Insights Daily Debates, Day – 213: America Should Not Apologize to Japan for Dropping Atom Bomb on Hiroshima

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Insights Daily Debates: Day – 213

28 May 2016


Today’s Topic

“America Should Not Apologize to Japan for Dropping Atom Bomb on Hiroshima”

NOTE: Unlike past we will not be giving you topic in question format. We observed that it turned out to be another Q & A session. We will just mention the topic and you may start discussing the topic. You can pour your heart out on the topic (without offending anyone or anyone’s feeling). We want this forum to be a place where you can rationally argue a topic without having UPSC (as Big Brother/Boss) in your mind. We want you to overcome fear of writing; refine opinion on a burning issue; cultivate clear thinking and expression; respect others’ opinion; be humble and respect alternate viewpoints etc.

  • mohd osama

    One of the gravest crimes in history of warfare is of the dropping of two hydrogen bombs on Japan. An apology like Canada’s PM Tradeau had voiced will have an immense consolation on the victims families and would bring the importance of peace to the forefront.
    So, in the similar vein, USA should apologise for the gruesome crime committed many years ago. It would not give any substantial reparation to the japanese public but can change the narrative a little, which still holds true regarding winners and losers. It can also tone down the mainstream view that dropping bomb was a necessity to end the war. This can go a long way for human rights maximisation.


    There are many reasons why I feel that Obama should not apologise to Japan for atomic bomb dropping:
    -recent voting trend in America is showing the support that Trump is garnering through his high pitch nationalist proposals..He keeps calling Obama weak, so any apology by Obama will weaken up his party’s chances at the November elections
    -the American bomb dropping was in response to surprise Japan bombing of Pearl Harbour and though it brought great destruction, it was not an unnatural response by US
    -the visit of Obama was more about bringing awareness about the potential misuse of atomic firearms and not for any apology purpose, I cant think of a way in which an apology will help in this cause
    -some experts feel it was necessary to bomb japan to end the war expeditiously, otherwise it would have continued and would have cost more dstructuion than the bombs brought to Japan

    • Day is mine

      It’s more about- should America apologize and not should Obama apologize or should he have apologized. Obama may not remain the President, Trump may come in, yet the question will remain.

      And let’s not rely on some experts who justify the bombing by just one of the effects it produced. There were many other effects, including the perpetual radiation effects on health. And it was an experimental step, with only one SURE outcome, i.e. the killing of lakhs of innocent people. There was a very high culpability.

    • shakeel ahmed

      The dropping of Atom bomb on Japan was totally insane. The Pearl harbour attack was not an attack on civilians. But American step crushed the humanity and its barbaric acts would always be remembered as most heinous crime of history.

    • Invincible

      I agree with your points largely…except for that trump one.
      The effects of the bomb are unparalleled we tend to conclude that USA is the culprit and no reason can justify the bombing.
      Definitely, the effects are grave but japan’s activities since 1930s in China ( not to forget nanking) and indo china region and the embargo it imposed therin along with refusal to negotiate and surrender did not leave any other option in sight.

      The decision was made by considering the prevailing conditions nd it would be wrong to simply declare usa as the culprit because it was indeed Japan which led USA to participate as a belligerent.

      Casualties are characteristic to every war. Death toll at the european front was no less. So, it would be unfair to judge only on the basis of casualties…

      While japan did suffer and continues to suffer the health risks as a fallout of the war….we cannot ignore that it was engaged in wrecking havoc in the region even before Hitler started.

      With Britain and Russia exhausted ,nobody knows how dreadful the subsequent stages of Japanese attack could have been for the next target was Indian subcontinent.
      War is never a sane act and everyone acts according to the situation. The fact that USA is Japan’s top trade partner is today’s changed world is enough to prove that both countries understand each other’s deeds and have consciously redefined their relations. Hence, USA need not apologise.

