddha) born in a kshatriya family being a king with all the luxuries of life which are quantifiable went in search of the ultimate truth after his great explore found the truth of life which is of immense value but none can measure his state of mind and the ultimate bliss that he attained.

    Steve job’s one of the most wealthiest person in the world in his last day’s said that in others eyes his life is an epitome of success, but apart from work he had little joy, and he cannot take all the money that he has earned.

    Also there are few aspects of life which cannot be quantified having a dream and achieving it, no one can even express how good they feel when they had achieved their dream, perhaps relationships, people in the present times has started putting a price tag on everything but certainly there are things like mother’s care, and parental services that are rendered to their children’s throughout their lives.

    In today’s generation many of the people are running towards earning lot and lot and lot not even realizing that they will not be able carry all the wealth that they would earn, instead there are many NGOs and some of the people who understand real value of the life and trying to help the other living beings they are the one who gets the real satisfaction in their life and which is not absolutely not quantifiable..
    There are also few politicians in today’s politics all throughout the world who are endlessly indulging in the corrupt practices for their good and in turn we also have many of our past political leaders who didn’t even care for losing their lives for their country and that pride they got from doing so and the name and fame that they had earned may not be measured but will be there for centuries to come.
    We can measure the wealth but not happiness, we can measure how many houses a person has but not how peaceful he is, we can measure the distance between moon and sun, number of planets, number of species on earth but we cannot give a monetary value to all the things that are present on this earth.

    • Just remember the name !

      Good try. Keep writing….

  • I4anI

    “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    There was a boy who loves sports and gives his cent percent to the game. From very early age he started playing and represented India in various games in domestic as well as outside. Above all he was a man of character and conscience. His father used to tell him that if you remain humble, people will give you love and respect even after you have finished with the game. This boy was known to the whole world today more for his humble nature than the records he has made in his lifetime. Through records one can find a place in hard drives but to find a place in people’s heart you need to be humble and down to earth. He have been associated with many charities, social works and with numerous social awareness campaigns free of cost. In recognition of his exceptional service of highest order he has been conferred with country’s highest civilian award Bharat Ratna. Though by rule this award has to be recommended by Prime Minister to the President but this is the single person from the list of all Bharat Ratna recipients ever for whom the whole nation was signing petitions and running campaigns to greet him with award from about ten years before he has been awarded. Undoubtedly, no price for guessing the game was Cricket and the man is Sachin Tendulkar, both are synonyms in India. You can write down the centuries and runs he has made but not his character and humble nature which get embedded in every single citizen’s heart of our country and also many from outside.

    Our country has been a cradle for the world’s earliest urbanized civilization, Harappa. Harappans were known for worshipping mother goddess and also deifying women. Our country’s values of giving respect to women can be traced back from them. Though the civilization ends before Vedic era begins in around 1500 BC but their greatness still finds a place in giving a sense of pride to every individual of this country. Civilization ends but its values still remains in the customs & practices of Indians.

    Ashoka was one of the most powerful king of ancient India. He conquered many kingdoms and established his sovereignty over them. But after winning and witnessing the war ravaged Kalinga with bloods running like rivulets from the masses he converted himself to Buddhism and adopted Dhamma. Ashoka was indeed a great leader before the incidence too but people know him today more for his changed doctrine of Dhamma and public welfare after Kalinga war. His earlier wars would surely gifted him with huge kingdoms to rule but his policy after Kalinga made him even greater ruler to remember this country has ever seen. Not everytime the area of kingdom counts by way of waging war against others and killing thousands of soldiers, but people’s welfare in these kingdoms were important to him after conversions which is immeasurable.

    During our freedom struggle days our freedom fighters put effortless challenges to Britishers many times, but it is 1947 year which we known today as the year of India’s independence. Starting from many civil and tribal uprisings, peasants movements, 1857 revolt, non-cooperation movement, civil disobedience movement and many more had contributed in struggle for independence. However, not anyone resulted into country’s independence but their importance can’t be counted into immediate achievement. Even in failure they all served a purpose, source of inspiration in nation’s liberation movement which later we achieved, which these movements and revolts could not.

