Thank You Note: Dr Ravindra Goswami, Rank – 152, Cleared while working as Doctor (CSE – 2015)

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Dr Ravindra Goswami

Rank – 152, CSE – 2015

The age at which I decided to give the civil service examination was not in favour of me, neither was the social structure (Being married and father of two children – society was expecting more active involvement in family matters). Yet it was my wife who showed me the path to try to realise the dream i.e. to become an IAS officer. 

First I sacrificed the good Post graduation degree in surgery and took the non clinical branch so that I could devote time to study. People around me kept on telling me that I had crossed the good age of UPSC preparation and it was futile effort: my family including my children again came to rescue my dream and then I focused on the preparation.

I was a working professional and I could not afford to take leave due to family responsibility. Here came the insightsonindia to  rescue my dream. Two years ago insightsonindia was not that much sophisticated, yet the team insights was doing its best to provide not only reading materials but also words of wisdom.

The Insightsonindia never let the competitiveness down and constantly motivated me to perform better.
Also it led the foundation of the confidence that work and preparation can go together.

After getting good score in prelims  I again looked towards insightsonindia. It reverted to me with secure initiative.
I was a silent spectator at this site yet it was my unbroken routine to write the answers of secure from 6pm to 8pm which helped me improve my GS. I formed a small group of 3 persons and we used to review our answers each other. This exercise proved its worth during mains examination as my speed was good enough to solve all questions and mains examination questions were all familiar.

In essay, in my previous attempt I scored low marks – the reason was lack of practice.  Then came the insights article on essay preparation And I wrote almost 30 essays between pre and mains from the essay topics provided by insights.

And this resulted in a decent score in essay too. The regularity of posting the questions was another thing that helped me streamline my preparation. I used to tell myself that if insightsonindia is taking so much of pain for me I should not ask for comfort or rest!

The new journey as servant of India is about to start for me, what this website has told me is to “Do your duty, It will definitely transform into motivation to others.”

Thank you insightsonindia.

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  • sunil raj

    Great success story

  • Mannu

    Being married and having family responsibility, you have done great job.

  • bhargava

    Your are leader for working aspirants, thanks for sharing your words!!!

  • Yatharth_Krishna

    Awesome 🙂

  • Harsh (Learning Unlimited!!!)


  • Raunak Vashisht

    Age is an issue of mind over matter, if u don’t mind it doesn’t matter !

    • @bhishek

      Mark Twain 😉

  • ajay

    while working and with family responsibility great sir..congrats..273 in optional!!! if possible pls share strategy of optional sir thanks:)

    • Dr Ravindra Goswami

      Join Medical Science group on Eckovation. Sign up on the app using and enter 348976 as group code

      • ajay

        joined sir ..:)

      • shilpa

        sir my optional is also medsci this time lost mains becos of low score in optional below 200 with 6 marks least of cutoff..please kindly share your strategy for optional and email id if possible

  • 4surjit

    Any one with zoology optional pls help me

  • Challenge

    Great sir. Congratulations.

  • PsycheD

    Congratulations! How were you able to manage Secure in 2 hours? Does that include reading the references and then answering the questions? Really inspiring, thank you for sharing.

    • Dr Ravindra Goswami

      References I used to read in day.
      2 hours for writting alone

      • PsycheD

        Thank you. All the very best in your new journey!

      • Shyambandhu Sahoo

        why u choosed civil service —i think u r greedy man…where u missed great opportunity in ur medicine line…bhai sahab all are job ,whether u r doctor or civil servant it does nt matter…both service give opportunity to serve the nation.. if u did something big in ur medicine area ,,it would have really amazing…u lost ur precious time–resource ,all thing….i want to say here why almost all candidate from doctor to engineer are leaving their proffesion to get recognised in medid or eating more resource. i dont criticize u sir–its ur profeesion that marred the nation—where nation required more doctor —intellectual not only civil servant…again congratulation for ur sucees….

  • Shaloam

    Excellent endeavour sir…Hats off…Sir please share your optional strategy since my optional is also medical science

  • Juanna_nero

    Congratulations and all the best Sir..

  • rajashree

    Congrats sir…….thanks for sharing your journey as im also facing the same prblm tht being dr not practicing some time feels very burden ur artical boosts confidence….all the best

  • rajashree

    Special thanks to insights for sharing ths motivationl artical……

  • KAutilYA

    Congrats sir….your laSt para like me…so much fine words…Thanks a lot sir…thank you insight team…????

  • vikybjmc

    sir aapne papers hindi medium me diye the ya english medium me>?

  • Eckovation Pvt

    Follow Sir on Eckovation

  • Chacha chaudhary

    Acute degree of perseverance along with your associated efforts finally make you win … and your storey is really worth to be commendable, inspiring and thought provoking as well..

    Tahnks and Good Luck for administrative life now onwards…