  • shakeel ahmed

    The holocaust of Atom bomb still haunt the Japanese people. Only begging of apology is not sufficient. Neither It can’t bring those lost million lives nor it can restore the life of existed victims to normal. Even the whole humanity can’t indemnify and lessen their pain. America has been playing the big boss role for a long time. We should raise our voice against augmentation and race of nuclear weapon on most priority basis otherwise perhaps no one would be left to even apologize.

    • Day is mine

      Apology may not undo the past. But it can surely correct the present and future discourses regarding nuclear weapon proliferation. Without such an apology, it just creates exception for using nuclear weapons. In such a scenario, nuclear disarmament can never really take place. Nuclear disarmament efforts major stand on the trust of nations on each other. Without such correction of its opinion, America, which the most weaponised country in the world, cannot create the required trust and thus, weaken the whole process.

      • shakeel ahmed

        A real but small correction of disarmament of nuclear weapon must be first taken place by America itself. Only rhetoric promises and apology wouldn’t pave the way of nuclear disarmament or create the environment of collaborative steps by all nuclear capable countries. The action speaks louder than words and in international political arena only steps and actions can hold water.

        • Day is mine

          A mere rhetoric may not be enough. Actions do speak louder than words. But, words still have impact. Apology may be followed with nuclear disarmament. The demand should not end with mere apology and go on till the disarmament takes place. But, still an apology can be a minor step in the direction. Or else, not apologising may justify an excuse for any future bombing.

          • Sonalika Jha

            Very true,Apology won’t suffice…It’s commitment to avoid any such inhumane thing in future is needed.

          • Khayam

            Victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack should be compensated, US has to invest in (medical and development) Hiroshima & Nagasaki to show a kind of solidarity to Japanese.
            surely apologies will not evade the pain through which japan had gone, but apology may create a new platform and creates a strong bong between two countries to progress towards economical development.

        • Dasiri Praveen Kumar

          Well said. An apology is the means of conveying the acceptance of past mistakes with guilt and an assurance of not commiting similar act in future. It will strengthen the relation between nations or the parties concerned. It will lead to peace among nations and no further nuclear attacks in future. Its an assurance prior to action.

          • shakeel ahmed

            Hummm……We will not do nuclear attack but will keep nuclear weapon for sure ( A real commitment by every country especially by America to itself). The whole world will wait to see the hold of American apology when such unfavorable situation comes to America.

        • Winter

          Disarmament is totally a different direction. A word of apology is a sensitive and emotional approach whereas action taken on disarmament is practical. Yes, you are right that emotional approach would not suffice and it should be coupled with practical thing. But at last the fact and topic remains the same” US should apologise”?.

          • Utkarsh

            I guess than Japan should also be forced to apologize over Pearl Harbor?
            Brother intelligence doesn’t permit to rake the old wound, intelligence is to come together and eliminate the cause of the wounds.

            • Khayam

              Yes, I completely agree.

              Japan should be forced to apologies for perl Harbour attack, even it should apologies to china,Vietnam as well for its cruel dominance prior to independence.

            • Day is mine

              May be Japan should apologize for the Pearl Harbour attack. But the talks of apology for Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Pearl Harbour cannot go in one breath. While the Pearl Harbour was a military-naval base, in which the attack killed majorly the military personnels (and a few civilians) stationed there, Hiroshima and Nagasaki we two bustling cities, of which lakhs of civilians died in the bombing.

              Now, while this argument may be faulted that one attack had just a few civilians and the other bomb attack had millions of civilians, so the former must not be apologized for. Killing of civilians should not happen in any warfare. However, the two incidents provide glaringly distinct pictures. While at Pearl Harbour, the attacked killed 68 civilians along with around 2500 military personnel, the Hiroshima-Nagasaki attacks killed lakhs of civilians and may be few military personnel. So the two actions reflect two different target groups. And it is the latter incident, that was largely targetted at killing civilians in the bustling cities, which is outrightly culpable and deserve an unconditional apology.

