Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 22: “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

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Insights Weekly Essay Challenges 2016 – Week 22


23 May  2016

Write an essay on the following topic in not more than 1000-1200 words:


“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

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    PLease review


      first of all it is not Volatire but Voltaire and not Sakespare but Shakespeare.
      ‘ Man is born free but is everywhere in chains’, where u read it said by Voltaire but it is famous quotation of Rousseau.
      Try to pour your own ideas in the essay, what UPSC want to test, you are here not to discus western philosophy but to reflect what you see in the society, at the end you spelled every name badly. don’t take this mistake reluctantly

  • vishnu

    “Ignorance is bliss” this statement correctly reffers to the attitude of some people caught in the invisible web of ignorance. Ignorance which many people have made up due to their lack of knowledge on their surroundings or even more dangerous due to partial knowledge acts as a safe coccoon for people to propogate their ignorance and acts as a safe shelter for their social security and over time these cocoons gets even more harder shutting themselves from the rest of the world.

    Ignorance has always been part of human consciousness. Ignorance and lack of understanding to the conditions of people and nature surrounding them has been one of the major causes of sufferings around the world. The typical attitude of humans that “life must go on” has stopped us many at times from looking around us and see what is going around us, to review how life is going and gradualy ignorance seems to define the life of many.
    During the initial years of British conquest of India when the EIC came just as a trading company the rulers were enthusiasticaly welcoming them so as their trade and revenue increased. These rulers were ignorant of the dangers that lay before them nor were they aware of the history of exploitation and colonisation which had preceeded the British in other parts of the world. Eventualy when the ignorance was replaced by realisation by then it was too late, The British had virtualy colonized India and the rest is history. India was then a society of ignorance, ignorant to the sufferings happening to its own people, to the developments happening around the world and to the dangers which was on its doorstep and this ignorance has caused us sufferings still today.
    In todays fast mooving lifestyle ignorance has again raised its head. People are so absorbed in their work they do not see the dangers which are impending on them. People are cought up in their works does not see or know what is happening in their own family, Parents are so caught up with just their students “grades” and academics they just see children as mark machines, People are so ignorant on what they eat they forget their health, people are so ignorant on the resources which they consume they forget the impact which it has on nature. This ignorance of us humans as an individual and society is responsible for all the major problems we are facing from students and youngster suicide, high divorce rates, obesity and other lifestyle diseases , global warming etc.

    If once society treads the path of ignorance it will only lead to stagnation nd ignorance becomes the norm, it becomes the golden coccoon which engulfs the human mind as well as our society. But as the Hindu mythology goes when human society goes down a wrong path there will always come an “Avatar” to set the humans down the right path. These “Avatars” divine or not has come in different forms from budha who showed a new path to Raja Ram Mohan Roy who took us through a different path to Gandhi who showed us the right path and it is time now people together take a path of virtue and shed our golden cocoons. Thus when a catterpillar sheds it coccoon only then shall a beautiful butterfly comes into beeing.

    Plz review guys


    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere


    Fools do not have ethics.

    Fools live in illusions, creating a wrong impression in society, do not listen to society

    Duryodhan, Pakistan, North Korea, Cuba, Followers of some tainted babhas like asaram bap

    Domestic violence, drugs abuse, see ratio imbalance, societal problem

    Fools tries to get coverage, publicity

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    • Day is mine

      Fools may have ethics. Ethics is not the criterion to determine foolishness. Foolishness has to do with the irrationality of mind, a mind that does not question the given and blindly follows the trends. Even an ethical person may be a fool, if he does not put his ethics to the test of rationality or the need of time.

      • ESWAR

        A fool is another model of person who is lacking of rationality, understanding

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  • Ashutosh Mishra

    Please Review: 1383 words.

    So, who is a fool? Are they someone who are filled with fragrance? No, that is Phool i.e flower. Is it a synonym for complete? No, that is full.

    A fool is someone who has unrealistic expectations from themselves and from the society they live in. They try to do something that normal peoples avoid and mind you, this is not because they are way too much talented than their ordinary brethrens but just because “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. They are someone who ride bikes at 100 km/h on the busy roads, not because they want to have a career in formula one racing but because they have this notion that doing so will transform them into a John Abraham or a Salman Khan. They are someone who hold a cigarette and gorge on pan masala and alcohols because they feel that doing so would make them appear manly. A fool is someone who passes lewd comments at the girls in the market because they think that doing so would help them get the attention of their “desired object”. A fool is someone who beats his wife for dowry and under the effect of alcohol. Foolishness is not limited to any particular gender. A woman or a girl who neglects her career and hopes to piggyback on her father or a husband is also a fool and those members of the fairer sex who falsely implicate their husbands and in- laws over charges of dowry and harassment are fools of unprecedented proportions.

    The best thing about foolishness is it’s secularity. A Hindu who tries to propagate the concept of Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, Cow campaign etc to stoke communal feelings is a fool and a Muslim who justifies terrorisms on the grounds of ill- treatment to their community and differentiates between good and bad terrorism is a fool. A Christian who resorts to forced conversions is a fool and a Sikh who adores the Sikh separatists is a fool.

    Fools are all around us. Those who commit crimes are criminals but those who silently see them taking place are fools. Everyone is trying to make a fool out of someone. The politicians fool the voters and the administration fools it’s people. We are surrounded by fools just like we are surrounded by atmosphere. For some people, foolishness is god gifted, while some acquire it out of sheer hard work and unflinching dedication.

    May be I am also a fool for describing fools for so long!

    In very simple words, a fool is someone who has hardcore beliefs ingrained so deeply that they don’t care to look at the other side even if their beliefs are harming themselves or those around them. Students are often seen to be neglecting their studies and thus they fail in their exams. People are often seen to be procrastinating their duties and thus they often miss their timeline. Voters often get influenced by cunning politicians and go on to choose undeserving and dishonest leaders. The jobless and frustrated youth often gets influenced by religious leaders and end up taking arms against their brothers and sisters from the other communities. A reckless youth under the impression of making a good impression on those around them end up meeting accidents or getting injured and thus harm their as well as their family’s future.

    None of us act foolish all the time and God has gifted us the ability to think and judge and as such we are mostly logical in our day to day life. More often than not acts of foolishness are committed in the thick of flow and when our emotions get the better of us. Thus, a married person getting involved in an extra marital affair or a teenager who gets into an ugly brawl because someone overtook their bike or the car are classic cases of our emotions getting better of us. Thus, it is very important to reprimand and advice people whenever they tend to get foolish.

    However, this is where the problem starts. When foolishness becomes a habit, the so called fools become adamant in their attitude. They develop this feeling that whatever they are doing, only that is correct and whatever the others are suggesting is wrong. As such, it becomes very difficult for them to free themselves of the limitations of their thought process. No matter how much we try to convince the religious fanatics that God treats every human being with the same prism, they are hell bent on killing people in the name of religion. It is very hard for a student who has not done well in the last few exams that with proper planning and hard work, even they can yield good results.

    Take the classic case of the parliamentary logjam in our country. Our politicians don’t seem to accept the fact that by continuously disrupting the parliamentary proceedings, they are taking the country back to the dark days. Same is the cas with corrupt officers who don’t realize that by seeking instant gratification, they are putting themselves as well as the country at risk. A drug addict or a chain smoker, ever after knowing that they are injurious to their health, keeps on consuming those substances. Even our cricket stars who are paid so well are often caught for match fixing, spot fixing etc and go on to ruin their careers knowing very well of the consequences. Teenagers whose romantic overtures are not reciprocated go on to slit their wrist or throwing acids on their object of love even if their parents and well wishers have asked them to focus on their career for a better tomorrow.

    The main reason behind not taking the desired path is a lack of education and becoming a slave of emotions in such a way that the emotions stat getting the better of us. An uneducated person is more prone to be influenced by various inducements. A jobless youth is more prone to pick up arms or engage in slogan raising and stone pelting. However, our officers and celebrities who act foolish at times are examples of the second case where the emotions get the better of us. Envy, Jealousy, Greed, Lust etc are the negative emotions which often coax us to take illogical steps which we repent later.

    The way forward is to have the various stakeholders to work in unison:

    1. The society should keep on striving it’s bit to address any such act of foolishness by any person. Such persons should not be derided or made fun of right from the beginning. They should be made to understand what is good and what is bad.

    2. As an individual, we should not become slave to our emotions. We should understand that instant gratification often leads to life- long suffering and that there is no short cut for success. Getting involved in meditation, yoga and physical activities is a good way to channelize our emotions.

    3. The government should create better opportunities for everyone in general and for the youths in particular because we have seen above that acts of foolishness are more likely to be committed when the social fabric is loose and youths are disillusioned. The Make in India and Digital India campaigns are expected to address this concern. At the same time, schemes like Nayi Manjil, Nayi Udaan etc are also expected to address the concerns of the minorities and show them a new horizon.

    4. We should also try to separate the good from the bad and listen to our parents and elders. After all, keeping an open mind helps better in making decisions.

    Thus, all said and done, foolishness is not a crime. As human beings, we all are prone to committing mistakes and it is also said that “to err is human”. However, what is important is to learn from our mistakes and ensure that foolishness does not turn into something serious. Foolishness can be as benign as a faux pas and it should not be derided or made into a butt of joke since perfection is quite boring and has Adam and Eve not resorted to foolishness, today the worls would not have existed.

    This Fools day, let’s raise a toast to controlled foolishness!!!

    • Sheryl

      U went to the edge of rebelloiusness in ur first half,this may either fetch you very gud marks or may land u getting few only. I think if you avoid critical undertones in ur writing you can write more effectively..just what i felt…

      • Ashutosh Mishra

        Yeah, I tried to be a bit satirical in my approach. .

    • Nivedita Singh

      Nice assay…. You have covered many aspects and aligned them well especially the first para which elaborate “fools”. This topic is not so easy to collect points but you have done justice with it.

      Please review mine….

  • Rimi cse

    ” life is a journey not a destination ” in every phase we have lot to learn and many more to realize but certainly all are not same in a point and all are not different in a point. As the name suggest the path of fool is not the way we understand but they have a certain way in thire own eyes, which leads good or bad for some others, so instead of complaing any thing we should try to convince to them about their perspective so that they can lead a way to their destination , so proper understanding is the foundation of every work, for an example some fools forget thire ethics and thire prospective and very stubborn to thire ideology , as if thire way of living life is good , foe an instance isi these people lead life with out thinking anybodys pain , whole world wants pain but they are stick to their ideology. Similarly despite of all the peace talk with Pakistan still Indian people facing terrorism attack by them so it is very difficult to understand fool they way they lead thire life,
    Now we all are far away for nuclear boom attack but still North Korea still testing it,so in this regard we need a peace talk with them to understand them tha way they lead life is not good.
    For internal point of view we all are facing naxalism, strike, make our surroundings unhealthy through not following make in India prospective, it is written on cigarette that harmful still we are taking it in 21st century, due to continues climate hide and seek game we are not able to face them.
    So the root cause is with the help of continuous practice we can overcome it, if not full but very sure to achieve it at least half, we need to spread brotherhood in our country and beyond of it, development is a process which can possible with day by day practice but someday we all will win..

    • vijay- the ray of hope

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    • Pramod Reddy

      hello rimi. went through your essay n would like to give you some suggestions (i’m not an expert though), hope you’ll benefit.
      first it lacks diversity and continuity…first you pointed isi, terrorism, pak n then came to insurgency (mind you insurgents are not fools especially maoists) and in the last para you went to make in india!! what does it has to do with this philosophical essay?? then you jz concluded instantly citing development issue! they didn’t ask you abt development. it is jz a philosophical essay but you have started with opening phrase which can be linked to an essay on goals and the paths to reach them kind of topics but not here…

      before writing an essay sit down with a rough plane paper n write the topic in the center n round it….then using arrows make side headings at the corners/ edges of that paper amd that headings should be like it should cover all the topics of our gs syallabus…and then put down all the points whatever comes to your mind under those headings,i.e. write only those points under those headings which are related to them…then frame an intro ( will work even without any quotes) mostly it is better to start from historical point or from writing a one page ethical story related to that given topic ( depends on what kind of points you are going to write n how you want to proceed and maintain continuity between paras and conclude it in jz 50 words…hindu paper’s education plus and open pages contain good essays…simple topics, simple language, coherence and continuity, and citing real life can even start your essay by making a story out of your own life experience but without citing that it is your experience…try framing it properly…all the best

      • Rimi cse

        Thanks a lot, it is my first essay and what a great opinion I got, thanks man. Plz keep reviewing it…all the best for ur exam


    The society is constantly changing with the passage of time,and with the innovative ideas. The idea which man professes comes from different background,depending his or her societal values or norms but when that idea is old and lethargic not fit for present days scenarios its better to transform that idea with the new one which has capacity to build a good foundation. when we see in our past it seems that we have covered a long distance for upliftment of rigid and conservative social norms.

    In the ancient era our society was divided according to varnas system the brahamns, rajput,vaysaha,shudra.Upper caste was dominating to lower caste in every sphere of life.lower caste people could not enter in the villages of upper caste ,the upper caste even avoid their shadow in the belief that they would be polluted .Many social reformer challenged this kind of discrimination and tried to enlighten the conservative Hindus.
    when mughal emperor akbar freed tax from religious pilgrimage,many conservative muslims opposed the farmaan of akbar

    In the 19th century many social scientist challenged sati pratha,caste discrimination raja ram mohan roy had opened the brahmmo samaj for imparting the modern ideas and beleif whic is based on rational and scientific principles,But traditional and old minded people opposed the idea of renaissance .Ishwar chand vidya sagar also propogated modern ideas but he is also opposed by Traditional hindus .So , it can be said in this perspective that it is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

    In our day to day life we see attributes among individual of earning money without performing duty in his best of ability ,The very ideas of earning money led us into the trapped the that person spend his entire life in thinking that how can i earn more money which make my life better and luxurious .They ignored the basic philosophy of life to live it and enjoy it.They ignore his health ,they are not wiling to spare time for self-improvement.They run entire his life for finding materialistic pleasure but they forgot that all it is give a momentous pleasure and forgets the very purpose of life.

    when an institution impose some code of conduct to be follow by its member ,They set very high standards and ethical values but due to ignorance of norms when any unethical act happens like, in many instances we see news of sexual harassment at work place or in educational institution i.e. teacher harassed his or her student .children work in hazardous industries below the prescribed age.Rich exploit poor.SO it can be conclude that it hard to free fools from the chain they revere.

  • naren

    Rough sketch :
    It is impossible to believe to god
    – religious and spiritual
    – temples ,
    – people just follow blindly
    – many fights for truth
    – ethics
    – catholic church , madrassa , khumb mala ,
    – respect ..

  • Please Review. 926 Words

    Arguing with a fool only proves that there are two.

    The famous maxim above perfectly fits in the title. It is often extremely difficult to make a reluctant person agree to certain rational logical statements. All efforts go in vain and the onlookers feel that instead of one, there are two fools.!

    There cannot be a single definition of a ‘fool’. As often wrongly construed, it has nothing to do with education system. Labelling someone as a fool simply because he/she is uneducated is foolness in itself. It is a multidimensional attribute and among it, a fool can be someone uneducated ‘socially’, not following rational or logical thinking, one who ignores empirical evidences against his/her beliefs, adamant on their views and beliefs.

    Prejudice is always harmful and it appears to be one of the main causes of people not changing their beliefs and sticking to what they believed ages ago. These prejudices may be correct or incorrect. A rational person will evaluate the situation and will be ready to change his stand if it is proved that his beliefs are not completely based on evidences and proofs. However, for an irrational person, his beliefs are foremost and no empirical evidence and persuasion can convince him to change him for better.

    Irrationality is often seen in our social domain. There were numerous superstitions being adhered to by people of various religions and nationality. Efforts have been taken in the past to tackle these and though considerable success has been achieved in the case of abolition of sati system and women empowerment, however, there still exists deep rooted superstitions in people regarding many other things, which includes immunization, many a times considered as an invasion in body making it susceptible to black magic. Government has taken multiple steps however, there is still a long way to go in order to remove such beliefs.

    Indian Politics too is a good example of irrationality in the sense that opposition parties on most of the occasion simply reject the claims and beliefs of each other on a particular matter, not based on any evidence, but simply because their party beliefs and goals are different. There have been many standstill sessions of the Parliament wherein no discussion was possible due to non-yielding attitude of the parties, for the sake of ‘their’ belief, even if the bill or discussion was in national interest. At the same time, it has been seen that whenever parties come together and frame a policy for national interest, based on empirical evidences, freeing themselves from their ‘chains’ , the result is mostly desirable in national interest. At the same time, there have been cases when Parties came together and freed themselves from ambit of RTI Act, but even in that case, all parties became irrational to push in their agenda.

    One of the most impeding danger today is the rise in religious fundamentalism. Countries across the globe are taking steps to counter this menance. No religions preaches violence, terrorism or sabotage, however, wrong interpretation of the religious vows along with engineered prejudice has given rise to extreme violence and terrorism. The case of ISIS is a well established one, there have been cases of factions of different religions, wrapped up in irrationality and engineered prejudice, taking up arms and attacking government machinery and public. The role of religious preachers and teachers become extremely important in the sense that they may use their methods and religious teachings to deradicalize the youth and terrorist, imparting true knowledge to them, what the religion actually preaches.

    Taking the example in case of Naxalism in India. Since the starting of the movement in 1967 in a remote village of West Bengal, the movement has now spread across the red corridor in the country. It has been a failure on part of state and government machinery for not being able to fully realize the potential in the area and change the mindset. However, at the same time, the deep rooted beleifs of the Naxalism against the government has been a major hindrance in effective implementation of the policies and efforts by the government.

    There has been considerable advancements in the technological field in the world, with new machines and equipments coming in the market thereby making things easier for human functioning. It is a recorded fact that there were widespread resistance when Computers entered the market with people fearing their jobs and going on strike. However, those who learned the skill and changed with time reached good heights along with improvement in their overall personality.

    Prejudice, irrationality or ‘fool-ness’ is widespread across various domains and though it is difficult to remove the age old beliefs and thoughts from a reluctant mind, efforts has to be ensured for achieving the same. One of the fundamental duties in the Indian constitution is of developing scientific temper and sense of inquiry. Education system should be made more holistic encouraging children to have a sense of inquiry, to question the beliefs and to develop scientific temper. They should be encouraged to think about pros and cons of the beliefs from different dimensions and adopt it if the evidences are empirical and not predicated on assumptions and prejudice.

    For the development of any country desiring to reap its demographic dividends, it is imperative that no one is left out and all contribute to the overall development of the nation. It thus becomes important for countries to take efforts and make all sections of the society free from prejudice and achieve inclusive and effective development based on facts and evidences.

    • Day is mine

      A very well written essay. It brings out the essential idea of the topic precisely. Good beginning. Good flow of arguments. Plus, the usage of broad examples, like religious fundamentalism as foolishness or the foolishness of Indian politicians is an appropriate way to exemplify foolishness than pointing to any individual or his action. And a very good ending too.

    • shariq irshad

      Based on your introduction and body of the essay I feel the conclusion could have been much better …. Anyways still it’s good ..your approach is good and citing of different examples are nice ..good work .

      • Thanks Shariq Bhai!

        I am trying to improve upon conclusion part of my essays.

        Thanks for the review ! 🙂

    • Khayam

      Good essay ..!!!

      as per your essay points only uneducated are fools, don you think many literate fellows who believe/involved in ( superstition, black magics, violates traffic rules, bribes, corruption ) are educated people.

      – you should have included some economics, environment regarding poaching of animals, history related points quoting britishers as fools in the Indian national movement (moderates supported their policy, extremist opposed their policy)points.

      – should have included some social issues like (Dowry, Rape) as policy is there to protect people from these evil but still lots of cases are happening ex:- dowry case (year 2005-50k cases, year 2001-60k cases, year 2002-70k cases) not sure about dates, but this figure indicates successive increase in the dowry crimes inspitght of having law to protect

      well there can be situations where fools can be made free from the chains they revere

      example :-
      The person who committed heinous crimes, goes through jial punishment later this fool realizes what heinous crime he had committed and simply wasted his precious time of life I mean to say situation had made this fool to free from the chain as he was revere.

      conclusion would have been much better ..!!!

      • please find time to review my essay too. 🙂 thanks.

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        Please review mine as well..

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      • Hi Khayam,

        I would request you to please re-read the essay.

        I have dealt with few of the issues raised by you.


        • Khayam

          okay fine. sounds good..!!!!

      • Sudanita Sanchez

        May I get such a detailed REVEIW from you ..
        As insightful as this one.

        Thanking in anticipation

      • Niranjan Kumar

        The example of Angulimaal Daaku can be written to support the point that fool when guided follow righteous path

      • Ashutosh

        can you please review mine too brother

    • Hello Atin,

      nicely written. 🙂 though i feel introduction needs some work. starting paragraphs looked weak and link between them was poor. part from superstition was good. 🙂 politics part is also good. 🙂 you explained the chains part nicely, fools part need a bit work there. 🙂 religion part is good. 🙂 last four paragraphs are nicely knit together. 🙂 good work dear. my only suggestio would be to keep the keywords of the quotation given as the theme in the centre of your essay. Like FOOLS FREE AND CHAINS. use these words in the paragraph so that the examiner feels that the candidate has not deviated from the theme. 🙂 🙂 accept the suggestion ONLY if you feel its good 🙂 🙂 thank you and please review mine too, thanks

      • Hi Simran,

        I found the topic really tough and I understand I wasnt able to do complete justification to it.

        I will try to improve regarding linkages and conclusion. Using keywords regularly is another aspect I need to work on.

        Thanks for detailed review.

        I will review yours ! 🙂

      • dileep

        Bro please review mine too.

        • I don’t think calling a girl as bro will help you getting a review! 😛

          Simran is a sis, not bro!

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Please review mine

    • FinalAttempt

      hi Atin..

      a good read, a well written..
      but i would like to ask, u have written some extreme prejudice is always harmful.. cant we write some other words over it..?

      if possible please review mine.. i found the topic a bit tough..

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Please review if u find time

      • Yes I found it tough too! Won’t attempt in real exam with other choices.

        I will review yours shortly!


    • Ashutosh

      HI Atin,
      I just gone through your essay
      This time you have improved alot and the examples were really good. I liked the ISIS example very much.

      • Hi Ashutosh sir,

        Thanks a lot for the review and motivation! 🙂

    • Robinhood

      your body and conclusion part is awesome. Introduction needs improvement. Overall i would say well structured.

      You can also add lack of exposure to outside world as a cause.

      • Hi Robinhood ,

        I agree with your point.

        Will work on making the essay more concrete.

        Please keep reviewing.

        Thanks! 🙂

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Nice effort Nitin as always…
      That intro proverb captured it pretty we’ll

      Conclusion could have been better…
      Rest flow is nice and smooth
      Nice to read from a laymen perspective

      PLAESE review mine if you get time

      • Hi Sudanita,

        it’s Atin!

        Thanks for the review.

        I will read yours and review.


    • Ash

      Hey Atin! 🙂

      You write mature essays.. Keep up! 🙂

      Multidimensional and good linkages… 🙂

      Definition of ‘fools’ can be looked into!
      You could mention Raja Rammohan Roy- if you want to.. 🙂
      Witchcraft – Black magic – 🙂
      Women still a burden – a liability! a ppl can still justify this!
      Caste system – ST/SC children made to sit outside classes… the belief of impurity!
      the way society discards patients like AIDS- mentally ill … the people involved in curing the ill are also looked down upon!

      Love marriages looked down upon! Assumption girls not qualified enoough to chose a good partner!

      Murders of Kalburgi and others who try to fight against these prejudices…

      Racism in Indian- matrimonials demand for ‘FAIR’ bridges and grooms.. all these are prejudices only with no scientific backing just superficial ones!
      Conclusion needs rework I guess!
      franklyI have not done a lot of thinking while writing these suggestions so I could be wrong .. PLZ COUNTER!

      And yeah! I love the way you write … Keep Writing! 🙂

      • Hi Ash,

        Thanks a lot for another detailed review. Please keep reviewing.

        Your points are valid and I should have taken more examples into account but I have set a target of writing 900 words around only so that I can effectively write during the examination.

        Another chance, I would cut a few lines and incorporate your example of raja ram Mohan rai and murder of kalburgi.

        A doubt I had, I have seen many starting with stories, is it a good practice?

        Thanks again for the appreciation. Please keep reviewing! 🙂

        • Day is mine

          I think it depends upon what impression or message a story gives to the reader. I feel starting with a story or a real life example is very much an acceptable trend in essays. It’s a very effective way of putting forth an idea, if used well. It also catches the attention of the reader well, because then she tries to read your whole essay to see if you have justified the story in your essay, which otherwise may not be always possible. However, it must be to the point and brief, not to eat upon the important word space given for essay.

          I also have a doubt. Why should Raja Rammohan Roy be necessarily used in this essay. Did he say anything important about fools?

          • Thanks bro for your input on this matter! 🙂

            Regarding raja ram Mohan, he is best known for his efforts for abolition of sati, an old practice based on superstition and thus tried to free people from the chains.

            In contemporary times, ppl like kalburgi or anti superstition bill can be quoted as an example.

            It is not specifically about calling someone fool, I take it more like irrational practices without proofs.

            Majority of such beliefs are based on superstition in India.

            My two cents 🙂

            • Day is mine


        • Ash

          Hi Atin! 🙂

          You know I have been writing essays here since October and frankly I am still in the same dilemma…

          I will share my experience though – write a story in the beginning if u can pull it along throughout… meaning you have to connect your perspectives with that story…

          Personally I experiment in my essays .. sometimes I begin with stories sometimes quotes, the way you started, reason being its not always easy to follow the flow of the story specially then when we counter our views .. its like we are countering our own written stories…
          But looking at your writing style.. I guess you don’t add counter views .. you are kind of new here… I guess else I would have asked u for a review and you wuld have understood what I’m talking about!

          Anyways lemme try here –

          Say – the other side of the grass is always greener

          I go to a restaurant .. I don’t know you… but I see you eating something which looks quite awesome .. I order the same

          Now there are two possibilities here .. I culd like what you ordered or I culdn’t …
          Now if I don’t like what you ordered.. the other side of the grass thing applies..

          However, if I like what you ordered the proverb is being negated you know… Now your story should go along the contours of your writing … you know…
          So it needs practice! 🙂

          If you find time read this one.. you’ll get an idea…. I would love to know your views on my essay but Only IF YOU FIND TIME! KWAR! 🙂

          • Ashutosh

            hi can you please reveiw my essay in the post too

          • Hi Ash,

            Thanks for detailed views on this.

            I get your point of carrying the essence of story along with the title throughout. I personally do not like making up stories and writing as it kind of seems like stretch, at the max I feel it should be contained in 2-3 sentences, actually a really short story imparting a lesson and then starting with the main topic.

            I have read that people start with stories in order to show their creative side in the essay, not sure how true and desirable it is.

            Anyways, I read your essay on walk a mile before criticizing someone and am writing my review on it over there.

            Thanks again for help! 🙂

            • Ash

              See frankly I’m myself not a fan of writing stories .. and this was something I was gonna say directly in my first message only… the one you read is just one experiment with a story.

              I have not interacted with u before so I have to think twice b4 putting things…. But letz b frank!

              Do what is your comfort zone. Don’t look at people and jump on the bandwagon! 🙂
              See I like how you write despite not writing stories… If everybody is writing in the same pattern … BREAK THE PATTERN! 🙂
              I personally don’t follow any hard and fast protocol … as far as our content is not offending or hurting sentiments… iz kool! 🙂

              For more .. U could refer to Gaurav Agarwal’s essay writing tips… 🙂

    • Anwar

      I have read three very good essays on this topic before yours and according to me yours is the best. Though I feel conclusion is a bit weak.

      • Hi Anwar,

        Thanks! 🙂

        I will try to improve!

        Please keep reviewing!

    • minaxi

      A good essay Atin.. much better than last to last essay, I reviewed. You have get some comprehensive review So .I will only suggest you to work on intro. Though, You have clarify the perception in fool, yet I think, your inro must be based on quote, rather than giving the opposite view over given quote in straight way. You could clarify same within body part.
      I like suggestion part most. However, conclusion is apt, yet you gave it soio-economic flavour.


      • rrv

        hello minaxi…
        you have been giving quite nice reviews.
        can you look at mine.
        thank you

      • Ashutosh

        Minaxi can you please see mine essay

    • rrv

      Hello atin… Good one.
      Intro could be changed its better not to say other guy as fool. Otherwise every step as said by u will be called as fool. I think one has to take step.
      You other points were good and rightly framed.
      Grt work.
      Pls review mine too if time permits.
      Thank u

    • ESWAR

      Well Defined
      Why a fool can not be convinced -well analysed

      I do not think so, any parent objecting from vaccinating of child, it may be economic condition but not otherwise.

      If naxals are in view of overthrowing democratic govt, then it is their foolishness and abide by their principles (CHAINS). IN THIS paragraph content is good but not connected.

      Here, you mentioned that computers had been thought of wiping out or reducing jobs – I do not think so it was foolishness to strike but it may be fear, socio economic conditions.

      Conclusion is otherwise good but not well related to the topic.

      Please find time to review my essay.

      Good morning, thanks

      • Hi Eswar,

        Regarding parents objecting against vaccination, please go through the following link:

        Regarding naxalism, I pointed towards the prejudice developed against the govt machinery that now even when Govt is trying hard to take them into account, many a times it results in failure.

        Regarding computers, it was the adamant attitude of workers opposing introduction of computers and being unwilling to learn a new aspect, not ready to come out of their comfort zone and embracing a new technology that is meant to ease the work. Survival of the fittest theory is going to apply everywhere, one cannot shield away by closing eyes.

        I will review yours too!

        Thanks a lot for a detailed review! 🙂

        • ESWAR

          Thanks brother. I went through the link and understood. So there is immense importance to read daily newspaper.

  • FinalAttempt


    “ In a forest there was a small pond of large number of fishes. Many fishes were young and some were old .In that pond daily some forest animals comes to drink water. One of the Old fish named ROSE , had a good friendship with some animals. A selfish fish JASMINE was there in pond she was superstitious , over optimistic, believes in luck only than hardwork, lacked in introspection and vision. she always feels jealous to ROSE , she keeps on provoking other fishes that how ill is Rose. But fishes were living happily in that pond. Once an animal came and told rose that some humans are coming from city to the forests and pond. Rose told same to all fishes but jasmine refused and said it is not possible why people will take our pond, she said other fishes that rose is trying to make us fool . Rose tried to convince jasmine and other fishes to move other pond, but jasmine and some fishes refused and stayed in same pond,while With the animal help large number of fishes came with rose to other pond. After some days some workers came and they killed the fishes and cleaned the pond. jasmine was over optimistic and due to her lack of vision and her FOOLISHNESS many fishes lost their lives. “

    Like jasmine, In our past and present we find similar fools who do not want to come out from there clutches and Later their Lack of understanding and wise behavior affected the lives and livelihood of many human beings, animals and environment.

    In the roman era Socrates was killed because he rationalized the things, Hitler was responsible for holocaust of jews and who is responsible for 2nd world war and incidence like nuclear attack on hiroshima and Nagasaki. Disturbance in west and central asia today is the reason of some dictators and now terrorist groups like ISIS and taliban are formed.

    In india during post vedic period for the rituals mass sacrifice of animals was there. Superstitious was extremely followed and blind faiths were there, several instances and several philosopher or thinker tried to rationalize it but either they were killed or disbanded from the society. Practice like sati pratha, devdassi tradition, child marriage and several tribal activities disgraced the life of women and till today we find these suffering.

    Some decision provides the instances which harms till decades and centuries , partition of India and to create a new states Pakistan is one of them. Even after the 70 years of independence we are unable to resolve our dispute and the consequences are unrest in Kashmir and several terrorist attacks in India . Even Gandhi ji tried to resolve this demand but evil thoughts and politics resulted into mass violence and the decision of new state suffered both the nation.

    Similarly several times due to caste and religion biassedness we choose non eligible leader in our democratic process which affects our democracy . rather than vote on the Performa of development we consider our individual interest which gives the power and authority to non eligible ultimately society suffers.

    Economically we have faced many such circumstances, the great depression and 2008 recession are one of them. For profits and monopoly over market renowned banks and corporates like laymen brother provided loans without any collateral , later which collapsed the global market and still after a decade globe is facing same. Many coutries like Greece , spain and itlay are verge of collapse.

    For the greed of economic prosperity and for lust of power violation and Non fulfillment of environment laws has increased the pollution level and it is hurting consequences we can find monsoon deficit, less agriculture output, unemployment , degradation of soil, lowering water table, threat of sinking island , demand of rising reservation .

    It is the human being only which can make this earth heaven, one who performs better with listening and caring of other is always provides the better society. Several aspects of evil are being cared by humans only like Buddhism and Jainism tried to curb ill social evils, persons like Rajaram mohan roy, Ishwar chand vishya sagar, sir syed ahmed khan, mother Teresa are well known personalities. It shows if a fool rises then great personalities comes to protect society. Gandhi ji the man with whom peaceful technique of ahimsa India fought for independence and we won it.

    Therefore to fight in such instances rationalizing is required rather than supporting any ill function, event or a person we should use our understanding, intelligence , thinking skills by which we can create a positive environment which will help to curb any wrong presence which is best for the society and human kind

    • Sheryl

      I found the essay nice minus last two paragraphs.. They went astray….cud have summarized it in sm other bettr way..

    • Ram

      How fishes moved from one pond to other?? Making fool…?

      • sushil goyal

        he has mentioned with animal help… ?

      • Day is mine

        Ha Ha Ha. Truly funny!

        And I also found Jasmine more rational for she questioned an non-certified information. Who knew, that animal could have had a hidden intent to spread panic among fishes and eat them on their way. Jasmine’s refusal can be seen as a rational act. There is no sign of superstition involved. In fact, the story does not establish Rose as a rational fish and not a fool. It is only by chance that it survived.

        I think the idea of foolishness stands on the spirit to question the given and the story does no justice to this idea. Please correct me if my idea of foolishness is not correct.

        • FinalAttempt


          i did not framed the story, its panchtantra story.


          • Day is mine

            Okay! That justifies it.

            • FinalAttempt

              ya .. 🙂

              • Day is mine


    • Hello Final Attempt,

      anecdote is nice. 🙂 good start. 🙂 short para following it nice too. 🙂 nice to see many dimensions covered in you essay, gives variety to the write up. 🙂 my suggestion to you would be to clearly tell in eacg example, which is the chain, who is the fool and why is he fooled? voltaire said it is hard to free fools but does it mean it is impossible? try covering that too. 🙂 concluding paragrphs look out of sync. you ended the essay abruptly bro. 🙁 i hope you wont take my suggestions in the wrong sense, because this is what i was ttold by others including insights team on my essays. 🙂 also, please find time to review my essay too. 🙂 thank you

      • FinalAttempt

        ya in last para i was unable to recall and write.. i will improve.
        u mean i should tell in anecdote who and why he is fool ?

        thanks 🙂

        • Yes, in the examples you should 🙂 this will make the essay lucid.

          • FinalAttempt

            right.. thanks 🙂

      • Ashutosh

        brother please review mine if you have some time

    • John Rawl

      eloquent. essay…….examples story ingredients are nicely put

      conclusion seems confusing…n abrupt…just refine it…

      • FinalAttempt

        ya .. after writing i found confusion abrupt. but i will inprove and edit into notes..

        thanks 🙂

      • Ashutosh

        please see mine too

    • intro is good

    • ssk

      Socrates n Hitler para…some rework needed…..
      many examples but how to address d issue in detail is missing….
      Overall…. good language but not very impressive…

      • FinalAttempt

        i will work.. thanks for correction. 🙂

    • Chandan

      Good Essay………!.

    • Ashutosh

      Very nice essay ideed, the points you mentioned are really well. Your fish example was good enough but i think you can shorten it a little. The beauty was your coverage of issues. Work on concluding paragraph is required a little.

      Can you please review mine too

    • Piyush Sabarwal

      i have half of gktoday 2016 material from sept2015 to march 2016 around 100pdfs.

      share at Rs500 only.
      mail me if interested

      [email protected]


    • DANISH

      First para was quite good,, but acc to me may b i was wrong, but u should have to write that many fool fishes blindly follow the JASMINE the result was there,, those who blindly faiths were fooled and Jasmine was fool.

      Correct me if i am wrong plz

      • FinalAttempt

        yes u r right.. this can also be implicate from the quote. but we need to consider a individual.. and in this quote jasmine treated itself as the leader of few and those who followed jasmine they suffered later.. we can say both jasmine and its followers are fool.. but in conclusion we can add that which u have mentioned.. thanks 🙂

        can u please review my today’s essay if possible..