    We cannot get the fruits of every blossom appearing in their initial stages of growth. Some will fall while raining, wind movements, still we perform watering, manuring and keep looking after them. In life we cannot take steps by assessing each one of them to be successful. A famous saying of a great inspirational leader named Steve Jobs, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.’” Every things happens around us has a reason in it. It can be bad or good but it has a meaning attached to our life. We should think positively to everything and keep moving towards our goal and not thinking much about the results. It is also written in one of our famous puranas Bhagvatgita-we must not think about results while doing the work or task we want to achieve and should only be focused on action i.e. Nishkam Karma.

    In the modern era of reasoning where every day scientist and economist derive new ways to calculate a country’s true growth or ranking on different aspects other than quantitative like GDP,Gross Domestic Product. With increasing knowledge and a sense of well being humans are more delving in qualitative aspects of life and tried to calculate a country’s real growth qualitatively. In this way an economist from a small country, Bhutan has made a significant contribution towards a new criteria to calculate a country’s growth in terms of GHI, Gross Happiness Index. In the previous one emphasis was more on materialistic criteria, leaving behind the true well being and happiness of the countrymen. By just giving a person a house, vehicles and all materialistic things around him cannot satisfy him completely. There are things which cannot be counted and are intangible like inner peace and self-satisfaction which need to look upon.

    Our government also announcing several schemes(MGNAREGA) which cannot be counted directly into country’s growth but have a tremendous capacity to mobilize population and providing employment which gives capacity to these population to consume and thus country’s growth. Recent Delhi Government Odd-even scheme has a significant impact on Delhi as well as on country’s mindset. Though several independent surveys said it has not proved any significant impact on capital’s pollution but the main impact was not on the city’s pollution level but on the people’s mindset. Atleast now they will be more aware with the harmful effects of pollution and what not to do to further aggravate such conditions.

    Globalization has impacted the world that a slowdown in one’s economy will affects other present in far away from the later. Now a nation’s policy is not confined with its boundary only, but also affects the world as a whole. World’s so called super powers or many developed countries decisions have a bearing on other countries growth and future prospects. Very often these policies have hidden agenda in the interest of the dictating country. United States army in Afghanistan has dual purpose to serve. On the one hand they want to secure a peaceful country with democratically elected government and on the other hand they have their vested interest in deterring terrorism, as Afghanistan(under Asian pivot) and adjoining regions are affected by terrorism. Moreover, at the same time army’s presence in Afghanistan also deter China’s expansionist strategy as this region is only in western China. So all the peace keeping missions these nations have are not directly benefiting their country but in the long run have a relevance on their growth.

    On the other hand there are many things in life which need to be done to make it accountable. If you want get selected in any exam irrespective of how much knowledge you have you must have to clear the requisite exam. Getting education on moral and ethical grounds or studying science logically through experimenting and reasoning will definitely clear our understanding but it may not lead us to secure top rank in exam. Albert Einstein was an average student in his school. So doing anything just for the sake of counting does not make us successful for the long time. Einstein later proved his capability after he propounded his theory of relativity. So the things which cannot be counted presently will surely counts in the long run.

    Don’t do things just for the sake of doing or completing. One has to develop interest in it. Only then the work done will be good and the results will satisfy us that our effort has not gone in vain. Don’t get too emotional with the outcome of your efforts you have put on. There are certain things in life which should be done without too much thinking. Why live a life with so much conditions and measurements? Otherwise what will be the difference between living a one time gifted life and taking some grocery at ration shops.


      The essay is well written. But I think, there is a structural problem. As it is a Philosophical Essay, you should not start most of the points with an example except Introduction. I think, you should start with the philosophical statement and then give an Example to explain it. I say that about 3-4 points like Harappa, Ashoka like starting points after Introduction.
      But I, may be wrong when I read your essay first time I thought this is very good but when look at starting statement I could see only lot examples, so others’ thinking may not match with me.

      • I4anI

        First thanks for the review, as I had written late night (after midnight) so did not expected somebody commenting. 🙂
        Agreed with your points and I’m working on it.

    • surbhi

      nice essay i like the way you cover all aspects.
      only Mistake MGNREGA instead of MGNAREGA
      conclusion is nice too.
      will learn from your attempt.
      Please review mine and provide your inputs to it so one day even i will write like you 🙂

  • Changez Khan

    To manage effectively, you need to measure the right things. Those things that provide insight in the work performed, and that you are able to influence.