              On the whole, while Pearl Harbour attack could be considered a strategic move in a warfare, the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb attacks were nothing short of inhumane mass killings. The two should be differentiated for the sake of humanity.

              • Utkarsh

                May be you are correct. But I imagined as if today Obama offer former apologies to Japanese victim is it possible to get back their lost ones back to them. The solution does not lies in the Reconciliation, the better way to apologize and to pay tribute to is to prevent the same thing to happen.
                Seeing back to our own past, even the Indian Philosophy quote that it was compulsory for Pandavas to obliterate the Kauravs. No matter how close they were related. You may argue that Pandavas paid Apologies to Gandhari but I may argue that the whole epic battle could have been ignored but at same point of time it was essential to stop Kaurav from incessant unjust rule. The whole Mahabharata justified the context of Pandavas.
                Moving ahead with the quote of Ramdhari Singh Dinker –

                क्षमा, दया, तप, त्याग, मनोबल सबका लिया सहारा I
                पर नर व्याघ सुयोधन तुमसे कहो कहाँ कब हारा?

                क्षमाशील हो ॠपु-समक्ष तुम हुये विनीत जितना ही,
                दुष्ट कौरवों ने तुमको कायर समझा उतना ही I

                अत्याचार सहन करने का कुफल यही होता है,
                पौरुष का आतंक मनुज कोमल होकर खोता है I

                क्षमा शोभती उस भुजंग को जिसके पास गरल है,
                उसका क्या जो दंतहीन विषरहित विनीत सरल है I

                The time for both the powers is act in order to avoid such tragedies in future course of Action.

                Also, go through my answer above. There you will find more American Diplomatic point of view.

      • Sonalika Jha

        Review mine too

      • Utkarsh

        Short and effective.
        Stealing you phrase, “Apology may not Undo the Past”.

        • Khayam

          Surely it won’t, But it may sort out differences, may lead towards new healthy economical opportunity for both nations.

    • bakir malik

      i think going no nuclear will be against our own programmes.

  • Sheryl

    Today who leads the world? In unison we will say it is united states of america, any country that goes a little bit astray faces sanctions be it iran, be ut india,be it any big or small country. Now coming to the point,this was a Historical mistake, world knows this that using nuke weapon was not at all needed, that was just extreme show of power and a jealous brother attitude. Even if japan was not stopping attacks and not giving up war,there were other means to tackle the menace. But using nuke bomb was not needed at all.
    Now what that on instance has led this world to, today it is a primary goal of aspiring nation to have nuke power to get its demand some weight in international agencies.
    And if obama apologiezes at this point,it will not undo the wrong but yes,a historical mistake can be called a mistake . a leader of world if accepts its mistake will only give a happy message to the world that these destructive powers are lethal and inhuman…and world will be more and more commited to stop nuke race . it was an oppourtunity missed by POTUS.

  • Mohammed Abdul Waseem

    To end a war at that time it was imperative for us to drop bomb . nevertheless we have to remember we have to remember that the people still suffer the aftermath an apology will be help full in long way to bring peace to people who sufferered.unlike as in Canada ,konagata maru incident was moral fabric of society at that time where in case of Hiroshima ,Japan it must be understood that morality has to little with war is not fought on basis of morality and moreover during the time of that war every country which is war are at their best of the moral abyss and us is no exception. It’s also unfair to ask successor to pay the price of predecessor until and unless the successor takes the mantle out of his own compassion. However a tender apology will give a sign of good will and nuclear disarmament determination of united states.

    • Day is mine

      Apologizing is not much a price to be paid. America will only gaina and loose nothing out of an apology.

      Further, differentiating Hiroshima Nagasaki bombing from Kamagatu maru is good, but cannot be the basis for justifying the bombing that killed millions of innocent people at once.

      True, wars are not innocent times and kindness is not mostly seen as a part of war efforts. But, it needs to be remembered that the world order and legal regime that has followed the world wars, of which the US has been the leader, recognizes the limits of war crimes. US itself has been advocating war ethics in its various discourses (though failing to practice them). The post Germany was made to pay heavy price for its war crimes and is criticized even now. The US, in the same spirit, should accept its part of wrong. It should not justify the bombing, for that creates precedents, which is very dangerous.