  • Hope

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    The famous story of panchatantra about “an ant and a grasshopper” readily comes to mind which lucidly explains the above the statement. The story is about an ant which work day and night to save for incoming winter while grasshopper enjoy his daily life. While the act of ant failed to bring consciousness in grasshopper the inaction of grasshopper didn’t generate similar attitude in the ant. When winter comes, ant enjoys his earned hard work while the grasshopper is left to mercy of frost and death.

    While the above story may be of insects to which we do not tend to give much value, the moral elucidated is of much importance. Human being also tend to act like the grasshopper sometime in pursuit of short term happiness and joy forgetting the long term consequences. When we look back in our past we find various social evil which prevailed and crippled humanity severely. The baggage of caste discrimination, sexual discrimination, isolation based on purity and poverty are still some of the potent example which Indian society has failed to eradicate.

    The genesis of religion such as Jainism and Buddhism finds it root in the social condition prevailing during 600-300BC. While the elite class was desperate to tighten its grip over Hindu religion through orthodox brahmanical rules, which where not only redundant but also not prescribed in holy literature, the poor class found solace in much easier life prescribed in Jain and Buddhist philosophy.

    During early nineteenth century reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Pandit Iswarchand Vidya Sagar, Derozio and several other brought new ideas and thoughts among common masses. Practices like Sati pratha, Child marriage, Prohibition Widow remarriage were severely criticized. The reformers faced lots of resistance and opposition but in the end laws were enacted to proscribe such social evils. However it would not be wrong to say that the practices continued till late 1970’s in some parts of state like Rajasthan and Haryana.

    The chauvinistic ideology of upholding each and every thing of ancient India is the biggest hurdle which drag us back and disallow ourself to free ourself from cluthes of redundant thoughts and ideas. While at one side we find shining,progressive and inovative India the other we find proliferating khap panchayats and social ostracism of any one who try to transgress so called social barriers.

    In India the literacy rate is 74% with Male and female as 82% and 65.5% respectively. The education will surely bring transformation in thought process of neo Indian but the gap which we have created between the male and female child education is bound to pull our country backwards. We as a nation with biggest democracy of world have failed to provide adequate facility to half of our population merely based on their sex. The chain which we tend to build around our self through so called paternalistic attitude is going to hurt us and cause severe damage. It has been correctly said that “it is not the illiterate who with his action bring problem but it is the literate who with his inaction damages the society”.

    But having said that merely educating the population will not bring change we have to also give value and moral thoughts. Recent examples of well educated scholars joining IS(Islamic State) and waging war against humanity clearly ejaculate the lacuna and failure of Human beings.

    Directive principles of State Policy of our Indian constitution directs the state to help build scientific temper among its citizens. While it is an expression of Nehruvian progressive ideology, its success has not been to that extent which writer of our constitution desired. We tend to get distracted by communal and separatist ideas floated by some of the disturbing elements of society. Controversies like beef ban(Dadri case), womens entry in temple(the Shani Singnapur incidence), Honour killing(case of dalit lover of state of Tamil Nadu) are dividing our brethens. We are becoming less and less rationalistic and more and more chaunistic.

    The root cause of our failure to free people who enchain themself in social practices which has lost its relevance in present modern society are many. Value derided education, politicization of small issues, Sensational 24/7 media houses, radicalization by radical element, Right wing domination are some of the causes which plague our Indian society. On a global context the issue of racism, discrimination based on religion and prohibition of refugee are some big problem which hinder growth and prosperity of Humanity.

    While one might face severe opposition in the beginning, as several have our reformer and nationalistic stalwarts have faced, but we should not loose faith in our self. Drives like Swatchh Bharat to bring change in Indians regarding sanitation and educate them about problem related to open defecation is bringing change in hardened Indian mindset. We may have fools who refuse to change at first but through our collective action we can definitely bring a change for a better India and a better world to live in.

  • Ram

    Plz go through it guys. As not able to type to save time


    @asutosh mishra has written well

  • shariq irshad

    -Definition of fool can be relative , whatever is objected by a rational person can be fool to other and vice versa.

    – people cling to their religion , society , ethnicity , caste etc without logical thinking of what is right or Wong
    – following party agenda without rational thinking — blind following of hate politics in current scenario , whether it be current song of nationalism or religion – people blindly follow without thinking of national welfare
    – blind following in certain terrorist groups
    – fools can also be associated to madness to do something that may not promote goodness , peace harmony among people

    Hence its rightly said , it’s difficult to free fools from the chain they revere
    – Voltaire

    • Khayam

      Well Agreed ..!!
      your comment indicates only one face of the coin. there would be chances you can free the fools from the chain they revere

      example:- the person who committed heinous crimes, goes through jial punishment later this fool realizes what heinous crime he had committed and simply wasted his precious time of life I mean to say situation had made this fool to free from the chain as he was revere.

      • shariq irshad

        Will it. Be appropriate to argue ? I mean your statement is going against the topic ??

        Rebuttal to my views is most welcome 🙂

        Thanks for reviewing …

        • Khayam

          yes, agree the demand of essay.

          but it is not wrong to write some case where it can be proved wrong ..!!

          suggest if i am wrong in this case.

  • Dear people,
    A different approach( following the instructions given by toppers on how to deal with essays) Kindly tell if it is working, and suggest measures to improve. Thank you! 🙂

    Rough draft-
    INTRODUCTION (meaning of the quotation)







    Jean Jacques Rousseau, the great philosopher and writer of his times, said, “Man is born free, but he is everywhere in chains.” By this he meant that though ‘freedom’ is a person’s birthright but society puts numerous restrictions on a person. And, the great French historian and writer, Voltaire replied to him, saying, “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    With this, he meant that humans have become so habituated of restrictions that they cannot do without these “chains” that hold them back, but still they love these chains! People have started believing and accepting the “status quo”. Humans have started “worshipping” the chains and it is very difficult to free someone’s mind that has become comfortable with the chains.

    For instance, humans very well know, that CLIMATE CHANGE is real! Global warming is alarming. International organizations and powerful as well as less powerful countries show concerns towards such a crucial subject. Ice caps and glaciers are melting, and in the future, coastal cities would submerge in the rising sea level! But unless and until, humans make efforts at the individual level, big changes cannot be expected. Small efforts like planting trees, careful disposal of waste, avoiding wastage of water and electricity, using public transportation , can result in big changes! But some people are FOOLS who think that efforts made at micro level, cannot be fruitful. Of course, the CHAINS of luxuries and comforts hold them back. Easy access to resources like water, electricity don’t make them understand the hardships that people go through who are deprived of such necessities.

    Another instance which highlights the existence of some practices in Indian society. Practices like child marriage, sati pratha, social isolation of widows, parda pratha have existed in Indian society since ages! It was only in the nineteenth century efforts were made by our social reformers like “Raja Ram Mohan Roy” “Swami Vivekananda” “Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar” to improve the degraded social condition of women. British Government passed legislation to abolish the evil practice of “Sati”. But some FOOLS, even in the twenty first century, when our India is all set to compete with the giant powers of the world, think that practices like child marriage, social isolation of widows are a part of Indian culture and tradition! Thankfully, no cases of sati, are seen now. It clearly states that it is hard to free FOOLS from the CHAINS they worship. Here, the chains of tradition has restricted modern era woman to hold a dignified place in the society.

    One more instance, which highlights that some people keep their views, ideas and beliefs over peace and harmony of the people around them. These are the FOOLS who are chained in “misconceptions” and “pre conceived notions”. These people try to establish that their community is superior than the other in each and every way. They, with their actions destroy the communal peace and harmony of the society. Muzzafarnagar communal riots and many more, clearly states that some people are FOOLS who love to find themselves in the CHAINS of aggression and hatred towards another community.

    On the larger front we find the world under major crisis due to “global terrorism”. Non state actors like the islamic state of Iraq and Syria, Taliban, Al Qaeda have risen due to the misinterpretation of religion, and they keep spreading the misinterpretation around, to radicalise the youth. These FOOLS believe that by the use of “terror” they can establish their religious ideology over the world. These fools are restricted in the CHAINS of false notions of ‘superiority’ exclusiveness about one’s own concept of religion, false promises of posthumous rewards in heaven, false justification of violence and hatred.

    But, it is of worth mentioning that are people actually the FOOLS or fooled by others? There might be many cases where people take undue advantages of someone’s ignorance, this might lead the latter to be in chains which hold him back. In this world, if good people are found, then bad ones also exist, who, by their unethical practices fool others and mitigate their development. For instance, huge population in India has deep and undying faith in religion. Hence, it naturally becomes easy for “anti social elements” to influence these religious people. And these people, then in the wake of the influence, spread communal harmony and harsh feelings towards one another. Thus, it is to be noted that FOOLS do not always CHAIN themselves, but sometimes others take their advantage and CHAIN them out of ignorance and innocence.

    So, is it really HARD to free FOOLS from the CHAINS they revere? Voltaire did say it is hard but NOT IMPOSSIBLE . “Enlightenment” can help the FOOLS, because an ignorant person is more likely to be influenced by others, is more likely to fall in love with the CHAINS that hold him back and isolate him from social freedom. The spread of “quality education” is the need of the hour, because of which humans would start thinking beyond individual benefits and work for the betterment of mankind. Every person should be made “aware” that following and believing in religion is a good thing, but degrading and hurting someone else’s ideology and beliefs is unethical. We all humans should believe in peaceful co existence and respect each others’ thoughts.

    Hence, what Voltaire said, ” It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere” is absolutely correct and relevant. But is upto the humans who are establishing themselves as FOOLS to make efforts and break the CHAINS that impede their holistic development. By this, the humane qualities of love, affection and respect would be cherished! The small contributions made by them would make this world a beautiful place to live in.

    (953 words

    • Ab

      Simran, you wrote probably a better essay on this topic than whom I had read so far. Good solid intro, followed with some nice examples. What I think is lacking is the substance, the theoretical part which should be substantiated by the example. Conclusion is good too. Overall Good. Please review mine if time permits.

    • ajay

      dimensions are nice and flow is good ,also an aspect of how people can be fooled by ignorance is different..just used fools to many time in ans,and little bit more diversity in thinking can be added.for eg-u used muzaffarnagar riots in 1st part and similar approach in para related to how ignorant people can be fooled ,though not incorrect seems a bit repetitve:) is gud:)thanx:)

      • Thanks much 🙂

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Please review mine if possible…

      • dileep

        please review mine too Ajay ji.

      • Ashutosh

        please review mine if you can

    • Hi Simran,

      I would suggest avoiding writing FOOLS again and again in capital. Being subtle would be good or using another word for fool as it generally sounds more derogatory.

      Overall the structure is good.Your choice of words is always impressive in all your essays.

      Keep Writing and reviewing! 🙂

      • If I would have written on paper, I would have UNDERLINED the words FOOLS AND CHAINS. But today, I typed on evernote and pasted here. It wa just to show that I have not deviated from the theme. 🙂 thanks friend

      • If I would have written on paper, I would have UNDERLINED the words FOOLS AND CHAINS. But today, I typed on evernote and pasted here. It wa just to show that I have not deviated from the theme. 🙂 thanks friend 🙂

    • Day is mine

      Hi, I saw your comment on Atin’s essay and found it right to include the terms and phrases of the essay topic in the essay’s content. But, here, you surely have overdone it. Using the words chains and fools in every sentence or paragraph somehow is reflecting on the limitation of vocabulary.

      In fact, I think you could have done better by first trying define the different aspects of foolishness and the chains that hold the fools, and then could have explored those aspects with examples which you have used.

      Secondly, I feel your use of words fools and chains in each of the examples looks more of an accusation. It looks derogatory and provocative in many instance. Like we can say that there are some people in India who still prefer to make the irrational and inhumane choice to allowing child marriage isolation of widows, etc., which reflects a foolishness on their part. But instead if we say that some FOOLS still accept child marriage, etc. as a part of our culture, it sets a different tone (most probably of accusation).

      Further, your differentiation between fools and the ignorant people who are fooled is flawed, as basically it is when people do not question the information that is given to them, that they become fools. So the ignorant people being fooled are no different. And so there is no need for this differentiation. Somehow what I gather is that you wanted to emphasize that FOOLS are the people who, being fully informed, still choose a wrong choice for their convenience and that the ignorant misguided people are different from them. But, it is not correct. (Just xpressed my observations, no harshness intended

      Overall, you have a good content in your essay, but I think (emphasis intended) proper articulation still needs to be worked upon. Good examples cited and a proper flow has been maintained. Keep it up!

      • Hello friend 🙂
        Some days ago, a topper’s strategy to deal with essay was posted here on this forum. I thought of incorporating it today.
        Each paragraph had a different thing to say or a different example(as suggested by the topper) and in each paragraph I used fools and chains, to tell that the essay has not deviated from the theme.
        I guess that didn’t properly work out 😐 next Sunday, I’ll try something different. 🙂

        I might have not been able to properly deal with that part, but found it essential to show that side too. 🙂
        Thanks for the detailed review 🙂

        • Day is mine

          Hi Simran, I am sure you did not take my honest review otherwise. And at the outset, following the advice of previous toppers is a right thing to do. But, just see the repetition of the same terms in many places is not looking so well placed. Other people in their reviews have also pointed towards it.

          But other than that your essay is well written, with good content and within the word limit. Each paragraph does say a different thing, maintaining a progression of ideas.

          And surely, an essay should not deviate from its main topic, but for that we need not be very explicit in using the same terms. In fact, using different explanatory terms/phrases or synonyms in their place help greatly in making the essay impressive. And more than that it helps in explaining the topic with more clarity.

          • dileep

            Day is mine,
            Please review my essay too.Its my second essay.Your inputs will be seriously considered.

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Please review my essay

      • ESWAR

        Dude, please review my essay too

      • ESWAR

        Thanks dost for critical review. I had not expected that my write up get appreciation.

    • Khayam

      I will post the Essays written by Gaurav Agarwal 2014 topper.. you may get clear idea how to write essay in case if you have confusion.

      I am still struggling to compile essay in proper way .

      • FinalAttempt

        if you can review mine, i ll b thankful.. 🙂

    • FinalAttempt

      hey Hi.. firstly a Good read. u placed the examples at best spot..

      – well structred
      – a good flow.

      just to critic 🙂
      -u can make essay a bit more multidimensional.
      – you have used the word CHAIN in different sentecnces.. it should not be repeat (i think so ).
      – you named the philospher in conclusion but please clarify can we name in end or not ..

      • I guess we can. 🙂 I used in the beginning as well as in the end. 🙂 there’s no harm I feel

        • FinalAttempt

          then its great.. keep writing and reviewing 🙂 🙂

      • ESWAR

        Dear friend, please find time to review my essay too

    • John Rawl

      overall good essay


      Content n examples are good

      essay is engaing n connecting d dots…

      intro itself captured in quotes..make intro generalise without realting it with similar quote or original thinker.

      dnt repeat the words like chains fools….exact wording…
      Conclusion is like giving answer for eg.Hence…Voltair……avoid it…

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Please review mine if possible

    • Isha

      Hi simran, my views-
      Intro could be better.
      Examples could me made more crisp; though they are diverse in content (y)
      Flow and connectivity between para needs improvement.
      2nd last para needs more content.
      conclusion- make it more relevant to the context. It is not that love and affection could bring change in the mindset of extremists.

      Feel free to differ.
      Thanks 🙂

      • Sudanita Sanchez

        What about my essay ISHA!!

        • Isha

          Done. Please check.

    • Shaktimaan

      hi simran!!
      bit different approach >> liked it:)
      but it is full of instances why not give parallel analysis!
      i think we should tell what doest it meant for us… if with every instance u connect ur learning then i think it will bring more colours to your write up.:)
      analysis >> wt i mean sthat u did in ur 1st two paras >> kuch us type ka:)
      otherwise choice of examples AWESOME budd!!
      hv a look at mine also:).
      thank u:)

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        please review mine

      • Thank you Prem 🙂
        I’ll surely review yours 🙂

        • dileep

          Sister please review my essay critically.Its my second essay on insights.Your inputs are quintessential to enhance quality of my next essay.

      • ESWAR

        Dost, please find time to review my essay too

    • Eco-friendly

      Yr mine intro was much similar to that of yours…..:P….
      I really liked your examples which clearly explains why some section of society remains in chains. Also your 7th para is quite different and engaging.

      one things for improvement only- 1) mentioning fools many a times is not looking good. Instead use other words

      nice read Simran ji……:)

      • Thank you! 🙂 and same pinch for the similarities 😛 lol

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Too much repetition of the words fools is redundant at if not deregoatory to read….
      Please avoid in future…
      Your flow of though is obviously good.
      But the presentation has gone wrong making a FOOL out of you….
      I am sorry but the way it looks bad here , looks bad there as well….
      Anyways the crux is you have written very well except for that repetition to prove the point that you are on the right track… No need to show every now and then…
      Just keep this in mind while writing and that would be enough

      No need to jot it down like a FOOL Again and again…
      Cuz it looks as bad as it did here in my comment ….. Don’t mind…
      Keep writing , you are awesome… Girl!

      And review mine if time permits…please

      • ESWAR

        Please review mine too.

    • ESWAR

      Hai Simran . Good attempt other than some repetitive words, given quote. Paragraphs have connected one another meant coherence maintained. Please find time to review mine.

    • amrendra

      nice one aapnai itna bar fool ka use keaa hai ke sahi mai padh kar laga ke hard to free fool

    • rrv

      nice one i must say… you gave good example connecting it aptly. but as said by other u could hv avoided using fool and chain again and again.
      you ended it well, which i missed i think. i would like you to give your views over my write up.
      thank you.

    • yogi

      Hello Thinker 🙂
      my views:
      the topic is bit challenging, and like me u also got trapped in the web of fools and chains, thanks to the advice of toppers: ” topper bhayya ye toh bata dete ki excess use of key words ko kaise avoid krna hien” i am the victim of same advice 😛
      rest ur essay is holistic with dimensions covered from global to local levels, but here again u did the same mistake, the order of dimensions should be climate (global)–terrorism(global)—indian society(sati and all , national) —communal riots (national/local) (IMO).
      But, it is of worth mentioning that are people actually the FOOLS or fooled by others?—this was a unique dimension which makes ur essay stand apart—good job
      suggestion also given –again good
      conclusion : good
      flow as usual excellent
      overall the only flaw is the excess use of fool and chain. and the order of arranging the content
      keep writing

      • Hi Yogi bhai 🙂
        Same to same experience 😛 topper saab thoda misguide kar diye.
        I thought clearly mentioning of the theme every now and then would leave a positive impact par yahan to 😐
        Apart from that, things are good no? 😛
        Thanks for the detailed review

        • yogi

          Apart from that, things are good no? :P—read the review again , you will get the answer to this qn :D:D

    • Ankit

      Lolz Deja Vu wali feeling agaye padhke 😛

      I wrote on exactly same lines 😀

      You wrote spread communal harmony wo disharmony ni hona chahiye?

      Overall a very nice read 🙂

      • Thanks for the review 🙂
        Kahan? I’ll check.

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Simran ,

      I will create a ROUGH DRAFT for this essay before reviewing it in detail 🙂


      essay consists of 9 paragraphs .

      1) Introduction – you gave the reason for Voltaire giving this quote .

      second paragraph gives a clear explanation of the quote directly .

      2) explaining the VALIDITY of the quote by citing events from various areas .

      (a) climate change ( third paragraph )

      (b) discriminatory social practices ( fourth paragraph )

      (c) communal riots ( fifth paragraph )

      (d) global terrorism ( sixth paragraph )

      3) Whether people are actually ” fools ” or fooled by others ? ( seventh paragraph )

      4) Is it REALLY hard to free fools from the chains that they revere ? ( eighth paragraph first line )

      5) Suggesting measures OR suggestions to free fools from the chains that they revere ( eighth paragraph excluding the first line )

      6) conclusion ( telling fools have to take efforts to break the that is impeding their progress )


      1) Introduction is good especially the first paragraph were you are telling the reason that made Voltaire make this quote . But , will it be possible for a candidate to remember the origin of the quote .

      the second paragraph is very good .

      2) In the third paragraph climate change event is very good but you should avoid mentioning the word FOOL in the line ” But some people are FOOLS who think that efforts made at micro level, cannot be fruitful. Of course, the CHAINS of luxuries and comforts hold them back.”

      The same point looks better in this way: ” But some people are who think that efforts made at micro level, cannot be fruitful. Of course, the CHAINS of luxuries and comforts hold them back”

      the reason why the word FOOL have to removed because , the REASON why those people are called as FOOLS is not explicitly explained in the paragraph but the WORDS ” CHAINS ” should NOT be removed because the word ” chains ” is connected in a smooth way in this paragraph ” CHAINS of luxuries and comforts hold them back.” You can observe the beauty the word CHAIN is adding to the essay but on the other hand the word FOOL is independent and is not supported with any argument which makes it unnecessary.

      I hope the above explanation will help you to get a clarity on the reason why FOOL is taking away the sheen in the paragraph .

      3) In the next three paragraphs related to discriminatory social practices ( fourth paragraph ), communal riots ( fifth paragraph ), global terrorism ( sixth paragraph ) you should avoid repeating the word FOOL but keep the CHAIN as it is .

      The reason for removing the word FOOL is already explained above in this reply .

      One more Suggestion : Please observe the ROUGH DRAFT in this reply and you could observe that , you have explain the VALIDITY of the quote in 4 different areas but did NOT explain the VALIDITY to the other side of the quote ” Is it REALLY hard to free fools from the chains that they revere ??????????? You can understand the mistake by referring to the first line of your eighth paragraph .

      4) Whether people are actually ” fools ” or fooled by others ? I really did not understand the reason that make you frame this question .

      I will clearly tell you the flaw in the seventh paragraph were you have explained about this question

      The quote is asking ” It is hard to free fools from the chains that they revere ”

      you explained the VALIDITY of this quote clearly in third , fourth , fifth and sixth paragraph .

      The essay is NOT asking whether people are fools OR fooled by others ?

      Frame questions that give the positive perspective and negative perspective of the quote .

      Actually you should have clearly explained the first line that you have written in eighth paragraph rather than explaining a question ” whether people are FOOLS or FOOLED by others .

      5) the negative perspective of the quote ( other side of the quote ) is it really HARD to free FOOLS from the CHAINS they revere? Voltaire did say it is hard but NOT IMPOSSIBLE .

      YOU HAVEN’T GIVEN EXPLANATION TO THIS STATEMENT . It is the most important aspect of this essay . .

      6) The measures suggested in the eight paragraph is good 🙂

      7) In the conclusion you are explaining a new aspect telling that fools have to take efforts to break the chain that revere ???? how can you expect a fool to take efforts and break his/her chain . conclusion is not appropriate .

      You should tell about the moral lesson OR message the quote conveys to the humanity ( you might observed this way of writing the conclusion in the ROUGH DRAFT mentioned for my essay )

      8) I can also see , there is lack of flow or smoothness , when you are explaining one event to another event .

      you are writing ” for instance ……..” , ” another instance ……….” ,” one more instance………..” in the beginning of the third , fourth and the fifth paragraph .

      ALL THE BEST 🙂

      • Dear Aravind,

        I was waiting for your review, wanted to know, a lot about this way of dealing with essays.

        1. You’re absolutely right. In the examination hall, we won’t get internet connection to google who gave the quotation. I’ll remember this and try and give a general introduction. 🙂

        2. To be true, I wanted to know your views, on using the key words in every illustration. I thought using the words FOOLS and CHAINS will make the explanation part clear , and it will show that the essay has not deviated from the core theme.

        I completely agree, using CHAINS and avoiding FOOLS, would look better . 🙂

        3. A good point you’ve raised. After posting the essay here, I thought parallel analysis of the examples can also be given. Like, how people are chained, and how they can free themselves from the chains.

        4. Okay sir, from next time, I’ll try and give both the sides of quote rather than framing an all together new question.

        5. I got the loophole 🙁

        6. 🙂

        7. I’ll work on conclusion. I need to make it appealing, optimistic and interesting.

        Yes, I saw that way of writing conclusion, and I feel, it worked for you. 🙂 I’ll surely be using it in mine. 🙂

        I’ll improve connectivity as well. While writing I often struggle , shifting from one paragraph to another. 🙁

        Thanks Aravind, your suggestions are extremely valuable! I’ll work upon them for sure. 🙂

        All the best.

  • Ab

    Mitron!! Please review, if time permits.
    It is hard to free fool from the chain they revere

    The main reason of the enslavement of the Indian people for such a long time by the British empire were not the military or economic might, but the way they deep rooted the supremacy of the colonial way of life and culture in to the minds and hearts of the native. Of course military and economic hegemony had big role to play in their conquest, but the image of “Mai-Baap” and “superior in every aspect” meticulously developed over a long period of time, kept the Indians away from posing a united resistance against the imperial power for such a long time. Indians were so convinced with this propaganda of “western superiority” and their “benevolent” character, that they even refused to accept that the misery which they are facing is not the result of their fortune but a vicious campaign by foreign power for their self-interest. But when a powerful campaign started by the moderates to expose the nature of British rule by various means, notably the “drain theory”, hence after, the reverence by the Indians to the slavery chain has stopped and powerful national freedom struggle emerged.

    The people suffer mainly due to their ignorance and ignorance can be self- imposed or induced by the others through various coercive or disguise means. Self- imposed is when they refuse to recognize the suffering or the cause of it and they pretend to be blissfully and obliviously situated in those situation. They forbid acting on the cause to remove it. And others on gaining end enjoy their ignorance by exploiting them.

    This whole phenomenon can be experienced in both personal as well as public level. Every aspect of life whether it would be social, economic or political we can see the chain is revered both in the past as well as in the present and ultimately leads to the cause of suffering by the people.

    Experience in social arena:

    Especially in the context of India, the “male chauvinism” is having a prominent social indicator. Historically as well as still in majority of the Indian society male child is preferred over female. Hence this stereotype results in the abominable and deplorable killing of female feticides. It gives to the rise of skewed sex ratio which will have a disastrous consequence on the demography of the region in particular and nation in general. While 89% of the China, 92% of the south Korea is engaged in economic activity, India is having only 24% share in the female participation of the workforce, Hence it results in to huge loss of economy. It is estimate that if female participation in the work force can be increased till 80% India can accrue additional 2-3 percentage of GDP. But we still revere the chain of male dominance in our society.

    Discrimination based on caste, open defecation, wastage of natural resources in unmindful way, corruption and many more social evil persists in our society, and even the need to eradicate these social evil has been felt still we are grappling with those pernicious evils.

    In political front:

    Baba Saheb Ambedkar rightly predicted at his final speech in the constituent assembly that by adopting Indian constitution we are entering in to the arena of contradiction, while we are thriving towards political equality but the social and economic equality will still persist. However, many issue in political front observed in recent years is also not indicating that we all are equal in political front too. Equality in political front doesn’t only means to right to vote, but the participation in electoral as well legislative process with same say. Now we can see we are shackled in our political front by male dominance in the legislature, malpractices in the election by various political parties and so on and so forth. Even after so many years of independence the Dalits are still marginalized and seen as mere vote bank.

    There are many examples in contemporary world where we can see “It is hard to free fool from the chain they revere”. Pakistan and North Korea is epitome of this. Recently a brutal and cold blooded terrorist attack carried out in Bacha Khan University where more than 140 innocent students and some other people got massacred. They are paying a heavy price of harbouring and distinguishing good and bad terrorism. Many section of Pakistani people still revere the terrorists in Kashmir and unwilling to voice against it. Hence they are paying heavy price.

    Cause of reverence to the chain:

    Unawareness is the root cause of the problem. Many times unawareness is facilitated by the gainer as by this mean they can make the full advantage for their cause. Another reason for the reverence of the chain is fear from the ruler. Many despotic and tyrant ruler use terror and fear as to suppress the voice of the dissenter. Lack of self-belief also helps in being shackled. Internal skirmishes and vested interest among the sufferer also becomes the cause.

    Even though we have seen that there are many cause and effects of the revering chain, but we can also get rid of this if we work on the right direction as we have many historical example as well as many means.

    First step is recognizing the chain. This can be done through educated the uneducated. For this purpose someone has to take the leadership role, as Baba sahib took the rein of the emancipation of the dalits and suppressed. Once those who are suppressed will recognize their plight they will support the m0vement in a big way. After recognizing, persistent effort is needed to carry out in the stated direction with full enthusiasm.

    If we look at the life of many great personality in the world, from Mahtma Gandhi to Nelsan Mandela, from Mala Yusufzai to Mother Teresa, from Martin Lutha King Junior to Aung Saan suu Kyi , who gained respect from all corners of the world, their main task was to make the people aware of the chain which they are shackled and to free them from that spiteful tangle. Salvation Lies within.

    • John Rawl

      good one…

      Starting is good….good conclusion

      content is good…

      improvement: make more simple n generalise

      • Ab

        Thank you John! I will pay attention to ur point.

    • Hi Ab, a good essay, short simple lucid. 🙂 nice work. can we use side headings while writing??? it breaks the flow sometimes buddy..also, use more illustrations.. international economic environmental to make it holistic.. overall good job. 🙂

      • Ab

        About side heading, I am not much sure, but I have seen in many articles in The Hindu, they use it and it gives a clear indication what I a m going to discuss in that para. It’s better if some one who have qualified can give his insight on it. Was the essay short?

  • Mahendra

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

    Frogs have an interesting property. They have the capability to regulate their body temperature according to the surrounding temperature. So, an experiment was done on frogs. A frog was put in cold water can, and gradually the temperature of can was raised. The frog regulated its body temperature according to the temperature of can. Slowly the water started boiling, but the frog was still confidently sitting in the boiling water, ignorant of the consequences. Similar, condition is happening in contemporary world, where we will get a lot of human fools in the condition of ignorant frog, who are guided by misconceptions of false pride, egoism, jingoism, materialism, loss of humane values, morality and ethics from society and perpetuation of individualism at the cost of social relationships, even when humans know that ultimately one day they all have to die and all of this wealth and power will not go with them to the imaginary ‘other world’.

    One of biggest examples of fools revering their chains is ‘Indian Caste System’. Indian society is divided on notion of purity and pollution among humans, dividing them into several castes. Low caste people are socially orchestrated, exploited and discriminated against, just because they were born to low caste parents. But, the logic behind caste system is flawed. How can birth of a person determine what qualities he/she posses. Now, these section constitute a huge section of Indian population. If this large population remains backward, we can only dream of having a prosperous, liberal, happy and equitable India, free from biases against such foolishness of Indian society, which is not leaving the chains of caste. Honour killings, beating and raping of lower caste women, denying them access to common village resources such as water, land etc. are the actions of such fools.

    Similarly, we see a lot of ignorance in the form of superstitions prevalent in the society. Illiterate as well as highly educated sections also get entrapped in useless rituals and cult worship of some false god-man’s who exploit the populations based on their fear of other world or by promising them immense wealth, child, treating their ailments or diseases, and other such false well-being promises. We have witnessed witch burning, accusation on innocent women being ‘dayan’ eating the children or causing their death. The most sad part is that such ignorant beliefs of society are used against economically poor and lower caste people, who defy the social discrimination and show strength to rise against the injustice. The punishment to them comes swift and brutal, because fools of Indian society are not leaving their chains of ignorance.

    Even bigger problem than superstitions is religious fanaticism, and jingoism, which leads to claiming one’s own religion or country as being supreme and true, and all other faiths, religions and beliefs as being false and needing reforms. This leads to domestic riots, irrational violence based on religious sentiments, extremism, terrorism, and killing of innocent civilians in several parts of world including India. Some fools also revere their regional passions and are blinded by their jingoistic tendencies, which leads to disintegration of nationalistic feelings. A big example is treatment given to north eastern Indians in several cities of India, where they are discriminated against or treated as if they belong to some other nation.

    Problem doesn’t end just on caste, regional or religious discrimination. We see discrimination in each and every house towards girl child. Girls are not treated as equal to boys and are discriminated against in food, education, health and other social opportunities. They are considered a burden on family. Dowry intensifies this feeling and associating family honour with girls leads to several violent acts of murders. Girls have to take full household responsibility and this work is not even recognized as a form of work, since it doesn’t earn income for family. In India, this discrimination is visible in official records, as we can see that female literacy is low, sex ratio is skewed with 940 females per thousand males, female foeticide highly prevalent in Indian society, maternal mortality and child mortality still very high and cases of rapes, domestic violence and female security on rise. After knowing all this, can’t we say that we have a lot of fools who revere the tradition of male dominance and not giving equal status to women despite knowing that just giving them equality will solve a lot of problems and take our country on path of development.

    We can also discuss the happenings in parliament, where instead of debates and discussions, disputes and disruptions are on rise, and narrow political considerations have lead to stalling of parliament on many occasions. Many times government has to take ordinance route bypassing the parliament which is also a wrong strategy to tackle such problems. Building political consensus depends on healthy functioning of parliament and state legislatures. Only then we will be able to solve another ignorant aspect of our life, which is corruption prevalent in all walks of life, and materialistic culture which is on rise.

    Corruption is not only prevalent in government lower functionaries, but also in highest positions such as ministers and secretariat level officers. Why is it happening? Well it happens due to ignorance of those voters, who vote based on caste, class, language or communal passion. Several fools sell their valuable money, by taking some money, ignorant of the fact that the representative they choose who wins by bribing normal public, will then take back his/her investment from the government money, which will come for public development purposes. Still people are happy and its hard to convince them to leave their caste or communal feeling aside when going to vote for choosing their representatives.

    Another example of ignorance is farming practices currently in use, which are based on large consumption of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides and indiscriminate use of water for irrigation. Now, this skewed farming policy has lead to degradation of land, eutrophication of water bodies, bio-magnification of pesticides and reduction in ground water table. Despite knowing all these deficiencies, farmers of green-belt areas are ignorant or choose to be ignorant because these practices are giving them higher monetary returns in short run.

    Modern technologies which were thought to be developmental in nature have became bane for humanity. Nuclear bombs developed right now have potential to wipe out entire life from planet earth. Indiscriminate cutting of trees, and burning of fossil fuels has changed the climate of the planet earth, leading to loss of huge biodiversity and increase in sea levels, thus threatening the existence of several low lying areas. Climate-change induced poverty and migration, and water wars are already a reality. This technological revolution has several other effects of ignorance.

    One such effect of ignorance which humanity faces right now is culture of consumption and materialism. People tend to drive SUV’s and have multiple vehicles, even when readily available public transport optionals are present. This leads to traffic jams, pollution, increase in levels of particulate matter, C02, C0, NOx, SOx, 03 and other pollutants in air, which further leads to several diseases of lungs and heart. Television advertisements and capitalistic greed have created a demand of products which are entirely not necessary, such as excessive consumption of diet coke, burger, cheesy and fatty foods, trans-fats etc. which leads to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and malnutrition.

    Even consumption of cigarette, tobacco, and liquor is on rise. There is a clear warning on tobacco cigarette packets that ‘consumption of tobacco leads to cancer’, but still consumption of cigarettes and tobacco products has not dwindled. Many families are destroyed when their male member decides to use all his earning on consuming liquor, instead of investing it on nutritious food for family and education of his children.

    And why is male member the only earning person? Well there could be several answers to this question.
    Maybe when his wife was a small child, then another fool decided not to give her proper education and nutrition. Now, she is un-healthy and remains uneducated thus unable to work outside. Then her fool father decided to purchase the happiness of her girl child as well as purchasing prestige from society by doing a big-fat wedding, and giving a lot of dowry leading to debt-trap for himself and giving his girl to a family which is corrupt and greedy. Now, this girl is totally dependent on her husband, who unfortunately is a alcoholic and doesn’t care at all about his wife or children. So, we can see that all this is connected. One fool’s foolishness leads to another foolishness and all fools chains are connected not just to themselves but to one another, making a net of ignorance and foolishness in which everyone is trapped.

    Now, how to tackle all this foolishness?

    First of all the solution lies at individual level. We need to reform first ourselves. We need to give up our biases and discriminatory attitude towards other human beings. We need to give equality to women in society and stop discrimination based on caste, creed, race, language, region, religion or gender.
    Second, step is wider spread of education and creating enabling environment, so that people become aware of their ignorances and are able to prepare themselves to leave the chains they revere, by understanding the right path and knowledge. In this area government and society have to work in tandem with each other. We need to build a society, where individual freedom is blended with community and social ties, where equality is respected and dignity of individual is guaranteed, and where materialism is controlled so that natural resources are used in sustainable way. Also, focus should be on spreading peace and tranquillity through promoting the feeling of fraternity and spirituality, via. yoga and meditation.