    Introduction – Management with focus on right things gives easy and early solution. Example : India, before independence : Economic policies, Political policies of our freedom fighters &

    Climate change : Ethical responsibility, steps and readiness of different stakeholders of world arena


    —————————Essay starts Now———————————————————————-

    Management with focus on right things gives easy and early solution. Today in the 21st century, in the era of throat cutting competition, not only hard work but Hard work in right direction, with proper strategy planning considering all expected and unexpected factors, is need of the hour whether we talk about a corporate world, or managing the requirements of thriving population of a country by politicians or administrating a district by a government officer. Everything requires proper planning, proper inputs and focus to achieve desire targets.

    Taking example for India, a country which was fabulous in the world for her riches and was a nerve centre of trade in the world when most of the currently developed world was living in the barbaric age, caught in the web of colonialism and suffered hugely in all parameters; Political, Economical & Social even after gaining independence. But to gain independence, our freedom fighters not only did proper thinking but done effective implementation of it. It took a long time for Indian people to understand that Indian resources are being exploited by Britishers in certain way. For example, the “Drain of Wealth” theory of Dadabhai Naorji, which provided economical insights to the nations and it became one of the basis for the development of nationalist sentiments. Our father of nation Gandhiji, was not only a political leader he was a philosophical person who had a very clear cut idea in his mind about the then scenario of India and the approach he require to follow for freedom of nation. He perfectly proved that not everything can be counted counts, means all those efforts which many people were doing for freedom of nation was, though good by intention but not with clear cut ideology & appropriate execution method which suited the economic, social and political condition of that time. Same was the vision of our constitution makers also they not only realized the actual constitutional requirements of our country based on all parameters of that time and also of future but they laid down all the provisions those not only worked as a keeper of rights of people of that time but it is still work as a major source of reminder to Indian polity as a Directive principles of state policy & Fundamental rights, with later enforced by Judiciary. This works as examples that though even many countries obtained freedom from colonialist because of their freedom fighters’ efforts in the same time when India got freedom, only handful of countries sailed on the path of democracy, equality and freedom of life. Many of those countries entangled in military form of government like our neighbour country Pakistan and many even after remained stable for long time turned into stage of chaos and instability like Egypt and Nepal, former suffered from dictator type rule of a leader for many years while later felt monarchy should be abolished and new constitution should be made. Comparing to these cases India perfectly proved that and not everything that counts can be counted.

    Similar examples are clearly visible in world arena. Global issues like Climate change and Poverty. Both are heavily discussed by world leaders and numbers of conference are being organised by world leaders like recently concluded in Paris CoP 21. These are the examples of an approach which previously felled in the category of Not everything can be counted counts, is transformed into not everything that counts can be counted. How ? Previously developed countries, though identified themselves only that Climate change is occurring majorly due to the Industrial pollutants emitted by western world only for last one and half centuries are the major reason for today’s climate disasters and was running away for taking higher responsibilities on them and lesser on developing countries, now it has been widely accepted though slowly that Climate change is common but differentiated responsibilities of the nation with developed countries are on higher side of contribution for mitigation approaches. But here developing countries like India and China which started emitting greenhouse gases later but today significantly contributing to worsening the already worsen calamity because of huge population and requirements of these huge populations which in no way going to be decreased & finding thousand ways to thousand requirements which can indirectly contribute for climate change will certainly not will be an easy task.

    Both of these two examples shows that it’s the right approach with right intention can only make the difference and can be useful to us in future. It’s not endless efforts but right efforts in right direction with right intention is required.

    • FinalAttempt


      ur essay is v good to read. but:

      – please add different angles like you mentioned only 2/3.
      – write in short paras..

      keep writing..

      • Changez Khan

        Thanks brother. vl surely do

    • surbhi

      nice u included both the history and present Cop21 latest one as example to support your content .
      But it lacked proper introduction to the topic and conclusion as in how to move forward future expectations/way ahead
      Even i am very new to this essay so don’t take otherwise.

      • Changez Khan

        Yes i also felt so. A bit complicated nature of essay for me & first written attempt for me i also felt that many things are lacking in even description part also. But thanks for review..wl surely improve.

        • surbhi

          review mine too

    • Ashutosh

      I agree to whatever Surbhi has stated… it looked like you are writing answer in support of a question. By my experience i think that essay is a philosophical identity of your own self which you present through various examples. You should analyse more of the subject by digging deep into it , putting more research than results, raising questions and then answering them yourself.