      Lastly, that the war would end after the bombing was only a speculation. It may not have ended. It is well known that the war did not end with the first bombing at Hiroshima. The Nagasaki bomb was thrown after three days of Hiroshima. Does that mean that the bombing would have continued till the war finally ended, killing many more millions?

      And even if the bombing ended the war, it was still a big wrong. An apology can just help in distancing from such past ideology.

      • ESWAR

        Yes, for any serious mistake one committed which was known or unknown, an apology heals to some extent.

        Radiation effect even today is existing in Hiroshima, Nagasakhi and most of the births being born handicap.

        Germany was criticised and destabilised for World War I. The same case had not been asked by any country, reason was no dominant player in global areas except USA. It may be the reason USA doesn’t want to express apologise for Hiroshima, Nagasakhi bombardments.

        Agreed, Hiroshima, Nagasakhi citizens deserve apology from USA but Japan too provoked for the incident.

        • Day is mine

          I feel apology is needed not only for any probable healing effect. It is, in fact, needed for it would help the world recognize what is permissible and what is not. USA’s not wanting to apologize and trying to justify it, creates a huge scope of repetition of such action in future. Tomorrow, any other country or even terrorist organisations may do such an act and create their own justifications for it. Thus, it sets a very dangerous precedent.

  • Aman R. Jha

    Almost all major countries of the world has something to apologise for. And if their national consciousness can accept to live with it and move on without causing any social disturbance, then they should apologise. USA is not an exception to this generalisation. Recently, Canada under Prime Minister Treadue did apologise for Komagata Maru incident, for that helps in greater social cohesion between mainstream and growing sikh community Canada. Apology here is a handy tool for social harmony.
    The discussion around dropping the bombs is largely confined to necessity v/s moral hazard dimension. In either cases, it was true, that a conscious decision was taken to take to kill thousands at once and cripple millions forever. That, in itself, justifies an apology. Also, the fact that almost everyone agrees that it was an unfortunate incident, so an apology from the leadership should not evoke sharp responses from its domestic constituents. And, it will also raise moral profile of USA on world stage- which could help its non-proliferation targets- without incurring any economic and political expenditure.
    But here the victim is also an accused in another but related incident. The human right violations committed by Japanese royal forces in china and korean penninsula during the same war and japan’s nuisanced recognition of that episode, due to a sensitive Japanese nationalism- highlights how apologies are not a favourite tool of deplomacy and apology intself guarantees nothing.

    • Ankith

      Adding to your last statement, this act from Obama has been done just to add some good things to his book when he is still in power, he wish to be remembered for some acts like these including the visit to Cuba. Further, saying mere words would not do any good for the world…….as we have seen even after Japanese incident USA went on to commit atrocities in Vietnam, Iraq…….it’s been nearly 25 years till now and Iraq is still burning……I wish to see what would American President like to tell about this……will he feel sorry for how the events unfolded ?????????

      • Aman R. Jha

        The point I think pertinent is “should”. Of course, every country should apologise for their wrong acts including India. But, unless it serves them in their overall interest, they won’t.

    • Sonalika Jha

      rvw mine too.please


    Officially visit of Mr. Obama to Japan is about raising awareness of misuse of Nuclear capacity. The bombing was done at circumstances of War & the revenge over Pearl Harbour bombing by Japan.
    Mr. Obama should not apologize because during World War many destruction had taken place and after organizing of U.N all the state’s have already apologized each-other.
    As an example of nuclear influence over mankind Obama’s message was to memorize the circumstances and let not done again this kind of heinous crime.

  • Kumar Gaurav

    If we see the whole scenario in the present context then we got to see that we are living in a globalized economy and the way things are going the best path is to make peace with the past and that will lead to further enhancement of their relationship. Gone are the days when an eye for an eye used to be the norm of the day. Now every country is well equipped to destroy any other country so it is more about realising your previous mistakes and moving on.