    After all evolution is mother of all changes. Even if we keep all frogs in such cans where we gradually increase temperature, some of them will jump out of water after some time, and these wise frogs will have the property to jump out of warm water at right time, thus paving the path of future generation of frogs who can identify the danger. For, now we can only try and hope that same happens with our human society which should learn to leave the chains of ignorance.
    This can happen if an healthy and educated population is created. So, these aspects need to be promoted so that not just India, but the whole earth can become a happening place, where the mutual feeling should be ‘live happily and let others live happily too’.

    • ajay

      started off pretty well but in some paras topic se connect nahi ho pa raha.beech beech mein hota hai phr chodh deta hai.also regularly mention fools,chains,hard to break esp in middle paras.thoda dimension ko jyada diversify karne mein connection loose ho gaya..solution part is very good.infact that is what needs to be done:)..keep writing thanx for reviewing:)

  • ajay


    The aforesaid qoute describes a ubiquitous situation present in many areas of our life.history of our society give substance to the fact that fools revere their chains religiously.the superstitious beliefs,rituals and traditions that developed in our society in the past has kept people in chains even during present.rigidities of caste,creed,gender and religion have been bogging us down since decades.the success of godmen,baba culture and self-made gurus in our country shows the limits of our irrational reverance . not only these,these chains effect our personal lifestyle,choices and affliations to substances also ,that we should not associate ourself with.such association adversely affects our education and health impairing our thinking.we think of ourselves as heros by doing this but we come out as fools and nothing else

    so is it hard to free fools from these chains?can’t we enlighten them through rational thinking and knowledge?.yes,certainly we can.but its really hard to do so.we can easily see the reason why,

    in our historical past,their was rise of brahmanism,along with which innumerable jatis and caste also developed.the brahmins were revered and given the highest place in society.they were to decide on the rites,rituals,traditions and culture to adopt for various purposes.initially the intentions were were some of the rituals.but as religion developed,numerous irrational and superstitious beliefs developed.people started to bound themselves in chains.they revered their religions as the ultimate sanction of god.and thus many became fools in the process.Sati pratha,child marriages,purdah system,non-marriage of widows,discrimantion all slowly developed.orthodoxy,patriarchy,rigidity all became synonym with religion.anyone who opposed or raised his voice was termed outcaste,he was decried and threatened.these reformers tried to inroduce rationality and humanity in thinking.for- eg- raja ram mohan roy,ishwar chandra vidyasagar and m.g ranade worked lifelong to ban and prohibit these activities.their efforts also brought some success through legislative and executive measures.but the fact that the society,especially in villages still follow some of these customs shows how hard it is to free fools from chains they have illogicaly revered and attached themselves to.

    the same chains can be seem in our practice of islamic culture also.polygamy,triple talaaq,binding restriction,discrimination,purdah,inferior status of women are interwoven here.non-acceptance of modern culture,humanism,education and empowerment has bound many fools to old age-customs and traditions.despite SC s cases like shah bano and ban on illogical and un-deserving fatwas,the system goes on.women are disllowed in dargahs,mosques and religious places.there is abscence of equality in decision-making and minimal control over assets and resources.such rigid chains are making many inword-looking and orthodox muslims looking as fools of society.

    the recent instances of godmen and baba culture having following of millions is another example of how people leave their future and problem to be solved by others.they allow themseleves to be taken over,subdued to some unknown person as the solver of all their ills and misdeeds.they bind their problems to babas ,as if they are the only one who can solve it.such chains are really this 21st century,where societies,economy and world is progressing at a fast pace,such foolishness is needs to wake up and see the intentions of the other,whether he is fooling me through tantra,mantra,magic and unkonwn powers.we need to be rational and awake here,then only can we free ourselves of such dogmas and beliefs

    similarly many practices in our villages like putting cow dung over child birth cord,practice on non-breastfeeding ,superstitions about immunization,concept of doshas and pooja and yagyas for their removal have created an ugly scenario.this retrogressive thinking has impaired healthy and wholesome development of children.binding family in chains and beliefs.the problem agrravates as this is imbibed by future generations and it becomes hard to break it off from the family and society

    concurrently the evolution of another chain which seems more deadly and violent than anything else has been the evolution of al-qaeda and isis.the recruitment of jihadists and fighters from across the world,including even developed nations ,show the extreme foolishness this orthodox thinking chain can subject you to.youngsters once radicalised ,find difficult to break free themselves from this violent ideology.this is going to be probably the hardest chain to break in the future,hence much more need to be done to prevent it from building further.

    it is not only these,but many more instances can be cited of fools getting bound in chains and then find hard to free themselves.the youngsters involved in alcoholism,drug abuse,smoking,tobacco,pan,gutka and other depndances are nothing but making fool of themselves.these will only cause personal,professional and familial will lead to violence,ill-will and anti-social activities later on in life.the failure of society,laws, rehabilitaion centre and govt to deal with this menace shows the extensive chains that these fools have bound themselves to and the harder it has become to break it up.

    seeing the situation at another level is the international arena.countries revering global powers or against them find themselves bound to illogical the adherence of pakistan to US and china is an eg to be bound to external aid and help for any internal problem..this sidesteps countries national capacity to deal with myriad of problems one faces and make them look as fools during crisis situations.another eg is of north korea who behave finds it destiny in the only purpose of anhilating USA.this impedes its own development diverting resources to foolish need and concerns.depite years of independence,autonomy and thinking these nations have found hard to break free from their revered thinkings

    condensing through the various egs we come to a fact that there are many areas were such revernece to chains continues.also we can see that these chains are bringing down societal and economic development of many nations .it is here that we need to work harder and harder.supportive,legislative,executive and logical measures to bring about change in mindset and illogical traditions are the need of the hour.we have met with succeses,albeit limited in weeding out beliefs,dogma,stigmas and irrationality.we need to build upon it.then only can we transform our thinking towards knowledge,enlightement,rationality,openenss and creativity to produce intellectuals ,not fools and produce free citizens,not chains.

    • ajay


    • Hello Ajay, please review my essay. I’ll do the same . 🙂 thank you

      • ajay

        reviewed simran:)

    • Mahendra

      Nice essay with a lot of interesting aspects. Please review mine.

      • ajay

        thanx mahendra will review yours:)

    • Dipjyoti

      You have covered most dimensions…..

      in your intro itself you mention superstitions, rituals etc…. and these too are again repeated in the third para……i think the intro can a general one.

      also the third para is a bit longish

      smoking,,,..and analysis in the international spehre is novel…

      and i felf…last para suddenly conclude kiya…..less connect between last and 2nd last para ..

      keep writing…all the best!!..:)

      • ajay

        thanx for reviewing:)

    • Ecop

      Hey really well written..nice flow.. in the international sphere you could also add the reverance for communalism or capitalism that led to the cold war and the wars in Vietnam , Korea..

      Please review mine if you can .. 🙂

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Review mine

    • Isha

      Hi Ajay, my views-
      1. Intro- you constrained it to Indian context. make it general in tone. Moreover it was confined to superstitions.
      2. Over half of the length, u have discussed about social ills in indian context.
      3. Here we need not delve into how people make fool of themselves by being rigid about their ideologies. We need to see how its hard to change them. You did this in your 3rd last para.
      4. 2nd last para- make it more clear a bit.
      5. State examples where it can be proved that though its hard to change them, its not impossible.
      Pardon me for the too critical review.
      Read mine as well if you get time.

    • Hi Ajay 🙂 you wrote a nice and simple essay. flow is good. 🙂 but a lot of words consumed for society only. concise that bring a few more things. use examples from political arena environment etc…all the best. 🙂

      • ajay

        Thanx simran for the review will try to better it:)

    • Kumar

      Nice examples to bring out ‘chain’ in many spheres.. but I think Solution needs to be more elaborative. That would make it wholesome
      Can u Review mine. Its short, not wholly complete, yet want someone’s view


    It is hard to free fools from chains they revere.

    A fool always follow a fool whom he/she treats as a well wisher though he/she acts under cover by hiding his true nature. To surprise, fools are being cheated by fooled bhabas, chit fund companies in recent media reports. But such true reports may act as eye opening to a few, fools number is nowhere less in the world. There are a plenty of instances where fools trapped for unnecessary consequences and later realised since ancient times.

    Ethics involved with fools – they grasp truth less and act as they know everything. They revere those who they are being praised for their actions, such actions may not be necessarily appreciated in society. However fools are given respect by fools because the intention is dangerous, may lead to wrong consequences.

    Duryodhan of Kaurav dynasty was a great king, known for his misadventures. He had never followed the Lord Krishna. He used to follow Shakuni who made relation with Duryodhan to vanish their reign. But Duryodhan had never introspect himself why he was not following Krishna and following Shakuni. Duryodhan wrongful acts were praised and even supported one or other by Shakuni which later resulted into collapse of his Kingdom. It exhibited the nature of fools faith over a cunning and lack of appraisal.

    Now a days Bhabas mischievous acts, terror attacks especially ISIS are the frequent reports in media. The acts of these infamous radical outfits, Godman are intended towards establishment of their authority, loot money, resources for their vested interests. Citizens who follow them forget everything for which their life is intended to and loss their livelihood, relationships simply tuned life accordingly to the malafied propaganda or provocations. Philosophers like Voltaire, Aristotle, Plato and reformers like Shankaracharya, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekanada etc had advocated for rationality of truth, demonstrated wisdom and condemned the blind faith which fools do.

    Poverty is a major issue in developing and under developed countries. The issue of poverty has been turned to multi dimensional – nutrition, sanitation, health, education etc, to address it huge number of funds and effective strategy is required. Nonetheless, huge funding is being done to flourish radical outfits, religious institutions – temple, Mosques, Churches etc. If the wealth of these institutions utilised for well being of citizens, there shall be no issues of deprived class in society. Thousands of rupees are being paid to visit Bhabas to listen to God like preaching – are not such followers Fool? Had fakirs like Sai Bhaba, Tulsi Das, Kabir charged to spread message. Had not been they survived. Sai Bhaba had not relied upon wealth but to the cause of society well being. However, his shrine at Shiridi is flourishing with huge deposits. A fool looses his mind in donations, often tries to establish name.

    State machinery is not being used fully to weed out fools who follow bad outfits as some of the positions in public administration has occupied by fools who often do performance on behalf of vested parties. It is the cause of frequent disruption in society behind chit Funds scams, Bhabas episodes, terror attacks in the name of faith etc. The poor are the victims and also belief over religion and culture are being lost. Person like Narendra Dabolkar who fought against superstition was killed by fools who felt he was a blow to their faith. Socio religious movements across the globe had time and again dedicated to spread the message of truth across the globe but even today the rate of fools appraisal over fool has not been fully controlled.

    Foolishness is not just limited to individual centric but also happening at global level in the shadow of foreign policy. Countries like Pakistan, have failed to identify true intensions of their all weather friend China. It’s interests have been suspected wherever it made unprecedented investments in Afghanistan, Myanmar etc. People will be ultimate sufferer due to poor appraisal of geo politics. It shows reverence of a fool to which it is inclined to and boasting everything is good going.

    Fools wealth, health is often at cross Roads who does not apply their mind when they follow and finally worries for loss, such reports are numerous and being reported in mass media to spread awareness and ensure citizens are not fooled. To remove foolishness of citizens, state intervention with strong education, law and order besides empowerment is critical. If citizens are empowered the chances of following fools by fool will come down. it shall not be hard to break their chains which is being revered. It is experienced in developed countries. Although these countries had undergone such instances in the past before birth of Galileo, Voltaire, Aristotle.

    It is now developing and under developed countries’ citizens turn to evaluate the situation , outfit, organisation, person with whom is going to follow. If they do so, a lot of energy, resources can be saved to have prosperous nation.

    Please review.

    • naren

      great work..

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Review mine I will review urs

      • Ashutosh

        can you please review mine too

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      dear please make proper linkages and use simple language ..
      overall it is nice to read ur essay …
      u r going right but arrange sentences properly
      take some time and then start writing essay…
      please find time to review mine

    • Day is mine

      Well written. You have included many relevant points, like the chit fund schemes and the baba’s making fool out of people and the scenario of Pakistan making a foolish choice. And I got your ethics wala point now. In those brief outline points, I could not understand. Did not think it this way. Your content is different from others, which is good.

      Somewhere, I too felt like vijay did that the sentences were a bit complicated. But as I was curious to know how you justified your outline given in the morning, I read it through. Simplify the sentence a bit. Even shorten the paragraphs, wherever possible.

      I do not quite agree with the starting line that a fool follows a fool. Because a person may fool other intentionally. That may be wrong on his part, but not foolish. To be foolish is to blindly follow, as you have very well explained in your essay.

      Concluding paragraphs were good, especially the very last line about how foolishness affects are prospects of prospering.

      Keep it up 🙂

    • TDP abhimani

      hai eshawr anna……..linking of essay is not good anna…….conclusion kuda koncham work cheste baguntundi………last time nuv na essay anta bagoledu anav……….but insights naku 80/125 icharu anna………do review mine………….

      • ESWAR

        Hai brother. Congrats that you have got awesome marks, hope u get more. Keep it up. I will review urs soon

        • TDP abhimani

          thanks for the review anna………..

    • Shaktimaan

      hi eswar:)
      todays eassy good one:)
      bt few things:- intro in not apt >> better u explains here the meaning only:)
      not even conc seems appealing>> work in both aspects:)
      – baba wala concept repetitive hua >> “per para one idea”>> aisa kuch theme bnao:)
      examples are good but bit need refining:)
      otherwise u hv started writting good essays bro:)
      keep it up:)
      thank u:)

      • ESWAR

        Thank u brother

      • Ashutosh

        can you please review mine brother

    • Ashutosh

      Dear Eshwar,

      I think your essay has gone towards negativity more, you have used the word ‘fools’ n number of times but you havent described them. I think you could have analysed things more and have got a balanced approach. Well some of your examples were very good and i liked your choice.

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    “It is more difficult to unlearn and learn than start afresh”

    The statement aptly puts the power of prejudices and bias in someone understanding new opinions and angle of understanding. This principle is easily applicable in all sphere of life. Communities arguing against the social reforms and civil liberties in the past, politicians against their ideologies and economists arguing for best methods of economic development. It is often very hard to argue with people having strong opinions about a particular subject and the debate never ends.

    History has provided us with enough examples on the subject that we can not reject the statement. Freedom as a dynamic concept changing its meaning and encapsulating more things in itself has been a matter of social consciousness. India’s freedom struggle was based on freedom from the views of Indian people about British people being superior and “Mai baaps” of India and thus they were not wiling to fight for their freedom. The team Gandhi ji attacked this belief to awaken people and free the country. Neo-Marxism has aptly argued the legitimacy of political rule on civil society. The civil society which includes schools, churches, temples etc. keep the current rule or the force legitimate. Once people start believing in the legitimacy, they never fight against the rule for their freedom.

    Social reforms in the Indian society and elsewhere in the world have also faced resistance from people themselves. Women have often argued in support of sati, female foeticide, want to boy child, child marriage and discrimination on mensuration etc. These ill practices have survived in our society because of the prejudices that these are correct things. It was difficult to move women and men through rational arguments. For long, these were practiced on the name of religion and old practices. Similar case of women entry to temples was seen where women showed courage to demand their fundamental rights. However, the people who have argued against it stating old rituals and practices which is not a rational argument in 21st century world.

    Economic Reforms have shown similar prejudices. The right wing which believes in market model to solve problems and the left wing which believes in socialist government. When both of them argue, there is no end result. Both the sides have their own prejudices generally and do not accept the rational arguments that suit the current economic and social conditions. Neo-capitalism which is alleged to be suppressing the world again through economic power is another example. States believing in the practices of one country to take unilateral actions of a superpower can not be removed till states believes they are legitimate.

    Prejudices and biases are a source to many problems in our society. Political parties often end up in conflicts with parliament and legislatures not functioning due to their firm stands. Sessions are ended with low productivity wasting public money with zero results and improvement in the life of people. These stands are often because of the ideologies they follow so strictly that they don’t even agree to listen to the other side. Social conflicts between people on religious arguments, their lifestyle, their dietary preferences like vegetarian or non-vegetarians are so often heard. On the other hand, supporting diverse opinions and consensus among various stakeholders pave the way for discussions and better results. The results are more acceptable by people and improve the society on whole.

    Everyone has views and no view can be ignored just because of that person’s background, studies and knowledge. They are a matter of social consciousness and change from time to time. The chains that people bound themselves in through their own beliefs and views are the main cause for their subjugation to other’s views. A diverse perspective empowers people in choosing their own path which is the best option after studying are rational possibilities.

    While, it is always difficult to change people and their views, it may not be totally impossible as seen from various incidences in history. With the improvement in technology, it is becoming increasing simple to propagate various views and put rational arguments through statistical models. The advanced computing which crunches historical data and predicts future numbers help in comparisons. These concrete proofs and rational arguments will pave the way for a change. Nations have made changes in their life. While it is often argued that two nations are not same and things may not work the same way, it can still show examples of working of various models and progress scientific society. For a country like ours who want to become a world power someday, it is very important that diverse views are accepted and nurtured. Freedom of speech is best used by person who is against the common perspective and it should be given space rather than suppressing. This the fundamental we should accept and move ahead in improving our lives.

  • Nivedita Singh

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere

    Awareness is Light, ignorance is darkness……taking out from darkness is the real challenge”

    Life is the realization of truth. Truth has different take on for different person. It depends on the thinking of the person and the contribution of the environmental factors for developing such thinking. Awareness is counter of the ignorance but this counteract is not an easy task for bringing the ignored person into the right path. In reality the root of ignorance is too deep that it takes years to convert the ignorance into awareness. It is very hard to bring the people out of the vicious cycle of ignorance that they revere.

    Our Indian society is a big example of living in the chain of ignorance. From the beginning of Indian civilization, the humanity has been facing various kinds of ignorance due to presence of some factors which dominated the others. In Vedic era, the predominance of Varna system had undermined the possibility of rational human development. Even today also the people are dividing on caste line. They feel unable to think beyond the caste clutch. Today also the vicious cycle of social ignorance is very much evident in form of gender divide, caste differences, non acceptance of inter-caste marriage, gradual declining of sex ratio, etc. The patriarchal mindset prevailing the centuries ago has still existed in the modern society. This has in real sense devoid the all kind of social, political and economic development because capacity of large population of women is being undermined due to this patriarchal overpower. The situation of women is not only because of Patriarchal overpower but more because women themselves have allowed the patriarchal mindset to overrule them. The attempt to deal with such situation has not been easy. Raja Ram Mohan Roy and many more had to face severe social boycott from orthodox Hindus. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar also faced social resistance when he introduced Hindu code bill in Parliament. Thus, the task of eradicating the ignorance existed in the society was always been a challenging task.

    India is a land of world’s great religion to take birth. The birth of Buddhism and Jainism were the great examples to counter the existing ignored society. Sufism and Bhakti movement had further attempts to bring people out from the ignorance. Despite of all such attempt the tentacles of communalism have still spread all around and slowly undermining the integrity and sovereignty of our country.

    The advent of foreigners in the land of India was also result of our insensitivity towards the nation’s integrity. Our social, political and economic divide had given possibility to those encroachments. Realization of truth is utmost important to bring changes. If we think we need to walk with change with changing circumstances then only we will able to submit ourselves for revolutionary developments. In 19th century a series of social development was evidence of realization of the truth that Indian society needed to come in track of modern outlook. The Indian independence movement and many modern changes in 20th centuries was depicted such views. Economic reform of 1991 was the pinnacle of such realization.

    We are living in the vibrant democracy but the clutch of ignorance can also be experienced in political front. India was taken a rational and revolutionary attempt of universal adult franchises at the eve of Independence. But what we are experiencing today is the slow conversion of this awareness into ignorance in terms of caste based voting, vote bank politics, partial political move, etc. The lack rational strategy to educate people is also a reason behind such ignorance. It is being more than a decade of passing RTI act, but still a large section of our population is not aware about their rights. Likewise, numbers of acts passed for making the democracy more vibrant but still Indian population is at the verge of ignorance.

    A large section of Indian population is in the clutch of poverty. The ignorance and insensitivity of Government has aggravated the condition. Lack of adequate Health policies, lack of education, increasing inequality, etc has increased the ground of ignorance because a rational thinking can only germinate in the healthy ground. Awareness is the only way to bring out the ignored people from the darkness. Yes it is difficult and challenging but we need to take this challenge if we want the development and prosperity of humanity.

    • ajay

      Nivedita you have taken up good issues and presented them well eg- the varna,caste,patriarchy part ..3rd and 2nd last para mein points sahi hai but fools bound to chains wala aspect utna nahi aa raha..aur last para to thoda unrelated sa hi ho gaya hai ..u can work here by repeatedly relating with the topic..have a look at mine as well:)

    • Kunal Aggarwal

      I felt disconnected after 2nd paragraph. I didn’t feel the topic after that… the social examples are pretty good though.. just a rearrangement and presenting them in different way may help 🙂

      Please review mine..

    • Hi Nivedita, please review my essay, 🙂

    • John Rawl

      seems….accomplished essay…

      Conclusion could be more effective

    • Dear Nivedita 🙂

      not a good work as per me. 🙁 🙁 essay looked off the track you didnt elaborate the quotation , meaning , dimensions- social economic political global… are humans the real fools? is it IMPOSSIBLE to free them? your previous write ups have been great! i hope you will take my reviews in the right spirit friend. 🙂 all the very best. 🙂 🙂

      • Nivedita Singh

        Thanks for reviewing……I will follow your suggestion.

  • Dipjyoti

    Please please review the essay!!

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere

    Let us go back Twenty five centuries to the past. Here we are in 5th century BC, in Athens Greece. The mindscape of people at this time is shaped by priestly dictations, superstitions, social norms. People hold these in very high regard, THEY REVERE THESE NORMS. Now, a man called Socrates questioned the priests, their rituals and ceremonies. He called upon people to think critically, and act on their own volition. He was ultimately put to death for corrupting the young minds.

    Socrates had tried to convince his co-citizens to give up the stale norms, THE CHAINS which were holding them back from moving ahead on the path of enlightenment; he couldn’t succeed at that point of time. Indeed IT IS HARD TO FREE FOOLS FROM THE CHAINS THEY REVERE.

    Now, which such CHAINS ARE UBIQUITOUS, the chains can take different shape and form for different persons. The chains can be one’s own habit or values, norms of society, religious customs or even moorings/adherence to the past.

    At the INDIVIDUAL level, we may all have friends or family members, who developed smoking habit at an early age. Most often, one starts smoking for they think, IT IS COOL to do so. They imitate the on-screen behaviour of their favourite stars. They CHERISH SMOKING. Any attempt to reason them out of smoking mostly isn’t successful. With time, it develops into a habit, and they are not able to give up. It causes diseases. Here, the CHAIN IS THE BLIND IMITATION OF CELEBRITIES.

    Then, some people have a craving for junk or processed food. They cherish their burgers and pizzas. With time, they grow into being obese, and also face health problems. Here, the CHAIN IS GREED/PASSION FOR FOOD which one is not being able to give up despite facing problems.

    At the SOCIETAL level, India is mired with the problems of discrimination based on caste, gender. Superstitions, religious dictions too hold back many of us.

    Superstitions at present times, have their most horrific manifestations in the instances of WITCH HUNTING. Then, there are the religious customs of SACRIFICES OF ANIMALS. Even the poor households partake in such customs and give off their animals in sacrifice. Such illogical traditions, indeed bind people, and prevent them from moving ahead on the path of progress, and prosperity.

    A gentleman named Narendra Dabholkar in Maharashtra tried to reason people out of the grasp of superstitions and black magic, only to get himself killed while in a morning walk. It is one of the most vivid example of how, difficult it can be free fools, from the chains they revere.

    Likewise, discriminations based on gender and caste are MASSIVE CHAINS, holding our country back in our pursuit of INCLUSIVE AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH. Our patriarchal societal system and the caste system are hold in high esteem in many sections of society. Yet, these values/beliefs are our undoing today. When a member (woman) of the family is not educated and allowed to partake to economic activities, barely the family can be prosperous. Likewise, when sections of our society aren’t allow to take up professions of their liking or capability, hardly the country be prosperous.

    Despite, our Constitution providing for equal rights to everyone, and despite having many legislations to prevent gender or caste based discrimination, our society continues to be mired with these problems. Indeed, collectively, we have been acting no lesser than fools.

    Further, we also have the problems of POOR HYGIENE AND SANITATION. Most people don’t need to give a second thought, before throwing bottles or plastics wrappers on the streets. And, more than 600 million people in India still defecate in the open. Apart from paucity of dustbins and public toilets, it is the attitude of people that is most difficult to change. Despite having programmes like Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan, or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan presently, behavioural change in people is hard to bring about.

    Now, we shall examine the thesis in the POLITICAL SPHERE.

    In recent times, we are having the problems of PANDAEMONIUM AND RUBBLE-ROUSING in the Parliament, and State Legislatures. Legislators behave unruly in the proceedings; mostly to please the party leaders and to capture headlines. But people hardly approve of such behaviour, even though they may enjoy the dramatics part of it. However, despite such public disapproval, legislators continue to behave the same way. By this, they tarnish they own image and also hamper the nations. Indeed, OLD HABITS DIE HARD.

    Then, some political parties, continue to stick to the same leaders, and same ways of campaigning. Despite poor showing in multiple elections, these parties haven’t been able to give up the old yoke of leadership, to their own undoing.

    Coming to the ADMINISTRATIVE sphere, Corruption has turned up as an endemic problem of India. Most people will talk how this malaise is eating into the vitals of the country. Yet, Corruption is as much COLLUSIVE, as is COMPULSIVE. Infact, these days with strict rules and procedures, the COLLUSIVE DIMENSION is more prominent. We see that, it has been real hard to DO AAY WITH SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE OF CORRUPTION.

    Having examined the thesis in various spheres or dimensions, we may conclude that, “Yes. It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere”. But, a question here will be, how to ensure, that we don’t act as a fool, individually as well as collectively.

    While the answer will be different in different contexts, a thumb rule will be that, EVERY THOUGHT, BELIEF, NORM SHOULD BE TESTED ON THE TOUCHSTONES OF REASON AND LOGIC, BEFORE WE ACT. We should be open to criticism, to the opinions of others, but we should not be automated by others. Each one of us must try and recognise the CHAINS that bind us, through reasoning and debating.

    Socrates had opined that ‘The unexamined life is nor worth living’. And as such, questioning, reasoning and debating should be promoted in all spheres. These should be cardinal principles of our Education Policy. And in the social and political discourse too, these should be promoted. This way, the country will be benefitted by newer ideas, new innovations and discoveries. In fact, the very development of the country is contingent on these!

    • ajay

      dimensions are nice dipjyoti,covered political,social and personal aspects.u have also highlighted imp points in bold which is gud..conclusion and way forward seems appropriate.a little bit more connectivity b/w ideas can better it thats all i think…overall good:)..pls review mine

      • Dipjyoti

        thanks bro….will review your essay for sure

    • Arun

      Essay in nicely written with good flow.However,i feel more dimensions can be covered such as social issue of transgender,dalits etc.Economic reform in contemporary context such as Labour reform,GST etc.Political issue such as decentralization and federalism.Religious fundamentalism and rise of ISIS and environmental issue and status quo.
      Otherwise essay is quite impressive.

      Please review mine.

      • Dipjyoti

        thanks for the review…

        will surely review yours

    • Vikram Goyal

      very well written Dibjyoti! you covered all the dimensions.
      though in the religious dimension, you could have mentioned the rise of Islamic terrorism. This would have given it a global perspective.
      However, in case of hygiene and sanitation, it is mostly because people don’t feel responsible to the public cleanliness that they continue to throw garbage where they like. Also, open defacation is more out of compulsion as people don’t have access to toilets.
      The socrates quote could have been included in the beginning itself when you started narrating the incident related to Socrates.
      But overall, its nicely written! Please review my essay as well!

      • Dipjyoti

        Thanks Vikram…..:)

        will review your essay soon..

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        Have a look at mine also

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Please find some time to review my essay

  • Arun

    The meaning of the saying pertains to the belief system which are inherited from culture,religion,society or way of life which becomes the part of life of an individual living in the society.This belief systems if it goes against the human value of contemporary times,it becomes difficult to change or bring about reform in the system.

    This is vividly exemplified by Indian historical development since ancient times.It is in this context,the movements initiated against the inhuman practice of time by Buddhism and Jainism can be explained.Its impact have been quite successful to large extent.However,practice of caste system,inferiority of women,discrimination among human being and unquestionable authority of the “god” continued.This was further challenged by Bhakti and Sufi Movement in medieval time with the value of humanism and love but problem still persisted.Further early reform movement initiated by reformers such as Ram Mohan Roy etc provided base for contemporary reform movement which transformed in the form of constitutionalism.This is manifested in the form of several Acts and awareness regarding humanity and equality in the society. In spite of all these efforts the issue still forms the major social and economic problem in Indian society which exemplifies the theme of the essay.

    However,the issue is not just confined to religious or social dimension but it encompasses several dimensions in contemporary times.This includes social,economic,political,environmental along with ethical and ideological dimensions which is not just limited to individual but all across states,nations and international paradigm.

    It is in this context,it becomes essential to understand why such persistence against the human value continues.This can be explained in context of societal socialization with intricate link of economic interest and religious value along with order in the society.It is this complicated link which makes the reform in the society difficult.Anything which goes against the interest of religion becomes sensitive which is too fragile leading to further complications in the form of sanctions etc.

    Thus,it becomes essential to decipher how such understanding goes against the value of modern time and humanity.In this context,social issue forms the core of the understanding.The social issues can be understood from various dimensions pertaining to religion and culture such as issue of women,children,transgender along with caste system,racism and rise of religious fundamentalism.

    The religion and culture forms the base of the civilization which directs the social order and regulates the individual action in the society.It is in this context,anti social and inhuman is defined from the perspective of religion which is manifested in culture.The issue of women and its inferiority can be seen from this dimension.It has always been believed that women are inferior to men and they are not autonomous being.This has led to social,economic and political implications in which women have been marginalized and their voice are unheard.

    Thus women are not allowed to pray and equality with men which can be seen from the dimension of Shani Shingnapur and Haji Ali Dargah regulation.Further women have been made dependent economically and their duty is confined to household chores with no remuneration but dependent on male counterpart.All these social and economic dimension is reflected in political and administrative participation of women where they have been limited and form marginalized section.This along with issue of transgender further deteriorates the condition.

    In this context,cultural and religious norms have never accepted the issue of transgender who are always looked upon as un natural and unbecoming.This has led to social ostracization and discrimination which reflected in economic and political discourses.It is in this context,the section 377 of IPC can be seen and have been validated by honorable SC.

    Further one of the most intriguing issue which is impacting Indian has been the caste system which is based on the notion of pollution and purity which finds its base in later Vedic period.This issue continue to be indebted in Hindu social and cultural discourses.The issue continue to prevail inspite of rigorous movement right from ancient times in the form of Buddhism and Jainism to contemporary time as constitutionalism in which article 17 makes it unconstitutional.

    The inhuman practice of caste system has its parallel discourses in rest of the World and India which forms equally intriguing and against notion of rationality and humanism.This is the issue of racism which has put fellow human being in the category of inferiority in which blacks being categorized.Recent violence against Congolese man and Baltimore killing in USA can be seen from this perspective.

    This brings us to the most brutal and barbarous part of religion due to its limited interpretation.This has led to indoctrination of young man in the line of religion which talks about exclusivity and against any other belief system.This inherently goes against the humanity and diversity of the World.

    These social issues has serious economic and political implication which also forms the part of the belief system.Thus transformation in economic issue also involves the serious implications which is manifested in the form of assigning lowly job to certain people such as lower caste,women and issue of manual scavenger can be seen from this perspective.

    The economic issue in national perspective can be looked from the paradigm of current contradictions among the various stakeholder and their deep rooted and stereotype understanding about the issue.It is in this context,structural reform in Indian economy can be explained which has led to stagnation in reforms such as passage of GST, Labour Law etc.Further economic perspectives is also reflected in international arena in which trade negotiation and role of WTO.The contradiction between developed and developing world with narrow understanding forms the part of issue.

    The reform and changes is not just confined to social and economic dimensions but across the various dimensions which also includes political transformation.The political transformation in Indian context and international arena is also plagued with the notion which forms from traditional and narrow believes.In Indian context,the federalism has been developing since inception.However,it has been plagued with the issues such as role of governor,president’s rule and interference of central in the affairs of states with narrow political interest.This also manifest the difficulty in transformation which is deeply revered.

    However,it is not just confined to national boundary but also manifested in international institutions such as UNO,NSG etc.It is in this context,the reform of UN can be seen in which developed nations are not ready to look into the transformation that has taken place since the second World War.Thus has been stalling the process of reform and truly global governance.Further,the ideological differences of different nations has been slowing down the process of reform.It is in this context,the issue of North Korea and Iran can be seen.

    Further international arena is plagued with the issue of environmentalism and climate change.It is in this context,the negotiation of COP can be understood and responsibility of various nations to take measures.This contradictions has led to prolong steps in concluding the issue.

    Thus it is evident from various dimensions discussed above relating to predispositions which is impacting the reform process.This is seen across the arena right from individual level and societal level including social economic and political system to international reform in terms of UN.This has led to various actions from the part of Govt and society.The constitutional provisions forms the core of transformation which provides equality and human dignity.Further various social and economic initiatives of govt are in the line with the aim of bringing just society although difficult.

    Therefore it has become essential for the states and citizens to look into the issue with rationality,impart the education system which focus on critical thinking and questioning to status quo leading to innovation and development of all living being form the perspective of sustainability.

    • Dipjyoti

      while you have covered many dimensions…….i think the main thesis of the essay is not brought out clearly.

      Each para should indicate how it has been hard to try to give up old habit or a norm ot practice…….or how we can stop being fools.
      In your essay i could not find that.

      plus some grammatical mistakes….like in front of federalism, you dont use ‘the’……noun form is ‘beliefs’not believes.

      please the review positively….we are all in the learning process

      • Arun

        Thank You.Surely I would address the issue next time.

  • ajaya sethi

    Friends Please Review:

    It is hard to free a fool from the chains they revere.

    Ramu is studying in class X. Despite being at the crucial juncture of his student life he is not serious about his studies. Bunking his classes he used to roam with his friends, plays cricket and does mischievous things. He is enjoying his time. His teacher tried to reform him but all in vain. And finally he failed in the examination and left studies. His friends who are a little more serious about his studies pursued higher studies. They settled in life where as Ramu is lingering in poverty and haplessness.

    Drugs, smoking, tobacco products are injurious to health. The whole world is aware of its harmful consequences. Even then there is large number of tobacco products users. They are not ignorant rather intelligent fools who despite of their knowledge following their destruction. They have all the capacity to get rid of the habit or substance abuse still then they relish and gets entrapped.

    So who exactly is a fool: A person who is ignorant or a person who has intellect but has closed his mind?

    Various nations including the global superpowers know the harmful environmental, humanitarian, social and ethical consequences of the nuclear warhead. Still then its proliferation is not abating. In fact they are multiplying their arsenals with biological, chemical weapons which are detrimental for the mankind.

    Sati, human sacrifice and child marriage are some of the ills that are being present since the historical times. In the collusive name of religions they are being prescribed to be strictly followed ignoring the hardships of the victims. Efforts made to reform are dealt with serious opposition. Years of struggle and assiduous efforts by intellectuals and British government finally succeeded in its ban.

    With scientific development and evolution mankind had developed the medicines that can cure the diseases to save the human race. But this scientific milestones are impeded with the drug resistant variants being evolved due to misuse of the prescribed medicine. MDR-TB and so many resistances are being flourishing which is requiring a fair amount of research for its eradication.

    Similarly the religious devout fanatics who are blindly following their leader ignoring the caveats being sprouting over time. In the name of religion they are being trapped into the Terrorist organizations instilling fear and destruction. Sometimes they are being misused and abused morally, physically but still they follow their path.

    Chit funds and ponzi schemes are one of the most economical illusions that causes evasion of the hard earned money of the depositor. Even though everyone knows its consequences they still tries to earn some quick money and in the path they lost their every last penny they have saved. Same fate with the gamblers also.

    So, how will you wake up a person who is pretending to be asleep?

    Simple, you have to give a Hard kick.

    It requires understanding their belief system and reformation in their inertial tendency. . These fools are not the persons who are ignorant rather they are ignorant fools. It needs to shake their belief system which they enjoy. They needs to be brought out of their comfort zones and shown the light beyond their usual darkness they follows.

    The drug abuse and tobacco product uses can’t be solved by simply putting fine or large pictorial warnings. They require social, political and economical efforts to check the spill over.

    Similarly the nuclear proliferation issues are not something that a single nation effort is going to achieve. Concoct efforts by all nations and international institutions with sustenance reviewing over period of time are the need of the hour.