      Well beyond the fault lines, your examples i found to be very good and convincing. Your history part was good and also the Environment part but you lacked a good conclusion and it looked that the essay ended abruptly. Your language is lucid and i hope you rectify the mistakes in next essay. (review mine if you know hindi– As generosity counts but cannot be counted)

      • Changez Khan

        Thanks for review Ashutosh. I fully agree with you on your comments regarding my conclusion. I myself was not getting words to conclude that time. So ended it like that. Bdw thanks for your insights. I will surely implement in the next essay.

        • Ashutosh

          Hey bhai, can u review mine

          • Changez Khan

            bhai my hindi is not that much good to understand the language of ur essay. i tried but failed to understand the meaning of those words and commented at that place also.

          • Changez Khan

            Brother i tried but couldnt able to understand this much Hindi. Sorry.

  • Changez Khan

    someone please review the essay written by me

  • surbhi

    First attempt Confused!!!!!!!
    I am trying to start writing it from more than 24 hours back.
    Posting at last.

    Essay: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

    Is that important to count everything that counts? or other way around ,Is that important that everything that counts needs to be counted ?

    Here are two different question having single answer which is optimum enough to provide solution for both.So lets try to address the answer to give full justice to both of them.
    Answer to this should be in the single line both depends upon the last outcome of the situation.The only motive is to get best possible result at the end and that simply do not matter whether you are able to count your efforts in the particular task is the result is efficient enough to satisfy the hard-work involve by individual , group, organisation or whole together.

    Lets take example of human life the most easiest to understand as we all living as the same from the time when we born on this superior planet earth.

    Childhood Initial phase :From the prospect of the baby everything that surrounds him teaches him how to survive whether you count it or not.The child is able to adapt the planet and be socialise with other beings on the earth due to all activities around him.
    As we are not counting the initial education in the life of kid as important as degrees from the best colleges in the world.Everybody emphasize on the degrees today and that counts for getting job and further success in your life.What about the initial education student got in his home.
    For example if we leave a new born baby in the surrounding of animal.He will surely learn their way of living. The children found after some time living in the wolf cave develop eating and walking habits as that of wolf.
    So here initial education not counts in getting you a good job but it is as important as degrees provided to us by education institutes.

    Adult as part of community or society:When the child is grown up enough to be a part of community.Then even a minute things and the company he keeps counts in what he actually become in his life further.And we are counting some of the things and some are left uncountable which are really important for community as well as country as a whole.
    The ethics and morals taught to the adult in the family play important role improving the society a lot.But we only counts his educational background, Family background ,Financial status only.Most of the time the ethics and moral taught by a family, friends, teachers are not counted.Trust me all those are playing very crucial roles in the outcomes of life and the success of the individual.
    As the famous saying by Late Dr. Kalam “If your Salute your duty you need not to salute anybody else, And If you pollute your duty you have to salute everybody”

    You know from where this salutation towards your duty comes only by the Moral, Ethics ,Discipline you learnt with your academics.

    This commitment and moral responsibility of individual towards himself or towards others is the game changer for all the happening and problems facing by the world.Whether that problem is of Corrupt officers, Unwanted crimes,Climate change etc. If we are having this moral responsibility induce in all the adults towards his fellow human beings,animals ,plants,society and earth as a whole.We will surely get rid of all the problem we are facing in the world today.

    For taking ahead for the improvement of he world around we need to be have very holistic approach while working in this society whether the efforts put by the individuals count or not counts that does not matter exactly only the outcome is what matters at last.

    Only thing more powerful than the great idea is a great idea powerfully implemented!!!

    i don’t have proper structure for essay i think so will try to improve on that.

    • Ashutosh

      HI Surbhi,
      if it is your first hand in writing the essay, then am not going to criticize anything. I appreciate that you at least wrote the essay. Indeed you have to learn more and involve more things into your essay, but i liked whatever you wrote about Child Psychology and its development. Do better next time and then i will critically analyze your note.(if you know hindi then review mine essay, i hope you get some good insights there)

      • surbhi

        thanks will improve definitely.

    • Changez Khan

      Hi Surbhi, Nicely written.

      good part – Even up to the last part of your essay i like the simplicity you applied to convey your thinking is very good. Keep maintaining it always. It shows your natural way of thinking rather than formatted one.

      bad part – a slight higher level of example is expected. You started it like you are writing answer of a question which i think not that suitable for essay & the end of essat was a bit felt like went out of the subject and u pulled it again to the subject forcefully.

      It simply my opinion. No offence. Thanks for review mine.plz keep reviewing.