  • Sonalika Jha

    6 August,1945 witnessed the most devastating attack on humanity by America on Hiroshima city of Japan.This attack left Japan devastated and many lives are still crippling under after effects of it.”Little Boy” caused the most giant destruction ever.Now the scenario has changed Japan presented spectacular example of development. “The best way to apologize is to not to repeat the mistake all over again ” keeping this in mind there is NO NEED FOR AMERICA TO APOLOGIZE as verbal apology will not be of much use,let bygones be bygones.What matters most is to ensure some remedies for Japan so that the traces of devastation caused be “Little boy” can be erased. America can provide some political or financial or humane support to Japan not as apology but to show a gesture for humanity.

    • Aman R. Jha

      The sentences before ” The best way to apologise…..” appear to be embellishment. The point on not repeating the mistake is good, it didn’t occur to me. But, a clarification that non-proliferation is a bigger issue will sound relevant, after all, only an insane leader will think of doing it again, but rogue states and terrorists can. And recenty there have been articles on social healing effect of apologies, so other kind of helps don’t add much weight on any of the scales- both should and shouldn’t.

    • Winter

      US will not provide political or financial support as it would equalise its efforts to apologize in front of Japan . So this effort could follow after apologizing in words only.

    • Day is mine

      I would like to differ. I feel an apology would go a long way strengthening the world discourse on disarmament and opposition to war crimes. American act of bombing and justifying it by not apologizing, in a way, supports those who increase their weaponry and those who commit war/terror atrocities on their own perceived valid grounds. That killing innocents, even during wars should be restrained from, has emerged as an internationally accepted principle and applies equally to the American act of bombing the millions.

      Not apologizing also creates a scope for commiting such atrocious acts in future. Like America, others may too give some excuse for validating their acts. It also weakens the international trust on America’s commitment to disarmament.

      Other actions to financially aid have already been done for Japan. Japanese economy has reemerged as a great power after the world war on America’s investment only.

      But apologizing is on an entirely different footing. It should be given to create a better precedent and lesson for the world.

    • shakeel ahmed

      Japan’s economy doesn’t need any kind of financial help and its people doesn’t need any show off of kindness. They are very generous and kind and they have better taught the lesson of nuclear weapon’s result by keeping themselves non-align with the race of nuclear augmentation. Destruction of nuclear weapons and at least reduce its numbers would be a great kindness of America on the whole humanity.

    • Khayam

      Agree with your points.

  • bakir malik

    if you go by the official statements after the bomb dropping the act was done for a greater good to stop the destruction of the whole world and the cost of japan was far less then the benefits achieved. Even with official statement the attitude of hegemony seems dripping. First of all whose asked US to be the leader of the whole world and take decisions. Who authorized them to take such drastic actions that left generations after generation mutilated and devoid of doing any thing in real human sense? A lot of commentators say it was for the wrongs of peal harbour attack by the japanese and the evidence seems much stronger.
    But a apology is difficult to get because it would be admitting the height of arbitrariness and most untenable decision made by a country . Instead they have decided to forget the past and move to the future. its a good intiative to start afresh but it should start with holding the hands of those who are left defected even though because of no fault of theirs.

  • Winter

    An apology is always welcomed and give relief to some extent to a party(most probably a victim). It is not the sign of weakness but an apology can only be sought by a ‘brave person’. America should apologise for the Hiroshima- Nagasaki bombing. An expert can justify the dropping of Hiroshima on the point to end war and make Japan lose but second bombing over Nagasaki has been on contradiction since then.
    An apology will surely work in favour of easing of relations between Japan-US and parallely it would bring some relief for victims families who suffered and lose most in the form continuous health degradation+ psychological and economic loss. A word for families would not make US low and weak bu on contrary to that it would make it look a sensitive nation and its sensitive leader.