    Social ill and stigmas require deliberate efforts of all strata of people, NGOs, Govt. setups and intellectuals to root out of our social structure.

    Religious fanatism and terrorism in the name of spreading the upholding the religion is crating large scale humanitarian crisis and disasters. Cumulative effort in their path of suppressing the fanatism, shaking their belief system to show the real intent of the so called Messiah who is fulfilling his collusive intent in the name of his mission needs to be showcased.

    Chit fund schemes which pronounce to multiply the money in quick time requires legislative and administrative efforts. But more than this it requires the change in the culture of thinking where the peoples are getting trapped in this frauds. Because till the moment the greed is there this kind of schemes is bound to sprout. And changing the greed culture is a huge tiresome task.

    The greed had forced the mankind to exploit the nature to such an extent that the ecological balance is being disturbed. Rapid urbanization and industrialization and consequent globalization is changing the rhythm of the life and of nature. Restoring the ecological balance and social harmony is not easy task for anybody.

    Ignorance is like darkness. It can be broken with knowledge of light. But the fool who had closed his eyes and enjoying the darkness can be shown the path with persuasion and coercion as Chanakya in his Arthashatra told: Sam –Dam-Dand-Bhed methods to win his heart and mind.

    Just like a candle is require to show the path, but it needs to be lighted similarly the fools needs to be wake up to break their chains to enlist into freedom.

    • ajay

      ajaya its good attempt but a liitle bit more strucuturing wil better seems u enlisted the problems first and then its solutions making it a bit gs ANS essay u can make it more coherent by avioding such things.use more fools,chains and revernce in ans will relate more to topic though dimensions enumerated are relevant and gud:
      ) have a look at mine as well:)

      • ajaya sethi

        Thank You ajay. I will surely incorporate your suggestions . I will try to review your essay.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Review mine if possible

  • Keshav Singh

    First post 🙂

  • yogi

    Please review

    • Dear Yogi bhai 🙂 please review mera essay 😛 I’ll do aapka raatri mein 😛 your views count. 🙂

    • Isha

      Hello Yogi, my views-
      1. Intro- very nice; perfect.
      2. Do not repeat the word fool and revere- again and again.
      3. Examples were apt and diverse.
      4. 6th page- realization of one’s true potential; but its not potential always as in the case of elephant. Sometimes its realizing ur mistakes. Adopting flexible attitude with changing times.
      5. Conclusion- could be better. In fact, even i am not sure about the conclusion of this topic 😛
      A well structured, multidimensional piece (y)
      KEAE 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks for review 🙂
        2,4,6 —major blunders in my essay 🙁
        will try to write a achchha waala next week,
        KEAE 🙂

    • rrv

      Hello yogi.
      Very nice essay. Good use of the anecdote. Reading ur essay i think it is a good way to address the question.
      Good examples.
      U could hv avoided use of foolish so many time.
      Lastly you could avoid over optimistic conclusion…
      Otherwise a good flow man.
      Pls look at my essay as well. And critically give ur suggestions.
      Thank u.

      • yogi

        Hello Bhai , kya haal chaal ?
        essay–yes in fact the conclusion is missing in my essay, i ended it in hurridly and that too in an overoptimistic tone, will avoid that in future essays.
        chain and fools, repeated use, i followed the advice of toppers and insightsofficialreview that one should use the words of the theme in the essay again and again to show that there is no deviation from the theme, but i can see the flaw in the overuse, it is really irritating to read the derogatory words again and again. Will try to rectify this mistake in future
        thanks bhai, will review urs, may take some time, but will do it today for sure
        ATB 🙂

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear Yogi ,

      I will create a ROUGH DRAFT for this essay before giving a detailed review 🙂


      1) Introduction ( trying to bring out the meaning of a FOOL from the example of an elephant ) – ( first paragraph )

      2) explaining the VALIDITY of the Quote ” It is hard to free flood from the chains that they revere ” through various events or examples as well as suggesting the REASON that makes the content of the quote true .

      (a) example from Historical context of ” Copernicus ” and ” Galileo ”

      (b) example of caste system by referring to the time period from Kabir , Guru Nanak to Jyothiba Phule and Raja Ram Mohan Roy .

      (c) Interpreting people indulging in corruption as FOOLS and the chain that they revere .

      (d) example of calling terrorist as FOOLS and the chain that they revere .

      (e) calling farmers who are resistant to technological up gradation as FOOLS and the chain that they revere .

      3) Giving a summary of the REASONS on the ” the various types of chains that fools revere ” which makes it harder to change them .

      4) telling about the measures and suggestions to make it easier to free fools from the chain that they revere .

      (a) extensive Nation wide campaign to ward off the evils of caste system .

      (b) right kind of knowledge in form of quality education .

      5) conclusion – giving a call to take work out together to improve the situation .( It looks like a command given by a leader to his disciples )


      1) Introduction – Please AVOID using a METAPHOR in explaining the chain that fools revere . I Initially felt the story in your essay deviating from the topic but reading the Introduction 2 times made me understand the thought that you applied in your Introduction .

      2) Please avoid using sentences like ” To begin with the Historical context ……. ” your can write that in a better way .

      Since ,Time Immemorial OR in the medieval times … and so on .

      The examples clearly tell you are referring to history and you need not write that explicitly.

      The explanation of the ” Copernicus ” and ” Galileo ” is EXCELLENT 🙂

      3) The explanation of ” caste system ” and its correlation to the quote of essay by citing Jyothiba phule and raja ram mohan roy is also EXCELLENT 🙂

      4) You totally MESSED up with the example of corruption . you could NOT properly correlate with quote .

      I will tell you the reason .

      (i) Don’t compare people murdering and indulging in corruption as FOOLS ! They are actually Intelligent because , they are not fooling themselves but earning good money to live happily by killing others as well as being corrupt .

      You call them as COURAGEOUS and NOT FOOLS 🙂

      If you really want to correlate people involving in corruption as corrupt , you need to justify with appropriate examples . The recent incident of murders in medical college is not painting them as FOOLS . but HEROES 🙂 🙂 🙂

      (ii) You are telling the chain as corruption that they are revering unmindful .They are actually having good presence of mind while indulging in corruption .

      5) the example of ” global terrorism ” is GOOD because you explained it clearly .

      6) You MESSED up with the Technological example : It is NOT HYV ( High Yielding Variety ) seed but GM ( Genetically Modified ) seeds .

      If the examiner is aware of the Green Revolution in India and the use of HYV seeds extensively throughout the country which helped India become self sufficient in food grains ,then that will negatively impact your essay marks because , the examiner expects a basic level of knowledge from civil service candidates and if a candidate makes such wrong statements as mentioned by you will create an impression in the examiner that , the candidate lacks basic knowledge .

      NOTE : High Yielding Variety seeds and its wide usage is taught in school level and as an aspiring civil servant , you are not expected to make such mistakes .

      7) Giving a summary of the REASONS on the ” the various types of chains that fools revere ” which makes it harder to change them is GOOD 🙂

      8) It would have been better , if you have mentioned one example were ” it is easier to free fools from the chains that they revere ” rather than telling about the measures or suggestions to make it easier .

      It would be wonderful , if you could write both the aspects of the quote ” it is HARD to free ” AND ” it is EASY to free ” and then give your JUDGEMENT on the FACTORS that makes it HARD and EASY .

      You can refer the ROUGH DRAFT of my essay on which i have given a reference of it it before the conclusion .

      9) In the first suggestion :

      extensive Nation wide campaign to ward off the evils of caste system looks IMPRACTICAL ????

      DO you think this can be done in India and change the attitude of the people ????

      second suggestion is GOOD 🙂

      10 ) Your conclusion looks more like a MOTIVATIONAL words from a commander of an army to his army men .

      ” Lets break the chain of Ignorance ” , ” Lets leave no scope of foolishness ”

      I Personally liked the approach that you have adopted in your conclusion on giving Motivational Statements but, NOT sure ,how the examiner will interpret it .


      • yogi

        My views:-

        Sir:- (i) Don’t compare people murdering and indulging in corruption as FOOLS ! They are actually Intelligent because , they are not fooling themselves but earning good money to live happily by killing others as well as being corrupt .

        You call them as COURAGEOUS and NOT FOOLS 🙂

        Yogi :- Sir, I disagree, they are FOOLS because they are not able to understand that talking life of human beings will not give them happiness, they are FOLLS because they know it is inhumane to do this, and they knot if caught they would be punished but still they are doing, just like a driver when s/he himself know that driving a bike without helmet is not safe, but despite repeated fines, s/he is driving without helmet.

        Sir: If you really want to correlate people involving in corruption as corrupt , you need to justify with appropriate examples . The recent incident of murders in medical college is not painting them as FOOLS . but HEROES 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Yogi:- I don’t know what led you to think that the content of essay is painting them as heroes, they are a******* without any ounce of doubt.

        Regarding HYV ( High Yielding Variety ) and GM ( Genetically Modified ) seeds .—who said that there are no risks in use of HYV seeds. Risks do not mean, ecological risks only which are more in case of GM crops. I have mentioned use of HYV seeds bcoz their use is more widespread, but some farmers don’t use them as they incur the risk of high cost, high input for irrigation, fertlisers pesticides etc. For a poor farmer these are the risks. This was the reason why Green revolution though followed partially but could not succeed to great extent in regions out of Punjab, Haryana and western UP. (I am assuming that examiner will not read HYV as GM as I have clearly mentioned that it is HYV (High Yielding Variety ) .

        Sir:- extensive Nation wide campaign to ward off the evils of caste system looks IMPRACTICAL ????

        DO you think this can be done in India and change the attitude of the people ????—

        Yogi:- yes Sir, I am optimistic that this can be done in India and change the attitude of the people, just like the efforts of election commission in spreading awareness about the voting has resulted in huge turnout, just like the efforts by government regarding women empowerment have increased the girls child ratios in schools and increased % age of women in defense sector and other male dominated sector. Campaign does not only mean walking in streets with slogans and flags, it is combined term including both citizens and government, that can include legal actions as well..

        Thanks that u liked the Conclusion, but it is highly optimistic, on reading looks good, but exceptions will always be there, some fools will remain there. I should have concluded in other manner that is practical and optimistic.

        Rest of the points I totally agree with you.

        Thanks for the review Guruji

    • Dear Yogi bhai 🙂
      I’m here with my review 🙂
      Pardon me for being so late 😛
      Introduction was pretty good. 🙂
      Liked the diversity of examples, except for HYV seeds, it looked misplaced.
      Social ills and Copernicus stole the essay 😛
      I wont comment on the words ‘fools and chains’ 😛 for obvious reasons.
      The suggestions to break the chains are good 🙂
      Conclusion needs work.
      It looked dull.
      Thank you. 🙂

      • yogi

        thanks Thinker,
        will work on conclusion
        and will not overuse the keywords esp. when they are derogatory:D

  • Krishna

    Belief is the strongest thing which ties a person inspite of the irrationality in it. An effort to rationalise such beliefs will be looked with scorn there by making it even more difficult to try to make reforms in the society. Historically, we have seen several scientists like Galileo who had suffered since they had tried to free the society with the improper facts in which they believe in. Till date, every aspirant of a social reformer faces the hardship. This belief in the irrational things is diluting the education of the people. All the years of education an average person undergoes in this age is not being able to free the superstitious concepts they revere. When Education, the greatest tool to eradicate foolishness in the society itself had failed to do so, what else has to be done?

    Several concepts of society had been revered in our country from the ancient pasts. While few of them were scientific, few of them over the course of the history took irrational forms due to the interventions of the society. For example, today’s caste system isn’t the same which was envisaged by the Aryans, but a lack of scientific temperament in people has allowed the caste system to endure till date with all its ill effects. Similarly, many other divisive concepts like communalism. The members of these groups revere to the principles of the group to an extent that the principle of nationalism is set aside. In fact, it is the nationalism which has the capability to free these people from the shackles of the caste and religion, which has failed to do so.

    Stereotyping is being a bane to our society from a very long time. We revere a patriarchal society. We love to be able to look fair. Every educated does know that these stereotypes are illogical, but the society is not able to unshackle itselves above this level. Scientifically it has been proven that, women are stronger than men mentally, but still the gender pay gap is very high in the country. Women are being successful in the sectors which had never imagined of a woman entry into it. Many women organisations are working to reform these stereotypes on women, though a few are successful, lot of work is yet to be done. It is necessary to make sure that the reverence to the patriarchal society has to stop to prevent killing of great child, to educate the girl child and to create a balanced society. A balanced society is not something in which only men and women are given equal opportunity, It is a society in which every section of people is given value. Stereotyping of castes, religions, nationality, races has to stop to create such an ideal society,but when an educated film maker makes an advertisement of a fairness cream clearly stating his racist ideology, the very root of the education has to be questioned.

    The main difficulty in implementing these reforms are the vested interests behind these revered social phenomenon. Being an edifice with historical background and strong workforce, the reforms, which are being tried to imbibe in the society by tiny organisations and individuals, are giving no match. It is time to understand that path of the majority is not always the right path to follow. People should be taught to make a decision based on their conscience rather than on the pressure of

    majority. This lack of awareness is one of the prime hardship to free people from the shackles of the ills of society.

    The creation of such a balanced society with harmony, in which people are free from the illogical and ill social phenomenons is hard in any part of the world. It is because any reform in this regard has to be accepted by the very society which is not having a scientific temperament regarding sociological issues. Education at the grass root level has to change. Emphasis on sociology has to be duly given in the school and higher education as well.

    People should be made aware of the globalisation, about the diversity of the world and the country to allow them to come out of the narrow mindsets of superstitions and stereotypes. The diversity of the country should be enjoyed by the people, but shouldn’t stratify the diversity.

    UNITY IN DIVERSITY is a long cherished dream of the Indian freedom fighters. We can achieve this dream only when the diverse groups of the country are freed from their narrow out look of the world. Education should be in this regard imbibing sociology, temperament and morals in the people. It’s Gandhi’s dream to create an Educated society, not a just literate society. It will be the first step to free the people from the chains they revere.

  • dileep

    Please review it’s my second essay. Gimme inputs to further enrich my essay.

  • Vikram Goyal

    “Man was born free but everywhere he found himself in chains.”

    As the embryo develops in the womb, it is the umblical cord that provides the material for his nourishment and growth. For nine long months, this connection his vital for his suvival. At the end of this period, the baby emerges, sobbing and gasping for breath. The symbolic connection has broken and the baby is a free invidividual, so to say. Alas! This freedom is shortlived. As time progresses, he finds himself being restrained and nourished by invisible umblical cords that have a profound affect on his thoughts and actions. These include, but are not limited to, the upbringing by the parents, the society in which he lives, the education that he receives, the books that he reads and the ideals that he follows. Over time, he comes to revere certain ideals and insitutions.At times, they start exerting such a powerful influence, that they act as chains, preventing him from acting in a rational manner and lead to consequences that are disastrous for him and at times, for the society as well.

    The most potent trappings that have come to affect a man’s life are the ones generated by religion. Religion, was envisioned as a way that would lead man to the path of righteousness. However, in today’s age, people are being misled in the very name of religion. The rise of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East is a sad indicator in this regard. Though the rise of Islamic terrorism is due to non-religious reasons as well, but the most potent cause has been the sustained onslaught of fundamentalists by subjecting readings from the Holy Koran to gross misinterpretations. Impressionable youths, who tried to seek solace in religion, have been misguided into declaring a mindless Jihad.

    In the Indian context, the religious dogmans which manifest themselves as meaningless rituals and superstitious practices have led to mushrooming of babas, tantriks and seers with mystical powers. The gullible public, which is chained to the believe that the solution to all their problems, lies in a magical remedy, have been fooled into parting with their money, reosources and in certain cases, humanity as well. People have gone to the extent of becoming murderers, in order to bring good luck in their life. To make matters worse, when the rich and mighty rub shoulders with the guru’s possessing magical powers, it makes up the ordinary public even more susceptible to propaganda in the name of religion.

    The development of the society is another factor, which chains and restricts the actions of individuals.At the core, India is a deeply patriarchal society, with the birth of a male child being celebrated while that of a girl child being frowned upon. All this comes, not because girls are inferior compared to boys, but because of a misguided notion that girls will be somebody else’s property ones day while the son’s will be take care of parents once they become old. Despite education and all out efforts from the government, a large section of people just don’t seem to be ready to change their mindset. Ultrasound clinics operate with impunity, girls are denied proper education and there every attempt to break free from the shackles, are stalled by people, who can’t see girls attaining a status equal to that of men.

    India’s enduring caste system is another such evil, that has withstood the test of time. With the coming of caste based quotas, the caste differences have become even sharper instead of getting blurred. People remain chained to their castes, and tout it as if its the biggest achievement in their lives. The meance of honour killings, that has become a pan-India pehnomenon shows the horrifying limits to which people can go to protect the so called honour of their castes. Caste-based panchayats, function as extra-judicial institutions, proclaiming punishments for young couples who dare to marry outside their castes. Banishment from the village, restricting access to the commmunity resources and death sentences are just some of the decrees that are handed out to them. As long as people continue being chained to their caste and flaunt it as a fashion statement, the Indian society would remain perpetually divided.

    Money, is the ultimate deity to which every individual seems to bow. Sadly, it has created a society, where people are concerned with appropriating money, without bothering about the means to achieve this. Corruption, that has become the single most debilitating factor in good governance, has assumed such monstrous proportions because people are chained to the idea of becoming rich at any cost. As the past scams show, Ministers who are already ultra-rich, have not shied away form misusing their posts in their blind greed. Another fact of the obsession with money is that parent’s force children to take up careers that seem to pay well as opposed to careers which the child might actually be interested in. All this is happening as a result of the society being chained to idea of making money as opposed to developing character.

    The chains that humans find themselves bound to, are a result of the way society has developd over thousands of years. This has prevented humans from developing their full capabilities and at times, inflicting atrocities on their human beings. The only way, a man can break from these chains is when rational and free-thinking will rein supreme. Because, then each man would his true worth and his true capabilities.

    • John Rawl

      Very well and nice essay…intro is brilliant

      put more examples

      • Vikram Goyal

        thank you. 🙂

    • Dipjyoti

      Hello vikram!

      your command over english is too good.

      the intro para too is very well written.

      but the main thesis of your essay seems to be….”what are the various types of CHAINS and how they bind us”

      essay demands… it is difficult to break the chains… someone raja ram mohan roy, gandhiji etc and still they could not break the chains.

      you have ended the essay o a positive note…thats good….but the positive part should be further elaborated.

      had the topic been the quote with which you have started,,,, you would have got more marks…..but here the topic if diff.

      please take the review positively and keep writing..:)

      • Vikram Goyal

        thanks a lot for the review Dipjyoti! It is really helpful.
        I guess I got carried away with emotions, instead of sticking to the topic. 😛
        Once again thank you for the suggestions. Hope to come up with a better performance next time. 🙂

  • Isha

    This famous quote of Voltaire very well outlines the importance of flexibility and rigidity of attitude one needs in life. Flexibility is the greatest strength. For a flexible person, it is impossible not to reach his destination, because by using his ability to be flexible, he can easily define a nearer new destination. Resilient systems fail gracefully. A perfect system is often most fragile. Adaptability and flexibility always provide you with a way-out to grow and develop. Sticking hard to your own thoughts and closing all doors to listen other’s viewpoint as done by ‘fools’ leads them nowhere.

    Going by the literal meaning of the quote, we can mistake to restrict ourselves to a confined margin by sticking to the literal meaning of the word ‘fool’. It might sound offensive but fool isn’t someone who is totally naïve. A fool can be anyone who isn’t able to look around his/her surroundings and comprehend for himself/herself what is right or wrong. Looking from this perspective, we can have fools all around us. We would ourselves have behaved like a fool at some point in our life. Being fool isn’t bad in itself actually; what is wrong here is to have a rigid attitude and neglecting the idea of adaptability or flexibility with changing time.

    So, as the quote says- its hard to change the thought process of ‘fools’ because of the chains they have confined themselves within. The most glaring examples in our everyday life can be of religious fanatic and their ancient, Adam’s era policies and rules. Since the very old times, there were practices like Sati, dowry, no provision for widow remarriage or girl’s education, etc. Some of them are still prevalent (like dowry, reluctance for girl’s education) Modern Indian reformers in the 18th, 19th centuries faced hard time to change the established system.

    In reality, it is very hard to be right on matters on which the established authorities are wrong. They resist you with full blow on your face and your attempts go into trash. Like we can quote here the processes and methodologies of Moderates which needed radical reform overtime, especially since the start of the 20th century. But they resisted hard and refused to cooperate with extremists. The chains of their hope, that cooperation with British government might yield independence sooner, were a hard nut to crack.

    Similarly, even after entering into 21st century today, the rural India is still living under darkness of ignorance; the darkness of resistance to reforms in their social or economic life. They still resist the girls education propaganda; believe in early marriage of girls; discriminate between genders; and most importantly even after so rigorous efforts over the years by the government of India to provide them with institutionalized lenders in proximity, the share of their loans from informal sources isn’t reduced to the required level. The financial inclusion process is still in its nascent stage.

    This is due to the chains of orthodoxy and the rigidness to stick to the old methods which makes it impossible for them to move. They prefer to follow the old societal norms backing it with the arguments and quotes from religious scriptures. In the matter of financial institutions, they prefer to maintain their old ties with moneylenders and pay higher interest rates rather than taking the pain of providing the required documents to institutionalized lenders.

    If a branch is too rigid, it will break. Resist it, and you will perish. Know how to yield, and you will survive. This rigidness of attitude isn’t confined to rural places only. They are quite starkly visible in urban areas as well. We too behave rigidly sometimes, yielding to our preoccupied thoughts. But rigidness isn’t the solution always. May be, rigid attitude towards achieving your targets and goals is the best thing. But applying it everywhere isn’t a sane attitude.

    Probably, a mix of both and not the extremes is what we need in life. This was perfectly understood by the Fathers of Indian Constitution. They preferred to adopt measures that can stand the test of time being wisely rigid and flexible in its working. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. And that is why our constitution has survived the test of times; successfully working even after almost 70 years of its commencement. Had they yielded to bow in front of the religious extremists’ that time, no one would have seen the world’s largest democracy today.

    Similarly, it’s hard to change to change the mindset of people but it’s not completely impossible as well. Sometimes the reason behind not giving up on their ideologies is probably not to show themselves as weak. But here we need to understand that one which yields, isn’t always weak. They are in fact one of the strongest. Like we have seen in the past, Indian social reformers got successful to a considerable degree in changing the rigid social ideologies of 18th century which had made the life of women as hell. Later they brought out legislation with the help of British government to punish those who violated the moral suasion. Overtime, considerable degree of change in the mindset of Indian society has been achieved as evident from rising graphs of girl’s education, lowering numbers of child marriages, reduced religious confrontations, even if not completely eliminated.

    Strength should always be complimented by softness. If you resist too much, you will break. This was understood by Moderates after the political standstill brought about by 1906 Surat split. Hence they joined hands with Extremists again in 1915 and both of them tried to adopt flexible attitude in their ways and ideologies till India achieved independence. Here again, breaking the chains of rigidness seemed to be impossible once but later, due to mutual efforts, both of them succeeded.

    It wasn’t so much the mistakes that people made but how flexible they were in their aftermath that made all the difference in how their lives turned out. This is the practical truth. Change is the rule of nature. Changing times demands adaptability. However hard it seems to change the direction of wing, we should always try harder to bring the change in the society. It definitely yields at some point of time. As we have seen in the above examples, the so called ‘fools’ who once resisted even the thought of change, successfully adapted the same overtime. All that counts at the end is your effort.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      Isha if u find time please review my essay

      • Isha

        Okay Vijay, i will for sure by evening.

    • Hello Isha 🙂

      A very nice read 🙂 liked the flow and continuity. your write up has got substance. good work. 🙂 please review mine too.. 🙂 thanks.

      • Isha

        Thanks Simran for the appreciation.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      first i thank u for ur geniune criticism for my essay i will take into consideration ur views seriously …..
      ur essay:
      1. good thoughts
      2.well diversified
      critical review:
      1. u said sometime it is good to be fool and being fool is not bad ..i disagree with this , who wants to be fool
      2.proper linkages between paras are missing
      3.isha it is my humble request to u that please use very simple language that should be fun to read
      overall i will say it is very good attempt ,clarity of thoughts come only with practice…..
      so please keep on reviewing my essay i will do the same

      • Isha

        You are welcome Vijay. I think criticism is what we need at this stage. Appreciation would automatically follow. 🙂
        Thanks for your kind words. I would like to clarify about the 1. point in critical review. By writing that being fool or doing mistake isn’t bad in itself, i meant that- Doing mistake isnt bad. What is wrong here is not to accept and rectify the same. So it may be that i or you are occupied with some belief, say luck matters more than hardwork. And one is adamant about that. So its not wrong. What is wrong here is not to accept your fault or wrong line of thinking when someone is explaining the same or not to acknowledge the hardwork of someone by calling it sheer luck. Feel free to differ.
        Will try to improve more.
        Thanks 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hello Isha.. If possible plz review my essay too..

    • minaxi

      Hello Isha…

      A very nice essay… But sometimes due to very complicated sentence formation, flow is missing.

      For a flexible person, it is impossible not to reach his destination, because by using his ability to be flexible, he can easily define a nearer new destination. – In my opinion, definition of flexible is subjective in nature. Some people change their destination only after facing little difficulties in their path. still call their approach a flexible one. There must be balance between flexibility and determination, yet your sentence is looking absolute.
      Dear your intro and conclusion is more talking about flexibility- but it is taking lot of effort to relate it with given quote.
      I like the ideas and diversity of essay.

      Thanks… 🙂

      • Isha

        Thanks for the review Minaxi 🙂

    • TDP abhimani

      Hi Isha……..intro should be as simple as possible……u should not complicate it by superfluous language………rest is fine……..nice one…….

      • Isha

        Thanks TDP for the critical assessment. I would keep that in mind.

  • vijay- the ray of hope

    Please review it….

    • Isha

      Hi vijay, my views-
      1. Nice intro.
      2. Diverse your interpretation of the word ‘fool’- like u did with ur nuclear and haryana eg. Also too many examples may backfire. Explain your examples clearly in the context.
      3. Include as well the possibility that its not impossible as well to change the fools. Give examples for the same.

      4. Your 7th and 8th pages- can be improved in content terms. Make it crisp.

      5. Concluding para can be better.
      May be you can explore a little more as u are less on content.
      Pardon me for the harsh review. Please find time to review mine.

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      Hello Vijay..
      I will rate it as a good essay. And It is good to know.. You have improved your writing style. However, I will say, essay must be typed, since it is difficult to review essay comprehensively on paper.
      Intro is beautiful.. you have expressed essence of quote clearly. Examples are beautiful. But one problem i gt is only, definition of fool. It must be a relative term in this context. Many groups of intelligentsia also not like the changes, that does not mean they are fool. It is relative term.

      All over a nice attempt.


    • ESWAR

      In first page – no comments other than grammar error.

      The second page content has not connected to 1st page

      U did not analyse the relation of nuclear issue to the topic (In third page the first paragraph)

      U mentioned relevant examples in 4th page

      I was not able to comprehend most of the words in other pages. The same problem may happen with examiner, hope u understood. A good attempt.

      An aspirant named TDP abhimani has written essay in this forum, please read once to have a better idea on essay writing with GS knoweldge.


    • Shaktimaan

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      nice one plus very simple language 🙂
      one thing>> u can order ur eassy history concept first gandhi ji wala>phir social issues fir contemporary >> fir globa>> lyk this:)
      kuch examples k sath justifiy ni ho paya>> means exact meaning sa lene me tym lga:)
      concl cooolll
      intro wala page ni khulla to mene 2nd page se hi pdna suru kia:)
      thank u bud:)

  • Ecop

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere

    Buddha taught that the cause of all suffering in this world is attachments, attachments to this physical world. The topic essentially refers to such chains of bondage. But before we elaborate on that, it is important to look at the definition of a fool and its various dimensions.

    A fool is someone who takes decision or forms opinions which is not based on rational thinking. There are broadly two main categories of foolish behaviour. One is the uneducated fool. He lack the information necessary to arrive at a rational decision, primary cause of which is lack of education.

    The second category refers to the educated fools. These are those who despite being education in modern sciences hold on to old ideas and customs.

    There is a third category of foolish behaviour also which is determined by the relation of an individual with the society either defined by custom or law. We will see the examples of these and their effects in the following section.

    Different kind of Bondages

    Society practices different customers and traditions that have been going on for years. Some of these are discriminatory especially towards women and lower castes. Women were not allowed to remarry and follow stringent norms in widowhood. Laws were passed to correct this injustice during pre-independence. But even to this day, society in many parts of India looks upon widow remarriage as taboo. THis is because of the patriarchal mindset and the attachment to a position of power that is dependent on domination over another.

    Similarly, in many temples to this day, Dalits are not allowed to enter as they are considered impure by higher castes. Religious beliefs blind people from feeling the pains of others and being sensitive to their needs. There are also temples that deny entry to women on similar grounds.

    But the problem does not end with the perpetrators. The victims behaviour is also baffling. It is often that victims oppose progressive laws and changes. Take for example, the recent case of a practice in a temple in Kerela where Dalits would role of food eaten by higher castes. Dalits too opposed, a proposed ban on the practice. Similarly, Muslim women protested against changes in Muslim laws that were discriminatory towards them. It is also well known that dowry is very much a part of society today because the bride’s family is an equal participant in the practice.

    The irrationality of the victims is due to the third category as described in the introduction. Years of discrimination and subordination makes them internalise the treatment and accept it as the norm and with time to even think of it as just and right. It becomes part of their identity. It is like the case of a caged bird who on being set free refuses to leave the cage. They get attached to their caged identity.

    Politicians are attached to power and prestige. They revere this and would do anything to acquire them. They go along with what the party says even if it is at variance to what they believe in. The 10th schedule on the law of defection in the constitution to an extent supports this. But, that was only conceived to ensure stability in the government. But the behaviour of politicians is purely out of personal gain. Corruption and nepotism are other means to acquire the same.

    Civil servants under Article 33 of the constitution places restriction on their freedom of speech. But this has been used by political leaders to suppress any kind of dessent. When civil servants raise their voice against corrupt practices, they are harassed and transferred. Thus, civil servants have realised that conformity to political leaders only will get them ahead in their career. And so this attachment for security and progress often blinds them from their actual duty towards society and thier role as agents of change.

    Effects of Bondages

    It creates an unequal and unjust society. Discrimination where some sections of society live in seclusion and are not allowed to grow to their fullest potential. Studies have shown how lack of women participation in the economy has prevented India reachng higher levels of growth rate. It also effects health. It is well known fact that child nutrition and health depends on the knowelged of the mother and her ability to take decision. Economic empowerment is essential to achieve this. Today, India has the largest number of stunted and malnutritioned children in the world. Child mortality is higher than even smaller countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

    Similarly, suppression of lower cates and especially dalits leads to frustration in the youth who feel they are caught in the viscious cycle of poverty without any escape. Unrest in universities and cases of suicide of Dalit students are a shocking effect of this. The notion that some castes are higher prevails even amongst the well education who refuse to come out of this regressive mind set even when faced with evidence to the contrary.

    Corruption is now used synonymously with politicians. The nexus between politicians, bureacurats and businessmen leads to crony capitalism that ensure that only a few benefit form the increase in national income. It is difficiult for anyone to start an enterprise in India without having links in the government. This also explains the low ranking India has got in ease of doing business, corruption index. Corruptions scams involving governments have been unearthed in recent times. It is shocking that even in matters of national security, decisions are not made on rationality but greed for money and power as is evident from the recent case of low quality purchase of military helicoptors.

    Finally, it has a all pervasive effect on the mindset of society. It leads to moral degradation and cynical attitudes where one starts believing that one can rise in society only through immoral means.

    Is there a remedy?

    Freedom from bondage so strong is difficult but not impossible. Women are becoming aware of their rights. We see cases of women demanding equality in religious, social and economic spheres. There is also a demand to reserve seats for them in parliament.

    Similary, tools like RTI and greater transperency in governance will help to slowly make people in power accountable for their decisions and actions.

    Ease of doing business norms aims to create a leveling ground that allows anyone with talend to succeed. Use of technology will play a crucial role.

    Buddha’s teaching are a guiding light in this world which teaches one to work for an ideal and leave all attachments behind. It is difficult no doubt but it is worth it as in the end we are blessed with a just, peaceful and harmonious society.

  • Prerna saxena

    “Raja Ram Mohan Roy upheld the principle of casuality linking the whole phenomenal universe and demonstrability as the sole criterion of truth”.Ignorance pervades society since its inception and degenerated the culture with irrational thought process ,the value system ,beliefs so generated among imprudent people and holds deep respect in their eyes.
    Lack of knowledge,ignorance,socio- cultural belief system are are the biggest impediments to set free imprudent people from the value system,belief and culture as it is esteemed in their view.This often led to poor decision making in social life and social obscurantism in society itself.
    It imay be hard to create a dent in value system people posses and revere because their reverence is based on ignorance ,irrational thinking,tendency of stepping in others shoe ,socio- cultural coercion .But not impossible if gradually a culture is developed to think rationally,to asses logically things happening around .Awakening is the need of the hour with evolving modern society ,to ward off social evils which has crept in and degenerated the whole cultural value had hampering the lives socially ,politically,economically of people.
    It is hard to believe how ,in pre-independence era socio-religious reformers overcome social coercion, persuaded the naive society to develop a rational thought process.Those reform movement proved to be binding factor for hitherto society dividing on various lines and able to create a feeling of oneness .

    Ignorance about the lived reality often circumvent human thought process to think rationally,to relate things logically and fall prey to false propaganda perpetuated by their protagonist .In Indian context it is easy to observe from day to day life ,the superstition has pervaded the society since time immemorial for example “practice of sati”, purdah system, notion of purity and pollution etc..Recently media buzzed with news of movement started by women to enter in the sanctum of temple and to worship,which faced virulent opposition from society and cited scriptures to validate the ban on women’s entry in sanctum .This is nothing but a bigotry perpetuated on irrational thinking,and needs to subjugate such thought process for the betterment pf society.

    It has been often observed due to lack of knowledge people stepped in others shoe as they think they are more enlightened than them and create a chain of belief pattern which gradually degenerate the whole society and started revere the same. Even after 69 years of independence “infanticide” still pervade the society in want of male child notwithstanding the claim we make about our accomplishments we had made.Birth of girl child still unwelcome and treated as a liability for example a minister in J&k assembly election has recognized her daughter as liability on him in his affidavit.

    People specially in rural areas hardly relate events happening around them logically and instead believe on heard “things” and started follow them one after another.This pattern of stepping in others shoe not only degenerated their thought process but also leads to poor decision making in day today life chores. Incidents like obstructing dalits from riding a horse in wedding ceremony is fitting example of social obscurantism usurp in because of lack of knowledge and poor decision making.

    Socio- cultural dogmas:
    Society as a whole follow some cultural norms,have some beliefs, which everyone supposed to follow irrespective of their status, caste,creed otherwise has to face the wrath of the society in varying forms like social boycott,humiliation ,honour killings etc.
    Restriction on women’s entry in sanctum is nothing but socio cultural dogmas which is prevalent in Hindus as well muslims and have coerced people to follow. Eary childhood marriages perpetuated because of cultural dogmas prevalent in obscure locations even today. Inter-caste marriages are unwelcome and often lead to honour killings as this is something against their cultural value system and one who goes against it has to face the wrath of virulent form of violence .

    So this may be hard to dilute or breaking away people from the value system they hold and revere but not impossible if people are make to think rationally,logically ,independently. Society has evolved from its primitive form and still evolving and its necessary to nurture the culture on scientific ,rational lines as well said by Akshay Kumar dutt “rationalism is our only preceptor”.It requires awakening among the masses to think freely,to question rationally and than arrive to a decision . A cultural will develop gradually and transform the society – either reinforce their belief in their value system which may be in real good for human progression or break away people from the degenerated system which they used to revere based on false ,irrational thought.

    Stagnant society only culminate into degeneration of human values and hamper in nation building economically,socially and politically. For human progression it is must to change with time and evolve to accommodate the changing currents in society. Humanity has progressed and will progress only by accommodating the changing currents around the world ,isolation only leads to end in itself. so it may be hard to break away people from their value system for which they hold deep respect but not impossible if concerted efforts chipped in.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

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  • Jackrecher

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  • John Rawl

    Change is the Law of Life.Yes, it is.Man is in the process of change and society too.There are always different parameters and circumstances to judge the world .Not neccesary change is always positive but may be negative.Reluctance to change has always been there .Despite this different movements, revolution, technology ,justice ,ethical preaches made possible the new change which is progressive . Fools ,unreasonable man are now becoming part of reason,wisdom and rationality but still far way . It’s not easy for man to be part of society to live free, speak free, work free but not impossible. It’s always been difficult to break the chains of irrationality, ignorance.Nevertheless, there is a drastic change from ancient times to the 21st century ,People are now more aware about their rights,enjoying and understanding the existing reality for world.

    Recently Famous Hollywood Actor “Leonardo de Caprio” during his Oscar winning speech has said that the climate is changing and it’s happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders around the world… who speak for all of humanity.Now every nation and people of the world is aware that climate change is happening due to anthropogenic interference in nature and it has severe negative impact on human survival. Despite this ,no one wants to take the responsibility to resolve the coming crisis.People despite awareness still not acting to save their resources and nature .Are they waiting for some miracle or they want nature to reset itself? If second case come then it would would be difficult for man to survive because nature reset itself with earthquakes,heavy Rains,drought etc. So Man must break the chains of his ignorance and reluctance in saving nature.

    This very cause of Man’s Selfishness is inherent in its social environment.Society since ancient period has been under the dogma of theologian precepts.The Metaphysical aspect That King is representative of god and whatever he does is right was present till 17th century .After Renaissance and Protestant Church Movement led to demise this very foundation of irrationality and dictatorship.Society broke the chains of dictatorship,diffidence,timidity after long continuous struggle.They evolved themselves from the fools to virtuous human being by attaining the wisdom of free knowledge ,speech and rights. However,still there is far away and people still reluctant to adapt the change and appreciate the wisdom and reason.The Nature of state is also changing..Now the state ,elite,nobles,knights,religious teachers has changed themselves into clever politician, Bureaucrats,Spiritual Gurus,businessman etc.They are now using new methods and approach to keep the society in the chains .Man is getting knowledge but still not able to break the vicious cycle of poverty,slavery etc. Master Slave morality is still in continuation and few people controlling the large.

    Globalisation brought out the several positives but its some feature are creating the rich poor divide, Concentration of worlds wealth in the hands of few elite businessman.Various conflict and wars are arising due to this economics which is founded on base of Master Salve morality.Common man in the society still not able to understand this very root cause.He believes in worshipping the personalities,revering the corrupt ,goons and ceding the power to few elites.Let us take the example of South Asia where in bangladesh no. of secular bloggers are rationalist being killed.People in society are reluctant to support them and ignoring the fact that these rationalist are doing good for whole of society.Even In India,Large no. of people are being trapped in propaganda of so called Babas,Religious gurus,Self Proclaimed Social Servant and these babas are now exploiting the people for benefits. It is high time that people should denounce and raise voice against these irrational acts.

    However its not true that man still remain in the condition before centuries ago.Change has been positive,Visiblity is very evident.Letus take an example of India,where transparency Law like Right to Information,Lokpal legislation etc are promulgated through efforts of various NGOs and Civil Society.Same unreasoble people,fools took the steps of embracing education,logic,justice and became reasonable and wise. MKSS led by Aruna Roy and Poor workers of rajasthan forced state to frame transparency legislation and then finally paved the way for unpliftment of poor. So its Man ultimately he has to take its effort to get rid off the foolishness.

    Though it is hard to destroy this master slave morality,vicious cycle of ignorance and irrationality but not impossible.As John Locke Says that
    “Man is living in social contract with state for peace and harmony in the society but if state and its crony nexus with corrupt elites exploits the free and rational voice then one has a right to disobey the state ,renegotiate with state and overthrow the nexus be reframing the social contract for common good”

    In countries Like India,where constitution through fundamental duties specifically mandates to develop the scientific temper and promote rational voices among society should be taken seriously to break the chains of ignorance. Promote education,awareness,transparency,bridging the gap between rich and poor through education skill development etc.Man should take wise stand to embrace the knowledge and wisdom and break the chains ,whatever strong is or hard it is. This is only way for making the society developed,peaceful,harmonious and just.

    • Ab

      Essay seems to be short, can put more examples upfront. Conclusion is good

  • Ritesh Kumar

    Malala Yousafzai was just any other girl before she defied Taliban’s proclamation
    against girls being educated. She,
    however, rose against this orthodox proposition of the dreaded organization and
    advocated the right of all women to get educated. Her defiance brought her
    close to death after she was shot in the head. Luckily, she got treated with another
    chance to life. Her stand on the right to education and braving the Taliban
    made the world notice her courage and she was awarded the Nobel peace prize in
    2014. In an era where, people feel lost when they lose their network signals on
    their mobile, this unjustified and horrific attitude reveal that it is hard to
    bring sense to people who are willing to go any extent to justify their
    ill-conceived actions. These actions, backed by an illogical faith, which, could
    be in religion, morality, or in one’s own traditional values, provoke them to
    abhor any change against their own beliefs. There are many reasons as to why
    people oppose new ideas and changes, nevertheless, how beneficial it would be.

    actions are influenced by our surroundings. The things that we see and what
    society perceives to be acceptable, limits our choices to do what is socially
    justified. This has to do with culture and history of the region one belongs
    to. Culture is shaped by history which is an amalgam of events in time. As
    individuals it is natural to take pride in one’s culture. However, change is
    inevitable and if it is for good, it is only prudent to accept it and evolve
    with the changing world. For instance,
    we are proud of our festivals and rituals which give us our identity. But any
    custom or a behavior that scuffles to adapt us with world or brings emotional
    distress needs to be customized for the greater good. Indians, with many castes
    and religions and with each one having their own customs, face lot of issues. A
    recent example to illustrate can be honor killings carried out to protect or
    reinstate a community’s or a family’s reputation when children perform inter-caste
    marriages. People feel more comfortable in committing heinous crimes than
    accepting their children’s happiness. The recent killing of a dalit man in
    Tamil Nadu, after he married an ‘upper-caste’ girl exposes the prevalent strong
    affinity of some people towards religion. Even in political state of affairs,
    it is not uncommon to see political parties opposing important legislations.
    The passing of GST bill, that could bring all the states in mainstream and be a
    shot in the arm for improving India’s ease of doing business, but for the usual
    opposition of legislations carried out to gain political mileage, is still a
    distant dream. The repercussions of not accepting a change can be both
    beneficial as well as a loss.

    we oppose a change or stay indifferent to it, it has its own outcomes. It took
    a balance of payments crisis in 1991 for India to shed its inhibitions and open
    its doors to the world market. Our traditional inclination towards a closed
    economy as well as political instability cost us in the form of this crisis.
    Elsewhere in China, the economic reforms that started in 1989 has boosted it
    both in terms of economy and an emerging power. Clearly, a smart and timely
    move helped the Chinese grow bigger. Faster the ability to adapt, easier it is
    to move ahead. A timely change with an open mind can bring in benefits or save
    us from perils or inadvertent consequences. When a strategy shows poor results
    or an idea has failed in its objective or outcome, it only makes sense to shed
    it and lookout for an alternative. Any solution with an illogical inclination is
    bound to disappoint. Many wars have been fought without a thought of the
    destruction that would follow and only to lament later. The First World War had
    taken million lives thanks to the imperialist designs of nations, nonetheless,
    all of them went ahead with the Second World War for all the more with same
    reasons and the consequences were neither unexpected nor any less disastrous.

    accepting a change or something new, needs to be based on a definite reasoning
    both scientific and moral, without which it could go awry. The most apt
    illustration to this would be the way industrialization has changed the
    landscape on earth, which scientists say is heating up and experiencing climate
    changes. Development at the cost of environment is unsustainable. India faces
    water shortage problem despite being bestowed with great rivers. Unchecked
    water usage is costing us, notwithstanding the back to back droughts that has buckled
    our agriculture income. Every action
    must be a well-approached discourse and its results analyzed in advance. If a
    change can bring in benefits, it is also worth to convince those who stand

    Opposition to a change is a normal behavior
    and as a human, all of us have our reservations. Even then, it is important to
    analyze if a certain act or a cause can serve society or our interests better. Be it a mundane activity or a scientific
    thinking, as humans, our approach should be towards improvement and efficiency. Opposition, if any, must be dealt with an
    open mind to win them rather than portray them as fools. It is also our duty to
    educate people who are against a cause or are loyal to an age old custom. This
    is where education plays its role. The castiest attitude prevalent in Indian
    society can change if people are educated with an open mind and heart. It only helps in reaching out to people. Many
    an argument can be solved by sitting down together and resolving the
    differences or shortcomings. The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet’s successful
    attempt in bringing pluralistic democracy in Tunisia in the wake of Jasmine
    revolution of 2011 is an example.

    It is definitely hard to free people from their intense inclinations towards their
    belief, nevertheless, it is only wise and for the better that we reach out to
    them. However, our own reasoning must be prudent enough to convince them that
    it is in the best interest of mutual good and unbiased too.

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  • Keshav Singh

    INTRO:Suddenly ,this quote of Voltaire reminds me the poem I read in my childhood:
    The poem was based on the conversation between a Bird and a Monkey.The bird worked hard during summer and had made a nest in which she was leaving happily during winter.The monkey who used to leave on the same tree, had not made any house, so was shivering in the winter.The bird tried to convince him that he should have made a house for himself.On listening the wise words from the bird,the monkey got panicked and destroyed the nest of the bird and threw away her eggs.The needs with a massage:
    CONCLUSION:As the Voliare said it’s difficult to do so,but certainly it is not impossible.All of us feel foolish at certain point of time,it does not mean that we can not improve.All the social reformers like Jotiba Phule , Swami Vivekanad, spritual leaders like Kishana(of Gita), buddha, Mahavir or paigamar Muhamad gave their life to secure freedom to fools from then present chains.We as a society will keep creating new chains and revering them.Some wisest of the men,created Facebook ,which is acting as a reverend chain for the youths.So, at every point of time we need a crusader who can identify the chains and “the fools”, and alert the world about it,may be before the chain becomes reverend or after it.As it is rightly said
    “The fool is one who thinks others as a fool”.

    • vijay- the ray of hope

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  • minaxi

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    Every society is made of individuals and thinking , behaviour and attitude of every individual is influenced by social norms, belief and culture to a certain degree. But the roots of belief and cultural system are quite deep, which is not easy to change. It works as an inertia for any change agent for beliefs, norms and values of an individual or society.

    But, change is only permanent in universe. And when a society or individual free form the chain , he reverse lead to change.Change is either deliberate or gradual occurs. It may be stark visible or invisible without a reference. But it do occurs many times even without realization of an individual or society.However, Many Times people an system refuses to be free from the chain they revere.

    Many Times situation and environment compelled human and system being to bring changes in themselves, these changes are mostly stark and occurred in short span of time. When, The economic liberalisation of Indian economy in 1991 was one of this kind. when, Indian economy was compelled to leave the reverence it felt for regulated market economy. These changes were visible in short duration in socio-economic and political sphere.

    But all changes are not that rapid and visible without any reference in relatively far past.One of this change is social change, which is gradual phenomena. Mostly, societies can not be forced and compete to amend their way of thinking and living radically by any human effort.But gradual and calculated efforts of govt, reformers and other organisations help these societies to become free from the chains of past social stigmas and prejudices, which has obstackled the inclusive social development.It is continoius efforts of many reformers and govt to empower the women and give them their due position in soicety.But many times society evoles with time wtih the chnge in many facotrs like politico-economic conditions, globlisation, effect of media and internet, increased awarness and education etc.

    But change is not acceptable to everyone, There are many individuals and groups , who refused to be free from from chains of present social system, cultural and religious stigmas and prejudices.And, for such instances, we hear the famous verse“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.” Though definition of fool is subjective and relative in nature, since reason of every person or system to prevent to come out from a chain the reverse is different.

    There are many groups who opposed the idea of any change, if there is a threat of losing their dominant position, power and influence in social, religious and political hierarchy. In social system, there example can be seen in opposition of Hindu code bill by many section of society, since it would empower women in social sphere, which was a threat to patriarchal society. On the other hand, some Muslim women are still fighting to get the equal status in family and social sphere. ANd, second stance of these opposition of chance can be seen in the opposition of women entry in to Sri Singapuri temple of Maharashtra, which was indication to male monopolization of religion. And this rings true for every relationship between dominating and depressed groups.

    In man countries, where monarchy or autocracy is mathos of governance, any development, which has chance to result into change in way of governance is opposed either it is free Internet, freedom of expression, or conflict and grievance redressal.

    Yet, IT is not only the case that, it is only dominating group which opposes the change, but many time discriminated groups do not want to come out from the chain , which has bound them due to many reason including fear of helplessness, isolation, retaliation, lack of option or may be they are also the pray of social stigmas and prejudices, which has compelled them to accept present situation as their fate and make them comfortable in miserable condition. This the reason, many times, women opposes any effort of women empowerment which has possibility to disturb present social fabric, since males especially father and husband are considered as god , not only in principle but also in practice. This is also the reason, deprived section do not raise their voice for their rights.

    The main reason behind such behaviour and thinking is ignorance of people, Fool in above mentioned quote is not necessarily a conventional fool. But here fool refers to a person or society who is not able to see beyond his personal narrow short time interest.They failed to see the long term consequences of their actions and failed to see the need and importance of change which is required for development.

    However, before understanding the consequences and remedy of reluctance to become free from chain, There is need to understand that, every time, a person of society who do not want to free from chain he revere, is not a fool. A tribal society which opposes any development project in their region which happened to be bio-diverse area is due to their need to secure their culture, livelihood and eventually biodiversity and environment.

    Whatever may be the case of freedom, An opposition of freedom lead to the protest, violent action and chaotic condition , which eventually hamper the socio-economic growth of society or country. It is necessary to understand the nature of change, a critical thinking is necessary to understand the various loopholes in present situation.And, solution and way to implement these solution should be decided with great case and thinking, so every segment can be benefited.

    To free a person from a chain , he reverse, it is necessary to understand the reason behind reverence rather than straightforward declaring that person a fool. Since , freedom leads to change thus it is necessary to analyse the nature of change and give appropriate direction to that change so maximum benefit can be derived from such change without any irrevocable adverse impact.

    Plz review…

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      Hey minaxi…..nice essay…..liked the way u included examples as well as theory part.
      Only one thing to oppose- in the 10th para you consider under development of tribal area as a chain but tribal people themselves dont consider it as a chain so nothing to break…..
      Do consider spelling mistakes…..:P
      Thank u…..:)

      • minaxi

        Thanks Eco,,,
        I reread my essay.. I wonder, how did you comprehend it. 🙂
        I could not get about tribal point?
        Thanks… 🙂

        • Eco-friendly

          I wanted to say that- as u mentioned that- “every time, a person of society who do not want to free from chain he revere, is not a fool.”
          and then give example of development and Tribal people’s culture… want to say that under-development of tribal area is not a chain.

          May be i comprehend it in other way……

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      dear minaxi firstly i congratulate u for ur simplicity shown in essay
      i like ur essay all points from women empowerment to monarchy …
      u didnt diverge from flow that is great advantage u have here
      no critical comment from my side …
      please dear have a look at my essay once so i may learn something from u

    • Isha

      Hi minaxi. my views-
      Your first two para are not clear in their idea. May be its because of the expressions but i fail to find flow and connection with the quote. Your 3rd para- example was unique (y)
      I think the idea of how slow or fast people get rid of the preoccupations in their minds- that is something which should be dealt exclusively and in crisp form, but in the end of he essay. You came with it very soon- 4th para.
      Your essay was more inclined toward the ‘change’ thing. It should be mentioned no doubt with the anecdote of change is the rule. But not in the whole body, i think. We need to prove over half of the essay how it is difficult to change the thinking of ‘fools’. Give examples from different sphere for that. Changing their thinking is what we should come up with after this ^.
      Spelling of ‘reveres’- creating confusion 😛
      MAke your conclusion more strong and in general tone. Before that, provide solution, if you have any.
      That’s all my understanding. Feel free to differ. & please find time to read mine.

    • FinalAttempt

      Hi friend..

      just some criticism 🙂
      – your more than half of essay looks like in sociological prospect, many times u mentioned society which may allow examiner that u have sociology optional.. >> resolution : multidimensional missing..

      – you well defined the fool definition but if you can take it with more elaborations like how to manage the situation..

      i like your last 4 paras. overall a good read.. keep writing 🙂

    • Hi Minaxi,

      The essay was good in parts. I understand that we all type quickly but there were few grammatical mistakes in the essay which can b avoided. We should make a habit of re-reading our essay before posting, I will do it from next time!

      Regarding content I feel it was more social aspect oriented towards women along with few repetitions.

      Towards the end the essay became mkre interesting. Keep on writing and reviewing! 🙂

    • Nupur

      Hello Minaxi 🙂

      In 5th para you are talking about the topic specifically. Why so long intro dear? And in intro there is no definition of fools. and yet you have mentioned that why it is hard to change them, but i think you are talking about the change in Society or in the whole system. Those changes were rational and based on evidences but changing a fool is different from this as no evidence is sufficient to change him.

      It’s ” Shignapur”. Also IMO while talking about religion you must clearly make a differentiation between Faith and blind faith. Faith is not foolishness, but blind faith is.Also i think while criticizing particular religion you should make a balance. Plz mention about the foolishness of the “Hazi ali” incident also. A person can not be termed as a fool if he realizes his mistakes , but yes that is definitely a fool who deliberatively keep on doing mistakes.

      Ex. of Many monarchies, and autocratic govt?Also we have strong diplomatic relations with those ‘fools’. So it is ok to write the sovereign govt. fools?

      9th para is very nice.

      10th- A “Rational fool”. Nice example dear. I will also suggest you to give some historical oerspective in this case about rational fools. like Copernicous, Bruno etc. who opposed change and were called fool that time.

      Remedies you have talked about , but i am unable to find them specifically.

      Can you give a example of 2nd last para as it is too complicated to understand.

      In last para, which kind of ‘analysis’ you are talking about, appropriate direction- who should give it, or who should guide?
      Maximum benefit(?), and if not implemented what will be the adverse impact?

      In conclusion lots of term “changes” .Plz define that term, on which your conclusion is depending on.

      Thanks:)) Keep Writing.

      • minaxi

        Hiii Nupur…

        Pahle aap ye batao ki aap apna essay kyu upload nahi karti ho.. Sakhi, essay ka paper 250 marks ka hota he. Or humko ye kahne ki avashyakta nahi ki aapki philosophy se humko bhi gyan prapt hoga. 🙂

        Now about yor review part-

        Yar Problem ye thi ki is essay ne mere sar me dard kar diya tha. To bas ek rough draft banaya.. but proper planning ni ki- my bad:(

        Yar mera intro itna long n he,It is just, I want to convey my perception of fool, so used that quote in that paragraph. bUt I think, i gave feeling of intro. 🙂

        I agree with all your arguments and will take care about it .:)


        • Nupur

          Sure dear i will upload it but may be in eve. Thanks:)

    • rrv

      Good intro.
      I think para transitions could hv improved like the start of third para.
      Apart from that could hv first started with why chains are hard to bring rather than why change is important. It seems a bit of mistrack…. Though u got back swightly.
      It is better to paraphrase the quote rather than writing the same.
      Your conclusion is good.
      Thanks and pls review mine.
      Thank you.

    • TDP abhimani

      hi manaxi……..nice one………..please review mine if possible……..

    • Ashutosh

      HI Minaxi,
      Just gone through your essay, it was beautiful ..your language was simple and lucid and i loved the flow you got in your essay.
      You have researched well and put very good points especially the minority fools concept and th 1991 dilemma.
      Although it is said that upsc gives number to multidimesional essay but i think your essay is doing justice to the topic.

    • Aravind Varier

      Dear minaxi ,

      I am going to create a ROUGH DRAFT for this essay before reviewing it in detail :


      the entire essay consists of 12 paragraphs .

      1) Introduction

      (a) first paragraph – why it is hard to change ( explained about the influence of social norms , beliefs and culture )

      (b) second paragraph – explaining on how change occurs .

      2) explaining about the VALIDITY of the statement

      (a) third paragraph ( situations can force a change – economic liberalization ) – FAST change

      (b) fourth paragraph ( social norms ) – SLOW change

      3) change NOT acceptable to everyone :

      (a) the word FOOL is first seen in the( fifth paragraph ) of the essay ?

      4) REASONS why it is hard to change ( resistance from POWERFUL GROUPS )

      (a) explaining through various events or examples , if there is a threat of losing their dominant position, power and influence in social, religious and political hierarchy. ( Hindu code bill , Muslim women , temple entry in Maharashtra ) [ sixth paragraph ]

      (b) explaining about monarchy and autocracy ( seventh paragraph )

      5) REASONS why it is hard to change ( resistance from WEAKER GROUPS )

      (a) discriminated groups do not want to come out from the chain , which has bound them due to many reason including fear of helplessness, isolation, retaliation, lack of option or may be they are also the pray of social stigmas and prejudices… ” ( eighth paragraph )

      6) explaining the meaning of FOOL ( ninth paragraph )

      7) explaining about All people who do NOT want a change are NOT fools .

      (a) A tribal society which opposes any development project in their region which happened to be bio-diverse area is due to their need to secure their culture, livelihood and eventually biodiversity and environment. ( tenth paragraph )

      8) How to Handle a change in an amicable manner

      (a) It is necessary to understand the nature of change, a critical thinking is necessary to understand the various loopholes in present situation. ( eleventh paragraph )

      9) conclusion ( telling that we should NOT declare a person or a community as a FOOL directly but should analyze the nature of change and give appropriate direction … ” ) [ twelfth paragraph ]


      The rough draft will surely help you to get a structure of your essay 🙂

      1) first paragraph is good because you directly told about on why it is hard to change .

      2) second paragraph to fourth paragraph – you are explaining about various types of change . I assume that the ” change ” you are referring here is to ” free ”

      as per the quote “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

      in the second paragraph telling when change ( FREEING ) occurs from the chains that they revere

      in the third paragraph , you are telling about FAST change OR ” FAST FREEING ” a fool .

      in the fourth paragraph , you are telling about SLOW change OR ” SLOW FREEING ” a fool .

      3) you are introducing the word FOOL only in the fifth paragraph . ( you should have clearly said about the definition of a FOOL by writing the contents of the NINTH PARAGRAPH in the beginning )

      if you read the quote , the candidate is expected to define a FOOL according to him/her and start telling about the REASONS why it is difficult to change in different scenarios

      you directly started describing about FAST CHANGE ( FAST FREEING ) and SLOW CHANGE ( SLOW FREEING ) without describing the term ” FOOL ” ????

      Apart from that , if you observe the ” third paragraph ” FAST CHANGE . you are actually describing the quote “. “It is EASY to free fools from the chains they revere.” by telling about the fast changes that took place after the economic reforms .

      this shows the candidate is explaining the OPPOSITE VERSION of the quote in beginning itself ??? Please avoid doing it .

      4) the sixth paragraph , seventh paragraph and the eight paragraph are EXPLAINED CLEARLY . these 3 paragraphs are describing the REASONS why it is hard to free the fools from the chain that they revere .

      These 3 paragraphs ( sixth, seventh and eighth ) are strictly adhering to the demand of the question .

      5) the contents of the ninth paragraph should have been placed in the beginning of the essay . the reason is already mentioned in this review .

      6) the tenth paragraph should come in the beginning of the essay , either in the second paragraph OR the third paragraph because you are describing about the term FOOL ( WHAT CONSTITUTES A FOOL ) .

      7) eleventh paragraph is good because you are suggesting a measure for the problem .

      8) conclusion have to be improved ( you are telling that we should analyze the nature of change and give appropriate direction but NOT mentioning about the type of direction to be given ) The conclusion is incomplete without suggesting the direction that you would like to give .


      1) When you write an essay , try to make a ROUGH DRAFT before writing the FAIR DRAFT . after writing make sure , the ROUGH DRAFT is in consonance with the FAIR DRAFT .

      2) You have to practice in creating a logical structure for any type of essay asked by UPSC. Though ,I will mail you the structure of ALL THE ESSAYS and the Strategy followed but, you have to work upon on designing a structure to improve your essays .


      • minaxi

        Thanks Aravind.. I was just going to ask for a review. Any way, I will read this review after some time. 🙂


      • minaxi

        Hello Aravind…

        Although, I made a rough structure and thought that, It will bring diversity in essay. will be according to the demand of quote, BUT now I can see the loopholes in this essay clearly. Thanks for providing rough structure.

        Now, Maybe it is foolish to ask yet, Why t is necessary to define fool? Can we not treat whole quote by driving the essence behind it? Do we need to define fool in order to prove some time human being behave like a fool?

        Yes, conclusion is causing stress. 1:( Next time will give experiment by given ethical flavour to it.


        • Aravind Varier

          Dear minaxi ,

          Yesterday , while going through InsightsOnIndia website .I cam across an article telling that the 2014 Civil service toppers have practiced around 30 essays before the actual Main exam and they all easily secured marks in the range 130 to 160 marks out of 250 marks .

          Even we have 6 months ahead and 25 essays can be easily attempted .

          Apart from that , i am planning to create a ROUGH DRAFT for all the essays asked by UPSC since last 23 years .This will help cover more than 100 essays in the process .

          My observation of essay writing is that : If a candidate is able to frame a PERFECT ROUGH DRAFT , then he/she can easily present his/her ideas in a logical manner without deviating from the context of the essay .

          Hahaha…… Don’t think ” It will be foolish to ask ” Do we need to define fool ?

          we are all learning and your query is a VALID ONE 🙂

          The reason why i asked to give a clear explanation of the term ” fool ” because you are dealing this particular aspect in the ninth paragraph .

          So , it is better to place the contents of the ninth paragraph in the beginning either in the second paragraph or the third paragraph .

          Yes , we can treat the whole quote by considering the essence of it but , here the candidate should be able to bring out the clarity on the context from the examples itself .

          We recently began writing essays regularly and it would take sometime for us to MASTER the talent of making the examples convey the EXPLANATION part of the context to the examiner .

          I am personally , doing that experiment in my ethics answers nowadays to understand the principles behind on using example to clearly reflect the explanation of the concept .

          Once, i feel satisfied of its use in ethics answers, then i would try to implement that aspect in essays .

          Without practicing and thinking on that aspect , we cannot bring the context from the example itself .

          Try to write ethics answers by taking the essence of the quote as a whole without deviating from its literal meaning .Here , try to bring out the explanation of the quote from the example itself .

          Once you start feeling confident ,then you can apply it in the essays 🙂

          THANK YOU 🙂

  • Neelotpal


    Ajamila was once a pious man who had subsequently taken to the path of sin. When his end was near, he was terrified by Yamadutas who came to claim his soul. His pious wife advised the dying man to chant the name of Narayana, the Lord. Now the man had been so given to maya- the illusory world, that he started to call out his son Narayan, so named by the pious wife!

    This story appearing in the Bhagvat Puran clearly tells the strength with which the chains of maya- illusion and attachment- bind men. Another thing we can read out is the nature of a fool.

    There have been so many injunctions against giving a sage advice to a fool. But we need to ask who is a fool.

    A fool is not someone who knows not. A person, so bereft is IGNORANT, NOT A FOOL. A fool is perhaps a person who refuses to see beyond his preconceived notions. Yet, a few kinds of fools are discernible:

    First type is a dangerous one. It is said, ‘atmavat srvabhuteshu yaha pashyatisah panditah’- one who sees every being as same is the true realized soul. A fool is clearly opposite. He lacks empathy for others. This kind may possess knowledge, but he lacks the wisdom to use this knowledge for others’ welfare and usually causes harm.

    Second type is one who refuses to change his ways despite evidence to unsuitability of this path to reach to the desired destination. It is for this kind that we may quote Paul Tripp who says FOOLISHNESS IS A DEADLY COMBINATION OF ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE.

    Third kind is one full of vanity. He believes NOT IN DRAWING A BIGGER LINE, BUT IN ERASING A LINE DRWAN BY OTHERS SHORT. As CICERO said, “It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own”. Sooner than later this fool too will come to grief as he will fail to improve himself and expend all his efforts in deprecating others.

    Example of the first kind, unfortunately abound in our times. The deadly avatar of this type we see in fiends like terrorists and sociopaths. Whether it is the IS or the incipient (thank goodness for that) ultra right and left of our lands. They inflict all the indignities on persons they call others. They refuse to recognize that these others may have similar sorrows and joys like them. Some of this type will go to the extent of CUTTING THE NOSE TO SPITE THE FACE. Our Western neighbour Napakistan is a diabolical example. Despite sharing blood and culture with us, it steadfastly refuses to recognize the similarity and goodwill that it can earn from its kindred.

    A phenomenon that is in close affinity with the above kind is the presence of an interested party to propagate the false consciousness. This party subverts any effort to imparting new knowledge in the group of believers. They are out to protect their own position of privileges in matters corporeal or ecclesiastical and have no qualm in blocking the flow of any new and contradictory information to the adherents of the old manner of thinking. In Napakistan, its army has played this rule with greatest finesse. And the demagogues of the right and left or whatever persuasion do this quite deftly in our land.

    Second types are less deadly, but they make a waste of efforts of helping them out. And as the example of the UNFORTUNATE BIRD WHO ADVISED MONKEYS TO BUILD ‘NESTS’ FOR THEMSELVES brings out, they may start harbouring ill-will against those giving sage advice.

    We have to take precaution against falling into this category. We are too often given to sticking to the TRIED-BUT-FAILED method. In work, in studies, in competitions (very much in this exam too), we stick to what has proven futile just because we lack the humility to accept that we are fallible. And nothing can prove more injurious to our success than this trap.

    Now that we know it is difficult to free the fools out of binding chains, what should we do? Should we despair for the lack of an effective way? No, that will be weakness.

    For the first kind, often the blame lies in a system that induces false consciousness. The remedy will be in an education system, both secular and religious that promotes tolerance and recognition of many truths. We have been too long teaching enmity and particularism. The need of the hour is to teach love and universalism (not uniformism). More than to inflict pain, we will have to teach our children and grown-ups to apply salve.

    For the second kind, very often we fail to come as true well-wishers. We more often come as critics interested in proving a point. For this kind, understanding and sympathy for their viewpoint is necessary.

    If we are ourselves given to this type of foolishness, we must recognize that a few failures and successes are not measures of our true worth. We must have the courage to tread a new path.

    Third kind is easier to deal with. We have to just understand the difference between constructive criticism and an attempt to pull ourselves down. We should stop measuring our efforts to others’ set standards and measure upto universally recognized standards.

    Till now depredations of these fools of various kinds have made the landscape of our being. If we are to stop them from running roost, we will have to practice virtues like tolerance, empathy, open-mindedness, etc. are essential.
    ~930 words

    • Neelotpal

      Please review.
      Your suggestions are duly welcome and I hold them in highest value.
      Thanks in anticipation…..

    • InsightsOfficialReview

      Excellent attempt Neelotpal. Here are few inputs –
      (a) At some points you become informal. Try to avoid that
      (b) Don’t derogate the name of ‘Pakistan’ or for that matter any name. In face to face debate, we can say what we feel, but when we write a piece, it should be as formal as possible for more legitimacy and ability to last long. Your written piece impacts more when more and more people approve it, and most people approve formal writing.
      (c) Positive part was that your essay was well connected and flowed from one line to another, and one para- to another.
      (d) If possible use even simpler language. Sometimes I’ve to pause and think, what is the meaning of your sentence.
      (e) Para length is excellent. Maintain it.

      Marks – 60/125

  • naren

    God in integral part of our life, mostly people cannot imagine their life without god. They connect their soul with god. There is common perception in the people’s mind that God connect them with all the environment , nature , people to people and so on. Many pundits,Rishis,father of church promoted their culture , religious , spiritual , soul relation with God in very ardent way, people were so influence that they could not oppose it. Many years ago people also name thunder , lightning , cyclone as god angriness over the people’s deeds.
    When they actual realise that these were due to variation in the monsoon , climatic and weather , they felt that that they followed blindly these practise without knowing the depth of truth. Voltaire gave a famous quote that ” It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere”.
    It is about those who never use their brain, just use their ear and follow things which they heard. The honest disagreement is necessary for the progress of the society. Many sacrifices and devoted their life of the evolution of the society like Galileo Raja Ram Mohan Roy , Mahatma Gandhi , Mother Terssa,etc.
    Time to time society need visionary intellectual to throw light .Mostly societies were driven a blind faith, superstitious, orthodox ideology which just take into the dark side, like many cases of spiritual leaders recently who cheated the people in the name of God , religion , spirituality, sacred , divine , holy , non secular , devotional, etc. They earn huge money from fools, make assets of worth crores, even if somebody convenience them to look for real truth do not catch train of blind trust then they revert back say that you want to destroy their religion, Like people follows in temple , madrasa , church , and so on.
    Many Indian temples has gold reserves more than small countries gold reserves like Sri Lanka , Bangladesh, etc. Temples authority interest on gold and making more money through which some are spends on temples works and social welfare in local town. Most of them they keep with them, which is of no use. Many personality who achieved or consider as god , got enlightened when they wanderer here and there for true knowledge and lived life of austerity, like Gautam Buddha , Sridi baba, and so on. Now there temples are billions of gold who sacrifices all luxurious life just for truth. Now every day many people devote some gold in Sridi temple, trupati temples, who need this gold God does not need it , he is just hungry of regard , sense of true spirituality from his disciples. Even God do not refuse for using this gold for welfare of states , poor people , etc. Why not every body deposit sands in the temple because it less costly , God knows everything that in future Gold will be costly in the share market and Modji will bring gold monetisation schemes which make my temple more prosperous in compare to 230 million hungry people about whom he never thought.
    If same gold people deposit for welfare of the people then nobody is hungry in this world. But they are bind by rigid religion, they think if we deposit one Kg of gold then gold in return gives 10 Kg. This happens in every religion like cathedral were known for accruing more wealth.
    Now people are easily influence by ardent religious influence like ISIS, joining terror groups in the name of religion knowing nothing about religion, killing thousands of innocent, thinking they will get haven after death, after death no body get a cup of tea then how he get haven. These all are just fools and looking for truth.
    India during 1991 if ask for help to temples then it will be more easy for them to get money without any condition. It did not need to yield in front of IMF. The cumulative gold reverse of Indian territory then it more than G4 groups. Then why we look for world bank and IMF because if you disturb religion then no government will come to power. As I mention in the starting everybody wants catch blind train without know that there are many truth trains, like every year students sits for many exams like engineering , medical , civil services for making nations prosperous but in actual ACB reveals how much they make money in the name of social service.
    Many IAS married to business class daughter like temple gives special treatment to VIPS.

    • ESWAR

      God is but not in
      Not mostly but most of the people
      Not practise but practices
      Do not use hindi words like pundits, rishis; if u do not know replace such words or skip
      Spelling mistakes like -Teresa, shiridi, tirupati, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Many grammatical mistakes but ur understanding of topic is well explained in first paragraph.

      Use conjuction like as u said in second paragraph between first line and second line that because of wiping out ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      What is the reason behind people donating or contributing gold or cash at temples or any other religious places has not explained. You have explained about to use.

      Ur are trying to criticise the scheme of the govt, which is not expected from a candidate.

      Write essay in short paragraphs
      Indirectly you are criticising govt that why it had not used the gold which is available with temples in 1991, it is no way a right argument.
      What is truth trains ????????????????
      Not student sits but students appear ———

      Many IAS do not make sense if you want to criticise use like this Many IAS officers

      No conclusion made

      I would say keep writing, think simply. All the best

      • naren

        thank you so very much.

        • ESWAR

          Not thank u so very much brother. Thank u very much

  • Sky

    plz review frndz..

  • Eco-friendly

    One of the famous thinkers of his time Rousseau has once said- “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” i.e. man by birth is free but the social order and power structure of society restricts him and take away his autonomy and freedom. These chains are the chains of reluctance, ignorance and blind belief. Rational thinking, observation and reasoning makes person free from these chains. Replying to it Voltaire rightly said it is hard to free fools from the chains they revere. Because fools are unable to firstly recognize their chains because of blind faith, lack of reasoning ability and lack of exposure and at the same time lack will-power to break these chains.

    These chains which are imposed upon individual by the society with the passage of time gets imbibed in individual and he now instead of bringing change either started loving it or tries to defend it with irrational examples. But thinkers and reformers because of their moral and rational thinking refuse to accept them and bring change. But there always exist a section of society who does not want to change because they worship their chains and are unable to observe empirical evidences against it. They are reluctant to accept that they are bounded in chains and instead start arguing.

    In early times in India people follow Sati pratha and Child marriage. But as the society advances it abolishes it but even after so many decades of abolition child marriages are still common in the rural and tribal areas of Rajasthan, MP etc. Social alienation of dalits and tribal people, atrocities committed on them like untouchability, prohibition from temple entry eg- Silgur Devta temple case recently, dis-allowance of dalit women to cook food in mid-day meal and orthodox nature of khap panchayats are still common only because some people don’t want to change and instead argue and give evidences of past practices. These people are living in ignorance of the present day realities and worship the chains of prejudices and social evils, hence it is difficult to free them from their chains.