  • Asad

    USA dropped two atom bombs in the heart of two cities of Japan(Hiroshima and Nagasaki) even after knowing the possible destruction and suffering on millions of innocent people. This bombing caused unimaginable misery and it continues to hunt whole humanity. Every now and then,the leaders of different countries threatening each other about their ability to use atom bomb in case of any emergency. Contemporary prominent philosopher and political thinker Noam Chomskey is warning again and again that there is a serious threat to humanity regarding possible nuclear war in coming future. The most recent officially announced setting in the Doomsday clock —three minutes to midnight
    (23:57)—was made in January 2015 due to “unchecked climate change,
    global nuclear weapons modernizations, and outsized nuclear weapons
    arsenals”. This setting was retained in January 2016. In this scenario when there is a fear of possible nuclear war, being responsible for the destruction of the two cities using atom bomb and most weaponized country, USA should apologize.Apology will give the message that USA is recognizing the wrongs of using an atom bomb. Apology will give confidence to other leaders move towards Nuclear Weapon free world.

  • RN

    Sorry cannot bring a dead man alive ! As per spirit of the times , what is to be done has to be done and that’s it ..

    Why do people apologise ? what remedy apology serves , if any ? we have to seek answer to this

    – apology is a way to feel sorry for deeds which one do- advertently or inadvertently .

    -people apologise only because they intend to mend mutual relations and provide a closure to the related set of events

    .USA has no need to apologise for Atomic bombings as:

    – they do not feel sorry for the act rather they have justified themselves

    -mutual relation between USA and Japan has negligible impact on this apology
    – Japan has nothing new to offer to USA in return for apology
    – past is meant to learn lessons and move on .. and not to sort the issue by apologizing as it would lead to a unending conundrum ..

  • Dipankar Biswas

    Yesterday is history. Either we can stay behind with the old feud or move forward to the era of socio-economic co-operation and development. What happened in Hiroshima is unforgivable. But looking at the history of co-operation between USA and Japan during last 60 years, It seems that they have moved forward. The incident was painful yet does not have any further impact in the present or in the future.
    From the point of view of the USA, dropping atom bomb on Hiroshima may be justified on the ground that “all is fair in love and war”. Asking for forgiveness to Japan, there fore expected to heart american chauvinism big time. But one apology can further strengthen mutual relationship between USA and Japan.

    • Dipankar Biswas

      my first writing please review

      • shakeel ahmed

        War has also a rule – Don’t let the citizen of either country get hurt. That incident has last ever impact on the people of Japan and it can’t be justified or indemnified in any way. Political relation between US and Japan may further strengthen but it would never erase the painful memories of whole humanity. A strong pragmatic step is needed to make the world free out of nuclear weapons and perhaps that would be the real tribute to all martyrs and innocent people who lost their life for nothing.

  • Mohit

    “Apology” may not always be the acknowledgement of omission or commission of an offence. It has on one hand a cultural connotation and one the other hand a legal connotation. The highlights of the Obama’s visit was named an “apology tour” by media and it was contemplated that the tour would be more tilted towards the same. A sincere apology by the 2009 Nobel Peace prize winner may on the one hand would have created some relief to the Japanese catastrophe mourners but on the other hand would have reignited political and legal debate over the issue in the US. President Obama chose a middle route whereby no extreme end could be felt. It has certainly helped US in harboring a positive attitude from the Japanese masses. It opens new vistas towards fostering positive bilateral relationships.

  • AJ

    The damage America did is irreparable and if america goes on asking apology for every such thing than perhaps all americans will definitely die of shame. Some Countries still facing the repurcussions of America’s Hooligan behaviour

  • Sarvesh kumar tiwari

    mere apologising will not serve the purpose but i think to some extent the bombing at hiroshima was justified because the exigencies of war time are such that there may have been more human casualties had the bomb not been dropped.