    Earlier in our society people consider girl child as burden on society and female infanticide and feticide is quite rampant. After legislation and efforts from many NGO’s and activists this crime has gone down. Globalization, liberalization and modernization has also tried to change people’s perspective and plays an important role in women empowerment but this crime is still followed only because of old mind-set and lack of exposure of these people to the outside world.

    Irrationality and blind faith in religion, or any other social domain also let some people blind to truth, morals and rationality. People following black magic and belief in superstitions let them deviate from reality. Foolish people tend to do whatever their ‘tantric’ (black magic performer) or religious guru’s say and in result harm delicate social fabric of the society.

    Heinous crimes done on the name of religion by ISIS, book haram, etc. is quite evident. People from round the world get influenced by their false propaganda and leave to fight from their side. These people are ignorant of what their religion actually says. In this respect various religious gurus must come forward and preach and propagate what their religion actually stands for.

    Left wing extremism and naxalism makes people blind to the concept of development and higher standard of living. They just believe in the ideology of their leader and are reluctant to listen other’s view. Underdevelopment of red corridors and rampant corruption among government officials too added fuel to the fire and make them alienated from main stream. However government has continued its efforts to win their confidence and many of these people have left violence in the past years.

    In politics also people, and elected members in order to show affiliation to their respective political parties try to mold their view point on a particular topic or bill in parliament. Their stand changes as their role changes in Parliament and state assemblies. Their main moto is only to secure their votebank and get into power. It is evident that many legislations are made in the larger interest of people when these chains of votebank politics and power mongering gets broken.

    Today people are much conscious about their health and environment but there are certain people who still follow unhealthy practices. People still follow open defecation and burning of crop residue even after knowing that it is harming them in the form of various diseases like diarrhea, etc and acid rain and smog. Tonnes of waste is being dumped into rivers only because of certain religious beliefs or because of corruption in municipalities. All these people who follow such practices are bound in the chains of reluctance and ignorance. These practices which are ultimately harming them are the result of their own foolishness.

    From the above examples it is now clear that people who shun their ability to reason out, close their eyes to the evidence before them, live in ignorance and believe blindly because of past practices and prejudices find difficulty in firstly recognizing their chains and then break it. For sustainable development it is quite necessary that these people small however they are must be changed.

    It is also evident that old and illiterate people are more reluctant to change. So there must be an educational camp for elderly and illiterate people. Much is also dependent on how people own and react to various programs launched by the government like- Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, PMKKKY, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, etc. Achieving 100% literacy with practical application in real life must be the target of government. Basic mindset of people needs to be changed via development of scientific temperament, humanism and the spirit of enquiry.

    It is true that it is hard to break chains of people who admires them the most but is is not impossible to do it. If India needs to reap advantage of demographic dividend then the hurdles in the form of reluctant and ignorant people must be reformed and converted into assets so that they can also contribute in India’s growth story.

    • Dear Eco,

      the quotation is of VOLTAIRE. 🙂 kindly correct in the intro 🙂 second paragraph is really nice. 🙂 third paragraph is also nice. 🙂 the fourth para also talks about women and social condition of women.. you could have merged it with sati system part only.. my opinion.. next four paragraphs are all good. 🙂 PMKKKY kya hai??? you penultimate paragraph is pretty good by the way. 🙂 i feel impossible wala portion that you mentioned in the conclusion should be elaborated abit gives an all together different appraoch to the essay.. 🙂 overall nice as usual 🙂 please review mine too. thanks …

      • Eco-friendly

        :P……so sorry……just amended it. Thanks…..
        PMKKKY- Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojna….

        thank u for ur elaborate review……:)

    • minaxi

      Hello Eco…

      Critical review this time, since I like your essay, so it is not easy for me .. 🙂

      Intro- Good, but mentioning about the reason behind relucent tendency can draw you a disadvantages, first because, intro must be introduction, It prompt reader to read further, So save some good points for body part. Second it deprive you from contents..

      Second paragraph is good.But arguing is not a bad thing as such, but denying the need of change is a dangerous tendency. Many society d not give freedom to argue.

      After this, I see lot of examples, which are good. But no analysis, which is backing them, there is only one thing we can drive from your lot of examples- Conflict between dominating and dominated group.

      It is also evident that old and illiterate people are more reluctant to change.?? You can investigate this situation from different direction like a FBI officer. 🙂

      Conclusion is not apt.. Topic is philosophical, you conclusion is looking socio-economic type.
      Sorry friend.. for over critical review..

      Thanks… 🙂

      • Eco-friendly

        you mentioned relevant points. I will definitely work on them and see next time i refrain from such mistakes.

        In old and illiterate point i wanted to convey that generally these people do not want to change- old people have already spent all their life and do not have the will and capacity to change. Illiterate person do not get the desired exposure and opportunity hence will resist change- eg- we see farmers sticking to old age traditional practices of farming and not adopting scientific way.

        Thanks for your review…..:)

      • Minaxi, Kindly Review mine too, critically! 🙂

        • minaxi

          Hii Atin, Now I am reviewing some other essays, Will review sure.. But it will take time. If possible, Please have a look at my essay too.

  • Ias aspirant

    Since time immemorial human beings have been slaves to their desires and greed. They are bound by the chains of superstition, racism, communalism, casteism, regionalism. Whether it’s the dark ages of the Christian Era where anyone who questioned the Church was slaughtered or the worst of genocides in Nazi Germany due to their ignorance to accept other races like Jews as equals. Thousands of lives were lost and million others lost their homes and belongings.  

    The present manifestation of the continuing trend can be seen in Rise of Islamic State (ISIS) which wants to establish a caliphate and has declared all non Muslims as forces anti to their goal. As a caliphate it declares religious, political and military authority over all Muslims worldwide. ISIS has been killing people in the name of ‘Jihad’ and as a result world has witnessed one of the greatest exodus in the history of humankind.

    If we take a look closer to home we will find our own country has been struggling through these chains. The fools could be either the people who indulge in caste politics or regional propaganda, or those who vitiate the peaceful environment of the country with their hateful speeches or the masses who are led to believe in these chains. From partition to Babri masjid mosque demolition to godhara riots India has been bound by the chains of communalism. It is rightly said that,” religion is the opium of masses”. Hindus and Muslims have been polarised for vote banks. This polaristation has not been limited to religion but has also engulfed caste, language, identity in itself. People are still divided on the basis of caste and inter caste marriages are still a taboo. Voters are voting on the basis of caste affinity and not candidate worthiness. There is wide prevalence of manual scavenging where lower caste workers are made to carry out other persons  excreta. 

    Moreover, India has one of the worst sex ratios and child sex ratio has been declining since independence. Girl child is considered a burden and suitable only for household jobs. Some states in India still indulge in the practice of sati and female infanticide. In a country which reveres female deities entry of females in banned in some temple. Gender biasing has taken such stronghold that even when a girl child is raped it is her who is being criticised by the society for enticing the male. 

    Also at a personal level most of us are bound by the chains of superstition in one form of the other. It is so common to hear that people prefer prayer over medicine or are ready to take a different route to their destination just because a ‘cat’ crossed their way. Also one can witness that people are ready to offer money at a religious place but not help a poor beggar who could eat food with the same money. 

    So what can be done about these chains and how to convince the “fools” to be free of them? The simple answer is to create awareness among the masses, to educate them so that they stop their exploitation at the hands of the shrewd politicians or religious preachers or just simply the customs. One of the fundamental duties is to develop scientific temper and promote scientific enquiry. The education system of the country needs an overhaul and made more holistic to encourage students to question and not take anything at its face value. Indulging the people in productive work, providing them employment and exposure can also help alleviate the problem. 
    It is an uphill task and needs coordination from all stakeholders: govt, private, NGOs, parents and children. Even thinkers, philosophers, journalists have a major role to play by criticising the prejudices and leading the change. 

    Just like the world witnessed an Age of Enlightenment after the dark ages, it is yet to witness another Age of Enlightenment. When the likes of ISIS, are won over and peace prevails all overall. Similarly if our nation can truly be free of chains then leaping towards a double digit growth rate or better performance in human development indicators will be no problem. India can reap the demographic dividends and take advantage of its youth. It will promote unity and integrity of the nation in true sense and fulfil the dreams of our constitution makers and freedom fighters. 

    • Ias aspirant

      P.s. First attempt.. Please review..

    • TDP abhimani

      nice one yar……..gud flow……..but try to connect ur ideas one after other in a proper manner……… review mine if possible…….

      • Ias aspirant

        Thanks for the review 🙂

  • TARGET 2016

    Essay – “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

  • In his monumental work,”Kitab-Ul-HInd”,Alberuni,one of the most famous scholars of medieval times,had vividly portrayed the reasons behind the downfall of the contemporary Indians which he perceived as their hollow superiority complex,inflexibility to learn modern ideas and most remarkably,the self-chest thumping attitude. Visibly angered,Alberuni was compelled to remark that ‘Perhaps Indians have become prisoner of self created fetters and surprisingly,instead of dismantling these,they tend to revere them.

    Down the centuries,the observations of Alberuni hold truth not only to India but human society at large.When Aristotle said that’I will tern a fool as wise if he is aware of his foolishness’ ,he was pointing to the precise point as acknowledgement being the first stage of reformation and later transformation indeed.

    Nothing illustrates better then the history of socio-religious movements in 19th century India as to how it is difficult to free people from their so called revered chains or the perpetuation of traditional mind set. Social changes are hardest in pace and effect. Indian social reformers have not only accepted it but in fact paid a heavy price for it. Rammohan Roy faced family boycott,Gandhi faced life threats and Vidyasagar was challenged to marry his son to a widow.The silver lining was that these great personalities remained steadfast in their resolve and refused to budge from their stand.

    Having said the historical underpinning,now let us rewind our memory as to what constitute the ‘Chain or Fetters’ which are to be blamed for obstructions in emancipation of so called ‘Fool or affected’ people. Judged on various parameters,we can zero on superstitions,tradition,prejudice and stereotypes,ignorance as possible factors. One may disagree about order of influence along these but rarely question their cumulative effects in shaping of public opinions which we face today in our country.

    A bird’s view will make clear the effects of such barriers or chains on human society,economy,culture,and overall national life-stream.Caste and religious prejudices such as untouchability and ghettosiation impede societal and economical disabilities on large population depriving them their just and fair share while violating constitutional mandate. Similarly, in rural areas,honour and stigma attached to female participation in workplace is loss of workforce besides imposing moral policing. Sometimes,superstition lead to black magic scandals and exploration of women on the name of miraculous rituals occupy headlines often.Even,polio like dangerous virus found shelter in rumours about vaccination’s effects in certain communities. Hence,seen from composite scale,the self imposed barriers or chains produce disastrous effects as a whole.Many a may threaten our social fabric in terms of communalism and regionalism as witnessed during riots and exodus of North-eastern people from Bangalore. Even few incidents like attack on Africans may tarnish our national image.

    If we examine root causes as to why such chains exist evenb after decades of independence,a vibrant constitution and growing awareness,we perhaps may find solution to these as well. The prime source of such tendencies are religion,societal traditions and vested interests. Not surprisingly,Social reformers like Rammohan Roy has focused on religious reforms as religion still dominates public behaviours,influences and gives directions to it,Second aspect is hold of traditions which provide excuse and authority both to influential elements top exert themselves as seen in caste prejudices specially, A third reason is wide spread ignorance among people which is mainly due to lack of educational penetration since decades. Illiteracy provides opportunity for such skewed tendencies to be perpetual.

    Can we find solutions to these fetters?If so then through which ways? It is said that reasons hold solutions and chains are not for eternity if resolve to break them is taken up with honest efforts. When Nehru asked countrymen to develop scientific temper,he was signalling a solution which found its way in fundamental duties too. Education is key to dismantle fetters and to enable people to develop critical thinking.Secondly,we must focus on economic development to tackle wide spread poverty and deprivation which feeds ‘miracle’ solutions for common men. Spread of healthcare facilities and awareness campaign may remove superstitions. Children can be harbinger of this revolution in behavioural change and use of social media can be a boon to ward off physical barriers.

    Religion and culture can be soul of civilization provided they show courage to tune with time as human has crated them not the vice versa. India has traditionally shown a great ability,in word of Granville Austin to imbibe best of modernity and traditions through a fusion.Now challenge is before us to shape the liberating forces,remove barriers in their timely outreach and we will see chains disappearing.Chains are not eternal,what eternal is the will of human and factors shaping it. If we have risen through such challenges and this is not an exception either.


      Very good introduction,good examples from the past, and good flow throughout the essay.Only desirable thing is more contemporary examples as challenges and little better ending.Still an engaging essay.

      • hope to improve in successive ones

  • rajjoo!!

    thankyou insights.. 🙂


    Please Review,
    I wrote it as a psychological essay rather than philosophical.

  • Sudanita Sanchez

    Please REVEIW my essay all!

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

    India Is a land of diversity that is evident from numerous ethnicities, religious orientations and ways of living. However, this has evolved over many centuries.
    Despite the diversity, Indian society has been characterised by many restrictions in social interactions, relationships and personal freedom. Caste system is a unique phenomenon that prevailed here over this time, that epitomised such restrictions. Further the jajmani relations maintained alongside were also evident of the restrictions in the economic sphere. But the sustenance and maintenance of these systems in itself is witness of the fact that ignorant and oppressed people are fooled by institutions that they hold close to their hearts and revere. Here religion had a great role to play in facilitating this.

    Religion provides the bond between social interactions and personal convictions of a follower that pushes him or her, albeit with a degree of coercion to do things and hold beliefs, probably not in ones best interests. Having said that the coercion or pressure is not overt and most of the times overcomes rationality or tendency to evaluate. As a result we get individuals who are subservient, docile and aloof of the realities.
    Even the father of the nation had acknowledged the fact through his close analysis of what constitutes courage. Although he made it a matter of principle to be non violent in all pursuance of the truth, yet he emphasised that non violence must not metamorphose into cowardliness or inability to act at all. Probably the mahatma better understood the implications starting to revere and admire the chains that enslave us, as it would be counter d to the whole purpose behind being non violent and truthful. Although he defended the caste system, untouchability to him was totally uncalled for.
    Untouchability was made into an institution so much legitimised by the caste hierarchy that even those oppressed and subjected to abuse started believing in its credibility and practicality, rather than suggesting otherwise. Obviously some amount of coercion was involved in the upkeep of this system but caste system largely sustained itself based on the consensus that it brought some kind of stability and efficiency with it. On the contrary the tribals have always been susceptible of their treatment by the mainstream and this trust deficit has always kept them free and independent in their survival. Thus, religious backing and justification makes it all the more difficult for the devout to get out of the clutches of any such exploitative chains.

    Extending the argument to more secular domains , A king or dictator is a person of extraordinary capabilities especially one who is able to sustain the kingdom against all odds. But the worth of a King or an administrator depends on he governance and not any other so called divinely ordained prowess to rule the subjects. Therefore people glorifying a dictator or King even at the cost of good governance or , perhaps NO obvious role in governance as the case of British monarchy presents to us, is mere stupidity in present times of modern democracies.

    – Democracy, however, is also not immune to such trends as well. Politicians over the years may get elevated to such high status, virtually turning them into demigods. The whole purpose of democracy serves to get defeated then as people start revering their political masters, re-electing again and again on grounds other than that of efficiency. Even incidents of corruption and wrong doing don’t deter them in putting their trust and devotion to their leaders. At the end, it’s the same people who tend to lose being exposed to bad governance.

    – Religious gurus – exploiting people in the name of religion is the most practical example that can be provided to justify that devoting religiously to human figures is not only disillusioning oneself but makes one vulnerable to harassment. Thus, every now and then we hear about people being sexually exploited by BABAS even to the extent of audio visual evidence available against them. Yet the devout defuse to accept the reality and accuse vested interests or the authorities of colluding to malign their religious masters. This kind of reverence further degrades into superstition and other social evils.
    – The issue of seclusion of widows around religious places is brought to light by their growing number. Somehow, the women are made to believe that they are responsible for the death of their spouses, when actually they are ones who are the worst sufferers because of the fate. Thus, effectively the victims are turned into the accused , albeit by their concurrence. This low self esteem makes them believe that their isolation will be good for the whole society. Thus, they are themselves made to live a life of seclusion and loneliness, notwithstanding the fact that religion is for the goodwill of every creature and not otherwise. Other more egalitarian religions have the provision of remarriages.
    – Karvachautha , ceremony is another case in point . Fasting is a matter of faith in almost all religions of the world, however, no gender discrimination makes any sense in this respect. Even scientifically it’s good for humans to fast every now and then to replenish immunity and other defence capabilities of the body and improve self control over diet with obvious health benefits. But any disparity between the two sexes in this regard is totally irrational and smells of discrimination and bias. Still such cultural tradition is being continued over decades without ever introspecting on its futility.

    Humanity is evident to the fact, that great Revolution have happened only when people have become aware and came out of the oppression showing resistance. Thus, the chains of oppression, subjugation and exploitation can only be broken once, all factors for their maintenance are cut off their lines. This includes any popular backing to these factors based on religious fervour , personal inclinations or social insecurities.
    Indeed it is hard to free ignorant & people who give way to foolish desires, beliefs and perceptions from the chains of backwardness that they have come to admire.

    • Shaktimaan

      hi sanchez!!
      well ur write up>> more around the religion>traditional festivals>socital norms… diversity is missing:)
      dont use hindi words>> jajamani
      try to connect some dimensions to it:)
      thank u:)

      • Sudanita Sanchez

        Jajmani is a Sanskrit word relating to the practice., it has got no other name whatsoever,

        Yes definitely I lacked in diversity !
        Suggest some more dimensions mate ….

    • arjun86

      Your essay is nice.
      But sometimes old school examiner dont get the theme. They want every para to some how highlight topic in question.
      They end up giving erratic marks.

    • Isha

      Hey Sudanita, my views-
      * Intro- make it general in context. You confined it within Indian context- societal backwardness.
      * Diversify your examples- until your 3rd para it was all about caste, religion and discrimination.

      * 4th para- king example; i think that glorifying king even when he is mere a ceremonial head, as in Britain- its more of a custom which though seems irrelevant today but is just a form of government. A system basically. This is not like since we ain’t doing it or no one other- it is wrong. They have other arrangements- unwritten constitution, supremacy of parliament, Judicial review, etc. to ensure good governance.
      * Democracy example- i think its more because people get swayed away with the promises done. Mention it specifically.
      * Next 2 para- social evils and religion again-
      * Elaborate conclusion a bit more.
      * flow and connectivity between paragraphs was missing. Also make your para short and crisp in content by one idea- one dimension.
      Sorry for the too critical review.
      Please find time to read mine. Thanks.

      • Sudanita Sanchez

        No judicial review there girl…..
        It’s an American innovation
        In Britain parliament supreme.

    • manoj

      hi sudanita….
      I appreciate your knowledge of vocabulary….but try to use simple language.
      Ur essay more uni dimensional…. more on social avil..bad practices.
      u can add some point relevant to modern time…role in public services….role in Education System etc.
      …… terms of value of free thinking for a public servant….in regard of practicing Moral and Ethical principle
      …….Education system …..not giving free space to child to think freely…..hence confined a child ideas to innovate.

      More dimension would be better…….otherwise u r on right track….keep writing

    • Anit ifs

      Sudanita I think that essay should be multidimensional and it seems to me that you have focussed only on religious angle excessively.

      there is a haphazard approach to your essay and gross generalisations which would cost you marks like
      On the contrary the tribals have always been susceptible of their treatment by the mainstream and this trust deficit has always kept them free and independent in their survival.

      – There are many grammatical errors too which could irk the examiner

      some of your sentences are vague/unconnected to earlier essay-
      Thus, the chains of oppression, subjugation and exploitation can only be broken once, all factors for their maintenance are cut off their lines. This includes any popular backing to these factors based on religious fervour , personal inclinations or social insecurities.

      and you have shied away from mentioning the topic after the first line.

      This is just my opinion and I am no expert so kindly forgive me if you are hurt by my comments.

    • Hi Sudanita,

      Good Attempt but need to work more on it.

      Brain storm on the topic a bit more. 🙂

      Example of Gender discrimination was good.

      Keep on writing.

      Am not competent enough to guide, but a free suggestion, spend 10 minutes with topic and pen, try making mind map with all possible angles on the paper, then write.

      I hope it will help! 🙂

  • Shaktimaan

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”

    Once kelasa, after offering the morning prayers coming to his house, in middle of his way he encountered wild wolf, he start praying with god, and don’t dare to fight against. That day he saved his life, to which he says “divinity of god which saved him from the disaster!”. On reaching house he told everything to his wife, she urge him to not to go their again. But he refused and went there very next day morning again that wolf came, but this time the wolf graze him, in the deadliest fight kelasa somehow manages to save his life and reached house. After seeing his wounded husband, wife scold him in anger “why it is Hard to teach you?, you always do Foolish acts!, just to make your god happy with your Reverse!.you put your family at stake!. let me clear you.. such attitude just Chained you only.. and bring nothing else fruitful!”

    Above story gives us the bit idea about the famous saying of philosopher voltair, that how foolishness chained us. But this saying has something more to say. Let’s try to understand one by one first thing is “hard” which says it is always difficult to bring change in the mainstream thinking. But is it true? Partially! Example, people bounded with orthodox thinking find it difficult to go against it. Like such people still believe in child marriages, several villages in Rajasthan are caught in this heinous crime till today. Though to bring change in this scenario is difficult but not “impossible”, revolutions do face hardships and challenges. But they are strong enough to lit brightness, if delved with braveness. Therefore due to the enforcement of prohibition acts by govt. and programmes via UNICEF, are successful to bring change, though pace is slow but not withered!

    Second keyword here is “free”, means taking actions and giving reactions solely on the basis of inner-self cognisance and transparent mind. Biasness always suppress our liberal thinking, therefore one should be free before reaching at any conclusion. But to live in a society, where diversity prevails, some restrictions over it become indispensable. As what our honourable constitution do in art 19, which declares so many liberties and freedoms, like of residing, gathering, speaking etc., but till they protect and equally respect sovereignty of others too. Therefore it can be poured out from above discussion that freeness is something which brings prosperity and enhance dignity not stashed genuine-ity.

    Another word is “fool”, why people without freedom called fool here?, reason is because such people lacked in scientific and rational thinking. Which impedes their critical thinking stops them to go for deep researches and thoughtful deliberations. Low level of modernity among them forced one to call them foolish. But if we think another way around, that sometimes traditional knowledge also helps one to come out from the untreated problems. Like in drought hit region of Maharashtra and MP people now opt for “johad and ber” technique in which water conserve via check dam formation to recharge ground water and then built deep well aside in which that fresh water percolate and due to deepness not easily evaporate and last for long hours. But here one thing is clear that even traditional knowledge support logical fact that is why bring into use.

    And next portion is “chains they revere”. Worshiping is good attitude till we worship any positivity and strength. Otherwise selection of negativity is enough to strangulate us in chains. Why people are not free and called fool in above quote? Because they chose wrong over right to revere and hence, caught themselves in chain of depreciation and depression forever. Therefore before taking someone as idol, before walking on the foot prints of mahatmas, be assured of their teachings and doctrines. Are you found yourself enabling enough? Then only move ahead. Here I can site an example of pre 1991 era to make it simple when india due to revering of its own policies like import substitutions and licensing raj. Stopped the ways of advancements, then austere IMF came with lending hands and saved our dwindling economy. Here india chose right option at right time to live bonded free.

    So it become clear that if one maintained monotonity in any work without giving it periodic midterm appraisals and refreshments. It leads toward the sickness, and make everything to appear dull and yellow. Therefore Middle East still burned in the fire of terrorism; first they mis-interpret the holy book “Quran”, yes it asked people to kill “shaitaan” (Damon), BUT of your INSIDE. It never gives a licence to finish soul of others, but a terror and narrow mind led them to to go for such extremes. That’s why that region now currently dealt with world’s deadliest beings without humanism. But as quote in itself says it is “hard” to free fool, means “difficult” only, not “impossible” , therefore steps can be taken toward world peace and awareness of people and currently several negotiations are going on, we should wait, that day is not so far when everyone live life with tranquillity.

    There is one another example which breaking the old ritual of using coal, that is, renewable energy, here india moved ahead with the concept of ISA, which seems promising, green and people friendly too in the area of clean energy generation. If implementing whole heartedly by every nation, race to save climate below 2degree C temp will definitely become plausible. But need is only of that revolutionary instinct, so that this beautiful step can’t make ours fool!

    Thus what is need is vigour and stigma, to break homogeneity, to slash inhumanity / unkind behaviour, to oppose injustice, and to kill iniquity. For this first step should be moved ahead from own cerebral, unbiased and impartial, backed with logics and after substantial research. Then only one can be find him/ her self strong and courageous enough to ruin the chains of lethargy and orthodoxy, to pursue the life of dignity and prosperity.

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Both the intro and conclusion were pathetic..
      Seemed to diverge from the theme of the essay.. Sorry but true.

      REVEIW mine as critically as you can

    • vijay- the ray of hope

      it is not ur great work dear

      i think u complicated essay by using very difficult words

      though it is good attempt but it could not hit right target …
      please find time to review my essay

    • minaxi

      Hello Shaktimaan…

      I like the thought and ideas behind your essay. But ,Sorry you could not represent them in better way. (IMO)

      Into is generic, story is not bringing true essence of quote.. I am seeing the possibility of diversity of essay. But it is becoming difficult to grasp it. like this paragraph-”So it become clear that if one maintained monotonity in any work without giving it periodic midterm appraisals and refreshments.” It could be a beautiful paragraph- but you made it complicated. Though, this time you did not used difficult words, but this plus point was withered with your complicated sentences. 🙁

      And sir- This line, plz analyse it again- Another word is “fool”, why people without freedom called fool here?, reason is because such people lacked in scientific and rational thinking.

      Sir, One must have authority power, strength and options to become free. If some lacks freedom, it does not mean he is fool. May be, he lacks option?
      Conclusion is still complicated, could not follow it.

      Aaz to sirf critical review hi.. But I know.. Indian Superhero will write a wonderful essay next tiime.


    • rrv

      Yo shakti…
      I hope u r fine.
      Went through ur essay… Yr why did u seperated ur paras on the basis of words. Could be changed.
      Though content was good but could hv used simple language.
      I hv also written it… So pls go through it and critically review it.

  • arjun86

    kalidas was cutting the same branch of a tree upon which he was sitting. People made fun of him, some called him the greatest fool of those times. But kalidas was different from ordinary. he acknowledged the foolish act he was committing and tried to attain wisdom. Later he went on to become greatest Sanskrit poet and dramatist.

    In our daily life, we come across many people , whether at workplace or our neighbourhood, who act foolish. What i consider, lack of wisdom, just doesn’t make one a fool. Everyone has different level of intellect. It is genetically determined too, over which no one has controls. It also depends upon intellect of parents and type of social upbringing. Thus what makes a man foolish is, not being ready to acknowledge his acts and not being ready to attain knowledge and wisdom.

    There is no ceiling limit to knowledge. Everyone has his own standard and point of view. I consider some ones action inappropriate but at the same time some one might be considering mine action inappropriate. Here lies the catch. What positive thing we can infer from here is that however wise we consider ourselves , there are many more wiser than us. So there always a scope for improvement.

    It is said that partial knowledge is more dangerous than no having it at all. It truly applies to foolish person. Wisdom makes a person humble. Life a tree laden with fruits bends himself. But a foolish person is rigid , not ready to modify himself, some times arrogant too. A person with partial knowledge considers himself the most intelligent but in fact he may not be knowing things at all. The instant one considers he knows all, he closes all scopes of knowledge attainment. The only thing that is now to happen is degradation of whatever wisdom he possessed.

    Such foolish person act in a way that they create menace to the society. Most common example is the religious fundamentals. the reason behind communalism is belief that our beliefs and practices are better than others. such situation arises because fundamentals never try to learn the basic tenets and philosophy of other religion. If they attain the wisdom of universality of religion , they will never indulge in acts of religious violence.

    wisdom is contagious. It spreads from one person to another. But it gives rise to the fundamental and substantive question. Why do foolish people remain as such their whole life, is there are so many wise people on earth. The problem lies in their rigidity. they do not open up themselves to the wise world. they confine their interaction with same set of like minded person. It is similar to famous situation of ” frog in the well”. unless we open ourselves to outer world and embrace the wisdom , we wont be able to attain it.

    wisdom is what the world at present needs most. wise men are required to solve the problem of today’s world. Wisdom to exploit environment judiciously can stop global warming. Religious wisdom can end religious terrorism. At last , it is not ones fault to posses average intellect and wisdom. But it is faulty no to try improve it. One must break the chain which inhibit from doing so.

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Intro a bit misplaces , rest is good, conclusion could have been much better

      PLAESE review mine

      • arjun86

        yes rightly pointed ..i welcome ur suggestion.

  • Anit ifs

    Humans are funny creatures in more than one ways. We are prone to interpreting reality in a very personal and peculiar way, through the prism of our feelings, emotions, beliefs and values. This is true for everyone, for fools and for geniuses, but where the line gets drawn is the point where a person grows so fixated on his viewpoint to the exclusion of everything else.

    Fools are hard to free from the chains that they revere, but so are saints and villains and businessmen. The chains that we revere are the creation of our own mind, these are the voices that sound in our head and make each of us, us. Going beyond these chains requires the maturity of ego, requires what is called true wisdom.

    Tagore had said that when he saw children escape from the temple and play outside in the mud, he felt as if God had lost all interest in the going ons of the temple to see the children play. While Tagore was commenting on the ossified rituals that had lost their initial purpose of connecting man with the supreme power, we must not forget that the rituals too were made initially for the same purpose. In this paradigm, what we see as bondage for the children would be a liberating experience for the elderly amongst the temple crowd. What is freedom for one is defined from the perspective of experiences, feelings and also interpretations.

    One of the noblest aims for a human to have is to achieve liberation or maximal freedom. Freedom from wants, desires, various bondages leads to a cathartic state of existence of ‘Nirvana’. Rules of a democratic society would allow everyone’s freedom to reach a maximal point, a humane religious practice would allow that too, ethical life would also lead to the same end. Some chains are liberating in the sense that they allow us to stay on track to our bigger goals and be unperturbed because of the distractions in our way. It might be a biological urge to eat food, but snatching it from someone else isn’t breaking our chains, it’s something akin to taking on new ones.

    WHAT makes religious rituals into a burdensome chain? What turns life of a rational economic man into that of consumerist prison? What makes the everyday stuff of any OCD into a compulsive restriction? I believe that when we forget the overall purpose that the rules, rituals, cultural activities are supposed to follow for the overall good and merely begin doing them out of DEAD habit, is where we let go of the rich stream of rationality and purpose. Ancient wisdom might be proven wrong too in a changed world, what is therefore needed is a CONSTANT QUESTIONING on everything in life. WHY anything? Seems like too big a question to answer philosophically, but then it is in search of our most distant goals, that we stumble upon newer wisdoms.

    WE can think of the current economic trend in the terms of freedom. The richest man on earth would not be freer than a farmer, for while the billionaire has to work for 15 hours to sustain the wealth that he has built up, the poor farmer has only to work 10 hours and then he can do as he likes. The billionaire would be a fool to lead a life of bondage to his self created chains of wealth. That cannot be the aim o his life, to work in a place that doesn’t give him joy and doesn’t allow him to liberate his highest potentialities. A total lack of money is stifling too, but then at least the pursuit of freedom isn’t idiotic, rather it’s a struggle for survival.

    Our capitalistic economy has changed the aims of the people from individual liberation of old to the hoarding of wealth.It may be difficult to see how separation from society, religion, rituals and everything else to attain wealth and then to spend it all in a consumerist economy where there is no REAL choice, but only the pressure of the advertising world, the cynicism of those around us to guide our action and the societal expectation for good life driving the life that individual has being liberating. LIBERATION was the motif of the brave new world, but going by the cases of depressions, neuroticism, anxiety, we have to conclude that not everything is right despite our material wealth.

    The chains that we ‘idiots’ revere are therefore those ‘camouflaged’ in the sensibles, the sensible career, the sensible products, the sensible society. When defining the right and the wrong, it’s wonderful to see how different cultures react differently. The chinese wouldn’t think twice before eating a dish made of dog flesh, but Americans would, who in turn love beef, which Indians don’t and whereas Indians love to orchestrate grand weddings, Norwegians would term that as tasteless. Maybe, there is no one right view and no one wrong view. All of us think about these things vis a vis what has helped us prosper in the past and termed helpful things as good and the not so helpful as bad.

    The point is that even our chains are there for a very specific purpose. They were made to liberate us from the immediate and transport us to our long term perspective in life. However,by following the text blindly and never thinking about the implications, “fools” trap themselves even more in the temporal and defeat the very purpose of liberation.

    Therefore we see development of untouchability even when they see Ramayan where the hero Ram eats the fruit already tasted by an untouchable Shabri , we see people who claim to be sceintific and rational being beset by compulsive habits that serve no purpose like checking notifications endlessly, we see people tying threads around trees for good luck of their girl and yet killing the girl child; there is no end to the forms in which the chains come, but what is common in all of them is the deadness of reason.

    When Buddha said that all his teachings were like the leaves falling out of a tree, when several more remained still, we need to understand that no one philosophy, religion, sciece can claim to explain everything. WE need to be guided by our inner self of freedom rather than dogmas, otherwise we would lead a life that is false to our own self and there cannot be a greater tragedy than that.

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Excellent intro to start with… Just loved it ….
      The flow was nice , points wee logical and rational……
      Somewhere in the middle sometime you seem to diverge … Otherwise good…

      Conclusion was again icing on the cake…….


  • Aravind Varier

    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.”


    PART 1 of the quote (Flexible part of the quote): “”” It is hard to free “”” Flexible because we can easily re-frame the OTHER OR OPPOSITE aspect of the quote [It is easy to free]

    PART 2 of the quote (Firm part of the quote) : “””” fools from the chains they revere “”” firm because it clearly gives the guideline and should NOT be re-framed that can deviate the whole meaning of the statement.

    1) Introduction – clearly telling the meaning of the statement and focusing on the PART 2 of the quote – qualities of a FOOL and the Qualities they like to revere ( respect ) with the help of a Daily example or an event familiar to a layman.

    2 A ) explaining the VALIDITY of the quote by reading the PART 1 and the PART 2 together .“It is HARD to free fools from the chains they revere.” by correlating the quote with 2 to 3 events OR dimensions from various fields.

    2 B ) citing the REASONS on WHY “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.” explaining it out from the 2 to 3 dimensions adhering to the quote as mentioned in point 2 A . The reasons should be strictly in line with the 2 to 3 dimensions mentioned in point 2 A.

    3 A ) explaining the VALIDITY of the quote by reading the OPPOSITE SIDE of PART 1 and the PART 2 together .“It is EASY to free fools from the chains they revere.” by correlating the quote with 2 to 3 events OR dimensions from various fields.

    3 B ) citing the REASONS on WHY “It is EASY to free fools from the chains they revere.” explaining it out from the 2 to 3 dimensions adhering to the quote as mentioned in point 3 A . The reasons should be strictly in line with the 2 to 3 dimensions mentioned in point 3 A.

    4. Mention the FACTOR that makes it either HARD or EASY to free a fool from the chain that he/she revere.

    5 Conclusion – MORAL LESSON, the quote teaches to the Humanity as a whole (the candidate should be able foresee a situation on having more FOOLS who are hard to be freed and suggest mechanisms adopted to have less number of FOOLS and its advantage to the society )


    The word Fool is a frequently heard word in our Daily life from various quarters. The questions that will be pondering in our mind on hearing this word would be :

    When do people be addressed as a Fool and why he/she is addressed by it? The answer to these two questions can be easily cited from the situations that we see in our daily life.

    Wearing of Helmet while driving a two wheeler is a compulsory safety measure as per law and a person violates the law by travelling without helmet to feel the wind speed.On one occasion, he was travelling without helmet and was fined by the Police. The very next day, the person travels without a helmet and again gets fined by the Police.It clearly proves the person is a FOOL to be fined again despite being fined the previous day for the same offence. It clearly shows the “senselessness “of the person paying the fine for the purpose of feeling the wind speed while driving.

    We did understand on the quality in a person to call him as a FOOL and let us see the occasions when we find it “ hard “ to free the fool from the clutches of the principles that he/she reveres .

    A conservative religious person who have been brainwashed by a god man will continue to be a follower of the god man even he is financially cheated by the former. It would be very hard for us to free the fool (the disciple of the fake god man) from his clutches due to the “Blind faith “of the person on the god man due to his lack of rational thinking.

    Similarly, an educated person who is influenced by narcotics substance will continue to find solace in using the substance nevertheless knowing the consequences of using it .In this case too, the person who have turned into a fool by knowingly consuming the narcotic substance would become “hard “to be freed from the grip of “addiction “that have gained control of his mind .
    From these two incidents we may feel, it would be hard to free any fool from the chain that they revere. But, the story does not end here!

    There are instances were a fool can be easily freed from the chains that he/she revere.

    We could have seen many unscrupulous politicians indulging in unfair practices like influencing voters through money and liquor by making them fools in the process to get their votes for being elected.After coming to power the same politicians indulge in corrupt practices that have led many of them to undergo jail terms on being found guilty for the misuse of their office.These incidents create a negative perception among the people on Politics and the election process.

    But, In the next election, if another party offers better freebies and monetary benefits in the election manifesto, the same voters who had a negative perception on politics line up on the election day to vote for the party that offered maximum benefits even though they don’t add any value to the social development .

    The voters might be attracted by more freebies announced but there are other instances where people easily get convinced, if the assuasive word comes from a celebrity.

    There have been instances of many food product brands ranging from noodles, potato chips, chocolates etc. tested unfit for consumption by certain Food laboratories across India.This immediately creates a panic among the people and they stop consuming that product. The companies whose products have come under the scanner immediately hire a reputed celebrity to change the perception of the people created due to the result of any particular food laboratory through media.

    Within a matter of few weeks, the product again regains its lost brand value by vigorous campaign on the innocence of the company through the celebrity .Once, the celebrity starts preaching about the benefits and malign campaign initiated by the products adversaries to tarnish its brand value, people who panicked again starts consuming the product even not going on the actual fact of the report.In this case ,people are driven towards the product by the charisma of the celebrity .

    The two perspectives of the hardness and the easiness of freeing the fools from the chain that revere mainly depend on our understanding of the mindset of the person whom we are going to convince.This directly points out the emotional intelligence a person should possess in convincing a fool in changing his/her perception on a matter. A better emotional Intelligence makes it easy and lower emotional intelligence makes it hard to free the fool.

    This quote has a very important message to convey to the society. If the society is not able to take out the fools who are in the world of thoughts created on wrong notions, it would ultimately lead to disharmony in the society due to disagreements between the intellectuals and fools.

    The way forward would be to create a society which teaches the qualities of Analytical thinking in the coming generations that makes a person more aware of the happenings around him/her to come out of the web of irrationality.

    • Sudanita Sanchez

      Don’t know why so much short sentences throughout , doesn’t really reflect much maturity…
      Hey Aravind be acceptable of some critics stuff here and don’t justify. Cuz this is essay and whatever looks pleasant to read for a laymen like me will be the gospel truth…
      No justification here at all.. NO LOGIC, REASONING with regards to the format or the flow or font or anything on this earth….
      Intro was not really very enriching , an ordinary example of a extraordinary fool…
      Although Maggi example was quite apt …. The addictive masses clinging to their stupidity….anyways you needed to use more such examples …
      You were thinking on the right lines very now and the. But diverted more often…
      Anyways conclusion seems rational and positivist if yet incomplete……..

      Try writing this essay again in a different format , more organised ….I will REVEIW again…
      Cuz I know you got the ability to write better rather than justifying this one over and over again

    • ssk

      U got d topic….but some more brainstorming needed….to cover other aspects of essay…
      Language n flow is awesome….

      • vijay- the ray of hope

        review mine

    • Hello Aravind 🙂
      15 paragraphs!
      But short and sweet 🙂
      -Loved the introduction, even a layman can easily understood who is a FOOL and why he is called so. 🙂
      -Liked the instances where you’ve justified the quotation with examples 🙂
      -Last three paragraphs are pretty good. 🙂
      -you used two examples (politics and commercial) to illustrate how a “fool” can be freed from the chains he reveres. I felt that part needed a bit more clarity and solid arguments.

      A much better essay Aravind. 🙂 good work 🙂

      (I’ve got a doubt to ask you. The theme of the essay says, IT IS HARD TO FREE FOOLS FROM THE CHAINS THEY REVERE. I’ve seen you recommending candidates to stick to the keywords of the quotation, here the words are HARD FOOLS CHAINS REVERE!
      So a candidate while writing the essay should stick to these words, even while stating examples and explaining, right? Will that make the word FOOL look derogatory or repetitive? Will that leave a bad impression on the examiner? I’m stuck in this dilemma 🙁 🙁 kindly answer

      Also, please find some time to review my essay. I’ve been going through tough times these days while writing down essays, which is a crucial part of mains. For today, I preferred writing on the lines of the topper’s strategy posted by insights team a few days back. Kindly tell if that’s working.

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Simran ,

        Firstly , thank you for reviewing my essay 🙂

        I generally review essay in the morning and will give the BEST review for your essay by tomorrow OR day after tomorrow in the early hours 🙂

        Don’t get stuck in a Dilemma . Topper’s are also normal human beings and don’t take their suggestions OR Strategy as ready made solution to your queries . Analyze their interpretation carefully . If you find it worthy , take it ,otherwise ignore it 🙂

        Be confident about your skills . Think! Think! Think ! on the subject as far possible and you will get answers to all your doubts 🙂

        ” Thinking on the Subject ” in various dimensions is what i do to clarify my doubts myself . It takes sometime but ,the happiness you get after finding the answer after deeply thinking on the subject would be immense .

        THANK YOU 🙂

        • Sure Aravind take your time 🙂

          Yes, December is quite far now. We have enough time to try out most of the things in essay writing. 🙂

          All the best 🙂

    • minaxi

      Hii Aravind..

      A decent try.. but my views on some areas-

      1) Intro- Intro seems defining ”fools” rather than decoding or explaining quote. And your essay is more based on individuals. Can add some other entities too.

      2) Similarly in next two paragraph, In first paragraph, i detected a trace of reverence ( It may be boldness or recklessness, rather than revere) ANd in second example- I will call it addiction rather than revere

      3) You wrote your essay by keeping fool in centre. But, Friend, There are many people who are locked in revere but the are not fool. You may call it determination of some people, which may look foolish to others.

      4) You may include various dimension-like why people revere . and what is reason,

      5) Actually, In this essay, I find the lack of strong argument.And, from start to end , you tried to prove the given quote, without analysing different dimensions like why a person is considered fool, if he refused to free from revere, Is he always a fool,what factors contribute in such tendencies May be I am wrong. Not feeling that confident about this topic.

      6) Conclusion can be improved. It is looking over generalized conclusion, which may feet majority of philosophical topics related to psychology of human being. Hence lacks the strength and uniqueness.


      • ESWAR

        Hai, could u please review my essay too

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear minaxi ,

        Thank you reviewing my essay 🙂

        1) The most important aspect that i understood while doing research on essay writing is about giving the explanation of the core or the firm part of the essay .

        As a candidate , we should clearly tell to the examiner about our understanding of a FOOL and the quality that drives to make him a fool .

        yes , you are correct , we can add a collective definitions of FOOLS but i was of the opinion of writing about an individual because , An individual FOOL will contribute to a Large number of FOOLS .

        After a base is set on describing the CORE or FIRM part of the essay , then we can go into the explanation of FLEXIBLE part of the essay as i did in interpreting the entire quote in the next paragraph .

        2) Your detection of the ” chains that revere ” in the next 2 paragraphs is correct .I did not feel like mentioning it explicitly because , in the ROUGH DRAFT for this essay , i was very particular to bring out the REASON and the chain a fool revere from the example itself .

        After posting the essay and reading it twice , i myself found that there is a lack of clarity in bringing out the ” chain that fools revere ” .

        As , I am experimenting with essay writing for the last 2 months , there are possibilities of such ” lack of clarity ” to arise while trying out new strategies 🙂

        3) You said it friend . The people are locked in chains that revere because they are fools . If a person is adamant in following a principle that is irrational because it is the FOOLISHNESS that is driving him/her to hang on to a particular ideology or philosophy .

        4) Since my entire essay is written for some 870 words , i have the flexibility to add one more dimension in each aspect and take it to more than 1000 words .

        Another important aspect . In my opinion , we should ONLY add one more dimension in each aspect ” it is hard to free ” AND ” it is easy to free ”

        I have added 4 dimensions

        2 dimensions for ” it is hard to free ”

        1) Social perspective ( fake god man )

        2) Health perspective ( narcotic addict )

        2 dimensions for ” it is easy to free ”

        1) Political parties convincing electorates ( Issue of National Importance )

        2) convincing through commercials ( economic perspective )

        We should NOT add more than 6 dimensions in our essay . I find many candidates adding 8 to 10 dimensions but such essay lack clarity of explanation . I finally decided to stick on to 5 to 6 dimensions ( for the positive perspective and the negative perspective combined ) AFTER UNDERSTANDING THE MISTAKES IN ESSAY WITH LARGE NUMBER OF DIMENSIONS .

        5) YES , YOU ARE WRONG 🙂

        I am very confident of what i have written in this essay and clearly know the areas were i lack myself .

        Hahaha……… I am actually very confident about this topic DEAR 🙂


        I am happy because i could clearly write a conclusion in my essay and you are telling it can be improved 🙂 🙂 🙂

        I will DO a detailed examination of the conclusion of your essay while reviewing it today ……… LOL!!!

        To tell you Honestly , I could finally decode the contents of a conclusion after working it for around for 2 months .

        Try using the ” message ” OR ” moral lesson ” idea in philosophical essay in future . remaining details on its usage will be mailed to you .





        • minaxi

          Hello Aravind….
          Actually, For me core was ” Free from chain” and the person who do not want to be free is a fool, which lies in periphery.

          I do not think, people who do not want to change are fool as always. But fool are those, who do not want to change the bad habit, wrong and inefficient value system. SOmetime, people call a person fool, who want to bring change,And, I just wanted to say, that, you could see this from diffrent direction.

          Yes, Aravind, now I see, the dimension you have covered, But, you will not get the chance to clarify your dimension to examiner. SO plz try to bring solid example Most of example were like individuals or a small group of individuals, you could bring a social system, economic system as whole.( It is just suggestion my friend)

          I will take a class for conclusion from you. 🙂 And, I wanted to give review over rough draft too, which i find better than essay, yet first line was beyond my comprehension. so gave review about essay instead. But will give review on other part in evening.

          Ok boss.. I will give review about rough draft too.

          Thanks… 🙂 Have a nice day. ANd your answers are absent today.

          • Aravind Varier

            Dear minaxi ,

            The core part of the essay is the ” fools and the chains that revere ”

            It is very clear from the quote that ” It is hard to free ” can be easily changed to ” it is easy to free ” without changing the meaning of the quote .

            If people are not interested to change the thoughts formed out of irrationality , then you call them as fools .

            A person trying to bring a change can be called as a fool but the person who is trying to bring the change is not being changed by anyone as per the quote .

            Others points are Duly Noted 🙂

            I will surely give details about the entire essay strategy in a mail within a week . Presently , working on that too 🙂

            Hahaha………. HELLO MINAXI MADAM 🙂 …….My answers are PRESENT Today and will be PRESENT till the completion of civil service Mains examination .

            I Will be reviewing your essays and all the answers that you posted today after an Hour 🙂

            Have a Good day 🙂

            Yours Obediently – ARAVIND 🙂

    • yogi

      Hello Guruji 🙂

      My views:-

      The idea of breaking the quote into two parts is good, but the example of driving without hamlet should alone be used to explain why it is hard to free the fool. The reason is implicit in form of “senselessness” that used in that para . You could have added other reasons there itself to show why it is hard.
      Why I am suggesting to use same example for both”defining fool” and “why hard to free the fool” is that the purpose of the intro is to give the gist of the essay, that is, it must tell the key idea of the essay. If I go by this aspect of intro then the first 5 papar (till godman) together makes the intro of ur essay which is very long for sure. In simple words I want to say that choose an example that can address both the parts of the quote to give the key idea of ur essay in minimum possible words (~150 words would be enough not 280).

      Educated people and drugs –this example is good

      There are instances were a fool can be easily freed from the chains that he/she revere—this is a unique dimension covered by you, excellent

      “”There have been instances of many food product brands ranging from noodles, potato chips, chocolates etc. tested unfit for consumption by certain Food laboratories across India.This immediately creates a panic among the people and they stop consuming that product. The companies whose products have come under the scanner immediately hire a reputed celebrity to change the perception of the people created due to the result of any particular food laboratory through media.

      Within a matter of few weeks, the product again regains its lost brand value by vigorous campaign on the innocence of the company through the celebrity .Once, the celebrity starts preaching about the benefits and malign campaign initiated by the products adversaries to tarnish its brand value, people who panicked again starts consuming the product even not going on the actual fact of the report.In this case ,people are driven towards the product by the charisma of the celebrity .””—–>> you have eaten too many words to convey a simple message that the celebrities can “easily” free the fools from the chain they revere. You can urself see how this can be shortened. This would give you more space for adding more dimensions and increase the breadth of ur essay,

      This quote has a very important message to convey to the society—-very good —I am finding this way of giving massage to society quite impressive, will try to include it in my essay sometime.

      Conclusion –is giving a futuristic aspect , good here 🙂

      Overall ur conclusions and to occasionally ur intros are improving but at the cost of the body from past few weeks, .Body needs more dimensions and concise language. Intro needs to be comprehensive and not disjoint.(In my opinion)

      Thanks and ATB 🙂

      • Aravind Varier

        Dear Yogi ,

        Thank you for the review 🙂

        Firstly , you know very well about the experiments, i am doing with essay writing to find out to get the best format .

        Certain clarifications from my side .

        1) We need NOT directly get into the explanation of the entire quote itself . Last time my lack of explanation of ” Honest Disagreement ” led to loop holes in the entire essay . But this time , i was clearly going to convinced the examiner who is fool and why he/she is called so .

        2) Since my entire essay is written for some 870 words , i have the flexibility to add one more dimension in each aspect and take it to more than 1000 words .

        3) Another important aspect . In my opinion , we should ONLY add one more dimension in each aspect ” it is hard to free ” AND ” it is easy to free ”

        I have added 4 dimensions

        2 dimensions for ” it is hard to free ”

        1) Social perspective ( fake god man )

        2) Health perspective ( narcotic addict )

        2 dimensions for ” it is easy to free ”

        1) Political parties convincing electorates ( Issue of National Importance )

        2) convincing through commercials ( economic perspective )


        Candidates can use words to give a detailed explanation on the subject under consideration if it is NOT deviating from the demand of the question .

        I have seen candidates writing many dimensions without properly connecting to the context of the essay . It is a MISTAKE to say , we should cut short words in an essay . I hope you got my point .
        addition of words can be used for 2 REASONS :

        1) for explanation of the subject and correlating with the context .

        2) certain additional words will be used to give a flow to the essay .

        I am seeing you asking to cut short words from last 3 weeks , but that is a WRONG notion because even in your essay you have used many words to giving more clarity and flow . I have NOT pointed that in my review because , thought you might be doing unintentionally but, you are actually doing the CORRECT WAY of using additional words .

        This is not an answer to put a check on words. we have the freedom to use 100 to 200 words which gives more depth to a topic and flow .

        You can observe , i intentionally wrote this essay in less than 900 words and now have the flexibility to add 250 words of content in it . Addition of those 250 words will automatically improve the quality .

        I can improve the body of the essay every easily 🙂

        But , as a part of my experiment , my focus is more on the Introduction and conclusion and i am able to feel more my self that the Introduction and conclusion have improved in a very good way from the last 2 weeks .

        Yes , regarding the CONCLUSION , I some good ideas which i will share with you . we can discuss on that aspect .

        After working in detail , i have learned the way we should conclude for a ” philosophical essay ” and ” Issue based essay ” .

        To tell you Honestly , I could finally decode the contents of a conclusion after working it for around for 2 months .

        Try using the ” message ” OR ” moral lesson ” idea in philosophical essay in future . remaining details on its usage will be mailed to you .





        • yogi

          Thanks for sharing you views:
          Regarding intro: fine, that may be ur style of writing an intro, I have told you what those who got good marks have done, and the basic meaning of intro is the gist of the essay. This does not mean that I am also a champion in writing the intro on that demand, but the irony is that I am unable to do that perfectly.even after knowing it. Don’t know about you.

          Now the key isse:-

          ”There have been instances of many food product brands ranging from noodles, potato chips, chocolates etc. tested unfit for consumption by certain Food laboratories across India.This immediately creates a panic among the people and they stop consuming that product. The companies whose products have come under the scanner immediately hire a reputed celebrity to change the perception of the people created due to the result of any particular food laboratory through media.

          Within a matter of few weeks, the product again regains its lost brand value by vigorous campaign on the innocence of the company through the celebrity .Once, the celebrity starts preaching about the benefits and malign campaign initiated by the products adversaries to tarnish its brand value, people who panicked again starts consuming the product even not going on the actual fact of the report.In this case ,people are driven towards the product by the charisma of the celebrity—(151 words)

          Now read this:””There have been instances that as a result of food laboratory’s inspections several food products are found unfit for consumptions and their sales declines rapidly. The respective companies then hire celebrities to win back the tarnished image of the products and consumers again starts to purchase the products without paying any heed to the findings of food laboratories. The charisma of celebrities easily persuade the consumers .(67 words )””

          This is just an example, I may have written it very badly, as I am also struggling to write in concise language.

          My intention is to point out that “conciseness” and “brevity” is rewarded by upsc. You can see the difference that brevity can bring to an essay apart from creating space for more dimensions. I am also not good in writing concise language and there are lots of redundancies which can be removed. The only way to include more dimensions is to write in concise language. Details should be provided only when there is need for it, for example when we brings any new term or an issue which requires gs knowledge which a lay men don’t have then it becomes necessary to include some details, again that too in brief.

          All those who got good marks in essay this year are those who included maximum possible dimensions in their essay. The challenge is to do all that keeping in mind the : word limit, no use of gs jargons which a laymen cannot understand, maintaining the flow and all the attributes of a good essay.

          I have experienced how disastrous it could be to include more dimensions without concise language. The missing conclusion in my essay, missing perspective of the quote from different angles are the things that contributed in messing my this Sunday’s essay, not to forget to mention the overuse of fools and chains that irritated many including me.

          If I have to sum it up, brevity will have to be mastered to cover maximum possible dimensions which in turn is must to score good marks. Writing an essay every week will bring that if we keep that our aim, and this is essentially what we are doing and aiming at.

          A Request: whenever you review my essay, plz suggest whether the same content or part of para can be written in fewer words or not. I know it is painful to do that, but this is only way to achieve the desired brevity, if i miss to see that from my side.

          Regarding rough draft: it is good, as I can see that it help one to look the quote from different example. On additional thing u can include in suggestion either at the end of main body or in the conclusion. Don’t leave by saying that this is to be achieved as a way forward, but also tell HOW this can be achieved It would be more effective and would show the problem solving attitude of the write.

          Thanks !

    • ESWAR

      Good morning brother.

      Boycotting helmet can be ignoring the safety, hence he/she is a fool. So mention SAFETY

      U could avoid 4th paragraph, you are not suppose to invite people to analyse or see.

      Examples in 5th, 6th paragraphs are good.

    • ESWAR

      The voting, freebies examples are explaining the voters cleverness, he is not freed from chains. If he rejected all together then he was freed

      Food product, example is good.

      Rest is fine. All the best


    Take the example of building of public toilets in homes and affecting their use by the government under Swachh Bharat Mission.Still with all its efforts,public campaign,roping of celebrity, the government is finding it difficult to induce behavioural changes to use toilets especially in rural area.Even being enlightened about the drawback of open defecation and resultant cost on health especially on children like diarrhea, stunted growth etc, people out of their ignorance are not responding to it.This example clearly reflects that it is very difficult to free so called”fools” from their chains.

    World is full of such examples when people enlightened with the ideas of rationality, modernity,and enquiry tried to affect changes or reform the society ,they faced lot of difficulties in doing so.From the days of Buddha to Raja Ram Mohan Roy to Gandhi the story is same.The problem of foolishness starts not just with being foolish, but not accepting it even the light is shown by the people around.Until unless one accept a problem one can not be expected to correct it.Same goes with being ignorant.

    Most of the problem which we see around us such as:, discrimination against women, caste discrimination, rise of extremism, climate change,honour killings, and practice of witchcraft have direct relation with this.To understand this better take the first case, in this modern age with adavancement of women in every field , there are no dearth of examples to showcase how much a women can progress given the education,support, opportunity, and level playing field to her.Despite this we find deep entrechement of prejudice against women in our soceity,especially in rural areas.From the birth to her education, to marriages she is treated with discrmination and left with little choices of her own.Much of the effort put by the government to civil society has still not been able to convince in big way to treat and provide women equal opportunity.Now and then we hear the cases of honour killing which is nothing but emnates from our ignorance and false sense of pride in our social boundaries.Efforts of the government, judiciary,or even the intelligencia have not been able to make great impact.The case of extremism is not different.It originates from ignorance and foolishly accepting the extreme ideas even detrimental to others, which may not have any logic or rationality,accepted solely on the basis of tradition or emotional appeal .

    Everything has its cost,the cost of foolishness is also high.Take the example of the havoc which extremism has brought in this modern world.It has made societies impoverished,have taken almost all of their modern concept of rights.The result of foolishness is paid by many a times by the people who have no relation with it.Women even through have not much to do with prejudice but they pay price of it.Children who suffer due to open defecation are victim with their no guilt.

    Having these challenges does not mean that world was same and the issue can not be addressed.The world which we see around us, the advancement of life, social values like liberalism, institutions like state and welfare concept it,modern science and technology all testimony to the fact that things have changed when people inspired by rationality,enlightenment and progressive liberal values took on the challenges around them and engaged the so called ”fools”.Even though they faced problems they didn’t relented.

    The greatest weapon to fight against the ignorance is education, which must include the spirit of enquiry and modern liberal values.Scientific temper which our Constitution calls for to adopt is not part of it.It free us from the shackles of ignorance, bias, and prejudices.

    Challenges of our times may be equally great as of past but we have the example of past to draw inspiration and strength form.Backed by strong will to free the society from this ill of ignorance we can certainly triumph.

    • more thoughts could have been given in search of dimensions
      1. Extremism,swatch Bharat points are good to make points
      2. What are the causes of chains,what constitute chain,why we revere them and how to eliminate these…are few aspects of the issue
      3. Conclusion para at least should match intro in length,its much shorter
      4. these kind of topics are really innovative which take us out from our comfort zones an in tune with exam pattern
      5. keep writing

  • ssk

    First essay attempt on insightsonindia….
    For now just providing the flow of my Essay
    1. Intro – Explain the title with an example
    2. Provide few more examples from different spheres of life to show that the title is reflected in every sphere of life
    3. Explain why they are called as fools
    4. Explain why do they Revere their chains
    5. Explain factors responsible for their such behaviour
    6. Explain the effects of their foolishness
    7. Explain why is it necessary to free them from chains
    8. Explain why is it so hard to free them
    9. Explain the nature of chains
    10. Explain how they can be freed… hard but not impossible
    11. Who should take responsibility
    12. Role of govt
    13. Role of society
    14. Role of NGO
    15. Role of an individual
    16. Role of technology
    17. Pre- conclusion para
    18. Conclusion

  • Sai Pavan

    An Intelligent person knows how foolish he is and the fool does not. Going by the saying, let us look at what intelligence and foolishness is about. Ideally, intelligent people are those who respond to their best of ability in every situation that they are placed by performing all those actions in tune with the situational requirements which in turn produces fruitful results whereas foolish people neither can perform to the best of their ability nor will rise up to the occasion. Also, it is clear that any individual is neither intelligent nor foolish as every individual is on an eternal learning process and no learning can happen without us being foolish. But in societal perspective, intelligent and fool is an idea of comparison between two and also a measure of one’s own achievements. Hence it is imperative to understand what hinders intelligence to blossom in an individual or in a society which in turn in will help in achieving one’s own true potential.

    As mentioned earlier, it is our inability to perform to the best of ability and according to the situation that makes us foolish. This inability stems from a combination of individual and societal reasons among which education, health, likes and dislikes, belief systems, political and economic environment and climatic factors play a major role. Though few of them are entirely straight forward reasons, but it is largely our irrelevant application of our own ideas or lack of holistic approach towards our end goals which creates chains of entanglement that we revere ironically and thus getting freedom from these chains is hard indeed.

    To understand this more better, let us look at few situations. One of the famous short stories by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa which most of us have read “All for a loin cloth” tells how a spiritual seeker who actually went for renunciation ended up being a household all just because of a loin cloth. This remains as a classic example of individual foolishness which when we critically analyze can understand that though the seeker is well educated and having good health, but when his own actions are driven by irrelevant application of knowledge or by his impulses or likes and dislikes or a lack of holistic approach towards his end goal or as the chains we are referring in our context, he can only emerge as a fool and it will be hard to free from the chains he revere. Another common situation that we encounter in our daily lives is following of many superstitions of our own belief systems which have no rational basis. Thus, if driven by these chains no true progress will be nearby.

    In the societal, national and the global contexts also situations are no different. Political situations like parliament logjams, sidelining the main developmental issues and focusing on less important issues are examples of few political class’s inabilities to come out of their own chains. Social and Economic situations like Poverty, Gender inequality, Health, Education, Infrastructure and environment imbalances are all the results of the societal chains which we have created for ourselves. It has to be understood that these chains have far reaching negative implications than those of individual’s. Hence there is an indispensable responsibility on every one of us to become free from these revered chains how much ever hard it may be.

    Reverence to our chains has to be dealt and understood post which we can become free from our chains. Let us look at the few facts by some of the surveys in the recent past. According to a survey by The Guardian, half of the world’s wealth is now in hands of 1% of population, UN Estimates that by 2030 global population will be around 8.6 billion, it is proved beyond point that a definite action is the need of the hour to contain the temperature rise below 2 degree centigrade, few other surveys estimates that if every consumer consumes like that of an average American citizen, 4.5 times the earth is needed. We can infer from all these surveys that while the population and the inequalities are rising, environment and the resources are no longer conducive as they are used to be earlier. The growth of inequalities and the reverence to our chains are well connected. The ideological misconceptions when treading the means to our end goals has led to reverence to our chains. For example, to an industrialist or an economist, their whole focus will be on mass production or maximum profits and the other areas are of comparatively least concern. In this cyclic process, consumerism is promoted in such a way that strong desire is created in the mind of consumer for a so called product which is of no great use or necessity to him. This for example is one of the chains that our industrialists and consumers have that should be broken towards greater good for society. This can be broken if the reverence factor for this chain is removed. That will be possible if there is a ideological shift from profit maximization to social good maximization. It has to be underlined that the ideological shift is not against any technological or industrial advancement. The idea is to devise a new holistic approach that works for the greater benefit for the society. To substantiate further, many recent surveys suggest that 90% of the mobile phone users use only 10% of the features in a phone, but they keep upgrading with the latest versions of the mobile phones. These chains has to be broken as well. The stress here is on resource crunch and population expansion. Had it been the case of optimal population rations in the world, we can afford all these chains. But as long as the chains are not broken, inequalities in all spheres are imminent. The technological advancements and the rise in inequalities which seems to be going hand in hand shows how hard it is to be free from chains that we revere.

    The above understanding clearly underlines the importance of dealing with chains and makes it clear that all irrelevant reverence to the chains has to be disapproved and then only we can become free from the chains. This has to be done through regulatory bodies, international development organizations, nations, societies, religious organizations etc., who are already putting commendable efforts and these efforts needs to grow further. Thanks to many scientific advancements which has taken off many irrational chains that we revered in past and the way it has been progressing many of the other irrational chains especially with respect to belief systems will soon be gone. In Addition, many educational institutions rather than being just mere information providers to their students, they should inculcate the rationalistic thinking. This will help individuals to be away from unwanted influences as mentioned in above example, getting right with their belief systems, and doing the right things according to the situation by not getting entangled with their own chains. Thus, though it is hard to free fools from chains that they revere, it is definitely not impossible and it is the need to of the hour to be free from all the chains that we rever.

  • Sai Pavan

    My First essay.. Please suggest me on what to improve. Thank you 🙂

  • sudheer nimawat


  • vikram

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

    After September 2001 attack, the United States of America invaded Afganistan and brought down it’s militant Taliban regime. US did so because, Taliban’s tacit support to Al Qaeda in attacking US world trade centre. Since then Taliban carrying out armed struggles, suicide attacks against US led NATO forces and Afgan government and people. US and afganistan government asking Taliban to come for talks to negotiate issues peacefully. But Taliban, despite knowing, it cannot defeat mighty US led NATO and Afgan forces, is continuing militant attacks. Similarly, Islamic state, for its aim of establishing caliphate in parts of west asia is unleashing unprecedented bloodshed. Both groups causing enormous pains to their countries. Still they still continue doing such violence, because they are entangled in the chains of religious extremism. It is hard to change their tactics because they respect what they are doing though it is causing enormous sufferance to the people.

    The above example indicates, it is hard to free fools from the chains they respect. Because they are trapped in their own wrong mindset. They don’t listen to others, nor they are open to observation and learning. They don’t introspect their acts and care for , even if it causes damage to themselves or others.

    Foolishness comes from closed mindset. This may be due to lack of education or education without values/ethics. Society, particularly family also contribute to such mentality in people by not inculcating value system in the minds of people such as openness, tolerance, right living, opposition to blind social customs . Once a person grows in such situations, he eventually develops such conservative mental construct. He will not dare to come out of his comfort zone or change status Quo. And it is not possible for others to change his manners. But, with right kind of approach starting from childhood, it is possible to prevent a person falling in such closed traps. Continuous persuasion may also help.

    Foolishness can be found in our day to day life at various spheres and levels. All the evils in society are in part someway/other linked to it. We will see them in below sections.

    As citizens we normally criticize the politics for corruption, misgovernance, crime etc. But politician come from among us only. The attraction of power makes politician to reach the office at any cost and by any means. He will bribe voters, use communal divisions to their favour. He may encourage criminals for his political favours. After gaining power, he may indulge in corruption, nepotism etc. He might be a good person, but sometimes to retain power, he might have to keep silent on corruption activities of others, for he needs their support. Coal scam, 2G scam in india under UPA regime, might not involved top leadership, but since they kept quiet , they are also guilty of it. So the chains of power, money needed to finance elections, make it hard for them to get rid of them. There are other politicians they find no wrong in corruption or misgovernance and it leaves them in perpetuity of their misdeeds.

    In our society , evils of foolishness found in practices such as patriarchy, social exclusion of lower classes, untouchability etc. In rigvedic period women were treated on par with men and more than men in some cases. Women were respected, they participated in politics, even appointed as priests. Matrilineal system was there, in which, identity of a person traced on mother lineage. But soon after women position was downgraded. She was treated as a property of men, not allowed to pursue education, prohibited from entering temples. Now also, we see women being abused by husbands. Parents discriminate between Male and Female childs, care less for female education than to men. Women were not allowed to enter temples based on silly reasons which have no rational basis. Abuses on woman such as gangrapes, sex trafficking etc. still continue unabated. Similarly, dalits were socially exluded and were untouchable for long. This led great people like mahatma Gandhi and B.R. Ambedkar to focus on removing such inhuman inequalities. Due to their effort, our constitution abolished untouchability and provided affirmative action for uplifting marginalized. But as it is difficult to free society from it’s revered conservative foolishness, such practices continue unabated till now. Delhi gang rape case in 2012, killing of a dalit boy in tamilnadu for marrying an upper caste girls are some examples.

    There is also such foolishness in our economic systems. Capitalism for example, has only motive of profit. The greed for profits and new markets led to colonization and imperialism In 19th century. As world geography is insufficient for its greed, imperialism of nations led to two world wars among nations looking for redistribution of nations among them. This led to greatest human tragedies in human history such as Great depression in 1929 which is one among many factors to WW2, holocaust etc. The unbridled captialsim led to globalization processes through which advanced countries found new way of exploiting undeveloped and developing nations after decolonization. But capitalist systems, within their own nations also led to unequal development of its people. Poor became poor and rich became richer. For example , there are worst slums around illuminating sky scraps of Mumbai. When indian people figure among the richest in the worls, and found having largest black money abroad, our nation still figures least in even basic needs such as hunger, health and education. There are still lots of people suffering from lack of basic amenities and basic civic freedoms. The ruling elite and corporate were unable to free themselves chains of profit minded unbridled capitalism and see other side of the country.

    In international for a such as UN and WTO, advanced countries, though their development indicators quite sound, still fight for their own interests. For example, at WTO, advanced countries trying hard to get developing countries markets, still they put lot of quality restrictions on exports from third world. This is one way relationship favouring only developed countries as third world exports cannot meet quality controls of advanced world, yet they were forced to open up their markets. Their local firms cannot flourish from highly sophisticated competition from firms of developed world. When advanced countries failed to get their work done, they find their new groupings such as recent TransPacific Partnership, which as per their rules and excluded third world. Similarly interventions in west asia by western countries for their narrow strategic and energy interests , without concern for local populations resulted in great havoc for the people. Syrian refugee crisis, growth of Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, and subsequent attacks in western capitals by Islamic state shows their foolish chains of narrow interests is threat to whole world.

    Foolishness plays it’s great game at Individual levels. Individual is the main and only actor in all spheres of human associations such as Family, Society, Nation, polity, economy etc. So foolishness at Individual level affects all other spheres. It is hard to bend a tree, but we can very well mould it in it’s early ages. So Family, society , teachers all have great responsibility on them to inculcate value system among society. Openness, liberal nature, quality of dissent ,introspection, quality of challenging existing evils all once nurtured will have a great effect on progress of individual as well as society. Our true contribution as a human and as a responsible citizen is to give a person capability to release himself on his own from the wrong chains he entangled in.

  • Kumar

    BHAGVAD GITA talks about “Innate Humaness” – that human have inherent Swabhav to act in ethically & morally correct way. Also according to Dayand Saraswati if the action is contrary to the Swabhav, there happens a Knower-Doer split, which is a self-correcting mechanism.

    So if that is the case, why does terrorism & xenocide happens, or why does some one wants more when others don’t have bare essentials?
    It is because people are bound by the self-created narrow constructs so much so that they see the world from that very prism.

    It is not a new phenomena. Such instances have been HISTORICALLY present.The colonial masters justified imperialsm, slave trade etc on the ‘mistaken’ belief of “White Man’s Burden”. Hitler took the whole world to war due to his flawed belief on Lebensraum and superiority of race.

    The present world too suffers due to many such constructs in various spheres-
    SOCIAL: Asian prejudice toward male child, Xenophobia (Indian Afro-phobia), belief in casteism; genicide & ethnic cleansing in of Rohingyas, Sudanese, Bodos.
    ECONOMIC: – Passion toward amassing money leading to corruption; respecting material prosperity due to its visible glamour with little regard to simplicity
    POLITICAL: Donald Trump’s neo-Fascism; blind adherence to Capitalism and Communism as and a belief that one is antithetical to other.
    ECOLOGICAL: Revering pure economic development as the cost of ecology without accepting the theory of human-led Global Warming. The reverence is so strong that Kyoto Protocl lapsed without much tangible action and its successor is still to be agreed upon.
    THEOLOGICAL: Terrorism, Jihadism, Islamic radicalism, Naxalism, Insurgency

    The problem is that the internalisation of such mistaken belief is so grave that it is difficult to lead people under its spell from ignorance to the truth! Despite the existence of laws to tackle each beliefs, intolerance and corruption continues, Gini Coefficient continues it upward slide, islands of prosperity being seen amidst ocean of pauperism, & ecology is unabashedly being trampled.

    Hard it is to show people the eternal truth, but it is in humanity’s own interest to correct the wrong.
    Not that we have not been trying . But what we have been hitherto doing is trying to TAME the belief through the use of LAW and not ERADICATING IT FROM ITS ROOT.
    The latter could be done through –

    1. SOCIALIZATION: Any belief is engrained through the process of upbringing. Moral education, emotional intelligenece should be made part of curriculum. Value education would help children inculcate a sense of humanism, respect for nature, respect diversity and bring a synthesis of physical, intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, & spiritual values. This would prevent them from coming into the grasp of deviant thoughts.

    2. ROBUST SOCIAL – SUPPORT SYSTEM: World in itself is not a utopian place. Resource to Human ration is less. Thus many people necessarily will remain devoid of basic essentials and many as aspirations can’t be met. This leads to dejection, helplessness and it is here that the evil believes thrive. To tackle such cases, the State needs to device proper Social Security system. India’s MGNREGS, Atal Pension Yojana, PMJJY, PMSBY are decisive steps in this regard.