  • Ajay t joseph

    I think an apology would have gone down well with the Japanese public, which had nothing to do with imperial Japan, or facist tojo of that time, USA being a democracy could have erased some of mistakes that in did in the past, by this gesture of goodwill and also to make it clear to the world that, it is not an another force like imperial Japan, on the practical side, obama doesn’t want an unnecessary leverage given to trump, by “hurting the nationalist pride” of USA, here his wits of a better politician prevailed, rather than looking into political correctness

  • indrajeet kumar

    the principle of foreign policy is that we have to first consider our self interests, then look for universal good . in diplomacy of any country , their leaders take decisions in crisis situation that decision might go wrong for overall humanity but may fulfill their self interests. so now the question arises” what was done by America is justified or not “? of course the massacre of such a number can’t get justified. whatever compensation given it will always sort of justification . here the point comes the recent statement of president obama that he will not apologize for dropping atom bomb to japan . this statement shows that what had before by america ,their leaders do not see anything wrong in it . their present leaders stand with the doings of previous ones.
    every country in this world wants to preserve their citizen’s interest , no one follows the path of idealism ( which is not possible ). so whatever mr. obama said it will not change the past but it may affect the future . so a statement like that is enough to show your attitude towards others.

  • निलेश कांत झा

    Almost all the points have been covered elaborately by everyone. I would say that USA has symbolically apologised in a mature manner through mutual bonhomie that it developed with Japan in years to come after the nuclear tragedy. Moreover, the visit was to highlight the grave effects of Nuclear War and certainly world has noticed. Finally, two wrongs can not make an act right.

  • Utkarsh

    When Obama was interviewed and questioned for apologies, he benignly refused to do so. He quoted very clearly that every leader has to take some decisions particularly during war and those decision may not be pleasant, though he shared his grief and resentment over the ills of the aftermaths too. In many ways this move is justified because mere expression of apologies can not reconcile every matter of past. Surprisingly, no body ask Japan to apologize over Pearl Harbor. Anyways, If we see the contemporary paradigm of World War II, US had two option to stop ferocious Japan from devastation, first to send a ground force of 1.5 million soldiers and put their life on stake and second was to to make an immediate impact by dropping Atomic bomb. Still when Japan did not succumb even after the first atomic attack, US was compelled to drop the second over Nagasakhi. This eventually ended the war which was was imposed over the non-combatants who desperately wanted to live back their normal lives again.
    In fact US offered apologizes in different form. With the attack on Japan, now every country was well known with the ills of the nuclear power. The mass devastation changed the attitude of the governments towards humanity and global peace and safety. Instead of showcasing Nuclear Arsenals as a sign of power, now the use has limited to deterrence only. In the era of cold war, both US and Russia reduced their nuclear arsenals and came up together to make this globe nukes free. The policies like NPT and CTBT are one such example. The aftermath of the war spread a consciousness across the states to handle this power more rationally and safely.

    The diplomatic view of the incidence is also important since President Obama is first such sitting President who visited Hiroshima. This is a diplomatic move of coming more closer to Japan and is also to counter the impact of China as Global Power. And this is the cornerstone of Obama’s foreign Policy. Recently, the formation of TPP and absence of China from it, shows how US is adamant in keeping China away from this group. The US move is more diplomatic and is focused in balance of power in Indian Ocean which could also be seen with Obama’s visit to Vietnam at the end of his Tenure.


    With a view to bring closure, Apologizing is the best thing for the U.S and Japan. Apologizing and Forgiving is the best way to exhibit that both parties are ready to move on.

  • tansen16

    NO, USA need not apologise to Japan. Japan had to be stopped at that time to end the world war II. There is no denying that Japan inflicted numerous atrocities in China and South east Asia and pacific including forced prostitution and slavery. It occupied huge territory in China and the regions on south east and it was just on Indian borders in Myanmar when it was stopped. It was moral responsibility on part of USA to stop Japan’s horrendous aggression of nations and suppression of human rights and dignity by individual. All president Obama has done in G7 Shima summit is commendable and was never done by any sitting US president. He by showing compassion and hugging the survivor of Hiroshima and laying wreath at the memorial, proved that gestures means more than just words. He has acknowledged the happening. Japan and USA both have moved forward together with Vietnam from the misfortunes of past. Let the dead rest in eternal peace or the ghost of past will perpetually haunt the present and future.

  • Salil Mittal

    No matter whatever be the time and place, its never too late to apologize for one’s past sins. I am unaware of what Mr Barack Obama achieved diplomatically by visiting the Hiroshima site but not apologizing for the atomic bomb which USA dropped in wake of WW2. Reasons being :

    1. Being the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize, I was expecting he finally could have done some justice to the award given to him despite him getting involved in almost all the recent disturbances in middle east and Africa. He should have atleast honoured the spirit behind the award. Whatever may have been the past reasons for the then US President of taking such a shocking step, killing and maiming tens and thousands of people was no justification.

    2. USA holds itself has the protector of the human rights across the world, often acting as a ‘Big Brother’ and using those reasons to meddle with the internal politics of the countries. Having committed such a grave human rights blunder and then justifying it that exigencies of that time validated the decision will not go well with most other countries. The least it could have done was ask an apology for the mistake it committed.

    3. I am well aware of the violence and atrocities committed by Japan during WW2. Does that justify why one shouldnt apologize to the other just because the other person is no better ?. Mahatma Gandhi said ” An eye for an eye would make the world blind”. Why do we have to wait for the other country to apologize and why can’t US take the lead in issuing one particularly when it is so quick to point out other countries about their human rights violations.

    4. I am pretty sure, Obama would have been lauded internationally had he issued an apology. He should have taken lead from his neighbour who recently apologized for the Komagatu Maru Incident (Which happened way earlier than Hiroshima attack and was way less severe). Did that apology make him or his country be thought of less ?. NO. On the contrary it led to huge applause for the PM and his humanitarian side.

    5. Then there is the debate about what good an apology can do ?. So why should anybody apologize when things done cant be undone. That makes no sense. Well i am pretty sure an apology wouldn’t change the past, but will it not change the present and future ?. Will it not lead to greater harmony and peace and respect for the countries and their citizens towards each other. We have to acknowledge the fact that those who have been wronged, just an apology could go a long way in easing their pains how little it maybe. Those who dont agree with this should wipe out the word ‘sorry’ from their dictionary !.

    6. What more could have been done ?. Well being the only country to use Atomic bomb and the holder of the largest nuclear arsenal, Obama should could have done a lot. To start with, he should have resolved to keep world free from another nuclear war and promise to take steps to reduce his nuclear arsenal(kick starting the START process with Russians would have been a welcome start). This would, if had already apologized ,would have made his visit a successful one which I feel lacked substance.

  • V k kavya

    1.The incident took place during WW-2
    2.It was a decision taken by few members in a group as a part
    of war strategy, all American citizans didn’t vote for a nuclear bombing.
    3.If US says sorry, then the message sent will be fisrt drop
    bomb, then say sorry, so if Pak drops a bomb on India and vice-versa
    and respective countries say sorry will that be acceptable?
    4.Apologies won’t help in addressing the issue(nuclear arsenal and wars).
    5.US should have acknowledged that it was not the right decision by them
    and ensure such things won’t be repeated in future.

  • zaidi

    the 20th century was marked by two devastating wars at the world level.both the world wars led to the polarisation which meant world got divided into political groups. there was a lot of destruction and in the process many crimes went on to take place ;hiroshima episode was the highest point of such tension.
    Apologising for the wrongs done in the past can go a long way in bringing harmony to the persecuted. nations of present globalised world cant be made hostages to the events of past.the apology by canadian pm to the sikhs who were left lurking in the komagatu maru incident shows how acts of difference in the past can be done away with humanistic approach. accepting the wrongs done by predecessors shouldnt be seen as a hurdle and Americsa being the champion of democracy should apologise for the will raise the stakes of us and mr obama even higher.