    3. JUSTICE: Proper Laws should be made to DETER people from coming into the folds of deviant beliefs but it should not be RETRIBUTIVE in nature. It should rather be CORRCTIVE & RESTORATIVE JUSTICE so that deviants are assimilated in the mainstream again.

    The Shanti Mantra (of Upanishad) later also adopted by movie The Matrix encourages says-
    Asato Ma Sad Gamaya
    Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya
    Mrityor Ma Amritam Gamaya.

    Only when this if aspired by all will people will be able to break free of the “chain” in question and the world would become a prosporous and peaceful place free of any prejudice, wrong beliefs, bad notions & antiquated ideologies.

  • silverlining


    “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere”. The quote rightly can be substantiated from events all around the world. It signifies how the people due to some dogmatic thoughts and parochial approach sometimes in name of society or religion follows the rules and some make them as their principle to live on. After the Dark age of Europe in 16th century, world was enlightened and guided by the principles of rationality, reasoning and analysis through scientific findings but even in 21st century many of us appear to live beneath the weight of these dogmatic values which have no significance and often leads to degeneration and rob them of their autonomy and will to do things independently.

    The very revering of these values often leads to many social issues in the contemporary world. It forbids parents from making any new ties in other caste as inter-caste marriage is not considered auspicious and can bring bad luck to the family.Similarly, SC/ST students are still forced to clean toilet in govt schools and maid for cooking mid day deal cannot be a shudra as it will impure their souls is the reason why they are still not well assimiliated in the mainstream society.These values also justify the obnoxious practice of triple talaq prevalent in muslims which attack the women’s right to live with dignity.Though these issues may not have any logical backing but they are practiced and existing because people give them more importance than the very humanity.

    Religiously its roots are far penetrating especially in developing nations and for some people they are considered as constitution as was seen in vedic period. There are plethora of contemporary issue that can be observed – ban of women in dargah and some religious places, women cannot become priest of any temple or mosque, child marriage, shudra cannot enter temples eg- temple movement by Narayan Guru in 1925 and many prejudices which has lead to many abuses.

    These values can be traced in the history as well. Before the Magna Carta in 1215, King was considered to be supreme and above law in Britain similarly the Kautiliya’s king was considered to be the law and he can do no wrong shows how they were worshiped and trusted blindly and the intellects were shown the face of death if they protested eg. Socrates who was forced to consume poison and was given options also but he preferred death than to follow the values blindly .French Revolution is another testimony to this.

    At the international level in contemporary era it can be noticed in the form of formation of ISIS organisation which seeks to save Islam and establish ‘Caliphate’ and another shocking instance is the increasing number of radicalisation of educated and well-ff youths through cyber space to save the very Islam and take revenge from its offenders.

    The fools are the people who follow the prejudices and practices of society,culture, and religion without any empirical backing and give utter importance than anything else. For society to be progressive,the need of the hour is transcending towards more rational and logical society to make the world more adaptive,accommodative and tolerant to the human and entire ecosystem. To achieve the near utopian society, the work has to be started from the self as Gandhiji has said- “Be the change you want to see in the world”. The people must be free from the clutches of these dogmatic values so that they can fly free in the sky with adequate freedom to undertake any path they want to transverse.

    • silverlining

      Please review. Its my first essay. Please comment critically.:P thank you in advance.:)

  • Ankit


    The above quote sums up the message what Voltaire wanted to convey by saying “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere”. It is the PREJUDICE, IRRATIONALITY, sometimes the FEAR of the society and at other times the LACK OF WILL TO CHANGE what sums up a “FOOL”. All the above attributes make it difficult to bring about a chance in their THINKING and thus in their OUTLOOK.

    It was hard to free Jinnah from the “IDEA” of a separate MUSLIM nation that he revered and hence a bloody PARTITION. The seeds sown then are still a hindrance in bring the two nations together. The divide created between the two communities did fade because of the valuable efforts of our leaders after partition but still at times we witness communal clashes because it is hard to free some other “fools” of the chains of hatred and prejudice against the other community.

    From the bloodshed of Partition let’s move towards the present where we are confronted with another burning issue that of HONOR KILLING! It is based on the false notions of caste superiority, inability of girls to chose their life partner wisely, non-acceptance of love marriage in particular communities and the fear of social boycott. It has become difficult to convince such people that these medieval practices must be shed with the dawn of a modern society where liberal ideas and freedom of choice must take the center stage. Female icons like Geeta Phogat and Sunita Williams have broken the false notions of male superiority yet some sections want to revere their chains of IGNORANCE.

    The fools never wanted to believe that CLIMATE CHANGE is a reality until the signs became evident. Glaciers melting, increasing natural calamities like cyclones, floods, increasing droughts, higher temperatures and thawing permafrost. When the world is working towards controlling the increase in global temperature to below 2 degrees there are sections the likes of REPUBLICANS in USA who still feel it is not manmade. It is the denial of the evident that is making such people akin to fools.

    The 2008 GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS were predicted well in advance by none other than our present RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan but the major financial decision makers around the world didn’t pay heed. The result shook the world in 2008 with certain countries like Greece still recovering from the crisis. It was hard for him to convince others of what he was predicting, the “fools” must have realized they should have listened to him back then.

    The world had hardly recovered from the Economic crisis when it had to face the growing EXTREMISM and TERRORISM in the face of groups like ISIS. The “fools” feel they are doing it in the name of RELIGION. But no religion teaches us to kill someone, to rape women, to hand a child a gun when his tender hands deserve a toy. Such fools don’t realize that the world can only be won over by LOVE and BROTHERHOOD.

    It indeed is “hard” to free the fools from their “chains” but it certainly is not IMPOSSIBLE. This was proved in the past by GREAT reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy who fought against the INHUMAN practice of SATI and finally got a law passed against it. Though the “fools” must have threatened him, boycotted him and opposed his movement but the relentless effort bore fruit. The future generations realized the futility of the inhuman practice and the society changed for the good. It was equally hard to break the “chains” of false notion and racial arrogance of the Colonial Empire but a man with his ” SATYAGRAHA” not just broke it but taught the world to be HUMBLE and COMPASSIONATE.

    It is hard to free a fool from the chains until the “fool” decides to break his own chains and that happens with enlightenment. It is not just the uneducated who needs this enlightenment but also the educated people, after all even the educated among us get swayed with hate speeches and develop a prejudice. The answer to breaking these chains like in RATIONALITY, LIBERAL THINKING, EQUALITY, COMPASSION towards the fellow beings and above all a HUMAN OUTLOOK. The idea is to provide a social setting where children develop in a healthy environment where they are motivated to make their choices, where they see women enjoying equal status to men, where they are taught of FRATERNITY instead of caste, class and communal divide. The “fools” are not born but bred by the social setting.

    “A WISE MAN CHANGES HIS MIND, A FOOL NEVER WILL” and thus it is hard to free fools from the chains they revere because it is the wise man inside them who must decide to change, others can only provide an impetus.

    • Ankit

      Late hogaya but still ek review to dedo koi 😛

    • Ankit, my review is here 😛

      Introduction is nice. 🙂 cheater you read my essay kya 😛 😛 itni similarities 😛 on a serious note, great flow, a nice simple read, engaging and lucid! you did the same things what i did, kept using the terms fools and chains, but i didnt find it derogatory or bad! it was just to show that the essay has not been deviated from the theme, i guess you thought the same. 🙂 good work!

      • Ankit

        Lolz didn’t i tell u i got a feeling of deja vu reading yours 😛

        Yes it’s like a total replica 😛 but I swear I didn’t cheat -_-

        Yes I kept using it to keep on track and linking how a person is termed fool because of that.

        Thanks for reviewing 🙂

  • TDP abhimani

    friends……..please review my essay and give suggestions to improve…….

    • ESWAR

      Brother, content is very good. U have repeated many a times the topic heading, may be that create bad impression so please avoid it. There are a few grammatical mistakes. An excellent thought process. I liked very much. Thanks

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    • Ias aspirant

      Hi. Good one. Just a few points. Try not to repeat the title so many times at the end of a para. Second Pakistan example could have been placed before green revolution.. Conclusion is good 🙂

      • TDP abhimani

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    • rrv

      Nice one
      On a critical note… I think u gave ur intro majorly backed by polity aspects u can add more dimensions.
      Connections could be improved (though i also make the same mistake :P)
      Examples are good. And you said it right that i should hv given one suggestion in one para which u hv done very aptly.
      Rest is good.
      Thank you for reviewing mine.
      Keep writing and reviewing.

      • TDP abhimani

        thanks rrv…….

    • Hello sir,

      Firstly, you have got a very nice handwriting 🙂 🙂 INTRODUCTION talks of blind faith, but why just politics example, why not other spheres? entertainment, sports could be there too. 🙂 social perspective was pretty nice. 🙂 after social point, found the connectivity a bit weak 🙁 give more heavy arguments, link the paragraphs better. try avoiding striking off words or darkening them, it does not look good paper. keep writing sir. 🙂 thank you

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      m fine bhai >> hope u too rocking at ur place:D
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      one thing starting me social wala concept jyada bda hogya tha:)
      jaise social wale k liye aapne solution tabi btaya>>ki beti bachao jaisa chal ra>> waise political wale para me sath hi solution de sakte the:)>> fir ek structure sa jo bna hua hota wo hil ta ni:)
      baki aapki intro conc ache the:)
      n area coverage too is also very good:)
      thank u bhai:)

    • yogi

      Hello Bhai : )

      My views:-

      Intro is good, but I found it heavenly tilted towards the social dimension. It should be general , there onwards you could shift to the social, political , terrorism and other dimensions as u did in ur essay.

      The order of placing the content was good till pg 4, on page 5 once u have given the reasons, then you should explore the quote from a different angle like is it always hard to free the fools? , etc. What u have done is added a new dimension (global, cold war ) I think it is not apt to put it there, as u have already given the reason , so should be placed before the reasons waala para (IMO)

      Flow is EXCELLENT – I can see the efforts you had put in linking the paras, the transitions from political will to the para containing political culture, and similar other transitions made me to read it in one go, really impressive (Y) keep it up.

      Paras are of appropriate length, Simple language, good

      Some critical dimension as I mentioned above should also be added so that it does not look one sided, and make it a balanced essay ( I made the same mistake)

      Conclusion is good, u are giving suggestions here, practical and optimistic, good here

      Few suggestions regarding presentation:-

      underline the key ideas, I also don’t have this habit but gradually building it,

      avoid striking of the words or sentences to keep the content neat and clean. (Same here) Though u have done fairly on this aspect , but ultimate goal is to reach “zero kattam pitti” as the people suggests this also affects the marking .

      rest the essay was really nice, and I did not feel any pain in reading from the pics, credit goes to the flow as smooth as butter, which diluted minute mistakes, and at the end I felt satisfied and said to me “ achcha likha hein ladke ne” :-D., bs itna hi kahlawaana he examiner se .

      keep writing bhai,

      Thanks and ATB 🙂

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        Thanks bhai for elaborate review. I realised my mistake after reading ur intro, especially perfect use of anecdote, which made it superb. i will also try it if i could manage.
        Apart from that thanx for pointing out small mistakes. Will work over them.
        Thank u bhai and keep reviewing…

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      Here’s my review 😛 i hope i’m not late 😛 start is good. i believe the MOST DIFFICULT PART is to use the quotation or the keywords in the essay, you used in the intro which looked good. 🙂 content of the essay is good, but lacks variety. social aspect is touched and dealt beautifully, but what next? add a few more things, you will be there 🙂 I liked the conclusion a lot! flow and language were good. 🙂 please dont strike off the words so frequently, it leaves a bad impression. you write good, your hand writing is also nice, just a bit more variety thats it. 🙂 all the very best. 🙂 KWAR

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        ATB. Keep reviewing and writing. 🙂

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      Introduction is though good. and create a good base, But Firstly, You made it little complicated. And instead of being philosophical or psychological intro, It became sociology related intro. ANd, one would guess, s/he is going to read a essay based on socio-economic issue.

      You have given good example of chains, but chain is quite long. These example could be explained concisely.

      In fifth page, You tried to give diversity to your essay, yet abandon it in mid way. I think, You could mention the word fool, and can see fool from different direction, individual, socioeconomic, why , how, why not, type of aspect could be dealt with .

      Flow and analysis of essay is very good.But I think, your analysis is unidirectional. Some times, I find essay detached from the given quote.
      Conclusion is merging with last paragraph, Is not giving conclusion kind appearance.

      Sorry , I know It is critical review.. Plz ignore, if don’t agree.

      Thank you…

      • rrv

        Thank you so much for detailed analysis.
        You r right about intro… I made it sociology related… i think i really finds it difficult to write on these philosophical topics.
        And yes i ended essay abruptly, thanx for pointing.
        Apart from that thank u for brief review and pls no SORRY and SIR. 🙂
        Keep reviewing and keep writing.


    This quote try to say that fools don’t believe what you say they only believe what they think is right. They are chained in their own thinking and they don’t want to break that chain.

    Their thought process is restricted to new thoughts and they don’t know that they remain where they are now.

    For ex. A monkey puts his hand inside a urn in which a banana is kept and he can only take his hand outside without banana but he doesn’t want to leave the banana so he can’t get his hand out of the urn.

    If you try to make a fool understand something then you also end up being a fool. Because if you try to make them believe what you say then they will also try to make you believe what you say and there remains no difference between both of you and ultimately they think you as one of them.

    For ex. In our society dowry system is deeply ingrained and it is very hard to make them believe who worship this system. That’s why despite our country made huge growth in development but it is still in our society.

    People who fane violence in the name of religion are the greatest fools and they misinterpret religions to perpetrate violence just to satisfy their own purpose. Because everyone knows that no religion in the world tell to resort to any kind of violence.

    In our society there is inequality because of these fools who believe in the superstitions and lure people and create imbalance in our society. Untouchability is one of the chains in which these fools are tightened and they don’t try to get out of it rather they chain other fools also. Unless it was prohibited by the constitution. So it is very hard to make them believe and change them because they think that this is a violation of values and customs.

  • Ashutosh

    मूर्खों को ऐसी श्रृंखलाओं से मुक्त कराना दुष्कर होता है जिनसे वे भयभीत होते हैं ।

    18वीं सदी में जब विश्व एक नींद से जाग रहा था और तर्क वितरक की क्षमता से अपने जीवन को नयी दिशा दे रहा था तब रूसो ने कहा की ‘आज मानव सर्वत्र बेड़ियों से जकड़ा हुआ है’। उसके अनुसार ‘तर्क वितर्क से भले ही मानव ने आर्थिक और राजनैतिक प्रगति कर ली है पर उसने अपनी स्वाभाविक पाशविकता को छोड़ दिया है , उसने स्वछंदता का त्याग दिया है और खुद को कला की सुंदरता से विमुख कर लिया है ।’ रूसो का कथन अपने आस पास के समाज का विश्लेषण करता है जहाँ वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण के कारण लोग अंतर्दृष्टि को छोड़ कर केवल प्रमाण और स्थापित नियमों को ही सत्य मान लेते है । वर्तमान आधुनिक समाज में भी यह देखा जाता है की मानव सामाजिक , राजनीतिक , आर्थिक और सांस्कृतिक बेड़ियों में बंधा हुआ है , यह बेड़ियां अदृश्य है पर ये उसके रोज मर्रा के जीवन को प्रभावित करती चलती है । स्वतंत्र चिंतन की जगह स्थापित प्रथाओं व अंधविश्वासों ने ले ली है , इससे हमे आर्थिक प्रगति तो मिली है पर नयी सोच का विकास नहीं हुआ । हमारे पूर्वजों ने जिन स्वतंत्र विचारों को खोज था उन्हें आज हम सर्वमान्य सत्य मानकर नए विचारों के अन्वेषण से बच रहे हैं । इस प्रकार से आज भी हम ऐसे विचारों में बंधे हैं जो हमारे समय के हिसाब से प्राचीन हो गए हैं परन्तु हम उन्हें सही मानकर उन्ही का अनुसरण कर रहे हैं । जिन रीति रिवाजों को समाज को नयी दिशा देने के लिए बनाया गया था आज वही विचार नए मार्गों में अवरोधक हो गए हैं ।

    मानव जब जन्म लेता है तो वह मिटटी के घड़े के सामान होता है परन्तु उसके आस पास का समाज उसके मूल्यों का निर्माण करता है । फिर उसकी अपनी शिक्षा दीक्षा उसके विचारों को आकार प्रदान करती है , मनुष्य अपने चिंतन के द्वारा ही ग्रहण की गयी शिक्षा को परिष्कृत करता है और इससे उसका व्यक्तित्व बनता है । शिक्षा का महत्व होता है की वह इंसान को विचार शील बनाए परन्तु मनुष्य बहुदा विचार की जगह स्थापित मान्यताओं को ही सत्य मान लेता है ताकि वह अपने समाज और राज्य में स्वयं को स्थापित कर सके । वॉल्टेयर जैसे विचारकों ने यह सिद्ध किया है की मनुष्य का उत्पीड़न इसीलिए होता है क्यूंकि वह मूर्खतावश ऐसे बंधनों में जकड जाता है जो राज्य व समाज उसके लिए बनाते हैं । जब तक मनुष्य इन बेड़ियों को तोड़ कर बहार नहीं आता तब तक वह नदी में लकड़ी की भांति बहता रहता है ।

    भारत में हम देखते हैं की हमारे आस पास कई ऐसी कुप्रथाएं विद्यमान हैं जिनका आधार अनैतिक और अन्यायपूर्ण है परन्तु वे विद्यमान है इसलिए क्योंकी हम उनको समाप्त करने में डरते हैं । भारत में जब वर्ण व्यवस्था की शुरुआत हुई तो मनुस्मृति जैसे ग्रंथों ने इसको तर्क संगत बनाने के लिए ईष्वरीय उपदेश का सहारा लिया । धर्म और ईश्वर की स्थापना द्वारा समाज को इस प्रकार बांटा गया की कुछ लोग मेहनत करें और कुछ सुख भोगे । केवल वर्ण व्यवस्था ही नहीं , जाती प्रथा , सती प्रथा , बाल विवाह आदि ऐसे कई उदहारण है जो यह बताते हैं की किस प्रकार अतार्किक आधारों पर मनुष्य के शोषण को उचित ठहराया गया । दलित महिलाओं का यौन शोषण हो या फिर बधुआ मजदूरी , हर जगह कोई न कोई ऐसा आधार बनाया गया जो अन्याय पूर्ण था । रामायण में भी राम राजा होते हुए भी अपनी पत्नी का त्याग करने पर मजबूर हो जाते हैं क्योंकी उनके आसपास का समाज भी ऐसी बेड़ियों मे बँधा हुआ था जो स्त्री को दबा कर रखना चाहता था |

    केवल भारत में ही नहीं बल्कि यूरोप और अन्य जगहों पर भी ऐसे उदहारण मिलते हैं जहाँ मनुष्य को अदृश्य बेड़ियों में बाँधा गया । अफलातून ने भी अपने दार्शनिक राजा के सिद्धांत में उद्दात मिथ्या (नोबेल लाइ) का विचार रखा जहाँ उसने समाज को उत्पादक, सैनिक व शासक में बांटा , उसने कहा की हमे आम जनता को यह विश्वास दिलाना होगा की यह विभाजन ईश्वर द्वारा निर्मित है नहीं तो लोग विरोध पर उतर आएंगे।

    अब प्रश्न यह उठता है की मनुष्य इन बेड़ियों को जानते हुए भी क्यूँ नही तोड़ देता है | हर समाज मे कुछ व्यक्ति ऐसे अवश्य होते हैं जो यह समझते है की कुछ विश्वासों को तोड़ना ज़रूरी है पर फिर भी वह ऐसा क़्यों नही करते | इस प्रश्न

    का उत्तर इस बात मे है की ये बेड़ियाँ भले ही अदृश्य हो परंतु इनका भय हर समय बना रहता है | धर्म के नाम पर स्वर्ग नरक आदि ऐसे विश्वासों को बढ़ावा दिया जाता है जिनसे आम जनता बिना विरोध करे उनसे जुड़ जाए| धर्म के नाम पर ऐसे भय का सृजन किया गया जो स्वतःही बढ़ता जाए , ऐसी कथाओं को लिखा गया जिसे आम मानस ने वास्तविक समझ कर अपना लिया | फिर जब एक मानव इस कड़ी से जुड़ा तो उसने यह प्रयत्न करना शुरू किया की और लोग भी इसमे जुड़ते जाएँ ताकि उसका विश्वास और मजबूत हो| माता पिता से बच्चों तक और फिर यह भय पीढ़ियों तक बिना प्रश्न हस्तांतरित होता गया| कुछ बातें जो सामान्यतः आम भलाई के लिए थी उन्हे भी अंधविश्वास वा धर्म से जोड़ दिया गया | उदाहरण के लिए पहले स्त्रियाँ अपनी माँग मे सिंदूर भरती थी जिसमे पारे का तत्व होता तथा और उससे उनके मान मे शांति वा उर्जा बनी रहती थी पर इसे फिर धार्मिक रूप दे दिया गया जिससे इसका आधार बदल गया और फिर जब इसपर प्रश्न उठे तो सारे उत्तर अतार्किक ही लगे |

    यह बेड़ियाँ हमारे नज़रिए को ही संकुचित कर देती है | यह संभव है की हमारे बीच मे से कोई एक धर्म विशेष से सहमत ना हो और वह कुछ बातों का विरोध करे , अंतत: वह अपने धर्म का त्याग भी कर देता है परंतु यह सामाजिक बेड़ियाँ उसमे धर्म मुक्ति का विचार नही उत्पन्न होने देती| बहुदा मनुष्य एक धर्म छोड़ कर दूसरे धर्म का सहारा ले लेता है क्योंकि उसके आसपास का समाज ये सिखाता है की हमे धर्म छात्र के भीतर ही रहना चाहिए | इस प्रकार हम यह कह सकते हैं की ये बेड़ियाँ जितनी सरल दिखती हैं ये उनसे कहीं ज़्यादा जटिल है|

    नव मार्क्सवादी विद्वान आंटोनीयो ग्रामशी ने आधुनिक सामाजिक आर्थिक व्यवस्था का विश्लेषण आर्थिक प्रक्रिया वा सामजिक संरचना के आधार पे किया है | उसने भी यह माना की पूंजीवादी समाज केवल राज्य द्वारा स्थापित मशीनरी से नही बनता बल्कि वह ऐसे सिद्धांतोऔर निकायों पर टीका होता है जो पूंजीवाद को सही ठहराते है | उसने कहा की स्कूल , कालेज , धर्म , चर्च आदि द्वारा ऐसी मान्यताओं को बढ़ावा दिया जाता है जिससे यह प्रतीत हो की पूंजीवाद ही प्रगती का एकमेव तरीका है | वैश्विक अर्थव्यवस्था का विश्लेषण करते हुए भी यह पाया गया है की अल्प विकसित देशों को यह विश्वास कराया जाता है की विकसित देशों पर निर्भर रहकर ही उनका विकास संभव है | इस प्रकार जहाँ विकसित देश विकास शील देशों का शोषण करते हैं वहीं विकासशील देशों मे अल्प विकास होता है | कई विचारकों ने यह सिद्ध किया है की यदि पिछड़े देश अपनी घरेलू अर्थव्यवस्था के विकास पर ध्यान दें तो उनका अल्पविकास ख़त्म हो सकता है पर विकासशील देश अपने डर के कारण इस व्यवस्था को तोड़ना नही चाहते| उनपर विकसित देशों के विचारकों का ऐसा असर है की वह पूंजीवादी निर्भरता को ही एकमात्र मार्ग मान चुके है|

    मार्क्सवादियों की तरह ही पर्यावरण विदों ने भी यह विचार व्यक्त किया है की आज का विश्व आर्थिक प्रगति के मिथक को ही सत्य मान बैठा है| अधिकतर विकसित देशों ने इस बात का विचार रखा है की जीडीपी की बढ़त से ही देश की प्रगति का अनुमान होता है परंतु पर्यावरण विदों ने इस बात का खंडन किया और कहा की कोई भी प्रगति जो पर्यावरण को क्षति पहुचाए वो भविष्य मे विनाशकारी होगी , उन्होने इस प्रकार सरकारों का ध्यान हरित अर्थव्यवस्था की ओर दिलाया जहाँ आर्थिक उन्नति को पर्यवरण संरक्षण से जोड़ दिया गया | इस कारण आज पेट्रोल ,कोयले की जगह सौर्य , पवन और जल उर्जा जैसे अपरंपरागत स्रोतों पर ध्यान दिया जा रहा है | भूटान जैसे छोटे से देश ने इस ओर एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम उठाया है , उसने मानव विकास सूचकांक की जगह मानव खुशहाली सूचकांक को अपनाया है जहाँ आर्थिक प्रगति को मानवीय जीवन दशाओं से जोड़ कर देखा जाता है |

    आज विश्व की अधिकतर समस्याएँ यदि ध्यान से देखी जाएँ तो कहा जा सकता है की उनका आधार किसी ना किसी बेड़ी से जुड़ा हुआ है| वर्तमान मे यदि हम आतंकवाद को देखें तो पाएँगे की कैसे मध्यकालीन सोच को लागू करने के लिए तालिबान जैसे गुट आतंक का रास्ता अपनाते हैं | वो शरीयत के पुराने नियमों को बदलने देना नही चाहते, कुछ तो उनकी कट्टरवादिता के कारण और कुछ उनके स्वार्थ के कारण | वे स्वयं तो बेड़ियों से जकड़े हुए हैं और वे इसी कड़ी मे पूरे विश्व को बाँधने का सपना देखते हैं | मलाला यूसुफजई जैसे जाग्रत लोग जो इन बेड़ियों को तोड़ना चाहते हैं उन्हे ये आतंकी अपना विरोधी समझ कर ख़त्म कर देना चाहते हैं ताकि कोई उनके विचार , उनके आस्तित्व पर ही सवाल ना उठा दे| तानाशाही सरकारें भी जनता को ऐसे ही झूठे विचारों से बाँध कर रखती हैं जिससे उनका विरोध ना हो सके |

    यह सामाजिक बेड़ियाँ और मिथ्या चेतना आख़िर क़्यों बनाए गये ? अधिकतर यह देखा गया की इनका प्रयोग जनता को किस भय मे बाँधे रखना था और इनका नकारात्मक प्रयोग ही हुआ परंतु कुछ ऐसे उदाहरण भी हैं जो बताते हैं की इन बेड़ियों का सकारात्मक प्रयोग भी हुआ | जब समाज मे राज्य की स्थापना नही हुई थी तब ईश्वर् और प्राकृतिक शक्तियों के भय द्वारा ही समाज मे एक व्यवस्था बनाई गयी ,इससे समाज मे अराजकता ख़त्म हुई और आपसी बंधुत्व बढ़ा, इस प्रकार एक कृत्रिम भय द्वारा एक वास्तविक व्यवस्था का निर्माण इसके सकारात्मक प्रयोग का उदाहरण है |भय से जुड़ी शृंखलाओं की शुरुआत भले ही एक नियमित समाज की स्थापना के लिए हुई परंतु स्वार्थ ने आगे चलकर इसे उत्पीड़न का साधन बना दिया| इस प्रकार बेड़ियाँ स्वयं मे बुरी नही है परंतु उनका औचित्य क्या है यह मायने रखता है|

    इस प्रकार हमने देखा की कैसे अदृश्य कड़ियाँ हमे सामाजिक, राजनीतिक, आर्थिक और सांस्कृतिक रूपों मे बाँधे रखती है| ये बेड़ियाँ ऐसी होती है की हम उन्हे किसी और से पाते है फिर हम स्वयं किसी और को इसमे बाँध देते है, इसलिए पीढ़ी दर पीढ़ी ये शृंखला बनी रहती है | ये कड़ियाँ कलाओं और साहित्य को एकाकी बना देती हैं जिससे हमारी सोच भी कुंठित हो जाती है , जहाँ स्‍वतंत्र चिंतन की कोई जगह नही होती | ये बेड़ियाँ तोड़ने के लिए ज़रूरी है की कोई इनका विरोध करे, लोगों मे इनके प्रति विरोध जगाए और फिर क्रांति लाकर इन्हे तोड़ दे | आधुनिक काल मे प्रगति के लिए ज़रूरी है की हम इन बेड़ियों से आज़ाद हो, नयी दिशा मे देखें , नये विचारों को खोजें यदि हम ऐसा कर पाए तभी हम समावेशी विकास , महिला मुक्ति , हरित पर्यावरण, स्वस्थ समाज का सपना पूरा कर पाएँगे| जिस प्रकार रत्नावाली ने तुलसीदास की आँखों पर पड़ा वासना का परदा निम्न लिखित शब्दों द्वारा उठाया था वैसे ही हमे भी नयी सोच के मंत्र द्वारा अपनी सोच को स्वतंत्र करना होगा |

    “हाड़ माँस को देह मम, तापर जितनी प्रीति।
    (You have such love for my body of bones and flesh)
    तिसु आधो जो राम प्रति, अवसि मिटिहि भवभीति।।”
    (if you had half of it in the lord, you would have got salvation )

    • Ashutosh

      I think am the only one here writing in hindi, hope you all will spare some time in reading and reviewing this.

    • Hello Ashutosh Sir,

      It was well written overall. However the title appears to be wrong, revere means something we admire a lot or kind of worship. Not bhaybheet or scared.

      Apart from it overall the essay is engaging well with good examples from different fields. dominated by Marxism. Example of Ramayana and terrorism were good. It was a good essay with lesser pure hindi words making it more comprehensible for me!

      I specially loved the ending with lines of doha, though couldnt understand but feels good! 😀

      Way to go Sir! 🙂

      • Ashutosh

        thanks Atin, yes when i translated the title into Hindi, it went to ‘BHaybheet’

    • Hello Ashutosh ji 🙂

      nice to find your write up in hindi 🙂 🙂 REVERE means something we consider as SACRED ( pavitra) or worship ( poojniya) .. hence quote says that people are chained but they have fallen in love with these chains and have started worshipping the chains. 🙂 i hope you got my point. 🙂 but regarding giving feedback, i will consider what you have written 🙂 introduction is nice. 🙂 same pinch i started with the same but you beautified it well 🙂 🙂 second paragraph is BRLLIANT 🙂 third paragraph deals with social structure and ills of the society very good sir 🙂 the part where you raised the questin of breaking the chains was GREAT! i actually paused and thought. 🙂 next paragraphs are all engaging and include multiple dimesnsions, examples from various spheres will defintely fetch you good marks. 🙂 overall a very nice read with GREAT connectivity, good work sir! a few suggestions – when you use a doha, kindly explain it in simple words as well. 🙂 so that a layman can also gert it. one more thing, before ending the essay we must include solutions too. like in this one, voltaire said IT IS HARD TO FREE FOOLS, but can we not say it IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE?? we can add this angle too.. bas itna hi 🙂 thank you. keep writing and reviewing..

    • John Rawl is magnificent…scholarly pursuits…

      • Ashutosh

        Thanks John… i hope my hindi is not that tough to comprehend.

  • ramu r

    please review

    A person who acts unwisely and easy to take advantage of him is called fool. The person who is illiterate in our education system is also called fool, but it covers only one dimension. The present education system does not eliminate foolishness from society, sometimes rather injecting. It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere but not impossible. A foolish person can come out from their irrational thinking, silliness by proper training and by reading good books like Ramayana, mahabharat, bible, khuran and autobiographies of good persons.

    How the fools behave and how they suffer because of their selfishness can be seen in following story. In a pond, there is a three fishes; their names are ram, laxmana and ravana.they have been living very happily since long ago in that pond. In one year they faced severe drought, the pond started reducing their size. Ram observes this thing and gives warning to laxman and ravana. Ram said to them, we will go to other pond by the canal connected to large pond. Laxman and ravana don’t listen his words and even laughing at him. Days are going, size of the pond is reduced and fish hunters come to pond for fishes. They two did not care about this difficulty situation. The fisher man hunts both the fishes and put into a basket then they to realize the words of ram but there is no use right now. In this story ram has wise thinking and good vision about his future, whereas fools like laxman and ravana are suffered because of their lack of judgment and vision.

    Like laxman and ravana, in our society we see the people who do not care about their country, their family and even himself. They simply made arguments with others for unnecessary things. We see in our society, intolerance, inequalities and extremism etc are there because of some people using these fools for their self-interests. Selfish People are easy to take advantage of these fools.

    ISIS terrorist group takes advantage of these fools and made them into human destroyers. ISIS is injecting irrational thinking, rigid orthodox principles and intolerance towards other religions in their brains. Lift wing extremist people are also using innocent tribal people for their goal. These tribal people are easily attracted towards left wing extremism by their songs and speeches. These things happened because of the inequalities and lack of good education.

    Rajaram mohan roy was fought against sati during britishers time, he got tremendous uproar from rigid orthodox fools, who think this is against their customs and tradition. Ram mohan roy did not leave it and changed some people brains towards sati through brahmosamaj. Britishers were made prohibition of sati act in 1829 because of the raj rammohan roy.

    In this patriarchal society, some fools think that, females are inferior then males. They think women are meant for home making and child producers. To change this type of thinking, reformists like eswar Chandra vidya sagar, jyothiba pule were fought for women empowerment during britishers time.

    It is hard to free to free fools from the chains they revere but not impossible. Best example for this is our freedom struggle from gandhian era (1915 to 1947).Before that, we did not understand character of britishers and policies used by them. We trapped policies like divide and policy, carrot and stick policies. Gandhiji was made us into one and made us fought against britishers.

    In our present society, social ills like intolerance, rapes on women, extremism is danger and persistent to the society. These can be reduce by providing value based education and inequalities in the society. We can reduce fools in our society by giving value based education and proper employment to every youngster in India. Sama dana dando upayas should use on fools to come from the chains they revere.

  • ramu r

    plzzzzzzzz review

    It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere

    A person who acts unwisely and easy to take advantage of him is called fool. The person who is illiterate in our education system is also called fool, but it covers only one dimension. The present education system does not eliminate foolishness from society, sometimes rather injecting. It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere but not impossible. A foolish person can come out from their irrational thinking, silliness by proper training and by reading good books like Ramayana, mahabharat, bible, khuran and autobiographies of good persons.

    How the fools behave and how they suffer because of their selfishness can be seen in following story. In a pond, there is a three fishes; their names are ram, laxmana and ravana.they have been living very happily since long ago in that pond. In one year they faced severe drought, the pond started reducing their size. Ram observes this thing and gives warning to laxman and ravana. Ram said to them, we will go to other pond by the canal connected to large pond. Laxman and ravana don’t listen his words and even laughing at him. Ram is go to large pond through canal. Days are going, size of the pond is reduced and fish hunters come to pond for fishes. Laxmana and ravana did not care about this difficulty situation. The fisher man hunts both the fishes and put into a basket then they to realize the words of ram but there is no use right now. In this story ram has wise thinking and good vision about his future, whereas fools like laxman and ravana are suffered because of their lack of judgment and vision.

    Like laxman and ravana, in our society we see the people who do not care about their country, their family and even himself. They simply made arguments with others for unnecessary things. We see in our society, intolerance, inequalities and extremism etc are there because of some people using these fools for their self-interests. Selfish People are easy to take advantage of these fools. For example, ISIS terrorist group takes advantage of these fools and made them into human destroyers. ISIS is injecting irrational thinking, rigid orthodox principles and intolerance towards other religions in their brains. Lift wing extremist people are also using innocent tribal people for their goal. These tribal people are easily attracted towards left wing extremism by their songs and speeches. These things happened because of the inequalities and lack of good education.

    Rajaram mohan roy was fought against sati during britishers time. He got tremendous uproar from rigid orthodox fools, who think this is against their customs and tradition. Ram mohan roy did not leave it and changed some people brains towards sati through brahmosamaj. Britishers were made prohibition of sati act in 1829 because of the raj rammohan roy. He brought change in some Indians and britishers through brahmosamaj.

    Some fools think that, females are inferior then males. They think women are meant for home making and child producers. To change this type of thinking, reformists like eswar Chandra vidya sagar, jyothiba pule were fought for women empowerment during britishers time. This type of male dominate attitude still persist in our society.

    It is hard to free to free fools from the chains they revere but not impossible. Best example for this is our freedom struggle from gandhian era (1915 to 1947).Before that, we did not understand character of britishers and policies used by them. We trapped policies like divide and policy, carrot and stick policies. Gandhiji was made us into one and made us fought against britishers.

    In our present society, social ills like intolerance, rapes on women, extremism is danger and persistent to the society. These can be reduce by providing value based education and inequalities in the society. We can reduce fools in our society by giving value based education and proper employment to every youngster in India. Sama dana dando upayas should use on fools to come from the chains they revere.

    • ramu r


  • Tyrion Lannister

    I Dont have any idea about this topic. How can i write an essay in 800 words! 🙁